Mar 2, 2013 Guo-Lai Caches not spawning? Every site I've read says that the caches spawn fairly quickly (2-10 minutes tops). Yet, I've been in here running around the main room, the stairs, and the ritual chamber for about 30 minutes and I have yet to see any caches? Is this a bug?Spechunt3 Mar 2, 2013
Mar 2, 2013 The Bigger They Come... This is, perhaps, the most poorly designed quest I have ever had the displeasure of dying on multiple times.Contraire19 Mar 2, 2013
Mar 2, 2013 Quick question about Shado Pan. Hey guys! Just a quick question about the Shado pan. How much reputation can you get before you get revered with the Golden Lotus and open the quest hub with them? I am currently at 223/12000 honored from questing in Townlong Steppes, just wondering. Thanks!Exodarian2 Mar 2, 2013
Mar 2, 2013 The Waters of Teldrassil is the waters of teldrassil glitched i have an old night elf hunter from before the hunters got a pet at the beginning and i am trying to finnish this quest but i can't find the guy i am to hand the water to i see the question mark but no npcKajiraerin1 Mar 2, 2013
Mar 2, 2013 The Rockpool Murlocs in Blasted Lands. I finish the questline and they are still enslaved by the naga. This makes me very sad :( I say a couple follow-up quests should be added...allowing them to be freed. Perhaps a quest to kill the naga leader of the area? Just a thought. I'm sure I'm not the only person to be saddened by the Rockpool Murlocs' fate :(Taxcut3 Mar 2, 2013
Mar 2, 2013 Stressed by Sra'vess I generally don't like to post, but at this point I have to vent somewhere. I don't know if it's the unreliable rogue companion, the layout and spawn rate of the mantid, or maybe I am missing some crucial part of the mechanics for running these dailies without incident but... I absolutely loathe the Shado-Pan dailies in Sra'vess. Now, let me be clear, I don't mind a challenge. It helps me get better as a player, but I'm not gaining anything from this quest line except elevated blood pressure and a complete lack of motivation to grind it out the next time it appears in the rotation. Am I alone in this? Are there people out there who enjoy this series? Is there a trick I am missing? I'm genuinely curious because as I am typing this my toon's ghost is sitting at the graveyard and the idea of respawning to try and pull one mantid and somehow getting eight again is none too appealing. #endrantAskätla10 Mar 2, 2013
Mar 2, 2013 The Importance of Dailies is a Big Mistake When Blizz. first instituted the daily heroic, daily dungeon quests (in WotlK), they quickly determined that the daily requirement alienated a group of players that could not complete them on a daily basis, so the system was changed and the “daily” restriction was expanded to a “weekly” one. This was a good solution to a problem that Blizz., for some time, focused on: the unintentional alienation of players. That said, it seems that Blizz. has forgotten or disregarded that commitment with its heavy focus on dailies in recent patches/MoP. Not only are they important, if not mandatory, for raiders for the chance at extra loot, but they are also now integral in the production of high-end item-enhancements (enchants, patterns, etc.). This leaves someone like myself, who can only really play about two or three days out of the week, at a grave disadvantage and, to make matters worse, it seems that Blizz. has positioned dailies as a central item going forward. It is clear that this devotion to dailies is not the best thing for all WoW players, and it must be reconsidered.Darkelizer2 Mar 2, 2013
Mar 2, 2013 Rune cloth and rugged leather I've been all over the place and haven't been able to locate any 'rune clothes' or 'rugged leather'. Do I have to make these 'items' or will I find/loot them? I now have two quest's that require 'rune clothes': "They Grow Up So Fast" and "Rune Cloth". Please, If I need to make these things let me know so I can head to Orgrimar for training.Younamemudd2 Mar 2, 2013
Mar 1, 2013 i need help with the burning scroll quest. ohkay, i have seen others people post about how the flame just happens to appear in your bag after taking the quest. this did not happen to me, and i have tried clicking on the flame in master shang Xi's hand. that does not work either, he just pops up a message saying something about how there will come a time when you must just trust your instincts and just act. please help me out. :3 sorry if this question seems stupid, but i have not played in a really long time. <3 thank you for your help.Bloodysun2 Mar 1, 2013
Mar 1, 2013 Questing vs. Dungeons If I have full heirlooms, would it be faster to quest or to just heal dungeons to 90?Morphyne1 Mar 1, 2013
Mar 1, 2013 Golden Lotus Achievements i am still hanging on to a few of the golden lotus achievements even though I hit exalted. I would much rather work on another faction instead of doing those still but would also like to get the achievements finished. Is there any possible way (besides asking people lol) to see what dailys are available that day without having to do them? *I need the crumbling hall & survival ring of blades for those interested lolIsaboo1 Mar 1, 2013
Feb 28, 2013 Goblin Engineering I am having a problem turning in this quest. It says to turn it in with any Engineering trainer in a major city I have tried to do so in Stormwind and in Iron Forge and it will not let me complete it. I am bummin out! lol anyone have any ideas? I tried logging out and back in. didn't work (update: I'm a twit, still had part of the stuff in the bank...sorry, still learning, obviously!)Gorgonna0 Feb 28, 2013
Feb 28, 2013 Help with silver Can someone tell me where i can find silver to mine, i have a quest that needs me to get 1 bar of silver and i can find every material to mine except silver of course,lol. thanks in advancePyrtan3 Feb 28, 2013
Feb 28, 2013 How to reach "The Bomb" in Silverwind Refuge There's a big bomb with an exclamtion point on top of a goblin contraption in Silverwind Refuge, Ashenvale. I can't figure out how to reach the top of the contraption to get close enough to the bomb to click on it. I've spent a good while trying to reach it. I climb up the ramps, but can only get so close.Drusilla13 Feb 28, 2013
Feb 28, 2013 MoP Daily Guide The Arboretum - Jade Forest (Order of the Cloud Serpent) The Halfhill Market- Valley of the Four Winds (The Tillers) Kypari Ik - Dread Wastes (Klaxxi) The Golden Pagoda - Valley of Eternal Blossoms (Golden Lotus) Angler's Wharf - Krasarang Wilds (Angler's) Yan-lai summit - Kota Base Camp There is the list of dailys and locations and what rep you get I also have a guide check it out would help A lot tytyty <3 Feb 28, 2013
Feb 28, 2013 Mossy Boulder quest not showing up. I'm exalted with the Tillers, and finished the Yip Yip melon quest, there was a little cutscene welcoming me to the Tillers, but after this there are no quests showing up. Did I miss something?Thorhammer2 Feb 28, 2013
Feb 28, 2013 Does it get any worse than Bloodmyst Isle.. A while ago I decided to level up a few alts and try to get the Loremaster Achieves as I go. All has gone swimmingly so far except for one thing. Yesterday I started doing the Bloodmyst Isle quests, and I have to say it is probably the most terribly designed zone for questing in the entire game. I need to do 60 quests here, there is no thought of efficiency in quest progression, all the quest giverss (and the mobs needed for the quests) are scattered across the entire zone. I've spent at least twice as long here as in any other zone, and I've only completed 22 quests. It's really awful. I know that it is part of the outdated BC model (terrible quest and zone design) so my question is: Are there any zones that are worse or as bad as this? I want to be able to set aside the appropriate amount of time and energy.Minigame2 Feb 28, 2013
Feb 27, 2013 Guardians of Hyjal: Call of the Ancients. I got this quest. I go to Hyjal but I can not do it. Just curious why not.Commodus13 Feb 27, 2013
Feb 27, 2013 So confused with how to start dailies. People are telling me that I have to get Golden Lotus up to something like revered to activate the Shadowpan and the August Celestial dailies, but then I read that the Golden Lotus rep was removed in order to buy the gear from those factions, so does that mean that I should be able to somehow do the dailies for them? Wowhead still lists a required breadcrumb quest in order to activate the Shadowpan dailies, which is the quest where you have to get your Golden Lotus rep up. If this required quest is no longer required, I still do not see the dailies. Do I have to do regular quests before they open up? I have so many questions because everything is so unclear. I fear that since they changed rep requirements in one of the recent patches that the information I'm being given by players is old since they probably had to get the Lotus rep up months ago when they first went through it. This is my first time though. Help?Apaladintank6 Feb 27, 2013
Feb 27, 2013 Problem with a Golden Lotus daily! Hi there, This MIGHT be a stupid question and the answer might be obvious, BUT I am having a problem with the daily "Given a second chance" in Golden Lotus... I have the bandages to heal the pandas, but there's one problem... The pandas aren't there. Just wanting to know if anyone else has had problems with the daily or any suggestions of what I could do would be great :D P.s. I've already tried abandoning and accepting again, didn't work...Linglanglia3 Feb 27, 2013
Feb 27, 2013 Ellia Ravenmane How does one go about defeating this quest NPC solo? On a iLevel 432 combat rogue, I can't even get this NPC down past 75% before dying. She just seems to do a massive amount of physical damage. I can't find anybody willing to help out either :(Cattyerine8 Feb 27, 2013
Feb 27, 2013 LFG A Change of Command (Alliance) If any alliance is making a group for the quest please add me battle tag: wingless#1216Ashly0 Feb 27, 2013
Feb 27, 2013 How to open doors in Niuzao temples Hi how do I open the doors in the Niuzao temples so I can buy my JP gearIbangnoos2 Feb 27, 2013
Feb 27, 2013 Guard-Perfume Quest I don't know how to finish this quest? I have 3/6 done.. but now every guard I walk up to it says "you cant do that yet"? I don't know why.. I'm waiting for the spell to cool down, and I'm not doing it to the same guards? Help please..Pvpchick1 Feb 27, 2013
Feb 26, 2013 Temple of the Red Crane I have completed the initial quest were you inspire 6 monks by killing the mobs near them and killed the 18 Maw of despair/ haunt. After doing this i turned in the quest and no further quest appeared, but Anduin still spawns everytime i go near the temple. I have searched all around and in the temple and nothing.I also checked the Zhu`s Watch having read thats a common location to miss this quest line. So please please someone out there have this same problem and a solution???Pizzas0 Feb 26, 2013
Feb 26, 2013 Pet battle quests not available I trained pet battling and couldn't find any quests. I've been leveling anyway, but it wont let me challenge masters without the quests :\ Any help?Porimlys3 Feb 26, 2013
Feb 26, 2013 Tillers! #Problematic I've been attempting to do the Tillers dailies. but most of the daily quests lead me up to the mountain, which is trouble-seem ,because the thing is I don't have the Passive: Wisdom of the four winds which costs 2500 gold (Simply because im broke) Is there any other way to scale the mountain? like a footpath im missing, or hot air balloon to fly up there? because ive literally done a whole search surrounding the mountain, and cannot find a way to get into the mountain by foot. Please let me know If there is a way! Aegisful3 Feb 26, 2013
Feb 26, 2013 How many dailies in a day? I've been gone a couple of months. Could someone please tell me the max amount of Mists dailies you can complete in one day? I completed a few today. Now when I check my quest log, there is no more, 'daily quests XX/25' on top like I am used to seeing. It just says quests 'Quests XX/25' - which I believe refers to how many overall quests I can hold in my quest log at any one time, not dailies. Didn't there used to be a counter for how many more daily quests you can complete in the day? Maybe there is no more limit?Zenjango8 Feb 26, 2013
Feb 26, 2013 Fear Itself Just picked up the quest Fear Itself, which requires me to kill the Sha of Fear in the Terrace of Endless Spring, and loot the Chimera of Fear. My question is this: If I have already completed the LFR version of the Terrace of Endless Spring, will that have any effect if I kill the Sha of Fear again? In other words, will I still be able to loot the Chimera of Fear if I am already saved to the LFR version and gotten loot from the Sha? If so, no biggie, I'll wait until after maintenance tomorrow. But would love to get my +500 gem tonight.Giresse2 Feb 26, 2013
Feb 26, 2013 Dailies --- How Do I Begin? Hello all, I have to admit that this is a relatively n00bish question and the fact that I'm having trouble with this seemingly simple process is incredibly frustrating to me. Unfortunately, try as I might, I am unable to begin the Golden Lotus Daily quests and have no idea of how to proceed. Here is what I've tried so far. I completed the quest-line which opens the gate to the Vale which I had thought was the breadcrumb to dailies. It appears that assumption was incorrect. My friend told me that upon hitting 90 he received a quest in his log that opened the daily quests up for him, but I don't believe I received this (though it's possible that in my exuberance I somehow missed it). I've looked online and used the Search button on this forums, but found the results less than helpful. I assume that the solution is a rather simple one, and that ignorance is the only barrier impeding my progress. Thanks in advanced, - LDLonedisciple1 Feb 26, 2013
Feb 26, 2013 what are requirements of these dailies in... these dailies that gives lesser good fortune something like that, when i notice elder sage tai gives them but he isn't giving me any. Are there requirements to do these dailies? I like to know on how to start them and what to do.Rissy2 Feb 26, 2013
Feb 25, 2013 Reduce quest item CD for "The Path of Glory" The quest "The Path of Glory" requires to cleanse trampled skeletons and I can't believe that since BC, this quest has not been improved! The quest items has a 10 second cooldown! Why do we have to wait 10 seconds before we can cleanse another skeleton? I cleanse a skeleton and it takes less than 2 seconds to walk to another one and the 5 to 8 second downtimes is kinda annoying.Suuyung1 Feb 25, 2013
Feb 25, 2013 No Rest For the Wicked -Quest I can't get this quest for Loremaster. Can't get the one before it either [Need More Info] although i do have the Thesis. I completed all leveling quests in IC way back when on my DK. I am using Zygor Guides to do Loremaster. Anyone have a list of the Loremaster Quests for IC in order of completion? ThanksEzmaralda1 Feb 25, 2013
Feb 25, 2013 LFM A Change of Command [Horde} Getting group together now, 8:05 PM EST, need tank and a few more DPS. Add magedoc#1316Magedoc4 Feb 25, 2013
Feb 25, 2013 Why can't I cook the Amorous Roosters? Any decent farmer will tell you that 17 roosters and one (presumably exhausted) hen is not a good balance for a yard, nor very productive when it comes to eggs. Forget dunking them in water. I want to dunk them in stew.Farmbuyer2 Feb 25, 2013
Feb 24, 2013 regarding the black prince quest should i save my 10 sigils of wisdom and power for after the new patch comes out, or does it matter?Souleither3 Feb 24, 2013
Feb 24, 2013 Sha-Touched Weapons. Do we have to keep these weapons in our banks for the questline or can we vender them when we get better ones from ToT? I remember hearing that they were going to be upgraded with the questline but I think with all these new parts of the questline that the idea has gone the way of the Abyssal Maw raid. Can we get a blue post with a answer please.Zagara1 Feb 24, 2013
Feb 24, 2013 The lair of to get in? I found the swirling portals, but I cannot just go into it and plant Brogg's flag. It says "Requires entrance to the Lair of Onyxia". I thought I was AT the entrance, but apparently I have to go through that portal somehow. On the web, I found some info that says it requires the Drakefire Amulet, which I can only obtain by completing yet another long quest. I could do that, but I met a guy outside the cave who says he "just goes in". On reflection I bet he was talking about the gates, not the portal. Do I need the Drakefire amulet and if so, how do I get it?Nubiedude2 Feb 24, 2013
Feb 24, 2013 lvl 80 Druid is stuck! Hi, I have done the quests in Vash'jir and Hyjal at 80 on two seperate charcters with no problems. Then I get my resto druid to 80 and go questing. I have found that I am too weak to do any damage to the mobs. I also tried the quest as feral and run into the same problems. I dont remember ever having these issues on my other characters and was wondering what I should do?Esairin5 Feb 24, 2013
Feb 24, 2013 Lou's Parting Thoughts It seems since CRZ was implimented, this quest takes 5 times longer to complete because you have to kill each of the thugs that's there. With 4 to 5 other people around you, this is hard. (People refuse to group up to quest nowadays.) Anyone else feel the same way?Arinda0 Feb 24, 2013
Feb 23, 2013 Good Alliance filled zones I am currently leveling a level 34 rogue, but I am continuously being ganked due to a nearby archaeology site or Horde Capital city. What zones can I find that don't have level 90's crawling all over the place?Fallestar0 Feb 23, 2013
Feb 23, 2013 Legendary quests and Faction xfer so if im say 916/1000 seething cinders for [Time Grows Short], will it reset upon faction changing? also will i have to redo anything on the Wration quest chain?Zhabri1 Feb 23, 2013
Feb 23, 2013 Favorite pandaria questing zone ? Hey just curious as to what your guys favorite and least favorite questing zones are in pandaria? Based upon entertaining value, overall fun, and scenery/geography of the zone !Thepoison0 Feb 23, 2013
Feb 22, 2013 Blood and Thunder! Vasj'ir This quest, early in the Horde chain, is still quite broken. You can aggro 3-4 naga by just standing around and then you'll die very quickly, as you haven't received any Cataclysm level armor yet. What gives? This is easy. There shouldn't be any way for me to aggro additional naga. There should be 1-2 naga for me to kill, and then the shaman should do his thing. The current version kills you mercilessly and takes forever. I love Vashj'ir, but the quest makes me long for Hyjal... I've done Vashj'ir three times, but my warrior is currently stuck. Should I submit a bug or is Blizz content with this?Laggrut2 Feb 22, 2013
Feb 22, 2013 Noob question regarding Lovely charm bracelet Why are so many people buying them in bulk? Some people buy as much as 100 or more. What do they do with so many Lovely Charm Bracelets? Do they give them to friends or what? I haven't been following this eventBrunelleski2 Feb 22, 2013
Feb 22, 2013 Cross realm dailies I do dailies with a buddy because it goes MUCH FASTER but he's on another server. Today, however, I discovered that we didn't get the same quests. Tried to drop the quests and start again, tried a different party leader, ect but nothing worked. Did blizzard remove the ability to do cross realm dailies? If so, I'm pissed because they take too freaking long to complete on one's ownIsachickirl3 Feb 22, 2013
Feb 22, 2013 Shield wall, Thank you Blizz for this ^_^ At first i groaned and sighed about a new faction that required us to grind dailies to get gear, this one i swore i would never do as i don't pvp on my pally and well who wants to do new content and not on their main :P But anyway i got over my fear of pvp on my paladin by getting bubble hearth glyph and choosing hours where certain horde guilds were asleep and not in the area ^_^ And i gotta say, despite being killed a lot of times because my hearth is on cd x| I really enjoyed the Shield wall dailies and the rep quests, it feels so much better when i get new and exciting quests when my rep hits a certain level. yes i know how long they have been out but pvp scares me on my pally D: again Thank you blizz for this, its dailies like these i don't mind grinding because of the interesting story behind the quests :DArytom1 Feb 22, 2013
Feb 22, 2013 Max level World Since the introduction of phasing, phased zones, and cross-realm zones, I've wondered something. Could it be possible to make a viable world where all old content has a version scaled up for max level? (tl;dr version at bottom) Just keep the gear and loot relatively the same. I mean if every dungeon had a max level version it could be made to where only the new content dungeons give out the high level gear. Like say for example with the current patch. Keep SM, Scholo, and all the MoP 5 mans the same as they are now but make every other instance out there from Ragefire Chasm up to Hour of Twilight into a scaled up level 90 version with the same gear and loot rewards. Or even better there could be a system in place where when you do the older dungeons you have the chance for an epic mount to drop or some other vanity item. There are plenty of possibilities and it's not like the instances would need as much work or need to be remade like say SM or Scholo. I just think that it would be fun to be able to enjoy older content without having to make and level another toon or without having to feel a mere shadow of what the content is supposed to be due to being such a high level. The same goes for raids and quests. Not to mention the fact that when I do make a new toon to see content I missed I end up going through a lot of content I've seen already and typically I level so fast that i STILL miss tons of content that I wanted to experience. With this kind of setup I believe it would make class quests all the more viable. So what if one class experiences one particular quest chain that you don't, you get to experience HUNDREDS of quest chains all feeling the way they should rather than some weak meaningless experience as a lot of them do now. Heck it could even be set up to where a level 90 version of the world exists and you get to see the results of what happened after each quest chain. Possibly introducing new conflicts, quest, chains, etc. Sort of a progressively growing world. The possibilities are endless. It would thrill me to no end to play through all of the old quest lines that I missed out on without having to feel like I'm playing old content. If the rewards are the same or altered to be rare drop epic vanity items I don't see what the harm could be. I would have a blast with my guild running through Black Temple suited for level 90 players. I feel that it would also help give everyone a sense that the big time baddies from the past aren't pansies when compared to something like a rare mantid on Pandaria. It feels really crappy when you think about how Illidan is an easier boss right now than the hardest possible bosses in any MoP raid. I feel like if Blizzard could pull something like this off it would be HUGE. Like I know I would play a LOT more if that happened, and I'm sure a lot of people would. If anything it wouldn't really have any negatives if it were done right. It would also be a very good way of giving players something else to do rather than raid, do dailies, or pvp. The way I see it there are a couple of ways this could be done. First off is phasing. When you hit 90 you enter a phase where all old content is suited to level 90. And with the cross-realm zone system you would get to interact with plenty of other people doing the same content. Of course if you didn't want to do the 90 version you could have some sort of option to switch between phases or have each individual quest giver have the option of doing one version or the other. Now of course phasing would take some work and resources so maybe it wouldn't be the best way. Perhaps instead there would be an option at every single quest giver that let's you decide if you want to do the original version or the level 90 version. Now of course there would have to be a way to separate the level 90 version and the original which could indeed be done with phasing. However it may be plausible to have some sort of buff/debuff setup that is applied to you or the mobs you engage to scale it that way. Please share your thoughts on this kind of idea and give any suggestions you have as to how Blizzard could go about doing something like this. Personally I really think it could be done and would be a fantastic addition to the game. TL;DR - Have Blizzard implement a means of experiencing old content scaled up to max level while maintaining balance and the means to do the old versions. This would include quests, dungeons, raids, scenarios, and even world bosses.Nubpwn0 Feb 22, 2013
Feb 21, 2013 Extra Shado-Pan quests So, I'm 200 rep away from exalted with Shado-pan, finshed all the quests in Townlong Steppes and done the dailies for today... Any one know of a single quest to that gives Shado-pan rep that I might not have done? Thanks!Lunatoris2 Feb 21, 2013
Feb 21, 2013 Changes need made....totally uncalled for. This is completely crazy and needs to be addressed by someone ( if they even care )... While out lvl'ing my toon a while back in the Summit. I came across the Temple of the White Tiger while exploring. In TWT I found a tauren named Dezco. This NPC had an active quest that could be done. I took it....went thru the trials of the white tiger and ended up opneing the gate into the Vale. With this quest line done, TWT begins a new phase....Dezco is gone, the Tiger is gone..etc etc. Later on AFTER doing this. I find a npc with a quest to go to TWT and talk to Dezco. Well guess what!!???? HES NOT THERE!!! surprise surprise. While in an effort to ticket blizz about this, they couldnt seem to understand that the TWT (talk to Dezco) quest COULD NOT be done or completed. I get some offhand answers about the whole thing such as...maybe consult the web as to how to finish it. I know how to finish and complete a quest..thats not the problem. The problem CANT be done. I look around on the web..maybe ive gone crazy or something.....nah, not yet. I find 2 sites that list 2 different NPC with this TWT (talk to Dezco) quest. Well, someone has not found enough...because over the past month, ive found SIX...SIX different NPC's with this same exact quest. This is insane and needs to be fixed...(if anyone cares) #1....there should NOT be SIX diff NPC's with this quest. it should be in ONE general location. #2.....Mr. Dezco should not even offer a quest untill AFTER a person has been sent to talk to him, since anyone could stumble across the temple and mess up the whole thing or quest line by speaking to him or accepting his quest before being sent there. #3....if talking to him before its time happens.............there are six quest out in the world that CANNOT be done....period. I wish someone would care to look into this, and fix it. Its driving me insane continuing to see SIX different quest laying around that cant be completed at all. so before this happens to anyone else and drives them crazy. it would be nice to see it fixed in some manner. would be nice to see half those npc's hanging onto that quest done away with.Wickedtoro2 Feb 21, 2013