Jun 10 Join us live at the Blizzard Arena for BlizzCon Opening Week! After nearly a year of brutal regional competition, the top teams of Arena gladiators from around the world will gather for a final showdown in the World of Warcraft Arena Global Championship—and you can be there to cheer on your favorite combatants! If you're heading to Southern California for BlizzCon 2018, come join us live, in-person at Blizzard Arena Los Angeles in Burbank, California for all the pre-BlizzCon exciting! Tickets to the live event on Monday, October 29, 2018, are on sale now through the Blizzard Arena Los Angeles ticketing site. Single-day tickets are avliable for the World of Warcraft Arena World Championship for $30 per day (plus applicable taxes and fees). Tickets to one of the Blizzard Arena Behind-the-Scenes Tour sessions are also available for $50 per session (plus applicable taxes and fees), with multiple dates and time slots available to choose from! You can find more information on availablity, timing, pricing, and more on the BlizzCon site here.Ornyx2 Jun 10
May 19 Arena Movement Lag Hotfixes We’ve recently implemented a technical change to address player feedback about certain movement lag issues, particularly in Arenas. The most common report has been from one player seeing another player in a different location than where they are actually positioned. A fix to address that issue has now been live for a couple days, and we’re looking for feedback from players who play in Arenas and might be seeing a difference in the frequency of this issue. While we have other improvements in the works for the future, we believe this should have significantly reduced movement lag from multiple players’ perspectives. Please let us know if you’re seeing improvement along those lines. Thank you!Ornyx21 May 19
Mar 12, 2015 Crowd Control & Diminishing Returns When you're affected by a crowd control effect in PvP, there's an 18-second window for diminishing returns on further effects from the same category. Additional CC effects used on you while diminishing returns are active are reduced in duration: first by 50%, and then by 75%. Each CC effect resets the 18-second window to its full duration, and if you are affected by three CC's of the same category inside that 18-second window, you will be immune to further effects from that category until the 18-second window has passed. The lists below have been separated out into their specific diminishing returns categories. Each ability shares diminishing returns with the other abilities it has been listed with, and no others, except where noted. Diminishing Returns Categories Disorient Incapacitate Root Silence Stun KnockbackLore6 Mar 12, 2015
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3m Stat talents for missing Honor talents? Since we only get to choose 3 honor talents in BfA and they don't want to give us new abilities, they should at least compensate with letting us choose between "stat" talents. Add two new tiers in the honor talent tab. One to let you choose between buffed Haste, Crit, or Versatility. The other tier could let you choose between buffed Stamina, Main stat, or Movement speed. I'm sure a lot of specs would be cookie cutter selections, but I think it'd be interesting to experiment. If you think you'll be a kill target maybe the Versa/Stam picks could help you survive while sacrificing damage. And if you don't end up being the kill target your choice would have a consequence because now you'd just have more health and versatility for no value. Just seems like an easy way to add some customization without having to devote too many dev resources.Nazur0 3m
3m inb4 Petkick posts about me angry petkick is angryRavioli67 3m
3m Giving back to the Community Hey guys I just helped a few friends hit their first 2k, but i wanted to extend my hands out helping people hit 2k in 2's for Free.99 I play all heal classes (except Holy priest), and all of them are around 2kcr. Disclaimer: This is to help you reach 2k, this is not a carry. Meaning if you don't know what in the world you're doing or starting at 0 cr it ain't happening. I am not the best player in the world, but i will do my best to get you that 2k, so if you need my help leave your btag in the comments below. Another mini Disclaimer: Like last xpac i had alot of people to help, so I may not be able to help everyone.Sizzla9 3m
3m tht moment when u que against the healer u wuz q'd with the game before, who kicked u and called u trash only to global him in a stun. this cud be us but u h8nYeaaboiyy8 3m
4m Whats it take to hit 2k Im currently just a pug master 3,000. Mostly with the goal of getting my 100 wins across multiple toons to try and catch up on the saddles. However sometimes I see my MMR go up to 1900-2k range and still able to get some wins. I know i must be fighting another pug group, but Im curious what y'all might say i need to do in order to actually achieve that rating. What separates the 1700 guy from the 2k guy? Im currently bouncing around the 1650-1700 cr range on 3 of my healers. How do i step up to the 2k ratings?Masimove9 4m
6m just got my 2k ty everyone that help me my first 2k in 3s on this char i worked really hard to wear this fursuit ty. zzzzKiwiceria21 6m
16m lmfao arms is way too simple Mortal strike spam, charge, kick, spam hamstring. Spin to win when together off cd glad stance 24/7 unless u getting trained megahard literally just summed the entire spec. its a legit joke. PLEASE make it harder its too good for how simple it is, nobody who plays this spec is talented or skilled in ANY way.Xxchadxxz27 16m
22m need 1900-2k boost 2s plz carry me plz omg i just want the set pls put ur btag carry meBattlezone10 22m
28m How much skill does rogue actually take I dont mean to get glad but like to hit 2-2.2k is it easy? Rogue just seems extremely op in the fact many people I watch (especially healers) have no clue how to handle them and rage cuz "no peels" (even tho the rogue can just shadowstep) They have a lot of dmg immunity while they can do dmg same time seems kinda broken, DH has this too and they r not fun. Ps: specifically the viable rogue specs (i usually only see sin?)Yeaaboiyy4 28m
30m Arms only has 9 pvp talents on BFA No pain train, death row, or rage machine, has there been anything said about new talents on the way?Yungpickle17 30m
1h Forum Squad Discord If you aren’t in there you’re missing the bolt va deception battle and how it’s blossoming into a relationship.Mathematicss6 1h
1h glad exp mw lf 2400+3s also have 2300+ horde mw. lf chill people to play withReportedname3 1h
2h Are terrible mogs insta glad? The moment I redid my entire transmog last night, basically attempting to look like a giant trash pile, I ascended. My dps skyrocketed, my cc was on point, I became a rogue in its entirety. Is this just what happens? Do I go even uglier? If my disc priest joins the ugly party, are we both gods? So many questions, so little money left for transmogs...Poodon8 2h
3h LF push to 2k Current CR in 2s 1720 Looking for bomb dps or bomb healer to help me get through the melee train and into the thinking man's bracket.Idocracy1 3h
3h Disc Priest 2v2 Help So I've been playing !@# rogue/disc with a friend and we've been having trouble against unholy dk's and aff locks so we've been stuck at around 1800 rating. With unholy dk's we always seem to have pressure going for the whole game, but we just can never score a kill on the unholy dk he gets to about 10% health and manages to survive?? we just end up losing the dampening fight against them. And similar with aff locks, except we aren't ahead the whole game. We usually have a really strong opener and then the longer we don't score a kill the more impossible it becomes to heal through. I am wondering if there are any tips on killing dk's(I just came back to wow so I don't know all of their defensives yet) or if we need to kill the healer and what talents/strats should I be using to deal with aff locks best as disc, ty!Vxsin6 3h
3h highest double arcane hpal WORLD ya when i dont hoj into grounding, we farm /flex ;);) xd arcane mage in legion xdxdxdÐeceptiøn45 3h
3h Hard decison to make LF pro tips KFC V.S Popeyes? Which one?Mihaliz28 3h
3h Why don't they fix the ui in tournaments? The ui they use right now makes it almost impossible to actually track whats going on all the time. They had a really good thing going with the old gcd tournament ui's. It had all the cd's and important abilities, kicks, and even hots and dots on every character. You could probably clean it up a bit more and make it a less cluttered. Another cool thing they used to have on their ui's back in cata you could even see who they are targetting Would make it a lot easier for people to get a sense of whats going on. The problem with how it is right now, is that you cannot see important things like dots and hots. Being able to see some of these things makes watching certain classes like rdruids and aff locks a lot easier to track. Another big thing is not showing kicks. They show when people are locked out on certain schools, but not knowing when the kicks themselves are up makes it a lot harder to follow what casters are doing a lot of the time. I understand that they are trying to make it visually easier for casuals and new viewers to watch the tournaments. But the way it is right now, if anythign just makes it harder to watch since you can't really track abilities too well with the current ui. I feel like if they tried to implement a ui more like how they used to have in gcd just done a bit better it would be perfect.Justitude9 3h
3h DK vs Warrior BfA What ya guys think!?Mathematicss8 3h
4h Pally tips welcome Here is my questions. I am healing on holy pally and trying for the 2k mog in 3s running with a Destro and Frost Dk. Keep getting to one win from it and then tanking 50 or 60 points. What seems to happen would be either as the match goes on i rotate my cooldowns to keep my dps alive but after a couple switches to me i go down because i have nothing left to get out of a stun kill. These are longer matches. Any tips or advise for me to stay alive? Any strat that my dps should be doing? Maybe we are not playing it right. Or maybe it is just me. Also, good RMP teams. How do you avoid dying in the opener? Seems i have to bubble not matter what and then my team mates are ccd and cant stip the MD and i die. Just looking for any tips. Maybe im just too old and washed up. lol. Thanks to all in advance. Also thanks to anyone that would respond by saying Get Gud and all the amazing comments like that ;-)Pdshammy7 4h
5h [A] 2.5xp Hpal/Warr LF 3rd Around 2200cr atm Grev#1179Grevo1 5h
5h Resto Shaman LF Consistent 3s Team Resto Shaman LF consistent 3s team, just came back into the game after not playing for years, looking to find a consistent 3s team to climb with, if interested be sure to shoot a request and well setup a schedule etc Nonxsistant#1677Shockinzz5 5h
5h MW Monk, looking for partner to get 2k. ferox#11401 (iv gotten close on several characters, like 1980 close..:( ) I really want the monk armor tho, i grinded 0-1600cr in a couple hours, need 400 more...Ferowin3 5h
6h what is more toxic Arms/prot/MW or Hpriest/arms/prot fought both of these making a swap to MW felt easy when they came in with wotc but trying to swap to a hpriest felt pretty hopeless lolCäsey3 6h
6h Arena inefficiencies... Anyone have those days when you queue 3s and just get like an amazing win/loss record for that queue session (like 15-3, or 10-0 etc...) and then get excited to queue with the same ppl the next day to emulate those results, but then instead get a losing streak with little to no wins?Bowtronz9 6h
7h how is prepatch going to be handled? this is my first rodeo. played in vanilla, came back to wow last season, just trying to figure out what's going to happen prepatch is incoming in a little bit here with it now being on the ptr...are they going to drop the prepatch class changes mid pvp season? playing ele and feeling plenty of nerfs coming. I'm just trying to figure out if I really need to push NOW to try and get my first 2k or later. I have heard they give some advance notice of pvp seasons ending? Thanks for any advice :)Nephneph14 7h
8h Assa rogue LF partners 2.2cr A/H Hello, I am looking for active partners to q with the rest of this season and in bfa. I have Ali rogues at 2275, 2240, 2050 cr's, and a horde rogue ~2180cr. I have hit 2.5 in mop, wod, and legion on rogue with the same group of partners, but q's have dried up recently. I have mostly played fire/assa/hpal and spriest/assa/hpal so far this season, but looking to try other comps. I am willing to play with anyone competent and able to play above 2k. Arcane, Shadow, and healers ++++ kwins#1567Kwi8 8h
8h Want to hear a Joke? Blizzard changing the PVP Tabards. EDIT: :TinfoilHatOn: my character is wearing a new tabard in the armory but not in game.Zech5 8h
8h LF a 2's partner I'm on 1500's, trying to break through to 2k for the armour, but LFG is not doing me any favours. I need someone who is going to be consistent and stick through till we get it. Healer would be awesome. #Arthelon1780Eredarii9 8h
9h Possible bot? So I ran into something INCREDIBLY weird when capping 2s over the weekend, and have a feeling that this is very out of the normal. So capping 2s is never a big deal to me, I usually find any random healer and start to queue up. So I ran into this guy - Bigstuf-Dunemaul. He invited me into his group, never said a word, and queued up. I sometimes run into people that aren't willing to chat, and that is fine, so I thought nothing of it and played the game. The first match started, and he walks out 5 feet from the gate and stays COMPLETELY stationary. I thought this was odd considering monk's main thing is having great mobility, and also odd that he didn't throw down a port, or move at all. As the DPS on the opposing team hammered into him, he didn't move an inch. He did cast ring on his location, and bubbled himself, but eventually died because the warrior out DPSd his heals, and even fearing and coiling the warrior well into DRs, there wasn't much I could do for him. Again - I figured he was new to arena, or just a young kid learning his keybinds. So I offered him some tips, to throw down a port and use his mobility to his advantage. No response at all. Whatever, lets just queue up again and continue to cap. The next game - EXACT same thing. Walks in a weird scripted manner about 5 feet out the gate, and does LITERALLY the exact same thing. At this point I was really thrown off, and couldn't convince myself that I was playing with another human being. So I decided to queue about 3 more games, and he did the exact same thing in all of them. Extremely scripted, extremely suspect. All while I keep trying to talk to him in group chat - being super friendly, and he just ignores me. So the next game queues up and I inspect him, and wow was I in for a shocker. Look at his 2s games. OVER 1700 GAMES. So at this point, I literally asked him if he was a bot. No matter what I said to him in chat mattered until this point, he had kept queueing mindlessly, but as soon as the text "bot" entered party, I was immediately kicked. Am I going crazy or is this a sign of the return of the bots?Måddox5 9h
11h Cheapest 2k carry! Hi guys, selling 2k just like everyone else. Doing as either heal or dps 15-1600 is 20k 16-1700 is 40k 17-1800 is 60k 18-1900 is 80k 19-2k is 100k 2k-2200 is 150k Any questions add me rowlsie#1890Kyraza11 11h
11h R1 shaman dps LFQ Hi, I'm PK, I'm a 3saholic, my partners are casuals. I have 2 shams at 2.6cr on alli and 1 orc sham at 2.5 I rarely get to cap. I've queued up to 2.8mmr this season. I have a SP on each faction at 2.2cr, I've queued up to 2.6 mmr this season. I'm mainly LF horde sham and any SP queues. Drop btag if you see your bracket and let's pow pow <3Pksubban14 11h
12h just got back into wow, general questions had no idea the xpack was just around the corner lol. assuming the season's still going on, i was wondering if yall could give me a rundown on what the op/up specs are and what comps are currently most popular/dominant. im gonna be rolling disc as usual, is that viable or is holy the go to? also there seems to be a hell of a lot of new changes, like the artifact for example. is that like game changing or is it pretty easy to understand once you get used to it? seems like the game is totally differentDinkydink5 12h
13h Are elite sets out yet? Don’t flame pls I just resubbed 2 days agoBubblebuddyx7 13h
14h what a disgusting expansion 0 fun if some1 says warrior or warlock while im drunk i will become insta soberBloodfused0 14h
15h lf btags and ques. 2700xp 2480cr on hpal lf ques. prefer some jaja cleave (destro/hpal/x) cause its free points BUT ill do anything idec. I need wins Ðeception#1334Exìst12 15h
15h 2600 xp 2400 cr Disc Priest I am looking for Btags for potential partners to push glad with. The main comps I am looking to que are RMP, Jungle and Ele/Outlaw. I am on most nights around 8 pm PST. I currently have 2 horde priests but I will transfer 1 of them to alliance soon. Btag: Jesseglaser#1235Jaylite2 15h
16h PvP Sets in BFA So since Blizzard removed the tier sets to take more time to make better looking sets why does Warset gear and Arena gear look the exact same, to me it should be unique looking gear like MoP or S1 of WoD so that PvP has more of a reason to do for unique sets and lets pvpers earn something more unique,Sarolyn5 16h
17h Remove thorns from the game This is a 2s rant but it also applies to 3s so don't dismiss it. Qued against a feral and resto druid, literally they have a thorns up 24/7. You can't train either of them because they can back to back thorns and the one without it can kite. Literally its such an overpowered anti-melee tool on a class that has the most tools in the game. If u lose to melee as that you are literally wrong.Yeaaboiyy9 17h
17h [H] the maes is seeking partners the maes is looking for more btags and people to play with I have this rogue at 19 hundo I have an ele at 18 hundo I have a hunter at 17 hundo 2.1k xp Maestroz#11397Maestroz26 17h
18h legion gear is a problem s1 i was throwin kids in the wood chipper with my dps, now that i am no longer a PvE hero my dmg has fall off so much these backpeddling kids pulling way too much numbers for their lack of talents. pls blizz make all gear equal this is beyond dumbBattlezone6 18h
19h TIL Enhancement shaman is still overpowered Pls explain why they have 8/10 mobility. 11/10 mongo damage. 70% ranged abilities as melee. Tons of cc/team utility (skyfury, hex, static totem, earth bind totem...ect) Also bloodlust l0000l. Cause army of the dead is so broken op, let's ban that but allow lust! X D And they are also extremely tanky?? Like they wear mail but I melt hunters, shamans literally got some immortal talent 99% dmg reduc.Battlezone7 19h
19h who is the MVP? would you say good heals or good dps is more of the MVP?Flipx22 19h
3h XXXtentacion pronounced dead RIP xxtentacion was young and confused yet brilliant and imaginative always spread his music with a deeper meaning poor dude dead at 20.Bubblebuddyx33 3h
20h What class will you main in BfA? I’ll be making the switch to warlock and enjoy not healing anymore. What about you guys?Mathematicss43 20h
20h End of seas inflation in effect Pretty sure it’s already here I’m on my 1550 shaman, 1620 guildie and 0 Cr healer 1 win > 1720 mmr ??? I bet prepatch and end of seas is 2 weeks from tuesdayMaxiqwarlock3 20h