Sep 3 Macro help I want a macro wich help me in casting Hammer of Reckoning and/or Hammer of Wrath by one button. If both are possible Hammer of Reckoning is first.Cuteraccoon1 Sep 3
Sep 3 AV Warmaster Demoralizing Shout - Bug? Is Demoralizing Shout from Warmasters(Drektar) adds supposed to make any non-caster dmg useless? at level 120 my rogue Sinister Strike crits for 3500, with DemoShout debuff i crit for 35. 99% dmg reduction. must be a bugHoleesheet1 Sep 3
Sep 3 Dread Aspirant Helm and Shoulders? Can the Dread Aspirant Helm and Shoulders drop from Steel Strongboxes? I've gotten every other Dread Aspirant piece except from those two and Wowhead has zero information on them. I wanted to complete the transmog set.Devovere8 Sep 3
Sep 3 Are BG's Normally Like This? I'm relatively new to PvP in this game so i don't know the norm, but i like playing casters and every BG i'm in is just Ret's and rogues, i feel like i just splat and can't do anything. I was having decent games a few days ago on my mage but they seemed to have a lot more diversity in classes, not just rets and rogues.Hanhoi16 Sep 3
Sep 3 WTB Ashran pst PstMordeacai5 Sep 3
Sep 3 Bring Back Old AV Leave the current one as it is but bring back the original as well. That way, if people don't have time to BG for hours, they could just not queue for it. I honestly loved being in AV for hours and having the epic battles we had. Summoning the Icelord, getting the shamans moving, armor buffs, wyvern riders, etc. After all, I spend hours raiding so it's not far-fetched to spend hours in PvP rather than PvE. There are so many OG NPCs that are never used anymore. Anyone remember placing the beacons for the wing riders or summoning Ivus/Icelord? Has the contemporary crowd seen Ivus or the Icelord? The zergfest is so boring. It's zerg as far as you can and 'backcap'. Yes, it's in quotations because there's at least one person who says to do it but he and others never seem to do it.Pänic3 Sep 3
Sep 3 I miss Legion PvP. So far I'm not enjoying the state of PvP in BfA. I want to know what your general thoughts are on PvP? A lot of classes lost utility, we gained no new abilities.. And classes that are too weak right now are going to have to wait till probably 8.1+ to start enjoying it again. While some classes got lucky, kept most of their utility or even gained new ones: (Demon hunter gaining purge) I've given a couple of classes a whirl so far, and Yes I know its early in the expansion. But for me it's felt longer due to beta exposure and pre-patch.Beps13 Sep 3
Sep 3 Abusing iLevel scaling w/ low gear + sockets As it has been mostly figured out, only secondary stats matter in PvP; your iLevel scales to your opponent's when you attack them, and theirs to yours when they attack you. If you equip only your Azerite trait pieces (to abuse broken traits like Arcane Pressure) and ~100 iLevel gear with as many sockets as possible, you can ensure that a secondary stat of your choice remains the same percentage while dropping over 200 iLevels as iLevel doesn't factor in gems.​ I am a 343 Arcane Mage but perform better as a 123 Arcane Mage. I don't have screencapped proof, but you can test this yourself. Just make sure that your high iLevel gear is in your bank as the game factors in your "bag iLevel." ​A 340 can hit you as if they were 120, and you can hit them as if you were 340, without taking a hit to a secondary stat of your choice. This mostly negates the secondary stat disadvantage while taking total advantage of the iLevel scaling. Don't pay attention to the numbers on your screen as they are untrue, even without abusing this system. ​I have been trying to figure out why Blizzard hasn't said anything concrete about iLevel scaling in instanced PvP and I think this is why. I want to spread this knowledge so people abuse it and Blizzard is forced to change it.Akagga2A3CCC7 Sep 3
Sep 3 remove every BG other than WSG / AB / AV Thanks in advanceByprodukt11 Sep 3
Sep 3 why do you hate shamans so much bliz like really, what did they ever do to you?Caek2 Sep 3
Sep 3 Random BG matching Having 3 healers fight a team with no healer in a 10v10 is just stupid. Your BG matching system is trash and should be looked at.Synstr0 Sep 3
Sep 3 To the Alliance "Whoever Appeals to the law against me is either a fool or a coward. And Whoever cannot take care of themselves without that law is both. When I come across any of them...if they see me.. and I live... I will kill them. If I die.. they are forgiven. That is my rule of honor." From, Buhbuh (back in two weeks)Jugaa44 Sep 3
Sep 3 Quartermasters coin Anyone know how/when to get these? Is it from rated pvp when the season starts?Jugaa7 Sep 3
Sep 3 Picking my main Havin a little trouble picking my main here lol I enjoy playing the more bursty time classes but annoying classes, too. I can't decide against Mage, Lock, Hunter or Enh Shammy.. I love playing all of them so just trying to get input from you guys, whatcha think? I was playing my lock but with WM on and getting hammered by any alliance that came near me lol. I'm not new or amazing but damn lol.Imnotlux13 Sep 3
Sep 2 Juga is the.... Most feared warlock in any rbg bracket. True storyBôrg47 Sep 2
Sep 2 Deserters and losing BG's I would like the dev's to look into this. I have not been doing as many BGs as normal lately so i wanted to play several today. I quit after 4 (3 horde and 1 attempt at merc mode) All 4 i waited 7 to 12 min (2 min for ally side cue) All 4 were in progress with being so far behind the odds of pulling a reversal was near impossible. 1 i got in and ended about 30 sec later. 2nd 2 flag caps down with a couple min left. 3rd score 1200 something to 200 something.. I gave up after that. Im really not interested in joining a BG in progress and i doubt any other player likes having there cue time waisted. I hope you will come up with a solution soon. TY.Valdorian7 Sep 2
Sep 2 Premade, Premade, Premade Once again the failure to balance bg's is out of control and we're just getting started. Nothing but going against premade after premade after premade of already geared players stomping pugs. How is this ok? I guess you'll need to see more serious drops in subs before you'll even give a rat's behind.Drashtan54 Sep 2
Sep 2 I get bgs aren't serious, but have some gear. Been in alot of bgs lately with players below 70k hp. I'm not sure what anyone expects to accomplish with that. And when its multiple players, that's a recipe for a loss.Druidbot213 Sep 2
Sep 2 Im in Michigan now Cool state. Very clean. 8/10 would visit againLessthenjake12 Sep 2
Sep 2 Anyone else abandoning randoms? Now that I can't block bg's that I hate (looking at you Seething Shore and ToK), I just queue specifics. I mean, it's not like PvP randoms actually give you good gear. So what's the incentive to play battlegrounds you don't like anymore? I wonder if not letting people block bg's might actually make queue times longer.Snarlsbarkly7 Sep 2
Sep 2 Deepwind Gorge Is Still The Worst BG If Strands of the Ancients was able to be retired how about taking a serious look at the perennial problem child of the BG family. Wins are incredibly unsatisfying despite the cart mechanic. There's not enough visibility between the flags so taking a mine isn't a dynamic objective like AB or even, dare I say, Battle for Gilneas. It's incredibly ugly and the mechanics regarding the carts and movement abilities for the entirety of legion makes me think Blizzard isn't too keen on it either. Let's do the right thing and retire this abomination of a BG once and for all.Tadaima6 Sep 2
Sep 2 LEast bg que time for Horde? on ED and MG i get 10 min horde que times. anyone know which server has the best horde que times without mercenary ?Swiggityx1 Sep 2
Sep 2 Question about Temple of Kotmogu Why is this BG AIDS for horde????? all the other BGs other than AV and Isle are fine it just seems everytime im in this one we never win. Just was curoius is all.Khorlamahr7 Sep 2
Sep 2 how are paladins looking for pvp read literally 0 info about bfa, planned on skipping the expac but broke down yesterday started off with my pala just cause I have a crush on her, how is the class looking so far? any specShoujo21 Sep 2
Sep 2 lol @ gear gap tank in bg has 180k, My tank has 130k at 318 ilvl No easy way to get equal gear for pvp why does Ion's team have to continue to reinvent the wheel and repeat things that failed in the past? honor/conquest gear provided EQUALITY, and ever since Ion's team got rid of that stuff we are back to vanilla days of pvp design, slightly offset by scalingKugsneak46 Sep 2
Sep 2 Bellicostco is back! I'd like to welcome back belli from his vacation. Hes a good dude and hes going through some personal !@#$, still a legend in the bracket. Its good to have him back. Check out his streamáy81 Sep 2
Sep 2 What class arenas ? What class will most dominant once the season starts for arenas iyo.Soulbate10 Sep 2
Sep 2 Alliance at 50% win rate now? According to the database, win rates are even now. Can Alliance confirm? This is for unrated battlegrounds in the US.Chromus80 Sep 2
Sep 2 Deserter Debuff needs a buff to 30 minutes Change my mindZuzma40 Sep 2
Sep 2 That was one epic AV just now gotta hand it to ally they played well they deserved that win but bot sides fought hard was very close/tough one. to my fellow horde: i could of called that 1 better but we did have a great team that worked together well.Ccloudstlkr2 Sep 2
Sep 2 AV: Horde wins Alliance gets the honor I have played 3 AVs now the horde have won, but alliance gets more honor. Why does this keep happening?Asmund6 Sep 2
Sep 2 Make Seasonal Weather in BGs You've already done this with Arathi Blizzard and it was awesome. Please make seasons that match what the seasons would be in those zones so whenever you queue into AB in the winter, it'd be the Arathi Blizzard map. Imagine a spring-time AV! Grass instead of snow, blossoming trees in the valleys, the usually frozen Field of Strife becomes a lake (forcing lanes around each side) where NPC eagles dive and catch fish etc. Herds of Alterac Rams with babies running around – you get the idea. Autumnal AV would be an equally amazing addition. Could do Winter Warsong, some kind of heavy rain, storm and wind on Twin Peaks, Frozen Deepwind, Lightning Storm Kotmogu... Of course keep it true to the lore but it would also be interesting to see kinda day-time EotS and Gilneas too.Inglewood10 Sep 2
Sep 2 Any plans to fix pvp? Since when do druids get a 4 second stun lock and 8 second disarm? What the hell is going on here? Reintroduce some balance you idiots.Steppenwolf37 Sep 2
Sep 2 Random Battleground blacklist option removed? With the new patch the option to blacklist certain battlegrounds seems to have been removed from the PVP queue interface. Is this feature gone now or moved somewhere else?Senlinju37 Sep 2
Sep 2 BG is a dumpster fire I'm playing the BGs... it's terrible and not fun at all. For me, PvP is the measure by which the rest of the game can be judged. It's Warcraft after all. I may not even purchase the expansion due to my disappointment here. Some things that I noticed as a low level returning player: - Players with unusually powerful gear going around and 1 shotting ppl. I'm talking about players who are getting 50 kills per game and few, or no, deaths. Something is completely wrong with this! That isn't skill... I've heard about BiS and grandfathered items, but I don't know much about them. I don't think it should be allowed, whatever they are. - Profession items should not be allowed. For example, the 'glider' things allow players a seriously unfair advantage in Arathi and Eye of the Storm. Why should a player be forced into a profession just to keep up with the pvp?? - A Rogue should not have to mount up so much. It must be in stealth at all times or we're done for! Stealth and movement speed should be increased. Why aren't abilities like 'sprint' available immediately? The cooldown on this skill makes it useless to depend on, so there's no reason it should be unlocked only in the 30s. - Meanwhile, caster range is ridiculous, players are shooting through rocks and other obstructions, and Damage over Time effects last an eternity without a healer nearby! - You have to be rich to change ANY of the above in your favor. Gold should not be a factor in PvP!! This has been going on for years! The development team thinks it's "ok" and "working as intended". But it's a Dumpster fire to me...Erikbáka46 Sep 2
Sep 2 whats the purpose of role checks? when you get a AV with 1 healer and enemy has 8, get a 10 man where you get 3 healers they get none. Why area we clicking a role for the match making system to just do that? Or my other favorite they get 2 premades of 340s and you get 10 randos with 76k hp. oohhh What about joke starting where one team is 3-4 people down, good times. so check them boxes, its important.Whitechápel1 Sep 2
Sep 2 Nerf Blood Dks Not really interested in seeing a tank do 2mil damage and 2.5 mil healing in an Arathi Basin that barely lasted 10 minutes. Outhealing 5 healers and out-dpsing everyone but for 1 Unholy DK. A tank.Zaclinric34 Sep 2
Sep 2 Gear dropping 1 of 6-8 boxes now Redonk my friends, redonk Honor is obviously a worthless currency that obtains nothing Takes 2-3 hours per PIECE of crappy bg gear, this is getting out of handKugsneak1 Sep 2
Sep 1 Looking for honest opinions.. I'm just looking for other opinions by players who enjoy PvP. Years ago I played DAoC and to this day I still think it has the best PvP system in an MMO. You had the choice of going out with the community you generally ran PvE content with so you had a better feel and connection, the crafting made a difference compared to quest rewards but the biggest one was the damage ratings. Piercing, Crushing, Slashing (Thrust) all had their pros and cons. While it's good to see that Blizz has opted to scale things back (damage numbers and gear level were truly getting outlandish) it would be awesome to see this change as well, though I'm not going to hold my breath. WoW is a great game but it has the potential to be so much better.Iszumi10 Sep 1
Sep 1 I can't prove it, I just know its true UH and Frost pvp is at an all time low.Warlohs7 Sep 1
Sep 1 Request for Pvp Item lvl change Simple request beccause it NEEDS to happen before rated season starts. Crafted Gear: 305 ~ to help gear for heroics/skirms. 300 is too low. Skirmishes: 305-310 ~to help gear for heroics/rated and on par with REG dungeons. Battlegrounds: 310-325 ~Because time invested for lower than 300ilvl is silly Island Exped weekly : 325-Mythic ~ lots of reasons. Can anyone provide a good argument why this would be a bad thing? If we go into the new rated system rewarding pvpers that could $PAY$ to be carried in mythic ( or just had more friends) then it's adding more negativity to the launch of this xpack. This still puts anyone doing PVP only far behind anyone that's farming heroics/mythics.Cßear3 Sep 1
Sep 1 Rbg healers Hey guys, want level another healer, currently have a druid. thinking of either my monk or priest. i know priest is fotm but monk healing intrigues me. are they always fun to play or do people get frustrated? only ever played ww. goes without saying mostly rbg and bg primarily.Frozenballs7 Sep 1
Sep 1 How do summons wor in AV nowadays? I've noticed you don't seem to be able to loot stuff from player corpses. Can you still summon the wolf patrols and bosses?Feranar6 Sep 1
Sep 1 OverPowered Brawl I think it'd be fun to have a weekly brawl where you get to choose either double the normal amount of talents, or you have all your talents activated. It'd obviously be super unbalanced, with some class/spec's becoming absolute monsters, but I think it'd be pretty fun to play around with for the hell of it.Vaerume1 Sep 1
Sep 1 Sorry, Dumb Question When entering BG's do I need to turn War-Mode on before or can I turn it on after I'm in the BG or will it auto turn on in the BG? Also do we get Marks Of Honor for doing BG's ??Keste4 Sep 1
Sep 1 Season 1 RBG Meta? Is it too soon to talk about the new meta for RBG’sGormog1 Sep 1
Sep 1 Varian the Fury Warrior leveling PVP Enjoy as I click away at Horde in this PVP Video. Sticking to leveling by PVP, and Arena Skirmishes. I know "U shouldn't click!"árián5 Sep 1
Sep 1 Is blizzard even aware? Seriously do they even know how broken pvp is? it's a total joke. Unkillable healers make battlegrounds pointless. Just going to screw around every match from now on. thanks folks.Steppenwolf24 Sep 1
Sep 1 Give me the lowdown on rets Going to make a dark iron Ret. What sorts of pros and cons will I experience in bgs?Lessthenjake30 Sep 1
Sep 1 BG ilvl scaling. Why take it away? Last expansion I'd que up on any toon, and be able to play some good ol' bg's without having to worry about gear. It was perfect. I'd always end up doing however well I can play that class/role. IF a player wanted the ~10% buff to stats, they were free to go grind all the other content they could in order to get it. But, for super casual pvp'rs like myself, we just want to spam BGs/Arenas/Skirms. Now, we're forced to go do other content (PvE) that doesn't interest us in order to be effective stats-wise. The effectiveness gap between 290 ilvl and the 340+ ilvl players is disgusting. The same gap between players 110-119 is just as bad, and makes the bracket a hell of a mess. Players like Jahtwo-Aegwynn (obviously twinking) with his 242 ilvl at lvl 110 can 1v4 myself and 3 other players just due to his insane dmg ticking us all down 100-0 with just deadly poison and rupture in 1 application of each. I have no idea why the system that allowed me to just login and play casual content is gone now. Can anyone tell me why it was canned?Kørkz9 Sep 1