Nov 3 Escape from the Winterfin Caverns bug So I wanna complete this quest, my first attempt was I can't find Lurgglbr and quest marked as failed. I abandon this quest so I can get this quest again My second attempt was Lurgglbr can go down from cave but when I tried to defend Lurgglbr, Lurgglbr disappeared with monster who attack Lurgglbr . But after I abandon this quest (because I don't know where Lurgglbr go), I can't get this quest again. I check the cage but Lurgglbr not there.Stiopic2 Nov 3
Nov 3 arathi Im in arathi basin took tons of quests and everything is lvl 60. Like it hasnt phased yet or something. It must of just turned over. I took the port from zaldanazar.Axl3 Nov 3
Nov 3 Arathi I took the zalandazar port and nothing has phased. Its all lvl 60. I cant complete any quests.Axl0 Nov 3
Nov 3 No Mag'har quest chain offered by Eitrigg? I've completed all prerequisites needed to be offered the Mag'har quest chain by Eitrigg. I've earned: Ready for War achievement; Battle for Azeroth: Pathfinder, Part One; Uniting Zandalar quest; exalted rep. w/ Honorbound. According to everything I've read on Wowhead, Eitrigg *should* offer me the quest chain at this point. What am I missing??? Thanks!Ärasynd1 Nov 3
Nov 3 Vol'dun flightpoint/quest? Not sure where to ask this so... When I fly from the hideaway to elsewhere in Vol'dun I can see a pin marking a flightpoint in the vicinity of the Whistleboom Oasis. Yet exploring around there has not turnrd up any flight master even though I think I see an occasional character appearing to arrive by air outside the inn. Am I looking in the wrong place or is there a quest chain that opens it?Jessimyn1 Nov 3
Nov 2 Sampling The Goods quest not appearing I see a yellow exclamation point on my map (in bridgeport) on my ally priest for this quest, but Flynn is nowhere to be found (wowhead says he starts the quest) I've finished every other quest line in tiragarde sound as well. The flynn in boralus does not give the quest either. Is this a bug?Tomer0 Nov 2
Nov 2 Old quests I did before now available again While gathering treats from candy buckets in outland on my main i've noticed areas where I did quests years ago now have those quests available to me again. Did old quests get reset at some point?Temmiy3 Nov 2
Nov 2 Portal to Blasted Lands in Orgrimmar? What level do you have to be to see and use the portal in Orgrimmar? I'm level 60 and chose that from the 2 optional quest lines. I can't see the portal. Is there another way?Hynloth2 Nov 2
Nov 1 "Cleansing the Mother Tree" quest bug Stuck on "Cleansing the Mother Tree." Quest did not complete when the weapon was cleansed, not able to do quest again because i no longer have the corrupt G'Hanir to cleanse in the scenario.Rabidpengwen22 Nov 1
Nov 1 Cant find answer to this. No where on any main site or fan site does it properly lay out why bonus objectives in broken isles dont show up?? or how to get them to? I can only ever see one per zone on my map. on all my characters under level 110. They are there, though. If i happen to walk into one it works and i can do it, i just can't see them on my map. Would love an answer to this.Misscookie7 Nov 1
Nov 1 Leo Shealds payment Really? Didnt think we had enough time gates this expac? Had to add one for a simple quest reward, did ya??? It's bad enough I have to deal with flaky people IRL to collect money that's owed, but to extend that to the game is pretty silly. On my 6th character and get pissed off at this NPC every time. Unlike real life, cant just ignore this person from here on out as they are the very end of one of the quest lines. Am I supposed to be learning some lesson in patience??? That was a few expacs ago, get out with this crap!Caprilocus1 Nov 1
Nov 1 +10% WM bonus on gold emissary? Can we get the bonus if we're risking our neck?.... pretty please?Booger0 Nov 1
Nov 1 Wrath of the Zandalari Problem I'm on this quest, but I can't target any of the enemies. I have to use AOE attacks and then kite them back to the guards near the flight master. Nothing I can see explains why I can't target enemies directly. Any ideas?Bitterhope0 Nov 1
Nov 1 Champions of Legionfall please help! I have the quest from Miev, i go to my orderhall and i cannot advance the quest at all! Im supposed to talk to lady landerin... she is there but has no quest to accept ive been stuck for weeks!! I have the first 6 parts of breaching the tomb achievement done.Holyshields3 Nov 1
Nov 1 Questing in BFA.. Bring back legion (meant wod LUL ) style treasures for leveling please. The 5th+ time going through these quests is going to make me very sad... =(Heyitsalex9 Nov 1
Oct 31 Naz'ak the Fiend So i am trying to kill Naz'ak the Fiend, Legion world boss to obtain Potion of prolonged power rank 3 recipe. I cant find legion world boss rotation. latest version i found was for February of this year. Can anybody help me out with this?Lahm1 Oct 31
Oct 31 Find missed quests? Is there a way to find the quests I missed? I seem to keep running across quests in Kul Tiras and Zandalar as I am doing dailies - they are fun and I have no idea how many i missed. I tried the add on Wholy and Grail but they seem to miss a lot. It'll show nothing on my map and then I run straight into a nice yellow exclamation point :) Thanks.Paishiya2 Oct 31
Oct 31 Can't get class mount. Breaching the tomb completed and no class mount in order hall.Emicklenry18 Oct 31
Oct 31 Cant start "In the shadows of Auchindoun" I recently completed the plight of arrokota but I never got a quest to start the next questline and I would like to play it as soon as possible but there is no way I can start it.Milfre14 Oct 31
Oct 31 Emissary AP reward There was a hot fix to make AP rewards from Emissaries 1400 (up from 1000), today's emissary still says 1000.Stykes2 Oct 31
Oct 31 Azerite Cache Emissary Due to my work schedule I often cannot play more than 2-3 hours every 3-4 days. Most of that time is dedicated to raiding or doing my M+. Regardless of time allocation within the game I have missed the last two Azerite Cache Emmisarys because they expire. This is extremely frustrating because that's two missed chances of highly needed 370 Azerite Armor pieces because of things I cannot control. I do not see a reason why such a highly valued reward can expire in favor of far lesser valued rewards in such an arbitrary way. Surely I am not the only one frustrated by this and would like to see some compromise for this. Perhaps an extended expiration timer or moving the high ilvl cache reward to a dedicated quest or follower mission?Bonespirìt4 Oct 31
Oct 31 War Campaign Reqs for Warfront? I am a little lost as to why I cannot get in the Warfront. My adventure guide tells me to visit the port to queue up but when I go to the table where I am supposed to queue, there is not option for me. Someone said that I have to be at a certain point my in War Campaign. Do I have to have "Ready for War" complete before I am able to go to the Warfronts? I just wish Blizz was more clear on this.Jernbek2 Oct 31
Oct 30 find loremaster storyline quest location hello ive gone back to Dreanor to try and get my flying im in the nagrandeur lore master part but I no longer have the quest storyline I don't know were to pick all of the quest up at for lore master storylines ive done some of these quest years ago but have erased the quest years agoLachell4 Oct 30
Oct 29 Candy Bucket - Blasted Lands Hello everyone. I've phased to both current time and pre-invasion. Current time = mobs at Dreadmaul Hold, Pre-Invasion = empty. Everything I've read indicates Hallow's End stuff is pre-invasion which makes sense because the Hold is in location but there are no NPCs. That tells me they should be there as opposed to mobs. Is there a quest chain to unlock NPCs at Dreadmaul or something? I have a ticket in but if any other Horde is out there trying for the achieve and fixed this issue, please let me know. Thank you!Valenci6 Oct 29
Oct 29 How to see a list of completed quests I don't think there is an answer to this question but I'll throw it out anyway. I'm doing the garrison quests Stay Awhile and Listen. They say to do ten of twenty listed quests. I think I completed one of them, but is there any way to check to see for sure ?? Thanks to anyone who responds to this.Wyattwinghed7 Oct 29
Oct 29 list of azerite piece drops per zone? This is regarding emissary chests that reward azerite pieces up to 370, Is there a a concise list somewhere which shows which zone drops which azerite pieces? I just know the one for the other island always drops honorbound pieces that are in warfront also, but what about the other ones?Buum0 Oct 29
Oct 28 Can't Receive "All Along the Waterways" Quest I'm working through getting Good Sumaritan and I've just turned in The Gondolier for the Waning Crescent storyline but there is no quest from Deline to receive. I use Zygor and it says this is the next thing to do. I see people have had a problem turning it in; but I can't even receive it! No exclamation point or anything. Deline just mentions how she hope we fair better than the thief. Any thoughts?Selphius0 Oct 28
Oct 28 Unable to get back into Pandaria questline As the topic says, I'm unable to get moving with the Pandaria questlines on this character. I'm fairly certain that I went through at least the first quest in the chain, but never went to Pandaria. At some point, to clear room in my quest log, I dropped whatever quest I had. I've tried going to Stormwind Keep, but there is nothing available for me there in regards to Pandaria. I've also taken the portal to Pandaria and the teleporter up to the airship, but there are no quests available there either. Can anyone point me in the right direction? EDIT: I went back to Pandaria, and I noticed on my map I have two exclamation points up around Tian Monastary. I'm concerned that if I press through with starting those, I'm going to mess up my Loremaster running, since I'd appear to be missing the zone starting quests revolving around the White Pawn. Can anyone advise me on that?Luomonc2 Oct 28
Oct 27 Problems with "Supporting Southport" Hi guys, I've stopped playing for 8 months and I'm comming back now. I'm trying to get the "draenor pathfinder" achievment to be able to fly but I have a problem with this achievment. I can't find the quests to complete "supporting southport" achievment and complete the "between arak and a hard place" to finally get the "draenor pathfinder". I've constroyed the brewery. I looked for the available quests on the quest checker "" and I got those remaining: ♯ Name Level Notes 1 Call of the Talon King 96 2 Talon Guard Kurekk 96 3 Talonpriest Ishaal 96 4 A Lack of Wasps 96 5 Feast of the Spires 96 6 Punishable by Death 96 7 Peace Offering 96 8 The Tinkertoss Twins 96 9 Sticky Situation 96 10 Back on Track 96 11 All Natural 96 12 I See Dead Arakkoa 96 13 The Ebon Hunter 96 14 Safety Measures 96 15 The Shadows of Skettis 96 16 Assassin's Mark 96 17 The Power of Poison 96 18 Extrinsic Motivation 96 19 Gardul Venomshiv 96 20 We Have Him Now 96 21 No Time to Waste 96 22 Cleaning House 96 23 Not Here, Not Now 96 24 Not Here, Not Now 96 25 Attempted Murder 96 26 Riverbeast Training: Bulbapore 97 27 Boar Training: Bulbapore 97 28 Clefthoof Training: Bulbapore 97 29 Talbuk Training: Bulbapore 97 I see the problem starts with the attempted murder quest (number25) because I dont have the quest in my log, nor hulda wants to give me the quest again, nor the flight master has the option to fly me to the place where he was supposed to send me. Kolrigg is lying on the ground as if the quest had begun. I tried to go to the 'Shadow's Vigil" but nothing happened. Can someone help me? ATT: I already found what was wrong. Got the "Lack of wasps" from another npc and quest chain worked. Update: Problem solved. Just had to get "Lack of wasps" and the campaing chain would complete.Khalandra1 Oct 27
Oct 27 Brother Pike MIA I have completed the questline in Stormsong Vale that leads up to the dungeon. Everyone seems to say after that Brother Pike should be in Brennadam but he is MIA, I can't find him anywhere in the zone. I have some Lost Sea Scrolls that he'd be interested in seeing if only I could find him to turn them in. Please advise.Zushiba7 Oct 27
Oct 27 Freehold Quests I have lost my pirates hat disgise that allows you to roam around in Freehold. My question is how do you replace the hat ???Keelvala3 Oct 27
Oct 27 Cycle of Hatred Cycle of Hatred is the last story line for me to complete in Storm Valley. It seems to center around Brennadam, however I know I did some quests assigned there but not which. Do I just blindly do any/all quests available there and Storm Valley to complete the story? I have looked COH up and noted how involved it is but I have done ALL the quests in the farms/pig tunnels already. How can I get this task done?Bigpants0 Oct 27
Oct 27 (WOD) Pathfinder The Light Prevails I spent all evening trying to make progress on this quest chain and I'm at a loss on how to get it done. I don't have any more (!) in Shadowmoon Valley to help me out and I'm hoping someone can look at my character info and give me a little nudge in the right direction. I've been using the in-game achievement tracker, but it's pretty generic and Google has only helped me get to this point. I only hope that the remaining zones aren't as frustrating to figure out on my way to completion. Thank you in advance:)Norom4 Oct 27
Oct 26 Pterrordax Egg like to throw up a shout out to Blizzard. I guess I have to choose between actually playing the game and sitting here in one spot the rest of my life killing Bloodraged Pterrordax's...nice #DUMBAFFatereaper3 Oct 26
Oct 26 Please help with arcane artifact quest! I'm lost on how to acquire my second artifact weapon. So I received the arcane artifact quest for the Aluneth from Khadgar in Dalaran. It led me to a series of quests in Stormheim where I had to do the Skavold and Eyr quests. After those I was told to go back to Khadgar in Dalaran to turn that !@#$ in. Then Archmage Modera gives me the "A Gift From The Six" quest but I didnt receive my artifact yet!!! I'm new to the game so am I doing anything wrong? How can I receive my arcane artifact weapon or restart the questline? I'm considering switching to arcane from frost so the artifact is quite important. Any suggestion is appreciated. Cheers.Burningg2 Oct 26
Oct 26 Can't unlock allied races I recently got exalted with the factions for lightforged and void elfs. I don't have an alliance toon at all, so I just used a class trial and did it no problem. My girlfriends trying to do the same thing, but no quests are at the embassy or anything. She has both pre-reqs completed as even shown on the lightforged banner, but there's no quests or anything. Any suggestions? She's re-logged, re-made the class trial character, she has BFA. The only thing I can think of is maybe waiting for next tuesday reset in case It's some kind of bug? She opened a ticket explaining exactly what was wrong and the GM didn't even read it I think, they just linked her to the wowhead guide...Tuhkoda1 Oct 26
Oct 26 Can't start Hour of Reckoning on new 110 Hey i can't seem to be able to grab the quest "Hour of Reckoning". it says to accept the quest to move on in the campaign. If i go to the location i can't find any npc that has the quest. relogging and reloading didnt workShelnawa1 Oct 26
Oct 26 The Petition to find Kasha a new Home I just want to alert anyone reading that there are some spoilers in this post, and if you don't want to ruin a quest chain in the Hillsbrad foothills I wouldn't read any further. Well, today I decided to experience some of the new content and rolled an undead warlock. I found myself really loving the quests in Trisfal glades and Silverpine forest. It had perfect flow and I found that instead of leveling being this chore I had to do, it was this fun thing that I couldn't get enough of. I got to level 24 in one day, which is something I don't think I would have ever been able to do pre 4.0. So before you read any more, qood work quest development team. I thoroughly enjoyed all the new content thus far. Anyways, I found myself doing the Kingslayer Orkus chain and fell in love with this NPC, he was really interesting and funny. I eventually got to the part where Kasha saves you and Kingslayer Orkus and on the way back to Tarren Mill, he made me promise to find Kasha, his skeletal mount a safe and cold place to live. Unfortunately Blizzard totally forgot to implement the quest that allowed us to keep that promise. I personally think that a "Hero of the Horde!" should get his final wishes. We save her life and she saves our life and what happens to her? Nothing at all! The Alterac mountains could have been a perfect place to put this quest. You could even have a memorial to Kingslayer Orkus who apparently saved the lives of thousands. Please show your support in this thread. Hopefully the Devs will read this thread and implement a quest in the game!Itchni91 Oct 26
Oct 26 Can't Do War Campaign On Alt I've recently switched mains, leveled up to 120 and did the first war campaign. After that, nothing. I can do world quests, but it won't let me do the 2nd and 3rd war campaign quests which I would like because I need people for missions. Any idea why this is happening?Thöriör1 Oct 26
Oct 26 Killing Fleet Master Firallon Is there some secret to killing Fleet Master Firallon at the end of the Booty Bay questline, or am I just to weak too pull it off? I can't get even close to killing him regardless of what strategy I try... Help!Frisson0 Oct 26
Oct 26 Unlocking World Quests in BFA I have never unlocked them and having trouble finding a guide or anything pertaining to the required things to do so. If someone could give me some insight it would be greatly appreciated.Torolocomon4 Oct 26
Oct 26 People disrupting Headless Horseman event in Goldshire. Over the last few days, I've noticed a number of players parking themselves on large mounts standing right on top of the water trough, making it hard for other players to grab buckets to put out the fires. I and many others have reported quite a few of them, but there seems to be more of them every day. Right now, there are three of them all parked on vendor mounts so that players cant even click through them to the water bucket, we get the repair or transmog mouse icon instead. You devs need to put a small parcel around the water trough that dismounts players if they get too close, just like with the timewalking vendors. There are dozens of people standing around complaining at these trolls and they are chatting in local, talking about how much they enjoy ruining other people's play.Plunkett4 Oct 26
Oct 25 Can`t start Stormheim Questline Hello everyone! I did a lot of search on this matter and could not find a solution, so i'm posting here ok? After faction changing this toon, i can't seem to start stormheim questline (0/8 chapters). The Scouting Map is blank (can`t pick up the starting quest there). Also, i've read all blue posts and other player's saying that i should look for Nathanos Blightcaller on the Violet Citadel. Unfortunately he is not there, and neither is the portal for the ship where we salute the rangers. Also, if go to Bladefist bay by myself, the ship is not there. I could not find any other way to start the stormheim questline - and unfortunately, i need it for my hidden combat weapon appereance. All help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!Shockcs14 Oct 25
Oct 25 Finish them and Fire is always the answer I finished both quest with my lvl 85 Blood Elf Hunter and when I go where the question marks are in Thunder Hold, General Nazgrim is nowhere to be found to complete the quests. Is it a glitch or a bug, or is there a secret entrance to some underground chamber underneath Thunder Holm? I repeatedly had to kill many enemies to check if the problem had been solved but so far, I have been stuck. Can anyone help me, please? Thanks in advance.Maldiir26 Oct 25
Oct 25 Cannot find General Nazgrim Hello, my friend and I cannot find General Nazgrim for the quest "Warchief's Command: Jade Forest!" to begin the Pandaria assault. It seems he is not in Grommash Hold, and has apparently been replaced by Lady Sylvanas. Was he moved, and where can we find him?Xaphegore17 Oct 25
Oct 25 Escape from Shaz'Gul Bugged? Is this quest bugged for anyone? I'm trying to complete it on my Shaman alt on Stormrage, and when you almost get to the point of escape, there's a section where 100+ wolves show up and are impossible to kill.Kyrras5 Oct 25
Oct 24 Legion Emissary gave a 340 one hand -_- Not much to say besides it's just stupid to funnel a Ret paladin a prot one-hander. Idk, am I a spoiled brat?Isodar9 Oct 24
Oct 24 Hyjal - How'd you handle the harpy? Spoilers. When it came time to handle poor, defenseless Marion Wormwing, how'd you handle chickenlips? It was an interesting quest to me, because we had no reason to be sympathetic toward harpies... and yet, she was still a defeated, defenseless prisoner, sympathetic or not.Cinnaris4 Oct 24
Oct 23 Don't Play With Matches I know this is badly bugged as I read the posts on that. I did the quest, saw the big ? on the map and went there but of course the required turtle was not. I ran shorelines blindly still no quest giver. Some say he is on a small island some say he is on the North shore. Please can someone tell me where he is. Please? I don't understand numbers like 28.30 or the like.Bigpants0 Oct 23
Oct 23 On arrival in Boralus On arrival you get a female to show you around all the spots. She then proceeds to do nothing but run next to you and is otherwise deaf and dumb. I ticked off basically all the places I am to see except the Harbourmasters office. When I go there it is empty. (when I did this with another char there was a lot of action with people talking and I had to look at the map on the wall and I basically go my first quest's) Now with this char nothing is happening. I stand there deaf and dumb like the girl who is supposed to show me the works and the Harbour guy's room is empty.I asked the guard for directions and the red arrow points me to a locked door across from the Harbour guy's room! This is not a joke. So what am I supposed to do now?Mistywillow2 Oct 23