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Mar 15 Battleground Targets Addon Fix - Post 7.1.5 Battleground Targets Addon Fix - Post 7.1.5 I've tested this and it works until the developer provides an update from the 08/2016 latest build - (credit to Krampus-Velen) for sharing. It fixes the character class (showing up as a ?) and /bgt also works again. NOTE: Blizz does not support addons - i'm just sharing the info so you can fix your BG targets addon if it's broken. I have emailed the developer as well. Steps to fix BG Targets: 1) Open up battlegroundtargets.lua with notepad in the following directory C:\Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft\interface\addons\BattlegroundTargets 2) After opening battlegroundtargets.lua with notepad - save it to battlegroundtargets.old (so you can replace back if you mess up) 3) Close the file 4) Open up the original battlegroundtargets.lua with notepad (you won't see the lua extension this time) in the following directory C:\Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft\interface\addons\BattlegroundTargets 5) Once open in notepad - open EDIT then Find search on local id (this will bring you to the section you need to edit) 6) Replace old line with new and save and exit / then restart wow. OLD: local id, name, _, icon, _, role = GetSpecializationInfoForClassID(classID, i) NEW: local id, name, _, icon, role = GetSpecializationInfoForClassID(classID, i)Kiesel20 Mar 15
Mar 15 Simple WA Norgannon's Insight had to set up all of my weakauras again and am having trouble with this weakaura. I just want it to show when i have the buff, so i know when i can cast while moving. I currently have it set to Trigger>aura>Norgannon's Foresight and it only shows up when I start to move when I have the buff.Lausdeo0 Mar 15
Mar 15 Champion Ability Macro Im trying to get one of my champions abilities to work like the sigil @ player macros do. But I cannot get it to work. This is an on use ability that summons your champion, she spins around and does AoE. Her abilitiy is called "Mother's Caress". when you use it normally it works like Infernal strike or sigils and lets you target where she performs her attack. Id like to macro it to just work at my feet. Ive tried: /cast @Player] Mother's Caress but no dice. Is it just not able to work this way or am I doing something wrong?Blindsaviour2 Mar 15
Mar 15 Alternative to ElvUI? So I'm thinking of changing away from ElvUI simply because I'm on a heavy RP server and Tongues, which is incredibly useful to me, does not work with it. It's been a known issues for almost years now, so I don't see it getting fixed any time soon. My UI looks like this currently: http://imgur.com/a/UemXY That small name plate down at the very center, between the larger left and right ones is my "target of target" in case anyone is wondering. The larger one on the left is myself, larger one on the right is my current target. The entire UI is mostly clean and I don't really /need/ all the frills ElvUI gives me, I just need an addon that will let my interface look like what I've posted. I'd run the normal, base UI but after so long, it's a bit hard to look at and I hate how I can't move anything. I'd LIKE all my information to be mostly bottom center, since I have a massive monitor and trying to look around the entire thing for key data becomes old very quickly. I've heard good things about Bartender4 and MoveAnything. Would running those mods give me what I need? Thanks in advance.Jilkani4 Mar 15
Mar 15 Soul Barrier Weakaura not working just transferred servers and unfortunately I deleted all my weakauras for my DH tank. I was able to make all of them again but now I'm running into an issue where Soul Barrier won't show how many Soul Fragments I have to use on it's weakaura, Any help would be appreciated.Dreadykins2 Mar 15
Mar 15 A Macro that Switches Macros? Okay so currently I'm playing a Guardian druid, and I recently started messing around with it in WPvP (which is a lot of fun might I add). Atm, I have my Swipe and then its either macro'd to Mark of Ursol OR Ironfur, and I manually have to switch them out. My problem is that I don't like having too many different buttons where at all possible, so I don't want to have a second macro'd swipe on a dif button that I will likely remember to keep spamming instead of another. What I'd like to do, in layman's terms, is have it so I say press 2 to use my Swipe that has Ursol/Ironfur macro'd to it, while I have a different key that I only have to press ONCE to switch the swipe to the other version (From Ursol to Ironfur or vice versa). I'm willing to work with whatever, as long as it gives me the result I want :PSanaspera4 Mar 15
Mar 15 Talking head addon I really don't like talking heads. I found an addon to turn them off and shut them up. But sometimes it's actually useful. Thalyssra reminds me a hundred times to be careful, we dont want our withered to get stuck in cocoons. But she also tells me 1.5 sec in advance when Dro is about to jump on top of me. Is there an addon which can disable some parts of the talking heads, and move them to somewhere else on the screen?Esteemed3 Mar 15
Mar 15 Problem with chat log I have a problem with my chat log (bottom left bubble where you type and read text). For some reason, the text doesn't disappear when it reaches the top of the border. It scrolls all the way up like halfway up my screen and it's incredibly annoying. I've played with Inteface options and I've even downloaded a chat addon but my it still can't contain the text. I can't imagine I'm the only one who's had this problem... Can anyone help? ThanksSellethan1 Mar 15
Mar 15 WA for mana and boss hp bars Im trying to find a weakaura to track my mana alondside bosses health but im very bad at WA coding and i cant find any on wago Basically i want 2 bars tied, the boss health bar and my mana bar, both in green and with percentage in text inside...and both changing color to yellow if mana is 10% over boss life down to the same %...and turning red if mana goes down from boss life...is this even possible? can anyone please help me with this one? Im pretty sure the genius that helps me can also add the WA to wago since its usefull to all healers classes, its only meant to be a reference of when to slow down and i think its not going to work on all boss fights (and probably only on raid bosses) Maybe im dumb and there are better solutions like an addon that i cant find either, any help is totally wellcome...Öömkïn2 Mar 15
Mar 15 What happened to my screen? Hello! I need some assistance. Today I was playing, and I minimzed WoW to google some items. I used Alt + Tab to do so. it When I alt tabbed it put wow into the top right of my screen... But it wasn't in windowed mode. When I went to system settings it said it was still in fullscreen mode. I set it to window mode, and then back to full screen and was greeted with brand new issues. My ability icons, and bars are HUGE. I use ELVUI so I went in and reset it back to my original profile, which did nothing. The bottom of my screen is still clustered because of how large everything is. Tried messing around with the resolutions in game but nothing changed. I tried to reset everything back to default, that didn't fix the issue... not only that but now whenever I look left or right I get terrible FPS lag that I didn't have before. Here's a SS of the night before this incident and how my UI looked prior. http://imgur.com/3NGkWCo Here is a SS of it currently. http://imgur.com/McdAJKf EDIT: Whenever I alt tab now, my internet browser window is put in the top right, same way wow was, even though im in full screen mode before clicking back onto wow (And despite it saying it's not windowed down)Eviefry4 Mar 15
Mar 15 Looking to update addon to work for 7.1.5 NiceDamage = CreateFrame("Frame", "NiceDamage"); local damagefont_FONT_NUMBER = "Interface\\AddOns\\NiceDamage\\font.ttf"; function NiceDamage:ApplySystemFonts() DAMAGE_TEXT_FONT = damagefont_FONT_NUMBER; end NiceDamage:SetScript("OnEvent", function() if (event == "ADDON_LOADED") then NiceDamage:ApplySystemFonts() end end); NiceDamage:RegisterEvent("ADDON_LOADED"); NiceDamage:ApplySystemFonts() Used to use this to make the floating combat text actually decent to look at found out it no longer works since coming back. Not sure if it needs to be completely rewritten or just straight up won't work anymore but would greatly appreciate help if anyone has time.Xathadin1 Mar 15
Mar 14 Keybinding migration failure, please help Hello I recently migrated my warlock from one realm to another. I figure I would just copy over the binding-cache and macros-cache over and everything will be peachy. To that end everything works. I log in and nothing is there. I double check and not the same files. So I do it agian, this time I open the files make sure they have been copied over successfully from: World of Warcraft > WTF > ACCOUNT> ACCOUNTNAME > (old realm) > CHARACTERNAME To: World of Warcraft > WTF > ACCOUNT> ACCOUNTNAME > (new realm) > CHARACTERNAME Everything looks great. I tried this a few times but everytime they keep resetting to defaults. Anyone know how to fix this? I rebinded just about everything in the game to new keys. I dread the thought of doing it again from scratch. Edit: tiny bit of clarification, I've tried migrating everything contents of old/new directory as well as just individual cache files, on top of deleting the contents of destination folder before copying to make sure nothing remained.Noordein3 Mar 14
Mar 14 Drop-down menus disappear; map changing I'm not sure if this is the correct forum or I should submit it as a bug, but allow me to explain. I've noticed a recurring problem for as long as I can remember, and it is really driving me crazy. The situation is, that if I have a drop-down or context menu open (even while I am doing nothing else) it will often close it before I click on anything. A similar problem occurs while having the world map open. In this case, if I am traveling and move into a different zone or any kind of sub-zone changes, the map will change to that current zone if I happen to be viewing somewhere else. I've asked around and it seems that I'm not the only one with this problem, and through my own limited testing, I do not believe it to be caused by mods I use. So, regarding both of these problems, which I find to be very annoying and disruptive, my question is, if this is a known Blizz bug, mods, or part of something bigger I have not yet discovered? Regardless, I really would love to get this fixed. Can anyone else confirm this? If it turns out to be one of my mods, then I'll look into it deeper, but if it is a bug, does anyone know of a mod or work-around to fix it in the meantime? Thanks in advance.Zepheron18 Mar 14
Mar 14 More Buffs on Personal Resource Display Hello! Does anybody know how i can add more buffs on the Personal Resource Display and also the duration of more abilities on it?.Like shield wall for example, avatar and battle fury but these are just examples.Thank you very much ! EDIT: TypoMadtwo1 Mar 14
Mar 13 Looking for a Global Cooldown Addon I am looking for a global cooldown indicator. I currently have a toolbar up by my normal castbar, with one icon in it, of a spell which has no cooldown. And that works, but I am wondering if there is some better way. I tried Global Cooldown Bar (the only addon on Curse that pops up when searching for "global cooldown"), but unfortunately it does not work. It shows up in the addons list at the login screen, but nowhere else. Any suggestions?Scartaris3 Mar 13
Mar 13 Quest Ready for Turnin API I'm using GetQuestLogTitle to get information about all quests in my questlog. When I'm looking at the questlog on screen, or the quest POI's for a quest that can be turned in, there is a gold "?". How can I determine if a quest is ready to be turned in using the API? I thought "IsComplete" returned by GetQuestLogTitle woudl do it, but apparently not so.Ozzmorx2 Mar 13
Mar 13 2 extra action buttons 2nd keybind? So I have extra action button 1 keybound, but can't find where to keybind the 2nd extra action button. For example WoD special zone abilities are on the 2nd button. That 2nd button pops up here and there in other places. Am I blind or can the 2nd button not be bound?Ðoctorknotty4 Mar 13
Mar 13 How To Macro - Reference, Examples & Tools Macro Resources. Use these links to help customize your own Macros. Copy and paste links to view (All legit) Doesn't seem like I can hotlink, if someone can tell me otherwise, thank you. MAIN REFERENCE Complete listing of every command, conditional, and modifier with a brief explanation of how they work: http://www.wowpedia.org/Making_a_macro Macro'ing Equipped Items http://www.wowpedia.org/InventorySlotId DEBUG & TESTING "Macro Tester" allowing you to debug your macros before actually field testing them: http://www.macroexplain.com/ EXAMPLE MACROS Death Knight: http://www.wowpedia.org/Useful_macros_for_death_knights Druid: http://www.wowpedia.org/Useful_macros_for_druids Mage: http://www.wowpedia.org/Useful_macros_for_mages Paladin: http://www.wowpedia.org/Useful_macros_for_paladins Rogue: http://www.wowpedia.org/Useful_macros_for_rogues Priest: http://www.wowpedia.org/Useful_macros_for_priests Shaman: http://www.wowpedia.org/Useful_macros_for_shamans Warlock: http://www.wowpedia.org/Useful_macros_for_warlocks Warrior: http://www.wowpedia.org/Useful_macros_for_warriors Edited for simplicity of viewing 1st post. Will add any other valuable/useful Macro linksPërsëphønë7 Mar 13
Mar 13 Elvui unitframe debuff colour Hey guys, just wondering if any of you Elvui users out there could help me out. I recently started using the UI and so far I love it. The only thing that irritates me is that the unitframes (player, target, raid and party) all of them change colour if a person has a debuff on them. I want them to remain the same colour permanently.. I am colour blind and find it hard to concentrate on them properly when they are changing.. Thanks guys :)Decisionz5 Mar 13
Mar 13 Chat Macro Help I've never worked with macros before, and I only have a faint knowledge of how they work. I'm looking to create a macro that allows my character to autospeak in guild chat. For example, every time someone gets an achievement or says "ding," I could have the macro say "grats." Can anyone help me or teach me how to do this? Playoffs6 Mar 13
Mar 13 PlaySoundFile macro for Demon Hunters I'm looking for the /script commands to make a macro that plays the NE male DH vocal emote sounds (specifically for the addon SpeakinSpell) but I can't seem to find any of the PlaySoundFile commands for demon hunters anywhere. Can anyone help? Looking specifically for the NE male roar emote sound commands, but a list of any would be great.Elfangar4 Mar 13
Mar 13 Hide enemy pet nameplates? Trying to find a way to hide nameplates on things like wild imps and dk pets. hide arena pet nameplate legion I tried: /script UnitNameEnemyPetName:Hide() and /console UnitNameNPC 0Tuesday8 Mar 13
Mar 13 Macro to "pickup/interact if within range"? Hi I use this macro to drop flag in rbgs: /cancelaura [nomod] Alliance Flag /cancelaura [nomod] Horde Flag /cancelaura [nomod] Netherstorm Flag /cancelaura [nomod] Alliance Mine Cart /cancelaura [nomod] Horde Mine Cart is there one that can do the same but instead "pickup/interact" with the thing if i spam it?? a.k.a. opposite of "/cancelauraa"?? thanksRød1 Mar 13
Mar 13 healbot help Just upgraded to healbot today, and before I upgraded my character bars were always being shown at full opacity...green when full health, white when missing buffs, etc. Since I upgraded all the character bars are greyed out when out of combat, and not missing buffs. Only time bars go to full opacity is when missing buffs out of combat (bar color turns white when buffs needed) or when i go into combat bars go back to full opacity. What I'd like to know is how to make healbot show bars at full opacity when not in combat, and fully buffed like it did prior to upgrade. Also, this is not a out of range opacity issue, as it happens with my toon's bar as well. Hopefully I explained my issue well, and any help that could be offered is greatly appreciated, ty!Pocketpimp8 Mar 13
Mar 12 Problem with skada Having a specific problem with the way skada is interacting with the Blizzard UI. When I drag the skada window over the Blizz UI, it will go behind the action bars as usual, but, now for some reason, it will go over top the experience bars, AP bar and other elements. Here's a screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/dzfLY6f.jpg Anyone out there know how to fix this?Curufinwe0 Mar 12
Mar 12 Yu'lei, Daughter of Jade and Macros My paladin has this macro for her flying mounts: #showtooltip /castrandom Thundering Ruby Cloud Serpent,Thundering Jade Cloud Serpent,Thundering August Cloud Serpent,Heavenly Golden Cloud Serpent,Heavenly Crimson Cloud Serpent, Yu'lei, Daughter of Jade Before I got the new serpent Yu'lei, Daughter of Jade the macro was working just fine. Now it sometimes does not work and gets stuck. I suspect that it gets stuck when the random selects either "Yu'lei" or "Daughter of Jade". How do I include the newest wind serpent in my macro? (also filled as bug in https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20753437087#1)Oscassey3 Mar 12
Mar 12 Agonizing poison at 5 stacks Hey guys im trying to track agonizing poison on multiple targets and i've run into an oddity if the target is already at 5 stacks... it stops triggering "SPELL_AURA_APPLIED" or "SPELL_AURA_REFRESH" or "SPELL_AURA_APPLIED_DOSE" whenever it gets refreshed. in fact, it doesn't appear to send any combat log event at all! So my mod will show it drop off at 12 seconds (max duration of agonizing poison) when in fact, it's been refreshed many time and has plenty of time left. Is there some other event i should watch for?Signi2 Mar 12
Mar 12 Combat modifier on this macro Hi is there any way to add a combat modifier to this macro I found? What I want is that 1) While I am not in combat, it uses distract 2) While I am in combat it uses -------/cast [@focus, help, nodead] Tricks of the Trade; [@targettarget, help, nodead] Tricks of the Trade; Tricks of the TradeCyrela1 Mar 12
Mar 12 Cooldown won't show for 2nd spell This is my macro for all my tier 3 talents: /cast Demonic Circle /cast Shadowfury /cast Mortal Coil Cooldown shows on the icon only for Demonic circle, the top one. But it won't show for the other two. Is there a way I can have it show the cooldown of all these? Depending on which one I currently have talented.Vaderz3 Mar 12
Mar 12 Minimap Icon Size Does anyone know of an AddOn that you can use to adjust the size of the Minimap icons? Had to do a fresh install and for some reason my Minimap icons seem FAR bigger than they were.Dominiqué2 Mar 12
Mar 12 Need a mod that gives warnings after pull Edit: I want to find/write a mod that gives me warnings to cast a certain ability X seconds after boss pull. What's the easiest way to do this? Old: Due to how static M-Krosus is, I want to make bars a la DBM that show me when to cast what. Like "innervate 10 9 8" and then it would obviously disappear at zero whether I cast it or not. I have a CSci degree but it's 10 years old; I know a little lua but not a lot. Does such an addon already exist? What would be the easiest way to write my own if it doesn't?Twilightcult5 Mar 12
Mar 11 Mouse Button 4&5 not working on nameplates If my 'Mouse Button 4' or 'Mouse Button 5' are bound to a key, and I hover over a friendly nameplate, WoW is not registering it as a key press. Is this a bug?Scotch2 Mar 11
Mar 11 Chat Bar Tab Structure for Every UI Element? Do you guys think it's possible to use the chat bar tab functionality for every single UI element? Example: Overlap the Minimap and DPS Meter into one single area, and hide/show them based on a click or a keybind press, like the Combat Log/General chat tabs. That would help immensely into saving space.Danerik2 Mar 11
Mar 11 Addon to modify nameplates when in range? Is there an addon that modifies nameplates in some way to either indicate range, like a rangefinder, or to indicate being in range of the character's longest ranged attack? I thought I had used an addon that did that in the past.Vulcanturist2 Mar 11
Mar 11 MSBT - Shortening names? Hey guys, just wondering if there's anyone that uses MSBT that would know how to shorten long names in the scrolling text in MSBT? For example (from VH) Wrathlord Bulwark appearing as simply Wrathlord or Wrath? (I recall this happening for some mobs when I used it back in MoP, but I can't find it as an option). Any help would be appreciated.Tarov0 Mar 11
Mar 11 I am in need of a sound file expert I can't seem to find the sound attached to the subtlety rogue artifact trait "Embrace of Darkness". It adds a sound to stealth and shadow dance that is much louder than other ability sounds and I greatly dislike it. I would like to silence it. So far I have had no luck finding it on wowhead and the best someone on twitter came up with was just the default shadow dance sound file. I would really greatly appreciate help here. I'm losing hope!Sereven1 Mar 11
Mar 11 Mouseover pet move? Is this possible? I've tried: /cast [@mouseover]Move To(Pet Command)but it doesn't workProblemchild4 Mar 11
Mar 11 good action bar addons? hi, i was wondering how i get my spells above my action bar, kind of in the lower middle of my screen where i can use my keyboard letters to use my spells as well. a link would be great for the download as wellLèatherface5 Mar 11
Mar 11 Dropping totems anyway to set up a macro to auto drop totems?Evolsx1 Mar 11
Mar 11 API function to detect presence of bag frame? Is there an API function that can be called to test for the presence of an open bag or inventory frame? Testing for an open character bag frame might be sufficient, but better if it's more generalized. My need only requires that it return a boolean true/false result.Vulcanturist12 Mar 11
Mar 10 can't send raid warnings. why? in my 25m raid was able to send warnings yesterday but now i can't I'm the raid leader and its super frustrating, I've reloaded ui, relogged, restarted comp, restarted wow, deleted cache. idk what else to do. any ideas?Øblîviøn14 Mar 10
Mar 10 I want a simple addon to track buff/debuff. Is there an addon that doesn't tell me how to do my rotation but simply tracks buffs and debuffs? For example I use slicecommander for my rogue, a perfect addon in my mind would be that but supporting every class ability. I've looked around on curse but they all look so bloated with other features.Flaymane3 Mar 10
Mar 10 Modifying KuiNameplates a little bit I'm a 3rd semester computer science major and I have a very fragmented understanding of lua, so I've basically been trying to puzzle things together. I've been looking for a nameplates addon that gives the option to have the target nameplate display as a different color. I could not find one, so I decided to attempt to modify KuiNameplates to add this feature. I was able to successfully add "Target" to the config menu and the selected color does get applied to the target's nameplate: http://imgur.com/a/oKIUy However, there are a couple of problems: 1. The nameplate color will not update when it is no longer the current target. 2. If a nameplate already exists on the screen, selecting it as the current target will not update its color. The only way to have the target nameplate appear as the proper color is for you to already have the unit targeted before the game puts a nameplate on the screen. If you angle the camera right, it is actually possible to have 2 nameplates showing the color of the current target. Basically, the problem is that the nameplate colors do not update. I'm looking for some help because I basically have no clue what I'm doing. Kui_Nameplates has a lot of lua files contained in it and I assembled them into one document to make it easier to puzzle my way through this. Here is a link to the document: https://www.dropbox.com/s/nqp5e9hloto16w9/Kui_All_Lua_Files.txt?dl=0 Here is a link to the changes I made: https://www.dropbox.com/s/94e22ufry0nb0hz/Kui_Changes.txt?dl=0 Any help or advice would be appreciated. Thanks for reading.Poli2 Mar 10
Mar 10 Need weakaura help Hi all, I'm trying to make a weakaura(progress bar preferred) that upon combat start will countdown from a set time of 10 seconds and then upon reaching 0 will restart counting down this time from 30seconds and upon reaching 0 will loop back from 30 until combat ends. It's to simulate the Fel Beam mechanic on Krosus and I haven't got a clue how to do it.Viviàna1 Mar 10
Mar 10 Target macro help I've been searching around macro stuff but most of what I've found has been for healers or spell casting - not actually setting a target (which can be useful in certain situations when soloing, tanking, or pvp). In a macro: a) I want to target a players target if I have moused over a player with a target that's harmful and not dead b) otherwise, if I am mousing over an enemy that's hostile and not dead, I want that c) otherwise, I want to select the next enemy target This seems to work: /target [@targettarget,harm,nodead,exists] targettarget /target [harm,nodead,exists] mouseover /targetenemy [noharm][dead] But is there a better way to do this? I thought I'd see if there were any macro pro's that new a more efficient way to do it.Morphius8 Mar 10
Mar 10 A Removed Option When using the Settings>Interface>Display>Status Text dropdown to pick what displays over health and resource bars, there used to be another option that set those displays to mouse-over only (back in the pre-7.0 settings prune). Anyone know the CONSOLE and/or SET command that controls that?Levíathan4 Mar 10
Mar 9 How to Install Addons in Legion Beginners guide to Installing Addons, made easy :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8fGhxBKNJ2Q&t=2sZunit0 Mar 9
Mar 9 Addon which tracks interrupt durations Ever wondered how long an enemy you had just kicked was locked out? Or how long until your arena partner can cast again or if he was interrupted? Wonder no longer, InterruptAwareness by yours truly is out! Gif of the Addon in action: http://imgur.com/a/mc88G https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/interruptawarenessVenomgt0 Mar 9
Mar 9 Lost my weak aura/Elvui profiles im actually so frustrated right now so i kept getting ping lag on wow, but literally nothing else was lagging it was just wow, so i googled about it and an article said to rename your Interface WTF and Cache folders, and i did that and when i log on, all of my elvui and weak aura profiles are now deleted and i cant be asked to remake all of it, it took me literally a whole day to do it, and i have to do it again. and to add to that, i am still getting lag in wow. So not only did i lose all my addon profiles, i am also still getting dc'd from wow.Shamanam2 Mar 9
Mar 9 Combat macro HI, I needed a macro which 1) In combat, uses tricks of the trade on party 2 2) out of combat, uses distractEmphesys3 Mar 9