Apr 13 Bring Back the Violet Eye Ring Quest When the Legion Event BORKED so many non legion owners from completing the Kara Ring Quest without warning - You guys (The Devs specifically) promised it was a mistake and it would be brought back. You've since removed the damned Quest NPCs. Bring it back.Abi1 Apr 13
Apr 13 Harnessing Power This quest is just pure !@#$ing cancer. Horde and Alliance players are just insta-killing the dragon without letting the quest mob spawn... This whole chain should have been instanced.Shadòweye21 Apr 13
Apr 12 Shalassic Park Fun quest. Thanks, Blizz!Sarîel0 Apr 12
Apr 12 How to: Bugged Like the Wind WQ in Suramar Hey guys. I've recently started a Youtube channel in conjunction with my stream - and the first video I've uploaded is how to get around the bug in the Like the Wind world quest in Moonguard Stronghold, in Suramar. Basically, what's wrong is that the first orb you're supposed to be able to air dash through is stuck way below where it should be, for some reason. With a little craftiness, I figured out how to get around it. It might take a few tries, but I hope this helps. Apr 12
Apr 12 Naga FFA quest chain kill Ok, so this morning I went to do the Naga FFA world quest. It's FFA so a little PVP fight is to be expected. But today, I was chain killed by two alliance players who were obviously just having fun killing people without caring about the quest. Sometimes they were waiting me to respawn. And with no pvp gear balance, you can imagine what a mage can do against a warrior and a shadow priest. Despite the fact that it was clearly not fun, I was wondering if it is a normal behavior expected to happen during that world quest. Not whining, just wondering.Lhusty2 Apr 12
Apr 12 Kirin Tor Quest: Like the wind (Suramar) Why the troll blizzard? to get to this quest for starters wasn't clear where you had to go but after awhile of tinkering I figured to take the portal to Moonguard Stronghold and head due East until I couldn't anymore. So up on the water fall and you if you reset you still go running off the waterfall to your death (unless you have a slow fall ability). Not fun!Beautevil0 Apr 12
Apr 12 Missing 5 or so quests in BC zones SO I'm doing a play through of doing every single zone and pausing experience so I never out-level anything. This also gives me a chance to try a new faction and do the zones completely as well as getting the achievements for them. The problem comes when I'm missing 5 or so quests for the achievement in a BC Zone (Zangarmarsh & Terokkar) and have no way to find the remaining ones. So I was curious as to if there was an add-on to show available quests or a website to give me some help? Thanks in advance.Mushkar3 Apr 12
Apr 12 Demon Flesh (Leatherworking) So I have completed all of the quests up to this point, even cross-checked with wowhead to make sure I wasnt missing any. They are all completed, but Namha Moonwater does not give me the quest to go to Surumar called DEmon Flesh. She has no quests for me at all and she is supposedly the one that issues this quest...Haushenka3 Apr 12
Apr 12 This Weeks Archaeology quest bugged? This weeks archaeology quest doesn't seem to show up for players that have already done it and there is a archaeology level requirement to even pick up the jewels so you can't just do it on an alt now. Is this a bug or something? Kinda sucks that I can't even do this weeks archaeology quest which I wanted to make a video for.Tanthoris0 Apr 12
Apr 12 You really dropped the ball on this one Blizz The Death Knight quests [Harnessing Power] and [Severing the Sveldrek] is a complete cluster f*ck. Horde outnumber Alliance and they are KoS. This should have been instanced or treated as a PvE server. We're all here for the same goal, correct? So why place 200 PvP flagged Death Knights in a small circular area and expect them to get along. Edit: Oh, and the mob that we need to kill is faction-tagged and dies LITERALLY instantly. Fix this please.Model3 Apr 12
Apr 12 Hides of Legend Really?! I have been reluctantly doing the ENDLESS quest chains for leatherworking and skinning. Getting one quest item that then leads to many more gets boring soon enough. However this one is just beyond all reason. To complete one part requires you to run Baradin Hold raid. Sounds easy enough except for traveling to and finding the entrances, like for the other components. Except to enter Baradin Hold requires your faction to capture and hold Tol Barad long enough for you to get in. It appears that the Alliance pretty much always controls this PvP area. Old content, don't know why lvl 110s are there, except for the griefing aspects of stopping players from doing this quest? I am not on a PvP server. I don't see the need to have quests that require PvP to complete. Nor for that matter, do I see the reason to have archeology sites in a PvP area either ( or one that you have to get flagged just getting to). Good luck finding a large enough group of 110s to go take Tol Barad just so I can do ONE part of a skinning quest. Which will no doubt have yet another chain behind it. Would it have been so bad to allow anyone with the quest to just enter? The 5 other raid instances all over Pandaria, and Northrend (and Karazhan) were tedious enough. While I am at it, what is up with Mounting Made Easy quest. That stag runs you ALL OVER Stormheim and jumps off one cliff after another. You MUST stay mounted. I assume it might be easier for a class with passive damage or falling reduction that works while mounted. Anyone who doesn't is in for hours of repetion and dying to get it done.Toenail9 Apr 12
Apr 12 Balance of Power - Premade only? Are The Nighthold parts are of the questline for Balance of Power locked out of LFR and for Premade Groups only? I have run The LFR's a couple of times and cannot get the Millenia Tome from Elisande. I see the yellow dot on my minimap for it but the loot is not of Eli's corpse. I also see that I an not getting any of the 20 nightshards needed for the Into the Nightmare questline. Are these to be done in Premade only? I sure hope not... I find them worse than LFR's now.Verahnia4 Apr 12
Apr 12 Champions of Legionfall not gaining credit got the new class followers on 3 of my other toons, got credit for champions of legionfall no problem. but on my rogue, i have finished the class quests and started the upgrade on my class hall and have the new tess greymane folower, but it's not giving me credit for Champions of Legionfall and i can't turn it in. any help?Sinaith0 Apr 12
Apr 12 DK FOLLOWER QUEST Hey blizzard you messed up by not putting a limit on anything and making it so the dragon spawns w/o the npcCondition4 Apr 12
Apr 12 Hotfix Harnessing Power quest Impossible for anyone to do. It appears to be all on one large server with 100+ DKs, there are several DKs who are just sitting there and instakilling the dragon before anyone can complete the quest objective. Been this way for hours.Violadavis2 Apr 12
Apr 12 Khadgar not giving quest to unlock artifact I did the intro quests and donated the 100 resources to the mage tower. now khadgar only gives the quest to do the ternal light dungoen. Anyone know why he isnt giving me the quests to find the mysterious object? I have already done this on 2 characters.Cyberpunkz2 Apr 12
Apr 12 Demon's Bile...... Demon's Bile...... Okay so this Alchemy quest is one of the most annoying around. It's damn near impossible to find anyone with 3 minutes wanting to help summon this optional boss, everyone just runs to the end and bam done. Why can't Blizz just have a loot item and a regular boss kill? I spent 4 hours trying to find people and 3 dps no tank or heals responding even for 1kg a pop offered.Itazukii2 Apr 12
Apr 12 Bradensbrook Story line Problem So it's been a long time since I have done the Quests here, I did do all the one that were available to me at the time. Researching pathfinder I noticed I need to the Bradensbrook achievement. Yet there are no quests there for me to get. Something is bugged.Badfinger2 Apr 12
Apr 12 Druid 'Champion of Legionfall' Quest So being on a pvp realm, it's almost impossible to do Champion of Legionfall because of horde groups camping the room. Can we have the zone pvp disabled or just instanced? I've spent 2 hours trying to just complete one part of the quest. I dont know if other classes are having this issue but Aviana's room is just a graveyard of bones right now.Tegami3 Apr 12
Apr 11 CANT GET ARTIFACT QUEST!!! Its been over a week now that i cant pick up my balance weapon quest for the new traits from khadgar and them npc's in tower,i've done it on my guardian spec but it wont give me on my balance weapon that is maxed at 54 and it sucks big time!!!! I did the quest for prot and arms on my war and got both quest why doesnt it work for my main character(druid).ive been trying to get help for a week and nothing feel like quitting!Silentpaddle0 Apr 11
Apr 11 Kosumoth orbs chain Okay, so with the recent 7.2 patch, the lands changed on the broken isle and i was wondering if it was still possible to get the Weathered relic to start the quest chain for orbs, which unlock the world boss Kosumoth the Hungering, im at the location but there is nothing.Cailenar1 Apr 11
Apr 11 Legion Invasions, Why so early? The biggest question I currently have, as a person trying to get flying in Legion is: Why are the invasions so early in the day? They start at 10 a.m. U.S. Central and end at 3 p.m./4p.m. Central, just in time for the working class player to never be able to get them? Why are they so early in the day when a bulk of their player base isn't on until the evening?Swordlocked3 Apr 11
Apr 11 Can't start 7.2 Class quest I'm within the broken shore today and I can't find my new class quest to do champions of legionfall. Can any hunters help a gnome out?Öda0 Apr 11
Apr 11 World quests disappear from Broken shore When i view broken shore map from another zone i see world quests. When i get to broken shore they are gone. Other are having the same issue.Namunn3 Apr 11
Apr 11 Nighthuntress Champion Quests These were actually quite enjoyable! Straightforward, no difficulties finding objectives. Mobs respawned quickly enough to keep things moving and I really appreciated the quest items being shared. :)Tindomerel0 Apr 11
Apr 11 Cant Raise Daumyr Quest [The Bonemother] Cant Raise DaumyrDklolpro0 Apr 11
Apr 11 A daughter's Embrace Quest in Tirisfal Glade I had to drop this quest because I died and didn't finish it. When I returned to get it again it wasn't available to me. Without this quest I can't finish the quest line in this zone. I don't know what to do. This never happened before where I could not pick up an abandoned quest again. This is the story of Lillian Voss... she was accompanying me to bring her to see her Father who is in the Scarlet Crusade. I died in battle and didn't finish... HELP! How can I get this back?Blazingshade7 Apr 11
Apr 11 Well, Come to the Jungle (Quest) Quest asks me to find Bort in Orgrimmar, but the only thing that you see there is Illidari base and no Bort. What should i do?Overlordus2 Apr 11
Apr 11 Legion Invasions have no Legion Army Rep? I was under the impression that Legion Invasions offered reputation for the Legion Army. Am I mistaken?Physos7 Apr 11
Apr 11 So many order resources Just wondering if it is time to start putting some thought into making Order Resources useful. Since 7.2 patch, my count has exploded from 70,000 to now 120,000 and rising. The plethora of WQ and many others ways to acquire order resources really plays into question, why bother even having it as a currency? Blizzard has currently flooded the market with order resources, and once we acquire the cosmetic gifts/mounts from rep rewards, there is little reason to do order resource WQ once you have reached 30k, let alone 120k. Doing the daily emissaries more than keeps up with the order resource demands for you class missions, and bonus rolls. I think a solution is to start offering legendary class missions that cost 10k+ and reward something nice that does not affect the character power, such as mount/pet/xmog/toy, or allow it to be spent on mats much like WoD resources were, make the cost high, but allow it to be spent other than just accumulated to where you have no interest in doing order resource WQ at all (which is where I am at now). Something needs to be done, gold WQ are hardly worth doing, order resource WQ are not worth doing, chaos crystal WQ are hardly worth doing, mainly what happens is I am scanning the map for AP WQ, and thats it.Distruct2 Apr 11
Apr 11 demonnyte have level 110 demon hunter but cannot defeat Mephistroth in assault scenario he's to strong???Renyas0 Apr 11
Apr 11 Flying question ... I have completed the Pathfinder Part One for the flying on this toon, but I have since changed to playing another toon. If I get the reputation on the "new" toon, will it unlock flying? Or must I get the reputation on the old toon to get it? Please advise. Thank you!!Alkì2 Apr 11
Apr 11 Arcane Mage 7.2 Artifact Quest Abandoned Hi I started the arcane mage quest in Violet Citadel....there was one for fire too. I got started on the arcane quest, a que popped when I was chasing the NPC in Stormheim, came back from the raid and the NPC was gone. I stupidly abandoned the quest, thinking the NPC would be avail from an earlier point, in the start of the line. No such luck. My fire quest is still working (in its frustrating, start the orbs way..).. I cannot find the quest giver for arcane any more. Help !Rockerchic4 Apr 11
Apr 11 Malificus impeding upon quest "Stand!" Whenever I am not in the Broken Shore zone, I see a WQ for "Stand!" just outside the zone-in for Tomb of Sargeras. However, upon entering the zone, the quest disappears and instead, a world boss Malificus is present. While the Nether Disruptor is up, is it impossible to do the WQ?Imägo4 Apr 11
Apr 11 val'sharah legionfall reputation? So since yesterday, the legionfall reputation came from a quest from Maiev, i went there to check if she had a new quest. She did not, so I went to valsharrah to do the invasion. Invasion done, i turn it in to Cenarius... but as far as I can tell, he gave me dreamfall rep, unless I read it wrong (which may indeed be the case). Did we not get legionfall today, or am I just being blind as a bat?Czarnobog4 Apr 11
Apr 10 Armies of Legionfall Reputation error Ok, this is very weird. I have been stuck at 5625 rep with Armies of Legionfall for almost 5 days or more. I have completed dozens of world quests, 3 of the Assaults and even though I see the 75 or 500 or 150 rep my rep standing doesn't change! The pathfinder tool on WoWHead shows me at 69.6% but my toons standing isn't showing... HELP! lolDruam4 Apr 10
Apr 10 Quest Tabs If a quest giver has more than one quest to give, just a suggestion but there should be an Accept all Tab.Sendtheusmc1 Apr 10
Apr 10 Imbecile type quests Can we avoid in the future that type of quests like Stormheim intro missions with those two imbeciles Greymane and admiral Rogers? Doing it on yet another character and still these quests disgust me. I know they imbeciles, but this is quest chain from start to imperative dungeon run (WoW on rails).Ndruid0 Apr 10
Apr 10 Blackrook Rumble Blackrook rumble is without a doubt the worst thing ever to be put into wow. can we get pvp balancing like in bgs for this quest please. it is literally the worst right now.Meldrick0 Apr 10
Apr 10 World Quest: Safe Keeping Wow it looks like this one is designed for cheaters. The desperate Refugees are rare but you will find them (they are not flagged so you have to hover over every NPC) if you search very very diligently. When you do get one or more they will follow you for (time not sure) about 10 or 15 minutes and then despawn. There is nothing at all to give you even the slightest hint as to where the "Safe Places" are so you will spend forever searching for them while devoting most of your attention to avoiding the guards who see through your disguise.. If you are not an elite player or highly geared one you should plan on being killed 20 to 30 times in the hours that you spend on this quest.Mykinglion2 Apr 10
Apr 10 Where is "A Growing Crisis"? I'm trying to finish my pathfinder achievement. I'm exalted with the Nightfallen but no quest? I looked it up and it says I should have gotten it at revered...Sacrilege5 Apr 10
Apr 10 Communing with Malorne Quest Issue I've searched this forum and done some google searching in regard to this issue. I am still stuck. I am trying to complete the quest Communing with Malorne. Basically,when I get to Mount Hyjal to do the quest,Keeper Remulos is nowhere to be found. What I do find near the quest marker is the quest Cleansing the Mother Tree. I have tried to abandon the Mother Tree quest, thinking it may have "taken over" ? Whether this notion of "taken over" makes any sense,I do not know. But the abandon button for the Mother Tree quest is not active,so I can't abandon it. Also,do I need the Idol of the Wilds in my bag for the Malorne quest? It is not in my bag. I also tried flying to the top of Mount Hyjal,instead of porting there from the Emerald Dreamway,but this did not work either. I would be so grateful for any help regarding this.Thanks, Eyeknow(but not in this case)Eyeknow3 Apr 10
Apr 10 Crafting Legendaries / Mythic dungeons Am I the only one more than just a little annoyed that the "Fashion Historian" quest line to craft legendary armor involves more Mythic dungeon trips? Hey, I get it - shut up ... "no one is forcing me to do anything, and I don't have to craft anything ... git gud ... blah blah blah ..." ... and I probably won't. I just hope all you bored challenge mode weenies realize how MUCH Blizzard has accommodated you with your M/M+, Challenge Mode artifact skins, and other incentives. This expansion offers a lot to everyone - especially the overachievers.Falix0 Apr 10
Apr 10 Noodle Time Bonus: No Score Since 6.0.2 the noodle time bonus score is not showing. Achieving the bonus score also seems much more difficult. I submitted a bug report in game. Is anyone else having this problem?Mandryn6 Apr 10
Apr 10 Good Suramaritan. How to pickup quest's i'm trying to finish the legion path finder part 1. i have Broken Isles Explorer finished and i have Loremaster of Legion done except for "Good Suramaritan". I only have four out of eleven quest lines finished. The only unfinished quests in my "Sumara" category are "seeds of hope" i almost have honored status, and "leyline feed falanaar arcway". Will these lead me to all the other quests or can i pick up the others somewhere? I looked on wow head but couldn't find the starting exclamation marks. one place had a white exclamation mark but i couldn't find it. maybe it was underground or i just can't have it yet. Any suggestion on getting through the "good suramaritan" quickly? Any suggestion on getting honored status with the night fallen quickly other than world quests? I'm at 5350/6000 rep to the nightfallen. I'm doing every quest i get from shal'aran. I'm guesing this is the home base.Trollstrollr5 Apr 10
Apr 10 Finished Quests Is there a way to find what quests in an area that you completed???Lørddråggon1 Apr 10
Apr 10 Defense of Broken Isles Achievment for flying Is this achievment bugged ????? I have done Val'sharah, Highmountain, and Stormheim but for the life of me i can not find the assault on Azsuna.Shlarian1 Apr 10
Apr 10 I HATE questing in Suramar! Not only are the quest chains in that area excessive in number and length, but when I am attempting to do them I am under CONSTANT attack by enemies. Demons, Nightborne, Naga, wildlife, Vrykul, more demons, more Nightborne, more Naga, more Vrykul and more wildlife!!! Soloing that area is terrible!!! I feel forced to join in groups just to get anything done there! If others are also fed up with trying week after week to do what is needed for the flying achievment in the Broken Isles to someday be unlocked, VENT YOUR RAGE HERE!!!!Bichorak1 Apr 10
Apr 9 Where are the Legion assaults? I've logged in a couple of times when I can and they are no where to be found? I got the quest to complete a Legion Assault...but there are no assaults to I missing something?Sigilian3 Apr 9