Apr 6, 2013 Green flame quest If you leave do you gotta redo the whole maze part of the quest or will it put you back where you were???????Lockylady3 Apr 6, 2013
Apr 6, 2013 To the Rescue! Is it just me or does Blizzard not care that this quest is still bugged. I accepted it last night and waited for an hour before submitting a ticket, which they still have not replied to. I immeaditly went to the forums this morning and realized that this quest has been bugged for one reason or another since November. Do they care? Evidence would point to no otherwise they would have fixxed this ages ago. I think they're just lonely and want to talk to people on the horde side after making them wait for several days. Anyways if you're tired of waiting around for this quest and want a place to rant then feel free to respond here even though this thread will probably be taken down because Blizzard can't have people talking about their faults. But if you're reading this Blizzard then I have something for you to consider: If you don't want people pointing out the fact that you've neglected to fix something for months on end, then Fix It! Otherwise I'm just saying what everybody else is thinking.Samâel8 Apr 6, 2013
Apr 5, 2013 Quests that are one-two levels lower than you I have sort of a strange question. I've been wondering if it's more efficient to go through an entire quest chain uninterrupted, doing all the quests in the area, even if they are one or two levels below you. Often what will happen while I'm leveling in a zone is well... I'll give you an example. Currently I'm questing in the Stonetalon Mountains. I was following the quest chain, now I'm at level 29 with some quest chain still left. However the quests that I am getting are level 28. Should I be moving on to level 29/30 quests or should I just continue the quest chain as it is? If I should be doing the former, how am I supposed to just skip quests and go up to ones that are one or two levels higher? It's just that going right ahead to a level 29 quest in this case seems like it would give me a bit more experience than a 28. Note: I'm not trying to rush through everything as fast as I can. I just don't want to be wasting time with a lower-level quest if I should be on a quest that is higher level and provides more EXP.Yuji1 Apr 5, 2013
Apr 5, 2013 Extended Shore Leave Worst idea for a daily quest ever? Seriously, you expect us to wait around for an hour for a ship to dock to kill a mob for a daily quest? What makes it even worse is you can swim/water walk to the ship and see the NPC but there is no way to get on the ship when it isn't at the one spot. Not sure what you are thinking with this quest but it is beyond what should be an acceptable time frame for a daily quest.Mogrend5 Apr 5, 2013
Apr 5, 2013 Between a Rock and a Thistlefur Hullo. I found a sweet set of legs for my hunter, and they are a reward from King of the Foulweald. However, to get said quest, i need to complete "Between a Rock and a Thistlefur. But the orc that hands out said quest, well, doesn't. Does anybody know of any prerecs for this quest?Nahren1 Apr 5, 2013
Apr 4, 2013 Flying in Isle of thunder? Did I miss this in the patch notes? Will we be able to fly at some point on this island? Do we unlock it? When?Blackbriar12 Apr 4, 2013
Apr 4, 2013 The Plains of Nasam I don't know it it is a glitch or if this one requires cheating but it seems to be impossible to finish. Killing the 100 scourge and rescuing the 3 warsong soldiers was a breeze bu then it became inpossible. I have taken 5 tanks out I can kill an other couple hundred scourge and park inside kel-thuzid to heal my tank to full and repeat it several time still does not reveal the leaders name. I tried going out and riding around with the 3 rescued warsong soldiers. I tried going up and down each of the 4 ramps several times. I tried letting the tank time out so that I was standing in the center with Kel-thuzid I tried parking close to the elevated platform between the ramps I tried walking up the ramps after dismounting, I even went out and tried triangulation to confirm that the platform on which Kel-thuzid stands is the structure that the quest locator number is showing. Nothing seems to work I exited the game and came back and tried those things again I abondoned the quest and picked it ap again. Nothing seems to work Time for a bug report and and a ticket I would sayMykinglion2 Apr 4, 2013
Apr 4, 2013 Isle of Thunder Recommendation So I have been running the dailies pretty much on a daily basis and I have noticed one issue that really seems like a minor design flaw. More often then not after completing the first batch of daily quests and having to return to the horde/alliance base I receive a quest to run all the way down to the troll area to kill Zur'chaka the Bonecrafter. Instead of returning back to the base only to have to nearly double back again then continue to rest of the dailies on the north end wouldn't it work better to have an auto complete system for these ones or have one of the other hubs give this quest? The crag quest hub will give it and I have no issue there. It's the other hubs that could do this or even make it a bread crumb acceptance similar to the Metal Lord after the mine part.Shaggrath0 Apr 4, 2013
Apr 4, 2013 Achievemnt UI i don't know where to post this but.... it would be nice if i could filter achievements that i have only earned on my current character. i know that when i mouse over an achievement it shows if i have completed it but it would be nice to have a check box that would allow just achievements earned by "mepo" to be shown.Mepo0 Apr 4, 2013
Apr 4, 2013 Quest The Spirits of Golakka Springs at level I abandoned this one thinking it had to be bugged. I came back now at level 83 and tried it again. I don't know if it is bugged or if I am just not able to understand it. I sat at the edge of the lakes with Maxmillian for about 15 or 20 minutes in eack of about 8 locations and no spirits approached us. I swam around in the lakes and no spirits approached us. I stood by Steaming Furies and I tried speaking with them. They attacked me I killed Steaming furies and Maxmillian told me that I should kill lake spirits. Looks like time to abandon it again.Mykinglion0 Apr 4, 2013
Apr 4, 2013 Compy Stomp There aren't nearly enough of these things to meet the needs of the many players trying to do the quest, and that of course means a lot of bad feelings between players. As far as I saw there were only like 2 spots where they would spawn (one group at a time), and those spots were constantly being camped. I tried to group with people, but no one wants to deal. We just want to get the quest done and move on. So could you please look into the spawn rates for these? Also would be a lot kinder to make the requirement 9 instead of 10, seeing how they spawn in groups of 3. And that meat debuff doesn't seem to work. Not a single compy showed up after I had meat applied to me by the troll (fetish binder? i forget). Thanks.Cherù6 Apr 4, 2013
Apr 4, 2013 Where to go now? I just completed Dissension Amongst the Ranks. Where should I go next since I wasn't given a follow-up?Plasmeo3 Apr 4, 2013
Apr 4, 2013 Can not find The Turn in NPC for Life Blood Question Mark is in middle of Horde Starting area but no npc?Twocoolcat1 Apr 4, 2013
Apr 4, 2013 please help Hey all ive spent the last 2 weeks in isle of thunder, completing dailys and such, i have a quest were i need to get items for a chamberland but i am unable to get it without saurok for, after looking everywhere and constanly asking people for assistance i am still unable to transform. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!Chingchongte1 Apr 4, 2013
Apr 4, 2013 Customer Support fails again. literally. so im all excited, blizz is coming out with this new expansion called Mists of Pandaria. i buy the digital collectors edition and wait for launch...... BAM overwhelmed with dailys. cool cool...something new to do. 3 months later yay finally finished and got my elite vendor gear. i can LFR now with my elder charms of good fortune! "que" ......."wait 45 minutes for people to join, half drop group instantly because they helped their friend que by being heals or a tank, kick the afks, kick the dps who que'd as a tank for faster que. pull boss and wipe. its okay we have this shiny new buff with 10% more health and damage, someone leeeeroy jenkins and pulls again because its LFR and we dont need to get ready its just tank and spank, healers dont need mana......wipe again. 12 people drop group ....wait 15 minutes for the group to refill, 10 minutes to rebuff, eat and get ready again....pull. omg finally the boss dies after 2 stacks of desperation. and what do we get. gold!!! oh wait i have another roll with my elder charm of good fortune. oh goody, gold again! notice the 3 months of dailys for the coins of fortune? notice the fail LFR group that took 2 hours to drop the first boss? notice both sets of gold from loot? that is what im here about. your loot issue. its full of fail. yes im aware it is suppose to be random, and it is random, it is very very random. i have never EVER won a single piece of loot from any elder charm of good fortune or mogu rune of fate. look at my gear, the shoulders came from the bag of gold you win when you get no loot, same with the boots. the only thing ive won is the cloak and it wasnt from a coin it was randomly won. the point is, what the hell is the idea of these fortune coins when they never, ever, ever work? would you like someone to come to the forums and complain on a daily basis having you waste your time reading complaints? i called customer support because these forums as we all know are a joke, the dev's sit back and read them in the mornings while they drink their coffee and laugh at us and continue to add more things and never fix whats broken. well customer service sent me to this quest forum. shouldnt this complaint be in dungeons, raids and scenario's? mhm, thought so. as i stated to customer service on the phone, the realm turalyon has less then 200 people on during the week. people are quitting because your not fixing things your just adding more and more things people dont really want to do. daily quests for mounts? i have 153 why do i need more? give me a chance at atleast 1 coin of fortune that is guaranteed to work once a week. doesnt matter if its LFR, Normal or Heroic mode coin. one a week is better then gold, gold, gold and more gold. for instance i aquired the "loot 50k gold" 3/9/2013. that would be this year, this month, and as i write this thread i sit at 92,810gold looted. almost 50k gold looted in less then a month? i only play 2 characters, a death knight and a rogue. anyway, i think ive said enough for today. ill be back tomorrow as im sure loot wont change by then :)Tonk2 Apr 4, 2013
Apr 4, 2013 forge ahead so you smart people at blizzard made a quest where you have to kill a boss, sounds easy enough, and every time I try to kill the dam this im camped by a horde, horde+ boss, unless in a warrior on second wind or a blood dk im going to die SO PLEASE MAKE THE AREA FOR THE BOSSES A DIFFERENT PHASEIheallite1 Apr 4, 2013
Apr 4, 2013 stuck on "tear down this wall" My hunter cant advance the "deliver explosives" stage, the trolls keep falling and I cant kill them fast enough. I did that scenario with my tank druid and I didnt have a problem; by that time my gear was almust all blue from heroic dungeons. My hunter has mostly blue 450-458 pvp items and 1 green, but looks like I cant deal enough damage to complete that stage. I really dont know what Im doing wrong.Zeneida1 Apr 4, 2013
Apr 4, 2013 Ihgaluk Crag daily quests I have been doing dailies for isle of thunder for almost a week now and I still have not gotten dailies to go here at all or get that saruok skin quest. I noticed this when i had the chamberlain pieces quest and couldnt jump to get the piece but others with the sarouk skin could. I researched and I didnt even know there were dailies there. Is it random what dailies I get and that I just havent gotten the daily to go there yet? Or because I didnt get to the island until stage 3 that it makes a difference?Kayyl5 Apr 4, 2013
Apr 4, 2013 A Second Hand so I can pick what npc joins me at the farm. but is the choice final or can I swap npcs?Charinko2 Apr 4, 2013
Apr 3, 2013 A Test of Valor I was wondering if Blizzard would consider lowering the amount of valor needed to do this quest. 6000 Valor points equates to 6 weeks. I just started, it will take me 6 weeks to get caught up to the rest of my guild. Any chance they might lower it so players like myself can get caught up more easily?Serendippity11 Apr 3, 2013
Apr 3, 2013 dragon flying I originally declined it,but now I won the dragon from when u kill the one at nunzio (for which you have to be exalted) so now I went to learn and cannot find anybody or anywhere to start. help? please?Ivanho2 Apr 3, 2013
Apr 3, 2013 The Dread waste quesline achievement With this achievement when do you complete the step of "taste of amber" Because I just finished the past where you kill that crocodile and the dude flys off to the Klaxxi place ( I forget all the names lol) Anyway I thought when I completed the quest it said that I had an achievment progress but nothing has come up on the "Dread haste makes dread waste"??Tigergrunt3 Apr 3, 2013
Apr 3, 2013 WTB BUFF.. buff to all quest in pandaria to make it not so gosh dang long! feels like you have to 100% each zone to level ..Chikâ0 Apr 3, 2013
Apr 3, 2013 captain doren, the darkness within Captain Doren is bugged, he is in Sha form and evades everything, 3 days wait time on GM ticket, anywhere else to quest in the jade forest with out completing this quest?Raylinne0 Apr 3, 2013
Apr 3, 2013 Hatred Becomes Us There seems to be something wrong with this quest. I have counted 11 Crazed Shado-pan Rangers purified, and the quest only calls for 8 to be purified. I put the totem right at their feet, the purifying animation happened, the Seething Hatred came out and I killed it. Eleven times. I even confirmed this by counting the different lines of comments from the Crazed Shado-pan Rangers in my chat log. If the quest only calls for 8 rangers to be purified, then what is going on with it? In total, I had to place the purification totem 12 times and kill 12 Seething Hatreds to complete this quest.Oblivienne7 Apr 3, 2013
Apr 3, 2013 How do I enter Ihgaluk with no questline? So I have a quest The crumbled Chamberlain on a Shaman just entering Isle of Thunder. It requires the lizard form to get to the needed object. Simple I get the quest so I can change form , wait no more quest for two days now. So if you are new to the area you are banned from some quests and areas. I cannot change and get to the collection site without the leap of the lizard form. This makes no sense. Either it is an oversight or a message to move on if you did not start the isle right away, unless I am missing something. Any input would be helpful thank you.Cahuenga2 Apr 3, 2013
Apr 3, 2013 Isle of Thunder ≠ Isle of Quel'Danas Isle of Quel'Danas was a lot more fun. Part of it was that it was all so new, rewards were not tied to rep (you didn't feel like you were losing out by NOT completing EVERY DAILY), and the quests were fun, easy enough to complete even if you weren't geared up the !@# from raiding and did NOT have mobs that would take three+ minutes to fight if you could manage to keep from pulling anything around it and that would NOT throw out nukes like a teenage North Korean dictator on a tantrum. YMMV, but I've dumped quests there more often than in six years or so of playing because of them being bugged or mobs that have massive health and quirky mechanics that are 'problematic' to defeat? I'm trying to do enough so I get a sense of the place (obviously I do not really care for it much). Maybe I've finally learned that if I'm not having fun, then I'm not having fun and need to do something else in-game or elsewhere.Doodad1 Apr 3, 2013
Apr 3, 2013 Hero's Call! Blizzard, Please. I beg you. If you're going to offer the Hero's Call quests to go quest in a certain area, can you please have some relatively logical way to get there? Now that flight paths have been removed and have to be manually learned, it's really a pain when you're in say, Stormwind and you get a Hero's Call! for Eastern Plaguelands. Hey guess what, I don't have any flight path north of Ironforge yet! So, instead of questing efficiently, I have to run around like a chicken--err, panda, with my head cut off to pick up 8 million flight paths along the way when I could be questing instead. If these paths have to be manually learned now, ok fine whatever, but at least make it a little less cumbersome to follow the Hero's Call! quests? Maybe a single hearthstone type or item to get you there right away? You can still learn the flight paths around the area it takes you to, but it won't be as bad. Plus, once you complete certain areas, some quests will physically take you to another area. I don't know why the Hero's Call quests can't do that too.Leishan2 Apr 3, 2013
Apr 3, 2013 You, Robot (Negatron) So, I'm currently in Netherstorm, trying to do the <<You, Robot>> quests, which is using a small Fel Reaver to defeat Negatron. Problem is : I can't beat him. No matter what. I tried letting the Reaver tank it, no success. I tried sharing the aggro (if you consider getting 3-shotted "sharing"). I tried bringing him to Area 52 to have the goblins kill it, he just magically teleports back to his spawn point when he reaches the entrance, Does anyone have any advices ? Seems finding people to help me is the only choice, but there ain't anyone currently.Leìna1 Apr 3, 2013
Apr 2, 2013 Know your Role quests (Shado Pan) Hey, I wasn't sure if I should put this in the Achievement or Quest forums, but I figured since it's related to quests I would post here. It has been a good 25 days of doing the dailies every day, not once has the dailies for this Achievement popped up. Is this a bug? Am I doing something wrong? Thanks!Codez1 Apr 2, 2013
Apr 2, 2013 stuck at 5999/6000 friendly Maybe some here can help me other then "Sorry we don't give hint or tips." All the way across my reputation is 5999/6000 Friendly. I have wore all tabards in dungeons, NOTHING. On my alts they are honor and up. what should I do?Warrhound12 Apr 2, 2013
Apr 1, 2013 Finishing a zone before you are supposed to? I was questing in Un Goro Crater earlier today and on my questing addon (Carbonite), it says the zone is 50-55. I have no heirlooms and only the 5% exp increase, but I ended the zone at 53. Is this normal? I started the zone at 50 expecting to get 5 levels and to move onto Silithus, but I was disappointed when I found out there were no more quests available to me. Is this normal to leave a zone before you are "supposed" to?Kastius3 Apr 1, 2013
Apr 1, 2013 LvL 85 StormWind quest I started the quest to go to the pandarian but. Hearthstone I use to return, but now I do not know how to returnVansle1 Apr 1, 2013
Apr 1, 2013 Last quest 149/150 Borean Tundra Someone please help me find the last quest, it's kind of bothering me, ThanksGenadrys1 Apr 1, 2013
Apr 1, 2013 Elder Charm Overflow Solution: make caches and coffers give Lesser Charms so I don't have to do so many of these obnoxious dailies to begin with.Dreaded2 Apr 1, 2013
Mar 31, 2013 Stuck on "Allies in the shadows" I started a quest series on the Isles of Thunder, but had to stop in the middle of the scenario, and I have been unable to return there to finish my quests...what do I do?Quarionx1 Mar 31, 2013
Mar 31, 2013 Where do you go for crossrealm groups? That's phrased a bit oddly, but here's my question: for those of you on lower-pop servers, where do you find groups for things like the weekly 5-man quest? I've been sitting on Setting the Trap since 5.2 launched (okay, since a few days after 5.2 launched) but as a minority faction on a low-pop server I still haven't even SEEN a group form for this yet, and attempts of my own to start one haven't met with much success. Trying to coerce RID friends into running it has proved fruitless since they're all in burnout city (or recovering from surgery, or both lol). I've tried OpenRaid but have had no luck (also I always feel awkward trying to get non-raid things going there, haha). Maybe it's my hours, but does anyone else have any other suggestions for finding cross-realm groups?Basanti0 Mar 31, 2013
Mar 31, 2013 Won't let me turn in "Lord of the Shado-pan" The dungeon Shado-pan monastery wont let me turn in the Lord of the Shado-pan quest they quest giver is phased or something at the end of the dungeon. So I can't talk to him to turn in my quest.Cenex0 Mar 31, 2013
Mar 31, 2013 Sturdy Crane Snare, Beastmaster's Hunt I bought all three quest items, (i.e. Sturdy Crane Snare) accepted each one, then I went to attain the crane feathers. An hour went by and 4 had dropped (5 needed), so I logged to take a break. About 2 hours later I logged back in and ALL 3 quests were gone from my quest log. I still have the 4 Pristine Golden Crown Feathers in my bag, just no quest to continue on. I read that there was a hotfix to make these quest items consumable, but are they suppose to be self-abandoning if you relog? Anyone having the same problem, or is this suppose to happen? I also understand that these are only allowable 1 per day, I bought them all so i would always remember to do them eventhough I would not be able to complete more than 1 per day.Vorxen4 Mar 31, 2013
Mar 31, 2013 Seamless Questing [Opinion] As the title may suggest, this thread pertains to quest design. Having been playing since December 6th, 2004, only weeks after release of the original World of Warcraft, I've noticed all the shifts and design changes over the course of the years; some of them for the better, and some of them not so much. I quit playing around 3 years ago for personal reasons and have recently (within the last 3 weeks) started playing again. Many changes abound for game design, character development and the most noticeable, quest design. One of the major difficulties in the past for myself and possibly many players alike was quest design. At times having to go through great lengths to discover the next sequence in the chain, or just trying to quest out a zone. It was, at times, a difficult task and made the experience of questing a sour one; hence the term "grinding". Of the many changes I've noticed, some of them I'm not too fond of, quest design has undergone a huge improvement, in my opinion of course. Now, the purpose of this thread isn't to discuss quest content, but rather the seamless design I've discovered by questing out 3 zones now (sin level reqs). It makes questing a lot more enjoyable and enables the player to level at a relatively continuous pace without many hiccups in having to search out the next quest. However, it doesn't go without saying, the old quests that we actually had to make an effort to find, did add an enjoyable element to the playing experience, but a balance of both is in check here. So, all that to say, thank you developers and those involved in quest, npc and story development for the enjoyable experience and for continuing to adjust and create what is still the most widely played MMO ever to be released.Segarius0 Mar 31, 2013
Mar 30, 2013 NPC's in Cathedral I cannot see NPC's when I go into Cathedral. I checked Hero's Call for quest to twighlight highlands or even Vash' Jir and I don't get anything except Guardians of Hyjal. Any tips?Brêathê2 Mar 30, 2013
Mar 30, 2013 Golden lotus question hi all I'm just a bit ocnfused. I've done the golden lotus quests for 2 days and now today when i tried to get on and do them there are no quest givers. I've checked all around the central zone of vale fo eternal blossoms where all the quests cna be at and there is nothing for any of them. Just wuld like ot kno whow to move and stuff Shankshank2 Mar 30, 2013
Mar 30, 2013 Bombing quests in Icecrown Total Ohmage: The Valley of Lost Hope! and Riding the Wavelength: The Bombardment have been removed but why and when? I really enjoyed those in Wrath and coming back and relising they are gone is really sad.Catahedral0 Mar 30, 2013
Mar 30, 2013 Uldum kill x amount of animals Quest. Sorry if this has been posted already but i have not found out how to trigger the quests that tell you to kill a certain amount of creatures i have done the one that you have to kill the hyenas and i know there are more. Please help this is crazy i dont understand how it works. CheersChakax2 Mar 30, 2013
Mar 30, 2013 Get Back Here! I've completed all the necessary quests, but I can't get this one to pop up. I've tried reloading, but nothing works.Xhuna1 Mar 30, 2013
Mar 30, 2013 is there a site that shows requirements to... I need a guide any guide that shows on how to do all the dailies in pandarain i know how to do the golden lotus and shado-pan area but what unlocks the klaxxi? and thse dailies at the jade temple not where you get the cloud serpent but at the jade temple, and krasang wild, and kun-lai summit.Rissy1 Mar 30, 2013
Mar 30, 2013 Quest For Green Fire - Warlock Quest in 5.2 It seems from my experience that the end fight in stage 8 of the Black Temple Scenario is quite different that it was on the PTRs pre 5.2 live release. I have worked my way through a majority of the fight mechanics but am completely stuck on the Cataclysm spell he casts. Once he begins casting it, it cannot be interrupted, and hits for 1.5 million. Sacrificial pact is on cooldown from his Chaos Bolt. How does one go about avoiding him casting cataclysm? Has anyone had much luck? All of the videos and guides I have found are from PTR's and appear to be useless as guides in live 5.2.Bailer12 Mar 30, 2013
Mar 29, 2013 MoP: The Search for Restless Len The sound effect the cages make when you break them is absolutely deafening, even on fairly low volume. After the second cage, I had to turn my sound off for the rest of the quest. My ears are still ringing.Fightar0 Mar 29, 2013
Mar 29, 2013 Crystals of Power Un'Goro At the pylons in Un'Goro Crater, it states that you can combine different crystals to create buffs/debuffs, etc. I cannot find where or how to combine them. Is this quest obsolete, and if so, why do the pylons still teel you that you can combine them? Thanks for the help!Liandrimiis1 Mar 29, 2013
Mar 29, 2013 Can't find Saurok skin quest We're now in stage 4 and I just started questing on the Isle and nowhere can I find the quest to receive the Saurok Skin. Is anyone else having this problem?Consepated3 Mar 29, 2013