6d Legendary Upgrade Quest? where is it?Aggronaught11 6d
6d Direbeak Reunion quest I am trying to complete this quest for the mount but having trouble. I go to the ledge to turn the quest and summon the pet but the matriarch doesn't appear. The pet has the ? over his head but I can't figure out how to complete the quest. It's like this both when the WQ is active and when it's not and Direbeak reunion is not listed in my !quest log. Any ideas on what I can try would be greatly appreciated.Wrylynn0 6d
6d Warrior Campaign, No quests at all Hello, I've had this problem for a while but never thought to do anything till now, I have no quests for my campaign and don't remember where I left off cause it was a about 8 months ago (December) PLEASE HELPDaxivis4 6d
6d Is Sentinax Beacons farming still possible? Hello guys! I haven't touched WoW for a while, but decided to come back, and go back from where I stopped. I did a few quests on the Broken Shore, but got stuck with the Sentinax one. I can't seem to find the mobs that drop the beacons so I can farm the marks, am I doing something wrong? I've been trying to do this quest for some time now, without any success whatsoever, waited to the Sentinax to move locations a few times and i still can't seem to find the cursed mobs. Thanks in advance to any help! :)Perlip2 6d
Jun 22 Spread the Word Quest issue. So I am having an issue with the quest Spread the Word - I can not get it to accept it when i go to the table and click it. I have 2 followers so it shouldn't be an issue. Any help would be appreciated. I have removed addons, cache file, and my "wtf" folder.Amyjo0 Jun 22
Jun 22 Calling of the council unavailable I did the scenario, went to the demon hunter lady for the quest from Sylvannas, then...nothing. Where/how does this quest start?Furrlex0 Jun 22
Jun 22 No NPC to turn quest, Zealot's Due" , in to. Standing in room where I am supposed to be able to turn in quest "Zealot's Due" and there is no NPC here. The yellow ? is here. Any help you could give would be super. TY. I tried coming here several times, to no avail.Ugnome2 Jun 22
Jun 21 Mounting Made Easy This is the worst quest in the history of the game. I have well over 2 hours wasted chasing this stupid beast now. I have watched videos, I have read how-to's. Why don't the other professions have a quest this freaking difficult to get to their level 110 crafting? If I don't do the freaking quest it is the end of my lw profession in this expansion. If I keep banging my head trying to do it.........I am going to be a screaming lunatic. I don't know what jerk thought this one up but I hate whoever it was.Teacavy4 Jun 21
Jun 21 Failing at WQ Been doing Warden quests... did them 4 times... not getting credit killing mob. Thanks, Blizz!Silune4 Jun 21
Jun 21 world pvp quests are awful title, gear and legendaries have destroyed pvp and these world pvp quests make it blindingly obvious, world pvp needs to be addressed and balanced like it is in instanced pvp.Reay0 Jun 21
Jun 21 Hides of Legend Really?! I have been reluctantly doing the ENDLESS quest chains for leatherworking and skinning. Getting one quest item that then leads to many more gets boring soon enough. However this one is just beyond all reason. To complete one part requires you to run Baradin Hold raid. Sounds easy enough except for traveling to and finding the entrances, like for the other components. Except to enter Baradin Hold requires your faction to capture and hold Tol Barad long enough for you to get in. It appears that the Alliance pretty much always controls this PvP area. Old content, don't know why lvl 110s are there, except for the griefing aspects of stopping players from doing this quest? I am not on a PvP server. I don't see the need to have quests that require PvP to complete. Nor for that matter, do I see the reason to have archeology sites in a PvP area either ( or one that you have to get flagged just getting to). Good luck finding a large enough group of 110s to go take Tol Barad just so I can do ONE part of a skinning quest. Which will no doubt have yet another chain behind it. Would it have been so bad to allow anyone with the quest to just enter? The 5 other raid instances all over Pandaria, and Northrend (and Karazhan) were tedious enough. While I am at it, what is up with Mounting Made Easy quest. That stag runs you ALL OVER Stormheim and jumps off one cliff after another. You MUST stay mounted. I assume it might be easier for a class with passive damage or falling reduction that works while mounted. Anyone who doesn't is in for hours of repetion and dying to get it done.Toenail10 Jun 21
Jun 21 Help- Argent Crusade Quests Greetings, I flew all around the northrend argent crusade area amd camt find any quest to pick up to start any questline. Any help would be appreciated =)Norirn1 Jun 21
Jun 21 Communing With Malorne-Druid Campaign Hello all Druid players! I play on the us-hyjal server as a level 110 tauren druid! I just thought I reach out for any advice & suggestions to this quest I've been avoiding and/or failing too much. I've watch plenty of videos & read other forums but I've come up empty. I don't want to quit this quest; knowing that it's part of my artifact or storyline. I just thought I ask anyone that is reading this as a druid player, what skills did you place on your action bars during this quest? I have used these skills in the following order (1-0): Efflorescence Wild Growth Regrowth Rejuvenation Life Bloom Healing touch swiftmend Revitalize TranquilityShiabully0 Jun 21
Jun 20 Abandon Class Hall Campaign help me!!! A few weeks ago I was clearing out my quest log and accidentally deleted my class hall campaign ones! I have done a few of them can't remember the name of it or anything, how do I get it back??Xieon1 Jun 20
Jun 20 lack of instruction on quests what is with the lack of instruction on quest this expansion. why not tell us what we need to to, if someone is sending you on a quest it's there job to tell us what they want done. we don't read minds. i think before legions i looked up maybe 3-5 quests and i played sense vanilla. in legions i have looked up over 30 THIS IS NOT FUN, i want to play the game not look up how to play the game. please let us know what we need to do and bring the fun back.Warbringers24 Jun 20
Jun 20 The Broken Shore Is there anything that I need to complete before Khadgar offers me the quest for the Broken Shore? I thought it was instantly available but he hasn't offered it.Darlais3 Jun 20
Jun 20 The Broken Shore I can't find the quest leading me to the Broken Shore. Is there something that I need to have completed before it becomes available?Darlais0 Jun 20
Jun 20 Chromie How do you get to the portal in Dalaran? I can't seem to find it and don't see anything on wowhead ThanksRastlin28 Jun 20
Jun 20 In Pandaria, Literally NO QUESTS I am in Pandaria and I have searched around the 4 bottoms flights in Jade Forest and cannot find a quest except the stupid cooking quest. I also checked in Dawn's Blossom and I cannot get ontop of the Arbortum. and This is all on a mount so it's horrificMuppins2 Jun 20
Jun 20 Darkbrul Arena Too Often While trying to complete the PvP Achievement for Free-For-All (FFA) World Quests, I noticed that at one point I was 18/20 on Darkbrul Arena and my Black Rook Arena was only 8/20. Others were 12/20 and 14/20. Even to this day I see Darkbrul Arena up way more often than it should be. Is there any reason for this or does the game just love picking this FFA WQ above all others. If this keeps up it'll be weeks if not months before I see this Achievement completed.Kirbalicious15 Jun 20
Jun 20 Balance of Power Currently trying to find where to start the quest for the Balance of Power Appearance. Been awhile since I've done it, but I could of swore it was over in Azurewing Repose, Archmage Kalec gives it to you for the 30 Essences. I've completed my Class Hall, 50 Points in my wep, 40 AK - The quest still won't show up. From what WoWhead said he's supposed to appear in your Class Hall, but still hasn't shown up. Tried relogging Etc, is there a Pre-requisite I'm missing?Belowavgtrol2 Jun 20
Jun 20 Mud Mucking Great quest design, this one is a lot of fun. Lots of pointless mobs to fight, competition for nodes, and an atrocious drop rate from the nodes. I opened nine muck piles and got one coin. Only nine more coins to go! Great fun!Pyri2 Jun 20
Jun 20 VoW, BRH quest/storyline help Trying to find the starting quest/ story line to the dungeons. I've gotten the 4 pillars or creation the quest that send me to DHT, EOA, Nelth, and HoV but these remain a mystery to me and I am trying to play the game in a sequentual order and in sequence. Found the MoS quest and when I look at group finder MoS is the only dungeon that is yellow at 110 so I am guessing that is the last one to do before moving to Suramar.Puppyheart1 Jun 20
Jun 20 Brutalis is missing!! Epic World Boss? I logged in the other day, thursday or friday? and saw Brutalis was up for the epic weekly quest on broken shore.. but I didn't have time to do it (had to leave for work) then I logged back in later that day and he was gone, and has been since with no world boss replacing him. Each day I've looked for him or another epic boss to repop and no luck. I feel like it's kinda a messed up deal to not be able to complete a broken shore epic WQ once a week, any plans to change this for us unlucky people who cannot always log in during the time window it's up>?Brewtle1 Jun 20
Jun 20 "You are in combat" has GOT to go! I'm still relatively new to many aspects of WoW, so I'm probably not going to make much sense; but there's one "small" feature of the game that always has me end up pulling out my hair and chewing on my screen in frustration and rage. This nonsense about "you are in combat". As far as I'm concerned, it does not work properly and it should go. I've lost count of all the times when I've finished happily slaughtering some small army of MOBs and I'm now out of the fight and somewhere else. However, when I try to call up my mount or try to stealth (as a rogue) or some such thing, up comes this moronic crap on my screen: "You are in combat." Wrong! I WAS in combat some minutes ago. I am no longer in a situation that could remotely be termed "combat", yet there it is; that stupid phrase, telling me I'm still in combat. This, of course, forces me to perform all kinds of ridiculous maneuvers to turn off this $&%*. Such as swimming far out to sea, far enough so that the hated message finally turns itself off; or hoofing myself up and down mountainsides until I'm in some far away area the stupid game considers "not in combat"; or just giving up entirely and logging out / in. Is it just me? Am I being utterly unreasonable here? Are my expectations completely out of line? I'd really like to know. Also, I really would like to know if there's an easier way to turn this crap off and get back to playing the game. Thank you in advance for any answers and suggests.Theodan9 Jun 20
Jun 19 Champions of Legionfall not gaining credit got the new class followers on 3 of my other toons, got credit for champions of legionfall no problem. but on my rogue, i have finished the class quests and started the upgrade on my class hall and have the new tess greymane folower, but it's not giving me credit for Champions of Legionfall and i can't turn it in. any help?Sinaith1 Jun 19
Jun 19 Can't locate First Arcanist Thalyssra I finished four world quests for the Nightfallen faction and went to pick up my chest Ext from First Arcanist Thalyssra but I can't locate her where she use to be. I see the yellow question mark but no NPCs nearby it. What gives?Cakebread6 Jun 19
Jun 19 The Path of Huln Was doing this on my alt today, and throughout the escort, Ebonhorn was actually "swimming" on land. Not like it bugged out the quest but just reporting it.Tergrukan0 Jun 19
Jun 19 The Deaths of Chromie - 2 Talent Clear Hello everyone, since I had so much trouble with this scenario (as both Havoc and Vengeance) and seeing as the online guides I looked at didn't provide any help at all for me, I figured I would share my successful run with everyone and hopefully you can find some success as well. First off, I cleared it as Vengeance. Havoc was too squishy and the DPS difference was minimal. I'll go over my talent choices first. I went for an aggressive build, this being Razor Spikes, Burning Alive, Felblade, Fracture, Quickened Sigils, Spirit Bomb, and Demonic Infusion. My goal was to burn everything down as quickly as possible. I was doing 2200-2300k dps without any Damage buffs from the Shards of Time. ORDER OF CLEARING: Hyjal Chronoportal > Well of Eternity Chronoportal > Emerald Dragonshrine > Azure Dragonshrine > Ruby Dragonshrine > Andorhal (I got the Stratholme skip, which made this possible. I 100% believe it's impossible to clear this without the Stratholme skip. I also got the Obsidian Dragonshrine skip.) My reasoning for this order was, I knew if I eliminated the two fastest Chronoportals, any future skips I received from Shards of Time would go towards the two slowest, being Andorhal and Stratholme. I then went in the obviously best order of Dragonshrines, being Emerald > Azure > Ruby because of distance, where I happened upon the Obsidian skip. I went for the bosses of each Dragonshrine first, because Chromie tends to pop Time Warp on the first thing you aggro every time it's off CD, so avoid killing the rares before the bosses so you don't waste Time Warp. I also obtained the chests in every Dragonshrine before killing the boss in hopes of getting damage buffs. CHROMIE'S TALENTS: I chose the Time Stop talent that stuns enemies for 3 seconds, because it was very useful in limiting the amount of damage Chromie took since I also chose the Tank talent for her so she would do more damage. The healing talent is just awful in my opinion, she doesn't even heal you that much if you go DPS and her DPS is terrible with the healing talent. MY ADVICE: Enter the scenario and immediately go into Hyjal, if you see the chest on the left of you with the 5 mobs guarding it, then proceed. If the chest isn't there just reset, because you probably won't be successful with that run. If your first 4-5 Shards of Time give you nothing but time boosts, damage reduction, or even damage, then you already lost. Just reset. You're going to want to find at LEAST 2 skips to succeed. If you don't skip Stratholme, you'll probably need 4 other skips. I timed Startholme and it took me 6 minutes to clear it alone going as fast as I possibly could. Without skipping Stratholme I believe the scenario is impossible at this point unless you skip half of the scenario. If the quest you receive from the Ambassador's is for the Obsidian Dragonshrine, reset. Your ideal quest is Emerald. You could potentially keep the Obsidian quest and succeed but that relies too heavily on you getting the Obsidian skip. That concludes all I have to say about this scenario. If there is anything I missed or if anyone has questions, feel free to reply and I'll get back to you. Good luck, and remember, Stratholme is awful.Valthrudnir1 Jun 19
Jun 19 Please Move Mistweaver Xia Having lived through the Isle of Quel'danas, I appreciate world PvP well enough - in the proper setting. Isle was fun and challenging, and Wintergrasp was the best wpvp WoW has ever had. By placing the timewalking vendor on the Timeless Isle, you've made it impossible to access without a group of 110 players, ready to spawn camp the enemy into the ground - which also makes it completely inaccessible to anyone below level 110, and without a certain iLvl, anyway. I understand that putting the timewalking vendor on the Timeless Isle, with all the other timewalker people makes good sense from a story-side, but making it this difficult to access is simply the wrong choice - and the guards there are completely useless. Just fix it, please.Lijiang0 Jun 19
Jun 19 Good Suramaritan. How to pickup quest's i'm trying to finish the legion path finder part 1. i have Broken Isles Explorer finished and i have Loremaster of Legion done except for "Good Suramaritan". I only have four out of eleven quest lines finished. The only unfinished quests in my "Sumara" category are "seeds of hope" i almost have honored status, and "leyline feed falanaar arcway". Will these lead me to all the other quests or can i pick up the others somewhere? I looked on wow head but couldn't find the starting exclamation marks. one place had a white exclamation mark but i couldn't find it. maybe it was underground or i just can't have it yet. Any suggestion on getting through the "good suramaritan" quickly? Any suggestion on getting honored status with the night fallen quickly other than world quests? I'm at 5350/6000 rep to the nightfallen. I'm doing every quest i get from shal'aran. I'm guesing this is the home base.Trollstrollr7 Jun 19
Jun 19 Where is "A Growing Crisis"? I'm trying to finish my pathfinder achievement. I'm exalted with the Nightfallen but no quest? I looked it up and it says I should have gotten it at revered...Sacrilege8 Jun 19
Jun 19 Inquisitor Tivos isn't at home for his quest Apparently Inquisitor Tivos is out. Just out that is. If he were much closer he'd be home. But his quest area fades out when you get to his level/room. I've tried zoning out - flew all the way to Highmountain and back, I've tried logging out - waited a few minutes as well, and I've even tried visiting a different realm with the group finder - which also did nothing. So right now you can't get credit for killing him. Not seven times. And likely not even seven time seventy. This is ++UnGood. Please fix?Zuel1 Jun 19
Jun 19 Emerald Nightmare Raid Quests I am getting very frustrated with the Emerald Nightmare Quests: The Emerald Nightmare: In Nightmares and Essence of Power! I have ran these over and over with my 110 mage and now got them with my 110 Pally. I am frustrated because I cannot make any progress on either! I understand from Wowhead that the Deathglare Iris and Horn of the Nightmare Lord are 5 to 6% drops, but since the other one requires me to get 30 Corrupted Essences from the bosses in the raid it would be a whole lot less frustrating if I can make some progress and not leave empty handed since it is a RAID that I can only run once a week! Its not like the Halls of Valor Raid Quest where I need 1000 Valarjar Soul Fragments because I make progress each time I run the raid and from the NPC's from Stormhime off the western coast of Azuna. Also, like with the dungeon quests gathering 80 Lingering Soul Fragments where you get one per dungeon run up to 10 a week, again progress is being made! It not like I am running a dungeon or raid over and over for a particular mount, these are quests!!! I need to be making some progress on these Raid Quests in the Emerald Nightmare and soon!!!Thundenarian6 Jun 19
Jun 18 Can't complete Survey Says quest due to WQ The Suramar quest Survey Says where you need to activate your first portal above your Suramar base can't be completed, as the '?' to turn it in zones out when I get close due to the Barrels o' Fun WQ. I can't complete the WQ as none of the barrels glow yellow for me so it's a total guess for me every time. WQ doesn't expire for another 23hrs. Do I really need to wait that long just to continue the Suramar quest line?Huntski10 Jun 18
Jun 18 is there a way to find quest givers? I have a zone where I need to complete 6 or 7 quests in order to complete the achievement for that zone. I have circled once around the zone checking most of the camps and villages to no avail. Is there a way to find the location of every quest giver in a particular zone? Maybe a third party website or some kind of add-on? Thank you in advance for any help or suggestions.Caffeinebuzz19 Jun 18
Jun 18 Goronoth the Lost Why the hell is there a level 110 elite npc with other 22000k health. Every time i'm in Highmountain questing, i pull this guy and have to run forever to lose aggro. I don't understand why he has to be there. Maybe someone can explain to me but until then I will remain dumbfounded at the idea of this npc.Tydisticus3 Jun 18
Jun 18 Treasure Experience Gated? Flying around on my alt, noticed that after looting a certain amount of treasures they stop giving experience, so I have questions about the following: - Is there a set number after which this happens? - Is this account wide or can i loot treasures on alts? - When does it reset?Zoidy0 Jun 18
Jun 17 MoP Time Walking Vendor For the love of god, move the timewalking vendor for MoP to a sanctuary city, or come with a solution to stop the pvp for those that simply want to browse the gear. as it is right now the opposing faction just farms kills at the vendor. Both sides are doing this, and I'm all about pvp, but this when you can't hand in a quest after 20 min it's gone beyond an "sigh" moment.Necrosmojo0 Jun 17
Jun 17 Free For All Madness I find it VERY silly that suddenly the stormheim/highmountain FFA WQs only pop during certain hours. I've been working for this mount achievement for a very long time...I've had valsharah/azsuna FFAs finished for a very long time...because every morning I log on, these are the only 2 possible FFAs that are active. It hasn't always been like this because I have 7-8 for stormheim/highmountain. Its beyond stupid that something this ridiculous would fly for so long. Imagine if INVASIONS ONLY popped at 8am. No ifs-ands-buts about it. Do you see my point now? EVERYONE has a different schedule...Maybe I cannot log on during the afternoon...Does this mean I should be disallowed from getting this achievement because I cannot log on during the afternoon? Is this yet another ploy to pressure players into prioritizing WoW over real life? Its not the Burning Legion anymore, Its the Blizzard Legion...They are invading IRL... They OWN us. You aren't allowed to be casual.Fiesta3 Jun 17
Jun 17 Dungeon Quests So, I'm attempting to do the quest chains for things like Suramar and BoP and running into a bit of a problem. There aren't many people wanting to do regular old mythic dungeons. With the recent to change to M+ could you guys maybe, allow these quests to be completed in M+ or, at worst, drop the requirement to heroic since that can be auto-queued?Mizudaisho1 Jun 17
Jun 17 Legionfall WQs - Rep Reward Values These are completely out of line when compared to all other WQs on the Broken Isles. The exception is for World Boss WQs.Ruaidhri0 Jun 17
Jun 16 Where's the Legion Invasion Pre-110 WQs? First invasion of 7.2.5, and I logged in to my pre-110 toon to find no WQs in Val'sharah. Are they gone?Drfeelgööd9 Jun 16
Jun 16 7.25 Ley Race change? In the past when filling the bar in the WQ Ley Race, I have always been returned to the starting point. However, since the update, now get dismounted and stunned wherever I happened to be when filling the bar. It has happened at two different locations and with different characters. Glitch or intended?Jessimyn3 Jun 16
Jun 16 Nethershard WQ in Broken Shore Is there any way we can stop this giving just 1 shard? I get that it's a lottery but keep that aspect for the keys you purchase instead. The WQ should at least return 50 shards min so it's not a complete wipeout for new alts that are low on shards. I've had around 6 instances of 1 shard in the past week across 5 toons.Zoidy1 Jun 16
Jun 16 chromie scenario This quest need's an instruction guide. seems like it might be fun expect so far i can't complete anything. no idea how to and nothing say how to?Warbringers2 Jun 16
Jun 16 Horde vs Alliance Leveling Experience So I primarily play horde. I have one toon that is Alliance just so I can play the other side and experience the whole game. I have several level 110 horde and decided to level my Dwarf Paladin. When I got to 110, I was a little disappointed. Granted, it only took me two zones (Azsuna and Stormheim) to get to 110. But what I noticed the most and why I am a little disappointed, is that in Stormheim, outside of 2 Alliance only Flight Paths, the horde leveling version and the Alliance leveling version were almost identical. I remember in Vanilla there were definite distinctions between Horde and Alliance zones, FP’s and quests. It seems slowly over the many expansions, that has gone away and there is very little difference between the two sides. Was it just the 2 zones that I leveled in or is there no real difference anymore in the questing experiences of the Horde and Alliance? I want to make sure I experience all the story lines between both factions.Spackey1 Jun 16
Jun 16 how to save chromie? I can find what to do online but not in game. Also, is there a reward and what is it?Ssoonic1 Jun 16
Jun 16 delete me Voided - Found the issueCaptnook0 Jun 16
Jun 16 DH questline issue After completing the main DH questline, I was never able to start the Protecting the Homefromt quest, and am unable to start the legion quests. Am I supposed to do something before hand to be able to get the quest line? The Npc in stormwing was not there, and there was to portal in SW Keep to fake me to dalaran. Please help!Karramell2 Jun 16