11h Feedback: Epic Battlegrounds Greetings, You may have noticed we've been doing some updates to Alterac Valley and Isle of Conquest recently. Our goals with these changes are to both improve the gameplay experience in these battlegrounds and to also design them around a longer duration format. We feel that with the longer match length, players have more room to switch strategies in a match, change from offense to defense a few times, etc. to provide a, well, more epic experience. With that, we're looking to you to give us feedback on these changes. Here are some of the changes recently (through hotfixes, so they are very recent): Alterac Valley Increased the number of Reinforcements by 100. The NPCs health and damage will match the players level and gear, which will result in a more consistent difficulty. Isle of Conquest Increased the number of Reinforcements by 100. Increased the health of the walls significantly. Increased the damage the Siege Engine, Demolishers, Glaive Throwers and Keep Cannons deal against players. (The Seige Engine in particular will now be pretty scary!) Increased the siege damage dealt by the Siege Engine and Demolisher. (The Ram ability will deal a lot of damage in particular) The Refinery and the Quarry now generate Reinforcements more frequently. Increased the health of the "bosses". We welcome your feedback! Please focus your feedback on the gameplay in the map, in particular the pacing, balance of different mechanics etc. Thank you!Phalanx532 11h
11h PvP Disqualification Policy Update As part of our continued efforts to combat cheating and unfair play in World of Warcraft, we’ve recently made a change to our policies regarding PvP disqualifications. As of the Battle for Azeroth Pre-Patch, any player who is found to have engaged in unfair practices that result in their disqualification from end-of-season PvP rewards will also have their ability to queue for rated PvP matches immediately revoked. This restriction will continue through the remainder of the season in which they were disqualified, which includes the current “Post-Season” available until Battle for Azeroth launches. This change is intended to minimize the impact that disqualified players have on those who are playing legitimately while the PvP season continues, and is just one aspect of our ongoing commitment to upholding the competitive integrity of World of Warcraft PvP.Bornakk65 11h
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3m Life of a Shadow Pretty What does a shadow priest needs to do to get invited to RBGs??? BTW opinions on running Edge of Insanity in BGs and still topping damage?Salamercury1 3m
5m Progression is terrible for weekenders I like doing RBGs. I play 1 night a week, but I'll do ~20 BGs in that night. Progression is pretty much nil when you get 8 conq per win. I've been playing for weeks and I haven't hit conq on either of my toons. I understand and fully accept slow gearing for my play style. This is too slow though. I've never played an MMO where playing a lot in a short time was as heavily punished. Coming from SWToR you could at least knock out the weekly and daily and get decent rewards for your night. Here you walk away with almost nothing.Strugglesnug4 5m
6m Buff Warriors Poor survivability + slightly above average damage ≠ balancedWarsinger4 6m
7m Ally can't seem to win Brawls or Epic BGs. Did we have a mass exodus of healers and DPS that knows what to do in BGs? It seems it takes me 8-10 hours to win just 1 brawl or 1 epic random BG since BfA came out. Anyone have the numbers on win/loss ratio for both those types of BGs. Normal BGs I can either win 1 on the first try or it takes 10 tries to win 1. I mean, MID/HANGAR/QUARRY/REFINERY. You need them all to win. Docks are a waste of time. But I see Ally let horde take both, they leave 1 person to guard Quarry and we lose that too. AV is even worse. Horde send 10 people per tower to cap, back cap their towers and GYs, take both mines. Ally runs around getting picked off like turkeys at a turkey shoot. Did you people forget how to win a damn long BG?! It's getting to be laughable to queue BGs anymore.Lothlòria7 7m
18m Click to win PvP potions? What ever happened to balancing PvP in this expansion with eliminating gear score just to have it all bastardized with some click to win PvP potions? I just found out that you can buy potions that SIGNIFICANTLY increase your odds at winning a fight between another player in battlegrounds. These potions are but not limited to: - Increase damage by 30% for 12 seconds - Reduce damage taken by 20% for 12 seconds - Restore 50% health Seriously WTH blizzard, the last thing i want in a BG is someone to pop their "I win potions" and kill me after i got them down to 1% health playing the fair way. This does not make me want to play BG's and to a lesser extent the entire game since i only play for the PvP. Please for the love of all that is still good in this game get rid of these potions ASAP!Barfap48 18m
22m [H]1450+ 3's Hpal LF RBG team Hey, Yolo queues aren't working out so well when I try to run them. Would love to find a structured team that uses voice chat to play some RBGs, I really like the RBG titles--would love to push for some of them this season. If anyone could use a decent healer that can follow instruction and work as a member of a team, feel free to respond here or in-game, would like to get something going. (Also for some reason my profile doesn't show my 3's rating but it shows my 2's lol Not sure what the deal is with that but I'm CR 1457 in 3's if that makes any difference when finding a RBG team to begin with?) Thanks!Bulgrave0 22m
34m GM confirms Possible bug with RBG rewards As many of us are confused with the new rewards system for BfA mainly when it comes to rbg's. I have had multiple tickets and responses from GM's some confirming that you get the glad mount and title and some saying the exact opposite, well today i finally got to speak to a gm in person in chat for almost an hour and he gave me permission to post this on the official forums and as many fan sites as possible. the tldr is that he thinks that its a possible bug and that the only way to get it into the right hands is to submit a bug report on your character with 2400+ cr and 50+ wins in rbg's.Fuszn6 34m
53m Elite ironforge pvp - rbgs Are you a gnome or dwarf and unable to get into rbgs? Do you understand that the true leaders of the alliance should be the Gnomes and Dwarves? Are you tired of the horde trying to punt you? Then join the community Gnomes and Dwarves rbgs! WE will be queing tonight. 2k+ cr/ 2200 mmr with no druids or dhs. We always have spots, the only requirement are as follows: Non elitism or toxicity your xp doesnt matter we will help you get better.ôrg12 53m
59m Increase Conquest Rewards for BattleGrounds The daily BG (non-epic), gives 40 conquest, every match after gives 8. This is extremely low and should be increased. Epic should be increased as well. The reason is simple: Compare the average time it takes to complete a BattleGround to a 2v2 arena. After 1 second of thought you'll realize BGS are extremely more time consuming but for some reason their CQ rewards are even less than the 2v2 arena. After the dailies are done you get 8CQ for BGS and 10CQ for 2v2 arena. More common sense: Many 2v2 matches last around 1 min, an average BG is probably around 10min The difference between CQ points shouldn't be 2. (Increase the values of these, they are the main PvP content. Even if most maps are old, they are what most people do. Don't suggest we do other things -- improve the values for what most do.)Freizel128 59m
1h The toxicity in RBGs is insane I'm speaking specifically about racism. Or at least... people throwing the N word around with a hard "R". I just started playing RBGs. I am a black girl, I live in a diverse area in California and I have to say that I am VERY VERY sheltered when it comes to racism. I am not used to this at all. And it makes me want to stop participating in RBGs. I was in one group that made me tear up, a black guy joined and after he left they called him a "N". I pointed out that I was a black girl and to at least not say the word while I was in the group, but they did anyway. I ended up leaving. And last night basically the same thing happened. Once, I was in a group where it was mostly asian guys calling each other "N" with an A on the end. I had no problems with this. They were so nice. I can tell when it's meant with no harm and when people are intentionally being harmful. I debated whether or not I wanted to make a thread. I don't know what level of toxicity I would get here, or if people would call me a liar, but whatever. I'm making the thread. Also, I'm tired of people talking crap about people from Sargaras and Ragnanos and such servers. I've PvP'd with many people from these servers that can speak better English than many people from western countries. At the very least I wish people would stop saying that word around strangers. You have no idea who is on the other side of the screen. Can people just keep their hatefulness to themselves so we can just PvP? :(Proserpinah70 1h
1h Improve PvP Maps I don't believe there have been any new or playable maps since around 2012. If you want to be a "Technical Timmy" then you can say: 3 maps have been added somewhat recently. They would be the: Azerite grind map and 2 arenas. (It's up to you if you call that suitable work over the years and if the Azerite match is really a map worthy of a company like this). And if your name happens to be Timmy again, you could say some of the PvP Brawl matches might be newish. But we all know those are fluff and mostly garbage and not new maps really. They are revamps and terrible designs mostly. So since nothing really new and well developed has come out and probably won't come-- I say improve what we have. I am speaking about the MAPS, the Battleground Maps. Because that is the bulk of the PvP content since 2004. I am not talking about behind the scene revamping baloney. Stuff that most don't even notice from expansion to expansion. The behind the scene things WE EXPECT will be done correctly and be well-planed and executed so players are being rewarded justly. This we expect, we don't need to discuss it here. I am talking however, about actual improvements to the current MAPS we have. We want options, we want HD textures on objectives, we want clarity, overall we want the maps to be better. (Before people read this IF they even read this, think please. Most people are playing with pugs, that is the game, that is most games; give us options to make that experience better.) Here is some of the things we have issues with (and no, not me, everyone): 1) It is pathetic only the leader (WHICH is a random person on the team, is the only one who can mark people AND only people on your team AND cannot mark the MAP). Just the crap compass. Very pathetic. 2) Take a GOOD LOOK at your maps, the M button to be precise. Look at that level of detail, look at those HD textures. Check out the ZOOM feature, which resets every time you close it. Check out the SHIFT M map feature (the mini map on your screen), BOY, looks amazing doesn't it? Another case of pathetic. 3) Lets talk about them objectives on screen. That interface ya know? Those HD improved textures which don't really exist. For example, more effects on actual carriers of flags or w.e the hell the objective is. Should I say BOY again? I mean my nephew with PAINT could make some of these things BOLDED or larger and increase awareness several fold! Like for instance: 3.1) THE SCORE AT THE TOP OF THE MATCH: PUT your team in BOLD, increase the size overall. Holy hell, just increase the QUALITY of objectives so the overall theme is MORE AWARENESS. 4) This is a game-wide issue but, we should have options to lessen or heighten several effects with the graphical display. Many times over all you see on screen is a crap-show with the effects; the entire target being engulfed in likely every color of the rainbow with many seizure inducing flashy spells. Sadly when this occurs the PvP transforms to just killing life boxes and not fighting the actual player/creature. If you can't see what you are fighting, or can barely see it OR are just shooting a box-- I view that as a problem. Not to mention the massive FPS drop to everyone's game play regardless of their Pc specs. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And here is a simple disclaimer to people who (and they seem to exist), cannot think too well or like to troll to improve their egos online. MANY 3rd parties have made add-ons to SOMEWHAT deal with these issues (and here is a clue: most don't have them or care or won't download these add-ons). In addition, these tools do not fix the issue because it's a WORK-AROUND. They make SOMETHINGS better BUT the overall problem still remains because the company refuses to enhance the maps. I think we understand now. Improve the Maps and the gameplay. It makes you money because people will play it longer and encourage more to come.Freizel3 1h
1h Guide to the Tarren Mill brawl. Alright guys, I wish there was a horde only forum, though people have alts anyway, so whatever. I am tired of people not understanding the brawl, so here you go, your guide to understanding the TM brawl! The TM brawl, needs to be (and I am sure was intended to be) Line Fighting. This is a very common, PvP fighting style in PvP games, usually used when contesting content, such as World Bosses. The reason that it's known as "Line Fighting" is you have to imagine the battlefield as having a line right down the middle of it, in-between you and the enemy team the line moves as both factions do. That is the line of Death, YOU DO NOT for any reason, ever cross that Line! (With some exception we will go over, but for most that applies) Envision that line as a laser beam strapped to a sharks head, that means certain death and loss for your team! Becuase that is exactly what it is. Now, stay on your side of the line, and do the following as is fitting to your class/spec. Tanks - You are the Frontline, you hug the line, but never cross it. You are the defense, if an enemy tries to step the line, you kill them, if you are a DK you grip them over the line (Preferably a healer) so that others can deal with them. Your job is to stay alive, and push the line, forward, or move it backwards, and protect those behind you. No one (except stealthers) should ever be in fromt of you! You control the line, the line is 5 meters in front of you, you move in uniform. If there isn't enough tanks, (at least 4 or 5) pick hearty Melee DPS and have them act as tanks. All tanks should have marks, so that others can know at all times, where the line is, and not to cross it. Melee DPS - Your job is similar to tanks, you snag who you can, how you can, over the line, you DO NOT CROSS the LINE! In a perfect world, most Melee are tanks, in a random BG we don't have that luxury. A few need to stay next to healers, use a buddy system, 1 or 2 melee at the beginning choose a healer to stick to, and stick to them like glue. More on this later, but your job is to protect, everyone behind the tanks. You are not going to top the DPS charts, I am sorry, it isn't going to happen. Plently of BGs allow you to feel like a hero, this won't be one of them. Do you want a win? Or do you want to have the highest damage meter? Ranged - This is a 100% ranged battle mages and Hunters are king. You should be specced as most AOE as you can. Your job is to AOE the crap out of the other side. Boomies and Locks are very very good for this, spam spam spam. If you are a more ST oriented spec, try to burst down those that are low health. Healers are priority if you can. Healers - Easy mode, heal, don't pass the line, and stay alive, pretty much the same thing as any other fight lol. Stealthers - You are the only people that should be crossing the line, and No I don't mean you mages, you are more needed as ranged. Rogues and Feral, need to be behind the enemies line. You need to pick off low health healers. Try to be cautious, just like with melee, forget the damage meter exists for a BG. Stay in stealth, grab a healer or a major DPS when you can do so, and get away safely. If you have excess rogues, send some to the GY to camp there, and kill ressing healers. (You only need 3-4 as healer killers by the line) Now I have equipped you with the knowledge you need to succeed, pray you get alot of ranged, be patient, and follow this, and I promise you will win your Brawl! (Unless the other team also read this, then your in for a fun fight at least :))Dæmônic1 1h
1h 60s Thread #222 of RIP Str Gems [ WELCOME TO THE 60'S THREAD ] Please read; Exp On and Exp Off have been Merged as of the 7.0 Legion Pre-Patch BATTLE FOR AZEROTH IS IN THE HORIZON To learn more about the 8.0 Battle For Azeroth pre-patch check out: TURN OFF EXP!!!! There are "Exp eliminators" In Stormwind and Orgrimmar. Behsten is the Alliance exp eliminator, and is located in Stormwind Keep. Slahtz is the Horde exp eliminator, and is found in the Valley of Honor. Alliance: Horde: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ General Best in Slot Guildlines: Rammstein's Lightning Bolts is broken and is a pile of poop. As of patch 7.3.5, all pre-Legion zones have scaled up to a certain level. Starting Zones are 0-10 Classic Zones are 10-60 The Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King Zones are 60-80 Cataclysm and Mists of Pandaria Zones are 80-90 As of the BFA pre-patch 8.0, gear procs/effects will return in BGs!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ As always, stay que'd and have a nice day. P.S. Maybe we will see an AV this patch...?Geshik348 1h
1h The Reign of MM hunters With their buffs in 8.1 and their new azurite traits, you will need to stun that double tap rapid fire, or eat over 150k damage that you can't los.Guldalina10 1h
1h Is multi boxing allowed? So we've all seen muti boxers before, but this guy takes the cake. I'm currently in an unwinable IoC waiting to lose because there's a guy defending the alliance boss with 24 unholy DKs and 3 resto shaman. He's just sending all 24 pets out to one shot anyone that gets near, or any healers if we bring a group.... how is this allowed? Edit: we finally managed to kill him and win the game! but seriously, why is this allowed?Bartholomew38 1h
1h RBG MMR this week Why am I 1600 but I haven't played a team below 1850 mmr yet? Last game was 2094. Ridiculous.Helfdan15 1h
1h Any plans to fix boomkins? They do more damage than affliction locks while having way more survivability, mobility and stronger cc. Most broken class in the game in rbgs. Virtually 0 skill to play, just tab dot from a 40 yard range if you get in trouble just barkskin/bear form and you will get healed back to full. Locks in comparison die much faster and have to cast more which can be interrupted while boomkins just tab dot for 90% of their damage. Locks also have worse mobility and ccIgyfarmyou78 1h
2h Display CR next to players name Please display a players current rating next to their name or have a mouse over feature like oilvl. Using armory is slow and not accurate. I have looked people up and their armory shows 0 rating but they actually do have rating. I want to group with people of a certain CR and I need a better way to do that. I am tired of getting into groups of liars with 0 CR. Make it more transparent so people don't dunk their ratings for no good reason The in game feature to right click inspect only works if you are next to the player. I want to see the entire groups rating at a glance before I enter the RBG. ThanksIpetbattle0 2h
2h Upgraded Frostwolf Insignia I'm ready for the critique, but i LOVE AV. I always have. SIs there a plan to Upgrade this Frostwolf Insignia? It is a unique and useful tool in this BG. Thanks!Smarts0 2h
2h Pro tier RBGs at Blizzcon idea Does anybody else want to see pro tier RBG tournaments at Blizzcon or do people think they would be a bad idea. I'd like to hear people's thoughts on this.Bigbird38 2h
2h Flasks and potions useable in BGs again? Im pretty casual when it comes to pvp content, i enjoy some wpvp an queing for random BGs, but i seem to recall that some point in legion, flasks an certain potions/food were greyed out. I did a BG with my husband today an we both noticed we still had our flask/food buffs. An sure enough, NONE of it is greyed out. I even tested it in a fight, potions of old war do work... Power pots on the other hand, are greyed. Did blizzard make it so that these buffs could be usable again (did i miss a patch update somewhere?) or was this unintended? With such a huge scare from the RBGs, id really hate to also see people being punished for using these again when they were taken away at the start of legion...Babybluewolf13 2h
2h When Is Disc Being Nerfed? Way too much healing/absorb. They are Gods unless you have at least 2 good players on them, then you stand a sliver of a chance to kill them if they’re team doesn’t kill you first. How can a class be so broken like this and not get fixed? I can take any other kind of healer down but when it comes to disc forget about it. This sucks especially in BGs. In BGs it’s not soooo bad because I can focus them and my team will wither their damage down but still.Mewzy13 2h
2h This brawl is terrible And its also not what Tarren mill pvp was. Instead of small skirmishes you get a 40 vs 40 lagfest where whoever has more boomkins wins(usually Horde). Terrible design. If you are going to do 40 mans at least put objectives so people are split up more. Blizz servers can't even handle 40 vs 40 which means most classes besides those that can tab dot are literally useless. Good luck as a melee class and even if you are a spriest casting a boomkin will do triple your damage because of the lag it takes to cast a spell.Igyfarmyou19 2h
3h The DH meta is, honestly, really bad We are NOT good tanks. Mobility? Yes. Survival? Absolutely zilch. I guarantee this meta will change soon.Ayypapi1 3h
3h Brawl player imbalance Why start the brawl with 40 Horde and 27 Alliance? What's even the point besides feeding the Horde side a relatively free win?Griefs1 3h
3h Group finder bgs Just realized Blizzard removed bgs from lfg. Anyone know why and if it'll be back?Moon2 3h
4h Bring back ilvl templates for BGs bump everyone to say, 340, and if you are higher than 340 then you remain at your ilvl really don't need people with 70k hp enteringVara15 4h
4h Punish people for leaving RBGS early Please do something about people who leave RBGS early. I am constantly in groups where someone will leave to troll or someone will give up 15 seconds into the game. I had a RBG where one player did not enter until it was about 1 min off finished and they got to collect the win and the rating. I had a RBG where a troll left before the RBG started and they still got rating from our win. Please do something about this. Why are they getting rating when they aren't even in the RBG? Why is there no punishment for trolls and quitters? You get punished for leaving a non-rated bg, so why not a rated BG? Slap a 3 hour ban on them at least and make them lose triple the points from the RBG loss. I am sick of the environment where players roll over and let the other team win if it is not instantly a win. If you can't play out a 20 min game to its outcome then why are you bothering with WOW? Just pay someone to get you 2700 rating and log outIpetbattle2 4h
5h 2700 dh exploits to beat gnome team is at cap before spawn as usual blizzard either doesn't fix dhs or they used illegal mechanicsBôrg30 5h
5h Alliance: use siege engines on keep! I recognize the way the Horde win is by topping the damage charts, so their using the demolishers to get HKs makes sense. However, the Alliance have to worry about battleground objectives. If you take control of a demolisher or siege engine, please drive it to the keep and take down a gate with it, or at least pound the tower cannon, instead of chasing Horde. If you want HKs, get them on foot. Also, the keep you want to assault is the Horde keep, which is at the north end of the map, not the south end of the map.Silme2 5h
7h Best class overall for pvp? Title essentially says it all, I'm curious what people think is the best class over all for pvp. Like if you could only play one class in pvp for the rest of your time in wow what would you choose?Dìrtybirdy104 7h
8h More healers = auto win.. Not so fast. I hear the argument all the time that the team with the most healers wins. We'll I present to you proof that doesn't have to be the case. Here was one of them most intense healing environments I've been in last night. It was 9+ horde healers vs. 4 alliance healers. Guess who won. The other team wasn't a scrub team it was an organized group. They just where out played and having more healers (3 TIMES more) couldn't overcome that. Play smart guys, use your DPS advantage effectively and you'll win.Kylas7 8h
9h Looking for Pvp buddies Im done with raiding, but still love wow. Looking to get back into RBG's and such. I have a few toons ill play. Paladin Hunter Warlock Leveling my Shaman No i wont trasnfer, no i wont join your guild. Just looking to get it done :P DaddyMosh#1754Pèpper0 9h
9h Brewmaster and Vengeance tank for rbg. So I really just want to know why is Vengeance the preferred tank over brewmaster in rbgs? Is it more utility? The dps spec is better for havoc vs ww? Looking at the monk and Dh tank specs/talents they both look interesting.Hellgrom1 9h
10h BFA PvP Rewards ... ----- ----- ... ----- How to get your weekly PvP chest/cache In the previous week (i.e. before the weekly reset): 1. Cap conquest and turn in the conquest cap quest. Or, earn 500 conquest in a week. 2. (Optional) The reward scales with your highest rated win in the previous week, so if you want something with an even higher ilevel, win at least 1 rated game while you're above 1400 CR. 3. Pray the system isn't bugged. ----- ... ----- ...Forums113 10h
10h Why? In the Southshore/Tarren Mill brawl whos bright idea was it to let the NPCs in the base give points? It's PvP, you know? PLAYER vs PLAYER not PvE. I had a game where my team was winning but because some stealthies managed to sneak into our base and start killing NPCs for points, when a few of our people peeled away to go get them out; the horde had a distinct number advantage and was able to turn the game around. Remove the ability for NPC kills in this brawl to give points to the team. Its PvP for crying out loud, player kills should be rewarded not NPC kills.Rustyus3 10h
10h Best Twink bracket in BFA Am thinking of starting a twink just for some pvp fun and perhaps for getting a feel for a class. So what are the best level brackets for twinks at the moment?Chegh79 10h
11h azerite pieces from post game BG chests? is it possible to obtain any azerite pieces of gear(head, shoulders, chest) from the BG chests you get after each match? I have yet to get one on either of my 120s after a fair amount of play time on both and am beginning to believe they don't exist. Serious question, thanks! PS- bring back PvP vendors plz kthxSheilah3 11h
12h To The Healers Of Alliance ~ SS vs. TH Brawl I want to take a moment to thank all the Alliance healers. Thank you for keeping us up as we do our best to defeat the horde. Thank you for pulling us back when we push too far. Thank you for risking your lives in a non stop battle as you are focused, interrupted, gripped, and targeted. Thank you for using your skills and talents to the best of your abilities to turn the tide of the fight as we get all the glory (and kills) of topping the DPS meters. Thank you for doing your best under some pretty crazy (and fun) Southshore vs Tauren Mill brawls this past week and weekend. It's often difficult to take a moment during the heat of battle to sincerely thank and appreciate all you do for us (Tanks/DPS). You are the real all stars of the battlefield and we could not succeed without you. So a well deserved salute of respect to all the Alliance healers who braved the brawls this week to fight by our side. THANK YOU! Oh and the mana cakes are on me. Enjoy! FOR THE ALLIANCE!Iflame16 12h
14h How to get more people into PVP World PVP Currency: Simple.... for every kill you get in the open world.. you get a coin... you use these coins on consumables/mogs/upgrade tokens.. etc. This gives players actual incentive to kill others in WPVP. DeathMatch Mode: Simple.... most people join random BG just to kill things, but its kind of annoying because people who play objectives get frustrated when they are the only one on the team trying to get flag back. This will keep the bloodthirsty fellows in their own little lane. Allow more Qs: If people could Q for more than 2 things at once.. it would drastically reduce Q times for pvp.... which means people spend time playing the game instead of waiting around doing nothing. Exhibition Mode: Allow an exhibition mode where teams are 100% random (horde and alliance dont matter etc) this will drastically reduce Q times and will be great for players who dont care about faction but just want games. Solo Q for rated PVP: Sometimes its hard playing this game... you spend 35 minutes making a group... you unfortunately lose your first game (because hey... it happens.. nobody wins every single game.. its just life ... son) and then your team disbands because the playerbase is insanely toxic. Here you are.... spending more time putting together a team instead of actually playing the game.... /yawn... this will also help eliminate toxicity because if players get faster Qs they have less reason to cry/whine after a loss. Rating system re-vamp. The current system promotes toxicity. a 2700 player will not want to play with a 1500 player because his rating will tank. What if the 2700 rated players rating could no longer drop below 2700 once he reaches it? this would encourage people to be friendly and less toxic.. because the 2700 player already earned 2700... and since he knows he cant dip below 2700 he will be more inclined to play with noobs/randoms since theres no risk of losing what he already earned .Rayu7 14h
16h Boomie LF RBG My main is boomie, 370, I don't have 2k achieve and can't get in groups because thats all they want. Last time I had a good group we were 4-0 on the evening and I was leading dmg on most of it. Cyclone / root beam off targets, burst big on kills. Really all I can do now is play random bg's and its fun, but like I lead the last few bg's I did by literally double the dmg anyone else and Im usually smoking kills and returning flags/orbs or whatever. (I don't think Im cool or anything boomkins just do that easy) but like I said "link 2k or no inv" pretty much has me spinning wheels since I just started doing these not long ago. Have discord, listen well, just want to play and get rating. Best to play evening times, 8:00 or after central time.Breicken1 16h
17h the ghost in the machine in this case, a.k.a. pvp faction imbalance imho, it feels as though the imbalance has reached a breaking point soon only hordies and bots/noobs will be left tis a pity :(Sonbtrpn30 17h
17h Hey Blizz, why do you allow multiboxers??? I get the amount of money you get from him per month...but c'mon man. [IMG][/IMG]Hornstar10 17h
17h Afkers believing they are entitled Had someone who afk in every bg so i started calling him out when he would afk. in corners of map and ect. he would keep messaging me asking me to let him afk in peace that he is entitled because its the easiest way to level for him while playing other games. i said if he afked ill call him out not fair to those actually playing the game. he then threatened to report me to blizzard because i was ruining his fun. where did this mentality come from? ive noticed more afkers especially on alliance but first time ive had one 1 admit and 2 threaten me by it. even with the meme of "my uncle works in activision" card was used.Mushima2 17h
17h Population Imbalance What is wrong with Alliance PvP You browse these forums and listen to the community there is an arguement that plays over like a broken record. A mantra you hear in almost every Alliance battleground. "Alliance sucks" It is an attitude that is detrimental to the morale of a faction and an expectation for failure that quickly deteriorates and jeapodizes the ability for a team to function across the board. As an avid PvPer for over 10 years with a preference to objective-based PvP (battlegrounds) and someone who has played on both factions I feel like the problems Alliance face today are not new but over time have grown exponentially to the point where the win-loss ratio on Alliance teams is staggered greatly against them. Why? Most of the battlegrounds haven't fundamentally changed. Most of the maps are pretty fairly balanced and the tactics on them sometimes shift but the core concepts are the same. "Alliance sucks" comes the mantra again. If you choose to be Alliance then you are choosing failure. You're choosing to be part of a losing team. It's like you're choosing to be a Browns fan instead of someone who actually has a shot at the Superbowl. You don't ever expect the team to win a game but you're thrilled when they do. When it comes to competative games morale is very important. I know in my competative Overwatch and even rated Battleground and Arena experience that if you can get into the head of your opponent and damage their morale it's a very certain win. I've seen games lost because of players despairing instead of shaking it off and making a recovery. Take that and apply it to Alliance PVP I noticed a trend I didn't see 10 years ago. Alliance Players quit after the first engagement if it's unsuccessful because an initial failure means a "slow loss". Alliance Players refuse to engage in the more difficult objectives because they expect failure. This means most battlegrounds the high-value targets are not adquately attempted AND therefor the initial assault fails and thus begins a cycle of people leaving and joining for the remainder of the match. Furthermore the matchmaking system sometimes offers a less than ideal matchup. If 10 Alliance players queue and 40 Horde players queue there's a greater chance that the Horde players will have sufficient healers for the Battleground because they are pulling from a larger pool. I am a solo-healer in the majority of battlegrounds I play in versus teams with 2-3 healers. Being the sole target negates a lot of the skill involved. What does this mean? Alliance will continue to bleed players to the opposite faction. PvP talent will go where it is most likely to succeed and there is more "fun" to be had. No one enjoys "losing all the time" so players will either choose not to PvP as often (me) or jump ship (a lot of my old guildmates). This is not a problem I think lies in fault with Blizzard. I believe this is a community and culture problem. I do however think that Blizzard needs to balance its factions if it is going to continue to have them. So either a campaign needs to be done to encourage players to be Alliance to diversify its base or battlegrounds need to be faction-less to have all players fill in the slots regardless of faction and rotate the "side" of the battleground you start on like it does with rated battlegrounds.Decima34 17h
20h Elemental Shaman PvP BG Clips Trying out new editing styles as I slowly improve my ele skills for my upcomming third installment of my pvp movies Here is a short video I put together of BGs, I hope to entertain. Lemme know what you think! I believe you can watch in 4k if your into that kinda thingBrà5 20h
23h RBGS need dampening Seriously this 4-5 healer bull !@#$ with multi dot class/off healers like boomkins needs to stop. i think its beyond stupid for a team to have 5 healers 2 of which can stealth an you can never take the base cause by the time you kill 2 healers the other 2 already revived and made their way back. it honestly kills all divserity to rbgs, current you cant have any non multidot classes cause single target is negated by 4 healers, CC is instantly dispeled cause you cant CC all 4 of them. even worst when there is 3 disc priest who can just mass dispel any CC you got out meanwhile the boomkins cyclone your 3 healers and someone gets nuked. cause disc priest do about as much damage as a actual dps. legit lost to a 5 healer team other night, they wasnt good they just outlasted everyone and sent 1 rogue + resto druid to harass the base that had 1 person sitting it.Tassili13 23h