2d Fmp is balanced - Said no one everRetard2 2d
2d Legionisbad-3x glad rsham/ele lf tags Legionisbad - 3x glad rsham/ele lf tags for qs Name got reported and had to change :(Simmztko6 2d
2d im triggered with hpals how many out of the jail buttons this class alrdy had before ultimate sac was even a thing? they can even be humans they have hoj rep that doesnt dr with fear and they just rotate through warlock walls and sacs while they yolo run into your healer to hoj rep him,if you stop him you have to deal with fear and chaos bolt if you manage to force him while in bad positioning he just press something out of jail and your team is in the crossfire of dk and destro. ive seen locks press reflect wall same global to not be kicked because pally has 231903120932901 free immunitiesMadäwc29 2d
2d swifty still owes me a naga i won a givewaway like 3 yrs ago on his stream and i haven't gotten it also permabanned in his chat so ggNmpisblack4 2d
2d What to do when being trained(spriest) I've been playing spriest lately and I do not know what to do when being trained by double melee, even when partners peel for me or try to counter pressure(Im pretty much shut down when being trained, so the other dps has to pressure by himself almost). I try kiting around pillars/away from enemy healer but then my healers will say im lining them too much or putting them in a bad spot. I take sooo much dmg and can barely put out any dmg. If I somehow survive the melee cleave past ALL their cds, then I have a decent chance until their cds are backNade23 2d
2d Need advice on setting up macros Hey guys I have been playing since vanilla and I have always pvp’d, just never too seriously. I have spent the majority of my time playing not using macros, yet I have always used keybindings. In BC when I pvp’d I used shield swap macros on my warrior, but that’s about it. I am playing DH and Enhance this expansion and was just asking for some advice on how you guys set up your keybinds alongside your normal rotated spells and macros. I have a Naga mouse and razer keyboard, so I know the possibilities are endless. I have all my core spells keybound to the 1-12 numbers on my mouse as well as things like purge and cleanse for middle mouse button, “F” for interrupts, and cntrl 1-3 for things like ghost wolf/lightning bolt/sundering and shift 1-4 would be spirit walk/astral shift/trinket. I know this setup is not optimal for getting past 2000 bracket and would like some tips please. I really get confused on how to keybind my different interrupt macros and my different targeting macros etc. Thank youFelestial8 2d
2d ^-^ lf experienced partner for 2s So I normally don't go to forums to look for a partner but here I am. So I hit 1.5k and starting to pug more often for serious people. Ive tried queing in premades (saying id like a chill partner and such) and maybe sitting around finding in goldshire and finding a decent person in but its not working (everyone has the mentality that my genitals are bigger than yours there). It's really hard to find experienced players that know what to do other than have the mind set of "KILL KILL KILL. DIE DIE DIE" in arenas. Like setting up a kill and CC at the right moment. Maybe peeling and jumping back a bit to shield my partner up. 9/10 that's what I don't have. I have dps wanting to run away from heals when they drop down to 10% trying to fight the healer. I just really want a partner thats chill and smart. If you know someone that's like that or that has a good brain but sucks at pvp and willing to learn. Comment your btag and we will get to queing. Edit: or add me me Scrib#1966Msbubbles25 2d
2d WW in 2s? How is WW in 2s? I am new to the monk class but currently its really hard. When i skirmish on my dk/war/paladin i can win almost any games even in 2v1 because lots of players in skirm are bad, but with monk i can't. Is it me? I assume I could just be bad with WW.Epohxd8 2d
2d DH double dps 2s I am a noob 1500 hero and never tried pushing rating in anything. That being said, I was wondering if it is even possible to get to 2k in 2s as a DH/dps. I hate long games with a healer. If possible, what dps would you advise? Thanks in advanceXjd0 2d
2d What class would Alex jones play. I would say prophet but its not a class. Donald trump would be a paladin Hillary an UH DKAmatox13 2d
2d LF Partners 2600xp Legion Spriest on A(1900+ cr)/H(1800+cr) Jedi#11443Jedixog8 2d
2d Now that school is over, LF 3s Now that school is over I have more than 5 minutes to play. 2100exp Disc || 1850 Rsham LF teams to Q with. -looking for chill people as I don’t take this game seriously, but would still like to push rating these last 2 seasons. Btag: Nacl#11203Mathematicss4 2d
2d What are some good and fun mm hunter comps? What are some good and fun mm hunter comps I can run right now? How is beastcleave?Chickendog8 2d
2d Why is it? That you can blind a demon hunter?Jenelope7 2d
2d Nerf Feral Druids hey guys, as I'm sure all of you have already agreed with me, feral druids need to be nerfed to the !@#$ing floor.. lol. One bleed on me and i can never get a re stealth, it's %^-*ing unfair. I open on them in bear and literally get them only to 60% in my whole rotation, !@#$ing lame. 2 walls? REALLY??!!!!?? 2 WALLS??? I get evasion and that's %^-*ing it and they spam moonfire through my evasion.Qwat19 2d
2d Bfa factions Hi all I heard rumors that Bfa will allow cross faction queueing. Anywhere I can find more info? Also what are people's thoughts on this? It's def gonna result in more queues but I worry about meta race requirements to be competitive and being op. Was actually hoping for the removal of racials next expac but seems they going opposite direction. Reason I worry is stuff like zug zug relent warriors being able to be healed by human trinket hpals/monks and so on. Thoughts?Sarimyth8 2d
2d How to fix the "community" in arena First of all, I'm not a rank 1 or even close to it player. I'm middle of the pack, but i've played wow since vanilla and have a decent perspective on the changes through the years... A common gripe about pvp these days is the toxicity in lfg arenas. And I'd have to agree it's tough to find nice normal people in there. My main issue is the way people just bail after one loss. You dont get to the point where you just know what your teammates are doing instinctively because teams dont really exist, like they used to... So, one idea would be to bring back the concept of actual arena teams, for 3s only, and for 1750cr and up only. So you slog it out in LFG or with randoms to 1750, if you want to go past that, you must enter a team. It will force commitment and thus reduce toxicity. Just an idea.Paagan28 2d
2d Help with RSham Any tips? I feel like I'm doing fine and really love the class but recently I've been struggling in 3s. I've been mainly queueing Owlplay and I was 2050 last season but now I'm like actually struggling at 1600cr..My biggest problem seems to be going oom in longer games while the other healer is still at around 30%. I definitely feel like recently there's been alot more damage coming out and I'm forced to resort to the classic Riptide, Healing Wave x2 rotation...but I have to literally keep it up for every global and barely have time for anything else. I'm wondering if maybe I'm overhealing a little bit as I'm casting healing waves on teammates 90%+ to top them, but maybe if I let them take a little more damage I will get more out of my mastery? Not sure but do you guys thing that could be the problem?Squidzy10 2d
2d Why PVP sucks? The purge. We need more abilities to push.Truth25 2d
2d How to pick kill targets? Are there any general rules to deciding who you want to go on? I know you're supposed to go on someone without their trinket, but what if nobody on the enemy team has their trinket up? Do you just want to go on whoever has no personal defensives?Kianen7 2d
2d Is Enhance the most underrated? People are acting like Enhance sucks in PVP on various forums. This class can still do some serious damage and bury someone quickly. Has pretty solid utility. Am I the only one that thinks it's going under the radar a bit in terms of PVP tier/ability? No Blizzard, that doesn't mean nerf them.Kamikaze22 2d
2d Redid So finally decided to redo my bars to make the more organized. And now I feel like a new born deer trying to walk for the firs time. My brain shuts off and I hit old hotkeys for abilites like a tardessRot12 2d
2d MMR vs Normal MMR I got my Dominant Elite 2k today and notice that I was queueing into a lot of Gladiators at 2100-2200 MMR. And when I was at 1900-2000 the games felt much harder than typical games at that MMR. Do you think MMR is like +300 right now or how much?Woodstopscc3 2d
2d Rated Pvp Im trying to play rated pvp but no one wants to play with a unranked scrub lol , anyone wanna help me outItzvick6 2d
2d Nerfs and buffs Why are people asking for nerfs and buffs? PVP devs should know how to balance PVP, isn't it their job ? i know that some classes specs are ridiculously over buffed like Frost DK, WHy devs can't balance their game? whenever i check forums, Nerf your class and Buff Mine how ridiculous this wow PVP communitySmileshadow4 2d
3d New MW PvP need help Sup guys, i watched a guide on youtube and still i can't see whats the problem. In 2s i play with a warrior and we always loose vs double dps after 2/3 min in the arena. They OS the warrior when i don't have CDs left (and cc me ) . Any tips?Epohxd4 3d
3d monk pvp I am new to monk in pvp and i only see WW monks in the leaderboard. Are MW bad in PvP compared to other healers ?? Or is it just that WW is really good atm?Epohxd9 3d
3d PSA: Arena Numbers on Nameplates I found a script that works on the current legion nameplates that will put the enemy arena teams numbers directly over their nameplate. Not everyone wants/needs this but its way nicer than having to check and recheck gladius when you're trying to hoj/cs etc arena 123. This works with other nameplate addons (specifically Nameplate Auras which is what I use): /run local U=UnitIsUnit hooksecurefunc("CompactUnitFrame_UpdateName",function(F)if IsActiveBattlefieldArena()and F.unit:find("nameplate")then for i=1,5 do if U(F.unit,"arena"..i)then,1,0)break end end end end) Screencap of what it looks like: P.S. I hate you all, I have asked about this several times on here and nothing. Mostly Dilly's fault but it's w/e.Stunimmune13 3d
3d Arena/Social Thought Experiment You have 8 players to choose from, you must assemble the 4 you think are most worthy of being in a new academy dedicated to solid WoW arena players you're making. Your criteria for entry is ability, achievement & promise of being forged into something greater with your oversight. Applicants: #1: 2400 Frost DK. Highest rating achieved through WW/DK WoD S2. #2: 2100 rogue. Played double rogue/hpriest for rating. Runs at 600 ping. #3: 2350 mage. Queued boomy/mage in WoD S3, now queues fire FMPal. #4: 2600 hpal. Previously stuck at 2300 but was boosted up by Asbur & Mageiden at peak boomie/mage season. #5: 2250 hunter. Runs marks/fire mage/monk exclusively. Has never queued with anyone who's been higher than 1800 other than playing with him. #6: 2450 demon hunter. Previously stuck at 1950 in 3 other expansions, had tremendous success at peak DH strength this expansion. #7: 1950 affliction lock. Due to extreme circumstances (make up whatever you want), plays w/ one hand. #8: 2700 rdruid. Plays rdruid godcomp & RPD. Highest xp partners have all been 2700 max, no higher. Go. Make me a team of which 4 are most deserving to get into your WoW academy based on the criteria you've read & share responses. Will clarify more on purpose after responses.Sadaradex30 3d
3d CSTV 3v3 TOURNAMENT CSTV is a new premier PRO-AM World Of WarCraft Esports organization. The first tournament is scheduled for December 15th and 16th. We are encouraging any and all teams to sign up and participate the games will be streamed live and hopefully produce some great matches. Requirements- Any and all teams are welcome no rating requirements. Prizes- Winning team is 1 month of game time for each member. Schedule- December 15th and 16th (Fall Brawl) January 2018 (Winter Classic) Contact- Where to watch- Want to Help? Send a direct message to- 3d
3d Ideas For Shadow Design 3d
3d Destro locks plz assist Hey guys. When you play destro/Spriest/X, against what comps do you run cremation over big bolt? I’ve been messing around with both builds and sometimes I’m spot on with my decision and oTher times it really bites me in my rear end. Does anyone have a go to formula for which build you run against which comp?Megynkelley108 3d
3d Frost DK plz assist I wanted to main my DK when I came back to wow. Everyone says it is a face roll champ....well maybe I am rolling my face the wrong way? I cant seem to pump out the insane damage that everyone talks about with FDK and other FDK seem to always out DPS me. I'm looking for any assistance I can get. thank you in advance!Falrogan8 3d
3d Remove rating and just queue. Arena is just dead, rbgs dead. People sit in LFG trying to find that perfect gem of a player, then queue one or two games and someone leaves. Friends lists are full but no one can find a partner that plays anymore because of balance. If people would just queue and quit worrying about a rating that really means next to nothing., pvp would be vibrant again and plenty of people to play with or queue against.Bbqsammich13 3d
3d washed up ele LF pals gotduelistonce.jpg trying to quit Legion but don't wanna quit Legion until I secure that sweet !@#$ing Shaman mog from 2k 1850CR 3's/1650 2's right now and I'll play with anyone who has similar XP (or higher)to myself. Raging welcome as long as it isn't at each other. Help me finally free myself from this pain. UWotM8#1559Nuketown0 3d
3d Blizzard, help new PvP players out Knowing about PvP elements is crucial when playing PvP. Right now, this is something that isn't easily available to new players. There's virtually no information about PvP / arenas whatsoever within the game. Let me illustrate: For PvE we have: - Class Trials (you learn the basics of your class) - Proving grounds (they're even a requirement for queing dungeons) - Access to every single boss mechanic / ability through the dungeon journal (we could have something like this for classes, specs, and cooldowns to look out for; this isn't even hard to implement at all) For PvP we have: - An outdated blue post in the forum about DR and CC from 2015 (with spells that don't even exist anymore such as Deep Freeze) And that's about it. Other games have tutorials and bot games to help them out (you could even consider the PvE features mentioned above as something along those lines). New players are forced to read the forums, 3rd party sites or talk to more experienced players to even grasp the basics. And I'm fine with this when we're trying to get better (discussing strats, comps, addons, macros, etc.) and to build a community, but it shouldn't be the go-to option when starting out. It's not about making the game easy; it's about not making it a hassle for them to start out. Speaking from my personal experience with friends who were new to the game, new players jump in without knowing what to expect and therefore, they don't understand what's going on. This sometimes scares them off arenas in general, but if you convince them not to quit after a couple of losses and explain them the basics, the game becomes much more enjoyable for them. Give them the chance by providing them with the tools to learn. I enjoy PvP a lot, but it definitely needs some love in this department.Jharax3 3d
3d Title between Duelist and Glad The gap between duelist (usually around 2k-2100) and Glad (usually around 2500-2700) is the largest rating gap between two titles. Due to this, there is a large disparity in skill between low end and high end duelists. To combat this, I propose a new title be added in-between those cutoffs (3% duelist, 1% glad or whatever) The title could be called Aspirant, would obviously not come with a mount or title, but it would be distinguishing at least. Thoughts?Wayvez31 3d
3d LF Arena Partners (Horde) Been doing arenas since S3. I main a DK and have been over 2.4k multiple times. I am looking for some partners willing to play a few times a week. Requirements are: 1) Have fun (a must) 2) Learn from mistakes 3) Team player 4) No elitists 5) Have knowledge of PvP, your class(es), and have minimum of 2k experience playing any character at some point in your WoW career. I also play a warlock, disc priest, and resto druid. I play other classes too but they aren't 110 yet. Let me know here if you are up for it. I already have a healer I play with regularly but the more the merrier as far as heals are concerned. Let's goooo!!!Flexyoo3 3d
3d Clips of me serving it up to R1s 3d
3d My Fav Old PvP video For some reason Youtube has been suggesting me to watch a lot of old archived pvp videos but it happened to suggest the one that got me into pvp and I figured I would share this masterpiece. XMO - 5ämonenjäger0 3d
3d can the fcc repeal legion insteadRyutiz7 3d
3d looking for partners for thug/jungle/whatever So heres the skinny Been playing wow on and off for a lot of years, strictly a pvper from day one. Only thing that wasn't so strict is my will to play one character. Always been an altaholic and to top it off all i ever played really was 2s so I kinda feel like ive been missing out on the "real" pvp scene this whole time. So here goes Seeking a partner to play with my hunter, maybe some thug or jungle? Im not high rated and would like to be, willing to learn just never really had anybody to teach me anything, so trying to figure things out on the fly by myself with lfg teammates is a toxic wasteland of agony to say the least. I would prefer to use discord for sure, im a chill dude, looking for other chill dudes/dudettes to grind some games and get some wins! drop a btag if you're interested. if it matters, my highest rating was 1700 something on my rogue in 3s. Like I said before never been much into 3s and definitely never "pushed" for anything.Kekstand3 3d
3d something awesome to look forward to dks, monks, and dhs in the next expansion haha :DNeoloc8 3d
3d Balance dampening It should also lower the effectiveness of damage reduction abilities. If it doesn't; classes with cooldowns/utility that boost healing are disadvantaged against classes with cooldowns/utility that mitigate damage. Think holy priest vs resto shaman in late dampening: Ray of hope/guardian spirit are healing for less as dampening ramps up while earth shield and earthen shield totem continue to mitigate the same amount.Manbewby14 3d
3d Net neut Hey guys we all just got grounded. Whos gonna buy the 60$ high speed gaming packageAmatox6 3d
3d Bnet Chat Windows Why in the latest revamp did they make it more difficult to open bnet chat windows? I thought the old way of opening them from the bnet friends list was working fine. Now, you have to go to the social tab on the bnet launcher, which often does not load correctly the first time. This reminds me of the daily itunes updates where they change things that were working fine for no reason, but only to make certain employees feel like they are doing something productive. Digital interfaces do not need constant updates and overhauls, people get accustomed to how they work in their current iterations, and there is often little need to make any significant changes. These changes only server to upset the majority of your customers.Flaytonmanin1 3d
3d Which rogue spec Any rogues wanna chime in on assass or sub as a main?Amatox3 3d
3d Mage LF btags LF feral druids, assasin rogues, hapllys and disc priest. would like to find a group to push rating with.Kodakblack2 3d
3d Fdk/Destro Still good in 3's? Like 2k+ good?Exørcyst11 3d
3d Disgusting wizard meta is back Literally every caster spec is being spammed above 2k in almost any combination. Just mix and match any of the 3 top tier lock specs, Boomy , Ele , Spriest and you have a t1 comp. Meanwhile half the meele specs in the game are flat out not viable. The other half are restricted to one viable comp which usually includes a Fistweaver Monk or Meele Wings Pally just to deal with the dumb spread pressure that any wizard can put out atm.Rewop35 3d