UI and Macro

3d Combining mouseover with a castsequence? Heres my usual mouseover cast macro /use Lifebloom [@mouseover,help,nodead][help,nodead][@player] Lifebloom I'm trying to add a castsequence to include Cenarion Ward but nothing has worked so far. Anyone that can do this?Garïmdor1 3d
3d Addon has been blocked from action... ll the sudden one day I'm having an issue where when I exit the game I get a pop up that says, "<insert addon name> has been blocked from an action only available to the Blizzard UI. " I then have the option to disable or ignore the error. If I disable it then when I go to exit it will basically give me the same error but with another addon's name. Things I've done. Deleted all Addons and re-downloaded them. Renamed WTF and Cache folders Deleted the WoW folder and re-installed by downloading the horrendously large 40GB only for it to happen again. The only Addons I usually use are Bagnon, DBM, Prat and Recount. Anyone know how to solve this mystery? I tried running the scan and repair tool from the Blizzard launcher and it said no repair was needed.Nirrti3 3d
3d Pre-Targeting. Red circle won't cut it. When you click on a character or NPC, before engaging them, a little red circle appears below them, but not a healthbar or any other indicator above their head. This is a bit of a problem for range pick offs in groups, say, when there is a particular mob that needs to go down first at pull. It's especially bad when the ground is red. The circle below their feet is useless. Of course, the target nameplate should show up on the ui, and you should know everything you need to know. But with something like Tidy Plates, you only get 'the overhead bar' when you actually engage the mob or player. I'd like the overhead bar to show up before I engage, or at least some sort of marker that's clearer than the little red circle underneath the target pre-engagement. It's only to improve speed. Less looking around the screen. I'd like to know where in the group my target is, and that they are, in fact, pre-targeted, a little bit easier before engagement. I hear a goblin vendor telling me to "make sense!" right now, but does anyone relate to this or know a fix?Benetor1 3d
3d Tidy Plates question (what is 'reaction'?) For the health bar view, you have the option to set "By threat, by Reaction, By Class, or by Health". I've searched around but I can't find out what is meant by "By Reaction". Can anyone explain? ThanksBenetor1 3d
3d Enemy nameplate issue So I tried using bdnameplates/bdcore and it didn't work out right for me. I uninstalled. NOW the enemy name plates are on BUT show NO health bars. I got frustrated and just did a fresh install of the game deleted all my addons, I don't have an addon tab at my login screen. And it is still F'd up. My other toons are fine as I did not log into them when trying bdnameplates. They show the original blizzard nameplates just fine, with the health bars, but my DH does not. Again this is after a fresh install and no addons currently installed. What is the deal? I completely just deleted the World of Warcraft folder and reinstalled the game. What am I missing? Why will no enemy health bars show on this toon? I see the name, see their cast but no health bar. Again it is turned on and my other toons are just fine, I see the enemy names and health bars. It is just this one toon who I used to try bdnameplates.Røscø17 3d
3d Great font to change the in-game fonts Found a terrific font which cleans up my whole UI. Can actually see nameplates now and everything on the UI is more clean and compact. Works everywhere in game improving visibility throughout. It's called 'DINMittelschrift-Alternate' (truetype) Yes. Leave it to the Germans to make it clean and orderly. Parses beautifully. Finding a guide how to implement it or any other font you like is easily google-able.Benetor0 3d
4d Target of Target on Nameplates Addon? Quick question, does anybody know of any addons that allow you to show target of target on enemy nameplates? Ideally something I can just load with threatplates which I already use.Dekel0 4d
4d Scrolling List Processing in UI List item consists of: <a> Selected Flag <b> Suppressed Flag <c> Device Name <d> Button Count <e> Width <f> Height <g> Description Device Image (this is a *.tga file I want displayed as part of the list item) <a> <b> <c> <d> <e> <f> Device Image . . . <g> . . . Goes HereI'm trying to find an approach to doing this that makes sense within the context of the FrameXML API but I'm not sure what to do. A part of me says to make the individual list entries "frames" in their own right and place them in the parent frame, disregarding any overrun at the bottom and work out a scroll function to deal with showing things that have run past the end, but I don't know how to clip that so that it only shows within the boundary of the parent frame. I *think* can get around that by "fixing" the height of the list entry frames and gerrymandering the parent frame size to be an even multiple of that, then just move the frames up and down (and anything "up" or "down" past the parent frame limits, just hide). Is this how this sort of thing is done? I have no idea.Ehiztari3 4d
4d Help with Volume adjust macro Is there a way to adjust the "master volume" in game with a macro? I switch from speakers to a headset when I get on discord and I need to adjust my ingame sound quite frequently (from 100% to 5%). It would make it a lot easier if I could just click a hotkey rather than go through all the ui menus.Grindspice10 4d
4d Keystone Roll-Call I have a new keystone sharing and management addon up on curse and would appreciate any feedback! https://www.curseforge.com/wow/addons/keystone-roll-call It collects keystone information from guild, party, and raid members. At any time you can go in and view a great deal of information including all the keystones that have been collected, and the best runs completed.Strucker0 4d
4d Retro Questing mod? Hi all, I'm starting fresh and i'm trying to make "questing and levelling" "the game" that i'm playing within wow. But because of some .... uh.... tools that where added as default, this could become very boring. So in a sense i'm trying to vanillefy the game a bit, by removing the quest aids such as the map tracking system (Done), the highlighted health bars for quest mobs (Done- I actually did the extra step and removed floating health bars entirely from unselected mobs). I'm not using heirlooms (Easy). I'm not importing gold (Yep restraint). And soon enough 7.3.5 will come out to boost it all a bit further. (Oh and I refuse to use the "no mount skill, cheat mount" that I magically got ) BUT- there are still some things I can't really seem to get rid of within this system: 1. Glowing/sparkling coming off quest pickups. 2. Quest pickups are still marked with a giant yellow dot in the mini map, with no apparent option in the mini map settings to turn them off. (It's not on the main map but it's still simplifying those quests by HEAPS). 3. Hovering the mouse over a quest mob still identifies them as a quest mob in the lower right of my screen.. not a deal breaker but it would add that little extra removing it. Any UI Addons known to people made to correct these? Already, it's really cool.. I actually have to remember terrain features, which makes me appreciate them again, and I read and reference place names on maps, and characters in the world. I'm taking my time more, and not just running around smacking things with no thought. It's really cool. I feel like i'm inside the world... Almost makes me wonder how gps has changed my view on real life :P (Never GPS your nature walks unless lost lol).Sharlivee1 4d
4d Amoc macro Hello What would be the macro to use for always a playing amoc at the beguining and then cobra shots at the same botton, and resets when amoc cooldown is over? ThanksStealthsin5 4d
4d Bartender4 Hotkey display? I'm trying to clean up my cluttered UI a bit and grabbed the Bartender addon which is pretty good except for one thing. The text on the vanilla bars which shows which keybinds activate what slot disappeared and I can't get it to show up(except for the keybinds in the griffin bar which are still visible). This is a problem since not only do I have ~80% of the bars in use and bound, bartender also moved them around so I don't know what begins where lol. If I forgot what activates what, I would normally just glance over, notice the pattern, and instantly recognize what I had to hit. Now I have no indication of what to press and am taking extra time to figure it out. It would be even worse if I tried to overhaul my whole keybind setup for a new spec or whatever. So simply, how do I, if even possible, enable the keybind text in action bars with Bartender active?Zirashi4 4d
4d Switch Gear/Spec Macro Hey everyone, been trying to use a "change spec/gear" macro.. It seems to work, however when I switch to WindWalker Gear/Specs I get an error message: Message: Interface\FrameXML\ChatFrame.lua:1516: Usage: local setWasEquipped = C_EquipmentSet.UseEquipmentSet(equipmentSetID) Time: Fri Dec 8 13:58:19 2017 Count: 1 Stack: Interface\FrameXML\ChatFrame.lua:1516: Usage: local setWasEquipped = C_EquipmentSet.UseEquipmentSet(equipmentSetID) Interface\SharedXML\SharedBasicControls.lua:208: in function <Interface\SharedXML\SharedBasicControls.lua:207> [C]: ? [C]: in function `UseEquipmentSet' Interface\FrameXML\ChatFrame.lua:1516: in function `?' Interface\FrameXML\ChatFrame.lua:4492: in function `ChatEdit_ParseText' Interface\FrameXML\ChatFrame.lua:4180: in function `ChatEdit_SendText' Interface\FrameXML\ChatFrame.lua:2759: in function <Interface\FrameXML\ChatFrame.lua:2752> [C]: in function `UseAction' Interface\FrameXML\SecureTemplates.lua:346: in function `handler' Interface\FrameXML\SecureTemplates.lua:619: in function <Interface\FrameXML\SecureTemplates.lua:567> [C]: ? Interface\FrameXML\SecureHandlers.lua:266: in function <Interface\FrameXML\SecureHandlers.lua:263> [C]: ? Interface\FrameXML\SecureHandlers.lua:296: in function <Interface\FrameXML\SecureHandlers.lua:279> (tail call): ? Locals: errorMessage = "Interface\FrameXML\ChatFrame.lua:1516: Usage: local setWasEquipped = C_EquipmentSet.UseEquipmentSet(equipmentSetID)" DisplayMessageInternal = <function> defined @Interface\SharedXML\SharedBasicControls.lua:191 MESSAGE_TYPE_ERROR = 0 This is the macros I am using: Windwalker /run SetSpecialization(3) /in 5.25 /equipset Windwalker Mistweaver /run SetSpecialization(2) /in 5.25 /equipset Mistweaver Brewmaster /run SetSpecialization(1) /in 5.25 /equipset BrewMaster I am using ElvUI and that's the only Addon I have installed, in case it might help figure out why I get that message with just Windwalker.Eathiel6 4d
4d Anybody still using Tell Me When? Having an issue using the Unit Cooldown aspect. Checking to see if its working for others.Cretchbloom1 4d
5d Player Name Colors Simple topic and I apologize ahead of time because I believe I already know the answer to this but here goes. Are there any addons to alter the base player name colors over our heads? Not name -plates- or chat names. The names above our heads with no plates displayed. I'm not sure when this change happened but battlegrounds now display dark green colored names above friendly heads which I find very unpleasant to look at. I much prefer the light green flagged color in the main world. I asked BlizzardCS on twitter and they seemed to think there were addons that could do this but when I searched I found this thread: ... ... indicating it was not an option. As well as name plate addons which again are off the mark here. Here is a link to the twitter conversation which includes helpful pictures and a very polite exchange with Blizzard: ... Thanks in advance for any help you may provide. Cheers!Sereven9 5d
5d Some Addons not configuring at all. Pls see if someone found a solution for that or have any tips on this regards. From sometime now my game started to act odd in terms of addons. I didn't changed anything and still this mess started up. My MSBT (Mik combat scrolling) that I use since always stopped working in terms of config, no matter where or what I try to click inside its configuration it doesn't change a dime, when I try to reset profile nothing happens. So no matter what I do inside it's config interface nothing changes. Having the same issue with some other addons like AzCastbars, exactly same thing happens when I try to configure them. This was driving me so nuts that I deleted all my WTF, Interface and CACHE folders, reinstalled all addons when I logged back into the game, nothing changes, still can't configure a thing inside this addons. The only thing I haven't done yet, it's reinstalling the game (and I don't want to). And again this is driving me nuts, want to fix this asap. Pls help if anyone has a solution.Kibbil3 5d
5d Must-Have General Macros? Hello everyone, New to the game, new to the macro system. Is there any basic and general macros a new player should have? For example I always find myself hitting the keys to attack but I have a target that is too far away and for the time I notice that another mob is kicking my !@#. So wondering if there were any macros that could help avoid that. The above is just an example - if you feel there are some "must have" feel free to share them in this post so that me and other players can look at them and try them. Please insert a brief explanation of the macro. :)Eathiel45 5d
5d Disable Hit indicators (Damage on unit frame) Is there any way, addon or otherwise, to disable the hit inidcators (the damage/heal that shows up on your unit frame)?Feiris3 5d
5d Raid Lockout HELP Is there an addon, or weakauras or something, that allows us to see the raid lockouts for other raid members?Elisiia1 5d
5d Troubleshooting druid shapeshift macro Hello all. I'm having trouble with a macro that I think should work... but it doesn't. #showtooltip /cast [noform,mod:alt,outdoors][noform,mod:alt,swimming][spec:4,form:3,nomod:alt]Travel Form;[spec:1,nomod:alt]Moonkin Form;[nospec:2,noform,mod:alt][spec:3,form:3,mod:alt][spec:2,nomod:alt]Cat Form;Bear Form Here's the idea (I use this macro in default/caster form and in Travel form, since they share an action bar)... from default/caster form, if I'm holding Alt, and I'm outdoors or swimming, go to Travel Form (regardless of spec); if I'm in Restoration spec, and I'm already in Travel Form, and I don't hold Alt, cast Travel Form to go back to default/caster form; if I'm in Balance spec, and I don't hold Alt, cast Moonkin Form; if I'm not in Feral spec, and I'm in default/caster form, and I hold Alt, cast Cat Form; if I'm in Guardian spec, and in Travel Form, and hold Alt, cast Cat Form; if I'm in Feral spec, and don't hold Alt, cast Cat Form; in any other situation, cast Bear Form The problem is, though, that it doesn't want to cast Bear Form if I'm in Guardian or Restoration spec and in default/caster form and not holding Alt. The red question-mark icon just sits there staring at me. If I hold Alt I can go to Travel Form, and then I can get to Bear Form... but not from noform/form:0. Since it should cast Bear Form when none of the previous criteria are met, it seems like I should never see the question-mark icon. Right? Do I need [] (empty brackets) right before Bear Form to make that work? Am I missing something else? I did drag it onto my actionbar, for sure. Twice. I haven't tested it in Balance or Feral spec yet - I'm feverishly putting together a spreadsheet to test all possible combinations of conditions - but if someone can point out something I've done wrong and save me a bunch of time, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!Erielhonan14 5d
5d macro for summoned stuff in arena Hello, good day! Can anyone help me make a macro on how to attack summoned units that need to be killed if in range? For example, i want to use slam, in shift + 3, to attack units like "psyfiend", "lightning surge totem", "skyfury totem", "alliance battle standard", etc. Mostly, totems and psyfiend and all other units that can be attack. I want to have a macro bind to number 3 such that if i use 3, it will use slam on target while using shift +3, it will search for existing units then attack it even if i don't change my target. Thanks a lotChiliflavor1 5d
5d Druid Shapeshift Macro Hello, I'd appreciate any help I can get. Was originally having problems shifting out of form accidentally with the prior macro I had. I also shift out of form when I use flight form right when I exit Indoors. Tried using (noform) in my macro however can't get it working properly. ATM it switches me back and forth between cat/travel even when indoors. /use [mod:ctrl,noform:2]Prowl; [mod: Shift,noform:2]Dash; [mod:alt,noform:1]Bear Form /use [flyable, nomod, noform:3]Travel form /use [ swimming, nomod, noform:3] Aquatic Form /use [outdoors, noform:3]Travel Form /use [Indoors, noform:2]Cat form Thanks! LuciLucipurr9 5d
6d Do most addons break? It seems like most addons outside of some of the big ones just seem to be completely nonfunctional. I've been very happy with ElvUI and plan on sticking with it, but most addons I've tried (even BigWigs) seem to break constantly - shooting my pings into the thousands. It could just be something on my end, but I really don't think so. The problem with (most) addons is instability. And an even bigger problem with that is that it is VERY HARD to discern which addon is causing your extreme latency. Now obviously you can "just turn the addon off", but that doesn't seem to work either. It is just too random; there is too much variability. Sometimes the pings go away immediately after turning an addon off, sometimes they persist. But it could also be that giant file you're downloading - or, that 2 hour Youtube video you just opened. Sometimes the pings get so bad that I have to Alt-F4 out of the game, reboot it, and log in with all THE ADDONS TURNED OFF, which almost always fixes the problem; but again, it doesn't tell you exactly which addon broke. What is also very strange is that most people don't seem to have a problem with most addons. Or they just aren't aware of the pings, and assume it's their ISP or something; and not the addon. It could still be on my end though; which is why I'm wondering if there is a more accurate way of discerning what is causing your extreme pings without just "turning addons on and off" or deleting your WTF/Data/Interface folders, or rebooting your entire comp, because that is extremely inefficient. And if what I'm saying happens to be true then that means that MOST addons are semi-functional at best. Which is something that no one seems to mention despite the overwhelming popularity of addons... *scratches head* Anyone give some helpful/educated answers?Armos16 6d
6d Help with Lua Hello, this code is from Immotalis Announce which announces stuff like what you kicked, what you spell reflected, and what you spell stole which is pretty handy to have. However, it's disabled in BGs for some reason because the author wanted it to be that way and the addon has no in-game configuration. I was hoping somebody here would be kind enough to look over this and tell me how I could change it to also be displayed in BGs. -------IA v7.0.1--------- ----------------------- -- Start of Settings -- IAOutputChannel = "SAY"; --- End of Settings --- ----------------------- function ShowSpellLink(spellID) local spellLink = GetSpellLink(spellID or 0) or "<no spellLink found>"; DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage(spellLink); end ------- Start ------- --------------------- local function IA_EventHandler(self, event, ...) local instanceType = select(2, GetInstanceInfo()); local mapId = select(8, GetInstanceInfo()); local aEvent = select(2, ...); local srcGUID = select(4, ...); local srcName = select(5, ...); local destGUID = select(8, ...); local destName = select(9, ...); local spellID = select(12, ...); local extraSpellID = select(15, ...); if(instanceType ~= "pvp" and mapId ~= 978 and (srcGUID==UnitGUID("player") or srcGUID==UnitGUID("pet"))) then ------- Spell Interrupt ------- if(aEvent == "SPELL_INTERRUPT") then intmsg = ("Interrupted " ..GetSpellLink(extraSpellID).. "."); SendChatMessage(intmsg, IAOutputChannel); ------- Spell Dispel ------- elseif(aEvent == "SPELL_DISPEL") then intmsg = ("Dispelled " ..GetSpellLink(extraSpellID).. "."); SendChatMessage(intmsg, IAOutputChannel); ------- Spellsteal ------- elseif(aEvent == "SPELL_STOLEN") then intmsg = ("Spellstole " ..GetSpellLink(extraSpellID).. "."); SendChatMessage(intmsg, IAOutputChannel); end ------- Spell Reflect ------- elseif(instanceType ~= "pvp" and mapId ~= 978 and aEvent == "SPELL_MISSED" and extraSpellID == "REFLECT" and destGUID == UnitGUID("player") and srcGUID ~= UnitGUID("player")) then intmsg = ("Reflected " ..GetSpellLink(spellID).. "."); SendChatMessage(intmsg, IAOutputChannel); end end local ImmortalisAnnounce = CreateFrame("Frame"); ImmortalisAnnounce:RegisterEvent("COMBAT_LOG_EVENT_UNFILTERED"); ImmortalisAnnounce:SetScript("OnEvent", IA_EventHandler);Dekel3 6d
6d No scrolling battle text No scrolling battle text - I've looked through the open a ticket system and I'm not able to find anything related to my issue. I cannot see my damage/healing on other players. I'm able to see self healing but that's it. I've deleted all addons, did the wtf,cache folders and reset in-game interface to no avail. I've combed through in-game interface and I've got "scroll battle text" checked, but still unable to see healing/damage I do to other players. Any ideas? Thanks!Fatherdruid5 6d
6d If I want my bgFile to stretch then... I set tile = false and then what do I do with "tileSize"? Just omit it?Ehiztari8 6d
6d . nvmSxq0 6d
6d What's the safest "not in combat" test... I'm working on a configuration panel for my addon and I need to be sure that if it's opened while in combat, it closes and that it won't open while you are in combat. I was planning to use UnitAffectingCombat("player"), but if there's a better way, I'd like to hear it.Ehiztari8 6d
6d Need help with making a Macro Good Day: Wow Gamer's As Casual Mature player who has no experience in code at all. I did reading on the how-to on Marco forums and i find it frustrating to under stand on how to make it do more then one cast on the same Macro. PS (been a Dyslexic does not help me) What i am trying to achieve is a Macro to cast Concussive Shot and then cast Kill Command right after that. Thing is i can only get the Concussive Shot to work but the Kill Command does not cast after that. Is this possible to do OR is this a Macro combo that will not work? If need be i can use the reverse order. (Kill Command-Concussive Shot) So if there is anyone who is welling to help me out by posting a script, so i can just copy and paste i would be grateful. Much Thanks RKRainz7 6d
6d anyones addons working? 7.3 Just wondering if anyone else is having trouble with all addons? yes i have updated them all, closed game and reloaded etc :) thanks for input! <3Vaknar55 6d
6d Changing sound effects First of all, I did a search to make sure that changing sound effects is not against Blizzard's policies. What I read said it was not, but please let me know if it is. So far, the only way I have found to change what sounds play when certain abilities are used is TellMeWhen. However, it actually plays the custom sound in addition to the original sound, it doesn't overwrite it. Are there any other options available? I can't seem to find recent information on this topic. The reason I am asking is because the new Shadow Priest sounds give me a headache. It's my favorite class in WoW, but now I can't play it. I was just hoping there were some options for me being able to play my priest again.Rylen2 6d
6d cinematic over tool bar Is there anyway to move the little cinematic that plays of the npc when you start or enter a area of a daily or quest its right over my action buttonsMoppy2 6d
6d Hovering issue Why does my FPS drop in half whenever i hover over the relic slots in the character info pane with elvui S&L?Pagchomp3 6d
Dec 7 so auras are gone gm told meneedfloatingtext so are there any stupid addons that wont change my blizzard bars i just want to see when my stupid fist of raden procs dude so i can know when to use fricken ligthning boltJøeyy2 Dec 7
Dec 7 Mana Crystal Tracker? Is there an addon that will track mana crystals?Zorgon7 Dec 7
Dec 7 how do you see buffs/auras gained in legion i need to know when my artifact weapon procs in floating text ** no addon recommendations please** where do i change it so that i can see enemy debuffs without having to type it into the console every time i log in ? <special question for blizzard>why are all these compatibility features gone?Jøeyy0 Dec 7
Dec 6 Hunter Feign Death Pet Macro Question As of Legion, your character and your pet both have a separate feign death spell: http://www.wowhead.com/spell=5384/feign-death http://www.wowhead.com/spell=209997/play-dead It is noteworthy to say that Play Dead does not cancel upon moving, unlike Feign Death. This means you have to cast Play Dead again to cancel the aura for your pet. This is very frustrating because you have to move to cancel your character's feign death, and press a button to cancel your pet's feign death. Is there anyway to combine these into a macro that does the following: Casts Play Dead and Feign Death Cancels the aura of Play Dead upon moving/Casts Wake Up upon movingLanarel20 Dec 6
Dec 6 Can't get this macro to work. I'm trying to get this arena macro to work, but it's not, and I can't figure out why, for the life of me. #showtooltip Blessing of Protection /cast [@mouseover,exists] Blessing of Protection /cast [nomod] Blessing of Protection /cast [Mod:shift,target=party1] Blessing of Protection /cast [Mod:ctrl,target=party2] Blessing of Protection So basically what I want to do, is use the same macros for Arenas as I do for BGs. When in BGs, i mainly mouseover, it's just faster. But in Arenas, I want to use No mod, Shift mod and Ctrl mod to cast to my respective party members. Even when deleting the mouseover, it still didn't work. What am I doing wrong? I've gotten most of the macro from youtube, but I added the mouseover to it.Exeed1 Dec 6
Dec 6 Switching between action bars Hey guys! I was wondering, is there a macro or anything for switching talents from one action bar to another all at once? Asking because I like having all my main abilities on my main bar so I find myself switching them all between dungeons so I can quest. (Main healer, then between dungeons I stay in my healer spec but change around my abilities to do quests) Edit: I currently use the Bartender addonConrad1 Dec 6
Dec 6 Need help with custom trigger for Weakaura I'm trying to find a custom trigger for my Tiger's Fury Weakaura to display at <20 energy. Does anyone have one or could someone write one for me?Cratis2 Dec 6
Dec 6 Copying raid frame profiles across alts I want to copy a raid frame profile from one character to the rest, and cannot find the file, setting, or other option to do so. I have tried: - Copying the whole character folder (in WTF). - Creating a new raid frame profile on the character; it only appears for that character. - Yelling at my computer; no luck. This is for the default Blizzard raid frames. I am not looking for an addon-based solution. Please advise, with thanks.Charlos3 Dec 6
Dec 6 Weak Aura for Sephuz's Secret? Got this from an emissary chest today. Dropped for an alt, of course, rather than my main, but at least it was for my favorite alt. :P :D I've found two abilities that proc the ring, each with its own 1 minute CD, so if I stagger and rotate them, I can get maximum uptime on the ring's proc (which is available every 30 seconds). If I use one of these abilities while the ring is still on CD, say at 29 seconds instead of 31, then I've missed my chance and will have to wait a bit to try again. What would be perfect is a Weak Aura to track the ring's CD and tell me when the proc is available. Can one of you WA pros help with this? Thanks!Felfaadaern12 Dec 6
Dec 6 Simple Chat Filter Occasionally, especially when I'm debugging stuff, I use SendChatMessage to "whisper" diagnostic information to myself (yes, I can use print - but it doesn't record in Elephant and I can't cut it out and manipulate it easily if I overflow the chat memory). The only real problem is that i get both the "to" and "from" version of the message to myself. Is there a simple way to suppress one or the other?Ehiztari12 Dec 6
Dec 6 Mouseover Healing Macro announce in /say I've been using the same mouseover healing macro for a few years on my healers and it works perfectly. I'm not super proficient in macros aside from this lol. I'm leveling my fiance's priest while he's at work and when I use mouseover's on his pc, it just doesn't work and just announces the macro in /say. I know that if you leave a space in the beginning it will do that, but i've checked it over and over and there aren't any unnecesary spaces. Maybe I'm missing something obvious, but can anyone help? this is the macro I use: #showtooltip Spell Name /use [@mouseover,help,nodead][help,nodead][@player] Spell NameFaeralynn2 Dec 6
Dec 6 Shift modifier macro help Basically I was wondering how to make a shift modifier macro, for example when I hold down shift the buttons on my naga will summon my mounts instead of attacking. Can anyone help?Apocalypsee15 Dec 6
Dec 6 7.2 Changes to Friendly Nameplates Just for addon developers information in case you missed it: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20753425442#post-1 ... My response to that post is here: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20753425442?page=13#post-255 As a code smith I have to wonder who does the hiring in HR and what their criteria are for filling code writing positions at Blizzard. You see in the real world, if you introduce an API you generally know what is in said API. Once you have PUBLISHED said API to the public the rule is you do not then BREAK that API. Object Oriented Programming Rule 1 page 1 of the OOP Guide to Standards is: Once published an interface (thats the 'I' in API folks) may not have its signature altered in a manner that prevents code that prior to that change could consume and interact with that interface. TL;DR: Don't Break The Interface. Again let us be clear distinct accurate and transparent: DON'T BREAK THE INTERFACE. I'm going to give an example of an interface and what I mean by breaking the interface at this point so that everyone understands what we are talking about here. First the interface: interface IFoo { void Bar(); void Baz(); } This is the existing code before the change. This is the existing code AFTER the change. interface IFooBase { void Bar(); } interface IFoo : IFooBase { void Baz(); } This is an example of client code broken at the Source Level: class Foo : IFoo { void IFoo.Bar() { ... } void IFoo.Baz() { ... } } This is an example of client code broken at the Binary Level: (new Foo()).Bar(); It doesn't matter a single solitary bit that you wish to deter the use of third party client code to alter the environment of this game. A decent codesmith with integrity who wishes to be able to work in the rest of the world should his programming position at Blizzard Entertainment end would take one look at the Functional Specification of this code requirement to break third party code consumption of public interfaces and tell you to shove your job and your requirement where the sun don't shine because it immediately degrades any hope of obtaining a programming position in shops where breaking of public interfaces is treated as a mortal sin (and that is 99.9% of all other shops). Lets review what breaking public interfaces does: Causes existing third party code that consumes the interface to either fail to compile or to change the output without changing the input Introduces the potential for corruption of the data stream by altering the downstream variables in a way that is non deterministic Introduces needless QA challenges to third party clients and to consumers who more than likely have legitimate reason to rely on those third parties to write code that your organization either cannot or will not write breaks trust with the consumer by degrading performance and reliability of third party programmers Why risk all of that nonsense by publishing an API and then reneging on the implied contract that you have entered into by making the API public. Would it not be better to simply not publish the API if you are simply going to dishonor that contract? I have provided my opinion on this change and to me it is a change for the worse. For those of you in the AddOn Developer Community what are your thoughts on this change?Xerituur22 Dec 6
Dec 6 Copying raid frame profiles across alts I want to copy a raid frame profile from one character to the rest, and cannot find the file, setting, or other option to do so. I have tried: - Copying the whole character folder (in WTF). - Creating a new raid frame profile on the character; it only appears for that character. - Yelling at my computer; no luck. This is for the default Blizzard raid frames. I am not looking for an addon-based solution. Please advise, with thanks.Charlos5 Dec 6
2d Cloudsong Glaive (Plate set) Hi, Would anyone know a good plate set (armor pieces) that go well with this glaive? I will be using it on my DK. Thanks.Shinukage3 2d
Dec 6 BlizzardPlates not showing skull levels Hey all! I've been using Tidy Plates with Blizzard Plates ever since Legion changed the designs of nameplates. It's 99% perfect, but there is a small (nitpicky) problem. You can view mobs' levels on nameplates in most cases, but with skull-mobs (high lvls, boss, etc) the area where skull icon should be is left empty. Here is a screenshot: https://imgur.com/a/E2t63 When I looked at the Blizzard_Plates.lua, there is a trace of the icon in the script: StyleDefault.skullicon = { texture = "Interface\\TARGETINGFRAME\\UI-TargetingFrame-Skull", width = 13, height = 12, x = 8.5, y = 0.5, anchor = "RIGHT", It seems that other nameplate addons aren't showing skulls either (haven't checked all of them yet). Did Blizz change something about showing skull icons with skulled mobs? Or can this be fixed by editing some lines of Blizzard_Plates.lua? Cheers!Ggoo0 Dec 6