Apr 27 How to start farming shards Just hit 110 with my rogue, how do I "activate" the broken shore? what are the prerequisites? I spelled prerequisites right on the first go! Go me!Yenadin1 Apr 27
Apr 27 Highmountain Murky WQs Transports When Flying This involves the Murky WQs that appear in northern Highmountain. When those WQs are active and a player should fly over them, said player is auto-transported to the starting point for the quest. In another event, I turned into Murky and fell to the ground. I ended up doing the WQ since I wasn't able to keep gathering herbs in that area until the WQ was completed. I'd imagine players want the choice to be in this area without having to do the quest.Epï1 Apr 27
Apr 27 Withered Army Training. So I've cleared the whole thing, no more chests exist for me except the small ones. Do the small chests have a chance at the fox mount? Or is it just that FINAL loot chest?Lestât4 Apr 27
Apr 26 [Legacy of the Icebreaker] Seriously You speak to the stupid guy to start it and then he jumps and you jump automatically, after it loads to the real world from your order hall, you fall to your death.... Nice Is that really necessary. Do I need to take a durability hit for no reason.Stababill0 Apr 26
Apr 26 No forge in zoram'gar outpost in ashenvale? Keep the fires burning quest requires a forge. there's an anvil there and lots of melted bars and the like, but i can't find a forge at all.Loktarok15 Apr 26
Apr 26 Champions of Legionfall-paladin I'm trying to get the new paladin follower. Have the quest "Champions of Legionfall" and there is not a single thing in the class hall. I've done every other broken shore quest, almost revered (double checked and that is not required, I got revered on this priest 1 day after the new follower) Class campaign has been done for a long time. No missions going to have NPCs gone. Ran this script from wowhead comments that shows if you have to wait a day because of doing other quests and it came back false, that I should be good to go. I'm just lost and can't continue to get revered for flying until I can do this.Twizlers1 Apr 26
Apr 26 {The unstable prism} where to turn in? I would like to know where to turn in the unstable prism and where I can spend the timewarped badges, thanks for the help.Bubkin3 Apr 26
Apr 26 Follower at 895, no Armor-5 missions I have a follower at ilvl 895, but I NEVER get any missions that reward ilvl-5 armor, so I can never get him to 900. All I get are ilvl-10 missions with a bonus of a chest, and the chest never drops armor. It also seems that once I had followers of a certain ilvl, I stopped getting armor missions that had ilvl-15 bonus reward. Being able to do an ilvl-10 with an ilvl-15 reward is much nicer than getting ilvl-10 with an equipment chest that typically gives me something I already have several of and have no use for. It feels like I'm being punished for having my followers attain a certain ilvl, and a better strategy would be to keep them low ilvl until I have enough armor to boost them all to 900 at once.Growltiger6 Apr 26
Apr 25 Into the Nighthold - Shard question Hey guys, I'm working on getting my Balance of Power skin unlocked on a new character and I just finished up the Emerald Nightmare part after the reset. I think I can get to the Nighthold quest to acquire 20 shards this week, but I'm not entirely sure how the lockout/drops work. If I do Heroic NH tonight and then pick up 'Into the Nighthold' later in the week, will I be able to recieve drops from Normal difficulty? There are a few comments on the WoWhead page for this quest that seem to imply if you kill a boss on heroic or normal difficulty before picking up the quest then you'll have to wait for the next lockout to get shards. Does anyone have firsthand experience with this? Would like to know so I can raid on another character tonight if that is indeed how it works.Xerzull0 Apr 25
Apr 25 Can't increase followers beyond 850 Is there a fix? did I miss something? I am currently honored with LegionFall I've done every quest I could possibly do at this point for my class hall yet I am at loss as why the game will not allow me to upgrade followers beyond 850 Ilevel. No they aren't in Epic status yet either. I looked all over wowhead too and could not figure out what I'm missing. Many thanks.Fransesca2 Apr 25
Apr 25 Trouble has huge feet I am unable to turn in this quest. I think i picked it up farther along. The area with the wagons is completely empty and there is no NPC next to the kittens. How do I turn this quest in?Cathae5 Apr 25
Apr 25 Order Hall Missions Too High for any follower I just finished the last two missions that my low level followers can do. My highest follower is 107. All of the remaining missions including the broken shores are iLevel 830 and higher and non of my followers are at max level so I can start raising their iLevel.Kumitehunter2 Apr 25
Apr 25 Hunter quest So I'm suppose to recruit a new champion from my order hall but I go there and theres nothing to do? I got the quest from the broken shore. I tried to abandon quest and wait til my followers were available and still nothing happened...Necrophobia2 Apr 25
Apr 25 Outlaw rog hidden skin and faction change Hey i changed my faction 3 days ago and i have been trying to do outlaw hidden artifact skin . Yesterday i got both bindings but i didnt get anyquest then i check some sites went to area for this skin . I couldnt see the npc . After i changed faction , games asks me to do all legion quests again. I mean im 8/8 at stormheim but it still ask me to do first quest . I need help overhereRedlon8 Apr 25
Apr 25 Digging For Prayer Beads I know this quest has been around since Burning Crusade, but it's utterly ridiculous, and it feels more absurd than usual. Fei Fei dug around in the dirt no less than 14 times before finally getting to the prayer beads; sometimes he'd dig the same area 2 or 3 times before moving on. I had forgotten that you could access the prayer beads as soon as you get the quest if you know where they are, and no new player would know that. I don't know how long it took, but it felt like at least 10 minutes (there was an Infernal attack while this was happening, and so Fei Fei also ran around for a while, wasting even more time). This quest is the opposite of fun. Please just have Fei Fei go straight to be the beads. I understand that it's supposed to be cute, but it's a major waste of time.Flintte3 Apr 25
Apr 25 STV Fishing Event not available Myself and a bunch of others waited today for the STV event. The NPC never appeared and the event never started. A few others mentioned it's been like this for a few weeks.Kainne3 Apr 25
Apr 25 Please change the daily instances COS, ARC, upper lower.. old!Redseal0 Apr 25
Apr 25 Legacy of the Annoy... erm... Ancients Quest: "Legacy of the Ancients" The one where you find/cut down Timber (not small, not large) all over draenor in order to spawn the ancients to kill. Yeah, THAT one... ugh. After speaking with many other players attempting to do this quest, I realized I wasn't even close to being alone with my frustrations. People have had a horrible time finding Timber (not small or large) in the designated quest zone (blue area). The timber literally does not exist in the quest zone in shadowmoon valley at all. The other zones have it, but only about 1-2 trees if you're lucky. You can tell I took hours on this quest because I know those things. So I have some thoughts on this in order to keep players happy instead of annoyed. The quest is extremely vague and doesn't tell you that you can cut timber outside of the quest zone. Get rid of the quest zones, problem solved. The quest also doesn't let you know that cutting the Timber down doesn't spawn an ancient 100% of the time. So you could either add that information to the quest, or just make the ancients have a 100% spawn rate for the quest mobs. edit: Well it seems even year and a half after I started this thread, people are still struggling with this quest. So I thought I would take some quotes from people that seem to have helped and add them here. Nimrodhf: Found it at 69.20 by 41.96 Needed to approach the area from behind as the tree is not accessible from where the vine growers are. Hope this helps. Thrip: Just did this quest and found quite a few "timber" at around 59:19. Second tree I cut it spawned. Everywhere else in Gorgrond no luck. Warelfdruid: Did Gorgond first, took me a couple of hours of killing monsters, resurrecting myself after being killed, and harvesting small timber but I finally got the twig of Lotok in the area southeast of the Blackrock foundry. It's there, you just have to be patient until it spawns. Just got lucky in Shadowmoon valley in the Verdant Mire, Went to a tree at 54.15, 50.28 and got the heart of Kuruk. Now I am going for the other two Just got the Roots of Hanuk at 53.01, 29.92. Just behind Crows Crook in the Spires of ArakRÿân28 Apr 25
Apr 25 Stuck on Artifact Weapon quest I can't finish my Windwalker Monk artifact weapon quest. I did the scenario that where you acquire the fists of the heavens artifact weapon. But for some reason after acquiring the weapons, it didn't give me quest completion for it. I tried the scenario twice, so I could get completion, but since I already have the artifact weapon, it won't allow me to get it, "twice". The name of the quest is, "Into The Heavens" it has two parts to it. Use the Essence of the whirlwind, which is completed, but the second part: Obtain the Fists of the Heavens is not completed. I have completed it. I did the Scenario twice, I even have the Artifact weapons wielded. I can't destroy the weapons, I have unequipped and re-equipped, which did not fix it. I can't abandon the quest to try again, there's no option. So, I can't play on this character, do any Legion quests or anything because it's simply stuck. Please advise.Cushiony2 Apr 25
Apr 25 Stuck in Suramar I am currently 9/11 of the story line in Suramar. No quests are popping up on map except WQ. The ones I am missing are 1) A Growing Crisis and 2)Change of Seasons My rep with Nightfallen is Revered. I have all the portal in Shal"Aran open. What am I missing? Trying to get Good Samaritan for Part 1 flying. ThxNaydeen3 Apr 25
Apr 25 Can't find Vorgos - 'Shard of Vorgos' Like the title says. I found and killed Kozak perfectly fine, but Vorgos doesn't appear to be anywhere near where the map says he is. Is he in the Arcway dungeon? Is he in some kind of tunnel underneath Suramar besides the one housing the Arcway entrance? Any help would be greatly appreciated!Daltherigon0 Apr 25
Apr 24 Recall window for class hall missions Sometimes mistakes are made while making decisions into who to send out to missions. it's becoming more crucial with the additions of 6 day missions and no bonus loot to get the decisions right. I'd even accept some sort of penalty just to get the troop I sent out only 4 min ago back to run off and do a more appropriate mission. help us out a little Blizz?Dudeoflife0 Apr 24
Apr 24 Following The Scent Once I use the portal and see Fhambar I am unable to talk to it. Fhambar just despawns and doesn't come back. I tried this with and without a bodyguard follower, still despawns. I've abandoned the quest several times. Can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. Anyone else had this issue?Aidyn1 Apr 24
Apr 24 Essence of Power drop rate I'm currently on the Essence of Power quest to collect 30 Corrupted Essence from the Emerald Nightmare raid. Did a full clear of normal mode last night and the people in my raid on the quest got 1 essence, is the drop rate intended to be that low? or did we just have some really bad luck. 30~ runs of the raid seems a little excessive to complete this quest.Kyrîana24 Apr 24
Apr 24 warrior class hall help can't find ware to go still need 1 follower and the last slot in weapon. i know some of the class quest are broken anyone know if this is bugged or what i can do to finish it?Warbringers0 Apr 24
Apr 24 Heirloom Shipyard Missions I was able to do the one to get the intelligence ring, but so far the other 2 ring missions haven't popped up. Do I need to do something different other than having all blueprints unlocked and ghostly spyglass equipped? Or are these quests just broken?Kainne2 Apr 24
Apr 24 Artifact quests gone So i decided to do the arcane AW questline and abandoned it halfway through because i wanted to do frost. now i cant get any quests from the mage guy that gives artifact weapon quests. i just wanna do frost. Blizzard help D:Joè5 Apr 24
Apr 24 A Change of Seasons Bugged? Hit exalted last night, while doing the quests for this I got to "Flow Control" and finished it. However, the next quest in the chain is "Bring Home the Beacon", which I did not receive. I've tried to check most places now but cannot find where to continue with the chain.Clearlylol2 Apr 24
Apr 23 WPvP Problem... Doing this FFA PvP quest out in Stormheim... and this Prot Warrior starts to gank me. I give it everything I have. Using ports to keep away when I need to, timing burst... but hm.. no matter how close I would get them, they would just slowly heal back up. It's like they're not meant to die, and they're just allowed to stomp on every DPS spec out in the open world. Surely you fine people at Blizz wouldn't blatantly allow such a ridiculous and asinine thing such as a tank being outplayed by someone, yet not dying because they get to have the god-mode button activated at every moment would you? I mean I know if it was me fighting a healer, it would just be a stalemate because the Healer would outheal my damage, while having weak damage themselves for me to counter and still live... yet tank specs seem to put out just as much damage as a DPS can, while taking and absorbing damage, and then easily gaining HP. Just because WPvP is considered "unbalanced" (as if instanced PvP is oozing with balance) doesn't mean you should just let tanks live the dream of being all three specs into one. What's the point of going into FFA PvP as a DPS when you can just play one spec? This needs to be addressed. If I get outplayed, fine... but when I'm playing to the best of my abilities, and I am out playing and performing some keyboard rolling mouth breather tank who doesn't have to put hardly any effort and can do as much damage and outheal my damage in the process is a different story. Quit acting like you don't know what's going on and give it some sort of balance.Hellboss6 Apr 23
Apr 23 hammer of khazgo'roth Can I start this quest line over. I started, but now cannot find it anywhere, not even in my quest log. I started this quest line awhile back, but didn't finish it. Now I want to finish, but can't find where I left off. Is there a way to start over? I can't even find it in my quest log.Papahemi0 Apr 23
Apr 23 How to get to Azsuna So I opted to venture into Stormheim, and later picked up the jewelcrafting quest [A Familiar Ring to It] which tells me to visit Azsuna instead. The only flight path I have now is naturally just Stormheim. How do I find a route that takes me to other zones?Rolleria5 Apr 23
Apr 23 cant get champions of legionfall Hellos I'm an MM Hunter and I've completed all the chapter quests in the broken isles. Ive completed defending the broken isles quest but I cant get maiev to offer me the quest champions of legionfall. can someone tell me if i've missed something here . Do I need to be revered for this quest to open up.Gunnyhighway2 Apr 23
Apr 23 Mark of the Sentinax, Broken Shore How can I open this chapter's questline? ThanksGothikcow1 Apr 23
Apr 23 PvP non-tower WQ's should last twelve hours It seems clear to me that for the vast majority of us regular peasants, doing the arena-style PvP world quests is considerably the fastest and most reliable way to gain honor. It also happens to be a good way to obtain the PvP transmogs, which is a motivator for a lot of players as well. While the tower quests are As a person who has foolishly determined to try to obtain the Prestige artifact appearances, this presents what I consider to be an annoying and unhealthy gameplay model. NOTHING in the game should entice you to feel obligated to log in every six hours. EVEN for somebody who acknowledges that getting players to keep logging in for months on end, this represents the kind of unreasonable, obsession-encouraging grind that eventually drives players to just acknowledge that the game is demanding too much from them and quit playing altogether. I would hope this would be clear to even most grizzled tryhards. And this is to say nothing about the irritating tendency of these quests to get covered up by invasions, or even the insane Honor requirements of the Prestige system in the first place. The fix is simple enough: Have the quests spawn every six hours, but last for twelve. Or perhaps even better, spawn every 12 hours and last for 24, and just award more Honor. They need to do *something* about this situation, and avoid repeating it in the future.Kromp0 Apr 23
Apr 23 NPC's Suggesting Atifact Weapon I just started the Legion content with a Paladin alt. While on the artifact weapon selection screen Lord Tyrosus was talking about getting back the Ashbringer. I was already planning to get Ashy, but the monologue made my OCD flare up and now I can't stop thinking if there was a similar mentioning of an Artifact weapon on my Hunter main. It's probably nothing more than flavor dialogue for the quest, but has anybody else encountered NPC's talking about artifact weapons prior/during selection menu? If so, can anybody remember what was mentioned for the Hunter? Thanks.Talbin0 Apr 23
Apr 23 New Anduin quest With the discovery of the new Anduin quest, has anyone searched the area where Voljin was struck down to see if there is a horde-counterpart?Pizzaswag0 Apr 23
Apr 22 Legion invasion quest not popping up Legion invasion quest not popping up when I zone in to Highmountain. I have room in my quest log. I can still do the invasion dailys. I've tried relogging, reloading, restarting, and still no invasion quest pops up.Pennytrate0 Apr 22
Apr 22 Can't RESUME Vereesa Artifact Rescue Mission Started the bow artifact quest with Vereesa and went through the portal on Niskara to find her sister. But I was getting hammered, so I used my Hearthstone to go back to Orgrimmar and load up with potions. But when I get back to Dalaran via the new Hearthstone, the quest is nowhere to be found. It's still in my log and shows that I have spoken with her and gone through the portal... but I can't find the portal to return to Niskara anywhere. Submitted tickets to Blizzard, and days later they respond by saying to check for answers. That doesn't help me. I reopened the ticket and now they say the average wait is THREE days for an answer. Has anyone else been in the same boat? I have seen people suggest going to Fels Ingress, but there is no flight path and no way for me to get there. ANY HELP would be appreciated. I've already spent hours and hours trying to figure this out...Swampkeeper10 Apr 22
Apr 21 Level 57 - No more quests? Please help. I just wrapped up Silithus, no more quests there. Tried going back to Darnassus and going to the bulletin board, but nothing there. Went to Moonglade, but no quests after riding around for 30 minutes. What should I do? I'm very new to the game, so if this is obvious, please forgive me.Lexdiamonds8 Apr 21
Apr 21 Complete! Is there any way to re-trigger the last quest of Desolace so I can actually get the initial Feralas quest? The stupid centaur jerk started fading out before the bloody exclamation point was even over his head. >.< I'm too high a level now to find the Hero's Call: Feralas, so my only hope is in getting the quest from that idiot centaur Khan Shodo. >.<#Emogene7 Apr 21
Apr 21 Argent Tournament Dailies (Sunreavers) So today I noticed that there are some pets that I am missing from the Argent Tournament, most of which are on the Horde side. I went onto my old Horde server where I have about 100 Champion's Seals spread out over my three old mains that are on there so I wanted to do the dailies on each one and get an even 40 on each character to buy the pets. On my first and second character I picked up the three dailies from the Sunreavers in my faction tent and the two dailies from the western tent, did them quickly, got my seals, good to go until tomorrow. On my third character, however, the Sunreavers had no quests for me, but I still did the two from the western tent. What's the reason for this? I thought maybe I hadn't done the initial quests on my third in the first place, but both my second and third characters are exalted with the Sunreavers, and my first one is friendly.Aldeia1 Apr 21
Apr 21 Do quests scale with the # of party members? Like in Diablo 3? For example, let's say I'm questing with a friend, do normal enemies get more HP and do more damage since I'm grouped?Feridius1 Apr 21
Apr 21 pillars of fate location is awful I chose this for the apexis daily today, ran south from my garrison in SMV, and proceeded to circle around the entire mountain for at least 20 minutes before finally being told by someone else how to find this stupid place. I mean, I can understand maybe not wanting random 90s to stumble in there, so it isn't easily accessible from their questing areas, but this is ridiculous. I never wanted flying back in the game until now, so incredibly frustrating. I know this "problem" will never affect me again, but this is probably the closest I've ever come to ragequitting. Please never design an area like this again without some kind of direction or breadcrumb as part of the quest to help players find it for the first time.Eliyon27 Apr 21
Apr 21 Toryl Not Giving Quest Does anyone know why Toryl is neutral to me sitting next to fire and wont give me the Chapter quest for Jandvick's Jarl?Pappapuff2 Apr 21
Apr 21 Just A Few More Things.... I have two issues with this quest. First, Rocknar's immunity to frost spells forced me to respec for 1 mob. That's bloody ridiculous. Get rid of the frost immunity. Second, can you please get rid of the need for the overcharged capacitor or give a way other than an engineer to obtain it. The content is so old nobody makes them and puts them on the AH anymore.Karedis0 Apr 21
Apr 21 Chipped Demonic Key Stone? So is this worth even spending 7500 nether shards for?Boilingpoint0 Apr 21
Apr 21 Where does Fevered Prayer drop? I've been farming all over Suramar and no luck. The quest details mention satyrs. One corner of Suramar has satyrs but there are more in Val'sharah. I can keep farming but Have you completed this quest and do you remember where yours dropped?Wrongway0 Apr 21
Apr 20 Lost Mage Campaign questline XD I seem to have lost the Mage campaign questline. I finished the 5 missions at my hall. I believe the quest was "Following in his footsteps." However I got no more quests to pick up in the Hall of Guardian? O.o Did i miss a quest along the way? Or do I have to hit 110 to continue with mage campaign quests?Leens1 Apr 20
Apr 20 Fragments of the Past-Quest I would just like to know how a "healer" is supposed to be able to complete this quest without having a group of friends/guildies helping out. Due to my awkward playing hours for my region, I've found it extremely difficult to maintain a group of players that could assist when I need some help. This causes the player to solo que dungeon's to complete the quest. Well after 4 straight attempts at Lower Karazhan (all the while the 3 other dps are struggling to keep up with the tank as the tanks now just haul tail until the dungeon forces them to stop and wait) no one would stop to complete the quest after I asked multiple times being completely cordial and friendly. So I proceed to ask Blizzard GM's what to do? I was told to remain friendly and calm and ask for assistance, if noone came I was told to stop doing my job of healing. (forcing them to come back was the idea they, I assume, had) Instead of helping me the group decided rather to just boot me from the group considering the lack of actual need of a healer. I was also told to create my own Mythic group to complete the quest, however, if you refer to the beginning of this post along with the way that tanks are in extremely high demand at off hours, this suggestion is rather hopeful and ignorant. Long story short... Eventually I paid a tank 5k gold to literally do nothing but "stop" at certain points and tank a little trash so I could proceed with progressing. I completely understand the point of group quests versus solo quests so the issue for me is if you want to create a group quest (or 5 man dungeon etc.) that is meant for the GROUP... Then allow the group to work together again instead of having one role go completely on a solo epeen mission while the others are left to deal with whatever is left... Simple solution? Make the mobs around the quest items disappear or de-spawn after the dungeon is completed. Thusly the single player would just have to trek through the dungeon to collect his/her quest items. Lastly, I just wanted to ask some players what they do in an issue like this? What do you do as a healer who relies on the group, when the group (or in this case the tank) doesn't help his/her group? We as healers are completely bound by the group to be successful.. Tanks used to be this way as well! Now it's a laughing stock and I just wanted to know again, what do you healers do when your hands are tied?Fooldan0 Apr 20
Apr 20 Pathfinder 1 and 2 on different toons? Probably a stupid question. Do Pathfinder 1 and 2 need to be on the same toon to unlock flying? I switched toons before 7.2 so Part 1 is done on my main but not this guy and Part 2 is closer to done on this toon.Dormie1 Apr 20