Jun 30, 2015 LF serious TSG team uhhh.. lf serious partners (at least 2.2k xp please) and I've been honing my 1 shot powers. Here's some evidence, leave your replies if you're interested. (xp etc) looking to spend long hours to grind up rating on the first day. Jun 30, 2015
Jun 30, 2015 Remember when lava burst got buffed for resto And later that week there was a 50% hot fix nerf? Holy Paladins need the same treatment.Suolis0 Jun 30, 2015
Jun 30, 2015 Bring back living bomb for frost mages plz!!! Sorry to be so blunt, but this class is not fun at all. I need something to do besides ice nova and poly. The multi dotting aspect in between burst phases really made frost exceptionally fun for me last season in arenas and RBG's.Myronus21 Jun 30, 2015
Jun 30, 2015 New season today. Wonder what fresh hell ferals will have to endure now.Desaroot10 Jun 30, 2015
Jun 30, 2015 Bold Prediction for Arenas Season 2 An Alliance team will win every single bracket + RBGs. Queue times for Alliance are sky-high, Horde is winning 36% of BGs, and the top 500 PvPers in WoW are 90% Alliance. Hello blue, something. is. wrong. People like close games. That's what makes a game exciting: the fear of losing, the thrill of snatching victory from the jaws of defeat. Pure glorious adrenaline. Close games are not happening enough. Unpredictable teams are not happening enough. The past week should have been a wake-up call to the developers, but we haven't heard anything from them about fixing things. Which means they probably won't for a long while yet. We wouldn't want to piss off all those serious PvPers who paid to transfer to Alliance by taking away the one reason they switched now would we? I'm posting this here and not in BGs, because apparently the developers don't listen to anyone except for the serious PvPers, but is anyone here really dumb enough to think that there isn't some fluidity between casual and serious PvPers? Everyone here started as a casual. I've played on and off since Vanilla Wow. I'm a 1600-1700 CR on a couple different 100 toons, and I have lost all interest in playing casual PvP in World of Borecraft where I fight, and primarily lose to teams of humans. I'm not amazing, but damnit I know my class and I am good. It's very frustrating to know that you did everything right, and yet still lose because of a fundamental imbalance between factions which you have no control over. I've played both factions all the way to the top, and since Battlegrounds inception it has never been this unbalanced. Never. I get it Blizz, rally to your base of hardcore gamers. They can give you insights into high-level gameplay that you just won't get from the casual BGs crowd. However, you still need fresh blood to counter turnover. Nobody plays forever. Starting tomorrow some people on the forums (especially those who paid money to switch Factions recently) are going to say "So what all the serious PvPers are off playing Arena and RBGs, so who cares if factions are unbalanced at the unrated BG level? Aside from one or two matches of pure Champion pre-made terror, the casuals will be fine." And they might be right. Maybe the win rate bounces back up to say 45% for Horde. Still unfair, but not so crappy that you get a massive wave of unsubscribes. Worth tweaking, but not an urgent issue. But what if we're dealing with a feedback loop, and the trend accelerates? What if casual Horde PvPers simply find other games to play? If casual BGs stay like this what is going to keep fresh players interested and excited in PvP? This chart portends a newer, more boring game dynamic for all PvPers in the future. The data shows an accelerating trend of unbalanced gameplay, an unprecedented trend. This is an urgent issue, and the PvP community deserves thoughtful commentary on how you are going to retain us as happy, active customers playing a balanced game. If not, then peace out, and congratulations to whichever Human Alliance teams sweep Arena and RBG.Boneymaroney7 Jun 30, 2015
Jun 30, 2015 2100+Xp multi-class lf new partners Hello I am making this thread so i can find new ppl to play with and hopefully push some rating :) my experience goes; Rogue: 2100 2v2,2000 3v3 Alliance Hunter: 2000 2v2, 2000 3v3 Horde balance druid : 1900 2v2, 2000 3v3 Horde Mage: 1900 2v2, 2000 3v3, 2100 5v5 Horde Warlock 2080 ish 2v2, 2100 3v3,2100 5v5 Horde Elemental shaman; 2090 2v2, 2190 3v3,2130 5v5 Horde These were roughly my best cr's with the classes that i enjoy,leave your btag if you are interested im down to pretty much all comps... Would prefer a team either on my rogue or the moonkin tho, thanks for reading :)Kazhunt3 Jun 30, 2015
Jun 30, 2015 NEW SEASON :) War here with 2600 xp as TSG/turbo/KFC and 2400 xp as WLS looking for atleast 2300 xp players to push as high as we can get today just for high caps, I only played to cap last season... mainly due to working a ton. I don't rage and I hope you don't either :) HMU! BTAG - princessmatt#1600Luffball8 Jun 30, 2015
Jun 30, 2015 [A] Multiclasser LF Partners Tomorrow 2k+ Fully Geared/Enchanted: Death Knight Warlock Rogue Mage Warrior Just came back after quitting the first month of the expansion. Looking to run some legit comps! Would prefer to play comps on DK/Lock/Warrior and then maybe mage/rogue. Pobezo#1673 Hit me up!Shayne3 Jun 30, 2015
Jun 30, 2015 How do you guys cope I feel like a fake monk because I couldn't get duelist like all of my heroes, how do you guys copeTaliah8 Jun 30, 2015
Jun 30, 2015 2.4~ looking for more partners this season Was 9 pts short from 2.4 playing no voice 3s this season. Looking to play most anything but TSG or TSCHI, I don't like playing with DKs.Neoo0 Jun 30, 2015
Jun 30, 2015 Holy Paladins need to be toned down - Reduce the damage done by denounce - Revert Executioner's Sentence back to what it wasTopfive0 Jun 30, 2015
Jun 30, 2015 Delete/undelete character during the season Hi, I'm thinking about deleting one of my toons during the season going on. But if I undelete it, can I get arena rating back also? I know it'll keep every item unchanged. Thanks !Shiitizen0 Jun 30, 2015
Jun 30, 2015 LF Spriest or Hpal for New Season 1550+ Will be able to push rating fast, let me know, btag is RoccoMD#1246Digitalice3 Jun 30, 2015
Jun 30, 2015 Why is Wod the only xpack that..... Has had no new races, classes, arena maps, bgs? Like, c'mon Blizzard give us some <3Thisclasslol13 Jun 30, 2015
Jun 30, 2015 2k XP Warrior LF More partners for 6.2 2k XP warrior coming to the harsh realization that most of the people I used to play with just don't play anymore save for like 2-3 people where schedules tend to cause troubles. Will run anything that's viable and can play both Arms/Fury Add my Btag and we can sort it out, let's be pals. Coldaslife#1575Reignz12 Jun 30, 2015
Jun 30, 2015 Transmog How you guys like my transmog? I got tired of the armor that looks so big that you look like if you tried to swing a sword in it you'd fall flat on your face. besides that where would you strap said armor on to an undead without said strap falling off due to skin rot? *lol*Zannibal4 Jun 30, 2015
Jun 30, 2015 Maximizing my UI's Potential Hey guys, heres my UI Okay, what do you think I can change about my UI to make it better? My party frames are positioned right beside my focus frame above my chat. I find I will often tunnel vision too much and not look at my buff bar, or look at health bars and !@#$ to much. Where do you think I could move my Target, Self, and Focus to, to have it be better, so I can pay more attention to buffs while still seeing other things? Do you think there is too much just in the middle that I don't notice things near the edges? How should I rectify this. Also, what addons would you guys reccomend for arenas? I currently only use Gladius, Omnibar, and that's it. Do you think I should up my UI scale or something? All recommendations are appreciated guys but I don't want to space ship toooooo hard. :) Thanks in advance!Johnswarrior25 Jun 30, 2015
Jun 30, 2015 Tsg Looking for 2300 plus xp Hpally or Rdruid for tsg tomorrow. Pushing ratings far as we can go for high cap. No raging no quiting. Dk and I both 2400 xp. Btag is Harbiinger#1447.Traumaxo0 Jun 30, 2015
Jun 30, 2015 Best healer for the long haul Looking to roll a healer, I dont want the flavor of the month, what healer do you think will be consistantly viable.Preser6 Jun 30, 2015
Jun 30, 2015 Disc or Rdruid for 2s? Hey guys, pretty straight forward question. I can't decide if I want to focus mainly on gearing my disc or my Resto for strictly 2v2 healing. I typically run with a warrior, but have run with other things as well. I have a feeling that with a full set of the new season gear, disc will become better than people think. In the past, if I remember correctly, disc has scaled very well with higher ilevels. What are your guys' thoughts?Warslave5 Jun 30, 2015
Jun 30, 2015 Banished Spell Lock Getting locked through pet being banished.. or CC'd Through pillars n !@#$. Wonder how long thisll last into the season.Epícburn12 Jun 30, 2015
Jun 30, 2015 Thank goodness for skirmishes The honor grind seems pretty slow, but at least it can be done with skirmishes. Unlike the 20+ min queues for BGs and the 3-4 hour queues on Ashran... If not for skirmishes, it would have been a painful week of watching the screen and not playing. And what is really weird - it's not like you have too few people - you could ignore faction and match people up and we could all be playing. The forced factions are the problem, you can't balance the factions, never could, and its worse than ever right now. Give it up! Let faction face faction like RBG.Hammerfix0 Jun 30, 2015
Jun 30, 2015 Healing in arena - the most important part? Hai2u So after watching a lot of the gctv tournaments, and just from arena experience, and even healing experience. One thing I noticed from these healers(and dps too, lets be honest) is their flat about ability to for see big damage coming in and counter it almost instantly. Doing so would stop a lot of kill opportunities, and I personally was just amazed at how it was happening. I feel if the dps are meh, and the healer is above par, the healer could carry the 2 dps to higher ratings, where as if 1 dps is above par and the other 2 are meh, nothing really will happen. Also, this isn't counting positioning, cc's going in or out, when and how to use cd's, trinkets, etc. What do you think?Fiyor4 Jun 30, 2015
Jun 30, 2015 Lf new arena partners hey guys ziffy here. I am looking for new arena partners. my partner in crime soballer has chosen to ride the fotm path and lob me to play with fotm partners. I am a DEMONOLOGY warlock and i got glad on both my locks playing the most random comps ever that i literally just made up in my head. I think i was like the only demo lock to get glad or something idk. anyway add me if u wanna be my partner for arena next season zif#1992 pceZiffyx3 Jun 30, 2015
Jun 30, 2015 give enh purge a stacking debuff on mana cost like arcane blast or slam but with no positive balance to the diminishing return like those abilities getCrispix19 Jun 30, 2015
Jun 30, 2015 what a shame this guy's previous name was Arlask-Mal'ganis, he IS in fact a pilot when he found out that people knew about it, he changed his characters name/realm changed (funny how he landed my username on tichondrius too)Ev5 Jun 30, 2015
Jun 30, 2015 season 16 rewards? come out tomorrow or the following tuesday?Refinedivine3 Jun 30, 2015
Jun 30, 2015 World of AFKcraft, Where it all Went Wrong So this game used to be pretty fun, those of us into pvp have been happily sustained merely by arenas, but for some reason they can't leave us alone and just let us have fun. They have to force us into new areas we have no interest in, they could literally do nothing except make balancing changes and I would be happy. As I'm typing this I'm 35 minutes into a 12 minute bg queue. I spend probably twice as much time sitting in queues, waiting around on other people or just straight afking as I do actually playing the game and this has been the worst expansion for inefficient, mind-numbingly boring 0-content time sucking tedium. Even if I choose to ignore Ashran and garrisons, the people on my friends list are still sitting around wasting time on these things, which means that not queueing arenas, which means I'm still stuck with nothing to do. I asked a few people to do 3s skirms tonight and none of them wanted to because they were x/2hours into their ashran queues. Please, Blizzard. Just let us play.Nathian5 Jun 30, 2015
Jun 30, 2015 Holy Priest Is Hpriest going to be a thing again? edit: ...Nayoko8 Jun 30, 2015
Jun 30, 2015 Any slots not from strongboxes? so I know what to buy first, do we know conclusively if there are any slots aside from wep and offhand that can't be filled with rng gear? they made it sound like the boxes would only drop vers items, so does that mean accessories won't be dropping or naw?Chase5 Jun 30, 2015
Jun 30, 2015 Cyclone Cyclone, Cyclone, Cyclone, Cyclone, Dash, Cyclone, Cyclone, CycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCycloneCyclone My poem for tonight.Sterilet21 Jun 30, 2015
Jun 30, 2015 Racial Balance Can we at least all agree that it's not here and should be addressed asap, and not during next expansion as planned? Can we at least all agree on that?Yagarr51 Jun 30, 2015
Jun 30, 2015 Faerie Fire needs to go Of all the abilities in the game that got the prune, I am dumbfounded why this particular ability has not been removed. It is overpowered, imbalanced, and renders a core mechanic and playstyle of an entire class null and void. It's spammable Costs no resources ranged.No other class has this kind of ability that can be used against them. There is not one single ability that says "Prevents that specific class from doing x y z". It also serves no purpose in PvE, other for guardian druids and that is to perhaps pull mobs and gain agro. Their other 3 specs have no use for it, and its only use is to single out one class out of 10. "Other classes have stealth, too!" They may have stealth, but they do not use it as intensively as rogues, and it is not part of their core game play. Every other class (That can do so) must glyph or talent an ability to give them in combat stealth, and even if they do enter stealth, it is often quickly removed by a timer (6 seconds usually) or damaging abilities. They also do not require stealth for generation of combo points, nor the application of weakness effects. "Plenty of classes have counters!" Yes, counters. Things you do reactively to counter what that player has done. You mass dispell a bubble or block, you pop evasion against recklessness, you pop cocoon when you're being trained during CD's. THESE ARE COUNTERS. Applying a leave and forget ability at 35 yard range is not a counter. This is dumb mechanic that if afflicted any other class, it would be removed ASAP. But the problem with rogues is, they have a whopping 4% of the player population. The other thing about rogues is, only 1/4 - half of those PvP. IN ADDITION, any concerns raised by a rogue will be met with ridicule by other classes who deem them overpowered, or have bias against them for previous expansions. To put it in perspective, it is the same as: Preventing Warriors / DK's from using defensive stance Preventing Druids for shapeshifting (This means no displacer beast, no bear form, no swapping cat form to break roots) Preventing Ice Block and Divine Shields from working Prevention of using or controlling pets (Which funnily enough have been pruned) Etc.. "Just dispell it!" Dispell has an 8 second cooldown, and given a 3 vs 3 environment, there is more than just the rogue in the team. You are constantly dispelling CC's, snares, DoT's and various other things from targets. They're not always going to dispel it from you, and even if you do.. Guess what?! They just re-apply instantaneously from their little distance. It makes no difference to dispel it. This isn't an ability with a long cooldown that has priority dispels like Hammer of Justice or traps, it's a spammable, ranged spell which is leave and forget. All the while if you make the effort to dispel the Faerie, your other DPS is now stuck in a trap, and here comes the long Cyclone / trap chain. GG. "What about Cloak of Shadows?" Yup, cloak is useful for this. Except it got slapped a 30 second duration with 6.2. But what is the point of dispelling it when once again, you can easily re apply it? Either remove it entirely, or give rogues Shiv ability to prevent druids from shapeshifting so it's a two way street, or reduce the duration to 8 seconds and give it a cooldown of 2 minutes so it's actually used in a competitive way.Tfwnoface90 Jun 30, 2015
Jun 30, 2015 shaymens african haiti gods what is the best spec for shamans? I dont wanna rsham to lvl 100. What just dominates in dps? ELE OR ENHVeqz4 Jun 30, 2015
Jun 30, 2015 Looking for PvP Friends Just looking for some people to chill and do pvp with on a consistent basis. thanks! Failure#1594Failüre1 Jun 30, 2015
Jun 30, 2015 have they said one way or another whether wild gladiator gear can be warforged or socketedCrispix2 Jun 30, 2015
Jun 30, 2015 LF arena partners on horde side Got 2k exp in 2s... 1900ish in 3s... have never given pvp all my time and effort, but this season im really looking to push... Prefer to run wls,kfc, or turbo... just hmu if you are trying to really push this season. thanksAlpha0 Jun 30, 2015
Jun 30, 2015 holy paladin fix? can we change execution sentence back to what it was before? before that change paladins were fine. even slightly on the weaker side. our damage also needs a huge tone down, we shouldn't even come close to having similar damage as dps. thoughts?Semula13 Jun 30, 2015
Jun 30, 2015 Marks/Mut thug Forget getting their trinkets anymore just kill somebody in a GCD straight through defensivesSeriana21 Jun 30, 2015
Jun 30, 2015 Warrior or Hunter? Coming back to the game after 3 years. I am interested in both, but pvp is a bit difficult until I get the swing of things. Would a hunter or warrior do better in arena this season, while also being easier to get back into pvp again after years offÇât1 Jun 30, 2015
Jun 30, 2015 blood rune as frost bug any other dks getting a bug in arena where you have a blood rune as frost? it's really annoyingRipgayicus0 Jun 30, 2015
Jun 30, 2015 How do you play WW now? Haven't played since January Heard 2-hander is better than dual-wield? Thanks edit - And I guess and tech-talents. I would look it up but I'm lazy, sorry.Mendi2 Jun 30, 2015
Jun 30, 2015 2.4dk LF team(s) to push glad this season Ok, 2.4+ dk LF team(s) to play with this coming season to get glad. Basically I yolo every season to 2k-2.2+ with just random friends but the games getting boring and I need some more people to play with and have some good laughs with as well. (Basically purged my bnet to get rid of 2k s(h)itters and people who don't actually want to push rating or do anything.) I can play unholy and frost..I love unholy though. Lets do it boys!! Multiple toons to 2.2+Beta8 Jun 30, 2015
Jun 30, 2015 wanna level alts hello? hi i sorta wanna b gross nd level a hpal so i can play it u feel me? im not feelin disc tbh i have a 43 rsham on alli, a 40 hpal on alli, a 50 rdruid on horde (but i can faction change it ya), and a 48 monk on alli or i can make a new toon idc i just dont like leveling aloneBicboibubble25 Jun 30, 2015
Jun 30, 2015 looking for healer to push 2400+ experienced dk and lock looking for a healer to push early season with. leave btags belowRipgayicus3 Jun 30, 2015
Jun 30, 2015 pve gear so far they haven't reduced my 715 gear in skirmishes, wondering if they will for the next season edit - actually my 716 piece is reduced to 715 so it looks like that's the cap on pve gear. makes sense but some people that pve will have a slight advantage over people in just honor gear. not sure if that's good or notTiberìus1 Jun 30, 2015
Jun 30, 2015 Resto druid 3s arena help Hi, I'm having trouble with healing on a resto druid if anyone with 2k+ experience in 3s is willing to give some advice, it would be much appreciated. My main concerns are: 1) How to survive being trained on? Should I call my teammates to help all the time I am getting trained? 2) Healing spell priorities? 3) Any tips/tricks/ or general awareness I should know of? Thanks so much for any help!Capitaine2 Jun 30, 2015
Jun 30, 2015 pala v druid my line of thought is that if warlocks are as powerful as they are, rdruids will be favored over paladins in a lot of matchups. but then druids kinda just flop vs a lot of cleaves where paladins do far better. thoughts? do you think the meta will shift far enough that it stops favoring paladins?Magicmanx3 Jun 30, 2015