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Oct 7 Lua Dismiss Companion when Entering Instance Hello. I’m hoping for some lua help. I wrote a simple personal add-on to summon a new Favorite Pet (with a 5 second delay to counter load time) and reset my camera position when I enter the world. Here’s what I have working: local MyAddon_EnterWorld = CreateFrame("Frame") MyAddon_EnterWorld:RegisterEvent("PLAYER_ENTERING_WORLD") MyAddon_EnterWorld:SetScript("OnEvent", function(...) SetView(1) C_Timer.After(5.0,function() C_PetJournal.SummonRandomPet(true) end) end) It works well, but I’d like to add functionality where it dismisses a pet if I’m in an instance, some logical IF THEN coding. In real-life language: When I enter world… If it’s a raid, dungeon, battleground or arena… Then Dismiss Companion… Else SummonRandomPet. I should add that my main is a hunter, so It’s important to distinguish a Battle Pet from a Hunter Pet. Thanks in advance!Arghard2 Oct 7
Oct 7 how do u save a variable? want to save a variable to file during game play,so that even if wow crashes it will be retrievableNirran6 Oct 7
Oct 7 Macro help: spell id #s to show icons? Is there a list of spell id #s that shows their icons? I'm trying to condense down a handful of equipment sets into one macro with switching based on the modifier. I've got it working, but the #show and #showtooltip commands don't work with equipset names. I know that you can force a particular icon or tooltip to appear based on what modifier you are holding if you name the spell or an item in your inventory, but is there a way to force a particular icon to appear based on its ID number? and where can I find the specific ID number for a specific icon?Ozmodius4 Oct 7
Oct 7 weapon swap macro confused hey is there any way of discerning between the season 9 idol and season 10 idol of the same name in macros? have both in my bags for different sets and whenever i use my weapon swap macro it seems to pick one of the two randomly. ive already tried using /equipset and it wasnt reliable in the least. not sure if it affects it, but i have the macro tied into cat form so that when i go cat it should be making sure im using feral weapon and relic. seems that at times, even with spamming the macro, it will just play back and forth equipping one relic then the other, but never putting me in cat form which is a huge problem. any suggestions on how to get around this or should i just wait till i have a ruthless relic before i include it in the weapon swap?Laväche5 Oct 7
Oct 7 Macro used to remove buff I was wondering if there was a command for a macro to remove a buff and if so what is it?Esri6 Oct 7
Oct 6 Add more features to nameplates! It's taken some getting used to the new nameplates since they've been introduced and I really don't mind them that much any more but I think they can definitely be improved upon. The one feature I really like is the row of dispellable debuffs that appears above the nameplate making it really easy and obvious to pick out who to dispel just by looking at the play field. Here's what I think could be improved though: 1) Allow the option to turn off class colors in friendly nameplates. In some situations, especially large open area PvP where I'm looking at both friendly and enemy nameplates, it doesn't really benefit me as much to see class colors in every nameplate and therefore never know which one is an ally or enemy at first glance. I think bringing back the old default blue option for friendly name plates (or provide a color wheel that lets us choose the color) would provide a much better visual representation of what I'm looking at when encountering lots of people in open area PvP, and would even help in arenas - improving the time it takes to react to what I see. This would be a great option for me because I don't want to completely disable friendly nameplates since they are a good source of information in certain situations (like a friendly target's position behind a pillar or the row of dispellable debuffs as I described above). 2) Allow a keybind to show the nameplate of only my target (in combination with or without enemy nameplates). In the current SS vs TM brawl this would be invaluable information to me in certain situations as a healer. Often times when I'm looking at the default raid frames to see who is in need of healing I see an ally who is really low on HP and out of range. It's nice that when I do target them the nameplate sticks out and highlights, but if I could bind another key to show only my targets nameplate it would take less time to pick him out rather than search in a sea of nameplates and therefore get to and assist him quicker. I'm not sure if anyone from Blizzard really monitors this forum but if so these are just 2 suggestions that I think could really improve user experience in certain situations.Bootybutts0 Oct 6
Oct 6 Macro to activate stance upon dismounting? Is there any way I can have a macro that automatically activates one of my forms when I dismount? I'd like to have it activate cat form when I dismount. My mount is currently in my quickbars under slot 12.Candelin1 Oct 6
Oct 6 Weak Auras help, absorption remaining? Hello all. I want to create a WA that tracks how much absorption is remaining from Clarity of Will on my current target. AFAIK, this will require a custom Lua function, which I don't even know what Lua is, much less how to wright what would be needed. What I am looking for is the amount of damage absorption left to to be represented as ###K over an icon of CoW.Goblnpenance10 Oct 6
Oct 6 Miks scrolling Battle text Lua Errors Miks Scrolling Battle Text will not letting me config anything. Anytime I click ANY option it gives me this error so I can't edit any options... Please tell me how to fix this so I can customize this addon. Thank you. Interface\AddOns\MSBTOptions\MSBTOptionsControls.lua:610: Usage: PlaySound(soundKitID, optional["SFX","Music","Ambience", "Dialog" or "Master"], [forceNoDuplicates, runFinishCallback]) Time: 10/03/17 10:44:08 Count: 1 Stack: Interface\AddOns\MSBTOptions\MSBTOptionsControls.lua:610: Usage: PlaySound(soundKitID, optional["SFX","Music","Ambience", "Dialog" or "Master"], [forceNoDuplicates, runFinishCallback]) [C]: ? [C]: in function `PlaySound' Interface\AddOns\MSBTOptions\MSBTOptionsControls.lua:610: in function <Interface\AddOns\MSBTOptions\MSBTOptionsControls.lua:608> Locals:Ginukia4 Oct 6
Oct 6 quest addon i have been noticing some streamers useing an addon that has a little eye like the dungeon finder near there quests..it allows them to auto accept and turn in quests without ever going to an npc..anyone know what add on that is calledAnsakur10 Oct 6
Oct 6 OmniCC Conflicts Are there any other players having problems with the current iteration of OmniCC? It throws me a ton of lua errors in raids/dungeons that I believe are conflicting with KUI nameplates or SUF but i can't pinpoint if that's the issue. Just looking for any thoughts or suggestions. None of my other addons should conflictArend1 Oct 6
Oct 6 Best WeakAura Sound Files As I'm sure many of you know, WeakAuras allows you to select any sound file in the WoW data files to attach to a WeakAura. It can play when the WA pops up, goes away, or sometime in the middle. What sounds have you found best cut through the general noise during raid combat (player and boss abilities, comms, etc)? I make debuff tracking weakauras for my guild, and some of our members are less attentive than others. I'd like to find a sound file that immediately gains the attention of the player, while also not being corny and low-quality like the sound files that come with WeakAuras.Snappinnecks0 Oct 6
Oct 6 Adoon that shows "drops from, etc in tooltip. That would be most appreciated.Keszey1 Oct 6
Oct 6 Quest Tacking/Number marker not working. Okay I have a quest tracker problem and it is just getting annoying. I have horde character on one server, and an alliance on another sever. Well on my horde character, my quest tracking/numbering works fine... Examples below. https://i.gyazo.com/b863a647b860f244a854ee94fcae8706.jpg https://i.gyazo.com/96a51814df9f590ee422a5814f224b09.jpg However... questing is being difficult on my alliance character. As you can see tracking/numbering does not appear. So tracking is just really causing a headache, and I have to follow the arrow on the corner mini map... As you can see... https://i.gyazo.com/6b1f29479a8c9b45911e9584a370f85d.jpg So I am confused and have looked everywhere. Can someone help?Sigÿn1 Oct 6
Oct 6 Need someone really good with weakauras I have a weak auras question that I'm not sure anyone can answer, but getting desperate for an answer so thought I'd post here. My guild is doing mythic Maiden and we're using ScrubBuster's weak aura, but want to edit the priority a little bit. When choosing ranged/healers to soak the opposite side, we want to prioritize certain healers to get chosen. We want the 2 resto druids to get chosen first because they have balance affinity and can reach everyone, then the resto shaman, then our mw and holy paladin since being in melee range helps them. So it would basically look like {team = "Opposite Side", required = 3, players = {}, prefer={"ranged", "resto druid", "resto shaman", "mistweaver", "holy paladin", "melee", "tank"}, Instead of {team = "Opposite Side", required = 3, players = {}, prefer={"ranged", "healer", "melee", "tank"}, Except I don't know what code is actually required to make that happen. If anyone knows if this is possible and how to do it, it would be so very greatly appreciated.Kiolvor0 Oct 6
Oct 6 Addon that shows ilvl on character pane Looking for a addon that shows ilvl for each piece of gear on character pane like OQ does. OQ can slow my comp down so looking for something lighter. thanksSeledor6 Oct 6
Oct 6 Hide more powerful spell is active errors? Just like the title says. How can I hide "a more powerful spell is already active" error? I don't want to see the red text on my screen.Failsauce1 Oct 6
Oct 6 Gatherer node outline Yellow circle around nodes on the minimap is driving me crazy. Has a circle directly on the node like a focus target. Just reset my addons and I can't find it to save my life :/ I've gone through all the settings and unchecked them, but it's still doing this. Not sure what it was that needs to be disabled. https://i.gyazo.com/dad9ee2b456d4e497febc26b743f44b7.pngLore2 Oct 6
Oct 6 Weak auras problem I made and Aura that surrounds my character but i want to to scale if I zoom in and out, not stay the same size in the middle of my screen. is this possible?Fleabäg1 Oct 6
Oct 6 Shadowed unit frame help! cannot get rid of auras that show up on the right hand side of my unit frames https://imgur.com/a/dCO8s the stuff in the red circles is what I am talking aboutChickenofmen4 Oct 6
Oct 5 Moving Enemy Nameplate Spell Bar Anyone know a way to move the spell bar on enemy nameplates? I wanted to move them from the bottom to the top of the enemy nameplates. Also, is there a way to hide enemy names, even when targeted?Myboyfriend0 Oct 5
Oct 5 Events threaded? Can race conditions arise? Hi All, I'm wondering if event callbacks are threaded. After a few hasty searches, some people claim that Lua does not have "real threading" so worrying about atomic locks or semaphores isn't necessary. Is this true? Or should I be looking to prevent race conditions. If so, whats the most common method of doing so.Softea0 Oct 5
Oct 5 How can I identify abilities with ... ...stance or stealth restrictions programmatically. I know I can look them up on WowHead (assuming they're not wrong there), but I'm hoping for something that will allow me to spin through a list of, for example, my Rogue's abilities and isolate the ones that need stealth, the ones that can be cast stealthy, and the ones that cannot be used while stealthy (that's just one example, not the totality of what I'm looking for). Similarly, I'd like to be able to do the same with my Druid and identify abilities usable/requiring certain forms. Not sure if this exists, but I thought I'd ask.Istrebiteli0 Oct 5
Oct 5 Looking for a spacific type of addon. Anyone know of an addon that has a chance to paste to chat when powers are used? A former guildy used one but for the life of me I can't remember what it was called. Need it for a themed toon.Davincars2 Oct 5
Oct 5 Macro for calling out target names I'm looking for a macro that will have a specific name added in when you say a certain text For example Hey "insert targets name" your standing in fire.Ràh9 Oct 5
Oct 5 WeakAuras Question for Warriors Hello all! I'm trying to configure an announcement when I use Commanding shout, however, I can't seem to get the ability to properly show in chat when I use it. I tried using the spell id, but it only shows the spell id and not the spell when it activates. Is there a way of showing the proper linkable spell in chat when it activates? Thanks in advance for the assistance. =)Frobiwan0 Oct 5
Oct 5 Druid Bonus Bars I'm just getting around to coding for my Druid and I find a bit of a conflict with regards to the Bonus Bars. First of all, I want to verify that my information is correct: stance:0 - No form stance:1 - Bear stance:2 - Cat stance:3 - Travel stance:4 - Moonkin Second, when one is in Travel form, does one need a special bar for that? Is there anything you can do besides move and change to another form? (I really don't know Druid very well.). That still leaves stealth/no stealth. On my Rogue, I need a bar for that because my abilities are split into three piles: Need stealth, Can't use in stealth, Doesn't matter. My Druid is only level 15 or so, so I have no idea what the real abilities are or if stealth matters when using them (it might just be so I can move around sneaky - and it might be roguelike, giving me abilities I can only use when stealthed). If I need a bar for that, I'm sort of short a bar, I think. I'm assuming there's at least one macro-coder who also plays a druid who can give me some insights as to how to approach this. And. . . .go.Istrebiteli10 Oct 5
Oct 5 Help with Venus 16400dpi and healbot I can't seem to get the fire key (mouse 4 in the mouse) to the mouse 4 button on the Healbot. If I try it just uses whatever left click is.Gukrizkyu0 Oct 5
Oct 5 CC Raid frame addon I rbg at a high bracket a lot. And i think one of the things holding me back from improving a lot is the lack of dispels I have on cc'd teammates. Is there an addon i can download that will always show when someone in my rbg group is feared, pollyed, hoj'd ect. ?Qewteapie4 Oct 5
Oct 5 PW: Radiance PvP Weakauras Hi all I use Mend's Cursor Weakaura @ https://wago.io/E1MPaAktz. I was trying to alter the Power Word: Radiance/Evanglism tracker: This tracker allows you to see your stacks of PW:R and when they will recharge. It also will tell you when to not use your PW:R casts if within a certain window before Evangelism comes off cooldown. Will turn red when: 1 stack < 18 seconds 0 stack < 36 seconds What I wanted was 2 other PW:R trackers like this but one based off of Archangel's CD and one based off of Dark Archangel's CD rather than Evangilism's. What would the scripts be?Myboyfriend0 Oct 5
Oct 5 Pw: Radiance PvP Weakauras Hi all I use Mend's Cursor Weakaura @ https://wago.io/E1MPaAktz. I was trying to alter the Power Word: Radiance/Evanglism tracker: This tracker allows you to see your stacks of PW:R and when they will recharge. It also will tell you when to not use your PW:R casts if within a certain window before Evangelism comes off cooldown. Will turn red when: 1 stack < 18 seconds 0 stack < 36 seconds What I wanted was 2 other PW:R trackers like this but one based off of Archangel's CD and one based off of Dark Archangel's CD rather than Evangilism's. What would the scripts be?Myboyfriend0 Oct 5
Oct 5 Cooldown Cast Macro Sorry for the odd title. Basically, I'm trying to create a macro which will cast one spell, then cast a second spell while the first one is on cooldown. Example: Holy Fire, Smite Holy Fire has a 9 second cooldown Smite has no cooldown Ideally, I would like to be able to press the 4 key to cast holy fire, then continue pressing the 4 key to spam smite until HF becomes available again. Thanks for the responses in advance!Çógswørth6 Oct 5
Oct 4 Trinket use on focus then on self I'm trying to setup my trinket The Deceiver's Grand Design, slot 14, to be able to cast on my focus then cast on myself and reset after 115 seconds. I'm doing this but it always stops on the first person and never casts on me. How can I do it? /castsequence reset=115 [@focus] 14, [@self] 14Primalsauce2 Oct 4
Oct 4 Scraps to leather? Hi I am just starting out trying to make my first macro. what I am wanting it to do is to find out how many [ruined leather scraps] that I have in my bags then use that number to see if I have 3 of them to make into 1 [light leather] and then start over and over again until there is no longer 3 or more [ruined leather scraps] in my bags. from what I have read this may include a cooldown period. eventually I would like the resulting macro to work like this with all the other pieces of parts that the leatherworking player may acquire in the course of play. preferably not allowing it to be used during flying or riding I only intend to use this for items that can only be used to make the one item with only one ingredient so that might make things a little easier. Thanks and good gameing to all!Fuzzoffury5 Oct 4
Oct 4 Request addon - custom group player join # Hello, I'm looking for an addon that displays (within the default raid/group finder) the number that a player requests to join my group. For instance, in my custom group, if I have 5 total players currently requesting to join my group, awaiting invite, it will list the number at which the player requested to join the group (1,2,3,4,5,etc). Is this possible to accomplish or anyone know of an addon that does this? ThanksPokédex0 Oct 4
Oct 4 Since when do Warlocks use Chi? Edited to add preface: I ran into this problem whilst working on my Unified Display Model addon for WeakAuras. I precompute spell/ability costs and compare them against power levels once per frame and when I get that code working, this popped out as an error. Max power level for Chi for a Warlock is 0, which means that Warlocks can't have Chi, but this ability is limited to use by Destruction Warlocks and requires Chi. I could use a little guidance as I don't know if this is something to do with circumstances under which Warlocks might gain access to Chi or if this is some sort of odd database bug by Blizzard. http://www.wowhead.com/spell=17962/conflagrate From the tooltip info: Conflagrate 2% of base chi 40 yd range Instant cast 12 sec recharge 1 Charges Requires Warlock (Destruction) Requires level 10 Triggers an explosion on the target, dealing (226.551% of Spell power) Fire damage. Backdraft Reduces the cast time of your next two Incinerates or Chaos Bolts by 30% for 10 sec Generates 5 Soul Shard Fragments. I'm not saying it's not possible, because I haven't played my 'Lock much, but Chi? I thought that was a Monk thing. Does this involve some sort of ability or stat theft first? http://www.wowhead.com/chi Under what circumstances would a Warlock have access to Chi?Istrebiteli5 Oct 4
Oct 4 /focus [variables] Can any variables be used to guide a /focus command, outside having the desired 'target' selected? I'm aware of the ole' @mouseover, but I'd rather do this by name of target. Any help or advice is welcome.Coinoperated5 Oct 4
Oct 4 Map Route addon? Hey there! Does anyone know if there is an addon that let me free hand draw on the map minimap, so I could draw a route or path I want to take and then follow it on the minimap? I'm direction challenged, and tomtom is great, but having an arrow point "as the crow flies" doesn't always help get where you need to go when there are so many cliffs and stuff.Wasselin1 Oct 4
Oct 4 API Request: IsFloating() on water's surface Dear Blizzard LUA API Developers, Please (re-)implement a way to detect if the player unit is floating on top of the water, as opposed to being under the surface. I am the author/developer of LiteMount, a location-aware random mount summoning addon. You can find it on Curse, or just google for "LiteMount". I realise we're not meant to address posts to the devs, but they are my only hope. If I should request a different way please let me know. LiteMount (and other similar addons) should summon a flying mount when (a) in a flyable area and (b) floating, so the player can fly off. Prior to patch 6.0 this was possible because a number of mounts (e.g., Bronze Drake) couldn't submerge, leading to this: local SPELL_BRONZE_DRAKE = 59569 function IsFloating() return IsSubmerged() and IsUsableSpell(SPELL_BRONZE_DRAKE) end Since patch 6.0 all flying mounts can swim, and this doesn't work. There is no spell of any kind that returns IsUsableSpell() differently for floating versus underwater - I wrote a small addon to iterate them and check. Possible implementations by the devs: Add IsFloating() - returns true only when on the water's surface. Change IsSubmerged() to return false on the water's surface Revert the Bronze Drake (or any mount) to not submerge. Change any spell to return differently underwater versus on the surface. Some mount addons (not LiteMount) are using one of two partly-functional workarounds for the lack of IsFloating(). Neither of them are acceptable substitutes, as described below. I mention them here to head off any suggestion they are the answer. 1. Breath timer -- Check if a breath mirror timer exists. function IsFloating() for i = 1,MIRRORTIMER_NUMTIMERS do local name, _, _, delta = GetMirrorTimerInfo(i) if name == "BREATH" and delta < 0 then return IsSwimming() end end return false end This fails if you are undead, in Vash'jir, or if you have any kind of water-breathing buff. 2. Recently entered water This requires jumping out of the water, then checking IsFloating quickly enough afterwards. local deltaT = 1 local lastDryTime = 0 local f = CreateFrame() f:RegisterEvent("SPELL_UPDATE_USABLE") f:SetScript("OnEvent", function (e) if not IsSubmerged() then lastDryTime = GetTime() end end) function IsFloating() return IsSubmerged() and ( GetTime() - lastDryTime < deltaT ) end I hope I don't have to explain how horrible this is. It fails if you want to swim within 1s of entering the water. It only works within 1s of jumping out of the water. It requires code to run and update a lastDryTime for very SPELL_UPDATE_USEABLE event, even if the player is nowhere near water and/or has no intention of mounting. It's just bad. Thanks for reading. I hope the devs have a few minutes to implement IsFloating() or equivalent. Xodiv p.s. Note for the reader. IsSubmerged() is the same as IsSwimming() except it also returns true when you are standing on the bottom. It does not require you to be actually submerged, it still returns true floating on the water's surface.Xodiv12 Oct 4
Oct 4 VuhDo change panel color on 2 stacks I want to change the panel color for a player with 2 stacks of armageddon rain but not one. Is this possible?Twilightcult1 Oct 4
Oct 4 Track all spells currently on cooldown? I use TMW and WA to track specific spells/abilities/buffs/debuffs, etc. I'm pretty good with these addons and can track everything I need. However, there is something I couldn't figure out, and that's ... how do I use these addons (or other addons) to only display the abilities that are currently on cooldown. To give you an idea of what I'm looking for, just think of your buff/debuff icons that appear next to your minimap. The only buffs/debuffs that display are ones that are active. And when the time runs out, they disappear. I'm looking for something like this but with spells/talents/abilties ... where the goal is to NOT pre-configure anything specific, but to simply display a list of icons that grows and shrinks naturally depending on what is off and on cd.Cullin2 Oct 4
Oct 3 Enemy Grid debuff tracking Hi I'm still using enemy grid, https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/enemy-grid, and was wondering if anyone knows how to make it so it tracks debuffs that the class I'm currently playing does not have. When on my priest it will track/recognize purge the wicked, psychic scream, mind control, etc. but not chaos nova, imprison, etc. unless I'm on my demon hunter. I've manually typed in a long list of cc's in the debuff configure section, but like I said so far no luck on them showing up on enemy grid unless the current class I'm playing has them as a spell. I'd like to be able to track cc's from all classes when on my priest so I know when to not cast a spell which will break a cc, or layer cc's. Ty for your time. =) PS any suggestion to an addon that would do this and is like enemy grid's current functionality is welcome. =)Myboyfriend3 Oct 3
Oct 3 Addon Recommendation Question Can anyone recommend a good add-on or three for the Mage Tower Tank Challenge? Theoretically, I should be able to do it with the gear I have, even without Luffas (still trying to farm it) but I keep screwing up the timing on the nether horrors cast and getting mashed. I have DBM, but it doesn't yell at me about the right things. Any addon help or general advice is much appreciated, thanks for your time!Zarabanda3 Oct 3
Oct 3 Backpack currencies Is there an addon to switch the currencies shown under your backpack back to their full amount, instead of the short version?; ie "12,841" instead of "12K"Steelfistv6 Oct 3
Oct 3 Battleground Targets Addon Fix - Post 7.1.5 Battleground Targets Addon Fix - Post 7.1.5 I've tested this and it works until the developer provides an update from the 08/2016 latest build - (credit to Krampus-Velen) for sharing. It fixes the character class (showing up as a ?) and /bgt also works again. NOTE: Blizz does not support addons - i'm just sharing the info so you can fix your BG targets addon if it's broken. I have emailed the developer as well. Steps to fix BG Targets: 1) Open up battlegroundtargets.lua with notepad in the following directory C:\Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft\interface\addons\BattlegroundTargets 2) After opening battlegroundtargets.lua with notepad - save it to battlegroundtargets.old (so you can replace back if you mess up) 3) Close the file 4) Open up the original battlegroundtargets.lua with notepad (you won't see the lua extension this time) in the following directory C:\Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft\interface\addons\BattlegroundTargets 5) Once open in notepad - open EDIT then Find search on local id (this will bring you to the section you need to edit) 6) Replace old line with new and save and exit / then restart wow. OLD: local id, name, _, icon, _, role = GetSpecializationInfoForClassID(classID, i) NEW: local id, name, _, icon, role = GetSpecializationInfoForClassID(classID, i)Kiesel26 Oct 3
Oct 3 Friendly nameplates Has anyone figured out a way to modify the friendly nameplates in the files? It annoys the hell out of me how big they are in instances. You would think if they did not allow us to use addons to modify them they would throw us a dam bone... I would turn them off but I can't target certain friendly units when a certain mechanic targets a person. I have to choose between cluttering my screen during a raid or walk around blind.... it makes it more pathetic the fact that as a holy paladin MY POSITION is ABSOLUTELY crucial.Ràh0 Oct 3
Oct 3 Mik's scrolling combat text.. A (link) with a good guide to set-up msbt would be handy since i have some problems setting it up. I cannot click any button in the msbt window like "reset profile", the fonts, effects, colours, configure scroll areas etc. just no response at all clicking them. The only thing in the whole add-on is adjusting the animation speed bar. Tried de-install and re-install the add-on in Twitch, re-logged in, reload ui, switched off and on again "Scrolling combat text for self" with reloading ui in between but cannot get it working. Also made a macro: /console floatingCombatTextCombatDamage 1 since i read this might activate msbt but also this doesn't make it work. Any tips, solution are welcome. Thanks in advance, Cheers!Pastaman5 Oct 3
Oct 3 Deul-boxing see different on same mob Help, How do I see the minions names, not Nameplates. I am Deul-boxing, looking at the same set of Mobs. One account has thier names, and the other doesn't have their names. I dunno how to get the one account to see their names. Thanks ahead of timeRutarious27 Oct 3
Oct 3 No Pawn String in Simcraft? Hey everyone, Simcraft isn't giving me a string to import into pawn :( Please halpMàlthael3 Oct 3
Oct 2 Missing Floating Combat Text Since the pre-patch, I can't seem to get floating combat text working. I'm looking for the numbers that pop up over a character when you deal damage or heal them, not the scrolling numbers that appear around the character. (I did find that in the interface options, but it doesn't seem to show any damage numbers, just healing) I've purged my addon folders and the issue still persists. Anyone have any idea?Gorgothi39 Oct 2