5d Arena Movement Lag Hotfixes We’ve recently implemented a technical change to address player feedback about certain movement lag issues, particularly in Arenas. The most common report has been from one player seeing another player in a different location than where they are actually positioned. A fix to address that issue has now been live for a couple days, and we’re looking for feedback from players who play in Arenas and might be seeing a difference in the frequency of this issue. While we have other improvements in the works for the future, we believe this should have significantly reduced movement lag from multiple players’ perspectives. Please let us know if you’re seeing improvement along those lines. Thank you!Ornyx16 5d
Nov 13, 2016 [Not Updated] Complete 3v3 Comp List To my knowledge and understanding it is true that the most recently updated list of 3v3 Comp names is more than a few seasons old, and in entirety is incomplete. Older lists generally do not include very awkward team setups, nor does it completely list all of the current team compositions. (To include monks etc) I plan to keep this list complete and updated. I tried hard as possible not to list comps twice. For all intents and purposes I have consolidated the Hunters into the Melee category as per their Physical nature and Melee via pets. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Melee Comps Ebola Cleave :: Feral - Unholy - Healer TurboCleave :: EnSham - Dk / Warr - Rdruid KittyCleave :: Feral - Warr - HPal African Turtle Cleave :: Protwarr - Hunter - Rdruid Zoo / Jungle Cleave :: Feral - Hunter - Healer TSG :: Dk - Warr - Hpal PHD :: Dk - Hunter - Hpal TreeSG :: Dk - Warr - Rdruid TreeHD :: Dk - Hunter - Rdruid Vanguards Cleave :: Dk - Ret - Healer Smokebomb Cleave :: Dk - Rogue - Healer KFC :: Warr - Hunter - Healer Lumberjack Cleave :: Warr - Warr - Pal Man Cleave :: Arms - Prot - Pal Thug Cleave :: Rogue - Hunter - Healer Kanye Cleave :: Rogue - Rogue/Dk - Shaman Scooby Doo Cleave :: Ret - Rogue Rdruid/Sham Batman Cleave :: Rogue - Warr - Healer PHP :: Ret - Hunter - Priest Cupid :: Ret - Hunter - Healer (Non-Priest) Freedom Cleave :: Ret - Dk - Hpal Beast Cleave :: Hunter - EnhSham - Healer --------- Cleave :: Dk(Unholy) - Dk(Unholy) - Healer Stalin Cleave :: Dk(Frost) - Dk(Frost) - Healer Unholy Meditation :: WW - DK - Hpriest Cheeky Narwahl Cleave :: EnhSham - Rogue - Rdruid Caster Comps MLP / Hogwarts Cleave :: Lock - Mage - Priest Harry Potter Cleave :: Mage - Mage - Healer Frozen Chicken Cleave :: Mage(Frost) - Moonkin - Healer Spicy Chicken Cleave :: Mage(Fire) - Moonkin - Healer El Diablo Cleave :: Mage(Fire) - Lock - Rsham Shattreeplay / God Comp :: Mage - Spriest - Rdruid Shatterplay :: Mage(Frost) - Spriest - Sham Fireplay :: Mage(Fire) - Spriest - Sham MLD :: Mage - Lock - Druid MLS :: Mage - Lock - Sham L.SD :: Rdruid - Lock(Des) - EleSham L.SD2 Rdruid - Lock(Aff) - EleSham L.SD2 Variant :: Moonkin - Lock - Rsham Owlplay :: Moonkin - Spriest - Sham Shadowplay :: Spriest - Lock - Healer Volcano Cleave :: Ele - Mage - Healer God Cleave :: Moonkin - EleSham - Healer Hybrid Comps Liberty Cleave :: Mage - Dk - Priest RMS :: Rogue - Mage - Sham RMD :: Rogue - Mage - Druid RMP :: Rogue - Priest - Mage FMP :: Mage - Feral - Disc FPS :: Feral - Spriest - Rsham WLD :: Warr - Lock - Druid Unholyplay :: Druid - Spriest - Dk Mongolian Earthworm Cleave :: EnSham - Moonkin - Priest Mongolian Armadillo Cleave :: WW - Moonkin - Priest Dancing with the Stars :: Rogue - Moonkin - Healer Angel Cleave :: Ret - Spriest - Healer (Orig Dpriest) RPD :: Druid - Spriest - Rogue RPS :: Rogue - Spriest - Rsham Zombie Chicken Cleave :: Dk - Moonkin - Healer RLS :: Rogue - Lock - Sham RLD :: Rogue - Lock - Druid Shadowcleave :: Healer - Dk - Lock WMD :: Warr - Mage - Druid WMP :: Warr - Mage - Priest WMPal :: Warr - Mage - Pal WMChi / Lama Cleave :: Warr - Mage - MW WLS :: Warr - Lock - Sham RMD2 :: Rogue - Moonkin - Mage Cleaving with the Stars :: Warr - Moonkin - Rsham Scatterplay :: Hunter - Spriest - Rsham Dispel Cleave :: Warr - Disc - Resto FLS :: Lock - Feral - Sham Thundercat Cleave :: Feral - EnSham - Healer Thunderfist Cleave :: WW - EleSham - Healer Harvest Cleave :: WW - Lock - Healer Thunder Cleave :: Arms Warrior - Ele Shaman - Resto Druid -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Any of the healers in a great majority of the comps are interchangeable but not in all of them. Chi = With Monk Healer. (ie TSChi, KFChi, etc.) Any additions or changes to the list are welcome.Awfeel500 Nov 13, 2016
Mar 12, 2015 Crowd Control & Diminishing Returns When you're affected by a crowd control effect in PvP, there's an 18-second window for diminishing returns on further effects from the same category. Additional CC effects used on you while diminishing returns are active are reduced in duration: first by 50%, and then by 75%. Each CC effect resets the 18-second window to its full duration, and if you are affected by three CC's of the same category inside that 18-second window, you will be immune to further effects from that category until the 18-second window has passed. The lists below have been separated out into their specific diminishing returns categories. Each ability shares diminishing returns with the other abilities it has been listed with, and no others, except where noted. Diminishing Returns Categories Disorient Incapacitate Root Silence Stun KnockbackLore6 Mar 12, 2015
Oct 26, 2010 Welcome: Please Read! Welcome to the Arenas forum! This forum is here to provide you with a friendly environment where you can discuss Player vs. Player arena combat with your fellow World of Warcraft players. Community forums work best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy, so we ask that you take the time to read through the forum Code of Conduct ( and guidelines ( before posting. Important Reminders: Search The search function at the top of the World of Warcraft community site is extremely effective and robust. Before you create a new forum topic, please be use it to search for similar topics, blog posts, or web pages that may contain the answer for which you are looking. Making a new thread on an existing subject can result in your thread being deleted or, if you continue to re-post the same content, the loss of your forum privileges for spamming. Rating The forum rating system can be used to promote positive discussion, demote unhelpful comments, and even report posts that violate the forum Code of Conduct. By hovering over a post you'll be presented with several options, including a "thumbs up" (Like) and a "thumbs down" (Dislike) icon. Clicking the "thumbs up" icon will rate the post up. If enough people like a post, it will gain a Highly Rated status and appear at the top of related search results. Highly Rated posts will also have a highlighted background. Clicking the "thumbs down" icon will expand a drop-down menu which will include "Dislike," "Trolling, "Spam" and "Report" options. "Dislike" will rate the post down. If enough people dislike a post, it will be darkened, and with a lot of dislikes it will be hidden completely. You can also quickly report a post as trolling or spam, or use the report function to fill out a more comprehensive description of a violation. Please note that you can only rate each post once. Use your power wisely to help foster a positive and helpful forum community. Have fun posting on these forums, and good luck with your adventures in Azeroth!Lylirra1 Oct 26, 2010
24m Best mage in the entire world strum ABSOLUTE MAD MAN TAKES COUNTERSPELL OFF HIS BARS! come watch the best mage in the entire world grind 2.4 without ever kicking! 24m
26m Savix V. SethCurry 26m
53m How to get out of the 1700 bracket I've been capped in the 16-17-18 bracket forever, it's fine because I know I'm not such a tryhard or great player but I am amazed though that I always lose as I start hitting 1900s like I might be a choke artistGhoullum19 53m
54m 2k XP player looking for partners Hit 2100 healing last season on Hpriest running warr/Mage. Looking to play my hunter in either jungle or thug. Prefer no rage or anyone super toxic. Just looking to have fun and get my mog on this char. Post some tags!Alwayz1 54m
1h crusader gets an eviction notice 1h
1h Keybinding questions People with high ratings, I'm having some issues trying to figure out what I should and should not bind, and how I should bind those things. I know a lot of high rated players play with qwe to strafe left walk forward and strafe right, but I use asd. Why do so many high rated players use qwe? Also, how do you decide what you turn into a arena123 macro. These are my binds on my Unh dk Feedback and constructive criticism is most appreciated.Gallôws4 1h
1h Unarmored Gladiator Mount I think it would be really cool to add a Unarmored Gladiator mount mayb even a pet (same mount just w out the glad armor) to be able to be purchased at 2200 or something around rival-duelist range. Just a idea to help encourage pvpArianagránde26 1h
2h what makes a good warrior u ask? damage. good warriors do a lot of damage.Justfilthy23 2h
3h When are you finally going to end the season read title. its taking 20 years for the season to end and we still have another season after this one till BFA.Rositajones8 3h
3h How does walking dead How does walking dead work? I feel like there would be no cc besides paralize and DRing stuns? How does this comp set up kills? Monk gets 9 stacks then dk grips into strang then both just burst?Bilefloat22 3h
4h Melee in arena - Legion Is anybody else sick of the massive amount of Melee cleaves in 2s and 3s? Every single game its melee cleave, it is so boring.Chillmeister4 4h
5h Imagine losing as ArcSinP I can, I lose all the time.Mathematicss11 5h
7h Interface question On my druid I used to be able to see my clone and other abillities above enemies heads. For some reason it doesn't show it anymore. It was working yesterday. Anyone know how to get it back?Rot1 7h
7h LF arena partners to push 2k+ I've been sitting in lfg forever trying to find good people to play with and its getting to the point where im sitting in lfg longer than actually playing the game that i pay 15$ a month for. So this is a last ditch effort to get 2k before i unsub (literally been 6pts away). If you want to run something let me know. Esotericshiv#1822Twochains5 7h
9h hi hpriest looking 2 damp i like qing with casters i havent played disc at all this xpac but i could learn i guess 4 rmp 2800 xp havent really played this xpac much tho velca#1101Velca13 9h
9h "Enchanter’s Illusion - Glorious Tyranny" Players who started doing PvP from WoD seasons cannot re-buy/unlock the item "Enchanter’s Illusion - Glorious Tyranny" ? but the Fact is that this item Could be bought throughout the Entire WoD seasons if players got 2400+ mmr (i did and so did many hard-working WoD pvp players) we tried so hard to get this illusion in WoD seasons and i even got Gladiator Title in WoD season1 for pursuing this item, but when LEG came, it was just wiped out on every weapon ever enchanted for no reason so now, how could it be available only for MoP (S14, S15) players to re-buy/unlock? what about us the WoD PvP players? we're still waiting for a correct in-game fix/change/setting/update which will also give players who earned dualist or above in WoD seasons the permission/authorization to re-buy/unlock this item i've been trying to connect Blizz for over 1 year about this issue in twitter, fb, or battlenet ticket but there's still no accurate reply for this which now could be my only motivation to go on (sounds stupid but it's true, and it gets me a little neurotic for waiting over 1 year) ====================================================================== If Blizzard wants "ONE UNIQUE PVP ILLUSION FOR ONE XPAC ONLY", it's ok. Which is: RED one for MoP, BLUE one for WoD However, players who ever got "Bloody Steel", 2200+ mmr or even 2400+ mmr in arena or RBG during S12 or S13 (MoP S1 or MoP S2) still cannot re-buy/unlock "Glorious Tyranny" illusion either ?.......... For what ? ======================================================================Hadessio148 9h
9h Buff Prot Paladins Please! They're far too underpowered.Immense support utility isn't enough, and a blanket silence won't cut it.Prot pallys need a buff in every aspect of a spec, please buff them!Koom4 9h
10h Please nerf prot paladin and prot warrior These two braindead tank specs are completely broken in pvp arena right now. Whoever thought making 2200 players capable of easily reaching glad/r1 as a prot spec needs to be fired asaspYetola11443023 10h
10h Roast that Mog Anyone want to get some aggression out? Just roast the mog of the player above you in the most creative and hateful way you can think ofSturmschlag119 10h
10h Classic wow Now this is true pinnacle of skill.Damnbro29 10h
10h Weekly Arena quest bugged? Hi guys, I completed the two weekly Arena quests (2s and 3s) a few days ago, but I did not receive any 915+ ilvl gear. I thought maybe it would be awarded after the Tuesday reset, but I logged on this morning and nothing. Has anyone else experienced this? How and when are the rewards meant to be handed out? Thanks, AzAzrim4 10h
10h MW vs RMP.(Assa/Arcane) How do i do it? at 1.9 cr, 4 out of 5 games against rmp is a lose for me. (Race Changing is not an option)Sanxi17 10h
11h LF RMP or Jungle 2380 exp mage. been doing rmp for a while. Frost mage, sub, disc, LF solid partners to push. tired of LFG. Add Btag hypnos#1536 Have 2 mages alliance and horde and 2 disc priests alliance and horde 1900 cr on both mages. 2050 on alliance disc. new horde disc is 1850crHypnòs7 11h
11h Community Arena Discord? Is there a community discord for Arena/"Competitive" WoW PvP? JW, as I think it would be a good idea to help find partners etc..Louigie6 11h
11h Disc LFM friends (2089 last season) Can you believe it?? A healer looking for people to play with =O. Anyways I need some more Btags to play with. I peaked at 2089 last season in 3s. Got my Fierce Elite as a healer. Was my first season healing ever and I’m getting the hang of it. I definitely want to practice more especially with 2k + players. I don’t care what comp, win or lose I want the practice. Prefer no ragers or people who don’t understand the concept of “healer is CCd, I shouldn’t mongo at half health with no defensive) then blame the heals cause I died. LFG is total BS, everyone thinks they are gladiator quality players and everyone is 2k XP with no achievements or on different characters -_-. Also would like to climb 2s a bit, I’m sitting at 1830 CR. Just want reliable people to play with. I don’t claim to be a pro but practice makes perfect.Canali7 11h
11h How to make tanks not stupid in arena. *This is an opinionated post that I think would be best for arena regarding tanks, I do realize other specs need to be looked at as well like Arcane/Assassination/Frost DK..etc however, tanks are in my opinion a much bigger issue in pvp right now.* I say make them still viable because there are actual people that main tank specs like swifty and swifty fanboys.. This post is mainly directed towards Prot Paladin and Prot Warrior, seeing as other tank specs don't really show themselves in 3s. |OVERALL SPECS| - Nerf the 15% damage increase you can put on to a target from 5% per person to attack a target, to 2.5% -Nerf the Versatility and Stamina % more. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- |Prot Paladin| Blessing Of Spellwarding - Nerf the duration from 10 to 6 seconds. Hand of the Protector - Nerf the healing % from 30% to 20%. Blanket Silence - Make the blanket silent just a short interrupt UNLESS a spell is interrupted with it, making the silence effect 4 seconds. Fist of Justice - Remove this talent option for prot, and replace with a 15 second hoj reduction cooldown. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- |Prot Warrior| Body Guard - Nerf the cooldown from 15 seconds to 30 seconds, and the damage reduction by 10% With these changes I think tanks will still be viable in arena but not as broken as they are currently. These are all changes that I have personal experience with and have qued into, there could be more or less wrong with tanks that I don't know about. I'm getting real tired, as are many others, of queing into a prot team knowing you have very little to no chance of being able to win. Each tank team I've faced have just either played to live and wait until you're out of mana or they randomly global someone in a literal half dr'd stun. It's getting ridiculous, Blizzard. Fix it, then fix other broken specs.Ðeception25 11h
11h @rhomas You're not even a real weeb.Nepneplol11 11h
12h Ethereal form bug in arena So i know this probably applies to like... 3 shamans since enh is barely played, but ethereal form is still bugged in arena. if use it once, it greys out and cant be used again. rip chunli zzzzzzSarimyth12 12h
13h Destro/Fdk/hpal counter What counters this comp? Also what counters destro/spriest/xWtfamidoing19 13h
13h PvP gearing is bad and not fun (HELP) Hello friends, I am writing this post due to recent concerns regarding PvP gear. Apologize in advance for the massive use of the terms "PvP gear" and "PvE gear". The only advantage PvP gear has in PvP or any other aspect of the game is its item level. PvE set bonuses and trinkets are still far superior in both high end raiding and high end mythic dungeons. This makes sense, high end raiding and dungeons should have beneficial gear for their type of game play. The issue I'm having is now PvE gear is both easier to obtain and higher item level then its PvP counterpart. Gearing has essentially become irrelevant in PvP and has really taken a back seat this expansion. As a result, its feel like participation is down more than ever. I'll give you a bit of an anecdote: I've been playing the game since vanilla and haven't really dipped my feet in much PvE content since early WOTLK. This expansion with +10/+15 chests rewards from Mythic+, I decided it was worth my time to complete this task weekly. I didn't feel like I was wasting my time and ended up enjoying the content as a way to progress my character. As a result I've come to really enjoy this type of content and now participate in Mythic raiding as well. If there wasn't that initial incentive to try the content and feel good about getting gear, I never would of done it in the first place. With that in mind I'd like to now compare ways to gear in PvP content vs PvE content. Strictly in terms of item level here's a list from worst to best. 845 From normal dungeons 870 Random battlegrounds 885 Mythic +0 900 Crafting with blood of sargeras 900 Chest from winning a brawl once every two weeks. 910 Reliquished 915 LFR Antorus 925 LFR Argus 930 Normal Antorus 930 Rare drop from being 2400 rated in arena and winning a match. 940 Guaranteed from every mythic +15 940 Weekly PvP cap for being 2000 rated in arena. 940 Normal Argus 945 Heroic Antorus 950 Weekly PvP cap for being 2400 rated in arena. 955 Heroic Argus 960 Mythic Antorus & Weekly chest from m+ 15 970 Mythic Argus These aren't the only ways of gearing but most. For a new or casual player it's easy to see why gearing in PvE is not only much more rewarding but also guaranteed. Do you know how many times I've heard my PvP buddies say "Lets go get our weekly +15 done" compared to my PvE friends saying "Lets go get 2400 rating so we can get our weekly cap done!". Even if you completely disregard the difficulty of achieving that rating in PvP, there's a monumental time difference in the two tasks, they're not even comparable. And yet, the weekly chest is still higher item level. A reasonable item level to compete at higher end PvP and PvE is around 940. Anyone aiming for this goal wouldn't waste their time PvP. Reminder: 940 Guaranteed from every mythic +15 (GUARANTEED FOR COMPLETING, NOT EVEN IN TIME) 940 Weekly PvP cap for being 2000 rated in arena. (ONCE A WEEK) 940 Normal Argus (ONCE A WEEK) 945 Heroic Antorus (10 BOSSES A WEEK) 950 Weekly PvP cap for being 2400 rated in arena. (ONCE A WEEK) 955 Heroic Argus (ONCE A WEEK) 960 Mythic Antorus (10 BOSSES A WEEK) & Weekly chest from m+ 15 (ONCE A WEEK) 970 Mythic Argus (ONCE A WEEK) Here's my WW monks armory: I've played 219 games of arena this season at roughly 2500 MMR & 2400 CR. So far this season I've received 0 upgrades. The only pieces of PvP gear that remain for me are 2 pieces of elite warforged, something most players would never have access to. What's really disheartening is this problem is even worse for casual, low rated and mid tier PvPers. People should feel incentivized to play all aspects of WoW. Currently PvP gear has taken a massive back seat and as a result participation and interest feels lower than ever. Am I alone in feeling this way?Venruki704 13h
14h How do you really get into Arena? (Hunter) I've been playing for years and have always dabbled in PvP. I love doing BGs, but when it comes to arena it seems hard to find partners that stick around. This character has just hit 110 so I have a lot of work to do on him before it's pvp ready, but in the mean time I figured I'd ask you guys what the best way to get into 3's is. I've been over 2k in 2's back in WoD on Monk, but that was the last time I've really played arena and since I normally just played with friends we always had super bad double dps comps so we never really made it too far other than that one time. I've never done arena on a hunter though, so I have no idea what spec or comps I should be looking to try or what even makes a good hunter from a bad one these days. Last time I played hunter in arena was back in WotLK, but again that was only in 2's. I've been watching a ton of videos and looking things up outside of this, but I just figured I might as well see what you forum goers think and maybe get some advice that may not be easily found in other sources. Thanks in advance!Sinaris10 14h
14h Is it considered cheating To be a DH and go somewhere that only double jump can get you? It’s been a few weeks back but we had an enemy FC get on top of the ally side resto house in Twin Peaks. He could walk around the chimney and line casters as well as no melee could get up there due to our only DH being a tank and flag carrying and even if we did have DHs, his entire team was around the house preventing ya from even attempting to get up there. Is this not considered cheating?Maxiqwarlock11 14h
14h @Petkick 14h
15h Looking for Yolo 3s Partners to Suck Together Casual player. Really don't care about CR or legion exp, because this game sucks and I just wanna have some games in since I am somehow still subbing. I'm fine with anyone super chill with most honor talents, and fine with playing no voice. Let's just have some fun and laugh about randomly dying to 2 million damage in a stun #LegionPvP2018 style. No judging, just blowing off steam. I only play no voice because I am writing for Episode(It's an app) in between queues. I have MWs and Holy priests, and I only play Holy, been holy before Legion and never changing spec. Thank you. #ThaneKrios#11883Dontplaydisc1 15h
16h frost mage needs buffs asap its hard to land my coc on people cuz its 2 small, plz make it bigger so i can kite ppl better.Seoyunkokojr6 16h
16h UHDK Are there any casters that Unholy dk can play with (not destro) that are viable comps high up? Would like to play a defensive rot style.Pwnsor7 16h
16h 1700+ LF Warlock + Rsham/Disc 3v3 3v3 1700+ LF Warlock + Rsham/Disc Tag: FIREBALL#2374Cuteraccoon0 16h
17h I can't wait... Until next expac where I can say legion was better and it was more skill! Am I doing this right?Yveltäl14 17h
18h Looking for resto shaman tips Mainly Does anyone have any advice for resto shaman pvp mostly around the playstyle i have the "right" talents but still learning the playstyle Atm keep riptide up mostly 24/7 eh the totems name eludes me but use the absorb defensive totem when you expect inc dmg. Healing stream is the weak one i beleive i apologize im at work and fumbling with names but healing stream totem you can just keep out with damage inc Healing tide totem you put out for larger instances of dmg inc Acension seems like my oh !@#$ button we are dieing Stoneclaw totem seems like my bigger oh %^-* button if we are all clumped Also what do most of you guys bind for target arena enemies 1 2 3 Thanks for reading!Druck5 18h
18h Does anyone know if there is as much pointless sht talking and petty drama among the r1 community as there is among the high duelist / bottom barrel glad community?Remixxed13 18h
18h Learning RMP - Seeking P (Alliance) We have a rogue/mage combo looking to gain 3's experience and eventually grind our way up the ladder. We're looking for an inexperienced disc priest with a positive attitude and patience to learn and grow synergy with us. Any noob discs out there?Frost4 18h
19h "Seeking Arena Partners" Pt.4 Since S6 is coming up I thought I would pick up from Shad's posts. They have been very helpful for me thus far. From the Pt.3 post ... Here is me. BTag: jenelope#11607 Faction: Both Classes: Feral druid (Both), MM Hunter (Both), DH (Horde), Mage (Alliance) Couple other random 110s. On most evenings from 7pm EST. So chill I'm almost Zen. 2010 (2s) 1850 (3s) Legion experience. Would love to find some people to play with consistently, build some synergy and push some rating. I will play with anyone and everyone. The more practice the better. I'm always down to queue. Only time I say no is if I am already queuing or busy with something. Hit me up on your alts or that class you are trying to learn. Really enjoy playing with voice. Just much more satisfying for me. I'm okay no voicing too. Just prefer to voice.Jenelope104 19h
20h 1925xp/1850 cr ret looking for team Experienced legion ret looking for a group to push 2k with or higher. I'm currently 1850 cr because of being forced to que with lfg teams who aren't using voice as I don't have the 2k achieve yet for legion. My btag is ripitznovor#1750 if anyone is down to que. Main comps im in search of are as follows: Ret Paladin + Marksmanship Hunter + Resto Shaman/Disc Priest Ret Paladin + Subtlety Rogue + Holy Paladin Ret Paladin + Demonology Warlock + Resto Shaman Ret Paladin + Shadow Priest + Resto Shaman Any other viable comps will work too.Gp3 20h
20h LF 2k+ Legion exp rogue RMP We're on A LOT and are very chill. Looking for a chill rogue to Q RMP 24/7. Leave btagReaken4 20h
21h From Duelist to Rank 1..Prot pally/Surv hunt title says all. legion. 21h
22h Arcane Torrent to be Redesigned in BfA Ion stated at the end of the interview with FinalBossTV that they will be redesigning Arcane Torrent due to how strong it was in the Mythic Dungeon Invitational and in PvP where a group of Blood Elves can chain cc a caster trying to get a cast off. Source - 22h