Oct 1 Greater Invasion HI there. Did all the prequests this week but no greater invasion quest came up. Did I do something wrong?Gypsy1 Oct 1
Oct 1 Resto artifact quest In Deep Slumber bad This quest is bad: nothing says to heal yourself through the corruption. Dispelling the random NPC is anything but obvious. Once I got outside I just shapeshifted to pass the root spamming mobs, since the scenario took away my offensive spec & I still had to deal with corruption. Total lack of information delivered to the player as to the hurdles and tools to proceed. Very frustrating for the first thing I did this xpac. Thank Perc for Wowhead (but why was I forced to find out what to do on a 3rd party website, rather than inside the game).Selina16 Oct 1
Oct 1 Greater Invasion Points Not Loading I have received the quest "Commander's Downfall" from Illidan which requires I defeat a greater invasion point. There are no greater invasion points showing on the map. I only see 1 lesser invasion point. I have traveled through zones, reloaded the game, turned off UI add ons like world quest tracker and abandonded the quest.Nÿxa0 Oct 1
Sep 30 Invasion Points Too Slow Ret or prot, it doesn't matter, Invasion points just take too long and are too boring. Not worth the time it takes to complete them.Blackweb1 Sep 30
Sep 30 Holy Priest artifact quest BUGGED I'm on the quest "Return of the Light" to get the Holy Priest artifact. At stage 4 when I was supposed to set the prisoner free, the cage was not clickable. I tried everything I could imagine, but it was impossible to click the cage and free the prisoner. I watched some YouTube videos and they showed that indeed the quest had been done the same, however when I arrived at the cage it was inert and unable to be clicked. After about 30 minutes of trying, I finally gave up and hearthed out. Now I am unable to abandon the quest. I am also unable to progress on it, so I am effectively locked out of my Holy artifact. Please help.Raakks3 Sep 30
Sep 30 Piercing the Mists Looking for people to help W/ Piercing the Mists Comment for me to inv.Conswella0 Sep 30
Sep 30 How do I get into the Ordon Sanctuary? I saw that you need a cloak or something, if so how am I suppose to get the cloak, or get access by the celestials to enter.Jonathorin1 Sep 30
Sep 30 Legassi Cooking quest chain How do I get this quest chain started? I am in front of him but neither he nor his assistant gives a quest and I can't find anything on wowhead that tells me how to start it.Aellara0 Sep 30
Sep 30 Can't complete the quest Leyline Proficiency. It just says I need to speak with her to complete it and the videos I've seen online just show them picking up the quest and turning it right back in easily. Can it just not be completed once you finish the Nightfallen quest line or something? Seems strange to offer a quest I can't complete.Ryohki0 Sep 30
Sep 30 There and Back Again (Alliance) This Brewfest daily quest has always been one of my favorite quests to enjoy for a week or so every year, and I try to improve my score year after year as well. This year, I have run into something, and I'm wondering if anyone else or a blue could confirm and/or tell me. The daily gives you 4 min buff to complete as many barrel pick ups and drop offs as possible. With each drop off, you get an additional 30 seconds. Each drop off also gives you 2 brewfest tokens I have gotten to a point now where I'm able to get 46 tokens, so that would be 23 runs with about 7 seconds left. So after that 23rd turn-in I go back up to 37 seconds, but then I notice that I always get dismounted after around 7 seconds and 30 seconds left on my buff. Do you think there is a hidden 15 minute max timer for the quest? 22 turn-ins plus the initial 4 minutes would = 15 minutes. Even though I get 23 turn-ins, I get booted off after a few seconds, so I'm wondering if that is the case. Anyone else know? Not sure how I could datamine that.Ishvara0 Sep 30
Sep 29 Stuck trying to get Champions of Legionfall I am trying to find the prereqs for the Rogue Champions of Legionfall so I an get the additional follower. I did the Legion invasion quest, got the 'Power Unleashed' , done first 6 parts of 'Breaching the Tomb'.... Not sure what i need to do? I ran this " /run print (IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(46775))" and it says 'FALSE' so i should be OK to get the bread crumbs to this quest. Just wondering what I am missing? Edit: I did this quest on my Druid but can't remember all the hoops had to jump through..Elanis5 Sep 29
Sep 29 Broken shore solved? i just disengaged off the edge of dalaran into the broken shore. to continue my quest i do believe i may have found a easy fix ? what are your opinions as this is currently happening im on the shore now wonder if it will work .Twokay3 Sep 29
Sep 29 Twice Fortified Arcwine Does this no longer work? I need 1200 ancient mana for a quest and twice fortified arcwine seemed a good way to get some, but while it shows up on my minimap standing at the marked location reveals nothing.Eloriajean1 Sep 29
Sep 29 How To Win Friends And Influence Enemies OK Blizzard, can we please do something about this quest? It is absolutely ridiculous. On top of that, it is not an optional quest. You must do it to complete the DK intro line (unless you do the little walk around). There should not be any quest, let alone an intro quest, that requires you to change spec, take off ALL of your gear, and auto-attack dozens upon dozens of enemies... EASY SOLUTION Luckily, I now understand how the mechanics work. First, change to frost spec to accept the quest, and equip only one dagger. Start your auto-attack and once the enemy is stunned, stop auto-attack. HERE IS THE KEY, DO NOT RESUME AUTO-ATTACK UNTIL AFTER THE ENEMIES CHAT BOX HAS DISAPPEARED. Honestly with this method, you really don't even need to change spec, and probably only need to take heirlooms off. From what I have determined, a stun proc will occur within 1-3 auto attacks, but will never occur while the chat box is still visible. That is what really got me. Even with all my gear off, and one dagger, I would only see 2 or 3 procs per enemy because as soon as the stun wore off I started attacking. With this method you can easily get 7 or 8 procs, and are guaranteed to break them within your first handful of enemies.Salve0 Sep 29
Sep 29 Low Level Quests - Cannot Complete There is a major problem with trying to go back and do low level quests, a problem that will only get worse as more insta-90's appear with the next expansion. Some quests you just can't complete because it requires enemies to be low in life, yet, Undead have a racial passive (Touch of the Grave) that does over 13,000 damage when it procs, and that kills most low level enemies. Basically, need a way to turn off passive abilities, or alter quests so that they can be done before an enemy is low in health. Just an annoyance I've found.Deadseksi26 Sep 29
Sep 29 Rethu's Incessant Courage Quest Chain Anyone know how the chain resets or begins again? I completed it last week and this week I haven't seen it pop up. I've seen it pop up following weeks every time in the past but except this week.Ubba2 Sep 29
Sep 29 Argent Tournament Issue A few days ago I realized I was missing some of the pets from the Argent Tournament, so I decided to start farming Champion's Seals on all of my older characters that had previously done (some or all of) the content, and I am having issues with one of them. I was doing the whole Aspirant quest line simultaneously with two of my characters. My Paladin finished it all and then picked up the follow-up Valiant quest line from her faction's quest givers. My Death Knight, however, is a faction transfer from Alliance to Horde; he was my main at one point and I am quite certain had done everything on the Alliance side. I had to do the whole Aspirant quest line over again, which was fine, I guess, but my issue is that once I completed that, it ended there. There was no follow-up Valiant quest with his faction, and no other quests to pick up except for the ones that I've already been doing all week - two from the crusaders in the western tent and the three from the Sunreavers in the faction tent. Any ideas what happened? Is the faction transfer to blame?Aldeia3 Sep 29
Sep 28 Garrison Campaign: The Warlock-Glitched I have completed every other chapter in the "In Pursuit of Gul'Dan" achievement, and Yrel does not give me this quest. I have double and triple checked to make sure that i have done all precursor quests. I've also come across other dead threads where people had the same issue but noone ever posted back to say if they got it fixed.Zeüss1 Sep 28
Sep 28 Shadowcaster Voruun Why does Shadowcaster Voruun have such a long respawn? I've seen numerous posts about this. Like others, it's the last name on my commander of Argus list.Abannichri2 Sep 28
Sep 28 What's the Terokk's Legacy storyline? And how/where do you do it?Aquania5 Sep 28
Sep 28 CAN'T START DOOMHAMMER QUEST so I recently hit level 98 on my main enhancement shammy, and I can't start the Doomhammer quest. This is extremely discouraging, as I am new to this game and this is my main. Was hoping somebody could give me some insight as to why I can't start it? Thank you!!Mingsuthyu1 Sep 28
Sep 28 Why Withered Army Stops Following Me? During withered training, my withered army of about 30 suddenly stopped moving, stopped following me. The Follow Me button was pressed. I tried pressing the Mayhem button and then the Follow Me button again but to no avail. I tried walking further away from them but they just stood there. I walked back towards them and they suddenly walked closer to me but would not follow me any further. There are other posts about this issue that are about one-year old. I didn't see any solid solutions. Anything I could do to rectify this problem? If this is a one-year old bug, I will not be happy because considerable time and effort were invested to first obtain at least 1700 mana to start the quest, and then attempt to go through it. The end result was lost treasure chests and lots of wasted time. Thank you, TimeshadowTimeshadow0 Sep 28
Sep 28 Relics of the Ancient Eredar So i got the quest from Alleria, but now i see no way to do any missions or quests to get the armor to raise the Champs ilvl to 925. Anyone else stuck on this?Uzul8 Sep 28
Sep 28 Trailing the Tidestone: Bugged This quest appears to be bugged. When I try to escort the NPC he gets to the first wave of naga and then freezes after we defeat them. One time I did it he made it to the second wave, and then the same thing happened. When I returned to the starting point for the quest, he was there and ready to begin all over again. Anyone else having trouble with this one?Tuladono2 Sep 28
Sep 28 Bugged Suramar Quest Little One Lost I've opened a ticket but the wait time 2 days is a bit extreme. Stuck on this quest as I died and came back to the NPC she's missing, I abandoned the quest and now not only is the NPC still missing but I don't have a quest and it's a part of the main story in Suramar.Stormfïre5 Sep 28
Sep 28 Running Out of Resources Since 7.3 I have the hardest time keeping resources. It's not sustainable since 7.3 I'm doing all of the resource quests every day and they are going down just from recruiting the new troops. Does anyone have any advice? My friend has a bodyguard that she gets 300 and 50 gold per quest but I can't seem to get any of the equipment.Roknash1 Sep 28
Sep 27 Halls of Valor quest is insane The game gives you this quest when you complete the invasion in Stormhiem. [removed] I am probably 2½ to 3 times as powerful as I was the first time I passed this one by. At nearly 3½ million health and ilvl 885 I thought I might have a chance (at least a better chance than I had at 1½ million health and ilvl 825) It made a difference a VERY VERY LITTLE difference. The more than 23 million health on the 3 valarjar champions who cannot be pulled individually are way more that I even have a slight chance of surviving for more than a few seconds Would the developers be willing to put their 70 pound sons in the ring against three 155 pound Seasoned fighters and expect them to defeat them. GUYS you need to adopt some system to warn players about quests which are designed for only the top 5 or 10 % of fighters to do when they are already very well geared, or to somehow split the game to prevent very unreasonable lack of balance. Forum Mod Edit: Please keep posts constructive Mykinglion11 Sep 27
Sep 27 Fuel of a Doomed World, turn in? I have the 50 items and every space ship I go into I see a big YELLOW ? for turn in, but when I go to that spot there is no quest giver to turn in the quest. I have checked the top, bottom and middle parts of the ship. Wowhead is uless as always, when looking for a turn in.Fenril5 Sep 27
Sep 27 Sentinax Missing for Mark Quest Hi Everyone: I'm currently working on the Breaching the Tomb achievement to get my class hall mount for this alt. I finished the class campaign and did my first invasion and got the quest Mark of the Sentinax but the Sentinax ship itself and the rares on the Broken Shore don't appear this is with all addons disabled. Is there any reason why the rares or Sentinax don't appear on my minimap? Thanks all for your help.Anonymity0 Sep 27
Sep 27 Alts unfriendly in 7.3... So i have 10 alts, do i have to go through every single quests to unlock invasion points or world quests on argus?! I already did everything on main. Why is this so alt unfriendly? What is the point of giving out free 880 gear token at the end our alts cant event access argus world quests and invasions...Yukariki8 Sep 27
Sep 27 Can't find Thisalee Crow in Class Hall A while back, I received the Champions of Legionhall Quest from Maiev. I got busy with my main and didnt return to my class hall to continue this quest. I finally went back to the Class Hall looking to find this new Champion(for druids Thisalee Crow). Can't find her anywhere. Was I supposed to do a few Class Hall Missions before Thisalee would show up at the Class Hall? If so, because I waited a few weeks, did these missions time out? I have all the prequisites (I believe) A Glorious Campaign and the first 3 parts of Breach the Tomb. Anybody else have a similar problem?Teank6 Sep 27
Sep 27 Quest Thrice the Power Hello All, Been away for a while in the service. When I came back one of my guides told me to turn in The Dreadlords Prize and a check shows I have. It wants me to accept the quest, "Thrice the Power but Mel Felstorm who is lying in bed very sick, will not give it to me. Any ideas what I have done wrong? Thank you for any comments. BlueBluesmokey0 Sep 27
Sep 27 Can't RESUME Vereesa Artifact Rescue Mission Started the bow artifact quest with Vereesa and went through the portal on Niskara to find her sister. But I was getting hammered, so I used my Hearthstone to go back to Orgrimmar and load up with potions. But when I get back to Dalaran via the new Hearthstone, the quest is nowhere to be found. It's still in my log and shows that I have spoken with her and gone through the portal... but I can't find the portal to return to Niskara anywhere. Submitted tickets to Blizzard, and days later they respond by saying to check for answers. That doesn't help me. I reopened the ticket and now they say the average wait is THREE days for an answer. Has anyone else been in the same boat? I have seen people suggest going to Fels Ingress, but there is no flight path and no way for me to get there. ANY HELP would be appreciated. I've already spent hours and hours trying to figure this out...Swampkeeper12 Sep 27
Sep 26 No more Marks of Honor from WQs? I haven't seen any PvP World Quests award Marks of Honor since Patch 7.3 I think. I hope this isn't permanent, but maybe Blizzard has decided if you want Marks of Honor, you have to do actual PvP. This would be unfortunate if true.Fenella3 Sep 26
Sep 26 How to Trigger Balance of Power I have it finished already on a few alts, I just finished the order hall campaign on my druid and it has not triggered for him yet, I have not done the Azsuna quest chain with him yet nor have I gotten far in the Suramar quest chain, I am wondering if any of these quest chains are requirements or if there are other requirements I am not yet aware of, I understand that it can be a bit Random, but I am wondering if anyone had skipped these and had them trigger~Aamina1 Sep 26
Sep 26 Cant access News from Talador quest help me So I finished all my quests in the chapter for Gorgrond including the last one I did which was "strike when the iron is hot" which involved me using the primal artifact, but now im level 94 and almost 95 but i cant get the quest "News from Talador" I have even tried going to Talador hoping for a quest but still got nothing what do i do?? Please help me Im new to this game.Dover5 Sep 26
Sep 26 Can't Find Highmountain Tribe Quests Can't find Highmountain Tribe story quests, Neutral with Tribe at Level 110. No open quests anywhere in Highmountain. I need just a few points to hit friendly to start world quests. Anyone with ideas?Rov4 Sep 26
Sep 26 Cannot get "Seeking Lost Knowledge" Quest. I'm currently unable to pick up the quest I've completed: 1. 2. The quest is showing on my map: But there is no NPC at the location to offer the quest: Here is my quest log: Please help, this seems to be blocking my quest progression at the moment (at least for broken shores). Thank you!Amaylia3 Sep 26
Sep 25 Barrels o' Fun (Suramar) This world quest makes the portal to get inside Shal'aran quicker despawn. I just barely missed turning in another world quest because of this. So, can we please move this WQ so it stops despawning the portal to Shal'aran?Gigaflare6 Sep 25
Sep 25 Noob question: How do you get to Badlands? I know you can get there through the Searing Gorge, but since it is higher level than badlands, I was wondering if there was another access point I missed. Oulan19 Sep 25
Sep 25 Lightweave Loom Missing Have quest "Looming Over Me". Fan sites put the location at 54,23 inside a building. There is no loom inside the building. I there some preliminary quest or event that must be completed to get it to appear?Grumpz1 Sep 25
Sep 25 Armor of the Triumvirate quest trolling I have been trying for days to at least obtain key fragments for this quest, but every group has given me none. It has ALWAYS been the healer or tank obtaining the items and then they refuse to do the quest and can not trade the keys. I even asked why they have the quest if they are not going to do it. They never reply. Can you please change it so others can not hold this quest hostage because they feel the need to troll.Sentif9 Sep 25
Sep 25 Non-Leveling quests I have been playing WOW since back in Cataclysm when Dragonsoul was the current raid. As i have dealt with max LVL content it never bothered me doing it once or twice, but over the years ive gotten up to having curing this expansion as of this post 12 110s for legion during WOD i had around 15-16 100s. Doing the quests on as all of them starts fealing a little redundent to me. rather im unlooking something for argus or unlocking something for the garrison or new content during MOP like the Isle of Thunder or the Legendary Quest line for MOP and WOD. In my personal view i would like to see quests that are designed for that expansions Max LVL rather it be 90 or 110 be account wide like the Pet battle quests are so this way all of our toons can get credit for those quests no matter there LVL so soon as that toon hits that expansions max LVL they can get right into the thick of things sort of speak. I dont want to have to deal with having to catch the toon up by doing the quests. I feel by making all the quests designed for the exapsnions Max LVL toons were account wide then people would be able to deal with current content more quickly and readily if only needing to do the quests on either a single toon or if the case may call for it any toon if a person wanted to deal with the quests for the world on a DPS while dealing with the dungeons quests on a Tanking or healing toon there comfortable on if they wished to. I would expect certain quests that were desigend for a Specific Class not be account wide and be more toon based that is understandable just why not allow us deal with Current content in a way that would could make enjoying it a lil better. ALL critiques welcomeCelticlore0 Sep 25
Sep 25 Uniting the Isles Where do I start the suramar portion of uniting the isles?Conswella0 Sep 25
Sep 25 Can I drop "Where They Least Expect It"? Invasion points looks dumb. No grouping, deadly bosses, no players at all. On first day I finished with 3 more players on warlock first invasion point. On DK I tried point with mashrooms, filled one bar to 100%, killed 1 infernal with group of elites (as tank it's fine, but took about 5 minutes), guessed that after 4 more infernals next is both and left. The question is: is it progress stopper? I skipped as priest invasions and there is no following quests on shadow part with Alleria. Can I just drop it and forget about that nonsense?Aenissela1 Sep 25
Sep 25 Armor of Triumvirate quest trolling I have been trying for days to at least obtain key fragments for this quest using the dungeon finder, but every group has given me none. It has ALWAYS been the healer or tank obtaining the items, then refuse to do the quest and can not trade the key fragments. I even asked why the players obtaining the key fragments have the quest if they are not going to do the quest. They never reply. They go on killing which locks me to the heroic. Can you please change Armor of Triumvirate so others can not hold this quest hostage. I can easily go in as a Tank and force them to do the quest before I drop group, but that would mean adopting their rude behavior.Sentif1 Sep 25
Sep 24 Argus So my friends tell me to start argus but idk how i read somewhere that you have to finish the broken shore quests but khadgar isnt giving me the quest nor do i have any quests thereKrelindor1 Sep 24
Sep 24 Darkbrul Arena NEVER shows up The last time I have seen this world quest was about 3 months ago, does it even exist anymore? I've been needing this part of the achievement for the mount forever now.Dexecute3 Sep 24
Sep 24 The God Queen’s Fury- ilvl? I got introduced to the quest to defeat Sigryn today. I was feeling pretty optimistic until I saw she and her buddies had over 200 million health. At an ilvl of 900, I had absolutely no hope of killing her. Is there an approximate ilvl I should get to before trying again?Candelin0 Sep 24
Sep 24 Team Rumble- Falcosaur mount questline So for the Bloodgazer, Direbeak, Sharptalon, and Snowfeather Team Rumble quests I am encountering a problem. The quest asks for the particular pet with a pair of a specific family and then completing a pet battle world quest, 3 of them. My problem is that Argus pet boss World Quests don't seem to be counting. I know that apparently you cannot repeat the world quest on an alt and have it count towards the quest for that specific pet, that isn't what is happening. The team pet battles, like the trainers WQ on the Broken Shore are still working towards the quest. Anyone know why these aren't working? or if they are intended to work at all?Paktu3 Sep 24