Jul 28, 2015 @soballer happy birthday seth!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! guys he turned 14 today xdxdxd edit: mtAshslays8 Jul 28, 2015
Jul 28, 2015 2465 last season hpal lf 3s ques tonight leave btagUnfundedx2 Jul 28, 2015
Jul 28, 2015 Athene "King Returns" youtube video. Classic! It is very well done, funny, yet motivational. Enjoy. Jul 28, 2015
Jul 28, 2015 Swifty I just cracked my pinky toe and it felt really goodIlovemycatxo6 Jul 28, 2015
Jul 28, 2015 Sub Rogue LF Games Hey everyone! 1750cr Sub Rogue LF games, was Rival last season, 2k in 2s, and always up for arena! I will play any comp that is viable, but I have most experience in RMX, and Thug Cleave. Leave your BTAG below and let's see if we can get any games going!Års0 Jul 28, 2015
Jul 28, 2015 When did your hope die? PHP, vs double lock 3 teleports on bridge.Tolkki10 Jul 28, 2015
Jul 28, 2015 Hotfix pls WTB pvp hotfix: -Buff WW and Ret survivability Buff Disc/Holy and MW healing output Priest Pom should be instacast, give renew to disc Elemental needs dmg buff I think. I dont understand the class enough to really weigh in on it -Less UA lock dmg with cooldowns -Feral/Balance incarn needs a damage nerf -Fix mages: Remove icenova, give us living bomb, buff frost bolt and icelance. Mages need more sustaIn damage so we dont sheep bot and ruin the game for the other team. Make sheep 6 seconds Replace flameglow with temporal shield(same as mop) -Refer to Jah's post for more in depth mage changes: -Put enhance shaman's purge on a 5 second cooldown -Holy pallies Execution sentence, either increase the cooldown to 2 min, or reduce the healing output by another 25% Saved by the light shouldnt auto trigger, it should require the pally to do something to activate it. Pally chooses between 2 bops and 1 freedom or 1 bop and 2 freedoms Just a jumping off point, holy needs changing People who play the classes, I want imput for changes as I dont play any of them seriously. Pls add specific ability number changes so we can spoon feed the devs the changes. Post w/o bias, this is intended to help the game I love thrive(I'm bored at work, nothin but time)Purpscurp34 Jul 28, 2015
Jul 28, 2015 hard time gaining rating when using the group finder- i specifically say -- looking for 1800+ or 1700+ and i get players who lie about rating and somehow we lose-- they lose 5 points I lose 20, one night down 100 points. I can take a loss, just hate when it stings. ..I cannot believe i have to check armories on 1700 players...wtfMeatswing2 Jul 28, 2015
Jul 28, 2015 s16 glad warrior LFM pretty interested in queueing WLS more than anything, but looking similarly experienced people so I can queue a variety of comps. and so I can queue when the few people I do know are already queueing and I don't have anyone to queue with. :( say hi and drop your btag or something please be similarly experiencedAeropunk24 Jul 28, 2015
Jul 28, 2015 turbo is actually the dumbest thing ever they never don't pve. legit all it does ever is target dummy one player and dump instant focus cc. positioning? nah cd rotation? wat setups? lol its so awesomeCrunchtime25 Jul 28, 2015
Jul 28, 2015 you know a class is op when... Any class in the game is viable to play with it. for example a warlock. DK Rogue Ret Ele Enhance Spriest Boomy Feral ww mage hunter and last but certainly not least, warrior. Oh! and they can play with another warlock. Isn't that fun to play against?Cptslayspoon8 Jul 28, 2015
Jul 28, 2015 What's a good headset? Not looking for something expensive, something at around $30-$40. I just want something reliable, and especially a good microphone..I'm tired of having a bad headset :( Thank you for any suggestions!!Holÿ16 Jul 28, 2015
Jul 28, 2015 how do you beat turbo the game goes 10 minutes and my earth shield gets purged 100000000000 times and it makes me sadDampenerxoqt9 Jul 28, 2015
Jul 28, 2015 Resto Shaman Vs. Aff Locks Can anyone explain to me in a 3's situation, how do you handle Unstable Affliction, do you leave it alone or try to cleanse before its dropped or after or wait for cds or how does it work...thanks for the helpHarlot5 Jul 28, 2015
Jul 28, 2015 Unstable Affliction We all understand how ridiculously overt tuned affliction locks are right now. They still need a dmg nerf, but instead of giving them too big of a dmg nerf, can we just lower the UA dispel dmg to like 80% of what it is?Bakkardi8 Jul 28, 2015
Jul 28, 2015 Say I wanted to hit 1600 in 2s tonight I know it's a low number, but what would a ret/prot pally be best teaming up with, without going holy?Arthalden2 Jul 28, 2015
Jul 28, 2015 Envenom Balanced? Just got hit for 266893 in 2 GCD. Is this working as intended?Azi36 Jul 28, 2015
Jul 28, 2015 Serious Question to the Community Why does the community not COMMAND the RESPECT of holinka? Misinformed players like Venruki can push thru unnecessary same-day-delivery changes like the Glyph of life pact nerf and double cs nerf by tweeting at him but the community cant get him to fix glitches in the game for weaker classes like disc priests (MINDCONTROL DC bug). And also after the huge deal with Holinka tweeting "Dont cheat" why doesnt he vet players like Gorecki of the last open qualifiers who is a self-admitted Lua hacker? You guys need to do something like mass tweet the same thing to Holinka and emailing him at I think to command his respect instead of posting on forums which has been ignored historically... I think that is the solutionSbermblast49 Jul 28, 2015
Jul 28, 2015 LF Horde Friends Sick of using group finder to find 2200 exp ragers that get mad at me because i did not play perfectly. I am 1930 exp on my warrior. I can play fury or arms and I am looking for partners around my same experience. I will play any viable comp. I have a lot of locks and DKs on my friends list so I am looking mostly for healers, enhances, and hunters. My main comp is TSG so I am looking also for a resto druid friend to progress with me and my friend as well. We can do yolo, but I prefer curse voice. Please do not be an a$$hole that will point fingers at your teammates. I am very laid back and I just want to push some rating this season and get better. If you want to play sometime with leave your btag!Mellun0 Jul 28, 2015
Jul 28, 2015 fought 3 r1 teams at 1850... 2v2 on one hand, it's good because after that !@#$ ain't nobody else even KIND OF a challenge (i survived against the teams a good length) on the other hand... there go most hopes of climbing did get to fight Dillypoo tho!!! and some nameless resto R1 also beat a r1 ret (killed him myself! though he was ret so shrug) shout out to the ele shaman and disc priest r1s, killing a disc in 2s is usually the easiest thing ever with 2 melee but this guy wasnt having it, he was like............................... nah son anyway how yall doingYozakura21 Jul 28, 2015
Jul 28, 2015 metaclass aka the comedown(?) so ive waited a couple days to see if youd at the very least try to defend yourself on your situation of lying about being a 50x glad mage and 71x r1 mage and seeing that you haven't im just gonna assume what i already felt that you lied and since i hate being lied to... the callout begins and ill cut it off into sections for u guys to be able to take a break in between reads at work part 1; you were pretty chill when i first met you, considered u a friend etc etc all that whoopdy whoop and you told me you didnt have any partners and your "ex glad partners" who you always got your titles with didnt want a warlock they wanted a mage so i decided to help you and even raised a healer to help little to my knowledge that you actually are the absolute worst to ever heal on this planet earth, not because you did bad damage, u did good dps; but you don't play as a team whatsoever and you only try to DO damage, and the worst part is you always blame your healer and found out you had a slight case of attempting to !@#$ talk when theyre not around lol so that was chill i was just like w/e ill just leave it as friends since i cba dealing with that then i noticed a pattern, bigwoof tried to heal for you and all you made him do was quit healing and made him feel like a terrible healer (which he is not, far from it tbh) and THEN the best part is when you played with cdew during the time he was playing with viewers, you even tried to put the blame on him for losing games and called him a horrible druid i dont think i even need to go into detail on how metaclass, or.. the comdown rather sorry ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) would constantly %^-* talk about snutz, mald etc etc about how their damage was so !@#$ and how you were so much better than all of them etc etc so needless to say, that personality alone is probably the worst personality that ive ever arenaed with when you are comfortable enough to even call a blizzcon healer, multi ranking and probably one of, if not the most respected healer in the pvp community !@#$, but i still maintained friends with you because why not, you used to be chill until part 2 part 2; then you started hanging out with arash, now arash and i have/had our differences on things and overall is a chill dude so i'm not even putting the blame on him for how you started acting because all he seemed to do was enhance how you acted since you already acted pretty shady i dont think anyone is a stranger to how youve been posting and acting as of late acting as if god himself took a %^-* and created the metaclass, but what started pissing me off the most about it is how even MORE shady you started acting first the whole thing of trying to maintain this "reputation" among the community to admit you are playing with arash, and also talk to him etc etc (until you got called out by ccivelle and basically went amanda bynes), you would say how people are "asking" you to buy them wod when in reality it was just you buying wod for arash because without him youd have no good partners(arash was gonna quit so it's not like he cared if he had wod or not, he even said it himself) , then suggesting to him to name himself rivalavarice and also then having him post the avarice piloting thread with the document which included adam's facebook photos(which can i say is !@#$ed up on multiple degrees to just go that far into betrayal when in all honesty that kid never did %^-* to you for you to expose him like that) you literally lived through arash and since arash doesn't give a !@#$ about how people perceive him (as he shouldnt because who the %^-* cares what a bunch of nerds think) and i find that pathetic, you put all that time into that callout document, then pretended like you had no knowledge on it all because you didn't want people to associate you with !@#$ like that, you even asked me to repost the document because you were "suspended" because you didn't want to be the one, meanwhile 10 minutes later i see you posting on the forums anyways LOL all in all you lost what little respect left i had for you after this whole thing, i think what pushed me over the edge was when i was comparing stories to someone who i won't name about this "gladiator mage" %^-*, they told me that you told them that it's your brother that is playing the account when you told ME that your "gf" bought wod for a diff acct and u cba paying the sub, but you have no problems buying arash another wod; if youre going to lie about something so stupid, the very least you can do is be consistent with everyone that you lie to about the subject i wont even touch on how hard you always try to dickride any popular pvper it's pretty pathetic that you care so much about how people perceive you that you have to lie about stupid !@#$; and even more pathetic that you felt the need to %^-*talk all your friends who have had your back and played with you, go have your "gf" buy another wod and restart anew because you dun goofd again.Velcá325 Jul 28, 2015
Jul 28, 2015 LF PVP Mentour!!!! I just got back to playing wow in over a year and was wondering if someone could help me get the hang of pvp and arenas. I am a Lvl 100 BM Hunter.Beasttaps5 Jul 28, 2015
Jul 28, 2015 LF 3s on rdruid or rogue Hey all. With the shortage of partners (especially healers) I geared up my druid in order to play more 3s. I am new to healing, very new to druid. I reached 1750 3s as disc last season and 2k+ on rogue. I'm down to learn any comp with my rdruid or rogue. Low CR on both. Please bare with me while learning the world of healing (especially with the recent healing nerfs). I read a ton on the classes/comps I play so I learn fast. I play 10:30EST to about 1:30-2:00AM. Add me or leave your btag here. Puppchow#1207Selestara2 Jul 28, 2015
Jul 28, 2015 Viability of WW Hello, the question I have is about the viability of WW monks this patch. It seems like they're in the same spot as Ret Paladins are. Rets are so tied to hunter that anyone who plays arenas automatically think cupid when they see a Ret q'ing up. WW seems to be the same, except with Death Knights being their "Hunter". I don't want to play a class that only has one comp in 3v3, but WW has always looked like so much fun to me. Probably because I main a DK, who are seriously immobile by design, and I love the idea of being able to zip accross the entire battlefield. So, are they viable in 3v3 outside of Walking Dead comp?Lêröy14 Jul 28, 2015
Jul 28, 2015 2k exp ret lf hunter/feral for 2k 2s push Hi, I've been trying to push 2s this season but have had no luck, I don't have any regular partners and it seems like lfg is not a reliable way to get any progress. Have been hovering in the 1700-1800 range for a long time. Looking for a feral or hunter or compatible dps of similar cr/exp to push 2k. Btag is tsarra#1627Huën0 Jul 28, 2015
Jul 28, 2015 This is the week of Epic Wepons I !@#$ed up and should have saved my conquest for this week. Fights in the Arena will get more challenging. Battle grounds will become cake walk. I cant wait till next week. As for last weeks pvp challenge, how many of you get that extra 500 conquest? That alone will help a lot. I am hopeful for more Pvp events just like that one. Still we have to do Ashran to cap at 1700, for me I rather do that then trying to get 10 people together for rated BG's that might fail and brake apart the group.Waraven4 Jul 28, 2015
Jul 28, 2015 Ferohx...the 2.2k Ddosser this dude asks my healer if we can wait because his mage is dc'd...continues to ddos him LOLEnhance14 Jul 28, 2015
Jul 28, 2015 i miss blanket silences you could at least trinket thoseFelryx16 Jul 28, 2015
Jul 28, 2015 Looking for lock 3s Looking for 2100 cr 2400+exp lock to run feral lock shaman.Cucucachoo13 Jul 28, 2015
Jul 28, 2015 LF Hpal or disc for 1800 push! Online right now. Must have over 1700 CR and have weapon. We can skype as well. let me know your btag and we can que. I have 3 hours.Ucbearcat1 Jul 28, 2015
Jul 28, 2015 yolo LF 2200+ exp(RECENTLY) fire mages/locks for wwmx and wwlx no frost mages theyre disgusting locks are disgusting too but they dont spam root me so leave btags belowLindair36 Jul 28, 2015
Jul 28, 2015 @Metaclass Because he's the hero WoD deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So we'll Whisper him. Because he can take it. Because he's not our hero. He's a silent guardian. A watchful protector. A Meta Class.Slicedbread5 Jul 28, 2015
Jul 28, 2015 Best Fury Warrior Arena Comps What is the most viable comp for fury warriors in arena? I have been running TSG, it just feels subpar with fury. What comps do you fury warriors have most success playing? I have been thinking about turbo and kfc. Let me know what fury warrior comps you guys have seen over 2k.Mellun5 Jul 28, 2015
Jul 28, 2015 Rogue mage LF healer for LOW MMR 3s Khoria2 Jul 28, 2015
Jul 27, 2015 Gratz soballer Gladiator Prot Paladin Props to my boy Jul 27, 2015
Jul 27, 2015 CD trackers, brought up on cdew's stream... Cdew Venruki and Talbadar agree that CD trackers (and dr trackers) make the game lower skillcap, game feels more scripted and players don't make natural mistakes that would happen if they didn't have them. I actually agree with them. Might be an unpopular game on these forums but I have been very high rated in League of Legends and those things are against ToS for a few reasons. Less barrier to entry for new arena players, nothing 3rd party required to be competitive, etc What do you guys think?Simonq28 Jul 27, 2015
Jul 27, 2015 LF players for 1v1s and fun I know it's arena forums but this is where most of the good players are (there's no WPvP forum on NA) So basically since arenas are deflated right now, if you wanna do some 1v1s/BGs/fun leave your btagGoulmasta0 Jul 27, 2015
Jul 27, 2015 Don't delete this .-.Darkvile14 Jul 27, 2015
Jul 27, 2015 Arena targeting? So I was wondering if I can bind alt to arena targeting, so for example if I click alt it will switch targets (im mainly looking at 2s)Novakon4 Jul 27, 2015
Jul 27, 2015 LF 3s partners on Paladin. Hello, guys. I'm sorry this isn't a funny/troll post. I'm just bored and want to arena (idk why). I'm Multi-Gladiator/2800exp (Mistweaver) Paladin is my alt and 2.3 cr. Please be similar exp/cr. Thanks. <3Goose0 Jul 27, 2015
Jul 27, 2015 WW/disc vs. Ice Ammo hunt/holy pal ??????????????????? How is this even possible I was snared 500% of the time and if i ever got a snare on the hunter it was either a freedom or a master's call why does frozen ammo existYozakura9 Jul 27, 2015
Jul 27, 2015 can some1 grab me a sprite? its right downstairs in the fridge thanks :)!Ilovemycatxo13 Jul 27, 2015
Jul 27, 2015 LF Rshams & HPalas for double healer lock 3v3 need healers for double healer lock badly please pm me in game (online all day and rihgt now) edit: leave your btag or ign in postSbermblast32 Jul 27, 2015
Jul 27, 2015 LF healers hpals/resto shams preffered for frozen chicken/wls will try any tho. leave ur btag.Fantar6 Jul 27, 2015
Jul 27, 2015 Aff lock trinket BIS? Whats the best combination for trinkets for Aff? If i get the accolade int / haste ? Would it be on use + Accolade or Accolade + proc?Statefrmjake7 Jul 27, 2015
Jul 27, 2015 2400 exp spriest & multi r1 mage lf healer rn kenste#1696Kidsrange0 Jul 27, 2015
Jul 27, 2015 PvP forums prior to 6.2 As I am a new Forum user, when arena had a high participation percentage was the arena forums more lively?Peewpew4 Jul 27, 2015
Aug 4, 2015 (ARENA!)Make Holy Priest Viable w/3changes! So, I've been thinking about this for a long time, and am finally putting it out there. I'm going to explain my thoughts, the process behind it, and hopefully get some strong feedback. So first the Criteria: 1. Keep the changes to a small amount. Why? Blizzard in the past has shown us that they typically don't like making a TON of changes to a class outside of an xpac, even lots of very small ones. Why this is, I'm not sure. As such, I have tried to keep the suggestions simple and few. 2. DO NOT AFFECT PVE! Why? Pretty self explanatory :P 3. Do not propose changes that Blizzard has already shown disinterest in. Why? It feels like we, as a pvp community, often times beat our heads against brick walls when it comes to changes we disagree with. Maybe we're right, maybe we're wrong, but if Blizz shows a strong reluctance to change in a particular area, we should explore other options. So first, let's take a look at Holy Priests in PvP and why they are falling behind. Obviously, they suffer from a lot of the disc priest shortcomings, but do have a few unique to themselves as well. 1. Trainability. "Oh, Hi TSG! How are you tod...PLEASE STOP!" Our survivability and lack of a freedom really hurts us as a healer. 2. Mobility. This is a tricky one. Outside of snares, we are INCREDIBLY mobile. Let's face it, Angelic Feather is ridiculous, and the fact that we can couple it with Guise makes it super strong. However, with a melee sitting on you, all that changes. 3. Single-Target Heals. This is, in my opinion, the Holy Priest's biggest weakness. Our AOE healing really isn't poor, but single target? Horrid. The primary reason (in my opinion) why we don't see any Hpriests on ladder is simply that we can't keep anyone up. 4. Limited CC: Disc and Holy are both VERY limited when it comes to our CC. Fear is not what it used to be and now must be talented. Silence is...lackluster at best, as is Holy Word: Chastise (especially now that it DRs with Poly, Freezing Trap, etc) Now, with the confines of what we're working with, we will not be able to address all of those issues, and maybe we shouldn't be able to. However, we can make a few tweeks in order to make those issues more manageable. Ideas that I like, but am not touching on (and why): 1. Making PoM instant cast. I honestly feel this would be an EXCEPTIONAL change for both specs of heal priest, but Blizzard has made it pretty clear that they like PoM how it is. 2. Making XYZ (inquisitor, mass dispel, etc) glyphs baseline. I also think that holy (and especially disc) could benefit from some of this, but again, Blizzard has been hesitant on that front. So, now that I've bored you to tears, let's get to the changes. 1. Change to Lightwell: If Lightwell is killed prior to it's expiration, it's cooldown is reduced to 1min. Why? Honestly, with as much as we sit CC, Lightwell is a strong plus for us. It's frustrating to have players look at it, laugh, kill it (in like 5 seconds) and then be done with it for 3 minutes. This gives players on the other team a reason to still kill it, but doesn't punish us as hard. Furthermore, it would have precisely 0 impact on PvE. 2. 4 Piece PVP Set Bonus RE-DESIGNED: Holy Word: Serenity now also increases all healing done by the priest on the target by 50% for 8 seconds. Why this change? It helps with our biggest weakness, our single-target healing. It also helps us control our own survivability by making what heals we DO get off actually matter, and allows things like Renew, Echo etc to have some effect. Why 50%? Holy Priest heals are actually significantly LESS effective than their Disc Priest counterparts. The reason for this is that Disc Priests have a passive called Grace which increases ALL HEALING AND ABSORPTION done by the priest by 30%. That's..huge. Not to mention, mastery then increases this further! I understand 50% seems like a lot, but given our lack of some sort of NS (and the fact that Guardian Spirit is on a 3min cd), this will help. Can the number be tweaked? Sure, but I feel 50% is a good number. Does it affect PvE? No, as pvp set-bonuses don't work in PvE :D Why not make this the 2p bonus? You know, I've thought about this quite a bit, and the answer is that I LIKE the 2p for holy. I think it could use some love, sure (like maybe 1%-1.5% damage reduction on top of the vers per stack?) but I think it's unique and interesting. 3. Holy Word: Chastise no longer breaks on damage, but can be dispelled and has had it's duration reduced to 2 seconds. Why? This allows us some form of offensive capability. It doesn't DR with stuns, but does DR with primary CCs like Poly. It essentially becomes similar to Psychic Horror, but with a much shorter duration. Doesn't this affect PvE??? ...Technically, yes, I guess it does. But I would be pretty shocked to see any outcry.Hebro66 Aug 4, 2015
Jul 27, 2015 PvP is dead made a post in GD. Really shoulda made it here but things usually get more traction there. Jul 27, 2015
Jul 27, 2015 Asbur is that you? Jul 27, 2015