Apr 19 Stacking Disarm and Duel Just wanted to hear other melee's input on warriors stacking both Disarm and Duel honor talents. Using every disarm on me with it being a 6 second with 30 second cd means i don't get to play 20% of the match, right? That's kind of crazy. But then you add a 8 second duel with 25 second cd where i do 50% damage to his teammates and now i barely get to play the match if they use those two buttons on cooldown. Am i supposed to just train an arms warrior until i die? Any idea where the counter play for this is??? TLDR: why aren't Disarm and Duel on the same row? 6 second disarm with 30 second cd 8 second duel with 25 second cd this is effectively half of every minuteTrenzix32 Apr 19
Apr 19 WTF happened to this game? Does scaling spike at AP40 or something? No idea what happened, overnight I'm doing 50% of everyone's damageSnaredlol3 Apr 19
Apr 19 Alliance realm? Gonna level an alt druid (alts in legion hehe) Any ally populated "arena player" realms?Karmavore0 Apr 19
Apr 19 Life cocoon sucks Yes it sucks. i cant use while stunned, and 25% of my HP is a terrible shield for the cooldown it has when it lasts for less than 2 seconds when you have 2 dps on you.Dragon2 Apr 19
Apr 19 Has everyone just gotten better? Hey guys, I'm struggling to bust 1650 in 2s and can't even break 1000 in 3s!!! I used to float around 1950 to 2.1 in cata and mop (as a rsham and rdruid). Now just returning a month ago from missing WOD, but now I'm struggling. Even though I'm just casually playing with no voice and am having fun, it's pretty demoralising to see my win to loss ratio in the negative. I know disc priests can in fact be buffed a little bit because I feel making mistakes is much more unforgiving (especially when I'm having mana problems and the artifact ability is pretty garbage). But I still do think I should be winning 1500mmr games. Am I just terrible??Beccax50 Apr 19
Apr 19 playing arena on alt right now my partners have 11 million hp then for some reason 1 of them including an enemy on the other team just gets 100-0'd out of nowhere at the same timeZulubar14 Apr 19
Apr 19 HP Bug Quick do PvE things to get it nerfed fasterOffline1 Apr 19
Apr 19 Health bugs It's great how this Nemesis UH DK got his first 1750 cause he had 12.5 mil hp and was hitting my for 200k ticks on his dotsChanthou0 Apr 19
Apr 19 Not a health/damage bug in arena/bg I realize I am really really high up in artifact points (my weapon is level 40!) When you gentlemen hit 40 health and damge spikes bigly.Myxlplix2 Apr 19
Apr 19 Arena targetting Ok, so I know how to target with arena 1 2 3, and I know about focus targets. But I"m confused on the purpose of focus targeting. Can't I just keybind each ability with arena 1 2 3. I can still see everything people are casting with sarena. I'm confused because every high rated arena player I watch uses focus macros. Is there some benefit in it that I'm missing?Dumbmoron1 Apr 19
Apr 19 Artifact weapons and PVP Am I the only one who feels they are sending us mixed messages here? Gear and stats are equalized for PVP so players who play more don't have a big advantage over others... But artifact weapons that could theoretically take months to complete and not only greatly empower abilities but also add more abilities all together are going to be allowed (practically required) And then we have these rune type things that upgrade the weapons, and they can't even be acquired via PVP? Seems to me like this gives raiders and daily players a huge advantage over others... Also gives a big disadvantage to those who want to PVE and PVP in the same spec, since changing artifact weapon points is so costly... So I'm basically forced to PVP in one spec, and PVE in another, or sacrifice performance in one or the other to allow for the right choices to be made... Can anyone clear this up for me?Bloodemon60 Apr 19
Apr 19 Nevermind, arena is fucked as a whole Was doing 2's with my healer monk... Ret pally does : Judgement... 1 shots my healer. We check logs, there was only 1 hit done in the arena. Judgment : 150k (overkill) WTF???? Anyone has seen this happen before? Edit : I've also just noticed i have 7.6M health out of arena now... uhhhKittykat3 Apr 19
Apr 19 !@#$ rdruids !@#$ rdruidsTheoretiks10 Apr 19
Apr 18 Unholy DK 2s talents Hello all, I have a question regarding unholy DK talents for pvp, specifically 2s. I'm running with a buddy of mine who is a resto shammy. My questions regard the talent tree. I'm seeing some UDKs use Ebon Fever while some opt for Bursting Sores. The second to last tier I use Necrosis, but I see Infected Claws as popular. Lastly, I was using Soul Reaper then switched to Dark Arbiter, but see some people using Soul Reaper. I didn't think the 110 thousand damage was that good, despite the increase in haste, but maybe I'm wrong. I don't have any add-ons to capture pvp damage to see which is better. Any information is greatly appreciated. Thank YouLeionid9 Apr 18
Apr 18 Wtf is up with the new scaling Our health is insane I feel like a item lvl 980 tankXorrok2 Apr 18
Apr 18 The Abomb went 12-1 with Prot TSG My first 3's Que session with a buddy I been playing 2's with and a Unh DK we found in LFG just steam rolled had fun going 12-1. Think I found my Comp. If you guys haven't tried Prot TSG. It's fun.Abombanation79 Apr 18
Apr 18 Double Spriest/Rsham above 2400 Great balance HolinkaXorrok19 Apr 18
Apr 18 multi 1500 ret defeats grievin in skirm No ones safe Apr 18
Apr 18 Duel? How has this still not been nerfed? 50% dmg reduction on 25 sec cd???!!!! This is an absolutely ridiculous talent considering in any given warrior comp they are usually the least viable kill target. Turbo: enhance is way more viable to kill, WMX: mage , TSG: dk, War/Dh: DH, etc. However these other kill targets become way harder to kill when they have 8 secs of 50% dmg reduction every 25 secs! Unreal.Flaytonmanin8 Apr 18
Apr 18 Unable to purchase traits After grinding for hours, finally relieved that I can get my 10% healing and stam, I am unable to purchase the 35th trait despite having 34 unlocked and the ap required to do it. Has anyone else had/ is having this issue?Biggay7 Apr 18
Apr 18 HAHAHA BYE BM HUNTERS Separation Anxiety increases the damage of your pet by 15% (was 50%).Orcahontas39 Apr 18
Apr 18 No1 better ever say "balanced for 3s only" Because not a single bm hunter was pwning the hell outa 3s with seperation anxiety. Literally nerfed a !@#$ spec because of whining people on forums. And didnt even touch specs that are actually op. What a jokeRagnothar16 Apr 18
Apr 18 Dampening Anyone else just hate it in 2s? It's fine for 3s, it starts at 0% and it doesnt start immediately, so the game has time to naturally play out. But in 2s, christ its annoying, especially now that it starts at 20% games are super short and healing just gets deteriorated so fast. I know alot of ppl will say "dont play 2s etc, its not balanced" but, I enjoy 2s, always have, its accessible. How about this for a suggestion, instead of dampening reducing healing output, have it increase mana cost of healing spells in a similar stacking way. This way - 1. Drinking is important, so managing healers and stopping them is even more important than it is now 2. Healing feels rewarding for the duration of the game 3. Using abilities, CC, reducing incoming damage, outplaying your opponents will net you more mana late game I dunno, I just hate dampening =( maybe I just come from a different time, I remember in BC and Wrath you just didn't need it, sure there was the odd game that would play out the duration and end in a draw but that was a rarity. =(Johnbro24 Apr 18
Apr 18 If we are nerfing BM for 2s Why not nerfing Demon hunters 2s? Arcane 2s Fury 2s Guardian 2s No? Why not? Ive literally seen these specs global ppl in seconds in 2s. (or guardian just live forever and out dps every1) Not once have I seen BM global some1 with SA. I dont care about SA nerf, the point is if we are balancing 2s now, lets balance the dam thingAnthromulus5 Apr 18
Apr 18 Metamorphosis Is this the strongest CD to ever be implemented into the game? I can't really remember any other expac/season when you would still have to legitimately try in a 2v3 b/c the other team's DH has meta up. Some other close contenders: MoP enh ascendance and WoD feral Incarn. Thoughts?Flaytonmanin25 Apr 18
Apr 18 Mage Gods, let Trump handle them Drop a MOAB on these goon fotms.Tastey5 Apr 18
Apr 18 thoughtful fix to duel Make it blunt the effect of defensive stance for the dueled target. The offensive tradeoff of cutting the warrior's damage isn't really enough to make it a meaningful choice-I think this would be partially fixed if the duel target's damage went 100% through to the warrior for the duration of duel, penetrating defensive stance.Logrus0 Apr 18
Apr 18 bm nerfs Separation Anxiety increases the damage of your pet by 15% (was 50%).Mariahcurry7 Apr 18
Apr 18 LF Hpal for Beastcleave [A] Glad Enhance and Hunter 2800xp last season looking for hpallys for beastcleave for potential r1 push this season. Please be similar cr and xp. my btag: Absyn#1860Absynth0 Apr 18
Apr 18 hi guys i usually dont say this but i just beat jahmilli in 3v3 arenaTehseed20 Apr 18
Apr 18 Rsham Btags LFM Rsham Btags. Ferals too.Paraxs0 Apr 18
Apr 18 Artifact traits in pvp Hi, Can someone plz clarify which (if any) of the artifact traits 'work' in pvp instances? Is there a resource where blizz explains this? Thanks.Hordok20 Apr 18
Apr 18 Current DH state Are DHs currently in a good/stable spot? What comps do they run?Axek1 Apr 18
Apr 18 Can we please not have a S2 again? Where are the locks/spriests nerf ? Dampening meta is the worst meta. And for the love of god nerf disarm/duel so rogue and WW can see some comp diversity.Judgy2 Apr 18
Apr 18 Flavor of the Month I'm just curious as to what is the OP class right now. Kinda feels like DH but I could be wrong.Junglekàt30 Apr 18
Apr 18 Quick Question - New to Legion PVP I haven't done any PVP since WoD. I know that Trinkets, Set Bonuses, Legendaries and Enchants are disabled in Arenas, but what happens with Artifact levels? Right now I main MM in PVE, having that 4th Golden trait and all that. The thing is I don't really want to play MM in PVP. Do artifact levels matter? Are Golden traits active in Arenas? Do I have to go grind for my BM/Surv weapon as well if I want to be relevant in PVP? Is there a max level for your artifact? Thanks!Chakraa2 Apr 18
Apr 18 H/A 2.2+ Season 2 XP ELE LF BTAGS Looking for chill ppl to add, i want to get 2400+ this season in 3s. Ally/Horde. If you rage in the first loss do not add me plz. Btw, I dont speak that GOOD english, so if it's a problem for you, do not add. Audit#1967, feel free to add or leave your btag in comments.Eatmylava2 Apr 18
Apr 18 WoW PvP is almost gone The title says it all. I hope the WoW PvP devs get a big fat pile of steaming sh*t in their stocking for christmas because they deserve nothing more. Oh wait it would not matter because they are already standing in sh*t (PVP at the moment) and can't even smell it. I guess they just plug their nose and pretend the smell does not exist. But just because the person who farted (PvP Devs) can not smell their own fart, does not mean everyone around them (the PvP community) can not smell the horrible stench of the fart which is PvP at the moment. I hope you like my analogies. LolDragon0 Apr 18
Apr 18 Rdruid LF B-tags! Hey all just looking to add some bros to my b-tag since i don't know anyone anymore :( Been inactive in arena for a very long time mostly slay dragons these days. Played some games at the end of last season when they announced elite ensembles would be made available. Stopped as soon as I dinged 2k @2300mmr running fury KFC. Played a bit of 3s this season and having fun but i'd like to have friends to play with and not try to no-voice pug stuff. Currently sitting @2k cr my mmr is just a bit over 2200. I'm down to run any comp that is currently non-sh!t but I would prefer to add some Warlocks, ele/enh shams, Mages, or DK's or DH's. Oh some things about me: A couple nights a week I'm on fairly early (like 7-ish PM EST but most nights I am only available much later (11-12am EST and I sometimes queue after raid which is much later. Basically if you aren't comfortable playing vampire hours then we probably aren't a good fit as arena buddies. No angsty passive aggressive types. I am a calm person I like to work things out and not be a d!ck to my teammates ever. If you are prone to rage I just can't do that. Other than that the only other thing I can think of is please be at least 2k this season or last and have all your artifact stuff leveled up. trafficz#1267 Cheers!Trafficz3 Apr 18
Apr 18 Wizzard 101 This meta seems very boring every game is spriest/ele or some cast combo like that. I enjoyed the end of last season meta much more. What do you guys think about the current meta?Kilmarr36 Apr 18
Apr 18 DH dps needs a tone down outside CD's I just did 2s at around 1,7k mmr on my prot war. Playing against DH+heal. I get Chaos Nova'd and chaos striked from roughly 2,5 million hp to zero in under 4 seconds. How is this balanced? That guy had no cooldowns popped, no procs, no nothing. Yet he is able to kill a warrior with 51% phys damage reduce from half health to nothing in less than 4 seconds without using cooldowns. Holinka and his yoloboys at its finest again.Cruzified58 Apr 18
Apr 18 TSG Irl friend and I are making Alts he's playing arms and I'm playing unh dk how is TSG this patch? Viable higher up or should we just play the walking dead?Pubik9 Apr 18
Apr 18 Why won't PvP vendor gear warforge? Doesn't make sense. I'm converting 8 pieces of useless 890 gear into echoes of battle just to get a 880 wrist that has no chance of warforging. I get it, it's good for transmog. But why are those who PvE allowed to warforge on dauntless gear that drops from broken shore? It simply isn't fair. They don't even have to obliterate any gear. Especially since I have to obliterate EIGHT different pieces of gear for an even worse piece. How is this supposed to feel good? Quick fix: Make echoes of battle/domination have a chance to drop with every arena win. Also, allow the gear we purchase from vendors a chance at warforging/titanforging.Xorrok11 Apr 18
Apr 18 Disc lf 2s Literally switched to disc last night and need ap. Was 2k last season on druid. Lf chill people to grind it out to 2k with this season for the mog. Leave btags if interested. Thanks! PS: Must be chill and not care atleast until I figure it out and get traits. Also be ok with my mild alcoholism and funny rants. Thanks!Flayvor7 Apr 18
Apr 18 I Miss WoD Lightwell It should replace Divine Attendent. Spirit of the Redeemer should be a 2.5 min cooldown too.Wisdumos3 Apr 18
Apr 18 Tips For a Beginner? I'm a relatively new player trying to learn how to play arenas as resto shaman and I have no idea what I should be doing and what to look for. In BGs there's clear objectives to work for whether it's defending a flag carrier or bomb carriers, but in arenas I'm not too sure what I should do as a healer. I try to just focus down someone and bait out medallions for stuns but it doesn't seem to work out too well for me. Any help is appreciated.Jrew2 Apr 18
Apr 18 Fun comps to play against Spriest/afflock/xAphael3 Apr 18
Apr 18 Gaurdian Druids My god their damage.Xorrok1 Apr 18
Apr 18 BM is not OP stop complaining about BM. if you cant beat a BM hunter ur actually really bad. i got 1750 in arenas, so im pretty sure i know what im talking about. stop complaining and get good.Yeahdude2 Apr 18
Apr 18 hotfixes Apr 18