10h The Gladiators of Legion Season 5 Blizz has a seasonal rating cutoff and (this will change) but as of today we see the following: Horde Gladiator Cutoff: 2317 Alliance Gladiator Cutoff: 2321 So, going on ArenaMate and looking at what classes are currently in gladiator range we have the following: Top 15 Specs 29 RSham 27 Feral Druids 27 HPal 17 SPriest 11 Disc Priest 11 Windwalker 10 Arms Warrior 10 Sub Rogue 9 FDK 8 Destro Lock 8 Affliction Lock 7 Marksman Hunter 6 Ret Paladin 6 Demon Hunter But that's not all, those are just specs and as you can see there are actually more warlocks in total, then there are shadow priests. Here are my class-based thoughts: There are 17 shadow priests and 27 ferals, yes. There are also 18 mages and 20 warlocks. Looks like there are only 6 Demon Hunters. Why do people complain about Demon Hunters when there are only 6 Gladiator-Level DHs and 20 locks, 18 mages? Why do people complain about shadow priests when there are more locks and more mages in gladiator range? Of the top 4 DPS specs/classes for gladiators, only 1 of them is melee ARGUABLY (feral) and the other 3 are spriest/mages/warlocks? Why do people cry so much about melee? I have a spriest and lock alt, and they are insanely op. My lock doesn't even cast and my spriest barely casts. My DKs AMS gets eaten by one chaos bolt and I barely have anything else. How come my spriest can have dispersion which also heals me by 50% and actually reduces ALL damage? Why does everyone on the forum complain about stuff without having actual data? As far as I am concerned the game should be balanced around gladiator level play, not 1500 bracket complainers. So those are the Gladiator stats.Shayne33 10h
11h shadow priests all the fotm ferals who missed out on duelist just go play the caster version of your class aka shadow priestWeebslayerx5 11h
11h ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Earth Shield Nerf ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Go harder Blizzard.. 5% nerf not enough, do another 5 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)Nolinka3 11h
12h Yeah so. Traps aren't gay. Downvote if you think they are.Rhomasx5 12h
12h weekly reminder ele, spriest, mage, warlock, and boomy all have more instants than marksmanship btw, legion is supposedly when the player is a "master" of their spec. a leader of their order hall. for years, marksmanship hunters have trained in mobility and kiting with instant damage. all of that training has lead to this moment- where we stand perfectly and entirely still in place and turret people.Ryutiz10 12h
12h Praise Vhell I go to the Church of the Order of Vhell every Sunday to worship our lord and savior, our true messiah, Vhell. Every night I pray to Vhim so that Vhe might pass judgment upon Orc Relentless heathens and Shadow Priests. So that Vhe {quick interruption here. just broke one of my favorite plates at the time of typing this. im so upset} will empower Marksmanship Hunters. Thank you all for listening.Ryutiz0 12h
12h Rdruid lf battletags. Rdruid lf battletags for arena. 2550 xp on mw but playing druid for this season. Esp lf Ele, balance, demo, rogues to play with. Pretty much up to play anything. comps Id like to play are demo !@#, balance/spriest/rdruid, balance/rogue/rdruid. Comps that can peel swaps to me and make effective use of deep roots. Also wouldnt mind playing arcane balance, tsg, dh/warNikdruid1 12h
12h Spriest Rants: How To Fix It How to fix spriest: - Remove dominant mind and replace it with void tendrils. This gives the spriest the option to either use a stun, a fear with a 30 sec cd, or a snare with fear on 45 sec cd. - Remove Last Word and replace it with Psychic Horror disarm. This gives the spriest the option to have a anti-healer option, psychic horror to help fight against melee classes, and Void Shift for team utility against comps that try to 100-0 you in the opener. - Buff physical damage reduction on Shadow Form by 5%, making it 15%. Spriest in void form take 10% extra physical damage (damage reduction is gone) so allow the Shadow Form physical damage reduction to carry over while in void form. Once these changes come through, feel free to nerf spriest damage. You cannot nerf spriest survivability even further, because they are the weakest caster when talking about surviving. The only reason why they live for a long time is because of Earth Shield & Earth Shield Totem together from rshams, and that's the problem. Their self-healing already took an enormous hit; Spriest are pretty much attached to the hip with rshams for these reasons. This doesn't mean spriest are not viable with other healers, but quality of life is just so much easier with a rsham in the picture. You want spriest damage to be toned down? Give them the utility they need, and the damage will be reduced to compensate. If you don't want spriest to have the utility they need, then the damage should remain the same. There are some dead and barely taken/situational talents taking up some spots that have the potential to increase the dynamic of the spec that have been sitting in the talent trees since the beginning of Legion. Best believe that if Earth Shield was nerfed, the tankiness of spriest would drop significantly, which Earth Shield is a separate issue that should be talked about on its own. Once these issues are addressed (if they ever are), the attention is going to be all on ele shams because they're flying under the radar right now, pretty comfortably.Happyminty18 12h
13h MW buffs are insulting Still not even close to the right direction this class needs. A blanket buff to those things does not put it over other healers at all imo. Time will tell, I could be wrong but I still think this is not what the class needed.Yooshi12 13h
13h zzz changes earth shield nerf solves nothing melee wings nerf was done wrong afflock, or any of spec that is relying on rsham, will need compensations destro needs real compensation feral done right mw done right dh done right so farFelryn26 13h
13h guys ty , , , , am crying rn im in tears , ,, , i lov eu alll thx blizz let ssee if things start to get a li lbetter rn,,, much love, ughUgh13 13h
13h good changes imo destro will do more damage outside of chaos bolt we gonna be squishier,so will every1 else because earthshield nerfMorduz18 13h
13h Curious who's getting the virtual ticket Never watched blizzcon before but: Arena announcers did great during the tournament's Maybe my last expansion, 0-2 on the last 2 for pvp are not great odds If I stay, that mount though Curious of who all is gonna watchFleasprayqt11 13h
14h Don't let new changes fool you Game isn't fixed. Windwalkers are still busted. Expect all the kids playing Feral to suddenly get the urge to log on their Monk starting tomorrow and start "outplaying you" by 100 - 0 your healer in a leg sweep while being immortal and un peelable. Earth shield nerf probably means Rshaman isn't the best meele cleave healer anymore ( why was this a thing anyway) but they will still be the best overall healer in the game because of dumb Spriest / Rshaman synergy. Hpally double sac / double bop is still problematic and needs to be redesigned. We've still got work to do.Frastshack5 14h
14h LF peoples. Hi, my names bryntt. I'm looking for people to queue with to get 2400 cuz i really want green chant. I can't do long q sessions anymore so grinding CR is a bxtch to do, but both priests are like ~2100 mmr give or take atm. looking for pretty much basic priest comps :rmp jungle php 2.4 xp s15 2.5 wod s3. 2.2 s1 leg when i quit pvping for this expac. If you're one of those that says "lets q sometime" then "sometime" never comes, please don't add me. I have enough of those people added already. bryntt#1467 hope to queue sometime this week/end p.s. season 7 of the walking dead now on netflix. p.s.s have priests both alliance and horde, so faction is meaningless to me.Acceptance34 14h
14h beached wizard lf arena Washed-up magician seeking more able-bodied mongoloids for serious 3 vs 3 arenas this season. This game sucks, but I do actually want to play this season. I'm a previous multi-glad, and, while I don't really remember doing much this expansion, I have hit 2400 at some point. I can play frost or fire, and I have plenty of mages to queue on (Alliance only). I prefer playing with non-rogue melee, but I'm open to whatever. Kid#1888Kíd22 14h
14h PVP changes posted for tomorrow Druid Shred now deals an additional 25% damage while stealthed in PvP situations (was 50%). Rake now deals an additional 50% damage while stealthed in PvP situations (was 100%). Feral Enraged Maim now costs 5 Combo Points. Enraged Maim incapacitates the target for 5 seconds (was 6 seconds). Enraged Maim now has a 10 second cooldown (was 6 seconds). The damage of the Lunar Inspiration version of Moonfire is reduced by 20% in PvP situations. Ferocious Wound reduces the maximum health of the target by 15% (was 25%). Demon Hunter Imprison's duration on players is now 3 seconds (was 4 seconds). Detainment increases Imprison's cooldown to 45 seconds, up from 30 seconds. Monk Mistweaver PvP Template Versatility increased by 5% PvP Template Armor increased by 10% Mana Regeneration increased by 5% in PvP situations. Life Cocoon's absorb is increased by 10% in PvP situations. Paladin Holy Avenging Crusader heals for 175% of damage dealt (was 200%). Shaman Restoration Earth Shield reduces all damage the target takes by 10% (was 15%). Warlock Destruction Chaos Bolt's damage is reduced by 10% in PvP situations. Focused Chaos increases Chaos Bolt damage by 65% (was 75%). Firestone increases critical strike chance by 65% (was 75%). PvP Template Intellect increased by 6%.Weisslol43 14h
14h destro warlock battlecry to all you destro warlocks out there, you must do this battle cry to obtain wins.Qtgladiator5 14h
14h ret talents We all know rets need a design change, not a numbers tuning: For the regular talents, at the Level 45 row: - Replace Repentance with Rebuke on that row (therefore, Repentance becomes baseline instead of Rebuke). - Make Fist of Justice simply reduce the cooldown of Hammer of Justice by a set amount (let’s say 20 seconds). Explanation: this wouldn’t impact PvE really because Hammer of Justice and Blinding Light is fairly !@#$ for dungeons and especially raids. What this does is that rets should now have to choose between reduced cooldown stun or an interrupt. For the regular talents, at the Level 100 row, what I’d do: - Replace Holy Wrath with Hammer of Wrath (execute threshold is at 20% health, does NOT become always usable while wings is up). Explanation: no one uses the Legion iteration of Holy Wrath - ever. It’s a dead meme at this point. At least with Hammer of Wrath, it gives us a much needed ranged execute in the event we get kited. For the honor talents, at the 3rd row, what I’d do: - Replace Unbound Freedom with Improved Repentance that makes it instant cast but increases the cooldown to 1 minute. Explanation: Unbound Freedom was a god awful talent and I often find myself using the other two, depending if my strat was to go healer or not. At least now, you have to choose between increased HoJ range, instant repentance, or BoJ/DH slow. No, this isn't going to instantly fix ret but should alleviate some problems of rets only strategy being tunneling people as now rets should have the option to cross cc like in the past if they want to do this.Aurothx6 14h
15h Playing a healer hurts.... the mongo is so real when i play my MW...... Buff MW.Kanstil33 15h
15h Got some more room on my btag. Just deleted all my ferals. Lf mages and WWs!Zêzima4 15h
15h LFM Low CR Horde alt-aholic wanting to finally settle into UH Dk. I'm not amazing, but I'll take criticism and try to get better with every game. Willing to do 2s/3s/RBGS, whatever. Just looking to fill realID, make friends, and get better! OMFGsus#1746Unclebadgrab1 15h
16h Why is it The 1600 wizards are crying for melee nerfs But the 3k cleaves are crying for caster nerfs? oh, that's rightBorkbork6 16h
16h shadowplay is so boring especially in mirrors,it isnt worthy to play. even after seasons waiting for a top tier destro comp you guys that doesnt play the comp,cant imagine how boring and lame it is to play splay mirrorsMorduz18 16h
16h Hunter arena comps Can someone point me towards some information on hunter 3s comps, please?Muddyshunter8 16h
16h Listen here nerds Ok listen dorks, demon hunters do not need to be nerfed I have found their weakness! Wind walkers eat dks and dhs for breakfast trust me. Now let me add how does ret have wings,shield and bubble and still do great dps on a class any window licker could play??! How ?? Tell me? Nerf ret to be equivalent with the skill and brain power takes to play so basically a wet noodle.Freakatron1 16h
16h Concordance How exactly does it scale in the arenas? I still don't have a straight answer.Hansol14 16h
16h What is thing? It's a noob question, but I can't find the answer anywhere. I watch a lot of arena twitch streams and I hear them say things like "He just used thing" "when they use thing . . . . . " What does that mean? I must know!! Thanks :)Alskaria12 16h
17h PVP Melee - About fun and performance. Hello everyone! I'll try to shorten this as much as possible. I started playing WoW during MoP and until now I have shy out of PvP, maybe because when I play PvP I get nervous AF :D. But lately during Legion (which is a good expansion don't get me wrong) I started to get bored of the PvE content easily (questquestgrindquestraiddungeonfarm) and decided to give it a go to PvP and try to learn slowly. I found is !@#$%^- fun, I enjoy it a lot more than PvE and now I love the game even more, but as usual I get the dilemma of which class to play, etc. I am more laid back and I do believe in playing a class you enjoy over the "current known as most OP etc". The thing is about my taste in classes and specially looks, which means a lot for me. I have mostly main a Monk as Tank and OffSpeccing as Heals, I consider myself really good at those roles, however when it comes to PvP, I like more the Plate badass Sword kind of I tried them to see which I would enjoy more. As Unholy DK I did pretty decent, however I didn't enjoy the lack of mobility and feels kinda dull (coming from playing a Monk), tried Retri, which in also performed pretty well but I am not very attracted to the "Light and Justice" theme, getting bored quite quickly. Then it came the Warrior and well, it has what I like, looks badass, has mobility, is really fun and the xmogs are awesome... but I don't feel like performing well with it. :( Usually I perform really well as Monk, probably since I am so used to his agility, the rotation and the timers work pretty well in my head already, all is mechanic now, but I don't feel like I am enjoying the game since I keep thinking in the Plate and Sword theme I like so much. I know I am just learning, have been PvPing for 2 months only, but I have a few questions: 1. My Monk is 924 and my Warrior is around 885, that ilvl gap makes a significative difference in my results on PvP? Does it matter that much a difference of 40 ilvls in this case? 2. I usually also perform better as Fury than Arms (also like the PvP artifact appareance a lot more), but is there also a significant difference between the specs? I mean, as Fury I perform a LOT better than Arms even thou I have the same experience using both. 3. I have been thinking on trying a ranged class also for fun. Also having a hard time making up my mind, I like the CC capabilities of the Mage, or the survivability of the Warlock and how easy is to use a Hunter. About the others I lack knowledge. Which are your thoughts about this? I am sorry for this wall of info, I would really appreciate your help on this. Also sorry about the english, is not my native language so I must have a ton of errors up there. XDDorgun15 17h
17h PVP GEAR DROP BUGS Elite Gear never drops from PVP except weekly win lets just assume this is a bug and blizzard wouldn't implement such a horrid design. Second- Why does relics only give 1 echo of battle down from 15 now? I just obliterated a 930 relic for 1 echo ? and it take 75 to buy 1 piece of gear. Also Relics DO NOT count as elite gear when you break them down you won't get domination currency. so getting a relic on your ONLY chance to get elite gear is NOT FAIR. 3rd- Lower Elite gear echo of domination cost amount. If we are only getting 1 piece per a week it would take FIVE weeks to buy one piece of gear if you broke down all that you got before it.Sürval59 17h
18h All you geeks do is cry blizz should just remove pvp entirely so your constant whining endsSockemsjr21 18h
19h Horde Ele LF partners 1750CR in 2s 1600 in 3s I have 1800 3s XP on my Spriest and 2k 2s XP on my Priest Leave btag if you're at all interested.Natürallight0 19h
19h @trackpadboyx 19h
19h Serious question.. Are there any mmos out there similar to WoW? Like any... I'm trying to find the next WoWAbstraçt18 19h
19h ele sham is the secret to fight the destro splays aff ele warr ele spriest ele you're welcome. brb while i research the counter to ele shams for the futureFelryn2 19h
19h State of rogue What is the current of rogues in arena? They seem pretty under represented above 2k.Toesx5 19h
20h Why Is it that when I see Dillon post, some smorc posts to !@#$talk him?Pancakesp39 20h
20h z zSodaree5 20h
21h When Does Arena Season End? When is this arena season ending ? I can't find any information about it so if anyone knows please post on here thanks!Whitemisty8 21h
21h New player tips Just started doing 3v3 arenas yesterday as feral, would like some input on how to improve. Realized I should just spam queue and keep playing. Will be playing with a spriest/feral/x. When should I be maiming & bashing? How to setup kill targets? If i play against double melee do I run with roots instead of enraged maim? How should I open on people. Thank you!Bootypincher4 21h
22h frost mages need some frostbolt dmg it literally does nothing icy veins and death symbols got nerfed,so theres no reason not to buff itMorduz34 22h
22h Been gone 2 months, i see nothing changed I haven't played in 2 months, came back to see whats new...Nothing, still stupid OP classes, Still the same people posting on forums for years and years... Absolutely nothing, Pvp is dead time to move on.Bbqsammich2 22h
22h ultimate sac Hey, I'm curious as to what other people think about this ability. Definitely don't want any healer nerfed in the current meta besides rsham, but to me it ultimate sac does feel pretty bad when someone lives at 1% to me (i do understand that you swap to hpal on sac 99% of the time but still haha). What are you guys thoughts about it?Thelle28 22h
23h LF: 3v3 arena combat LMK I'm gay.Kained14 23h
23h Geared Affli Lock LF 3v3/5v5 Darkspear Server Looking for a 3v3 or 5v5 team, I'd like to consider myself somewhat skilled. I'm just looking for a active team, check my armory and drop a msg here or in game up to you. Thanks for your time!Charliesheeñ2 23h
1d jewballs lf 3s braindead 2.1 leg xp destro lf cute sp/rsham to backpack splay withJubahl0 1d
1d Dh's who stream Can you name some demon hunter's stream that are enjoyable to watch like Mes or pika stream? need to learn more about the spec TyRingwräith9 1d
1d 300-500+MS on every American Server(OPTUS) Is anyone else experiencing extremely high latency issues when entering any arena or battleground that is not Oceanic based? Previously when versing Americans I would get 200-220ms on an East Coast server and 250ms on a West Coast server, however as of late the latency seems really excessive. I have checked with my provider (OPTUS) and "apparently" my internet is running fine, according to hundreds of speed tests, resets and other technical management. Recently returned and I am loving this XPAC, but the constant 300ms+ games are eating away at my patience. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? Thanks in advance!Uptempo3 1d
1d Just know this Ele shaman is busted Idk if its under the radar or what Warlocks are too inb4 someone says " well the ladder has.. " you'll see. Trust meYevo17 1d
1d ARCANE IS SO BROKEN ouch.Kanstil22 1d