Mar 16 Arena Movement Lag Hotfixes We’ve recently implemented a technical change to address player feedback about certain movement lag issues, particularly in Arenas. The most common report has been from one player seeing another player in a different location than where they are actually positioned. A fix to address that issue has now been live for a couple days, and we’re looking for feedback from players who play in Arenas and might be seeing a difference in the frequency of this issue. While we have other improvements in the works for the future, we believe this should have significantly reduced movement lag from multiple players’ perspectives. Please let us know if you’re seeing improvement along those lines. Thank you!Ornyx20 Mar 16
Nov 13, 2016 [Not Updated] Complete 3v3 Comp List To my knowledge and understanding it is true that the most recently updated list of 3v3 Comp names is more than a few seasons old, and in entirety is incomplete. Older lists generally do not include very awkward team setups, nor does it completely list all of the current team compositions. (To include monks etc) I plan to keep this list complete and updated. I tried hard as possible not to list comps twice. For all intents and purposes I have consolidated the Hunters into the Melee category as per their Physical nature and Melee via pets. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Melee Comps Ebola Cleave :: Feral - Unholy - Healer TurboCleave :: EnSham - Dk / Warr - Rdruid KittyCleave :: Feral - Warr - HPal African Turtle Cleave :: Protwarr - Hunter - Rdruid Zoo / Jungle Cleave :: Feral - Hunter - Healer TSG :: Dk - Warr - Hpal PHD :: Dk - Hunter - Hpal TreeSG :: Dk - Warr - Rdruid TreeHD :: Dk - Hunter - Rdruid Vanguards Cleave :: Dk - Ret - Healer Smokebomb Cleave :: Dk - Rogue - Healer KFC :: Warr - Hunter - Healer Lumberjack Cleave :: Warr - Warr - Pal Man Cleave :: Arms - Prot - Pal Thug Cleave :: Rogue - Hunter - Healer Kanye Cleave :: Rogue - Rogue/Dk - Shaman Scooby Doo Cleave :: Ret - Rogue Rdruid/Sham Batman Cleave :: Rogue - Warr - Healer PHP :: Ret - Hunter - Priest Cupid :: Ret - Hunter - Healer (Non-Priest) Freedom Cleave :: Ret - Dk - Hpal Beast Cleave :: Hunter - EnhSham - Healer --------- Cleave :: Dk(Unholy) - Dk(Unholy) - Healer Stalin Cleave :: Dk(Frost) - Dk(Frost) - Healer Unholy Meditation :: WW - DK - Hpriest Cheeky Narwahl Cleave :: EnhSham - Rogue - Rdruid Caster Comps MLP / Hogwarts Cleave :: Lock - Mage - Priest Harry Potter Cleave :: Mage - Mage - Healer Frozen Chicken Cleave :: Mage(Frost) - Moonkin - Healer Spicy Chicken Cleave :: Mage(Fire) - Moonkin - Healer El Diablo Cleave :: Mage(Fire) - Lock - Rsham Shattreeplay / God Comp :: Mage - Spriest - Rdruid Shatterplay :: Mage(Frost) - Spriest - Sham Fireplay :: Mage(Fire) - Spriest - Sham MLD :: Mage - Lock - Druid MLS :: Mage - Lock - Sham L.SD :: Rdruid - Lock(Des) - EleSham L.SD2 Rdruid - Lock(Aff) - EleSham L.SD2 Variant :: Moonkin - Lock - Rsham Owlplay :: Moonkin - Spriest - Sham Shadowplay :: Spriest - Lock - Healer Volcano Cleave :: Ele - Mage - Healer God Cleave :: Moonkin - EleSham - Healer Hybrid Comps Liberty Cleave :: Mage - Dk - Priest RMS :: Rogue - Mage - Sham RMD :: Rogue - Mage - Druid RMP :: Rogue - Priest - Mage FMP :: Mage - Feral - Disc FPS :: Feral - Spriest - Rsham WLD :: Warr - Lock - Druid Unholyplay :: Druid - Spriest - Dk Mongolian Earthworm Cleave :: EnSham - Moonkin - Priest Mongolian Armadillo Cleave :: WW - Moonkin - Priest Dancing with the Stars :: Rogue - Moonkin - Healer Angel Cleave :: Ret - Spriest - Healer (Orig Dpriest) RPD :: Druid - Spriest - Rogue RPS :: Rogue - Spriest - Rsham Zombie Chicken Cleave :: Dk - Moonkin - Healer RLS :: Rogue - Lock - Sham RLD :: Rogue - Lock - Druid Shadowcleave :: Healer - Dk - Lock WMD :: Warr - Mage - Druid WMP :: Warr - Mage - Priest WMPal :: Warr - Mage - Pal WMChi / Lama Cleave :: Warr - Mage - MW WLS :: Warr - Lock - Sham RMD2 :: Rogue - Moonkin - Mage Cleaving with the Stars :: Warr - Moonkin - Rsham Scatterplay :: Hunter - Spriest - Rsham Dispel Cleave :: Warr - Disc - Resto FLS :: Lock - Feral - Sham Thundercat Cleave :: Feral - EnSham - Healer Thunderfist Cleave :: WW - EleSham - Healer Harvest Cleave :: WW - Lock - Healer Thunder Cleave :: Arms Warrior - Ele Shaman - Resto Druid -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Any of the healers in a great majority of the comps are interchangeable but not in all of them. Chi = With Monk Healer. (ie TSChi, KFChi, etc.) Any additions or changes to the list are welcome.Awfeel500 Nov 13, 2016
Mar 12, 2015 Crowd Control & Diminishing Returns When you're affected by a crowd control effect in PvP, there's an 18-second window for diminishing returns on further effects from the same category. Additional CC effects used on you while diminishing returns are active are reduced in duration: first by 50%, and then by 75%. Each CC effect resets the 18-second window to its full duration, and if you are affected by three CC's of the same category inside that 18-second window, you will be immune to further effects from that category until the 18-second window has passed. The lists below have been separated out into their specific diminishing returns categories. Each ability shares diminishing returns with the other abilities it has been listed with, and no others, except where noted. Diminishing Returns Categories Disorient Incapacitate Root Silence Stun KnockbackLore6 Mar 12, 2015
Oct 26, 2010 Welcome: Please Read! Welcome to the Arenas forum! This forum is here to provide you with a friendly environment where you can discuss Player vs. Player arena combat with your fellow World of Warcraft players. Community forums work best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy, so we ask that you take the time to read through the forum Code of Conduct ( and guidelines ( before posting. Important Reminders: Search The search function at the top of the World of Warcraft community site is extremely effective and robust. Before you create a new forum topic, please be use it to search for similar topics, blog posts, or web pages that may contain the answer for which you are looking. Making a new thread on an existing subject can result in your thread being deleted or, if you continue to re-post the same content, the loss of your forum privileges for spamming. Rating The forum rating system can be used to promote positive discussion, demote unhelpful comments, and even report posts that violate the forum Code of Conduct. By hovering over a post you'll be presented with several options, including a "thumbs up" (Like) and a "thumbs down" (Dislike) icon. Clicking the "thumbs up" icon will rate the post up. If enough people like a post, it will gain a Highly Rated status and appear at the top of related search results. Highly Rated posts will also have a highlighted background. Clicking the "thumbs down" icon will expand a drop-down menu which will include "Dislike," "Trolling, "Spam" and "Report" options. "Dislike" will rate the post down. If enough people dislike a post, it will be darkened, and with a lot of dislikes it will be hidden completely. You can also quickly report a post as trolling or spam, or use the report function to fill out a more comprehensive description of a violation. Please note that you can only rate each post once. Use your power wisely to help foster a positive and helpful forum community. Have fun posting on these forums, and good luck with your adventures in Azeroth!Lylirra1 Oct 26, 2010
2m second arena as spriest 875 no honor talents hello?Bxtch2 2m
5m LF Healer for Hunter/DK Running Hunter/DK on my alt to help my friend get his 2k elite set. Offline#11884Offline0 5m
5m i want to repair my relationship with the community and turn into a streamer any ideas how i can do thisHalcyn34 5m
7m Blood Elf and Human Racials CHANGED Source: Every Man for Himself 3min CD up from 2min Shares a 90s CD with other effects (aka trinket) up from 30s Arcane Torrent 1.5min CD Purges 1 beneficial effect from all enemies in an 8yard radius and restores same resource as before.Felryn23 7m
36m Hpal LF 2350cr 3s Season 5 glad at 2681cr as a non fotm repentence pally lulz. 2600 last season and 2680cr in 2s. decided to post here because how the faurk else do you find partners these days. Also have 2 horde hpals i just que with lfg at around 2100cr along with an ally hunter 2kcr and a ally MW 2100cr. cleanshaven#1880 Dont really care about glad or anything just want to play at a somewhat competitive MMR with good players. And no i dont want to buy adamant bars yew logs or any other bull thanks.Zêzima0 36m
46m FIX LFG Put a minimal rating box in, I'm sick of liars! Morons who can not read! FIX IT!Bonefíst3 46m
1h Demonology lock looking for steady team Demo lock lf 3s teamates to practice demo till i'm good with it 2.3k xp as destro/affi (WoD), only been 1970 in legion, multiple times/seasons. (HORDE) Don't really care what comp, i'm down for whatever, but i'd like to try Demo WLS or L$D maybe.... Post spec/xp/btag if interested. Just to be clear, i'm completely new to demo.Ferfykìns7 1h
1h lets pretend rets are not broken doing 412332819030129312k dps with some ridiculous utilityIronsïde59 1h
1h @jackie chan can u b my friends dad thanksRyutiz0 1h
1h How is AFF currently... Just got back from a break.... How is aff doing now?Natixsphere42 1h
2h disc or hpal which is more funPlaymaker42 2h
2h Question for high rated healers Do you prefer target healing, macro/hotkey arena party member healing, or a combination?Kömbat18 2h
2h 2933Exp Multi-Glad Enhance LF Team LF similar exp and laid back players , hmu with btags.Wvzn0 2h
2h Racial nerfs/Rated 5's are making a return! Just datamined that the new Zandalari arena will be for 5v5 arenas, I can't explain how excited I am right now. During the times that rated 5's existed I wasn't participating in PvP but now ill get a chance to experience it. Also theres a huge nerf to the Belf/Human racials which is healthy for the game but could cause people to race change to orc. I'm just glad ill finally be able to be a Worgen again without feeling terrible for not playing a human. TDLR: Glad to see some attention to pvp, hope they will announce the new system changes soon to breath new life into the game. War mode is gearing up to be really cool as well. What are your thoughts on this ?:PDaggrz18 2h
3h WoW Anonymous Hi my names Dtide and I'm a wow-aholic. It all started when I was a young boy and my brother showed me this game called world of wacraft. I loved it, my first interaction with my friend Sgtpokey (Gnome Rogue) was very fun and adventure filled. Then I got into arenas and realized, wow this games combat system and mechanics are very awesome and unique. Too bad blizz doesn't care about PvP tho.Dtide5 3h
3h Current comp tier list? No idea what comps there are so yea. Whats out there?Cold19 3h
4h LF High XP Enhance Shaman for R1 this season. Do you enjoy getting /spit on? Do you not care if a LOT of your friends remove you off real-ID and call you scum? And most important. Do you want R1? If you answered yes to these questions! You're in luck! My Priest and I (Jaackygodx) are looking to grab an Enhancement Shaman for our team (Prot pal Disc.) We're both multi-glad / 2800 XP players. (Glad last season together) and have played together for -quite- sometime. We're both chill players who (Typically) queue in the PM and queue almost daily. (Family and jobs permitting) While we're looking to play and practice regularly as it will most likely be a season-long adventure. What we're -particularly- looking for is someone is -VERY- experienced on Enhancement Shaman. (We've tried ele to little success) Minimum Requirements: 2400+XP Can voice Prefered Requirements: 2700+XP Glad/R1 2200+ CR If you feel you meet the prerequisites then leave a post and your btag and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. (If you're lower CR we do have low-CR alts we can 'trial' you on.) PS: Would ~kindly~ ask people stay on topic... Save the crap-posting and prot-hating for another thread as my partner and I are -actually- trying to find a solid third. We appreciate your maturity and cooperation. TI;DR LF 2400+ XP enhance on ally for 3s for R1 PST. Thanks.Protnshock44 4h
4h proof that bajheera kickbot BAjheera is just chad idiot.. real Gamer dont need kickbot.. only chad like bajheetaßóógáßúñgà9 4h
4h 1 comp you really miss? i do miss god comp was so much fun playing it back in mopIronsïde48 4h
6h Bajheera Chad Bajheera Is A Kickbotting Chad. He Has no Respect For Incel Gentlemen Gamers Like Myself. Real Gentlemen Gamers Watch And Support Fellow incel Streamers Such as Dilly-Poo..Who are Relatable Because They Have Also Taken the Black Pill. Take The Black Pill Today ANd Stop Being Ignorant About Getting Stacys Because They All go To BRad And CHad In the end. Take the Black Pill!!!!!Gothcrip6 6h
6h Alpha given to pvers Why do people with cutting edge all get alpha invites and Gladiators don't? So much for a pvp themed expansion. I guess we have nothing to test. not saying i deserve alhpa just saying it would be nice for pvpers to get alpha to test war mode and pvp talents etc when they come out. Hopefully that way things that need to be fixed don't make it to live.Sürval63 6h
6h Give SP more surviability Do you feel hopeless playing arena with pugs as SP? I get instant focus and melee beatdown soon as the gates open. Dispersion is not enough. Blizzard really need to redesign the class. Either make us tankier or increase our mobility.Bobalicious17 6h
7h Blizzard, I know BFA is coming... But can live arena get some attention? I don’t think if you have another kid on the way you neglect your current kid, right? I don’t have kids but I think that’s how life works? Plays halpRageland6 7h
8h glad rog + 2.5 mage lf disc hi friends in search of disc priests for some rmp have alot of rogues with high xp Rowlsie#1890Itsoktxcry4 8h
8h Best healer in season 7 Which healer is currently performing best in arena. 2s and 3s? Im playing my resto shaman right now and i feel like my heals are no where near as big and efficient as my priest or hpal... like the HPS is just not there. Compared to other classes... very hard to pick someone back up when they are low.Za26 8h
9h [H/A] Beli is LF Friends Hello everyone, I recently came back to this game, I haven't played actively since MoP. I played a bit in WoD, probably the last week of each season. Didn't do much. I am a one time Gladiator in MoP, and 2400+ in multiple season. Highest rating achieved is something in the line of 2560. I haven't achieved anything worth mentionning during Legion. I'm pretty chill and I really don't give a damn about rating anymore, as long as we are having fun, I'm happy. Here are my healers : Alliance : Mistweaver -> Alliance : Disc Priest -> Alliance : HPal -> Horde : RSham -> Horde : HPal -> Belicelli#1650Beliwhoop12 9h
9h Arena/Team Hey! LF a steady team for 2's/3s for 2k push. Never attempted serious arena, but wanna hit at least 2k once for the gear (considering its legion and everything is about dmg) I main UH but could go frost if need be. Looking for some push and to learn more along the way.Frostyblight1 9h
9h Going against 3dps cheese comps I was doing skirmishes with a Balance/Feral and Aff lock against Windwalker, Destro Warlock and Enh shaman, and as soon as I got out of stealth I got bursted down from 100 to 0 so fast. I tried blinking away, bear form and barkskin/ironbark but they kept killing me in 2 stun locks. My teammates tried to cc them off me but it wasn't working. Any advice?Jentlesticks8 9h
9h dh lf 2s/3s 2kcr in 2s and 1800cr in 3s looking for chill people to q 2s/3s withDp2 9h
10h @dillon Hey dilly as hunter vs rmp I was always told to stay far from my healer so the rogue has to step to me after ccn my healer and for me to still be in line so I can try to kick the poly if I’m not stunned yet. With my old team we prolly had a 75% win rate vs rmp unless we messed up trinket/sanc rotation. But recently I played with a healer who told me I was playing wrong and I’m suppose to be on the pillar with him “to line dmg” while in a kidney not sure how I’m gonna line dmg. Because don’t think trinketing kidney just to try to run around the pillar is smart would rather save for turtle Incase I get re stunned. What’s your advice? Do you play on or off the pillar vs rmp?Sürval17 10h
12h PvP gearing is bad and not fun (HELP) Hello friends, I am writing this post due to recent concerns regarding PvP gear. Apologize in advance for the massive use of the terms "PvP gear" and "PvE gear". The only advantage PvP gear has in PvP or any other aspect of the game is its item level. PvE set bonuses and trinkets are still far superior in both high end raiding and high end mythic dungeons. This makes sense, high end raiding and dungeons should have beneficial gear for their type of game play. The issue I'm having is now PvE gear is both easier to obtain and higher item level then its PvP counterpart. Gearing has essentially become irrelevant in PvP and has really taken a back seat this expansion. As a result, its feel like participation is down more than ever. I'll give you a bit of an anecdote: I've been playing the game since vanilla and haven't really dipped my feet in much PvE content since early WOTLK. This expansion with +10/+15 chests rewards from Mythic+, I decided it was worth my time to complete this task weekly. I didn't feel like I was wasting my time and ended up enjoying the content as a way to progress my character. As a result I've come to really enjoy this type of content and now participate in Mythic raiding as well. If there wasn't that initial incentive to try the content and feel good about getting gear, I never would of done it in the first place. With that in mind I'd like to now compare ways to gear in PvP content vs PvE content. Strictly in terms of item level here's a list from worst to best. 845 From normal dungeons 870 Random battlegrounds 885 Mythic +0 900 Crafting with blood of sargeras 900 Chest from winning a brawl once every two weeks. 910 Reliquished 915 LFR Antorus 925 LFR Argus 930 Normal Antorus 930 Rare drop from being 2400 rated in arena and winning a match. 940 Guaranteed from every mythic +15 940 Weekly PvP cap for being 2000 rated in arena. 940 Normal Argus 945 Heroic Antorus 950 Weekly PvP cap for being 2400 rated in arena. 955 Heroic Argus 960 Mythic Antorus & Weekly chest from m+ 15 970 Mythic Argus These aren't the only ways of gearing but most. For a new or casual player it's easy to see why gearing in PvE is not only much more rewarding but also guaranteed. Do you know how many times I've heard my PvP buddies say "Lets go get our weekly +15 done" compared to my PvE friends saying "Lets go get 2400 rating so we can get our weekly cap done!". Even if you completely disregard the difficulty of achieving that rating in PvP, there's a monumental time difference in the two tasks, they're not even comparable. And yet, the weekly chest is still higher item level. A reasonable item level to compete at higher end PvP and PvE is around 940. Anyone aiming for this goal wouldn't waste their time PvP. Reminder: 940 Guaranteed from every mythic +15 (GUARANTEED FOR COMPLETING, NOT EVEN IN TIME) 940 Weekly PvP cap for being 2000 rated in arena. (ONCE A WEEK) 940 Normal Argus (ONCE A WEEK) 945 Heroic Antorus (10 BOSSES A WEEK) 950 Weekly PvP cap for being 2400 rated in arena. (ONCE A WEEK) 955 Heroic Argus (ONCE A WEEK) 960 Mythic Antorus (10 BOSSES A WEEK) & Weekly chest from m+ 15 (ONCE A WEEK) 970 Mythic Argus (ONCE A WEEK) Here's my WW monks armory: I've played 219 games of arena this season at roughly 2500 MMR & 2400 CR. So far this season I've received 0 upgrades. The only pieces of PvP gear that remain for me are 2 pieces of elite warforged, something most players would never have access to. What's really disheartening is this problem is even worse for casual, low rated and mid tier PvPers. People should feel incentivized to play all aspects of WoW. Currently PvP gear has taken a massive back seat and as a result participation and interest feels lower than ever. Am I alone in feeling this way?Venruki797 12h
12h Rogue/Mage Opener Defense 4 RShammy As a R Shaman, How should I play the opener with !@# Rogue, Arcane Mage Right now, sitting the opener with ES is not the answer. I'm dying in the burst. Do I trinket KS and Grounding Totem, Gust, then EST, then go into healing chain? Assume LFG and No Peels thank you for your help. PS, I do have an Orc/Relentless, but I love my Troll ShamanWintersnight17 12h
12h GAME IS DEAD especially through the mornings/afternoon. There must be one individual who can resurrect it for me that is on a same page. So, you must be: a Boomy, Destro or a Fire Mage with 2.4k+ recent EXP Able to queue 6-12 hours through the day. Without a sore loser attitude. Preferably with toons on both factions. Kopogero#1122Kopogero33 12h
13h Casual pvp’ers ilvl My biggest criticism of legion is that I can’t grind my way to a full set of top ilvl pvp gear. In the past it was a great system, yes glad players would get their gear faster but by the end of the season everyone would catch up and be on an equal footing. Now because I’m just a 2k battler the only way to get my ilvl much higher than 950 is to either get really lucky with titan forging, or pve *shudder*. Now I know what you are thinking; it’s only 2% noob just get gud, 2% won’t make a difference at all you’ll still be stuck at 2k, maybe stop getting juked on your wind shear instead of complaining about 2%. Valid points, a bit hurtful but hey I deserve it. The truth is I’m not complaining, I know the 2% won’t make much of a difference. It’s more to do with the psychology of it. I like to feel like I am on an equal footing to my opponents no matter how small the difference. And I don’t care if it takes me three or four times longer to get there, I will grind it out. I believe these thoughts echo the thoughts of ALOT of casual pvpers. And having a system which eventually grants you access to the BiS pvp gear, to players at all ratings, is essential to maintaining an active pvp playerbase. I really hope an updated BFA system addresses this. Thanks for reading.Snizfiz29 13h
13h blizzard has totally forgotten about pvp there hasnt been pvp changes in months and the last set of changes were for tanks only...pvp just feels so stale right now and would love to see some refreshing changes but probably wont see any for another 4 monthsNecrotics48 13h
14h Fav part about arenas Can we all agree the best part about arenas is casually /spit'ing on the other team and then they whisper you going crazy telling you how bad you are, then you respond but your already on ignore as they continue to type their paragraphs raging.Junashsdad16 14h
14h favorite drinks while playin arenas ive seen people saying energy drinks are the best thing to drink while ur qing i dont think thats right personally i prefer soylent wbu guys?Soyboyx52 14h
16h 2.4k+ Destro, Boomy, Fire Mage There is still a great opportunity for any recent 2.4k+ exp Destro, Boomy, or a fire Mage that wants to enjoy rank 1 titles/mounts for multiple seasons but more importantly enjoy doing 3v3 more than most out there. I have 4 hpals with 2.5k+ recent EXP that I can queue with on average everyday 6-12 hours. Most of the time I won't be able to queue is when I'm sleeping since I'm doing that for 8-10 hours but I'll be on launcher whenever I can queue. So, anyone who wants to enjoy rank 1 for multiple seasons you're expected to be able to have 2 of same specs on both factions so we can get games faster as well as not risking CR on main toons. Boomy/Destro and Fire mage also have a rank 1 potential with many other common specs that we can easily find which means getting queues will be much quicker. The only thing that can stop you from maintaining a rank 1 with me every season is being an inconsistent player with a sore loser attitude. Kopogero#1122Kopogero6 16h
16h Good WW monks I’ve heard they exist and I’ve surely faced a few of them, but why have I never actually met one? Are they all already 2400+? Seems like finding a decent warr that knows how to peel or a decent FDK that can play livelord when our healer is CCd isn’t that hard, but finding a monk that will actually use his port instead of face tanking insane damage then using karma and proceeding to continue facetanking insane damage straight to his death is so hard. I would make a post asking if anyone has a WW they will play with my dk on but i don’t think I’ll have any luckMaxiqwarlock18 16h
17h Multi-Glad lf tags Maining DH in Legion. Finished last season at 2900. Lf high Legion exp players to que with for the remainder of the xpac. I have a DH on ally and horde. Also I have a DK, War, and SP all ready to que arenas on Please leave exp and btag. Idc about crsDämonenjäger7 17h
18h @Ythisens Will there be any hot fixes coming up for pvp or are they just gonna leave everything the same? would really love a meta shiftYveltäl24 18h
18h Can a Fury Warrior beat a Ret Paladin? Can a Fury Warrior beat a Ret Paladin in 1v1? (Arena, Bg)Parizattor8 18h
19h 2.1CR ww mage lf healers Me and my mage have q'd together and achiev'd glad before. He's been high throughout legion while Im just now coming back into it on my ww. Ive picked up ww about a week ago and already got up to 2.1, but our healers are sketchy at best. Looking for disc priests, rdruids, or hpally's for ww mage x to push rating with. So far we havent played with voice, but would be willing to with a solid teammate.Playharderx9 19h
20h BfA Alpha: GCD Changes Blizzard recently applied a patch that puts all offensive cooldowns and trinkets on the global cooldown. Ion explained: ... Do you think it's a better or worse change for PvP? Are one-shot macros hurting the game? Share your thoughts.Olidastrum80 20h
20h ally fire mage looking for games honestly just trying to play and learn but lfg is exhausting cr: below 1k xp: been a 1900 mage awhile ago on horde, nothing special at all why play fire?: i play to have fun and fire is funCute9 20h
21h Who do I have to pay to get a Vicious Saddle? How much would say a PVP guild or group want for a carry for a non PVPer to 100 wins?Pocketwrench60 21h