Jan 7 Can't find Garrison starting quest. Just finished the intro to WoD quest line, just crashed in frostfire rdige. The quest isn't displaying. I cant start my garrison quest. This character was faction changed recently after starting the garrison quest as ali. Need help as i cant play the game really untill i finish that questline.Sícknasty2 Jan 7
Jan 7 Hellfire Fortifications I've searched the forums and can't seem to find a specific answer to my problem so maybe someone will read this and help. I'm a level 64 and in the Outlands. I received the quest to take the Hellfire Fortifications and from what I've read, it's a matter of standing by the flag for a period of time as a small timer comes up and once it's timed down, I've "taken" that particular fortification. My problem is when I stand next to the flag, I get a message saying I have to be PvP to complete that particular quest. I checked on my UI interface and it lists me as PvP (H) so I'm assuming I'm already PvP. What else do I have to do? Thanks in advance for helping out a noob!Raqu26 Jan 7
Jan 7 Make an entrance (please help) Hey folks, So earlier back when I was leveling through suramar I remember dropping a quest. "make an entrance" Issue is I need the quest now to finish my attunement for the raid. I cannot for the life of me find this quest again. Does anyone have any ideas or thoughts that maybe could help? Thanks!Hoshjarley1 Jan 7
Jan 7 Remove Like A Wind World Quest Hi, Can we have this Like A Wind World Quest removed. Its so difficult to do on 300ms latency. If it can be made a bit more easily then that will be ok. No offense, but please look into this requests. Many players are having same reaction on this quests. Best regards,Zapme7 Jan 7
Jan 7 Like the wind Been doing the one in highmountain and get to the second platform, only to be sent back to the first. I can't understand how devs can have such thick skin and take so much negative feedback, and not resolve issues with the quest, or make others available. CS here is b/s I have done this one in the past, and others. Between inconsistent spacing on your flying ability, or general bugs, these are extremely bad quests. Most WoW content is very repetitive/consistent, and doing it once or twice helps get the learning curve. Take raiding for example, a boss will do an ability, no guess work involved. A decent player should be able to do these without fail once they have it down, but the way they are designed is to just take rng to another level.Hynd3 Jan 7
Jan 7 Emissary Chest question. so, i'm just wondering, is the loot the emissary chests generate determined when you pick up the chest or when you open it? i wanna save my chests to try and get a new legendary in 7.1.5 (the healer trinket is ridiculous), but, if they're pre-generated, i might as well open them.Cherche3 Jan 7
Jan 7 Kirin Tor WQs not shown on map So I logged in to the KT emissary quest, but couldn't see any world quests for them on my map. I definitely didn't do any recently, so this is not a case where I just have to wait. Instead, if I walk to an area where a WQ is active, it simply just pops up (but still doesn't show on my map). For what it's worth, I've tried: - deleting Interface - deleting WTF - deleting Cache None of these changed the results, even when I tried all 3 at once. I did check the mobile app, and on the mobile app I can see Kirin Tor World Quests. I don't know how useful that info is. Is this any sort of known bug? Have I accidentally hit a "Don't show Kirin Tor world quests on the map" button somewhere? I've looked for one in case I had, but can't find one.Ankul3 Jan 7
Jan 7 Treasure Goblin phasing in and out In Underbelly. FixRudger0 Jan 7
Jan 7 Kirin Tor emissary again only 3 Really.. we are doing this again, have 3 and 1 is the wind one which is poorly designed and will simply not spend time doing... Gzzz,, get this right already!Redseal0 Jan 7
Jan 6 Survive the Night I'm trying to do this Hunter Order Hall quest. When I got to the quest-giver there was one tree which I used for the first quest. When I try to do the main quest there are no more trees, lots of meat but no trees. There's no-one else here doing it so it's not like they are taking them all. I've tries abandoning the quest and re-taking but nothing. I've stood here over 30 minutes, still no trees. I've searched the area for a long way. Any suggestion?Been12 Jan 6
Jan 6 dances with ravenbears.. spoiler?? This quest has you performing a ritual where the quest giver dies. You then complete the quest at his dead body. Does that mean you just crouch down and take your measly 20 g and gear reward out of the dead guys inventory? Kinda rude hahaExplosions1 Jan 6
Jan 6 World Quest: unspeakable colaborators Here we go again The game developers need to be spoken to. Sending a player who is fortunate enough to have 1.6 million health after months of hard work to do a quest in which he has to simultaneously defeat two NPCs , one with 6.2 million health and the other with 8.1 million health. If he can survive it he has to repeat the process 3 more times to kill a total of eight. I really hope that some day they have a 72 pound 9 year old who complains about again being put in the boxing ring against an other 230 pound 17 year old.Mykinglion3 Jan 6
Jan 6 The Frozen Flame quest question Anyone know how to get back into the area where you get Felo'melorn if you have left before finishing? I did and now can't figure out how to get back in to try to finish.Maeelle2 Jan 6
Jan 6 how do i start the Good Suramaritan quest? hi everyone on my main, i am almost done the nightfallen quest line and i wanted to start the good suramaritan questline beginning with "an ancient gift". so when i look for this quest it's not showing up anywhere on the map. where would i get it? or does this populate once i'm DONE the nightfallen quest line?Burnt1 Jan 6
Jan 6 Can't RESUME Vereesa Artifact Rescue Mission Started the bow artifact quest with Vereesa and went through the portal on Niskara to find her sister. But I was getting hammered, so I used my Hearthstone to go back to Orgrimmar and load up with potions. But when I get back to Dalaran via the new Hearthstone, the quest is nowhere to be found. It's still in my log and shows that I have spoken with her and gone through the portal... but I can't find the portal to return to Niskara anywhere. Submitted tickets to Blizzard, and days later they respond by saying to check for answers. That doesn't help me. I reopened the ticket and now they say the average wait is THREE days for an answer. Has anyone else been in the same boat? I have seen people suggest going to Fels Ingress, but there is no flight path and no way for me to get there. ANY HELP would be appreciated. I've already spent hours and hours trying to figure this out...Swampkeeper9 Jan 6
Jan 6 Stelleris Shakedown (World Quest) Blizzard, here is some feedback regarding this quest. I do not mind attempting quests that are difficult, but I feel this quest is needlessly difficult due to both poor quest design and unintentional quirks with the new tagging system. I will explain. In this quest, players are required "shakedown" a non-elite Stelleris noble with an elite bodyguard. The quest seems to require the player to defeat the elite guard BEFORE defeating the non-elite noble. This requires players to ignore 100% of their Area of Effect damage, because they have to keep the non-elite noble alive. I feel this is a poor decision in quest design, because... removing the area of effect abilities of players, it is not always easy to tag the non-elite noble. *TWICE* in the last 5 minutes I was working on defeating the elite guard only to have an Alliance player come in and tag my non-elite Stelleris noble and effectively steal my quest from me. *TWICE* This is a perfect storm of frustration. I have to somehow keep a non-elite mob alive (and if you have ever played a Death Knight, you know how difficult this is as everything near us tends to end up dead) long enough for me to kill an elite guard without 60% of my kit. Twice today I also accidentally defeated the non-elite Stelleris noble before I defeated the guard, he "yielded" and was willing to tell me everything, but because I had not yet defeated the guard, he de-spawned before I was able to get credit. My recommendation: make the noble elite as well, making it more difficult for players to accidentally defeat them. Either that, or change how tagging the noble works, because I seriously doubt the intention was to allow rival factions to poach the quest from each other. Perhaps have the noble and the guard function as a single unit, whereby tagging one tags them both?Batlëth20 Jan 6
Jan 6 Kirin Tor World Quests: Like the Wind Dear Blizzard, this is not meant to be a thread hating upon the world quest, but merely a recommendation. I do not wish to cause any offense to you but simply give a suggestion that I think is fair in my opinion. The world quest, "Like the Wind," is a challenging and somewhat entertaining world quest. It opens up a new type of world quest we have never seen before. However, I would like to ask that you only do a few of these every week. For example, my friend and I on our server had 2 of these world quests to do for the emissary, and they were the only ones up, besides the dungeon world quest for The Arcway, "The Arcway: Arcanist Down." Even then, that would mean only 3 would be up, and we would not be able to complete the world quest emissary on a single character. Therefore, I would recommend making sure you put up more than 4 Kirin Tor world quests if it's the emissary, and not put up two of the "Like the Wind" world quests. Even though they are extremely challenging, they get quite annoying after a time. Or, another idea would be to increase the reward with these "Like the Wind" world quests to make them seem worthwhile. Thank you for reading my suggestion, and I hope you have a good day. :)Fokola29 Jan 6
Jan 6 Kirin tor Quests Kirin quests. no thank you. to hard. rather they are a pain to do much less complete. did anyone test these? the block ones are easy as are the run the path ones. the run off a ledge and hit the diamonds? Sorry if you like them. Just letting Blizzard know, 1 negative response.Beany3 Jan 6
Jan 6 Reach the goal world quests still not fun. Doesn't work the way you think it should, gets you killed from falling. It's not fun, challenging for all the wrong reasons and not rewarding, once you're done you're just glad it's over.Batmancrush0 Jan 6
Jan 6 Fun things to do while you level up? I'm trying to get the full wow experience while I'm leveling up. I'm doing questing, dungeons, battlegrounds. I'm taking my time and not using heirlooms for a more immersive leveling experience. I'd like to do a little bit of everything. What other activities could i add?Yoon5 Jan 6
Jan 6 Level with me Anyone want to level with me? Ima tankArtroid3 Jan 6
Jan 5 Barrles o' Fun. How to get there? This world quest. Its like at the bottom edge of highmountain. I dont have a FP to it and i cant seem to get there on foot. How do i get there? this is so annoyingElectriik1 Jan 5
Jan 5 Legacy of the Annoy... erm... Ancients Quest: "Legacy of the Ancients" The one where you find/cut down Timber (not small, not large) all over draenor in order to spawn the ancients to kill. Yeah, THAT one... ugh. After speaking with many other players attempting to do this quest, I realized I wasn't even close to being alone with my frustrations. People have had a horrible time finding Timber (not small or large) in the designated quest zone (blue area). The timber literally does not exist in the quest zone in shadowmoon valley at all. The other zones have it, but only about 1-2 trees if you're lucky. You can tell I took hours on this quest because I know those things. So I have some thoughts on this in order to keep players happy instead of annoyed. The quest is extremely vague and doesn't tell you that you can cut timber outside of the quest zone. Get rid of the quest zones, problem solved. The quest also doesn't let you know that cutting the Timber down doesn't spawn an ancient 100% of the time. So you could either add that information to the quest, or just make the ancients have a 100% spawn rate for the quest mobs. edit: Well it seems even year and a half after I started this thread, people are still struggling with this quest. So I thought I would take some quotes from people that seem to have helped and add them here. Nimrodhf: Found it at 69.20 by 41.96 Needed to approach the area from behind as the tree is not accessible from where the vine growers are. Hope this helps. Thrip: Just did this quest and found quite a few "timber" at around 59:19. Second tree I cut it spawned. Everywhere else in Gorgrond no luck. Warelfdruid: Did Gorgond first, took me a couple of hours of killing monsters, resurrecting myself after being killed, and harvesting small timber but I finally got the twig of Lotok in the area southeast of the Blackrock foundry. It's there, you just have to be patient until it spawns. Just got lucky in Shadowmoon valley in the Verdant Mire, Went to a tree at 54.15, 50.28 and got the heart of Kuruk. Now I am going for the other two Just got the Roots of Hanuk at 53.01, 29.92. Just behind Crows Crook in the Spires of ArakRÿân27 Jan 5
Jan 5 Pei-Back Quest Jade Forest It's not working. The guy you have to slay doesn't appear at all. 0.oCannis0 Jan 5
Jan 5 Book of town portal. Not sure posting this here or GD is the proper place for this...but really blizz??? Sharing the same cool down as our hearthstone? Give us something interesting!Jorg0 Jan 5
Jan 5 Gretta The Arbiter Up in Icecrown. Going to farm out the Polar Bear mount. Gretta isn't giving out her daily quest. I backtrack to the in at K3 with the Goblin that begins the chain. Same deal, no quest from her either. This content removed? Kind of odd it's just no accessible. *edit* Tried it on a Boosted 106 Monk first. Nothing was showing. Gretta was giving a generic response. Tried it on a Mage that had done much of Northrend, but nothing from the K3 area. Sure enough, Gretta was giving out the daily.Moxpearl0 Jan 5
Jan 5 Soggy's Gamble Quest Chain I have a 90 pally that did most of dread wastes quests including all at Soggy's gamble. However On this char, I did all of Dread Waste (available) working on all dailies for Klaxxi each day that I can. I am doing the 3 dailies for The anglers faction. I have not done the quest chain for Soggy's Gamble and I do not see any quests pertaining or leading to him and that area in Dread wastes. Were those quests available to only 1 char on my acct and none others? That seems unlikely blizz would do that. Can someone direct me to an NPC or a quest to get me started at Soggy's? I know soggy's quest chain adds to Anglers faction, otherwise I wouldn't even bother. Thank you in advance.Kalikimaka12 Jan 5
Jan 5 Lucid Strength not completing I raise my weapon and channel, and the little explosion happens, but I don't get the quest completion.Reila1 Jan 5
Jan 5 The Exarch Council Quest not showing up. On map it shows available but it's not there. Can't continue the quest line without it...Rokemshokem6 Jan 5
Jan 4 Not getting credit for World Quests So I'm using the add-on from curse called HiddenArtifactTracker. It says I'm at 191/200 to unlock the world quest look for my weapon, the hidden feral druid owlkin look. I have completed the 9 I need plus more and I still am not getting credit nor is it unlocked when I go to change my appearance. Anyone else having the same issue or know what to do? I'm so close I can taste it! D: And Blizz tickets don't solve anything.Bahida2 Jan 4
Jan 4 Quests with Humor Sometimes in your journey a quest appears that just makes you break into a smile. Places where the quest developers added their own bits of humor into the mix. Ones with real world comments not-so-hidden in the dialog. Having just came across a lower level one I had never seen before, 'Welcome to the Machine' from High Executioner Darthalla in Hillsbrad Foothills (Horde), I was curious if anyone else knew of similar 'mostly unknown' quests. They don't have to hand out great items. They just need to add humor to hep break the tide of endless questing.Donbenni0 Jan 4
Jan 4 Need some help with paladin campaign. So I'm on the dungeon mission in dalaran at the violet citadel and i just need probably one or two people to help me get through it. Don't think I could run it by myself and I'm on the hunt for the forged for battle achievement. Let me know if you're down to help, it would be much appreciated. We can have cake.Moelagbal1 Jan 4
Jan 4 Breaking the Lightbreaker trouble I'm exalted with Nightfallen, I've completed every other chapter in Suramar, but can't seem to get Lyana Darksorrow to show. Am I missing something or is this bugged? I'm standing at 30.8/59.1 in Suramar, where everyone says she is, and I see nothing.Abomonus7 Jan 4
Jan 4 Help with The Call of Icecrown artifact quest I need help. I have spent the past three days trying to complete this quest. I am level 98 ilevel 564. I thought I would have been able to complete with ease (at least the youtube videos makes it look easy). I've tried potions, bandages and just bought the auto-hammer bot but can't get it to work :( Any suggestions for how to increase durability and/or attack power to just get this dang quest complete?Zartin1 Jan 4
Jan 4 Quest Rewards no longer available? Went through the quest "The Spirit Polluted" to get the chain vest, only to find I now get a small amount of cash. Through Wowhead, Icy Veins and WowDB, none of them stated that the items were no longer available. It was a mail vest, and I did the quests on a hunter toon - although the quests normally say "A choice of...". I've been away from the game for over a year so not sure what's going on.Ricecakes3 Jan 4
Jan 3 Faction change broke At your command quest. I was horde questing in Tal, Switched to ally and the quest to start building my base in TAL is broken. The drafting table won't appear.. I cant find any info on how to fix it.. other then start questing in Shadowmoon i guess and complete the zone? and maybe that will do it.. anyone able to help?Retleysnipes91 Jan 3
Jan 3 Secrets of the Shieldmaidens, Please Help! Secrets of the Shieldmaiden's is the last quest line that I need to complete the Vrykul story,Bro achievement, but I can't seem to find the beginning of the quest. Can anyone please help me! I've been searching for hours.Dabs28 Jan 3
Jan 3 Discovery! Reputation Shoulder Enchants Hello - I made a discovery on how to increase blood yields on alts 100 to 109, if you have a main that is Revered with The Wardens - enchant a pair of Heirloom shoulders for whichever alt you are leveling through legion. Wear said shoulders with Blood hunter while questing and enjoy easy Bloods!Renji3 Jan 3
Jan 3 Kirin Tor emissary and AGAIN no quests Kirin Tor emissary is up today, and for about the 4th straight time that this has been up, there are not enough quests to complete the emissary. There are only 2 Kirin Tor quests on my map. Why hasn't this issue been fixed yet and/or why hasn't this emissary been removed from the rotation until you are capable of fixing it?Tiberria26 Jan 3
Jan 2 100/101 Followers Tell me this is a joke or just a case of plain spite! Here I do the whole long quest to get the weapon for my Shaman and in the end to kill Priestess Azil I am first accosted by 100 "followers". So I do it, kill her and then cannot finish the quest because out of 101 I only killed 100 followers. I looked on you tube and apparently another one kind of appears sometime during killing the Priestess and I had a wolf that appears sometimes and apperently he must have killed the one. this. On you tube it says something about going out and coming back etc and I tried everything and nothing worked. This is frigging rediculous, honestly. Please help - what todo?Lionara1 Jan 2
Jan 2 Stuck in Darkshore? I have 87/90 quests completed in Darkshore on my druid. I have no idea where I went wrong but there seems to be no available quests anywhere any longer. They simply stopped. I have been running around Darkshore for the last 30 minutes going to all the camps trying to see if I missed someone or something. Nothing is noticeable to me. ): I know that I have not done any quests connecting to the naga or Azshara. But I'm not sure what leads up to this. Halp? Edit: The last quest I completed was the one in the Grove where I had to protect the animals by defeating some horrible-looking thing in a pond and the quest giver told me she wished she could give me a hug for my efforts but I looked like I was covered in chowder. Sorry for the absence of detail but I forget the quest name at the moment and am not in the grove quite yet to relearn the NPC's name.Preston12 Jan 2
Jan 2 Do we need "The Power Within"... to unlock additional Artifact traits in future patches? I've had an ongoing "discussion" with several guild mates about this quest chain. I maintain it is for cosmetic reward only and they maintain that, if not completed, you won't be able to access Artifact Weapon upgrades in 7.2 I don't care about appearances. I don't really care for dungeons. My guild is through EN Heroic and almost everyone has their 30 Essences...except me, because I haven't done the quest chain. At all. Getting a fair amount of flak here and would like to put this to rest. If I'm wrong, I'll find a way to finish the quest chain. If I'm right, I will point that out and continue on my merry way. An official Blue reply is pretty much the only thing that's gonna work here. Please help me out?Meerlynn0 Jan 2
Jan 2 Arcane Thirst no Ghost Quest" -0/1 Search Shal'Aran I can't get the ghost inside to spawn. I have abandoned the quest multiple times while also closing battle net also. Think what started this was the world quest I completed in the area before starting the story quest in Suramar. I went to the cave after doing four world quest got the flight path outside and tried to collect my reward but didn't do Thalyssra quest line first. Went back to Dal and started the quest line and as you know I got to the arcane thirst part but no ghost... i can fly back to Suramar to the flight master outside the cave still ...even tho he is not there because I'm in my own little story mode zone. Can't progress the story can't collect reward that's timed and will prob go away "last day 1/1" and then you guys like before will tell me that there is no way to tell if I'm lying and just want free loot. In game gm ticket response was new low telling me to complete the quest and that looking at the map will help me... ya doesn't help that i know the quest. Have done so on past characters.Animelove5 Jan 2
Jan 2 Kirin Tor WQ's: (Any Goal Reached) It'd be nice if they pull the "goal reached" world quests until they can find a way to make them less buggy... It seems like the dash is terribly hit and miss. Sometimes I'll dash normally, others, I might go 3 feet, and yet others I'll dash across the map somehow. I'll assume it's mostly due to server lag, but I really don't know. Please take a closer look at these style of quests. Thank you.Akromà0 Jan 2
Jan 1 Secrets of the Shieldmaidens Ok, so a lot of us have had issues finding where to start this quest chain at. There is a little information online but it isn't very clear. So here you go Head down to Dreadwake's Landing and east/southeast of town you will see a boat in the water. On the shore near that area are two small boats, me f which has the initial quest. Quality on the pics aren't great since I used my iPad to take them off my crappy computer but you should get the idea. Hope this helps. Jan 1
Jan 1 Remove the shadows! (Darkbrul arena) Think they'd ever remove "the shadows" in the Darkbrul Arena? its the only of the 4 wpvp zones that has a "safezone" allowing players either too under-geared or too lazy to do the quest themselves and do some actual WPVP in a wpvp zone, people just tag mobs that someone else is killing, then run back into the shadows unattackable, and still recieve quest credit. All 4 wpvp zones have mobs to kill if players aren't around or you don't want to pvp, but you just have to chance getting killed the same as the rest of us. seems really unfair that i should unvoluntarily be completing peoples whole quests for them, while they circumvent an aspect of the game meant to be played. almost feels like they're cheating...Healacow1 Jan 1
Jan 1 mfw Kirin Tor Emissary At least there's none of the flight quests up..for now.. not that I can actually complete the Emissary cause there's not enough quests on the board... Blizz. Pls. Fam. Listen. It's the Holidays. I know you ain't given a $*(!@#) right now, but like, missing out on Emissary Caches this xpac feels prettybadman. If the legendary system got fixed somehow it wouldn't be as bad, but, this is pretty Suck™. Idk what to do to fix this KT stuff, whether spawning more KT quests, or reducing the amount you need specifically for the KTEm, but like. Blizz. Pls. ritopls what did ghostcrawler do to deserve this lifeBeor0 Jan 1
Jan 1 Are world quests considered non-repeatable? Topic says it allFattysnaxx13 Jan 1
Jan 1 Pungent Fjarnskaggl Hands down this is the worst Herbalism World Quest out there. The spawns are sparse and some beyond the bounds of the active area. WQGF recorded the time to complete at ~14 minutes today and I had spotters helping.Ruaidhri2 Jan 1