Oct 14 Is it some PvP trinket? I've seen people in PvP continually drop banners on the ground in BGs of the race factions like the ones from the argent tournament and i have been looking for it with no success, anyone have any clue whatsoever what it is?Anharken3 Oct 14
Oct 14 Am I gimping my team? So, at the end of Legion, we had people joining our random bg group (maybe 3-4 people in the group, total) with "fresh 110s" with around 780 gear score. They were maybe a little weak, but were not getting face-rolled. I took some time off after BfA came out but am looking to get back into the game. I got 120 a couple days ago (on this druid), have spent a few days (I really don't play much anymore) and only managed to get my gear up to the mid 290s. I got a lucky win... (perhaps) in WSG on my first queue. But since then it seems like (A) as a resto druid I'm nowhere near as unkillable as I was at the end of legion, and (B) the 80k health I have is actually 25-30% below the 110-120 everyone else seems to have. Even worse, I seriously think I don't heal for anything in there... it's really hard to save anyone from anything. I'll try swapping low level gear in on my next BG to test... but it feels awful right now and I think it would be best if I'm not in there. Thanks for any insight.Yashianna21 Oct 14
Oct 14 Isle of Conquest Vehicle disparity Noticed a massive disparity in damage done from vehicles. We took mid instantly, got all 4 Siege engines on the same gate borderline as fast as the game would allow. Enemy team took the Glaive Throwers and they had breached the gate while our side unimpeded was barely at 76% on the gate. Logically and Lore-wise I don't see how a glaive thrower would ever destroy a wall faster than a massive trebuchet.Wavefist4 Oct 14
Oct 14 PVP Spec Site Are there any websites that have global PVP Ranks based on Spec? For example Frost DK best talent build for PVP, etc.Nakatomi3 Oct 14
Oct 14 Why are spell locks on such tiny CDs now? I hate playing a caster in smaller BGs. Only in the so-called epic BGGs do I actually get a chance to cast much. It is absurd to be locked out of a spell school multiple times in a single 1v1 fight, or worse constantly locked by a group. Spell locks used to be tactical with longer CDs of a minute or more. You had to think about when to use them. Now it's part of many PvP spell rotations for crying out loud :-DQuyelde9 Oct 14
Oct 13 Priest Spell, Remote View Glyph Idea. So I was Playing a round of AB today and guarding stables was very quite during this time, so I started Remote Viewing my team mates where the bigger battles where happening, I kept typing in /BG "KILL THE HEALERS FIRST, We have 1 person actually Focus targeting the Healers" and no was adjusting their strategy. Later on I left stables to go Heal for a few battles at other bases and when I noticed the healers health not going down at all I started to say "KILL THE HEALERS FIRST" again but this time in /s and the response time was remarkably better. This happened in multiply different Random BG Ques. It kind of makes sense, It is much easier to see a speech bubble that is announced on top of your target and yourself and close to where all your damage numbers are popping saying "KILL THE HEALERS FIRST DAMNIT!" Rather that down in the Chat window with all the the other /bg messages popping up. ANNNYWAAYY. Here is my Suggestion, Blizz, Please Create a Glyph for the Priest Spell Remote View that whatever target you use your Remote View spell on your /s messages will be announced in that area as well as the area your casting it from. That would be the coolest jazz and could be very helpful in strategic playGillee0 Oct 13
Oct 13 1800 CR AFF Warlock + Restro Druid LFG My fiancee and I are looking for a relaxing guild to be apart of. We usually play around 4pm EST to 10pm EST almost every day. However, we cannot go past 10:20 pm EST due to work. We would prefer to have a group of friends to do PVP including rated battlegrounds and arena, and maybe normal + heroic Uldir raids. If these time slots work for you then I am excited to hear from you! Thank you Druid - Warlock - Oct 13
Oct 13 367 AFF Warlock + 367 Restro Druid LFG (PVP) My fiancee and I are looking for a relaxing guild to be apart of. We usually play around 4pm EST to 10pm EST almost every day. However, we cannot go past 10:20 pm EST due to work. We would prefer to have a group of friends to do M+ dungeons with, PVP including rated battlegrounds and arena, and maybe normal + heroic Uldir raids. We are not entirely looking for M+ raids but it's a bonus if you are doing them. If these time slots work for you then I am excited to hear from you! Thank you Druid - Warlock - Oct 13
Oct 13 Petition: Toogle mercenary mode anywhere Hello Blizzard, It is no secret that the horde queues are waaay longer than the alliance's (something like 9 minutes to 1). Obviously, a mercenary mode is a great way to solve this problem, and I'm very grateful for this, but in its current stage it has 2 major flaws: 1) Not a lot of people simply know about this. If you ask casual players whether or not they know that they can queue as an alliance, most of them surely will tell you that they had no idea. I think you need to do a better job in letting players know that this feature actually exists. 2) The NPC is too far away. Even if I'm at the Great Seal Pyramid (and that's a big if) , it still takes me like 4 minutes to get to the Horde War Quarters place, which is like the third of my average queue time. Most of people are just too lazy to travel that far away, so they just queue as Horde and either Alt Tab or do their World Quests. Solution: Enable mercenary mode anywhere. That way people a) know it exists , b) will actually use it because they don't have to travel 3-5 minutes to a place outside of the Great Seal. I really hope you will take this seriously, otherwise we will be stuck with 9 to 1 minute queues forever. Thank you, long time casual pvp-er.Drothor159 Oct 13
Oct 13 AV exploit yes or no? the Horde are using every game now the lock portal to bring people up the cliff that they normally could not climb at the backside of the south Dun tower. It is giving them an extra way in bypassing the bridge all together and splitting the Alliance up.Geesus29 Oct 13
Oct 13 *random epic battlegrounds* So does av not exist anymore or something now? because I do my daily epic bg win on several toons and every time it pops its ioc I don't even remember the last time I have seen a AV. >random< seems to always not mean random because even in normal que its similar always BFG/temple as well I get that epic there's only 2 bgs and its 50/50 but seems like its only IOC now and av doesn't existOäk11 Oct 13
Oct 13 Limit movement abilities with flags/carts. While you have the flag/carts. NOBODY should be able to clear half the darn map in mere seconds with a flag in hand. Some classes are nearly unstoppable. The ONLY thing that should speed you up is the darn speed boost buff. Its so dumb how easily i can cap a flag on my DH/druid/other classes. Team should have to thoroughly escort the flag. Not just skip across the field.Noblessé12 Oct 13
Oct 13 Reason for no PvP vendors was a lie. TL;DR Blizzard said the conquest vendors are replaced with RNG UI gear handouts and claimed it's better because reasons but It's not better as we can all attest to. There was a live Q&A done for battle of Azeroth featuring Ion and Lore. You can watch the full Q&A here. To skip to the Question this thread is in reference to you can fast forward to the time 47:05 I transcribed the Q&A section of the video which you can read here. If you don't want to watch the video or connect to the link yourself you can read what was said below. Question: How will gearing in PvP work in BFA? Will it be random as it was in Legion or will we see the return of vendors? Answer: There will still be a random reward structure in bfa pvp weather it's end of match rewards or weekly chests that are dependent upon your rating of what they contain. We also have very much heard the feedback. We agree that in PvP especially there's a lot of value in deterministic predictable gear and that people miss just setting up conquest points going to a vendor buying your next item. The extra thing that's overlaid on top of that throughout each season there is going to be a weekly conquest progression. Where every week as you earn conquest points you will get the next piece of gear in a series. Which is very similar. It's not a vendor but it's basically what the vendor amounted to. Especially if you remember back in the day when individual pieces would have total conquest requirements for how much you had to earn in the season before you could purchase them. You needed to earn you know 20,000 whatever before you could buy your weapon and generally there was this natural progression of the order in which you get the pieces. You know you might get your helm first so on and so on and so on and so on down the line and so that's the plan. Over the course of a battle for Azeroth PvP season week one at the end of the week you'll get a PvP helm. Week two you might get pants, week three shoulders etc. I mean exact gear slots to be determined culminating in weapon. Then perhaps you know continuing at a higher tier of gear as you get deeper on into the season. The goal is to guarantee that with time investment and dedication into the system everyone will get the full set of gear and that can be complimented or accelerated through the random rewards. No one should feel like well they're just continuously unlucky and are just never going to get the piece that they want. (skipping catching back up explanation) Continued Ion: Hopefully a more straight forward presentation I think by just doing it through the UI and the reward system we removed some of the obstruction of saving up a currency and going to a vendor and buying the pieces. The old two different conquest conquest caps we use to have and the catch up system it should just be a bit more transparent in general. tl;dr we understand the desire for predictable pvp gearing and battle for Azeroth should be a massive improvement in that regard. Lore's added comment: Yeah just being able to look at that next piece of gear and go okay if i play, if i win 10 more games I'm gonna get that piece of gear that's gonna be that is uh that's a big deal I'm super excited for that....Hokeypokey187 Oct 13
Oct 13 The return of Stat Templates? So, with the new season of PVP, one of the biggest concerns of right now seems to be equally shared, "Whoever has the best gear, will win this BG" And personally, I think this has become a much rather toxic way to view BG's. Before, you could step into a BG, not have to worry if you had the best wep in hand, or the best gear. Sure, there was a Slight 1% advantage to the guy who had mythic, but it wasn't really that big. But...Sadly, things come back to its routes, and it seems rather unfair now that I see it. When a player steps into a BG, they are not greeted by friendly people anymore, no, they are kicked down a step when the group realizes that they have lower gear than the rest of the group. And while it's toxic to do this, I for one understand that concept of frustration. Coming from the other players perspectives, you are attempting to go into a BG, you feel good about it, then you see it... Enemy teams healers: 130K HP range *AKA: High gear* Your teams healers: 80,000 HP Range *AKA: Greenie* And sadly, sometimes the outcome is right there, in who will live the longest. Sure, I have heard some buzz word about "Scaling magic" Going on with these BG's, but for the life of me, I just don't see it. So what would you take, the return of Stat templates? Where it's an even playing field? OR would you prefer who has the higher Ilv? Discuss.Baldrox12 Oct 13
Oct 13 Stun, stun, stun. I can only imagine how much hate this topic is going to get, but as someone who plays a PvP healer, I cannot do battlegrounds without getting overwhelmed by stuns. I understand everyone wants to be balanced, which is possible without giving everyone such lengthy stuns. However, this frustrating issue is why there is a shortage of PvP healers in lower pop. realms especially. Yes, rogues are supposed to rely on poisons and stuns, but their dps is too high for their play-style. Reduced rogue damage and knocking everyone down a stun or two would be key, except paladins because their mobility is garbage in the first place, and I heal as a druid so that's not favoritism.Hp5 Oct 13
Oct 13 Hpal any good for RBGs? As topic says, any suggestions?Holygrailx13 Oct 13
Oct 13 {A} 1800 CR 2.2 exp lf: 2k+ push Group finder is proving to be more of a headache than it's worth. Looking for people to queue with steadily. Currently 1800 CR and consistently playing at 2.1 to 2.3 MMR. Really wanting to finish the grind for my enchant without having an aneurysm. I can target call, but I work best as a back-up alongside a DK. Vocal if the group isn't full of people who haven't left their basement. Been 2.2 multiple times in RBGs. Was 2k in Legion during the seasons I wanted the elite set, but stopped doing rated after I got them. Help me stop being a filthy casual and I'll help you make squishy casters cry.Quee5 Oct 13
Oct 13 come get yo boy does anyone know why people follow me into bg's on different servers but same lvl as every char I log into?Sakii11 Oct 13
Oct 13 There shall be no acquittance! That's right Alliance mother$^&@*! this Tauren Battalion Beast is going to be looking forward to not only bringing the grand justice, but the grand pain! Eat your prayers and say your vitamins, because win rates are going down to the sewers. Wimps.Buhbuhdin12 Oct 13
Oct 13 I love competitive PVP but can't participate I wanted to express some of my frustrations and sadness in not being able to participate in competitive PVP, despite loving competitive PVP and the PVP gameplay in WOW. I basically _only_ PVP in WOW, and actively avoid PVE and farming as much as possible because I don't want to get sucked into a treadmill of doing what I consider chores in a game that I'm trying to limit my time on, when I'd rather just be PVPing and having fun! But, I find that I can't play competitive PVP reasonably without spending an enormous time on it. It simply takes too long to find random groups to play with that don't have achievement requirements (I only have very old PVP achieves) or gear requirements (mine's not the best because I don't PVE much, and I bet my azerite level isn't the best either), I'm not sure if my Resto Shaman fits the meta (but I know fitting the meta is a concern for some classes), and even when I find a group, it's usually YOLO (see qualification issues) and not suitable for climbing. I don't blame other players or the groups for not inviting me; it's the rational decision when you're trying to maximize your chances of winning with randoms to go for the player with the most achievements or best gear and most proven classes (perceived or real). It's also possible that I'm just really bad! I also don't have the time to stick around with groups/guilds that may want to climb or necessarily want to sacrifice real-life experiences because of an obligation to log in at particular times to climb with a speific group. Still, I would like it if I could participate in competitive/rated PVP. There was a time when I could achieve the heights of PVP prowess when I didn't have a job or other real-life obligations (and honestly cared less about my social life), and heck I was younger and probably had more skill and better reaction times then too. Those days of playing endless hours have ended and I require more balance with real-life now, but my love of competitive PVP is still there. I would like it if there were options for people like me, such as the opportunity to solo-queue into a bracket of rated BGs, so that we could just quickly jump into a competitive/rated game or two after work, be matched up with and against similarly rated players, have some excitement in seeing our ratings rise (if we deserve it!), try to catch up on gear with those who have a lot more time, and just have some good competitive fun. I wonder how many others fall into this same situation -- want to participate in rated/competitive PVP, but don't have the time to, or don't fit the requirements to participate or climb in rated PVP content. Anyone else, or am I alone on this?Ainsoph102 Oct 13
Oct 13 Arathi Basin is outdated in rated BGs. The way graveyards work in AB (and to an extent EoTS) is outdated and leads to stale game play. It's nearly impossible to actually teamfight take a base in AB, especially in the current season/meta. If you make a mistake at the start or get outplayed, you have very little room to actively make a come back. As it stands if you are behind a base, the only way to get one of your opponents (other than gross miss-play) is to ninja cap. If you team fight the other team is going to be able to spin indefinitely with the graveyard being so close. I personally would like to see a Gilneas solution where you spawn at a different base to the one you died. It will give a larger window to actually wipe them. (also nothing is more frustrating than when the cast to remove insignia is slower at something like stables, than it takes for them to body rez). Now all these issues are more prevalent because 4 heal meta. Even with 3 heal unless you have really mucked a rotation, you shouldn't be wiping at a teamfight on a base you control. Same applies for EOTSFotmtrash5 Oct 13
Oct 13 Trick Treat Win Any fellow PvP'ers of this forum playing this? Personally I like to get Coffee from McDonalds because it's only a dollar for a large one, and it comes with a game piece So far I have won 4 free Medium Fries and a Frappe There's also "Losing" pieces that give you Tokens, and you enter them at the website on the game piece. Every day until Halloween there is Daily Sweepstakes and so far i've entered for a lot of them 1 Token = 1 Entry - and usually the game pieces with tokens as a prize come with 10 all the way up to 500. If I win something when the game ends I will be very happy. I have always loved when McDonalds comes out with these games like Monopoly and other stuff. There really is nothing wrong with eating at McDonalds at all, And also I don't understand why people go to other places for Coffee and pay 4-5$ for one, (Like Starbucks) When you can just go to Mcdons and get one for a dollar, or a dollar 50 for a Large Iced (Which is my fav) Also, there is nothing wrong with their food, it's actually delicious, I could eat there every day and not get tired of it - This is coming from a Lightweight of 130lbs Not sure why people rag on them and stuff like that, Their food is usually always fresh and hot and really good When it comes to Burgers, if you go there, Quarterpounders are really what you want to get. Otherwise the other types don't have the same meat, however they're still alright They also serve stuff extremely cheap - McChickens only 1$, Cheeseburgers, etc McDoubles only cost 1.50 and their Snack Wraps are also very good, They have very good Grilled Chicken there Ice cream as well - 69c for a delicious Ice cream cone To end my thread, I suggest people stop in there sometime before Halloween and test your luck - It only comes on certain items, Filet-o-Fish (Which I would never eat, I don't eat fish.) 5pc Chicken Nuggets + 10pc, QuarterPounder, Egg McMuffin (Sausage one not included) Large Pop/Soda, McCafe drinks, Large Hot Coffee (Which is what I really go there for and it's only a dollar) and I think just a few other foods. GL to you all if you play and have fun PvP'ing in Battle for Azeroth!Jmack13 Oct 13
Oct 13 Why are Markers Allowed in Random BGs? As the title says. It is annoying when the raid leader places markers on people, when those people may not want them, in PvP of all places. Then when you ask nicely to have it taken off, you get nerd raged for it, and the leader starts to change the marker over your head constantly to annoy you. Is this not called griefing? If its not a premade, then people should not have to subject themselves to having a marker placed on them. It is visually annoying. At last give us the ability to take it off ourselves. Otherwise, please do not allow it in a random BG group. ThanksZephyri71 Oct 13
Oct 13 PVP Gear I tried finding this somewhere but nothing I could find on it. So my understanding is you can cap conquests for each week you are behind. So if your behind 3 weeks you can cap 3 times and get a piece of gear each time. But when you open the weekly reward at reset will it also reward you a piece of gear for each cap you did? So if I cap 3 times I would get the piece of gear you get just for capping and then also get 3 more at reset?Dethkgrip2 Oct 13
Oct 13 Better BG Experience Today I came to realize, that I have seen a hundred posts crying about reg PVP vs. Rated PVP, and the rewards and the skill....blah blah blah. Anywho, today I was in a reg epic bg, and we lost, yes, THE HORDE LOST! We lost, because the players on our team were too egocentric to do what they were told, they only wanted to do what they wanted to do. I find that this happens most often in Epic BG's, and it seems to be very young players who believe that they are the best at everything. If you want a quality PVP experience, then contribute, don't be a hinderance. Things you should do to make yourself a more prepared PVP player are listed below, these will help you be successful and not be as aggravated when you finish a BG. I will not Q for another random epic battleground, ever again. 1. Research your class and its role in different modes as well as on different maps. Excuse 1: I don't have time to do that. Answer: Then do not complain that you cannot compete on the same level as other players, we don't give you an Olympic Gold Medal just for being in the stands. Excuse 2: I can't keep up with all the changes. Answer: Again, no gold medal for sitting in the stands. 2. Don't be a Douchebag. Try and be constructive and cooperative, I promise it will make for a better experience. 3. Download the proper addons. Excuse 1: I don't use addons. Answer: GTFO, Addons like BattleGroundEnemies are essential for being useful in ANY mode of PVP, other than Arena, get Gladius for that. Excuse 2: Addons make my PC super slow. Answer: Get addon control panel, turn off your BS addons while you PVP, and only use the necessities like BGE. 4. Be prepared to do something you don't like. Nobody wants to sit on the flag...…..but we do it. 5. ALWAYS PEEL FOR YOUR HEALERS. This is easy if you have BGE, as it shows you exactly who your healers are. 6. Focus healers until they pop their CD's, CC that healer, then shift either to a second healer, or a weaker DPS. This is NOT always the case, but it's a good beginning strategy for those of you who think you can burst down a rogue with a Disc Priest healing them. These are just some basic tips, but would be amazing if just a 1/3rd of the PVP population would utilize just a few of these, it would make everyone's PVP experience better.Ellisanna4 Oct 13
Oct 13 Tank bug taking too much damage Due to how item level damage calculations against your opponents HP works.....tanks take much extra damage in PvP. It’s around 60%. Basically when you are in combat against another player your item level is put into a calculation and then your final damage is calculated as a percentage of your enemy’s Hp. The problem is that tanks have 60-100% more hp than other classes so the final Dps calculation for the damage they take is going to be 60-100% higher than other classes.Valdryn16 Oct 13
Oct 13 Top 3 best/worst dps for pvp Overall what are the top 3 best and worst classes for pvp excluding healers AND tanks? My opinion: Best 1. Rogue 2. Mage 3. Retadin Worst 1. Shadow priest 2. Warlock 3. ShamanOswill28 Oct 13
Oct 13 Dueling class Is there a class that just "outshines" others in duels? I know most classes have a hard counter, but what classes are the best in world PVP and dueling. (WoW PvP is built around 3s) *Edit" Excluding healers I know.Orphios6 Oct 13
Oct 13 Conquest Gear? This is a silly question, I'm sure, and it's probably in a sticky somewhere but I don't see it. According to my Conquest bar, I have enough Conquest Points for an ilevel 355 robe. But it didn't show up in my inventory, so can someone tell me where to get it?Maryline4 Oct 13
Oct 13 Looking to get into RBGS How exactly does one get into RBGS? I don’t have much exp or any CR and they both need needed to join any groups.Avelus27 Oct 13
Oct 12 What happened to the stat templates? They were a big part in Legion why I started actually really doing PvP, and same with a few other friends, because we could go into a BG and not have to worry about whether or not the entire enemy team was heroic raid geared and we were in mythic dungeon gear. They were doing fine in Legion, but now in Battle for Azeroth they just up and left. Why did they take out the templates?Roshtak24 Oct 12
Oct 12 Vanilla GRAND MARSHALS Reunion Hello everyone. I just want to get all the Hardcore PVPers of the Old system to Post here and to maybe have a reunion of sorts. I was Originally from WARSONG server, so I would love to see the old school PVPers to post here! I can remember a few of the Names of the People who did become Grand Marshals and want to connect with anyone who Got the Title in the old Crazy/insane full time job of Getting the title and maybe relate some of their experiences in getting the title. Thanks,Zucantan44 Oct 12
Oct 12 Up 900 against the Horde, loses anyway. I knew Alliance was bad but... seriously. Is it just a lot of returning players not geared to fight in BG or what? AV IoC any PVP getting our head smashed in. Or did a lot of people make good on their promises and quit BFA which result in even less good players for Alliance.Tapartos35 Oct 12
Oct 12 Attention Horde filth Captain Galvangar’s life is not safe. Drek’thar will shed tears as Frostwolf burns around him. No mortal can stop me in my quest. YOU WILL KNOW ME NOW.Zirzim29 Oct 12
Oct 12 Any plans to fix discipline priests soon? Most rated BGs kicked my druid because they rather have a disc priest. My non disc-healers say the same thing. They rather have 2-3 disc priests instead. They are too powerful, and whats the point of them being a cloth class if they are going to tank damage like their skin is made of adamantium? Please, nerf them hard and heavyWigglebutt31 Oct 12
Oct 12 Horde favortism on EOTS This pretains only to rated battlegrounds, but mage tower is insanely harder to defend from ninja caps than any horde base. FR and BET are both open area you can sit safely away from the flag and still stop a cap, now here is where mage tower is a massive disadvantage if you are alliance, the places you can be ninja capped from is outrageous, they can cap from both side or inside the tower itself. so if you sit on flag you will get sapped and when you trinket youll get blinded, if you sit to far down the ramp so you cant get sap capped, they can cap behind the side walls that are los or even cap from inside the tower door itself as up the ramp is los aswell. my rant here is pretty much if you are alliance in eots you are at a massive disadvantage to ninja caps cause of how mage tower is setup compared to the horde bases.Tassili13 Oct 12
Oct 12 Disable group voting if you are in a group, 3 or more, you cannot vote 'afk' or 'report' etc. It's abused.Dereick9 Oct 12
Oct 12 Votes for RDPS I play Sub rogue and that fulfills all of my melee wants and needs, but I am looking for a RDPS for random BG’s and world PvP - what do you guys find the best/funnest?? Bonus mode if it’s a solid mythic+ spec too. Double bonus mode if I can play as a female elf on horde.Nightraid14 Oct 12
Oct 12 [A] Networking Thread Hey all, Just wanted to get another Battle Tag exchange going for Alliance PvP. I was a haunt on this forum during Legion and enjoyed spending a few hours a night winning and losing with a lot of folks who seem to have filtered out, and I'm looking to rebuild my friends list with people who actually wanna PvP rather than sit around in Boralus. Generally I'm always shopping for people to do random BGs, low MMR rated BGs, for fun / silly comp arenas to varying degrees of success and warmode stomps. No ragers pls. I admit to being able to superheat from time to time but it's 99% towards myself. :U Bridges#1120, Unholy/Blood DK and Restoration Druid. I'm an East Coaster usually playing 6-10PM EST during weekdays. Touch and go around PvE stuff.Opherial14 Oct 12
Oct 12 XMOG BUG when doing mercenary BG TITLE every time i do a battleground in merc mode my XMOG is always totally random and looks terrible!!! plz help! how do i make my mog look decent in merc mode?Broggar8 Oct 12
Oct 12 PVP Gear Question Alright so I just recently returned. I understand how you get gear from the boxes in BG's. My question is 300 ilvl all it drops? My gear is really really bad so if it goes off avg ilvl like world quests that would explain it. If 300 ilvl is the best you can get from BG's how does one gear for PVP. I would assume if I went into arena I would get crushed at my ilvl. Or do arenas do the whole gear scaling thing BG's do now? I did nothing but Island Expeditions so I lvled fast but got little gear. Think im setting at 268 LOL but any advice is appreciated.Dethkgrip4 Oct 12
Oct 12 Suggestion for Daily BGs Why can't we have it 1 win OR 3 games played? That way, getting these won't take 3+ hours on an unlucky night...Bubblepanda21 Oct 12
Oct 12 Who wants to make some gold Guild mythic push starts this week and I dont have the time or the desire to wade through LFG idiots anymore. 60,000 gold for 100 rating 1700-1800.Sqwibbles0 Oct 12
Oct 12 Battlegrounds reward i340+ gear? Ok im i returned to wow after along 8+ year break. Im level 120 and i have all 340 gear from doing the arathi battles. So now im geared enough to start doing pvp which is the main thing i like to do(not a big fan of raids and dungeons). Are there rewards for doing pvp like battlegrounds or 2v2/3v4? To get good gear do i have to do rated games? Is pugging rated battlegrounds and 2v2/3v3 worth doing? could i get a good rating doing that if im good? Any info would be great. I want to increase my pvp gear.Hardknocks6 Oct 12
Oct 12 Horde Healers....... HORDE HEALERSTbonesteaks5 Oct 12
Oct 11 BFA - The final nail in the coffin for PvP We shouldnt have to PvE to be viable in PvP. Separate the two.Charismatic86 Oct 11
Oct 11 FYI, PvP Tuning on 10/10 ...Forums32 Oct 11
Oct 11 Random BG's Random BG's......PLEASE! Bring BACK BG EXCLUSIONS!!! At least 2 per player..PLEASE!Tbonesteaks0 Oct 11
Oct 11 LF RBG Group & Arenas Partner/s Hey everyone! I just started getting back into pvp this past week and I'm just looking for some chill yet competent people to do rated pvp with. I enjoy both arenas and BGs, but so tired of joining premades and/or random queues where everyone runs around like a headless chicken. This is the character I've recently just started PVPing on and the one I'll be focusing on for pvp. I have several other 120s but haven't done much pvp-wise on them, but can always swap around a bit. Alliance only please, as I don't really play on Horde side and the few Horde I have are low level. If you're easy going, friendly, fun and want to progress through rated arenas/BGs add me :) Lupa1214#11197ßenihime1 Oct 11
Oct 11 FYI, Dev Q&A Now! Also, Bingo card: Oct 11