Nov 7 Can't Get to Molten Front Dailies? I just did the chain for the 365 cape, and I still cannot get to the Molten Front to start the dailies. Is there anything I should be doing in order for them to open up? I've done 60 some quests out of 115.Fatheroflies5 Nov 7
Nov 7 Class Hall Missions Having a problem with Class Hall Missions. Tombs of Yore shows up as completed but when I click on view completed missions it will not complete. Mission success shows up but it sticks there and I cannot select any more missions. Any suggestions????Ironcarson0 Nov 7
Nov 7 Unable to Finnish The Dead and the Damned I have a level 103 Blood Death Knight and I did my artifact quest up to the point where I got my artifact weapon, I thought I was done so I started doing BG's and stuff and ended up leaving that area. I never turned in the quest and now I cant spend artifact power or put any relics in it. I just tells me "You have not yet discovered the true power of this artifact." I also cant do dungeons because of this. Now my problem is that I cant get back the the area to turn in the quest. The quest line its self says "Travel to Dalaran and fly upon Zeomus to Darkstone Isle." But when i go up to Zeomus i cant mount him or anything. So Im not sure how Im meant to get back there.Valaint1 Nov 7
Nov 7 How do you deactivate followers from the CHMs I'm in the followers tab and whenever I right click on a follower the deactivate option is grayed out, why can I not deactivate any of them? I've got 6 champions active and 7 troops active atm. Wanted to swap some of my troops to a different typeThrúum2 Nov 7
Nov 7 Mount Hyjal quests stuck! I cannot for the life of me find any quests in Mount Hyjal. I went in and completed a quest and was supposed to get a quest to continue on but never did. I am stuck flying around trying to find an ! to keep the quest chain going but have not been able to find one. I did petition a GM and they told me "In regards to your issue, if you head over to Nordrassil and look for Ysera. She should have the quest "The Last Living Lorekeeper" for you. Please let us know if you are still having issues with the quest chain." Thats fine but there is no quest for me to accept over there. Then I file another ticket to get this looked at again and now the queue time for my ticket is 1 Day 15 Hours. *sigh* When are the ticket times going to improve. I already waited 22 hours to get an answer that yielded no results. I've already been out to Vashjir and dont want to go back out on my other 85. Plus thats a whole new area to start.Kerning16 Nov 7
Nov 7 Council of War order hall mission I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but I've been trying to get Meatball as a follower lately and have run into an issue. I've followed the guides I've seen, but the order hall mission "Council of War" just won't show up for me. So far, I've fought in the brawlers guild, gotten the initial order hall mission that rewards the Rude Letter, and turned in the quest "Everyone Loves a Good Fight". The next step according to what I've read is to complete the order hall mission "Council of War". It's been a few days since I turned in "Everyone Loves a Good Fight", so I don't think it's a matter of waiting for it to show up. Any ideas?Sergrand2 Nov 7
Nov 6 Did not get the Heart of Flame item from Rag I am on the Heart of Flame quest, the very last thing to do for the legendary and just killed Rag on heroic 10 man and I did not get the heart of flame item. Nothing to loot here. Please help. My character is still in the raid instance when I log off. Is there any blues around to help? My ticket is about 2 day wait time and hoping I won't get a generic response back.Epijunky8 Nov 6
Nov 6 Argus WQs - When do they appear? I thought it was at reset and reset+12hours, but Yesterday I saw an Antoran Wastes WQ appear at reset+16hours. Is this regular? What other times do they appear?Ralivia2 Nov 6
Nov 6 WQ help the is the World Quest in Surmar ok It says The Nighthold : The walling in the night your Supposed to kill Ariadne But when i look at looking for group there is NO option for this . There are 4 others 1. the arcing 2. Royal 3. nightpipe 4 Betrayer No others there I go there but there it NO join group option ? How are we Supposed to get this done if there is no option for it ? Please help ?? there should be a easier way to get this done . or have a open door policy to join on going Quest for this one . people can leave and join to get it doneFyaina4 Nov 6
Nov 6 Right Tool for the Job: Bugged? I have been killing every single mob (mystics *and* bone dudes) in the indicated zone for this quest for wellnigh an hour. I have lost count of the number. None of these mobs have the runic bone knife. Am I the only one having really, really LOUSY luck with this quest? Because I know historically this game hates me and I have trouble getting quest drops, but this is ridiculous! :(Zornac7 Nov 6
Nov 6 Raest Magespear Yea I found it on 'search' but it is all about fighting him, beating him etc but there is nothing where to find him According to the circle and arrows they give as indication, it is right there at the base near the flight guy, but cannot find him there. Tried all around the hills and mountains, the guy simply is not there, honestly.............. maybe somebody killed him for goodFlamerayne2 Nov 6
Nov 5 Class hall / Class mount help With the announcement of the new expansion I like to go back and pick up anything I missed with the current expansion. I'm going back and trying to get my flying done and my class mount. I know one of the rtequirements is to have your class hall quest chain done. With the new update did it remove the wehole quest chain entirely? I cant sem to find anything other than the illidan quest chain. Can anyone shed some light on maybe I'm missing something here? Thank you in advance.Kimaristra1 Nov 5
Nov 5 Defending the Grove - Val'Sharah Can anyone tell me who the quest giver is for this? I dont see it listed in the info on the quest. This is a prerequisite of a quest I need. Thank youSaphfyre2 Nov 5
Nov 5 Died on artifact staff quest, cant loot staff died just as I killed the lady and when I released on the quest it took me to a hall, I think where I originally ported in, and had no way out. Hearthed, and now I cant get back to loot the staff. Cant delete quest, ticketed already, but that'll take days to hear back. Anyone have this problem that has a solution?Censible0 Nov 5
Nov 5 ArchDruid of the Vale quest - Help The quest line in Val'sharah has 7 main stories: Black root hold, Bradensbrook, Archdruid of the Vale/Claw, Into the Nightmare, All Nightmare Long, and Archdruid of Lore. I have completed 2/7 (Black Root Hold & BradensBrook). I am not able to start any other storyline. In order to start the quest, I need to speak to Aranelle in Lorlathil but he does not give me an option to start the quest. Any suggestions on how to fix?Cacadodohead2 Nov 5
Nov 5 trying to kill Ironaya Hello I have made it to the point where I have to go into a huge door and get Ironaya but the huge door does not open....any help will be so nice. Im at the chamber of khaz mulChalisana8 Nov 5
Nov 5 "Cleansing the Mother Tree" quest bug Stuck on "Cleansing the Mother Tree." Quest did not complete when the weapon was cleansed, not able to do quest again because i no longer have the corrupt G'Hanir to cleanse in the scenario.Rabidpengwen18 Nov 5
Nov 5 Can't complete I am the Law and I am the Lash Can't seem to actually use the cudgel for this quest. Even when in the right location and in melee range, I get the message "You can't use that yet." I get the same result when attempting to complete the related quest Abuse of Power. Is there a trick to this or is this quest just bugged?Ralralu23 Nov 5
Nov 5 Beware of spider quest Broken Shore To get to the quest is a total nightmare. But.....once you get there somebody had the great idea to cover the whole area with 'webs' so dark you cannot see where you are going or what attacks you. Fun? .....yea great fun because you fall into holes that you cannot get out. So you kind of have to quit out and are back at the start, i.e base game The person who designed this probably got a salary increase for this great idea in stretching the game out.Flamerayne0 Nov 5
Nov 5 hate pvp why blizzard do you make a quest for legion skinning to enter baradin hold and you can not enter unless you pvp when some ppl hate it I think its stupidGankerman0 Nov 5
Nov 4 Can't start legion quest. Didn't have the option to start the quest because it was gray out. Unable to start or find the quest. Fix itCrizo14 Nov 4
Nov 4 wowqueston Livingmark2 Nov 4
Nov 4 World Quests in Kalimdor/Eastern Kingdom Please give us these! I'd love a reason to head back out to some of my favorite zones on occasion. It would be great to kill a Hogger with 110M hp or have to collect 10 Raptor Teeth from Stranglethorn Vale to get my Order Resources or Veiled Argunite. You could make the reward slightly higher to compensate for travel. Even a single world raid boss each week in the old zones would be fun.Flushdraw0 Nov 4
Nov 4 Balance of Power Is there an addon to be able to track the chain "Balance of Power"? I have no idea where I am at on that quest chain .. TIAElvinna2 Nov 4
Nov 4 Warden Tower rewards? Do Warden Towers still have a chance to reward Gladiator appearances? Since 7.1 hit all item rewards that I'm getting from them are Combatants appearance. Did any of you guys get one? Whats your Honor level? I only need the Boots to complete my appearance. Might just start spamming Arenas and Battlegrounds for it.Sohki2 Nov 4
Nov 3 Patch 7.3 Crucible-and-Relic I'll try to keep the question simple: I'm trying to start a quest chain on patch 7.3 but I can't see it. I went to Wowhead and understood that I have to first do the quests from patch 7.2 in order to see the quests from 7.3 that I'm looking for?????? I need help ASAP (My life is in danger) _________________________ Below what I found in WowHead: 1-) ...Also note that to obtain the Broken Shores quests, it's necessary to complete 'Uniting the Isles' (which requires obtaining friendly with 5 factions). Here are the quests I know of that must be completed: - Uniting the Isles - Armies of Legionfall - Assault on Broken Shore 2-) need to do the Broke Shore intro quest first that introduces you to the Legion of Army Fall reputation. Once you get done with that intro scenario you can hearth back to Dalaran and auto-accept The Hand of Fate. 3-) To unlock the crucible, players must complete all of the quests in KrokuunAwethomex2 Nov 3
Nov 3 Post Cata Thousand Needle quests I am ultimately hoping that a GM or actual Blizzard rep reads this. I absolutely cannot find any low level Thousand Needle quests. I am at 4/60. I have gone through Barrens, Ferelas, Galek, Dustwallow.. you name it, I have tried it. I have read over 200 Googles searches. I have used Everyquest. I have used Carbonite. I have done the major city quests. I have done everything I can do. I have been a paying customer for quite a while so I expect that at least there will be some courtesy and review from Blizzard. I am having the same problem with Uldum relative to the Pyramid chains - have tried absolutely everything. I understand there are chains and start points BUT since there is no Blizzard direct method of retracking back or abating a quest you did that MIGHT interfere or squash your completions of future quests, this is just not acceptable. Having a quest complete or not complete should have no bearing or affect on different quest chains - or, if you make the argument that there is one big quest chain, so be it - work them in linear fashion so people can track. If anyone has input I would appreciate it. If Blizzard reps read this, check my user id and look into my problem, as no one in support with touch this as it is considered a hint. It is not a hint that I am needing - either something is broken or needs to be made clear in the game. I am not the only one having these issues. By the way, I am not a whiner, I have an achievement score of over 6k in non-dungeon related activity and I am already a WoTLK LOREMASTER so I have no problem putting in the work and research. This is simply poor quest management within the game.Donjhia12 Nov 3
Nov 2 legion seal of fate archmage landalock broken seal of fate. archmage landlock so i just hit 110 quest to buy seals for gold resources or honor arent available no qyests available fromnthe archmage im assuming theres some precurson quest that needs to be completed i couldnt find anyone else with the same prob or on google any help is appreciated thanksMoxbob0 Nov 2
Nov 2 Faction changed, lost Stormheim quests I was in the middle of grinding Valarjar rep for the hidden appearance on my priest and I faction changed. I went to continue the chain tonight and noticed the quests were no longer in my log, and when I went to the quest giver the quest was no longer there. This is super frustrating as I really want that appearance but now have no way to do the quests to get the rep. Is there another way to get rep or revive the quest chain? I went to my scouting map and it's completely blank, so there's no starting quest chain to get me back in stormheim either. Has anyone else ever dealt with this?Honeybell0 Nov 2
Nov 2 Stuck in Vashj'ir with no more quests avail I am 95/160 in Vashj'ir and there are no quests to be found anywhere. I think I bugged out the "Visions of the Past" quests with the Naga somehow. I did the first Vision quest and then the followup, but then got sidetracked doing other quests at the Vashj'ir Ruins. After I finished the ruins quests involving the human NPCs in that room in the ruins which you actually get out of the water, there was nothing left quest wise. I have looked for Wavespeaker Valoren everywhere, including going back to Tranquil Wash, but can't find her. I also no longer have the blade which enables me to go to the "past", but no one will give me another one. Oh, this is for Alliance if that matters. Thanks in advance for any help.Shàmwow11 Nov 2
Nov 2 Weekly world quest reward This weeks weekly event is to complete 20 world quests and the reward is a boring 5k orderhall resources. Perhaps add a nice AP token and a 1500/750 rep token as a reward so it is a little more exciting? gear is too good a reward for this event but ap and rep? why notEvani1 Nov 2
Oct 31 The World Awaits I got this weekly quest today in Dalaran-I completed 6 World Quests and then the quest disappeared-I went back to the quest giver and got the quest again but had no World Quest completed-I,m having to start over.Is this because of a reset?Firesign1 Oct 31
Oct 31 Greater Invasion Points Not Loading I have received the quest "Commander's Downfall" from Illidan which requires I defeat a greater invasion point. There are no greater invasion points showing on the map. I only see 1 lesser invasion point. I have traveled through zones, reloaded the game, turned off UI add ons like world quest tracker and abandonded the quest.Nÿxa1 Oct 31
Oct 31 World Quest not showing up on 1 toon I saw a few other forums about quest not showing up but this did not fix my problem. I am currently trying to do some world quest on my druid to get some gear and found that there no world quest that give gear up. I didn't believe this so I disabled my addons, did a /reload and logged out and back in to find no quest. Other forums said it could be an problem with a clock but my other characters have the proper world quest up so I don't think its that. I deleted my cache and it didn't help.Ihavedeath0 Oct 31
Oct 30 War Councillor Victoria I don't know what all the other people in threads are talking about strategies for the quests this person gives! My Warlock is incredibly powerful but when it comes to the quests of War Councillor Victoria it is just one shot deaths. I go in, fire a shot/spell whatever and don't know what hit me, I drop dead! There does not seem a facility for grouping! What makes matters worse is that my weapon was not upgraded for what I use all the time which is 'Destruction'. For some strange and mysterious reason I only got upgraded for the other two WHICH I NEVER USE!Flamerayne1 Oct 30
Oct 30 Shaman campaign lost quest So I've kinda ignored it for the last month because this was an alt I barely played, but now that ive been getting alts ready for Argus it is becoming an issue. I still have 3 followers to collect on my shaman ( Trollalawl-Zul'jin ) and have completed the first 6 of 'Breaching the Tomb' Achievement. This is where my questline drops of the face of wow. Because I just breezed through my locks campaign, I've realized i was actually missing the next quest from Maiev Shadowsong where she will send me to my class hall to obtain Magatha Grimtotem from " A Humble Request ". I have backtracked to ensure my ach's were showing me up to date and disabled any and all addons, flew around the world, including thousand needles to see if maybe i dropped a quest somehow and could find it again to no avail. Very dissapointed that I've waited this long, doing the classic "wait and see" approach. Ticket is in, but the more word out there hopefully the sooner the issue can be resolved.Ejak2 Oct 30
Oct 30 Pandaria Vale of Eternal Blossoms Summary, Would like to complete the objectives to get the objectives for Vale of Eternal Blossoms for Loremaster of Pandaria but there are no quests to accept to completed to earn this achievement. How do I get these missing quests available to me? Hey Everyone, I'm trying for Loremaster of Pandaria and I came across an interesting problem. I completed the quests in Kun-lai summit and I got the gate to the Vale of Eternal Blossoms opened, but there are no quests. I seem to be phased out / transparent or something and everywhere I go to try to get a quest just has nothing. I did open the gate and completed that chain. Just stuck from here.Ghosh4 Oct 30
Oct 30 Commanders Downfall gliched? Ok i got a problem. On the 26th of october i completed commanders downfall. But when i went to the vindicar the guy i turn my quest into wasnt there. Or invisible. I couldnt see or interact with him. So i cant complet my quest. Whats going on? Is it bugged? Or a glitched? I logged out and in multiple times, still nothing. Any help?Krindistus5 Oct 30
Oct 30 High Lords Return Mage Tower Prerequisites Hello all, I'm eager to try the mage tower challenge on my warrior but i'm unsure of what I need to do to unlock the mage tower challenge. I have been following the artifact quest line and I am stuck on the Emerald Nightmare Essance of Power part. I have to wait until next week to finish it. Is this mandatory to unlock the mage tower challenge or do I find another quest line elsewhere? Thanks, TorrentTorrent1 Oct 30
Oct 30 Broken shore quest (Maiev not giving quest !) Hello Maiev is not giving me the quest to get new order hall champion. Finished my order hall campaign and got the title of battle lord.Dhjunsa3 Oct 30
Oct 29 Quest for Hammer of Kaz'goroth I just realized that I never finished the Hammer of Kaz'goroth quest line. I have done the dungeon, but never got the hammer, nor do I have the quest in my logs. Besides using wowhead (which does not have the correct information), does anyone remember who and where to pick up the quest if you've dropped it? Wowhead says Mayla near Neltharion's Lair, but she's not there for me - nor does she have the quest in Thunder Totem. Has anyone else had that happen? Where can I get the quest again so I can get the Hammer?Violetfemme0 Oct 29
Oct 28 Communing With The Feral Stone I am running my druid right now and i am trying to do the main class storyline where you need to commune with the different stones. I have already communed with the other stones, but i can't figure out what to do to commune with the feral.Mynraldey5 Oct 28
Oct 28 Where is the Champions of Legionfall quest? I am on a druid alt and I searched forums which all said Broken Shore but Maiev has no quest to give. Which quest do I need to do so it will show?Celydar2 Oct 28
Oct 28 Problem with Death Knight Starting Quests Just noticed this today. When I approach the Quest "Massacre at Light's Point", and take the mine car to the ship, and jump on the cannon, it does not let me fire at the Scarlet Defenders, using the 1 key, I can electrocute-shock the boat but not fire. I have tried to reload the UI, jump off the cannon and remount, take the mine car back to the ship, Abandon quest and come back. No success yet.Cindabell7 Oct 28
Oct 28 Argus story line for alts? Is there no way to skip the Argus intro quests for alts?Clone2 Oct 28
Oct 28 Mage Tower My mage tower quest can't even be located. I have the building unlocked, but the quest isn't there. Anyway to reset it? Or can I just do the quest and get the artifact without it?Chewsdruid2 Oct 28
Oct 27 Level up with quests! Hello everyone, well i have an idea and want to find a partner for that. I'm leveling a Paladin in Stormrage (Alliance faction) and i want to get 110 without any boost of experience like heirlooms or dungeons, battlegrounds and so on, i mean level up only with quests, know the story of each place. If anyone want to jump in this adventure i'll glad to chat and play with someone else. PS: I'm mostly a morning week player. Add me if you are interested :) Quótzalyr#1102Quótza0 Oct 27
Oct 27 Cant seem to get my 3rd artifact wep i've completed my class campaign and not sure what i need to do. ( cant get brewmaster wep) No quests are in my class hallWoowzzerr2 Oct 27
Oct 27 Trial of Valor Raid I have done the ToV raid but died and nobody ressed. Anyway, I revived myself and was at the start of another raid the group did. So now it says I have done the Raid I needed to do (Odyn) but I do not know where to hand it in. The quest just shows a map of the ToV place. So question is, how do I hand it in and get a reward?Flamerayne0 Oct 27
Oct 27 3 weekly invasion points needed? Is the 3 weekly invasion point quest needed for gear to drop in the Major Invasion point? All my alts can see the greater portal and kill the demon, but I've just been getting the AP drop and gold. I did get a gear drop one time, but can't recall if that char did the 3 or not.Drephunk1 Oct 27