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13m Ursol's Vortex and Transcendence Never seen this before, so I learned something today: was trying to port away from a pair of druids, and one had put down Ursol's Vortex on me, so when I ported away I actually got dragged right back! Does anyone know if that works only if there is line-of-sight or a path to your port point, or does Vortex grab you back even through things like walls? Trying to educate myself :)Mistwidget8 13m
22m This doesn't seem fair How come I get the least honour for completing the objectives?Ungulate0 22m
35m All Gnome/Dwarve pvp guild I am so bored with this game ive decided to make an all gnome pvp guild, that does serious rbgs but as gnomes and dwarves. Open to a good name and what server. People say ed and moon guard but I dont have any rp elements so I am not sure. Please post ideas k thnxBôrg9 35m
59m Top 5 pvp class 7.3 Give me your top 5 best pvp classes atm. I would give u mine: 1. Demon hunter 2. Frost DK 3. Sub rogue 4. WW monk 5. Ret paladinDotlady127 59m
2h healers in bfa will they get a long needed nerf to self healing so they cant take 3 dps on and still be full health?Gruberdeathy27 2h
3h What advantages does horde have in PVP? As the title states, what advantages does horde have in PVP? And if so will BFA change that? Thanks and sorry for the Newb question.Starstep25 3h
4h Melee vs Caster (perfect movement?) I came across a feral druid last night in in AB last night (random battleground) and was defending the GM alone and experienced something very strange (I'm 1900xp on my main), something that I've never seen in a Rated-BG before. In fact, if what this feral druid did were something that could be executed on a regular basis with consistent practice, melee classes would be 100% broken (which they are aren't). Long story short, this druid was moving through me and turning (instantly) for 2 minutes straight, preventing me from even hitting him with in instant cast like Purge the Wicked/Solace, thus I had to chain cast shadowmeld/clarity on myself. Eventually I died, having run out of CD's and not being able to apply damage or atonement healing to myself through that damage. No matter how quick I moved or turned, this feral was behind me and facing me at all times. I managed to get Purge the Wicked/Solace off only twice after using shining force to knock him back before he pounced and resumed the train (I think I got a penance off mid-pounce at one point lawl) So, thus begs the question, is it theoretically possible for someone to design a script (using in-game distance checks) and feed that information into a third party program that uses basic trigonometry and ambiguity resolution algorithms to detect the movement and facing of a player and his target (query) that then feeds movement commands into WoW via simulating keyboard commands, and that such a program could be toggled on/off at a whim? The behavior was so rare and obtuse (hard to believe that any human being could move so perfectly) that I had to put in a report. All I stated was "This player appears to being superhuman, and manages to stay behind his target at all times while facing them. Furthermore the this player moved in a very choppy, sharp an erratic fashion." I drew a simple diagram illustrating the theory I e-mailed to Blizzard. Obviously this (simple) script could be turned on/off with the click of a button. Also I didn't put too many variables in the example to keep it simple for forum visitors. In actuality several variables such as movement speed buffs/debuffs would be applied to the cheater using a third-party calculator. Was I wrong to report this? Is this a git gud moment?Shalaator7 4h
5h BFA PVP Ranking & Itemization Changes Hey all, Phalanx just posted this info over in the beta PVP forum, I know not everyone can post there and I am curious what everyone here thinks of these changes. ... To me this all sounds really positive, it makes the goals very clear and I love the bell curve on the ilvl rewards. The idea of consistently getting Heroic or Mythic quality gear at higher ratings really provides a strong incentive to push for them. What do you all think?Eldacar231 5h
5h Bobos Finally met this guy in a eots. Each side had 0 heals which was kinda crazy n we smoked them:P Bobos did knock me off mid once lol.Genocidall46 5h
5h Lokholar the Ice Lord Returns! Had a fun Alterac Valley this morning. We started by defending Galv and HK farming some in mid. Our team managed to hold onto SF and block the ally team in the field of strife while we summoned Lokholar the Ice Lord. Ended up farming some HKS and winning by resources when he finally got around to pushing to SHGY. First time I've been in an AV where we've summoned him in years, felt being back in vanilla. Hopefully blizzard revamps AV now that it's going into the epic BG Q and makes it back into the epic battleground it's meant to be!Xaldren1 5h
6h Legendary BG screeenshots Post em, ill start. This SS has everything u need in a pvp Screenshots. Lets see some more legendary ScreenshotsToskosa0 6h
6h rogues hi, so what class would make rogue's life living hell in a random BG? Suppose I see a rogue in a BG and I want to ruin the experience for her, even if she tries to avoid me? I remember in WoLTK it used to be feral, with their bleeds and faerie fire, and crazy damage they used to have near the end of WoLtK-- feral opening from stealth on a rogue == gg. Anything similar now? The only thing that comes to my mind is another rogue? thank you...Turvytopsy61 6h
6h RBG Networking / Connections Are you new to RBGs? Do you need a way to break into the scene? Do you want to learn more about RBGs? Peppers and myself (Cherry) have the answer for you! We have created a community that is aimed towards helping the RBG scene grow and integrate new life into it! We all love this game and we want to see it grow. We figured this would be a great opportunity to grow our community and get everyone involved. The goals of this discord are to encourage new players to join the bracket, teach players PvP strategies, help people learn how to grow as individual players to push their ratings, and most importantly, to make new friends and teammates. Come join our Discord if you wish to get involved with us! The more people that contribute, the more we can possibly revive the RBG community. We need YOUR help. 6h
7h What gear stats for world pvp? I've been trying to find anything that really indicates what stats should be stacked for world pvp. Prior, before battleground gearing was eliminated by flat stats with a percentage increase, the primary stat was almost always versatility. However, it seems like world pvp is almost entirely dependent on raid gear being the successful solution. Any insights? Is versatility good for world pvp until you have top-notch raiding gear? I am also thinking of this ahead of the new expansion.Clawmane8 7h
7h Time to get rid of Alliance honor bonus That is allDredikai51 7h
7h Time to retire gnomes Gnomes are the stupidest race. They ruin everything they touch. Please blues it's time to retire gnomes from the game.Willriker60 7h
7h Solo Queue Any word or news if blizzard is going to add a solo queue option for BFA. Whats some good wow sites to keep updated about rumors/plans about BFA and the solo queue movement.Jmack15 7h
9h Something is wrong with Stealth. Ever since the change to melee classes (Legion pre-patch 7.0.2) stealth has been really wonky. It has been so bad that I rarely play this toon anymore in PvP and it seems evident when you look at how many Rogues and Feral druids there are in BGs these days. Stealth seems to break VERY easily in PvP compared to how it was in WoD. During WoD there was a bug that Hunter's Barrage would break stealth and it was promptly fixed. Although Barrage doesn't break stealth even during Legion, it seems other "invisible" AoE spells like Howling Blast etc. break stealth. If this is fixed, stealth will be 100% better. Another issue I have with stealth is when I use Vanish. During WoD, when I used Vanish all class pets would immediately stop following me. Now, they continue to follow me until my stealth kicks in. This gives away my position and is just plain irritating. Lastly, there seems to be a very small delay of when players can attack me when I activate stealth. There is a split second delay when activating stealth when players can attack you. For example, if I Stealth a DK is still able to grip me if he casts it a half a second later. To summarize: - Stealth is easily broken by "invisible" AoE - Class pets follow me during Vanish - Small delay when activating stealth to becoming unattackable Please fix. Thanks and have a nice day.Kinziee26 9h
10h FYI, AWC Summer EU Cup 2 10 minutes: 10h
12h Come play the 19s! Current info: 1) 5-10 minute ques if you select all 3 battlegrounds 2) 10-15 if you remove WSG Misconceptions: 1) "Survival Hunters are OP and nothing else can be played!" Plenty of other specs can do just as much DPS and be even more useful in game. I've seen every class at the top and every class on the bottom. Sure you have to learn what you are doing, but in the end it usually works out even. "Charge out, not in." 2) "*My faction* loses every time!". That is just false info. I usually que by myself and it's pretty even who wins/loses. 3) "I don't have Arena Grand Master Trinkets, Fel Forged Armor, or Fishing Trinkets, I will be killed asap!" Once you are geared in at least 25+ item level in every single slot (also of the armor type your character actually wears - do not put cloth gloves on your warrior regardless of item level) You will be statistically 99% as geared as a person who has the full previously mentioned gear (honestly the numbers change almost 0% after you are full in 25 item level you get a few more points of health). Just make sure every slot has its correct item in it. Tips: 1) Tell everybody their transmog is cool even if it's terrible... they will be your best friend! 2) Add some people who are good, and just invite them, you don't even have to speak to them. 3) At the 19s all that matters is item level, so if you have a white ring with no stats that is item level 50+ you should wear it. Make sure that you have on your pvp gear before you enter then BG as you get "templated" when you do and will suffer if you try to add gear after the fact. It really is fun, and there are very few toxic people that I have met. Come on and mash those 3 buttons!Roadwarrior21 12h
12h The oddity of pvp (racials discussion) Now let me start by saying I in no way claim to be a top end pvper. Far from it but I do really enjoy bgs and arena (mainly i havent had the chance to hook up with a guild that does rated). but I did kinda notice something rather odd. Looking at the new allied races seeing their racials I really rather like the alliance allied racials some of them are really powerful. Here is where it gets a little odd. Solo queing battlegrounds i been fortunate enough to maintain almost a 60 percent win rate on this guy. What I find curious with how strong the alliance racials with the new allied ones I find it odd that a shift hasnt happened where people started to roll alliance again. Me personally I have toons on both sides to keep up with where the pvp guilds are and try to hook up with like minded people. What do you guys think? Do you see a shift coming in the bg dominance or do you think the horde will continue to have the more organized groups for pvp and if so does that mean the allied races are not that big of a deal to make a difference? Me personally I think it would but I havent seen it too much yet.Zuhgral40 12h
12h Can't decide I want to get into RBGs again for rest of Xpac. Already have a enhance shaman, UH DK and feral. Problem is no one wants any of these when I try and find a group. Don't want to switch specs since those are the ones I enjoy. I was thinking of using my boost for a warrior or rogue. I do have a lock and Spriest also I could use it on also. Always enjoyed melee the most though.Blakk2 12h
13h How are 1v1s so broken Tried opening on a really bad lock today. Popped all CDs, rooted him in a solar beam. And friggin unleashed my moonkin epicness. He was left at 70% health. He dots me up and instantly is back to full and im dead in about 10 seconds. I'm not mad about it, because no one could win that, but how is pvp THIS imbalanced? Its just silly. Like why do I play this game. I ask myself everyday... Also had a feral druid kill me in about 7 seconds of stuns which was also really cool.Dawg23 13h
14h Worrisome Update on Prestige in BFA Player's question:... Devs' answer:... ----- BFA's honor level system: ...Forums54 14h
17h Twins Peak I really hope that Blizzard fixes Twins Peak in BFA. Having DH tanks just sit on top of the house until stacks get to high has been really annoying.Shådøwën9 17h
20h Why the Alliance wins AV... Using merc mode, I've discovered the motivation that drives Alliance players to play harder in Alterac Valley and win the bg: 20h
22h Fastest way to gain Honor? So I dont really PvP much apart from a few Warden Towers every now and again, but there are a couple PvP skins that I want to grab while I still have time before Legion is over. What would be the fastest way to quickly ground out Honor? I already do all the Warden Towers whenever they're up, but what should I be doing when there arent any at the moment? I've heard people say Arena is the fastest, but I dont really have a consistent group of friends playing anymore and pug Arenas tend to be a !@#$show. Should I be doing Ashran or random BG queues? What BGs should I veto?Tyberim9 22h
23h rated BGs rewards? So in BFA will there be any new rewards for RBGs or any more incentive to do them? I feel like once you get the replica classic armor and weapons and maybe few of the titles what’s the point of doing them? they don’t offer something new each season to go for that you can’t get else where. So once you get the rewards that’s it. Also how they release a new 2k elite pvp set for people to get but pretty much everyone does that in arena since it’s much easier and faster so will they revamp the RBGs rewards and system to help with participation?Pancakè0 23h
23h Leavers in Random BG's This been happening for me like in the last 2 month in alliance side at least people leave the battle ground almost at the start for any dumb reason, what is blizzard doing to address this, since in any BG if you got 2 less players is a loss cuz some dumb kid surrenders at the start of the fight :/. Any ways why dont you extend the debuff for leavers to 12 hours, that way they thing about leaving a BG in the middle of the fight for no reason at allHinosuke52 23h
23h Amazing RBGS, sad to epic experience! So I am a fairly new player so me on my druid and my friend tried to get in one, our struggle was to get in RBG groups anywhere we tried to sign up we got declined, reason 'low ilvl' then they say how i dont have the experience, what a great way to put people off especially who are wanting to try RBGS. It was frustrating how these people are treating others, judging players, placing unnecessary pressure on people, their potential and their classes and how they are trying to make pvp just for a smaller higher pvp community. So after trying 7 to 8 groups, we found a group called ''Yolo RBGS - CL'' this group leader was Cryptids-Sargeras and we signed up and we were sure we would get declined but we were surprised to see we got accepted there was a relief that we finally got in as my poor friend was struggling with me as well because of me :( The leadership was excellent, not only that he clearly mentioned if anyone does not know what to do they need to ask, making us comfortable enough to ask before the game started and in between as well. I am not exactly sure how he managed to lead he was typing a lot as in rated things are situational and set macros cant really be used, checking maps, calling out new strats, and the leader was a shaman and he was healing at the same time i cant imagine the hard work he was putting in it, Hats off to you Cryptids. Outcome: The three group leaders who refused us because they thought we were not good enough to take part in their RBGS lost to us as we went against them which i found funny that how strange people can be. We beat 1500-1900 RBG teams. The best one was when we beat the 1900 team with a flag cap in the last 15 seconds! I never thought it was even possible to beat higher teams like a 1900 team in a no voice group yolo group. I am just super glad i bumped into this great group i had great fun, the leader was chill, there was no raging whatsoever. Having said that, the group was listening to the leader and doing what he was saying and then we all had a great time. So i just came here on the forums to thank him to running such groups it allows people to experience rated battlegrounds. I strongly recommend anyone wanting a relax RBG experience should try this group out if you see it in the premade finder, i cant imagine what such leaders are capable of if they were to run with the same people and use discord like many higher teams do, if such leaders can bring out good results with a bunch of randoms, new players and without any voice communication then jesus such leaders and their teams would be in the top 10 teams probably. Thank you once again for an amazing time!Fionerey15 23h
1d Cross Realm Honor? So when they say your prestige level (or honor level as its going to be in BFA) is going to be Account wide, does that mean per realm or are they going to somehow stretch the honor XP bar to copy over to your toons on different realms? I mean with currencies we don't do this, do you think they will with honor?Pequenchi1 1d
1d 99's thread of we miss AV. Ye capped the old thread, i'm starting the new one . :0Petitemorte137 1d
1d [Suggestion] Race Selection For Merc Mode: I'm sure that this has probably come up before, but on the off-chance that it hasn't I think it'd be a nice addition to mercenary mode to allow players to select the race that they're swapped to as long as it's a choice for their particular class. It's fun and it comes with the added benefit of letting players that may be considering a faction change to experiment with different options before taking the plunge.Eisherr0 1d
1d Positivity Thread We need some positivity in these parts. All this salt and QQ is mind numbing. So what's the most bad !@# thing you've ever seen someone (besides yourself) do in a BG or RBG?Deathikus39 1d
1d Best Solo PVP Class List what you think is the best solo pvp class and why! I'm trying to decide what I want to play when I come back and since I'm allowed on the Beta I want to take advantage of trying out new classes :). I'm almost exclusively a healer type of player but I want something new. I'm also always playing alone so a class that I can kind of chill and solo with would be nice too, but still be effective of course!!Hoarvar5 1d
1d Merc mode Why do you not get reputation from bgs like arathi wsg etc when queing as a merc? I am close to exalted with AB on my rogue so I decided to que some merc games for quicker ques. Only to realize during my 10th game i wasn't getting rep. :(Malyone4 1d
1d 0-22 Alliance BGs Why is alliance so bad in Casual BGs? Seems like there are a lot of people attempting to Role Play / AFK on the alliance side in casual BGs. Also, when the game so one sided and you are getting camped in your graveyard and spam killed by mouth breathing DKs you can't do anything but cancel your resurrection in order to avoid this. But when BGs are this one sided you still can't leave without getting a deserter debuff? kinda lame.Tantrexqt54 1d
1d Quick Question Can anyone explain this to me because it seems like my character might be bugged I made a rogue trail toon to see if it was just something I didn't notice and :/Ironlocked6 1d
1d Reasons why the BG went bad Here is a list of why the BGs are dominated by the opposite team: _ Premades _ Demon Hunters _ Stuns and CCs X Essence farming PVE only scrub-lords who expect a carry _ No Heals on our side _ Alliance _ Horde As you can see the reason why the BGs go bad is as clear as day! Gosh darn do I love getting legendaries though.Sethsquatch59 1d
1d I think i've solved the Casual BG problem Horde complain about queue times Alliance complain about not winning But, GASP! The answer is so easy. If Bliz allows teams of the same faction to go up against each-other, all these problems go away. I don't think that you can ruin RP either. If alliance face alliance (for argument's sake) they can RP that they are just skirmishing for practice. Blah blah. OH MAH GERD! I'M A GENEEOOS!Segres45 1d
1d So can we nerf monks in pvp already? It is BEYOND insane that monks are THIS OP in bg's for so long. Having like 4 dps on them and still being able to run and live forever is just plain stupid. Lets not even mention how broken they are in arenas. Healing through pillars n such. You want to fix pvp blizzard? Start by nerfing a beyond broken spec.Silpher26 1d
1d pug morale high morale = more focus, effort, enjoyment that said, even when you have the best of intentions.......if during pug BGs, the words coming out of your mouth/keyboard are derogatory in any way shape or form then your effort to encourage/teach your team has failed and you're doing more harm than good. manage expectations practice patience * maintain high morale as much as possible..... imho, it makes a big difference.Sonbtrpn4 1d
1d War Mode Since there aren't any WPVP forums, who's excited for War Mode - and will it affect which class you level? I'm considering either Druid (favourite) or Rogue (meh) for stealthy, ganky shiz.Beerhaus12 1d
1d RBG Help ♥ Hey there! I am pretty new to this game and have only two characters at 110. I'm working on getting one of everything to 110 and I have taken a huge interest in PvP. I have seen multiple guides on 2v2 and 3v3 but pretty much nothing useful for battlegrounds which seems really fun considering how many people there are. I was wondering if people could just drop random information for me like tips and tricks and how to play certain maps and ect I would greatly appreciate! ~♥~ Nicky ~♥~Annity10 1d
1d why is the average player so bad? Why does it seem 95% of the playerbase in Bgs don't know how to spin a flag, do decent healing / dps or press any sort of utility spell not to mention the flag carries who just outrun healers....? I alwyas laugh when i see ppl spam capping a flag with 3-4 ppl at the base, but then i leave that base and see it gets capped with 3-4 ppl on it.... how are ppl so bad? I get players like this almost every random bg and it makes no sense.Suspended95 1d
2d WHERE ARE THE PVP GUILDS/RBG TEAMS? They are practically nonexistent now. I have been wanting to push rating this season but there is little to no interests in pvp apparently. Or at least on my server or those associated with my server.Oblivioñ21 2d
2d AV is the best thing Blizz ever made Just putting it out there, its legitimately the #1 thing that brings me back to the game. It's consistently fun, it's epic large-scale warfare, where you are merely a foot soldier. But your actions do matter. It's strategic, it's complex, there are a lot of objectives and terrain to navigate and learn. All the vehicles and gimmicks of Seething Shore, Isle of Conquest etc. just don't harness the raw pitched battle that we need in this game. When I get bored of everything else in WoW, Alterac Valley is still there, and I still have a great time in it.Creeks129 2d
2d 60s Thread #221 of Wheres AV? [ WELCOME TO THE 60'S THREAD ] Please read; Exp On and Exp Off have been Merged as of the 7.0 Legion Pre-Patch To learn more about the current Legion Changes this bracket has seen check out: TURN OFF EXP!!!! There are "Exp eliminators" In Stormwind and Orgrimmar. Behsten is the Alliance exp eliminator, and is located in Stormwind Keep. Slahtz is the Horde exp eliminator, and is found in the Valley of Honor. Alliance: Horde: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ General Best in Slot Guildlines: Item Level Scaling has been removed. Your Character now has a Template that scales - in part - by average Item Level. However, there does appear to be a Template iLvl Cap based on Player Level. Maintain at least 70-75 Average iLvl - this appears to be our Template Cap at 60. *Download to see iLvl* Gems, Enchants, Set Bonuses, Stats on gear, Procs and Non-consumable on-use items are all disabled in Instanced PvP. Slower Weapon Speed no longer increases your damage in instanced PvP. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ As of patch 7.3.5, all pre-Legion zones will scale up to a certain level. Starting Zones are 0-10 Classic Zones are 10-60 The Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King Zones are 60-80 Cataclysm and Mists of Pandaria Zones are 80-90 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Geshik399 2d
2d Remove tanks from instanced pvp Tanks are either completely useless and taking up a slot on your team to do garbage damage, or they're insanely broken in their niche (flag capture maps). There's no middle ground right now. In flag carry maps, if the other team has a tank and you don't, it's going to be a loss unless they make a ton of gameplay mistakes. And in every other battleground, there is nothing a tank can do that a DPS can't, only a tank does less than half the damage of a DPS of the same class in the process. Sometimes the random matchmaker will stack several tanks on your team for everyone to have to try to carry. My suggestion is to change the random queue system to put tanks in AV or IOC every time, and to give a message that their role is not valid for any other battleground. "But Blizzard wants tanks to go in PvP and have a good time!" They can play AV or IOC in tank spec or have a good time in their DPS specs in any other BG. There's no reason why they need to be a tank in Battle For Gilneas.Danvash65 2d