6d Resubbed, whats best MLS spec for Lock? Resubbed, looking to play Frost MLS with a buddy, which Lock spec is best for MLS right now? I prefer not DestroSharqueefa4 6d
6d elite pieces playin with 1800 cr friend and he gets elite gloves hmmm something not right about thatCalderkaderk6 6d
6d Sub rogue vanish eye is ruining 2's Can this get fixed already blizzard? People are que'ing this annoying comp and just doing nothing for 5minutes until an eye comes up...then just grab it and vanish away like nothing ever happened. This is the only team I've seen que'ing this crap. I que'd into them several times and lost all of them because we can't find them and when I do they always cloak vanish and sit stealth. I've lost 200 rating because this crap is allowed to sit in the game. Just watch it and you'll feel my pain.Kungfudemon61 6d
6d What is (or was) God Comp I haven't been doing pvp for very long and just stared on my fury warrior. and some of my guild members were reminiscing about something called god comp for 3v3, that, which I found out after further investigation, had a shadow priest, a frost mage and a resto druid. They say it was god mode once. Was it, and how does/did it work?Derpcraftguy22 6d
6d Prot warriors Where's Abomb? I miss him =(Sgtnoms11 6d
6d holy priests why does blessing of sanctuary get nerf after nerf, but holy ward keeps dodging the nerf bat? does holy ward also protect against next nerf used against target?Minkitten3 6d
6d Whats your highest cr on Pug legion? Me, 2007 on season 2 :(. Only pug. How about u?Smasherino26 6d
6d @forumers thought id put together something for u guys @ bludlock, still one of my fav locks idk why but u r @ junash, hows ur 2 dads, want a 3rd? @ yoske hi dad @ custom lol dodger @ karmavore, are u the one who always farms slack in wpvp? @ rhomas, ur a pretty good hpal, at least u land hojs @ fluent, mogs always on point, but ur kinda spooky with ur bernie talk @ Playergjkfz, u seem like a level headed person i just dont know who u really are but i like u @ Ecid, mog cute, destro on the up and comin @ Yatogami favorite line on forums ever, can't repeat. Banned from forums rip @ nidary thanks for approving of my mog @ mvp u used to hate me then we 2v3d @ jenelope i really miss our feral q sessions @ remi ur my favorite dk @ sebaceous ur really cool and i like ur mog @mathematicss ur a really weird guy but i kinda love u @ nexius q with a good boomkin, ur good ur boomkins are bad @ nikita ur an alright guy i like u @ cold ur mog always fresh @ stumblin come back pls @ slack dude ur a frost dk @ aersoth q 2s? @ dithy ur a good dude @ Kirbz, ur kinda ok @ earth shocks gj @ Sticky ur like 80% of drexia, so thats p good @ Drexia miss u wanna jerk off 2gether? t4 lives on forever @ merphy hey dude wanna go hang out? t4 lives on forever @ garbagedisc idk why i thought of u but hi @ uninspire ur a punk, but ur my fav punk @ thelle lol u cant rmp past 2k @ ryutiz im waiting for the anti tremor thread, make it and u shall see drama @ timelord lol more like gheylord @ felryn sup girlfriend @ two sick name howd u get that 1 cause i want it now @ dilly lol saw u gettin farmed by jungle god phierz, id delete the vod 2 @ orcrelent ur awful kid get bette r@ earth shields @ deception self play @ djnoe i love u @ ceralium hey man q? @ danksight purge more ur way to passive, novoz is so facking good @ silverkitty miss u @ nas i aint no !#@%# @ offline Legolas @ss @ Caper ur a weird guy but i like u @ calderg lol feral scum @ jerzhul ur actually the worst knock off of truepally ever @ oatmeal OATBABIES @ daynnight lol cc'd as holy priest @ trackpadboyx buff orc relent 50% @ all u others leaveGroundit72 6d
6d Are boomkins good JW are boomkins good?Dillon8 6d
6d Double Frost DK Next patch is gonna be lit...Yveltäl27 6d
6d World of frost dk In 7.3 Bet this won't be tuned for pvp when the patch goes live. It's gonna be mongo afThelle27 6d
6d rmx is anyone else dying outside of their cds lol maybe im just bad but i steal mage burst on my mage but it doesnt matter cuz the rogue is spamming 700k shadowstrikes on meBrantelis6 6d
6d what happened to getting out of combat it takes a freaking year to get out of comat these days wtfJackspyrrow7 6d
6d Fun Caster Trying to find a fun caster to play, but I feel like nothing fulfills what Im looking for. I really enjoyed WoD boomy, Cata Elly, and MoP destro lock but nothing seems on par with those atm. Spriest was also pretty fun to me when they had Devouring Plague and Orbs, I think that was MoP.Kydrav4 6d
6d Where are the RMP from the tournament? I saw some in the EU cup #4 but non from NA? What happened to this comp in NA?Guòér0 6d
6d Best monitor for wow/pvp See title. I Need to upgrade my display after many years. Was looking for any inputs on what monitor would you think is ideal for arena/pvp in general? Anyone play ultra widescreen? Curved display? Flat? What resolution is everyone running?Rowtron16 6d
6d Best Rogue spec for 2v2 with a ret paladin? Hey me and my buddy where going to play some ret and rogue 2s and was wondering what spec I should be going, thanks :)PlayerLYXGLL3 6d
6d Fire Mage comps What comps does fire Mage still work with consistently. I don't ever see it on the ladder it's just a counter comp pick in tournaments it seemsThelle5 6d
Jul 15 What's the most fun Class to play in pvp? Not necessary the best just the most funThelle20 Jul 15
Jul 15 Just Really Tired of class designs that reward healer-tunneling :(Idhunna5 Jul 15
Jul 15 Lf DK or healer for 2s pushing Currently sitting at 1400 cr haven't qued much this season, and when I have it was with a random double dps comp with not much synergy. I'm looking for a DK or healer (or even Mage) to climb with because WW has great synergy with these specs.Pangsoo2 Jul 15
Jul 15 RSHAM VIDEO LF REVIEW If you could review my footage and critique me that would be great. Thanks guys.Bensimmons14 Jul 15
Jul 15 i love how class stacking is the meta in legion gotta love how no matter how much my warrior peels they wouldnt get off me for more than 3 seconds lolBrantelis9 Jul 15
Jul 15 @djnoe are u any good at 2s?Shivins17 Jul 15
Jul 15 Can they change stun DR Please make it maximum of 2 before fully DR. If there was a resource cost or CD, i wouldn't care but there just isn't.Ivgotebola18 Jul 15
Jul 15 Need advice please Fellow PvPers :) Im just playing for S and G's so I dont expect to have an epic rating but do want to at least be somewhat competitive. That being said which would be the best Partner in 2s with a Ret Pally? I prefer Double DPS 2s. ThanksTäzø4 Jul 15
Jul 15 Ilovemyself IlovemyselfTímelørd7 Jul 15
Jul 15 Pvp template in dueling ffs This probably doesn't belong in the arena forums but as many other players have already mentioned, many of us (included myself) met our arena parters just by dueling outside a capital city. Using Lfg to meet new people is just more cancerous than working at a coal mine, just let people duel again ffs.Hèxxen6 Jul 15
Jul 15 can we talk about 7.3 changes to feral? All damage done increased by 33%. Jagged Wounds reduced to 20%. (down from 33%) Savage Roar duration increased by 50% at all combo points. Damage bonus reduced to 15%. (down from 25%) Bloodtalons damage bonus reduced to 25%. (down from 50%) as well as jagged wounds is now on the same tier and incarn, savage roar is on the lv 90 tier. smaller change is brutal slash is lv 90 tier and elunes guidance is lv 100 tier. " Increase the skill floor and reduce how punishing it can be to error when playing the rotation." what the actual !@#$ is this?Cinderfal11 Jul 15
Jul 15 Why do you play WoW Why?Tímelørd50 Jul 15
Jul 15 POW POW POW POW POW POW POW POW miss uRyutiz15 Jul 15
Jul 15 Game feels like this Legion arena the past 4 seasons feels very similar to the problems the NHL faced with the neutral zone trap in the last 10 years. Been something I've thought about a lot lately and I think it connects pretty well to the apathy faced by a lot of players/viewers of the esport as a whole. Generally teams not doing anything and preventing the other team from making plays (aka "do nothing and win cleave") is a huge problem and makes the game less fun and enjoyable. The NHL took steps in the past few years to limit this kind of play and I'd like to see blizzard do something similar to improve the abysmal gameplay we have in legion arena right now. Behold what defensive play does to fast paced games: Further reading: Jul 15
Jul 15 Legion-updated 3v3 Comps Melee Comps Ebola Cleave :: Feral - Unholy - Healer TurboCleave :: EnSham - Dk / Warr - Rdruid KittyCleave :: Feral - Warr - HPal African Turtle Cleave :: Protwarr - Hunter - Rdruid Zoo / Jungle Cleave :: Feral - Hunter - Healer TSG :: Dk - Warr - Hpal PHD :: Dk - Hunter - Hpal TreeSG :: Dk - Warr - Rdruid TreeHD :: Dk - Hunter - Rdruid Vanguards Cleave :: Dk - Ret - Healer Smokebomb Cleave :: Dk - Rogue - Healer KFC :: Warr - Hunter - Healer Lumberjack Cleave :: Warr - Warr - Pal Man Cleave :: Arms - Prot - Pal Thug Cleave :: Rogue - Hunter - Healer Kanye Cleave :: Rogue - Rogue/Dk - Shaman Scooby Doo Cleave :: Ret - Rogue Rdruid/Sham Batman Cleave :: Rogue - Warr - Healer PHP :: Ret - Hunter - Priest Cupid :: Ret - Hunter - Healer (Non-Priest) Freedom Cleave :: Ret - Dk - Hpal Beast Cleave :: Hunter - EnhSham - Healer --------- Cleave :: Dk(Unholy) - Dk(Unholy) - Healer Stalin Cleave :: Dk(Frost) - Dk(Frost) - Healer Unholy Meditation :: WW - DK - Hpriest Cheeky Narwahl Cleave :: EnhSham - Rogue - Rdruid Caster Comps MLP / Hogwarts Cleave :: Lock - Mage - Priest Harry Potter Cleave :: Mage - Mage - Healer Frozen Chicken Cleave :: Mage(Frost) - Moonkin - Healer Spicy Chicken Cleave :: Mage(Fire) - Moonkin - Healer El Diablo Cleave :: Mage(Fire) - Lock - Rsham Shattreeplay / God Comp :: Mage - Spriest - Rdruid Shatterplay :: Mage(Frost) - Spriest - Sham Fireplay :: Mage(Fire) - Spriest - Sham MLD :: Mage - Lock - Druid MLS :: Mage - Lock - Sham L.SD :: Rdruid - Lock(Des) - EleSham L.SD2 Rdruid - Lock(Aff) - EleSham L.SD2 Variant :: Moonkin - Lock - Rsham Owlplay :: Moonkin - Spriest - Sham Shadowplay :: Spriest - Lock - Healer Volcano Cleave :: Ele - Mage - Healer God Cleave :: Moonkin - EleSham - Healer Hybrid Comps Liberty Cleave :: Mage - Dk - Priest RMS :: Rogue - Mage - Sham RMD :: Rogue - Mage - Druid RMP :: Rogue - Priest - Mage FMP :: Mage - Feral - Disc FPS :: Feral - Spriest - Rsham WLD :: Warr - Lock - Druid Unholyplay :: Druid - Spriest - Dk Mongolian Earthworm Cleave :: EnSham - Moonkin - Priest Mongolian Armadillo Cleave :: WW - Moonkin - Priest Dancing with the Stars :: Rogue - Moonkin - Healer Angel Cleave :: Ret - Spriest - Healer (Orig Dpriest) RPD :: Druid - Spriest - Rogue RPS :: Rogue - Spriest - Rsham Zombie Chicken Cleave :: Dk - Moonkin - Healer RLS :: Rogue - Lock - Sham RLD :: Rogue - Lock - Druid Shadowcleave :: Healer - Dk - Lock WMD :: Warr - Mage - Druid WMP :: Warr - Mage - Priest WMPal :: Warr - Mage - Pal WMChi / Lama Cleave :: Warr - Mage - MW WLS :: Warr - Lock - Sham RMD2 :: Rogue - Moonkin - Mage Cleaving with the Stars :: Warr - Moonkin - Rsham Scatterplay :: Hunter - Spriest - Rsham Dispel Cleave :: Warr - Disc - Resto FLS :: Lock - Feral - Sham Thundercat Cleave :: Feral - EnSham - Healer Thunderfist Cleave :: WW - EleSham - Healer Harvest Cleave :: WW - Lock - Healer Thunder Cleave :: Arms Warrior - Ele Shaman - Resto Druid Demon Hunter comps Demo Cleave :: DH - DH - Healer Nightmare Cleave :: DH - Affl Lock - Rdruid BladeDance Cleave :: DH - Rogue - Healer Doom Cleave :: DH - Demo Lock - Healer Holy Hell Cleave :: DH - Spriest - Hpally Divinity Cleave :: DH - Ret - Hpriest Hell Hand Cleave :: DH - MW - Healer Scatter Play :: DH - Feral - MW GOAT Comp :: DH - Boomy - Rsham Bully Cleave :: DH - Hunter - HealerDrostreamz20 Jul 15
Jul 15 Upsetti Spaghetti When people whisper after games because they are toxicúty26 Jul 15
Jul 15 "Can't attack while pacified" Anyone else getting this bug? Know how to fix? I looked at old forums which all said reset keybinds/kill your character, which i did, with no results helpDaynduelist6 Jul 15
Jul 15 this game The pvp designers (and designers in general) are clearly not good at their job, and take months to balance broken specs, that even players at 1500 cr complain about. I'm suprised that wow isnt free to play yet, considering how !@#$ the game has gotten, compared to previous expansions. greedy money hungry corporate privileged morons the game has gotten so homogenized and retard easy (not just pvp) trying to appeal to stay at home moms, and individuals with sup-par iq imbecilesImisswotlk2 Jul 15
Jul 15 Ban spec stacking It is horrible and unhealthy for the game 2 cats running at your team and pve ing them with no setup and forcing cool-downs is ridiculous. and thats just one example dont get me started on the fcking wizards or the fcking autistic waddling toddlers or the fcking most Op class in the game or the walking cancer why hasnt banning spec stacking been implemented yet wtfBubblebuddyz18 Jul 15
Jul 15 1850 cr enh lf friends Hi guys, Enhance sham here looking for friends of all classes, 2100 legion exp. Living the pug life sucks, and just looking for friends of all classes to enjoy pushing with. Positive kinda dude n always looking to improve. Thunderfall#1953 Hmu anytime, currently looking for games every day, all times.Thunderfall3 Jul 15
Jul 15 Pre-Wall @ 100% vs RM Dead anyway rofl Coulda had hst down for 16% more, swap es off lock and they kill him zzzOrcrelent116 Jul 15
Jul 15 i wonder why no1 plays twd played it in a super ok mmr and felt very strongTalaryann9 Jul 15
Jul 15 This would help shadow priest I feel if shadow priest had spectral guide or if fade also prevented roots or snares, they would have a good balance of ablities that can keep them alive and wouldn't have the big of a impact (could be wrong). I know a lot of people been saying this but what could go wrong if they implemented one these changes?Headachesz10 Jul 15
Jul 15 90% slows and RNG roots Have got to go...Marisan38 Jul 15
Jul 15 Ret pally Best ret pally talents and honor talents?Numbnose7 Jul 15
Jul 15 I'm tired Of only facing holy priest/rshaman every single game. There is literally no variety in healers right now.Zerxios1 Jul 15
Jul 15 bernie can still win feel the bernFluent41 Jul 15
Jul 15 So 7.2.5 tier list? What are the best comps why? What are the best classes why? Not trying to reroll just need to know what to look out for, what classes to learn more about, what classes to consider playing with. And overall just be updated.Mustañg7 Jul 15
Jul 15 focus growth can we make purge only purge on stack of it or something, its annoying that one purge eats up 3 globals worth of hots. thanksHobgobb5 Jul 15
Jul 14 Cap concordance at 1st point - rated PvP Buff initial concordance proc value in PvP, idc - just tired of having to grind every day to keep up in arenas - even if it is marginal after the first point. Would like to play some alts but I don't have 4 hours every day to grind AP on 4 different toons. I know I'm not alone. Arena should be about queuing, not doing mythic + and questing to min/max viability.Poonthrasher15 Jul 14
Jul 14 No voice 3s partners If you're one of those players who rages after one loss you can stop reading and leave now. If you're good enough you'll get those points back. Looking for players who can play the game without voice. I notice my mistakes more when I play without it and I also feel like my awareness gets sharper when I actually start to try hard. Chill games with players who see the play before it happens. Feel free to drop your btag below if you have what it takes. Been above 2.4k without voice in legion. horde (59 traits) or alli (54 traits). (Don't worry we'll use voice if we keep losing to the same team/comp)Motavation13 Jul 14
Jul 14 Zen master knows everything Jul 14