Dec 2, 2015 Warlock Streamers? I am looking for the name of a few warlocks that stream so I can watch their gameplay and learn :) I am looking for any spec, doesn't have to be only affliction. Does Chanimals even stream?Omnìpotent10 Dec 2, 2015
Dec 2, 2015 GMs need to play their own game. This is an actual suggestion. I really do think that instead of reviewing videos that GMs should be queueing bgs on both alliance and horde. Because even at my mmr im running into kickbotting, and just yesterday, a flyhacking rogue from some mexican realm during an rbg. I honestly think they should queue rbgs, normal bgs, and arena and INSTANTLY ban these cheaters. Bots too. Reviewing videos obviously has no effect.Csedition3 Dec 2, 2015
Dec 2, 2015 Is honorbuddy mandatory like Gladius? Go !@#$ yourselves for allowing this to go on.Kardak40 Dec 2, 2015
Dec 2, 2015 Warlocks in RBGs lol So it looks like it's a requirement for every single Warlock to run a kickbot in RBGs now. It's ridiculous. I played some games on my MW earlier today around 1500-1600 mmr, every single team with a Warlock we queued into was kickbotting. Like come on, at that rating? I knew cheating was prevalent in PvP but I didn't think I'd see Duelists and Gladiators running around kickbotting at 1500. And before anyone says "they might just be really good at interrupting", honestly don't fool yourselves, you can tell the difference between a human and a robot. I queued into a team with three Warlocks (one of them being a Gladiator too, bet he got his title legitimately lol) and every single one of them tried to interrupt my Soothing Mist even when I was immune to interrupts with Glyphed Tea... fun stuff. I know every class can kickbot obviously but Warlocks are the main offenders, at least from my experience. So did I just have bad luck or do most if not all Warlocks kickbot in RBGs? EDIT: They instakicked me even outside of Aura Mastery, since apparently the bots are clever enough to not kick you when it's up. So I'm not ruling out that they kickbot, unless they were superhumans that knew how to kick at 0,01 sec ;)Nazani9 Dec 2, 2015
Dec 2, 2015 A Plea to Lore... I know everyone is aware of my crying about losing rank 1 and all...I know, but this is ridiculous. We all know of the Gyazo that went around of the win trading. You could conclude from the screenshot alone that win trading occurred. I imagine that with more precise logs from blizzard, you could clearly tell that they win traded. Come today, titles go out, and people from that win trading session got rank 1. I ended the season at 2807, no rank 1. I've heard that the lowest rank 1 was 2810. I could have been 1 rank off...maybe 2? Knowing I was so close AND knowing that people who blatantly win traded get their free rank 1 titles just makes me so upset. I'm gonna link the gyazo and remove it so maybe some blues can look at it if this thread gets attention. I know I probably don't have a chance at getting my title, but god I wish I could.Enhance15 Dec 2, 2015
Dec 2, 2015 How strong is feral right now as of 6.2? I main rsham but have an alt feral and thinking of gearing him up.Amplify11 Dec 2, 2015
Dec 2, 2015 bots/unsubbing/leigon if you've pre ordered leigon i'm pretty sure you're able to cancel your pre order and get your money back as the game isn't finalised/released i'm not sure on the grounds, I know you were able to with mop. Only thing is you lose access to your boosted 100, i'm going to try it out soon and see if you can still do it. (of course you can reorder your 100 is reinstated) going to make a big thing say it's about bots yadda yaddaCoreyparker3 Dec 2, 2015
Dec 2, 2015 the hero we need, but not the one we deserve Dec 2, 2015
Dec 2, 2015 If you play a blood dk. If you play a blood DK in skirmishes you're a different kind of scumbag. Fully geared blood vs undergeared as fook dps.Sophiedeeps12 Dec 2, 2015
Dec 2, 2015 bot banwave Soballer64 Dec 2, 2015
Dec 2, 2015 What ilvl is the new honor gear? Stuck at work, can't log in. Is the new honor gear i730 or better?Theblindone57 Dec 2, 2015
Dec 2, 2015 Rogue (little experience) LF RMD teammates I'm willing to learn and practice, and I would like to have teammates with a tad bit more experience than me but in all honesty I'm just looking to push for 2k+ before the end of the season. My experience comes from MoP arena as unh DK.Tristesza0 Dec 2, 2015
Dec 2, 2015 Flo Bots. I can ride my Warlock with no handlebars No handlebars No handlebars I can ride RBGs with no handlebars No handlebars No handlebarsRahn13 Dec 2, 2015
Dec 2, 2015 Playing fotm classes Does anyone get the same feeling i do? I play a class i like, its not that great but i can manage, then all of a sudden its the best or one of the best and people call you a fotm.... So you switch to another class/spec? Happened with my enhance sham in 6.0 along with my rogue. Happened with my ww monk, and now my ele sham. (Dont think ele is fotm but apparently it is)Squishiie15 Dec 2, 2015
Dec 2, 2015 Drop Queue get debuff Can someone explain to me why is it that when you drop Queue from anything PvP related it hits you with the deserter debuff?Nano2 Dec 2, 2015
Dec 2, 2015 Hi. I would just like to leave this here. Dec 2, 2015
Dec 2, 2015 most hilarious rez EVER! ps: follow the homie Jerome.Alumez2 Dec 2, 2015
Dec 2, 2015 yo how do you heal rot damage as disc literally have no AOE heals.Darkbender7 Dec 2, 2015
Dec 2, 2015 2700!!!! Dream is real! :) Thanks to velca and gossu for queuing with me :) 2900 Mmr now, and got that fresh achie to go with it. Pushing r1 now as php :) Thanks also to holyspit and zortar for helping get there, and pawstitute for sticking it out with phd :) Also thanks to dilly, jah, kryl, ssjwind, and mes for our last few wins to end the night :DZaul130 Dec 2, 2015
Dec 2, 2015 Please read this if you care about WoW I know not everyone browses the arena forums, but this thread is very needed in my opinion to spread publicity about this issue. To give insight before you TL;DR I'll give some background on the current situation. To those who are not aware, automated rotation programs (botting, or basically cheating) are running rampant in rated arenas and RBGs right now, and Blizzard has done nothing other than one ban wave in a poor attempt to counter-act this(On top of this the ban was TEMPORARY, and all of the old botters are UNBANNED now). The rotations players are using can be very smart and consistent in playing, doing a perfect rotation in PvP for you and popping appropriate cooldowns to counter-act the enemy team. These rotations(bots) will spit out a gladiator-level rotation for you, while all you have to do is move around without even manually casting a single ability. These bots plague the ladder, and are making arenas infinitely harder than they should be. Kick bots are also running rampant in PvP, these kickbots will kick you before you can even see your own spellbar. This disgusting behavior has earned botting players major PvP titles such as rank 1 gladiator, gladiator, and many, many duelist titles. This pushes many legitimate players to not achieving their rightful PvP title due to someone who paid $20 for a automated rotation taking their spot. The PvP community does make up a good percentage of WoW subs, and no one will be willing to continue playing this game if nothing is done about this huge issue. Blizzard needs to actively pursue the programs being used for these rotations and detect them, a ban wave issued every now and then is not nearly enough. There are a few threads about this, the most notable ones being linked below. ___ - Botters being exposed ___ - Botting megathread, blue post included ___ - MVP posting about the poor state of PvP due to botsSwagtrapx27 Dec 2, 2015
Dec 2, 2015 Why does no one play thug? It actually destroys druid turbo. If you don't believe me, even Dillypoo himself says it all the time.Wodofgarbage5 Dec 2, 2015
Dec 2, 2015 if people don't get banned for botting i guess wow is just a pay to win game ‎( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)Scumlordxo2 Dec 2, 2015
Dec 2, 2015 Blizz you better win that lawsuit really sick of cheating, and it should've been dealt with long, long time ago.Galere20 Dec 2, 2015
Dec 2, 2015 Two because why not lol Here's video as promised 2700+mmr Please like, comment and subscribe! :3 Dec 2, 2015
Dec 2, 2015 LF 3s partners - multi 2300 exp on warr - multi 2600 exp on enhance zulubar#1701Zulubar9 Dec 2, 2015
Dec 2, 2015 MW streams. Does these exist? Having more fun learning my MW than playing my main lately, thanks melee cleaves.Rahn3 Dec 2, 2015
Dec 2, 2015 God comp (Shatter) questions. When I have 5 orbs and we are ready to do a setup, our standard setup is: 1: Poly off-dps 2: Horror kill target, and deep/sheep healer. 3: Burst kill target. 4: generally we save HoJ for CC on off-dps or healer. (which I'm pretty sure is wrong) It's that setup every time we go. We rarely switch it up at all and that's the cookie cutter opener we do. What are we doing wrong? Any help? <3 Also, is it just me or is DK/Feral - DK/Warr super OP right now? It's like they can just kill you from raw damage with no CDs. Any tips on Shatter in general would be so helpful. :)Firewatcher4 Dec 2, 2015
Dec 2, 2015 So I heard That they waited til titles came out to ban. They waited until people bought legion and then perma banned them. Yes smart idea, but don't forget how many people you !@#$ed over. Those spots were my glad spots.Kityro17 Dec 2, 2015
Dec 2, 2015 Question for the arena community I'm curious to know how many of you guys are planning on going back horde once the new pvp talents are released? I'd love to see the ladder more have more than one horde player in the first 6 pages.Velioz1 Dec 2, 2015
Dec 2, 2015 You guys should stop crying and unsub. Take actions and be a man.Zaniez19 Dec 2, 2015
Dec 2, 2015 the resto dream played Rsham as my main for the past 4 seasons started playing turbo now all the stress of being a Rsham is gone =DLexibelle3 Dec 2, 2015
Dec 2, 2015 If you didn't get glad Work harder this season. Jk that's something Lore would say. Download a bot and collect your free gladiator If you follow (anyone in this picture's path to success, mix that with some wintrading and you might just have yourself a rank 1 title.Floofqt20 Dec 2, 2015
Dec 2, 2015 R1 Duelist Ended at 2592. I deserve that !@#$, all that means is Blizzard isn't doing their job.Kityro65 Dec 2, 2015
Dec 2, 2015 vanguards cleave - i recommend it the most fun comp i played in yearsTalaryann12 Dec 2, 2015
Dec 2, 2015 Questions about assass rogues stat priority = mastery/versatility/crit/haste/multi? In that order? For pvp? and ummmm when to shadowstep healer besides eating traps? and also is it ever approriate to shadowstep ur dps partner, not heal? if so, when? Also should i go for 4 piece set bonus, or go versatility gear instead?Ferfykins3 Dec 2, 2015
Dec 2, 2015 kickbot/scripting dk Uxzuxuzuxzo-Tichondrius hey just calling out some random 1500 tsg dk for being so mentally handicapped that he needs a script to play frost dkDeacoder14 Dec 2, 2015
Dec 2, 2015 I Abomb should become a Raid Boss. I Abomb should get buffs until I am a Raid Boss. Then people will have to form 10 man Raids against me and if you manage to slay me. You get the Title: The People's Champ Make it so in Legion. Make it soAbombanation33 Dec 2, 2015
Dec 2, 2015 Well, it was safe to queue..... Failamos is back and sitting afk in skirms while Jordon fails to 1v2 to get the scumbag gearedFeldiva1 Dec 2, 2015
Dec 2, 2015 ZUGAGAGAGA BRAH! I WAS PUSHIN R1 WHEN WORLD SERVER WENT DOWN??? WTF?????????Incogassassn5 Dec 2, 2015
Dec 2, 2015 I don't wanna be a pirate!!! Why blizzard? Dec 2, 2015
Dec 2, 2015 elemental shaman pvp Hey guys I'm just wondering what comp ele shamans mesh with this season 6.2.3. I have seen a lot of Thunder cleaves recently and im wondering if it is working better than Afflic lock/ele sham/restoProtoguy7 Dec 2, 2015
Dec 2, 2015 Kickbots Here's a potential kickbotting warlock Lore. Locked me at .1, immediately got second pet and locked the mage at .1 guess he could be the luckiest guy in the world. Blizzard devs, put your money where your mouth is and check logs on those guys from tonight.Nathian5 Dec 2, 2015
Dec 2, 2015 Wild season was bogus hey guys I am going to be stating a very controversial issue here so if you take offense to this you should probably stop reading..... basically because wild season was so short it made it really easy to get titles compared to other seasons. by ending the season so soon you have a very low participation season with not much competition for glad and rank one spots. I re subbed to this game a little over a month ago, and I was trying to gear for the wild season until they suddenly ended it randomly. I had no idea it was ending soon and feel like I wasted time. even if legion is coming out soon I think wild season needed to be a little bit longer. what I am suggesting : all titles obtained from rated arenas in s17 should be removed until the end of the expansion. this will give blizzard time to sort out the cheaters and will add prestige back into the titles, because as of right now the titles dont really hold up to any kind of standard. this is just my opinion guys I am not belittling anyone's success, rather just trying to provide thoughtful insight.Komodadragon11 Dec 2, 2015
Dec 2, 2015 Resto druid on 2s I'm new to arena and resto healing. I've noticed that you run the same speed at travel and cat form, or am I wrong? Is tree form even worth it on 2s or 3s? I just spam 2 heals on main target, then then bloom, then swiftmend, then rejuvenation, rinse and repeat. If sht happens I pop iron skin on my main heal target, and the 1 minute instant cast and then rejuvenation x2 and genesis. I get killed like a little btch whenever I get a warrior on rogue on me, I don't know what I'm doing wrong, I just try spamming 2 rejuvenations and genesis and swiftmend, also I never use travel form because I've noticed you run the same as in cat. Am I supposed to spam bear form whenever I'm CCed, and just wait for flash?Taphead1 Dec 2, 2015
Dec 2, 2015 Serious question/discussion about the PVP I know there is a ton of stuff wrong with PVP atm besides Class/Comp Balance, but I'm talking about in a perfect world; Do you think that WoW PVP could advance as an eSport and be treated like other more successful esports in tournaments like Dreamhack etc..? I know that Blizzard hasn't really thought about making WoW an eSport, but with the insanely fast progressing esport scene, I think that if more attention was brought towards PvP this game could gain a much bigger audience and could be one of the main games in tournaments like dota, league, or CS. I think that a more balanced World of Warcraft can attract a lot more players, and also bring older players back. If WoW devs put more effort on PVP than PVE, I truly believe that this game could one day succeed as an eSport and I think that it is the right direction to go in because the esport scene is gaining more and more popularity. Then again what do I know?Soothe2 Dec 2, 2015
Dec 2, 2015 Should i ele sham? Seems pretty strong now. Also seems like the least upsetting caster to play in this metaClassytanger2 Dec 2, 2015
Dec 2, 2015 Trashcan gives you deserter if you even look at it funny.Predatoria11 Dec 2, 2015
Dec 2, 2015 pvp ilvl nerf? I'm at work, so I can't really test this, but earlier today in Ashran I noticed my gear Wild glad, warmongering combatant, and warmongering glad, all were scaling down to 725. Anyone else seeing this? Is this a tooltip thing? bug? or is the ilvl actually lower?Rowtron13 Dec 2, 2015
Dec 2, 2015 Anyone know the versatility math? Like what is the real damage reduction % at the end of the day?Lumi8 Dec 2, 2015