Dec 23 Are dungeons required to level professions I keep picking up and abandoning quests which appear to be required for leveling professions. Some players are saying that we must do dungeons in order to get the recipes patterns and formulas for crafting. Others say it is not so . I have done some forum searches but rather than give a direct answer people seem to hedge as if they do not understand how doing a dungeon is a 35 on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being unacceptable. THIS IS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE If someone was to ask is it true that players must to do a minimum of 25 quests for each dungeon that they want to run and 50 quests for each raid, there would be some very direct yes or no answers with some explanationsMykinglion12 Dec 23
Dec 23 Class and professions dependent on dungeons For those of us that don't enjoy running the dungeons it really sucks that we are now forced to do them to advance class and professions. There are some of us that just enjoy the questing. I usually don't have luck finding good groups through group finder and waiting an hour to queue are definite drawbacks for me.Mirale14 Dec 23
Dec 22 Level 3 aethril Ok I need to know, this whole week ive been farming aethril for lvl 3, ive farmed 30k+ and no level 3 is the quest bugged or am I missing a step I already have lvl 2 aethrilMagnamedjrmy9 Dec 22
Dec 22 Jewelcrafting in Legions (DEVS PLEASE READ!!) In warlords you completely gutted the profession. Many of us feel you need to make some serious changes to all professions but Jewelcrafting in particular. I really miss prospecting ore for gems...please, please, PLEASE give us back the ability to prospect gems and also add more gem slots back into gear. Jewelcrafting has always been my favorite profession, I loved buyng tons of ore and then prospecting it, it was almost like playing a slot machine when you did that. I can't describe how great it felt to pull TWO blue gems from one prospect. In short, give us back gem slots (and slot bonuses on gear) along with prospecting in Legions. Thank you. Edit: typoDankletz23 Dec 22
Dec 21 Rank 2 Flask Question Just got to this point on my alt. It seems they drop from heroic and normal mythic dungeon bosses. Is the drop rate high? My alt is doing m+5 .. normal mythics are a waste of time for gear. Can anyone give me their experience on getting rank 2 flasks? Is it a massive grind? Too bad they don't drop from chest at the end of m+.Demodred4 Dec 21
Dec 21 Allow us to craft Rank 3 scrolls Make it an inscription recipe that requires both a lot of pigments and a lot of the ingredients you would normally spend trying to get it to proc in alchemy. If you want to try the lottery of making tons of flasks, that is an option. But the alternative is to level an inscriptionist and craft the scroll or buy one from the AH. Blizzard could do this for mining, herb, and other RNG areas in professions to make inscription useful.Kamki1 Dec 21
Dec 21 Was Legion shipped with unfinished Fishing? With numerous amounts of bugs, RNG bordering on unfair, broken Angler traits, open water fishing essentially useless, and only 2-3 pools per zone(minus Suramar), I feel like fishing needs to be looked at. Fishing is one of my favorite professions in the game, and while the Angler is one of my favorite items (not just rods), I feel like it's been massively overlooked once the idea was integrated. Left to rot like the stinky fish bones it is. (I only assume they're stinky. Maybe Marcia bleached them.) I've attempted to compile a list of everything that I've noticed, as well as some other complains that I've seen around the forum. Lets start with fishing in general. Fishing skill(or lack there of) is pointless past 800. According to various guides there is negligible effect on world fishing to catch "real" fish (Not a Mackerel). There is a constant 20% chance to catch a real fish. Higher fishing skill doesn't even increase the chance you'll catch rare baits, only Arcane Lures do. The only reason to level up to 800 is to get the angler. -World fishing. Pool spawn rates are atrocious in certain areas such a Highmountain, Azsuna, and Stormheim. And with how difficult it is to navigate Highmountain and Stormheim to find currently spawned pools, it almost seems like world fishing would be "faster" than trying to navigate the treacherous terrain that these zones offer in search of one pool. But baits and real fish have such a low drop rate in open waters, even with an Arcane Lune, that it almost seems like there's no benefit in searching for pools. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that either zone is badly designed, they're both visually stunning, but they're also extremely unfriendly to fishermen/women. As for Azsuna, it seems to have the same problem that Stormheim and Highmountain have in regards to pool spawns, and considering most of it's waters is ocean waters, I hardly see any Queensfish pools. I don't think that these zones should be a feeding frenzy of pools, but numerous times I've made rounds through the various zones only to find a single pool. It's highly possible that crossrealm to to blame for all of this, but then why wouldn't fishing pools have the same mechanics as other gathering professions? If there are more people in a zone, shouldn't fish pools linger like herbs and veins? I've also noticed that there are a few pools that spawn inside unfishable territory (inside of walls, line of sight, water too shallow.) Also, I don't know if this is intentional, but the Moosehorn Hook is dispelled as soon as you catch a single rare bait. -Margoss, I honestly don't have a problem with him, mostly because I'm uninterested in the mount. That being said, I think that the amount of effort (or the amount of clicks) required to obtain the mount warrants something equal to what the Angler has to offer. It's a large fish, not a turtle. Shouldn't it swim faster than one? Mana drops seem fine, with a reported 25-30% drop rate, and joining a raid group results in 100% uptime on the Mark of Aquaos. -Underlight Angler. First off, I'd like to point out that this is one of my favorite items in the entire game. Turning into a fish, water walking, reducing aggro radius, increased lure time, and most importantly, instantly fishing up pools are all fantastic. However, I've noticed numerous amounts of bugs directly and indirectly related to it. -Luminous Pearl continues to drop even after the quest has been completed -Undercurrent triggers its cooldown when the button is pressed, instead of when it is cast -There have been reports of the trait Black Barracuda Angling procs only rewarding 2-3 Mackerels and no Barracudas -Arcane Lures are not effected by the passive lure trait (Intended?) -People without the Angler are receiving the benefit of the Better Luck Next Time trait (I've personally experienced this one. I noticed it happened a lot more with an Arcane Lure equipped, but that's probably pure coincidence) -Artifact Research bonuses are not being applied to the Angler and rare fish -The Underlight Pearl is sometimes unclickable, even while the Angler is equipped -If you have the Angler open in the Pearl, you can open a Artifact Weapon's page and make upgrades at the Pearl instead of your Hall's forge -Throwing rare fish back while the Angler is not equipped wastes the fish, and no power is gained I really enjoy the Angler, but at the moment I'm not sure it's working as intended. Some suggestions I have for it is that maybe there could be a passive increase to catching rare bait, or making it so increasing a trait for a certain fish also increases the and chance to catch the real fish and bait in open waters instead of Mackerel. The Underlight Angler, I feel, is supposed to be the ultimate fishing rod, but it mainly only benefits from fishing in pools. I would love to see more functionality with open water fishing, because as it stands there is a severe lack of pools to utilize it to its full effectPythagorean47 Dec 21
Dec 21 Archaeology as a druid I finally started messing around with legion archaeology and I have a minor complaint about how they handled this profession for druids. I can survey to my heart's content in bear (or cat) form, but I am autoshifted to humanoid form the minute I loot the fragments I have surveyed. Maybe I've forgotten but I don't remember this being a thing in WoD. And like I said, its a minor issue...more like an annoyance than anything else, but I for one would like to know if it can be addressed in a future patchJâyde4 Dec 21
Dec 21 More money than time I would like to request a new Pay service, for a price, to be able to have more trade skills on a toon. 4 or 6 Skills or all of them I just don't have the time to level up 2 or 3 toons just for the trade skills then to farm all the rep. AH prices are often out of control, but I believe this could help to stabilize prices as the more out of control they get the more ppl will buy this service, and in affect as things stop selling, the more prices will fall in linePestcontrol2 Dec 21
Dec 21 Did Blizzard mess up with Sallow Pigment? The tooltip says Sallow Pigment is commonly milled from Legion herbs. Ha ha. No, its just as rare as uncommon inks in earlier expansion. Maybe even rarer. But at least with those uncommon inks you could swap 10 of the common ink for the uncommon one, but no such option exists in Legion. It looks like Blizzard has messed up. Either they intended Sallow Pigment to be much more common than it is, or they intended to add an option to swap Rosette Pigment for it. Are there any blue posts about this? As it stands I can't see much point in milling huge quantities of herbs trying to get Sallow Pigments, when those herbs would be much more profitably used for alchemy.Greer5 Dec 21
Dec 21 Souldbound items So i've been noticing the odd amount of crafting recipes, more constantly in the old world recipes, are inconsistent between "bind on equip" and "binds when picked up". This is very confusing especially when some rare's are soul bound and some aren't, I don't see what the purpose is of making a rare set off level 48 leggings soul bound on pickup. I feel pretty ripped off when i drop near 1000g on the mats for a rare set of pants for an alt (feeling dumb already) then learn their soul bound to my 110 demon hunter and worth 2.5 g... well yea pretty pissed off when the next set off pants thats rare is NOT soul bound on pickup... Strange, anyway please fix this either make em all soul bound or don't, I don't want to have to read my items like a test at the DMV. Thank you.Phakumang2 Dec 21
Dec 21 Giving up on Legion professions It's just way too much work to level all my main/alts professions so I'm dropping them and leveling engineering on all my toons. At least engineering has toys/gadgets/portals I can use.Uglypotato3 Dec 21
Dec 21 Fishing Pole Artifact I had a Couple ideas for items for the Artifact Fishing Pole. There could be 1 where it lets you breath underwater (and yes I know the fishing pole is suppose to give you water walk and take you to the closest fishing pole with in 100 yards or something like that but still would be nice since its a neich item). The next one would allow us to put a +200 Lure on the fishing pole and the third possible one would allow us to Teleport to Booty Bay and have it only obtainable from the Booty bay Fishing Contest when/if it returns. There couold be other options they could give us for the fishing pole those were just the 3 I could think of.Celticlore1 Dec 21
Dec 21 Enchant Cloak: Word of Strength R3 I have been waiting for months for the formula to show up as a reward from a High Mountian work order per wowhead and my profession ui. Is this buged or it it else wear?Lynnaria0 Dec 21
Dec 20 Done with JC, switching profs I'm sick of jewel crafting, because of the terrible drop rates and general state of the profession. I'm thinking of going skinning/leather working instead. Is there any value in these profs right now, or am I just going to end up on the same boat as jcing?Radlord10 Dec 20
Dec 20 FISHING MECHANICS UPDATE Fishing Mechanics have been the same on wow since day dot, Is there any chance this could be or will be look at in the near future ? Doesn't have to be much although would like to see some fish leap out and reeled in possibly into a bucket next to you. One possibility might be a tension bar that is lit red yellow and green, as the fish moved away the bar needs to be moved with your directional keys back into the green; the rod bends over more when you are in the yellow / red area before the line snaps. Other than your cooking fish you could snatch some Trophy fish. Cooking fish could still be caught in the old fashioned mechanics currently in place. The trophy fish could be adjusted to be more difficult (depending on the size of the trophy fish) on the tension bar idea listed above, when caught each has its on size, listed / compared on a database and what area it was hooked in. Get your best buds together and start comparing size... Could a be a simple addition that would make the world of difference to immersion throughout the world and the fishing profession.Sareegol0 Dec 20
Dec 20 cant skin with people tagging yea so the fact that anyone can tag now to get credit for kills and then not loot is getting really old really fast since you cant skin with loot still on the mobs and this is happening a lot. also people just skinning stuff you killed right after you loot it and stealing it is getting pretty old too. fix.Kresja18 Dec 20
Dec 20 Legion prospecting worth it? I am at 677/800 Jewelcrafting on an alt, up to lvl 101 and completed the initial Jewelcrafting quests. Primarily, I need 4 more Eye of Prophecy to purchase one of my last Blacksmithing recipes on my main. I'm a casual player and don't have 20K gold to blow on AH purchases. Today, I prospected a 50 stack of Leystone and a 30 stack of Felslate I received: - 1 Deep Amber - 1 Furystone The rest of the prospects were gem chips. This is just today, but I have experienced a similar success rate over the last week, at an estimated full stack of both Leystone and Felslate. Given this, prospecting appears to be largely worthless and I'd be better off selling the ore outright on the AH to purchase Eye of Prophecy from those apparently luckier than I. thoughts?Kristof7 Dec 20
Dec 20 Starlight Rose.. really? Is it just me or do other herbalists think the trading for Starlight Rose is a bit ridiculous? I don't mind herbing Starlight Rose, it's one of the easiest to herb for me - get a Barding, some Fighter Chow, enlist my husband to follow me and get double the herbs.. I'm usually set for a week within about 20 minutes. My complaint is with the trading vendor and the world quests. I don't understand why it's only 3 roses per Blood of Sargaras and why when I'm in Suramar I need 40 roses for 3 bloods for a work order World Quest, why would anybody ever do that? I feel that Fjarnskaal is much more of a pain to get, however it's 10 herbs for 1 blood. Am I just complaining for the sake of complaining? Or do my opinions have some legitimacy here?Tempe10 Dec 20
Dec 20 Khorium Ore trying to farm khorium ore to make a felsteel longblade for transmog...why is it so hard to findArtmiss9 Dec 20
Dec 20 Items for Fishing Hello all! I've recently gotten back into fishing, and it seems all I can find on my Druid here is her Jeweled Fishing Pole with +4 fishing enchant. What other items would increase the fishing skill? And where can I get them?Aerithissa1 Dec 20
Dec 20 Underlight Angler Non-Legion Value Okay, so while this is a great fishing pole, it has no value outside of The Broken Isles. It would be nice to see some work put into making the Underlight Angler more useful in other zones across the game. For example, a 3-point trait could be added to give chance to instantly fish up an entire pool of ANY fish in Azeroth, Outland, and Draenor. I like to fish Deviate Fish in my downtime while waiting for BG queues to pop, and it just feels like I'm not really a master fisherman, as my pole would indicate, if I can't get any benefit in super-low-level fish pools.Bloughmey1 Dec 20
Dec 20 Archaelogy as a profession? Hello All. Sorry a new player here. What is archaeology used for?Colent5 Dec 20
Dec 20 best gathering professions for money? i'm coming back to wow and wondering which 2 of the 3 gathering professions are best for making money while leveling to max and such?Rosebourne5 Dec 20
Dec 20 Broken Professions are broken. I used to max out all of my professions on all my main toons but i am having trouble with getting my main professions to 800. its not fun, ive gotten to a point i dread chasing the quests and recipes, its just awful. Please Blizz go back to how we leveled them before, fix what is now broken asap.Tolian3 Dec 20
Dec 19 LW dead? I see JC stat gems selling for 13K minimum on my servers AH. I would like to see LW have the same relevance as JC and Alchemy. Please bring back leg armor. Is LW dead? And if so would they also kill JC and Alchemy?Rhysiaana2 Dec 19
Dec 19 starlight rose and potions in general 1. why does only one drop 2. Get rid of potions entirely. since your nerfing stats. just get rid of potions. you would save everyone alot of time and gold. 3. 1 starlight rose and sometimes i get dust 4. nobody has time for thatChizzbolt2 Dec 19
Dec 19 Why is Engineering's first quest so freaking hard. The very first quest to get your engineering going needs about 15k worth of materials to make, most of the mats come from the final zone. you can't do anything in engineering until you finish the mega priced object. compare that with the first leather working quests. ZERO MATS REQUIRED. They give you the leather to make everything in the first 2-3 leather working quests. Zero cost.Mererl4 Dec 19
Dec 19 12 Days of Cooking Feel free to sing along~! :3 ------------------------------------ On the first day of Winterveil I gave to Nomi for testing: A fresh stack of silver mackerel. On the second day of Winterveil I gave to Nomi for testing: Two piles of stormrays and a fresh stack of silver mackerel. On the third day of Winterveil I gave to Nomi for testing: Three loads of leyblood Two piles of stormrays and a fresh stack of silver mackerel. On the fourth day of Winterveil I gave to Nomi for testing: Four dozen wildfowl eggs Three loads of leyblood Two piles of stormrays and a fresh stack of silver mackerel. On the fifth day of Winterveil I gave to Nomi for testing: Five Fatty bearsteaks Four dozen wildfowl eggs Three loads of leyblood Two piles of stormrays and a fresh stack of silver mackerel. On the sixth day of Winterveil I gave to Nomi for testing: Six Runescale kois swimming Five Fatty bearsteaks Four dozen wildfowl eggs Three loads of leyblood Two piles of stormrays and a fresh stack of silver mackerel. On the sevent day of Winterveil I gave to Nomi for testing: Seven Highmountain salmons bouncing Six Runescale kois swimming Five Fatty bearsteaks Four dozen wildfowl eggs Three loads of leyblood Two piles of stormrays and a fresh stack of silver mackerel. On the eight day of Winterveil I gave to Nomi for testing: Eight Black Barracudas biting Seven Highmountain salmons bouncing Six Runescale kois swimming Five Fatty bearsteaks Four dozen wildfowl eggs Three loads of leyblood Two piles of stormrays and a fresh stack of silver mackerel. On the ninth day of Winterveil I gave to Nomi for testing: Nine Big Gamy Ribs for smoking Eight Black Barracudas biting Seven Highmountain salmons bouncing Six Runescale kois swimming Five Fatty bearsteaks Four dozen wildfowl eggs Three loads of leyblood Two piles of stormrays and a fresh stack of silver mackerel. On the tenth day of Winterveil I gave to Nomi for testing: Ten lean shanks for smoking Nine Big Gamy Ribs with bone in Eight Black Barracudas biting Seven Highmountain salmons bouncing Six Runescale kois swimming Five Fatty bearsteaks Four dozen wildfowl eggs Three loads of leyblood Two piles of stormrays and a fresh stack of silver mackerel. On the eleventh day of Winterveil I gave to Nomi for testing: Eleven Slabs of bacon still oinking Ten lean shanks for smoking Nine Big Gamy Ribs with bone in Eight Black Barracudas biting Seven Highmountain salmons bouncing Six Runescale kois swimming Five Fatty bearsteaks Four dozen wildfowl eggs Three loads of leyblood Two piles of stormrays and a fresh stack of silver mackerel. On the twelfth day of Winterveil I gave to Nomi for testing: All the burnt food he keeps making... Eleven Slabs of bacon still oinking Ten lean shanks for smoking Nine Big Gamy Ribs with bone in Eight Black Barracudas biting Seven Highmountain salmons bouncing Six Runescale kois swimming Five Fatty bearsteaks Four dozen wildfowl eggs Three loads of leyblood Two piles of stormrays and a fresh stack of silver mackerel.Gralloch0 Dec 19
Dec 19 Mass Ore (BS/Min) What to do with it? Hi Guys, Just after some quick tips, I have an abundance of ore and unsure as to what to do with it. At the start of Legion i would just AH the ore, but now there is so much of it around should i still do that? Otherwise what should i do with the ore to make a profit?Pulsate2 Dec 19
Dec 19 Gathering broken? So the whole under-level gathering (petals/stalks/nuggets/etc). Most of you know that you don't need to be the actual level to gather nodes anymore. I logged on this morning and all the BC herb nodes are red and I can't gather any of them however, I can mine adamantite with a mining level of 129. Was working fine yesterday Can someone tell me if I'm going nuts? I re-logged, restarted the game, and did a /reload. Nothing changed. Edit: I just finished a RDF with BC herbs that I could gather including Ancient Lichen which is supposed to be a high level herb. However when I left, I again couldnt gather anything under the "required" levelGrimmessiah3 Dec 19
Dec 19 Mining ranks does rank 3 of mining even exist in game? i have rank 2 of everything and for the life of me cannot get rank 3 quests to drop. i must have well over 500 leystone nodes alone mined and only have it rank 2.Komeshot0 Dec 19
Dec 19 Someting to go with Enchanting Hello all! I'm leveling my Monk (She's 105) and I want Enchanting, but I'm not sure what to take with it. Right now I have skinning, but I'm not sure i want that =/Riverbrooke2 Dec 19
Dec 19 JC feels unfinished it really feels like there's something missing form JC it's too darn hard to find blue gems for one we need a recipe that consumes greens and puts out blues (rare) skill capping just isn't a thing, the way things are now, I'll be skill capping in 3 more darkmoon fairesZahruk19 Dec 19
Dec 18 Lore, Quests and Usefulness? Salutations! I am just about to start playing this game and the last thing I wish do do before I start is choose my primary professions. My main concern with them is how they fit my character in regards to their class, race, backstory and other such things. I have been visiting the profession trainers in different cities to see what their environments look like and such. I think my first primary profession will nigh certainly be enchanting or inscription so I wanted to ask about any quests or lore regarding them to help me make my decision. I was told that in the new expansion there are crafting quest-lines? I would love to see the dialogue for them if that can be found anywhere or if anyone would be able to tell me a bit about how those professions are reflected in the world I would be truly grateful! Additionally I would also be curious to hear if either of those is much more useful than the other? Roleplaying considerations are much more important to me but I tend to not be very good at actually playing games so if one is much easier or more advantageous I would consider that at least a little when deciding. My character will be a mage. Mostly though I would just truly appreciate any information about quests or lore for enchanting and inscription. I have been able to find many resources about what they can do or how to train them but not nearly as much for how they are thought about in-universe or such. Thank you all so very much for your time!Tralithiria0 Dec 18
Dec 18 Requires previous rank? I have this on a few Engineering schematics. What does it mean? When I google it all i find is boy scout and other non wow info. ThanksJardous3 Dec 18
Dec 18 Quest: On Azure Wings ( Enchanting quest ) I previously did a quest for the defense of the Azurewing Repose in Azsuna. Now the Quest NPC dragon Kharmeera is not here for this enchanting quest. The GOLD ? is on map, but the dragon is not there at the spot. Any idea how to complete this? Seems like a design flaw, if players do not do profession quest exactly at the same time at the story quest line, they will not be able to advance the profession quest line. So players will be missing several recipes.Bronwynn0 Dec 18
Dec 18 First Aid Quests Broken? Has anyone gotten a First Aid quest since 7.1? I used to get them all the time but I haven't gotten any since 7.1 went live.Zsigmond19 Dec 18
Dec 18 Alchemy MAstery Does the (Flask, Potion & Transmute) Mastery perk still no longer work on current Profession items. Last I Cheked during WOD this Perk did nothing for Alchemists on Dreanor items.Celticlore1 Dec 18
Dec 18 Disenchantable Items I searched the forums and can't seem to find the answer. I put in a ticket and was told it might be a bug.( that will be my next post ) I reset the UI . Disabled all add on I can't seem to disenchant any PVP gear or Timewarp. It says Cannot be disenchanted. NOW once in awhile I am able to disenchant it. SO right now i have 4 bags full of gear and check every day but it is annoying . Example 625 season 3 pvp My enchanting lvl is 644 Any suggestions ? I've been gone from the game for awhile and never had a enchanter so this is all new to me. Any advise would be appreciatedAure2 Dec 18
Dec 18 Engineering I know a great way to make engineering worth wild again and profitable for us engineers. When we deploy either our reaves or hammer for repair in a dungeons or raid instead of wow getting the money to repair, that should go to us. That would be a great way to give us the incentive to produce the repair items.Morsukii2 Dec 18
Dec 18 Gnomish & Goblin Engineering Ever since Dreanor where you can use the current expansion profession patterns to LVL the professions and those LVLing engingering no longer need to choose one or the other to progress quicker in LVLing the professions I got to thinking and woundering. 1. Outside of chooseing one for the Mounts, pets and/or Toys is it even worth choosing them. 2. (I know not all will like this one but) Since to my knowledge Goblin and Gnomish Patterns are for most part not needed any more to LVL up the profession and in my the only worth while patterns from Goblin or gnomish are the Pets, Mounts and/or toys but for the twinks who would want the items for there LVL why not Make a new Engineering ability Called Pandaren Engineering where you could do a Quest (quest could become available after you did Goblin or Gnomish) and when you finish it allows you to craft both Goblin and Gnomish patterns on a single toon and not require 2 toons to have both Goblin and Gnomish. I figure adding Pandaren engineering would be like how Pandarens are a Neutral race in wow and Horde and Alliance can be them (conceptually speaking).Celticlore0 Dec 18
Dec 18 Switch from skinning to mining So after some reading and scanning the AH mining is clearly more profitable than skinning. That being said when I picked up skinning for the first time (I boosted this character) I was able to skin legion animals (at a skinning level of 0). Will it be the same if I switch to mining, or was that only a one time boost, and will I be stuck mining copper from the beginning?? My second prof is herbalism, that being said I would be open to a different second prof, if there is a better idea than mining, open to suggestions.Spookshaman2 Dec 18
Dec 17 Obliterum and alts I have a couple crafting alts with the forge quest. Can a blacksmith obliterate the crafted gear from other professions? If so is there any kind of penalty for obliterating gear not from your profession? Thanks.Weimar1 Dec 17
Dec 17 Draenor First Aid in Legion Is there a way to learn the Draenor first aid recipes on a new alt in Legion, after said character already knows Legion first aid? I have a TON of extra Draenor mats, and I don't want to waste my Legion mtas levelling.Vralok2 Dec 17
Dec 17 Legion cooking recipes An oversight to possible returning players? I got my cooking to 700 a hour ago and then went looking for the NPC Nomi for the Legion recipes with no luck for I didnt do MoP expansion. Am I going to have to go back to to get this npc to appear in the inn for my cooking?Neseldë42 Dec 17
Dec 17 Potion of Prolonged Power Rank 3 You create: [Potion of Prolonged Power]x10. You create: [Potion of Prolonged Power]x10. You create: [Potion of Prolonged Power]x11. I am rapidly alternating between laughing my !@# off and facepalming.Qwasi0 Dec 17
Dec 17 Engineering NERF (Goblin Glider) First you nerf nitro boost so there was no more nitro + goblin glider... Now you nerfed goblin glider by increasing the cooldown to 5 minutes from 2? For a profession requiring 500 skill lvl to use, you'd think the tinker would be worth it. Now I have to go back to using flexweave underlay just because the CD is shorter and it does just as good as a job of saving me when I'm falling down. What disgusts me even more is how you secretly "changed" this overnight without even announcing it.Terhy48 Dec 17
Dec 16 How are people earning gold in Legion? Topic says it all. Anyone got the keys to riches? I am just curious to see how folks are making their mints?Motors26 Dec 16
Dec 16 Mounting Made Easy Whoever designed the quest, Mounting Made Easy....and the lame mount you get for completion should be transferred to Blizzard's mail room. Talk about poor quest design and lack luster reward. Why are Felhides needed to craft a white moose? Why didnt you make the reward a cool fel mount instead of some lame moose? Probably the worst quest and reward in any MMO ever.Pazuzzu7 Dec 16