Jun 18 OOX - Find it yourself, offline. This takes advantage of the quest completion information, which was recently exposed to the API. You can read more about that in this thread: To begin with, you need to know the Quest IDs for the OOX rescue quests. These can be easily found on Wowhead. Hinterlands - Tanaris - Feralas - OOX of Your Own - The number at the end is the ID of the quest. Now, all you need to do is pull your quest list from the server. This is pretty easy; all you need to do is pull it up in a web browser. The format looks like this: (Note: This link will open as a text document in Chrome; if you use Firefox or IE, you may need to save it to disk; it's just a plain text file.) Note that this is mine, not yours. To get yours, replace "destromath" with your realm, and "Pahanda" with your character's name. If your realm includes any punctuation, you can look at your Armory profile on the main website to see what you should use. For example, I have an alternate character on the Aman'Thul realm, named Corbette: And you can easily modify my original link to pull up her quest list: (Note: This link will open as a text document in Chrome; if you use Firefox or IE, you may need to save it to disk; it's just a plain text file.) Once you've gotten the list, you can then look for the quests. For simplicity's sake, search for the following strings (minus quotations, of course): Hinterlands: ",836," Tanaris: ",648," Feralas: ",25476," Pet: ",3721," If you find a match, you've completed that quest. If not, you haven't. It's that easy. Happy chicken-hunting! (This technique will work for any quest, of course, if you know the ID.) EDIT - 12/04/2011: The API results have been changed, formatting-wise. They're now comma-separated, but with no spaces, so I've changed the "match" strings accordingly.Pahanda28 Jun 18
Oct 26, 2010 Welcome: Please Read! Welcome to the Quests forum! This forum is here to provide you with a friendly environment where you can discuss quests in World of Warcraft with your fellow players. Community forums work best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy, so we ask that you take the time to read through the forum Code of Conduct ( and guidelines ( before posting. Important Reminders: Search The search function at the top of the World of Warcraft community site is extremely effective and robust. Before you create a new forum topic, please be use it to search for similar topics, blog posts, or web pages that may contain the answer for which you are looking. Making a new thread on an existing subject can result in your thread being deleted or, if you continue to re-post the same content, the loss of your forum privileges for spamming. Rating The forum rating system can be used to promote positive discussion, demote unhelpful comments, and even report posts that violate the forum Code of Conduct. By hovering over a post you'll be presented with several options, including a "thumbs up" (Like) and a "thumbs down" (Dislike) icon. Clicking the "thumbs up" icon will rate the post up. If enough people like a post, it will gain a Highly Rated status and appear at the top of related search results. Highly Rated posts will also have a highlighted background. Clicking the "thumbs down" icon will expand a drop-down menu which will include "Dislike," "Trolling, "Spam" and "Report" options. "Dislike" will rate the post down. If enough people dislike a post, it will be darkened, and with a lot of dislikes it will be hidden completely. You can also quickly report a post as trolling or spam, or use the report function to fill out a more comprehensive description of a violation. Please note that you can only rate each post once. Use your power wisely to help foster a positive and helpful forum community. Have fun posting on these forums, and good luck with your adventures in Azeroth!Lylirra1 Oct 26, 2010
4h Whispers of a Frightened World I've logged on a couple times, and I still have not received the quest, nor does Khadgar have it available for me. I've tried to see if anyone else is having this issue and I can't seem to find any other information on whether or not I need a certain ilvl, or a quest chain done for it to pop up. Is anyone else experiencing this?Listenn4 4h
5h Sensiria - Empty Promise? Hey all, In Feralas, there is a quest (about level 37-41 or so) involving two night elves: Sensiria & Verinias. Initially, it seems that Sensiria's spirit is trapped within some small ruins and asks you to release her soul by collecting some materials and killing some ghosts. Eventually, you are asked to kill a demon named 'Verinias the Twisted.' However, after you slay Verinias the Twisted, you find out that you were tricked and Sensiria was actually a succubus. Before disappearing, Sensiria promises to repay the favor to the player... but I do not believe she has done so yet. I'd love a Blizz post to acknowledge this, but I was wondering if there were any plans to bring back Sensiria to the game? Perhaps she could be added to the warlock order hall in Dreadscar Rift as a captured/enslaved succubus? That might make for some interesting stories. The wowpedia entry about this quest can be found here: 5h
8h Alt did not get sholazar basin quest Hello, Not all my characters received the Sholazar Basin quest recently. My shaman did not receive it. I have finished it on 3 characters but my shaman did not get it. ~ I mostly play 4 characters in Legion and have not checked my other characters for the quest. Is the Sholazar Basin quest required for new content? Any help is appreciated. Thank you.Acero3 8h
13h Defense of Karabor Arnokk the Burner Tried several times and wiped. I can handle him by himself but once his health gets around 50%, a group of adds comes in and kills me. What's the secret?Comaplata113 13h
13h Vashj'ir quests? I am trying to get the cataclysm loremaster achievement but I have a little problem. I am stuck at 123/160 quests in Vashj'ir and I looked everywhere for quests I might have missed but I had no luck in finding any. Is there any way I could fix this problem?Acute19 13h
14h Help needed I cannot figure out where this character left off on the Tears of Elune chain. Trying to finish my order hall chain. Thanks.Choctaw0 14h
15h Demon Souls & Reigniting the Wards Not working at all ! I'm clicking to reignite the wards and it just makes the sound. I'm killing all demons and selecting the Soul Gem and it does the animation but doesn't collect any souls.Fashion1 15h
16h No Shaman Resto weapon quest to empower My friend has a shaman and he wants to empower his restoration weapon. The only problem with that, is that there's no quest for it. I've tried to help him figure it out, but we had no luck. ( searched all over online, icy-veins, wow-head and more) I believe he already has his elemental empowered and has a quest for the enhancement to be empowered. So, no problem with the others just restoration. If anyone can help that would be great!Tazmaniaa5 16h
17h Stuck in Suraman Hello I completed 5/11 chapters got exalted and explored the whole zone The only quests I get are world quests. Where are the rest I need for the chapters?Maldine1 17h
18h Death of Chromie - Help So I went through all the time lines and completed them all. I thought they be like the shrines were once I completed them it would take me straight to the end boss. But every time I go back there it makes me do everything all over again. I can't complete all those time portals in 15 minutes if I have to clear them all from the start. I see people on YouTube using shortcuts, how do I unlock those shortcuts?Scythis1 18h
20h A New Invention - Hati Skin Change The quest I was referring to (A New Invention) is extremely badly designed. Being required to kill enemies that share spawn with others and at a lower rate, requires spending extensive time without any idea if you are doing the right thing. I spent close to an hour killing seabound enemies in hopes to spawn the correct one, not even one did. I feel it is wasting my time and I simply dont have the time to spend on that. It is a shame that something so simple and cosmetic it out of my grasp.Tyzoo0 20h
21h Tracking quest completion in bugged zones? Howdy, I am working on my Loremaster achievement, and have come across some zones which I completed on alts but not on this character. However in my achievements list, the zones show as, for example, 150/150 progress but not completed by this toon. In that regard, I am finding it difficult to track my progression through some zones as I don't know how many quests I actually HAVE completed (especially in some zones which I have partially completed on this toon). In addition, addons I use for quest tracking seem to give up in these zones, showing available quests that I -know- I have completed on this toon. Just wondering if anyone knows a round-about way of actually tracking the number of quests correctly? Greatly appreciate any assistance! ~LilLillin1 21h
1d Stonetalon to Desolace The problem I am having is after completing the zone most of my alts only get the lead in quest for Southern Barrens. I just ran a level 87 thru that recieved both lead in quests for Desolace and Southern Barrens. All of them have completed the zone in the exact same order. Just the quest "Help for Desolace" does not become available for some. Anyone know what I am missing to get it to become available?? So far every single one of them get the quest for Southern Barrens "All's Clear" If this has already been answered please direct me to the forum posts. I have searched and after reading several pages I did not find the answer.Dufas0 1d
1d Help with Blood Infusion! So I have a Horde toon with Shadow's Edge on His person. However, I am unable to find a group for the Blood Infusion quest. My servers chat is dead and no one seems to be willing to give me assistance. So I've come to the forums to ask for help with this! Is there anyone who'd be willing to join my group and help me finish this Blood Infusion portion of the quest?Kuraah0 1d
1d Frustration with Invasions covering PvP WQs When invasions had just launched and they were still on an 18 hour timer, when they covered up the Free for all PvP World Quests it was a minor nuisance since it was so unlikely to occur. However, with the increase in their spawning to every 12 hours the likelihood has increased drastically and it has become incredibly frustrating as somebody currently focused on the prestige grind. There are many options that can be considered to make this not be annoying: 1) Allow PvP world quests to be done while an invasion is in progress. I know this could be particularly difficult with the current legion world quests that are available, since the areas in which the FFA world quests are also shared by invasion quests. However, it would not be impossible to have the PvP world quest override the Invasion world quest or be available after the invasion world quest was completed. 2) Prevent invasion locations from spawning in the same zone as the FFA PvP world quest. While this would kinda interfere with the randomness of invasion spawning, it would still leave a minimum of 2 zones available for invasion points to spawn. In my opinion this is probably the best option. 3) Allow players who have completed an invasion in a zone to regain the ability to do normal world quests in that zone. While this is my favorite option personally, since thematically it would feel nice to actually see direct results of driving back demonic invasions, I can see how from a programming sense this could be a fairly difficult option. 4) Extend the duration of World Quests that are in a zone when an invasion occurs. I am not completely sure about the viability of this option. However, it could be a great option for all types of world quests if the coding side isn't particularly difficult. Any of these options i feel would be an acceptable fix to the issue at hand and i am sure there are other options prevent interference from occurring. Please consider fixing this in some way as in just the last two days i have missed out on 3 of these FFA World Quests from invasions occupying the same zone and at 500 Honor per World Quest these are the most consistent providers of Honor available each day. tl;dr Please do something to address Legion Invasions interfering with FFA PvP World quests.Lopthaena0 1d
1d Weekend Quest for Mythic Dungeondisappeared I picked up the new weekend quest for the week 8/15/2017-8/21/2917. After my first mythic the quest was gone out of my quest log, and I cannot pick it up in Dalaran.Edorinora1 1d
1d Champions of Legionfall I cannot complete this quest chain as I dont have any quest givers offering it. Lady S'Theno isnt and neither Maiev ... If it glitched?Demensha1 1d
2d Where to go in Suramar? I’m 8/11 chapters done with the story. The chapters I have left are statecraft, a growing crisis, and a change of seasons. I’m currently at Honored reputation with the nightfallen. Are those chapters locked behind reputation? I’ve also done all the quests that show on the world map, which is what got me to 8.Candelin2 2d
2d Lost Knowledge For some reason I can't buy the Scroll of Elun'dris for the quest Lost Knowledge...Even when you are exalted with nightfallen. Alot of people can't and don't know what to do. I've open a ticket and hope to get an answer for everyone because getting 30 corrupted and now stuck on a quest and not getting our skin for your weapon is seriously making me angry.Cremeux7 2d
2d Quest issues Is it me or has blizzard (WOW) actually removed itself from any and all complaints? I have submitted 4 bug reports over the last three week (on) the same issue to no avail. I am not receiving credit on the Questline "Nightfallen But Not Forgotten" The quests The Light Below and Feeding Shal'Aran I went to "" and the two quests have been completed - but I haven't gotten credit for them. I've put in 4 requests (on this). Blizzard doesn't even have the decency to contact me, acknowledge the issue/bug report or tell me anything. When you look into contacting "customer support", there's no such thing (Bliz) re-directs you to Icy-veins or Wowhead for "customer support". I have played WOW for almost 9yrs, this is unacceptable - It appears bliz doesn't give two craps about paying customers or customer service any longer. Just give up your monthly fee and suffer in quiet.Ossiancelt10 2d
2d Where is "A Growing Crisis"? I'm trying to finish my pathfinder achievement. I'm exalted with the Nightfallen but no quest? I looked it up and it says I should have gotten it at revered...Sacrilege14 2d
2d Cannot seem to find Sheathed Trol'kalar I've been trying to find this quest for the past couple of days, and it says I can find it in the Catacombs. I go to where the quest says it will be, but I just can't seem to find it. Am I doing something wrong? I also read that this quest is no longer attainable, which I'm sure isn't the case since it seems as if others have gotten it with no problem. Help?Celestrae19 2d
2d Work Order Avalanche Changing While I was making the avalanche potions for this work order I got rank 2 recipe but it changed the order from Blood of Sargeras to the rank 2 recipe I just got. Is this a bug or an intended mechanic?Jirunu0 2d
2d Edict of the God-King Quest Completion? Edict of the God-King Quest states that I have defeated the God-King but there is no way to turn in quest. No button for completion on map, and no turn in NPC anywhere. How do I finish this?Threewolves2 2d
3d Beating Mephistroth in firt phase brken Shore In the final stage for the beginning of the Broken shore attack, you must defeat Mephistroth to complete the quest. I have died 8 times tring to beat him. I know its not killing him but lasting long enough for him to leave. I hae 110 Mage at 806 and get killed every time. Any secrets to beating him?Biggerfist26 3d
3d Return to Karazhan Quest Question! Hey, Just got a question about the quest Return to Karazhan: Master of the House where you need to collect specific items. Those items being: Exquisitely Stinky Cheese Falanaar Fine Vintage Spiced Rib Roast Master's BellNow, I've collected all of the items except for Spiced Rib Roast, As I don't know where it drops or if you need to collect items to get it. I checked wowhead for some information, But didn't find anything really helpful. Any help on how to obtain my last item I need for this quest -> Spiced Rib Roast, Is greatly appreciated! :-) Xanlorash [The Insane]Xanlorash3 3d
3d 3 Chapters left in Suramar - stuck Okay. I have three more chapters left in Suramar - statecraft, a growing crisis and a change of season. I am 7500/120000 with rep and I know a growing crisis is supposed to pop up for me at 7000... nothing has popped up. I'm already over Suramar, but I want to finish it for pathfinder.. I don't know what to do at this point. Can anyone help me? How do I get these chapters started?Simoné9 3d
3d Very disappointed in cs My toon on Kirin tor has been stuck in dal. Not sure if I deleted a current quest thinking it was old. I have no quest to move forward for artifact weapon. Lvl 100 name Tuezday. How do I restore more than likely deleted quest? CS used to be top notch, this should not be taking this long to fix, member since 2005 I've had bigger problems. I've asked on Twitter, forums, submitted in-game tickets, not even sure on current cs format that even works. Could someone please let me know if we can check for deleted quest!!??!!Elloagain4 3d
3d High Centurion Tormmok I have been standing beside him for an hour and nothing is attacking him. He seems bugged. Wowhead has had several people from US- Stormrage with this issue. I have left the area, and several other people have come and gone with no triggering of the fighting.Christianmom36 3d
3d Times are tough.. When a 929 ilvl needs a normal mythic +0 for a quest.. for 2 hours been trying to find one, make one, join a + whatever which can not fill up.. Where is everyone..Redseal1 3d
3d Where to start Hyjal Quests So to be more specific, I just finished the questline where you need to put Thrall back together, and now I can't find any more quests. Does anyone know where to go from there? I'm trying to find out where you start the questline to eventually get to the Molten Front.Bamboohunts2 3d
3d survival ring blades Heya , im suprised at this wonderful quest an how i seem too survive but my friends who are hunters or paladins an monks get hit so dam hard as if they are fighting elites ..especially my hunter friend :( . i even swapped chairs too see the problem / hunters unable too self heal in their with out shooting a target ..may blizzard team have a look at this quest please .Ultramagnus14 3d
3d Can't get "All In" questline in Shal'Aran I'm standing next to Valtrois in Shal'Aran to begin "all in" questline, but he doesn't have "!" above him to give me the quest... Can someone please tell me what I may have missed prior to this quest becoming available?Fuzzybunny1 3d
4d Class Campaign Quest I'm a level 110 Druid. I've acquired all of my weapons. I'm trying to unlock my 3rd artifact slot for my tanking weapon. But I do not see any quests in The Dreamgrove. I've looked online and I have no idea where I'm at in the quest line. My memory is rather bad. I'm stuck is there a way to track/see what I've already did? Thank you ahead of time for your patience. --A Fellow DruidKappaharambe2 4d
4d Tear of Elune still in Bag? As the title says, somehow I managed to keep the Tear of Elune in my Bag even though it's nicely placed in the Portrait Room. Sort of related to this, is it normal that there's still 2 empty spaces precisely in the Portrait Room?Zegal4 4d
4d The Highlord's Return 900+ilvl only? Should I even bother attempting the broken shore quest 'The Highlord's Return' with a item level of 875?Bútch1 4d
4d An Impossible Foe Mage Tower So I'm trying to do the Impossible Foe quest as feral druid and I am having one heck of a time.... In the past I've gotten her to 40% no problem but I couldn't quite finish it at 895 ilvl so I said hey I'll wait... I can't get her down past 80% now... My item level is actually 20 points higher than it originally was but that first shield WILL NOT COME OFF! I unloaded everything into her during that phase including incarnation and the last sliver of shield refused to come off at all, healing imps were dead as well. I checked her dark fury and it skyrocketed to 570 and I literally just watched it shoot up at the speed of light. In the past I got shield off no problem and she was at maybe 2 dark fury by the time I interrupted her. Is this quest bugged? Did they change it? What can I do to fix this? Because I am telling you right now that the shield will not come off no matter what and Dark Fury just keeps rising. I'm 750k dps as feral too. I did the tank challenge after about 100 tries and that one was mostly just managing a lot but dmg going out wasn't too bad it was just a lot of proper timing on cd's and whatnot. I feel like this is the worst possible quest you could give to a feral druid :XAangra0 4d
4d No credit for completing artifact challenge. I killed Agatha for the artifact challenge quest An Impossible Foe. I received no credit. This is understandably very frustrating considering how difficult the challenge is. I watched videos of other people doing the encounter and they did the same thing as me...killed her and then waited a bit...and then teleported out of instance. The only difference is that I didn't get credit, anyone else have this problem?Xeddin1 4d
4d mage tower challenge... is there anyone who can give me any tip about how to beat it? i would love any help with both prot and ret challenges thanks any help!!Mälthazar1 4d
4d Feeling a bit Merose Feeling a bit merose quest (Horribly acidic acid missing , reset dungeon and logged off an on no change bottles still missing .. Please advise ?Pilikaburto1 4d
5d A Found Memento Is there a HORDE version of this questline?Plezurenpain3 5d
5d Can't start legion quest. Didn't have the option to start the quest because it was gray out. Unable to start or find the quest. Fix itCrizo12 5d
5d no main quest i was doing the suramar main quest and i can't find out how to start anymore,do i need a higher reputation level with them? PS:there is no more main quest on my map when i look so yeahScherbeh4 5d
5d Hellfire Fortifications I've searched the forums and can't seem to find a specific answer to my problem so maybe someone will read this and help. I'm a level 64 and in the Outlands. I received the quest to take the Hellfire Fortifications and from what I've read, it's a matter of standing by the flag for a period of time as a small timer comes up and once it's timed down, I've "taken" that particular fortification. My problem is when I stand next to the flag, I get a message saying I have to be PvP to complete that particular quest. I checked on my UI interface and it lists me as PvP (H) so I'm assuming I'm already PvP. What else do I have to do? Thanks in advance for helping out a noob!Raqu28 5d
5d A Change of seasons need help I'm exalted and completed all the quests (did Ephemeral manastorm projector) but the quests just ended? I didn't get credit for finishing the chapter and oddly confused on where to go next for the next quest if their is one.Draghall8 5d
5d Help needed with Brawler Quests Dusty Old Robot and Impeccably Sharp Tooth Quests...Broken or Obsolete? I have had the quest Impeccably Sharp Tooth for a while now and last night (8-10-2017) Bling-Tron gave me the Dusty Old Robot quest. I went to the Brawl'gar Arena in Orgimmar and according to what I have read, the turn in is supposed to be to Card Trader Ami...nothing happens and she doesn't want either pieces...have I missed something or is the quest broken and should be abandoned? Or am I in the totally wrong location? Thanks, DuratDurat1 5d
6d Quest Tracking I cant choose which quest to track, like the "?" or number icon that usually appears next to a quest does not appear, also when I open the map I cant see any objectives. I only have this issue on this toon, I already tried abandoning my quests and getting them again and also resetting interface preferences. none of that workedVedislarth2 6d
6d Val'Sharah questline not tracking I'm on chapter 5/7 of the Val'sharah story line and just completed the quest to mark birds for the granny to shoot. Seems like my next quest should be "Shriek No More", but there are no marks anywhere on map and nobody for me to talk to. Help? On a side note: There are zero marks for quests anywhere on my Suramar map either.Bluntsworth0 6d