May 12 Can't complete Jandvik's Jarl questline The Jandvik's Jarl questline is necessary to finish the Good Suramaritan achievement. I thought I had finished the chain, but it turns out I haven't. I think I'm probably at least halfway through it, but there are NO quests anywhere in the area to continue. I've searched high and low... no questgivers. Is this a bug or am I just missing a bleeding obvious quest? I want to say I am at 140 or so on this list. Still.. no questgivers... Hallllp!Riathamus7 May 12
May 11 Quest tracker recommendations? Having issues completing Suramar. No quests anywhere. Sick of running around this terrible zone. Please recommend a quest tracker addon, so I can finish Good Sumaritan and never come back. I'm not even going to fly over it when - and if - I ever complete the achievement for flying.Seyrenna2 May 11
May 11 i hate single player wow every relic and trait and campaign I have to do to make my character stronger forcing me into single player content is all most to much for me to deal with. idc how you look at it questing is boring. if it doesn't catch my curiosity then !@#$ing forget it. don't force me into it its an mmo and quite frankly I don't pay to play a single player game in an mmo. I rage from beginning to end. then we get surprise riddles and I just keep youtube open in the background cus I cba to sit threw another literary challenge or be 1 shot. and the travel time from broken shore to azshara or the mere thought of navigating through highmountain w/o flight when your poi and paths to poi are troll af. I hate every single second of it. don't force me to play single player in an mmo it even sounds dumb. if the environment failed to catch my curiosity you've failed. don't force it. its not a big deal anyway I have no desire to do it. let me mmo. questing to lvl, sure. for lore, sure. for rep, at least give us options... stop forcing ppl in a MASSIVELY MULTIPLAYER ONLINE OPEN WORLD into content they don't want to do or find miserable. games are supposed to be fun. not slavery, not punishment. and a mmo damn sure shouldn't focus main features on single player content... put the crack down.Infinifist0 May 11
May 11 Rumor Has It. Did everyone else die as many times as i did doing this? I think the amount of disguise busting NPC's you have to navigate though in this quest is overkill >.<Virus43 May 11
May 11 Drapings of the Ancients Recently hit 800 on Tailoring and am wondering how to get the quest of Drapings of the Ancients? I have purchased the legendary pattern also but didn't see the quest pop on the Isle. Thanks for any advice.Cashcab2 May 11
May 11 Class Campaign - 20 World Quests Did they remove the class campaign quest requiring that you do 20 world quests recently? I know I had the quest in my quest log on my alt Saturday night, but I didn't finish it and it's no longer in my quest log.Xiila2 May 11
May 11 Orphaned Bloodgazer im goodTiegress0 May 11
May 10 Leatherworking quest at the Darkmoon Faire How do I get the quest for the Leatherworking profession at the Darkmoon Faire?Peopeomoxmox2 May 10
May 10 Issues obtaining the Secrets of Gorgond Quest The Secrets of Gorgond is supposed to be up next for me. After the final battle and the Celebration in Embaari Village I did not get the Quest Option. I did receive mail from Yrel who gave me a crystal which I placed and watched the vision of Prophet Velen. I have searched all over for Yrel to get this quest as that's what googling advised but have been unable to locate her. Any assistance is appreciatedLortholis1 May 10
May 10 Blood Infusion quest Hey all! I'm currently on the Blood Infusion quest for the Shadowmourne quest line and have read I'll need 2 other people for this particular quest. Are there any Warlocks or DKs who are willing to help me complete this quest? If so, please add my bnet account, Klora#1409, and send me a message. Thanks!Darcei0 May 10
May 10 Trait Fangs of the First bugged I tried to put in a ticket on this but got no where but pointed to wow-head so I did put in a bug report but when I bought my last trait of all of them the little circle of 4-5 new traits never appeared. Now the last one you can buy is Fangs of the First should only let you buy it once, 1/1, but when the new ring of traits never popped up I clicked it again and it let me apply 1.9 million ap for another level and the ring of new traits STILL haven't shown up. I tried log out and in, /reload, and a few other things but nothing has fixed it. Any suggestions since I can't reach CSWrenntok2 May 10
May 10 Just in time - Mission wont start Hi guys, I'm doing this through the phone app. I assign 3 champions to the mission, I have the resources to do it, success chance is 108%, yet when I click "start mission" a message pops up saying "Unable to start mission". No explanation as to why. Anyone else have this issue? Any ideas on how to fix this?Larrielle1 May 10
May 10 or against us quest OR AGAINST US: ok seriously this quest makes me want to cancel my subscription .i do not like the fact that the quest is not on the mini map.everything else changed to make it easier to play but this quest is impossible to find.i do not have cords on my computer to locate the i cant continue my questing without finding him.some ppl have anger and stress issues and this is not a quest for them to be paying real money to play this game, real money for internet and have spent way over 600 gold to repair as a clothie just to do this quest and i still havent found him.i have never in the almost 12 yrs ive been playing this game ever been so aggravated about a quest just so lost and aggravated.Sunae2 May 10
May 10 "Beaching The Tomb" Missed Potential I just wanted to leave a little feedback, and perhaps start a discussion, around the "Breaching the Tomb" meta-achievement - or more specifically the weekly gated content we've been getting related to it. In short, I'm a bit surprised at the low quality this transition content has been from a story and gameplay perspective. In terms of gameplay, these quests have been absolutely generic (complete X world quests, kill 100 demons, etc) and uninspired. There's just nothing fun or unique about what should be an epic build into getting in the freaking Tomb of Sargeras. In terms of story, it feels as though nothing is really being told past "complete the menial task and let's pretend it's helping us get into the Tomb." Nothing feels advanced, nothing of interest is happening, it's just a very dull task weekly. With what was done with Suramar, this is just disappointing instead of what should be a hype train gaining speed. With all the time getting to the Broken Shore, the lore surrounding the whole idea of ToS, and ample breathing room of time players have until the raid opens, there just feels like a lot that could have been done that was uncharacteristically short of Blizzard quality.Berith0 May 10
May 9 Paradise Lost - Turn in to Khadgar issue "Speak with Archmage Khadgar at Krasus' Landing in Dalaran". Except when I go to Dalaran, Khadgar is chilling in The Violet Citidel. With no golden "?" above his head. There is, however, a golden "?" at Krasus' Landing on my map/radar, but no Khadgar... Anyone else get have this happen to them before?Rhöga0 May 9
May 9 Tenebrous Cavern - No Further Quests? I'm in Vashj'ir. I boarded the "Verne" and the sub attacked the sea creature the first time. But it escaped, and now we're all in Tenebrous Cavern with no further quests. The captain has said "we'll be ready" so I assume there will be another series of quests, but there's nothing from any of the NPCs in the cavern. Bug? Or am I just missing something?Veliedia0 May 9
May 9 Ran out of quests. What now? I'm on Sunstrider Isle, and I've run out of quests. Where do I go to get more quests? Thanks in advance.Venadra2 May 9
May 9 Help!!! help!!! cant find rest of suramar questline. Finished leylines , feed mana. Need Blood, Glowing, Statecraft, and Seasons. I'm exaltedOdonts3 May 9
May 9 Investigating the Legion complete but not? so it says i have completed the quest i have filled my weapon 20/20 in the hidden trait but i cannot proceed in the quest line and i have no idea why... /script print(IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(46765)) returns true cleared cache searched bags and bank for the empowered tome im still lost this is the only toon im having issues with..Zenlee4 May 9
May 9 A Question About XP...... I first noticed this happening a number of months back, when I was on my Main in Pandaria. I was questing, and getting anywhere from 375 XP to 400 XP on the average mob who was same level, or one above me. Then I went up a level. The mobs were now my level or the occasional one, one below. NOW I started getting ridiculously low 14 XP on a kill that I had JUST been getting around 375 on. Just yesterday, I was in Icecrown. My Hunter was getting about 350 or so at level 79. I went up to 80 and the SAME mobs - now same level or one below me - were now giving only 44 XP. What is going on there? I could see that happening if my character was 5 or more levels above mobs.Veliedia3 May 9
May 8 Continue your training: Master Kistane I have been absolutely unsuccessful at probably all but the first one of these quests. I begin the fight and I am able to heal myself often enough to continue almost indefinately however each and every time I get her down to about 20% of her life, she turns her back and a message comes up that I should finish her before she is able to heal. MY PROBLEM IS; at that point I cannot do any damage to her until she is fully healed and begins to fight again. I have done it over and over and over and over and over again until I have such severe cramps that I can no longer continue. Does it take 20 or 30 attempts over a period of 45 minutes to wear her down, or should I assume that these quests are designed only for elitist players, and stop trying? OR is there a secret to defeating her? PS: I think I had attempted this one (Kistane) at around level 60 or 70 and thought that I was just too low to defeat her. I returned at level 84 and I am doing no better.Mykinglion5 May 8
May 8 World Quest Reputation Names Grey Out. So this morning I am off to do my Nightfallen Emissary WQs, and I notice that every single WQ I have in Suramar Zone the reputation names are greyed out, and I am able to complete them, but not able to get rep from them. The Nightfallen, The Kirin Tor, and the Wardens are only WQs I have in the zone currently, and they are all grey. Is this because I am exalted with them? But I am confused because we are supposed to have paragon rep now, and it seems I cant gain any for those specific factions... Is there some sort of rep gate that I am unaware of? It seems like everything is gated these days and it's hard to keep track of, just looking for some clarification?Vansinnar1 May 8
May 8 Help with getting Mark of the Sentinax Hey all, I keep getting told that I need to pick up Mark of the Sentinax from illidan at deliverance point. There is no quest marker above his head and the quest isn't in my log book. Is there a reputation req. for legionfall to get the quest or is it part of a chain that I'm missing a quest from. Thanks!Cephis1 May 8
May 7 Unable to choose a new strike point. While questing though Highmountain. I did all of the quest and got the achievement. So in a rush to start the next zone i went back and chose the next strike point. THEN i realized i had one more quest to do in Highmountain (Dungeon quest) so i qued up and completed it. After turning the final quest in i got a new quest called "Pressing the Assault." Which asked me to return to my Order hall and choose the next strike point. SO i abandon the strike point quest (because it didn't give me credit for already having it) i had previously chosen before receiving the "Pressing the Assault" and attempted to go choose it again so i could continue my journey, however I'm not able to choose a strike point now. the PTA quest is labeled under Artifact in my quest log so i don't want to skip over it. Has anyone else had this issue?Craftedshock31 May 7
May 7 Eminent-Grow Main Bugged I've done every other part of the Good Suramaritan except for Eminent-Grow Main Using WoWhead, i've - - checked the coordinates of all 15 quest part of the Eminent-Grow Main - Completed all other quest up to the point of Stabilizing Suramar (complete 10 WQ) - abandoned every quest in my quest log in case I had the quest already I still can't pick up this quest. help pleaseTelsa0 May 7
May 7 Survive the Night I'm trying to do this Hunter Order Hall quest. When I got to the quest-giver there was one tree which I used for the first quest. When I try to do the main quest there are no more trees, lots of meat but no trees. There's no-one else here doing it so it's not like they are taking them all. I've tries abandoning the quest and re-taking but nothing. I've stood here over 30 minutes, still no trees. I've searched the area for a long way. Any suggestion?Been17 May 7
May 7 Hero's Call: Deepholm uncompletable I am trying to complete a legion enchanting quest where I have to get Radiant Zephyrite from The Stonecore in Deepholm. Since this character is the character that I decided to use my boost on from pre-ordering legion, I do not have any of the portals available to me. In order to access the portal to Deepholm, I went to the command board and got "Hero's Call: Deepholm!" and it shows the quest '?' marker on my map where the eastern earthshrine is and where Naraat the Earthspeaker should be. However, the Eastern Earthshrine is completely empty and there are no NPCs, including Naraat the Earthspeaker. How do I start Deepholm or is there any way to get to Stonecore without the portal there?Shotes0 May 7
May 7 Need help with Garrison: Ring of Blood I have the note in my Garrison but, I am unable to click on it. The quest simply will simply not pop up. It's frustrating because, I've tried everything and the quest will not start and Garv will not talk to me unless the quest is started.Darvobek0 May 7
May 7 Good Suramaritan Storyline I'm stuck with the Good Suramaritan story line. I could have swore I did the Growing Crisis already and it hasn't registered as being done, also I have reached exalted with the Nightfall and I don't see A change of Seasons or Eminent Grow-main quest offers. Is there a glitch or bug?Scarletwitch1 May 7
May 7 Stormheim Salvation Defeated God-King Skovald 5 times so far, no quest completions. Yes i am on top of HOV not inside the instance. Anyone else having this problem?Celari0 May 7
May 7 "Dustwallow Marsh" Quests after Scenario? So... what happens to all the Theramore quests after you complete the scenario? It looks like they just disappear... Are there enough other quests to complete the achievement or are you forced to use an alt?Paulyy11 May 7
May 7 Huln's War: The Arrival I was able to complete the quest but for some reason I got out of the instance before I collected the reward. It shows as completed and I can see the map where the turn in is, but of course I can't figure out how to access the instance again. Can anyone help suggest how to complete? I have looked for the original quest NPC, no luck locating him...Theenasong0 May 7
May 7 Cruisin the Chasm in Westfall For Children's Week Cruisin the Chasm, how do I reset Westfall back to before the Brotherhood invasion so the chopper shows up? Nevermind. Found it. Thought the area had to be reset. All I saw were fires until I went back and took a second closer look at the area. Haven't played in a long time. Forgot how it works.Zartinia0 May 7
May 7 Twilight Shores Legion Quest So I got to level 98 and i started doing the quests to get into the legion content and i got the quest "Twilight Shores" and i go the spot and the person isnt there. Im level 100, is there some requirements i need? What do i do?Purplepuppy0 May 7
May 6 Edict of the God-King Quest Completion? Edict of the God-King Quest states that I have defeated the God-King but there is no way to turn in quest. No button for completion on map, and no turn in NPC anywhere. How do I finish this?Threewolves1 May 6
May 6 Edict of the God-King I have completed Edict of the God-King. It says, "God-King Skovald defeted". But I can't fine any way of turning it in. How do I turn this in?Gymlea2 May 6
May 6 Quest location suggestion. Hello Blizzard Quest authors, designers, writers or anyone in Blizzard with any small involvements in questing designs. Next time, please put the quest location marker somewhere meaningful. Putting it when it happens to be inside of a long tunnel when the entrance is on the other side of a mountain or whatever is pure stupid and frustrating. Put it at the tunnel entrance. Just as in real life, it is no good telling me the item is on the 12th floor in the building when I cannot find the entrance. This has so many time that it is becoming frustrating. Thanks.Postage0 May 6
May 6 Quest location suggestion. Hello Blizzard Quest authors, designers, writers or anyone in Blizzard with any small involvements in questing designs. Next time, please put the quest location marker somewhere meaningful. Putting it when it happens to be inside of a long tunnel when the entrance is on the other side of a mountain or whatever is pure stupid and frustrating. Put it at the tunnel entrance. Just as in real life, it is no good telling me the item is on the 12th floor in the building when I cannot find the entrance. This has so many time that it is becoming frustrating. Thanks.Postage0 May 6
May 6 Pathfinder progress question Through the pathfinder progress tool on wow head it says that all i need is the "good suramaritan" and the " Vrykul story, bro" achievement are left to complete the pathfinder part 1. Through mmochampion, it gives me all the quests i didnt do even though it says through wowhead im 100% completed in that zone. ( Ex. Im 100% done with azuna through wowhead but on Im missing quests) here are the link to the pathfinder tools. i was told to listen to wowhead on it but if some one could type my char name and see for themselves that would be great. Name: Dankmagix Realm: Emerald dream US wowhead mmochampion May 6
May 6 Children's Week Orphan bugged I finished all the quests but the last one, but my Orphan won't give it too me to finish. Anyone else having this problem?Daveed16 May 6
May 6 champions of legionfall i can not get this quest to start on both my main characters,i am stuck at chapter 6/15,there is no quest giver on the broken shore or at my class hall,priest and warrior,i have googled and searched and have found dozens of people having the same issue but know one has posted the fix,thought i try here for suggestions before i send blizz a ticket.Slimm0 May 6
May 6 Quest problems in Suramar I am stuck in the Suramar quest line. I am getting no “!” anywhere to initiate the quests I need to finish “The Good Samaritan” series. The quests I am missing are: 1. “A growing crises”; 2. Breaking the lightbreaker”; 3. A change of seasons. I am level 110, about 3000 rep from exalted, and at my wits end as to what to do next, please help.Amani16 May 6
May 6 Quest Quality - Legion Anyone else find Legion quests of poor quality, functionally speaking? From missing map markers to missing NPCs to non-existent and incomplete instructions to over-use of extra action buttons or special use items that don't show up, I've never had so many quests that leave me tabbing out to external sources to find out what to do next. And sadly, 99.99% of the time the answer I find is some variant of re-log or re-zone and hope the script works and the extra action button, script, or NPC show ups or triggers correctly.Nimiuss1 May 6
May 6 Council of War order hall mission I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but I've been trying to get Meatball as a follower lately and have run into an issue. I've followed the guides I've seen, but the order hall mission "Council of War" just won't show up for me. So far, I've fought in the brawlers guild, gotten the initial order hall mission that rewards the Rude Letter, and turned in the quest "Everyone Loves a Good Fight". The next step according to what I've read is to complete the order hall mission "Council of War". It's been a few days since I turned in "Everyone Loves a Good Fight", so I don't think it's a matter of waiting for it to show up. Any ideas?Sergrand1 May 6
May 5 Monk Campaign I for the life of me can not figure out what I am missing. I am a lvl 110 monk and have completed every quest in every zone other than Suramar. I have yet to see any kind of Monk Campaign quest in my quest log, have no quest at the monestary and am still stuck with only 2 followers. I have searched and searched but cannot find an answer. I really want to unlock my 3rd relic slot because at this time its hurting my iLvl. Please Help!!Adfuze2 May 5
May 5 Secrets of the Shieldmaidens Ok, so a lot of us have had issues finding where to start this quest chain at. There is a little information online but it isn't very clear. So here you go Head down to Dreadwake's Landing and east/southeast of town you will see a boat in the water. On the shore near that area are two small boats, me f which has the initial quest. Quality on the pics aren't great since I used my iPad to take them off my crappy computer but you should get the idea. Hope this helps. May 5
May 5 Tugar Bloodtotem/broken shore Tugar Bloodtotem Need help on killing Tugar Bloodtotem at the mage tower //ive died 20 times trying diff interrupts etc. I had Mage tower complete and water walking when on a mount //but its gone now destroyed when it was under attack because I gave up //tricks ,help ,any info will help. no portals left.?? helpHoleshot1 May 5
May 5 Old NIghtbane /Blackened Urn quest line gone? I'm trying to get the beginning of the NIghtbane /Blackened Urn quest line to farm transmogs from Nightbane- namely the coolest black shiny shield in-game. BUt the questline and givers are gone. I.E> Quest: Arcane Disturbances. IS this because of th enew KAra content as of 7.1? IF so, can Blizzard please do what they did with other areas affected my xpacs, which is to have an NPC to talk to to go back in time so you can access the content? Blasted lands is like that. Theramore is like that. Can't Kara? love, Me Edit: By the way, the toon I'm doing it is a level 70 pally.Wilderwind5 May 5
May 4 The Burning Keys???? The Burning Keys, World Quest, on Broken Shore, has a number of Dread Interrogators which "Evade" all attacks. What is with that? There are a number of Suramar Citizens which are sparkly and seem to be chained down, but I cannot interact with them, even when I have a key. What is their purpose? How do I interact with them? There are a number of clusters of Piles Of Vanishing Powder, and Substandard Sapper on the ground. I can pick up and use either. What are they for?Gymlea0 May 4
May 4 Empowering Artifact QL Somewhere along the lines I've completely lost where I was in my hunt for empowering my weapon further on my monk and my druid. I've got "Mark of the Sentinax" under my Legionfall Campaign -- is that related in any way to empowering my weapon further? With my druid I'm not as far into the Legionfall Campaign but if it's the right path I'll continue. Any tips on making sure I'm headed in the right direction would be appreciated.Edele4 May 4