Nov 15, 2018 Feedback: Epic Battlegrounds Greetings, You may have noticed we've been doing some updates to Alterac Valley and Isle of Conquest recently. Our goals with these changes are to both improve the gameplay experience in these battlegrounds and to also design them around a longer duration format. We feel that with the longer match length, players have more room to switch strategies in a match, change from offense to defense a few times, etc. to provide a, well, more epic experience. With that, we're looking to you to give us feedback on these changes. Here are some of the changes recently (through hotfixes, so they are very recent): Alterac Valley Increased the number of Reinforcements by 100. The NPCs health and damage will match the players level and gear, which will result in a more consistent difficulty. Isle of Conquest Increased the number of Reinforcements by 100. Increased the health of the walls significantly. Increased the damage the Siege Engine, Demolishers, Glaive Throwers and Keep Cannons deal against players. (The Seige Engine in particular will now be pretty scary!) Increased the siege damage dealt by the Siege Engine and Demolisher. (The Ram ability will deal a lot of damage in particular) The Refinery and the Quarry now generate Reinforcements more frequently. Increased the health of the "bosses". We welcome your feedback! Please focus your feedback on the gameplay in the map, in particular the pacing, balance of different mechanics etc. Thank you!Phalanx547 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 10, 2018 PvP Disqualification Policy Update As part of our continued efforts to combat cheating and unfair play in World of Warcraft, we’ve recently made a change to our policies regarding PvP disqualifications. As of the Battle for Azeroth Pre-Patch, any player who is found to have engaged in unfair practices that result in their disqualification from end-of-season PvP rewards will also have their ability to queue for rated PvP matches immediately revoked. This restriction will continue through the remainder of the season in which they were disqualified, which includes the current “Post-Season” available until Battle for Azeroth launches. This change is intended to minimize the impact that disqualified players have on those who are playing legitimately while the PvP season continues, and is just one aspect of our ongoing commitment to upholding the competitive integrity of World of Warcraft PvP.Bornakk67 Nov 10, 2018
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Nov 15, 2018 XP should be removed from Battlegrounds. WoW battlegrounds used to be a great place for PvP'rs to thrive and have fun. Ever since XP was added to battlegrounds it no longer became a place for pvp, but a express lane to max level from xp gains. This became such a great way to mindlessly level up characters that a whole bot phenomenon blew up because of this change and took blizzard years and tons of $$ to combat it. This all happened by catering to lazy players who want a easy way to max level in a mmorpg, these same players then complain about gear disparity cause they want rewards for participating but not doing anything really meaningful. This same player base almost completely ruined the very foundation of that which WoW is built on. When you are constantly giving free handouts and nothing is truly earned, then there is no value in it, it loses its luster very quickly and gets discarded often. So i feel that removing xp from battlegrounds which is how the game was originally designed puts leveling players back where they belong. In zones running quests, participating in dungeons, out in the world filling it up with activity. Sure let them pvp when they are bored and want some action like it used to be but that doesn't mean XP needs to be the reward, i think the bg boxes and honor is more than a sufficient reward. Have a nice day!!!Sun121 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 ABUSE in BGS - False AFK reports It's been used for a long time in random dungeons. People don't like your gear, your server, your name, or whatever else, they kick you out. Nothing to do with your performance. Sometimes at the very beginning of a dungeon. Apparently you just have to accept it. Some people can abuse others, make others waste time, just because they feel like it. This abusive behavior also exists in bgs, worse in fact because it uses a lie to falsely report you AFK so you automatically are booted out and have to waste 15 minutes after the usual 10 +- minutes waiting to access random normal or epic bgs. Wheter you are moving or not, active or not, in fight or not, you will be ejected. Those bg !@#$s don't like your strategy ? don't like your comments, don't like anything about you, they will ask everyone to report you AFK. Since people don't check, they just do it. This is bullying, abuse, and it's tolerated by blizz. It has to stop. The whole planet is acknowledging that bullying is unacceptable, but blizz still encourages it. I reported it numerous times through, only to be told nothing could be done because I was AFK, which I WAS NOT. I got booted out during fights, in the middle of fights, and numerous times while I was top damage mid bg. This is abuse, this is bullying and should be stopped right now. People acting like this consider that the game only belong to them and have no respect for others. Blizz told me to create a topic, that it was the only way for dev people to be made aware of this. So here it is. Again this is bullying, it is now encouraged and supported by blizz and it has to stop. Thank you. If you want suggestions on how to address this, just let me know. I have plenty.Brasvengeur14 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 Be toxic toward healers, no heals. Just rolled a druid and im loving it a lot. Its a very fun class with amazing heals, mobility and utility. That being said... i refuse to heal crybabies. - Join a random BG. - Pump out HoTs on every1 i can reach. - Get 3 people pummeling the living crap out of me, no peels so i run away hoping i can live. - Dumb moron warrior says "omg druid what r u DOiNG??? get on cart DURPPPP" - Dumb warrior continues to belittle me. - I check charts, i am doing the most healing out of any player in the match. I check damage doen, and warrior dummy is literally at the very bottom lol. - I troll the **** out of him by healing every1 else and giving him no heals. - he cries and cried and cries like a little baby, he dies over and over again and i lol every time. - game ends, i do some insane healing ... warrior friend does virtually no damage at all lol. take note, dont talk crap about your healers if youre not going to peel. its not the healers fault he./she may have to run away when they have 3 ppl beating the crap out of them. lol at that warrior tho XDRayu20 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 BGs are broken If you have 360+ ilvl then you have a serious advantage. Casuals and hardcore raiders/pvpers are currently mixed and it sucks. If you disagree it means you have a high item level and you want to be over powered. The reality is that not everyone is hardcore and has endgame gear yet. Why are people in endgame gear 360+ playing people with 300-330? There should be matching involved here, where people in 330 play each other. People in 340 play each other. 350, 360, 370, etc. Also why are premade groups mixed with randoms? Its unfair and no fun. 9 out of 10 games my team loses, horde and alliance. The answer is not "get in a premade forhead" "get good" "get better gear". The answer is closer to Matching based on qualifying characteristics like ilvl and premades vs premades only. A fresh 120 ilvl280 and fight a person in ilvl380 how is this fun? for anyone? Even the 380 would rather fight similar ilvls for a challenge. It just gets old either getting owned or owning. That is... unless you are 12 and have no conscious.Zharja95 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 Someone said switch to Horde... as a solution to bg's being unbalanced. I've got $30 to spare so why not? I decided to give it a spin. My personal experience is listed below. I am not going to make any statements regarding my opinion on what's below, but I will include some facts so you can form your own opinion. 1. All of these were solo que'd 1. I played the same class/spec 2. There is no pattern in the time of day that I played. Basically, when I had the opportunity to play, I did. Horde Results AV: 3-3 AB: 3-0 DwG: Null EotS: 2-3 IoC: 2-3 Seething Shore: 0-1 SS Mines: 2-1 ToK: 2-0 BfG: 2-0 Twin Peaks: Null WSG: 3-1 Games Played: 28 Horde overall win %: 60.7 Alliance Results AV: 2-9 AB: 0-1 DwG: 1-1 EotS: 3-0 IoC: 0-6 Seething Shore: 1-0 SS Mines: 0-1 ToK: 0-1 BfG: Null Twin Peaks: 2-1 WSG: 0-1 Games Played: 30 Alliance overall win %: 30Arthurdayne48 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 Brawl is how the game should The 15% haste feels so much better, playing this brawl reminds me how good the game feels with the right ammount of haste.Neltherial7 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 Ironforge rbgs Looking for more to fill our 2 rbg groups Must b a gnome/dwarf Understand flarkness sucks I’ll help you get better. Hero lead. All these top end pvpers can meme up but have taken a ironforge asskickin, thanks to my groups. Need priest since my wow wife went horde. My gnomies quit bfa so we need to replace. Join us Need priests Blood dk Brewmaster monks Wars that can prot and armsBôrg16 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 BG leveling Not sure if it’s a worn out topic but I’ve been 119 bg’ing for fun lately and having a blast, my question is, is it worth it to bg on my 110s to 119 if my gear is low? Been noticing if I’m on a class that isn’t my main that’s undergeared I lose a lot and it adds to frustration and loss of experience on my side. If I should anyway any tips on how to semi gear up other than questing they burn me out quick. ThanksFùry4 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 New System? It's time to allow betting in BG/arena... cough cough maybe even Wintergrasp?... We can start small with a simple system allowing daily/weekly bets for your own faction. The faction with the most wins in a given day/week wins. The pot will be divided up between all players that have played at least 4(daily)/10(weekly) games. This is very simple system to encourage everyone to, not only participate in PVP, but play to win in BGs.Ampm2 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 119 Alliance Community Rise Up - For the Alliance !!! 119's Alliance only community for those looking to do Battlegrounds, Timewalking Dungeons, Island Expeditions, Arenas and open world content with.Petrolsk12 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 Faction Imbalance Played 20 random BGs on Hpally playing objectively and still toping heals every game. Won 1 game, lost 19.Terran65 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 Forum Migration/new features Trust levels on this forum will be interesting...Dangerjosh111 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 Blizzard doesn't care, nor will they. So, the current low level twink battleground situation has gotten to a point now where it's so absolutely toxic to play there it's easier to avoid it then queue. I know Blizzard doesn't actually care about this, nor will they even though the low level battlegrounds have become a nightmare for low levels who don't twink. I mean I don't even know why people queue for battlegrounds if they do it for experience, it's not worth it. You can not compete at all versus premades coming at you left and right and the gear ratios of people who do dedicated twinking vs. people who don't. Watching a fury warrior kill a player who is just there for fun in 2 seconds or less is just demoralizing and proof once again that Blizzard has absolutely no idea what they are doing. Seriously, bring back Twink brackets, stop this nightmare you call a battleground and give the fun back to leveling players who want to casual PvP. And honestly, if you disagree with this, then you're a flavor of the month twink and have no say here. If your entire purpose of making a twink was to single out undergeared players and pad your kill count, then really you're part of the problem and need to rethink why you're doing it.Ellowa69 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 Low lvl BG's - All I see This isn't really a complaint but more of a thing I just laugh at... All I see when I do a BG at low level are disc priests at 100% health jumping and casting penance. It's haunting.Agitator1 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 ZOMG RACIALS ARE SO UNBALANCE! Dear Alliance, It's not racials. It's not class balance (although Ret pallies and Disc priests are ridiculous, obviously we know what the devs like to play as.) It's you. It really is you. You fight on the roads. You won't fight in the pit. You solo attack mines, you are desperate to kill Galv. You'd rather fight a mage in the middle than give chase to the flag carrier. You're like the point guard on a break away, except it's not a break away because you have 4 back on D but you still drive the lane and get pwned. Then you QQ and QQ some more. AV it's crying about "OMG Horde are so much better" and "OMG the racials are so unfair!!!" Then you complain and complain and call others names and tell everyone else how they are dumb and you are great as you link your 100k achievements. One thing you missed in your need to display the epeen. One. SIMPLE. Tiny. Little truth. WINS > Healing > DPS > Honorable Kills > Killing Blows. Highest in Healing. No one cares when you lose. Maybe heal the people that need it rather than overheal the one person you are next to. No one cares about your DPS PvEr. This isn't a raid, this isn't a mythic. This is PvP. What matters is WINNING. Most HKs? No one cares when you lose. Because you lost, loser. Most KB's, see above, loser. WINS. Thats it. How do you win? Do your job. Pick a role, fill it. Don't fight on the roads. Get into the pit. it will be fine, don't be scared. Don't fight mid, get the FC or defend the flag. And for the love of pete, NO ONE CARES ABOUT GALV. Also, no one is going to be impressed by you as you shout hem down and brag about your <insert random stat> because you still lost and rather than work as a team member you spent the time BEING FARMED and typing about your awesomeness at LOSING. GG Warrior, you spammed execute and leeched KBs!!! WOW. But you lost. Secret time: PVP is more about the PVE stats you brag about. It also takes more effort. PVE is BORING. Stand here, pew pew, move here, bash bash, decurse at this time THANKS DBM!!!!! There is a strategy to each BG. YouTube is this super cool intrawebs thing where people make videos and you can watch them, its got a search function too, and people have really great strategies!!! ZOMG!!! Is your gear gear guuuuud. Yeah, cool man, you're neck is so high level, I am glad you farmed that rep bro, sooooooo much skill, but you lost. Again, to the horde. Again. Sincerely, Your friendly neighborhood "huntard" who shaves his neck. And showers. And uses his socks solely for wearing them on his feet because his wife is hot. I think I might just switch factions... So maybe this is my dear John Alliance letter.... Orc Hunter or Troll???? hrmmmmmmmm. Life is too short and time is too precious to be alliance...Revín4 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 Farewell As we reach the final 10 hours of this forum, I just want to thank each and every single person I have ever had a meaningful (or not meaningful) debate with. It has been a pleasure. /saluteJugajr73 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 New RBG Team Recruiting Horde I'm going to be forming a new RBG Team for early afternoon hours (1pm EST to 6pm EST) for those who are interested into getting into the RBG scene or also for those who are already experienced and can only play during the day. A bit about myself: I started wow in Vanilla as alliance but quickly switched to horde since they were the dominant faction in pvp at the time. In season 5 in 2009 I earned 2200 in 2's and 1750 in 3's. I have experience leading old school BG's in the ventrillo days where we all had to queue together at exactly the same time. I'm looking to get back into the leading scene and I'm looking for a group of motivated players to follow me onto the battlefield! We're going to be starting out with very low rating but the plan is to push that up as we begin to synergize together. Current High Needs: DH FC Disc Priest x2 MW Ret Pally Obviously I'll be accepting all others interested that are able to play during the listed times, but those are the highest priority right now to build a good foundation. Mic is Required Hours of Play: 1pm EST to 6pm EST on various days of the week If you're interested: You can either DM me on Discord (Gamercop#7973), or you can add me in game (Gamercop#1941) I also stream so if we get a solid group going most games will be streamed.Gamercop4 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 pve>pvp My PVE>PVP comparison My buddy the other day had asked me what I thought about the comparison between PVE and PVP. Now, I've answered this question multiple times and typically no one ever disagrees. So I thought I would bring it to the forums and see if I'm just being a B* or am I actually correct?  My PVE>PVP comparison PVE rewards: Mounts: New Mounts (NUMEROUS elites, Dungeons, Raids, Reputations come out every Xpac aswell as patch (sometimes patch)) Gear: Do a 30MIN 10+ Guarantee 380ilvl peice end of week (Doing dungeons has the same mechanics everytime) Also able to trade gear peice during Raids/Dungeons = higher % on what you want WQ give you gear aswell Reputations also give gear (ex: at the start of BFA you were able to get 340 exalted pieces which was HUGE!!) Azerite:  Dungeons/Quests give loads of azerite!  WQ give even more azerite Which in turn give PVE adv. because neck reputation/Azerite lvl Reputation: Current BFA gear, Mounts, Recipes PVP Rewards: Mounts: 7? Honor Mounts from BC?  7 Vicious Mounts from Legion Glad Mount (not to mention hard af for some) PvP mount start of BFA  Gear: Max Conquest 1hour + guarantee peice based off of CR cap (Some people struggle to pass 1600cr) Azerite: Very small amount for Skirm/Arena and even BGs/RBGs.  Reputation: lvl 30 boots from Arathi Highlands, No mounts, No recipes I hope this brings to light that it seems to me that PVP is swept under the rug when it comes to New Mounts, Reputations, Gear, Recipes which in turn nearly forces people to PVE especially for BIS peices because in PVP you can only get 3 different trinkets?  Also, when it comes to things being fixed, if something is wrong with a dungeon/raid, it's fixed immediately or on Tuesday. When it comes to PVP? Why have the Alterac Valley and Isle of Conquest gates been opening at 4seconds on count for two expansions? It's not a huge deal, but it just goes to show.. If I'm wrong, please prove me wrong. Thx ^_^ Also, I have like 2000 medallions from pvp because you guys think allowing you to buy old xmogs and potions is good enough..Blindgodx45 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 The Alliance Experience All right, queue times are low! Sweet, got into a match quickly, Warsong Gulch with Disc and RDruid as healers and a Vengeance DH flag runner! Wait, what's going on here, the match is already in progress, Alliance is down 2 caps and I'm a backfill. Horde wins.Arganoth5 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 110 Bracket ? Is 110 worth it? I twink 99 and I'm looking for an active community. Only options i have are rogue, monk, druid or lock to twink at 110, which class is actually viable and does good damage at 110? Is there an actual community? Ive also heard 59/69 can be good which one is best? Any info would help!Rabellant38 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 NA PvP Community and ResurgentESB Partnership I am happy to announce a partnership between NA PvP Community and Resurgent Esports Broadcasting! Both communities strive to make the best PvP community by providing players with the opportunity to participate in several aspects whether it be casual, rated, or tournament based.

 NA PvP Community: NA PvP Community aims at providing players with valuable resources within a non-toxic, learning environment. We offer class discussion, guides, tips, and information to help players succeed and excel in PvP. Whether players are looking to learn or help others out, we welcome all experience levels. We believe in QUALITY OVER QUANTITY, ensuring that our goal is to make sure that, despite the number of rated matches an individual plays, what matters the most is if they learn something: What can I do differently? How can I improve? Is this a reasonable counter strategy? - Cherry

 Resurgent ESB: “Resurgent Esports Broadcasting is an organization that aims to produce quality esports tournaments and broadcasts. We are a team of passionate esports fans who are working together to create an enjoyable and professional experience for both players and spectators alike! "Today's Resurgent tournament Champion is tomorrow's Blizzcon contender". We are a friendly community with open arms, and one of the best guilds in the game for PvP, with world first XP raid leaders for our raid team.” - Resurgent ESB

 Together, we hope to broaden and continue our efforts. We are doing this for YOU! We function because of YOUR participation and dedication to PvP. We hope to see everyone participating and having fun! Come join our Discords to get started, start learning, play games, and make friends! Happy gaming! :) Please make sure to get tags in each of the Discords! Go to #discord-tags for NA PvP Community and go to #role-assign for Resurgent ESB. Discord Links: NA PvP Community: Resurgent Esports Broadcasting: Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 How To Fix Bgs For the most part anyone who does bg wants to win but most of the time both teams rush out towards flags and half the team breaks off to fight mid. If not one team is more focused on objective than the other. I think blizz should implement a system that would penalize players who aren't focusing objective. I.e. not being within proximity of a flag or node within x amount of time will lower your "contribution score" which lowers your likelyhood of getting better rewards at the end such as what's in the chest. Not to mention loss of regular bg reward. Or you would get a "contribution debuff" there could even be a bar on the side of the screen to show contribution. This could be more harsh if made to work like deserter debuff and simply remove you for not focusing objective within x time. People who aren't focused on winning I'd rather have replaced anyway. I think a system like this would also help with bg toxicity since people will actually try and do the bg correctly instead of qq everytime the other team makes a score. There wont be as much blaming others for not focusing objective. What do you guys think? Do you have any ideas?Crookedmán3 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 Best random bg healer Hi all just wondering what the best random bg que healer is to lvl a healer alt.Goatsmith40 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 Stat Templates So why did Blizzard remove the best-to-date PvP-tuning tool they have ever created and implemented in the history of this game? Was Holinka feeling out-classed as a PvP designer upon returning to the team? Were players having too much fun winning matches with skill over gear? Did Blizzard feel the need to increase time played metrics by forcing PvPers to raid Mythic and farm Mythic+ for specific Azerite traits and trinkets? What is the reason or what are the reasons for Blizzard effectively ruining PvP when just a few months ago it was near perfect and the most balanced it has ever been???Jorgennson6 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 BG ties the other night we finished with a tie in a random AB ........... a tie! still shaking my head at that one both sides hit 1500 on the final tick good stuffSonbtrpn6 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 When A DH can chase down and keep up with a mounted player the game is broken beyond repair.Rednekognize2 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 A <MurderLicense> PvP Guild. RBG Recruitment. Guild Info: <MurderLicense> was founded by myself on August 19, 2012. With a vision of becoming known throughout the server and across realms for high performance Rated BGs. And to be recognised as a Hardcore PvP Specialised Guild. Over the past 5 years, we have achieved in uniting most of the PvP players on our server: BoreanTundra-Shadowsong. We actively train our members through arena and RBG wargames to prepare them for Rated PvP. As well as nurture the leaders of tomorrow. We see our guild as a community, as a team and as family. Moving forward and reaching newer limits as one. We are a highly structured guild with guild rules and rank progression; partly as we have to slot players in teams based on their MMR. As guild leader, I am willing to commit personal sacrifices to see my guild mates rise. I take it upon myself to care for the well-being of my guildies (I'm the Mama Bear >:3). According to we are currently the 14th RBG guild in USA at 2068cr. (2018 Feb 20) In Season 6, we were Ranked Top 3% in RBGs, achieving Guardian of the Alliance. We feel that our foundations are strong and we are now ready to expand further. Guild Schedule: RBGs. 4 times a week. Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays. At 7-10pm server time. Usually after RBG hours and on days where nothing is planned, we organise social events like Foam Sword Fights (using the [Foam Sword Rack]) and transmog runs while listening to music on our guild discord. We also raid casually once a week. But raiding to us is primarily just to have fun. We strive to keep our guild atmosphere friendly and also knowing when to be serious; such as in Rated PvP. We are looking for: Team players. A willingness to improve. PvP players. Highly self-motivated players; your spec/ class/ mmr/ cr does not matter. If you are willing to join us, please make a character on BoreanTundra-Shadowsong and whisper any of our guild mates. Our Guild Recruitment procedure is an interview in-game which usually takes about 20 minutes. After which, I will give you my B.tag and slowly integrate you into our guild. You may choose to transfer to our server at a later date.Sharonbear120 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 <Make Azeroth Great Again>(H) (Arthas) is LF new members to fill our ranks for Rbgs an Arena we are looking for anyone who pvps with over 2k+ exp in Rbgs or Arena our core Rbg team is siting at 2.2kcr if you are interested please post in here or hit me or fozz or absolv in game we are on Arthas the reqs are as followed 1)working mic 2)BGE addon 3)1900+ cr 4)2k+ exp in rbgs or arena 5)Discord if you are interested we have a pvp community please post here an i'll toss you an inviteKronòs0 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 New players should get pwned You guys need to stop complaining about twinks. People have been doing it since Vanilla. If you're a new player you're gonna stomped in PvP. Thats just how it is. Whether your a new lvl 25 or a new level 120. A geared twink or a mythic raid geared 120 is gonna global your character. In both instances the experienced player has put in time to obtain superior gear to their opponent. In a MMORPG a superior geared player should be able to "pwn a noob". Y'all need to stop being so thin skinned.Porwasil67 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 Vengeance Demon Hunters? Hello? Gut this disgusting spec in PvP already. No class should be allowed to do what they can do on flag carrying maps. -Disable double jumping and gliding with the flag so they can't get to unreachable spots. I've seen them jump on top of the huts outside the WSG bases and on the archways that sit at the ends of the paths leading up to them. -No more jumping from the ground to ledges with no path leading up to it. Can't use Warlock gate while holding the flag but leap x2, demonic trample, and infinite kiting utility while having raid boss survivability are just fine. They need to be toned down so they aren't mandatory for rated battlegrounds. This is the most un-fun and broken BS I've ever seen in battlegrounds.Taurius12 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 79 Twinks Looking for other 79 twinks to pvp with. If any of you want to create a community let me know. my Btag is cavick#1537Darthganker5 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 What is "lag 7?" - An educational post This video was made to educate players on what lag 7 is, how it works, and what it looks like. Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 Rating is heavily inflated Rating, especially in RBGs but also arena, is heavily inflated this season compared to others. Also I'd like to stand on my soap box and say you shouldn't be proud of any rating achievement if you have a negative win to loss ratio. You are effectively a loser, not a winner. Doggo out.Heckindoggo0 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 14, 2018 PVP Vendors? Should Blizz bring them back? PVP Vendors Okay so this may seem like an insignificant issue to some, however I am curious if it is just me or would others like to see the return of pvp vendors? Now by the return of them I mean full on grind honor buy gear return. Don't hate on me just yet for creating this thread, here is just some of the reasons why I feel it would be beneficial. First, plain and simple is choice...the ability to pick a piece of gear that you have worked for be it bracers, shoulders or whatever I think there is some benefit to being able to make that choice, versus having to grind for a predetermined piece of gear. Second, it creates the desire at least in my opinion to set goals and a feeling of accomplishment when that goal is reached. Now I know there are all sorts of other areas where we can set goals and meet them... I'm not debating that at all I am simply curious if anyone else would like to see the return of the pvp vendors? Please let me know what you think, I am curious if there will be any kind of support for this train of thought or if it really is the mindless ramblings of an insane person.Tyranith213 Nov 14, 2018
Nov 14, 2018 60s Thread #222 of RIP Str Gems [ WELCOME TO THE 60'S THREAD ] Please read; Exp On and Exp Off have been Merged as of the 7.0 Legion Pre-Patch BATTLE FOR AZEROTH IS IN THE HORIZON To learn more about the 8.0 Battle For Azeroth pre-patch check out: TURN OFF EXP!!!! There are "Exp eliminators" In Stormwind and Orgrimmar. Behsten is the Alliance exp eliminator, and is located in Stormwind Keep. Slahtz is the Horde exp eliminator, and is found in the Valley of Honor. Alliance: Horde: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ General Best in Slot Guildlines: Rammstein's Lightning Bolts is broken and is a pile of poop. As of patch 7.3.5, all pre-Legion zones have scaled up to a certain level. Starting Zones are 0-10 Classic Zones are 10-60 The Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King Zones are 60-80 Cataclysm and Mists of Pandaria Zones are 80-90 As of the BFA pre-patch 8.0, gear procs/effects will return in BGs!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ As always, stay que'd and have a nice day. P.S. Maybe we will see an AV this patch...?Geshik411 Nov 14, 2018
Nov 14, 2018 Too easy to predict winners on gear Tons of under 100k players on one team almost guarantees a win on the other side gearing to a minimum level (like the old honor gear) takes WAY too long nowadaysKugsneak109 Nov 14, 2018
Nov 14, 2018 ilvl scaled BGs having a separate que for ilvl scaled bgs at max levels. thats the only way to make BGs more casual friendly. You could implement less conquest points for ilvl scaled bgs to award players who que up for non-scaled bgs. Or the other option is scaling ilvl per Honor level. (to reward honor grinders.)Romanajapan15 Nov 14, 2018
Nov 14, 2018 "Shockingly Even" This deserves to become a meme.Failedwizard125 Nov 14, 2018
Nov 14, 2018 39 Twinks! <Underrated Bracket> is a lvl 39 alliance guild on Warsong that has 78 members and is looking to make a comeback. We formed around the beginning of Legion and quickly had members joining. There was a period of many months where we would constantly have 4 to 7 person guild premades going and I am looking to get those going again. If anyone is interested, they can add me (stapp345#1696) we would love to get this guild going again. This message isn’t just for new ppl, it’s also for former vets of this guild who haven’t been on in awhile to get back on so we can do some bgs! We fund all of our new members and vets. We supply everyone with gear and buffs. The bracket itself feels better paced than the other low lvl brackets imo; feels more like pvp cuz a lot of classes get certain cds at this lvl that help them. I’ll admit this guild hasn’t seen much activity in awhile, but with some help it can make a comeback. If ur interested in twinking at a new and interesting bracket, this guild is for you. (P.S. if I’m posting in the wrong forum I’m srry xD. I didn’t stop to think if there may have been a guild recruitment forum till after I had typed all this; didn’t feel like typing it all again lol so hopefully ppl see this)Conwaytwitty33 Nov 14, 2018
Nov 14, 2018 Eye of the Storm - BASES Can someone explain to me why there is no capable flags on the bases of Eye of the Storm. Standing around with a few other people or going solo when someone ghosts a base fees awful. The RBG version and AB feel so fun because you can use ability and skill to cap a baseBrewtank10 Nov 14, 2018
Nov 14, 2018 Why all the hate for twinks? I really don’t understand. If you’re leveling in a bg all you really need is ele force and every slot of gear filled and you can compete, you should also be using ele force when leveling anyways. In the bgs the number of twinks on each side is usually the same. There are occasional outlier games where the twink ratio is 1:10 but it doesnt happen often. Also, stop wasting your time complaining on the forums and level out of the bracket. Go play your precious endgame that you claim we’re all so bad at.Deported500 Nov 14, 2018
Nov 14, 2018 PvE Battlegrounds So I was watching the "What's next" For world of warcraft, there is going to be battle grounds against bots. I don't know what the plan is exactly but in my opinion this is messed up on so many levels I can't even begin to rant. Lets break it down to some points: As a horde player I will be getting longer ques against REAL alliance players. This will promote non-realistic development of skills. False sense of accomplishment for both factions. Imagine putting a rated system for BG against bots. Not way of bots mimicking actual players. Also....... Island expeditions bots are annoying but NOT hard. I find it more efficient to kill them than fetch for Azerite. I don't know about this but honestly we are heading to PvP being horde only. I just want BGs to be Alliance vs Horde as it always was.Julicen9 Nov 14, 2018
Nov 14, 2018 PSA: Forming Forum Posting Clique I want to dominate the new forums when they get released, so I'm looking to form up a group of experienced posters to crush the competition. Must be trusted and be able to embed images. Also will need to have a post count greater than 10,000 posts. No exceptions. Before some forum scrub points out that I have less than 2K posts, you should know that I actually have 30K+ posts on my banned account. People were paying me money to log into their forum account and win arguments for them but Blizzard caught me.Vanx28 Nov 14, 2018
Nov 14, 2018 World of Hordecraft. i know we call it World of Hordecraft. but you really gotta balance the racials. Draneis had a decent 1% accuracy back in the days and now its all GONE and they have a pewny little heal that can be used every 3 mins. that seems to be the trend these days. 3 minute Cool down for All Alliance racials.Romanajapan34 Nov 14, 2018
Nov 14, 2018 70s thread of we're not back Welcome to the current 70's thread, revised and re-written for World of Warcraft: Legion. DON'T FORGET TO RE-LOCK YOUR EXPERIENCE GAINS! --OVERVIEW-- (7.0 7/11/16) With the release of Legion, Level 70 twinks are expecting a plethora of major changes. These changes include Principles of War for gear normalization, Crates of Battlefield Goods to help players below level cap receive gear from battlegrounds, Legacy Set Bonus locks which negate the effects of wearing multiple pieces of Tier set gear, and Locked/Unlocked Battleground merging, which finally brings players with their experience locked to battlegrounds of players with unlocked experience. --PVP-- --PRINCIPLES OF WAR: In instanced PvP, you no longer gain different stats from your gear. Instead, all characters now have a pre-determined set of stats depending on your specialization. Every point of item level will increase these stats by 0.1%. For level 70s, the hard item level cap is 176, depending on your class. As a level 70, you should realistically expect to queue against players at level 79, perhaps using some Cataclysm blues to gain item level advantages. WoD has given you plenty of time to equalize yourselves against these players, so be prepared. --LEGACY SET/GEAR BONUS LOCKS: Enchants, trinkets, and passive effects on gear (including haste buff from Warglaives) will become deactivated within Battlegrounds and Arenas. This also includes Tier Set bonuses from wearing at least 2 pieces of gear from the same Tier. All Spirit on gear is being changed to Versatility*, but WoD's popular Versatility stat is no longer granted through enchants or gear anyways. It is up to the knowledge of your specialization to contribute. --LOCKED/UNLOCKED BATTLEGROUND MERGE*: Players who have locked their experience will now be matched with players who have their experience unlocked, meaning twinks will regularly be playing with non-twinks within Battlegrounds and Skirmishes. --SKIRMISHES: Skirmishes place you and your teammate(s) against another team of the size you queued for. You may queue solo to be partnered with a complete stranger, or you may queue as a group according to the size of the skirmish you choose. If solo queueing, healers will always partner a DPS, and comps will always play out with mirror queued roles. For example, queueing Healer+DPS will always queue against Healer+DPS, but it isn't guaranteed that someone queueing as Healer will actually take the role (i.e. DPS queueing as Healer.) --GEAR AND STATS-- If you have questions about which stat would be best to stack on your gear, refer to the passives in your spellbook, as each spec retains a 5% increase to a certain off-stat, which designates what may be best for you in PvE. It is highly recommended to play with either a mixture of Brutal Gladiator's gear and Sunwell T6.5, or just full Sunwell gear, as these pieces retain the highest Item Level benefits for the best possible damage/healing you can put forward. If you're interested in purchasing Brutal Gladiator's gear, it is now purchased with Marks of Honor*, which are obtained from Battlegrounds and Skirmishes. Brutal Gladiator gear vendors can be located in Stormwind, Orgrimmar, Gadgetzan in Tanaris, Area 52 in Netherstorm, and in the Dalaran Sewers. A majority of this gear is not currently available for Monks*. If you're curious why the professions tab is missing, it's because professions no longer retain stat bonuses to having them learned or giving unique bonuses. Your preferred professions will be your best ones. Good luck. --WHAT SHOULD I PLAY?-- (Currently, refer to to check out new talents, spells, and levels needed to learn new spells. Level 70s do not earn PvP Talents) --GUILDS-- Horde: <Inspect Me> - Area 52 <Inspect Me> Azuremyst Alliance: <Legacy WoW> - ScarletCrusadePälädin360 Nov 14, 2018
Nov 14, 2018 Alliance win nothing I don't know what Ion whats his name is talking about. The alliance is getting its !@# kicked all day every day in just about every BG you can name.Lilbastid156 Nov 14, 2018
Nov 14, 2018 119 Alliance - Black Temple - Timewalking Black Temple Tuesday - November 13th - 8:00 PM CST Join our 119 community. Sign up for the community event in your calendar. Priority invites to 119's first then players below 120. Before the raid, make sure to pick up this quest in Shattrath from Vormu. Requires a level 71. Disturbance Detected: Black Temple Also read up on Nov 14, 2018