UI and Macro

Nov 12 Pitbull Unit Frames blocking in game windows My Pitbull Unit Frames blocks some of the in game windows making it hard to read some of the text and making it hard to press some of the buttons but it only affects some of the windows. When I go to recruit some more troops from my class hall recruiter, that window is partially hidden behind my player unit frame which blocks some of the text and blocks the close button however when I press C to open the character info window, that window is on top of my player unit frame which is how I want it and how it should be. Is there something wrong or a setting that needs to be adjusted. I'm not getting any errors from Swatter. Is anyone else having the same problem and is there a solution. Thanks for any help you can offer.Pechanga2 Nov 12
Nov 12 LUA debuglocals() always returning nil Hi, I'm trying to use the debuglocals() function for the first time, and am not able to ever get it to return anything other than nil, no matter how I call it. It seems dead simple to use, so wondering if its known to be broken, or I'm missing something obvious. example: function Foo() local bar = "BAR" print(debuglocals(1)) end I've tried playing with the stack level, various functions, running it within a /script macro, and can never get it to print anything. debugstack() works fine for me. Anyone had success here? Would love to see what a working example looks like.Spindarella2 Nov 12
Nov 12 Cvar for enemy NPC names? All these are Cvars for various names: like players, enemy players, etc. /script npc="UnitNameNPC" /script on=GetCVar(npc) /script SetCVar(npc, 1-on) /script SetCVar("UnitNameFriendlyPetName", 1-on) /script SetCVar("UnitNameCompanionName", 1-on) /script SetCVar("UnitNameEnemyPlayerName", 1-on) /script SetCVar("UnitNameFriendlyPlayerName", 1-on) /script SetCVar("UnitNameOwn", 1-on) But I can't find one for the enemy AI. Like random mobs. This is toggleable in the settings, but I want to bind it to a key for easy access. Anyone know the specific Cvar for Enemy AI Mob Names?Armos1 Nov 12
Nov 12 Healer Addons/macros I'm gonna ask because the last one I could find was in Feb and was never answered. What are some good add-ons for a healer. I've heard healbot/vuhdo/clique/decursive/elvui and DBM but what are the up to date ones??Igorner3 Nov 12
Nov 11 2 abilities, one macro So I have the ability victory rush and the ability execute. There are pretty much zero situations where I will be able to use both at the same time, so I wanted to bind both of them to the same button. Is it possible? /cast Execute /cast Victory Rush just makes it want to cast execute. Heckscream7 Nov 11
Nov 11 Cast a Ring Macro. I got this ring tonight, Ring of Collapsing Futures. Is there a macro to cast ring buffs?Cowbear1 Nov 11
Nov 11 Quest Tacking/Number marker not working. Okay I have a quest tracker problem and it is just getting annoying. I have horde character on one server, and an alliance on another sever. Well on my horde character, my quest tracking/numbering works fine... Examples below. https://i.gyazo.com/b863a647b860f244a854ee94fcae8706.jpg https://i.gyazo.com/96a51814df9f590ee422a5814f224b09.jpg However... questing is being difficult on my alliance character. As you can see tracking/numbering does not appear. So tracking is just really causing a headache, and I have to follow the arrow on the corner mini map... As you can see... https://i.gyazo.com/6b1f29479a8c9b45911e9584a370f85d.jpg So I am confused and have looked everywhere. Can someone help?Sigÿn2 Nov 11
Nov 11 Clickable area of Nameplates I want to have the health bar, and only the healthbar, be the clickable area of my (enemy) nameplates. I'd like the name text & cast bar to be click through. Failing this, I'd like the preferred click area of nameplates to be focused on the health bar. How can I best achieve this? I'm currently using Kui Nameplates, I'm open to some mild hacking around in its innards (no addon programming experience but some in-depth weakaura experience & I've already modified my KNP to put the castbar on top). I'm open to alternate addons (e.g. Plater lets you define the clickable area, but doesn't do what I want because it bases that clickable area on the name text rather than the healthbar, plus I dislike some of its other settings). From the looks of the function NamePlateBaseMixin:GetPreferredInsets() in Blizzard_NamePlates/Blizzard_NamePlates.lua it seems like the Set & GetNamePlateEnemyPreferredClickInsets functions added in 7.1 operate off four dimensions (top/bottom/left/right) and are healthbar based, so I think/hope what I'm after *should* be possible(?) I'm wondering if one possible hack approach would be to create some sort of minimalist secondary addon to run the Set function, if I can work out how to use this undocumented function...Lakhesis1 Nov 11
Nov 10 Ui bigger i recently got a new monitor iv maxxed the resolution but my action bars are so small now how do i make them bigger?Öwlcapwn8 Nov 10
Nov 10 Lua File program My computer recently decided to change all of my default programs to entirely different things. Included in this was the program to open LUA files. They are now opening with Notepad. This means all of my addon data is gone! Can anyone tell me what program their addons open with so I can change mine back? They should be located in the WTF file in the WOW folder --> Account --> *Your account* --> Saved Variables. Thanks a ton.ßennet7 Nov 10
Nov 10 Discord I am hoping this would be the right place to post this. I was wondering if anyone knew of an addon that would tell me who was talking in Discord on my screen. My G15 used to tell me this information back when I used Teamspeak. I was just wondering if there was an addon that would do the same for me in game. Thank you everyone for your time.Mastadôn10 Nov 10
Nov 10 looking for a track humanoids on/off macro.. Im looking for a macro to turn on/off track humanoids (cat form) I have no experiences at all with macros so help would be appreciated.Xeljin23 Nov 10
Nov 10 Random Favorite Toy Macro 7.3? I used to use: /run local f,t=RnT or CreateFrame("Button","RnT",nil,"SecureActionButtonTemplate") f:SetAttribute("type","item") t=GetItemInfo(C_ToyBox.GetToyFromIndex(random(126))) f:SetAttribute("item",t) print("Casting toy:",t) /click RnT but this no longer works and a box pops up stating "A macro script has been blocked from an action only available to the Blizzard UI." since the release of 7.3.Myboyfriend2 Nov 10
Nov 10 emote/say/yell random add-on I'm looking for an add-on or other method of saying/yelling/emoting random stuff from a specific list. Even if it just cycles through a list in order would be ok. For example my "battle cry" macro could be like: /yellrandom "For the alliance!" ; "GNOME POWAH" ; "In the name of GNOMEREGAN!" When I clicked it one of those random things would get said. Hopefully I could chain together some things like dance+ emote Heeeey Macaroni!Tinkerizmo3 Nov 10
Nov 9 ElVui Databars Position Hi! this is my first post on this forum My question is: How can i put my ElVui (Interface Addon) Databars (Artifact and Prestige Bars) that bars appears on Vertical but i can't find the way to put them horizontally If you can pls put screens of the config (my main lenguage is spanish, is not a real reason, is a little bit comfortable to me) Thanks.Griffyth1 Nov 9
Nov 9 Macro Modifier Alt Hi, I'm having trouble with my macro modifier, it's not showing the second ability icon when pressing alt. Both spells are still useable, however, when alt is pressed it stays on the same icon. Anyone know how to fix this? #showtooltip /cast [mod:alt]Fists of Fury; Tiger PalmFlippynip2 Nov 9
Nov 9 Please improve the Macro tab More specifically, please add more Character Specific Macro's allowed per character. Now that players can switch freely between multiple specs, the number of character specific macro's we are currently given is far from adequate; especially since each spec has been given a large amount of unique abilities. Doubling the number may not be enough. Classes like Druids and Shamans have mostly unique abilities in each spec and attaching a mouseover macro to useful abilities quickly fills up the macro slots. Using the General macro section is not a good alternative but currently the only one available. Having macro's for multiple characters turns that tab into a mess. Please triple the number of available Character Specific Macro's.Grindspice8 Nov 9
Nov 9 LUI: a few issues I'm trying to resolve I love LUI but a have a few issues that I'm trying to resolve. The first is MiraChatNotifier. I get periodic bugs that result in disabling the addon. I use this one extensively so that I get a sound/notification when someone talks in /gu or /whisper. I'm a guild leader and I find it difficult to remember to check those things regularly and I really MUST be available, etc. I'm wondering if anyone knows of an addon that does similar things but is known to work with LUI. The other is EnhancedMenu. This one adds some useful stuff to the right click menus on my UI. This one isn't as important as the previous one, but I do love the functionality and would like to get it squared away. Finally, a guildmate is getting LUA errors in the LUI cooldown module. I can't reproduce it locally, but I'm taking a shot in the dark that perhaps someone else has had this issue as well. She uses bartender & vuhdu but beyond that I believe she uses a minimal set of addons (DBM, and a few other specialized raid/pvp things) I imagine all these things could be posted to wherever the LUI source is managed. I'll look on github/bitbucket and the other usual suspects, but perhaps the LUI using community has some quick thoughts and ideas.Corvae2 Nov 9
Nov 8 Addon to Show who removed me from Battle-Net As a Guild Master I have to rely on B.net app to keep track off trials, a lot of times our raid day will roll around, only to find out applicants removed me from B.net without saying anything. Is it possible for an add-on to take a note of all my friends on B.net, and check to see if anyone has removed me? Depending on how simple, just text in chat saying "X has removed you." would be great. Thanks for reading!Infimyst2 Nov 8
Nov 8 Mount timer/energy bar Ok what I want to do is make a addon for Rp players mostly. This addon would add timer/energy bar to your mounts. Like every mount has a cumulative 20min use for all day until 9.59 server reset or manual reset. If you use the Summon Random it has like 3Hr's. After said time you will get a warring then you would be auto dismounted. So then you would have to go and use a different mount. This addon would add a new game play to the game. Also this would be for people like me that has 100+ mounts but only use like 3 or 4. If you thank about it a mount would need time to rest.Wisefang5 Nov 8
Nov 8 [VuhDo] Show BoL icon instead of text Hello! A long time ago I managed to show only texts instead of icons, now I'm trying to revert it for my Pally to show the Beacon of the Light(and Beacon of Faith) icon. I've spent a lot of time searching and figuring out how to do it but no luck yet. Anyone knows how do I do it? What its looks like right now: https://i.imgur.com/VRIjQnY.png Bouquets(I think its relevant): https://i.imgur.com/sxFGHVO.png I can provide more SS if needed Edit: I figured out how to this: The position 1-2-3-4 of my HoTs selection don't support icon (i think its a VuhDo thing). So I chose the 5th position and removed the "Full duration" check from Colors -> HoTs -> Paladin Beacon(name of my bouquet with these spells). Doing these steps plus what I did in my config (see those SS above) you'll be able to do it. Hope this info can help someone in the future. :)Luiszão0 Nov 8
Nov 8 Cant see stats on items in chat WoW Not sure if anyone else is getting this or has figured out what could be causing this. But say a green drops, I cant click it in the chat and see the stats on it. Only chat modifying addon I have is Elvui. Anyone know?Drbombay11 Nov 8
Nov 8 Game Setting and Addons Reset So I logged on today and the Legion cinematic automatically played as if it was the first time for me logging on for the xpac which I thought was odd. Then upon logging into my character everything reset. My graphic settings were all to default, the resolution and ui scale was changed, and all my addons were acting as if I had just installed them for the first time. All my profiles and presets were gone. The only things that stayed the same were my personal keybinds and which addons I had active/deactive. I have no idea what happened but would REALLY like to not have to redo everything manually. Especially if there's the chance of this happening again. any help would be greatly appriciated.Shelldin2 Nov 8
Nov 7 Get Spell School Hi, I'm editing a small bit of code from the widely used arena addon Gladius for my personal use. One of the features I'd like to add pertains to cast bar color. Instead of using one pre-selected color to fill cast bars of all spells casted by my enemies, I'd like to use colors corresponding to the school of the spell casted (i.e. green for nature or light blue for arcane). I'm not too familiar with the libraries or syntax used here, but I've found the line where a (pre-selected) color is passed to the cast bar frame updating function. I have access to spell info provided by the function "GetSpellInfo()", most importantly the spell name and spell ID. If I can determine the spell school from that, I can manually assign colors without much trouble. Is that possible? TLDR: Is there any way I can determine the spell school from a spell ID/name in an addon? T.I.A.Vegayn0 Nov 7
Nov 7 Fishing - hooked a fish - help I'm asking this in 2 places (here and professions) and hopefully someone can help. My hearing isn't very good and I sometimes will miss a hooked fish because I didn't hear the splash noise. And if I'm looking away from the screen at the wrong moment I miss the bopper motion. Is there an interface option to display a chat message or change the bopper to make it clear that a fish was hooked? Or a Blizz API or event that I could call from a Weak Aura? The various fishing addons seem to rely on sound and the one that said to enhance stuff visually doesn't seem to do anything.Tinkerizmo5 Nov 7
Nov 7 Addon to Keep Minimap Autioneer Box Checked? Whenever I reload my ui the Auctioneer and Reagent checkboxes get unchecked and they stop being tracked. Is there any addon out there that can fix my problem? Here's a image of what I'm talking about: https://imgur.com/xGKBbXpPenuosus0 Nov 7
Nov 7 Quest tracking Can anyone suggest an addon for auto quest tracking? Mine is bugged beyond belief and its making the game really annoying.Bear1 Nov 7
Nov 7 Add-on help Every now and again my client plays the intro video and I log in and all my add-ons reset. Is there a way of fixing this? I have to redo my bartender and move anything about 5 times a week.Krõlm3 Nov 7
Nov 7 VuhDo Config - Question So I've pretty much got my VuhDo set up the way I want it for healing, but there's one thing I haven't been able to figure out how to change, even after re-reading the guide multiple times (maybe I'm just missing it somehow >.<). There's a giant red circle that goes on the health bars when you apply an HoT to them. By default, they're really big, and I've seen them smaller in screenshots of other people's UI. How do you resize them, or outright remove them? I've looked at every config option and can't seem to find the right one.Catlinna1 Nov 7
Nov 7 WeakAuras with healing as druid or priest Hey guys, So I recently started picking up and playing a discipline priest, and I also play a lot of resto druid. I'm new to WeakAuras, so hopefully some more experienced people with it can help me out. I want to create a buff tracker that will alert me when an atonement (for priest) or rejuvenation (for druid) will expire, with the alert showing up a few seconds before it expires, as well as the players name, or perhaps just timers with each of my active atonements/rejuvenations as well as which players theyre on so I know when to refresh them and who on. I spent hours last night trying to figure it out but just couldnt. Hopefully someone else could figure a way out for me.Aliceil3 Nov 7
Nov 7 How to map your own Realm Name Hello, The add on I'm trying to build is going to parse through my raid roster to build attendance. However, I am unable to find documentation or information about mapping and storing the realm or connected realm name. Using UnitName(), if I'm targeting any other play not on my realms (Shadowsong/BoreanTundra), it'll return their name and realm. However, for my own realm or connected realm, UnitName() will return Nil for server name. Is there a function or process I can do to snag the name of the realm of that player? The documentation I'm seeing for GetRealmName() appears to not accept any arguments. Thank you for any help!Konjizieren12 Nov 7
Nov 6 Set Focus on Mouseover target macro help Will someone please help me with a macro that sets my mouseover target as my focus?Nobiwanxx1 Nov 6
Nov 6 Combo Point UI Macro not working I use a Macro on many different toons to move certain class bars to the center of my screen, i've always used the same macro and just replaced the name of the frames depending on what class im playing. So this specific macro i've used for my Paladin and my DK and it works fine moving my Holy Power Bar and my DK runes properly but when i changed it for rogue it moves it properly but it will reset everytime i'm at a loading screen and return to it's original position but stay rescaled and i don't understand why. Here is the macro /run ComboPointPlayerFrame:ClearAllPoints();ComboPointPlayerFrame:SetPoint("CENTER",UIParent,"CENTER",0,-135); ComboPointPlayerFrame:SetScale(1.2)Zivvy0 Nov 6
Nov 6 Macro Works, then stops working Nevermind I figured it out. Im stupid.Thent0 Nov 6
Nov 6 Guild UI Improvement Thread In a recent Twitter post by BlizzardCS here: https://twitter.com/BlizzardCS/status/924032950441824256 It was mentioned to me to use the forums for any suggestions/complaints. So here I am and I thought it'd be good to pull together the community's suggestions for how to improve the guild user interface. For me, I have been the guild leader of Focus for ten years and one thing that has always struck me as odd, is the lack of attention to Guilds in what is meant to be a community orientated game. Everyone who plays, ends up joining a guild, or bounces between them until they find the right fit of like-minded players. Guilds aren't Blizzard run, they are created by other players who wish to draw in others to achieve a particular goal, or for social interaction. Why then, after so long, has nothing been done to help those players (like myself) who dedicate more time to bring people together? Of late, we've had some changes to code that prevented some guild management addons working which is a shame as it makes life as a guild leader that much more frustrating and actually takes us away from what blizzard want us to ultimately do... play the game with our guildies. Below are my suggestions for improvements and I welcome everyone to put their own ideas in. 1. The ability to remove inactive alts/players by defining a set of rules: aka 120 days offline and in a particular rank. This ability should only be reserved for the guild master and possibly an officer rank. To prevent abuse, there could be a hardwired minimum of say 1 month. If a player/alt hasn't been on for a month and is in a newly joined rank, then it's unlikely they will be back. I have alts that I haven't played for months, they don't need to be in a guild because... I'm not playing them. 2. Mass promotion/demotion by selecting multiple players. It's common practice to have a new member join a basic rank (say recruit) and once they've shown they are active, or social, then they are usually bumped up to a standard rank. To currently do this, an officer or guild leader needs to select the players name and then select which rank they need to be. It would be more streamlined if we could tick numerous members and then select which rank we'd like them to be. For my casual guild, we may have 5-10 players join a day. For those that are consistently on, to be able to select numerous players would be beneficial. 3. Permissions per player within a rank. Most guilds, big or small have some sort of structure with Guild leader and then players who naturally help out because they want to. These players become officers typically. Within this, some end up looking after particular things like the bank. It'd be ideal to allow someone with an officer rank different permissions such as banker, or a recruitment officer. Currently I need to create individual ranks for these people and they often change roles which leads to a cycle of demoting/promoting rather than ticking a box for a desired permission. 3a. Class leader distinction. Some members prefer to not have the tag of officer/leader, but naturally are inclined to help out. As a casual guild, we often are asked simple class questions and whilst most members help out, it'd add another element to assign a player (or more) the role of class leader. This can be by a small tick or star next to their name. 4. Message of The Day. The message of the Day loads too early and is missed most of the time because then addons and channels load. This should load last of all. It also needs to be a few characters longer. 5. Mass Guild Mail. Whilst spam is not condoned, the ability for the guild leader and say an officer (think raid leader), to have the option to mass email a particular rank, or group of ranks is highly desirable. As much as events are created in the calendar, not everyone remembers and the need to send out a short reminder mail will go a long way and insures everyone targeted including alts will see the information. 6. Guild Ranks. Manually slotting in a rank. Currently if you create a rank, it places it at the bottom of the list. You then have to arrow up to the location you'd like it. I remember once re-organising ranks and suddenly I had 200 officers as things were shunted down. If I needed a time out rank, it would place it at the bottom which meant every new member auto defaulted to the time out rank when they joined. Which in turn meant another member had to instantly promote them to the 'recruit' rank. There needs to be the option to slot in a rank where desired, rather than shifting them all. 7. Guild Recruitment Tab. This is a failure at best in it's current state and I have to use an out of date addon to give me even the simplest of functions. a. When someone puts a request through, that tab should flash to say there's new requests. b. There must be a chat notification AND flashing tab/icon when someone who has requested an invite actually logs in. Currently we just have a list that you manually click through to be told: "player not found." This should be visible to the guild leader and officers ranks and can be selected by a tick box (refer section 3). c. Send them a quick mail from the window to notify them to log in for invite etc 8. Auction House and Bank. For guild leader only and possibly one person in a rank, should have the ability to list items from the guild bank directly to the Auction House. As it sits, I have a member (or myself) go to the bank, drag items out into my bags, then list them. 8a. If direct hook into AH is 'frowned upon' for fear of abuse, then the ability to vendor trash with one click in the bank is definitely needed. Many players just dump crap in there, to which we still need to manually move them to our bags and sell them. I think that will do for now but I will add more as I think of them. ThanksStragoth5 Nov 6
Nov 6 Cannot change certain interface images? So I basically did the extract interface art thingy and now I am trying to change the images of the interface. (You know, the BLP files) But for some reason some images just refuse to change. For example, I can change the minimap plus and minus images, but the mail image doesn't change. I am 100% doing the same thing for every image, but only some change while other don't. I am wondering is there something I must do to be able to change every image?Miifi1 Nov 6
Nov 6 how do you remove the new hp/mana bar how do you remove the new hp/mana bar that is under your characterUrsca7 Nov 6
Nov 6 Use Shift as a key, instead of a modifier. So, this must be a REALLY weird question, but there is anyway to make the "Shift" key a keybind instead of a modifier, I wanna really use that key to bind spells.Tenebrø3 Nov 6
Nov 6 Addon that previews armor/weapons? Is there an addon that allows you to see what an item or heirloom looks like before equipping or purchasing it?Borimrath1 Nov 6
Nov 6 Vuhdo: disappearance of selection frame Hi there, I am currently using the Vuhdo addon. Lately I found that the white frame is not showing whenever I click/select a party member on the unit frame...It used to be there so that I can clearly see which person I'm currently selecting, but now it no longer shows. Resetting the whole Vuhdo could be one of the ways to fix this but I wonder if anyone could help with this problem without having to do all the tedious setup again. Thanks a lot and your help would be much appreciated!Cheesiemiux0 Nov 6
Nov 6 Hey guys! What addon is this? Found this while searching through google images. Just really curious if anyone knows where I can get my hands on this addon/art etc... https://imgur.com/a/4tKTa Thanks in advance!Nelfarious4 Nov 6
Nov 5 Mouse Button as Shift Key I was just wondering if there was an add-on that allows u to map a mouse button (say, Button4) as the shift key. Some may be wondering why I'd want such a thing, and here is the explanation.... The main reason I want this ability is so that I can have my left hand in the typing "homed position" at all times. The advantage of this would be that I'd never have to worry about doing non-natural key pressing, such SHIFT+Q or SHIFT+T with my left hand only. Doing this feels way un-natural to me, and if the shift key was mapped to Button4, all I'd have to do is Button4+T, which should feel a lot more natural to all concerned. Doing something like this would remove all crazy-, left-handed key pressing, and getting rid of it would translate into time saved pressing keys, and that would translate into better DPS, PvP, etc. Any help resolving this situation would be greatly appreciated!! Deleet13 Nov 5
Nov 5 Cast/Use Ambiguity (again) Okay, I fully understand that /cast biases towards spells and /use biases towards items with regards to when there are overlaps by name between them. This is a slightly more esoteric problem. Assume for a moment that you have a spell called "Larry" and a use item called "Larry". /cast Larry will do the spell /use Larry will do the item That's absolutely true. However, what happens here? #showtooltip Larry Bear in mind, you can put that in a macro that never actually references Larry anywhere else in the macro, so it can't be looking forward (or it can't require looking forward) to tell whether you do /use or /cast. I normally try to test this stuff by experimentation, but I have no items that overlap spell (or ability) names.Ehiztari8 Nov 5
Nov 5 WHO 1-19 Hello, I'm writing a data collection addon and I found something very inconvenience. Whenever I'm trying to query /who 1-19 I get 0 matches even though I can see players from the same realm around me. Can anyone help please? Thank you.Dremlin2 Nov 5
Nov 5 Healbot Issues Im currently using HB as a Mw'r monk and in pvp sometimes it will switch randomly throughout the fight to a different setup of some sort. I've switched all the combat and non-combat spells to reflect each other. Everything will work ( Enveloping mist, renewing mist etc.) aside from soothing mist. (This will work at the start of the match but fails to work when i leave and reenter combat). I can cast soothing mist normally throughout the fight just not after i exit and reenter. Anyone having any similar issues with this? *I also have "always use enable" checked and even had it unchecked to try. Still failed.Fyreaxe0 Nov 5
Nov 4 Mouse over macro (for priest) howdy, #showtooltip Shadow Word: Pain /stopcasting /cast [@mouseover] Shadow Word: Pain ^ this allows me to mouse over and apply SWP no problem ez peezy. however, when I target the victim/mob it says 'no target' and requires me to continue to mouse over the target to keep the DoT going/refreshed. How can I adjust this macro so that it will apply to my target if I press the macro as well? I'm assuming this can be done with @target.target or something of the sort right? Help! Much appreciatedHeybrah8 Nov 4
Nov 4 Forms/Shift Macro Can someone tell me what's wrong with this macro? It works fine outdoors for flight but not indoor or for reg travel form? /use [mod,nocombat,nostealth]Prowl;[nocombat,outdoors,nomounted,noform:3]Travel Form;[nocombat,indoors,noswimming,noform:2][spec:2,noform:2]Cat Form;[spec:1,noform:4/5]Moonkin Form;[noform:1]Bear Form thanks~!!!Mystan1 Nov 4
Nov 4 Pattern Fun (again) These things make my head hurt. Okay, I need to replace everything at the end of a string matching the following pattern rules: 0-n spaces followed immediately by a '/' followed by whatever else there is to the end of the string needs to be replaced by an empty string. x = gsub(inString, "%s*/.*", "") Assuming an inString of "Something I want /something I don't want" I want the output to be "Something I want". Am I close here?Ehiztari1 Nov 4
Nov 4 Talent macro isnt working /use [talent: 5/1] Dampen Harm; [talent: 5/3] Healing Elixir idk whats wrong wont workShangwin7 Nov 4
Nov 4 Text in a Shift Modded Macro(Need Help) So this is what I'm currently running: #showtooltip /cast [mod:shift] Flying Serpent Kick; Tiger Palm However, I'm wondering if its possible to add text to display in the Flying Serpent Kick part, so that the text displays at the same time as the ability. Is this possible?Rorelyssae13 Nov 4