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Oct 22 Showing PvP targets on minimap Is there an addon that will show your target highlighted on the minimap? I know you can do this for npcs with the default. Not sure if this can be done for players though.Wyspers2 Oct 22
Oct 21 Aspect of the Turtle Macro Looking for a cancelaura macro for Aspect of the Turtle. Now before anyone judges me I've tried the following macro and it doesn't work. /cast Aspect of the Turtle /cancelaura Aspect of the Turtle It is exactly the same as the deterrence macro and still nothing.Raquelly12 Oct 21
Oct 21 Use Rep Insignia macro I get a bunch of them from follower quests on all my alts and it would be nice to use them quickly. I have a macro to use my artifact power items that searches my bags w/ the IsArtifactPowerItem() function. Is there such a thing for Rep Insignias?Tegami5 Oct 21
Oct 21 An addon to change Exalted color Very minor, I know, but when you look at Exalted Rep on this site, or most sites, instead of the usual green (that everything Friendly and above uses), it's shown as a Blue, sometimes Bluish Green color. I'm simply looking for an addon that changes the Exalted color from the default green to something else, to make it stand out more. I'm not going to bother you with the numerous minor reasons for it. Paragon Reputations does something similar, but only works on Exalted reputations that you can Paragon. Does such an addon exist?Givemeloot2 Oct 21
Oct 21 Vuhdo Debuff Question Hey all, I've been trying to set up my VD to show all debuffs, including ones that are undispellable just so I can keep track of what everyone has. The only one that I don't want showing ever is the M+ debuff for deaths. Is there any way to exclude that one specifically? Thanks!Rainstorm0 Oct 21
Oct 21 Only show crit combat text I really dont care what my basic fireballs hit for and really only care about seeing crits for scrolling combat text. Is there an addon to only show crits?Xenò1 Oct 21
Oct 21 Bartender show/hide macro so i use the following macro to show/hide two groups in bartender. i want to apply the same macro to toggling the micro menu (as Bartender4 calls it.) Is this possible or does that specific bar follow a different set of rules. i am aware that BT4 does have a "custom conditionals" field for inputting text to achieve the same goal using a key bind? i think? i assume? i don't know the commands so... advice on either option would be the jam. Another option is OPIE. been trying to turn that into a micro-menu which would be rad, haven't quite cracked the code. so there you go. man. i wish i knew lua. /run local function t(n) Bartender4.Bar.barregistry[n]:SetVisibilityOption("always",not Bartender4.Bar.barregistry[n]:GetVisibilityOption("always")) end t("4") t("5")Ponymerks10 Oct 21
Oct 21 Raider.IO Launches Mythic Plus Addon Raider.IO has just launched their new Mythic Plus Addon which will show a player's Mythic+ Raider.IO Score on In-Game Tooltips. If you use the Group Finder for Mythic Plus, this addon can help you vet your applicants faster and get a link directly to their Raider.IO profile. The Addon will show the Raider.IO score on regular tooltips, applicants to a Group Finder group, the leader of a Group Finder group and more! Yay!!! Now I can start getting declined for mythic plus groups faster!Arithawn29 Oct 21
Oct 21 Player Tombstone Memorial WoWInterface Page: http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info24495-Memorialize.html Curse.com is stupid, so I moved the addon to WoWInterface Curse Page: https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/280333-memorialize I made a thread asking for Blizzard to add an interactive tombstone to the garrison where you can right-click to put down flowers and add your own message to the tombstone's tooltip, but I'm not holding my breath. I thought the Ray D. Tear tombstone was outside by the outhouse, but it looks like the rank 3 garrison has it inside a nice little graveyard within the garrison's walls. I decided I could work with that, so I made a very rough (pre-alpha) proof of concept addon that I'm going to post below. It has no features yet except to replace the tooltip text. I plan to flesh it out with more features over time, possibly adding right-click functionality to spawn emotes. I have no idea what features I may have time to add. To use this, make two files. One file must be named Memorialize.TOC and another must be named Memorialize.LUA. Paste the following in the respective text files. Put those files in a folder called Memorialize under World of Warcraft\Interface\Addons Memorialize.TOC ## Interface: 70300 ## Title: Memorialize ## Notes: Replaces the "Ray D. Tear" tombstone text with your own personalized memorial. ## Author: Cedric ## Version: 0.001 ## SavedVariablesPerCharacter: MemorializeMessage, MemorializeToggle Memorialize.LUA Memorialize.LUA if (MemorializeToggle == nil) then MemorializeToggle = true; end if (MemorializeMessage == nil) then MemorializeMessage = "R.I.P.\n\nVarian Wrynn\n\n2004-2016"; end local function ScanTooltip() if (MemorializeToggle) then if GameTooltip:NumLines() ~= 1 then return end local text = GameTooltipTextLeft1:GetText() if text:find("Ray D. Tear") then GameTooltip:SetText(MemorializeMessage); end end end GameTooltip:HookScript("OnTooltipSetDefaultAnchor", function(self) self:SetWidth(1) end) GameTooltip:HookScript("OnSizeChanged", ScanTooltip) I'll put this up on Curse and WoWInterface later this weekend after I've had a chance to polish it up a bit. If you like it, please let me know what you think. Right now, the default message is just for our departed king. If you want to change the text, just replace the text in the MemorializeMessage with something else: MemorializeMessage = "R.I.P.\n\nVarian Wrynn\n\n2004-2016"; \n means a new line. Be careful with any fancy characters because they could break the string if you don't properly escape them. I'll work on that to make it easier to modify. Right now, the only way to toggle it off or on is via the following command: /run MemorializeToggle = false; or /run MemorializeToggle = true; False turns it off while true turns it on. Since I didn't even put any event functions or slash handlers, you probably have to logout and back in for that to take effect. Still, it's something. If you've lost a friend in the game and want a way to remember them, you can use this barely functional addon until I can get it fixed up right.Cedric1 Oct 21
Oct 21 Friendly nameplates WTF???!? now I understand why blizzard did this because mythic guilds were abusing the nameplates using certain addons to coordinate effectively though it and cheese mechanics. alright.... so you hand me this pile of crap you call a nameplate to which i got no way to adjust, it blows up the ever living crap at of my screen. i understand you can hide it. ok well that sure as hell doesnt help me when i need to spot someone being targeted by a certain mechanic or i have to figure out where the person is that manage to get out of my range. I mean it isnt like my mastery isnt dependent on me being in close proximity to the people i need to heal, or i have a frontal cone heal that will only hit a small amount of people. I had a simple addon called kui nameplates and it allowed my to minimize peoples hp bars to a small display of their name easy to see easy to tell if they were hurt, easy to to target them and spot them in a raid group. please find a way around the friendly nameplates so we all dont have to suffer this fate.Ràh2 Oct 21
Oct 21 Warning: Casuals won't get invite to M+ Raider.IO just launched their new addon to filter and exclude casuals from getting invite to Mythic Plus. If your M+ rating is bellow 2k forget it you won't get invite anymore. http://www.wowhead.com/news=274367/raider-io-launches-mythic-plus-addonBamboo184 Oct 21
Oct 21 simcraft help Honestly not sure if this is the right forum to ask this but here it goes. Does anyone know how to get the codes for the Netherlight Crucible light and shadow traits to use in SimCraft?Grayvens4 Oct 21
Oct 21 wanna create a Macro I wanna create a Macro to have my pet Target a particualr NPC and Taunt . basically I want him to sit passive and then in one swift key swoop I want him to target and immdiatly taunt seethe is the spell... any help would be appreciatedAwol2 Oct 21
Oct 21 ElvUI Issue with Skins Good afternoon. Not sure where else to ask this since it's UI related, but I have a question for anyone who knows ElvUI enough to help. I love ElvUI, it's an awesome addon, but my problem is the skins, I cannot for the life of me get windows to not be black and I can't see search bars and any other buttons that are not included in the other colour pallets. Where this is causing me the most strife is in the addon interface menu (Interface > Addon tab) where it's showing the regular interface screen but in the actual Addon configuration "panel" it's the ElvUI skin, I've looked everywhere in ElvUI for a way to turn off these skins and I cannot for the life of me find it. Does anyone know how to get rid of this particular skin? It's making it so I can't see tabs, search bars, buttons, and some details, which since I'm trying to add certain NPC's to my NPC scan, it's making it virtually impossible for me to do it. Not to mention any other addons I may or may not at some point need to do some configuration on. I love this addon but this particular feature is causing me strife, but I don't want to turn all the skins off or it will screw up my UI (Trust me I tried to see what would happen, it wasn't pretty).Reileina1 Oct 21
Oct 20 Macro Help I've been leveling a Worgen druid recently and tried to create a macro for a simple out of combat speed boost. it is as follows: /cast Darkflight(Racial) /cast Cat Form(Shapeshift) /cast Dash and i was wondering if it was possible to put a wait in before it casts dash so i Don's waste Dark Flight. Or do i need to give up on the idea?Tachici3 Oct 20
Oct 20 Ion Action Bars was killed today. But it's ok For all the people using Ion Action Bars (a fabulous addon), the lead maintainer seems to have woken up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, and has thus decided to kill the entire project. He has deleted everything, from the addon pages themselves to the GitHub repo holding the code. The good news is that you are not out of luck! With the blessing of Maul (the addon's original author) a few weeks ago I started my own continuation of the project, named Neuron. Which is all the same goodness of Ion, with way less bugs and a bunch of new features in the works. https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/279283-neuron CheersSoyier1 Oct 20
Oct 20 Magic Broom Macro that dismounts? I wait all year for this mount and use it exclusively during Hallow's End. It doesn't seem to have a dismount function when you hit it again... unless I'm confused. could someone make a macro that mounts and then dismounts on second hit?Meralyth5 Oct 20
Oct 20 Macro sound Broke I had a macro back in last expac I used that would play a sound when it would target a mob I had in it, but it does not seem to work anymore. did a pretty good job of getting my attention with the sounds I had. Does anyone know how to fix this? /target MOB NAME /focus /stopmacro [noexists] /script PlaySound("RaidWarning") /script PlaySound("PVPFlagTakenMono") /run RaidNotice_AddMessage(RaidBossEmoteFrame,"XXXX MOB NAME XXXX", ChatTypeInfo["RAID_WARNING"]) /script SetRaidTarget("target",2);Unluckybank2 Oct 20
Oct 19 Elvui Shadow & light - transparent buttons Hi guys, Was wondering if the Shadow and Light features are working for you. Under the modules --> action bars I checked off transparency on action bar. For some reason it doesn't work for me lol My backdrops on my action bars are not transparent.... Is there another step I have to click?Leens1 Oct 19
Oct 19 Stop the Talk action? I would like my macro to make my character stand at attention, salute, and say "Strength." The problem is when I use: :Macro: /say Strength. /salute my character stands around waving his hands like he's talking rather than actually performing the salute emote. Anybody got an idea how to stop the talking action so I can perform the salute action?Grindspice3 Oct 19
Oct 19 Can't click anything in the chat box? I think it's because of Bartender4, but whenever I click a linked item/quest in chat, it does nothing. I haven't moved the chat bar or anything, just added two extra action bars.Remiind3 Oct 19
Oct 18 looking for a new macro i would like a macro that i can use to cast scorch on targets 30% life and lower and fireball on ones with 31% and higher. can someone please help me? :DLillidin2 Oct 18
Oct 18 Location conditional for Vashj'ir Seahorse #showtooltip /cast [mod:alt]Black Drake;[mod:ctrl]Sea Turtle;[nomod,swimming,Vashj'ir]Vashj'ir Seahorse;[nomod,swimming]Sea Turtle;[nomod,noflyable]Green Primal Raptor;[nomod,flyable]Black Drake /dismount This is what I want my macro to do but I'm not sure how to use a location conditional. Also, for some reason the modifiers are not working (I don't get Black Drake option when pressing Alt or Sea Turtle on Ctrl), did I do anything wrong?Denariyeth3 Oct 18
Oct 18 Retrieve data from web service Hi I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but I'm trying to figure out a way of retrieving data from a web service and displaying it in game. From what I can tell there's no direct http requests. I haven't had too much time to play around with any code in game, but from what I've read there isn't too much file IO if any either... The only way I can think of is however TradeskillMaster gets their info into the game via a desktop app, but I'm not sure how exactly that happens. It seems like that data is always up to date. I dont understand how this works if you can't load files without a ui reload. I hope this question makes sense as I am writing this post half asleep on mobile laying in bed lol.Demoted8 Oct 18
Oct 18 Skin personal resource bar I came across a video from BellugarGaming where he talks about using WeakAuras to attach things to the personal resource display here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_QEVdBXWqxs&t=260s The comments didn't have anything telling about how he got the health and power bars to be skinned as well, which is what I'm looking for. I'm currently using ElvUI and have the Player Frame enabled so that I get the personal resource display, but I can't overly on top of that at all no matter what frame strata I use. If anyone else has been successful in this, I'd love to hear how you did it, or if there are other tips that might help I'm more than willing to hear them out. I'm just not sure if this is a feature that is no longer possible because of what happened with the nameplate hack that happened a few months back or not. I found that he also has a twitter post about this found here: https://twitter.com/bellulargaming/status/797682105887129600?lang=en, and later comments on a forum post that he referenced to, which seems to no longer exists, here: https://t.co/fATn5gcrxd I've exhausted Google searching, that's why I'm here now.Cadmús4 Oct 18
Oct 18 charge and heroic leap I've been trying to make a macro that allows me to use charge when i press the F key and Heroic Leap @cursor when i press Shift+F. so something like this. /cast Charge [mod:shift,@cursor] Heroic Leap Any ideas on how to get this to work? As of right now the Heroic leap @cursor with modifier works but not the basic charge.Renamon1 Oct 18
Oct 17 How to display NPC's nameplates How to display NPC's nameplates without click them? There used to be a option on Interface-Name, but after I update the game to 7.1 it is gone (or it move to somewhere I dont know). I am playing in a mac with retina screen so NPC's name is very hard to read without a nameplate. I tried shift/alt/control + V as well as V, that didn't help. Maybe there is a macro to do that? Anyone can help?Furyhatred7 Oct 17
Oct 17 Combo points Using Elvui and just had my Druid reach level 11 and got my cat attacks. At first, the enemy had the bar over them that had the dots that went up until I could use my combo attack (not sure that the right word sorry) but it's gone now. I don't know how to get it back. Thank youShekarah5 Oct 17
Oct 17 Changing macro icon based on target Is it possible to change your icon for a macro depending on what target you have selected. I.E. This is the macro that I would like this to be used on: /cast [@mouseover,nodead,exists,harm] Smite; [@mouseover,nodead,exists]Flash heal; [harm,nodead] Smite; [help,nodead] Flash heal; Flash heal If its not obvious this macro will cast spells (Smite and Flash Heal) first at whatever target is under my cursor whether it is friendly or not. Friendly getting healed and nonfriendly getting a smite to the face. If there are no targets @mouseover then it will cast smite or Flash heal at my target (again fh for friend smite for foe). Lastly if there are neither friendly or non targeted by mouse or other I get a flash heal. What I would like is for the icon to change by whatever I have selected (target wise. So if I have a friendly target selected it is flash heal and smite at any other time. If this is possible please help me out other wise this should be implemented, I think it would be really cool. Thanks, also if you have any ideas on how to make this macro more stream lined/cleaner that would be great.Kolitra3 Oct 17
Oct 17 Tom Tom Arrow I have lost it. I have it showing on my other toons. Just not one. I have tried going into the settings an "resetting" the arrow, but it still didn't show up. Can anyone help me get my arrow back? ThanksShekarah2 Oct 17
Oct 17 Elvui and text When making a comment, when I hit the "Enter" button to open the text field to type, the text is SO small I cannot read it to see what I am typing. I know how to change the font size in the actual chat window, but is there a way to change to font size in the type comment box? Also the fonts on a lot of other places are small.Shekarah8 Oct 17
Oct 17 Did I miss a major patch notice or something? 8 hour maintenance window scheduled for tomorrow. What's up with that? Any clues out there?Ehiztari3 Oct 17
Oct 17 [Macro] Icon Change via Target Selected Ok so this is the macro I would like to fix: /cast [@mouseover,nodead,exists,harm] Smite; [@mouseover,nodead,exists]Flash heal; [harm,nodead] Smite; [help,nodead] Flash heal; Flash heal If what this macro is doing isn't obvious I'll break it down, firstly it will cast smite or flash heal depending on the target @mouseover (smite for bad FH for good), if there are no targets @mouseover then it will cast smite or FH on the target I have selected (Smite for bad FH for good). Lastly if there are no targets at all it will just cast Flash heal, which if you didn't know when you cast a heal spell with no target it will heal instead you. The code itself is doing exactly what I want however what I would like it to do is to always show the smite icon except when I am targeting a friendly or hovering over a friendly. Right now for some reason it does the opposite it will always show Flash heal but when I mouseover a baddie or target a baddie it shows smite also if it is possible I would like it to show the corresponding tool tips. Feel free to condense the macro if you like and these spells are all available at lvl 11 (that's what I'm at right now) so if you would like to try it out yourself. Thanks for your help!Bläir15 Oct 17
Oct 17 What is the best Cooldown addon? I am a warrior and It seems I am always looking at my action bars to see when mortal strike and Victory rush go on and off cooldown, the problem is I am hardly ever looking at the actual fights and enjoying the game, Most of the time I am just staring at the action bar and hitting buttons. Can anyone recommend a good Addon that displays certain ability's in the middle of the screen so I can see when they are about to go off cooldown without having to look at my action bars?Valand19 Oct 17
Oct 17 Focus Target Macro This is probably an easy one.... I want to push a button that will always make my bodyguard my focus WITHOUT targeting my bodyguard. Is this possible?Eeshen4 Oct 17
Oct 17 Help With Elvui Unitframes I cannot get rid of the old frames. I right click on them and there is no option to turn them off. I looked in the interface and elvui menus and they don't control the old frames. I do have tidyplates installed but I tried turning them off and that too did not work. Does anyone know how to take out the old unitframes and just leave the elvui ones? Here is a link to a screenshot: https://imgur.com/a/EIghjPaladindansé4 Oct 17
Oct 16 How to make these scripts into an addon? The one problem I am having is that, once I hide the xp/rep/artifact bars, they come back upon receiving xp/rep/ap... I want to know how to make this into an addon using addon.bool.no, so that upon logging in these changes are done. /run MultiBarBottomLeft:ClearAllPoints();MultiBarBottomLeft:SetPoint("CENTER",-255,40) /run MultiBarBottomRight:ClearAllPoints();MultiBarBottomRight:SetPoint("CENTER",255,40) /script ArtifactWatchBar:Hide() /script ReputationWatchBar:Hide() /script MainMenuExpBar:Hide() Thank you for the help in advanceNelfarious10 Oct 16
Oct 16 Multiple spell category growth direction? I tried searching google and the forums and even the Dominos addon forum, I cannot find anything to assist. Is there any way to reverse the extra portal spell direction? Right now it's facing down (off the screen) when I expand it. It happens automatically when I move the action bar above center of my screen, but i do not want it up there. Thank you! Link to image: https://ibb.co/i2W3d6Rukiyah1 Oct 16
Oct 16 Can't Hide Default Cast Bar? Without using a replacement cast bar addon is it no longer possible to hide the default player cast bar? I have tried with and without enabling it under the player frame, and I can't hide the damn thing. I disabled all addons, so that isn't it either....Celestriel6 Oct 16
Oct 16 [HELP] Druid Shapeshift macro [Fixed] My shapeshifting macro (see below) is very simple and should be casting the following spells when I press the modifiers regardless of which form I'm in, yet somehow it only works in human form. Whenever I'm shapeshifted into anything (except travel form) all I get is the option to cancel the shapeshift. Thoughts? #showtooltip /cast [mod:shift] Prowl /cast [mod:ctrl] Dash /cast [mod:alt] Bear Form /cast [nomod] Cat FormLemmyel3 Oct 16
Oct 16 Domino's duplicating action bars I like domino's but I have been having a problem with it duplicating action bars randomly and it is really annoying me to the point that I wiped all my addons and reinstalled them again but the problem still continues... Here is a screenshot of what I am talking about: http://www.flickr.com/photos/69471108@N08/6309605443/ ..it is only action bar 1 that duplicates for some reason...I switch out to another action bar # and this doesn't happen. Anyone know why this would happen or where I would post this so that maybe the people who make domino's can see why this could be? I really don't care about action bar 1 but it is the one that I sometimes need when I enter vehicles so that is why I bothered to ask.Andrais8 Oct 16
Oct 16 Vuhdo click to target in frames? Il make it short. Is their a way to target someone by clicking on the Vuhdo raid frame. At the moment if i want to change my target I have to click on the player manually. Does Vuhdo have a click to target function? Thank You.Såçrámëñt10 Oct 16
Oct 16 Macro emote target/self target help Probably a ton of these ones out here, I'm sure but this one is for where the requirements met when it comes to targeting a player and if not targeted, then it targets yourself. Basically how all the Set Emotes works, The goal being is I want my emotes to work and say something depending if I am targeting someone and then use it, or when I am not targeting anyone, or targeting myself, it'll say something else. I know the name modifier but can't wrap my brain around or find anyone who has asked for this on the forum. So for now, I got my example emote ready for anyone to use and help make a flexible emote: "/e boops %n's snoot!" So when targeting self/no target, it'll say like "/e boops her own snoot! That's just silly." Now again, the goal is to have those two work in one macro, able to work independently when on target or on self. I have tried the old basic [exist, target, self,] but don't seem to work, what am I missing?Rosemane5 Oct 16
Oct 16 Grid not working Tried uninstalling/reinstalling, can't figure it out. Drop down arrows not working.Froszt1 Oct 16
Oct 16 Bartender4 Help hey ive just recently got bartender4 but now i cannot figure out how to work recount and DBM can anyole help me out hereRakrar3 Oct 16
Oct 16 Bagnon Background Texture Hello, Does anyone know how to remove the Bagnon background texture, so that it will look the same way as OneBag? Thanks.Nika0 Oct 16
Oct 15 All the Things Add on Does anyone know if All the Things is account wide or just the charter you are on? Or is there a way to toggle this ability? Thanks HayHayward0 Oct 15
Oct 15 Warlock 3-mount macro Hi, I'm looking to create a macro to randomly summon one of the 3 warlock legion class mounts. I've tried but unfortunately my macro-fu is very milted. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!Whaleshark1 Oct 15
Oct 15 Meta + trinket macro If I use this- #showtooltip Metamorphosis /use Metamorphosis /use 14 trinket is activated, but Meta not. 2nd, 3rd etc click can't activate Meta. If I use this- #showtooltip Metamorphosis /use 14 /use Metamorphosis both trinket and Meta will be active in one click. It's not a big deal, but I am confused why it happens? I don't remember this type of error for other instant spells and trinket. P.S. For unknown reason can't post on my dh. Trinket - Horn of ValorKiamato2 Oct 15
Oct 15 Altering the BadBoy Addon BadBoy blocks and reports spammers. BadBoy_Guilded blocks guildspam but does not report the spammers for spamming. Does anyone familiar with them know what I would have to change in the BadBoy_Guilded's lua to make it report filthy SuperGuildInvite #$%&ers for their spam? If you're going to say "lol disable guild invites" please just turn around. I can also 'disable' being punched in the head by wearing a helmet but why the hell should I have to? I want some form of justice.Jukahn1 Oct 15