3h PvP Disqualification Policy Update As part of our continued efforts to combat cheating and unfair play in World of Warcraft, we’ve recently made a change to our policies regarding PvP disqualifications. As of the Battle for Azeroth Pre-Patch, any player who is found to have engaged in unfair practices that result in their disqualification from end-of-season PvP rewards will also have their ability to queue for rated PvP matches immediately revoked. This restriction will continue through the remainder of the season in which they were disqualified, which includes the current “Post-Season” available until Battle for Azeroth launches. This change is intended to minimize the impact that disqualified players have on those who are playing legitimately while the PvP season continues, and is just one aspect of our ongoing commitment to upholding the competitive integrity of World of Warcraft PvP.Bornakk39 3h
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1m ban me if you want but melee on ranged is !@#$ed up. i am going to start a protest on the forums.Branol18 1m
5m Rogues ? Really? Are you seriously going to leave them as is for the next month Blizzard ?Diodor50 5m
7m warlocks needs some buffs! I am over it lol Survival is trash, mobility is trash, and damage in 2/3 of the specs is trash in pvp scenario (dispels!) if this is what its like at 120 we need some serious love.Vonnetta24 7m
26m So Premades Are Worse It shows Blizzard really doesn't care that premades go up against pugs, in fact it has gotten worse. Nearly every casual bg I've gone in to has been against a premade since patch. Obviously queuing against another premade is out of the question now or simply not working. There's only one reason why people make roflstomp a nonpremade pug. They want simple mode, and it makes them feel better I guess. lol We're getting trolled. In before "make your own, don't nerf friends". /rolleyesDrashtan32 26m
1h RBG Fight Night 2 7/27/18 Fight night number 1 has went and passed, it was team bloom, vs team murphz in a bo7, with team bloom coming out ahead with the incredible 4-0 sweep. For most of you, you may not know what im talking about, but for those that do, we hope that you enjoyed the stream, and are excited for many more fight nights to come. As a community most rbgers have always wanted something a little more competitive than the ladder. I have been in talks with most top rbgers about creating this after darkpenx created his first tournament, which, didn’t go that well due to leadership issues. After talking about it for a while, we decided to go ahead and jump the gun on the tournament, we decided the best way to improve the weekly tournaments is too improve as we go. When it comes to making decisions about the fight nights, I will be in talks with every top rbger who want to participate, and decide as a group on where we want to take this. As for the first couple fight nights, it will be closed invites only, which means I will pick 2 rbg leaders, and those leaders decide whos on their team, later on this can change and we can do other cool things, but while we are still figuring things out, this is how it will be. Wanna watch fight night number 1? How did the fight night go? Well about as most people expected, not very well, but, it's a start and has many people excited about the future of what it could become. We are going to take what we learned for from the first fight night (not advertised) and build upon it. One of our main priorities is the interface. A clean interface can make or break an esport. Wow rbgs can be very confusing to first time viewers which is why a clean interface is very important, We did reach out to Resurgent Esports, unfortunately they were unwilling to help us. We ask anyone who might be able to help us with this, please, any help we can get is appreciated. I have very good ideas on the interface that I will be posting shortly. Another one of our priorities, is filler content. What stops most rbg tournaments from ever happening is the sheer amount of people it takes to even start one. It takes 20 people online at the same time. So in between games some people might have to go, some may have to go afk. Filler content is probably a bit easier to fix, I just need more people apart of the live stream. If you are interested in becoming a caster/host just post on here and ill talk to you when I get some free time and see if you will make a good fit. There is much more we want to work on but those are the priorities. Now let's talk about what's to come. Next week friday 7/27/18, We will have fight night number 2. As of right now Team Bloom are the champions and will be competing in the next fight night again. The second team will be announced later on throughout the week, I will be updating this forum when we decide who will be leading the next team. I hope everyone's excited, your suggestions are welcome, just know we are working hard to improve the quality of the content. 1h
1h Borg end of legion appreciation thread. this evening in Omaha I sit in my large master bedroom surrounded by a great dane, Yourki, and small child. I log on wow and take inventory: not of supplies or food, but, friends. I am virtually never alone on the internet without them. Fiveapples once wrote that it is: "Getting food will be back in a few, only to never return to his keyboard". When, out of necessity tinkabelle called ray, but alas still had forgetten it was a boost priest and she didnt have the honor talent. Mctiny famously said, If, after many years of study, a demonhunter were to teach bearicade something, and if I were to build a little more on the foundation laid by that demonhunter, I would not, on that account, be considered wiser than skinnyfiend. He would never command my respect (Amset Home Rule: p. 14). Therefore, I must thank Figureines for his flag carry skill, of which I favored Brewmaster and Protwar. I'd be like a small-gnome hero wandering lost in these big battlegrounds without him. But, to sustain healthy current rating I needed a little help from some other friends. Figurines/devout: Your ability to outplay numerous dh !@#$% with clutch port fake outs while playing mw and ww on off maps to get my special season 7 tabbard that was actually season 4. Fiveapples/Bet: I've played with you on this game for two years. You are the definition of loyalty to the gym and sandwiches in middle of games. He does lift bro. Tinkerbelle: My wow boo that is amazing to play with and an amazing person. I begged her to marry me before i got married, or make a sister wives play. she wasn't having it. This season was a tad different for me. My all gnome dream team was composed of several new people that had never been 2k, much less 2200 in rated battlegrounds. To me, that is significant: I think it makes someone a greater leader to have succeeded with a cast of scrubs, rather than a stacked team of stars. Not that my team was full of scrubs, but, you get the point. Juan the rogue: Out of anyone you had the most unique job of smokebombing people at the right time to embarrass and humiliate the top of the bracket. Nothing like smokebomb lol dead dh. great sense of humor. Amset: I respect kindness in human beings first and foremost. You are the epitome of not that. It is easy to improve as a team when people see self-criticism in the way that you do. After a ragefest from you they usually go cry. Rawoil/Cazjel: Your unorthodox healing spec and playstyle enabled our team to set screens, ninja, and, turtle with fifteen stacks and forcefully inform the rest of the community of the dominance of restoration druid. When we got desperate enough to take one. Thank you for your elite talent. Mctiny: Your port skillz with figurines embarrssed most of the rbg community. You named our guild and grats on your first 2.2k, playing only gnomes. Since my early years, I've always had to my best to humiliate and embarrass the top of the rbg ladder because out of pure laziness they all took every advantage to cheat at this game making it hell of the rest of the population to the point of almost completely killing it. But I want to thank the following gnomes / dwarves. Bearicade (DH) Vernthefern (Rogue) Tweasy (Lock) Emilia (Priest) Winzip/Bushmaster(Hunter) Wofnore(War) Murderbeard(War) Dramu(DK) Bud(Shaman) Babysprout(Priest) Perry(all of his alts) Cortez(Paladin) Mehoff(Priest) Moltke (shaman) Deiava(Monk, Priest) Swifty(war) Special thanks to Lipkia and the entire team for embodying a level of teamsmanship, loyalty, and improvement that best exemplifies how rated battlegrounds should be played. Thank you to all my scumbags out there. You spied on my teams' secrets, my discords, my streams, my teams player personal, the times i queue. You all cannot be named, but, you know who you are. Everytime you lose to my wacky bull^-*! its because you get carried by broken classes and cheese, and i beat you with gnomes/dwarves, and skill. Remember these wise words from Bailamos, The Art of the Dodge: "The greatest victory is that which requires no battle." Thank you again everyone. Now I need to turn off the computer and walk away, and go gain some more experience questing outside in the real world.Bôrg23 1h
1h Horde Boycott AV With the release of prepatch it has become apparent that the alliance has an advantage in AV. The battleground has devolved into a foot race and the alliance has a head start. Most horde groups will only have Vann at ~50% when Drek is down. The only thing we can do as horde is boycott this BG until its fixed, drive up the queue times for the alliance and deny them their free wins and loot boxes. We are helping the alliance by queuing for broken AV.Munfiya80 1h
1h Alliance getting smashed in AV Alliance used to crush AV anyone know why they are failing lately? Does it have to do with most PvPrs move to Horde?Doedre3 1h
1h Epic Battlegrounds Raid Premades Epic Battlegrounds should be queueable as a raid group. This would set them apart from the normal Battlegrounds and allow us who have a lot of friends to not leave people out on a PVP night. There's also been Blue Posts stating that they want Epic Battlegrounds to feel larger and more grand in scope than a Normal Battleground. Think of Normal Battlegrounds as being Dungeons and Epic Battlegrounds as being Raids. This would lower queue times on both factions. This also allows PVP communities to grow IE: Hydra and Prime. With the new Community tabs think of the possibilities. Epic Battlegrounds also do not feel epic in scale when there is no coordination. These communities will set the standard and tactics that groups use in the future. In Summary Pros - Faster Queue times - More friends in Battlegrounds - Even more Epic fights - New and Old Communities growing larger in numbers Cons-Possibly one sided Epic Battlegrounds....Oh wait we already have that..... Any sarcasm is meant for humor sake. BFA is looking good this is just my humble opinion on one aspect and I know there are possible unseen reasons why this wasn't done in the first place. I would just like a discussion from all sides on why this should or shouldn't be a thing.Aeonyx116 1h
1h 7 min to to enter a losing bg.. Not sure how many threads have been posted on it but im pretty sure its something the entire community is sick of. There needs to be a option when Q pops that lets us know if the BG is already in progress with the option of waiting for a new one. Seriously .. its getting old. If Q times were 1 min i would care .. but thats nearly 15 min i sit around before i get a BG. Also if there could be a separation between people who DC and people who / quit out. Would love to see really stiff penalties on people who regularly drop at the first sign of getting behind.Valdorian3 1h
1h IOC Demolishers broken They hit players for 240k damage. You can just mow down teams and camp gy with it. Likely didn’t get scaled. Wheres the blizzard polish? Sooo many things broken right now.Darcanon2 1h
1h Casters should get a 6 sec disarm. How well do you think that would go over? #hypocracyinwowKrakatowa49 1h
1h Shaman is OP Title.Ayrianna19 1h
2h If you don't fix Rogues I am done. I will not sit here and put up with this blatant imbalance of this game, especially when you want to make it about PvP.Synneth49 2h
2h 60s Thread #222 of RIP Str Gems [ WELCOME TO THE 60'S THREAD ] Please read; Exp On and Exp Off have been Merged as of the 7.0 Legion Pre-Patch BATTLE FOR AZEROTH IS IN THE HORIZON To learn more about the 8.0 Battle For Azeroth pre-patch check out: TURN OFF EXP!!!! There are "Exp eliminators" In Stormwind and Orgrimmar. Behsten is the Alliance exp eliminator, and is located in Stormwind Keep. Slahtz is the Horde exp eliminator, and is found in the Valley of Honor. Alliance: Horde: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ General Best in Slot Guildlines: Rammstein's Lightning Bolts is broken and is a pile of poop. As of patch 7.3.5, all pre-Legion zones have scaled up to a certain level. Starting Zones are 0-10 Classic Zones are 10-60 The Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King Zones are 60-80 Cataclysm and Mists of Pandaria Zones are 80-90 As of the BFA pre-patch 8.0, gear procs/effects will return in BGs!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ As always, stay que'd and have a nice day. P.S. Maybe we will see an AV this patch...?Geshik76 2h
2h BG Rewards and Echoes of Battle Being that its the end of the expansion and the after season, combatant's gear should obliterate into more echoes of battle, lets say 5. In about 20 battlegrounds I got 1 gladiator item that I could obliterate for 15 echoes. At this point gearing to have some fun in bgs for the last 3 or so weeks here before BFA shouldn't be that big of a grind.Moäb4 2h
2h Random bgs this is old news but what is so random about getting the same 3 bgs consistently if not getting the same one 4 times in a rowGagex9 2h
2h Catch Up Gear Where is the catch up gear mentioned in the pre-patch? "JUMP INTO POST-SEASON Once the pre-expansion patch is live, we’ll be kicking off a special post-season through to the launch of Battle for Azeroth. While there will not be any end-of-season rewards such a mount, title, or Conquest to earn, players will be able to gain catch-up gear that will be rewarded from strongboxes." Will this be coming Tuesday?Sunspeed3 2h
2h I hope I don't have to play pve ... to play pvp. I guess there is no pvp gear this xpac, just "gear". Supposedly good gear will drop from just doing pvp. Shooting a giant man-beast for 20m makes me literally fall asleep. Ooooo, don't step in the green patch! Zzzz... Playing real human intelligence vs ai is so much more engaging. If there's not gonna be pvp gear, are pvp'ers going to be able to get the best gear from just pvp'ing? Or will pve'ers eat our lunch because they didn't step in green stuff every night for 6 months?Drainx2 2h
2h Was removing the template really needed? It was a win-win for everyone. Dedicated pvpers, even those in elite gear can just zone in and have a good time with the <<slight>> ilvl advantage that they earned PvE people, both the ones who just do lfr and the ones who farm mythic+15s and whatever can zone in, not worry about their precisely-optimized gear for raiding and just have a good time too The people who do neither, or are even just brand new at the game can also just zone in and have a good time because they don't have to worry about competing/getting destroyed with people decked in legendaries and elite titanforged. And when either of those groups got rewards through either pve or pvp, they actually got benefits to the stat template, even if it was so minor it was enough incentive to collect the gear and wear it. I don't understand why you'd remove the best idea you've ever had at making everyone equal, the idea that made pvp for all three groups of players (casual, competitive and pve) fun and fair? Let world pvp be the place of unbalanced, chaotic bloodbath and let the structured pvp such as bgs and arenas be the actual competition. Same ol' sob story, same ol' argument, but it's true - People really can't find the time either to time constraints or by work rostering conflicting with the time other people are available to farm gear to play the game at the base level. I work casual hours, sometimes as low as 16 a week and I can't find time to raid like i use to because my rostering is so erratic to the point that I can't put my name down for groups because I can't guarantee I'll be there. That's also the life of a lot of other people - I mean sure if this is the direction you want the game in where it finally, FINALLY excludes people who don't have the time for the game like it use to back in vanilla and other more time-investment-driven expansions then guess I'm out fam because lmao literally nothing I can do at this point. BFA won't cure this either. The people who say "lvl 120 will fix this!!" are unfortunately in denial. This a bit dramatic for just a pvp post don't you think? Honestly I'm just expecting people to cite "skill matters again!!" and "more customization!!!" like they do with the majority of posts like these, but I guess they weren't playing back in the day where blood death knights were absolute unkillable monsters and most classes could spam two abilities since their gear was carrying their damage. There's no customization bred from this, and if anything skill matters less when you're either the geared person, or the guy in greens with a system that we've currently reverted to. tl;dr bring back stat templates because it literally made all kinds of players able to do an activity instead of it soley ruled by elite pvp and/or elite titanforged playersImproved53 2h
3h Troll racial+Icy veins rbgs? Hello ppls! Does the troll racial Berzerking stack with the frost mage ability Icy Veins? If it did it should be 45% haste increase. Does this work in Rated BGs as well? I just would like to know before I lvl this toon, I'd really like to level a troll because the added haste seems fun, plus the RP behind being a troll isn't too shabby either.Sethsquatchs2 3h
3h 50+ honor lvl = no low level ques I dont understand blizzard how why you made the change - if you PVP on a 110 character have high honor rating then that means when you make a new character you no longer get to que for battlegrounds as you level up. This is a terrible backdoor change that was never talked about during beta or ptr.Sun250 3h
3h How are rogue BE finding the new racial? Are you getting decent dispels, like BoP/Shieds, or are there too many magic buffs to get specific ones, or is the gcd too limiting to use it?Charax4 3h
3h Pre patch. Really brings out the crazies to the forums doesn't it?Pingazlol5 3h
4h 39 xpoff thread#001 BFA revival 39s a new dawn is about to rise, a new chapter in the 39 legacy is about to unfold. A call to arms is being sent out. Stats will once again matter in pvp with the template system being shelved. So get your 39s gear updated to the new BIS. Lets get ready to rumble! xpoff.comSun29 4h
4h Crowd Control Central Am I the only one that feels like crowd control has multiplied with the pre-patch? I feel like I spend more time either rooted or running to try and fight than I do actually fighting.... Coming to the point that every battleground I’m in could be a music video for “The Sound of Silence” by Simon & GarfunkelSasageyo2 4h
4h So boosted 110s are getting destroyed in bgs? I quit WoW a while back, but I've been thinking of getting a boosted 110 and returning for BfA. But from what I read here, the geared pve'ers are destroying the guys with bad gear in bgs now. Is this correct? If so, it makes no business sense whatsoever, but I can't say I'm surprised- WoW has been telling pvpers that they don't care about their business ever since WoD (when I quit). Back to private servers I guess ...Khalissa82 4h
4h A <MurderLicense> PvP Guild. RBG Recruitment. Guild Info: <MurderLicense> was founded by myself on August 19, 2012. With a vision of becoming known throughout the server and across realms for high performance Rated BGs. And to be recognised as a Hardcore PvP Specialised Guild. Over the past 5 years, we have achieved in uniting most of the PvP players on our server: BoreanTundra-Shadowsong. We actively train our members through arena and RBG wargames to prepare them for Rated PvP. As well as nurture the leaders of tomorrow. We see our guild as a community, as a team and as family. Moving forward and reaching newer limits as one. We are a highly structured guild with guild rules and rank progression; partly as we have to slot players in teams based on their MMR. As guild leader, I am willing to commit personal sacrifices to see my guild mates rise. I take it upon myself to care for the well-being of my guildies (I'm the Mama Bear >:3). According to we are currently the 14th RBG guild in USA at 2068cr. (2018 Feb 20) In Season 6, we were Ranked Top 3% in RBGs, achieving Guardian of the Alliance. We feel that our foundations are strong and we are now ready to expand further. Guild Schedule: RBGs. 4 times a week. Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays. At 7-10pm server time. Usually after RBG hours and on days where nothing is planned, we organise social events like Foam Sword Fights (using the [Foam Sword Rack]) and transmog runs while listening to music on our guild discord. We also raid casually once a week. But raiding to us is primarily just to have fun. We strive to keep our guild atmosphere friendly and also knowing when to be serious; such as in Rated PvP. We are looking for: Team players. A willingness to improve. PvP players. Highly self-motivated players; your spec/ class/ mmr/ cr does not matter. If you are willing to join us, please make a character on BoreanTundra-Shadowsong and whisper any of our guild mates. Our Guild Recruitment procedure is an interview in-game which usually takes about 20 minutes. After which, I will give you my B.tag and slowly integrate you into our guild. You may choose to transfer to our server at a later date.Sharonbear71 4h
5h disc priests Why does every bg have so many of these healers all of a sudden? its stupid how they can determine a bg's outcome. Who in the hell at blizzard thinks its a good idea to overpower a single spec and make bg's impossible for the faction that has two go up against 2+ of the same overpowered spec?!Dontfocusme50 5h
5h Dear Blizzard: Please Fill the F****** Teams Yo, Blizzard. No excuse for a BG to be 7v10 for over 8 minutes. Like, no excuse at all. Get it together. Thanks.Derp5 5h
5h Simple fix for PvP and gear!! Simple... PvP gear vendors returned with blues, epic and elite quality. PvP gesr will be lower ilvl on average than PvE gear of similar quality so you cant go into a dungeon/raid and smash. When you step into rated PvP only PvP gear gains ilvls (say a 355 piece goes upto 370 for example) PvE gear goes DOWN in ilvl in rated PvP (so 355 goes down to 330). This gives incentive to pvp for your pvp gear and go for that elite gear too and makes it so people who do mythic raiding cant walk in with 370 gear and beat regular epic 355 wearing pvp geared people. Im sorry if its confusing or a mess im just thinking out loud without proof reading. Thoughts?Mercader1 5h
5h Disc Priest = Hot Class != Fun I enjoyed my priest before the patch but now that they've made it too ez to play and everyone is playing them, it's no longer fun. So what's the next healer class that's fun play in bg's that also has a decent amount of dps?Ðâwn1 5h
5h ETA on when Ashran will be back? Any update on how long until Ashran is back Blizzard? We miss it.Tremblade3 5h
6h BFA pvp will die without templates No casual player is going to bother with pvp if they have to spend weeks getting farmed just to be effective. I did battlegrounds on occasion in legion and my skill was the deciding factor in my performance, not my gear. Now we are going back to gear being more important than skill. For some it seems they don't want a level playing field; curbstomping people isn't fun. If you get pleasure from curbstomping freshly maxed characters with no chance of fighting back seek mental help. Citing legion pvp as a failure due to population numbers is misleading. The game is in decline, its actually impressive there were that many pvping. PvE geared players shouldn't be destroying people, neither should dedicated pvp gear. Just normalize it all. I guarantee you if the requirements for bfa pvp are to get hazed for weeks until you are pvp geared bfa is gonna be dead very quickly. I play alts and having to dedicate to a single "main" for pvp is just going to make me not participate at all. Bring back the templates, signed casual pve/pvperValarien273 6h
6h War Mode = AWESOME Gank and get ganked. Call to arms when your fellow Horde are getting attacked repeatedly, and you form a posse to go kill the attackers.....DIe alliance scum...DIE! That extra xp for your leveling characters (it really helped with that 60 to 80 slog) MORE GOLD!!!!! Killing that Rogue because they got all ego'd out because they are op atm, then you get an angry whisper........ I really do enjoy War Mode.Valdrane1 6h
6h Warmode = awful All it is, is who has x healer or y class; or just straight up outnumbers people. So bad. Still as bad as legion pvp.Sneakyboop88 6h
6h Random BG banning Hi Blizz, I was a huge fan of getting to choose to never play temple of kotmogu. Can we bring that back?Nìcola13 6h
6h Bailamos End of Legion Appreciation Thread ... This evening in Chicago I sit in my little sound-proof bedroom surrounded by acoustic foam panels and take inventory: not of supplies or food, but, friends. I am virtually alone on the internet without them. Gandhi once wrote that it is: "a mark of wisdom not to kick against the very step from which we have risen higher. The removal of a step from a staircase brings down the whole of it. When, out of infancy we grow into youth, we do not despise infancy, but, on the contrary, we recall with affection the days of our childhood. If, after many years of study, a teacher were to teach me something, and if I were to build a little more on the foundation laid by that teacher, I would not, on that account, be considered wiser than the teacher. He would always command my respect" (Indian Home Rule: p. 14). Therefore, I must thank Jordonz for his addons, of which I favored BigDebuffs and OmniBar. I'd be like a small-box hero wandering lost in these big battlegrounds without him. But, to sustain healthy current rating I needed a little help from some other friends. Finity: Your sage advice on what to do, and, what not do, or how not to defend a node on various alternate classes helped our team immeasurably. Thank you for your leadership. Pancakes: I've played with you on this game for seven years. You are the definition of loyalty and respect for the team. Thank you for your friendship. Zanthus: I beat you, verbally abuse your loved ones, and sometimes seem hellbent on destroying you over voice; but, I do appreciate you. Thank you for your patience. This season was a tad different for me. My Hero team was composed of several new people that had never been Hero, much less 2400 in rated battlegrounds. To me, that is significant: I think it makes someone a greater leader to have succeeded with a cast of scrubs, rather than a stacked team of stars. Not that my team was full of scrubs, but, you get the point. Zuba: Out of anyone you had the most unique voice and sense of humor. You served as the anchor to our team as well as our comic relief. Thank you for being flexible and playing not one, but, all three warrior specs when called upon. Nickx: I respect kindness in human beings first and foremost. You are the epitome of that kindness. It is easy to improve as a team when people see self-criticism in the way that you do. Thank you for your dependability. Milkyjamji: Your unorthodox healing spec and playstyle enabled our team to set screens, ninja, and, turtle with fifteen stacks and forcefully inform the rest of the community of the dominance of restoration druid. Thank you for your elite talent. Since my early years, I've always hated writing thanks for gifts. It seems so tedious, and, receiving the gifts seems so much more fun. So, out of pure laziness and in the time-saving interest of any prospective audience members, I will stop with the long eulogies here. Yet, I would still like to thank the rest of my team: Aryon (DH) Bobx (DH, Druid, Priest) Carl (DH, Druid) Cokexd (Warlock) Elfin (Monk, Priest) Fawz (DK) Hamsti (Priest, Paladin, Druid) Jidderz (DK) Lee (Shaman) Lit (Priest) Pride (all of his alts) Sethcurry (Monk) Tabbree (Priest) Thecolortwo (Druid) TheTwizz (Monk, Priest) Ummagummaa (Rogue) Special thanks to Skitsou and the entire Korean team for embodying a level of teamsmanship, loyalty, and improvement that best exemplifies how rated battlegrounds should be played. Thank you to all my little rats out there. You spied on other teams' secrets, their discords, their streams, their player personal, their times in queue. You all cannot be named, but, you know who you are. Remember these wise words from my acclaimed book, The Art of the Dodge: "The greatest victory is that which requires no battle." Lastly, thank you to my biggest rival and enemy across the years, all of that was a troll, Alan (Abn). Before you came along I often felt like face-planting onto my keyboard from all the stress. Thank you for your calm leadership to level me out. Thank you again everyone. Now I need to turn off the computer and walk away, and go gain some more experience questing outside in the real world.Bailamos35 6h
7h Peppers End of legion appreciation thread this evening in Dallas I sit in my Mediumn sized bedroom surrounded by a corgie shepard. I log on wow and take inventory: not of supplies or food, but, friends. I am virtually never alone on the internet without them. Blar once wrote that it is: "!@#$ hit then q" only to never return to his keyboard. When, doing rbgs he called people idiots for not knowing where to be, but alas still had forgetten it was a anyone can join lfg. Desh famously said, If, after many years of study, a egirl hunting were to teach peppers something, and if I were to build a little more on the foundation laid by that egirl hunter, I would not, on that account, be considered wiser than aiihop. (im paraphrasing) He would never command my respect. I must Also thank taldorne for his flag carry skill, of which I favored people who listened to me when i make callouts 2 mins ahead of time. I'd be like a panda hero wandering lost in these big battlegrounds without him. But, to sustain healthy current rating I needed a little help from some other friends. Desh- Ive known you for the better part of 4 xpacs, you have always been a good friend and great person to play with and also troll with. Taldorne- this is the xpac I met you but we have not only became friends but more like brothers, we been there during our lows and highs and I hope our brotherhood last for many years. Kasper- You are litteraly the person who got me into rbgs, without you this post would not have written, you have blessed the bracket of peppers and cursed it at the same time. maybe one day you will add me back after i killed you 8 times in a single bg but nothenless. Thank you for all you have taught me about this game Blar/howard- Never a dull moment in our grps. from a 12 year old yelling at his mom to heal him to me and howard yelling at each other on how to ninja a base and blar calling us idiots for not team fighting. I will always cherish you guys and for teaching me how to get over the small stuff and realize friends get heated but will always be friends. This season was a tad different for me. I qued with alot of different teams, from jill to the aussies. Met alot of great people and even tried to help the community by giving back in teachings. I may have made some enemies but also Ive made alot of new great friends that im really grateful for. Riddles- watching you climb from a 2k dk on a terrible team to you getting your 2.4k with a lfg groups just proves my point about your orginal team ;), You are a great friend and I had alot of fun in 2k groups with you messing around. Maybe one day you will actually run knock ;). Loe- dude you are my brother from aussie, Watching you grow to the player you are now has been amazing. You beileving in my dk skills and us having a "blast" on eots. see what i did there. haha. much love! Lipkai- I honestly didnt know what to think of you at first but your groups were more then rbgs, but about the community of players you had thats why you have such a strong following and people who will come back. Capo/Broken - Earlier in the xpac I treated you guys like crap, but Im glad you forgave me because you guys are great friends and players. You guys are fun to listen to as you bicker then 20 mins later high af and chilled. Taldorne (DH) Lit (priest) Gloss (priest/mw) Kasper (Rogue) gengar (lock) Calamarii (Priest) Crunkzilla (Hunter) Blar(War) Bidderman(War) Riddles(DK) greov(Shaman) Boat(Priest) Jeleopard(all of his alts) Kex(Paladin) Vae(Priest) celerina (priest) Deiava(Monk, Priest) Broken (rogue) notae (pally) isako (priest) Remember these wise words from Bailamos, The Art of the Dodge: "The greatest victory is that which requires no battle." Thank you again everyone. Now I need to turn off the computer and walk away, and go gain some more experience questing outside in the real world.Longgreen10 7h
7h Low level bgs not working? Why can't I queue for bgs at low level on my alts? It's how I level them and this is disappointing, does this have something to do with my honor level? (77 half way to 78)Bandandron11 7h
7h Low level bg queue times I went from 3-7 minute queue times from last week to never popping this week. I'm assuming something is bugged? Been in queue for 2 hours now. Can't do dungeons either because the scaling is broken.Therapybeard19 7h
8h Epic BG Ashran, Wintergrasp and Tol Barad Love that Regular BGs and Epic BGs are seperate Ques. Hate that Wintergrasp and Ashran and Tol Barad are obsolete/removed. Dislike that you can still only que with 5 people for Epic BGs. I Propose WG, Ashran and TB be Redesigned into Epic BGs to give more Variety to that que potential other than IoC and AV. ontop of this allow us to que with 20 people (Max) for Epic Battlegrounds to help control the absolute mayhem that is Epic Battlegrounds.Remnos4 8h
8h Alterac Valley and its future. With Alterac Valley you can see that its always had an issue. All these quick fixes were added in here and there to try and make it work, which it did somewhat. It just never felt like an amazing and epic experience anymore, compared to vanilla. I miss those days of 24+ hour battles it was insane and fun. With the addition of world quests in Legion I can see a way that can breathe some life into AV again. We can bring back the old vanilla endless battles with them. We can have 30v30 head on battles fighting for ground and 10 or so players completing side objectives to help the push. I think the problem is AV has been viewed as a battleground, where I think it should be viewed as a PvP objective zone with a finishing point. The rewards do not have to be centered around winning or losing, but how the battleground is played. I don't see a need to have any time limit or reinforcement limit in this zone anymore. I can see it as a complete and utter war zone with a battle ALWAYS going on. All of the old quests and npc's can be re-introduced. World quests can be added for loot points throughout the battle: - Take that tower! Get this shiny loot. - Kill the commander! Get this shiny loot. - Game detects no objectives completed for 15-30 minutes? WQ Time to push an advantage! With this shiny loot. - Champions! Ivus hears your battle and wishes to help, gather XXXX for him and he will charge the enemy! - Horde took Dun Baldar, but having trouble holding it? WQ Time! Resurrect this elite to aid you! Have one of the champions killed on the path to the flag be a tipping point. Alliance completes the WQ he's resurrected. Horde? Gasp! Val'kyr swoop down. He's now Undead. "For... the... horde?" At the end of the battle, when you need to leave because you've been there for 2-3 hours, you get bonus loot based off of performance in the battleground instead of if you kill the enemy commander. I think this style of battleground could breath a fresh bit of life into PvP.Highline11 8h
8h 15 person bgs low priority? I seem to get 10 man bgs 90% of the time. Anyone else experiencing this? if so, can we just make all non-epic bgs 10 man?Shiyolangley3 8h
8h Hidden Templates???? I know templates have been removed in patch 8 but I noticed that when I am inside a BG my stats are 3-5% lower. for example, my haste is 17% but in the BG it went down to 14%. wonder if they are implementing some sort of templates under da hood without us knowing.Tandori4 8h
9h Guayss X Clurss Sur O.P. Have you seen DK's? The Unholy spec is SUR O.P.! Then there's Ferals! Urmagurd!! SUR O.P.! BM Hunterz runnin Amuk! SUR O.P.!! ....I jest ded from GLACIAL SPIKE! SUR O.P.! MW murnks dernt die!! SUR O.P.! Why are Rets not nurfed yet? SUR O.P.! Every BG has an OP Disc...Nerf!! SUR O.P.! The other team haz all rogues! SUR O.P.! Warriors 2 shottin! SUR O.P.! Nurf Chaos bolt!! It shouldn't...ugh..SUR O.P.!Tèss5 9h
9h Disc priest shield spam? Soooooooooo are they gonna make the shield spam cost more mana or give them a 15sec weaken soul like they used too?Vodquila1 9h
9h New PVP armor/weapon looks in BFA If anyone hasn't checked out the Collections -> Appearances -> Items tab for PVP gear and 7th Legion go check it out. Super pumped they have Alliance/Horde themed armor again. (not in the "Sets" tab.). Big fan of the Hunter one so far.Patricio3 9h