Jan 15 RBG - End of Season reward?? I haven't RBG in forever... do you guys get a mount?Zaim4 Jan 15
Jan 15 [H] premade pug friends anyone wanna be frands for some premade randoms those alliance keep complaining about? noshame#1334Serpent18 Jan 15
Jan 15 Alliance morons personally being in bgs and coming back ive never seen so many brainless morons in my entire life. I dont get it but seriously start making brackets and a score system so you dont que up with people like this let them play in their own bracket.Synergïst59 Jan 15
Jan 15 Best and worst BGs, 2018 edition Best: AB Worst: SotA.Idun3 Jan 15
Jan 14 Most op class for random bg? I vote demon hunter i literally only have 3 buttons keybound and im out here stomping people left and right whats your opinion?Yurizan15 Jan 14
Jan 14 Prestige 22 -25 rewards Post here once you earn them or have legit proof of what they are, I want to know just how disappointed I should be.Fahrenheit90 Jan 14
Jan 14 Another Leaver Complaint Post Just want to vent. I'm 1-4 for the afternoon thus far because we have people leave in the first minute, minute and a half and we manage to hold out to a 0-1 or 1450-1500 loss because we can't complete 10 v 7 or 15 v 10. Can't put someone else in, though. That'd just be mean to the poor queuer! Meanwhile I've had another two matches where I get tossed in with 30 seconds before the three cap or Titan Relic falls open or whatever. I dunno what intro to scripting level algorithm they've programmed for the replacement system but please !@#$ing fix it. A solid half of my games so far for 2018 have been undermanned the whole time. Also. ALSO. The number of Horde Mercenaries who sit around on "defense" as far away from a defendable node as possible and at the bottom of the charts is really disgusting. And before someone says "You really think someone who queue merc just to throw games lol" keep in mind the mindset of "Dude if you're Alliance you can lose to Prestige 25 way faster than Horde can win to Prestige 25!" Then add the mindset of people who like to do things "for the memes" and that mindset of cringe-y people who actually think you're scum for playing Horde/Alliance in a video game.Evadyn27 Jan 14
Jan 14 Rdruid vs rshammy? Dear bg forums , It gets very boring just healing as a priest or hpal alllllllll the time i mean ive tried mw monk i actually might make her ww instead its fun tbh but im stuck in a rut . Ive been trying to decide for a few months which one would be my next healer and i cant decide. From a pvp pov i was wondering the pros/cons of a rdruid vs a rshammy ? Since they are new to me im not sure which would be best choice or is easiest to learn ? Sincerely , A bored healerKitäna33 Jan 14
Jan 14 queue question The act of queuing for bgs and the like is for gameplay reasons and has no lore explanation for the teleportation right?Nalyssa2 Jan 14
Jan 13 Shado-Pan Showdown broken? The first few we did seemed to go as intended with the bosses taking turns being active til a team successfully kills one. The last 4 we did ended as soon as the first active boss became untargetable with the opposing team automatically being the victor without ever having even damaged their enemy's boss. What gives? Is it a bug or am I failing to understand the rules of this particular brawl....Azii75 Jan 13
Jan 13 Looking for RBG group Healer or Feral DPS here looking for a rated battleground group, I don't really care how good it is.. just need to establish a rating of some kind. Most groups won't invite anyone without some sort of rating.Maulzal4 Jan 13
Jan 13 SSM slightly unbalanced the damage buffs are easier for alliance to get. at least the one by mid.Felgirl2 Jan 13
Jan 13 Why can't Why can't pallys bubble while holding a flag? Seems pretty silly.Skeleton29 Jan 13
Jan 13 How do you begin to get rating. Im trying to find yolo rbg groups, but they are all advertising yolo 1500+, how do i get 1500 ever if noone takes me to anything. I dont know people personally that pvp I 100% have to attempt this through pugs, is there something i can do somehow somewhere to actually get into these things?Isilarya5 Jan 13
Jan 13 big gear i have been playing battlegrounds for a while and i've been doing some world quests and i noticed something where is the big gear what happened to the big gear why haven't i been getting the big gear i used to get them the ez casual way by doing world quests and now they rarely show up. and i haven't been getting the big gear from battlegrounds that much where is itNekront3 Jan 13
Jan 13 PuG RBG Group Comp Hey, I really have many questions when it comes to RBG's since I am fairly new to them... When starting your own PuG (yolo) RBG, or any in that matter, 10v10, what type of group composition should you aim for? I see 1/3/6.. With that said, should the DPS be split to something like 3ranged/3melee, etc? and healer composition- what should you aim for? I also have questions about strategy, such as which classes are best to stay back and defend, and other intricate questions about the playstyles of rbg's.. Could someone point me in the right direction as to where I can find more info for the questions I have? is there any forum post/ anything out there I can read up on? Thanks.. p.s.- are rbg guild groups still going strong?Hasic3 Jan 13
Jan 13 By the time I say "efc tunnel" That demon hunter is have way across the field. Not fair and I ain't paying anymore. L2P Blizzard.Lazylad95 Jan 13
Jan 13 Base sitting with pet Question, been playing frost mage to base sit in rbgs. When I was sapped I kept hitting attack on the rogue for my pet to spin but he was just chilling doing jack. Am I doing something wrong or can you not use any type of commands while sapped? ThanksDarkmoogle22 Jan 13
Jan 13 How to beat turtle in IoC? Basically the strategy starts after the enemy team's boss is vulnerable. They stay at their base and wipe out everyone and continue doing so for the entire bg. Even if we cap everything, we still have less reinforcements. How do we make them lose reinforcements faster than us to win if we can't get to the boss?Gallaghus14 Jan 13
Jan 13 Fury Warrior One shot guide... Super fun Fury One Shot compilation using basic and more crowded One Shot macros with my Fury Warrior... All in all is very simple and easy to execute. Once you can lock down the target while executing this simple rotation you can deliver the most !**!!!!! in the !@# macro in all wow! I always choose Tauren race because they are majestic and also because of war stomp :) Combine everything and you get some fun BGs and some sad faces ^^ Enjoy and as always, add me up! Jugernaut#1609 and lets $%^- *!@# up! Jan 13
Jan 13 null nullMoltisanti1 Jan 13
Jan 13 MultiGlad LF consistent RBG team(s) Hello, I was in the 2180s last season in 2s, with blue level vendor gear, and I reinstalled two weeks ago and I'm 728 pvp ilvl as of today, and I'll be 729 ilvl on reset. I played 2s with a mage last season. I've been playing WOW off and on since vanilla, and on other toons I titled as Glad in S1, S2, S3, and S4 before quitting until recent xpacs (school). I've played with and against Superpaul, Dontjudgeme, Spoh, Drayan, Mendez, Trins, Neilyo, though they never seem to put you in videos when they lose to you. I titled as both dps and heals, and I also played in one of the earliest MLG tournaments for arena players, as heals. I'm looking for a team that needs a Boomkin with a resto off-spec. I'm comfortable playing both specs, but I'm more interested in playing boomkin. Add my btag and send me a message or post here with some method of finding you. I'm Danielle#1108 Thanks for reading, DaniellePrillz10 Jan 13
Jan 12 Crazy execute specs? Hello, and please forgive a n00b question. Back to Wow a couple weeks ago after a 7-year break, and I'm curious about what I'm seeing in battlegrounds with what seem to be pretty ridiculously OP melee specs (and I have read through some forums, so not trying to waste your time). First, this isn't a butt-hurt thread. I feel plenty tanky as an Afflock, and pretty much always top overall dmg (not at all important, I realize, but hey, it's my role). Rarely get focused by melee. I'm also pleased for classes like Warr and Pally to get their time in the sun. I've played all classes except monk at max level at one time or another, and had plenty of opportunity to be OP--soloed to 1800 in 2v2 back in BC as SL/SL when my healer refused to accept the arena invites until I maintained a certain rating on my own--just stupid OP stuff :-). Anyway, back in the game, I see quite a few games that have one person dominating kbs (again, not an important indicator of performance, I realize). Like 3 or 4 times as many as the next top player on either team. Some 20 kbs while everyone else is 5, 4, 4, 3, etc. By my casual observation, 80% of the time it's Arms (not fury any more), 15% a Ret, and once in a blue moon a Havoc. I understand FotM, I get the ilvl gear scaling (I'm only 919 on this lock), I understand skill is a factor, and I still see people not regularly using their spec's artifact which is mind-boggling. Are there just some huge execute mechanics going on with some specs? (Not trying to turn this into a class v class or melee v caster discussion). Thanks in advance for your thoughts!Lirastrasza5 Jan 12
Jan 12 Are Rogues stun locking again ? Because I'm a bad warlock and I can not seem to move for the duration of the fight. Any advice ? I'd like to fight back pretty please.Lizzyx2 Jan 12
Jan 12 Stuck in combat endlessly It's frustrating enough that the random stealth break bug is back with a vengeance (2-4 times per BG now), but for the past few days I seem to be stuck in combat for 15...20...even 30 seconds sometimes after a kill. As a rogue this means no stealth and as a player it means no mounting. Sometimes I even lose combat and get it again even though I am a solid mile away from everything. I'm outlaw so I have no pets or dots, and it happens near-constantly so it feels like a bug. It's driving me nuts worse than a wheel in my crotch. Anyone else???Buttchicka9 Jan 12
Jan 12 Region Pvp problem I've made this post around twice and both times the post has been removed from forums due to what I'd believe toxic behavior of the posters... So if you have nothing nice to say don't post it... I'd like to raise the issue of cross server region battlegrounds and that of course means when you Q into a battleground it can be hosted on an oceanic server/US server and if you are lets say from US server you could be put into an oceanic servers battleground which will mean that your world ms can then hover over 250+. Going from 45 to 250+ ms isn't exactly fun, and I'd hopefully like to see the ability to region lock yourself much like you can do in heroes of the storm. These screenshots are an example of an already in-progress battleground with about 2-3 minutes left. I'd like to also add I've experienced this in arena play were rating (not be high) is on the line where I'd fight ragnaros players and I'd see them rubber-band, get casts off while being kicked, get casts off that are LoS or even cloaked. I'm not to sure why a change like this was made when pvp in nature is a fast paced, reaction dependent competitive game-play, but you have a 4 second buffer on your abilities..Exosausage5 Jan 12
Jan 12 alli pvp time for wins? best time of day to BG as alliance been 4 months or so since i set foot in a BG cuz i was sick of losing game after gameWitham12 Jan 12
Jan 12 Random bgs not worth my time Wod is at a all time lame in my exp playing wow i cant even make myself play randoms anymore esp since they made skirms i vote whoever has most damage done at end of bg will get free piece of conquest gear that would bring more players back to random bgs where the game is most balanced thxJøê59 Jan 12
Jan 12 why do people cry about melee hitting like tanks but they never cry about a mage doing 80% of somebodies hp in a global from 40 yards away without being detected or even being hit once? kinda dont make sense tbh srs etcYurizan35 Jan 12
Jan 12 How to Balance BGs: The Final Solution Yes, we have come at last with a final solution to the baddie problem, you know the backpedaling huntards and the like, who have no business desecrating the battlegrounds of our time? It is very simple, 'gate' them behind completion of a Gold Proving Grounds, OR better yet, behind completion of the Mage Tower on that character. Yes, I'm referring to Random Battlegrounds, and rather than some convoluted matchmaking system, by that I mean having one in the first place, simply putting some basic restrictions on that test the presumed raw ability of the player in question, that would surely shore up many of the weaknesses of the player. Should they perform poorly consistently after having passed said test, that means they've likely cheated (paying someone else to complete it for them), and therefore it should have to be retaken in order for them to continue gaining access to the PvP content. Either that or we kill them, either/or works for me.Elaena0 Jan 12
Jan 12 Orc or Troll for UH DK? PVP. PVP. I know haste is the bees knees for UH, i've played UH since DK's came out on my alliance side, but my horde guild is needing a DK for RBG's. And UH is my speciality... But, I can't decide between Orc, or Troll... Orcs get a +15% atk power (as a DK) increase every 2 minutes. Trolls get a + 15% haste buff to ALL (spell, atk,etc) every 3 minutes.Valdanaar4 Jan 12
Jan 12 Checkout my AWESOME raid gear Ever wonder what's it like to have 963 ilevel equipped? Don't you wish you guild cleared heroic content?Kandatheorc13 Jan 12
Jan 12 BG vent forum section? Seriously, for people like me, who only do random BGs there should be a special forums section where we can all vent, without insulting all other good citizens :) Respectfully...Turvytopsy15 Jan 12
Jan 12 premades vs PUGS in randoms Why does this even happen?Chosenmourne48 Jan 12
Jan 11 Surv vs Marks at 110? Speaking of casual random BG pvp anyway. Still debating what to play. Marks is fun so far but I'm wondering if survival might not be better. I do hear about how much melee is dominating BGs right now and I wonder if survival hunters fall on the same lines as demon hunters and rogues. But also at the same time I rarely see any surv hunters in 110 BGs. Figure there might be a reason for that. Or am I completely wrong on both accounts and I should consider BM instead?Atoa10 Jan 11
Jan 11 kandatheorc or shieldbash who wins in a fight?Slavebaby29 Jan 11
Jan 11 Bleeding Hallow twink guilds. I'm noticing a lot of pre mades from this server in the 19s and 29s.... Is this just one big guild that swaps factions back n forth?.Rottster6 Jan 11
Jan 11 BFA World PvP Wish-list With the pvp/pve toggle feature coming I would like to make a wishlist for BFA. TLDR: More World PvP content 1. For every pve world quest, have a pvp world quest equivalent. Ideas include: - Bounty system - Hellfire Penn objectives to give a zonewide buff - king of the hill - copy and paste the current world quests over (warden towers, bareback brawl, ffa arenas, etc.) except give alliance and horde the same warden tower quest each day to help us see each other. - kill the village/town leader - protect/defend supply caravans carrying Azerite 2. PvP Rep Factions - turning in scraps looted from guards/village leaders/enemy players - Rep reward idea: Upgrade-able turtle shell that starts out with a chance to work and enemy parachutes down, then upgrades to 100% success but the enemy parachutes after being dismounted, upgrade it further to take away the enemy parachute, upgrade again for reduced cooldown. 3. Fix infinite re-spawn of guards attacking you. 4. Make faction leaders drop weekly pvp loot. After seeing what the brilliant minds at Blizzard did to pve this expansion, I am confident they can turn pvp in BFA around. I think this list is absolutely feasible with the toggle pvp on/off feature coming up. Please refrain from mentioning templates or class design/pruning in this thread. Keep it pertaining to world pvp ideas. Plenty of other threads out there with template discussions going on.Xjd7 Jan 11
Jan 11 Most unfair random BG in history 6 Mistweavers on Horde 1 Holy Priest on AllianceÈsui7 Jan 11
Jan 11 RESILIENT VICTORY ACHIEVEMENT Let's make some noise about this guys. This is the only achievement holding me back from the "Battlemaster" title, and I think the same holds true for many of you out there. Let's stay on top of Blizzard and make ourselves heard and get them to, at the very least, adjust the achievement and make it more reasonably attained. I like a challenge, but this achievement is nearly impossible to earn or luck out on. It really needs an adjustment badly. We have really earned this title and proved our worth. We just need you to help us out. Like I said before, I like a challenge but this is near impossible to achieve within the current state of the game. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do something about it. I, and others like me have worked so hard for this title. We have earned it!!!! MAKE SOME NOISE GUYS!!! Get Blizzard to do something about this!!!!Bluetallica48 Jan 11
Jan 11 How long to prestige and where you at now? I'm casual player and I'm finding prestige to be so so awful (at least previously I enjoyed pvp grinding for pvp gear), like even if I were to pvp all day long, I still wouldn't be motivated to try and grind it out with rotating pvp for bonuses, etc. So I'm wondering what prestige are you guys at and how long has it taken you? Do you do weekly arena, rbgs, towers, randoms? What is the fastest way? And lastly, any casual players out there with high prestige?Serpent33 Jan 11
Jan 11 1 echo per dominant gear, joke? kinda low right? 75 for one piece of gear 75 wins cuz you really never get any gear for losses assuming 50% win rate in solo q thats 150 matches at 10 minutes each. Prolly take longer on ally and you might be faster on horde but then ya got q times adding 8+ minutes to every match. 1500 minutes per piece of gear: 25 hours 25 hours for a single RNG stats piece of 915 gear. Add on q time for horde and it jumps to 40 hours. Ally close to the same cuz of substantially lower win ratios in solo q. I guess bliz has lost any semblence of 'fun' or 'compelling' because they appear to be balancing around bots and no-lifers I knew there was a reason I was just disenchanting the gear. Freakin horrorshow.Kugsneak45 Jan 11
Jan 11 Think the bans are working Been seeing more sloppy play lately. Seems to be less scripting. Still hardly ever see overlapping cc, which was in 100% of bg's until scripting took over in late MoPKugsneak13 Jan 11
Jan 11 B-Tags -LFGs- Random BG's RBGs Maybe some 3s caps General fu<kery Kovacz#1233Kovakz10 Jan 11
Jan 11 @Jugga You had a screenshot earlier in a thread I cant seem to find, showing your win/loss record and other information. What addon was that?Shanlie11 Jan 11
Jan 11 multiboxing what class(es) do you recommend for an effective 2 account box? I'm seriously considering double shadow priests for simplicity and raw throughput, any other suggestions or tips? Double rogue or double DK could be fun too but melee specs make it more difficult when it comes to multiboxing from what I understand, and it being my first time a simple setup will be important; Maybe unholy DK?Taylorgangxo35 Jan 11
Jan 11 Controlling gates of Strand of the Ancients I rarely do Strand of the Ancients along with Av but this one in particular was fun because we dominated the last gate before they could enter the room and in this aspect of bringing utility to the team to slow and root and push and cc Elemental Shaman shines very bright. Earthquakes everywhere and above all, lots and lots of fun. Enjoy the PvP video and as always! add me up Jugernaut#1609 Always looking for ppl to add me up and PvP with! Whatever you do in game dont forget to make new friends every day and play together. Jan 11
Jan 10 60s Thread #220 Gesh is here! [ WELCOME TO THE 60'S THREAD ] Please read; Exp On and Exp Off have been Merged as of the 7.0 Legion Pre-Patch To learn more about the current Legion Changes this bracket has seen check out: TURN OFF YOUR EXP - WARLORDS OF DRAENOR IS NOW STARTER EDITION. There are "Exp eliminators" In Stormwind and Orgrimmar. Behsten is the Alliance exp eliminator, and is located in Stormwind Keep. Slahtz is the Horde exp eliminator, and is found in the Valley of Honor. Alliance: Horde: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ General Best in Slot Guildlines: Item Level Scaling has been removed. Your Character now has a Template that scales - in part - by average Item Level. However, there does appear to be a Template iLvl Cap based on Player Level. Maintain at least 70-75 Average iLvl - this appears to be our Template Cap at 60. *Download to see iLvl* Gems, Enchants, Set Bonuses, Procs and Non-consumable on-use items are all disabled in Instanced PvP. Stats on gear do not matter with the exception to Weapon Speed, Top End Damage or Type. For Weapon Based abilities, a slower Weapon Speed will increase your damage. Dagger: High Warlord/Grand Marshal (2.00) - PvP Vendor 1 Hand: Demonfork (3.40) - Lower Blackrock Spire 2 Hand: The Unstoppable Force (166/3.80) - Alterac Valley Vendor Ranged: Ashjre'thul, Crossbow of Smiting (145/3.40) - Blackwing Lair Wands are BiS for Mages, Priests & Warlocks. Stats will increase by approximately 6% by having a wand equipped. AS OF PATCH 7.3 WEAPON SPEEDS WILL UPDATE!!! All Daggers - 1.8 All 1 handers - 2.6 All 2 handers - 3.6 All Ranged - 3.0 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Geshikk492 Jan 10
Jan 10 Make BGS worth it Bring back the GRIND BLIZZARD. Bring back the buttons. Nowadays I hardly ever have a reason to go into bgs. Prestige gets boring for 1 weapon skin color change. Bring back the GEAR. Make us work, Id love to actually love playing my classes it brings a sort of accomplishment and the gear sets make you standout. /rant over This game plays out just like a moba would. Few options on how to really impact a game.Legionofvic72 Jan 10
Jan 10 Brawl ideas Post here your ideas for new brawls! I know they will never happen but we can use our imaginations. I think a 40 v 40 arathi basin would be crazy.Irhcsad3 Jan 10