2d [NA][H] LF WMP 3v3. 2200cr Zven #11620 LF Fire mage and Hpal btags for weekend 2.4+ push. hmuZvèn0 2d
2d arena comp questions hey guys a friend and I are planning on trying to hit up arenas soon. currently he has a 110 ret, and havoc. hes planning on possibly lvling a hunter and lock as well. currently what i have at 110 are a frost dk, aff lock, frost mage, assassin rogue, havoc dh, feral druid, and ret pally. im also considering lvling a shadow priest. what comps out of the mentioned classes would work best?Artrin8 2d
2d Sneaky Snakes. Are a team of cuties. I'd love to get a screenshot with the whole team. Amne in particular looked lovely in that pirate costume. 2d
2d PvP tbh The risk reward is pretty low for a lot of classes, are there any plans to fix this? BM Hunters can actually kill you in a 5 second intimidate that doesn't DR with any other stuns, with bestial wrath, from full HP. You really don't need to know what you're doing to play it, I put my 6 year old nephew on a BM Hunter and he played a match at 1900 mmr and actually won. Ret Paladin Auto Bubble? I understand the concept, but when it instantly heals you for a % of your HP and then gives you a full duration bubble? That's stupid.. There's no drawback to it, there's no cool down period where you're being "revived" or unable to do things as punishment for literally dying and being brought back to life for free, automatically. You can actually just tunnel into a target and say "well hey, auto bubble will save me!" and continue swinging your hammer until you die and are miraculously brought back to life and made immune to everything for 6 seconds with no draw backs at all. Sounds fantastic! Demon Hunters have more mobility than anything in the game, and their only counter is a Root? Well I mean, that's great and all, but not all classes have the ability to root a DH in place while he's bursting you for all of your HP. Meta has a 2 minute CD and can actually kill someone if they do not pop an immunity or major CD on its own. This is coming from a Demon Hunter player, it's stupid and I find it to be brain dead as hell. Plus they get an immunity, granted it's not automatic, but they essentially get a bubble incase they get in too deep (paired with all their mobility). Wall of text.Serrow25 2d
2d Playin Bm 3s is Mm better? Hey guys ive been playin alot of bm hunter cause im not a huge fan of cast bars how much stronger is mm for 3s is it something i should be doing if i want to push higher ratings? And why? Currently sitting at 2-2.1 crTwoshotz4 2d
2d help with choseing a main for arena So i have a 110 lock, shaman, warrior and druid. I have a friend that wants help getting arena rate for the weapon for mog use basicly who only really knows prot warrior. what out of my toons would be the best combo for 2'sGotri4 2d
2d Warrior too tanky Why do they have perma bear form (def stance) and 20% vers so they take literally like 50% reduced damage while out dmging me and disarming me..and fearing me...and stunning me...Battlezone52 2d
2d 2k exp Dk/War LF Ques Anything, idc about comp/exp/cr. 2k exp in WoD, haven't done much since. WLS/D preferred, Turbo, or TSG. Down to que literally anything, and I'm around anytime after 5est most nights to Midnight/1am. Whatever voice is fine. No ragers/quitters, it's a game and Legion sucks anyways. Try to have fun with it.Donderrion1 2d
2d Toon Options w/ Friends Hey guys, Was wondering what might be a solid pick to play with friends as a 3rd for 3's. Friend 1: MW Monk Friend 2: Fury Warrior Friend 3: Ret Paladin In order to play with all these in 3's, what would be a good option to cover playing with both a Fury Warrior and Ret Paladin? I have most all classes at 100 already, just not sure what to play with them that'll work decently across all comp options.Mewtation0 2d
2d i still think warriors are a joke class mobility issues? can you randomly jump in and push dmg abilities at random and do insane pressure? Do you every die?... do you every come out of d stance? are you never not hitting something...ever? do you have defensives for your partners.. and peels? literally probably the most triggering thing is facing a warrior who is complete dog sheet as well as braindead yet somehow sits decent rating.Katilna15 2d
2d why feral have 29 % haste in pvp when it should be like 12 % pls move some of it to versatiiityWowpvpisgood0 2d
2d 1500 disc LF Ret/hunter Leave Btag below pls. 1500cr, 2k exp.Mathematicss0 2d
2d Ok so I just wanted to post to say wow. I just googled cream pies as I need a good receipe (going to see my grandparents later fingers crossed) and WTF? there's 2 types of cream pies? Like an adult one? I'm lucky I purchased a mobile phone mum looked through my history and has taken the modem off me for 2 and a half weeks. Also whilst I walk down town fast towards an online cafe so I can play WoW can someone help me with MM rotation? I managed to get 2200 but I do t get why I can marked shot sometimes? Also GGS Truepally thanks for the pointsRmpego19 2d
2d #freebrantelis he dindu nuthin wtf blizz unban free Brantelis-Misha <3 2d
2d Higher Skill Cap? Hello. I'm new to WoW, and against all odds have been really enjoying it thus far. My War has been a lot of fun, but has started to leave a lot to be desired in terms of play style. I feel I don't have a lot to do other than my rotation, coupled with the fact no one wants a warrior in RBGs and the abundance of us makes LFG difficult. Having seen Silverkitty absolutely dominate a BG as an Enh Shaman and Worldlyquest (sub rogue) repeatedly embarrass 3 of us whilst guarding a flag, they seemingly portrayed a more complex play style. Albeit they're R1/Glad players so that's expected, but I've yet to see a War play at such a high level. So... more complex classes? I'm not opposed to healing nor casting. Just want something with a few more tricks, and less of a 'rotation'. (I'm also welcome to hearing I'm wrong and to stick with my War) Thoughts? Thank you in advance. /endwalloftextHöod12 2d
2d titles? Does anybody know when we will be getting our titles? thanks :DFavortko4 2d
2d omg hai guys happy summer woo ok serious talk my friend and i are looking for a qt priest / paladin to woo our hearts in the adventurerous season 3 of WORLD OF WARCRAFT L E G I O N AND play FMP with the one and only incarngodx, idk met this guy like a week ago anyways he p good he also daddy aff :cummies: and ya PLS PLS PLS we need srs healer with big patience that can handle me not blocking !!! jk i only play fire XOXOXO i love you forums i love my fans you guys slaaaaaaaayy meTeatable18 2d
2d ya'll already know im gonna get forum banned for at least a month for all the !@#$posts i did on gd lmfaoBrantelis3 2d
2d Monk healing Im looking at boosting a monk to do 2s, 3s and rbgs, i was wondering if anyone had any useful tips, macros, addons and etc? Thanks in advance!Cbasszues10 2d
2d bear form vs. barkskin (video) HeyGuys I wanted to make a video showing off bear form's effectiveness compared to barkskin after the nerf in 7.2 but didn't get around to it until now hopefully this video showcases the new and improved balance of bear form in its current state thankVeidaz39 2d
2d opinion on the nastiest class in 3s and 2s? just wondering what your guys opinions areRèngar11 2d
2d Duelist cutoff? Anyone know a rough estimate of what cr will be needed to get duelist this season just curious of what rating its been in legion, thanksTwoshotz1 2d
2d Deciding to leave this here I play wow a couple times a week now for an hour at most but I've come to the conclusion that I'm cognitively incapable of giving up hope for it. It's given me too much entertainment value and happiness to stop caring. I saw holinka tweet that they'll be doing PTR testing and kind of just went on a rant. I had "How about you fix the game instead of tweaking numbers" typed out and ready to send when I realized I wanted to tell him exactly how I feel in full. Leaving this here for anyone interested in reading what I loved about WoW pre wod (more specifically pre legion(still pre wod but you get what im talking about, legion being the complete downfall)) and what should be fixed if pvp is to be revived (would only happen in the next expansion, but I'm willing to give them my attention until then). Anyway, here's what I said: Edit: If you see that a response has a reply, click on it. They're edits to make the rant more coherent. Twitter is designed so that you only see the responses to a tweet ( ie: my original tweet) if you are looking at what has been responded to to THAT tweet. I sound retarded for typing like this but I cant really explain without showing you what I mean. Anyways, just click them. It was a rapid fire rant so there were many mistakes.Daynnight13 2d
2d this game makes me hate aussies the fact that they can be behind a box in dalaran sewers and still spam their mortal strike tilts me dont forget that its hell to hit them tooBrantelis35 2d
2d fury war damage blizz what the hell were you thinking?!?Hyßridtheory13 2d
2d Tom Number 1 Warrior worldwide, inc Blizzcon for our heroTuskx9 2d
2d blizzard needs casters who know how the game works even just basic mechanics would be niceDogfilter3 2d
2d 1V1 ARENA??? Maldian10 2d
2d rogue,dk,ret or war... to play in 2s with my brother? He is a feral :D any idea of a good comp ? Thx guys!Belgarox11 2d
2d i still think warriors are a joke class mobility issues? can you randomly jump in and push dmg abilities at random and do insane pressure? Do you every die?... do you every come out of d stance? are you never not hitting something...ever? do you have defensives for your partners.. and peels? literally probably the most triggering thing is facing a warrior who is complete dog sheet as well as braindead yet somehow sits decent rating.Katilna20 2d
2d Oceanic Arena Finals Is tonight.. that'll be kinda fun to watch, I guess.Bludlock9 2d
2d 2's is silly It's super duper silly... There is nothing worse than me(healer) and DPS vs another healer and another DPS. I hate it so much that I quit all together, I don't even care to get my weekly 10. Since the majority of the matches are like the one I listed above, all you do is run around the arena for a really really really long time because nothing happens until damp starts to take very strong effect and then I feel like it's flipping a coin on who's going to blow who up. I guess the point of this thread is, do any healers actually like 2's? And if so, how?Yarenn32 2d
2d Legion 2100exp Hpal lf btags I got a rogue/mage/feral(Horde) and Hpal(Alliance) LF some 2kxp btag for some possible pushing in game mail or just leave in comment <3 :DKìrì1 2d
3d [H/A] 2650 exp healer lf games Hpal - 2650/glad in s1 wod and 2400+ s2/3 wod / 2450 this season - 2350 cr Rsham [H] - 2350 cr - been 2400 this season Rdruid [A] - want to learn rdruid, only been like 2100 - 1700 cr Disc Priest [H] - 2.2k as disc/2k as shadow in leg 1950 cr disc and shadow Aff lock [A] - been 2200 this season / 2k cr atm MW monk [H/A] - was 2400 s1 of leg but havent played it since, idk if im going to get traits hunt/mage with 0 cr on horde Tokyofresh#11719 edit: updated cr and !@#$Yungmemes24 3d
3d Pvp community I notice everyone complains about pvp dying and Qs times being long and slim. So then yet why is it when anyone posts here looking for teams they get down voted a million times? I would love to see pvp flourish again.'Serval1 3d
3d [H] - Disc LF Partners First season disc lf partners, currently no voicing at 2k. Open to all comps, no worries I'm chill af. Drop your btags and let's climb.Velkir10 3d
3d Skirmishes with the blues @2pm lets have some fun guys! I'm gonna queue for EVERY spec now! I don't like arenas as much as Ashran but I want to help the pvp team make this game better instead of just complaining all the time that pvp sucks!Mordecaí6 3d
3d LF Hunter for HpalJungle 2350cr Feral and Hpal LF a hunter pal. Preferably Survival. We're both 2700 experienced.Ðeceptiøn1 3d
3d [A] FDK LF 2s and 3s Just looking to add more people to pvp with so i no longer have to use LFG. 1.4k cr 2v2 1650 cr in 3v3 Looking to push to 2k for my first year back in pvp I know my class fairly well and I don't rage from losses. Also I do accept criticism openly. Always looking to improve. Daellivth#1146Whorror3 3d
3d Double healer in 3s? Just out of curiosity is it possible to play double healer in 3v3s? i was thinking Holy Paladin with Avenging wrath and Disc priest as they both heal and do damage... Is this possible? Thanks!Cbasszues12 3d
3d Curious about Alts / off specs. I'm just wondering if others are discouraged from playing alts / off specs because of the AP grind, or if it's just me. Legitimate question, because I'm sure some people do still play multiple characters and what not... But I can't for the life of me convince myself to use more than one at a time. I stare at my warrior on the log in screen and think, man that was pretty fun playing that... But then I remember the AP situation, and how much work it'd take to play, and It just makes me not want to touch it. Anyone else like this?Fox13 3d
3d Need Friends to Push Rating With! I'm a long time WoW player who wants to push arena rating. I have never been over 2k rating and every time I find a "serious" partner they just quit in a day. I struggle to find people to play with because anyone over 2k wont even acknowledge my existence. I am not asking you to be a great player. I'm just asking for someone who wants to break the 2k barrier and actually grind to achieve it! You must be wiling to learn and patient because we are not going to become pvp legends overnight. thanks for your time everybody! Best of luck in the arenas.Killùa7 3d
3d How to beat a Rdruid It seems like in 2v2 my partner and i can beat every single healer combo except a resto druid. We have been playing Holy Paladin/Arms warrior. I typically run melee wings, but have tried both that and double hands. The druid always just runs away, or sits in bear form the entire game and runs away healing himself with his bear regen. If we dont go on the healer then we get constantly cloned/rooted. If we do manage to live through the damage we lose becasue resto druids never run out of mana. Looking for any tips and tricks. Thanks in advance for the help! HammyHámmy5 3d
3d easiest class to pvp with? I give up - I am just going to farm AP and keep a simple rotation. I am getting to old to play i think, I just suck these days. what is the simplest class to pvp with...I am uber casual. vrInformant45 3d
3d What goes good with Moonkin? I have a good friend IRL that's playing WoW now and he is playing Boomie and likes it. We would like to do 2's, 3's and BG's. What would be a 'good' class to pair with his Boomie that would give us not so skilled PvP'ers a decent chance at success? I have, and can play 'relatively' well: (sort of) 110 Pally (Ret and Holy) 110 Hunter (MM and BM) 110 Monk (WW/ MW) 107 DH 105 Preist (Shadow/Disc) Or I could roll another class if needed? Any suggestions from some skilled PvP folks much appreciated!Dillahunty16 3d
3d Ele or Enh? Finished leveling my shaman and Im enjoying both ele and enh, but its time to focus on one so I can start pumping all my AP into the one weapon. I'm gonna be doing 3's with a disc and UH DK, and 2's probably with the disc. Which is going to be my best bet for success, ele or enh?? CheersSane4 3d
3d 2kCR shammy LF tabard/duelist push Hello! So I just got 2k pugging in LFG, I'd want something a little more... stable. I've been getting Rival for the past 3 seasons (with the first time being the first season I played shammy) and 2k for 2/3 (plus this one, so 3/4 of active seasons), so I'm certain I can just go a little higher! I main enhance. I could play ele, but definitely prefer enhance. That said, I'm not crazy about turbo, unless I get a really good warrior. I did beastcleave mostly and loved that - also demo/enhance I've had good results with as well. Really just hit me up at jeleopard#1473 and let's chat! I'm eager, and I consider myself at least adequate.Piril6 3d
3d We have to do Mythics to upgrade Leg You probably saw this in general but maybe not. Hopefully the Devs jump in like last time and say, "We don't know how this rumor got started..." Because some of us aren't going to do even more PVE.Jastina13 3d
3d R1 Rdruid/Enh LF pro Arms/Demo IDs Mourning the loss of our brother Gorgeous Babyrabbits, me and Dpk are left with no warriors to farm ladder with. We have a beast lock or 2 that are on at times, however if we were to find an equivalent SMOrcer to the mighty Babyrabbits, we would rejoice and celebrate by actually playing the game and perhaps signing up for qualifier tournaments :) We're 2600 this season as lsd3 and turbo, 2850 last season with same comps. Hmu with a btag or ingame msg if you think you could be a good fit :)Pksubban11 3d
3d Questions about some comps I found the following list online, and was wondering what spec a warrior should be for some of these comps, as the list does not specify. I currently run arms, and was wondering if fury was better for some of these, or if it didn't matter? TurboCleave :: EnSham – Dk / Warr – Rdruid KittyCleave :: Feral – Warr – HPal TSG :: Dk – Warr – Hpal TreeSG :: Dk – Warr – Rdruid TreeHD :: Dk – Hunter – Rdruid KFC :: Warr – Hunter – Healer Lumberjack Cleave :: Warr – Warr – Pal Batman Cleave :: Rogue – Warr – HealerWardraxus1 3d