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1h send them packing in the quest send them packing in northrend it says to raise your hand to scare them how do you raise your handNinabuck3 1h
1h Stuck: Stage 2 The Eternity Quest: The splinttered fleet Stage 2 Stuck here. My catapult fires nothing so I can not progress any further. sigh I logged off. I reloaded ui. I disabled all add ons and tried that. nothing worked I then watched a video of someone completing it and come to find when I jump in the canon I get no reticle. I only get a straight line. 2 days on a support ticket is ridiculous... come on blizz. Realm: Turylon Char: AntidotNoquarter6 1h
1h DELETE OR CHANGE BLOOD INFUSION QUEST Any chance to have a Blue reply on the possibility of doing the Blood infusion quest for legendary axe solo by pass its been brought up a few times and with less and less players its even harder to get afew people to have this doneKrugga4 1h
4h Shredder vs saberon I lost or deleted the shredder for this quest. Where can I go back to get the shredderOllieopp0 4h
4h Quest shredder vs saberon Somewhere I deleted my shredder. WHere can I go back and get the shredder to complete this questOllieopp0 4h
15h Lost In the shadows of auchindoun In The Shadows of Auchindoun, Some how I can't complete this story line even though the map says there are no quests in this zone. please helpPennyy3 15h
23h Aviana For over a year now I've been checking the inn in my garrison looking for Aviana to get her quest (Aviana's Request) for the toy Aviana's Feather. I've checked almost every day but she has never spawned in the garrison, nor that of any of my 4 alts that also have garrisons. I've raised 3 bug reports about it to no avail. So, is there anything I'm missing? Anything I need to do to get a visit from her? Has anyone actually seen her recently? ThanksClink0 23h
1d Greymane's Gambit bugged? Hi all, not sure if this is the correct place to post it... but I saw a few other bug posts here too.... so i've been trying to start the questline for Stormheim on my priest but the introductory scenario isn't operating correctly for me. It'll load me into the scenario but the NPCs wont load and I get booted out shortly after loading in..... Is this happening to anyone else? Is there a known solution? I've tried relogging already and it hasnt helped. EDIT: OKAYYYY so apparently it's an issue with shadowform. I found the solution...... Just enter the scenario without shadowform on for future reference.Chromatics8 1d
1d High Mountain Tauren Quest Start Help Hi guys, I recently faction swapped my druid from alliance to horde and was required to run through the legion intro again (all good) Now I have Sylvanas at the Horde Embassy however she hasn't got the quest "A Second Ally For the Cause" Are there other prerequisite requirements I need to meet first? I have already purchased the BFA expansion so that is not the issue.Stocklin2 1d
1d Suramar Phasing Issues? Heya guys, I've gotten into Legion a little late, and have only started exploring Suramar for the first time in the last few days. I've noticed a lot of night elf and blood elf npc's lined up at the borders of the city, and shal'dorei insurgents fighting through the outskirts of the city (Grand Promenade?). Didn't think much of it until I started going through the quests where you first acquire your Suramar disguise, and tried to have a relaxed conversation with a merchant for a quest, while people are dying next to him. Watching quest videos confirmed that the city should be all quiet and peaceful-like, so it's kind of a mood-killer to have the city acting like this. Anyone had similar experiences? Or maybe a fix? I've already tried abandoning the quest and deleting my cache, interface and WTF folders. Thank you <3 Edit: I wish I got a reason for why this was moved from customer support to quests, it's not like I don't know how to complete the quest :(Jukra5 1d
1d how do I do wither training with my blood dk I"m doing this purely for the artifact appearance as already got exalted on my hunter and these things where always a cake walk as I could just burst everything in their down before they could kill any withered. I had assumed it would be easier on my dk since hes tank and threat generation is easy but apparently some enemies are programed to ignore and threat I make and the two abilities in my kit that state that the enemy is force to attack me just to instakill my withered. I've bin thinking of switch him to frost or unholy just to farm this but worried that the hidden appearance will only drop if i have maw of the dammed equipped. do need to come back with like 950 item level in order to do this efficiently?Saniesh2 1d
1d Second Artifact Quest Missing Hello, I have been trying for a while to figure out why I can no longer get my second artifact quest. When I first got it at 102 I canceled accepting it because i wanted to level Prot and did not realize I could not get it back. I have gone back to that NPC multiple times and there is no quest any more. I waited until level 110 and went through all the Paladin quests that i could find hoping it would populate again. Still nothing. I have researched and found many people who have had this issue but could not locate a fix. Can you help me figure out what I am doing wrong?Bumpy7 1d
1d Highmountain Tauren's and Mulgore w/ GM quote When I sometimes make characters, I like to get deep in the lore. Although I started at level 20, I wanted to go back to the roots of the Tauren and begin in Mulgore. Then follow with completing all of Kalimdor quests. While in Mulgore, I got stuck on a quest I know exists, "Rite of Wisdom" which is an exclusive Tauren quest line. So I and others thought for years... I submitted a ticket to inquire about the situation. Response was: ... The response was tactful and certainly addressed my issue. Nonetheless, before I really push the matter, I was sort of wondering what my peers thought about this. Should Highmountain Tauren's be registered the same as Vanilla Taurens? Or would it be the "same" argument of Blood Elves being registered the same as Void Elves / Night Elves, etc?Animalus1 1d
1d abandoned quest and cant get it back i abandoned the quest cornered and crushed in the sepulcher on a new toon and now i cant get it back. You kill a worgen for a book and it starts it automatically but he doesnt drop the book anymore. anybody have any good suggestions on getting it back? the quest involves meeting a group of undead outside a mine and going inside to kill worgen and they're not there anymore. thanks in advance!Whizzbang24 1d
1d Pandaria dailies Switched to post on the character I am having the issue with. My question is, I am working on Pandaria dailies in The Arboretum in order to get my mount. This is over by the sky race. I did them early yesterday morning before the daily reset (At least for my Legion emmissaries, etc.) I just came back to try to do them today, and they are not there. My question is, do they reset on a set schedule? Or is it a straight 24 hour reset? Or option 3, is it possible that I somehow got bugged. This forum is awesome and I love posting and helping others here, usually after 10 others have answered the question but still. So I figured I would come here because I know the wise posters here will know the answer.Homestar4 1d
1d Twilight Highlands Starter Quest I submitted a ticket because the hero board isn't working anymore and the response was that I should start with the next quest, which is given by King Varian in SW Keep. But he'd dead since Legion. Is there a way to re-phase so that he will show up?Steamhammer0 1d
1d Champions of Legionfall help Hello. Maiev is not giving the Champions of Legionfall quest for me to progress with the Broken Shore campaign. I have finished the class order hall campaign and received "A Glorious Campaign", and have done the first six parts of 'Breaching the Tomb". Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Respectfully, WannuWannu2 1d
1d A Sisters Bond / Huntress S. Champion Questline My Artifact Weapon Level is 71, I don't seem to know where the: A Sister's Bond Quest line is to unlock the next Artifact Appearance. Nor does the Huntress S. Champion Quest line show. Are they broken?Senica6 1d
1d Magic Prehistoric (Winterspring) - Bugged? I'm trying to do this quest: But whenever I click on any of the totems to collect them, my character goes through the "gathering" motion, the "gathering" cast bar appears, and then nothing happens. I get no item, and no quest progress. Any ideas?Eightiesrock9 1d
2d Where is "A Growing Crisis"? I'm trying to finish my pathfinder achievement. I'm exalted with the Nightfallen but no quest? I looked it up and it says I should have gotten it at revered...Sacrilege26 2d
2d Suramar Quests are Being Weird? Okay, so I did the beginning of suramar where you run around with that one chick until you unlock the resting zone of Shal' Aran and get the portal..I ran through some other quests and did the one quest where you run through the city disgused and got the Blood Of My Blood quest, but then I was playing with a friend and realized somehow I missed a lot of the storyline. I can't find the quest giver An Ancient Gift ANYWHERE and therefore can't continue the main questline. I only have one chapter done, "Tidying Tel'Anor" Does anyone know what I can do to get back on track?Adriea2 2d
2d Quests that can be turned in "on the go" Hey all, One of my first times posting on the forums (at least this decade). I'm a fairly seasoned WoW vet, or at least I like to consider myself one at this point (11 years + strong), and I've definitely done my fair share of leveling. In fact, one could say I love leveling, as I am now working on my second server full roster of max level toons! Anyways, one thing that I've always noticed while questing is the spontaneous nature of quests that can be turned in "on the go". Usually, you find these quests in areas where it makes sense as to why you wouldn't want to go all the way back to the quest giver to turn in, i.e. doing quests through a giant encampment on the other side of the zone, or going deeper and deeper in a huge cavern. However, there's somewhat of an inconsistency still when it comes to where theses types of quests show up. I've thought about this quite a bit, but decided to post to see people's thoughts on this topic after doing the quest "Demonaic Vessel" in the Tainted Forest part of Blasted Lands again on my Nightborne Mage. Basically, the quest has you go all the way down in the forest, kill a ton of tainted animals, create a vessel to weaken a demon, and then makes you march your butt all the way back up the hill or around the mountain to your quest giver just for him to say "perfect, now use what you just made on this big baddie way back there!" This quest seems like a great opportunity for Blizzard to add a turn it in "on the go" feature to, as climbing all the way back up the hill to the Horde encampment is a little tedious. I don't mean to come across as a little !@#$%y. I've done these quests a thousands times, and I can do them a thousand more, but I feel like it would create a more consistent flow in some of the questing areas, especially in the old world. That being said, I don't really see Blizzard going back and adding this feature to any older quests, so I simply hope that going forward into BOA, they add more of the "on the go" turn in feature to the quest lines! As traditional as reporting back to your quest giver is, I find the experience a lot more immersive, and also feel my character be a lot more in a position of power when a new quest is just giving to me without having to go all the way back to a quest giver sometimes. It's like 'this is a quest I gave myself" lol. Let me know what you guys think about the turn it in "on the go" types of quests, and if you think Blizzard should add that feature more going forward.Alphounse2 2d
2d 4th Zone quest wont show up I did high mountain, Azumna, and Val'sharah. but for some reason the one for Stormheim isn't showing up, am I missing something or am I bugged?Radteddy1 2d
3d Fuel of a Doomed World, turn in? I have the 50 items and every space ship I go into I see a big YELLOW ? for turn in, but when I go to that spot there is no quest giver to turn in the quest. I have checked the top, bottom and middle parts of the ship. Wowhead is uless as always, when looking for a turn in.Fenril7 3d
3d Allied race unlock problem Purchased expansion? Check Have all pre-req done for allied races? Check Hit the Orgimmar Embassy, talk to Sylvanas, check out the two races, make selection? Check! Turn in quest to Sylvanas? Check..........and..... NOW WHAT? Achievement didn't happen. Scenario didn't start? Soooo? Fix?Tenebrius35 3d
3d Help w/ Legion Skining quest: Hides of Legend Is there a kind player who plays on a server where Baradin Hold is Horde controlled that can invite me to their party on that server? I need a boss from that raid for this Legion skinning quest but it requires me to raid old content, which is fine, except for Baradin Hold which is near impossible to capture on my alliance dominated server. Gamer tag: XenoScherzer#1409 Realm Khadgar I would prefer this party option over being awake at 3-5am to capture it when no one is online.Froide0 3d
3d Why Group Quests in Icecrown again? So.... when Icecrown first came out in Wrath, half of the entire zone was locked behind Group [5] quests. At some point (Mists?), they re-tuned all the quests and turned them into solo quests so that players could actually do these quests without having to out-level them. Now, in 7.3.5, they are all Group [5] again. Yay. Now I won't be able to see half of the zone's story or anything unless I out-level the zone (which kinda kills the fun of questing there to begin with). Simply put, I'm not going to dink around with Group Finder to get these quests done. Screw that. I can get better, faster XP nearly anywhere else in the world, or I'll just keep repeating Ebon Blade dailies instead. And besides, more than three-quarters of the time I try using Group Finder, I end up on a PvP server. This is fine for things like Legion Invasion Points on Argus or something, or the occasional Elite when I'm trying to do Legion Invasions because people usually don't try to PvP. But out in the open world in lower-level areas, I'm sure there's a Lv110 ganker hanging around Icecrown just looking for PvE people who get drug in by Group Finder so they can have some fun ganking PvErs or something. I bet there's players out there who simply have nothing better to do with their time. Trying to force us to group up for old quests simply doesn't work. It's why you removed the Elite status from most mobs in Icecrown in the first place; nobody did these quests after Wrath. They would quest in there until they unlocked Ebon Blade and if they weren't able to move on, they would use dailies or other methods of getting XP.Hirai4 3d
3d Send me to Shadowsong incredibly unfair. Let me get this out of the way before I begin. ^git gud ^l2 play down vote, down vote, down vote, git gud. Now to the topic of this discussion. This trail is so incredibly unfair compared to any other roles Mage Tower Challenge. I know we're at the end of the expansion and people have been completing it for years so it's unlikely to change. But at least learn a lesson from this Blizzard. No matter how geared my character is I have to keep a live the same 3 wimpiest/pathetic/unintelligent NPCs I have ever seen in a game. I think gaming technology took a step backwards AI wise when you created these 3 NPC's. On top of that it is so incredibly long and even if one of the companions die you have to start from the beginning. It really isn't fair. These companion NPC's should at least scale with your item level in some way. Or at the very least cut it short at Stage 3.Kameal0 3d
3d Tedious, Broken Quests (Legion) Artifact Quest: Saving the Guard 0/1 Aid the Moon Guard in Suramar Moon Guard Stronghold has to be some of the worst zone or area designs I've ever seen in this game. Everything you do in this game these days feels so disjointed--whether it be the quests, long storylines you only want to be subjected to once, how often things beyond your control are causing you or things around you to 'phase' in and out, wherever you go, you can't find NPC's or quests, even after following wowhead's directions, everything feels vague and restricted. Everything leads to nowhere dead ends. I'm working on a quest chain to open up a new appearance for my artifact weapon. I'm sent through OLD raids to obtain items which still have a LOW drop chance and that can only be obtained once per weekly lockouts. I'm then tasked with completing a zone's specific storyline (Moon Guard Stronghold in Suramar), with nothing to go on-- I mean absolutely nothing. The only trace of a bread crumb trail is what can be found once you scour the internet for answers; one forum poster says look for 'this NPC' and another says 'no, go to this NPC', wowhead says something completely different, has map coordinates that tell you NOTHING... it's neverending. Everything about the architecture of the Moon Guard Stronghold is beyond tedious and horrendous; you can never figure out where someone is by looking at a map because everything in the area has multiple levels to them, and caves tucked in hard-to-find crevices and pockets are trickled through out the area--and if you don't have flying capability, you're forced to fight your way through everything, to get to something that isn't even there. Am I supposed to assume that I have to complete ALL the Suramar questlines AGAIN just to open this ONE Moon Guard Stronghold to get an artifact appearance? Who thinks anyone wants to do this on every character just to open up an artifact appearance? I have to ask, What the heck is going on with this game? Please fix nonsense like this.. I'm pulling hairs out of my head over this! People regarding this very thing on the forum from last year: ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 3d
4d An urgent message Quest I have done all the Demon hunter quests i can find. I even got the Slayer title. However I still have not had this quest An urgent message pop up in my order hall. Am I missing something?Nìghthunter2 4d
4d Essence of Pure Spirit quest help I am on the Hunter Artifact quest A New Invention and missing the Essence of Pure Spirit. According to the quest text, it drops from Seabound Mystics in the Blind Marshlands of Highmountain. Well I have been going back there off and on for the last three days and have yet to see a single Seabound Mystic. Are they rare? or is this like a phasing thing where they should be showing up for me? Or is the map not sending me to the right place?Crumluk4 4d
4d Draenor pathfinder quest issue Im having an issue completing the draenor pathfinder achievement so i can fly there. I have loremaster addon and whenever i go to where a quest is supposed to be there is none. Even went to the freinna one in gorgond and she was dead at her location. It doesnt tell me in loremaster what i am missing or any of that. I wanted to knock these out inbetween grinding rep i needed for legion pathfinder. Can anyone help me out with what i need to do?Maltiok3 4d
4d Respawn timers I'm leveling my 14th toon right now and I actually dig the 7.3.5 leveling. But the trash Respawns are a bit slow in zones that are already getting farmed thin. I was wondering if anyone else seems to feel the wait between quest trash spawns at allDoublespeak2 4d
5d Getting To Vashj'ir in 2017 There still seems to be some lingering confusion about how to get to the Vashj'ir undersea zone (level 80-82) even now, at least on the Horde side. Since it took quite a long time before my Google-Fu turned up some useful current tips, I figured I'd pass on what I learned here, to save others some time and stress. The problem seems to lie partly in the wording of the travel quest (Call Of Duty) down at Bladefist Bay. The quest tells you to board a ship at the docks, and there IS a ship anchored at the docks, on the left -- but this ship vanishes as you approach it. This is not a bug. This is not the ship you're looking for. Instead, walk down to the Horde banner at the center of the docks and wait. You'll hear some nearby Orc NPCs bragging about their strength in battle. Eventually, an Orc officer will arrive and tell them to "quit jawing" and wait for the ship. Not long after, you'll see a ship sail up from your left, and dock. THIS is the ship you want. Step onboard, and watch the cutscenes. After your character ends up in the water, you've arrived, and your first Vashj'ir quest will become available. Last Tip: If you've got anything in your bank which will help you breathe underwater, you may want to bring it with you. It's not required, but it will help make the first quest easier. Hope this helps clear up some of the confusion I'm still seeing, Have fun, all, U.Uralan5 5d
5d Lost Mage Campaign questline XD I seem to have lost the Mage campaign questline. I finished the 5 missions at my hall. I believe the quest was "Following in his footsteps." However I got no more quests to pick up in the Hall of Guardian? O.o Did i miss a quest along the way? Or do I have to hit 110 to continue with mage campaign quests?Leens2 5d
5d Legacy of the Annoy... erm... Ancients Quest: "Legacy of the Ancients" The one where you find/cut down Timber (not small, not large) all over draenor in order to spawn the ancients to kill. Yeah, THAT one... ugh. After speaking with many other players attempting to do this quest, I realized I wasn't even close to being alone with my frustrations. People have had a horrible time finding Timber (not small or large) in the designated quest zone (blue area). The timber literally does not exist in the quest zone in shadowmoon valley at all. The other zones have it, but only about 1-2 trees if you're lucky. You can tell I took hours on this quest because I know those things. So I have some thoughts on this in order to keep players happy instead of annoyed. The quest is extremely vague and doesn't tell you that you can cut timber outside of the quest zone. Get rid of the quest zones, problem solved. The quest also doesn't let you know that cutting the Timber down doesn't spawn an ancient 100% of the time. So you could either add that information to the quest, or just make the ancients have a 100% spawn rate for the quest mobs. edit: Well it seems even year and a half after I started this thread, people are still struggling with this quest. So I thought I would take some quotes from people that seem to have helped and add them here. Nimrodhf: Found it at 69.20 by 41.96 Needed to approach the area from behind as the tree is not accessible from where the vine growers are. Hope this helps. Thrip: Just did this quest and found quite a few "timber" at around 59:19. Second tree I cut it spawned. Everywhere else in Gorgrond no luck. Warelfdruid: Did Gorgond first, took me a couple of hours of killing monsters, resurrecting myself after being killed, and harvesting small timber but I finally got the twig of Lotok in the area southeast of the Blackrock foundry. It's there, you just have to be patient until it spawns. Just got lucky in Shadowmoon valley in the Verdant Mire, Went to a tree at 54.15, 50.28 and got the heart of Kuruk. Now I am going for the other two Just got the Roots of Hanuk at 53.01, 29.92. Just behind Crows Crook in the Spires of ArakRÿân32 5d
5d Mage Tower Artifact Empower OffSpec So I am completely and utterly confused how to start my empowerment quest for my off spec (ARMS WARRIOR). I have read the guides but the guides assume you are doing it for your main spec and don't tell you what you have to do if you already did all those quests and they are no longer available. I am sure it is something obvious....Torentu0 5d
6d Spirit of Lo'Gosh gone, stuck in quest chain I'm following the Mount Hyjal quests. I've defeated Lycanthoth, turned in that quest to Lo'Gosh, but had to go AFK momentarily. When I came back, he'd disappeared, and now I seem to be stuck, unable to accept The Shrine Reclaimed. I've found a couple of other (8-year-old) threads with no replies, so I have no idea what to do at this point. Am I just stuck here, or is there a solution? Many thanks for any help given.Belowthebelt1 6d
6d I can't complete Duskwood achievement Duskwood quests have 5 main storylines. I have complete 'The legend of stalvan' , 'A hermit's errand' and 'Citizens of darkshire'; but I cannot find where to star 'Morbent del' and 'Mor'ladim', they doesn't appear up in my map. Does anyone know what to do?Neia3 6d
6d An Ancient Gift Quest Suramar I'm looking how to get the first quest in the Suramar story line. Its supposed to either pop up when you first get to Dalaran or when you talk to Khadgar. He doesn't present me with the quest. Is there a way to trigger the quest to pop up?Nearo3 6d
6d The God-Queen's Fury quest The God-Queen's Fury quest location. War Councilor Victoria is no where to be found. I had the quest, but she disappeared. So I abandoned the quest and I cant find where she gives the quest out.Jawan1 6d
6d Class mount questline help (Mage) Hi all and TIA! So getting back into the game prepping for BFA and I want to get my class mount - and the questline requires us to get our "Broken Shore" follower, but when I pickup the quest from Maeiv she sends me back to the order hall to recruit a champion. I'm supposed to talk to Aethas Sunreaver, only problem is he doesn't give me any quest(s) -- what prerequisite must I be missing? Can't find any info on this on WoWhead.Viser6 6d
6d Leatherworking quest: "Mounting Made Easy." I wonder if Bennett Foddy helped designed this quest? It is honestly the worst quest I have ever played. I truly believe this quest was designed with a bit of malicious intent.Angwi0 6d
6d Apexis Relic with Colorblindness Hello everyone, I'm currently stuck with this mission as I am not clear on what it needs to be done. If I didn't get it wrong I have to follow some sort of color pattern... With the problem being that I'm colorblind. Any chance I can do this quest even if I don't perceive colors like others?Eathiel4 6d
Mar 10 Lightning Vein Mine Issues So I'm stuck on the par of the Mine assault where I'm waiting for Taoshi to unlock the mine door. I've laid waste to Shiaxu but now my problem is that Taoshi does nothing. She just stands there twiddling her hands and when I try and speak with her there's no dialogue options to further the quest. If anyone can help me out on what I need to do is much obliged.Foxiebelle3 Mar 10
Mar 10 Fathom Dweller Daily Quest Question Do i have to re do the whole orb thing every week? Last week was my first week and i got the pet, but this week only a random daily kill murlocs for AP popped. Obviously want the mount and already heard about the joke that is having to wait weeks maybe a month just to get the daily to get an underwater mount I'lll use .0000000001 in my playing time in game. Any help is apprecaitedQuelen0 Mar 10
Mar 10 Can't get into Arena of Annihilation? My level 95 character got the quest from Gurgthock, but when I go up the steps and try to enter the gate doesn't open. Can anyone tell me what I am missing. I have tried looking it up, but ever thing starts with you already inside. Or is it not in the Temple of the White Tiger?Kajira2 Mar 10
Mar 10 Defense of Karabor Arnokk the Burner Tried several times and wiped. I can handle him by himself but once his health gets around 50%, a group of adds comes in and kills me. What's the secret?Comaplata121 Mar 10
Mar 9 Can't complete Survey Says quest due to WQ The Suramar quest Survey Says where you need to activate your first portal above your Suramar base can't be completed, as the '?' to turn it in zones out when I get close due to the Barrels o' Fun WQ. I can't complete the WQ as none of the barrels glow yellow for me so it's a total guess for me every time. WQ doesn't expire for another 23hrs. Do I really need to wait that long just to continue the Suramar quest line?Huntski21 Mar 9