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24s Explosive Trap and Radius are horrible now. I have noticed that the patch has significantly changed the traps for SV hunters. For starters the explosive trap has been changed to a ranged trap instead of drop-at-your-feet on-demand. I think blizzard made a big mistake with changing explosive trap to ranged because I use it exclusively along with harpoon to start my damage rotation. Making it ranged has hindered my ability in PVP for opening attacks. Very Bad Choice made by blizzard. Secondly, I noticed the bulls eye area has been greatly reduced thereby inhibiting dropping traps while kiting opponents, another bad decision made by blizzard. Finally, the explosive trap does not trigger most of the time despite the fact the opponent is standing inside the targeting circle. I would like to request that blizzard revert the changes made to the explosive trap and targeting radius. Blizzard, You Really Do NOT know what's best for PVP players and honestly some of those decisions you make should be your last.Beeoch1 24s
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13m Return of PvP vendors? Scrolling through patch notes for the 7.2 PTR I noticed in the currency section two new additions called "Echoes of battle" and "Echoes of domination" . Both state that they are "Used to purchase powerful/elite PvP armor" .Shädê5 13m
25m DH, still retarded still overtuned and the easiest class to do damage as. Give them some utility (something good) so they can be balanced around something other than damage output.Wetrobrute23 25m
26m Arcane Torrent nerf plz Arcane Torrent Blood Elf Racial Instant 1.5 min cooldown Silence all enemies within 8 yards for 2 sec and restore 3% of your Mana. Non-player victim spellcasting is also interrupted for 3 sec. What a fun racial, 8 blood elves in a RBG coordinating and my team literally just got mass silenced 3 times in a row. All because of a racial. Now I wonder why all the alliance rerolled to horde... They should at least make this racial have 100% DR and not possible to Arcane torrent the same target(s) twice in a row within 15s or so, but other silencing effects will have the same effect as usual.Chihao22 26m
28m Ret needs dispel protection. Having all our mobility and utility shut down by spammable offensive dispels is really not balanced at all. If a Shaman, Priest or Mage shows up to a fight, we basically have no BoF, BoP, or SoV. We can't catch any of our targets because we have no gap closer, without blessing of freedom we are relegated to waddling around at 30-50% speed... This wouldn't be a problem if we still had Emancipate, why Blizzard thought removing that ability and not replacing it with something was a good idea is beyond me. No other class can have their mobility simply be shut off by another class at will, and stopping every other class' mobility requires CC, stuns, things on cooldowns or with cast times, Why is it acceptable for Ret's mobility to be destroyed by something that has no cooldown, no cast time, and can be used without care? No other class has a counter anywhere near as hard as Mages counter Paladins.Divenity49 28m
34m Looking for PvP Guild I'm currently looking to transfer my rogue to a PvP server and need a friendly/active guild to join. I have a bit of PvP experience but I'm no expert... looking to learn to be honest. Currently I just wait the 10min queue for normal BGs as none of my friends are interested in PvP; I do fine in them... but again not an expert at my class just yet. Also I'm looking mainly for Horde side guild, but I might be swayed to purchase a faction change. If you have a guild and are actively recruiting for more let me know! Cheers! edit: I'm US central time zone but I'm up at all hours.Milnox4 34m
35m Ever changing landscape of PvP Well, it's a whole different animal after every patch and hotfix. I can only laugh at this point, I think the Devs should have played around with those fine tuning knobs a bit before Legion dropped so they had a clue about what they were doing. Such broad swipes and very little fine tuning. Adding new abilities and then nerfing them so the old ones that were chosen by default are now again the default abilities. This is counterproductive and the opposite of Blizzards stated goals. It's really hard to get a grip on an ever changing landscape. You can't even duel or WPvP to get a feel for things. I destroyed an Arms Warrior today in WPvP but it's not the same in a BG. Since the last hotfix, I have been trying to get a feel for things. Heals seem to be a lot better, maybe even too much in some cases but I haven't reached a conclusion about that yet. Something is off though. I just watched a Holy Pally kill a mage in Twin Peaks...even after I joined the two of them fighting, he still took out the mage and had no problem escaping with half his life. Really? WW's can almost take you out in a single stun, I have better luck against Rogues. In fact, I kill 50% of the Rogues I encounter 1v1...this worries me a LOT since even poorly played Rogues should be a challenge for Locks. And the match-up system is broken. Here is a SS of a very common occurrence: Notice the count on Healer must die, there are at least 5 heals, we had none. And things like this make me wonder: Maybe it's just a random fluke, an RNG double premade? And TAB targeting...oml so broken. It absolutely will not target the melee chopping me up and almost NEVER targets the Mage, I have to click the Mage 90% of the time, even if they are right in front of me. There is an obvious bias toward mages but I wont go so far as to say this is intentional, it is pretty fishy and damn irritating. But what IS intentional is the removal of things like Detect Invisibility which would be really handy in this current Meta. It upsets me greatly to have a mage pop out of invisibility when I used to catch them. I literally cringe when I see Rogues pop their Shadow Ward and I think: "I used to have that, and now it's being used against me." TLDR Maybe it's time to listen to your more experienced player base Blizzard, most seem willing or even eager to help and you obviously don't have the time, resources or the will to approach things with a level hand.Tyaryx0 35m
42m I am now prestige 7 So I am prestige 7 honor level 34 right now and it all happened in the flash of an eye when I killed a druid in world pvp. My screen was just flashing for the next 2 minutes with rewards from the last 3 prestiges. My question is if anyone could help what rewards I obtained that I might have missed from all this stuff happening on my screen? I got the crest of heroism and a dutiful squire pet that I can recognize so far. So just wondering what prestige rewards I might have missed. If anyone was curious I also gained about nearly 3-4 mil ap and 10-20k gold and the amount of Glory of the melees that went on my screen lasted about 2 mins. It was pretty startling.Equipaje228 42m
50m Horde-largest population of griefers This pertains to world pvp (if you can call it pvp). We are all aware that on almost every server the horde outnumber the alliance 10-1 which makes everything suck for both factions. I don't want you to have 20-30 minute queues for Bg's either, but I think the merc guy needs to be removed. Bg's aside, as alliance when I travel around the world through a sea of red attempting to go about my business, inevitably I'll run into immature !@#$%^-s camping WQ's and FP's for the lone alliance member to land amidst a dozen horde. Does this behavior make you feel proud of yourself? Waiting for me to tag a quest mob and then attacking me after waiting for the mob with me? Killing me as I land as a flight point? Yes? is that PvP? The funniest part is when I am on my main with 2.6m health I never get attacked.... It only seems to be on my 1.5m hp alts.. like every single time I bring them out of Dalaran. And when I decide I am sick of the rogue camping a stupid WQ, I bring my main and they run to camp a different WQ. (Pussies) My absolute favorite is after getting ganked over and over at a flightpoint amidst a sozen horde, is the chat spam of "strange gestures" and "spit" that must be bound to every key. This seems to be the same in Bg's. On alliance, I haven't seen anyone do this since burning crusade when everyone had to shout "get over here" when Dk's were released. Is the horde made up of children? That absolutely refuse to pvp unless there is absolutely no way they can possibly lose? Did you all grow up in the era of giving both little league teams a trophy regardless if they won or lost, and you just can't handle losing a fight? Does it make you happy that people are quitting by the thousands and getting ganked on alts is a big reason why? Do you enjoy your 20+ minute Bg queues? Now, the only reason I am bothering to post this is because of CRZ. Before CRZ, I could simply write down the name of the ganker *!@#$% and return the favor. CRZ makes this impossible with all the tourists on my server... Again, completely 100% safe ganking with zero possibility it will come back and bite you in the ^-* ever. Yep.. and you children pat yourself on the back and call it "world pvp"....Maxina37 50m
1h CC in PvP I have no notable achievements in PvP the past few seasons. I only recently returned to the game, in fact. But I had an idea that I believe would fix a lot of the imbalance we find in PvP. Hard CC, such as 6 second stuns, 50% speed reduction for 15 seconds etc, should all be halved in duration during PvP settings, that is, when used on another enemy player in any harmful way. The one exception/caveat I would make would be rogues, who rely quite a lot on their basketful of stuns to keep themselves from getting squished in an extended fight. Give rogues a passive ability that allows their CC to be unaffected by PvP reduction(or even lowered to a mere 25% reduction if that proved to be OP, I'm not good with game numbers) to keep them relevant and viable. Like I said, I'm no expert. This is just my observation and having tried to "test"/observe it in game, I believe that it would be a viable solution to a lot of the issues we encounter in PvP. Thoughts, comments, and explanations on your opinions are more than welcome :)Nairot12 1h
1h RBG Class stacking I have never seen this problem with other expansions but now im seeing comps like 3 boomkin 3 mist-weavers in every rbg... its just annoying that the only way to combat comps like this is to fight fire with fire. is anybody else having this problem in every game above 1800+?Moonfîre12 1h
1h LOS is a joke in bg's.... LOS is a pure joke in bg's... hunter's and mages casting from below ground out of LOS rules for sure.ágéd12 1h
1h Gear doesnt matter lie Holinka saying gear in pvp wont matter as much in legion is an absolute lie. It feels worse than ever. Thanks for wasting my time. I am done with this game. You either have to play 24/7 or you wont have fun in pvp cause you just get smashed. I have better things to do.Waterstone79 1h
1h Explain the chaos bolt nerf Are you kidding me? So guess what? They stealth nerfed the chaos bolt talent now it does 100% more dmg instead of 150%. Not only that our root is 3 seconds now. Are they just trying to kill locks overall this whole expansion? I agree that chaos bolt was OP in the ptr with a 200% increase but are you kidding me? First of all the talent is completely useless. IT PREVENTS HAVOC. so why not just use cremation and use havoc it will do the same dmg overall and you can run cremation with it. Of course blizzard overnerfs things it's what they do best, they buff things to insane levels then nerf them to oblivion. Why couldn't they just nerf it to 125%? That way it still does good damage and we're not forced to go cremation. Do you guys even play PvP? Have you done one bg arena rbg or high leveled arena? Seriously it's ridiculous I was in a bg and it's so damn weak I have to cast 4-5 bolts to kill one damn hunter. Imagine a tank. I'm sitting here trying to not get destroyed by melees and when I can freecast I do absolutely nothing to healers and dps especially when I get interrupted there's no reason to play warlocks. I'm not gonna play an immobile class with low survivability and low damage. Like seriously how many bgs have you seen windwalkers and frost dks just going thru people like butter? I already die to a windwalker in seconds go ahead and make that 2 seconds when a frost dk is on me. Jeez blizzard you really balanced this game. Tell me one reason to play warlock over anyother class. Welcome back chaos noodles. You were the only viable option in pvp. Thank god I have a havoc and ww monk.Lockthedoor48 1h
2h Disc Priest hit for 1.8 million damage(BG) Is this normal/acceptable? I realize I ate a hefty Greater Pyro while I was stunned(Which is fine, that's how that works) but this Disc Priest hit me for 75%~ of my maximum HP with a much shorter cast time. (1.8m/2.4m HP) Seems ridiculous for an artifact weapon, especially when it's a healing spec.Avelyn7 2h
2h Legion PvP Oversights Hi All, This is not intended to be negative, only informational. It has become clear that Blz doesn't care about PvP this expac. I came to that conclusion based upon their actions and not their words. I compiled a list of those actions, please feel free to add to it, discuss them, or even just play devil's advocate. Here we go: 1. S1 titles: Instead of basing title rewards for S1 based off all players above 1000 rating, they awarded titles based off of that metric and also added (without telling ANYONE) a 50 win gate as well. This resulted in their being less than 10 Hero titles between Horde and Alliance COMBINED. This hit the arena community incredibly hard too. It was not until their was such an uproar from the PvP community that they decided to "adjust their criteria." They even went so far to tweet out "working as intended" which is what caused the PvP community to flip out even more: kudos to all of you that made it clear that was an unacceptable move on their part. 2. The level 35 artifact trait activation: Blz officially posted prior to the expac and reinforced it early on that the 35th trait that activates 5% extra damage on PvE would NOT be active in PvP. They then launched it in 7.1.5 with no forewarning and only reverted it once we again rose up to bring attention to their hypocrisy. They then gave the "well, we are reverting it but it'll go live again in S3" bit. So they went back on their word, backpedaled, then doubled down. 3. Prestige bug: Players who hit the Prestige cap in S1 accumulated honor past level 50. When S2 launched, those that pressed the "prestige button" lost that honor and just gained a new prestige level and started grinding again. Those that were at cap but DID NOT press the button and then just got a SINGLE HK had all of the pent up honor redeemed all at once, granting MILLIONS of free AP and thousands of gold. Blz officially announced they would not be fixing this. 4. Holy Priest Greater Fade Exploit for Caps: In 7.1.5, Holy Priests gained the ability in their Honor talents to become immune to all damage for 6 seconds. This means that a Holy Priest for the last 7 days has been able to waltz into a team fight, or at any node, press Fade, and cap with many many people beating on them. This can only be countered with certain abilities (like RIng of Peace, some hunter spells, etc) but there are teams running around with 4 healers now just for exploit caps. This is STILL LIVE. Blz has not even addressed it. This has MAJOR CONSEQUENCES in RATED play, which many players hold dearly. This is more than just an oversight: this had to/should have come up when testing all these changes which they claimed to do so for MONTHS on PTR and internally. 5. Massive/manic/extreme swings in % nerfs for "balance." With every patch, and in between with every hotfix, there are blanket "10% nerf to stamina 10% buff to agility 10% nerf to intellect" etc. What's with the EXTREME swings in balance? Not only this, but classes like Frost DK and Balance druids, which have been 3-4 button mongo mass damage machines in Legion have received BUFFS to their damage in the last few patches! This has led to massive imbalance not just in BG specs but also in comps. Which leads to my next point: 6. 50%+ of RBGers over 2k are MW or Balance: The sheer fact that the RBG meta now is (at least) 3 boomkins with 3 MW healers is absolutely absurd. Balance Druid are the PERFECT RBG class: they do the most damage by FAR with barely having to cast, they can stealth so they can be sent in kill teams to assault bases, they can go bear form and become the best PvP tank in the game, and they have incredible mobility being able to blink out of trouble on a moments notice. Oh, and don't forget, they own the single best CC in the game: cyclone. MW? Their mobility and CD's are unparalleled right now and have been since the beginning of the expac. How is it that Blz allows the total exclusion of 75%+ (estimate) of all other specs in RATED bg play? The message is clear: if you are not a boomkin, frost dk, mw, or DH, you are not welcome in RATED play. 7. FOTM culture: With the overbuffs and subsequent nerfs, everybody and rerolls whatever spec is set to be OP. Fine, do what makes you happy: one cannot blame the player base here, Blz, what say you? You've created a culture where just to be competitive and enjoy the game people feel they must reroll a new class with every set of hotfixes/patch. Again, this is meant to be a fact based analysis of the action/inaction Blz has taken in Legion alone and is my humble opinion. I do not ask that you agree/disagree with it, but I ask that you acknowledge these as FACTS, and as the late John Adams once said: "Facts are stubborn things." - Mindmelt/Masochist/PorzingisPorzingis31 2h
2h PvP Titles I miss the opportunity of getting PvP titles. I barely had the chance on this guy when i played during vanilla/BC. I can't remember when they deactivated them but I was definitely sad because I wanted the Sergeant one. With PvP being pretty neglected, my face would light up at the chance of getting PvP titles again. Holy smokes i would binge PvP so hard. I know its not going to happen, but I just like dreaming about it.Beemac1 2h
2h Fan the flames Confession Bear I sometimes keep arguments going to see how invested someone is into this game.Popehandson10 2h
2h Potential new alliance BG premade? Hello pvp community. I'm Zek, long time pvper over many years since the good ol' days of vanilla. I do a lot of casual pvp for fun and I've ran with a lot of different "premades" but none of them seem to run consistently enough for my liking. =( I'm curious if there is interest in the community in doing large scale pvp. It would be for fun above all else, but of course there are goodies to get from prestiging and also farming hks til your heart's content. I have a lot of experience running battlegrounds and have lead plenty of them. I would primarily want to run AV's, maybe some IoC's occasionally, and also WPvP. Anyone would be welcome as long as they can join voice comms (most likely Discord) and are able to follow directions for the queueing/joining of the battleground as well as instructions once inside. I even welcome horde to join up with us and merc if they want. No faction discrimination here! (at least until the bg starts =P). Times for start would most likely be after 10 pm EST most nights, although possibly earlier on any given night (depends on work). We'll run as long as we have the numbers and people are up for it (ideally get in at least a few games). So, what do people think? Go ahead and put what you think as far as if it sounds like a good idea. Once I gauge interest I'll be able to put together more details as far exact start times and days. Usually I'm up for pvp almost every night. Horde have been giving the Alliance hell in AV lately, what with turtling inside Galv and all that. We need to give them a challenge! =) Hope to hear from you guys. -ZekZekrad38 2h
2h top 3 worst pvp specs atm What do you think are the top 3 worst pvp spec in 7.1.5?Mandriuz3 2h
2h 39 xpoff thread#001 Legion revival Its been a long road of ups and down in the twink community since vanilla that is for sure, with some expansions killing brackets while creating new ones. Sure we moved on from twink to xpoff and found a very high level of competition that has been segregated for so long from the general population. Its going to be great to see the return of so many great players that know how to play in a bracket return to smash faces. So get ready, knock the dust off, spread the word that legion brings alot of great hope, balance, imbalance, its a buffet of nostalgia so dig in. = all the info you need to knowSun323 2h
2h Healers, Have You Ever... had 1 or 2 dps chase you across the entire map for 5 minutes trying to kill and slow you endlessly until they follow you into a group of reinforcements, then they get killed? Best revenge feeling. What kind of revenge story do you have whether in bg's or wpvp?Skinwälker4 2h
2h Goodbye Legion PvP Legion PvP I am very sad. The entire expansions pvp has been brutally terrible. Im guessing many W.O.W players have quit. I am now beginning to feel it as well. There is not uniqueness in this game anymore. There is nothing but brutally sad deaths on many classes. Nothing but torture and the feeling of not being able to battle. Example of the kind of uniqueness : WoD s3 - Windwalker Monks > Windwalker monks had tigereye brew, we had to build this up before we could do a really good 1 shot. Monks have always been this way, killing someone in a leg sweep, and I get that I can still do this. But the way I did it was so much fun, took some skill, and was very enjoyable to play. Now I spam what is called a "Macro" and kill someone... In WoD s3, I had to build brew, leg sweep, chi burst and jump roll with chi torpedo! It was really fun, because if I messed up, the dmg wouldn't be as high and or I would fly off the blades edge arena bridge. --- It took skill! It is now 7.1.5, I have made a demon hunter, glad to see I run in and just kill everything. That's pretty fun... I just spam a couple buttons and watch people die. I died to a warlock!!!! Warlocks with a brain will do this, wait for a good opportunity where the stuns of the enemy team have been used, they will then go immune to silence for 6 seconds, and have a "hastened" UA. But don't worry! They can spam it!! I now have 6 UA's on myself. I cant trust my healer because when I turn around, he's not there due to his death against the warlocks "demon hunter" partner, or he never joined because, well... do healers even play this game anymore? Warriors smack things. FUN! What a rogue? Shamans proc things.... almost just as fun! Paladins, well... you know.. In truth I could continue to go on about every class, but this games PvP is actually so bad. I will have to say though, if blizzard does see this, that your games PvE is on point. 10 / 10 in PvE... but for those who cant spam mythic +'s all day because its soooo repetitive, we want a break and want to kill some people. So im borde, I head on out to the Duel - O - Tar!!! Challenge him to a duel and... I spam my macro, he dies.. hes gets upset, he quits. No one challenges me. Why? Cause im 883 iLvL... Dueling is really bad. I used to never even think about doing a dungeon because all I did was sit outside and duel. And it was so fun, getting to learn the classes, how to beat them, weaknesses, disadvantages, advantages. Now I cant, because the gear... the legendaries, the trinkets.. the iLvL.. you cant do anything about that? " GO ARENA NOOB!!" Ok, i'll go arena... yesterday.. I 3v1'd a team on my windwalker monk... 1650 bracket, yes they are not the best players.. but they are not the worst. How did I do this? Because my class can. They were the perfect classes to where I could do this. "WAIT UNTIL YOU FACE A REAL PLAYER!!! YOU WONT 3v1!! YOU CANT 3v1 a GOOD HEALER!" > Woah man, whats a healer? --- To finish this up, I just wanted to say the game I enjoyed so much, and love so much, has finally come to its end. At least for this expansion, pvp will no longer exist for me, and I cant do these mythics anymore. --- I want everyone to please leave their comments about why they hate PvP or love PvP. I want to see all the feedback about changes, I want enough feedback to where blizzard will see this post, and hire some new designers for PvP. --- OH! I almost forgot! This week DH's Locks' and Boomys are really OP! But don't worry! Spam the forums and they will be nerfed Next week! Then Hunters, Shamans, and Mages will be really OP! YESSS!! But don't get your hopes up! Because all you gotta do is spam the forums, and the following week, Demon Hunters, Warlocks, and Warriors will be OP! but don't worry about that either!!! Cause the next week Monks will be top again....... pathetic.Xiangcloud26 2h
3h Favorite Vanilla WoW Legends (and a question) Been playing on and off a looooong time, still stink at pvp, but I really enjoy watching old vids. Anyone who has been around forever, who do you remember? Post vids! My fave, this bad mother right here: And my question- One of the first rogue vids ever had some rogue going around killing everyone naked, soundtrack was by Rammstein or something. Looking for that vid to add to my collection. Anyone have a link? Thanks!Volcana5 3h
4h BG Graveyard Bug/No spirit healer I find it hard to be nice with this post. How many times does this have to be addressed and complained about. Fix the damn graveyard no rez bug. No spirit healer to rez so you have to run back to your body. And if they take your insignia you don't get to rez for the rest of the bg. Hint: Every time you do a major update to the game or patch it....this breaks. That should tell you exactly what the problem is.Klyptus3 4h
5h MW MONK - LF RBGS GROUP MW MONK - 2.3 XP - TOP Heals = Normally pull 160-220m heals in a decent RBG . Average 200-275k HPS looking for a solid team to push for this season let me know ingame or here. thanksTargetme0 5h
5h Healers must not much fun in BG I have spent hours trying to get Rated BG teams together today and there are no healers queuing up. We get 1 healer at a time and then by the time the next one comes along, the last one got impatient and has left. Personally I do enjoy healing in BGs but not always. I just am getting the impression that healers are not as desirable this expansion to many people. Have you experienced this? I can only speak for Alliance I havent played my Horde Toons in quite sometime.Chøpchøp19 5h
5h top 3 ownage pvp specs atm What is your top 3 ownage pvp spec that you think are the best?Mandriuz13 5h
5h Healers unkillable after dps nerfs!!! Blizzard you make healers OP after nerf, they are unkillable now. Please hotfix this asap!!!Ojoverde15 5h
7h January 18 Hotfixes Stam buffs across the board, stat nerfs for all non-healing specs, reduced damage taken for all healing specs, priests' flag cap immunity fixed. Feedback acknowledged, now queue up!Olidastrum20 7h
7h AB/WSG/EOTS Looking to get some good games going against the alliance in xp off Arenas Come queue with me!Adimae6 7h
7h Most enjoyable race to slay I found that slaying night elves to be the most satisfying they always look so smug and the death animation for the males is pretty hilarious.Ràh44 7h
8h Honorbuddy lost lawsuit final decision apparently reversed all prior decisions for the honorbuddy owner honorbuddy's operating company was based out of Germany and although they tried to promote victory in the lawsuit they had just won a couple small decisions but not the major lawsuit. honorbuddy now says they are broke and are revoking lifetime bot licenses, switching to subs. Honorbuddy now also moving to another country where i'm sure they will face another lawsuit. anyways, still a good thing for warcraft sadly there are still 3-5 other major bot makersKugsneak5 8h
8h That moment when you hit Prestige 1... And you think you are going to get the new weapon skin. Blast it all to hell, apparently I have to get to 50 again. :(Helfdan10 8h
8h HP BUG AT 19 BRACKET? why do we suddenly have people with over 5k hp in 19 bracket as of today? most people are queing in above 4k now when like 3.7k used to be around max... this is so not cool. whats going on?Chichí3 8h
8h The Victor's Spoils Prestige quest So I just prestige'd and was wondering where I start this quest in order to get the transmog for my artifact weaponCratiun14 8h
9h Can someone tell me the secret to finding decent rbg groups. yolo up to 1600 is fine... now it's just a win here and there and mostly retardastic groupsBluddee1 9h
9h Wpvp Tonight. Can you get a group Sharlet? I'll be on at midnight est.Jugaa5 9h
10h The single best thing horde can do (AV) I've been noticing if I can take SH gy right away before the first wave of ally Rez, horde have a much higher win rate. This puts ally reading near their base and it's a long run back to the action. So all you solo players take note. IMO this is the best thing you can do to help change the tide of AVMorethanjake7 10h
10h Solo, WW or Fury? After all these buffs/nerfs over the last 2 weeks, which of those 2 would you recommend for solo BGs? People are talking about how Fury sustain/dmg might actually be nuts, especially with all the other specs getting dmg nerfs last night and 10% more HP.Donuts13 10h
10h Calling all AV Lovers on the Alliance! #10 Stormpike Militia is recruiting! We are an Alliance premade that runs AV every Wednesday night at 9PM EST. Normally we will get three to four games in and we have fun win or lose. This expansion is no face roll like it used to be so we have had some pretty amazing games so far. If you are interested in joining us, hop in the ventrilo server port: 6265 starting at 9:00 PM EST Wednesday. All are welcome! We really do have a nice group of players that are great at pvp and are fun to play with at the same time. I would like to expand the nights at some point but for now we are doing it only once a week due the daily AP grind. Mizriz is still the leader of this group but he is taking a break so I will be handling it until his glorious return. Feel free to add me: Magdalum#1935 Our previous posts: _________________________________Krienn128 10h
11h Hey, all you dirty Hordies... ... thanks for making AV fun again! Seriously, now that it's pretty even in there and everyone's trying, AV is a total blast. So thanks! Keep it up.. you nasty animals. :)Dolph4 11h
11h Greater Fade Collaboration As most of you know, Fade Capping has been a serious issue in the rbg community lately and I made this thread so we call all band together to stop these filthy cheating fat idiots! I am tired of playing against teams that I would normally destroy and then just get capped on maps like eots/ab/dwg/gilneas so please share with us how to stop this disgusting exploit and put these terrible 2k priests back where they belong!Drmurphz28 11h
11h Greater fade and Boomies OUT, Damage down Stamina increased by 10% for all specs. Primary stat (Strength/Agility/Intellect) decreased by 5% for all non-healing specs. Damage reduced by 5% for all healing specs (Restoration Druid, Mistweaver Monk, Holy Paladin, Discipline Priest, Holy Priest, and Restoration Shaman). Players can no longer interact with flags in Arathi Basin when Greater Fade is active. Druid Balance Echoing Stars now deals 25% less damage to players. Starfall now deals 25% less damage to players.Reckoner6 11h
11h Placed in a losing gm 3 straight times! First of all a 15min debuff is not a deterrent to leave a random bg. People are leaving games more often then ever before. Something has to be done to fix this. Horde are waiting 10-15min to enter a game at which point you are placed into a losing game FAR to often. At that point you should have the option to leave the game without penalty and be placed back into your original que spot or STOP filling spots in losing games. Let those people lose and lose quickly so they can reque or quit. It's going to be a loss 90% of the time anyway, give or take that 1 out of 100 games it's a capture the flag match down 0-1 and you manage to get the last flag cap. And don't say que up Merc. That isn't the point. The system is wasting time for myself and most likely others who like to sit down and do a random bg for the bonus win of the day. Tonight I've played 3 games and entered 3 losing games and all told it's taken me about an hour and I still haven't even started a game from the beginning. Might of lost those 3 games anyway but the point is I'm not getting the opportunity to even start a fresh game. I'm being penalized by having to sit in a losing contest and then wait another 15min cycle to hopefully get to start a new game.Saruzen17 11h
13h Can't Res At Graveyard Is anyone else unable to respawn at the graveyard? There's no spirit healer or timer. I can corpse run, but that makes for a sad bg :(Fannyalger22 13h
13h Gauging interest on a Rated BG team for Vets I'd like to kick the tires on a rated BG team for veterans. Now I'm not talking vanilla WOW vets, I'm talking real life vets (this includes the Air Force and Coast Guard too =D) PVP is in pretty bad shape right now but I think it would still be a blast to roll a couple times a week or more with a group of people that share similar experiences and travels. Neither of which might have been fun, but vets do have these thing in common and when you get a group of us together look out! I don't necessarily need to lead the BG's I'd just like to reach out to those vets that might be interested. Feel free to add me @ Putski #1390 MA1 W USN(RET) Disclaimer: I'm not going to be asking for a copy of your DD-214 as proof of being a vet but please, no stolen valor. It's just wrong. And of course Active Duty/Reserves are more than welcome.Vuloce0 13h
14h Mercenary buff needs to be longer The mercenary buff is great for reducing queue times, but at only 30 minutes long, you're basically stuck in Dalaran because you have to keep refreshing it between matches. Which is... boring. The buff should either be longer, or something you toggle at the battleground recruiter. That way, we can go do world quests, old raids, whatever while we queue.Weetzie11 14h