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44m Kayla Mills Historian in Stormwind Suggestion Hi, I have recently turned in a few quests to Kayla Mills, Historian in the Stormwind Keep, these quests showcase the amazing cinematic cutscenes from BFA story. Why not make Kayla Mills interact-able after turning in the quests so we can watch these cutscenes again?Mysticsage0 44m
1h Pink Elekks On Parade - Can't Complete Brewfest has a quest named "Pink Elekks on Parade" which requires that we slay 3 Pink Elekk's in Teldrassil. How exactly are we supposed to find the Elekk's with Teldrassil/World Tree on fire? Is this simply an oversight by Blizz or am I missing something?Dalawyn4 1h
2h just waited 10mins for 1mob to repsawn bravo blizzardWasupdude1 2h
3h Alts & World Quests After close to as week of having an alt to 120, I have realized that my alt has 1/2 the world quests available to it. More specifically, there is no gear reward quests available. Every day, I have been checking both characters to see if it's changed, and thus far it has not. Now I did not fully complete each of the three zones - chosing to level mostly via dungeons on my alt. Is this part of the reason why, and in order to have access I'll have to complete the zone achievments? That's a little frustrating. Doable, but frustrating since I don't particularly like going back and grinding out quests I've already done multiple times.Bréaks2 3h
5h "Set Sail" WQ Alliance have this quest up in Boralus right now , Set Sail (7th legion). But there is not quest activation or any tool tip about the quest. Anyone shed some light?Mykeys33 5h
9h Thats how I "PUNCHED DEATHWING IN THE FACE" Props to Blizzard for this badlands quest... IMHO the most entertaining quest I have ever seen! Keep up the good work the new quests/questing style is awesome <3<3<3 The Warden/Sentinal quest was also very fun! More quests like thatSkewkk19 9h
12h Have... Have We Met? Molten Front Hello everyone. I have been on and off "farming" this achievement for a few years now, and all I need is Mankirk to finish up my cataclysm questing achievements. If anyone stumbles across him, please add my btag, as it would be greatly appreciated. Keep in mind, Mankirk can only spawn as horde, whereas Thalassian can only spawn as alliance. Btag: Desi#11298 Thanks in advance.Mcd0 12h
12h Bubbles and Trouble WQ spawn rate issue. Hello! So earlier today I was doing this world quest, upon arriving there were at least a dozen horde and alliance all vying to tag and kill the Empowered Worshipers. With about 1 spawning every couple of minutes.. You can imagine how hectic it was. I went afk as I was there for 10 mins, so I walked away from the game. When I came back it was the situation was exactly the same. I am not on location for this world quest again to help a friend try to tag some... Currently there are more people than my other two visits.. This realllllly needs a fix/buff of some kind.Celor1 12h
13h Questing at lvl 100 I apologize in advance, this might sound like a trolling questing.. I've been away from the game for a couple of years. Where is the best place to quest at level 100? I've tried to go into some areas and it was blocked off some how? Feeling like a total noob again.. Thanks in advance!Maruto4 13h
15h Why Group Quests in Icecrown again? So.... when Icecrown first came out in Wrath, half of the entire zone was locked behind Group [5] quests. At some point (Mists?), they re-tuned all the quests and turned them into solo quests so that players could actually do these quests without having to out-level them. Now, in 7.3.5, they are all Group [5] again. Yay. Now I won't be able to see half of the zone's story or anything unless I out-level the zone (which kinda kills the fun of questing there to begin with). Simply put, I'm not going to dink around with Group Finder to get these quests done. Screw that. I can get better, faster XP nearly anywhere else in the world, or I'll just keep repeating Ebon Blade dailies instead. And besides, more than three-quarters of the time I try using Group Finder, I end up on a PvP server. This is fine for things like Legion Invasion Points on Argus or something, or the occasional Elite when I'm trying to do Legion Invasions because people usually don't try to PvP. But out in the open world in lower-level areas, I'm sure there's a Lv110 ganker hanging around Icecrown just looking for PvE people who get drug in by Group Finder so they can have some fun ganking PvErs or something. I bet there's players out there who simply have nothing better to do with their time. Trying to force us to group up for old quests simply doesn't work. It's why you removed the Elite status from most mobs in Icecrown in the first place; nobody did these quests after Wrath. They would quest in there until they unlocked Ebon Blade and if they weren't able to move on, they would use dailies or other methods of getting XP.Hirai8 15h
17h Veiled Grotto... so now what? Maybe I'm just being dense but now that I'm here what does this lead to? Other than a Dungeon World Quest nearby why did I bother?Phellatiana0 17h
17h Bubbles and Trouble WQ Nazmir spawn rate issue. Hello! So earlier today I was doing this world quest, upon arriving there were at least a dozen horde and alliance all vying to tag and kill the Empowered Worshipers. With about 1 spawning every couple of minutes.. You can imagine how hectic it was. I went afk as I was there for 10 mins, so I walked away from the game. When I came back it was the situation was exactly the same. I am not on location for this world quest again to help a friend try to tag some... Currently there are more people than my other two visits.. This realllllly needs a fix/buff of some kind.Celor2 17h
17h Bubbles & Troubles WQ needs to be relooked at This quest has you killing 12 mobs and activating 3 orbs, simple right? The problem is that these mobs are very few and far in between respawns. Either reduce the amount of mobs necessary to complete the quest from 12 to 8 or simply increase the respawn rate so we can get it done quicker. Doesn't help that some people are able to gray out the mobs and not count towards the credit.Maraloc4 17h
17h Why is Siege of Boralus locked behind mythic? Not all of us have the privilege of being part of a guild. Making my own groups for this quest results in hours every evening looking at the group finder interface. Seems blizz is a bit naive to the access of parts to the game some players don't have.Autoattakk3 17h
21h How Do I Clear The "Sadistic" Debuff I've been doing the quests in The Brineworks on the south part of Shrine of The Storm and got a debuff called "Sadistic". It gives +15% to damage done and taken and 50% REDUCTION in healing, it's making playing impossible! The only info I can find on it is what a troll NPC says to got northwest to find an Abyssal Idol. I have no ideas WTF this is? WOWHead lists an NPC called Abyssal Idol but that's not 'northwest' of the troll, there's an Abyssal ICON in Saltwater cave but that's the target of another quest for a mount. Basically my character has a debuff that makes it impossible to play and the game has given me no real idea WTF I need to do to get rid of it. Can someone tell me please?Trollingyou5 21h
23h WQ rewards need work? (Searched and didn't see anything matching my topic, so I'm sorry if I did miss a similar post! Also sorry if I ramble or anything. Slight bit of anxiety and such) Put simply, after a certain point of progression with gear etc, when a zone is saturated with gear rewards that are not an upgrade, I'm really disinclined to work on that zone's emissary quest if it comes up. I know that I could just 'wait until later' for better ones to pop up, and that the gear is there to help you get to the point of not needing them, but I feel that whatever process/algorithm chooses rewards could be a bit better at incentivizing players at that level. I do realize that the system is designed with 'sameness' between players and such in mind, but between the rewards not offering the same ilvl (why would I do this quest with a 295 sword when that one over there offers one at 300?) and someone at a point where several lower ilvl gear reward quests certainly doesn't need them (even for the few bits of materials shredding them gives), It just feels....lacking.Kentam0 23h
1d Legion Engineering Quests Hi guys, I asked this in the professions forum but nobody knew the answer. I just relearned engineering and I am trying to get the recipe to craft Reaves. I believe I had engineering at the beginning legion but abandoned it for alchemy. Now I am trying to learn Legion engineering but I am not getting any of the quests showing up for me. I bought the book that reteaches your skills but it only taught me Legion Engineering and nothing else. Can someone help me out here? None of the Wowhead guides are any use.Aewendil0 1d
1d No way to retrieve corpse during 'Aces High' I've been trying to tackle the mission Aces High in the Coldarra yesterday and today, during it your mount can run out of health and fling you off. The problem is when it does so at the top of the nexus where you are surrounded by Elites and then die. There is no way to retrieve your body from up there and so have to take the durability hit by ressurecting at the graveyard. I was hoping to suggest that a spectral gryphon limited to the coldarra region be added to that graveyard so that if you do die up there you can at least reclaim your body.Mirssa3 1d
1d Mistake of Abandoning Horde War Contributions I completed the blue quests for the War Contributions before I accepted the main quest for those. I didn't realize the contribution phase resets every so often, so I thought I goofed up and abandoned the quest to just restart. (BIG MISTAKE).... Now Throk will not offer me the quest and I feel as if i'm out more rep for the Honorbound.Gronde0 1d
1d World quests? am I missing the boat? I came back to wow for Legion and pretty early on started using the WQGF add on and as we all know that went away with BFA. So I looked around for a replacement and found world quest list that has been working okish but lately no groups are forming and I have also tried world quest party and the standard quest finder built in. All seem like dead ends and I like to find groups for world questing. So am I missing the boat or is there some kind of feature or add on im just not aware of? or is world questing in groups just dead? thanks for your help in advance :)Otanka1 1d
1d Lost mail questline is the "lost mail" quest line not available anymore?Corrpee4 1d
1d Faction Change and Local Story Lines Hi all, I recently changed from Alliance to Horde, and I noticed that all the storylines in Zandalar were 0(I maxed out all storylines in Kul Tiras when I was in Alliance though). Now the question is that do I really have to do all the storylines in Zandalar all over again to max out? I mean would there be any time that I might need them anyways for some importance stuff in the future? Or can I simply skip them? I need your help! Thank you :)Shenza0 1d
1d Flying in Broken Isles I have been using the pathfinder completion software and It says I am done but I do not have the flying ability yet. What am I missing??? Broken Isles Pathfinder, Part Two Explore Broken Shore Jump to Guide Explore Broken Shore 100.0% Legionfall Commander Jump to Guide Armies of Legionfall 100.0% Broken Isles Pathfinder, Part One Jump to Guide Broken Isles Pathfinder, Part One 100.0% Broken Isles Pathfinder, Part One Broken Isles Explorer Jump to Guide Explore Azsuna 100.0% Explore Highmountain 100.0% Explore Stormheim 100.0% Explore Suramar 100.0% Explore Val'sharah 100.0% Loremaster of Legion Jump to GuideView quests in the Profiler Ain't No Mountain High Enough 100.0% Azsuna Matata 100.0% Good Suramaritan 100.0% That's Val'sharah Folks! 100.0% Vrykul Story, Bro 100.0% A Glorious Campaign Jump to Guide A Glorious Campaign Complete Variety is the Spice of Life Jump to Guide Variety is the Spice of Life Complete Broken Isles Diplomat Jump to Guide Court of Farondis 100.0% Dreamweavers 100.0% Highmountain Tribe 100.0% The Nightfallen 100.0% The Wardens 100.0% Valarjar 100.0%Vallence0 1d
1d Where did my Light's Heart go? I completed the quest "Trial of Valor: The Once and Future Lord of Shadows" Light's Heart then gave me "The Nighthold" which I turned in to Khagdar in Dalaran. The quest ended abruptly and I don't know what happened to my Light's Heart. It's gone. I also don't know what happened to Illidan, I was supposed to capture his soul but I don't have anymore quest in my log regarding this story line. Also, The Soul Prism of Illidari is still in my bag. Where is my Light's Heart and what happened to Ilidan? Please help.Hashtagit6 1d
1d The Red Axe Quest (can't complete) The Red Axe Quest bug. So i was doing the scenario in the black rook hold and im pretty sure while i was in there i picked up the quest (The Red Axe) and was going to finish it after i was done with the scenario...only problem is that the red axe quest is inside the scenario zone and you can only get in there once and that's while you're doing the scenario. so now i can't complete the red axe quest cause i can't get back into the area inside the Black rook hold where it takes place. Anyone have any ideas on what to do or how this would get fixed? i already submitted a ticket and the thing is i don't want to keep playing on my main toon incase they have to do a rollback to the point before the scenario... i don't even know if this quest is an important quest chain to legion so im really stuck right now. if anyone knows what comes after this quest please let me know. i really don't understand why they would have a quest that you can only complete while you're doing a scenario and only then, not only that but as soon as you're done with the scenario you're removed from the zone.Chânco94 1d
2d Quest - Show Me What You've Got I just do not have the hand eye coordination to complete the quest. I have consulted wowhead and youtube and see how it can be done, but I just can't get it done. This quest is part of a achievement chain and as such I can't complete the chain. So if the chain is a prerequisite to anything important I am out of luck as I am an uncoordinated numptyLlayandra40 2d
2d Stuck on "A Sound Plan" story line I have been following this list to finish the story line in Tiragarde Sound but seem to be stuck. I completed "Rodrogo's roost" but can not find "The Big Job" anywhere. The other quests seem to be "side quests", is it possible the guide is wrong and there is another requirement that I am missing to proceed in the story line? List: 2d
2d Cannot quest in Drustvar Am I missing something here? I cannot find where to start the zone.. The scouting map does not have it, and when I travel to Drustvar, there are no quests available.. I just wanted to do World Quests and without Drustvar, there is no rep for Order of Embers.Induce1 2d
2d Voldunai WQ Turn In Trouble Voldunai WQ Turn in to Hoarder Jena is bugged. When I click her to turn in the quest, her buy/sell window opens without a chance to turn in the WQ. Any resolve for this?Jimmyhoofa1 2d
2d Problem with Completing 3 Quests in Suramar I'm trying to complete 3 quests in Suramar. They are: A Growing Crisis, Statecraft, A Change of Seasons. The game masters told me that I'm on my own. The problem is that I can't find any of the above 3 quests on my mini-map. I've completed all of the other quests, and I'm now exalted with the Nightfallen also. These quests are being done as part of the Pathfinder list of things to do in order to fly in the Broken Isles. As far as A Growing Crisis goes, I did find the quest giver, Valewalker Farodin, but he did not have the quest on him so I wasn't able to do it. The other 2 quests I haven't seen them on the mini-map, nor have I attempted to find their respective quest givers. I'm asking anyone who is reading this how am I supposed to complete these 3 quests? Is there something, or several somethings that I've left out beforehand, that I need to do in order to have the game make these 3 quests available for me to do? Please give me any suggestions or recommendations that you have, and also please provide step by step details so that I can follow them. Also, I don't use any coordinates, so please describe any location in terms of where it is located based on a physical description of that immediate area on the map. Thanks, MoenMoen2 2d
2d Macro For Arathi Rare-Elites? In WoD, there was a /run command you could see if you were missing supreme lord kazzak. Is there something similar for Arathi Rare-elites?Sanctuation1 2d
2d Brewfest Elephant Quest (Horde version) I am trying to complete the brewfest elephant quest, but in Tirisfal, there is an aura that kills me quickly. I also don't see any elephants before I die. Can anyone help?Mayor3 2d
3d WQ as a healer Im a healer, I love being a healer and I have no interest DPSing on my healer because I am not a fan of the dps specs. Last expansion it was lovely. There were group finder addons and I quickly and easily found groups, switched realms and could get them all done as a healer in no time. Now none of the realm switching addons/WQ finders seem to be working or working well. Why can't they auto find groups anymore? I have to physically type in the quest name. I go to a WQ and no one is there, I sit and wait and wait no one shows up forever. Half the time I try to find a group and there are none listed. I make a group and wait and wait, and there is no more auto accept (maybe an addon did that?) I play at all different times of the day and I see like no one around. Its making getting WQ done painful :(Kitten0 3d
3d No ranged weapons from WQs or Emissary quests Since BFA has launched there has not been 1 ranged weapon dropped from a WQ or emissary turn in. I have gotten lots of polearms not that i ever plan on playing survival . What Gives blizzard. I would like to see ranged weapons pleaseZadain0 3d
3d Tortollan quest are slow and need QoL buffs. Almost exalted with them and I'd say they are the the least fun quests to do, especially due to their limited amounts. Bird/Crab shoot - 3/10 -Buff missile speed, remove arc or fix bird hitboxes. Probably the worst of the 3 due to how slow the quest is (12 turtles). I'd add another skill check (more adds/higher chance for turtles to die) and in turn increase turtle count or spawn/movement. Turtle Maze - 4/10 - Improve speed of turtle movement, the lockout between movements is too long like the shells it feels TERRIBLE to make the turtle move. Noticed it was changed since launch, still too slow, whoever made the call to improve the speed they should head quest design for the next 30 expansions. - If above cannot be approved, remove the ability for turtle to fall off the edge of the "map" I'm spamming the 1/2/3 buttons to make the turtle turn and because of the slow input ends up running off the map sometimes. Second best quest but feels pretty bad. Turtle movement is sluggish. Feels like I'm trying to do the quest with 500 Ping. I'd either speed up the turtle movements or change it to click to move interface vs keyboard input, pretty bad as is. Match shell - 8/10 - Increase flip speed, turn over lockout after 2 are turned over. Feels TERRIBLE to turn over the shells at the current speed. Best of the 3, simple design, feels good, completes in reasonable time. Nothing else to say great quest aside from the turn over speed mentioned above.Candybox1 3d
3d WQ Not Giving Weapons for Survival Hunters Currently playing my survival hunter running the War of the Thorns (week 1) and noticed the only weapons quests provide for hunters are range. My main spec is survival. I already completed the first round and waited for them to reset. The first time gave me two ranged weapons. Now I have a chance to get one rage weapon. No melee wapon rewards. Is it a bug or is it Blizzard forcing me to swap specs?Zetah12 3d
3d Kua'fon Cannot Fly I honestly can hardly believe that they made a month long quest chain give you the one pterrordax that cannot fly. I usually don't get VERY upset at stuff, but I was VERY angry to find out I wasted a bunch of time getting a mount that sucks.Madamredrobe1 3d
3d Can I farm Moonglade level 1-90? I left in early WOD, skipped large amounts of Mists, and I didn't play Legion at all. In short, I'm a bit unfamiliar with modern wow. I hopped on Wowhead to see what zones are for what levels as I'm leveling an alt for work adventures and I came across this... ... So can I just have my toon Summoned there and level them all the way up to lvl 90?Thundahstahm1 3d
3d Dagger WQ's How come 4 of the last 6 emissary WQ's have had a combat rogue weapon for rewards? Why is there such a bottle neck on Daggers?Kassany0 3d
4d How do you abandon World Quests? A World Quest bugged out and I need to reset it. How do I abandon it so I can try again?Stormbrook2 4d
4d Um... ...Why does every world quest that rewards a weapon only has outlaw weapons like swords and fist weapons? I only play subtlety and assassination and I need daggers. Yes, I've double checked my loot spec and it's not on outlaw.Daygan1 4d
4d Cannot get to corpse at Gol Inath Died inside Gol Inath on Runic Resistance quest but couldnt go inside to claim my corpse lolPeonybloom8 4d
4d Bought Follower Missions Gone I bought a few upgrade missions for my followers to run and forgot about them now they're all gone. The vendor doesn't offer them any more. Is there a solution??Memnoc3 4d
4d The Call for Allies Can you please, for the love of the Light, not make this quest pop up if you already have done it on one character? I cannot abandon it like the stupid help article says to, because the gorram thing keeps popping up every time I change zones, or relog. I DO NOT WANT THIS THING, WHICH I CANNOT TURN IN BECAUSE PHASING, IN MY QUEST LOG ANYMORE. Thank you.Nadirah0 4d
4d Whats the point of Spud? I just finished the table mission to upgrade Grimwatt's crash, and got a new rideable NPC named Spud. We can ride around on him, and he has an "attack" that does absolutley nothing? Is there a point to this? Just wondering. Also, not 100% sure where to put this, so I put it here in quests.Lawofdahunt7 4d
4d Put on Yer Kneepads... Quest in Shadowmoon Valley (Outland) that requires you to kill 20 Shadowmoon Valley wildlife. Just a suggestion, but the Speendid quest should overlap if you guys classified the Diemetradons as "wildlife" since they are already beasts. Would be a quality of life improvement to questing in this area. Cheers.Hoochiemomma0 4d
4d Show Me What You've Got Please consider tweaking this quest to make it a little easier to complete. It is not handicap friendly; I struggle with the range of motion needed to jump over the fences successively and spinning the camera to look for the paper zeppelin. I hope the Devs will consider a work-around since this is required for pathfinder 1.Astaria6 4d
4d Quest Chain:The Shadow of the Void im having trouble finding the quest chains for The Shadow of the Void and The Dark Heart of Oshu'gun in nagrad , in draenor. i found the npc (Shamonstone) for the void but he has no quest for me and the oshu one well the npc is just not there.i used wowhead so if its wrong can someone please help me out thanks.Crozier34 4d
4d Relics of Ritual bugged? I have it on my war campaign, but I can't accept the quest. It shows up in tirigarde Sound on Boralus, but I can't get it at it's location. I also searched around all of Boralus, went to a different server, relogged, reloaded UI, searched all of the places I have FPs for in Tirigarde, and tried to /tar the supposed quest giver. Any ideas?Duckshoes1 4d