UI and Macro

3d How do you see your target's target debuffs? Do I need some custom addon for that? I can enable target's target but don't seem to see the debuffs below the window.Mordavia0 3d
3d Target Companion Pet? I am trying to make a macro that targets my companion pet then use Magical Saucer on it while I mount. The problem for me is I can't figure out how to target my pet. I've tried /target [@Azurah], /target [@Cinder Kitten], and /target [@Battle Pet]. None of this have worked. Can you just not target a companion pet, or is there something I'm missing?Qahnaaris3 3d
3d Treasure chests in dungeons addon? I can't seem to find an addon that shows all the spawn locations of chests in dungeons, but there has to be one. Know of any? Gathermate doesn't seem work in dungeons. I mean dungeons like older ones such as Dire Maul etc. http://i.imgur.com/eiZleKS.jpgPainbow4 3d
3d How do I get health/mana numbers to show...? ...on my unit frames? It shows for my target but not on my own frame. I keep both down by my character sort of like a heads up display and I would really like to be able to see my information as numbers and not just bars. I thought there was something in the default UI options to show it but I have not been able to find it if it's there.Demonrum4 3d
3d PvP zone Conditionals exists? Hi all, So, as a BM hunter, I use different pets for any kind of situations (PvP, WQ, Raids...). Is there any kind os conditional that I could use in a macro to check if I'm currently in a PvP zone (arena, BG), so the macro summon the correct pet?Warehunter2 3d
3d Addon updates Wanted to get other peoples experience with this patch and updated addons. At any given time I have about 25-30 addons installed. When a new patch comes out, big or small, at least 85% of my addons are updated within the first 2 days. 7.2.5 will have been out for a week here soon and only 3 addons out of the 29 I have installed have been updated. Did Blizz change something with how addons interact with the game recently? That's the only reason I can think of other than mod authors just not returning in 7.2.5, thus not updating their addons. Or maybe the whole twitch/Curse integration has something to do with it? Don't mean to come off as complaining. xDShepard2 3d
4d Base / Traditional mode Is there anyway to get the roughly Burning Crusade like damage numbers back from Draenor's base mode in Legion? I preferred that mode greatly over traditional. If there is a command I'd like to use it so far I've dug and found nothing on it.Îi1 4d
4d Change Friendly Nameplates Color? Seems in 7.2.5 the default color for friendly nameplates is now set to each character's class color. Does anyone know of a way to change back to the warlock-colored nameplates for everyone? Since Blizzard made us unable to use addons to change friendly nameplates in instances, it is pretty important for me as a healer to be able to differentiate between friendlies and enemies, and the class colored nameplates are terrible for this. Sometimes hunters, warriors, and rogues can blend into the background, and death knights' plates can be mixed up with enemy nameplates. If there is no way to change this, please implement the option, Blizzard. Pushing non-optional changes to the UI that can't be reversed with addons while in an instance is terrible. Either give us options when changing your default UI settings, or let me use a nameplate addon!Keganander15 4d
4d Grid2 broken: LF new healing frames Grid2 will now reset all settings on toon change. It is a marvelous addon, but right now it's too painful to use. Are there any great raidframes addons anyone can recommend? I loved the features in grid, but what always bugged me, was being unable to group up raidmates by role, except for a briefly lived addon to the Grid addon a while back. Anyone got anything like that? Thanks!Praxxis1 4d
4d curse client Users>username>App Data why does the client install in the hidden folder App data? is this normal? usually programs just go into program files or program files (x86) I have tukui client and its in the program folder like everything else. What makes curse need to install in there?Accel30 4d
4d Keydown or Keyup casting? which do you prefer? I notice in my elvui settings I can set my UI so i can cast on Keydown. is there any pros and cons?Seen1 4d
4d Macro opens my Class Hall Report Well met, I'm not sure if this is the place for this kind of problem but since 2 hours ago my Cast Sequence Macro for some reason is opening my Class Hall Report, which brokes my Macro. The macro goes like this: #showtooltip /startattack /castsequence reset=30 Horn of Winter,Empower Rune Weapon This macro worked perfectly before, I haven't made any change to it since I created it. I tried deactivating all my addons, but the problem persist. I also looked up at my key bindings and I've no hotkey for Garrison/Class hall report. I find this problem pretty weird cause I got tons of Castsequence macros and they all work good. Please help! This macro is very useful for my Frost DK killing machine! Sorry for my bad english!Celiel6 4d
4d Mini map missing. How do I reset? Hey gurus. The mini map has gone the way of talent twinking, and is somewhere off-screen. How do I reset the mini-map so it is visible. Thanks. AlessonAlësson19 4d
4d I need help with a mount macro so this macro works perfectly (but): #showtooltip Invincible /userandom [flyable, nomounted] Invincible, Bloodbathed Frostbrood Vanquisher, Deathlord's Vilebrood Vanquisher, /use [noflyable, nomounted] Swift spectral tiger /dismount /script VehicleExit() for some reason this macro does not work at all: #showtooltip Invincible /userandom [flyable, nomounted] Invincible, Bloodbathed Frostbrood Vanquisher, Deathlord's Vilebrood Vanquisher, Yu'lei, Daughter of Jade /use [noflyable, nomounted] Swift spectral tiger /dismount /script VehicleExit() does anyone happen to know why adding another mount to this macro breaks it? it does not exceed the 255 character limit, with the new mount added it is 242/255Ebrathil5 4d
4d Help with Advanced Leave Party Macro Hi! I am trying to write a macro helps me leave parties quickly for WQs. This is a macro that: 1. When you click the button assigned to the macro, it creates a button on the screen. 2. The name of the button is "Leave Party". 3. When you click it, you leave the party you are in. 4. If you press the RIGHT CTRL key, it hides the button. 5. The button is draggable. I swear when I look at , it should do something but I see nothing on my screen at all. Maybe I'm supposed to set the height and width? Probably really mucking it up. I might actually prefer right ALT to toggle the button. Please help guys. Thanks! /run local f=zzjz or CreateFrame("Button","zzjz",UIParent,"UIGoldBorderButtonTemplate");f:SetMovable(true);f:SetText("Leave party");f:SetScript("OnClick",LeaveParty());f:SetScript("OnUpdate",function()if IsRightControlKeyDown()then f:Hide())Gawgug10 4d
4d Nifty Collections Journal Macro for you guys The way I play WoW, I pretty much never use the ALT, CTRL nor SHIFT keys on the right-hand side of my keyboard. The keybinding interface provided to you via the in-game menus doesn't offer the ability to bind those keys...but it CAN be done via a macro! The Collections Journal (mounts, pets, Toy Box, Heirlooms, and Appearances tabs) are by default not bound to any key. I bound the ability to toggle 3 of those tabs to the right-side ALT, CTRL, and SHIFT keys via: /run local f=ToggleCollectionsJournal;CreateFrame("Frame"):SetScript("OnUpdate",function()if IsRightShiftKeyDown()then f(3)end if IsRightControlKeyDown()then f(2)end if IsRightAltKeyDown()then f(1)end end) Pressing the right ALT key toggles the mount tab. This is set by ToggleCollectionsJournal(1). Pressing the right CTRL key toggles the pet tab. This is set by ToggleCollectionsJournal(2). Setting it to 3 is the toy box, 4 is the heirlooms, and 5 is the appearances tab. The power of this macro is that if you wanted to bind those 3 keys to something else, this is how you do it!Gawgug0 4d
4d Camera Zoom Out Speed When Hitting Objects? Been looking online a bit and am surprised I couldn't find a solution or even a command or add-on to address this. Maybe someone else knows something? Basically, when I have a pretty high camera zoom and I pass in front of something the camera will avoid clipping though it and teleport much closer to me. When moving the camera out of the way of the object it will slowly zoom back out to what my zoom level is. I'm wondering if there is a way to increase the speed of that automatic zoom out. The slow speed of the zoom out is pretty frustrating when doing certain tasks like collecting herbs. Especially trying to get Dreamleaf in Val'sharah. There are so many trees, vines, branches, etc that pass between me and the camera. The terribly slow zoom out speed drives me nuts when it happens almost every time I go to a node. It in a way disorients me because of how often it happens and how long it takes to correct itself. Obviously slowing down my ability to gather herbs that I need. I would be so happy if I could change it to 5x speed. This is not to be confused with manual camera control speed, max camera range or amount of increments in which each mouse wheel input moves the camera.Venombigboss0 4d
4d Trinket Macro w/ Sanctify Currently I'm using this macro: #showtooltip Holy Word: Sanctify /use 14 /cast [@mouseover,help,nodead][]Holy Word: Sanctify But... I don't want the trinket to activate when first pressing the keybind (when the reticule shows). I want the trinket to activate when I actually place the reticule and the Sactify spell activates. Also, I'm purposely not using the @cursor function. I like the manual process.Vollo4 4d
4d Bag Magic Get your mind out of the gutter, please. :) I would like very much to have all of my looted and harvested and mined and reward and crafted items be distributed among my bags as follows upon receipt. Category Bag Note --------------------------------------------------------------------- Legion Crafting Mats 2 bottom to top All BOE 2 bottom to top All Lockboxes 2 bottom to top All AP items 2 top to bottom All Sentinax Beacons 3 bottom to top All Champion Equipment 3 top to bottom All Legion BOP 1 bottom to top My crafting output 0 bottom to top Everything else 1 top to bottom Is this possible and how would I do it. I have a start-up addon I can stick some code in at need. I spend far too much time sorting my bags manually. The bag mods out there don't seem to have the granularity I want. I *think* most of that stuff can be identified as such by algorthm (maybe not the Legion BOP). It should be possible to set up loot to distribute my, well, loot this way, right?Ehiztari0 4d
4d Cast all totems Macro? Since there is no way to place all 4 of the shamans totems at once, is there a macro that I can create that will drop them all? I made one but I have to click it 4 times to get them all to be placed (places 1 per click) it currently is: #showtooltip /castsequence reset=5 Searing Totem, Healing Tide Totem, Earthgrab Totem, Stormlash Totem Is there any other I can make that will drop all 4?Anying12 4d
4d 1-click open webpage for your target in game Blizzard's new stylish character info pages are now online. I created an AddOn and app so that you can type or macro /arxarmory in game to open the new worldofwarcraft.com web page for your target. You can target players and choose to open directly to the overview page, the raid progress page, or the PvP summary page. You can also target any NPC in the game and the app will open the matching wowhead.com info page. All pages open in the background using your default browser; just alt-tab when ready to see. ArxArmory is named for Logitech's Arx Control and the app still lets you push these web pages on your tablet or smartphone while in game, but this new version also works with your desktop browser so you do not need to install any Logitech software. Arx Armory 2.0 is all you need. Download like 1000's of others for both Windows and Mac at: www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info23831-ArxArmory.html or www.jdsoftcode.net/warcraftWaldokind0 4d
4d How to install damage font/Nice Damage? Basically have no idea how to install this as I'm used to using curse and my google work has come up blank. I just want my damage to look sick af and I know it can't be that hard. addon link(from years ago) - http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/fileinfo.php?id=9732&so=DESC&page=4#commentsFelsgachiman1 4d
4d Best Addon For player and target Buffs? So I've been trying to set up my ui to include buff and debuff bars that I can place over target and player unit frames and I just cant figure out what works. I've tried quartz, raven, and tell me when. Some I just can't find the settings and others are so not user friendly I can't work them the way I want. Raven gave me close to what I wanted but it was not user friendly so I couldn't get it exactly how I wanted, and I could get the target ones working on quartz but not the player ones. I use Elvui and like most people I have the player and target frames right above my action bars, I want to move the buff bars so theyre right above those. I play a MM hunter so I want the player ones to track things like Concordance and Trueshot and the target ones to track my trinket procs and vulnerable/marking targets. I don't know if elvui has an option for this, if it does i cant find it. For those of you who know preach gaming something similar to his ui with the buff bars above his unit frames, I could just download his but I don't know which addon he uses to manage that and I don't want to change my current setup other than adding the bars. If anyone knows a good addon that is easy to use and can accomplish what I'm looking for I'd really appreciate any recommendations.Nolerex1 4d
5d Handicapped player needs help please Without going into specifics, I only have access to a mouse and that mouse can only left and right click. These are my only options. I was able to modify the right-click to move and steer by editing the bindings-cache.wtf file. This has helped immensely. However, I am looking for a way to auto attack the target I click on. Is there a way to add this functionality? The issue I'm having is by the time I click on something and then click on the attack button in the toolbar, the rest of the party has killed the monster. I would like to contribute a little bit more. One other request, is there a way to have your attacks automatically target the closest monster when you click the attack? Thank you for your help.Cirel20 5d
5d Can I make agressive stancewith macros? Is this possible? I'm just starting to read guides, I just sort of want something to speed things up when I'm soloing or doing lower level contentSabrefist1 5d
5d Macro\script for Custom Group Finder I run several alts and I am looking for a way to speed up the process of opening group finder and searching for the daily trader and for the world bosses? I know about the hotkey "i" but I still have to click: Premade Groups > Custom > Find Group, then type: trader or Kazz depending on group I am looking for. The optimum answer would be a script that I can put in a macro and pull up all the trader groups with one click, Then have another one when I can pull up groups for Kazz. Second option would be to have something to open straight to custom group finder, then I just type what I want.Yewtink16 5d
5d Skada shows Mobs damage Any way to stop Skada from showing mobs damage when you select Damage Total and just show Party or Raid Damage.Myrvalis0 5d
5d ElvUI problem Sorry if this isn't the correct place, but I didn't see any forum sub section that dealt with addons, and since this addon deals with the UI, I thought I'd post it here. ElvUI is an addon that changes the UI of the game, and more importantly, removes the Blizzard action bar, and in place, uses another type. My main character has no problems with the addon at all, however, the character that I'm posting on does have a problem. The Blizzard Action bar is somehow not disabled, and is laying on top of my ElvUI action bars. I've looked into the settings for my addon, but there's nothing that I saw that disables the Blizzard action bar. I've even tried copying my mains profile over to this characters, with no luck. I'm not sure if it's because I recently transfered this character to another realm, or what, but if someone can help me out, it would be very appreciated. Thanks in advance!Merù5 5d
5d LUI Melee Action bar Question So Ive set up LUI well on my mage but on my DH there is a melee auto-attack action bar that is running right through my skill bars and its pretty irritating. Does anyone know how to either move it or disable it? ThxsDailyblaze0 5d
5d I need a ruin/power tracker!? Hey everyone, I'm looking for some sort of ruin tracker for my frost DK. The one I have now works, but I'm looking for something more suitable for my UI. If anyone has any suggestions that would be greatly appreciated, as my current one just looks out of place! Current UI/Tracker: https://i.imgur.com/dorHmTJ.jpg Thanks :)Lashlore2 5d
5d Best underground add on What are your favorite add ons that no one has ever heard ofBclmj6 5d
5d Add-ons reset after server crash I downloaded the new patch, updated some add ons and was playing fine then the servers crashed and disconnected everyone. Now most of my add ons have reset to default and my old profiles are not there. It seems my interface altering add ons like Bartender/moveanything/sexymap were the ones reset and add-ons like Tradeskillmaster/auctioneer and some pet battle add ons are fine. My keybinds and macros are intact Ive been looking into this for hours and havent figured it out, my thinking is it has something to do with my WTF folder which looks like a mess. Wow/WTF/Account/there is like 9 folders there. 4 are servers ive played on, 3 are random number strings with #1 after it, Savedvariables folder and my 'Accountname' folder. Idk if thats an issue I created a back up of it after the issues started but sadly do not have one from before the servers went down and messed it all upIrelia18 5d
5d OmniBar Spell Issue Hi Ui/Macro Community, I am hoping to gain your assistance with the mod OmniBar. I am currently using version 7.2 written by Jordon and had a modified date of "11/08/2016." The version that I have can be found here: https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/omnibar. The mod currently works with the 7.2.5 patch, but I am having an issue where I can no longer modify the spells that OmniBar is checking. When I open the mods interface (typing /ob), select one of my bar tabs that is tracking spells, then select the "Spells" tab, the field shows "Uncheck All" and "Check Default" buttons. The problem is that prior to the 7.2.5 patch the spells tab also pulled a index of spells that I could select or deselect for tracking. I am really unsure how to fix this problem so any information would help. Does anyone have any recommendations on how to fix this? Thank you for reading!Chameetri0 5d
5d Macro question: [pvptalent] and /showtooltip I'm trying to make a macro for my PvP talents, but the showtooltip part of it doesn't seem to want to work, unless I'm actually in a PvP area. Is there any way to make it show the proper icon regardless of my PvP status? The macro is as follows: /showtooltip [pvptalent:6/1]Power Word: Fortitude;[pvptalent:6/2]Archangel;[pvptalent:6/3]Dark Archangel /cast [pvptalent:6/1]Power Word: Fortitude;[pvptalent:6/2]Archangel;[pvptalent:6/3]Dark Archangel I select the "?" icon, and when I'm in a PvP area (WQ, BQ or Arena), the macro correctly shows the icon for the talent I have selected. In any other zone, however, it remains a glaring "?". I have tried using a simple /showtooltip as well, with no modifiers, but it didn't make a difference. Can this be fixed somehow?Daervon3 5d
5d Temp fix for OmniCC in 7.2.5? Someone reported the bug in the comments at release but it still hasn't been fixed and I've had to keep it disabled since but I'm really missing it. My guess is blizzard removed an icon it's referencing? Message: Interface\AddOns\OmniCC\effects\effects.lua:34: attempt to index local 'icon' (a number value) Time: 06/14/17 20:16:33 Count: 126 Stack: Interface\AddOns\OmniCC\effects\effects.lua:34: attempt to index local 'icon' (a number value)Interface\SharedXML\SharedBasicControls.lua:204: in function <Interface\SharedXML\SharedBasicControls.lua:203> [C]: ? Interface\AddOns\OmniCC\effects\effects.lua:34: in function `GetButtonIcon' Interface\AddOns\OmniCC\effects\pulse.lua:22: in function `Run' Interface\AddOns\OmniCC\effects\effects.lua:11: in function `TriggerEffect' Interface\AddOns\BigDebuffs\BigDebuffs.lua:873: in function <Interface\AddOns\BigDebuffs\BigDebuffs.lua:870> (tail call): ? Interface\AddOns\OmniCC\core\timer.lua:126: in function `UpdateText' Interface\AddOns\OmniCC\engines\script.lua:44: in function `OnFinished' Interface\AddOns\OmniCC\engines\script.lua:38: in function <Interface\AddOns\OmniCC\engines\script.lua:33> Locals: errorMessage = "Interface\AddOns\OmniCC\effects\effects.lua:34: attempt to index local 'icon' (a number value)" DisplayMessageInternal = <function> defined @Interface\SharedXML\SharedBasicControls.lua:187 MESSAGE_TYPE_ERROR = 0Boru2 5d
5d Grid2 not showing DHT healing debuffs The adds that 'pounce' a player and Oakheart debuffing the player, requiring them to be healed over >90% for it to be removed aren't being shown on Grid2. How do I add them? My setup was initially taken from a post I found that was close to what I wanted, but hopefully someone can tell me where to look.Boru0 5d
5d Odd Behavior for HasFullControl() I get a "true" return when I'm stunned, but a "false" return when I'm disoriented. However, I have one ability that *can* be used when stunned (Berserker Rage). The name of this would indicate to me that I would get a true return when I have, you know, *FULL* control, not when I have control over a singly ability. I don't know if what I'm getting as a result is because one ability can still be used or if it's just not seeing Stun as a loss of control. Does anyone have any experience using this function that could shed some light on what's going on?Ehiztari3 5d
6d Macro or Addon to use Artifact Power items Hi Folks There are many items in Legion that grant artifact power when used. Rather than finding each new item in my bags, I'm looking for a method to use any of these items that happen to be in my bags at the moment. So far I've been using a macro with /use commands for each new item I come across. Because there are so many of these items floating around, the list is too big to be contained in a single macro. So I'm looking for an alternate/universal method for using artifact power items. Any one know of anything?Zoonosis17 6d
6d Vehicle key bindings disabled Hello, I recently downloaded ElvUI and now am unable to click key bindings while in a vehicle. When I press the ability on the keyboard, the game states, "I can't do that right now." I have to physically click ont he ability on screen for it to work. Is there a hotfix for this? Is there something I need to enable or disable in ElvUI? Please help. Thank you.Noobcolonel1 6d
6d druid macros Can any of these be shortened w/o changing them? #showtooltip /startattack [nostealth] /targetenemy [stealth, noharm] /cast [spec:2, mod:alt] Thrash; [spec:3/2] Swipe; Auto Attack #showtooltip /cancelaura [nocombat] travel form /cast prowl #showtooltip /startattack [nostealth, nospec:3][spec:3, nomod:alt] /targetenemy [stealth, noharm] /cast [spec:3, mod:alt] Frenzied Regeneration; [spec:2, mod:alt] Ferocious Bite; [mod:alt] Moonfire; [spec:3] Mangle; [spec:2] Shred; Solar Wrath #showtooltip /startattack [nostealth, nospec:3][spec:3, nomod:alt] /targetenemy [stealth, noharm] /cast [spec:3, mod:alt] Ironfur; [spec:2, mod:alt] Rip; [mod:alt] Sunfire; [spec:3] Pulverize; [spec:2] Rake; Lunar Strike #showtooltip /startattack [nostealth] /targetenemy [stealth, noharm] /cast [spec:3, mod:alt] maul; [spec:2, mod:alt] Maim; [spec:1, mod:alt] Solar Beam; [spec:4] Starsurge; [spec:3] Thrash; [spec:2] Ashamane's Frenzy; New Moon #showtooltip /startattack [nospec:2][nostealth, spec:2, mod:alt] /targetenemy [stealth, noharm] /cast [spec:3/2, mod:alt] Skull Bash; [spec:3] Moonfire; [spec:2] Tiger's Fury; [spec:1] Starsurge; Auto Attack #showtooltip /targetenemy [mod:alt, noharm] /cast [mod:alt] Entangling Roots; Typhoon #showtooltip /startattack [spec:3, stance:1] /cast [spec:3, mod:alt] Stampeding Roar; [spec:4/2, mod:alt] Displacer Beast; [spec:3, stance:1] Growl; Dash #showtooltip /cast [spec:4, mod:alt] Barkskin; [spec:4] Efflorescence; Auto AttackAlikka5 6d
6d UI and addon settings resetting Everytime i restart the wow client either just to take a break or DC, my interface settings and addon settings reset to default and i cant figure out how to stop it. I'm having to re sim and set up pawn everytime i try to relog and its a nightmare for my healing toons to reset. Any advice?Avagnar2 6d
6d Check Quest on QuestLog by ID Hello guys, Is there a way to check if a quest is on my quest log, through it's ID?Nuoli2 6d
6d Replacement for Sync UI? Hi guys, has anyone found a good replacement for Sync UI so far? I have tried multiple UI's but none of them are as good and clean as Sync. ThanksShadeybrew0 6d
6d UI suggestions? Figured this would fit better here than General Discussion since it pertains to the topic of UIs. The UI mod that I have been using for years now (Nui) is apparently no longer being supported/updated by the author. With the release of 7.2.5 the mod is no longer usable. It can be loaded, but aspects of it are broken that render it useless. As such I am looking for suggestions for a replacement UI addon. Ideally I would like to find something that does most, if not all of what Nui did, but I also understand that beggars can't be choosers.Devate4 6d
6d Apocalypse Trying to make a macro type thing for my dk. Bit of an explanation. I found a macro to help track my DKs hidden artifact appearance. /run if IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(44188) == true then PlaySoundFile("Sound\\Creature\\LichKing\\IC_Lich King_Special01.ogg", "Dialog") end I want to make that play every time I use Apocalypse, but without having to worry about the bit about a quest being flagged.Denestra3 6d
6d Problems with addons Hi guys, I'm having problems with addons since 7.2.5 and I don't understand what to do I tried updating and still have the problems 22x LUI\unitframes\options\toggle.lua:77: attempt to index local 'f' (a nil value) LUI\unitframes\options\toggle.lua:77: in function `?' LUI\unitframes\options\toggle.lua:57: in function `ToggleUnit' LUI\unitframes\init.lua:242: in function <LUI\unitframes\init.lua:241> (tail call): ? [C]: ? [string "safecall Dispatcher[1]"]:9: in function <[string "safecall Dispatcher[1]"]:5> (tail call): ? ...aceMasque\Libs\AceAddon-3.0\AceAddon-3.0-12.lua:558: in function `EnableAddon' ...aceMasque\Libs\AceAddon-3.0\AceAddon-3.0-12.lua:571: in function `EnableAddon' ...aceMasque\Libs\AceAddon-3.0\AceAddon-3.0-12.lua:651: in function <...aceMasque\Libs\AceAddon-3.0\AceAddon-3.0.lua:636> [C]: in function `LoadAddOn' FrameXML\UIParent.lua:420: in function `UIParentLoadAddOn' FrameXML\UIParent.lua:515: in function `TimeManager_LoadUI' FrameXML\UIParent.lua:1069: in function <FrameXML\UIParent.lua:966> [C]: ? Locals: nil Thanks in advance!Alhunae2 6d
Jun 16 Change in Volley Behavior? Volley toggles on and off. Pre-7.2.5, toggled on stayed toggled on unless I *turned* it off (even with logout/login). Now, every time I hearth or go into or out of an instance, Volley toggles off and I have to manually toggle it back on. Is anyone else seeing this? I've got 37 add-ons and don't want to go a-hunting for add-on complications if it's a known issue.Ehiztari5 Jun 16
Jun 16 [Solved] SpartanUI AutoSell issues So, big fan of the minimal ui from SpartanUI, but I've had issues recently with the autosell module. read all over curse/spartanui website/google and others were experiencing the same issue, but no one has actually mentioned a proper solution. so in the SpartanUI addon folder under Components there's a AutoSell.lua file found in \AddOns\SpartanUI\Components\AutoSell.lua open AutoSell.lua in notepad or text editor of your choice. around line 230~ after the code if string.find(name, "Treasure Map") and quality == 1 then qualitysellable = false end add the following code if item == nil then qualitysellable = false end so around line 230~ it will look like if string.find(name, "Treasure Map") and quality == 1 then qualitysellable = false end if item == nil then qualitysellable = false end Turns out my Mythic Keystone wasn't registering an item id and SpartanUI apparently has issues with nil values. This worked for me and now I don't see any lua errors popping up on my screen when I go to vendor my delicious trash items. Thought I'd share.Cynothoglys4 Jun 16
Jun 16 Adept's Guide to Dimensional Rifting Is there an addon out there that will put which zone this item will teleport you to in the item's tooltip? I haven't been able to find one out there.Oglop1 Jun 16
Jun 16 Macro to Call Dreadstalkers... How would that be written in a macro? Thanks in advance! -DDååth8 Jun 16