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32m Need help Getting to Argus Hello, on this character (Sinbaz-Drak'thul) I see two quests in Dalaran. One for a profession, and one quest from Kadghar is "Goddess Watch Over You". Do I have to complete "Goddess Watch over you" in order to access Argus? I don't want to do this batch of Val'sharah quests again. Was cool the first time, or two, but not the umteenth time. I'm hoping there is a way to Argus without completing this quest. I dont see anything in google that says completing this quest is required, but I don't see the contrary either. I want to get my Sinbaz to Argus. I've had several characters get there, I dont remember if they got Tears of Elune or not. I'd like to make sure I'm not wasting my time questing in Val'sharah to get there, so this is why I post my question.Sinbaz3 32m
1h Death of Chromie Scenario 8.0.1 Just offering feedback since the pre expansion patch launch. I tried a quick search but didn't see anything updated since after tuesday hit so I thought I'd ask or bring it to attention. Tried completing this scenario to tie whatever else I could do before new content arrives. Before the patch my ilvl was 942. (This made for an ez mode imp mother) But some of the elite mobs like void gargantuan hit like absolute trucks. Spending like, 1.5 seconds in a void zone is basically insta death. Is this a scaling issue with item levels being squished? The main andorhol mobs are also hitting way too hard I find. Regular mobs not so much.Biggy1 1h
5h "Cleansing the Mother Tree" quest bug Stuck on "Cleansing the Mother Tree." Quest did not complete when the weapon was cleansed, not able to do quest again because i no longer have the corrupt G'Hanir to cleanse in the scenario.Rabidpengwen21 5h
5h 500 Order resource cost for 380 reward? Wondering if there might be a cost reduction looked at for Class Hall missions. I'm looking at an ilvl 950 mission called tech Advantage that costs 500 order resources to initiate, Reward is 380 resources with a further chance on bonus for another 380. now I can't count the number of times I've had only a slim margin of a few % chance to fail you know those mission you send out with a 196% chance to complete but the bonus roll fails (thanks RNGesus). This one seems to be really kinda counter-intuitive to me, if your mission succeeds, you have a net loss of 120 order resources, the only advantage at all to sending the mission is if you can guarantee a 200% chance. With an ilvl 950 requirement, there is very little if any chance you are going to meet great success in sending followers for XP either. Just seems really curious to me.Balzaq1 5h
8h Allied race unlock problem Purchased expansion? Check Have all pre-req done for allied races? Check Hit the Orgimmar Embassy, talk to Sylvanas, check out the two races, make selection? Check! Turn in quest to Sylvanas? Check..........and..... NOW WHAT? Achievement didn't happen. Scenario didn't start? Soooo? Fix?Tenebrius48 8h
8h Need Help A Gift From the Six I've tried changing characters so bear with me. On my L110 Warrior I am doing A Gift From the Six. Many of you are laughing, this is an easy quest why do I need help. I've tried with my Arms Spec, my Fury Spec, and get told, "You are the wrong class specialization." Given how the last time I played prot was BC, and the last time I played the game was say February, I am lost. Can someone help me out please?Packhunter3 8h
8h cant get abandoned quest back hi i had to abandon the quest given after you kill gul den to get the nightborne flying Mount and now i cant get it back what should I do thanks in advanceThariden2 8h
9h The Speaker's Call - Missing? Not sure if I missed something or not.... Did all of the Silithus questline a few months ago and i jumped on yesterday expeting "The Speaker's Call" quest to be available so i can get the cutscene and overpowered weapon. Doesnt seem to be available to me, logged out and back in, checked all the possible quest givers, even went and did the questline on another toon, still not offering it...... Was the quest removed?Farress3 9h
15h Is Warmode breaking quests? I'm not paying $15 to work for blizzard fixing this garbage game. Low level questing with Warmode ON has prevented me from turning in an obnoxious amount of quests. This is JV garbage that the intern is supposed to catch. Not a a fully fleshed out 14 year old MMO. Small indie company right? I'm tired of submitting bug reports. So is my wallet.Malyce4 15h
16h Might of Dragonblight achievement issue I have been going back and completing the quest achievements for Northrend zones. I started in Dragonblight and I had a little trouble figuring out how to pick back up on some of the story lines, but the only one that seemed cut and dry was "The Dragonflights". I researched in every way that I know how online and every resource told me that the quest Mystery of The Infinite, Redux, given by Chromie at Wyrmrest Temple was all I needed to get achievement progress. Luckily I already had the quest available to me from Chromie when I went to check. The problem is, I completed the quest and turned it in to her, but I didn't get completion for "The Dragonflights" portion of the overall achievement. I haven't been able to find anyone else that encountered this issue so my question is, does anyone know if I'm wrong and there is more to chain before I get completion progress or could it possibly be a bug? I would take any tidbit of information someone might have. Thanks in advance.Arduro3 16h
18h loremaster ok I have loremaster title now your telling me I have to back at level 110 and do all the quests again that are level 60 not much thought here im feel like im being punished after all the time playing to to get my title to go back and too these quests all over at such a low level [centaur]Malten10 18h
20h Missing Quest - Blink of an Eye I boosted a priest to 110 and have not seen the quest Blink of an Eye. How do I get this quest to get to her order hall? Thank you.Deadurnot2 20h
20h The Scent of Battle Quest Issue Since the 8.0 update that removed First Aid, 'The Scent of Battle' quest in The Twilight Highlands has become problematic. In this quest, you need to retrieve some gryphons, but some will be injured. To 'retrieve' the injured ones, you need to heal them. There is even dialog that says to use a bandage, but since First Aid is gone, non-healing classes now have fewer options to complete this quest. I myself passed multiple spawns that were the injured variant, but couldn't do anything with them since I was on a non-healing class. I think the injured variant shouldn't spawn anymore, or the quest should provide items to heal them with, since there won't be access to bandages going forward.Gargoyalwl1 20h
1d Dropping the Hammer Quest Issue With the 8.0 update, the quest 'Dropping the Hammer' in the Twilight Highlands is now very punishing. While you are on the gryphon, flying through the floating rocks, your gryphon can get oneshot. With the cooldown on the shield that you use to block attacks with, you can get hit after it falls, but before you can recast it. This causes you to fall to your death since it only took 1 hit for the gryphon to die.Gargoyalwl0 1d
1d 110 Boost Problems I boosted a warrior to 110, I was told I would get a legendary weapon and instant access to the class hall. I'm currently playing, I have no access to the class hall or a quest to unlock it and I wasn't given an artifact weapon. What gives?Seedandfeed8 1d
1d The Bloodcurse Legacy My character Aretis is stuck. I can't seem to see the exclamation point where it should be for me to start "The Bloodcurse Legacy". I don't know what I could have done wrong to not have that exclanation point show up.Aretis2 1d
1d The Felsoul Experiments Currently I am attempting to do this quest on my demon hunter, however I have come across an issue. The Withered take WAY TO MUCH DAMAGE Like seriously I am UNABLE to destroy ANY felsoul Shards because of how much damage they take. They die before the cast can go off and I have no way to prevent this. Blizzard, please for the love of lord sargeras fix this. Because it makes doing insurrection practically impossible.Aclous0 1d
1d Can't start alliance allied races Just did a grind to get exalted with the argus factions, and i already had "You are Now Prepared". But when I log into my alliance character there is no sign of the starting quest to unlock the lightfored or the void elvesMirrajanne4 1d
1d Can't see WQ/Quest areas on map This is getting really annoying. All I can see is the actual lil circle on the map of the icon (?, or the dungeon icon). The normal blue shaded are of where I can go for the quest objective is gone. This is making world quests like Safe Keeping extremely frsutrating, as I can't find the safe house without looking up coordinates. I have disabled all of my addons, and yet no fix. Any tips?Endre1 1d
1d Is the Ravencrest Legacy quest mandatory? After spending an hour and a half last night fighting to do that scenario I gave up. I even had 3 portals open at one point and the gate did not open. I did that months ago on another toon so I know it can be done. It seems like the distance between the 2nd and 3rd one either drastically increased or the rate at which mobs spawn upped about 10 fold. If I don't do the freaking quest will that prevent class hall achievements down the road like the mount and things like that?Teacavy4 1d
1d Unable to Turn in "Odyn's Favor" Quest On phase 3 of the Odyn fight in ToV, a few of my fellow raiders and I died. Odyn was defeated, and we released, expecting that we'd be placed at the beginning of the instance (as we had been). Turns out, the raid arbitrarily places you in the next map zone and there's no way you can go back and talk with Odyn. So I'm currently 1/1 completed for the "Odyn's Favor" quest and I cannot turn it in.Pelinkovac54 1d
1d Centaur rep chain issue. According to MMO Champion, Blizzard is re-introducing to reputations factions to help towards the 100 rep achievement. Reputations that should never have been removed, but I digress. In any event, you cannot acquire the chain if you've previously completed the Desolace quest chain. Please hotfix this to either respawn the chain Blizz or automatically give those of us who already did it the 2 exalted reps. Thanks.Tempestwinds18 1d
1d Can we get a change to these types of quests Use "x" item on a weakened creature for quest completion, as a person who likes to be able to do all the quests in a zone these are quite frustrating to complete when you are at a high level.Gelebros2 1d
1d Missed the Artifact Retirement Quest Chain So I've been away from the game for a few months and it seems I missed the artifact retirement quest chain. Is there any way I can still do it or is it just gone?Esrin5 1d
1d Earthern Ring Quests I can’t find any quests for the Eartern Ring. I’m trying to get to friendly, and I’m so close. However I don’t know where the quests are. Since I’m a high level, the quest markers don’t come up on my map. Where are they?Arrudek1 1d
1d Follower Equipment Gold Nerf So far, I've enjoyed many of the BFA changes, except this change. All of the 50g follower equipment now only give 10g per WQ. I'd expect this to be happening when BFA is released, but right now? Kinda takes the fun out of it for me. Maybe be able to revert until the formal BFA launch? :D Discuss.Quiztotems3 1d
1d Can't Unlock Nightborne I have the Insurrection achievement, and Exalted with Nightborne I picked up the quest from Liadrin in Orgrimmar ("Thalyssra's Estate") and went to Suramar and watched the cutscene... but then nothing. No follow up at all. I believe there's supposed to be a scenario that starts after completing that quest but there's nothing. I've tried relogging, exiting the game, leaving and coming back, going back to Liadrin in Orgrimmar, nothing works.Fourside5 1d
1d Just A Flesh Wound but No First Aid Greetings, I'm currently farming my way to exalted status with the Order of the Cloud Serpents by way of area dailies and ran into a wall with this quest as I can no longer make Windwool bandages. What to do? Any solution other than Auction House on the table since BfA expansion patch went live?Raleighrue1 1d
1d Recruitment Scenario Quest Bug? For Nightborn I started doing the recruitment scenario quests: Thalyssra's Estate Silvermoon City Remember the Sunwell The Nightborne I completed Thal's Estate, but the "Silvermoon City" quest isn't showing. When I look on my map in Org I can see the yellow "!" and it says "Silvermoon City" but going inside the Embassy there is no one there to give me the quest. I browsed the forums to see if anyone else had this issue but didn't really find anyone with my exact issue. I have deleted quests from my log in case it was too full. I have logged out and back in multiple times. I tried slapping Slyv but she just ignores me. Anyone know what I can do to get this quest to pop up? Many thanks!!Xianor5 1d
2d Missing/Lost Quests in Stormheim I have been walking around the last 3 days trying to complete the "Loremaster of Legion" but, I'm stuck. I have completed them all except "Secrets of Shieldmaidens" "To Helheim and Back" "The Champion of Stormheim" I have searched on wowhead, retraced all the quest paths, but I just can not find any quests to lead on to these. I may have picked them up at some time in the past and possibly removed them due to getting new quests, thinking I can just pick them back up later, but I can't find anything other than world quests in Stormheim. Is there any way of resetting the quest line? I'd be happy to redo them if it means I get to complete the quest line. cheers, Dazz.Dirtydazz7 2d
2d Blood Infusion Why is it so hard to find a group for this quest :( i just want to finish it :( Someone pleaseeeeee helpppppPallys0 2d
2d Thwarting the Twins CAUTION CAUTION CAUTION This is an other one which makes me wonder if any of the developers are less that absolute sadistic S.O.B.s. A really really really super talented and extremely highly geared player might have a 2% or 3% chance at surviving for 8 or 10 seconds. If you are not a highly talented enough player to bring in a level 20 toon into PVP against level 100 toons and win, you will not have a chance. to complete this quest. Beyond that if you do not notice it and you keep trying in the hope that after being killed by him 20 or 30 times the game will have mercy and let you win, you will realize that each of those attempts has cost you 100 of your Nethershards. THIS ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE quest must have been designed to drain players who are not cautious and skeptical of the evil game developers of their Nethershards.Holylionmike3 2d
2d Rep Requirements for Suramar Questlines So I'm currently at 9/11, and I'm on the "Growing Strong" quest which requires revered, I saw on wowhead that it leads to a quest that requires you to get exalted. Is the exalted quest step required to continue through the quest line? I'm really just wanting to finish it and get revered so I can get flying and be done with it.Colebean3 2d
2d 2 year break, completely lost I'm quite lost.. stopped playing for a long time right after Legion came out I believe. I'm lvl 102 (hunter) and after a lot of mindless wonder the only thing I remember is getting the titanstrike weapon. I have no idea where to go or what to do now. I have no active quests at all and I spawned in stormwind. Please help, thanks.Viperr4 2d
2d Defense of Karabor Arnokk the Burner Tried several times and wiped. I can handle him by himself but once his health gets around 50%, a group of adds comes in and kills me. What's the secret?Comaplata136 2d
2d Cannot find General Nazgrim Hello, my friend and I cannot find General Nazgrim for the quest "Warchief's Command: Jade Forest!" to begin the Pandaria assault. It seems he is not in Grommash Hold, and has apparently been replaced by Lady Sylvanas. Was he moved, and where can we find him?Xaphegore14 2d
2d Allied race quests So I have a lvl 110 I got from the boost. I tried to start the quest chain for unlocking the high mountain taurens. I got and finished the quest where I went to the meeting in orgrimmar with the other chiefs. During the meeting it says I will have to choose who to start gaining trust with. Then after the quest I'm supposed to pick which of the 2, but I'm not getting any quest. So are there other quests I need to do or do I need rep with thunder bluff first or silvermoon?Comehere1 2d
2d Quest "Darkness Falls" - Shadowmoon Valley Hello! I have this quest to complete but it's too hard. I entered the tunnel, I found Ner'zhul, but when I'm trying to kill him, I almost don't cause and damage and I die almost everytime. When I don't, my health is too low and I die in the next ''level'' of the quest. Standing next to Yrel is not working too, she doesn't heal me enough. I don't know what to do... I tried abandoning the quest and re-accepting but it didn't work as well. Thanks in advance!Becuille3 2d
2d OOPS! eleted Heritage of the Nightborne How can I reacquire this quest? Wowhead didn't show me anything. Thanks.Lylithra1 2d
2d Nightborne bug I started the quest and met her in Suramar but after the intermission she didnt port me to silvermoon and when I travel there she is not there to continue the questline. I have logged in and out and no change. I dont even have a quest to abandon and start againDirtydancin2 2d
3d Tyrande Whisperwind no quest I am questing in Val'sharah and there are no more quests. Map is showing a quest to get from Tyrande Whisperwind in Dreadroot and there is nothing. Is this a bug or am I missing something?Khaeus1 3d
3d Wow leveling system is killing the game I'm quoting this: Blizzard, please stop trying to shoehorn us into quests! I'm a loremaster, I've seen the quests. They're no longer fun or entertaining, they're a mindless chore that brings nothing but boredom and frustration. Leveling needs to become more than quests. You can't expect new players to sit through content that is almost (And in some cases over) a decade old to get to the real game. Add world quests, group-based dynamic events, scenarios, un-nerf dungeons. Give players a reason to group up and tackle content. Do not force us down this linear path of leveling exclusively through quests. Wow developers, plz read this, I'm tired of doing same thing over and over again, this is idiot, bloody idiot, excuse my language but seriously you are killing your damn gameFomyu1 3d
3d "Summons to Stormwind" not appearing on boosted 110 Is there any prerequisites to get the quest to pop? I just boosted an Alliance character a few hours ago but no luck yet. I'm aware there's a ~24hr window until you can enter instances but I don't think that'd interfere with this. Not sure if this was the right place to post so apologizes in advance. Feel free to move this thread to the right section if needed.Kotomi11 3d
3d Need The Speaker's Call This quest won't appear anywhere for my character please help.Agronopoulos16 3d
3d All Nightmare long quest chain is broken In Val'sharah. I turned in a quest to Tyrande and there was no follow up quest available. Another player confirmed it was broken for them also. Tried logging out and back in and it didn't work. Sorry if this post shows up multiple times I'm having trouble with the forums.Velyndia2 3d
3d Mag'har Orc quest? I logged into WoW tonight with my Hunter, and got an auto quest to meet Sylvanas at the embassy in Orgrimmar. I went over there, and I was getting quest speech for Mag'har orcs! Well, I didn't want to do the quest on my hunter, so I logged into my DK this character) to run it. But I didn't get the quest. I went back to the hunter, abandoned the quest, and logged back in, but now I don't have it on either toon. I talked to Sylvanas and Eitrig, and neither are offering it. The war board doesn't have it either. How can I get this quest back? And is it even for the Mag'har?Xuraien2 3d
3d click to join group gone? As the title says, click on the world boss, can not join a group? Is there something ( yes I most likely did ) miss? ThanksRedseal8 3d
3d Defending Broken Isle Quest says: "Defeat a Legion Assault in the Broken Isles." I did this in Stormheim I did all the invasion world quests there and on the map it still shows the invasion is active and the remaining time is 00:00 quests is not complete even though I did the criteria for itÎllidan2 3d
3d Story Quest help Just looking for a link to a website or forum thread that will give me straight forward directions to find quest start points. Im too high level for the quest to show up on the map and Im trying to complete all the story questsHakeber2 3d