UI and Macro

Jul 5 WeakAuras and Smoldering Heart I'm trying to get WeakAuras working with the Ascendance Proc with Smoldering Heart. When I use the normal Ascendance, it will show. Just won't show if I get it via Smoldering Heart. I've also gone through all the spell ids. Anyone know what I can do?Erixi0 Jul 5
Jul 5 Addon for parse percentages? Im looking to improve my performance in raids, i wonder is there a way to view the parse performance percentage in game?Conaria3 Jul 5
Jul 5 Customize the proc notifications Most classes have some proc notifications around the character (left, top, and right). I was wondering if there are any addons that let you modify or override how those are used.Root2 Jul 5
Jul 5 Download icon? I want to copy the icon used here (the picture to the left of Tchalla), so I can use it as my icon in another forum. Is there a way to copy it? I right-click on the picture and look at all the options, but I don't see one. Most pictures on websites, when I right-click them, include a "save image" option. This doesn't.Tchalla4 Jul 5
Jul 5 Curse or wowinterface? which is more reliable Hey everybody, Its been over a year since i've used addons. I want to make sure that those sites are still reliable (no malware, keyloggers or suspicous ad banners). The one i used to go to for addons was curse.com but i think they've changed their site? its like mods.curse.com now it looks like. What about wowinterface? i dont think i've ever used them. They pretty reliable? I'm just looking for a few addons that are not resource hogs. Bartender, Skada, Omen and DBM i'm guessing are still being used. I used to use Pitbull for unit frames but this time around i just want to replace the player, player target, ToT, focus and focus target frames with Pitbull (or whatever else you guys can suggest). I want to get rid of the default hp/resource bar under our feet but i'll still be using the default party/raid frames. Trying to decide what i want to use for CD and proc tracking though. Either weakauras or another one that i used to use which i cant remember the name of. I could make custom bars with it that could track cooldowns and it would fill or empty depending on the setting. Could put text, timers, adjust length and width and i could put multiple bars.Illidani2 Jul 5
Jul 5 Settings to save for xfer? What settings should I save to carry on my UI and Macros to a different server?Seen3 Jul 5
Jul 5 @player and talent macro The 2nd half of this doesn't work, I just want it to cast feather at my feet with that talent and shield myself when I have body and soul that talent /cast [@player] [talent:2/1] Angelic Feather; [talent:2/2] Power Word: ShieldSoulyouth4 Jul 5
Jul 5 Macro issue #showtooltip /cast [mod:shift]Mass Dispel;[@mouseover]Power Word: Shield;Power Word: Shield; That won't cast on myself when I don't have a target. The intention is that if I mouseover a friendly it'll cast it on them by priority, but if I have an enemy target or no target it'll cast on myself.Rheusaw1 Jul 5
Jul 4 zperl -AGGRO- message Isn't there a way to make the AGGRO message on the screen bigger? If so how because I forgot. Thanks.Hereticdruid1 Jul 4
Jul 4 Copy keybindings from on toon to another So i have on character that I have keybindings separate from some other toons and I'm wanting to copy those over to a new character. The one I'm wanting to copy from has the "only for this character" selected. I don't want to unselect that since I only use this keybinding type for specific types of characters.Hamask2 Jul 4
Jul 4 xperl -AGGRO- message I either have an addon or setting that causes -aggro- to appear in red whenever a pet attacks me in pvp, and then turns green when they stop, showing green for roughly 2 seconds. I have went through the in game interface and turned off the aggro warning but it still appears there, so it must be an addon... Addons I use: Bartender DBM Icehud Xperl unit frames Tidy Plates GladiatorlosSA MikScrollingBattleText Quartz OmniCC ForteXorcistImascarydk6 Jul 4
Jul 4 BRW WA I have 3 separate WA's that will show if Blighted Rune Weapon is up, it's cd and how many stacks are left on it. I made 2 triggers for the CD WA, an inverse aura for BRW, and then a second cooldown prog (spell) status for BRW, but it made the CD icon a question mark. Spell is typed in right for both.Danksunny2 Jul 4
Jul 4 NPC Chat window turn off? NPC talk comes in 3 ways; 1. Voice 2. In chat box (with all other) and 3. In a large centrally located rectangle Is there a way to turn off the large loot-covering rectangle from ever showing up?Draconius5 Jul 4
Jul 4 Weak Auras + Bartender 4 bug? So, ever since I downloaded WeakAuras 2, I have had times where my CD timers are not showing up at all, but unsure if it is because i'm using it in conjunction with Bartender 4. never had an issue with Bartender 4 causing this. again, only started when I started using WeakAuras 2. has anyone else had this issue?Onedrunkmonk10 Jul 4
Jul 4 warcraft logs character import issue I'm having an issue with warcraft logs, when I click the "click here" button to import my characters from Battle.net, it seems do just do a loop, I never get further. I am signed into Battlenet, and Warcraft logs has my correct battletag... i'm becoming frustrated.. can some one offer a solution?Glorfinda2 Jul 4
Jul 4 Elvui option issue? whenever i right click on my name for like say leave party reset instance ect the font is super tiny. When i right click for options in my friends list its half way cut off at the bottom of my screen in my left chat panel. Any thoughts?Ösiris1 Jul 4
Jul 4 Quest NPC question So I'm not sure if something has changed and googling seems to show old info that I can't seem to get to work either. So I don't play with nameplates enabled generally and before, quest NPCs if they dropped something, or I had to kill them would show their name over their head. Now, that still seems to be the case if I have to kill the NPC, but if he drops a quest item, he doesn't have a name over his head. Is there anyway to get this back to having an NPC related to a quest have his name showing regardless if it's a drop or kill or whatever other scenario? It's only been a few months since I played last and I don't remember this being different, but I got a new PC so I have to re-do all my UI and addons over again. The only addon I have atm is the base ElvUI install and skada.Swineflew6 Jul 4
Jul 4 Global UI Font Smaller ONLY on one server Hello friends, I have a very strange problem which I can't figure out and I doubt anyone here can either, but I'm desperate so I'm going to give it a shot. I just server xfered, and upon xfering my global font size is smaller ONLY on the realm I xfered to. If I create a new character on that new realm, even without addons, I have the same problem. Every other realm, the windows are normal and I don't have to squint. Ex: http://imgur.com/a/nGQ9q Any ideas? Please don't suggest UI scaling.Grummx3 Jul 4
Jul 4 Default UI Vehicle Keybind Issue TLDR - I found Ro's Post from 2014 and can't get the addon to work. Tried to redo it 5 times and it just doesn't seem to be working.(https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/13509080801) I rebound my action bar 1 to different binds and now the vehicle is useless. Please help! (I would rather not use "icon"/empty macros but its possible...just kind of a pain lol) Thanks in advance!Larryfine1 Jul 4
Jul 4 Focus Target Appears to be broken When I use the following simple macro to interrupt the spell on my focus target, it does not work. #showtooltip Skull Bash /cast [@focus] Skull Bash Or #showtooltip Skull Bash /cast [@focus,harm,nodead][]Skull Bash I have copied similar macros from the forums to try and resolve the issue. No matter what mobs I test this on, it will not work, I always interrupt my current target. I turned off my Pitbull unit frames just to be sure and get the same results. My wife states that her raid guild has asked about this due to some fel explosive orb mechanics in Mythic+. But I can't find on the forums where anyone is addressing this. Am I missing where this has been turned off? And if so, why would you destroy the usefulness of an entire section?Jaydys7 Jul 4
Jul 4 Blizzard image permissions I was wanting to put some Bliz imagery on my website when I realized that it might not be legal. But then, I thought, WoWhead and many more seem to be doing it. So, what is the word, forums?Argig1 Jul 4
Jul 4 Can you restrict range on Nameplates? As Affliction I don't use any mods to track dots I simply watch the nameplates and use mouseover macro, however I found myself really struggling this week in M+ with teeming and explosive. In certain camera angles name plates for current pack would overlap with namelates of mobs far in the distance. I currently use TidyPlates but would be Okay with either going to default UI or some other Nameplate mod.Jakub2 Jul 4
Jul 3 Spells Is Being Cast On You So basically I am trying to find an add for PVP on that will alert me when I detects a spell being cast on me so I can utilize some of my abilities like Spell Reflect on Warrior mainly. I downloaded TMW and would like some instruction on how to set this up. It's hard to test out for an exsample when Cyclone is being cast on you for instance. If anyone has any other suggestions please let me know.Bambäm3 Jul 3
Jul 3 Get Target/NPC Position! Hey guys! It's me again, is there a way to get target or npc map position?Nuoli3 Jul 3
Jul 3 Extra Action Button disappears during fight Hey I use ElvUI - I have my extra action button set to appear on screen. During the Demonic Inquisiton fight in Tomb of Sargeras it appears as it's supposed to. But after I use it to go the room with the Confess add the button disappears. Has anyone seen or heard of anything like this?Amandiel1 Jul 3
Jul 3 MoveAnything question Hey all, Using MoveAnything, how do I make the newer NPC dialogue box move? What section is it under? For the life of me, I can't find it. I'm talking about the one where it opens up a new, large window in the middle of the bottom of the screen, the character's head moves, and you can read the dialogue. Thanks!Aitora1 Jul 3
Jul 3 7.2 Changes to Friendly Nameplates Just for addon developers information in case you missed it: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20753425442#post-1 ... My response to that post is here: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20753425442?page=13#post-255 As a code smith I have to wonder who does the hiring in HR and what their criteria are for filling code writing positions at Blizzard. You see in the real world, if you introduce an API you generally know what is in said API. Once you have PUBLISHED said API to the public the rule is you do not then BREAK that API. Object Oriented Programming Rule 1 page 1 of the OOP Guide to Standards is: Once published an interface (thats the 'I' in API folks) may not have its signature altered in a manner that prevents code that prior to that change could consume and interact with that interface. TL;DR: Don't Break The Interface. Again let us be clear distinct accurate and transparent: DON'T BREAK THE INTERFACE. I'm going to give an example of an interface and what I mean by breaking the interface at this point so that everyone understands what we are talking about here. First the interface: interface IFoo { void Bar(); void Baz(); } This is the existing code before the change. This is the existing code AFTER the change. interface IFooBase { void Bar(); } interface IFoo : IFooBase { void Baz(); } This is an example of client code broken at the Source Level: class Foo : IFoo { void IFoo.Bar() { ... } void IFoo.Baz() { ... } } This is an example of client code broken at the Binary Level: (new Foo()).Bar(); It doesn't matter a single solitary bit that you wish to deter the use of third party client code to alter the environment of this game. A decent codesmith with integrity who wishes to be able to work in the rest of the world should his programming position at Blizzard Entertainment end would take one look at the Functional Specification of this code requirement to break third party code consumption of public interfaces and tell you to shove your job and your requirement where the sun don't shine because it immediately degrades any hope of obtaining a programming position in shops where breaking of public interfaces is treated as a mortal sin (and that is 99.9% of all other shops). Lets review what breaking public interfaces does: Causes existing third party code that consumes the interface to either fail to compile or to change the output without changing the input Introduces the potential for corruption of the data stream by altering the downstream variables in a way that is non deterministic Introduces needless QA challenges to third party clients and to consumers who more than likely have legitimate reason to rely on those third parties to write code that your organization either cannot or will not write breaks trust with the consumer by degrading performance and reliability of third party programmers Why risk all of that nonsense by publishing an API and then reneging on the implied contract that you have entered into by making the API public. Would it not be better to simply not publish the API if you are simply going to dishonor that contract? I have provided my opinion on this change and to me it is a change for the worse. For those of you in the AddOn Developer Community what are your thoughts on this change?Xerituur16 Jul 3
Jul 3 Hidden frames There's hidden frames throught my UI that blocks anything it's on top of. I can't click through it nor see tooltips of units on the hidden frames. Anyone know how to find what the hidden frame is? is there an addon that shows all frames? I've got too many Addons to enable/disable them one by one.Goatstealer5 Jul 3
Jul 3 Write Code In File! Hello guys! Is there a way to write anything directly in lua file, from wow?Nuoli4 Jul 3
Jul 3 Get Player & Target Portrait Hey everyone, hdy?! Hey guys, how do i get player, target, e and pet portrait? I Could find just how to set what u want, not how to get the original. Edit: To use the texture on my addon.Nuoli2 Jul 3
Jul 3 Cooldown:SetUseCircularEdge() Does anyone know the signature for this? I've tried passing a boolean (and nothing) to it but it doesn't seem to actually do anything.Jesi5 Jul 3
Jul 3 Help me Loot-A-Rang macro Hello! i'm having difficulty making a macro. if the target is alive, i want to cast Shuriken Toss. if they are dead, i want to cast Loot-A-Rang, help me, please!!!Mojora4 Jul 3
Jul 3 You think you don't need this, but you do. Weak Aura code to add the "you died" animation from dark souls, along with correct fonts and sounds if you want them. I don't even play dark souls or like the games that much and think this is amazing. https://www.reddit.com/r/wow/comments/6jzsxp/my_most_important_weakaura/djjj5uu/ There's a video in the thread with sound if you don't know what it is.Yuugi1 Jul 3
Jul 3 Combat Ally button? I apparently moved it off screen, can't access any of the abilities my combat allies have/can't tell them to fall back. Where can I find the button again? Can't drag it from your followers to your screen. Please helpSpirithippie1 Jul 3
Jul 2 WA invalid spell ID Trying to make a WA bar for potion of prolonged power. Every time I put the spell ID in WA tells me its and invalid ID. No idea what it going on. I'm using the idea off the item in game. Is that one wrong or is something wrong with WA's?Hooiey1 Jul 2
Jul 2 Auction Chat Frame Is there a addon that would allow me to have a chat frame devoted to auction notifications (i.e. the ones that pop up in trade chat whenever a auction sells or expires)?Blamley11 Jul 2
Jul 2 Add-on question I was wondering if it would be against the terms of service to have an add-on check back to an external server to authenticate? So, if Guild A and Guild B share information between the guilds, the add-on would check back to the server to make sure the guild name was part of a list of approved guilds to join. If Guild C tried to join and had all of the information needed to, it wouldn't let information be shared because the server doesn't have their guild listed in that grouping. Spelling it out now, it doesn't seem like a good idea to implement but I am curious as to if it would break the ToS.Herunewar2 Jul 2
Jul 2 Need help finding UI package Hello everyone, Last time I played was during the launch of Cata. Now i'm back and trying to setup everything to my liking. I had a pretty solid UI package and unable to find it. Here's a screen shot from back in the day: http://imgur.com/a/YYJgo Any help is appreciated. Also i'm open to suggestions for new UI packagesTealavenger6 Jul 2
Jul 2 Help with a harm/help macro. Hello! I'm trying to get a macro with multiple conditions working that I'd like to use on my healers, mainly. The macro I have for now goes as follows: #showtooltip /use [@mouseover,harm,nodead][mod,@targettarget,harm,nodead][harm,nodead] Lightning Bolt /use [@mouseover,help,nodead][mod,@targettarget,help,nodead][help,nodead][] Healing Wave The idea is that I want to be able to heal my friendly target or mouseover, but then press Alt/Shift/Ctrl to deal damage to their target in off times, and vice versa if I'm targeting an enemy. With this however, the @targettarget block doesn't work at all, the icon/spell don't switch when pressing modifiers, and I have no idea why. Halp? :<Morna4 Jul 2
Jul 2 Simple Priest Macro Help Hey everyone I'm looking for a little help wit a macro I'm trying to get working . i would like a macro that casts Power Word: Shield , Rapture and then spams Power Word Shield for the 8 second duration of Rapture . i pretty much want to have a SUPER Shield defense for when I'm getting jumped in pvp lol . Can anyone help me ?Anahta3 Jul 2
Jul 2 Use Trinket 1, then Trinket 2? I have 2 on-use trinkets, and I want to make a macro for it to use one and then the next one when I hit the button again. ... Is what I have, but it doesn't work the way I want it to.Ninau4 Jul 2
Jul 2 weak auras hp delay? So i set up my UI with weak auras and absolutely love it. The only problem is that there is a significant delay between when i lose health and when my weak auras hp bar shows the health loss. I've replaced it with my old xperl hp bar in the meantime. It's only .2-.4 seconds of delay, but as a hardmode DK tank even that small delay is unacceptable. I really want to use the weak auras bar, so if anyone can help me with this i'd be very grateful. If it matters, i have the bar set up with the trigger being status-heath-player. I don't know if there is a better way or not, but that's how i did it.Reniat6 Jul 2
Jul 2 boss/elite nameplates wondering if anyone knows of addon that will change the nameplates of boss and elites, i use Kui nameplates right, and wanted to change the nameplates of just boss and elites to help separate them from regular mobs and addsKilzic0 Jul 2
Jul 2 Elvui Friendly player names If anyone is more familiar with elvui and has any advice on nameplates.. This is what my friendly names look like at the moment, before it was just green and not in weird elvui text and larger, trying to figure out how to make it look like it did before. (I have the latest version 10. something, I also don't remember trying to configure anything in elvui, it just changed on me. Thanks! This is what it looks like now: https://puu.sh/r2r5T/8fd4aad20b.jpg This is what I want it to look like: https://puu.sh/r2rhC/2a262835bd.jpgShazu2 Jul 2
Jul 2 LFG script to queue in specific group Hi! Just trying to find a script, that will registrate me in specific group in Looking for Group(LFG). For example - my friend made group in Arena - 3v3 with name "Hey, Alex". And I want to queue myself in that group just in 1 click, without opening wow interface. Thank you!Eatmeat1 Jul 2
Jul 2 WeakAura Texture? Hello, Recently I'm pretty sure Death Knights got completely new art for their runes. I have a WeakAura that tracks my runes and it's still using the old icons, an old WoW friend made it for me and I'm afraid I don't have contact with him anymore. I've used the console command to export the art into the WoW folder, but I can't seem to find the new rune icons. Where would I go about finding them? I can't even find the mmochamp update stating that we got the new rune icons at all, so I'm having a real rough time here. Thanks.Revali11 Jul 2
Jul 1 Resetting My Interface/Addons I messed around with the DBM settings before, and I cant seem to figure out how to get the voices to work again. Is there a way to just completely clear all the settings from scratch, and then redo it? I have selected to go back to the default settings on it, but that didn't work....at this point Im just looking to clean slate it all and go back to scratch. ThanksChazzwozzer6 Jul 1
Jul 1 RiP server hop Was fun while it lasted.Jeanemon0 Jul 1
Jul 1 Weak Aura for The Shambler for DK's? This is one of the artifact traits for the Unholy artifact weapon: The Shambler Requires Death Knight (Unholy) Approximately 1.5 procs per minute Your attacks have a chance to summon a Super Zombie that shambles forward and explodes, dealing (400% of Attack power) Shadow damage to nearby enemies. I was wondering if anybody knew how to track these little suicide bombers just like Shadow Priests do with their Shadow Apparitions? Thanks in advance.Shadowthor0 Jul 1
Jul 1 Discipline Priest - Penance Macro? So I'm trying to figure out a Macro for Penance. I typically target who I heal, and @targettarget from my allies with dps spells. So, if I have the tank targeted, I can heal/shield him, and when Atonements on said allies, I just use Smite with @targettarget while I have the party/raid member still selected. So, what I was thinking to do was for Penace (since it's back to helpful and harmful by default) is macro it to default @targettarget the enemy, but then if I hold ALT, it'll heal my targeted ally. ... Does this work or is there a better way to clean it up?Zayil4 Jul 1