2d Survival comps Thinking of pvping on my survival hunter. What comps are viable? Thanks for the input!Martenluther6 2d
2d @Dilly What are the optimal honor talents for MM. I am confused because some guides say use Scatter Shot, which I like. While other say now you should use Hi-explosive trap. ThanksOrigin9 2d
3d Remove all casters Go play amongst yourselves, nobody want's casters in arena. Im done with you guys being stupid broken every patch nobody enjoys PvP while you are around.Mongoroids4 3d
3d Old mechanics that should be removed... Spell Pushback ??? Is this really needed still? Are casters really just getting off WAY TOO MANY SPELLS with melee parked in their garage? Are these 1+ second cast times just TOO FAST to react to that we need another 3 seconds of pushback added to every cast just to remind people they have a kick button? Not Facing Target Half the spells in this game can be cast behind you. Why not the other half? Who is the one who arbitrarily decides what can and cannot be cast backwards? Do melee really need this extra layer of disruption? Just sit inside someone's model and smash forever, and if your kick/stun/displacement/reflect/walls are SOMEHOW down, just move 2 pixels up and you'll be behind them and interrupt their cast? We need this still? Really? Laggers need this extra edge??? Really??? These are REALLY still in the game?????? In 2017?????????????Spacebarhero9 3d
3d Twas the night before reset And every kid went to bed praying feral nerfs Sp dmg nerfs Earthshield nerfs. Please blizz make me a happy camper in the morning! I'll take 1 out of 3 idc!Shwapx28 3d
3d How to Balance Arena/Participation boost -Remove Racials in rated pvp -Remove Faction specific titles -Allow cross-faction q -Remove Relent/Adapt -Remove Auto abilities like auto blur / auto bubble / auto trinket These changes will indirectly : Nerf Melee Cleaves (smorc)(belf silence) Promote thoughtful play in terms of only having one trinket (human) Increase participation by allowing people to have a greater pool of teammates to q with. Make the game much easier to balance and possibly allow other class abilities to be unpruned in order to give more flavor back to the game in place of racials.Shwapx42 3d
3d Discussion: Toxic/unfriendly PvP Community Please checkout and upvote hereMagerleague0 3d
3d Did all the WWs reroll feral lulz Still haven't faced one in 3s for about a week and a half. come out come out.Sfscxpaladin4 3d
3d stop say nerf say buff instead nobody likes slow game unless ur actually weird all dmg buff 10% and buff healing 20% game more fun promise.ßådñßõüjèê27 3d
3d Every shadow priest plays the same Melee training me? Vt, Vt, Vt, Vt Low health? Disperse so I literally can't die. Melee got off me? Vt, spam burst, psyfiend, insane damageBattlezone39 3d
3d Mage Comps What are good 2's and 3's comps for arcane mages.Willfrad1 3d
3d Toxicity if i was ever toxic to u, i apologize. sometimes u forget there are actual people behind these avatars.Ðeceptiøn33 3d
3d Ferals have no weakness atm Nonstop high damage, high mobility, low cd instant cc. They really don't die either. I hate Ferals that use the excuse that you have to pre wall every go or some BS. That's the Druid class in general. All 3 specs atm in arena you pretty much need to be able to tell when damage is coming or you will flop. That's not something unique to Feral. If you have a problem with that aspect of the Druid class than re roll. Fix this cancer spec. More broken than Splay or anything else atm.Tansypoo10 3d
3d dont see any splay posts on front page is it still nuts? been away for a week might come back and be part of the problem, whatever the problem may be for some e-z pointsYatogami5 3d
3d Is it me or is it my colorblindness hitting hard but the war pvp set (normal) is pink?Flexitron1 3d
3d Why don't feral have cyclone anymore Like ferals hardly have any cc now outside of maim and bashJohntrabolta3 3d
3d State of mage? How is mage doing ATM? Seems solid or no?Stickybackz8 3d
3d 2.2k exp 1.9cr Enh + Hpal lf dps 1.9k cr enh and hpal w/ 2.3k exp lf WW to push. Uknowmysteez#1905Martenluther2 3d
3d If u play 1 shot comps Like Arcane/Destro You should not be able to get any titles or rewards. I would rather see feral/sp every game.Xxchadxxz15 3d
3d what it do yall bois? what it do?Wooshylooshy1 3d
3d My list of changes I'd like to see Earth shield dr reduced to 10% feral Druid agility nerfed 6% enraged maim replaced with cyclone. Spriest int reduced 5% ret divine storm damage reduced 5% Vanish increased to a 1 min cd for sub with thiefs bargain chaos bolt damage reduced 10%. Frost dk damage reduced 3% Demon hunter interrupt is now melee range only. Mistweaver int buffed by 4% and damage increased by 4%Retard9 3d
3d Describe the current PVP system with 3 words: Describe the current PVP system with 3 words: The three words I chose to describe the current state of the PVP system: puny inept dissolvedAnaxagoras116 3d
3d re-implement steady shot as a focus generator change arcane shot to a focus dump bring back chimaera shot delete marked shot delete vulnerableRyutiz18 3d
3d Rating seems obsolete We need to come up with a new metric to determine someones PVP value. Rating is horrible (same elite few in their own club every season) and doesnt encapsulate talent over a broad spectrum of duels/arena/rbg/random bg/brawls/skirms/wpvp. What, in your opinion, would be a better measure of skill than just flat out rating that is subject to heavy fluctuations based on variables such as the rating of your opponent / partners? inb4 whoever has dankest memesEkyra21 3d
3d Can u bubble drink/rez? is this a thing since u cant be touched by any abilities that put u in combatGhulldampnr7 3d
3d Split Faction Cutoffs At this point it's definitely feeling like I'm yelling at a brick wall but can Blizzard employees who read the Arena Forums still scrap this idea of split faction cutoffs? It still remains an awful idea. Holinka said something along the lines during season 2 on Twitter that if it didn't keep the population even after a while they would scrap it. 4+ seasons later and the gap between factions on both NA and EU is too large to defend this god awful idea. Please get rid of it or stop sitting on your asses and nerf Horde racials (Belf/Sturdiness). Honestly they should've nerfed Horde racials a while ago but I doubt they will now with Blizzcon coming up so the ideal choice is to disable split faction cutoffs for the remainder of the expansion. It's super cool that for 2/4 seasons so far my CR was 30-50 points higher than the lowest alliance gladiator but because I've preferred being Horde since Vanilla I get duelist. In a perfect world they'd disable split faction cutoffs, nerf belf/sturdiness slightly and nerf rsham a little more so alliance and horde shamans are more comparable in strength so people can play what they want.Korcer14 3d
3d DH Can we please address the fact that Demon Hunters are still absolutely broken af with how much uptime they have on a target compared to any other melee. Not to mention Imprison is brokenBonystark12 3d
3d Stop complaining about getting illusions back Instead, complain that there is no way for those illusions to be earned now. Since Blizzard re-added these illusions, they clearly don't consider things that were "grandfathered" into the game. Clearly people still want these illusions. If Blizzard put different rating requirements on them now and made them available, I don't think nearly as many people would be complaining about how they can't get x or y illusion. Edit: I know that the title sounds weird, but what I mean is that people are complaining about how they can't get the illusions now because they were 2.2k but didn't get duelist. I don't think that it's that deal if there was a way to earn them now.Ashranx19 3d
3d can we adress the bug that ppl can play demon huntersAerotrem3 3d
3d Got some proposed changes A lot of people really hate long dampener based games, but I'm not gonna pretend healing arena right now doesn't suck. healing in general right now sucks, so I've got some changes I think might be healthy- Feel free to disagree. I'm gonna touch on a few things, please be constructive. saying "lol bgs" or "lol wpvp" doesn't help, it only hinders. Onto Arena Buff PVP healing in general. Maybe by ~20%. In direct contrast to this, change dampening to start applying earlier in an arena, and faster. The general idea is to give healers a 30-60 second grace window to get their bearings, and make things easier on players freshly starting. Most games don't end in just a minute anyway- Making that first minute a bit easier on the healer will greatly help bring new people in to try it. From what I understand, dampening starts 5 minutes in (In a 3s match) and builds by 1% every 10 seconds. With my rough increase of ~20%, I'd like dampening to start around 2-3 minutes in, and build at a rate of 1%/7.5s. At this rate, six minutes into the match you will be at 24% dampening, rather than 6%- Allowing for an average of two rounds of CD trading- but in the initial minute/two it will be harder to kill someone than it is currently. The only issue I can think of at the moment is with dampener comps becoming stronger as dampening comes quicker. On Battlegrounds A by-product of buffing healing is reducing the amount of stress healers face in BGs or RBGs. Remember that for most people, BGs are their first taste of PVP. If they don't like it, they likely will be turned off to the idea of Arenas or any rated content. By buffing the amount of healing done, and therefore increasing the amount of self sustain they have, a fresh healer is more likely to be willing to try Arenas or Rated BGs. On WPVP Add in additional affects to PVP gear: Every piece you have equipped reduces the damage you take from players by 3.6% in open-world combat (1% for tank specs). As these effects can't happen in instanced PVP anyway, this would only help to alleviate some of the issues currently plaguing WPVP. with 14 items equipped this adds up to 50.4% (14% for tanks) reduced damage taken from players, essentially putting a stop to 1-2 global deaths. This will make dueling much more enjoyable and strengthen the communities of many servers built around WPVP.Larisa4 3d
3d 1900 cr Enh Sham lf MW Heya Current duelist enh sham with 2.4 legion exp looking for a MW to play with. Would also play with Hpala. Vocal/positive/persistent players appreciated! \ Happy to play with anyone 1850+ Thunderfall#1953Thunderfall0 3d
3d pls tell your aussie friends to drop their btags here feral (occasionally resto) druid needs games late night, STARTING about midnight west coast / 3am east coast any decent comp, wouldnt mind feral/sub/rsham for hilarious openers on debuffed target (not denying its cheese). could also play balance even tho id rather not. also got lock, rogue, dk.Saidthebear5 3d
3d 1750 cr season 2 challenger dk LF MATES If u wanna Q up lemme kno les winBattlezone2 3d
3d Funny twitch clips Lets see em. Jahmilli uh.. Chineese ball grabbing lul Swifty playing World of Warcraft! All in with 10 2 nice plays train! When u find out theres 2 parts to pathfinder for flying. Kolo globalled lul Cdews wheelchair Blame helunki Mitch the offender Hotted outplayed by A2 3d
3d Maim its a 6 sec cd sap bug [edit] dont cry if someone vanish maims ur incarn LuLNolinka6 3d
3d Best Clothie? So I'm looking to walk a different path to the current melee bonanza and I'm gonna try my hand at caster PvP Yes I know that the general consensus is that melee have the upper hand, but the play style doesn't appeal to me so much. With that in mind, which caster am I likely to have the most success on? Spriest, Lock, Mage? Open to any spec lock and mage if that helps Im generally interested in what is going to cope the best in a melee orientated game, and something that has a variety of comps it slots into. Bonus points if its a strong BG spec too :) CheersSane10 3d
3d disc is p fun way too many buttons to press so i doubt i'm gonna seriously play arenas with it but it's p funBirix25 3d
3d Temporal Shield needs to be reverted can we please revert it back to where we can cancel it.... I feel dumber knowing i can't cancel it when i need to, and What is the point of using it to help when getting bursted, when the burst can 100-0 you in 2 seconds, oh not to mention it can be purged off or spellstolen.Kanstil25 3d
3d Fdk literally is not Op at all. Too many people think FDk is Op cause we have high damage for just standing there and tunneling you. If we have full uptime on you, yes, you are going to get destroyed. We are not feral who leap to all 3 targets and do 250k dps on EACH target with bleeds. Just because we stand there and press 3 buttons does not make the class broken nor op. Kite us and see how much damage we do. CC us and see what happens. And our damage is still nothing compared to where it was in S1Battlezone34 3d
3d LF consistent 3's team 1500CR on Lock/Spriest atm Also have a rogue at 870 ilvl that I'll be gearing up over the next week. I was 2.2k in MoP, not that it matters much but I usually don't panic when trained by melee / understand a little bit about positioning / etc... Basically, I have a lot to learn and for that, I need to queue :) BTag: Maiko#1719 I'm pretty chill - I'm not going to block ppl / unfriend them over losses. I need to develop muscle memory for a few less common things. What I mean is, if you're a healer you're gonna call me trash the first 5 or so games vs hunter teams - the muscle memory isn't there for the bind to have my imp dispel your trap :)Cinna3 3d
3d Can u bubble drink/rez? is this a thing since u cant be touched by any abilities that put u in combat.Ghulldampnr12 3d
3d LF Teams Hi, it's been really difficult finding games lately from my current list of friends so I think they're feeling the Legion burnout. I play Rsham on both Horde/Alliance and I alt Rdruid on Horde. 2580 last season experience on Shaman and this is my first season queuing on Rdruid. Looking for people to play with every week. I'd prefer people with 2400+ experience. Unless you're just wanting to play with my Druid then just be fun. Korcer#1674Korcer2 3d
3d DK Arena. Just one question, of all arenas i have done, so far since the new season started, the only one that i just CANT as a DK reach to start burst is Arcane Mage and Panda MW Monk, how in the name of the fuking old gods, can you reach them with a DK.Ôblivion1 3d
4d How to fix frost Dk -Add Death Siphon back, baseline, 15sec cool down heals 10% hp, no cost. -Make death strike heal 30% more baseline -4% damage nerfBattlezone6 4d
4d Tier List 7.3 God tier Melee: Feral, Frost DK, DH, Sub, Ret Ranged: SP, Destro Healer: Resto shaman Great tier Melee: Arms, WW, Assa Ranged: Boomkin, Arcane, Ele, Demo Healer: Disc, Hpally Average tier Melee: Surv Hunter, UH DK Ranged: Affli, Frost, Fire, Marks Healer: Hpriest, Rdruid Meh tier Melee: Fury, Outlaw, Enha shaman Ranged: BM Healer: MW Any suggestions? I'm pretty sure I have it spot on? God tier will be toned down, I'd put money on that.Bilian50 4d
4d 2300 cr 2600exp rsham lf qs (mostly lf ferals,sps,locks,etc...) ghull#1565Ghulldampnr0 4d
4d FDK and DH Please fix them, they are the only melee left that require nerfs in order to have somewhat balance in pvp.Dontfocusme20 4d
4d why are orc mages a thing lol they look ugly it doesnt fit at all bring undead casters backMorduz17 4d
4d daynnight eats every kick misses every fear solo'd by enemy MW literally a god infallible mistakes don't matterTrackpadboyx6 4d
4d Coping mechanisms Wow is a coping mechanismTimelørd1 4d