UI and Macro

Jan 1 Camera Issue Apologies, I've changed this post having had more time to study this issue. I seem to have developed a problem with my camera view but I've no idea how/what or how to fix it. When moving with the keyboard the camera movement seems to lag behind the character. So when I'm moving forward with W and press A to veer left I watch the character turn (so it's now sideways on to the camera) and then after a delay of a second or two, the camera turns to be once more behind the character. This is not what used to happen, the camera always smoothly followed behind the character which is what I want it to do. I've tried all the settings in Interface/Camera/Camera Following Style but none seem to change this behavoir. Has something changed in-game that Blizzard haven't announced, I sincerely hope not as I hate this new behavoir. Can anyone tell me what to change please? Edit: moving with the mouse seems to work perfectly, the camera turns following the character.Clink2 Jan 1
Jan 1 button changing out of combat hi, i wanted to know if theres any way to have a mcro or something that allows me to reply to whispers with the 'r' button while out of combat and have the 'r' button cats a spell while in combat. right now i've got it bound to a spell but its kind of annoying when im flying around and get a message then fall to my death after pressing r because it doesnt reply it just castsGooben10 Jan 1
Jan 1 dbm issue I hope i remember to check in on this: I've downloaded/updated dbm faithfully (ish) the problem is my Antorus mods have never loaded. I finally noticed it 3 weeks in and when i type "/dbm" to see if there is something specific to report or to click, there isn't even an Antorus drop down on the first screen. The folder is in the correct directory, but my client simply refuses to see it's there. Has this happened to anyone else? and if so how did you fix it? thanks.Renisha6 Jan 1
Jan 1 Macro to Show/Hide Action Bars Hello. I would like to create a macro (or series of macros) where I can click one button and it will show and hide all my action bars (which I have moved around with scripts/moveanything). /run if (MultiBarLeft:IsVisible()) then MultiBarLeft:Hide() MultiBarRight:Hide() else MultiBarLeft:Show() MultiBarRight:Show() type macros work, but I can't get them to hide the main action bar. I understand this type of thing can be accomplished with other addons, but I am looking for a default UI solution. Thanks!Jogab1 Jan 1
Jan 1 Where to get add-ons? I used to go to curse.com for my WoW add-ons but now when I go there they have some marketing page up and no content. If curse.com is no more than what is the best site for WoW add-ons now?Ito2 Jan 1
Jan 1 Mouseover macro not working I use the following macro for my dots, changing the spell name as needed(same on my balance druid): #showtooltip /cast [target=mouseover,harm,exists,nodead] Agony; Agony I'm having an issue getting the macros for Agony and Corruption to work. It will say that I don't have a target, yet I use the same macro for Siphon Life and it works just fine. It works on Doom, Immolate, Havoc, and for other warlocks in my guild. I don't think it's a UI issue because I've tested it with disabled addons and still no luck. Any ideas?Softbody5 Jan 1
Jan 1 Macro and Clique I am trying to set up a macro with clique to cast thunder focus tea and cast vivify at the same time and bind it to mouse button 4. The macro works, but whenever I click mouse button 4 on another player in my raid UI (using grid) the macro always gets cast on me, no matter who I click on. I am using the standard wow macros /cast Thunder Focus Tea /cast Vivify Anyone know why this is happening?Keriuss1 Jan 1
Jan 1 Trouble creating my first addon So I am very particular about how my UI looks and I use a series of scripts every time I log in to make it the way I like. I got tired of clicking all the macros so often I decided to try an make an addon that bundles them all together so I wouldn't have to do anything when I log in. The issue is I have no knowledge of lua or creating wow addons so when I put all my scripts into the lua file the addon doesn't work. Only when I have one script in the file does it work, adding two or more breaks it. This is what my lua file looks like: MainMenuBarLeftEndCap:Hide(); MainMenuBarRightEndCap:Hide() local b=ArtifactWatchBar b:UnregisterAllEvents() b:Hide() b.Show=b.Hide for i = 1, 12 do _G["MultiBarBottomLeftButton"..i.."HotKey"]:SetAlpha(0) end for i = 1, 12 do _G["MultiBarBottomRightButton"..i.."HotKey"]:SetAlpha(0) end for i = 1, 12 do _G["ActionButton"..i.."HotKey"]:SetAlpha(0) end for i = 1, 12 do _G["MultiBarRightButton"..i.."HotKey"]:SetAlpha(0) end for i = 1, 12 do _G["MultiBarRight2Button"..i.."HotKey"]:SetAlpha(0) end The first bit will remove the gryphons and artifact knowledge bar from my action bars. The second part removes the keybind icons on all my spells. Running this works as intended but where I'm stumped is when I try to add another script into the mix. If I were to add a script that removes the macro names on spells in addition to what I have, nothing in the addon works. Like this: MainMenuBarLeftEndCap:Hide(); MainMenuBarRightEndCap:Hide() local b=ArtifactWatchBar b:UnregisterAllEvents() b:Hide() b.Show=b.Hide for i = 1, 12 do _G["MultiBarBottomLeftButton"..i.."HotKey"]:SetAlpha(0) end for i = 1, 12 do _G["MultiBarBottomRightButton"..i.."HotKey"]:SetAlpha(0) end for i = 1, 12 do _G["ActionButton"..i.."HotKey"]:SetAlpha(0) end for i = 1, 12 do _G["MultiBarRightButton"..i.."HotKey"]:SetAlpha(0) end for i = 1, 12 do _G["MultiBarRight2Button"..i.."HotKey"]:SetAlpha(0) end for i = 1, 12 do _G["ActionButton"..i.."Name"]:Hide() end for i = 1, 12 do _G["MultiBarBottomLeftButton"..i.."Name"]:Hide() end for i = 1, 12 do _G["MultiBarBottomRightButton"..i.."Name"]:Hide() end for i = 1, 12 do _G["MultiBarRightButton"..i.."Name"]:Hide() end for i = 1, 12 do _G["MultiBarRight2Button"..i.."Name"]:Hide() end At the moment I am forced to choose between removing the macro names or keybinds, when I have both in the addon nothing works but having only one or the other works as intended. There are many other scripts I would like to add as well and I have experienced the same issue. One thing I found interesting is none of them conflict with the script that removes the gryphons on the side. If any one took the time to read through all this I appreciate it and if you have any input please let me know I would love to learn how to fix this.Saucy11 Jan 1
Jan 1 Need macro help I have this macro that use to work great, now its not working at all, anyone have any tips? Thanks! #showtooltip Mind Freeze /cast [mod] Mind Freeze /cast [@mouseover, exists][@focus, exists][] Mind FreezeTricepp8 Jan 1
Jan 1 How can you check your latency? I'm looking for a way to check my latency without using the micro menu. I disable the menu just to get rid of things I don't use. The only thing I need of that thing is the help icon that shows your latency. So is there any other way to check your latency without having that enabled? Or is there some way I could keybind the menu so I could have quick way of enabling and disabling it?Raviolis7 Jan 1
Jan 1 Need Help with @cursor and Nochanneling macro Need help making Macro that will cast Shadow crash at cursor but also not clip my void torrent any help would be appreciated.Atarijones4 Jan 1
Jan 1 Macro for DoTs I currently have the following macro: /cast [@target] Corruption; Agony What I want it to do is: Cast Corruption, then cast Agony (but cast agony if already affected by Corruption) I have been searching for ages, and I can't find anything which can do this. Is it possible?Carby4 Jan 1
Jan 1 Item comparison cycling (on the tooltip) So, I have a bit of a quandary here. Normally when an item that can be equipped is hovered over, it displays the tooltip for said item. On clicking shift or some other key that has been set, the tooltip will compare that very same item to the currently equipped corresponding piece of gear. For some reason, my tooltip is constantly comparing every single piece of gear to what I'm currently wearing WITHOUT pressing any keys. (all the time) this is very frustrating as having a large portion of the screen covered with comparison tooltips I don't care about when I'm trying to clean up my bags, sell vendor greens etc.. is pretty disruptive I've enabled/disabled all my addons, tried rebinding the key under misc. keybinds in the game menu, all to no avail!! how can I fix this??Displeasure8 Jan 1
Dec 31 Addon for language translation?? So ive recently notcied that in my random dungeon groups there are more and more people that either dont speak english or choose not to speak it and they speak in their native language (what ever that may be). I was just wondering if anyone knew of any addons that could help with language translation cause it gets pretty irritating when your tryin to tell someone how to do a boss and the only response you get is "Que". So any help would be awesome.Minimang19 Dec 31
Dec 31 Shift Mod macro wont work trying to figure out why my shift mod macro fro hex wont work. /cast [mod:shift,target=focus] hex; hex casting hex on my current target works but holding shift will not cast it at the focus have tried a bunch of different ways for writing the macro and current target always works but the mod will not. any ideas?Felixs3 Dec 31
Dec 31 I want role icons for Vuhdo Originally my role icons only appeared on this toon's vuhdo. I wanted them on all my healers but in the process I managed to make them disappear altogether. I've read the posts and I have role icons clicked (under advanced --> indicators --> special dots) for all my toons but they don't appear on any of them. I've tried it in all settings (alone, party, and raid) but they're just gone. I would prefer to see it on my vuhdo no matter what setting I'm in. Any one have any suggestions as to why they won't show? Thanks for your help.Kowpow18 Dec 31
Dec 31 Leaving first person view - newbie Before the Cataclysm update I was playing in third person view. When I logged back in after the update I was in first person view. I didn't know how to change the view. Changing the camera settings did nothing. I finally found an article called "What do I do if I cannot see my character?" in the In-Game Support area of Blizzard.com. The solution was to use the scroll wheel on my mouse to zoom out until my character appeared. Based on a Google search of "first person view world of warcraft" a lot of people have the same question.Dedwarmo7 Dec 31
Dec 31 Personal Resource Display out of combat. I'm looking for an addon or a script that will make the Personal Resource Display show outside of combat.Sindred2 Dec 31
Dec 31 SimCraft and Sephuz's Secret When using SimulationCraft, does it assume perfect procs of Sephuz's? If so, is there a way to weigh only the stats? SimCraft makes this legendary seem a bit too potent in my tests, considering the proc only works on some bosses... Thank.Barash4 Dec 31
Dec 31 Default Nameplate Combo Points Bigger. I'm looking for a script or addon that will make the default nameplate combo points display bigger.Sindred0 Dec 31
Dec 30 Tell me when Hi everyone, I wanna know if its possible to track a buff timer and make the icon visible when that buff is under X sec. i.e. I wanna track flametongue on me and make the icon 50% visible when < 3 sec and 100% when the buff is gone. i want to anticipate it in my rotation. thank youWargat0 Dec 30
Dec 30 WeakAura's causing Lua error (SOLVED) I am having an issue with WeakAuras it would seem. Once I enter combat I start getting the same error non stop until I log out. So whatever is causing it is happening on combat initialization. Below is the Lua error log: ...Lythronax4 Dec 30
Dec 30 Targer NPC By Type Is it possible to create a macro that targets a friendly NPC by type? Specifically I want to create a flavour macro that casts my Hearthstone, then automatically targets the Innkeeper and bows If not, are there any mods that would enable this?Analorn3 Dec 30
Dec 30 World Quest Pop-up Text Boxes How do I never, ever see these again? In fact, I'd love to never see ANYTHING pop-up over my character. No "Stunned (countdown)", etc. I know some of this must be possible, because there are addons which offer alternate looks for these notifications. But I don't want an alternate version. I want them gone. The worst thing about the WQ pop-up is, it's not click-through! If you're using your mouse to steer, you briefly lose the ability to navigate, when this *!@# pops up. What the hell were they thinking? It's like a Dev jabs a finger in my eye every time I accidentally fly too near a WQ point. I'd settle for this crap popping up someplace other than right in the center of my screen, if they can't be done away with entirely.. Any advice?Runemauler3 Dec 30
Dec 30 Lightforged Warframe Timer? Wanted a large icon in the game field to track the uptime (yeah, I know it displays up at the top of the screen on a small icon, I want it larger and much more in my immediate field of view) of my Lightforged Warframe on Argus. Use TellMeWhen. Got the icon to appear, but it displays no (duration) timer, yes Omni is installed and all my other various timers work just fine. Remembered a while back some things did not get picked up and tracked by Omni, so there was a syntax to force a time to be shown for a known duration. What I remember is adding something like ":45" to the end of it's name in the TMW edit pane. I know that one does NOT work, so maybe I have something wrong in the syntax (the item, when called, has a 45 second duration)? OR is there another way to convince TMW to show a duration for this event...Brightbrown11 Dec 30
Dec 30 Omnicc Alternative? I apologize if this question has been asked a lot of times, but is there an alternative to OmniCC addon that shows CD numbers on your keybinds? Thank you in advance.Kanael7 Dec 30
Dec 30 Warning: Casuals won't get invite to M+ Raider.IO just launched their new addon to filter and exclude casuals from getting invite to Mythic Plus. If your M+ rating is bellow 2k forget it you won't get invite anymore. http://www.wowhead.com/news=274367/raider-io-launches-mythic-plus-addonBamboo185 Dec 30
Dec 30 Weak Aura hide when target is dead **This is for a fire mage, not the character I'm posting on, if that matters** Hello all. I'm running a WA that triggers when the enemy hits 30% hp. That part works fine. But I'd like it to hide once the enemy is dead, and that part I seem to have issues with. I did have a second trigger that should only have the WA active when the target is attackable, which should exclude dead targets, but that doesn't seem to be working. Here's the WA I'm currently using, if anyone can help me add a "target must be alive" condition; d0cDdaGAvQ0UuPQxlQu7tLcZMKBkQ42IYoPO2lSBI(jb0Wiq9BbdxfhuLkoMkzHIKftrwoINQ8yc9CHMkvnzQ00LUmQRtQdJ0FPInlISDrQNraoVOQPPsjFxe1Pv1YiiJMsFte6KIk5wQu01iOUNiyEeiFMcJtLsnUGhldZfZfEmQy)0SN8ggmjNGldZ38sWyL8ggmbEmDKDOMIbIPCcUmsHPJSJw(fPWA(dJflT6iMoYowMQQfMW0sonllgv3aMLPQADchMqBGGjiSdtezzTmvvlMaUW0YVyLsm4IfTHKfOelAdjlq5De7NMX0r25Werwwltv1IuyhMiYYAzQQwNWHj0giyccfZYVHTWCIcJPcux4XkvXYke8yzAvF4rrXkvXYcpwMw1hEuum3pPKErTQ5HhltR6dpkkgHkYWJLPv9HhffJeum8yzAvF4rrXoPpLQyzHhltR6dpkk2lnib9bESmTQp8OOyjrf7hKWJLPv9Hhffftll5nmyc8y6i7yzQQwKcZYuvToHdtOnqWUrcy6i7qnfdet5eCzKctl)IvkXGlMLPQAXUW0r2rl)Iuy6i7CyIilRLPQAHjSdtezzTmvvRt4WeAdeSesa7Werwwltv1Ijyum3pExTuSFAgJQuye24dsF(dJ9IbjMuN5jVHbtIW8fwYVBTWCIcJr1natyVl2ederlg1197hKuLtjVHbtIWJI9YVoXsjLDH5lm3pEu085smiH5lbi8TfkrmQ8ZO9ds4XILsk8yhch5IfTKxMBuSm6lHh7q4ixSJwfzSM)Wyhch5IIIIfXe6EHV)clnmFDlHUqbaVertigineux3 Dec 30
Dec 30 Q: Target Dead macro for Corpse Explosion Looking for a solution for a novelty idea which is based on a regular target cycle macro. On each press of the macro, I'd like to it cycle to the next dead target and cast Corpse Explosion.Roçkford1 Dec 30
Dec 30 addon help - keybindings Hey guys, I was looking into making an addon that would help drill you with your keybindings. To start with, im just trying to create a lockout so that you dont use your abilities. I was trying to do this with saveBinding and loadBinding, so that you can clear the keybindings you dont want to use. Does anyone know how to start with this? How do i properly use SaveBinding and LoadBinding.Eastwind1 Dec 30
Dec 30 Recount, can someone help? My recount used to reset its self automatically when a fight has ended or a new one began and it just recently stopped doing that. I have thumbed through the settings and I cant seem to find the problem (or im over looking it) I have to try and remember to reset it myself after every fight has ended and if i dont then its off by A LOT, not at all accurate.Shealynn6 Dec 30
Dec 29 Enemy Name Problem Before I say anything, keep in mind I use TIDYPLATES for my Enemy Names. http://prntscr.com/htouyp I would like for the transparent (the one that is red beneath the white name and is very hard to see) enemy name to disappear, and I'm not sure what setting I need to change to do so. I have been trying for three hours to make it go away. Shutting off Blizzard nameplates from Interface doesn't work, seeing as it just shuts off Tidyplates' Enemy Names as well. Any input would be appreciated. I will be responding to some replies that offer assistance. Don't forget to check back. Thanks for any assistance that is provided.Sanguinius5 Dec 29
Dec 29 How to get map to show coordinates Can someone please show me how to get the map to show coordinates? ThanksSnowfeather35 Dec 29
Dec 29 Disabling Elvui Name Plates for Diablo Orbs Hi, Trying to disable Elvui unit frame for Diablo Orbs, but every time I do the cast bar goes as well. Is there a way to keep the cast bar but toss the unit frame?Tikix3 Dec 29
Dec 29 Cant see debuffs on enemy nameplates After trying LUI with Bartender this happened, i asked Support but they recommended me to ask here. This is the problem: http://i.imgur.com/dZpaVzq.jpg i tried deleting cache, wtf and interface but nothing worked.Ardeen1 Dec 29
Dec 29 Replacement for reciperadar? Pardon but I haven't been playing for the better part of a year until a couple of weeks ago (Rather fond of this spec bliz). RecipeRadar stopped updating at about 3.2 (Build of WoW, not the mod). That, of course, makes it largely useless now. Is there any current (Cataclysm) mod that simply marks on the map where recipes are? Not looking for (Don't want actually) anything fancy. Just a mark on the map with relevant information such as skill requirement or reputation. The same thing for pets and mounts would be awesome as well, just from a casual collector standpoint. Now to find where to get one of those plastic ottomans that come in a pizza box. Maybe that'll get this hat above eye level.Kouhii5 Dec 29
Dec 29 PSA: Dec 22 WeakAuras issues (resolved) UPDATE: Weakauras just released an update to fix this specific issue. For those that use WeakAuras there is a new field for the Trigger Aura commonly used to track if a buff or debuff is on called "ShowOn". If you have existing WeakAuras this new field will default to "Always" resulting in your Aura showing even when the Buff/Debuff isn't applied. Edit: Doesn't seem to happen to every trigger but to many of mine. Not sure why some were changed to Always and others weren't. Downgrading to an earlier release may not be an option. It seems the new release changes data on many auras and the result is not backwards compatible.Tinkerizmo8 Dec 29
Dec 29 How do edit Tidyplates status text color? How do you change Tidyplates status text color? I'm referring to the Health amount or % number color. Anyone please help?Fredlovedone0 Dec 29
Dec 29 Crafting/trading addon Hi folks, Some friends of mine and I are working on an addon project, and we're looking for some feedback from other players. Our addon stores and manages information on who is crafting or selling items on each server, and who is looking to buy or have them crafted. The addon "syncs" with our website, which can also be used to find players who want to craft/trade with you. Using it lets you avoid auction house fees, including the percentage "tax" for all transactions and the deposit (since it costs nothing to list that you want to sell something via the website/addon). People already do this in trade chat, but with this, your potential audience wouldn't be limited to people who are online, in a city, and not busy or distracted at the moment. My question for you all - is this something you'd be interested in using, assuming it gets the necessary traction? If so, how would you use it, and is there anything you'd absolutely want it to be able to do? If not, then why not? Is there something that could work differently so that you might find it more useful? Thanks NasbroNasbro3 Dec 29
Dec 29 Missing Self/Target Frames I was redoing my holy priest's UI (a failed experiment, but that's another story) and ended up using a lot of addons. Once I realized how crowded my screen looked, I scaled back to a more minimalistic setup, but my stock self and target frames are gone! The rest of my party frames are perfectly intact, though... During the remodel, I used the following addons: Stuf Unit Frames (for target and target of target frames only) Grid (for self and party frames, in addition to stock self and party frames) Bartender4 KGPanels (with custom scripting for panels that would only appear if I had a target) ...and a few other things that wouldn't make a difference. What I use currently: Grid (correctly displaying self and party frames, but stock self frame does not appear, only stock party frames) KGPanels (without any scripting) ...and a few other things that don't make a difference. I've even tried completely disabling all addons, but my self and target frames still aren't there. They appear correctly on all of my other characters. Short of deleting my addon directory, does anyone know how to fix this? Thank you!Yldruim20 Dec 29
Dec 29 Console commands to fix resource bar? It bothers me when my resource bar doesn't act instantly and displays the information in a hand-holding sort of way. Instead of instantly showing that I gained runic power, it shows the runic power in a white color before filling up in the normal blue color. https://i.imgur.com/bthjMBn.jpg https://i.imgur.com/Lp278aD.jpg When my rogue is in combat and full on energy, the bar glows at the end. When my paladin casts a heal, the bar shows how much mana the heal will cost before the cast is complete. https://i.imgur.com/w1udW7v.jpg https://i.imgur.com/0ufgrQP.jpg Is there a way to disable all of this "smart" resource bar stuff? I believe a lot of it was added in Legion and I find it distracting.Hafleur3 Dec 29
Dec 29 Macro conditionals for talent tiers I understand it's possible to make a macro that uses whatever talent you have selected in a tier but I also came across a reddit post from a few years back that had some interesting information. In this post, it stated that certain tiers of talents had a general spell associated the entire tier ... I recently tested this on a few characters and noticed some no longer work or activate different talent tiers. For example, my main, my paladin, "/cast" or "/use Weapons of the Light" no longer works for any spec, but if i were to log over to my druid and type "/use Nature's Control" it would cast whatever spell I have talente in tier60, for resto it would cast Mighty Bash/Mass entanglement/Typhoon depending on what I had talented, but "/use Ursol's Power" no longer works. Does anyone have a list of working general spells?Socomm2 Dec 29
Dec 29 WeakAura trigger when a buff is not applied Specifically, I want a WA that only triggers when I don't have Lifebloom applied to anyone. The way I thought to do this was to make an Aura trigger with Aura Name "Lifebloom" on Unit "Multi-target" with the "Own Only" and "Inverse" boxes checked. The inverse checkbox seems to have been removed, or at least it is not an option for the example above. Is there any other way to invert a trigger? Without being able to invert a trigger, I can't think of any way to make this WA. Any suggestions? EDIT: I figured out a way to do this. See my last reply in this thread for the WA import string.Bolls3 Dec 29
Dec 29 Razer Chroma WOW Setup A while back I made a Razer Chroma setup for WOW and I thought I'd go ahead and share it for any other Chroma keyboard users. Keep in mind I have changed a few keys around on here, but for the most part everything is set to the default binds. Green - Combat Red - Movement (I have E changed to autorun) Orange - User Interface Pink - Miscellaneous Download: http://puu.sh/yPKdc/f8e7083418.RazerSynapse Video of the keyboard: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hu09TFgEfEAFloramara0 Dec 29
Dec 28 Strange KB modifier Issue I've had [mod:alt] macros that worked for a very long time. As of yesterday I noticed my Alt+F6 and Alt+F7 macros not working. I'm using a Naga, and through Synaspse I have F6 bound to mouse wheel left, and F7 mouse wheel right. The macros trigger the non modified spells just fine with any other keybind (like Alt+0-9). I know the macro is still correct because if I remove the static #showtooltip spell (to where the spell icon will switch when I hold the modifier, then click the macro on the bar it works.... I don't know whats changed, I still have F6 bound to MWL and F7 MWR. Also if I hold alt and then click F6 or F7 it will not trigger either. Can anyone explain how/why? Or atleast help reslove the issue? EDIT: Oh i forgot to add I tried just using Bartender to KB Alt+F6 and Alt+F7 and just take the macros out of the situation but for some reason WoW isn't regestering Alt + fuction keysAlanis10 Dec 28
Dec 28 Death knight AOE one button. Trying to get something to work. /cast [@player] Death and Decay will cast death and decay at my feet. Which is perfect.. its the anti consecration. it has a bit of a cool down /cast Heart Strike casts heart strike. I would like to make something that will cast D&D if it is available first. Then cast heart strike if D&D is still on cool down. Could use a hand.. Could i just castrandom? and jam the button? /cast sequence?Manywhelps3 Dec 28
Dec 28 Add-On to track every loot I get and source? I would love to make my own add-on for this but I have no idea how to even start, so I am hoping there is one. If I kill a raptor in wetlands and loot it, is there a way to record that somewhere and maybe write it out to a log file or allow extraction to a spreadsheet or even an in game list like TSM accounting can do for sales and expenses? I don't know if it is has a lot of use but it would be interesting to track all of that per kill.Nightwalker5 Dec 28
Dec 28 MoveAnything/Lui help So I have LUI as my main UI and MoveAnything to of course move anything. One, for some reason while in raids I don't have a raid frame so I have to manually turn on and off raid frames with /lui which is annoying. If there is any way to fix this please let me know, I use Clique to macro heals. On top of that, the repair guy that you usually see below the map is covered so i am trying to move him with MoveAnything and I just don't see an option for that. If anyone has a fix that would be amazing.Dunora1 Dec 28
Dec 28 VUHDO HELP I don't even know if this is in the right topic but i need some advice from an other VUHDO Users. I broke my vuhdo on accident, somehow it is only broken on one character. There is no icon or any panel i can see anymore even my vuhdo raid frame disappeared. The last thing i recall doing was resetting the keybindings for a different spec on the character before i became occupied with something else and had to quite messing around with it. Is there some easy fix i'm completely obvlivious to? and no "vuhdo opt" does not work.Hèstiå7 Dec 28
Dec 28 What's Next? - A rotation assistance addon I've completely revamped the UI for 'What's Next?' and would appreciate any feedback! What's Next? takes a list of abilities in the player's rotation along with a set of condition for each and in real-time during combat it analyzes the abilities and conditions to suggest actions to the player. https://www.curseforge.com/wow/addons/whatsnext https://youtu.be/HMNQoO5SFzkStrucker10 Dec 28