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35m Cant see Legion assault on map Im level 110 and have world quests unlocked. There is currently a legion assault in Val' sharah and I cant see any of the quests or invasion points on my map.Galihad0 35m
9h Player level scaling with region level I think I read somewhere that the regions in the Broken Isles do this. So that no matter what level you are, the questing still feels challenging along with fights against normal mobs. Could this be done with Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms regions as well? Perhaps even Outland and so-forth? I feel it would be nice to be able to go back to old content and still get a challenge wherever I go. Maybe for doing old quests even. GW2 does this pretty nicely for instance. Don't know. Just an idea. Might have even been suggested before. Didn't look.Palmann1 9h
11h Withered Army Training - No chests? I just finished a run of the world quest with 50+ withered, and only had one medium chest spawn the entire scenario. Has this happened to anyone else? It was incredibly annoying seeing as I started with 20, but had nothing to spend them on. This is the first time this has happened to me on my 4th run or so, all the others before this have given me like 3 large chests at least.Seiius36 11h
20h Starting The Balance of Power Questline I can't seem to trigger the start of this questline. I've completed my class hall campaign a month or so ago, but no Image of Kalec has appeared for me. Any suggestions? As well as, are there any other known pre-reqs?Kobisky7 20h
22h Garrison Campaign: The Warlock-Glitched I have completed every other chapter in the "In Pursuit of Gul'Dan" achievement, and Yrel does not give me this quest. I have double and triple checked to make sure that i have done all precursor quests. I've also come across other dead threads where people had the same issue but noone ever posted back to say if they got it fixed.Zeüss2 22h
22h Defense of Karabor Arnokk the Burner Tried several times and wiped. I can handle him by himself but once his health gets around 50%, a group of adds comes in and kills me. What's the secret?Comaplata129 22h
1d Paragon Mounts Since you are going with this change - 'The Pocket Pet Portal item, which was an achievement reward for completing 30 of the Pet Battle World Quests on the Broken Isles, will be added to a vendor with a Polished Pet Charm cost. This is to avoid players feeling obligated to farm previous expansion’s world quests. You can do current content to catch yourself up. This is coming in a future Beta build.' Is there any plans to add the Paragon mounts+toys (from nightfallen WQ chest) to a vendor ? Or will we continue having to focus on previous expansions content, while pet battlers dont have to? Thanks for any info, love youVommit2 1d
1d I want my ancient mana back!!! Hello, Please help me get my mana back. I was about to start a withered training quest in suramar then I got disconnected. When I reconnected, I was not able to complete the quest and did not get my mana back. =(Wowchick1 1d
2d Dropping The Hammer I can't seem to get through this quest in Twilight Highlands. I already did a search here in this forum, but all the old posts dealing with this quest are for bugs which don't appear to exist anymore. When I tried to check Wowhead, all I got was an error message. Anyway, I got through the first part without any problem. The part that kills me is when it drops me onto a floating rock with the Boss. Since I'm not mounted, I no longer have the hammer to throw at him. All I have are my normal Druid spells, which do some damage but not a lot. But the Boss keeps blasting me with lightning, which knocks my health down really low. All I can do is keep hitting my healing spells to keep from dying when he hits me again, until I finally run out of mana. Is there something I'm supposed to do that I'm missing?Quatrille2 2d
2d need "Fading into Twilight" help!! Need achievement help - Twilight Highlands (Fading into Twilight) - Completed storylines up to "The Attack Begins". I cannot find the quest giver for this part of the story line. I installed Wholly, TomTom and Loremaster to figure out what is going on. According to Wholly and Loremaster, I need the quest "If The Key Fits". It is the prerequisit for all the other quests I need to complete for the Loremaster achievement. However, Matthias Shaw - the quest giver, does not have this quest available to me. I have looked for solutions everywhere and even opened up a support ticket. Support told me that I needed to do "Weapons of Mass Dysfunction" but I am not part of the Horde (I do believe this is a Horde quest). Anyways, I have checked out several possibilities and even "The Maw Of Madness", which was what support told me I needed the second time I wrote them. However, I have tracked ( from start to finish, even removing all my gear and dying to mobs to see if that would reset the cinematic (Devoured) but to no eval. Hope someone out there ran into this problem before and knows what I am missing or what I am doing wrong.Shiester0 2d
2d Not getting rep missions I stopped getting Legion rep missions about 4-5 days ago on this character while I am still getting them on 3 other characters. I am 0 for who-knows-how-much on mounts from paragon chests so I depend on these rep missions to increase the chest openings. Is this just random bad luck, or is there something specific that makes rep missions appear?Gimi3 2d
2d Nothing boring about borean Im trying to get this achievement for loremaster and the only one I need it the participant observation. However the guide on wowhead said the quest "Them" was the one to complete for it. I already did it and nothing. Is it the murloc quests even? Do I have to do all of them for it? Or am I way off here and need to do a quest somewhere else? Thanks!!Rubydagger2 2d
2d "We have a Problem" ... with this quest not starting! I am not receiving the quest "We have a problem" after completing the quest "The sigil of awakening" I put in a ticket almost 24 hours ago and have no response... which is a little ridiculous. Velen told me to follow him down somewhere and I ported using the console... then nothing... no more quests to finish the achivement to unlock the new races "You are Prepared" ... Can someone please help me fix this, I want to work on my quest chain.Mx3 2d
3d Help: The Blue Dragonflight Hi everyone I decided to use my new Void Elf to obtain the Loremaster achievement. I am currently stuck on the Nothing Boring About Borean achievement as I can not seem to get the final achievement The Blue Dragonflight. I have done all quests in the area bar one I can see on my map called “Keristrasza, at the Transit Shield, Coldara flight path. However when I go to the area the quest giver does not offer this quest, nor is the yellow exclamation mark showing on my minimap. I am currently level 65. I’ve criss-crozzed Borean Tundra several times hoping to find some elusive quest that I might need first but there is just nothing there. Can anyone make some suggestions. I am really bummed that I have put so much time into this but the achievement remains elusive. Thank you.Ravenborn8 3d
3d Quests for shipwright never appeared A lot of Draenor content is locked to me because the War Council quest either never appeared or something happened. I've scouted the entire questline, start to finish and there is nothing available to me. I've also completed all other quests that start in Shadowmoon... Is there something I'm missing? Been trying to find this questline for 3 daysHitherelol1 3d
3d Silver Covenant Allied Race As a void elf after finishing the first series of quests upto and including The Aspirant's Challenge I can't continue. Which means the only way I can become exalted with them is heroic wotk dungeons. Does anybody know if it's a known issue?Renfaith1 3d
3d An Impossible Foe Mage Tower So I'm trying to do the Impossible Foe quest as feral druid and I am having one heck of a time.... In the past I've gotten her to 40% no problem but I couldn't quite finish it at 895 ilvl so I said hey I'll wait... I can't get her down past 80% now... My item level is actually 20 points higher than it originally was but that first shield WILL NOT COME OFF! I unloaded everything into her during that phase including incarnation and the last sliver of shield refused to come off at all, healing imps were dead as well. I checked her dark fury and it skyrocketed to 570 and I literally just watched it shoot up at the speed of light. In the past I got shield off no problem and she was at maybe 2 dark fury by the time I interrupted her. Is this quest bugged? Did they change it? What can I do to fix this? Because I am telling you right now that the shield will not come off no matter what and Dark Fury just keeps rising. I'm 750k dps as feral too. I did the tank challenge after about 100 tries and that one was mostly just managing a lot but dmg going out wasn't too bad it was just a lot of proper timing on cd's and whatnot. I feel like this is the worst possible quest you could give to a feral druid :XAangra2 3d
3d Morale boost ok so ive completed all parts of this quest on my goblin mage accept for throwin the cola at ace. it say that im out of range but i can't find him anywhere...someone plz help me with thisBigbino20 3d
4d Give the Horde Balloon companion slow fall. Title says it all. Give the Horde Balloon companion pet slow fall on the user. It only makes sense for a balloon to slow you down when you jump off a cliff. But dont give it to the Alliance. Their balloon's are dumb, and stupid, and i HATE them.Bubbleöseven3 4d
4d Please help I posted this in General Discussions, but I fear it will become a troll page, so I decided to post here since I see some folks are serious about helping others. I am currently 7837/21000 (Revered) with nightfallen, and I can't seem to find a "growing crisis quest", I went thru the portal and the guy wasn't there. I have killed Xavius many times except this week and I have explored the whole area, completed EN: stuff of dreams, essence of power, and currently working on Piercing the veil. Currently waiting to kill him again to see if the quest will pop up for me. Any constructive advice would help a lot.Katar4 4d
4d how do you complete the survive the night quest> how do you complete the survive the night quest?Briik5 4d
4d Thalryssa Missing I finished the Nightborne unlock quest on another character, but had accepted it on this one already. Well, I cannot complete the quest on this character (Warchief does not appear for the final quest), but more importantly, First Arcanist Thalryssa (sp?) is stuck in Ogrimmar, so I cannot do the Withered Army training quest either.... I want to unlock my Windwalker hidden appearance. Anyone have any suggestions?? Thank youMalumcarno0 4d
4d How to unlock higher reward missions? Hey guys, can anyone give me the lowdown on this? I'm trying to unlock the class hall missions where I can get the 1k+ rewards, but I can't seem to figure it out. A guildie told me it only takes about 2 hours to do the whole quest chain, but the only quests I'm finding on Argus are these class hall missions to take 19ish hours. Is there a guide on how to quickly unlock these higher paying gold rewards? I'd like to get it done on my main and alts as well to start building up some gold.Kazooie1 4d
4d Adventure Calls This quest pops up at 60 and you get a item Special duty Assigments. Up pops a dialog, To outland, enter the dark portal or Fly to Northrend. Click Fly to northrend, which sounds better then taking a boat and Nothing. The window goes away, no quest marked that I can see. What am I missing?Mate1 4d
5d mailemental no way i can get this pet. i have every pet in the game but like 2 not including the promo pets. im dyslexic making this about has hard for me as making some kid that weighs 120 pounds lift 300 pounds over there head. please fix this quest. you don't kick people with 1 leg. don't make quest like this for the game. it's messed up. especially for a reward that someone might collect. (not to mention it's like a bad homework assignment that went terrible wrong.)Warbringers14 5d
5d Can't start legion quest. Didn't have the option to start the quest because it was gray out. Unable to start or find the quest. Fix itCrizo18 5d
6d Finish them and Fire is always the answer I finished both quest with my lvl 85 Blood Elf Hunter and when I go where the question marks are in Thunder Hold, General Nazgrim is nowhere to be found to complete the quests. Is it a glitch or a bug, or is there a secret entrance to some underground chamber underneath Thunder Holm? I repeatedly had to kill many enemies to check if the problem had been solved but so far, I have been stuck. Can anyone help me, please? Thanks in advance.Maldiir23 6d
6d Balance of power questline req Where do you start the balance of power quest line, and do you need to finish your class hall to start the quest line? Please redirect if i'm in the wrong forum.Polodin1 6d
6d Character Quest Completion issues I use the Wowhead profiler quite a bit to help myself and others find out where they are in questlines. I, myself, and a couple others I know that play the game have noticed zones that we have done are not showing completed. If we have not done all the required quests for the Loremaster we should be able to figure out where we left off or what we are missing for those zones, Like for example on this character the starting zone for Outland, Hellfire Peninsula. On this character I show my reputation with the Honor Hold being at revered, but when I look at the quests for Hellfire peninsula in the wowhead profiler, it shows right now that I have not completed any of the quests in Hellfire peninsula. Did the data on my quest completion on your end get lost or corrupted? One of those friends I mentioned that even on his character the profiler shows the quests in Suramar and the insurrection that follows good Samaritan not being completed but yet he finished the Legion pathfinder, has his flying, and has the Arcanist manasaber mount that you get at the end of insurrection. This just doesn't make any sense.Thundenarian3 6d
6d Allied races I walk out while silvanas was talking about the allied races and idk how to get the quest to unlock the allied races any pointers? She don’t have a quest to give and is not on my quest logRokuz4 6d
6d Cannot progress Stormheim Why is the bloody character limit 45Willowx8 6d
May 19 Champion of legionfall on my DH Chapion of legionfall on my DH, Nothing happen when I go to my class hall... I've completed the class campaign, and the 2 required chapter to start. EDIT: Im dumb lvl 1000... I had started the quest like months ago and I didnt rembered it... I just needed to find out where was my last quest. Tanks anywayEnsembe0 May 19
May 19 Raids and dungeons in campaign story lines I have been playing wow in its release since 2004 off and on I have played through each expansion one of my favorite games all through its many changes but I would like to suggest don't put raids or dungeons in the campaign story lines I don't play a game for achievements I play through it for the story line and to explore maybe I'm more mature then most but I have nothing to prove or to brag about I play for the enjoyment when I have time I don't like being forced to participate in raids or dungeons just to complete a campaign story line like the legion town halls in my opinion raids and dungeons should be always optional and not part of a campaign quest lineCptdreadfox1 May 19
May 19 Mac'Aree quest chain stuck I seem to be stuck on the Argus quest line... I have no quests available on Mac'Aree I have the Sigil of Awakening but I have no quest to retrieve the Crest of Knowledge... I have also unlocked the Seat of the Triumverate. Somewhere the quest chains seems to have broken... My main ran the chain easily enough but my alt is stuck.Ulkuóre1 May 19
May 19 VotW: Demon's Bile is making me CRY. So, I was trying to complete "Vault of the Wardens: Demon's Bile." That involves queueing up for a dungeon, having a drinkable potion on hand, and convincing the team to go out of their way to handle that quest. But by the time we killed the boss, I didn't have the quest completed. Because nowhere - not ONE LITTLE WHERE - did it mention that you "submerge the Demonsbreath Crucible in Grimoira's Bile" by letting yourself get hit with her poison attacks, or whatever the hell it is. That little detail was not properly mentioned. Not even one bit. And by the time I found out, it was already too late, because the boss was dead. No more bile adds to complete the quest with. Blizzard, you need to do something about this. The bile needs to be something that spreads from her body after death, that you can click on or something. I shouldn't have to be crafting a potion and running a whole dungeon ALL OVER AGAIN because of non-intuitive BULL like this. Really, you guys need to get your act together on the way these quests are implemented...and whoever thought that THIS was a good design for this quest needs to make a public apology to every single user of the Alchemy profession.Falkyr3 May 19
May 18 Close Enough To Touch bugged? "Search for Malfurion in the Village" I've scoured every square inch of the blue area on my mini map, and I'm about to lose my damn mind. What's going on with this quest?Deathdealer7 May 18
May 18 Old /New One Who is Worthy i have talked to everyone i could in the Dread scar and i get nothing i have the quest One Who's Worthy but the board will not allow me to start it . i have read though other forums to see what is being said at one time there was a bug. One did say that i would need to finish Vault of the Wardens. Could someone confirm this or deny it before i place a ticket. Thank youLildarkangel1 May 18
May 17 Trailing the Tidestone: Bugged This quest appears to be bugged. When I try to escort the NPC he gets to the first wave of naga and then freezes after we defeat them. One time I did it he made it to the second wave, and then the same thing happened. When I returned to the starting point for the quest, he was there and ready to begin all over again. Anyone else having trouble with this one?Tuladono5 May 17
May 17 Azsuna Invasion Disrupting Kirin Tor Emissary Just as I logged in to complete my emissaries on multiple characters, an invasion broke out in Azsuna and now I can't finish the 3 Kirin Tor WQs for the emissary without doing a dungeon quest. I just don't have time to run 13 dungeon runs in order to do these WQs.Arrasil1 May 17
May 17 Greater Invasion Point Quest As per usual, this week I did my 3 Invasion Point Offensive quests. However, Illidan never gave me the next part, Greater Invasion. Am I missing something here? Today was reset and as mentioned finished the previous quest.Meldie1 May 17
May 16 Missing Behing legion Line Quest! having a issue with the story line at azsuna . im already 110 but ive done every story in Val'Sharah, Highmountain and Stormheim but im missing Azsuna ive done the last two but im missing the first 3 storys Behind legion lines , Defending Azurewing Repose and Azuna versus Azshara. Ive ran around the whole town and i dont have any quest. What should i do???? if i dont do this story i wont be able to do the World Quest! Please helpHotbox8 May 16
May 16 Khadgar glitch please help! hey i boosted a to a lvl 110 monk and im trying to go back to draenor to farm. But evreytime i get there khadgar teleports me to him....i have no quests for him i cant find any "!" or "?" all he tells me is to stay close nearby....please help me!Honeydipss3 May 16
May 16 Getting Above 100 in Legion I sign in to Legion, but I can only get to Draenor to areas at 100 or less. Shouldn't I be able to go to a new continent or someplace higher than 100?Merlynne2 May 16
May 16 QUEST LOG IS FULL I NEVER suggest something on the forums but now it's getting ridiculous... Could you please raise the limit of our quest log? - Mining quests - Artifact Quests - Herbalism quests - Pet quests - Class quests AND SO ON.... This is not fun at all... seriously, do something about it please...Jeffinzombie6 May 16
May 16 "Security!" in Ashenvale - Worst Quest Ever? Ashenvale's been a great zone.....but what were they thinking when they made this quest? It seriously took a good 10-15 minutes to complete, and I did so with no idea how I triggered the assassin. Really needs to be changed.Halkroz6 May 16
May 16 Cities In Dust: Quest not complete Okay so, I need help if anyone knows anything I can do to resolve this... The quest goes fine until Lady Sylvannas is shot and Cromush yells "Godfrey what have you done" and he yells "join your mistress in death"...then nothing happens...she is never resurrected by the sacrifice of her val'kyr. I can't attack Godfrey and the others to avenge the queen and Cromush and the val'kyr just stand there. After trying everything I could think of.. I finally just walked off defeated. When I turned back they were all gone and now I cant find them. I'm lost in quest limbo without a quest line and the Cities in Dust quest I have is incomplete. Please help. I've Googled, talked to others and opened a ticket. I just don't know what else to do. I would be forever grateful of any help I receive.Neveya19 May 16
May 16 Socrethar for "Into the Nether" achievement I am trying to finish up Netherstorm before moving on but I can't seem to find where to pick up the quest for the final chain for the achievement. All I need is "Socrethar" then I'll be done. I tried using icy-veins tracker but even that didn't help. Anyone know where to start this off at or any other way to figure out where the questgiver to start the chain is?Shealaras1 May 16
May 15 Lucid Strength not completing I raise my weapon and channel, and the little explosion happens, but I don't get the quest completion.Reila4 May 15
May 15 Quest: Between Us and Them After numerous attempts, I have been unable to complete the above quest. Any advice will be greatly appreciate. Thank you....Theta2 May 15