Jun 26 Making Gold With Alchemy? Hello all, I'm kind of new to the whole professions game. I managed to level Alchemy pretty high thanks to Draenor catch up mechanics and was wondering if/how it was possible to make money with alchemy? Any advice and tips would be greatly appreciated.Stiggler9 Jun 26
Jun 26 Profession Ranks and Dungeon/Raid quests I dont know about anyone else but me personaly i dont like patterns or even ranks for patterns dropped in Dungeons or raids. If i am on 1 of my pure DPS classes (or one of my classes that can heal or DPS and only role as DPS cause i dont feel right healing) I feel that its a bit unfair cause Tanks and Helaers Ques i feel are much Shorter then that of DPS. back when Scenarios came out in MOP i loved the concept and felt could of on certain LVLs replaced the Normal and Heroic Dungeons. What i mean by replace is when it comes to a zones storyline it would be perfect for que time for any class to que up get in do it and get done and leave. Dungeons Still play a role in the game but more at say at what ever the max LVL is for the exansion. That way all dungeons at set to a certain LVL. If they were to do it like this i feel that for gear wise scenario gear could gear yu up for doing dungeons then dungeon gear could gear you up for LFR/Raiding. while SCenraios help finish off telling a zones Story rather you finish the zones story line before hitting max LVL or finishing it off at max.Celticlore1 Jun 26
Jun 26 Spirit Cauldron in 7.2.5 I just got my Alchemy level to 800 and unlocked the Spirit Cauldron yesterday. When I looked up it's viability since my raid group tends to be twelve people on average I saw that it's been bugging hard but I also noticed all those posts had been made last year. Is it still bugged or is it working properly now? I hadn't started playing Legion until very late January when the Nighthold was barely a thing so I'm not sure what is or isn't a big glitch and what is or isn't fixed yet.Scarwing2 Jun 26
Jun 26 Herbalism requirement in Zangarmarsh? Is that intended or bug? In Hellfire Pen. I can gather for stems.Sieta7 Jun 26
Jun 26 Nerf to starlight rose Can't find any. My usual spot in suramar is empty.Wildmachine4 Jun 26
Jun 26 Filter by Collected Appearance Hey guys so I looked to see if anybody has talked about this yet or not and I didn't see anything. So I really like to collect things in WoW and of course, appearances are a big part of that. In professions it is pretty annoying to go through the whole list and mouse over each thing to see if I have collected it or not. Blizzard should update the filter option to include this and make it easier for people to see what they do and do not need to craft. In the meantime, is there an addon that lets me do this? Thanks for any help!Theringofice2 Jun 26
Jun 26 Mining Rank 3s Well theres only 3 level that i need the living leystone and the two seams. and to this day i haven't even seen people talking about them anymore or saying that they have received them. Did people just give up on getting them and we put in the forums before that the lego drop is a higher chance then these 3 patterns. think i will just give up on trying to get them for now in till I see bliz say the fixd the drop rate.Wortorn0 Jun 26
Jun 25 'Get Your Mix On' Quest isn't available ... I need some help here. I'm currently 700 in Alchemy ... and there is no quest for "Get Your Mix On" available from the Alchemy trainer. So basically I am stuck at 700 Alchemy. What am I missing here? I have a quest to go to Neltharion's Lair called "Neltharion's Lair: Potent Powder" from the quest giver, but no "Get Your Mix On" available. Can someone please help me? Very frustrated right now ...Alkìi2 Jun 25
Jun 25 Prepared ingredients What's the reasoning for this cooking material not storing in my "Portable Refrigerator" bag? "Only cooking supplies can be placed in that?..." Seems to be a cooking supply to me...Rohran0 Jun 25
Jun 25 Bloodtotem Saddle Blanket...again So I just happened to be looking at the patch notes for 7.2 today, and I noticed for Tailoring... the "amount of comfort provided by the Bloodtotem Saddle Blanket has been reduced by 20%". Has there been any discovery as to what the heck this thing actually does?? This has been driving me crazy since September!Draftweiser13 Jun 25
Jun 25 Where are the crafting world quests? That increase your rank? The only ranks I don't have in my professions are the ones that require completing a world quest for, yet I haven't seen a crafting world quest for months.Senjindo1 Jun 25
Jun 25 Increased bobber toy catch rate? (Fishing) Within 40 casts of open water fishing on Margoss's Retreat I've managed to catch 3 bobber toys (cat head, wooden pepe, can of worms). Is this just sheer luck, or did Blizz make the bobber toys easier to come by?Dubmuffin1 Jun 25
Jun 24 Profession Competitions? So we have transmog competitions, but historically there's a lot of precedent for competition between craftsmen. It'd be interesting to see something along the lines of "Forged in Fire" for blacksmiths, or something comparable for Leatherworkers, Tailors, etc. Maybe I'm just crazy but I think it'd be funny to see an Orc version of J. Neilson, a Dwarf David Baker, and a Pandaren Doug Marcaida.Dartt0 Jun 24
Jun 24 Tailoring for Lesser Nether Essences? I'm leveling a tailor/enchanter alt, and was wondering if there are any tailored items that drop these? Or is it exclusively from drops? Thanks!Spannerwerks2 Jun 24
Jun 24 how to get "demon flesh" quest? ok so i need the demon flesh quest so i can get more leatherworking recipes but the person who gives it won't give it to me any idea's?Like ,do i need to do something first?Scherbeh0 Jun 24
Jun 24 Crafted legendary bug(?) I have the materials needed to create Vilgilance Perch but I'm confused on what ilvl they are. I link it into chat, it's 910. In my recipes it displays ilvl 1000 and in the AH, there's only 970s. Is this a bug on my side or?Glaistia1 Jun 24
Jun 23 Alchemy Alchemy seems to be a waste of gold and mats from 780-800 Or am I missing something unless you want the raid recipe which can't be sold what else is there ??Sphilibert6 Jun 23
Jun 23 Help choosing a profession I have struggled to find a good profession this expac. My character is a Frost DK and I don't use alts so I would like a production and gathering prof. Here is my run down on opinions and if you can help me out that would be much appreciated. Enchanting- Good but takes too damn long to level Engineering - Only old recipes are nice but there rest is useless Jewelcrafting - RNG prospecting and low socket counts make this profession a joke Inscription - Gutted to uselessness. Only tomes sell and the glyphs are meh at best on DK Alchemy - Great, useful, powerful. Its so boring to me. Blacksmith - Everything gives better gear and I don't care about the mount. Other professions are not useful for DK. But is there anything that can help me decide these opinions are wrong?Xelvera15 Jun 23
Jun 23 Two Useful Professions Looking for two. Engineering and enchanting work together? Never saw it done.Crookedmán2 Jun 23
Jun 23 Blacksmithing Ok so I'm stuck at 797/800 on Blacksmithing. I keep creating more Demonsteel Armguards but it isn't going to 798 no matter how many times I try to keep creating new armguards. Advice? The DS Armguards is in green, that probably isn't helping.Talran2 Jun 23
Jun 23 Prior to 7.2.5 Crafted Items Curious whether crafted items prior to 7.2.5 are allowed to increase to 900 or only items made after the patch? Obviously the items say 0/10 on 835 items, but just wondering if that's a bug or not?Ilserviun1 Jun 23
Jun 23 First Aid - "Is there a medic in the zone " Do i need to already be at 800 FA in order to get these items to drop for this quest? Been farming for multiple drops for a while now and can not get anything to drop, am i missing something? DarkDarkmanning1 Jun 23
Jun 22 Fossilized Raptor? I'm not understanding this. I keep getting things like "Ancient Shark Jaws". Do I need to complete other artifacts to get to better ones like the raptor?Crookedmán3 Jun 22
Jun 22 37,000 Gold in an hour Using Potions of prolonged power in an obliterum forge yields 1-2 obliterum ash. 100 ash turns into 1 obliterum. On my server obliterum sells for ~3000G Done properly, you can turn on average 73 potions into 1 obliterum. Buying potions on the AH and converting to obliterum will yield you approximately 25% increase in your profit (if bought at 3000G for a stack of 100 potions) See video: Jun 22
Jun 22 Rocket Boot Failure Rate is SILLY ... Do flasks fail and take half your health? No ... they give you an HOUR boost! Do enchants fail and take half the items durability? No ... they PERM enhance the item? Do Rocket Boots kill you? YES 50% of the time. DUMB! It seems each xpac since WOTLK failure rates have been increased. It's to the point of making them useless. Anyone else feel this way? And the Glider disco when landing on a slope turning is still annoying ...Sapper5 Jun 22
Jun 22 Skinning and Leatherworking, what to do? So I am leveling skinning and leatherworking for my rogue and im curious about what i should craft when they are fully leveled. Are these professions only existing for the legendaries or is there another option(s)? Thanks for any replies!Spinarak15 Jun 22
Jun 22 Relearning Professions in Legion I've read you can relearn professions in Legion after switching from them. Is this only Legion Profession recipes/ranks or is it all recipes. It sounds like only Legion recipies which is a rip off for 1000 gold. Anyone have any more information?Tanrith20 Jun 22
Jun 22 No quests from Leatherworking trainer. Don't have any quests for leatherworking. I was only level 600 leatherworking and that was my max since i did not get any quests for level 800. I unlearned and learned the profession to see if I could get the quest and now I have 0 quests from the leatherworking have not gotten a single one in about 3 days.Squishynuts3 Jun 22
Jun 22 Jewelcrafter Trainer Missing Patterns So I have finished the 3 dungeon quests at the end of the JC quest line, and I'm supposed to be able to buy a rank 1 pattern for Righteous Dawnlight Pendant or some nonsense from Jabrul, but he doesn't sell any class specific patterns at all. I have no quests in my log or in the shop. Wowhead says you just buy rank 1 from him but they're not there. What is going on?Eronar0 Jun 22
Jun 21 Crafted legendaries 7.2.5 Are crafted legendaries going to be 970? If so, are they that way now or will it not happen until ToS comes out?Gilloch7 Jun 21
Jun 21 Allow skinning without looting This is more a quality of life issue, but since a lot of people tag mobs yet don't loot, likely cause anything worth while will be mailed to the character, it is sometimes hard to gather the skins needed for quest or crafting. What I propose is once a mob is dead and, if the skinner tagged the mob, looted by said skinner the mob can then be skinned and left as a pile of bones/meat/etc. if others still have loot on them. Now to counter the stealing skins issue, only ones up for grabs would be the ones no skinners tagged, if a skinner tagged they get first crack at the skin.Maiara14 Jun 21
Jun 21 [Engineering]: Delete Leystone Buoy script I used a script to delete these things while leveling engineering, and if you're doing the same you will probably want to use it since buoy's don't stack and otherwise you have to delete them 1 by 1. Enjoy: /run for b = 0, 4 do for s = 1, GetContainerNumSlots(b) do local l = GetContainerItemLink(b, s) if l and l:find("Leystone Buoy") then PickupContainerItem(b, s) DeleteCursorItem() end end endSuper5 Jun 21
Jun 20 Leveling herbalism and mining. Does it matter leveling mining and herbalism up to 800 or only the 3rd ranks are more important?Venombite6 Jun 20
Jun 20 Rank 3 seems impossible I have spent countless hours farming mats and making Ancient Mana and Healing potions and I just cant get rank 3Saenei0 Jun 20
Jun 20 Switching fron Gnomish to Goblin engineer I have been all over chasing old posts to find out how I can change my level 716 Gnomish engineer to Goblin. Some posts say it cannot be done and others give instructions which do not pan out Any help with this would be so appreciated.Holylionmike3 Jun 20
Jun 20 AH Flasks Which one? Hey all, Just wondering which alchemy flasks are the most popular in the auction house atm? Thanks for feed back.Walarkwris4 Jun 20
Jun 20 Disenchanting based on ILVL Right now when you disenchant an item you receive enchanting mats based off the rarity of the item. I feel like there is a flaw to this system. There is a set amount of content that drops green and blues. As the expansion progresses more content is released that drops epic quality loot. Eventually epic gear becomes more common than blue and green gear. This is great for our gear score, but is it great for the enchanting economy? Wouldn't it make more sense that when a new content patch comes out to have the new gear disenchant to epic quality and previous raid tiers to disenchant to blue/green quality?Mortim2 Jun 20
Jun 20 Hellfire Citadel: wait, what? Legion mining. Go kill Archimonde in HFC. WHAT??? What the hell am I doing in a WOD raid for LEGION mining? I'm just....what the HELL??? This has got to be the most.....*facepalm*Aehl8 Jun 20
Jun 20 QoL change for foxflower herbing. Could the extra foxflower we get from the foxes not fall into the water when herbing the northern parts of Highmountain? Once tehy go under the water it's impossible to find them since we can't put the camera under the shallow water.Lazymonk2 Jun 20
Jun 20 Um, Nomi gave me duplicate rank 2's... And I can't loot the second one. It's literally sitting in the table loot and I can't pick it up. Will this ever just fade away? Is there some reason I can't loot it (I currently have learned rank 2)? Please help me fix this as I'm not sure my OCD can handle this.Zipzzo6 Jun 20
Jun 20 Deep-Fried Mossgill Level 3 I can not seem to research anything with Mossgill Perch. I am at level 2 of Deep-Fried Mossgill. I am using the NomiCakes add-On and I see nothing. I disabled the Add-On, and there is still no Mossgill Perch option. The tooltip in Cooking lists Level 3 from Nomi's Test Kitchen. Am I missing something?Lohnarr4 Jun 20
Jun 20 Prospecting Issue 101 I know the player base has previously raised concerns with how prospecting works and the frustration with it. So in the last week I've prospected alot of ore, not sure of the amount, but just trust me ive got a tonne of gems chips in my bags right now. I've been targeting Dawnlights and this is my process and I'm happy for anyone to respond with a better method. So I simply propect Leystone ore until i get a single yellow chip then I mass prospect 20 felslate. If I get 4 gem chips from that I'll assume they are also yellow and mass prospect another 20 felslate. If I get any other type of common or rare gem I'll return to prospecting leystone ore until i get to another single yellow gem chip. Rinse and repeat. As you can imagine i'm posting this because I'm simply not happy with the results. More often then not, rather then getting a dawnlight which after just propecting 1000 leystone ore and 400 felslate 15 minutes ago I got zero dawnlights, I'll get some random gem instead of a yellow one. I'm not one just to whine about issues without thinking of a possible fix. So hear me out will ya Blizzard. If I mass prospect felslate after receiving a single coloured gem chip make the only possible gems I can receive the same colour either common, rare or chips. I don't tediously go through leystone ore until i get a yellow gem chip to receive a bunch of maelstrom Sapphire upon mass prospecting felslate. If mass prospecting isn't the most effective way to receive gems simply remove it. I'd rather it take longer to get a half decent result then whats going on now if it is broken.Grimstein0 Jun 20
Jun 19 Slightly burnt food Does this have any use? I'd hate to vendor it and then find out I need it later.Necrodemos3 Jun 19
Jun 19 Inscription: Glyph of Angels So the Glyph of Angels was re-added to the game this patch and it currently says "drops from world creatures". Just wondering if anyone knows what mobs? I assume it's from Pandaria mobs like previously but i'm not really sure. I contacted a Gm and they said they can't share where it drops.Leløuch14 Jun 19
Jun 19 Legacy Fishing - Spinefish Alpha Hi, I've recently been enjoying old expansion content to work on rep and Loremaster, And have been trying to catch all 3 of the Nat Pagle rep fish (Flyng Tiger Gourami, Spinefish Alpha, and Mimic Octopus) and discovered since patch 7.2.5, the drop rate for the Spinefish Alpha seems to be absurdly low - every day has been more than 70 casts, several at 100. Before 7.2.5, the drop rate seemed to be around 5%, which lines up with Wowhead's estimation. Is this intended? Anyone else also experiencing this?Spicyjim3 Jun 19
Jun 18 New tailor legendary pattern. What are the pre reqs to accessing this? I don't see it for sale at the dalaran vendor.Cptslasher37 Jun 18
Jun 18 glyphs I noticed on my warlock that none of the glyphs I learned on on his list to make. Any idea of where the spells are?Galendrial4 Jun 18
Jun 18 Legendary Blacksmithing Plans, need help! I've recently gotten the legendary hammer from "the four hammers" quest line last time my servers nether disrupter was up, now when the nether disrupter is up again it wants me to do the "the four hammers" quest line again! but have yet to find out where the plans to make rethu's incessant courage. if anyone could help that would be great! during this whole process i've been 800 blacksmithing (since pre 7.2)Jashtion3 Jun 18
Jun 18 If you boost a character to 100 Does it still max out professions skills you already started? Example: I have leather working I just started (its to 180ish), if I boost from 93 to 100 through the store, does my leather working boost to max for level 100? For the SNACKS!!Rollypolly3 Jun 18
Jun 18 Profession changes in 7.2.5 Just saw this in a blue post: Professions Obliterum-modified items can now be increased to a maximum item level of 885 (was 875). Alchemy Significantly increased the drop/proc chance to receive rank 3 recipes. The amount healed by Ancient Healing Potions and Ancient Rejuvenation Potions was increased. Cooking Added Nomi Snacks, a new item that can be used to complete the next 5 Nomi recipe researches instantly. Nomi Snacks can be obtained from any Nomi research, and it is tradeable. Mining Significantly increased the proc chance to start each of the rank 3 questlines. Herbalism Significantly increased the drop/proc chance to start each of the rank 3 questlines. Skinning Significantly increased the drop chance to start each of the rank 3 questlines. Tailoring Bloodtotem Saddle Blanket comfort reduced by 50% to thwart the Burning Legion. I hope this helps out alot of people in gathering and Alch!Luciousbank14 Jun 18