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1m Problems with Isle of Conquest Okay, so I don't know how Blizzard can justify this battleground being broken for years. It provides a huge advantage to Alliance, for the following very simple reasons (known to anyone on Horde side who has played in it): - Alliance are closer to docks - Horde have to traverse two narrow bridges (choke points) to get the glaives within striking distance of the Alliance gate - Alliance have to travel a shorter distance with the glaives in order to cause damage to the Horde gate - Horde boss room is designed so that being mass Feared does not reset the boss; conversely, the Alliance room has two doorways, thus providing added routes for feared players to be taken out of the boss room, resetting his health Taking all of the above into account, and looking at the win-loss ratio across this BG -- which I know will show a large Alliance advantage -- why has Blizzard not done anything to correct this? It is nearly impossible to get the 100 wins required for Isle of Conquest Master (for Horde), without it taking several years. I did the math, using my experience: Having been back on WoW for about a month and a half, I have only won 2 IoCs, and I always leave it in the queue rotation, so it pops about 90% of the time. It's really frustrating that Blizzard can just ignore such a glaring flaw in their game, which adversely affects thousands, if not millions of players. This is like Alterac Valley all over again, and lends further credence to my long-held belief that Blizzard has an Alliance bias. Remember the Orc shoulders that took months to get fixed? How about the state of Horde-side PvP over the last few years (e.g., modification of racial abilities to benefit the Alliance)? Look at the top ladders of rated PvP during WoD...disproportionate Alliance representation would be an understatement. I get that Blizzard has no obligation to do anything about this stuff, and they likely couldn't care less. However, at least an explanation would be nice, as someone who has to deal with this crap every day. And I hate Alliance, so re-rolling is not an option.Bloughmi152 1m
2m Why is WW not used much in RBG? They seem cray.Robojezus10 2m
3m Good morning. This game is dumb AF Never gonna PVP again. Seriously, awful. Developers you suck.Lazylad12 3m
12m Bgs, friends and fun! Hi there. Every week or so i make a little video doing BGs with some friends i have made here on the forums and always looking for ppl to add me to play with. I got tired of joining guilds that advertise pvp only to find out nobody want it to do anything. I started throwing my battletag out there and i have gotten many invites to the point i log in and start a group in seconds. Jugernaut#1609 Add me up and lets hit some BGs together. W/e you do, always do it with friends. Wow and PvP aint dead, its what you make out of it. Have fun, enjoy this video and see you on the battle field. FYI... im not a streamer, im not an amazing player and im not advertising that im good, just looking for friends to play with and have some fun. Take care 12m
18m elixir of giant growth since when were these unusable in random battlegrounds? they've been usable for as long as i can remember (2005?) LEGION PRUNING HAS GONE TOO FAR WHYDjdirtdog2 18m
26m The Problem Is that you have to have ALL your honor talents to be competitive. So you have to grind. And the best way to grind is to win, cept you dont help your team win if you dont have all your talents. So you just get to queue rando bgs and frigging SMASHED by people that DO have their talents. Gee this sure is FUN. Oh wait.Véxzen5 26m
26m LF S2 RBG Main Team 2150cr So far S1. Can TC. Looking to join a main team to push during Season 2. Waited in a group for over an hour last night and got lobbed last second for a warrior, trying to avoid that in the future.Deathikus0 26m
26m World Quest PVP etiquette? Do you have a personal code when it comes to these World Quest PVP events? I just started doing these because apparently there is a mount attached to doing them. My Strategy: •Alliance players are priority. Horde comes next. Horde are usually the ones that turn on each other in these events. •I will automatically attack anyone not attached to my realm (Horde or Alliance). •Prioritize killing the Tank in events like Blackrook Hold. Call truce to any Horde player to kill the Tank first. •Will unload all cd's on players with names that bug me. Broken Isle Wpvp in general: •I don't attack players doing WQ unless they start something. •If I see a Horde player being attacked I will help automatically. What kind of rules do you have for yourself while in the Broken Isles?Fran19 26m
33m honor differences in BGs some people were getting 200+ more than i did even though i led the team in KBs, did all the objectives, and had more HKs anyone know why?Pyromage5 33m
35m LFM RBG group Since pugging sucks, we are looking for consistent, competitive, and competent players to join us on a regular basis in season 2. Our humble goal is to hit 2k rating. All members currently have at least a 1600 rating so we aren't a hardcore group (yet), but we aren't casuals either. We are currently considering ALL classes with special interest in the following: -Mistweaver Monk -Retribution Paladin -Warlock (any spec) PvP experience or rating is not required, but is a huge plus. Days and times are yet to be determined, but will most likely be weekday evenings (anywhere from 7-11, depending on the group, server time). We will be using discord for voice chat. This is a requirement (don't worry, it's free). You will not be required to join our guild, you don't even have to be on our realm (Area 52). However, most of us are in the same guild and you are more than welcome to join if you would like. Please reach out with any questions or comments. I will check this post every few days, but in-game is a better method of contact. Thanks! runfast#1109Zungorn12 35m
39m Calling all AV Lovers on the Alliance! #10 Stormpike Militia is recruiting! We are an Alliance premade that runs AV every Wednesday night at 9PM EST. Normally we will get three to four games in and we have fun win or lose. This expansion is no face roll like it used to be so we have had some pretty amazing games so far. If you are interested in joining us, hop in the ventrilo server port: 6265 starting at 9:00 PM EST Wednesday. All are welcome! We really do have a nice group of players that are great at pvp and are fun to play with at the same time. I would like to expand the nights at some point but for now we are doing it only once a week due the daily AP grind. Mizriz is still the leader of this group but he is taking a break so I will be handling it until his glorious return. Feel free to add me: Magdalum#1935 Our previous posts: _________________________________Krienn16 39m
44m Rez timer change Can we please get an instant/reduced res timer in random bg's? It will speed up the pace and make it more fun, putting it more in line with other games that understand todays ADHD. Sitting in the gy for up to 30 seconds every time you die is pointless. I can understand using it strategically to split the other team up in rated but randoms??? Blizz, you guys already nerfed the fun in randoms by taking away use of professions and trinkets, so why not have an instant rez so players can hop right back into the action? Give that poor rez dude a break I know his arm is tired. Oh yeah,and it still bugs so occassionally we're in the gy for up to a minute.Chaaka3 44m
48m We just beta tested tanks in INSTANCED PvP I will try and make this short. Personally I have been playing WoW since the game came out in 2004 in both PvE and PvP. This was 99% of the time on my main Rolent a rogue. When I decided to play Legion I also made the choice for the first time time to play a tank and play both PvE and PvP. I can tank for my friends and wife in PvE and have a fun different role when I am leading RBG's and doing arena. Looking at the Honor talents it seemed like the great team at Blizzard was really going to try and make the role of the tank work in INSTANCED PvP especially with the success of the role in Overwatch. Fast forward to now and all the time and effort I put in for my Artifact and rep etc. Going from Sunday to today I would rather you just have told us we can't que for INSTANCED PvP then what you folks have done. We lost 10% total dmg, had our PvP templates dmg lowered on top of that and now we also take 25% more dmg. All three of these changes effect INSTANCED PvP where there was no possible way you could say with the lowered PvP template PLUS we do 15% less dmg to players already before these changes that this seems fair at all. I work just like you very talented folks at Blizzard ( I manage a large Data Center ) and this game is a fun stress reliver. In my opinon I feel lied to about tanks in INSTANCED PvP with the recent changes and all the time and effort I put in means if Tanks want to enjoy both parts of the game they are REQUIRED to level two artifacts. If I had know this before hand I would have just played my Rogue. I feel very sad about this and would like some clarification on these changes for INSTANCED PvP. In World PvP I currently could care less if we take 300% more dmg as a tank but the change to tanks in INSTANCED PvP feel lazy and wrong. Please tell me you folks forgot how these changes would effect INSTANCED PvP because if not I feel like I just Beta tested tanks for you guys since Legion was released and that just isnt fair. Thanks for you time. RLMRolentu335 48m
1h Super Duper Forum Thread [BG LOUNGE #3] This thread encourages Battleground/PVP discussion and networking with hopes of finding new people with which to play WoW. As such, feel free to post you btag information and what form of pvp you wish to play. If you have hostility towards a certain poster(s) we ask you to leave the thread and not intentionally stir the pot. For any troll comments, please click the 'ignore' button and do not engage as it risks getting the thread removed. This thread was created by Punk, however, the rules are as follows: When a thread caps at post #501, a new one can be created by anyone. The title should read [BG LOUNGE], include a unique title, and a sequential number. The title should not contain inappropriate language, subject matter, or be used to call anyone out.Forum Moderator: Goroxxiggam Previous thread: Name suggested by: Meiping ---------------------------------------------------- This thread is dedicated to Light, our fearless off-topic leader.Punk251 1h
1h Top Classes for BG Damage Looking for a good class to boost to 100 from the legion preorder, I already have balance druid but it seems very single-target-oriented, and I also have a warlock, which is fun, but I feel like it is better for 3s and 2s than bgs. What are some good caster classes that can get top damage in a random, casual bg? I've seen SPriests consistently at the top, how are they?Klitasaurus27 1h
1h How do I fight back against melee ? As an elemental shaman I know my advantage is with distance. I get it. But in legion PVP I am seriously curious as to how I can go one on one with a melee class. The gap closers are just ridiculous, the amount of damage any melee does in a few seconds is disgusting compared to my 2 second cast. If I'm able to gain some distance, I'm simply interrupted, silenced, stunned etc. I'm really not sure what to do. A lot of research with really no answers what so ever as to how I can make it a little more in my favor. ( or at least cast a spell )Lazylad5 1h
1h This PvP Trend Seems Odd. This is not a QQ post - it's not about "why doesn't my faction win more". Frankly I play both sides depending on which of my friends in online, so I could care less if one faction was dominant. I am legitimately curious how the math is happening. So gear (more-or-less) doesn't matter in pvp anymore? Well it does- but by what?.. A 10-15% stat margin, whatever. Yet it's EXTREMELY common in my experience to go into BG's, sort by 'damage done' and see a block of horde players marginally (200%?, 500%?) higher than the alliance players - even with similar team compositions - regardless of which team wins. I'd wager others have experience similar. e.g. - This is a cap taken right after the first clash at the start of a match. While this may be a poorer example as the horde team has a lot of prestige players this one. Most matches (in my personal experience) look this way though. Scary Link: Didn't Click Over the first 4 minutes of this match (maybe 2 minutes of combat time). Horde team averages 8346k damage. Alliance team averages 4333k damage. I have a circadian rhythm disorder- so I play a variety of times a day with players from a variety of regions. I struggle to believe that it's as simple as player skill, more undergeared/under talented/under-artifact-progressed toons because it's just too consistent and that would imply that a disproportionately large portion of the alliance faction is suspended in a state of limited character progress and capability. Horde [active] racials are obviously far stronger offensively this meta, but I don't even think that can account for how common it is too see this type of performance segmentation. Are the passive stat allocations varied by race? Does a Dwarf Pally perform slightly different than a Human/Tauren/Belf Pally? - if I recall, there was a time where this was the case way back when. Are racial perks just that out of whack in ideal circumstances like enemy players stacking? Would Arcane Torrent/Warstomp spam around a hot node be capable of stopping that much damage over the course of a battleground? Did retuning of racials betwixt WoD and Legion cause a redistribution of experienced and/or hardcore players? The trend and why it seems to happen this way is interesting to me. #AzerothianSociologyVåliss5 1h
2h stealth detection on demon hunters bop karma that is allTwam38 2h
2h Noticed most all the high prestige people Are all people who are botting every battlegrounds. Seriously, its getting bad right now, lately 4 outta 8, Are 5-6 bots, and those who have prestige or prestige twice are a DEAD giveaway too. SO yaah, what did blizzard say about combating botting for legion? (We take it very seriously) yah sure you do. Watch they won't catch them and if they do, only slap on them on the wrist while they get to keep their rewards of prestige.\ *Facepalm* this legion pvp is not showing great signs right now. Have you guys noticed any bots lately including the prestige ones?Aycardus33 2h
2h Ashran Time for some Alliance Ashran tonight! 8pm est Going to snipe a premade. Gonna try anyway :) juga#1485Jugaa469 2h
2h Expressing some concern. Just had the worst pvp experience I've yet faced as a WoW player in a random battleground as someone who played a lot of pvp in vanilla-wod, but hasn't played much in legion. No amount of artifact power could make me want to do that again. It could have just been strand of the ancients or maybe the team was a premade or something... Combat would initiate and i'd just get stunned and bounced around until i died. Wasn't fun.Clocks6 2h
3h More stuns please! Did the new class really need an AOE stun? There are too many stuns in pvp right now. It is not fun to be stun-locked and killed. I mean, when you have 5v1 the odds of you killing them all are very slim, but I'd like to at least get one, or a fighting chance at least. Of course though, I am just complaining, cause nobody else has this issue right? If you give me a thumbs down, please explain why my statement isn't true.Ebonaegis42 3h
3h Is anyone even enjoying bgs or pvp? I dont know but I'm losing all interest in pvp all together. I like the expansion but pvp is getting to be like watching a bad rerun that you just cant stop watching. I just feel like its just has no balance it feels clunky.Qtïp106 3h
3h TANKS tanks should not be able to out dps the dps and take no damage in bgs ... Also rogues could use some of the CC you stole from us, you let everyone other class keep aoe stuns and multiple pets.. give rogues a break give us back gouge and stealth..Shadowkiss11 3h
3h When do Rogues get good in PVP? When is the first bracket sub rogues get decent/good? I really want to level up as much as possible in BGs. I am fairly geared for the 10-19 bracket but I tickle people. I've tried all three talents and nothing seems to work. Someone told me at level 70 sub rogues can "one shot people." Not sure if that's true. Also, (I know this is common knowledge) survival hunters are freaking ridiculous! I opened on a survival hunter, got him to 3/4 HP in the opener, and he went flying axe/flank strike and dropped me.Lilyeth9 3h
4h [A] 1800 Fire Mage lf people to que with. So last season I worked a lot in rbgs to get to 1800, so I was wanting to make it to 1900 or maybe 2k this season. However a lot of my btag list of people I added to que with went Horde, and thats something I don't wanna do due to rp reasons and sadly I've not made it far due to lack of people in the lfg when I see. So..getting 2k this season is unlikely given how much time I have left. So, I'm looking for people to que with next season in rbgs, I'm an 1800 exp fire mage, with all my honor talents and 3 gold traits with 859 Ilevel of the time I'm posting this. I can que any time of the day, mostly on weekends and weekdays. I have a rather open book. My time is eastern. That is all I have to say...I'l add more when I think of more to add. Boybandhair#1238 is my btag.Gariön2 4h
4h Lore's thoughts on world PvP This is probably old news for most of you, but we got a blue response to an important question Monday: ... It sounds like the decision to not apply PvP templates to non-instanced combat was made based on this view. But does it make sense with the current state of PvP character progression? Are PvPers, whether casual or hardcore, at an inherent disadvantage against their PvE counterparts due to the current gearing systems?Olidastrum10 4h
4h Why is Horde losing all of a sudden? I win almost all matches as horde, but starting today we not only lose but get steamrolled all day.... Its so weird, what the heck is up.Tastey21 4h
6h Holy Paladins in RBG Is it me, or are hpals a complete hindrance in RBGs at this point? Their mastery is diometrically opposed to the role of a healer in RBGs and other healing classes like MW and Rdruid just dominate. Ret paladins have always complained about being forced out of PvP, but now it seems Hpals are in the same boat...Bronarchy7 6h
6h What do the AV mines actually do? So in theory they give more reinforcements, but is this true? I've honestly never seen the counter tick up, even when controlling both of them.Balthior4 6h
6h No Healers Just going to throw this up again because it's becoming pretty apparent that the game creates impossible to win scenarios in BGs. It is NOT fair to have one side have 2-3 healers with the other having 0.Popsicled52 6h
6h RBG Tournament - ADDON Hello everyone, i wanna do a RBG tournament in my guild, but i don't know what addon i'll use to be like a viewer mode, to stream it... someone can help me? what addon i'll use to stream the tournament in a televiwer...?Dondøn5 6h
8h 90-99 bracket info [ FAQ ] Artifact Weapons? YES, one spec only (offspec requires 102) Demon Hunters? YES (takes planning) Best level to lock XP: 99 Fast queues? YES (xp-on and off are merged) Honor talents? NO [ GEARING ] Goal: Artifact weapon + highest ilvl. Bracket base ilvl is 600 (everything under is scaled up to this). After locking XP at 99, start questing through legion zones. The quests and mobs scale to your level (except Suramar). The last quest in each zone's chain awards an ilvl 800 piece of gear (slots are chest, gloves, belt, and legs; pick other quest rewards accordingly). It's pretty easy to get 100 ilvls above the base, giving 10% higher overall stats. Cap has yet to be determined, maybe around 760 (or 16% over base). Fully upgraded Warlord's crafted gear is still relevant (for the moment). BoE world drop epics scale to the level of the character they dropped for. These will likely be BiS in some slots but are currently very rare (because they have to drop for a 99). You can specific queue dungeons for ilvl 695 gear (maybe these can be warforged?). [ ARTIFACT WEAPONS ] Again, you can't get your offspec artifact, so pick accordingly. You can buy ilvl 740 green weapons for your offspecs in your class hall. Trait effects unlocked by AP give their bonuses but the relics don't in PvP. Therefore, use relics with the highest ilvl. Running 110 dungeons on your main as the bonus spec role gets you for 100AP. You can also get AP randomly from world drops. 99s aren't able to randomly queue dungeons, so no AP dungeon finder rewards. Thanks to everyone working on figuring out the gear mechanics. Please share findings here. [ ARMORIES ] If you have made decent progress on your 99, please post here. Armory updates are slow or not happening at the moment. Blood DK: [ CREDITS ] xpoff forums communityJerkhole18 8h
8h What about Shadow Priests? Shadow priests are looking really insane on PvP. I know what Blizzard will say about it:""The class balance is for level 85". OK, but Warlocks got a nerf on all spells of 12%. Let's see Priests: 1. DoTs doing more damage than Warlocks Debuffs. I wearing about 1100Resil and Shadow priests Buffs are ticking about 4.5k!! 2. Mind Blast have 1.3 sec of cast time and doing on me 9k dmg!! The SPriests will say: "MB has Cooldown!" - Yep! 6sec of CD, what is the time you need to put up Debuffs again or heal themselves ! 3. If you succeed to put down the SPriests shield, they silence you for 6sec!! and burn you down with MB + SW:D. (Shadow Word: Death hitting about 9k with 1100 resil); 4. If you burm all your CDs to down their health under 30%, they change to a cloud and run from you, after that put shield up and heal themselves to full life with 2 Flash Heals of 1.5sec cast time. 5. I`ll not talk about disarm, stuns from debuffs or Fear Effect. So... i just want to know when Blizzard will look at this and nerf it.Kapiroto19 8h
8h I got geared in like a week of playing bgs Even got a legendary.Samsang10 8h
9h pvp trinket insignias did blizz just retroactively change/nerf the PVP insignia trinkets. My trinket used to have Mastery and Vers and the 3000 str proc.. Today it just has mastery on it. Pretty sure yesterday it had the mastery and verst. I used it for pve.Serra4 9h
10h Black list More Bg's Just starting off everyone I play with even random people we add in to a group you always, always black list the 40 mans. The 40 man que's add about 5 mins to ques and who actually wants to play PVE in Bg's anymore it was a blast in Vanilla but not now days. Any way all I ever get is Strand of Ancients. Such a garbage BG change it up. Your team holds them at the beach? Awesome now you break through the first wall when you attack, let it be over why spend the next 10 mins wasting time. Let us Black list 3 BG's I have NO issues with any of the others and its not because we win them every time, but its more of PVP and not a huge waste of time. I'm open to suggestions on what people think but really the 40 mans are for people just trying to farm HK's for titles and or weapon skins Also I've never heard of someone saying " YES we got Strand of Ancients!!! "Vesryin5 10h
10h Merc Mode Can we choose the race we get to be when queue as a merc.Rickjàmes2 10h
12h Hack or legit spell in a Battleground? Has this ever happened in a BG before: Petrification for 20 Seconds. Can't move, can't attack. Was in an AB winning (20:39 eastern) when the entire Horde team was turned to stone and the Alliance was able to 5 cap. Nothing in the combat log either. The debuff said I was the caster. Our entire Team was locked down. As soon as it wore off, it was reapplied immediately. Wondering if this was a hack and HOW DO I REPORT A HACK like that? Any ideas? I tried searching and couldn't find anything on it.Zakkus6 12h
13h Frost dks HAHAHAHAHA HA Kinda hard to take pvp seriously when a dps class has more hp than a tank Seriously 2 minutes into the bg the frost dk has almost 50m damage done What. A. Joke.Bullcôwsby72 13h
13h BG hack? Happened Sunday night I believe it was. Didn't have any lag previous to or after this BG. Game starts, just as we arrived at LM game starts lagging badly. Thought I was going to disconnect. As shown in the picture piles of names were spammed across the screen a few times. All alliance had it according to the comments and I am pretty sure it only happened to alliance because horde was able to take all 5 nodes in a very short period of time. Just wondering if there is logical explanation for this WOW side or if it was possibly some kind of hack? 13h
13h Bug in the BG Temple of Kotmogu (Orbs) So, I loaded into Temple and got a low health warning and looked at my health bar and saw I was at 1 health? However I had been healed because the gates hadnt opened yet, so I began jumping around/fel rushing what have you like normal, and noticed my camera wasnt following my character like it normally would have. It was as if someone locked my camera at the load in point, but my character could still move on my screen and perform abilities. For me I could see myself fel rushing and vengeful retreating and moving around like normal, but my camera wasnt on my character, it was still stuck at the load in point so I thought maybe logging out would reset or fix me, I reloaded UI, didnt work, alt f4'd, didnt work, reloaded AGAIN, didnt work, finally the gates opened and it was still happening, so i did /logout and when i logged back in it reset me and I was good to play. However, while it showed me inside the gates on my screen and unable to go farther like normal, my teammates said I was shown as in the middle of the map and in the air while sitting down cause I was logging out? Any fix for this or anything like this happen before?Namorfeba4 13h
14h Best way to get pvp gear tips? Hey there my fellow online warriors. Curious to know best way to get pvp gear for transmogs. Would you guys say Rated arenas, bgs or unrated arena bgs and war spear. Would love to hear some feedback as I'm trying to get full set on my Dk cause that set is sexy. Thanks guysJaycito2 14h
14h ayy unbanned I ddos and mw not op .Coopr4 14h
15h looking to reroll I'm tired of running into bg's as feral and getting curbstomped by my squishness within 15 seconds.... whats the most OP/fun to class to play for bgs right now? I know frost DK's are good and im definitely interested in that class, so also if anyone can tell me anything about how dk's are doing that'd be awesome thanks guys!Sondalar3 15h
15h here's a joke Horde in bgs.Tonashan5 15h
16h Best Horde PVP server (random battlegrounds) I understand this topic is subjective and you may not know how other realms are, but I am curious to know which realm horde almost always wins in random BGs. The server I am currently on is garbage and I hardly ever win lol. I know that they're "random" so you play with multiple realms, but certain realms are grouped together so it may be possible to find a better realm than the one I am on. Anyways feel free to drop your input in the comment section. Thanks! (I am on the west coast)Áshbrìngér8 16h
16h Poll: Do you win random bg's? I was talking to a coworker the other day about video games when I found out he plays WoW. Turns out he plays Horde but he want to switch to Alliance so he could play with someone he knows irl (me). He also said he was sick of losing bg's all the time. This took me off guard, because literally the day before I lost 14 bg's and won 3 of them. I said are you sure? I'm pretty sure Horde wins more on the PvP front nowadays. But we swore up and down he always loses most of the time as Horde as well. He said "well if Alliance always loses too I guess I might as well lose with 2 minute ques rather than 10 minute ques". When I got home, I decided to look up some statistics. To no surprise, Horde has a 60 percent win rate in every bg except AV and IoC (since every Horde has it blacklisted at this point). I talked to a few guildies to makes sure it wasn't just me and they said they they said they lose most of the time as well. But after what he said, it makes me wonder, regardless of your faction, do you find yourself losing bg's all the time? 50/50? Or winning most of time? Please keep in mind this is an actual poll/question. Please no troll or rude answers. Thanks.Rinlack52 16h
16h 60's Thread #218 1 Fix 2 Fix Red Fix Bug Fix Exp On and Exp Off have been Merged as of the 7.0 Legion Pre-Patch To learn more about the current Legion Changes this bracket has seen check out: TURN OFF YOUR EXP - WARLORDS OF DRAENOR IS NOW STARTER EDITION. There are "Exp eliminators" In Stormwind and Orgrimmar. Alliance: Horde: General Best in Slot Guildlines Item Level Scaling has been removed. Your Character now has a Template that scales - in part - by average Item Level. However, there does appear to be a Template iLvl Cap based on Player Level. Maintain at least 70-75 Average iLvl - this appears to be our Template Cap at 60. *Download to see iLvl* Gems, Enchants, Set Bonuses, Procs and Non-consumable On Use items are all disabled in Instanced PvP. Stats on gear do not matter with the exception to Weapon Speed, Top End Damage or Type. For Weapon Based abilities, a slower Weapon Speed will increase your damage. (Props to Vurtne for the list) Dagger: HWL/GM (2.00) - PvP Vendor Fist Weapon: HWL/GM (2.90) - PvP Vendor 1Hander: Demonfork (3.40) - LBRS 2Hander: The Unstoppable Force (166/3.80) - AV Vendor Ranged: Ashjre'thul, Crossbow of Smiting (145/3.40) - BWL For Mages, Priests and Warlocks, Wands are BiS.Redemptîon333 16h