4d Why do people Why do people complain about full moon? It at most hits for 1.5mil, takes 2x cast to even get to full moon. Full moon it self has a long cd and without incarn hits for around 950k.Familyjewelz8 4d
4d Best class with Destro for 3's? Discuss.Exørcyst3 4d
4d Why does my disc priest.... Do 150k DPS in arena? I do more DPS than BM hunters and I heal my team while doing so. Is this intended?Davidclarke11 4d
4d LF WLS 1900 2s xp 1550cr LF WLS commited to push partners. Plz have Discord and reply to this post with btag. Aff Lock/RshamDraxxore0 4d
4d How many petkicks Does it take to get duelist?Zoomoth44 4d
4d NeRf DiSc PrIeSt YoOoO LikE tOO mOoch DamAGeCloudstock2 4d
4d cutoffs updated 12/9/2017 Alliance Rank 1 : 2914 Gladiator: 2642 Duelist: 2174 Rival: 1908 Challenger: 1628 Horde Rank 1: 2938 Gladiator: 2687 Duelist: 2208 Rival: 1950 Challenger: 1645 Good job to those who got what they wanted, considering it is now saturday, I do not see the cutoffs going any lower than this by too much. maybe last minute dq's but beyond that, this MAY be the finalized cutoffs for tuesdays rewards.Qtgladiator18 4d
4d PVP Im trying to do rated pvp but cant find a group, anyone wanna join me?Itzvick2 4d
4d Balanced MMOS Just wondering why immolate ticks harder than a kill command hit. Started playing some destro. Interesting how a dot tick hits harder than my main abilityAmatox25 4d
4d Demo/MW looking for 3rd Most of this expansion we have played Demoncleave with a DH, but we also have a couple hundred matches played with Elemental. We're looking for a reliable 3rd partner for this season. Preferably Boomkin, Feral, Ele, DH or Arms warrior. We have both been PvPing for over 10 years and are not in the mood to teach someone how to arena. I'm not going to request a specific rating or achievement, but please be experienced and competent if you're going to reach out to us. We mostly play on the weekends, but sometimes we'll queue weekday evenings too (7:00pm EST - 11:00pm EST) If you're interested please drop your info here, thanks. Edit: We made a PvP video over a year ago - and frequently stream for like... 20 viewers...Blindtko6 4d
4d Were Q's longer in the past IDR I feel like this expansion has had the fastest ques of all time, which makes me wonder; is this a change in how the software is setup, or is rat league participation way way up. If it's the later it's kind of upsetting because I think the PVP community is telling a very different story than "Mission accomplished - PVP is at an all time high".Espressa3 4d
4d Pvp Titles from Last Season Hows it going, Any word on when pvp titles from last season will be out? ThanksTbake3 4d
4d sap bug in 2017 this guy still abusing sap bug in legion and what i don't understand is how is this bug thats been in the game for 2 expansions now still not fixed...Idiotferal27 4d
4d Ghost Wolf Form What yall think about it? Honestly I feel like the snare reducement that it gives is a little over the top... Maybe nerf that a lil, and then give it the ability to reduce the duration of roots?Canvany23 4d
4d TWD | One Shot vs. 2700 RMP | 7.3.5 Win of the weekend vs. my favorite comp to beat. What’s your arch-nemesis comp?Darkbadger14 4d
5d Argus loot is 970, PvP 2.4k+ loot is 950.. Last tier, PvP loot was on the same ilvl as KJ loot. Both were 940. Regular mythic gear was 930. Now, mythic gear is 960 and Argus loot is 970 but PvP gear is 20 ilvls lower than it should be at 950.. Thoughts??Avengelyne60 5d
5d How to beat Hpal/Demo So I've found a aff lock through LFG and decided to play some 2s (rsham/aff) cuz bored. We won most games but got demolished by demo/hpal atleast 3 times in a row. Any tips on how to counter this in 2s? The Demo lock mainly LoSs and chunks our health down while keeping pet on me and popping out of pillar and doing a few hand of guldans. And other than that, hes mainly empowering his demons and casting demonwrath while his hpal just HoJs me off cd and pillars as well. We tried the strat where we run in and play offensive, but since my lock runs single target build, its hard for us to get any pressure off and the demo ends up doubling my locks dmg by empowering and demonwrathing 70% of the game while hugging the pillar hard and LoSing. When it gets to 50%+ damp with the pet MS effect, it becomes a nightmare to heal thru just the felguard+doom damage. Any help with this would be appreciated.Bowtronz11 5d
5d 2100 cr second day queueing zowrn just cant stop flexxing and to think ive only been playing no name comps i owe it all to dergWayvez21 5d
5d RDruid Help So I've been getting destroyed against bursty classes like feral and havoc DH. Is there anything I can do? I literally die in about 15 seconds even with going in bear form before their burst and using frenzied regen.Parallaxdrew10 5d
5d Brewmaster 3s leggo multi r1 ww / brm monkJzxo11 5d
5d Disc LF WW/Arcane Hey there! I’m looking for a WW and an arcane to cruise through some rating to get glad again. Came back, and I want it again. 2.7k glad in wrath. 2.3k In season one of legion. Been messing around with comps but really would like a duo who have synergy and to play a crap ton with. I’m open to PMR too maybe... I’ll be playing a lot lately and want to push as much as possible. Hit me up here or add my bnet and let’s chat! Seanyboy#1220Ssumail1 5d
5d Ferals How do you do damage as feral? And what is the burst rotation? Been following what icy veins says but no ones health drops below 100% lol.Testinghunt3 5d
5d Just beat notzephy in 2s And was like I'm pretty sure he's high rated.. Then saw 2920cr and was like dayum I'M A GODD xdImmunë18 5d
5d Rdruid comps What are the best rdruid comps right now? I feel like rdruid is having trouble keeping up teams with casters.Familyjewelz1 5d
5d Wow moving to consol You will see in the next two expansions, blizzard will release wow on consol, xbox playstation. Its coming and it has to for their own financial numbers. It opens another revenue for them and at the end of the day it is about making money for them.Bbqsammich6 5d
5d Fury war im not satisfied with the amount of 1 shots today fury needs 10% dmg increase thank youConnor2 5d
5d Bm Hunters Its so healthy that they arent a thing :)Datsheffy29 5d
5d Best Comp for Assassin ? Currently I know 2s disc priest for sure but what about 3s? Would I want to play with a spirest/lock for rot or rmp/end? Gonna do assassination not changing to sub for any of you nerdsZingfer1 5d
5d a pvp class.. so i'm thinking of trying to lvl a toon purely through random bgs and some grinding to get to lvl 10. whats a decent class i should look into minus the two hero classes and the warrior which i have at 110 already, i was looking into the surv hunter maybe. but I look forward to hearing some feedback from you guys.. thanksCarakon5 5d
5d "Thread Locked"; How Do We Move Forward? I'm sure you've read it. It's been deleted a hundred times but it's been posted a hundred more. A series of direct quotes from developers and a community manager that shine some light on the recent development direction of PvP. One gentleman plays WoW on a Waycom tablet, and doesn't have an issue with this. One gentleman details how the current target demographic for PvP is, in fact, PvErs and describes how simplifying and streamlining the PvP experience will attract a group that relishes in 3 button rotations and standing in fire. One gentleman ponders the appropriateness of a game with enough depth that only a small fraction of its players achieve skill cap. We've all read it. But, in truth, it's not a revelation to anyone that has been paying attention. We already knew. And Blizzard censoring the discussion? That's old news too. Blizzard has been censoring information that contrasts with their preferred narrative for years now. We already knew that too. The uncomfortable truth that is increasingly revealed by Legion's development direction is that your feedback is neither necessary nor valuable. Blizzard-Activision has already decided, seemingly against both all available evidence and any semblance of common sense, that THEY know what YOU want. And what you want is a 4-button game that affords the utmost of approachability by removing anything remotely resembling complexity. Armor Penetration? MP/5? Expertise? You don't need all these -stats-. They're confusing. There's too many. We'll consolidate. While we're at it, you don't even need Reforging. It's cumbersome, constantly swapping stats on your gear so you can build the character you want. Plus, the average player can't keep track of stat priorities, breakpoints, and diminishing returns anyway. That's for Diablo nerds. Scrap it. You know what's similar to Reforging? Gem slots. You have way too many. Sixteen slots on a single set of gear? Ugh. What a hassle to have an entire profession-based economy around dozens of cuts and color combinations that enable you to balance priorities with color-bonuses. No one has time for that intricacy. Get rid of it. Enchants, too. God, what a headache! I need Librams for my head, and enchants for shoulders, cloak, bracers, gloves, pants... boots even!? We can't expect our players to decide between Crit/Runspeed and Strength/Healthbuff. Too much. They aren't capable of that intensity of decision-making and character customization. Remove those LW bracer enchants and leg enchants. Remove Librams. Rep-gated shoulder enchants? Please. Gloves, cloaks, all of it. You know what? We're dancing around the REAL problem. Customizing gear is merely a symptom. We should just obviate GEAR all together. Why do they need it, right? Let's just give them a STAT TEMPLATE. We can't trust them with any decision-making whatsoever. Don't let them buy gear. Let them play a lockbox lottery. It doesn't matter anyway, we'll remove the impact of itemization. Do you think they can handle just an iLvL? Just that one number? We're not thinking big enough, though. We've utterly destroyed their capacity to make decisions before queueing for arena - let's destroy their capacity for decision-making IN THE ARENA too. 'Should I burst with these shadow orbs or horrify?'. Pfft. Remove it. 'Should I go 'Zerker stance for Pummel and Intercept at the trade-off of increased damage taken?'. Heh. Let them just have everything in one mandatory stance. 'Should I use these Maelstrom stacks on an instant heal, or an instant hex, or extra damage?'. Like they can make scenario-specific decisions on the fly during an intense arena match? They can't even handle reforging LOL. 'Dance is coming up shortly, should I pool all my energy?' What is pooling, anyway. Remove it. 'Should I Aspect of the Viper for a minute to regen some mana or can I stay Hawk and go for a kill right here?' The fu...? Listen, just give them all 4 buttons. Give them all the SAME 4 buttons, just with different spell effects. If there's no decision-making, no gear, and thoroughly homogenized toolkits - ANYONE can play. There will be no imbalance, or people losing because they suck and then whining about it on our Twitter pages. Done. Reagents? Please. No one wants to keep track of vanishing powder and ankhs. Buffs? Gone. You have to refresh that every 5min? Every 30min? Every 60min? It's just junkin' up my waycom actionbar. I don't know what you -mean- by "dispel protection" and I don't care. Talent trees? Confusing. People need to -research- them and stuff. Just let them click what they want off a pane at their leisure. Remember folks, approachability. People are dumb, they can't focus on more than one simple task at a time, and they certainly can't learn new systems.Theblindone135 5d
5d Help looking at sArena I started arena's this season after coming back to WoW after 5 years. I got high rated in League (Masters), and then I decided to play WoW again. I am going through the growing pains every went through years ago, but I caught up with the same type of players that started years before me in league... So I hope I can at least hit 2400 in the next 2 years. Anyways, I struggle to look at sArena. One thing I have going for me is I've watched hundreds of streams since cata of Cdew, Ven, Xaryu, Reckful, Tosan, ect. I've watched it all... and I picked up the when basically. I know all the major cooldowns and what to force (for the most part). I just struggle at looking at Omni for kicks on my mage to see what's down. I also struggle to look at sArena. I basically sized up sArena and put it right by my character model. I just still always look at the cast bars below players.. and that means I can only see who is casting in my FoV. I literally have went into the last 40 games saying LOOK AT OMNI AND sARENA. I still !@#$ing suck %^- at doing it. I don't know if you had the same growing pains, but i literally look at that thing once a game it seems like. Maybe you guys have tips on how you got accustomed to it. Because I know to move forward it is extremely crucial.Decideded14 5d
5d Sad to see a PvP expansion this game really is hopeless and dead afterall. They are making a PvP expansion for the 200-300 total people who still play PvP and arenas (yes, that's about right according to pvp sites) ......probably gonna skip this purchaseYeaaboiyy14 5d
5d I am Getting Better And Better Every Week Better Faster More Powerful also cardio is getting better each week. feels good, making progress. will start sparring soonAgonyy06A5425 5d
5d Have they announced release date? FOr next xpac?Krewèlla6 5d
5d Speculation to when this season ends? Legion feels so stale at this pointSelvarian1 5d
5d Tips for MLX Hey guys, me and my friend have been running MLX recently and are having moderate success but we really want to take it to the next level. I looked around but there aren't many people playing the comp while melee run the current meta. Usually we win games by chaining our cc on the healer (3 polys, fear, healer cc) while the lock chains CB's and I hit with glacial spike, ebonbolt, and lance / flurry procs on the kt. The only problem we usually face is against demon hunters, ww (high mobility dps) or if one of us gets completely trained against double melee as we feel fairly squishy. As a mage would I find better success with comet / ice nova or should i stick with glacial / splitting ice? Any other tips from people more familiar with the comp would be appreciated as well. ThanksAlicks6 5d
5d Focus macro How would I make a macro to cast solar beam on my focus target?Bilefloat2 5d
5d LF Consistent 2's/3's partners (WARR) 1.9k xp in 2's and 3's **Warrior mostly!!** I was grinding out the 2k with a friend at the end of Season 5 but they got a little burnt out trying to do it in the few days before end of season. oh well! This season for sure :). *- Alts; Rogue (sub)/ Paladin (ret) - I have less experience on these toons. *-Want to hit the 2k benchmark every season *- Need some consistent partners for 2's and 3's! Any viable comp - Really enjoy WLS and any cleave comp of course lol. Down for voice or no voice... doesnt matter to me. Drop me a friend request anytime! I'm on in the morning a bit and evening 8pm+ (Tichondrius server time) BTAG Iron#11334Ironblack1 5d
5d @Chappy DayZ?Wayvez2 5d
5d Losing it Getting so damn frustrated with this game. Playing Rdruid/frost dk we vs a arms/rdruid I keep warrior cloned, roooted, slowed, stunned entire fight, match goes to 61% dampening I can't keep dk up with everything I have on him he dies calls me a retard and leaves. Like wtf. Why do I even keep trying? I really don't think im getting better at this game.Rot9 5d
5d Celestalon moving to HS The destroyer of class design is goneZorazer72 5d
5d [PvP] Decomposing Aura vs. Necrotic Aura (x-post from Death Knight forums) I've searched all over and have come to two conclusions as to the general consensus on the web about these two abilities; 1) If playing with a melee DPS, use Decomposing Aura. 2) If playing with a magic DPS, use Necrotic Aura. My question is, what about in 2's? Pretending my healer literally deals 0 damage, which do I benefit more from? Please feel free to correct me if I have made any false statements. Bonus question: What non-melee cleave DK teams are worth trying? I've mostly only played TSG and Walking Dead. Thank you for your time.Nyac5 5d
5d This game is trash. 5d
5d Beginning arenas. My buddy and I are deciding to start arenas. I have a Druid and shaman and he's got a shaman/warrior/rogue. I'm pretty sure he wants to main his rogue for a while, would my Druid or shaman be viable for him? I have no problem with leveleling a new class, (was interested in a war,shadow priest, or hunter) but I probably am not good enough to play a mage or lock well. Are you able to do a double dps combination in 2s anymore?Any ideas guys? I appreciate any feedback. Thanks!Totlamad6 5d
5d Lots of ppl lying about XP rn Just blatantly lying and not even bothering to link a fake achieve. Do your part and call them out.. Lfg could really use a thing that shows peoples xp achieve beside their name... even a symbol or whatever that corresponds with achieves. Then there's the career 1400 players that will decline you anyways because "achieves dont mean anything" but MEH!Vicvinëgar16 5d
5d I am cursed... No matter what I do, I can’t get out of the 1700 bracket. Will I be a challenger all my life!?Mathematicss14 5d
5d Warriors vs Aff lock any tips how to kill an aff lock as a warrior mainly in 2s?Oldspice27 5d
6d Healing for LFG is agony. Anyone else having the same fun? Every loss suffered it is always my fault, while I watch stupid DPS over extend, never taking pressure off me when I'm getting focused. Arena healing just flat out sucks.Iraani27 6d
6d Elite Gladiator Transmog? So by no means am I a PvPer, I take it quite casually and float around 1700 and mainly PvE. Howeverrrrr, the current Elite Glad gear is way too good to pass up. So my question is, if I were to hit 2k rating for the transmog only - would I have to stay above 2k rating in order to continue receiving the Elite Glad pieces or would I only have to tick the 2k mark in order to receive the gear? In other words, were I to fall to 1700 again after hitting 2k, would I still be able to get the gear?Projectgrim16 6d
6d wheyyprotein does anyone else always see this guy in lfg EVERYTime claiming to be 200cr higher than what he actually is. Everytime i cap he applies multiple times whispering r1 2800xp but cant link anything bc his account was banned lol. i auto decline everytime and he just msges me some thing saying "lol dont want a monk anyway" Then i go to cap my hpal or something.. there he is qued up in my lfg...once again lying about cr. its called arenamate bro. His typical group name is something like r1 war lf 3s 2200cr. if you go to arenamate him you will see hes literally qued between 1800 -2k for hundreds of matches. Just had to call this guy out bc hes toxic and feels the need to spam whisper when he gets declined for 1. lying about cr 2. claiming rank 1 with zero proof.Katilna14 6d