4d 2350 horde hpal lf ques.Zêzima0 4d
4d Getting rank is worth? to be honest: skirmish or not serious ranked: it is very fun, i especially love 2x2 double dps vs double dps. Forming a team for serious ranked : annoying to make good teams, and when i mean good teams i not necesseraly talking about skill but determination. Its hard for me found someone who really wants to get rank, and try hard for it. serious 2x2: !@#$ing annoying...90% of the times its a dps/healer, the match extend for a long and boring fight. serious 3x3: i dont play many 3x3 because of how annoying is just to form a group for dont have an opinion in this one.Sargeraslord5 4d
4d Daynnight is the hero we deserve Daynnight is like batman except he goes after bad kids instead of bad guys and the arena forums are his GothamRemixxed10 4d
4d Ideal 2's and 3's comp Frost dk Just as the title says looking for ideal comps for frost DK in 2's and 3's Havent done pvp in legion for the entire expansion and just getting back into the swing of things cheers!Karzthul8 4d
4d 1700 CR 2300 XP WW LF Queues right now Camman636#1163 Horde side Lets queue :DZowrn2 4d
4d MC channels through belf? So in a game i belfed a mind control twice saw the debuff come up yet he persisted mind controlling my dps... wut, it doesnt interupt it? feelsbadmanFrostypalz5 4d
4d @wwdk !@!!#*#%%Rainiel4 4d
5d Is there anyone worse than Daynnight? Remixxed9 5d
5d Just watched the new GoT episode ;-;Timelørd2 5d
5d @Daynnight 5d
5d Ilvl What ilvl should one be before taking arena seriously, because my rogue is around 840 and I'm tickling people, I know they are capable of big burst, but when do you start to see it?Kemuel27 5d
5d Need spriest So I can q destro splay with drexia since it's incredibly easy Hopefully a single spriest above 2350 CR is aroundSamoraria12 5d
5d blizz tell us when season is ending :( when is the pvp season ending?? srsly could blizzard tell us when instead of just soonGorefàng2 5d
5d dk arena do u even scourge strike once u get necrotic in arenaSaywutx6 5d
5d Is there a way to check A players match history to see what comps they que? If not, this would be a neat section to have on each players arena statistics tab.Ralphpootawn8 5d
5d Buff Melee wings.Frostypalz10 5d
5d @High rated holy paladins What talents choices should i use for the follow matchups. arms feral holypal vs ret mm disc DH warr hpal vs ret mm disc fire mage warr hpal vs ret mm disc should i be relentless or just play adapt? i feel like adapt is really bad and i never play it ever, maybe i should just keep playing trinket and pray they suck?Bubblebuddyz9 5d
5d confirm plz best way to beat war/dh is by /afk right?Telarine19 5d
5d are u guys enjoying wow pvp I enjoy stomping bgs with friends I can't play more than 20 arenas a day these daysBubblebuddyz37 5d
5d 2300 xp Wind Walker LF Queues 1700 cr, looking to push 2.2 with a good team, pref a warlock and rsham. HMU camman636#1163 I'll be queueing all day.Zowrn3 5d
5d Pvp question hey guys! just curious currently would you say frost dk or havoc dh have better surv in pvp situations? i love them both equally in pve so pvp will prob be my deciding factor. i eventually plan to find a healer for 3's but atm i mostly just play skirms and get 2's alot or do bgs, so healing isnt always available to me.Lothen12 5d
5d How many toons do u have That are over 1000 rating in 3s? (That's how they calculate cutoffs right?) Just curious since they are saying its around 100k.Khongg15 5d
5d So...about the cutoffs. Alright, so I'm sure I'mma get some hate for this one but, let's look at things. Unless they changed, challenger is floating around 1550, rival is 1800-ish, and duelist is 2k-ish. Glad's 24. Now let's look at the other thing, which is the rewards. Aside from titles, elite mog is the bottom reward, being at 2k. Tabard at 22. Enchant at 24. Doesn't that seem...kinda weird? Not the fact that those are the requirements for the rewards, we've always had them. But that the cutoffs are the way they are. Consider this, the elite mog is the bottom reward. That's it. It's the actual, lowest rating required reward. But, for this season, in order to get it if you didn't get it last season, you have to be a duelist. I've already gotten my ferocious achievement for this season. Not advocating for myself on this one. A lot of people, myself included though, began saying how 2k is the mark for you know. 'Good players' and what not. Which is why Blizz put in that achievement and such. But if we think about it, that means that only 5% of the player base are actually going to have their elite transmogs from this season if they didn't get it last season. That just seems so small. And incredibly unforgiving to players who are trying to get into pvp. "Yeah, you want that sweet mog? Gotta be a duelist for it." I dunno. Seems wonky. It does sort of explain though how Blizz slipped in that little 'You can get elite pieces at 1900' thing. Which, at the time, I thought was absurd. But after seeing the cutoffs, I dunno. And when I say "Unforgiving", I don't mean that players should just get their elite mog willy nilly. Quite the opposite. But I don't think being a duelist for them makes sense either. Rival, sure. But duelist? That seems a bit out there.Shadina18 5d
5d LF Ally rogue for quick 2200 Mage and disc LF very chill/rage free ally rogue to replace dodger thelle. Leave Btag below pls.Mathematicss2 5d
5d Got my first 2k achive Unexpectedly I was in lfg looking for random partners to play some 2s with. Was lingering around 1880-1950 up until about last night. Found a very undergeared gnome war who had a good amount of traits and queued up some games and surprisingly was able to hit 2k within a 6 game win streak. Thanks to my man Swoozers for signing up even though I was super reluctant to play with him cuz of his gear. But I still gave it a shot since Im usually not too picky about who I play with. But in the end he made some crazy plays and helped me achieve this goal. Now on to some 3s games for that 2k!!Bowtronz3 5d
5d How Come I can't trash talk back to trash? This happens every time I have a comeback, against somebody trying to roast me. "No player named '(insert name here) is currently playing" Like for real, how can somebody not be playing this game if they're on the same toon trash talking me right next to me? WHERE'S THE LOGIC. Edit : In these Imgur images I'm not right next to the !@#$%^-, i'm inside the goldshire inn, but I was just next to him about 30 seconds before this image was taken.Truerenegade5 5d
5d 2308cr Hpal lf glad push LF a glad push on this Pala. I'm about 50 points off the current glad cutoff but looking to hit about 2420-2450ish and just sit ig. Only problem with that is I need to que 60 more games and being a healer in legion thats 60 more games than I want to que to be eligable to get gladiator. I prefer to heal TWD/TSG. 2600xp Hpal.Rhomasxo10 5d
5d Something to Ponder: If mages can blink-sheep -- why can't MM hunters have aspect of the fox (on CD) for Aimed Shot while moving?Idhunna23 5d
5d "lol Legion glad is irrelevant" Interesting how many people are obsessed with cutoffs/spots/arenamate not working.Samoraria29 5d
5d A WAKEUP call to all of the baddies in Arena Disclaimer: i'm not a 3k rated gladiator, but I've been playing since 2011 and I know my way around an arena. Hell, I dont even push 24/7. I mostly level alts to around 900 ilvl and get decent rating, and have fun. I do plan to push more soon though. That being sad, I dont know HOW MANY TIMES i've dealt with LFG people ragequitting because of one loss in 3s - and to get to the root of the issue, why did we lose in 3s? Because instead of being conscientious of what the hell is going on in terms of CC/peeling, people would rather go full rambo and pop all cds at once and just meleemongo the !@#$ing target. Legion is intense in terms of pvp. People die in seconds in arena. IT IS IMPORTANT TO START OFF MATCHES BY ccing everybody to pop their trinkets, or to shut down their swifty macro bursts. Ive had %^-* DKs/Dhs/Warrs etc laugh at my boomy for only doing 50k dps in a 1 minute round, but the reason its happening is because i literally spend half of my time spamming cyclone. ARENA IS ABOUT ANTICIPATING THEIR CDS and ccing their heals/dps so we can drop people in a stun. not to be a ragebaby but anybody else infuriated with the rambo bad kids online nowadays?Khenja16 5d
5d LF 2k push 2's/3's Need a good hpal , rdruid or any healer for 2 k push or healer I've been carrying people all season in 2s pretty sure I'll get rival this season in 3s got 2k last season and I have voice plus I'm alliance leave btags Will que anything in 3s that's viable 1850+ßéllé4 5d
5d LF FRIENDS TO PUSH THIS WEEKEND. HEALS/DPS Hello All, Pretty much every season I have played, I end up with rank 1 Duelist. I work a lot and can be out extended periods but I will be available this weekend. I normally play with a good warrior/spriest friend of mine. He's been 2600 the last two seasons and Multi-Glad. Our schedules don't sync up well but we intend on queuing Saturday, Sunday and Monday. I am looking to queue Fri-Mon all day if I can. Like a lot of other people I want to make a real effort. LF similar recent XP and CR people to queue with this weekend. He hovers between 2.2-2.6CR on his warrior and shadow priest and I hover 2.2-2.4CR. I play DH and DK. Please leave your Btag or whisper me in game if you're interested. Thank you!Sweeneýtodd0 5d
5d question about elite gear So someone told me that at the end of this season we wont be able to buy the past 2 season elite sets yet? Is this true? All I have going for me in this game atm is multiclassing 2k on every class for transmogs :/Ðeceptiøn5 5d
5d Are Yeh Reddy, Mon? Foh dat ebola cleave meetah? Where mah frost dee kays be at, doh? No dat Battlezones child, nah... Boiz like dat be needin to stay off da game, no? Liken da idea of 'avin me a sexy holay paladin to roll dat green fo' me an' who eva decide to be joinin' me on da 7.3, ill-conceived pve buffs an' dere affects on dah pvp gameplay.Halden11 5d
5d What comp works well with warrior I've been looking into cleave comps and im wondering whats the best one for an arms warr and why.Lukitoto6 5d
5d Found best comp-Ele/enh/x Hello, me and friend have been in lab for yar. After being in lab for yar, me and friend have scientifically !@# up with best comp. This is best comp and here is power of best comp. this is first example of best comp yet, please let me know what you think about best comp. I will be giving future update on best comp.Misbeliefs2 5d
5d 2s/3s Healer Just came back to the game from a long hiatus, mainly due to a new work friend telling me he plays. He's currently playing a warrior, and I'm trying to decide which healer is best 2s/3s wise. I've got an rsham/mw relatively geared. Any recommendations appreciated.Dvnt2 5d
5d Cutoff's not updating So... that's kinda useless.Epícburn9 5d
5d does train of thought passive break with dots? or do i have to be target for it to fall?Lavasurge2 5d
5d Cross faction solo que for arena. Rather get two retards still better than LFGGgez9 5d
5d is ele rly that bad? im not even kidding i rly think that paired with the right classes it has a rly interesting toolkitLavasurge58 5d
5d Got a few chuckles fer ya Q: What ya be callin' an enh/arms/x team dat be playin' from Brasil?? A: Turbo-lag! Q: 'ow bout an Auzzie dat buys 'imself a pilot? A: Jet-lag! But fer rael, dat latency be a true bother, naw I mean?Halden4 5d
5d Did This Guy Fly An Airplane? Looking for opinions on to whether this person bought a one-way ticket to stardom. 5d
5d i can literally leap up buildings from the ground on my warrior but cant put totems on the bottom tier of dal sewersSamoraria6 5d
6d Tanks in Arenas Is the lack of viability for tanks in pvp being addressed? I had fun playing them in WoD. So why aren't Tanks viable anymore?Akeldoma25 6d
6d Feral and FDk marks the end of Rshams I mean, all they know is to run at the blue, right?Mathematicss17 6d
6d revert spell reflect most dumb mechanic change ive ever seen so far warrior just kicks - stuns - belfs - reflects for perma immunity against casters just covering himself forever to sit ontop of you without being punished i'd rather have it as mass spell reflect with the old effect over this oneLavasurge23 6d
6d Macros I'm super noob, trying to get better, and so frustrated right now. Trying to get into healing. Trying to make macros so when everyone comes targeting me, when all hell breaks lose, and I don't have the time to target myself, I have macros that will myself anyway. I have innervate already that works with /cast [@Tocutetonerf] Innervate which works great, and has been in my macros since MoP but trying to cast barkskin, etc on myself with same macros is not working. Even using that same macro but Rejuvenate on myself is fail. I don't understand, if it's a bug now or what is really going on. Please helpTocutetonerf9 6d
6d 2k in 2s! Wooo!Elefusion19 6d