Jan 9, 2016 "QC" 2k1 Feral cherche des qc pvp Sup, je cherche d'autre QC pour pvp, je joue uniquement feral, je cherche principalement des Hunter, Mage, Lock, Rsham et Hpal pour jouer FLS, Jungle et FMP. Je connais déjà pas mall de QC mais je connais pas bcp de QC qui jouent ces classe là! Mon Btag c'est anthonygv#1227.. Yessir Miller !Drooster13 Jan 9, 2016
Jan 9, 2016 LF glad 3s 2.4+cr 3s on Aff. Or 2kcr 3s on Boomy/Spriest.Locturnaltv3 Jan 9, 2016
Jan 9, 2016 Spell Cast delay from being hit. (pushback) What is the mechanics for this? What type of events cause the cast bar to jump back and delay the casting of a spell. (Not an interrupt) Is the delay always constant. So for example a 1 second cast, can delay, 1/2 second , then 1/4 second etc. for each addition "hit" . Does any event_DAMAGE cause this effect to take place?Minitalis9 Jan 9, 2016
Jan 9, 2016 Rsham LF main team Hey guys I got to 2300+ in MoP (Duelist) and have been to 2100 couple times in WOD. Looking for a main team to push rating, most of my friends from MoP/WOD have either quit or PvE, so trying to get more PvPers on my Btag. I am mainly looking to play Jungle/Cupid/FLS/WLS with players that are similar exp. I am Aussie on Oceanic, so looking to play late night US on week days and when ever on weekends. I would really like players that are constructive and positive (even when we lose or something goes wrong). Thanks for your time! Leave your B-Tag, or add mine DingoDrunk#1364 (my other shaman)Dingodrank6 Jan 9, 2016
Jan 10, 2016 Blade and soul Jan 15th Who else is playing, what class and which server?Xvvll15 Jan 10, 2016
Jan 9, 2016 Trying to find a specific arena video There were these guys in arena, and someone on the opposing team summoned treants. The guy on stream was like "who the #*%& is TRENT?" and they started laughing at his utter failure to know what Treants were.Làzàrus0 Jan 9, 2016
Jan 9, 2016 Trying to find a specific arena video.. There were these guys in arena, and someone on the opposing team summoned treants. The guy on stream was like "who the #*%& is TRENT?" and they started laughing at his utter failure to know what Treants were.Làzàrus4 Jan 9, 2016
Jan 9, 2016 Ele LF 2k+ xp for Thunder Cleave Meh CR, just want experienced players and to finally run 3's on my main again. #Cookijarvus1907Bobreezy3 Jan 9, 2016
Jan 9, 2016 rbg scene. so I took a long break from the game and my friend decided to pull me back in because he is looking to run some rbgs and wants me to boost up a toon quick to gear up and join him. my question to you guys is if i should run with either a DK either UH or Frost or a warrior, i got a chance to play both and can really go either way on this I just want to make sure if his idea doesnt get off the ground or fall apart I'll have enough utility to offer another group. from this old gamer thanksRipstar7 Jan 9, 2016
Jan 9, 2016 why are 2s so important??? Qing 2s this morning to help johnexdee cap mage... every game is mage/healer hunter/healer feral/healer dk/healer at fukin 1300 mmr. Why the hell do people try hard so much just for cap? God its so aids.Nurdie102 Jan 9, 2016
Jan 9, 2016 Has Blizzard even tried... To make holy a viable option this expac? Is there any other spec atm that's just completely useless aswell as holy? maybe unholy? blizzard??? reveal yourselfAlissanna9 Jan 9, 2016
Jan 9, 2016 Rogues They can ALMOST, kill a Druid that does not have cooldowns.Làzàrus10 Jan 9, 2016
Jan 9, 2016 Proc addon? Hey team.. Just wondering what addons yall are using to track your procs? trinket/talent procs etcKgoqt7 Jan 9, 2016
Jan 9, 2016 Druid PvP Healing Survival Hey guys and gals, It's probably just me but OMG it is hard to survive dps Burst this Ex Pack, I remember playing In Mop and had no Problems surviving 1-2 dps chopping away on me, and even though I know it is bad, the dps would probably go down way before the opposing team could even take me out. People would default to the dps and try to CC me. Now as for this Ex Pack, one dps like a FDK, Warr or Surv hunt could sit me and take me out with this crazy dmg. Now I do utilize Bear form and Bark Skin for burst but just today I had full hots up and Bark skin and got blasted by a mages Deep freez opener with a boomy? How? That was just insane and makes me want to rage quit WoW. Now that all of that is off of my chest any pointers for surviving? Really any help will do. BTW I don't claim to be a great player but there has to be ways to survive with a Melee sitting you the whole game...Lunarbalance6 Jan 9, 2016
Jan 9, 2016 Overall, which faction has better racials? I've been talking to friends lately about this topic. Big bad humans and EMFH is certainly a game changer, but with it being (hopefully and likely) severely toned down come Legion, I honestly thought Horde racials outweigh Alliance ones too much as a whole but someone disagreed hard and said even without EMFH, Alliance still outdoes Horde in PvP racials. I'm too incompetent right now to see the value of racials like Shadowmeld or Stoneform compared to the pretty blunt and attractive racials Horde possess like a stun, silence, two generic DPS boosts, etc. I also think Alliance is undermined by one race with Worgen if you think Goblin is viable. So I just want the opinions on this forum since it's been helpful recently.Atoner14 Jan 9, 2016
Jan 9, 2016 HUGE ARENA PATCH totems heal during clone now that is all, glad the devs care about pvpDahsquirts13 Jan 9, 2016
Jan 9, 2016 Lf dedicated 3's team 1700xp in Season 3, really having a hard time climbing with lfg. I decided i won't even pvp till i find players who are willing to work together to synergize and climb as a team. I am playing affliction/demo and am proficient at both. Always willing to learn and can take criticism. Comps I am looking for: Any variant of L/S/D MLP FLS WLS WWLS I am open to any player around my skill level or above who is willing to give it a shot.Facerollock1 Jan 9, 2016
Jan 9, 2016 Current state ? what are some beastly comps for 2s? im a new player and loving 2s alot, but i feel like my warrior isnt a high rated,high skill type class. Im looking for 2k+ratings doing 2s ( 3s takes longer and sometimes its just a pvp of who has cds and who dont ) What i prefer/must - Burst. i love big burst, seeing someone die instantly =] ( ex. swifty 1shot macro, or how rogue sneaks up into a big ambush with a stun, then death from above ) - Ways to chase, and getting the fck out of situation skills. ( mobility ) - Not easy class like hunters My background, Im jack of all trades. I tend to like big high dmg and be top of the dps charts in bgs. I like a decent mobilty to chase down or to get out of situations. Also a guy who likes to 1v2 alot.Tamed8 Jan 9, 2016
Jan 9, 2016 What isn't usable in a Arena? I havent done an Arena since the end of MoP, now im back and going to do some for WoD but im not entirely sure what i can use. Ex: Potions, Foods, engineering tinkers, item enchanting etc. i just dont want to buy a bunch of food or potions and waste gold or level up enginerring for no reason. in short i want to be prepared and have as much help from buffs and items as i can in a arena. So a list or somthing of the sort would be great. Thanks for your time.Muzlagan10 Jan 9, 2016
Jan 9, 2016 looking for advice Running hpal/arms warr, we keep running into a brick wall of cc, any high cc comp just destroys us with me on hpal being unable to play my character for longer than maybe 10s out of every minute :( any advice or is this just a l2p, 2s are bad issue?Khereh0 Jan 9, 2016
Jan 9, 2016 @Nahj Lets go fgt, when ur ballls gonna drop?Brognar20 Jan 9, 2016
Jan 9, 2016 LF 2's partner to push rating 1271 rated feral right nowAshamane1 Jan 9, 2016
Jan 9, 2016 1850 cr wanting to hit 2k like now! looking for 1850 cr horde side lock/lock/dk, lock/dk/feral, lock/enhance/dk + priest, or MW healsAustenna2 Jan 9, 2016
Jan 9, 2016 When you que with a resto shaman and beat ww/dk blizzard should award you this instead of rating Jan 9, 2016
Jan 9, 2016 gcd? heard ren was playin or something? can anyone confirm? if so whenJohnswarrior61 Jan 9, 2016
Jan 9, 2016 3s playing now in premade LFM now in the premade find me pushing hard to 2.2 no ragers only looking for people that wants to push and grow togetherFlashcap0 Jan 9, 2016
Jan 9, 2016 WW Question What is the damage rotation for kill attempts as WW/DK? I expect some troll responses like slam your head on keyboard etcFreska4 Jan 9, 2016
Jan 9, 2016 im free deleted cause fk you unsubbedVeqz20 Jan 9, 2016
Jan 9, 2016 Wtf am I looking at Jan 9, 2016
Jan 9, 2016 Damage hack? Im starting to see strange things in my combat logs. Just abilities doing a lot more damage than they should. Only happened twice that i can see so far. can't put my finger on it but somethings f.u.c.k.y.Azruq3 Jan 9, 2016
Jan 9, 2016 hellO! helo i ab lose half me brain in acsident. I am r now loking for new pvp class to play ty wich oneGratatata2 Jan 9, 2016
Jan 9, 2016 WW Monk LF PvP mentor/practice partners I am a new WW monk looking to improve in PvP, but I have trouble without any sort of outside assistance when training. I have not played MMOs much, so my reflexes/mechanics are a little lacking, but I learn quick! I would like the help and advice on strategies, keybind suggestions, things to look out for against certain specs, etc. from more experienced players via either dueling, dummy training, or casual arenas. I am on Bladefist server, and my guild isn't super into PvP so I am looking for players outside of the guild. Any assistance either from experienced WW's or even just arena frequenters would be appreciated! I am willing to use pretty much any voice chat application to help the process. Battlenet ID is Prodijee#1854Prodijee1 Jan 9, 2016
Jan 9, 2016 What is the class you look forward to? I am looking forward to fire mage. Looks like it will be viable in more than two comps.Hot18 Jan 9, 2016
Jan 9, 2016 What would this game be like without macros? - Stock game: I see cyclone being cast on my healer, I mouse over click to target, cancel if I'm casting, press silence, then change target back to whatever - With gladius set up for silence as right click: I see cyclone being cast on my healer, I mouse over and right click, no need to change target or cancel my cast thanks to /stopcasting - With macro for focus: I press Silence focus target macro. I always see the whole "skill" argument but why is a macro or addon that does some complex action for you deemed skill? Using macros can get you banned in Starcraft, Dota 2, etc. Everything has gotten sooooo fast, but it's all artificial. Wild charge to bash becomes not only seeing the heal going out, but then changing your target, pressing wild charge and then bashing too. Sstep kick, counterspell, etc. No one plays healer because it's not fun. I think this is a HUGE part of it. Baiting interrupts is that much harder because a multi step process of changing target, using gap closers, and interrupting me becomes a one button item, but also the CCing is SO much easier for everyone; AND the damage dealing is so easy. Things that took awhile to hone become FAR easier, so we have all of these people being super "good" at lower ratings because they have the best macros. No offense intended, I understand that everyone uses macros, but with the level macros have moved to it just seems like half the play is automated :-/Pathologist23 Jan 9, 2016
Jan 9, 2016 LF Heals for Turbo Me and a warrior buddy are looking for a chill but decent Healer for Turbo. We're both pretty laid back, and don't care for the rage, even while pushing for rating. Recently just returning to the game and figure we'd give turbo a whirl (Not because it won Blizzcon, shhhh...). Any healer besides Rsham would be fine, and good communication skills would be ideal, as we both communicate well with each other. Higher exp is always welcome, but anyone who is willing to throw themselves into the fire and progress and develop as a team is just as good. No ragers, CR nerds, etc. We want to get !@#$ done but want to have fun doing it as well. Feel free to add me: Pickaboo#1801Snarffles5 Jan 9, 2016
Jan 9, 2016 your input is desired in these GD threads please don't hesitate to tell people when they are totally misinformed, but do try to keep it civil and keep it on topic first thread, re: WoD/Legion ability pruning and "class fantasy" : second thread, re: crowd control in PvP and what players can do to be less frustrated by it: remember arena community it is important to make our voices heard on these topics to at least mitigate as much as possible the effects of those who want to see PvP turned into some lame wannabe MOBA. please be respectful as possible even if someone is blatantly uninformed because that's how we win others over to our side and get the kinds of changes that are needed going forward in this game thanks so much for taking the time to add your feedbackShoegäzer17 Jan 9, 2016
Jan 9, 2016 LF Healers (H) Hello pvp community, I have healed the majority of this xpac but am now looking for healers. I have a buddy who has both a feral and warrior. I am looking for either a Resto Shaman or H Pally to play wls or fls with. I have 2k exp so not a noob but not a glad either. Looking for a healer who doesn't rage and wants to be on a team to push with. Let me know if anyone is interested. ThanksShapesdots1 Jan 9, 2016
Jan 8, 2016 better for solo pvp? im thinking of rolling a new class just to do some solo pvp and some rbgs i have it narrowed down to a DK or a warrior just wanted to see what the pvp community thinks thanksNidasten4 Jan 8, 2016
Jan 8, 2016 Need Frost DK PvP Help I'm new to this class and want to make sure I'm doing the most damage as possible. Not just "enough" damage, I want to dunk on people up like Vellido, Revolutio, etc. For example, I want to do this to people on my DK: Right now my biggest questions are: 1. How often should I be using Obliterate? Should Plague Strike be used much at all? I've been seeing mixed information on this, saying Plague Strike helps Necrotic Plague stack quicker while not eating your Frost Runes, etc. 2. When would be the ideal times to use Plague Leach? Since it removes your Necrotic Plague, I don't want to use it inefficiently. 3. What would be the ideal "burst" rotation and what stuff should you have available besides the usual trinket proc/Swifty macro with Pillar of Frost. I was originally intending to post this on the Death Knight forum, but I didn't see much helpful information on there from what I could tell. Any help from you experienced DK's would be greatly appreciated!Vapidity2 Jan 8, 2016
Jan 8, 2016 Who are the best players hunter wise in 2v2 Someone told me that there is a hunter over Dillypoo in 2s this season?Xrãy19 Jan 8, 2016
Jan 8, 2016 Question about Shadow CoP build in arenas Hi Guys, I'm recently returned after about a 6 month break, and want to get into arenas. My question is, should I cast DoTs on my main target when using the CoP build, or just spam MB/MS ? I know that I only get the damage buff from CoP when targets dont have any dots on them. In pve I get better dps from just spamming MB/MS, can I expect the same in pvp? I have read in a few guides that in pvp you should still cast dots even with CoP, and the main reason you take the talent is for the insta cast MB.Razdaz1 Jan 8, 2016
Jan 8, 2016 Playing Warrior on COB is so fun. "Path not available." Remove Heroic Leap, pls.Aersoth2 Jan 8, 2016
Jan 8, 2016 No more Ashran for me. Got my haste Accolade last night. I tried something new this time, I closed my eyes before opening the box. Apparently it works because there was my Accolade sitting in my inventory.Nopkpleaze17 Jan 8, 2016
Jan 8, 2016 Duelist 2kcr mage 2200xp LF 3s Duelist 2kcr mage 2200xp LF 3s PREF GODCOMP/SHATTER LF SPRIESTS AND HPALS 2KCR+ 2200+XP Btag: Lovestoshagg#1744 Availability? whenever we're all on :P AM AUTISTSkinrash14 Jan 8, 2016
Jan 8, 2016 Reckful So.... how about that Worlds first 3k, Multi Rank 1, sexy 117 - 4, and i heard he had a W/L of 300+ / 0 in BC? ... I heard he's the best >_> P.S: He gouges blinks....Thesheilders41 Jan 8, 2016
Jan 8, 2016 Hai guis. we should be friends. I need friends so I thought the best place to look might be here, since some of y'all at least know who I am. Lets be friends pls. Johnorpravin#1383 I am a social butterfly.Lispyx1 Jan 8, 2016
Jan 8, 2016 Forming a static 3's team for horde Looking for people to form a static 3's team on horde to play with Tue/Wed/Thurs nights after 9pm central as late as 2am central, as long as you have curse and are at 730ilvl or higher the rest can be worked out. Need a Ret paladin/Feral druid and then either a resto druid or holy paladin preferably. if interested add my btag KingsWaltz#1854Valefore2 Jan 8, 2016
Jan 8, 2016 yo supDrizletsdad23 Jan 8, 2016
Jan 8, 2016 Need help starting out in arenas? Post inside If you're new to the game or are coming back after a long break and need help starting out post your btag in this thread and I'll be more than happy to help you get the games you need to learn. Your current arena exp doesn't matter, long as you're willing to learn I'll play with you no matter how many games we lose. Final thing, if you're a shadow priest, boomking, lock, or ret; I'm sorry I can't help you. Classes I can play/help you guys on are: Hpally Rdruid Disc Enh shaman Leave your btag and what class/bracket you need help.Xvvll1 Jan 8, 2016
Jan 8, 2016 if turbo and ww/dk gets nerfed shatter and rmd will be meta and l s d probably will be meta too hello mop with less buttonsHephaesto4 Jan 8, 2016