Aug 2, 2015 Feral Stat Priority Is my gear good so far? Should I stack crit and get 4-piece or stack mastery and versatility?Feltin0 Aug 2, 2015
Aug 2, 2015 MLP Looks Fricken Aids Watching Dilly/Woastyz/Kubzy playing Thug vs Psytrix/Chanimals/Rositajonez MLP was frustrating to watch I can't imagine how frustrating it would be to play! The CC is so insane. Polymorph seems so crazy OP.. The DR seems to be so short holy cow. Unfortunately Woastyz wasn't even able to hardly play..!Hungfuu1 Aug 2, 2015
Aug 2, 2015 NA Qualifiers I was so surprised Walterbare didn't use extremely OP feral healing to 1v3 the enemy team :O Also when he used incarnation he didn't ferocious bite for 100k twice in a row? Don't know whats going on. He must have been lagging!Floofqt48 Aug 2, 2015
Aug 2, 2015 NA qualifiers in a nut shell atm "Down to 20% ,saved by light the procs looks like hes gonna be ok" "one thing to note i think its really interesting to see danny counter incarnation with incarnation" "this turbo cleave is doing a ton of damage" "this turbo cleave is doing a great job at shutting them down really well played by them" "both teams really love their pillar right now" "That was a really good game" "another exciting match up next" "amazing cross cc by the rmd"Fichallenged4 Aug 2, 2015
Aug 2, 2015 2015 Arena Forum Invitational Official Thread NOTICE: There will now be a cash prize for this tournament! Details are being worked out. The purpose of this tournament is for the members of the arena forum and any blizzard CMs who are interested to have a chance to face off in the arena. Additionally, new, rookie and inexperienced players will have an opportunity to play alongside of more experienced and higher rated members of the community. The hope is for a positive, fun, community building event which is more about having a good time than the usual competitive ladder grind. Hope to see you all at the event! Rules The tournament will begin at 6:30 PM EST on Saturday, August 1st, 2015. If required, it will be continued on at 6:30 PM EST Sunday, August 2cnd, 2015. Here are the rules and explanations of why the rules are the way they are. This tournament is for frequent posters on the Arena Forum only and any Blizzard employees that want to take a shot at them for their constant complaining! Lore, Holinka and friends are all invited to participate. All participants need to submit their name by July 24th so that we can make the bracket in advance. Currently there will be no limit on sign-ups unless things start to snowball really out of control. Players will be randomly placed in a team, ideally 1 healer and two dps, although I do forsee the issue of not having enough healers for this, so encourage healer friends to join! There is no entry fee and no cash prize for this! Your award will be bragging rights. The tournament will be double elimination meaning that after you get knocked out of the bracket you have a chance at redemption in the loser’s bracket. My current plan will be to broadcast from my stream although that is subject to change. I would love to take volunteers for commentators, Dillypoo has already expressed interest as one and I would like to have a second and potentially a backup or two just in case. Healers will all be team captains for the tournament. All the captains will be randomly numbered and then be given a list of all available dps players w/ their class, spec, rating and then select their teammates in a 2 round draft. This will hopefully make the teams more balanced than complete random selection which could end up putting the three best players on the same team. The order for the first round draft pick will be highest rated to lowest rated captains. The second round draft pick will be lowest to highest rated captains. This way, each team should hopefully end up with one lower experience player and two higher. This system will also eliminate the problem of two people that despise each other from being on the same team. Any necessary seeding will be done at random. The purpose of this tournament is for the members of the arena forum and any blizzard CMs who are interested to have a chance to face off in the arena. Additionally, new, rookie and inexperienced players will have an opportunity to play alongside of more experienced and higher rated members of the community. The hope is for a positive, fun, community building event which is more about having a good time than the usual competitive ladder grind. Hope to see you all at the event! WHO: -Arena Forum Posters, regulars, Blizz CMs (if they like) -Everyone is invited to sign up regardless of exp! -Tentatively ft. Dillypoo and Oatmeal as commentators WHAT: - 3v3 arena tournament, 8-16 teams, best of 3, single/double elimination - bracket can be found here: - pro level commentating provided by Dillypoo and TBA! Thanks guys! WHEN: -3:30 PST, 6:30 EST Saturday, August 1st, 2015. Possible extension into Sunday. Will conclude 3:30 PST, 6:30 EST Sunday, August 2nd, 2015. - -link to arena forum post with info RULES: -To participate you must sign up by July 24th 11:59PM - see sign up section for more info -Number of teams decided by the number of people signed up, but if sign-ups get too out of control registration will be closed and the bracket will be done on a first come first served basis. - Tournament gear required (no enchants allowed) There will be no PvE gear allowed in this tournament!!! A side note: I HIGHLY encourage the use of Curse Voice for this tournament!!! There will be a lot of people in call with strangers and I'd rather not have this become an ip harvesting fest. It's not a concrete rule as I can't enforce it, but for your router's sake, just a suggestion.Nathian499 Aug 2, 2015
Aug 2, 2015 Tournament UI Question Random question, just curious. In tournaments, especially the qualifiers for Blizzcon and the like, are players allowed to use addons and such or do they have to use the stock UI?Zakigga0 Aug 2, 2015
Aug 2, 2015 DDOScon(3 Victims So Far) Pay Your Respects. Sorry Ven. Sorry Wealthyman. Sorry Ilovemycatxo.Civelle24 Aug 2, 2015
Aug 2, 2015 Cup #2 MVP Vote for who you think is MVP of Cup #2 My vote goes to Kubzy, most under rated player, but also probably the most consistently clutch player in this cup.Dillypoo16 Aug 2, 2015
Aug 2, 2015 NA Tourney Will people continue to complain about certain classes when all I freakin see is "RMD /Faceroll or ML-Pillarhump"Barundorn13 Aug 2, 2015
Aug 2, 2015 2566 exp / 1919 cr Lock LF team 2566exp / 1919cr, looking for a 3s team to play with for the rest of the season. Happy to play any comp viable with my class/spec. I play from Sydney (AEST). Please have 2200+ exp and similar CR. B-tag: Persepolis#1485Robbegojez0 Aug 2, 2015
Aug 2, 2015 @ilovemycatxo no matter what happens im proud of u :^)Stinky1 Aug 2, 2015
Aug 1, 2015 Best Hunter Comps for 3's Friend geared a hunter and I want to play with him, just curious what comps go good with hunter?Jericho1 Aug 1, 2015
Aug 1, 2015 2.1k exp rsham looking to expand btag! Hello! I'm just a 2.1k last season rsham looking for more friends to play with. Last season was my first season ever PvPing and I am constantly striving to improve. I'm looking for chill people with a similar mindset that don't rage and can handle a few losses. I have proper keybinds, I'm a fast learner and communicate well. Currently 2k 2s at 2150 MMR and ~1900 in 3s at 2k MMR. I mainly play WLS and am familiar with all the strategies and nuances of the comp. I'll also play shadowcleave, shadowplay, HLS, RLS, MLS, KFC and cupid. I have 2 shams, an hpal and a freshly minted rdruid. I pretty much only play rsham though, but I plan on learning the other healers to a similar extent. I'm usually on during evenings, but sometimes during the day EST. Skype for comm. Hit me up if you'd like to play some games :) SensualPanda#1944Stayplus4 Aug 1, 2015
Aug 1, 2015 Wow pvp Population anyone know the actual percentage of active pvpers vrs the dragon slayers?Divination19 Aug 1, 2015
Aug 1, 2015 My Qualifier experience. Feral gets ddosd, lose first round. Forced to play HLS, enemy team switches comps on us (LOL?) During 2nd game, warlock suddenly has 600 ms and lags out all game. After losing my chance, I get whispered by some random: P.S. It's not a good idea to stream qualifiers :), better luck next time.Absterge13 Aug 1, 2015
Aug 1, 2015 Glad Ret LF 3v3 Lf Warlocks and Rshams Last season Glad Ret LF more partners. have multiple rets at 100. I love playing multiple different kinds of comps on or off meta. I'm Up to play/try any kind of comp. Ret,Lock,Shaman and Ret,Dk,Rsham or Hpal being my favorite comps. I ran multiple ret comps above 2600 last season including Ret Lock Rsham , Ret Hunter hpal/Rsham and Ret War Rsham Lf people preferably above 2600exp minimal or previous season glads. My battletag is Capernaum#1930. I also have a spriest i just geared that I hit 2700 on in cataclysm and a Enhance shaman I just picked up who I'm new at but already been to 2400 mmr on him. HMU if interested.Caperx0 Aug 1, 2015
Aug 1, 2015 OMFG THAT CROSS CC BY TEMPO Holy sh*t....completely utterly shut down the entire team to kill Aveng. Never seen an RMD rotate CCs that flawlessly before O_OBeverenicel9 Aug 1, 2015
Aug 1, 2015 2k exp 1600cr aff lock lf chill rsham for wls I don't post much on forums so idk if this is the right place but me and my warr buddy need some new healer friends to run arenas with. We pretty chill & don't rage, got 2k last season & wanna try to push higher this season. Not looking for some super hero glad sham to carry us, we trying to find someone cool to grow & get better with that's already pretty decent. This is starting to sound like a relationship application so I'll end it here lmao. Add my btag if interested, we play really late at night like after midnight eastern time & got lots of alts too. Hmu if interested Erikc92#1528Hishamaru1 Aug 1, 2015
Aug 1, 2015 make achievements seasonal. now, i'm not saying we should lose our old achievements, simply that we should be getting new ones each season. while this is really late in the games life, really stinks lots of players have so little to look forward to now. gearing has become a chore rather then a mark of success. while I get that t2 had it's issues, it was still something to push for each season. beyond that, tabard was in relative reach for a lot of players during wrath. now there are no rating gates on gear, no elite true gear, and most of the achievements out there haven't changed in ages. dunno. just isn't much to look forward to anymore. =/Adr8 Aug 1, 2015
Aug 1, 2015 How do i find the right class for me i have leveled almost all melee besides paladin or dk. i think i like melee i wanna do damage and i wanna be good in 2s 3s and bgs. any idea on what class i should play?Facebender0 Aug 1, 2015
Aug 1, 2015 hunter/mage/healer why dont people play thisMargrethe5 Aug 1, 2015
Aug 1, 2015 Why doesnt yolo mean yolo? Trying to get my 3 wins on my alt hunter and every yolo group is ONLY trying to find locks/spriests. I cannot find any group even low xp yolos. I link hero of alliance and arena master also and still cant. When did yolo go from no comms everyone of any class, aslong as it is 3 heals 7 dps, is welcome. The whole "yolo lets just play and get points" aspect. Now yolo means a super specific comp, sometimes even voice. But very rarely do you find an ACTUAL yolo group. TLDR; Stop saying yolo rbg and only inviting locks.Yusok2 Aug 1, 2015
Aug 1, 2015 North American OFFLINE Arena Qualifiers. Tournament should be renamed imo. Three games out of 6 decided by disconnects/dosses(?) so far.Urgoinofflne6 Aug 1, 2015
Aug 1, 2015 did jahmilli quit wow? long time no see this guy streaming no more wow for him?Seraphus24 Aug 1, 2015
Aug 1, 2015 why do i get bored of every class i play is it because im not destroying people? anyone know whyFacebender10 Aug 1, 2015
Aug 1, 2015 Hunter teams are the most fun to watch Compares to other teams, hunter teams are the most entertaining to watch. Hope to see more.Kimøchi1 Aug 1, 2015
Aug 1, 2015 World of DDoScraft crits your router ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ DDoS for MVP ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つBeverenicel3 Aug 1, 2015
Aug 1, 2015 Demo for 2v2? My partner plays FDK, WW and Fury. We do 2v2 for fun/points all the time and I'm wondering if demo is viable for this setup? I understand affliction is great and all but I'm not all that great at it, because each match I just get trained to the dirt. I thought demo might offer a bit more tankiness and I feel like people aren't as aware of how to fight against a demo since they aren't around all that often. Any advice??Wíckedwayz4 Aug 1, 2015
Aug 1, 2015 wtf why hasn't anybody mentioned how both teams had one person get hit offline in two of the three matches of Method vs le sock? Also the fact that the commentators didn't even mention how Azael stood there for a straight 30 seconds just lmaoMontyx13 Aug 1, 2015
Aug 1, 2015 Anyone think Lore does arena? Watching the tourney and hearing him commentate, I notice his awareness is fairly decent tbh. Probably better than most people who actually do arenas competitively. Anyone think that Lore actually does arenas, and if he doesn't I wonder if he would do good If he did?Brùtè14 Aug 1, 2015
Aug 1, 2015 How catch-up cap really needs to be If I hit level 100 I should be able to continuously queue arenas until I have exactly as much gear as someone who has had a 1500 (1700 now) cap all season. Not only am I at a gear disadvantage I'm at a potential gear disadvantage, I simply can not catch up. Will someone explain to me why the catch up cap isn't 1700 + (1700 x number of weeks passed since the start of the season) for new level 100's? What is the possible downside to this, more people playing arenas? The whole gearing system is not suited for PvP, people hate uneven playing fields - where are these numbers for catch-up cap even coming from? I don't want to be using honor blues while people in the 1500 bracket have had full purples for 4 weeks just because I leveled an alt or joined late.Yeezyboyswag7 Aug 1, 2015
Aug 1, 2015 feral disc 2s me and a buddy are gonna try to push 2k, any advice?Jernanner20 Aug 1, 2015
Aug 1, 2015 tourny is being streamed (just a reminder) .Toonwarrior5 Aug 1, 2015
Aug 1, 2015 In a huge slump. Advice? So I've lost like 200+ points in 2 days, and its eating at me. I was playing well at first, but after frequent losses i started getting frustrated because I was doing my job, and we just weren't landing kills, so after a couple losses, its back to lfg to find another group. Queue up with a new team, win a couple, lose a couple, and its back to lfg AGAIN. Then I get to the point where I'm expecting to lose, and start making stupid mistakes because the losses are getting into my head, and I'm pressing too much to play perfectly, and it just keeps getting worse. Today I played wls with 2 idiots from lfg, and we faced a wld mirror. In the 2+ minute match, I kicked 2 fears on me, while the lock and warrior both had no kicks the entire game. We lost, of course, and the lock says, you didnt land a single hex all game. I said of course I didn't. You dotted both dps, so the only target left is the druid, and he shifted it. Why don't you idiots learn to kick cc when your healer is sitting in a stun? I don't have a regular team. I've tried many times to find people from the forums to play with, and I just cant find any partners, so my entire season has been me queuing with random people from lfg. I can't build any synergy, and with healing being so unrewarding, I'm at the point where I feel like quitting. How do I get out of this slump?Urgoinofflne34 Aug 1, 2015
Aug 1, 2015 WoD made the pvp barrier to entry worse. The ability prune (among many unfounded reasons) actually made getting into rated pvp much harder. Practicing and perfecting more complex burst and damage rotations was part of climbing in rating and improving. Now in wod, it takes so little effort to do max dmg. The game has shifted to more gear/comp match ups than skill match ups. I'm a casual challenger hero and the low bracket used to feel like something I could progress and play in. Now, every class runs in to spam max dmg and win. I miss the game where a good aff lock was scary because he knew how to watch his procs and extend dots. Now, every aff lock is scary. I miss the game where mages had to set up burst with shatter/alter combos. Now it's push 1 button 2x for the same damage. New players used to be able to come in and progress because lower brackets also had newish players still practicing how to set up dmg and cc cds. How does a new player learn now when that feral kills them in a rake stun? Blizz on top of making the game super boring for the better players, you made it terrible for idiots like me that slum sub 2k. GgwpNurdie11 Aug 1, 2015
Aug 1, 2015 Would this be a viable buff for ret? 2% damage reduction per HP you currently have?Huën11 Aug 1, 2015
Aug 1, 2015 Current top 5-10 comps? I've realized that in the current meta I actually have no actual idea what the best comp is. Lock/feral/sham? Turbo? I really can't tell tbh and I'd really like to see some lists of top comps (ideally somewhere between 5-10 of the top comps) in order with #1 being the best comp in the game currently. If you'd be wonderful enough to include a brief few sentences at the end summarizing why you included things/didn't include things that'd be incredible as well. TY forum friends <3Sadaradex5 Aug 1, 2015
Aug 1, 2015 playing lsd4 and it seems really hard (lsd4 aka FLS) warlocks and ferals need a survivability buff. we need to bring back barkskin, and might of ursoc. while were at it, the glyph of unending resolve needs at least a 10% buff. we had a really hard time against this subtlety rmpriest last night - i uploaded some of our games from last night at ~2200-2300mmr on youtube if you guys wanna see what im talking about. Aug 1, 2015
Aug 1, 2015 Gotta luv that Alliance BG queue time... Just want to pvp for a little bit and I've been sitting in queue now for 15mins. =(Danathor8 Aug 1, 2015
Aug 1, 2015 @clancy 17 pages worth of bites /golfclapJernanner21 Aug 1, 2015
Aug 1, 2015 1560 hunter lf rbg team I know my role im tired of yolos and them not carrying their weight. lf friends to run rbgs with Ramuh#1425Durory5 Aug 1, 2015
Aug 1, 2015 LF Demo locks to play 3's with. I like to try different comps and want to try Glad/Demo/healer. Don't know if it will be good just want to play it and get to know some Demo's to play different comps. Glad Dps is pretty bursty and has some of the best Bleeds in game. Some matches might go Prot for the Dispel though vs casters. Should be fun. abomb247#1301 I will be at the beach all day today but looking to play tonight or sunday. Also wouldn't mind running some Glad turbo. Also want to try that.Abombanation1 Aug 1, 2015
Aug 1, 2015 Every Man for Himself when they will remove this !@#$?Wingweaver9 Aug 1, 2015
Aug 1, 2015 Learning mage So i'm now learning mage since healing is terrible right now. Looking for some tips on how to set up cc, mainly against turbo or anything double melee that will train me. I know the basics. Deep into sheep/ring/fj if interrupted. Just have trouble actually getting casts off. Also, anybody know a good addon to show incanters, trink procs? Feel free to add in other stuff if you think of it. Anything is appreciated.Healpockets3 Aug 1, 2015
Aug 1, 2015 OFFICIAL Antility vs Dillypoo Stream watch and learn.Antility124 Aug 1, 2015
Aug 1, 2015 Healing Can you please make healing more fun? It's actually !@#$ right now to heal. I don't care what class you're healing on, it's not fun.Healpockets40 Aug 1, 2015
Aug 1, 2015 Healer/Aff Lock Im running rogue rdruid and this is just not possible. I've went up against this comp vs skilled players and we just rot, which I said okay, fine. But then I went up against an awful awful lock hpal, i did everything perfectly, 3 bops, 2 absorb shield and we die in dampening. How can you beat this ? It's ridicolous.Ellen4 Aug 1, 2015
Aug 1, 2015 Tanaan Jungle banners usable in arena? So we were queuing tonight and ran into this team that proceeded to drop 2-3 different Tanaan Jungle Banners like this one here... What happened to the whole "You can't use that item in Arena!" in this instance? clearly wasnt there! Blue pls.... Intended or not? Edit: Queued into them once more and lo and behold! more Banners! Aug 1, 2015
Aug 1, 2015 Best dps class paired with Ret pally? 2s Which class/spec is best paired with pally for double dps 2s?Lennìx11 Aug 1, 2015