Nov 14 no strongboxes dropping? 7 bgs tonight, 5 losses 2 wins, not a single strongbox at the end is this bugged? we even 3 capped twin peaks and i ran a flag. never gone this many without a boxStillstylin5 Nov 14
Nov 14 Dodge in bgs How exactly does it work/does it dr? Tried searching but only have found post with dodging rbg teams lolGirlbye2 Nov 14
Nov 14 Disc LF solid RBG team//Horde Current CR floating between 1800-1900, pugged my way here (it was rough). I just transferred to Horde, in search of more serious pvpers. Have 2k arena xp, but am finding RBG's much more enjoyable. I play all the time, not currently working. I'm female, Aussie and will keep you alive. Contact via b-tag: Vextra#11303 Contact via Discord: Vex(Bridie)#5938Splooshing1 Nov 14
Nov 14 Brawler's Footlocker No Longer Guaranteed?! What the hell is this bait and switch? ... Sorry Blizzard but that is not at all how it worked for the entire duration of Legion. Win Brawl, get Brawler's Footlocker.Nachtwind6 Nov 14
Nov 14 Tanks in pvp Why do you have BGs that require tanks, completely non-optional. But make them completely terrible at pvp? Outside of running flags (Which is pretty much DH exclusive at this point) and tanking bosses (which is 1% of the entire BG).Kaylar15 Nov 14
Nov 14 110 Bracket. 19,29,39,49,60,70,85,90,99,100,119 All you boring twinks need to move to 110 bracket. Come get this work and real competition. Most players are lame in 110 but i want to get Experience players in the 110 bracket. Im on every other night and i know ill Lit most of you clowns up. 110 MY BRACKET come get this WORK.Zetth37 Nov 14
Nov 14 110-119 Horde community Creating a community for 110-119 twinks. If there are others, please link the here so i can join them.Waterbottlè5 Nov 14
Nov 14 How to stop Rogues from base stealing? Please this is a legitimate question trying to find advice for. Im not trying to flame or anything just needing some help and ideas. So Im new to RBG right now im setting at 1200-1300. Im a protection paladin and I play my hardest and try to communicate as much as I can in battlegrounds. I've been running into a problem though where my team will tell me to defend a base, such as Stables in AB. What I'll do is call inc and spam consecration for stealth users. But it doesn't seem to work... I'll get sapped by a rogue and he will capture the point. I've tried to fight against this... I've spec into having a larger consecration and also bubbling to break my first Sap. He will eventually run away and do it again or blind me. Is there something that im forgetting to do? Is there anyway I can overcome this? Any advice and tips would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you!Isenheart25 Nov 14
Nov 14 AV is not even close to even sorry Sorry "Ion Hazzikostas" My warrior was 375 item lvl 2 weeks ago(got tired of playing 120) and has a 44% winrate in AV BUT I know for a fact I afked out of at least 8 games because who really wants to sit in a 50 minute AV guaranteed loss so that brings my AV winrate down to 23%. Btw most of the AV games we won were close matches and most the losses were blowouts. The maps setup in a way that gives Horde a natural chokepoint at IBGY to easily cut Alliance off. What part of that is "better for Alliance" Ion? Do you even play the game? This is not just me noting this, many other Alliance players are fed up with bgs, AV in particular and thats why the queues are getting longer for Horde. Trust me the Alliance in these AVs were not having fun and this is the fault of blizzard for not balancing Racials/AV map and then pretending that everythings balanced when its not. How out of touch with the game do you have to be to make these claims? He probably thinks Mythic raiding is even too when its 90% Horde guilds now. Actually unbelievable and thats why many Alliance have unsubbed and the games now 55%+ and rising Horde and only 45% AllianceIgyfarmyou156 Nov 14
Nov 13 Balancing thread After lurking in the bg forums I've made a list of fixes that blizzard needs to address. -Remove gear -Disc priests -Twinks -Horde / alliance populations -Shaman ( who plays them anyways) -Remove old players -Remove premade arena comps -Remove join as group -Disc priests -Stealth -Stuns -Remove interrupts -Racials -Xp on/off npc's -Xp gains -Leveling in pvp -Honor gains -Rating -Doomkins -Self healing ( of any kind) -All gear should be changed to cosmetic care bear costumes -All damage should be done only by a full channel from a rainbow generator -Gear and rainbow generator should be gifted to all new toons at level 1 -Pvp level brackets -Disc priests -Pvp objectives ( who goes for those anyways) -Azerite traits -Remove rogues -Diminishing returns Pretty sure I got it all covered. This should balance not just pvp but all aspects of the game . Feel free to add to this list.Pøkerface8 Nov 13
Nov 13 RBG are a joke as Alliance. What to do? I posted a similar thread on GD, but didn't get any suggested solutions. What can be done? I'm lucky to have briefly had a 1500 cr. Horde just dominates. People leave in the middle of the match.Lettuceprey14 Nov 13
Nov 13 Will there be rewards for Mercenary? I'm diggin the insta-q for BG's when I mercenary for the Alliance, but will there be rewards in the future for it? It's a struggle, they really do need the extra help.Twinkmeplz9 Nov 13
Nov 13 Any plans to change Alterac Valley? Are there any plans to change around alterac valley seeing as how other BG's are being changed? Namely is anything being done to give alliance a viable winning strategy that doesn't involve "hope horde are bad"Hamencheese26 Nov 13
Nov 13 Change it. please change it from quick match to "long wait" or something more realistic, open for suggestions :D.Nerfmyburst1 Nov 13
Nov 13 Lightforged Draenei death is OP? I played my lvl 58 rogue, I saw Lightforged lvl 59 then killed it but I noticed 1/2 hp out of my health bar by their exploded. That is OP, because i know almost 12k hp on my rogue lvl and saw Light's Reckoning on the combat log that say almost 5k dmg. That is freaking too much and took out almost half of Hp bar. Also I died from that exploded twice and I didn't expect them that are LF Draenei. Because they never use Light's Judgement much. Go PvP, look for Light's Reckoning from the combat log and you'll noticed how much after killed them. Too much? .... sure, now i have to kite and kill them on my rogue. Problem is Rogue's Range is weak but Outlaw. So I have to tell my range caster friend to kill it for me...pffft I don't have friends and I like solo on rogue. Oh go ahead look at my rogue armory and yea twinking but im doing different. :PTarolen57 Nov 13
Nov 13 Elemental PvP Latest video - Trailer for my upcoming Third and Final Movie. If you never have ever cared to watch my content before, please let this be the only one. I do not monetize my content and simply make it out of passion for multimedia art platform. This is the culmination of 14 years of PVP, daydreaming, and editing practice thus far. Thank you. Don't have to comment, subscribe or even like. Just watch.Brà28 Nov 13
Nov 13 Alliance Sucks At Pvp Why is it alliance dominates 100-110 but after its just a bunch of nine year olds that dont know anything?Blanky3 Nov 13
Nov 13 Worm Spell Winning BG's I have been encountering a spell or toy in the battlegrounds that is being used to guard the flags in BG's so they can't be flipped to the other faction. It looks like a red snake or worm or leech growing up out of the ground and it auto-attacks anything near it making it impossible to flip the flag. It seems to have all the attributes of a "pet". It says "120" on the name plate and has a good amount of health because it takes some time to kill; enough time to unfairly change the outcome of the game. The player is often nowhere near this pet so it can be cast and left there. What is that spell and what class has it? Whatever it is, I think it needs to be nerfed big time. If not, then all the flags will be guarded with worms after being flipped to one faction and game over.Itinerary15 Nov 13
Nov 13 rbg guild hi i would like to find a good rbg guild to progress with them im a resto druid in dalaran serverWuzzy0 Nov 13
Nov 13 Horde seeking old school Alterac Valley Are there any active premade groups? I'm central time and looking to finish this Bloodthirsty title. CheersKorvac9 Nov 13
Nov 12 Forced BGs Can we please for the love of god bring back the option to black list BG we do not want to play. I hate getting Temple and Seething Shore, I do not enjoy them.Grizzalcon7 Nov 12
Nov 12 island expeditions if i unlocked islands on my main on one server can i do islands on another server. like is it account bound?Kaminara1 Nov 12
Nov 12 Resurgent ESB Looking for skilled RBG players Resurgent ESB is a guild on Bleeding Hollow looking for skilled players for our RBG team. We require at least 2k experience to join the guild. If you are interested, or have any questions or concerns, please contact me via discord (Alakadabraz#8182) and I can get you into the guild and into our RBG team in no time. Our play times are 8pm EST on Fridays and Saturdays, We do community/tryout RBGs on Thursdays. We also run an active discord server for the guild at as well as a website at Nov 12
Nov 12 Alliance bg community Any alliance bg communities around? Looking to find some people run bgs with. I'm tired of getting unreliable results solo queuing. I've found it much more efficient to group que.Lottiê2 Nov 12
Nov 12 Need Help gettting PvP Hippo Mount Looking for some help getting PvP Hippo Mount Silvermoon ServerStormwatcher0 Nov 12
Nov 12 AV Tips for Alliance Hey guys. SO Ive made a few observations from AV in which horde took advantage of us and areas we could improve on. AV 1. Mark All Healers and Tanks 2. Don't Run in one by one into the Bunkers/Towers. Zerg as a group. 3. Healers and Tanks Go Straight down to RH and Cap RH. if Horde are holding the choke point at IBGY. DO the same and Hold the choke point at SHGY. and then slowly let them come up North and get a GY up north so we can spread them out a little more and then work from there. (There's other ways to spread them out if you cant get past the choke point, e.g having a tank dps and healer elite group in the Field of Strife and pick up Hordes one by one. Druids sneaking up into and mass tangling them in Horde GY and slowing them down and spreading them out, etc) 4. Stealthies (except for the healers)- try ninja some towers and back cap. Call for help when it is defend-able or get-able. 5. Snowfall GY- Only cap it when IBGY chokepoint is held by the Horde since the run back to IBGY from SHGY is further than the run back from Snowfall to IBGY. 6. FW GY- Only cap it when the RH choke point is held by the Horde and when you cant get to the RHGY.Romanajapan2 Nov 12
Nov 12 IOC Tips with Turrets for Alliance 1.with Turrets on the Alliance Keep - when the Horde gets the WS, they go for one of the side gates at the Alliance Keep. One of their Demos will keep shooting at out Turrets on the side of the keep so our Defenders wont be able to repair. However the Turrets on the Front CAN be repaired if timed right. and they can be used to Shoot to the side of the Keep and even INTO our own keep. There's a little glitch here. (it's hard to explain in words but I'll give it a go) SO with those Turrets initially they usually have a vision of 180 degrees to the front and they cant be turned or aimed any more than that. So, 1st you gotta let them break. But the moment our turrets break, make sure they are in a 180 degrees in angle ( so tilted furthermost to the right) . Then those turrets can be repaired back again then they gain a new angle or a view point in which you can use them to shoot demos onto the side of the gates and Into our own Keep and GY flags etc. Hope it helpsRomanajapan1 Nov 12
Nov 12 119 Horde Twink Community HORDE TWINKS UNITE Lets get some Groups GOING!!Rhazputin6 Nov 12
Nov 12 Revert Eye of the storm's flag barriers The only reason that BG was fun was because we could push people off the centerVynestra9 Nov 12
Nov 12 Complete lack of maturity The reason alliance can’t win in battlegrounds now is because they’re simply not mature enough to win. Alliance are mostly 11 and 12 year olds and are just not mature enough to win. Also alliance has gnomes who ruin everything and only cause harm to the rest of the alliance by being a completely stupid race.Willriker28 Nov 12
Nov 12 Blizzard PLEASE do something about premades I'm not talking about disabling them. I'm talking about how coordination from premades stomps every fking BG I enter. The PvP UI needs something like Heroes of the Storm where an announcer is constantly telling you about objectives. Literally every time I get in one of those matches where I get stomped it's because the enemy has two healers in their group and another patch of DPS roaming around crushing players who are split up. How am I, or anyone, supposed to like the PvP element of the game when I'm stunlocked by a group of 5 or 6 and can't even get to the enemy healer or flag, let alone use a single fking ability? My PvP skill level becomes completely irrelevant at that point. No reason to even try to keep another enemy CCd when there are 5 more that nuke me down. I've won countless random matches in Heroes of the Storm without having to use voice chat, and I always solo queue. I don't like being forced to use voice chat or group up, and that's why I don't like ranked play of anything, especially raiding (and why I prefer dungeons if I PvE). This argument isn't about ranked, because obviously that requires a coordinated team; my argument is just about the premades in unranked preventing me from playing the game or progress in conquest.Gravehowl51 Nov 12
Nov 12 The Real Problem With Battlegrounds This past month, i've spent leveling my previously abandoned characters again, and one of my favorite ways to do that is to quest while queueing for battlegrounds. Dungeons become stale after the first run once you've completed the dungeon quests and maximized the experience you can gain from that instance. When I had joined in WoTLK, from what i've been told, at that point getting to max level became more of a rat race than an adventure compared to previous expansions. Leveling was never particularly my favorite aspect of the game. The thing that "made it all okay" was battlegrounds and my desire to PvP. What i've noticed are some terrible decisions made by Blizzard and Big Brother Activision, i'll be honest in telling you that I wouldn't dare recommend this game to someone who has never played it before in its current state. As a player who has been in the game for several years, I will tell you right now that absolutely nowhere in any situation does enabling twinks (xpoff characters) or premade groups in the same battlegrounds as regular leveling players work as an attempt to remedy queue times 'work'; those people who used to queue regularly have stopped queuing at all because of this horrible decision. You put the majority, which are average leveling players, at a steep disadvantage amongst other players who don't fully grasp the idea of working together, against players and teams with gear that takes an amount of time, that is unreasonable to seek out as a player who is looking to advance his character past that bracket, and kill all hopes of competition. I will tell you now that absolutely zero new or returning players are/will be fond of this. Allowing zero competition in a game mode that solely functions on competition to remedy queue times is that one thing that "just doesn't work". Blizzard decided to allow dungeons, raids and battlegrounds to become accessible at a click of a button, they did it for the casuals, and that is who they need to make this work for. Casuals have LFG, LFR and Random BGs while dedicated players have Mythic+, Mythic and RBGs. Blizzard needs to remember the fundamentals of why they implement specific changes to their game, and stick with them.Arlanos77 Nov 12
Nov 12 Play Healer, Win More I read a lot of posts by people saying "play a healer and you'll win more" when others complained about terrible losing streaks in random BGs. After playing Ret Paladin for all of Legion, I took that advice to heart and tried out Holy in BFA. Yes, playing a healer felt as if I had far more agency in determining victory than when I played a damage dealer. But there was something more to it. After playing a healing class, I truly understood their plight in BGs. I played Holy Paladin in a WSG where Alliance had 2 Rogues. Both Rogues were on me at the same time as I watched my Warrior teammate run through my character to charge the enemy healer. I could not express my disappointment in the lack of awareness I witnessed. Needless to say I eventually died and we lost the match. I think everyone should try playing healer for just enough games until you endure getting trained with no help from your teammates and letting them rage at you for not healing them. That frustration put the healer's role into perspective for me. The experience made me acutely aware of my role not only as a damage dealer, but also as a protector for my healers. As a result, I became a far greater asset to my teams and I seem to win more often whether or not I play a healer class.Haeleros35 Nov 12
Nov 12 What Should BM Hunter enchants be for PvP? Could use some adive. Haven't played much since Vanilla. New game, not sure what my enchants should be. Thank you!Revín0 Nov 12
Nov 12 A NEW BG just make a hundred new CTF PVP maps thats all we need CTF The Best bg there isSelfhate20 Nov 12
Nov 12 Robbed of my BG. I died, couldn't release, even after /reload & doing the character stuck thing. After waiting 6 minutes I released, died again, and now waiting another 6. What the??? I have a screenshot but don't know how to post it. basically the button 'release' is ghosted, grey, cannot click it.Wingsx2 Nov 12
Nov 12 Demon Hunters i want a second DH and was wondering if and when youll be able to make another DH on the same serverKaminara3 Nov 12
Nov 12 Terrible BGs as Ally First time poster, long time reader. BG's are just plain not fun as Ally, I mean we are getting crushed. I won't queue again for a long time. How is it this bad? Horde had every tower/Flag/node/GY. Name the map, Ally were just giving up half way through. Just look at the honor levels on the horde side in any BG, last map had 5 horde with over 20 honor level alliance had none over 12. I can't wait for bots to come so horde queue times can get shorter. I know if I want to win BG's the Horde is waiting for me. And I am not saying I am any good at PVP either but it's really depressing when the team has no chance.Darkwaver3 Nov 12
Nov 12 Nik let me cast my Meatball! I see you tunneling me!Magnificent1 Nov 12
Nov 12 Conquest Gear List? Does it Exist? Hello, I barely have done any pvp this expansion that rewards conquest gear and I am so confused as to how that conquest bar works. I get that once you fill it up you get the thing at the bar. But my question is this: Is there some sort of list that tells you what you will get in the next bar? Right now once I fill it up I'll get a weapon, then is the next bar some random gear or is it like a helm, and does every player get the helm after the weapon? Also how on earth does the viscous saddles work this expansion? I read the blue post about getting 'veteran of the horde' achievement but I don't want the wolf, I want to be able to pick out the vicious mount. Any clarification would be appreciated, thanks!Bestwalrus6 Nov 12
Nov 11 99's thread of we miss AV. Ye capped the old thread, i'm starting the new one . :0Petitemorte198 Nov 11
Nov 11 Clever use of game mechanics? Currently in Isle of Conquest Alliance can attack the horde's boss with demolishers and siege engine blasts and nuke the boss down in moments. Is this intended?Ralin14 Nov 11
Nov 11 EU forums vs ours I just want to note how they have a sticky thread about making connections in game. That could be useful here. Do we have different mods? And I notice the request sticky is gone, so maybe that's too late? even one in their BG forums. Though I admit we have way too many arguments in most threads so maybe that's an issue too.Jugajr1 Nov 11
Nov 11 Have a great day in BGs today! Maybe i'll see you there! ^.~ /waveMagnificent5 Nov 11
Nov 11 BGs are just the worst for Alliance right now Can't stomach them anymore. It used to be fair, but for some reason every game horde have a min ilvl of at least 340, Alliance are all 295 and just dinged 120. Now I wish I could say this wasn't every game, but after six in a row this morning, and all ten last night, how can this be fun? Arena is at least balanced for me, but I used to LOVE BG's with my dad and friends. If there any are community managers here, please let the team know that something needs to be done with balancing. Thank you.Dracarious29 Nov 11
Nov 11 Playing twinks is fun. This thread is for positive posts about how much fun you are having in BFA with your twink. Please no negative twink views there are plenty of other threads about that. With BFA having a emphasis on making gear matter in pvp, and allowing for awesome gear to be obtained from the new scaling system. I'm having a great time playing my 39 twink. Right now activity is at a extreme high and while many hate threads exist my bracket is full of twinks looking to have great bgs against each other. We are organizing war games when possible, playing arenas, farming dungeons and open world for items. If you need more info join So thanks blizzard for making wow great again!Sun65 Nov 11
Nov 11 Gpyro+flamecannon This is really ruining my immersion in low level pvp please stopStarlørd5 Nov 11
Nov 11 Level 110 Bracket is a Mess + Twinks I'm sure many of you are going to file this in the "it isn't end game so I don't care" folder. That's fine, you can move along. I skipped Legion. However after coming back for BFA I do want to go through all the content and PvP while I do it as well because I enjoy PvP. Coming back in for BFA I not only leveled this toon through Legion but also redid a warlock and a druid from 0 to 110 also. I only mention this to point out I pvp'd the entire time leveling through and had a blast with all of the other pvp brackets. I never really encountered a bracket where someone was ridiculously OP. Then I hit 110. And omfg what happened. After hitting 110 I have realised the bracket is literally pointless unless you are a hardcore twink or youve decided NOT to move onto BFA. Holding on tight through some very ugly BG's and getting some purples out of dungeons I have managed an epic gear score of 175. That gives me 22k health in ret. Mind you the best piece of gear out of PvP was a titanforged piece at ilvl 205. Even if I was lucky enough to get a Titanforged for every slot it still would not make up for the people running around in ilvl 285-300 I have seen in the 110 Bracket. Unlike lower brackets where even if you ran into a twink the gear wasnt a huge gap... in 110 it seems to be a MASSIVE gap. 22k health in ret vs a 60k ret paladin i saw earlier today... even priests and mages with double my health. Is this seriously meant to be fun? And the PvP gear system is obviously not making up for this mechanically when the rewards for pvping arent coming near what these guys are wearing. Effectively the 110 bracket is dead unless you go out and twink yourself. Mythics and Raid level gear as a requirement for even being viable in a previous xpac bracket? Whats the point of it considering BFA is out? All its doing is killing the PvP game for people like me who are working their way through Legion content until we are ready to move on into BFA. I think Blizz should implement an ilvl filter to keep people who are over ilvl 225 away from the lower end of the bracket.Blâckhârt35 Nov 11
Nov 11 Blizzard SBMM for Random's Does anyone know if Blizzard has ever experimented with this? Obviously there is SBMM to a degree in Arena and Rated, but I'm curious if it's ever been used in Randoms? If they have done it, do you know what kind of metric they used to match players?Arthurdayne9 Nov 11
Nov 11 Balancing If Horde has to wait 10 min. to queue into BG. why not keep us in queue for another minute until we get a full group.Delectral1 Nov 11