Apr 29 Low lvl feral pvp You get your bleeds, moonfire up and run. There is nothing the enemy player can do, he just dies. Pvp is so !@#$ in legion.Fantasyelf2 Apr 29
Apr 29 LF RBG Team! Hi! I am looking for a dedicated RBG team with potential! Please get back to me, thanks!Ysod0 Apr 29
Apr 29 Please don't get rid of BG blacklists. Even with the movement of av/ioc to one side that only solves hordes blacklisted bgs not alliances. I personally hate seething shore and refuse to play it any time I get it for a queue, need blacklists slots in BFA.Sneakyboops46 Apr 29
Apr 29 More Blacklist options Can we get more blacklist choices? Seething Shore is absolute garbage.Shamikaze3 Apr 29
Apr 29 Prestige in BFA, merged? What is happening to prestige in BFA? I know they aren't continuing it up, but are they just mashing together all the prestige levels of all your characters like they did in D3 or just taking your highest or retiring the system entirely? I haven't been able to find anything going into greater detail on how they are handling this.Szul1 Apr 29
Apr 29 Xp off question If you play with xp off, do you only play against other xp off players in random BGs? I only ask because I came back from a long break (2years) and I remember xp off players being in their own BGs, but the queue times were rediculous. I've been playing xp off for a while, and my queue times are around 5 min, so I was wondering, was it reverted? Or are there just more xp off players?Andrathemar2 Apr 29
Apr 29 Horde Exodus or Merc Mode? Suddenly it appears the allies are like WAY more organized, and have a lot more healers. Exodus due to upcoming Belf nerf or just merc mode?Fellhànd0 Apr 29
Apr 29 Alliance & Horde Win loss Ratio Now I generally see a trend between Alliance and Horde games that are won and lost. I wonder if blizzard sees it. Usually Alliance wins Objective based BG's Like Isle of conquest and Alterac Valley because healing and tanking is alliance's thing. But latter durring the season Horde dominate even these when they are more geared and alliance uses no teamwork or strategy. At one point we had things like qqpremades and thebloodthirsty premades. The leaders there did amazing things getting ally players geared and getting them achievements. But now because of queuing systems we cant que into a specific battleground. Unfortunately alot of alliance players feel that the horde are better at teamwork than alliance without voice chat. I've seen this in raids on horde side. unfortunately alliance needs a voice chat system. Which is why we had a ventrilo system in those premades which made up for the fact that alliance never communicates in battlegrounds. Blizzard you need to make voice chat in battlegrounds always on and a leadership system for battlegrounds so we can see alliance win some more BG's. Cause Ally doesn't feel like typing. Reason we need this is because i hear alot of allaince say they only que for Alterac Valley because its faster to gear up than losing randoms over and over. One of my friends was like dude I've been doing battlegrounds since the server came back online and I have not won a single BG all day. From 11 am server to 1 am server horde were dominating every game. So I suggested to him play AV and he will win at bear minimum half of his games. But he was like but i wont get bonus honor. I was like you wining bg's will make of for the bonus honor lose. Would you rather lose bg's all day and take forever to gear your toon in full 522 or would you rather win most if not half of your games in AV and gear your toon out. Right now he has most of his gear and he told me i should post something so other ally know that AV and IOC are the best way to gear out. BTW ITS ALTERAC VALLEY WEEKEND!!!! get your honor now alliance.Kiaos251 Apr 29
Apr 29 Incentive to play, incentive to stay Almost every day I have to make a calculation and I imagine many of you do too. Is it worth my time? Is the reward I get at the end worth what I may face? Because even though sometimes what I face is awesome, it's sometimes downright awful too. It's like doing chores, it's got to be done I suppose but damn if I often don't want to be doing it. So I make the calculation in my head and often times I have to talk myself into it because no, it's not enough and I think it should be more. I do it anyway because quite frankly I'm at the point where I feel like I have to. But then my workday is done and I go home and play WoW or OW. Tomorrow night I'm going to gather with a large group of people I've gotten to know and like, divide into two teams and wargame each other. We're going to inflict pain and agony on each other as we run each other through with swords and bash each others brains out with giant hammers. Which team wins and which team loses won't really matter. We're going to do it because we like each other. No other reason and no other thing will be given to us. Because it's not like work nor should it ever be. If it is...well, friendly advice, maybe rethink whether or not PvP is for you. If you feel like you need, deserve something other than playing the game for the sake of playing the game, then it probably isn't.Squeektoy21 Apr 29
Apr 29 Saltwater Potion Hi, Please keep this available in BFA. Thanks, Bewby.Manbewby8 Apr 29
Apr 29 Best class overall for pvp? Title essentially says it all, I'm curious what people think is the best class over all for pvp. Like if you could only play one class in pvp for the rest of your time in wow what would you choose?Dìrtybirdy93 Apr 29
Apr 28 How do I get into PVP? I want to try out PVP. I especially want to do rated battlegrounds to unlock the appearances, but I want to PVP in general too. I have literally never PVPed before though, so I'm not sure how to get started or how things work. What is my first step to get into it, and what do I need to work towards to be able to get accepted into rated battleground groups?Ginnerva10 Apr 28
Apr 28 rogue, warrior or hunter? These are the only classes i find fun and i plan on getting into pvp. I mostly just want to start with casual pvp "battlegrounds" for a while. Which class is best for someone new to pvp?Boogeymann2 Apr 28
Apr 28 Returning player Returning to the game and wanted to get your guys thoughts on ret vs arms for pvp?Ancientjai1 Apr 28
Apr 28 Tired of rigged matches srs Tired of it. its always rigged for alliance Alliance 4 healers Horde ZERO Alliance 15 players, Horde 10 Alliance 5 prestige 25 players, Horde all of them are level 1 prestige. Alliance have 2 full premade groups, horde all random pugs. Gotta love it. Cant win normal so they cheat 2 win. tySimbaa31 Apr 28
Apr 28 What can beat DH? What class is most annoying for a 900+ Item Level DH (besides another DH)?Inglewood29 Apr 28
Apr 28 LF Alliance RBG Guild Looking to get into rated PvP and RBGs seem more interesting and fun to me then 2's or 3's. I have a 961 Ret Paladin I will be bringing to the ServerKonflixtion1 Apr 28
Apr 28 Class balance below max? I haven't played wow since vanilla, when the balancing was atrocious. I just started playing again, and my current class is doing peanuts for damage. However, my gear is just average. Since my main focus is PvP I am wondering if I should re-roll now or if the class balance is just off for lower levels.Awful7 Apr 28
Apr 28 2 horde healers to our zero again And again we are pitted vs multiple horde healers to our none. Great job blizzardEdwin145 Apr 28
Apr 28 Every time i join an unfair game... (which is like half the games I join these days) I either AFK until its over or quit SRS i dont mind losing a game if its fair. but if its 3 heals vs none ill just afk or quit if its a 5 man premade ill just afk or quit dont got no time for rigged matches dont care what people think of me. i play this game for fun not achievements / bragging rights / rigged games in my favor / etc and having rigged games is not fun. im lucky i have a super computer that can playu 2 games at once.Simbaa10 Apr 28
Apr 28 Why Would Horde Use Epic Battlegrounds? Unless Blizzard fixes the Terrain of Alterac Valley and Isle of Conquest to give Horde players a chance. Isle of Conquest is especially dead. Nobody plays it because of the Alliance Glaive Strategy, and the fact that the capture point is closer to the alliance base. Are they unaware that the only 2 40 man BG's are balanced in favor of the alliance? Horde constantly blacklist them, so why would they use a Queue where they are the only BG's? Are they actually planning of fixing these after all these years?Nightstitch53 Apr 28
Apr 28 Rant about pvp issues that bother you Title says it all, I feel like pvp players have been utterly ignored this expansion, and lingering issues allowed to go on that should've been fixed quite some time ago. What pisses you off most this expansion in pvp / state of pvp? For me, it's: -Not letting random battlegrounds fix their own imbalances by switching roles at start. (If they're not going to fix their Q inconsistencies, they could at least set a healer/tank cap, and allow people to switch if that cap isn't hit. How is that not implemented yet?) -Not increasing reward for staying and/or penalty for leaving battleground (tired of being 11v15 all game) -NOT FIXING THE JOIN SYSTEM SO I'M NOT 11V15 ALL GAME. -Not fixing Demon Hunter meta. I get it. It's your shiny new class to draw in idiots who haven't put this crack needle in their veins in some time. But letting a single spec of a single class utterly dominate RBGs all expansion, to the point of making sure other tanks don't get RBG invites? Definitely tells me what developers think of us. -Can't post anymore because I'm stunlocked.. no, feared.. nope, stunned agai--- aaand I'm dead.Sundermoon47 Apr 28
Apr 28 Seething Shore Rated Battleground Queue At the start of the season it was announced, "Seething Shore, has been added to the Rated Battleground queue." Source: Where is it? That was on March 20th. It's April 28th. Does someone at Blizzard not know the difference between rated and random battlegrounds or what?Bailamos0 Apr 28
Apr 28 Wow so the only two bg’s alliance can win In BfA will be separate que, thus guaranteed that we won’t play them anymore and horde can own 100% of the “random bg queue”Yazsnargae27 Apr 28
Apr 28 Blacklisting is being removed ...Bynir78 Apr 28
Apr 28 They keep rigging the games And i keep quitting them. LOL. thank god I got a lot of toons at max level. Its pretty simple just log out and log into a new toon and join a Q hoping for a fair game. Nice try blizzard, cant out smart me.Simbaa6 Apr 28
Apr 28 Strands being removed in BFA BFA is looking good. If you still have achievements for it I would get on that.Welshcorgi31 Apr 28
Apr 28 Longer punishment for Deserters While it's all well and good that alliance has an incredibly poor showing regarding win loss ration according to the statistics, what's a huge contributor to the problem is people abandoning the battleground when things stop going their way. When your down a point, or down a hundred resources or whatever the case, you lose two people and the queue can't find replacements for the rest of the match quite often. This is pretty frustrating. I think the punishment for desertion needs to be increased, obviously 15 minutes is not enough. Bring it up to a half hour in my opinion. That way we can at least keep the queue's cleared of the quitters for longer periods of time. There's my 2 cents anyways.Ædyn21 Apr 28
Apr 28 Warlock LF solid RBG team Hey guys and gals, I am looking for a solid RBG team either alliance or horde. I have 1700xp in RBGs and 1800xp in 3v3. I know I would make a great addition to any team and I have the capability and skill to play at a higher mmr. I am tired of this toxic thing we call LFG. HELP! Btag: Angusberger#1968Tantrexqt0 Apr 28
Apr 27 [H] MM Hunter LF RBG group p much what title say, looking for a team to push some rating, can also base sit. Old 1900 xp. CR is 957 doing yolos here and there to gain a bit. Diago#1887Diago0 Apr 27
Apr 27 Strand of the Ancients Can't Shoot With Demo I've been with multiple people in a Strand fight where we can't shoot with the Demolisher, ultimately causing our team to lose. We'll park the Demo within range so someone who doesn't have "the bug" to fire on the gate. Help!Imägo12 Apr 27
Apr 27 (A) 2500/Hero ALT Rbgs - Open Recruitment 2x Hero from last season looking to push some rating on my Alt Toons this season (particularly my rogue). Looking to put a group together and push 2200 by the end of the season on our alts. This group will be perfect for you if: You are 2200+ XP Legion (recent seasons preferably), looking to come on an ALT toon. You are 1800+ XP on your MAIN, and looking to push higher into RBGs.. Requirements: Must have Discord and be responsive/vocal. Having a good personality/presence is one of the main things I look for. No toxicity. Everyone will be treated with respect. Must be able to handle constructive criticism. We all make mistakes, learning from them is part of the process. If you are Lower/NO XP you will be expected to do your Homework, and work on optimizing/improving your performance.. . If you are interested: Drop your Btag here (posting on the toon you want to bring) Give a short summary of your experience/expectationsFrostchi22 Apr 27
Apr 27 looking for people to do pvp with I'm currently farming for Prestige to unlock for Artifact appearance. Anyone interested to do some BG's together to minimize the chances of losing as alliance. If interested, feel free to drop me a friend request at Kral#6911 [Alliance] I will broadcast on my real ID whenever i'm gonna organize something and you can hit me up if you are interested.Kîñg1 Apr 27
Apr 27 Battle for Gilneas Entrances So I rerolled a high mountain tauren and went into battle for gilneas...and couldnt get a berserk box because of lust causing my charcter to be too large to fit through the doorway as pictured below: Fix the collision to make it where fat tall toons can make it through, Fatties lives matter manExiiuss4 Apr 27
Apr 27 Have Cake/Eat Cake (hope this doesn't double post but first never showed, lucky me I remembered to copy it) In regards to a couple of issues brought up around here, I have some ideas I'd like to throw out there: 1. Reward or Punish? There are two camps in most of the threads about afk'ers leaving games early because they believe it's a loss and thus a waste of time. Leaving the non quitters shorthanded until however long it takes to replace (often too long) and the poor sap who gets stuck replacing the quitter. One camp believes in harsher punishments and the other believes in better rewards for staying. I believe you can do both and I believe both would need to be done to help solve the problem (and it doesn't involve changes to the deserter debuff!) note: I'm only going to use "honor" here but these ideas can also be applied to other rewards that the new system brings in. The numbers I'll use are also arbitrary. The reward: A base honor reward for completing the bg. Let's say 100. Winner gets double that. A backfill bonus of an extra 25 would be good too. (bonus honor opportunities to be talked about in the next part) The punishment: Honestly, I believe this should have been done a long time ago but...NO HONOR REWARDED UNTIL AFTER THE BG ENDS. We've all seen mid game where we reach a new prestige level and get gold/AP tokens. That's because honor is rewarded as the game goes on. This shouldn't be the case. If someone, anyone can come up with one good reason why you should be rewarded for not finishing, I'd love to hear it. Key word in previous sentence - good. Real life getting in the way is not good. You don't get loot for staying through 3/4 of a raid boss fight. All you get is a repair bill. Why should bgs be different. If the rl is getting in the way that often, shouldn't you be dealing with that instead anyway? 2. Honor farming, gy camping, "matchmaking? WTF is that?" and such. I'll keep this short(er). Sometimes you get steamrolled. Sometimes the other team keeps their fun going at your expense because well, they do get honor out of it. So how about bonus rewards for winning quickly? Win a WSG in under 10 min? You get an extra 100 honor! (times arbitrary too). Win it in 8 min and it's 200. Each bg would have to have it's own times of course. Can and should probably be based on average length of time each bg normally takes. This would perhaps encourage those who are out to maximize their honor/hour to win fast rather than big. Ofc some people just want to farm for the sake of making you miserable. That's life. So thoughts?Squeektoy6 Apr 27
Apr 27 3/10 1/10Simbaa0 Apr 27
Apr 27 Parachute fail Seething Shore needs to be fixed. I can count at least 5 times where once the BG starts, and I jump off the ship, my Parachute opens just as I'm hitting the ground..instant death. Anyone else getting this occasionally?Charttopper20 Apr 27
Apr 27 Random PvP gear + 1 static piece per week So they just said on the Q&A that there will still be randomized gear after games, but that each week there will be a particular (undetermined order) gear slot that will be filled as the season progresses with a catch up mechanic. Sounds cool that if you're playing every week, you're guaranteed to complete your set after a certain amount of time but the problem I see is the random gear still. They said they're trying to combat pure unluckiness, which is true, but it seems like the very lucky people will have a huge advantage if they get say a pvp weapon after a random win. Although this should only matter at the beginning of the season, seems pretty risky Thoughts on the system?Zhulaa33 Apr 27
Apr 27 Winning in bgs, real talk So, I got a legit question. Tues and Wed I all the sudden got gud and won a bunch of bgs. The skill of my alliance teammates had all of the sudden increased. We had healers! Then like hitting a light switch last night my skill and my teammates skillz were gone, completely gone. So i ask, how does this happen? Where do these good players come from? Where do these good players go? They only seam to briefly exist in alliance bgs. I'd also like to know where to these mass numbers of players come from? I mean, they told me to get reflex, it don't lie, my wins are exactly like I state above. Most of the time I'm in bgs that aren't even remotely close, zero chance of wining. No fun, what so ever. Then, we can't be stopped on alliance. I have my theories about this but the mental health accusations will flow. Anyhow, anyone else care to comment on mine and my teammates skillz changing so rapidly in this game, thanks.Bruceleroy21 Apr 27
Apr 27 Bliz dumpsters Legion pvp Despite the apparently tiny number of players who love legion pvp and templates, the system is being trashed and left behind for the next xpac stat customization coming back, conquest gear coming back, some ilvl normalization more like our pre-Legion pvp scaling rather than the templates more specific gear awards instead of 100% lootboxes, BIS pvp gear for everyone instead of trash pvp gear for 90%+ of pvp'ers Also word on a solo q system that may possibly avoid opposing premade teams almost entirely PLUS a new pve system that uses blizzard bots employing advanced pvp strategies. Thats right, pvp vs bots. Proper bots rather than cheat bots. Shedding tears of joy right now... I think Jugaa is gonna need some counseling for the pain :) (just joking, she'll still love it) huzzah!Kugsneak4 Apr 27
Apr 27 So long and thx for the fish SotA As per a short and sweet post by Blizz on the beta forums: “Strand of the Ancients has been removed in Battle for Azeroth.”Ninqjinq5 Apr 27
Apr 27 Improve the Q system honestly its bad. its 2018 and horde are still starting games with 2-4 less people than the alliance. Unacceptable. Please fix it, or you may lose customers. Thank you.Simbaa6 Apr 27
Apr 27 Why isn't there a solo queue for BGs? Why isn't there a solo queue? I keep getting into BGs were its 10v6 and the other team has 2-5 people from the same server or sister servers. My guess its a premade or partial premade. Why cant we have a solo queue for people who want to play without groups? PLEASE ALLOW A SOLO ONLY QUEUE.Kardel23 Apr 27
Apr 26 Gonna have to call Player Issue here... Couple games today playing alone after a while unsubbed, with mostly people only talking to rage at each other. Meanwhile in the games I win, we're actively talking to one another, calling stuff out, identifying healers, etc. I mean, I don't get why some people here get so insecure and angry when someone says it's a player issue. Heck, my first BG was Seething Shore today. Not only did I go in blind not fully understanding it's mechanics forgetting it was released already, but my own gameplay was rusty itself, so that's some factors falling back on me. Some complaints can be considered valid depending on how deep we go, but getting salty isn't really going to help your end of the case. Common sense isn't really seen in randoms to be honest, and that's why some rather queue with 1-4 people. Edit: Also, hi forum peeps, oldies and newbies I don't recognize but looking forward to getting acquainted with.Kirakira50 Apr 26
Apr 26 What time is next 500 honor WQ? Since current invasion is covering up Black Rook Rumble, I cannot tell.Ravendust1 Apr 26
Apr 26 Remove Random BG from Wakening Essence It's cancerous as it is to have to fight for what seems like hours at a time for a single win in a mode that I loathe for something I need for a PVE only item. Please, be smart and remove PVP related content from the acquisition of a PVE item.Defdealr53 Apr 26
Apr 26 New PvP Dev Lead? I looked at the new PvP forum for the BFA beta: Saw some Blue responses... In regard to the Large BG queue: ... In regard to 1v1s: ...Forums27 Apr 26
Apr 26 What do Moonkins counter? It seems like the accepted conventional wisdom is that every class has a hard counter. Fine, I can accept that. But is the converse also true? Does every class counter at least one other class? More specifically, does every spec counter something? I know that might sound a bit persnickety for some, but the Druid specs are so vastly different from one another that I don't think "just play feral" is a legitimate answer. So in short, say I want to seek out a 1v1 encounter in a battleground. Who should I be going after?Ziinaya25 Apr 26
Apr 26 Friend insists that Stamina on gear Carries over into PVP, so the more Stamina you have on your gear the high your health in BG's and Arena's. Is this true?Jêt6 Apr 26