3d Can someone explain this. I figured I'd queue a few matches on my alt, because Feral Druid is in such a bad spot that I can't even play the class anymore, but I still want to actually PvP. Queue into this Lock Mistweaver. Lock runs up to me and hits corruption, then instantly starts casting UA. I dash to LoS where my Shaman is to avoid the dot, because I already have my bleed on him. He back peddles around the pillar, stops, keyboard turns, and then starts running around to where he "thinks" I'll be coming out at. I land immense cross-cc with Chamber/Silence/Kick/Nova and basically make him almost incapable of playing the game during my burst, but I still can't do enough damage to kill him because the Mistweaver is AFK in LoS across the arena healing him. I go way out of position just to force damage onto the Mistweaver, who mind you has not left LoS on the pillar since the beginning of the match, but is still capable of healing through meta burst (question mark?) and he instantly sweeps me and back peddles around the pillar away from me. I don't trinket it because I'm not stupid, so I dash glaive him to get my slow/bleed on him. He tries to trinket the slow, realizes it had done nothing, and then uses his port to cross the arena again where he re-starts his cast of soothing mist on the lock, and tops himself almost instantly. This continues on for the duration of the match, until the Lock (who just chases my Shaman around the pillar trying to cast UA) gets a little help from his Healer who manages to catch my Shaman in a sweep. I insta chamber the Lock to avoid damage, Darkness my Shaman, and then attempt to counter-burst the healer with Meta. Healer begins to back peddle away from me, still topping himself off through all my damage, and as soon as I kick him he tries to trinket my kick and uses both his rolls to get to LoS, where he then instantly tops himself and then restarts his cast on the lock, who is also miraculously instantly topped in near 80% dampening. My Shaman then dies after being feared and coated in UA's that the Warlock is hemorrhaging from his face, due to the unhealable damage the Lock is putting out, and I have no ability to stop him having used my kick to attempt to force pressure onto the Healer to win the match. Someone please tell me.. How is it I can outplay them in every single way, but still lose to people like this? The Shaman is a 2700 exp player and he didn't have any kind of response other than "well that's bs". I don't understand.Serrowxd26 3d
3d Cap Traits at 52 for rated pvp Please for the love of god cap traits at 52. The power gap of someone having maxed concord and someone not even having it yet is insane. someone in my guild is 56 traits already and i just hit 52 on my main and 49 on my alt hunter. This ap grind is awful.Serval13 3d
3d Targeting my partner but attacking me? I've went up against a few teams over the past years and come across one that have me targeted but they're killing my focus (my teammate) or vise versa. What's this about? ThanksUnzipped7 3d
3d Do people still play this game? ^Retrô8 3d
3d DİD THEY REMOVE STATİSTİCS ARMORY i just wanna be able to look at how high somoene has been in 2s/3s ect. did they remove this or what category do you go to in the armory to find thanksDalamenutha7 3d
3d This is what happens When I queue no voice games listening to cdew's stream for an hour and then stream. hahahahahahaa. I actually fukkin lose too its hilarious.Anorulove4 3d
3d thorns eu repost but apparently outbreak triggers thorns and it seems as of tonight at least corrupted blood 6 second shadow damage dot warrior trait also triggers multiple thorns ticks regardless of if you're off the target this literally has to be a bug ? ? ?Thrash16 3d
3d [H] 2660~ Multi-Duelist Warrior LF friends. 2660~ WoD S3 and 2520~ Legion S1 XP. Returning from a break (I barely played last season). jmb#11154 Would prefer you post here before adding.Aersoth51 3d
4d 2400 Enchants Remember when these enchants were vibrant and actually looked impressive? On most weapons they look like little more than glorified auction house enchants. But yeah no, let's nerf the graphics on a completely inconsequential irrelevant thing. In my opinion they should be reverted back to their normal graphical output so that they stand out as a reward worthy of the work we put in to get them.Remixxed10 4d
4d Looking for Revocutie Does anyone know what happened to Revocutie aka Revolol, Revelationxo? For those that don't know, Revocutie is a lovely female human in exalted armor tmog on KT. Looks something like this Revocutie used to stream often, used to post often but not anymore. It's a real shame because I used to like watching Revocutie stream 2's arena. I'm just wondering is all. It's just harmless curiosity.Tomcooley13 4d
4d Shadowstrike, Shadowstrike Cheap Shot, Cheap shot, Cheap Shot,Shadowstrike, Shadowstrike,Shadowstrike,Shadowstrike,Shadowstrike, Eviscerate, Rinse, and repeat. Unlimited mobility with Shadowstrike as well nice... The epitome of a repetitive game play folks, sub rogue skill at it's finest. Might as well let the sub rogue pummel you to the ground as a caster. #EnjoyLegion. I don't care if I get banned, it was worth it. [Edited for content and language by Moderator]Trueshammy74 4d
4d 2400 ezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzYveltäl47 4d
4d Arena forum full of !@#$ talkers. Arena was popular years ago. Its dead now. Keep !@#$ talking eachother in the least represented arena xpack on record because it matters etc. Sad.Yimana16 4d
4d HI I NEED HELP ok so i got my friend back into this game (bad idea) but we are playing alli spriest and hpal and he is an hpal so he isnt a real class until lvl 47 obviousy so im wondering whats the fastest way to get honor talents / gear so i can have swap and dps talents and he can get his melee wing talents pls ty <33 -your favorite gay mageTeatable4 4d
4d MM 913 - 55 Hunter LF3's Have been casually playing with guildies for AP (cr 1600 season, 2k previous on rogue /prior expansions). I would like to find a static group for 3's. Feel free to add my tag Amoeba#1900 for any questions or to check availability. I have a flexible schedule, so I'm happy w.e I am needed.Cömanche7 4d
4d I am the best player to ever touch this game I am the best player ever to touch this game, cower before my night peasants.Emilybluntx7 4d
4d Concord it's actually such a game changing proc it's disgusting. I feel like I can't pvp without being at a pretty significant disadvantage. smh.Ðeceptiøn20 4d
4d When was the last time an RMP won a tourn? I am the number one seed and number player in my humble region. This is the HARDEST comp and deserves an ego. HaikuDogfilter39 4d
4d Shaman Reincarnate bug? Was doing 2v2 tonight and a resto shaman self rezzed after we killed him. Had to kill him twice and we landed 3 kills on the scoreboard too. Anyone else see this? Bug or abuse?Liftbrul2 4d
4d Mage/lock/MW 3s Come check out me Taev & Apathy in 3v3 arenas. I'm drinking but it's still at least partially entertaining. 4d
4d PVP irl How many of you have been in a fight? I had at least 6+ growing up off the top of my head. Been over 10 years now though and I doubt I'd last 30 seconds (only cardio is walking to my car).Telendron63 4d
4d Concordance will always proc in the opener Welcome to how rppm has worked since throne of thunder endedMerphy9 4d
4d Warrior class for pvp What is the best class warrior for arena play.Wickedways7 4d
4d hey heyVelca8 4d
4d So I made the mistake Of following celestalon on twitter thinking I could follow all the horrible changes he's making and possibly make feedback. MY BAD, he only posts people who dyed their hair blue. Sorry for thinking his twitter should be anything Warcraft related.Thelle5 4d
4d Thread for sub 2k exp players to LFG/LFM Hey I've seen several posts lately of people who are new to arenas, or who have never really been super active but would like to be. It's pretty hard to find anyone to play with this season in general it seems, and that makes it even harder for those who don't have 2k+ achieves to get into arena. To promote more activity in Arena, especially among those of us who have never hit 2k before, I thought it might be nice to have a place where you can find a bunch of battle tags of people who want to play. Btag: Giggleblush#1585 Faction: Horde Class/Spec: Rogue Exp: 1800 RBGs/~1600 arenas I'd love to l2p and consider myself a very patient and calm player.Giggleblush84 4d
4d Do hunter pets have spectral sight Twice yesterday the bm hunter pets came straight for my feral partner who was In prowl as soon as gates opened. We saw the pets coming at him, so he dashed and pillared but the pets just kept chasing him until dash ended and they opened on him while he was still invis.. My feral does a cast as soon as gates open before he goes invis. Does that have anything to do with it since he can be seen for like half a second? Bug or?Khongg6 4d
4d 1900XP frost dk lf push Mostly looking for a rdruid, people in lfg dont want to voice, so lf some people to get in discord with and just grind out some ratingKyraxx1 4d
4d This game Back peddling hunters at 1750 mmr. Like wut.Notaccepted14 4d
4d Returning Player LF Healer Friends Hello all. I'm a 2.3k exp hunter looking for some friends who main healers. Preferably you're 2k+ experience. I'm trying to push the highest title i can this season, so if you are playing alot -- even if you are a non healer, add me for some games. Doulie#1468Douliejr2 4d
4d [H] R/M/X LF healer Mage and Rogue 2.1k this season on mains (not same classes) looking for a healer to learn our classes and the comp and hopefully push 2.2k by the end of the season on these characters. We want somebody to consistently play with over multiple seasons. We are usually on between 7pm-1am EST. We ARE new to these classes and the comp but we also started playing the classes we hit 2.1 on last season so we can learn quick. Add Last#1611 if interested.Lastdruid1 4d
4d Anyone wana run Anyone wana run 1800+ cr rdruid/prot war/prot pally? Leave btagsHjkhjkjyfkgt6 4d
4d Please, listen to me The Archbishop Lazarus, he lead us down here to find the lost prince. Bastar d led us into a trap, now everyone is dead, killed by a demon they called The Butcher. AVENGE US! Find this Butcher and slay him, so our souls may finally rest! -Slain Townsman, Diablo 1Kydrav20 4d
4d Destro locks in 7.2.5 Will be soul shard capped 100% of the time since chaos bolt will have a 3 second cast time due to reverse entropy nerf. On top of this we're already the squishiest spec in the game so good luck sitting there casting a 3 second chaos bolt while melee is wailing on you. RIP Chaos Bolt 7.2.5Carnnezz2 4d
4d Concordance of the Legionfall Sorry if I missed it but does this apply to pvp (arena, bgs, etc.)? Thank you. edit: oops...just realized I didn't post on my UDK - AP trait on that guy.Shockmu1 4d
5d balancing shadow priests how do people think sp's should be nerfed/brought into line? I see a lot of posts about how strong they are/running double sp but no one really goes beyond that in ways of how they think the class should be adjusted no male belf dh's or dk's allowed to post sry pls be constructiveDogfilter32 5d
5d I want to join alliance... but i'm afraid that not a lot of people queing in arena....Xmithy9 5d
5d 600k healing 5d
5d Friends for 2s push? (Horde-US) Hello, I'd really love to get to 2k this season for the elite xmog, looking for some dps that wouldn't mind queing with a newish Hpal at around 1600 CR. Have discord and won't rage out and call you a buttplug if we lose a few games, drop your btag or add me Murphenstein#1139Táy4 5d
5d I hate blizzard Thinjking about quitting cuz of all this questing you gotta do... Plus PvP seems horrible this xpac, not the system, just how many pvpers there are I actually really liked the artifact sysstem, just wish you didn't have to quest for itKrewèlla4 5d
5d Resto Druid is OP As the title states, Resto Druid is head and shoulders better than the other healer class/specs for the majority of comps, why is this so out of hand? Discuss.Digsy9 5d
5d Remove Questing for PvP Sick of having to quest to be able to pvp/empowered traits etcKrewèlla15 5d
5d LF frost DK 3v3 arenas Currently doing 2s with UH DK. LF frost DK for 3s. We play from 11pm-1am EST.Flaccidsteel0 5d
5d Will they ever take away cyclone from Rdruids Rdruids, downvote the hell out of this I don't care. This stupid ability literally determines wins and losses. There is nothing like it at all among healers. Hex comes close but at least when I am hexed I can leap over and try to take some AOE damage to break out of it. I have now lost so many games because the ending deciding factor was me being cloned for 5 sec and unable to move or do anything. The crazy part is, even if you removed this ability from Rdruids completely, they would still be a top tier healing class.Yarenn40 5d
5d Just a question I just don't understand this screenshot. Maybe I am being dumb. It's not just that they had top heals and top damage and lost... but their shaman HEALER shows more damage than us. Does link do something weird for the charts?Jastina3 5d
5d Think its time to merge Factions for pvp... PvP is dead. Absolutely dead especially on alliance. Try finding a decent comp with players your cr is wishful thinking. last 2 days ive sat in lfg all day to get only a random 822ilvl few appying who dont meet the requirements i ask... which honestly arent unreasonable. The point isnt that they arent high enough rating. its the fact that only 3 ppl every apply in 3 hours. There isnt enough ppl to pvp let alone the shortage of healers. only way i see being able to do rated arena/3v3 is to merge factions for lfg ect. Screw the lore of ally and horde vsing eachother. id sure love to just do some arena at a decent skill level. i literally know a handful of other ppl by name by seeing themsit in lfg for 24 hours looking for players above 2kDalamenutha41 5d
5d Happiness vs Blizzard The jet is our happiness, its flying towards us at high speeds, ready to give us abilities and depth back... The tank is blizzard... :[ 5d
5d 2400 exp rdruid a LFM partners 2060 cr currently looking for more people to play with. I finished the last 2 seasons at or around 2400. I have plenty of warrior and pally friends so really need some ranged/casters. More melee is welcome though Azliane#1320Azlne12 5d
5d Game might suck, but I swear this game would seem 10x more fun if participation was mop level. More participation means less series vs the same team, less fighting the same comp, etc. I could be wrong IdkGroundit20 5d
5d how do you beat How do you beat rdruid/frostmage/frostmage We are running rdruid/ret/war I can't dispell fast enough to keep my dps on the mages. They just eat us alive lol. Any advice on how we can beat this team?Rot6 5d