Oct 31, 2015 Typical LFG ayylmaoLynchjamal0 Oct 31, 2015
Oct 31, 2015 Buff arms warrior and Ferals I dont know what blizzard is thinking nerfing wars and ferals, 1st of all ferals only do damage in incarn and even with that its not enough, the bleeds suck, and the Heals are even worse, Arms on the other hand are probably the worst melee ingame, No damage, no uptime, and no real defensives, you act like a 50k shield barrier absorb is enough..... im sitting at 100 rage sometimes not knowing what to do cause shield barrier is absolute garbage. P.S. nerf mages, easiest class i playedZubatron87 Oct 31, 2015
Oct 31, 2015 accused of botting when not botting just finished a 2v2 match on my mage, afterwards I learn the enemy team we just beat has whispered my arena partner.. calling us botters and cheaters. they think im doing something to alter my spells and do more damage. I tried to talk to them explaining to them how hard an arcane mage can hit for but they did not listen. they called me 1500 rat and said a recording of our game is being sent to blizzard and to enjoy my ban. I have never botted in arena, I feel bad for them coz I know what its like to vs cheaters. but we wernt cheating. anyone else ever been accused of kick botting or cheating when they arent? I guess with all the kick botters in wow people just assume players are cheating even when they arent now.Asylans12 Oct 31, 2015
Oct 31, 2015 What's with these cocky euros... "We're better" "Best team" "EU has better mirrors" like... I honestly don't want to listen to these eurofags go off about how great they are. Just play the game.Sixfootgiant16 Oct 31, 2015
Oct 31, 2015 WoW World Championships 2015 Just watched all the videos blizzard put up on youtube. Literally might as well call it "RMD World Championships"Froakie18 Oct 31, 2015
Oct 31, 2015 Lore Has anyone else started to hate him more and more after each game when he opens his mouth?Floofqt3 Oct 31, 2015
Oct 31, 2015 I want to be a turbo jetplane Will enhance be nerfed before i hit lvl cap and get geared? I got this guy from 1-42 so far today and don't wanna waste my time.Battleshocks2 Oct 31, 2015
Oct 31, 2015 Blizzcon Holy !@#$ this delay, think a multi-billion dollar company would have this handledKillmoves9 Oct 31, 2015
Oct 31, 2015 Questions About Making PvP Vids Hey guys, over the last few months I have captured lots of footage of various toons in 2s, 3s, BGs, RBGs, Duels, etc. I wanted to get some responses to a few questions about turning those moments into a YouTube video. 1.) Best bang for buck video editing software. I currently use the full version of Fraps to record the videos, but don't have any editing software yet. Only downside to Fraps is it turns videos into HUGE files. I believe it's around 1gb per 20-30sec of video. I know Sony Vegas is great, but I don't want to spend $400, ha-ha. 2.) What do most people want to see? "One-shot" montages? 1v1 encounters? Skilled arena gameplay? Do they want music overlay, commentary overlay, or simply game sounds? 3.) Since Fraps stores such giant files, any tips on shrinking them? I don't mind as far as HDD space goes because I have 3TB, but my internet speed is slow and I'd rather not have it take 6 days for my video to upload. 4.) Maybe a few do's/don'ts for making PvP videos. Such as; don't have the camera zoomed all the way in, or just show me owning back-peddling mages wearing greens and spamming arcane explosion. Thank you guys :)Phíz10 Oct 31, 2015
Oct 31, 2015 [H] 2.1 MW/DPriest/Rdruid lf 2s/3s looking to get back into the game this season, just reply with B-tag just looking to get some games in, please have some experienceYuriko0 Oct 31, 2015
Oct 31, 2015 Vampiric embrace Been playing spriest lately and wondering if this ability is even worth using, seems to be super weak but maybe im just using it wrong, what are your guys' thoughts on itKillmoves3 Oct 31, 2015
Oct 31, 2015 Happy safe Halloween. I will start this off by saying this will not be a typical post by me. If I have any forum fans ( and I'm sure, I have a few) you will know most of my threads are created with an intelligent argument or theory behind them that I try to convey to you. Usually my post are very well constructed and straight to the point. well today I would just like to wish you all a lovely Halloween ( even on this rain day) and I would love to share a story with you, I think even the "adults" ( 30 is still young darling,) might feel the rush of chills down their spines. ANGUS WOODS the date was October 31st, 2127. Despite having the first female, gay and libertarian president and advancements in health care robotics , the world was remarkably similar to 2015 . It should also come as no shock that the Iphone 5322 was released last week. Despite some of the world we know today being altered, there was one thing no one dare ever change- The age old tradition - Halloween. And at this point, is when I would like to introduce you to Mr. McConnell the grounds keeper of Angus woods cemetery. Being an elderly man going into his late sixties, he could not do his job as efficiently as he could in the prior years but the one attribute that never fell in McConnell was his passion for the job. The cemetery had been property of the McConnell family for over 150 years , and he wore his cemetery management job as a badge of honor amidst the young entrepreneurs trying to come up with the next rags to riches plan. It was a cool windy night with an ever so slight persistent drizzle of rain leaking from the ominous clouds. McConnell was out doing what he did every day for the past twenty years. He was cutting a particular section of over grown grass when suddenly a fierce crackle of thunder echoed through the cemetery. McConnell knew the thunder was only a warning off what was to come but figured he would finish cutting the grass first. Just nearly two minutes later another boom of thunder shook the earth as a lightning bolt carved open the night sky. a tremendous down poor started and McConnell ran under the nearby weeping willow for shelter. He would wait out the rain, It was almost time for him to leave anyways but he didn't know if he would be able to find his car in the rain storm. It was pitch black and the down pour showed no signs of resistance. Finally the rain began to let up and a thick blanket of fog invaded into the cemetery. It had to be at least 10 P.M. and there was no one in sight. at a brisk anxious pace McConnell started to walk towards the cemetery exit. Just as he turned the corner to exit the cemetery he noticed one of the grave stones over turned. This was very unsettling , and if there were grave robbers within the proximity this is not somewhere he wanted to stay. However it was his duty to keep this cemetery safe, so he figured he would have a look, and a quick one at that. The gravestone had no name , just the year 1738 engraved in fine print. As he looked into the grave he realized the Coffin was open. how morbid! But as he Looked farther he could see, there was no one inside. McConnell was a man of reason, but he was starting to get spooked at this point. It was late and if he didn't get home to his wife soon they would be wondering what happening. He figured he would take a short cut through Angus woods on the way home and with that, left at a vigorous pace. The darkness made it hard to see , but McConnell knew these woods like the back of his hand. The faint call of an owl serenaded him as he walked. The rain had let up and even the fog was being diminished by the crisp air. as the clouds faded a marvelous full moon was revealed. Again the call of an owl ripped through the still air. Only, it didn't sound like any owl McConnell had ever heard of before. McConnell stop walking to listen again. as he listened closer he could make out someone yelling " yaaaaHHh baby". Weird, he thought and kept walking. About 3 minutes later, he heard the yell again only this time much closer. out of gut fear, McConnell started to walk faster. the yelling grew louder and louder and as McConnell turned the corner, he noticed a trail of blood leading into the woods. Suddenly he felt something sharp slide with ease into his back... it was all over for McConnell. his head began to spin as reality started to fade away right before his eyes. As he fell and slunched to the ground a tall figure stood up and removed his hood, shaking the blood out of his golden braids . The figure then cried out again enthusiastically "Yaah baby" and two other masked figures came running from the woods. They came together in a circle and said " may the world never forget the Remmy Boys".Crusherz5 Oct 31, 2015
Oct 31, 2015 I Could Be A Commentator I think the commentators for the arena tournaments do a pretty good job overall and I'm not going to knock any of them, but I do think there is some room for improvement. I started doing commentating of matches as a sort of joke on my own stream, just messing around / having fun, but I've gotten some positive feedback and a few of my friends say I would make for a good commentator, and I hoenstly think I'd do just as good if not better job than most of the commentators. So if you have time, check out these vods and tell me what you think, any criticisms would be appreciated and honest opinions of my commentating ability / game knowledge. Please keep in mind, I obviously do not have access to the commentators UI in any of these vods, so I'm just looking at targeting to view buffs, debuffs, and keep track of what's going on, causing certain things to be missed occasionally by me. Here are 3 solid examples: 1. (this was probably my least enthusiastic one, but it was about 11 minutes long of me doing it) 2. (only about 3 minutes, much more concise) 3. (skip to 1 minute, this is my best one) I'd like to apply somehow to be a commentator if I could. maybe commentating for something like GCD would be the best step to do first. Thanks.Glinkz21 Oct 31, 2015
Oct 31, 2015 Thank You Blizzard For giving us a commentator (Venruki) who actually knows what is going on in these games. Listening to Vhell and Lore make !@#$ up half the time was getting unbearable, it's actually tolerable to listen to these games now, very good choice.Golbeza6 Oct 31, 2015
Oct 31, 2015 season end? I'm sure there's a thread somewhere about this but nothing comes up on google and im too lazy to search- but how much time left in this season do people reckon there is? Like 4-5 weeks?Beyorn1 Oct 31, 2015
Oct 31, 2015 collection of wod lets make a collection of retarded things from wod(like retard 1 shots or deadly throw spams or something) ill start us off just a fewLindair12 Oct 31, 2015
Oct 31, 2015 Best Panda Hunter World(Of Warcraft.) Recently, my beloved pandaren hunter friend named "Quickscopexx" became the worlds highest rated male panda on the US (United States) Wow (World of Warcraft) servers. It is today I bequeath him with this forum, for this was in Delmane's will. (He is lost and gone may 13-nov 13 rip) Today is a day we celebrate the life of Quickscopexx and all of his achievements. If you have anything nice to say please say it and if not I will report ur post. I would like to share a few of my fondest memories; : Quickscopexx getting outdmgd by a 640 feral druid. : Quickscopexx and ripdelmane beating the highest disc/hunter US. : Quickscopexx and ripdelmane beating glinks without trinketing (he outdmgd them) : quickscopexx 100-0ing reckfullx in a duel. I urge you to post your favorite quickscopexx moments. thank you and have a nice day. If you have arena rating and would like to que arenas with quickscope, add me to btag (Emre#1817). I am his secretary and if i see you deemed fit to que with him i will forward the message. thank you PS: Shoutout to Chyu and his wonderful economic corporation. I get an allowance of 250g a week for being level 100. He teaches me the methods to become a successful wealthy wow player and for that my thanks are unending and eternal. If you would like to join this wonderful Corporation, please message me or Chyu or anyone in <Chyus Gold Farming Inc>Ripdelmane83 Oct 31, 2015
Oct 31, 2015 How to beat a DK as a caster? DKs pretty much have me on lock down every time i face one in arena or duels. any tips on how to outplay a dk? cant think if much :/Nayamasa7 Oct 31, 2015
Oct 31, 2015 Arms is so boring I was leveling my warrior today and I was playing as prot because I found arms too boring at low level, and was waiting to level up first to unlock abilities. So today I got to level 81 and unlocked colossus smash and I thought to myself (Okay, I'll switch back to arms since I've now learned all the abilities in the rotation) The problem is arms is still so boring. There's so many times where I use my abilities and then I am literally standing there waiting to auto attack so I can regenerate more rage, I also barely have any buttons to press in comparison to prot. I want to play a warrior in arenas but arms seems so boring and simple and I know people look down upon people who play tanks in pvp. Does arms get any better beyond 81+?Cappers2 Oct 31, 2015
Oct 31, 2015 Looking for arena teams- Horde and Alliance I have 2 ferals, one hor one alliance and I have yolo'd my way to 1550+ on both in 3s and 1750 in 2s but I have never done serious games, and i have a lot to learn, looking for a team that i can learn and grow with. It is Wod, I know and pvp is not doing well but I'm tired of just afkinf any time i'm online. Let me know if you are willing to try to learn with me/ teach me.Zenlonn12 Oct 31, 2015
Oct 31, 2015 Just letting you guys know To anyone who might be interested: The final matches of the League of Legends World Championship are beginning in 4 hours on Twitch. SKT are the likely winners, with KOO being the underdogs. Both are Korean teams, and SKT won Worlds in 2013. People are hoping that KOO wins this year, as SKT have proven to be unbeatable monsters with a record of 0 losses in Worlds so far this year. If you're even going to be awake, give it a watch. Otherwise, there'll be a rebroadcast later in the day. Happy Halloween!Ryutiz9 Oct 31, 2015
Oct 31, 2015 LF Ele Shamans for 3v3 Yoloswegqtx's videos have been very inspirational and motivational to watch. I'd like know some ele's to arena with please. Nopk#1886Nopk6 Oct 31, 2015
Oct 31, 2015 Mercenary Mode for Arenas It doesn't make any sense that BGs should let you play with the other faction but arenas shouldn't. Varian himself fought alongside a belf and a Tauren if I remember correctly. I swear if I see another human female, nelf female or dwarf female im going to scream. I want to see some undeads, Orcs, trolls etc without losing the ability to play with a decent set of playersFuqwad13 Oct 31, 2015
Oct 31, 2015 wod Oct 31, 2015
Oct 31, 2015 Blizz, stop calling WoW an Esport. Until you make a solid effort to stop cheating, remove PvE as a requirement to compete, and actually make an attempt at class balance. This game is not an Esport.Mongo24 Oct 31, 2015
Oct 31, 2015 Does anyone think its funny that.... Theres a scrub mage on the forums doing a deep-hearted rant on how mages suck?Gladiatór16 Oct 31, 2015
Oct 31, 2015 Imshawtko is being piloted ? No way this guy gets 2.2 and on the same day pushes close to 2.4 after not ever getting 2.2 in 2 years of playing arena (World wide winner shows this), he's also looking for 2s randomly i'm guessing because his pilot is still in progress and the guys playing are from US and so just went to sleep, he's from AU so this is near prime time over there - why would he look for 2s? The guy was also a really bad 2k shatter pala apparently extremely average always playing with the same people - doesn't make sense there pala suddenly goes up 350 rating in 1 session I also send him a /w just asking who he was because i didn't recognize his name of which i got no reply, i asked if he was a pilot and again no reply. Ya know you all make up your mind of whether you think it's a pilot i'm just stating the facts, im pretty sure it is though, this is all a little fishy -detective Wixzy out-Wixzy6 Oct 31, 2015
Oct 31, 2015 Brewmaster PvP Is there any hope? I really want to play something other than WW all the time. Are they good in anything? Arenas? RBGs?Dhanik44 Oct 31, 2015
Oct 31, 2015 jungle 2.0 / jungle play? idk if it's been done at all this season since i haven't really been active this season in pvp but does Moonkin/Hunter/Healer work at all? just looking at things like L$D 2 and wondering why ppl dont do jungle 2.0 since moonkin is just as bursty as feral even without incarnation up. I am a scrub lord i know so this just me askin why it doesn't work or why it's not run cause it looks pretty good on paper but i guess so does boomy/lock/x, oh waitJonnycraig7 Oct 31, 2015
Oct 31, 2015 2.5k xp War LF 2200+ Cr Enh & Rdruid/Mistweav 2.5k xp warrior just came back after a 3 month break ended at 2200 cr months ago LF 2200+ Cr Enh & Rdruid/Mistweaver for 3's for tonight or tomorrow very easy 2400-2600 push add Deathwish#1499Atrøcity0 Oct 31, 2015
Oct 31, 2015 My Hpally turbo are NOT kickbots STOP!!!! NOT my fault you cant juke!! STOP THE BULL!@#$ thanks!Heartfilled35 Oct 31, 2015
Oct 31, 2015 Do i look like my Brother? Oct 31, 2015
Oct 31, 2015 Fear pathing RNG. I know, i know fear got nerfed but i'd really wish they would fix probably the most broken aspect of it, the pathing. Sometimes it can actually annoy the caster, sometimes its just too powerful because of how much it puts the target in a bad spot. Shatter is the prime example of this, sometimes it can actually screw them, but other times, the Priest gets to fear me straight in the middle of the map over and over and over just to give his mage the easiest setups of his life. None of this is skill based, its entirely random. Shouldn't it be looked at?Rahn2 Oct 31, 2015
Oct 31, 2015 LF teams that wouldn't mind wargaming Hey, I'm trying to practice my commentating for the MGN wow tournament, and I'd really like to try to set up a few wargames that I could spectate with my co-caster. If anyone is interested let me know in the thread, and we'll figure out how to set this up. Some of these games might be streamed as well, but if you really prefer not to I could deal with it. Generally pref people playing semi serious comps, just so that I can actually practice talking about certain match ups. Thanks guys!Dillytoo27 Oct 31, 2015
Oct 31, 2015 Blizzcon Opening Week Thread Would love to hear everyone else's thoughts as we get into the opening week of Blizzcon games right now at: If the Chinese team decides to run WMS I will root for them to win tournament no question.Sadaradex56 Oct 31, 2015
Oct 31, 2015 hi i know hunters arent the best and all but i was wondering if you could either make frozen ammo replace concussive shot or like if you could just completely remove frozen ammo in general or something thanksLindair3 Oct 31, 2015
Oct 31, 2015 wod if i wod with my wod on your wod, will you wod me? Just wodding. WodZaul7 Oct 31, 2015
Oct 31, 2015 Dose anyone have hope for Legion Pvp? Hello everyone. With Blizzcon coming soon I just wanted to know do any of you have hopes for pvp in Legion? Not talking High hopes just any hope. Me? Yes I do have hope. I think things will be better and I'm sure as hell not one of the wow is dead players. I'm not over hyped. I do think adding Demon Hunters was a mistake not for a story reason but mainly for a balance reason. I get it that balance will NEVER happen in this game it's impossible but for never even had an Illusion of it due to Frost DKs and Feral druids Etc. But with the new Pvp talents system and the new honor system it will give us pvpers more to do you can say. Depends on how you look at it. What I want to see is maybe some new Arenas and BGs. Since we've gotten none in Wod. I was wanting a Highmaul 3v3/2v2/5v5 Arena maybe add some traps like in the raid. But that's one of my weird ideas :P Anyways tell me if you do have hope or not and thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this.Gariön30 Oct 31, 2015
Oct 31, 2015 [A] 2k CR Warr LF Turbo 3x Glad on my main, 2x glad playing Turbo. Need partners.Moron1 Oct 31, 2015
Oct 31, 2015 BEST PVP HEALER? 2's? I don't care about 3's can Rdruids do serious damage when using heart of the wild? thanks.Meatswing7 Oct 31, 2015
Oct 31, 2015 2v2 DPS/ Healer Comps. Hi there, I have a friend who I play with who is a fantastic DPS player, and I love the idea of being a personal healer in arenas. That being said, my question is, what healing and dps comps work the best in arenas? What healer would be best for a warlock, and a sin rogue?Glazikus2 Oct 31, 2015
Oct 31, 2015 Spectator UI @ Blizzcon Thank you for improving it. At regionals you couldn't even see the character models the bars covered everything. Good change.Leesinz5 Oct 31, 2015
Oct 31, 2015 LF Kitty Cleave high rated vids/strats hi there, my warrior friend and i have been q'ing kitty cleave this season almost exclusively. we reached 2.4cr with a disc priest, but have had to find a dif healer last minute (a resto shaman). games are much easier in alot of ways, but still getting used to the differences in class/player styles. can anyone offer strats and/or video streams for kitty w a resto shaman? vs the general trouble comps ofc , but mostly vs jungle (they tend to go me) and turbo (they go the shaman). thanks! any input would be most appreciated.Sugarbawlz7 Oct 31, 2015
Oct 31, 2015 WoW arena World championship First match shows you that Resto shamans suck. Don't use them.Kadne23 Oct 31, 2015
Oct 31, 2015 current seasons end? I am looking into getting back into pvp and was wondering if the current season is going to end soon? I didn't want to do the whole honor grind, into conquest grind, if the season had been announced to be ending soon. I couldn't find any info on it.Caiyus6 Oct 31, 2015
Oct 30, 2015 How to run L S D Running L S D with enhance, myself, and a resto druid. We did fairly well last night around the 1600-1700 mmr bracket (I know it's not great but we are gearing the shaman) and I'm curious on any tips people might have for this comp? Basically we've realize the shaman has to throw off heals to help keep some of alive vs certain comps but what should we be ccing, or grounding. Any tips would be very helpful thank you!Veliah9 Oct 30, 2015
Oct 30, 2015 -Unsaved 2- Ret Paladin BG and 2v2 Arena Having a blast as Ret right now. Just fun, No voice or target calling in Arena. Spider Pally BGs Fun?! Oct 30, 2015
Oct 30, 2015 LF people for 3s push[H] Hey arena forum, Need to expand the bnet. I prefer to play WLS or turbo on my warrior. I have a lot of alts though so feel free to add me regardless of class/skill level and we can get after it sometime. Just be fun to play with and willing to play without getting frustrated and we are gucci. Lonewolfdrag#1248Resho0 Oct 30, 2015
Oct 30, 2015 Seems like counter comp has no chance Turbo > WLS RMD > everything... Counters are counters. Welcome to WoD.Kimøchi4 Oct 30, 2015
Oct 30, 2015 We are hostages Am I the only one that feels like a hostage? I've been playing this game since I was a little-kiddo and have spent an immeasurable amount of hours in this world. Some of my best memories are from playing this game years ago. I still log in to try to feel the same magic, to feel like I still am who I was, but it's getting harder and harder. I don't have the time to play like I used to. I don't have the energy or motivation for the sleepless nights and the early morning snipe-texts, but I also feel cheated. I feel that I shouldn't have to give up everything I've worked for and all the time I've spent because the game is in the state that it's in. I feel like we're owed more than what we're getting. I understand that it takes time to fix certain problems and you still feel pressured by the industry to keep coming up with something "new", but if you focused on fixing problems quickly and effectively as they came up rather than having one foot in another expansion before the next one is even released, we could have something great again. I'm resigned to the fact that WoD is our purgatory, but don't fail to deliver on the Heaven you're promising us. Make sure Legion works and have enough people on whatever team is in charge of ensuring that success. I honestly don't think the hope any of us have for WoW can survive another expansion like this. Without a high-tier competitive PvP community doing (arguably) the bulk of your player-acquisition and maintenance on (which is quickly becoming the make-or-break medium for game advertisement these days), who is going to inspire the next generation of nerds to give everything they had for a shot at glory? tl;dr: It's like they know we won't quit because it would mean letting go of all the time and effort we have spent in this game. They know it would essentially cost us more to quit than keep playing (those of us who have just grown too attached to the game) and are using this against us; using our time and effort invested like a hostage, preventing us from leaving a game that is being twisted an warped into something we never wanted it to be. If you leave us to whither and die like some annoying plant you'll never get this fruit you bish.Jamol19 Oct 30, 2015