Jul 29 Can't find Thisalee Crow in Class Hall A while back, I received the Champions of Legionhall Quest from Maiev. I got busy with my main and didnt return to my class hall to continue this quest. I finally went back to the Class Hall looking to find this new Champion(for druids Thisalee Crow). Can't find her anywhere. Was I supposed to do a few Class Hall Missions before Thisalee would show up at the Class Hall? If so, because I waited a few weeks, did these missions time out? I have all the prequisites (I believe) A Glorious Campaign and the first 3 parts of Breach the Tomb. Anybody else have a similar problem?Teank5 Jul 29
Jul 29 Secrets of the Axes Is this quest or rather the chance to talk to Helgar to get the quest broken? I've been looking everyday for weeks now and the convo option is never there. I've searched but all info is at least a year old... Anyone know when the last time the convo was up on US servers?Papa0 Jul 29
Jul 29 pillars of creation sooo where even are they? somehow i got the hammer but i'm not even sure how i got itOphiae7 Jul 29
Jul 29 Death of Chromie : Culling of Strathholm I've tried running this section of the quest quite a few times now and everytime I fight Nezar'Azret Chromie dies. And its not that I'm running out of time, she just takes too much damage I guess. Not sure what I'm doing wrong here. Would appreciate any help here.Spikevicious1 Jul 29
Jul 28 Priest Order Hall quest bugged? I have attempted to obtain the Priest order hall quest named "A curious contagion" after accepting the quest "Champions of Legionfall", but there's no quest to pick up back in my order hall. Is my game bugged or am I doing something wrong? Edit: I solved the problem on my own, no need to reply to this post anymore.Aelanadd3 Jul 28
Jul 28 Broken Shore cave for Kosumoth not working The cave on the Broken Shore, where you're supposed to loot the Weathered Relic from the dirt pile, shows up as "Default" as the title when I enter it. This occurs on both the minimap and the middle of the screen. Furthermore, there is no dirt pile to loot. I've spoken to Drak'thul until he has no further prompts. I've scoured the internet, relogged, disabled add-ons, etc, to no avail. Any help is appreciated, thank you! Screenshot: Jul 28
Jul 28 Into the Hold #38965 - Tailoring Quest First starters, Violet Hold is a long dungeon and due to queue times begin 45min-1hr, its even longer. To defeat the boss and then for the first time ever in a tailoring chain, having to do a second part at the end of the dungeon is crazy. I now have to re-queue, run it again just so I can use the key I already obtained to unlock the cell. TLDR: Professions tied to quests involving dungeons is a bad design choice.Kolikov10 Jul 28
Jul 28 Good Suramaritan. How to pickup quest's i'm trying to finish the legion path finder part 1. i have Broken Isles Explorer finished and i have Loremaster of Legion done except for "Good Suramaritan". I only have four out of eleven quest lines finished. The only unfinished quests in my "Sumara" category are "seeds of hope" i almost have honored status, and "leyline feed falanaar arcway". Will these lead me to all the other quests or can i pick up the others somewhere? I looked on wow head but couldn't find the starting exclamation marks. one place had a white exclamation mark but i couldn't find it. maybe it was underground or i just can't have it yet. Any suggestion on getting through the "good suramaritan" quickly? Any suggestion on getting honored status with the night fallen quickly other than world quests? I'm at 5350/6000 rep to the nightfallen. I'm doing every quest i get from shal'aran. I'm guesing this is the home base.Trollstrollr14 Jul 28
Jul 28 Requirements for Class Mounts? Hey guys, I'm working on completing all class campaigns and class mount quests. So far I have gotten four of the class mounts but after completing the final Broken Shore step "Strike Them Down" on my Shaman and Rogue I received no breadcrumb quest. Is there some sort of requirement other than completing the questline that perhaps I am missing on those toons?Ganksinatra5 Jul 28
Jul 28 Cave Fishing I did all the Legion fishing requirements for the fishing achievement in Legion but one The cave fishing which I haven't seen in quite sometime- I have seen it and did it on another character but haven't seen it for the world quests for my demon hunter are you guys fixing it or are bringing it in the next fix. If anyone can tell me I would appreciate it very much.Naffitilly5 Jul 28
Jul 28 Defeat...Kil'Jaden Anyone know where he's at? Said Tomb of Sargeras...but which one? Moused over.. Gates of hell Wailing halls Chamber of the Avatar not listed....Grubs4 Jul 28
Jul 27 Arm the Wards quest in Quel'Danas I'm currently working on the quest in Isle of Quel'Danasa: Arm the Wards. You are to collect four mana remants or dust and they use them to energize a crystal ward which surround the buildings in this area. I did this a while back after collecting the four remants and when I attempted to use them on the ward, nothing seemed to happen. I realize I did something wrong. So I got frustrated and took a break. Now I am back and determined to complete this quest. I've been trying to collect the four mana again by killing the Wretched Fiends and Wretched Devourers. It seems that no matter how many I kill, those mana dust are not dropping. I read someone on another web site where other players were saying it took them "hours to complete" and "killed over 300 of those things to get the mana to drop." Anyone else having a tough time with this quest? I'm sooooo ready to get this done. After I collect them, HOW to you use them to energize the crystal ward?????Pennydread0 Jul 27
Aug 6 Artifact Quest Missing Recently transferred servers and boom, my quest for the artifact weapon went MIA back to never to be found land. i left new dalaran and came back multiple times to see if that little midget would show up with the quest but im stuck doing quests and boring my mind out since i cant do dungeons or anything cuz I DONT HAVE A WEAPON!!!! sent a ticket to blizz....still waiting, and seems that this is been an issue that have not been yet to be resolved by blizz!!!!!Ätïrä26 Aug 6
Jul 27 Haaalp meee I cant kill Balaadur to claim my artifact weapon for my mage, ive seen videos of how to do it yet i follow what they do and still cannot kill him, he does melts me down and i even take his buff to allow myself to do more damage to him, ive been kiting him and all. Im not sure if im just not doing it right or if im undergeared but any mob is suppose to be balanced with your level.Shadowtips1 Jul 27
Jul 27 Artifacts for Rogue... I'm totally confused. I began the quest to get my first artifact. I found myself part of a group? And I was the only one in it. LOL Am I supposed to join a group to complete this quest? I can't finish it because it starts all over again each time I login...AND... It's HARD to do alone. Why doesn't it say it's a group quest so I know what to look for before I begin? Please no smart remarks. It's difficult enough making dumb mistakes, without being told it's dumb when you already know it. :-(Raynedrop5 Jul 27
Jul 26 Darkshore 89/90 As far as i know, i have done every quest in the zone (even the one with the Shatterspear tormenter) and i am stuck at 89/90 quests in Darkshore. Any items that drop that'll give me a quest or a quest from another zone that leads me into Darkshore? Any help would be appreciatedDknvd7 Jul 26
Jul 26 Question about "Your Hatchling" Will this eventually become a companion or a mount, or is it only a source of daily quests?Phentesia26 Jul 26
Jul 25 Friend! Hey, just a quick post.... About to level up a Tauren Druid (fully loomed) looking for someone to level up with :)Ház0 Jul 25
Jul 25 No August Celestial daily, wtf? Hey all, I've been working on August Celestial rep for a little while now and I haven't received the daily quest from Shrine of Two Moons two days in a row. Anyone know why this happens? thanks for your time, ~HHbomb17 Jul 25
Jul 25 Unable to choose a new strike point. While questing though Highmountain. I did all of the quest and got the achievement. So in a rush to start the next zone i went back and chose the next strike point. THEN i realized i had one more quest to do in Highmountain (Dungeon quest) so i qued up and completed it. After turning the final quest in i got a new quest called "Pressing the Assault." Which asked me to return to my Order hall and choose the next strike point. SO i abandon the strike point quest (because it didn't give me credit for already having it) i had previously chosen before receiving the "Pressing the Assault" and attempted to go choose it again so i could continue my journey, however I'm not able to choose a strike point now. the PTA quest is labeled under Artifact in my quest log so i don't want to skip over it. Has anyone else had this issue?Craftedshock32 Jul 25
Jul 25 Pillars of Creation Help Hello champions I'm in need of some assistance. I need the hammer, tidestone, and the tears of elune to finish the quest. I could really use the 140M ap. Any help is appreciated have you.Hamsti1 Jul 25
Jul 24 Order hall mission quest timer ? meatball ? Order hall mission quest timer ? meatball ? says I got 16hrs left before the mission timer ends... will I get the quest again or no ? because I was told I need 200%Tuffnuff4 Jul 24
Jul 23 Trait Fangs of the First bugged I tried to put in a ticket on this but got no where but pointed to wow-head so I did put in a bug report but when I bought my last trait of all of them the little circle of 4-5 new traits never appeared. Now the last one you can buy is Fangs of the First should only let you buy it once, 1/1, but when the new ring of traits never popped up I clicked it again and it let me apply 1.9 million ap for another level and the ring of new traits STILL haven't shown up. I tried log out and in, /reload, and a few other things but nothing has fixed it. Any suggestions since I can't reach CSWrenntok3 Jul 23
Jul 23 Line In The Dirt (Southern Barrens) The 'flag' or marker that you are supposed to 'claim' and defend is missing from the small mound. Logged in/out, closed game and restarted client. Restarted computer, still no luck. Maybe it'll be back tomorrow?Puppycrusher0 Jul 23
Jul 23 Stuck on quest SI:7 Stuck on quest "Throwing SI:7 off the trail". I've gotten all but one mission to complete it. It has given me another mission one after another until now. It's been days and still no mission. I just need Stormheim and I can move on with this BS alt doing the same quest I did on my main. This is why my playing time is down. I just DON"T want to do the same grind I already have done.Jested2 Jul 23
Jul 22 The Red Axe Quest (can't complete) The Red Axe Quest bug. So i was doing the scenario in the black rook hold and im pretty sure while i was in there i picked up the quest (The Red Axe) and was going to finish it after i was done with the scenario...only problem is that the red axe quest is inside the scenario zone and you can only get in there once and that's while you're doing the scenario. so now i can't complete the red axe quest cause i can't get back into the area inside the Black rook hold where it takes place. Anyone have any ideas on what to do or how this would get fixed? i already submitted a ticket and the thing is i don't want to keep playing on my main toon incase they have to do a rollback to the point before the scenario... i don't even know if this quest is an important quest chain to legion so im really stuck right now. if anyone knows what comes after this quest please let me know. i really don't understand why they would have a quest that you can only complete while you're doing a scenario and only then, not only that but as soon as you're done with the scenario you're removed from the zone.Chânco85 Jul 22
Jul 22 Was it something I said? (Reposting this from General Discussion) In Booty Bay, my level 36 gnome mage just started the "joining the other side" quest, which stretches out nicely and ends up with a frenetic gallop across the entire Booty Bay area. However, this time I got as far as the cannon balls and that appears to be all there is. No hunt for limes, no cannons on the deck, nothing. Is it because Im not yet lvl 40, or because I'm a gnome, or because this last little twitch took out the remainder of the quests? I did notice a new overlay in which the sailors are fighting a different faction...Maudey6 Jul 22
Jul 21 End of the Risen Threat Is anyone still having issues with this quest? I am starting to think the quest is bugged out, or maybe it is just for me. I am able to get all the way to the 5th stage of this quest but cannot go further as a holy paladin with item level 907, something is definitely wrong. I say this because after seeing multiple guides over and over again where the person is doing the same exact thing as me, I just can't get past this part. I breeze through the rest but when it comes time for me to start healing the ghosts before they reach the last boss, it's like my healing has been downgraded because I am not able to fully heal even two of the ghosts before they reach the guy. During this time I am popping cool downs and spamming flash of light but STILL I am not able to heal all three ghosts before they reach the boss. What the hell is going on here? It's so frustrating and ridiculous to watch all these people who have lower item levels than me do better at this part but somehow I am not able to do it.Zhayn0 Jul 21
Jul 21 "Essence of Power" Multiple Difficulties? So I am just wondering, if you do not get all 30 essences in lets say a heroic run of Emerald Nightmare. Could you do a normal or mythic run and have the essences drop, or does the quest item lockout on every difficulty after clearing the raid once during a week?Dertae1 Jul 21
Jul 21 Automatic 3rd Relic Slot at 110 Can this become a thing? It's pretty aggravating that upon hitting 110 on a rogue alt, I now have to wait for five 1-hour missions to complete before I can get full access to my artifact weapon's power. This really takes a lot of the fun out of hitting 110 on an alt, as this isn't content that is at all engaging or challenging. It's literally hitting a couple buttons and waiting. I think it would be much better if the third relic were automatic and the extra weapon appearance were tied to completing the order hall campaign.Razh0 Jul 21
Jul 21 Is the Ravencrest Legacy quest mandatory? After spending an hour and a half last night fighting to do that scenario I gave up. I even had 3 portals open at one point and the gate did not open. I did that months ago on another toon so I know it can be done. It seems like the distance between the 2nd and 3rd one either drastically increased or the rate at which mobs spawn upped about 10 fold. If I don't do the freaking quest will that prevent class hall achievements down the road like the mount and things like that?Teacavy3 Jul 21
Jul 21 Class Hall Mission What happens when you fail a Class Hall Campaign mission?Harrambe1 Jul 21
Jul 21 Khadgar not giving quest to unlock artifact I did the intro quests and donated the 100 resources to the mage tower. now khadgar only gives the quest to do the ternal light dungoen. Anyone know why he isnt giving me the quests to find the mysterious object? I have already done this on 2 characters.Cyberpunkz3 Jul 21
Jul 20 Forcing raids and dungeons for quest I am really upset how Blizzard is forcing players to do raids and dungeons to further the quest line in Legion. I don't like raids and dungeons because: 1. I prefer to play and quest solo. 2. Many raid and dungeon players have strict ways on how they feel those scenarios should be played. 3. You can be kicked out if not playing up to "standards". 4. Not helping someone who is new to raid and dungeon formats. 5. Belittling of other players. There is no one "correct" way to play WoW. It is suppose to encompass all different playstyles. I pay Blizzard to play the game in the way I feel comfortable with. Not to be forced to do things I am not comfortable playing. You want to raid, fine, raid. You want to do dungeons, that's fine as well. Just don't force me to do them in order to advance the quest storyline.Wangfooyu25 Jul 20
Jul 20 Pillars of Creation Now, I already know that there are a ton of issues with Pillars of Creation, but I wanted to know if anyone else has run into this wonderful little problem. Although I have recovered the Tears of Elune and have completed the achievement "That's Val'sharah Folks!", Pillars of Creation still shows "0/1 Tears of Elune". And since I can't simply re-do the quest that allows us to recover the Tears, I am unable to progress any further. I have tried abandoning and re-taking the Pillars of Creation quest several times, but that's not helping. I am simply unable to complete the quest at this point. I submitted a bug report and a ticket, but I wanted to see if I can crowd-source something here. Let me know, guys.Puddlescotch4 Jul 20
Jul 19 Pillars of creation still not fixed I just got out of LFR and still no credit when someone else clicked the items (become non-clickable after someone else clicked), good grief blizzardThreeglooms1 Jul 19
Jul 19 Pre-Empowered AP cap? So, I just got Shattered Seal of the Unrepentant Guardian. The game bugged, refused to display it properly, and I was forced to log out, clear cache, and log back in. After doing so it read as 29 million AP. I used it, and only got 15,736,835 leaving me with a total AP available to spend of: 54,480,000. Am I just out of luck on the remaining 13,263,165 AP from this thing? Guess I will be saving my tokens until I finish empowering this thing.Tangki1 Jul 19
Jul 19 Good Suramaritan - The Waning Crescent OK - At a loss here and coming to forums for help. I'm trying to progress to my Good Suramaritan story line. I have - The Waning Crescent, Blood and Wine, A growing crisis, statecraft & a change of seasons left to do... Obviously the next one to do is The Waning Crescent. I have looked and looked and looked. I cannot figure out why I cannot start this quest. I'm 3475/12000 Honored. I've obviously done the prerequisite An Ancient Gift. Why isn't First Arcanist Thalyssra giving me the quest to start it? HELP.Whiteylolz12 Jul 19
Jul 19 Controlling The Elements HELP I have completed all the Remnants but it says I need Hated/Revered Therazane. Do I need to get revered? It wont let me turn it in and I am hated. Also if I do need that, how do I start the quest line to get rep for them?Ploxicle2 Jul 19
Jul 19 The Petition to find Kasha a new Home I just want to alert anyone reading that there are some spoilers in this post, and if you don't want to ruin a quest chain in the Hillsbrad foothills I wouldn't read any further. Well, today I decided to experience some of the new content and rolled an undead warlock. I found myself really loving the quests in Trisfal glades and Silverpine forest. It had perfect flow and I found that instead of leveling being this chore I had to do, it was this fun thing that I couldn't get enough of. I got to level 24 in one day, which is something I don't think I would have ever been able to do pre 4.0. So before you read any more, qood work quest development team. I thoroughly enjoyed all the new content thus far. Anyways, I found myself doing the Kingslayer Orkus chain and fell in love with this NPC, he was really interesting and funny. I eventually got to the part where Kasha saves you and Kingslayer Orkus and on the way back to Tarren Mill, he made me promise to find Kasha, his skeletal mount a safe and cold place to live. Unfortunately Blizzard totally forgot to implement the quest that allowed us to keep that promise. I personally think that a "Hero of the Horde!" should get his final wishes. We save her life and she saves our life and what happens to her? Nothing at all! The Alterac mountains could have been a perfect place to put this quest. You could even have a memorial to Kingslayer Orkus who apparently saved the lives of thousands. Please show your support in this thread. Hopefully the Devs will read this thread and implement a quest in the game!Itchni77 Jul 19
Jul 18 Pilliars of Creation Bugged Can't believe how bugged this quest is. I was able to get the shield in lfr but the other items in the quest aren't even clickable. I was reading it all can be done in lfr except only select people can click on the items. Can't believe this hasn't been hot fixed as you have to do this quest to get power ascended. Anyone else having these issues?Crookedmán2 Jul 18
Jul 18 Lich King Questline I'm still fairly new to WoW. This is literally my first character and I'm trying to get to Lich King. I literally just got to Grizzly Hills after I think it was into the breach? Where I watch a cutscene and fly to grizzly hills. I only did a couple quests that consisted of killing eagles and grizzly bears but nothing else? I'm stuckEcoras3 Jul 18
Jul 18 How to obtain artifact for new spec? I reached 110 with my shadow artifacts. Now there is nowhere to obtain a disclipline or holy artifact. I remember seeing a guy in that priest guild place that offered me the option, but he is no longer there. I also don't recognize any quests that may offer me new spec artifacts. ThanksCooliin3 Jul 18
Jul 18 Power ascended I'm not understanding the difference between this achievement and power realized(which I have unlocked) I have all the artifact traits I see viewable the only thing I can put points into now is Stolen Power which I have continued to dump millions into. I'm wanting the achievement for the red version of our class mount. What am I doing wrong? Thanks! P.s. I have completed the broken shore quest line. I also don't see "concordance of legionfall" trait.Crookedmán1 Jul 18
Jul 18 Abandoned Punching through. I abandoned punching through: cant seem to find quest giver by the Ogre fort marked on the map... is she suppose to spawn there?Steppenvwulf19 Jul 18
Jul 18 How to get back to Niskara? I couldn't finish the quest Allies of the Light because it was getting late, so I hearthed out. Since then I have tried to get back to Niskara but I was unable to. I abandoned the quest but now I don't know where the quest giver is. Does anyone know where Sunwalker Brave is or how to get back to Niskara?Silareza22 Jul 18
Jul 17 stuck in Legionfall quest chain My alt is stuck in the Legionfall campaign. I've done the Begin Construction quest on the Command Center, but not yet the Mage Tower or Nether Disruptor. I also haven't done Altar of the Aegis, but I'm pretty sure that's not required for the quest chain. Maeiv is not offering the next quest, Defending Broken Isles, like she should be to continue the chain. Do I have to do the Mage Tower and Nether Disruptor before the next quest is available, even though those quests aren't available when the buildings aren't up?Narinae2 Jul 17
Jul 17 Can't get low level items that begin quests? Is it at all possible to pick up lower leveled items that begin quests, because I've been trying to get this item, "Efficient Excavations" from the Schnottz Air Officers in Uldum for almost an hour and haven't gotten it yet. They are lvl 83 and the toon i'm trying to get the quest on is lvl 101. It is only a 15% chance drop so i figured that it would just take a while. But then I started getting a lot of Embersilk Cloth (17% drop) and Smoked String Cheese (5% drop), so i'm actually starting to doubt if it'll drop because i'm such a high lvl or if I need a completely different quest to begin with. Plz help.Ödyn3 Jul 17
Jul 17 DANGER: Kosumoth the Hungering Kosumoth the Hungering is up in the Eye of Azshara zone (south of Dalaran) but his World Quest is not popping. There are currently no invasions up in this area which would prevent the WC from not popping, nor have I ever looted the mount which would also prevent the WC from popping. Please fix this as he will despawn in approximately 19 hours! TY! You can see the WC that is supposed to be up in this area here: Jul 17
Jul 17 Can't find quests in Uldum - ideas? Hi kids- I left Uldum unfinished years ago and now am back grinding Ramakhen rep. The Icy Veins quest logger says I have 60-odd quests remaining there, and I've flown all over with "show low level quests" checked, but I can't seem to find a thing. I even looked up a few quests to try and find the questgiver NPC locations and cannot. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.Barbierella5 Jul 17