Nov 10 Glad+ players and their ego. So I was sitting in LFG for a while and couldn't find anyone to play with. The title was "2.4 Last season low cr alt" and notes were "Lf healer with similar exp link for invite". I couldn't really find anyone and had to sit in LFG for a bit, turns out this guy, Eleonesavage-TwistingNether linked me 2.700 and I was like, oh nice a good player with legion exp for late night queues, so I was about to invite him, but like 2 seconds after linking his achievements, my group was delisted because of inactivity ( LFG Life btw ), and he probably got that one message "This group is no longer looking for players". He probably thought I invited someone else, so he linked rank 1 and called me an idiot. Even IF, I did actually invite someone else what is wrong with that? " I'm rank 1 and I'm special, so no LFG duelist can reject me". It seems like every glad / rank one player, is a toxic moron, everytime I end up fighting against a glad or a rank 1 player they just spam emotes on me and my partners, and that's when they don't go out of their way to whisper me and call me the N word just because they lost lol. Props to the FEW high rated players that I've met in this game that aren't toxic and are actually good people, and unfortunately it's less than 20.Kliva30 Nov 10
Nov 10 Still have to wait for ensembles? I want my set on the 28th :( I know this issue was discussed at large in felryn's post but jw if there have been any developments. RNG gear isn't doing it's job for meLazyx2 Nov 10
Nov 10 DK/WW or DH/WW for 3s and why? anyone know which is better and why if you don't mind explaining.Rivic5 Nov 10
Nov 10 Arena Master I have my old 5s achievement both 2200 and last man standing I know they took it out be seeing that I have them can I get it I just need it in 2s?Sekhmetlol9 Nov 10
Nov 10 Rsham vs hpal Hello guys, is it me or rsham is a lot more tanky than hpal?? I mean, i im pretty tanky with my hpal but i need some help or i die quickly. With my rRsham i feel i can sit and spam heal and i survive np in arenas. but mana is more of a problem with rsham. I subbed after a break of few months, my observations could be wrong. I am not sure if I should play my hpal or my rsham. Mainly for 2s/3s with a feral and a monk. What do you think?Epøhx17 Nov 10
Nov 10 Pushing 2400+ Trying to go from 2170 to 2400 today. Either as DK or pally. Synyster#1182Synrage0 Nov 10
Nov 10 Rewards need changes bad Top of the ladder is flooded with the same group of geeks taking up all the glad spots with their mains and six alts. Where is the incentive to play this !@#$ game past 2400 when the ladders are so inflated by the same group?Vrgnmagician9 Nov 10
Nov 10 Healer Forum - LFG Forum Intention: ... Format For Posts: ... Viewers, AKA On-looking Damage Players: ...Tusky2 Nov 10
Nov 10 undead priests u guys r weirdUgh13 Nov 10
Nov 10 DH mobility I played rshaman/mw and enhance duo in 2s until about 1970 and then lost to any DH teams because of the double jump-glide-fel rush feature. its fantastic just standing there as they fly around and only able to close the gap for about 2 seconds before they do it all again It’s clear how ridiculously mobile this class is. does anyone feel this fhis feature is overly strong in arenas/rbgs? Or is there a decent trade off that they don’t have that other classes have?Moltké38 Nov 10
Nov 10 Anyone On? Just wanna push... Have 2x shams at 2150 and a ww around 2k noelani#1285Xogossipgirl2 Nov 10
Nov 10 LF RMP/RMD 1550 S1, 0 CR 926 Assassin Rogue, looking to push rating and learn. I am calm mannered, I don't rage and I take criticism as an opportunity to become better. My goals are become the best I can at rated PvP and push as far as possible. I am eager to learn and looking for dependable partners who share the same drive. I am available: 12:00 CST - 20:00 CST M-F Open availability on weekends with few exceptions. Add Auchwiker-Bleeding Hollow to chat. I have discord and will give out my RealID to arena partners.Auchwiker1 Nov 10
Nov 10 savix how many happy birthdays can we get for himPetris9 Nov 10
Nov 10 New Sub-Races - New Races Please lord make them balancedFoxfighter28 Nov 10
Nov 10 Why are Brazillians / Spanish allowed? Remixxed30 Nov 10
Nov 10 How does one How does one demo? And what's a good comp for demo?Irhcsa3 Nov 10
Nov 10 This is getting ridiculous It's nearly impossible to find a healer for 3s via group finder anymore. I've had to heal the past 2 seasons I played because of this, since all of the healers I knew from early Legion quit this garbage already. Maybe if they made healers more satisfying to play, more people would.Maytry25 Nov 10
Nov 10 Season ends 28th Idk if you guys officially knew but yeah, they tweeted it like 10 min ago saying it's coming the day of antorus and there's a sticky in GD saying the same thing while also saying antorus is on the 28thYatogami11 Nov 10
Nov 10 LF friends 2400 push. Hello everyone, As entitled above,I'm looking for friends to play and break the 2400 wall, Overall my highest rating during legion was during S2 at 2342 cr,and I would really go above, I'm looking for shadowpriests,good Resto sham, Hpals, Ele shams, I pref Splay due that it's the comp i've mained for this season Altought I'm open to most of viable comp,the only comp I don't wanna run is Destro/Dk/X I compete well into 2400-2500 mmr games,so hopefully I'll be able to tear that wall apart b4 november 28th. Thanks :) sauronn#2401 if you wanna play :) Also have a alt shadowpriest around 2100 cr.Sauronn0 Nov 10
Nov 10 caster/caster/rsham grats on playing fotm and having no originality in your quest for gladiator.Yasha31 Nov 10
Nov 9 Newer to Spriest 3v3 LF assistance Hey, so i havent played pvp spriest during legion update Returning player - didn't want to jump on an old main (ww/war/lock) decided spriest! hella fun to play (also pretty lame vs mele) My rating is trash rn I'm still gearing up its been 3 days of playing so chill xd Currently playing 3s with Ele/hpreist with 2 friends after late night was curious of maybe ideal 3s comp for spriest atm Also if any horde players out there maybe spriest exp willing to help me with tips/game play or even 2s /3s practicing. Bnet Zredle#11811Famouz2 Nov 9
Nov 9 Arena legacy server Say that classic wow becomes a hit and they decide to open a server for arena players only, would you like it to be set at the end of wotlk (no shadowmourne) or cata? EDIT: meant to say wotlk vs cata, im dumbBanel7 Nov 9
Nov 9 Arenas/bgs on vanilla? Was it a thing? I didn't play vanilla.Goblynch36 Nov 9
Nov 9 Arcane Torrent to be Redesigned in BfA Ion stated at the end of the interview with FinalBossTV that they will be redesigning Arcane Torrent due to how strong it was in the Mythic Dungeon Invitational and in PvP where a group of Blood Elves can chain cc a caster trying to get a cast off. Source - Nov 9
Nov 9 LF Arena partners Trying to hit 2k this season, 2.2k 2s exp 2k 3s legion expIcyou0 Nov 9
Nov 9 Multi-gladiator Disc/Rogue LF Third 2400 CR Long time lurker here, here in our time of need We are current gladiators hoping to extend our streak! Looking for mages or survival hunters around 2400 on either faction to push for glad this season. We play evenings. Btag is Jason#1319Macface2 Nov 9
Nov 9 Sub Race Racials? What racials do you guys think the sub races will have? I have a few in mind. Void Elves should get Voidmeld -- 2 minute cd turns the caster invisible but can't move. Highmountain Tauren should get Enranged Warstomp -- 1.5 min cd stuns everythinf around the caster for 1 second. These are just a few ideas, anyone else got anything?Liteyeer17 Nov 9
Nov 9 Good news for Pvp!? They almost fix the Furious/Deadly/Hateful 2 Hand models They had replaced them with some kind of ugly w/e it was, the model is back just not skinned right. ONE STEP CLOSER BOYS! Maybe we're heading in the right direction???!!!Zerofun6 Nov 9
Nov 9 Probably My Best PvP Video check it out also will be making a part 3 when I canAgonyy9 Nov 9
Nov 9 Make arena master attainable Plz. Either remove the 5s requirements or add equivalent requirements.Vicvinëgar16 Nov 9
Nov 9 2k cr warrior LF 3s Looking for people to queue with consistently, trying to push rating. I prefer to play during the week. Was 2100 this season, 2k cr. Btag: Synthem#1817Frontline5 Nov 9
Nov 9 wod was terrible yet wod destro felt like a masterpiece in comparison to this arms war/frost dk version of a casterMorduz12 Nov 9
Nov 9 What if holinka is actually one of you I’ve been thinking, what if holinka really didn’t step down but instead runs a shadow organization out of his basement? What if he and petkick are actually the same guy? What if this is his way at getting back at pvp players? The signs are all there. If you look at 55.666 seconds into the expansion trailer there is small Text on one of the soldiers that says “I holinka was here , go to 1 minute and 33 seconds to learn the truth” The titanic wasn’t sunk by an ice berg because metal is stronger than ice. Ice mage gets chopped up by metal warriors. This is fact stay wokeGreatwarrior4 Nov 9
Nov 9 Lvl 120 talents DId they state anywhere if there would actually be level 120 talents? Just thinking about how gameplay will be in the expansion ability wise. I know its really early in development but they usually outline their main features when they are ready to announce an expansion. From what we know now: Artifact ability (main ability you start with) is replacing a lvl110 talent option for most(all?) specs. Artifact traits for the most part are all going away for good, if it is core to the rotation (think resource generation traits) It will likely be baked in, but ability modifying, cooldown reduction, defensive traits all seem to be going. Pvp talents are going to be changed to make your rotation in pvp similar to the rotation in pvp, this likely means removing/changing talents that alter the way you deal damage or any extra cooldowns (melee wings, WoTC) Every class is getting one buff/aura related to their class (not spec, class). Some classes are getting 1-2 utility abilities back (soothe, tranq shot, deaths advance, ect). From the sound of it, as of now, it's going to turn out worse than WoDs "no new talents, few perk traits only". Seems like gameplay is going to be like it currently is, without your artifact equipped. I'm sure they will balance the numbers, It just sounds extremely boring and bland. Pretty sure the Demo characters were all level 110 though, so still possible 110-120 adds things, but highly unlikely.Lehkô8 Nov 9
Nov 9 FDK LF partners just came back, and i havnt pvp'd much this xpac been a rough year, but hey im good and im down to do 2's or 3's with anyone who wants to hang out!Rauder0 Nov 9
Nov 9 Classic is great and all. What about dat 5.4 MoP server doe??Django20 Nov 9
Nov 9 priests who try to md wyvern stopMiasen3 Nov 9
Nov 9 Holy or Disc Hey guys, I've recently come back to WoW from a lengthy break and want to know what's better for 2s and 3s: Disc or Holy? I've played disc since Cata and love the spec (though the butchered it a lot) and played Holy through MoP when it was the only viable spec. So I have exp with both of them. But what is more useful/better? Does it depend on the comp?Isq4 Nov 9
Nov 9 klkljkj jljlkkjlkjlPaeno2 Nov 9
Nov 9 2v2 double dps questions! im sure there not optimal for double dps... but what are some good other dps to pair with these classes. Demonhunter and? DK and ? Windwalker and? Mage and? Thanks guys!!!Gimmyurpizza4 Nov 9
Nov 9 prune wotc prune wotcUgh19 Nov 9
Nov 9 LF partners! Both [H] and [A] Hey guys and gals I am looking for some solid partners to que with next season. I play both horde and alliance. Rsham Rdruid on alliance and MW and Hpal on horde. My current exp is 1700+ in 3v3 but I have 1900xp in previous expansions. Honestly I am just looking for some solid partners that are consistent and not afraid to hop into discord. No raging or anything of the sort. Constructive criticism is encouraged! Looking for people around the same xp as me. I know for a fact that I am better than what mmr I am currently playing just need some non potato partners! HMU if you guys are interested Angusberger#1968Gilles0 Nov 9
Nov 9 arms warrior is.. the MOST faceroll It's time we talk about the real pinnacle of melee faceroll. It's a frost dk with charge(autolock mobility) and armor pen and stronger healing reduction. It's 10x more faceroll and easier to get into than any other melee. @me if u disagree. The Arms warrior is a spec which takes no skill and the only difference between good warriors and bad warriors is who can faceroll harder damage into collos smash. Did I get rekt by a warr, nope, I am 2200 on my warrior. But if we're talking the easiest class in the game it's been Arms Warrior since the first season of MoP #facts. It's to the point any high rated warrior will just get sad when they think about how dumb-downed they have become. Frost DK absolute cancer, war not so much, just saying that it is IMO the easiest spec to get into for arena hands down. stronk opinion. bring back warrior skill, it used to be one of the most respected pvp classes. I play Unholy DK main(since cata when arguably, almost all specs had quite high skill caps), not trying to be biased here, just don't play my warr cause it is literally "literally" EASIER than Frost DK. We're talking the spec that doesn't get focused in Arena 80 % of the time and gets to freely smash face 80 percent of games due to having the ability to activate an aura for mad dmg reduction(stance), zug zug, included with all this is the dmg rotation of a frost dk. #NOMOREPRUNE Disclaimer - All melee in todays WoW are faceroll(excuse unholy and rogue skillcaps), not an argument there, just stating the KING of face smashing.Rememeber21 Nov 9
Nov 9 Reasonable Arcane Mage Nerfs Greetings gents, after my time at Blizzcon I was able to interview my good pal Jaime, multir1 multiclasser - Blizzcon competitor, and player under rocket esports. We had a fantastic discussion regarding changes arcane mages could use. First we thought that 500% nerf to mainstat could be a good start, however they would then still win skirmishes. However instead of nerfing damage we found a much better solution. Blizzard I propose to you that if you charge Arcane mages their monthly WoW fee (+added tax) every time they blink it would make the specialization much fairer. I know this is a change Blizzard would love as this will help not only the company - but also the players profit. Thank you for your time Sincerely - Dillon (Multi R1 Hunter, 3x GCD winner, 13th place 2017 regional point holder and 2014 NA regionals competitor).Dillon16 Nov 9
Nov 9 So when's hotfixes? Still waiting for certain specs to be toned down slightly for a healthier meta. Frost Dks ELE shamans Destro warlocks Shadow priest All of these specs are over performing in damage. Yea I'm aware there are other issues but as of right now just slightly bringing these outliers dmg down some would make the meta a lot healthierSurval38 Nov 9
Nov 8 LF players to push 2.2k Hey guys, I have been trying to get 2.2k so hard this season, but I cannot find consistent partners :( Max i have been this season is 2022 and then i tank and then i go up again. This has been the cycle for past few weeks now. I play destro/demo..would like some btags, who wanna get 2.2k and are ready to improve and help me improve. Ragers and "I am never wrong" attitude people, are not welcome. Thanks. btag :- fire#1711Dotkill11 Nov 8
Nov 8 Way of The Crane I don't want to complain about mw because I know they aren't in the greatest place. But Way of the Crane is the most toxic ability on this planet. Immune to stuns, immune to snares/roots, can be used in stuns, can be used while silenced (by priest) on a 45 second cooldown. I mean, can we add atleast a small skill-cap to it and make it so you can't use it in stuns. I mean silence is kinda understandable because it's kind of a physical/mental type melee wings where as pala melee wings is magical. Also make it so monks can bubble in stun and buff their bubble. I'd want those in if way got nerfed so it can't be used in stuns. I know monk is highly prone to kills in stuns outside of way of the crane.Animetiddyx36 Nov 8
Nov 8 If youre in the neighborhood Maybe don't play with this guy. Beat them one time in an 1800 match and got all this. Not sure why he whispered me in the first place. I think he was implying that I was cheating. /shrug In any case, avoid or push this guy into traffic. Whichever is easier. Nov 8
Nov 8 PvP Who is the new pvp design?Natsuyo6 Nov 8
Nov 8 2s question What's better for affliction lock in 2's with a healer: Malefic grasp + Contagion for burst or Writhe in agony + absolute corruption.Rot1 Nov 8