Sep 2 Communing With The Feral Stone I am running my druid right now and i am trying to do the main class storyline where you need to commune with the different stones. I have already communed with the other stones, but i can't figure out what to do to commune with the feral.Mynraldey4 Sep 2
Sep 2 Can't Get Argus Quest I did my class quests, I talked to the lady in Dalaran, I started Suramar quests. I am hoping a CM can take a look at my account and let me know what I need to do. I have no option to get the Argus quest. I thought I skipped Broken Shore but I just now realized that it is where the King dies, I definitely did that.Ramled5 Sep 2
Sep 2 Mining Quest,Hellfire and Brimstone Completely lostKulikos2 Sep 2
Sep 2 Skipped intro, cannot get artifact. The little dude who appears to give me my artifact quest simply won't appear for my priest. I've opened a ticket and they told me to check WoWHead. I haven't been able to play this game for a week. Why did I pay for it, if I can't play it? What am I paying for if GMs just tell me to go to a website and check the forums? I have done that. For a week.Monstrocity4 Sep 2
Sep 2 Reinforce Lights Purchase I went to spot and can't find Alleria. I tried searching through WoWhead and asking a GM and didnt get any real answer.Tendo4 Sep 2
Sep 2 Pei-Back problems I seem to be stuck on the Jade Forest quest Pei-Back. I didn't realize it spawned the guy right away and I jumped off the platform to grab some ghost iron at the bottom of the hill as soon as the previous quest ended. Now the boss guy won't spawn. I've tried abandoning and reloading and everything I can think of. How do I finish this quest?Seriga13 Sep 2
Sep 2 lack of instruction on quests what is with the lack of instruction on quest this expansion. why not tell us what we need to to, if someone is sending you on a quest it's there job to tell us what they want done. we don't read minds. i think before legions i looked up maybe 3-5 quests and i played sense vanilla. in legions i have looked up over 30 THIS IS NOT FUN, i want to play the game not look up how to play the game. please let us know what we need to do and bring the fun back.Warbringers26 Sep 2
Sep 2 Where are the invasion points I started the quest and progressed up to where I had to complete the class hall mission, which failed. I then abandoned the quest in an attempt to re obtain and try again but the quest hasnt came back up and I dont even know where to get it or if it is what is required to progress teh quest further in order to unlock invasion points. There is no green portal on the map in argus and IDK what else I can do.Moregored1 Sep 2
Sep 1 Fuel of a Doomed World Is this quest necessary to finish the Argus storyline? Just curious if it's more for item/reputation gain or if it's actually part of the story and I have to do it to continue into the new dungeon etc. I'd rather skip it if it's not needed.Aangra0 Sep 1
Sep 1 Humming Shard My combat ally has the following equipped. Do world quests in Argus not have a chance drop a Humming Shard? I have yet to see one "drop" in my bag. Edit for linksRitchelehoof1 Sep 1
Sep 1 Paladin Class Hall Quest Bugged Hey Everyone! So, I was on the quest, "Meeting of the Silver Hand" and that transitions into "The Scion's Legacy". I'm at the part where Lord Maxwell has the meeting, and then transitions into what step I would like to take. After the meeting, everyone disappeared, and the next option/quest was not given. I can't move with the Paladin Class Hall Quests because of this bug. I've tried practically everything, and I can't get this darn quest to reset. Is anybody else having this issue!? I would really like to progress my Gameplay from this point on. I've submitted a ticket to a GM, and got nothing but an automated response which was in NO way a resolution to my issue. At this point, it's put a HUGE stop on my Gameplay. Come on, Blizz! Great job on the servers not lagging, but this Quest Bug is really annoying....Natíon74 Sep 1
Sep 1 Study Hall Research I'm still fairly new to WoW, this is my first 110. But with that being said I have a quest in Azsuna: Study Hall Research to pick up the encyclopedia of azsunica. It sends me to a bank where there's water and... no book? I've looked for videos and apparently you can get it from the hall of arcane something... and I remember being there before learning how to shoot magic at manicans with a staff. The problem is I can't remember where that place was. Am I just not far enough in the questline or did I just forget to pick this up?Ecoras0 Sep 1
Sep 1 How I get to the Goblin starting zone? Since after all I am a Goblin.Gewt12 Sep 1
Sep 1 Fel Heart of Argus So I just learned that I missed out on a quest that could give me a pretty nice talent while on Argus. I'm guessing the breadcrumb quest is only available during the initial invasion on Argus since I can't find it now. Is there any chance that this could be accessed again somehow? Argus is a very confusing place to make your way around, especially when there's so much chaos going on. But I can live with missing out if that's just how it is.Howlback3 Sep 1
Sep 1 Suramar Bug or Me? I've now been in Suramar for the better part of 5 hours, doing quests, unlocking portals, gathering ancient mana, etc. As I work my way toward pathfinder, I continuously check the story chapter section, to make sure I am making progress. However, my chapters still read 0/11 chapters. I went to icy-veins and wowhead, and it appears that I've been completing chapter quests, I even got those little "achievement progress" badges at the bottom of the screen during questing. This makes me think that I've actually completed perhaps 5/11 chapters, but the quest log just doesn't show it. Is this a bug, or am I really not making progress on the quests that count? Anyone else have this problem?Drisin3 Sep 1
Sep 1 Suramar help Looking for help with Suramar quests. Can you tell me if I'm making progress on chapter completion, or not?Drisin0 Sep 1
Sep 1 No quest to start Legion I just returned to WoW a few days ago after a 14-month absence. I have no idea how or what I did to get my main lock <--------- to level 106. So, I decided to take my second lock, Golldy, level 100, and replay everything I need to know. She had a quest to go to the Keep and take the portal to Dalaran, which I did. When I got there, Khadgar and his mages transported the city to the Legion area. I was greeted there by an NPC who needed my assistance to do a summoning. This went wrong as they summoned a demon who imprisoned me in a cage. I couldn't find a way out, but discovered that the portal stones to SW/dwarf quarter still worked, to I used that to free myself (big mistake lol but I didn't know that then). So, now I had the quest to free myself, and using the portal didn't work or advanced the quest. I couldn't go back to the cage where I was imprisoned, and Dalaran over Karazhan was gone, and even though using the portal in the Keep got me back to Dalaran in the Legion area, there was no where to go since my quest to free myself was still open. After some thinking, I decided to do what is done most of the time when you have issues like this: Abandon the quest. Well, that didn't work as I now have no where to go. I tried the portal in Dalaran thinking that could work, but that takes me to the Chamber of the Guardians and the only option there is to take a portal to one of several places that doesn't help. I did some research in this forum and found some hints. Look for Recruiter Lee in the SW dock area. Couldn't find him but found a recruiter Burns, but he wants to send me of fighting the horde off-shore for this quest: Call of Duty - and that didn't sound right. Also looked for Knight Dameron, but can't find him. I saw some references to Khadgar's servant but I don't have him. I would appreciate help in getting back into the cage I was held prisoner in, I know now how to proceed from there (not via portal lol). Thanks.Sixsixxsixx2 Sep 1
Sep 1 Rude Letter - Meatball follower The mission "Rude Letter" doesn't spawn for me and its been days any ideas ? Im pretty sure I have all the requirements which are ; -Get a Brawler's Pass/ Brawler's Pass so you can join the Brawler's Guild. - Defeat Oso - One Brawler's Guild win is required. And I've done it . So any ideas please ?Acnapyx1 Sep 1
Sep 1 Return to Karazhan attunement I just logged into my paladin and found out that the Return to Kara attunement quest had been removed from her log. Investigating the chain on wowhead indicated that Blizzard had removed at least some parts of the quest chain, most notably and I have a question and a complaint. The question is: were we warned about the removal of the quests? The complaint is: why is Blizzard removing content, again? How does this help the game retain subscribers or even time played? I would have been fine with the quests no longer being required to enter mythic Kara while still being in-game. Incidentally, I've done the attunement three times so it is not like I missed out on it while it was in-game.Mikdra0 Sep 1
Aug 31 Shard Time quest missing I thought I picked up the next chain in the breaching the tomb achievement from Khadgar, but he's not there. Do you have to finish opening up the Vindicar/Argus to make him appear again? Am working on my class mount quest and after doing my last follower quest, Khadgar vanished and I couldn't pick up the quest. Thanks.Nhymissa4 Aug 31
Aug 31 Mage Questline to new Argus zone? Hey guys! So I'm in a bit of a jiffy here... I seem to not be able to grab the quest line to bring me to broken shore, or even the new zone? I've spoken to kadghar and He still only has the Siphoning quest in Suramar for me, Any ideas? I've spent hours trying to get the argus or even broken shore to continue my legendary quest which is located at a flight path on the broken shore. :/ Thanks guys!Magegosu3 Aug 31
Aug 31 Suramar Leyline: Giving It All We've Got ... Are Leyline feeds not the same thing as the teleporters? Because I got the Achievement for activating all teleporters in Suramar, but this quest is telling me I'm missing a few "Leyline feeds".Gormolg1 Aug 31
Aug 31 Argus Story-Line Question So i completed all the " ! " quests i could find. all i can do now is use scouting map, i just wanted to confirm that, completing the scouting map quests doesn't effect the rest of the story-line? i am at the point where i need 6/6 ilvl900 champion followers, for the past 5 hrs i been in a panic to get a 6th follower. could someone with knowledge confirm that i am finished part 1/3 i literally can't proceed any further. Also do i have to worry about the class hall scouter map b4 week 2 part 2? so i know . THANK YOUMèat2 Aug 31
Aug 31 Talador Quests not available?? I am concentrating on my Navy in Draenor right now, and despite being far over-leveled, I am grinding rep. for some items that I need. One of these items is a scroll that gives you 1000 extra Garrison Resources you can collect. This scroll is sold in Vol'mar, and needs Revered with the Arakkoa Outcasts, but the only place it seems that you can get quests that give you rep with Arakkoa is in Talador. Unfortunately, there are NO quests in Talador at all.... None of the birds will talk to me, and the ones that do are not offering quests. Am I doing something wrong?? How can I start quests in Talador if I have never really been there?? Because the only other way to get rep with Arakkoa, seems to be a long SLOW grind on mobs that give you 5 rep. each. :< Another question could be if anyone knows another rep grind spot for Arakkoa, not in Spires?? Thanks in advance!!Cherri4 Aug 31
Aug 31 Returning Player Quest Issues So I took a break from the game roughly just before getting good Suramaritan, just for an idea of where my last questing was done. I was able to pick up the quest to go to Argus, and did some questing there, but now I've run out of quests in Argus completely and have no idea where to go. I'm assuming there are some things I need to do on the Broken Shore before I can continue in Argus but I can't find any answers to this anywhere else.Aeshyn2 Aug 31
Aug 31 Argus story questline So I am working on the story questline. I have finished 1/3 - "The assault begins" Is that it for week #1? Is there a way to check which quest is a main story line quest?Leens7 Aug 31
Aug 31 Heart of the Dreadscar "Heart of the Dreadscar" is the quest I'm stuck on. I did the lead-in Legion quests and got my Artifact. Now, Caladus is in the Underbelly for the turn-in of something I apparently didn't do: loot the Heart of Jagganoth and bring back the Dreadscar Rift. I've been to Deadwind Pass 4 times and can't find the q-giver there: Revil. Even the Restless Spirits don't if I'm out of phase. Also can't figure a way back to Dreadscale Rift (the actual place) to try and repeat killing Jagganoth. Very disappointed to lose the quest line so early or...any chance this is a legit "bug" with the affliction quest line? Any help would be greatly appreciated!Rollingstone7 Aug 31
Aug 30 Bindings of the WindLord I have my Bindings of the Windlord on my rogue for the artifact weapon but the dragon is not giving me a quest, would any one happen to know whats up with this? I put in a ticket and the GM started acting like I was asking for hand outs...i just want to turn my quest in and get my hidden artifact for combat...Areo5 Aug 30
Aug 30 Argus Quests Is the Magni Bronzebeard questline locked? I finished "An offering of light" and... Nothing new came up. Now the only quest I have is the follower "Darkfall ridge supplies"Nyqwill2 Aug 30
Aug 30 Followers... I remember when Legion came out and people told me not to worry about the command table because it wouldn't be mandatory, yet every new patch brings a questline with annoying quests like "Complete the quest X", "Get the follower X", "Recruit X followers", or "Raise your followers to ilvl X". That's just annoying in my opinion I hate the system, and the fact that I can't keep doing the questline if I don't do these, what about you guys? am I just going to hard on this or what?Mortalstrlke0 Aug 30
Aug 30 So, the Legion King Anduin quest chain... is this going to lead to some big reward? or is this just a massive RP chain kind of deal? Because so far I've only gotten a few 2.1 mill artifact power and 1 cutscene. Is this going to lead to the quest for our class mount or a new hidden artifact appearance or something? edit: I forgot to add that the quest chain start with the quest "A Found Memento" Chilayllenn4 Aug 30
Aug 30 RETURN TO KARAZHAN Could someone please tell me what do you get when you go thru all of the quest concerning return to karazhan quest? It seems to never end. LOLBarew4 Aug 30
Aug 30 Eyeball restrictions unbelievably annoying I can only get the All-Seer's Focus buff in one of 4(?) places, each of which is a pain to get into and out of, and there's no way to know where it is at any given time. I lose the buff if I log out, if I DC, if I die, if I hearth or accept a summon or use any teleportation ability, and probably under some other conditions as well. If I get stuck in combat or in the terrain, which happens about every 15 minutes while exploring/hunting, there is literally no way to free myself without losing the buff. Then I have to go hunt down the Eye again. It's probably not where I left it. If I can get to 25 eyes, I can buy a consumable that lets me re-buff myself 5 times. I'm averaging about 10 eyes per buff application, so using the consumable would cut my rate of eye collection in half. This is obnoxious and frustrating and it's making it so that I can't have fun with this part of the new content - the only way to gain eyes semi-efficiently would be to join a crossrealm group and AoE farm an area until I want to claw my own eyeballs out. It would be fine if it just persisted through death and logging out. I don't mind not being able to go back to town. Just let me drop combat, update an addon, fix a bug, or craft something on my alt. Please?Kaels0 Aug 30
Aug 30 abandoned Quest Alone in the abyss This is the quest after the cut scene on the vindicaar, it bugged out so I abandoned and now I can not pick it up again. Its like I need to get the quest from pre cut scene vindicaar but that seems impossible.Fatwas0 Aug 30
Aug 30 The Nighthold: Darkness Falls (bugged) The Nighthold: Darkness Falls is currently bugged. I finished the questline for the 20 nighthold stones then turned it in well before I had to fight Guldan on Normal mode. Neither myself nor any of my raid party received the Eye of Guldan upon killing him on Normal mode. I put a ticket in about the issue then que'd and killed Guldan in LFR. I still didn't get it so I added that to the ticket. (i tried again after that, still nothing). I messaged a GM who didn't do much in effort to help. The gm claimed that I had already killed the boss before picking up the quest which is %100 false. Just trying to get my quest done for my artifact appearance. Legionofvic-Tichondrius US So again a 2nd GM attempted to assist me and again stated that I killed the boss before I accepted the quest. He stated I first killed Guldan at 7:02:09 server time which seems about the time on Tuesday that patch was going out. My raid ID had multiple people who were on the quest and none of us got the quest item. One of the members put in a ticket immediately while I put mines in soon after. I then edited the ticket and later that night put the ticket in.Legionofvic0 Aug 30
Aug 30 Remnants of Darkfall Ridge I have a quest called "Remnants of Darkfall Ridge" all it says is "Complete the mission "Darkfall Ridge Supplies"". What on Earth (or maybe what on Argus) does that mean? I have no idea what this mission is, I don't really know what a "mission" is. Can anyone enlighten me please?Clink2 Aug 30
Aug 30 Thanks for nothing. 7.3 is here. And we're all hyped to check out the new zone and get a first look at the new fancy rewards. And on my first emissary turn in on my account where I have 7 characters, whom all wear leather, you grant me an random mail item that can only be used by Hunters and Shamans? Really? Sometimes, Blizzard, it's a good thing the internet separates your game designers and your players. That's a pretty !@#$ty reward.Starkermann1 Aug 30
Aug 30 The Mysterious Missive Has anyone found where this is on Argus yet? I'm looking next to the Xenedar and I'm finding nothing. I was wondering if anyone else has found it yet, or if it unlocks next week.Livayna0 Aug 30
Aug 30 pvp quests there is a example to those who play this game and then there is getting a jobHaneth0 Aug 30
Aug 30 Mark of the Sentinax - Reduced to 50 Reduced from 100 to 50. WOOHOOCherrypii3 Aug 30
Aug 30 cant start kara attunment Edict of the God-King? I cant figure out why this quest wont show up. I wanted to get attuned for kara but khadgar doesnt offer it. Ideas? toon is ilvl 884 have 3rd relic slot what else could i possibly need to do?Theacuteside0 Aug 30
Aug 30 When do daily quests reset? I have been having trouble with Dailies in Sholazar Basin for Oracle rep and the cooking dailies in SW and IF. I thought they reset at 8:00 am PST. But after logging back in a bunch of times and not seeing the Oracle Rep daily reset I temporarily gave up. The cooking daily did reset but it seems it was a day later than I thought it should. Can anyone tell me when they reset and if there is any reason they might skip a day? I do very few dailies so the 25 limit per day is not applicable. ThanksExcelsior0 Aug 30
Aug 30 Army of the Light - Emissary So it looks like the new Army of the Light is one of the 3 emissary Rewards right now. Cant complete it cause it says it requires further advancement. Does anyone know if the 'advancement' can be completed in 3 days to unlock the WQ's so I can get the reward?Bearrepairjr1 Aug 30
Aug 30 To Dalaran, With Love. Bugged? Is anyone else unable to complete this quest? It will allow me to collect the planks of wood and mail Jabrul to dalaran....When I try to "Make sure Jabrul arrived safely" I open the crate an... Jabrul just bugs out and just goes under the stairs near the entrace to the JC vendors in Dalaran and just stays their won't let me complete the quest. Anyone have a fix for this?Degardren0 Aug 30
Aug 30 'Championing our cause' - Class Mount quest Returning Mage here, my followers are maybe like 800-815 ilevel now. Just got flagged for the final Class Mount questline unlock, which is complete 3 Legionfall Quests at your Class Hall. I just got 3 Legionfall quests, all epic, all level 900. None of my followers can complete them. I'm trying to get more equipment and gear to level them up but it's going to take a while. Am I screwed or are there lesser iLevel Legionfall quests that pop up?Mansfield1 Aug 30
Aug 29 Cape of Stranglethorn Quest Issue I have 43/60 quests completed in Cape of Stranglethorn. I've been all over the map and there are *no more quests* to be acquired from any NPCs anywhere. Technically, I've done well over 100 in that zone, most of which were "Stranglethorn Vale" quests and therefore didn't count toward the Cape. I'm a newish player still...under a month gametime, so perhaps I'm simply overlooking something, but with regard to marked exclamation points - there aren't any more, so how am I supposed to complete this achievement? It trickles in to another achievement...Loremaster of whatcha-ma-callit (don't remember) but I love the achievement system, I get a kick out of completing them, even when I'm way over the zone level. I should still be able to grab quests there even at my level, I've noticed they say "low level" but I was still able to get them and complete them. Now? There's *no* more quests :(Gigglecakes1 Aug 29
Aug 29 Alts and Argus quest line. so i just finished the Argus quests before the ones gated behind the order hall mission, now I'm wondering if i have to do the same on every character i have or there is some form skip mechanism implemented.Docshunter1 Aug 29
Aug 29 Can't get the quest "the hand of fate" My gf did not get the quest on log in but I did. Wondering if there are some hidden requirements or is this a bug?Blockitoff2 Aug 29
Aug 29 Gnomeregan-pride, Darkspear-pride You have given much back and I thank you! such as: and Original posts for reference, Blizzard you have responded to these posts and returned to us many things from the 5.3 items to the Theramore Fireworks etc... with player requests you have given back all the event toys from pre the toy box being released in MoP Giving players a way to earn then or in some cases simply buy them...which is great to have players earn them as it add something else in the game to do, the one toy which becomes two when learned, Gnomeregan-pride for the Alliance and Darkspear-pride for the Horde, I personally have 431 toys and its half the reason I play the game, the toy hunt, there are $600 dollars toys you have to buy with real money that I may never have but that's not the same as simply something being removed. Please blizzard give us a way to earn these back! With much love, SpiecherAttumen1 Aug 29
Aug 29 Ley Race is still a pain Can we get handed a note with a map of nodes when mounting up? Just zigzagged south from Felblaze Ingress, reached the Ruined Sanctum and then... nothing. After searching around, oh ok, my connecting node is back at the bridge I already came down, somehow I was supposed to know to do a 180. It's nice that nodes aren't spawning after you already went past one, but there is still no direction at all of what possible routes to look for.Breathkeeper16 Aug 29