Nov 1 OOX - Find it yourself, offline. This takes advantage of the quest completion information, which was recently exposed to the API. You can read more about that in this thread: To begin with, you need to know the Quest IDs for the OOX rescue quests. These can be easily found on Wowhead. Hinterlands - Tanaris - Feralas - OOX of Your Own - The number at the end is the ID of the quest. Now, all you need to do is pull your quest list from the server. This is pretty easy; all you need to do is pull it up in a web browser. The format looks like this: (Note: This link will open as a text document in Chrome; if you use Firefox or IE, you may need to save it to disk; it's just a plain text file.) Note that this is mine, not yours. To get yours, replace "destromath" with your realm, and "Pahanda" with your character's name. If your realm includes any punctuation, you can look at your Armory profile on the main website to see what you should use. For example, I have an alternate character on the Aman'Thul realm, named Corbette: And you can easily modify my original link to pull up her quest list: (Note: This link will open as a text document in Chrome; if you use Firefox or IE, you may need to save it to disk; it's just a plain text file.) Once you've gotten the list, you can then look for the quests. For simplicity's sake, search for the following strings (minus quotations, of course): Hinterlands: ",836," Tanaris: ",648," Feralas: ",25476," Pet: ",3721," If you find a match, you've completed that quest. If not, you haven't. It's that easy. Happy chicken-hunting! (This technique will work for any quest, of course, if you know the ID.) EDIT - 12/04/2011: The API results have been changed, formatting-wise. They're now comma-separated, but with no spaces, so I've changed the "match" strings accordingly.Pahanda25 Nov 1
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36m Humongris bugged? Just completed the quest, got some loot and still appears on my map. Any one else?Vuloce0 36m
3h Thirst Unending bugged? First off, I understand the quest is meant for new low level Blood Elf characters but I decided to go do the earlier quests on my DH for the semi easy rep and this is a quest that does not seem to work for my 100 DH. Using the BE Racial does not seem to work for the mana wyrms in the region.Wylathe15 3h
6h Option to view all quest rewards [I made a post about this a few months back, wasn't really sure to bump it or not. Anyway, on-topic.] Is anyone else bothered by this change that only allows quest rewards that are usable by your class? It sure as hell is bothering me. There are many reasons why you'd want items that aren't specific to your class or spec, like if you're levelling enchanting on an alt, or if you want the most valuable item to vendor for extra gold. Even if you just want items for an off-spec, having to change specs just to view the rewards is tedious, and you can't compare the items. If all the additional quest rewards are too confusing for new players, then just add this as an option that is disabled by default.Condred0 6h
7h Balance of Power So, I am almost done with the corrupted essences, but for alts, will there be a catch up mechanic? I looked but didnt find anything saying so, need to be sure cause I really don't feel like grinding out this again :s. Takes too long =/ Or is the skin unlock account wide?Nozari6 7h
7h Good Suramaritan I have been having trouble with this one. I have done all but one quest line, Breaking the Lightbreaker. However, i can not remember if i have started this quest line or not because the quest giver Lyana Darksorrow isn't where she is meant to be. I have looked all over Felsoul Hold for anything that looked unusual and to no avail. Is there anything i can do to find out what i am missing from this quest line? Thank you!Mallwen3 7h
7h Essence of Aman'thul have disappeared All of the essence of Aman'thul has vanished from my bags -- including the two i just got from a world quests box. Anyone else have this problem?Shachar2 7h
7h WQ iLvL I guess I expected the max iLvL of WQ rewards would be increased with the release of NH. They're now 10 iLvLs behind current unrated BG gear and 30 iLvLs behind normal NH raids. Just wondering when / if the rewards will be increased? Perhaps not until broken shore re-opens now I guess.Sacremento1 7h
10h Arcan'dor; full grown or unstable? I keep asking myself the same thing: For the continuation of the Suramar storyline, what is better; a full grown and healthy Arcan'dor or an unhealthy and unstable Arcan'dor?Ues0 10h
15h Can't find Moon Guard Stronghold questline I've searched everywhere but I can't find any questgiver for the Moon Guard Stronghold questline. Of course I've been all over Moon Guard. In fact, I can't find ANY questgiver anywhere in Suramar since I've done them all. I'm exalted with Nightfallen. I wonder if I started the first quest a while ago when I was levelling but there's nothing in my quest log and no sign of any followup quests anywhere in Moonguard. If it helps i did find a little thingy in Moon Guard that opened a portal back to Shal'Aran, but that didn't seem to lead to anything else. This is my LAST STEP for loremaster. Help! Does it drop from a mob or something?Emdr12 15h
17h Unable to turn in Rooks Guard & Maievs Trail Cannot turn in quests to Jarod Shadowsong although they say "ready to turn-in". Already opened a ticket, seeing if I can get a quicker response from the community. Let me know if anyone has resolved this issue.Skurjic16 17h
18h Balance of Power Does this expansion hate alts or switching characters? No one is going to be running EN now that Nighthold is open. How are we suppose to finish this.Zydus1 18h
19h The Keys to Success In regards to the Keys to Success quest, part of this week's archaeology quest chain. At some point you pour molten slag(described in the quest item flavor text as red-hot metal, ready to be poured into a mold). Slag is the waste product found on top of molten iron or other metals after refining or smelting. It is always removed before the use of the metal.Narbin0 19h
19h Unlock weapon skins "Balance of Power" How do I get Balance of Power questline done? I have beaten nighthold and got the saber mount from the quest. I have full exalted rep with them and am 49 traits into my weapon. 25 AK. I have Unleashed monstrosities and level 15 keystone completed on time and to my understanding I cant use the other two weapons till I get this unlocked. Do I have to wait for 7.2 to unlock it?Dahlon3 19h
19h Order of the cloud serpent? i need help so i recently boosted from 1 to 100 mage with the legion update, i wanted to get one of the serpent mounts so i knew i had to go to the aurbatorium in the Jade forest (sorry for bad spelling). when i get there, there are only 2 quests that are available and they were too low level of quests to even get me on the board for having rep at the order of the cloud serpent? what i need to know is if i have to get a quest that will bring me to the aurbatorium or what do i have to do to start the rep at all? my reputation there is at 0... can someone please help.. thanks!Zandellana2 19h
19h Kirin Tor Emissary Quests So I'm stuck at 2 of 3 emissary quests for Kirin Tor because I have to do either Enigma or Like the Wind neither of which I am able to complete. They are gimmick quests that have no reason to exist. I noticed that Blizzard dropped this requirement from 4 to 3 quests undoubtedly just because of the problem these two quests have created. The better solution is to get rid of both of them.Stellan0 19h
20h Abandoned a quest need help! So I did my "in the blink of an eye" quest. An a npc spawned an gave me the artifact quest. I abandoned it an cant get it back now.Araliun16 20h
20h Mr Floppy's Perilous Adventure So I was going through Grizzly Hills and figured I'd do this quest again. About halfway down the hill Emily just stopped walking, then despawned, while Mr Floppy kept going, where as usual he was eaten by the second wolf. With Emily gone, Mr Floppy didn't resurrect and the quest failed as expected. Tried it a second time with the same issue, only Emily stopped walking after the first wolf attack on Mr Floppy. I remember this quest having issues when it first came out two years ago, anyone else tried it recently with a similar issue?Pelia11 20h
20h Black Rook Rumble - Bugged Spawn Rate? I've been going after the Prestigious war mount for awhile now, and finished off the other 3 FFAs awhile ago. For some reason though, it seems like BRR gets skipped through the FFA cycle completely and does not spawn. I'd say for the past 2 weeks I've completed BRR maybe 3-4 times tops, but during that same time span I've probably seen 10+ Bareback brawls or Murloc Freedom quests. Is the spawn rate really that low, and if it is is that intended or not?Actionblaxon5 20h
21h ETTIN YOUR FOOT IN THE DOOR ENTRANCE Hey posted this in general forum but thought i would here also. I noticed no ettin your foot in the door entrance videos. So i made one due to lots of people not being able to find it in the raids i have been in.ì0 21h
22h Mysterious Cude Once the quest is complete and you've looted your Mysterious Cude toy, the cube quest item remains in your bag--should it be manually deleted, or is there a future purpose I'm missing?Midguard0 22h
1d Bareback Brawl WQ Question So I was in Stormheim doing the Bareback Brawl PvP WQ and was suddenly killed by some shaman FLYING a blue Stormheim Drake ... I started to read thru Stormheim quest, checked out the drake at Cullen's Post and Google'd any info I could ... and came up with nothing. Am I missing something about this quest that people are allowed to FLY (not allowed in Legion) and can PvP from mounts in this area of Stormheim?Apokaveri7 1d
1d Can't find The Right Color I've looked for two days in between doing all the other quests in the area where the quest marker for "the Right Color" is, I even made a macro for both types of squid to target them. Where da fug are they???? I've yet to see a single fuggen squid of any type. Knowing the drop rate is going to be really low even when I do find them is seriously disappointing. Blizz hates crafters.Civet1 1d
1d Essence of Aman'Thul overcaps I had 48/50 Essence of Aman'Thul and when I finished my 2v2's it gave me 5 Essence of Aman'Thul thus putting me at 53/50.. but the quest takes all of them away.. making the next upgrade start at 0/50. Why not make them a currency that the quest takes from so people don't lose out of X amount of Essence of Aman'Thul.Paldale1 1d
1d Quest tracker Anyone know of an up to date addon that will track my old quests for me? I kow there used to be such programs but all the ones I knew about havent been updated in a while.Rockster3 1d
1d Help! Can't Find Final Quest in a Chain Just did a long chain quest to get this axe for transmog But when I got to the final quest the NPC did not offer it. Not sure if it's broken or if I have to start another quest line. Here's the quests I did Quest Line 1[H] - - "The Hand of Gul'Dan" 2 - - "Enraged Spirits of Fire and Earth" 3 - - "Enraged Spirits of Water" 4* - - "Enraged Spirits of Air" 5 - - "Oronok Torn-Heart" 6* - - "I Was A Lot Of Things..." - Most annoying quest ever implemented in World of Warcraft. 7 - - "A Lesson Learned" 8 - - "The Cipher of Damnation - Truth and History" At this point, the quests diverge into three separate lines (which can be done in any order) for each of Oronok's three sons who will in turn help you obtain the three Fragments of Damnation. Quest Line I - First Fragment of Damnation 1 - - "Grom'tor, Son of Oronok" 2 - - "The Cipher of Damnation - Grom'tor's Charge" 3* - - "The Cipher of Damnation - The First Fragment Recovered" Quest Line II - Second Fragment of Damnation 1 - "Ar'tor, Son of Oronok" 2 - - "Demonic Crystal Prisons" 3 - - "Lohn'goron, Bow of the Torn-heart" 4 - - "The Cipher of Damnation - Ar'tor's Charge" 5* - - "The Cipher of Damnation - The Second Fragment Recovered" Quest Line III - Third Fragment of Damnation 1 - "Borak, Son of Oronok" 2 - - "Of Thistleheads and Eggs..." 3 - - "The Bundle of Bloodthistle" 4 - - "To Catch A Thistlehead" 5 - - "The Shadowmoon Shuffle" 6 - - "What Illidan Wants, Illidan Gets..." 7 - - "The Cipher of Damnation - Borak's Charge" 8* - "The Cipher of Damnation - The Third Fragment Recovered" After completing the quests for the three Fragments of Damnation, the lines converge and you need to kill one last boss. Final* - - "The Cipher of Damnation" The Final part "The Cipher of Damnation" is the quest that the NPC is not offering.Mechatron5 1d
1d Have never seen a cooking WQ I have 2 characters that I've played but I have yet to ever see a cooking world quest. Is there some kind of pre-req before I can start seeing the slab of bacon quests?Gennbu5 1d
1d Soulcarver Voss I have this quest complete and ready to turn in but it shows the question mark at the fountain? I cant find it anywhere? Any suggestions on what to do?Logoth8 1d
1d Kirin Tor Emissary Reward (Exalted) This is just a suggestion to update the reward for those who are exalted, either have the reputation items be BOA or offer a gold reward as an alternative to those who are already exalted.Meroko2 1d
1d Trouble has huge feet I am unable to turn in this quest. I think i picked it up farther along. The area with the wagons is completely empty and there is no NPC next to the kittens. How do I turn this quest in?Cathae2 1d
1d Quest Name Change Like the Wind needs to be renamed to Patience vs. Internet Lag because that's what the !@#$ these quests are. A contest of internet connection. If you have even a little bit of a slower connection, the delay in the reset of the Air Dash means you're not able to dash until you're already below the next you fail. Over and over and over and over and over. And this is with trying to time the Air Dashes at the moment you get to the top of the current bubble. For %^-*s sake Blizzard, give Air Dash at least a SLIGHT upward movement when activatedThrallzballz0 1d
2d Pal Order Hall quest: Vault of the Wardens I finished the quest and there is a green check next to it but when I try to turn it in to Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker it appears that the quest is not done. Am I missing something?Valeidia4 2d
2d epic stafft on my priest do I really have to get the epic staff to get a fly pat to broken island ?Pepeloco1 2d
2d Finish them and Fire is always the answer I finished both quest with my lvl 85 Blood Elf Hunter and when I go where the question marks are in Thunder Hold, General Nazgrim is nowhere to be found to complete the quests. Is it a glitch or a bug, or is there a secret entrance to some underground chamber underneath Thunder Holm? I repeatedly had to kill many enemies to check if the problem had been solved but so far, I have been stuck. Can anyone help me, please? Thanks in advance.Maldiir19 2d
2d Argent Vanguard quests on Icecrown Hello, I'm working on the Icecrown quests achievement and notice the first Argent Dawn quests did not count for it. So the question it, is it worth to complete them from a story standpoint? No spoilers please! Thanks!Boogeycow3 2d
2d Low Level Quests - Cannot Complete There is a major problem with trying to go back and do low level quests, a problem that will only get worse as more insta-90's appear with the next expansion. Some quests you just can't complete because it requires enemies to be low in life, yet, Undead have a racial passive (Touch of the Grave) that does over 13,000 damage when it procs, and that kills most low level enemies. Basically, need a way to turn off passive abilities, or alter quests so that they can be done before an enemy is low in health. Just an annoyance I've found.Deadseksi20 2d
2d Quest Deliverance from the Pit Bugged I wanted to enter Halls of Reflection with my hunter for a Bow, but to enter i must to the Pit of Saron Quest, and i think its bugged because i don't see lady Sylvanas on the map to turn in (inside instance).Galeojisan3 2d
2d Netherwing Faction Bug? I just started the Kindness quest chain towards the Netherwing Faction, and whenever the dragons are supposed to be friendly, they aggro on me. In the quest "An Act Of Kindness," the drakes are supposed to turn friendly after feeding. Nope. For "The Force of Neltharaku" the Enslaved drakes are supposed to turn friendly after you use the quest item on them. Also nope. Is there something wrong here or am I just being stupid? Update: I finished the quest. I had to wait a good 30s-1min for the drakes to turn friendly though. Still don't know what's causing the problem.Notadoggo2 2d
2d Need help!lost quest " all nightmare long " In val Sharah completing the main story lines in the Area. All was going well until tyrande brought me to kill the corrupted yresa dragon, once the dragon was killed the cut scenes occur and whIle that was happening i was disconnect from the server.. so I logged back in and to my surprise i was standing exactly where tyrande was to complete the quest ..but she had no indication over her head, it gliched out and therefore I couldn't talk to her to complete I abandoned the quest, hoping it would send me back to tyrande to continue where I left off.. but of course it didn't.. spent the last two hours looking for her, found her in the cave by star song refuge but had no quest ...and that's only place I've found her.... any help would be much appreciated.. their should be a system that allows you to retrieve abandon missions...thanks! This game is junk by the wayChandrian0 2d
2d Cannot quest in Draenor I cannot figure out what I am doing wrong. I am trying to do the quests to fly in Draenor, but NONE of the quest start point are showing up. I have tried the addons (several of them) to help with that and the online guides. I travel to where the quests are supposed to begin and either noone is there or the person indicated in the guides is not there. One of the addons I use the most is always shows lots to quest exclamation points, but none of them are in the actual game...please help!Nianaan1 2d
2d Cluster Clutch Quest I'm trying to continue the Cluster Clutch quest for the legendary daggers in Dragon Soul. I have 200+ gems and want to finish it, but I no longer have the quest. Unfortunately, I can't find Wrathion anywhere (wowhead says he should be at Ravenholdt) and, therefore, can't find the quest to pick up again and continue. To my understanding, I should be able to pick Cluster Clutch up again, which comes from Wrathion in Ravenholdt. Is that information wrong? Do I have to do the whole chain over again? I had a faction change not too long ago. Could this have triggered the behavior I'm witnessing?Jabberhut2 2d
3d Alignment Change - Scryers & Aldor? At the Temple of Light in Shattrath City in Terrokar - I chose Aldor but actually wanted Scryers. I went back to Khadgar but there's no longer an option to change. Am I stuck with the Aldor?Rhineleanor1 3d
3d Bugged, No reason to stay quest Enea's Family evacuated isnt working,èditate4 3d
3d Vashj'ir 94/130 I seem to have broken the quest chain in Vashj'ir, the last quest I have done was going around and helping fallen comrads agains the naga. Then I lost quests. I went all over the place found a side quest chain that has to do with "Gnaws" I finished that chain and now I have been searching and swiming for a while trying to find new quests, I checked all the aliance flight points that didnt help and I even tried heading near the horde ones. I am not sure where to go for the next set of quests :(Icecapture2 3d
3d Quest Chain In Blade's Edge Mountains? I finished the quest line in Hellfire Peninsula in Outland, and now I'm finding that the quests in Zangamarsh are way too easy, even if the mobs are the same level as me or even one better. So, I want to start the Blade's Mountain quest chain, but how do I get the one to start there?Rhineleanor2 3d
3d Nightbane - Old Karazhan So, I am really wanting to get to Nightbane in the old Karazhan, but I heard you have to finish the looooooooooong questline beforehand. I'm not 100% sure where that questline starts, but basically I accepted a quest in Shattrath City that I then turn into Archmage Alturus in front of Karazhan. Problem is, I see a little question mark on the mini map where I should be turning in my quest, but Alturus has no quest for me to actually turn in. Is this a bug? Is the questline no longer no longer available? I really wanted to kill Nightbane to get the shield he drops. :(Aurina2 3d
3d So..the stupid Class Order timegate. Alright guys, it's 7.1.5, game has been out for months. You're already doing things like giving away Artifact Knowledge level 20 specifically so people can catch up and get alts into raiding shape sooner, which is great! ...then you go ahead and leave the third relic slot gated behind sitting around staring at your "totally not a garrison" for days just so you can unlock 40-50 item levels on your most important piece of gear. It's a joke. What's the point of this? Just give us the third relic slot on alts at the same time you give us the first class hall equipment piece. Make new accounts do it the old way once.Eliazer1 3d
3d Arluin's Request Quest Bugged - Patch 7.1 I'm unable to finish the Arluin's Request quest in Suramar because the arcan'dor fruit is unavailable for the quest. I have already completed the quest to give the fruit to the three main NPCs in Shal'Aran, but am still unable to complete this one particular quest. Tried abandoning and re-accepting and still the same issue. Worse, I think this bug is preventing me from starting the new patch 7.1 quests in Suramar. Anyone else having this issue, and if so how is this fixed?Jostoric12 3d
3d First quest that gives a ring? Hey all! Was doing the lord of the rings challenge (got trolled by my friend n died D: )anyways! Was just curious, what's the first quest that gives a ring? Thanks! :) For alliance if you can think of any!Abragru2 3d