May 15 professions now irelevent trade skills are not worth anything the obliterum is worthless making any gear crafting pointless legendary crafted items don't sell at all they should go for 300k+ but barely sell for 100k only gold in professions is all in herb gathering and wow tokens being 104k gold means only gold sellers and botters can buy emDethbot2 May 15
May 15 Best Way at Present to make Gold using JC ? I used to make a lot of gold with herbs and alchemy but the prices for flasks has plummeted lately in the last few weeks. (I used to be able to sell Whispered Pact Flasks (for 700 to 1,200 gold) Now I'm luck to sell them for 300 Gold I leveled JC but haven't really gotten into looking for ways to make money in JC but from what I did see it seems to cost more gold in mats than it is to sell the final product. I'm trying to get my gold stock up and was wondering if anyone can give me any hints on making some serious gold in JC'ing... My profs are JC/Eng .... *** on Alt I have Alchemy / herbalism **** Fishing Thanks !Quallan6 May 15
May 14 Guldan Vantus Rune R3 I have struggled with inscription throughout this expansion. Now I find a fight where our guild actually needs to utilize vantus runes to help get over the hump. So I decided to get R3 and make a bunch for next weeks raid. I am somewhat of a completionist, unless it takes a absurd amount of time to do something. That being the case, I never bothered getting the Chronomatic R3 recipie that requires - fishing? what? why? - I fish on another character and had no desire to start another character doing so, especially considering the absurdly low drop rate. and also never bothered with the elisand recipie that requires - archeology? again why? - I do that on another character also and again, the absurdly low drop rates. Also - when do you actually plan to have the Ursoc R3 quest come up? So now to doing Guldan runes - I Find that this is from a quest...that requires..ALL other R3 rune recipies learned. So, you have gated a recipie behind not only its own profession, but 2 other professions, and the absolutely ridiculously bad RNG drop rates that they have. Really? So not only do I have to farm the materials to make this. work the profession up. But I have to spend - potentially weeks - farming 2 professions that I did not even want to train on the character. Just to be able to make runes for a guild kill. It feels like a big ole middle finger from the designers on this one.Azaalin1 May 14
May 14 Legion fertile soil Hello, I am having a hard time finding any fertile soil in legion to plant seeds in, I have a felwort seed, and was wanting to plant it but I am looking around lakes and rivers(including the grove of cenarius, a place that is incredibly fertile) but I am not seeing any soils anywhere. now I know of the flower ports around dalaran, but those are for the herb proper and not the seeds. can anyone give me more info so I can plant seeds(and maybe farm the herb).Kiriasky29 May 14
May 14 Where do I get Wildvine? It doesn't seem to be dropping where it is listed on Wowhead and it is listed under seldom few places.Rhopê30 May 14
May 14 For Sale! Schematic: Ice Deflector I am currently on Aman'Thul and I am looking to Sell discontinued Schematic! I can transfer servers for the right price. Please make some offers and all will be considered. You can add me on RossArcher#1373 Thanks for your time.Wasp0 May 14
May 14 Unbroken Claws/Teeth worthless I don't know if this is intentional, but Unbroken Claw and Unbroken Tooth are so common that they auction for coppers each. It seems like current-expansion crafting mats should be a bit more expensive than that; most other mats auction for a reasonable amount, but Unbroken Claws and Teeth are in far, far greater supply than demand.Athria10 May 14
May 14 lowbie profession's mats I was farming some mats from Vanilla to WoD on my alt. I have about 600x Shadowgem for sell it to JC and nobody buy it from the AH in 1 month. Also happen to some other old mats that nobody is buying for Lvling up. I got into right price from wowhead's site. I'm Confused... what is going on? Was it just lvl to 60 then boosted or something that skipped professions?Rysdan2 May 14
May 13 tooltip adding known, unknown recipe is there an addon that can tell me if my alt has the particular knowledge of recipes when i mouse over them so i dont have to A) log on them and look thro their craft on the certain alt or B) mail-hop the recipe back and forth when it's already learned? specifically, if it can track on the tooltip something like "unlearned, send to alt so and so" or "learned on this alt, not on this alt" or "learned (on all) go ahead and sell" where i would fill in which alt uses which profession so it's right on the tooltip of the recipe when i mouse over it. what im Not looking for, necessarily, is a function to search the alt profession list to manually type in each recipe that i mouse over. thanks, regards, and best gankingShovelready4 May 13
May 13 Are any professions worth it at all? From browsing the forums/reddit it seems the general consensus is that they all suck. A few said herb/mining would be good but I checked my AH and the herbs are going for insane prices, most old world mats are going for more. Leystone only 6 gold a piece, dreamleaf 7 gold, Aethril 5 gold. Stacks of 200 in mass, all sold by a bunch of bots with 300 achievement points. So then I found people saying Alchemy/Herb is good, but I look at the current prices of raiding flasks and people are putting them up for less than the mats actually cost. 250 gold raiding flasks, even the botted herb mats cost 275. This could possibly be because we are 'in between raids' I suppose? I'm at a loss. I currently have herb/mining because that just seems like the obvious choice while leveling (as I purely quested), but looking at the herb/ore prices it just seems like a waste of time gathering anything. Money wise, are there any professions that actually MAKE more gold than they SPEND?Stårblåze11 May 13
May 13 Blacksmith & Leatherworking Hi everyone, So I'm going to use a level boost on my last toon that's above 60 and benefit getting the profession boost. A few things to note, Blacksmithing and Leatherworking are the only 2 professions I'm lacking among all my toons and this is just an alt. So I have an alt for gathering and farming but don't use the skinning a while lot, I generally sold the mats. Is it a bad idea to these combine professions without directly having the gathering with it? (Basically my mats rely on another toon or the AH) So is this effective to have these 2 professions and get the benefits of the items you can create or am I missing something?Paddlelock2 May 13
May 11 An Illusion! What am I hiding? (Craft idea) Crafting professions are a bit unloved, but what if there were recipes available that would let crafters make cosmetic appearances for gear? Something akin to the armor sets that were on the Bunker/War Tower vendor. (Except bracers, nobody likes bracers!) Upside- no stat balancing Downside- the art team would have to create more assets An addendum to the idea is let crafters make the missing pieces for the many sets already in game. Less art time needed, and people can finally get proper gear matching.Falathiel0 May 11
May 11 WoD Spider Silk Farming I'm trying to find a good area to farm Spider Silk. All the guides online are out of date. I believe with the new WoD patch drop, the mobs have been changed around some, like in Duskwood. Does anyone know a good place to farm Spider Silk? Thank you! :)Cenédra13 May 11
May 11 Wowuction accurate in regards to volume sold? Is it accurate in it's estimated volume sold per day for specific items? Trying to figure out what kind of stuff to get into, I think I found some good stuff. It has a section when you search for an item. It shows all the data like price, number posted per day, etc.. for average of all realms, and the realm you select. Is the estimated amount SOLD per day accurate? How do they know the auctions aren't just expiring?Kåmî1 May 11
May 11 What is going on with cooking ? How many mats does it take to get all the rank 3 recipes lately, I have yet to manage that, burning through alot of mats and even the lower rank recipies can be frustrating to get . I haven't gotten a single recipe on 3 of my 110s that are actively doing work orders with nomi in quite awhile, turned in 72 work orders for 0 recipes today and one set was on a newer 110 who had plenty of easy to get recipes still open for research,,in fact i haven't had a drop from nomi in awhile . Just think it may not be worth it in the long run anymore,,mail food to alts as needed and call it a day,,while cooking like alot of profs seems a little too extreme in the rng based on its rewards, there seems to be a lack of balance unless you go all in and dump a huge amount of resources gambling on getting these rank 3 recipes, and doing these on alts becomes too expensive eventually and i cant imagine running all my alts like in the past,,there just isnt enough time and resources to do so without burning out and wasting tons of mats,,not a good design,,MoP had it right where cooking was concerned,,,legion cooking is like playing slot machines feeding it mats instead of coins and i cant help but wonder how it made it through to approval.Grizzlygirl7 May 11
May 11 Profession Helper Addon? I'm trying to find a profession helper addon. I've looked through the curse list and can't really find what I'm after, or can't recognize it. My problem is, for example, I want to make a set of armor for another toon. So I look through wow head or wow wiki and figure out which recipes I need and get them. Now I need to roll up the mats, supplies with counts so I can collect them. Is there an addon that helps me do this? I have a bank addon so I can check cross-toon to see what I have, but I don't know how many of what I need unless I manually go through the recipes and add them up. I'd like to drag or otherwise tell a profession addon which recipes that I want to use and then have the base mats and supplies all rolled up so I could get them. A link to the Auction house and bank would be nice but not necessary. If they are rolled up that would help a lot. I saw Tradeskill or some such, but I'm not looking to shave my profit in the AH, I'm just looking to build a set of items. Anybody know a solution to my problem? Thanks, wwCrylinaadra3 May 11
May 11 Make Follower Armaments Craftable In green, blue, purple, and even legendary form. This would give a boost to all professions as well as a use for Bloods and order resources. Recipes could be tied to follower missions and or the command center buffs.Vinø1 May 11
May 10 Legion Engineering So I come back for Legion, Im excited when I go to my trainer and see all these cool sounding new schematics... ...And soon am I to discover that not only are they largely all useless (bandage gun, wow), but they also cost a crap ton to make.... AND they are NOT reusable?!?! I was looking forward to adding to my bag of toys but holy cripes im not spending a ton of gold on a pair of gunboots I can only use ONE time to cross a damn lake. Absolute madnessHremly11 May 10
May 10 Herbalism and Mining dead Thanks to blizzard giving away Bloods of Sangeras and flying bots. Just spent 15 minutes doing 3 quests on broken shore and got 18 bloods reward. Prices in the AH are hitting clearance sale levels Starlight roses going for 20g most herbs going for less than 10g Ore prices hitting bottom as well Felslate under 20g Leystone under 10g Gathering bots operating 24/7 in SuramarDevestation34 May 10
May 10 Professions NEED TO BE FIXED Ok here goes.. Before Legion came out everyone kept boasting how great the profession system was going to be at launch. Well, here we are a month+ into Legion and I hate it. I am a Death Knight so naturally I went Mining and Blacksmithing. Mining in Legion was cool at first, you're running around leveling hitting the nodes you find as per usual. When Legion hit I was making BANK mining felslate and leystone ore. Don't get me wrong, it was fun to randomly find the ranks and quest items while mining. After rank 2 is when it goes wrong. You're leveling up, that is, until you hit 750. At this point, both regular and rich nodes become grey and no longer give you levels. This requires you to mine seams, which are inside caves or deep under water and are extremely hard to find. I haven't seen a seam of leystone or felslate in probably a week. Why is it that herbalists are able to level to 795 off picking regular herbs and mining just gets nothing after 750? It doesn't make sense. As for Blacksmithing, the addition of the Artifact weapons was really cool. I enjoy finding my skins and appearances just like everyone else, however, this removed one key thing from Blacksmithing. Making weapons It's not satisfying to raid or run dungeons as a blacksmith because you don't get recipes anymore to make armor or weapons. There's no longer a way to make better gear for yourself, minus using obliterum which is completely NOT cost effective. Making a piece of felslate gear and just using 230 crafted bracers (or 17,500 gold depending on your server prices) to make it level 850 is honestly stupid. Is there any changes coming in the future for professions because, I don't think anyone enjoys primary professions anymore. Don't even get me started on the stupid Archaeology system. NO ONE likes finding trash 100% of the time and getting a quest in Dalaran for the rare items. The way the system is doesn't make me feel like I'm gaining anything by doing them the way they are. /Rant over. I know I'm not the only one.Bloodybuns39 May 10
May 10 Tailors Beware Tailors , when you finally reach may find that you can now create a piece of legendary gear.....Oh-h-h-h-h but wait.....before you go through jumping through all the hoops and dungeon quests and getting all the mats....Blizzard has made it that you can only have 2 pieces of legendary gear on can not add a third one.....So if you already have 2 pieces of legendary gear , you may want to think this over before your time and your gold for an item that you can not equip... I made....well-l-l-l a mistake, I didn't spend hours going over the forums or 3rd party sites because the quest didn't " seem " to be a out of the ordinary.....I made sure I had all the mats....I ran the 3 dudgeons ( this took some time based on how long I can play everyday ) I know I should have spent hours reading all blizzards game change releases...I should have trolled the forums....I should have spend hours watching mind numbing you tube videos.... but that was my mistake and hopefully not yours.... So beware....if you are already on that quest all I can say is complete if you wish to....put the legendary item in your bank and hope one day blizzard will allow 3 legendary items on your character....or-r-r-r-r walk away from the quest.....or do the quest and try to sell it in the AH....Keibori4 May 10
May 10 Having multiple 110s to craft important? How important is it, would you say, to have multiple 110s if you want to start spending a lot of time crafting and stuff (as in seriously, with TSM and stuff). I don't know how profs work in legion at all honestly. I'm asking because I am rerolling to a new server and faction from scratch, and I already had... 9 level 110s on my old server. Never touched crafting on them though. How big a deal is it to not have multiple 110s available? I'mnot that bad with the markets, in one day I managed to get/steal 6k worth of legion mats off the AH from my measly ~300g at level 67, so the starting gold isn't a problem really. IMO to me I am looking at my TSM shopping lists, and BS/LW/tailoring etc all seem pretty bad compared to alchemy JC and maybe enchanting. So I don't think I would get too many profs either way, right? Also what would you guys recommend as a synergistic profession combo in regards to the crafting supply chain? Does it even matter? Like material X is cheap, but in order to make an enchant or something with it, you must use another profession to make it into something else first, like an intermediate. ThanksKåmî0 May 10
May 10 Fishing Hurts- Let Us Hot Key ! I am sure there must be some reason why we can't hot key fishing loot but.... I don't care what it is anymore. Do it anyhow. I been playing WoW off and on since three months after release. I have leveled zillions of characters and played hard core, casual, and in between. One of the worst things in the game is to level zero to max fishing. My hand literally cramps from the million right click loots you have to do. I am not asking to be able to bot fishing. All I am asking is that we are able to hotkey it. Not one person in my guild likes fishing and I dont blame them. Even doing fishing dailies does not get you very far, Bliz needs to eliminate the actual physical pain you endure from this tradeskill, and let us hot key it on our keyboards.Sweetdancer24 May 10
May 9 Blacksmith stuck at 760 Everything i got is greyed out. How do I progress past 760, anyone knows? Thanks!Nommi7 May 9
May 9 WTB Recipe: Dirge's Kickin' Chimaerok Chops Will buy for 350k if you transfer to my realm to sell. Feel free to add Kovarian#1696 to discuss.Kovarian1 May 9
May 9 AH prices For profession mats speaking of professions has anyone seen the prices for mats in the auction house as of late. its like here take my whole wallet for a stack of 20. what happened and why all the gouging. it getting to the point of why have the AH if you cant afford to shop there ?Killerincorp4 May 9
May 9 3000g for a rank 3 lw pattern? And I thought it was only players who were scammersAttackcopter9 May 9
May 8 Archaeology Pains and Questions Ever since its inception i have really enjoyed this profession, it is a fun way to pass time i guess. my biggest pain as of far is why did they make the nodes only spawn in the same place for 2 weeks? That seems a really long time for the digsites to be in one spot. Why not maybe a week , or even move them around like they have been in the past? Also is there only an archaeology quest every couple weeks as well? ThanksDarkmanning3 May 8
May 8 How do you get the next bolt of shadowcloth? Well, after you completed the legendary crafting questline and make your first tailoring legendary. How do you get the 2nd bolt of shadowcloth and starweave to make the next legendary? I have not been able to find out the answer.Sealu5 May 8
May 8 Mother's Skinning Knife To those with the skinning profession, how do you get this toy? I heard the quest to start it drops off Squalhunters, but do you need to be max skinning and or max profession to get the quest item to drop?Glenaris8 May 8
May 8 What's the point of Inscription in Legion? I've loved this profession since it's inception in Wrath. My friends and guildies could always count on me to have the latest glyphs ready for everyone when they were released. Without glyphs really being a thing in Legion, what's the point of the profession? We lost shoulder inscriptions last go, and now the whole point of this profession seems unnecessary. It's almost as if they added the couple of things (runes for weekly raid bosses and the tome for easy talent swaps) just to give them something to do. I worry that Inscription is becoming super obsolete. What does everyone else here think? I'm hoping I've just overlooked the changes.Nissalee42 May 8
May 8 Gathering Professions Back at the end of MOP when they made it extremly easy to LVL gathering professions and then in WOD due to garrisons and with the Legion Shoulder Enchants for getting those bags of mats. I feel Gathering Professions should finally be merged with the Crafting professions. The way i was thinking they could do it is say for Herbalism is just have Inscription have the ability to gather the herbs (and yes i know theres only 2 professions that require herbs and doing this would allow people to have both Scribe and Achmey but i figure having both able would be a little redundent), For mineing Id want to say Give it to Blacksmiths((including all the smelting patterns including the ones that needed to be grabbed from doing what ever is needed in world) reason i Say BS for this is in a Fantasy POV i feel those who have BS would now more bout the ore and how to extract the metals needed from them), i save Skinning for last cause this one is kind of obvious but give it to LW. Granted the professions that had the Gathering professions merged with them would get a TON easier to LVL up unless it was worked where Mineing the Ore (if using current content ore) would only let you LVL up the profession to X LVL and not to max, Same thing could be done for the others that way we could farm the mats and just use what we could to LVL the profession's the rest of the way. Plus LW would be selfsufficiant like Tailors are in the sense that they wouldnt need a second profesion to gather its mats and pick up a second Profession like Enchanting if the toon was there raiding toon and wanted the Enchanting mats or pickup soomething like Enginer for the Mounts, pets stuff like that or even do LW and Tailoring and just have 2 crafting professions that could make them money in some way (unless for some reason blizz were to allow us to have 3 professions then a person could do LW, Tailoring and Enchanting in this scenario). All thoughts and Criticism are welcome.Celticlore2 May 8
May 7 inscription Inscription is just horrible now everything that you make other than trinkets is cosmetic so on that note let us scribes make ink or colors to sell now to dye gear for transmog? Other games I hear have it and since transmog is a popular thing now, I know I like to match my gear with certain mounts I ride. This I believe would make inscription viable again in the game. To the Players if this is something you'd like to see in game vote for this post or just reply to this post the more likes I hear will make Devs think about it.Lorgen0 May 7
May 7 Did First Aid get a "fix"? I have gotten 3 First Aid quests over the last 2 days that I never got before, did they do something to make the quests pop-up more or randomize more? For the longest time I had kept getting the same 4-5 quests, and now it feels like the quest starters are dropping a lot more often, and it is nice to see ones that weren't dropping before so I can finish these achievements.Dfault0 May 7
May 7 Best profession to go with mining? Hi guys, well i never really been the professions man, i just got 525 mining yesterday after massive procrastination and i was wondering what would be the best profession to go with it. Would it be Blacksmithing to make armor and those extra sockets? or would it be JC to get those JC only gems? Or would it be engineering to have a jeeves and other nic nacs on hand? Id love to hear youre input. Also, i want to know what one could make the best profit:DRazormar12 May 7
May 7 Alchemy Lab Coat As I'm sure like any others that makes pots and flask by the bulk knows it takes a long time. We need something like the Chief Hat for Cooking. I was thinking about something like a Lab Coat for Alchemy to speed things up. It goes with the profession and you could put it in the chest piece slot.Sawnya3 May 7
May 7 Felslate price tank Was selling for 30-32 gold a piece. Currently I see it as 20-22 gold a piece. Is this how this is now? are gathering professions dead? or will these go back to normal once Tomb is out?Dún10 May 7
May 7 Fishing Addons? I've been farming for the Sea Turtle mount down at Howling Fjord for a while now. 1000 casts later, still to luck -_-. I was wondering if there are any addons that have a way of notifying you when your bobber is ready to be clicked while you're not in game. Sort of like when you get a whisper while you're alt tabbed and the icon in the task bar flashes orange. If anyone can be of any help that'd be great, thanks! :DOtee4 May 7
May 6 Learning "Antique" patterns after Zen level I'm trying to go through and learn all the patterns for leatherworking but I can't find any trainers that will give me patterns and when I filter to "available" (if the filter option is even there) there is nothing. I've tried low level trainers in major cities, I have tried Dreanor and Legion trainers too. Nobody has any of the patterns pre-legion. What am I doing wrong? I'm lvl 125 leatherworker right now.Alianorah1 May 6
May 6 Reaves Combat Mode Hey Guys I was wondering if Reaves Combat Mode works in Mythic+ dungeons? Thanks in advanceBlyth1 May 6
May 6 Gnomish engineering Where can I get recipes for gnomish engineering? All I seem to find are goblin engineering recipes. Maybe gnomish engineering isn't worth it and I should switch to goblin...Marmage6 May 6
May 6 Rank Flask lvl 3 HI , just wondering. I made alot of Flask , attempting to get rank 3 on all 4 flask , is there a bug going on , because I am also elixir Master as well . However at 780 everything is grey as well. So can someone tell me if I am doing something wrong?Deajay29 May 6
May 5 Skinning Issue Ok so I'm having an issue involving skinning and looting options. So basically when in a party with my partner my partner is unable to skin mobs unless I loot the beast. So I changed the loot options to Free-for-all AND "Pass on loot ".  But with bolth those loot options on I STILL have to loot the mob she killed before she can skin it. This is very frustrating when we are questing like 40 yards apart and I have to run all the way over to her to loot her mob just so she can skin it. What is going on here with the loot options, why are they not doing what there supposed to?Zarkor4 May 5
May 5 Legion Professions What I Liked? Questing for the patterns was nice. The stories were interesting. I like the "concept" of a set of upgradeable items. What I didn't like? The quests were hated behind level requirements. If I wanted to get 800 enchanting on a 101 toon with all the recipes (besides raid only ones) why shouldn't I be able too? There weren't enough craft able items or sets. What I'd like to see? Keep the ability to upgrade the final set of gear but make it on par with current normal raid gear with the caveat it would require materials that only drop in the raid and recipes in the raid to get. More recipes/sets than just one or two. More inter-play between the professions. So don't let us buy fox flower from vendors of alchemists can make it etcTadar0 May 5
May 4 Camouflage Bio-Optic Killshades? I'm looking for these at the respective vendors/trainers listed on WoWHead, but they're not sold by anyone. I haven't completed much of the Draenor content and I've chosen Goblin Engineering- would this be a factor in their availability?Oubeset3 May 4
May 4 imbued silkweave epaulets rank 3 I am sure this has been discussed before, but why on earth would they make a Rank 3 be required to do a rated BG? I am not really a PVP player and even if I was, you can't queue for this like you do a random heroic. This is totally a bad design. There is absolutely no reason for this.Ándor2 May 4
May 4 Gnomish Engineer Help Hi, How/where do I pick up the quest to learn Gnomish Engineering? My engineering is currently at level 800. I went to Lilliam in Stormwind and I have the 2 advanced Target Dummy, 6 Mithril tube and 1 accurate scope and sill no quest. What am I missing? I have tried looking in forums, wowhead etc and they all say to see the engineer trainer in a major city. Thanks.Illyria2 May 4
May 4 Profession suggestion? Just Curious but, ive been working on a hunter and warrior and i like to do PVE and PVP but i cant seem to decide which professions to go. On my druid i have herb and alch but cant really seem to figure out which would be best. If somebody could tell me the benefits of choosing such professions that would be greatly appreciated! Both my warrior and hunter are under lvl 20Nayrl2 May 4
May 4 Rank 3 flasks Seriously do something about the rank 3 flask proc RNG....i made 1000s of flasks on multiple toons and no rank 3 proc this is getting utterly ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Rambunxious2 May 4
May 3 Profession for mains? Hello everyone, I know this is a pretty subjective question so ill try to provide a good bit of info. Recently, switched to a new main (i know its late) and ive been putting alot of thought into my new professions since I plan on investing alot of time into them and playing this character for a long time. Im wanting to save/make gold pretty much. Looking for something with profitable recipes and something that investing time will show rewards as far as gold/utility. I've thought alot about a few professions such as BS/Engi, or Bs/Alch. Maybe even BS/Ench. Im thinking BS has alot of profitable recipes. Im not worried about time to sell older content crafts. I am comfortable enough on gold to be patient and as far as enchanting it would be mostly to shuffle only to get bloods for crafts, I wouldnt sit and shuffle just to sell mats. I've thought most about Bs/Engi. But im not really seeing alot of potential in engineering. My new main is a mage so I have portals, and really the only utility would be say a mailbox and resurrection devices. I could list more but im not really seeing sacrificing a more profitable profession for it. Although I could be wrong. Thanks in advance for any answers. Really thought alot about this and hope to get some nice insight.Paydelin3 May 3