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17m Best class overall for pvp? Title essentially says it all, I'm curious what people think is the best class over all for pvp. Like if you could only play one class in pvp for the rest of your time in wow what would you choose?Dìrtybirdy90 17m
41m WOW!!! Im playing alliance and horde has so many more healers. (This is so unfair)3 straight bgs where horde has 2 or more healer than the alliance. i went 3-0 though so me and my team must have gotten so lucky. (Sarcasm)Tortuyo3 41m
1h @Hellboss Hi Friend, When are we bging together? <3Pingazlol43 1h
1h The Premade Myth Introduction In reading all the QQ in these forums, it is fairly clear that nobody likes to lose an rBG; as such, people here have gone to great lengths to delude themselves into believing anything else besides. People here have gone to great lengths to find some scapegoat or another, some reason for why they had lost “unfairly”. It is much too hard to accept the fact that you lost and strive to learn from your mistakes; rather, it is much easier to delude yourselves into thinking that you played perfectly – and you would have won if only X, Y, and/or Z condition was met. One of those conditions reads a little something like this: “If only we weren’t facing a <insert realm name/guild name> premade.” The purpose of this post is to carefully examine the sensibility of this condition in particular. The Premade: Bane of all rBGs One of the more common excuses for losing so often made in these forums is that people here are facing too many premades in rBGs. By the amount of QQ here and in the rBGS themselves, you’d think that every single rBG involved a premade on one side or the other – or both, for that matter. There is so much crying, wailing, and gnashing of teeth. The people cry out, “Premades are the bane of all rBGs!” The question is: is it true? We can begin assessing the truth of the matter with an examination of the meaning of the term, “Premade”. NOTE: as I was writing this, I noticed the thread concerning solo queues. The funniest thing is that the whole argument for solo queues fails right from the very beginning because it assumes that everyone knows what the OP means by the term, “Premade”; also, that everyone also shares the same implicit assumptions and prejudices. The problem is the assumptions and prejudices. That should be clear by the time you are done reading this post. Defining the Premade What is a premade? The simplest, least convoluted answer is that a premade is a group of individuals – often friends and/or guildies, often less than 5 – who have partied up and queued together for rBGs. That is about it. The problem begins, not so much with the definition; rather, the problem begins with the assumptions made about premades – assumptions that may or may not be true in any particular case. Assumptions about the Premade In this section, I will attempt to list and examine common assumptions made about the premade. Once more, I’d like to remind people that a premade is little more than a group of individuals – often friends and/or guildies, often less than 5 – who have partied up and queued together for rBGs. That is all. The following list are assumptions that may or may not be true in any particular case: • Premades are organized • Premades are carefully composed • Premades are using voice communication • Premades consist of 2k+ exp PVPers • Premades include a healer Premades are Organized The first assumption is that premades – whether from the same realm and/or guild – are organized; however, if we take even a moment to think about it, we must realize that this assumption is not necessarily true. A premade can be organized or it can be disorganized; likewise, just because a few people come from the same realm and/or the same guild does not mean that you are facing a premade. It is entirely possible to run into other’s queueing for rBGs from the same realm and in the same guild. Does that count as a premade, then? Hardly. Premades, which often consist of friends and/or guildies queuing up from some chill rBGs are not always organized. You cannot make that assumption. Granted, it is more likely that they are organized; however, it is not guaranteed by any stretch of the imagination. Premades are Carefully Composed Another common assumption is that premades are carefully composed. Once more, we cannot assume this. In some cases, it’s probably true; however, in most cases, it’s probably not true. Most premades are just groups of friends and/or guildies queuing together. They are not RBG teams. People need to stop treating them like they are. You did not queue into an rBG vs. an RBG team. I run in premades all the time – and guess what? We don’t care about the composition. It’s rBGs not RBGs. At most we might be sure to include a healer, so that we can be sure that there is at least one healer in the rBG – but that’s it. Whoever wants to join the queue with us is more than welcome no matter what iLvl, race, class, and/or spec. TBCFraterasa83 1h
3h Point Made... So in today's Brawl, 2+ hours -- zero alliance wins. No peels, no one trying to get their flag/orb and no one peeling their healer or focusing THEIR healer. In the match we were up 2-0 (because I was healing like crazy, but not getting any peels, I was doing everything I could to help us win the match) -- the team says "We don't need your heals" -- after I complained I wasn't getting any peels and they weren't focused on their healer. So I said "Ok, I'll sit back and wait -- see how you do without a healer". Needless to say, we lost 3-2 (WSG). Point being: Healers are your MOST VALUABLE asset in any PVP match. Horde know this which is why they peel and protect them as if they are dating Kate Upton. You can't be healed if you're letting your healer get trained and you're not peeling your healer and not touching their healers. This is the bane of all Alliance BGs. They simply play PVE in a PVP match, not realizing that the only reason they even can win a match is their healer is working their rear-ends off to help the TEAM succeed. There is no *I* in team. Stop acting like it's PVE. *rant over*Lothlorià7 3h
3h Stop allowing 0 healers on one side in BGs Unless the opposing side also has no healers, why is this still a thing, balance games a little bit because spending 10 minutes in a guaranteed loss is simply not fun.Ævak63 3h
3h Open Invitation AV Wargames Hello, I'll be hosting a casual fun Alterac Valley Wargames night in discord. March 25th at 9 PM EST Everyone is invited. Show up and we'll form a horde team, and alliance team. We'll balance the teams as best we can and play away. Games will continue for hours maybe You must have discord and headphones or speakers. Miss old style AV epicness? These games will resemble that a bit. One wargame we played once was actually an hour and forty minutes in WoD. I'll expand this post as needed. Players with toons on both faction are needed so we can properly form teams. discord info will be posted soon. March 25th at 9 PM EST Discord 3h
5h (A) Honor Grind Group - Random BG's 2500 XP Mistweaver looking for more players interested in grinding honor by spam Q'ing Random BGs / Brawl. Trying to grind out Prestige 25 before BFA drops. Experience is a plus, but not required. Just be able to do optimal damage/healing on your toon that you will bring, and have a basic understanding of objectives (or willing to listen). Discord may be used. Drop your Btag here if interested, i'll add you later. I'll do several BNET Broadcasts to my friends list before I queue up.Frostchi13 5h
5h Season 7 gear ilvl inconsistent Hey guys, Has anyone noticed that the Season 7 gear ilvl is inconsistent? That is, some/most S7 gear is dropping at 870 ilvl, while other is dropping at 910 ilvl (no, not Warforged or Titanforged). I was curious when I noticed that the new season gear didn't have an increased ilvl, but then the 910 ring just dropped. Is this a bug?Azrim3 5h
5h 60s Thread #221 of Wheres AV? [ WELCOME TO THE 60'S THREAD ] Please read; Exp On and Exp Off have been Merged as of the 7.0 Legion Pre-Patch To learn more about the current Legion Changes this bracket has seen check out: TURN OFF EXP!!!! There are "Exp eliminators" In Stormwind and Orgrimmar. Behsten is the Alliance exp eliminator, and is located in Stormwind Keep. Slahtz is the Horde exp eliminator, and is found in the Valley of Honor. Alliance: Horde: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ General Best in Slot Guildlines: Item Level Scaling has been removed. Your Character now has a Template that scales - in part - by average Item Level. However, there does appear to be a Template iLvl Cap based on Player Level. Maintain at least 70-75 Average iLvl - this appears to be our Template Cap at 60. *Download to see iLvl* Gems, Enchants, Set Bonuses, Stats on gear, Procs and Non-consumable on-use items are all disabled in Instanced PvP. Slower Weapon Speed no longer increases your damage in instanced PvP. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ As of patch 7.3.5, all pre-Legion zones will scale up to a certain level. Starting Zones are 0-10 Classic Zones are 10-60 The Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King Zones are 60-80 Cataclysm and Mists of Pandaria Zones are 80-90 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Geshik328 5h
6h 99's thread of we miss AV. Ye capped the old thread, i'm starting the new one . :0Petitemorte94 6h
6h Solo-queue Battlegrounds? Buckle up, this is gonna be a long post. For the purposes of the most constructive and analytical environment, I will be writing this post in essay format. Abstract: Both sides, Alliance and Horde, experience running against premades. I will assume people who go to this forum, understand what this is. It is not fun for any player, Alliance or Horde, to play against these compositions of teams. Here we will discuss the pros and cons of using SQ BGs. Possible conflicts and solutions. Solo Queue Battlegrounds. Why Solo Battlegrounds? We've all been there. We've queued into battlegrounds solo for either grinding for whatever goal it is we have in mind, or just to simply enjoy the game. But then, it happens: you get set up against a premade where a team of 5 are clearly working together, coordinating targets to protect their healer within seconds of it being attacked. After enduring the mandatory 15 minutes to get through the match, you don't even get any sort of consolation, because you were unable to do anything - only the honor. So, here you are considering queuing up again, to risk being placed in a match where the odds are ridiculously stacked against you should you go toe to toe with a premade. You're also at risk for having a good time assuming A) the premade is of lower than average skill (I know, subjective claim,) or B) There is no premade. As a Horde player, you're most likely to join a battleground that's already half over because someone left during a losing match in which the the Allies have outskilled (by way of natural skill or a premade team) the Horde. Otherwise, it takes over ten minutes to get a queue 'pop' for a match. As an Alliance player, queue pops are near instant. Morale is at a consistent low and you could spend your time being a keyboard warrior trying to get your team to buck-up and fight, or you could play the objectives and the game, only when your team isn't participating because of GY camping. This isn't an Ally issue, this isn't a Horde issue. It's a gameplay issue, and we all experience it at one point or another, and I'm sure we can all agree that it is not fun for anyone to be hopelessly incapable of performing any gameplay in this respect. I will submit, that there are times when the skill of the enemy team is just higher, it's not necessarily always a premade. I submit that my skill isn't as high as everyone else's. I offer that while I am not the highest skill, I am part of the larger demographic of average skilled players which I would think makes up close to half if not more of the playerbase in PvP. What are possible solutions to this dilemma that makes the PvP experience not at all fun for those involved? The suggestion I offer today is Solo-Queue Battlegrounds. What would the system look like? Ideally, we'd have just another button that is specific for solo-queue. You wouldn't be able to queue up for them as a party. I assume that many people would use this feature, so it would be very hard to "Queue-synch" for it. Another idea is to make it faction non-specific. (Both teams are automatically comprised of Horde and Alliance.) For those who are seeking to gain honor faster in BGs, this would not be the way. As of this moment on my server, Allies get a 50% honor increase for battlegrounds. If you use this Solo queue, you won't be eligible for that as this is simply mercenary work for the Alliance and Horde, you're just supplying bodies. A benefit of this system is the queues fill faster for both factions. This could negatively affect normal BG Queue times. I understand this is a likely scenario, but what audience are we appealing to? The premades or the many players who queue Solo? Perhaps, limit the party size to two? On the smallest maps, you would have at best 5 teams of two on one team, but then a lot of solo queuers on the other team, still perpetuating a team who is organized by 5 different teams versus a disorganzied mess on the other side and the problem remains. Thoughts? Create 5-man team only queues! This was a good suggestion by Miadra, and I think this is a good suggestion. We would unfortunately run into the problem that we would just run against 4-man teams, and we can't just write them off to the 5-man queue either because then we face the problem that teams could be imbalanced. A good suggestion, and a good place to start, but needs further contemplation. I would like to keep this thread open for critical (not negative) discussion. As questions arise, and answers with them, I'll edit the OP so we have an active discussion running in favor/in opposition. I understand why this -could- be bad, but I also understand why it -could- be great. Let's hear it.Dïn287 6h
6h Hotfix Tank Nerfs March 20th Demon Hunter Vengeance Tormentor increases damage taken by 3% per stack (was 5%). Demonic Trample's cooldown is now 45 seconds (was 30 seconds). Demonic Trample's duration is now 5 seconds (was 8 seconds). Death Knight Blood Murderous Intent increases damage taken by 3% per stack (was 5%). Druid Guardian Alpha Challenge increases damage taken by 3% per stack (was 5%). Monk Brewmaster Admonishment increases damage to the target by 3% per stack (was 5%). Guard now staggers 20% of damage taken by allies (was 30%). Hot Trub deals 30% of your purified staggered damage (was 50%). Paladin Protection Inquisition increases damage taken by 3% per stack (was 5%). Forbearant Faithful increases cooldown recovery rate by 20% in PvP situations (was 50%). Shield of Virtue now has a 45 second cooldown (was 25 seconds). Warrior Protection Oppressor increases damage taken by 3% per stack (was 5%). Morale Killer reduces the cooldown of Demoralizing Shout by 10 seconds (was 30 seconds). Booming Voice now grants 30 Rage in PvP situations (was 60 Rage). Booming Voice increases damage taken by 15% in PvP situations (was 25%).Agynt51 6h
7h Silvershard Mines (need rework?) Went on break just as ToS came out and now have come back to just play pvp.. been back one day and have had this map 4 times and unsure if it's mainly there for Horde to win but the map is very poorly designed. Is it just me or has anyone else noticed this or brought it up? Had a loss every time on the map and not by small margins (between 600-1k point differences)Aeldoar13 7h
7h Resto Healing Tips, getting WRECKED How do you stay alive as a healer? I've hard varying degrees of success, but so far, resto shaman for me is pound town, which is sadly my fav to play. What do I need to live and still support my team?Pandæmonium13 7h
7h Please fix afflict locks and frost dks It's getting old seeing them steamroll every bg.. Bfa please come faster at this point I rather see afflict locks being useless in bfa then be viable let other specs shine please and just get rid of this horrible pvp expansionBrutaljugz39 7h
7h LFM Rated BGs we run friday and saturday starting at 8:30 est and wanna put together a full team we dont rage and are very chill Discord IS a requirement, you dont have to speak but you do have to listen looking for just about all rolesWranduin1 7h
9h [A] Pwny's Premades: Every Wed @ 830 PST PUG Stomping Win-Loss Update: 18-4 over three weeks! I'm gonna put together some 10 and 15-man premades this Wednesday! If anyone is interested, add me Pwny#1673 and reply in this thread! Requirements: - 900 ilevel - Discord - Microphone Gonna be fast honor and fun!Pwnytailz53 9h
10h bubble gum pvp all right, all this whining is getting on my nerves. lol if current BGs stress you out, do something else ftw ... ezpzSonbtrpn5 10h
10h FYI, S5/S6/S7 Elite Ensembles Hotfix Soon™ ......Forums3 10h
10h Best solo PvP classes. I'm considering a reroll here and am looking for some potential choices. I pretty much solo queue random BGs as my main form of PvP and am wondering what I would do best with. I speak in terms of how much I'd be able to contribute to a BG, how well I'd survive with minimal support, and how reliably I'd be able to take BG achievements should I go after them. I've tried mage and shadow priest so far and they seem to be the opposite of what I'm looking for in PvP; they can't so much as go to the bathroom without assistance and peels, it feels like. Any suggestions?Tadkins68 10h
10h Active PvP Guild I am just looking for an active PvP guild. Place I can log on and find people running BGs constantly. All I care about. Has anyone found a guild like this? I get tired of running with randoms all the time. So many bad players and even with 50 people on BTAG, most of them never even want to groupKassandrapoo5 10h
11h The Reason You're Losing While there is a lot of dispute going on about why individuals, classes or factions are losing bgs. There is one reason I've identified that is, above all others, the single biggest reason why you might be experiencing a larger than average number of bg losses. Look here: The reason is obvious and clear. ps: that's a mirror, now go look into oneSqueektoy101 11h
12h Deep Six Brawl Please by God's will make this a permanent option. I haven't had so much fun in a long time. I love the smaller team-focused gameplay and the nonstop action.Arcliffe17 12h
14h Abandonment Timer Looking at another issue, let's address the issue of those who leave early. Clearly, the issue of the 15m timer is not enough. What about the system found in HotS? If you leave a match, you get a stack of abandonment. (Not sure of the proper term here.) If you go into a match, and leave it again, you get another stack. The only way you can remove a stack is by completing a match start to end. Discuss!Dïn39 14h
14h Forfeit button 6v10 against a premade, can we please have one? This really burns me out on the game. 14h
15h Ya'll wanna see some dead bodies? Alliance graveyard in Deep Six brawl....Bigshaq9 15h
15h Team Balancing So sick of going into battlegrounds and losing games because of bad team compositions i.e. one side has tank/heals, the other does not. Teams need to be equal and fairly balanced by roles so if one team has, for example, 2 healers, 2 tanks, and 6 dps then so does the other team. Larger battlegrounds like AV and IoC could be exempt from this rule since it's 40v40 and you're likely to get all three roles anyways, but for smaller 10v10's and 15v15's this REALLY needs to be implemented. And if somebody's going to whine "Waaaaaaaaaaaah but it'll make the queue times longer!" then offer incentives for people to take the tank/healer role like you did for random dungeon groups during Cataclysm.Greevix12 15h
16h Class Inbalance Ok, long time lurker, rare poster. Felt I need to say this though, Blizzard can you please make some kind of attempt to balance your classes in pvp. I have all classes except monk and shaman at 110 and to say that my enjoyment is varied amongst them would be a severe understatement. If I were to pick my DK (posting) MM hunter or Warlock for a couple random bg's? I am going to comletely wipe the floor with the enemy team. I mean completely dominate. Healers or no healers it doesn't matter. Top dmg, top kills, playing objective it doesnt matter. I can do whatever I want. Frost Dk can solo 3+ enemies with his sustain in frost and the dps is absurd. MM i can sustain 1.3M+ dps in a teamfight, nearly singlehandedly wiping the enemy team with no chance of a interrupt in sight. Ret pally... It's like a warrior on roids that can self heal and have invulnerabilities. Teamfight? No problem. 1v1? No problem. No heals? No problem. Oh you jumped me on my warlock? Let me turn around and completely obliterate you with FIVE buttons. Now wasn't that fun, I felt like a god but I want to try some other classes. Let's use the mage as an example. Holy crap. I go from seeking enemies to cautious deciding whether i can enter a battle because i know, I KNOW that if even one melee decides to focus me, I'm in for a hard time. Let me free cast sure, I'm still not going to compete with other classes. I can focus single targets down and some of the burst is insane but man o man those gap closers, that melee train just makes me leave the bg with a sour taste in my mouth and a inability to sit down for a couple days. I have to hard cast nearly any ability of substance and there lies the pincher. As frost i can get interrupted and what have i got? Blink, poly and temp shield? OK cool. They are a band aid fix to my problem, it a temporary way of stalling the complete %*%@%#@#@! that is to come. When they are on cd and I try to cast another frost spell to maybe...i don''t know...have a chance of dealing dmg? gap closer interrupt and death. Don't even get me started on interrupts as arcane. This is a example from one class. Others can be very similar. On my warrior I can go 30-0, and have regularly, if we have at least one healer who I can hug to. Spriest, awesome dmg. Mind control shenanigans are some of the most fun I've had in the game and I can 1v1 mostly. 2 defensives. Aaaaannnnnddd your dead. I'm just sick of having to completely outplay a lesser opponent because of class differences. Even though I main mostly melee, this has to stop. Anyway rant over. This has been brought up a hundred times but just trying to play some casters for fun today turned to a bad experience. Except locks. Locks rock.Damerion15 16h
16h How do I turn off enemy pet health bars? This is getting absurd. Beast Mastery hunters and Death Knights make battlegrounds unplayable. Literally my entire screen fills up with red pet health bars. How do I turn these off? No, going into interface -> Names and toggling off nameplates doesn't do it.Otieno10 16h
17h Best PvP Add on? Hey all, Just starting my first DPS spec (fury warrior). My main has always been heals. Still relatively new to the game. Anyway looking for advice on what you think is a good add on for PvP. Currently I use Mr Target. Looking for something a little more detailed. Thank you!Bulldoze6 17h
18h BFA Alpha invite BFA Alpha invite received today. Have other received them too? /cheerBuzzkillsolo6 18h
19h Bellicostco, Highest Rated ALLY RBGer, again! Hey guys just posting to let everyone know that I did it! It took about 2 weeks of trying but now im again the highest rated Alliance RBGer! Just waiting for the ladder to update! Thanks to everyone who helped me out along the way! See you on the battlefield!Bellicostcop89 19h
20h Starting deep 6 with 4-5 people... I would rather the queue take 4X as long and fill my side than go into a losing battle like that. Is it so much to ask that we get full teams? Starting with 4 people is a 30% deficit.Felhellsing6 20h
21h so i just won a bg and got a totally epic piece of ilvl 870 gear! if the rng works in my favor i'll be owning those daily quests by the end of the expansion!Borq30 21h
1d No new Prestige Levels is good Well, Looks like the grind is over and Congratz to all of you that had reached max Prestige 25 before this final season, Now the fun begins for you guys - No more stress on doing BG's on that one specific main to keep gaining honor, Now is the perfect time to start working your alts in and seeing how they are in PvP :) I myself stopped at 14 to play alts but I may try to get back on the grind on my Priest and get to 25 before expansion ends. All in all this should be looked at as a good thing, exactly what I stated above, you don't have to worry about gaining prestige levels on your main anymore, instead I would suggest level'ing a few of your 100's to 110 and start BG'ing to test them out and see how fun they are, or if you already have some at 110, bring them in! Anyways have fun doing what I suggested above and see you in the battlegrounds!!Eviroy63 1d
1d Justicar When i first started playing world of warcraft they had these items in game called marks of honor to assist with gaining rep with the battle grounds that they were associated with. These days to get exalted with the silverwing sentinals it would take the players years to achieve this because Blizzard have made it so there are to WSG marks of honor or Arathi Bason or alterac valley marks of honor. To even get one rep to exalted would take years to complete now. End game is only a phase of the game, I've raided CATA and I was granted Destroyers End along with my guild at the time. I serve 10 years in military and also deployed to afghanistan in 2009, I served 10 years for my country and now i just want to chillout and play video games.... Thus i came back to wow.... I find it completely unacceptable that blizzard has completely destroyed parts of their game for us to play. Some of us dont want to be in end game phase and we chose to stay on the path that has been given to our toons. I am about to walk away from world of warcraft again, not for professional reasons this time. And if any blizzard employers served their countries military, they would know exactly what i am talking about. I am not here to waste time, I am here for a good time and I do not like cutting corners with dungeon finder. I dont mind waiting at the battle master for BG's but what I do mind is them getting me stuck on the path that I chose because they have removed content from the game that some of us need to progress our characters story line. So instead of deleting my post, Blizzard; why not reply to tell us why? the three first BG's are the most important BG's in the game as they are the ones that introduce players into pvp and also working in a team. Once again I am walking away from world of warcraft because their demands are as big as the circumference of the sun. YOUR GAME IS RUINED and I am the truth of war to come for i can see the outcome of battles before they have even begun just by looking at the soldiers that have been provided for me to get the task done. Why did you remove key components of the game? ie. warsong gulch marks of honour, arathi marks of honour and the stormpikes? would a blizzard employer sit there the same and do this task after the changes that have been made? would the person who made that decision complete it, now? or would they go back and grab those badges to hand in?Mihrornide30 1d
1d This was a new1 for me lol. A resto druid joined a bg. Casted a total of 5 heals. Spent the rest of the game stealth in catform running circles. When someone in bg chat asked at the end of the game "Where were the heals" I replied with "He was catform stealth all game running in circles so he couldn't be afk'd out" Directly after that comment and the end of the bg this lovely healer whispered me... "Why you so mad? If you want to PVP go do rbg's" uhhhhh... I Wasn't aware reg bg's weren't considered pvp nowadays lol. Thought it was funny. Enjoy aliance healers pplz :) Mod Edit: Cleaned up player name, for we don't need to call out people on the forums. You are welcome to call out actions, but please leave player names out.Erigzback14 1d
1d Bgs It's not fun playing with 200 ping because I'm on a Brazilian servers.Boombasta12 1d
1d Could use a little help! Okay, so for the life of me, I can't pick a class to play/main/and run bgs with. I'm stuck between: -bm hunter -feral druid -boomkin -havoc dh -frost dk Note, I've mained frost dk for a long time and kind of don't want to do it anymore. These are all classes I have maxed. Would love to hear opinions, reasons why you'd pick a particular class and spec, etc. I'm looking for: survivability damage output enjoyabilityBakyn10 1d
1d spectral sight blizz can you please remove this cancerous ability. or at the very least.. at the very least... nerf the range on it to 10-20 yards. it sucks the fun out of RBGs.Yuki16 1d
1d I really liked the brawl until... They let the Alliance q with two healers and next game horde had zero. Really? What is happening here? How is it even possible? I acknowledge long q times are a problem. But this is dumb. I would prefer a long q time to zero healers or being outnumbered 2 healers to 1. An obvious loss occurs. To be fair, I have seen some terrible DPS action on both sides, cluesless players, etc. But.... at least the comp balance needs to be even.Suul16 1d
1d Stun DR question Hi Guys, Been playing this disc for a few weeks - just noticing that stun DR is weird.. was wondering if someone could explain? I am assuming some stuns don't DR with other stuns? I was just in a BG and I felt like i was in stuns FOREVER. I even PS'd one stun chain which was like 5sec, 3sec and 3 sec (not 1sec like i thought it might be)? :S then about 5 seconds later got stunned for 5 seconds again.. seemed non-legit but I must be missing something. Just want to improve and understand more. Thanks in advance!Grumpsey6 1d
1d LF group/guild for rated bg/pvp/wpvp Posted over on the guild recruitment forum to see if there was any guilds or groups that were like-minded as well, but haven't had many bites yet since it's flooded with mythic this or that. I'm pretty low-stress and after coming back from an extended break I don't think I'm that great of a player in the slightest. However, I'd like to find a somewhat consistent group [or even guild] that enjoys rated battlegrounds, alongside even randoms at times. Can't say I have any real desire to push for crazy high rating, but it's something I'd like to dip my toes into with the new season starting. No drama from me. I can't say I'm interested in dealing with people who want to scream at others for petty mistakes either. It's a game and I do it to have fun. This isn't to say I'm not willing to work on improving, but if I wanted to be treated like I'm in bootcamp, I'd have joined the military years ago. Key thing I'm looking for is just regular pals to do things with. My solo queueing venture is growing bland and I'd rather at least have a few laughs if I'm going to get my teeth kicked in at at times, too.Ochiru4 1d
1d Looking for RBG team/guild looking for a team of people to play rbgs with daily and climb the ratings, i'm pretty inexperienced with rbgs at the moment but would love to have a solid group of people to run with. My realm isn't very pvp oriented so if anyone on here would like to make a group feel free to add meBoomintheeye0 1d
1d Give us a forfeit option w/no penalty When matchmaking for deep six gives horde two healers to our none AND a DH tank, that is an unwinnable BG .Abarron1 1d
2d Seething Shore in Rateds. Has it been mentioned anywhere if this is coming to rated BG's? While I don't mind it, I personally hope it doesn't.Pingazlol6 2d
2d The average Alliance healer experience. please learn to target their heals or protect your own, thanks.Volbia32 2d
2d Echoes of Battle? How get? Thought I tossed PvP gear into the Obliterum forge for these, but that's not working. What do?Yagarr57 2d