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8m RBG Class stacking I have never seen this problem with other expansions but now im seeing comps like 3 boomkin 3 mist-weavers in every rbg... its just annoying that the only way to combat comps like this is to fight fire with fire. is anybody else having this problem in every game above 1800+?Moonfîre5 8m
44m The squeaky wheel gets the grease! 7.1.5 Prot Warrior PvP I took up prot for random battlegrounds to see how it plays. This is my $15 bucks a month worth for 10 years. Please include money spent on transfers and mounts and the rest of the fun stuff along with my opinion. In WOD prot war had great damage so we were able to defend our selves. Prot was also able to with stand a large amount of damage. It was a hidden gem. The pvp leader boards were not full of prot wars. The were only about 10 people with prot wars that were ranked in the top of the leaderboards thru most of the seasons. Memphisgains and a few of his other toons Memphisrains ranked 2200 and up. Abombanation made 2k also. Only a small amount for this class and spec. For 2v2, 3v3, and maybe a few in rated battlegrounds. When Legion was on PTR a few people that came up against prot wars got there !@# kicked. I had high hopes for prot war pvp, since I enjoyed it so much in WOD. But before the release of Legion some people in the WoW community went on a rant posted and like hell in the forums,not to let prot become a Over Powered class in pvp mainly because of the ignore pain ability. The comments were post in the ptr forums from the test realms. When reading them I noticed that most of these were based on fear, ignorance, and selfishness. They were posted to manipulate and influence "THE TEAM" yes the ones who crap on our world and nerf the hell out of warrior period. With the release of Legion in to 7.1.5 : After playing prot war for the last few nights, I like how the spec plays. It is fun but it lacks dps. It would be nice to have Blade Storm for aoe. For objectives that require aoe. Thunder clap but does not have sustained burst that we need for aoe. In Legion prot war is fun to play but no were close to were it should be as far as dps goes. Even when prot was the hidden gem in WOD it was a blast to play, with high dps. Not everyone was playing it and taking over the leaderboards. It is a shame that we have a group of people "THE TEAM" who design, control and make decisions with no understanding of the spec and class. The worst part of it is: They made inexperienced decisions based on public out cry from a few people that posted over and over again about ignore pain. Now were left 7.1.5 I do hope "THE TEAM" will try to redeem them selves and at least take some of the nerfs off of prot in pvp there is really is no excuse.Maxxhardcore2 44m
48m I am now prestige 7 So I am prestige 7 honor level 34 right now and it all happened in the flash of an eye when I killed a druid in world pvp. My screen was just flashing for the next 2 minutes with rewards from the last 3 prestiges. My question is if anyone could help what rewards I obtained that I might have missed from all this stuff happening on my screen? I got the crest of heroism and a dutiful squire pet that I can recognize so far. So just wondering what prestige rewards I might have missed. If anyone was curious I also gained about nearly 3-4 mil ap and 10-20k gold and the amount of Glory of the melees that went on my screen lasted about 2 mins. It was pretty startling.Equipaje219 48m
49m Overtuned much? I just got back from a break from wow, so i jumped into a bg and got ate by rogues, unpeelable doing 2x as much dmg as every one else. Seems to me who ever's in charge of the "nerf's & buff's" needs to be fired as they are doing an awful job atm.Koobo34 49m
52m Gear doesnt matter lie Holinka saying gear in pvp wont matter as much in legion is an absolute lie. It feels worse than ever. Thanks for wasting my time. I am done with this game. You either have to play 24/7 or you wont have fun in pvp cause you just get smashed. I have better things to do.Waterstone71 52m
1h That moment when you hit Prestige 1... And you think you are going to get the new weapon skin. Blast it all to hell, apparently I have to get to 50 again. :(Helfdan3 1h
1h DH, still retarded still overtuned and the easiest class to do damage as. Give them some utility (something good) so they can be balanced around something other than damage output.Wetrobrute3 1h
1h Healers must not much fun in BG I have spent hours trying to get Rated BG teams together today and there are no healers queuing up. We get 1 healer at a time and then by the time the next one comes along, the last one got impatient and has left. Personally I do enjoy healing in BGs but not always. I just am getting the impression that healers are not as desirable this expansion to many people. Have you experienced this? I can only speak for Alliance I havent played my Horde Toons in quite sometime.Chøpchøp6 1h
1h January 18 Hotfixes Stam buffs across the board, stat nerfs for all non-healing specs, reduced damage taken for all healing specs, priests' flag cap immunity fixed. Feedback acknowledged, now queue up!Olidastrum2 1h
1h Most enjoyable race to slay I found that slaying night elves to be the most satisfying they always look so smug and the death animation for the males is pretty hilarious.Ràh39 1h
2h Legion PvP Oversights Hi All, This is not intended to be negative, only informational. It has become clear that Blz doesn't care about PvP this expac. I came to that conclusion based upon their actions and not their words. I compiled a list of those actions, please feel free to add to it, discuss them, or even just play devil's advocate. Here we go: 1. S1 titles: Instead of basing title rewards for S1 based off all players above 1000 rating, they awarded titles based off of that metric and also added (without telling ANYONE) a 50 win gate as well. This resulted in their being less than 10 Hero titles between Horde and Alliance COMBINED. This hit the arena community incredibly hard too. It was not until their was such an uproar from the PvP community that they decided to "adjust their criteria." They even went so far to tweet out "working as intended" which is what caused the PvP community to flip out even more: kudos to all of you that made it clear that was an unacceptable move on their part. 2. The level 35 artifact trait activation: Blz officially posted prior to the expac and reinforced it early on that the 35th trait that activates 5% extra damage on PvE would NOT be active in PvP. They then launched it in 7.1.5 with no forewarning and only reverted it once we again rose up to bring attention to their hypocrisy. They then gave the "well, we are reverting it but it'll go live again in S3" bit. So they went back on their word, backpedaled, then doubled down. 3. Prestige bug: Players who hit the Prestige cap in S1 accumulated honor past level 50. When S2 launched, those that pressed the "prestige button" lost that honor and just gained a new prestige level and started grinding again. Those that were at cap but DID NOT press the button and then just got a SINGLE HK had all of the pent up honor redeemed all at once, granting MILLIONS of free AP and thousands of gold. Blz officially announced they would not be fixing this. 4. Holy Priest Greater Fade Exploit for Caps: In 7.1.5, Holy Priests gained the ability in their Honor talents to become immune to all damage for 6 seconds. This means that a Holy Priest for the last 7 days has been able to waltz into a team fight, or at any node, press Fade, and cap with many many people beating on them. This can only be countered with certain abilities (like RIng of Peace, some hunter spells, etc) but there are teams running around with 4 healers now just for exploit caps. This is STILL LIVE. Blz has not even addressed it. This has MAJOR CONSEQUENCES in RATED play, which many players hold dearly. This is more than just an oversight: this had to/should have come up when testing all these changes which they claimed to do so for MONTHS on PTR and internally. 5. Massive/manic/extreme swings in % nerfs for "balance." With every patch, and in between with every hotfix, there are blanket "10% nerf to stamina 10% buff to agility 10% nerf to intellect" etc. What's with the EXTREME swings in balance? Not only this, but classes like Frost DK and Balance druids, which have been 3-4 button mongo mass damage machines in Legion have received BUFFS to their damage in the last few patches! This has led to massive imbalance not just in BG specs but also in comps. Which leads to my next point: 6. 50%+ of RBGers over 2k are MW or Balance: The sheer fact that the RBG meta now is (at least) 3 boomkins with 3 MW healers is absolutely absurd. Balance Druid are the PERFECT RBG class: they do the most damage by FAR with barely having to cast, they can stealth so they can be sent in kill teams to assault bases, they can go bear form and become the best PvP tank in the game, and they have incredible mobility being able to blink out of trouble on a moments notice. Oh, and don't forget, they own the single best CC in the game: cyclone. MW? Their mobility and CD's are unparalleled right now and have been since the beginning of the expac. How is it that Blz allows the total exclusion of 75%+ (estimate) of all other specs in RATED bg play? The message is clear: if you are not a boomkin, frost dk, mw, or DH, you are not welcome in RATED play. 7. FOTM culture: With the overbuffs and subsequent nerfs, everybody and rerolls whatever spec is set to be OP. Fine, do what makes you happy: one cannot blame the player base here, Blz, what say you? You've created a culture where just to be competitive and enjoy the game people feel they must reroll a new class with every set of hotfixes/patch. Again, this is meant to be a fact based analysis of the action/inaction Blz has taken in Legion alone and is my humble opinion. I do not ask that you agree/disagree with it, but I ask that you acknowledge these as FACTS, and as the late John Adams once said: "Facts are stubborn things." - Mindmelt/Masochist/PorzingisPorzingis22 2h
2h LOS is a joke in bg's.... LOS is a pure joke in bg's... hunter's and mages casting from below ground out of LOS rules for sure.ágéd3 2h
3h whats the thing you hate most about bgs im just curious what would you like to see fixed?Rignarak259 3h
3h Goodbye Legion PvP Legion PvP I am very sad. The entire expansions pvp has been brutally terrible. Im guessing many W.O.W players have quit. I am now beginning to feel it as well. There is not uniqueness in this game anymore. There is nothing but brutally sad deaths on many classes. Nothing but torture and the feeling of not being able to battle. Example of the kind of uniqueness : WoD s3 - Windwalker Monks > Windwalker monks had tigereye brew, we had to build this up before we could do a really good 1 shot. Monks have always been this way, killing someone in a leg sweep, and I get that I can still do this. But the way I did it was so much fun, took some skill, and was very enjoyable to play. Now I spam what is called a "Macro" and kill someone... In WoD s3, I had to build brew, leg sweep, chi burst and jump roll with chi torpedo! It was really fun, because if I messed up, the dmg wouldn't be as high and or I would fly off the blades edge arena bridge. --- It took skill! It is now 7.1.5, I have made a demon hunter, glad to see I run in and just kill everything. That's pretty fun... I just spam a couple buttons and watch people die. I died to a warlock!!!! Warlocks with a brain will do this, wait for a good opportunity where the stuns of the enemy team have been used, they will then go immune to silence for 6 seconds, and have a "hastened" UA. But don't worry! They can spam it!! I now have 6 UA's on myself. I cant trust my healer because when I turn around, he's not there due to his death against the warlocks "demon hunter" partner, or he never joined because, well... do healers even play this game anymore? Warriors smack things. FUN! What a rogue? Shamans proc things.... almost just as fun! Paladins, well... you know.. In truth I could continue to go on about every class, but this games PvP is actually so bad. I will have to say though, if blizzard does see this, that your games PvE is on point. 10 / 10 in PvE... but for those who cant spam mythic +'s all day because its soooo repetitive, we want a break and want to kill some people. So im borde, I head on out to the Duel - O - Tar!!! Challenge him to a duel and... I spam my macro, he dies.. hes gets upset, he quits. No one challenges me. Why? Cause im 883 iLvL... Dueling is really bad. I used to never even think about doing a dungeon because all I did was sit outside and duel. And it was so fun, getting to learn the classes, how to beat them, weaknesses, disadvantages, advantages. Now I cant, because the gear... the legendaries, the trinkets.. the iLvL.. you cant do anything about that? " GO ARENA NOOB!!" Ok, i'll go arena... yesterday.. I 3v1'd a team on my windwalker monk... 1650 bracket, yes they are not the best players.. but they are not the worst. How did I do this? Because my class can. They were the perfect classes to where I could do this. "WAIT UNTIL YOU FACE A REAL PLAYER!!! YOU WONT 3v1!! YOU CANT 3v1 a GOOD HEALER!" > Woah man, whats a healer? --- To finish this up, I just wanted to say the game I enjoyed so much, and love so much, has finally come to its end. At least for this expansion, pvp will no longer exist for me, and I cant do these mythics anymore. --- I want everyone to please leave their comments about why they hate PvP or love PvP. I want to see all the feedback about changes, I want enough feedback to where blizzard will see this post, and hire some new designers for PvP. --- OH! I almost forgot! This week DH's Locks' and Boomys are really OP! But don't worry! Spam the forums and they will be nerfed Next week! Then Hunters, Shamans, and Mages will be really OP! YESSS!! But don't get your hopes up! Because all you gotta do is spam the forums, and the following week, Demon Hunters, Warlocks, and Warriors will be OP! but don't worry about that either!!! Cause the next week Monks will be top again....... pathetic.Xiangcloud19 3h
3h Honorbuddy lost lawsuit final decision apparently reversed all prior decisions for the honorbuddy owner honorbuddy's operating company was based out of Germany and although they tried to promote victory in the lawsuit they had just won a couple small decisions but not the major lawsuit. honorbuddy now says they are broke and are revoking lifetime bot licenses, switching to subs. Honorbuddy now also moving to another country where i'm sure they will face another lawsuit. anyways, still a good thing for warcraft sadly there are still 3-5 other major bot makersKugsneak1 3h
3h Mercenary buff needs to be longer The mercenary buff is great for reducing queue times, but at only 30 minutes long, you're basically stuck in Dalaran because you have to keep refreshing it between matches. Which is... boring. The buff should either be longer, or something you toggle at the battleground recruiter. That way, we can go do world quests, old raids, whatever while we queue.Weetzie6 3h
4h Placed in a losing gm 3 straight times! First of all a 15min debuff is not a deterrent to leave a random bg. People are leaving games more often then ever before. Something has to be done to fix this. Horde are waiting 10-15min to enter a game at which point you are placed into a losing game FAR to often. At that point you should have the option to leave the game without penalty and be placed back into your original que spot or STOP filling spots in losing games. Let those people lose and lose quickly so they can reque or quit. It's going to be a loss 90% of the time anyway, give or take that 1 out of 100 games it's a capture the flag match down 0-1 and you manage to get the last flag cap. And don't say que up Merc. That isn't the point. The system is wasting time for myself and most likely others who like to sit down and do a random bg for the bonus win of the day. Tonight I've played 3 games and entered 3 losing games and all told it's taken me about an hour and I still haven't even started a game from the beginning. Might of lost those 3 games anyway but the point is I'm not getting the opportunity to even start a fresh game. I'm being penalized by having to sit in a losing contest and then wait another 15min cycle to hopefully get to start a new game.Saruzen4 4h
4h Will the real memers stand up[BG-lounge]#7 This thread encourages Battleground/PVP discussion and networking with hopes of finding new people with which to play WoW. As such, feel free to post you btag information and what form of pvp you wish to play. If you have hostility towards a certain poster(s) we ask you to leave the thread and not intentionally stir the pot. For any troll comments, please click the 'ignore' button and do not engage as it risks getting the thread removed. This thread was created by Light, however, the rules are as follows: When a thread caps at post #500, a new one can be created by anyone. The title should read [BG LOUNGE], include a unique title, and a sequential number. The title should not contain inappropriate language, subject matter, or be used to call anyone out.Forum Moderator: Goroxxiggam Last Thread: Name Suggested by: light Copy/Paste info for thread creation: ------------------------------------------------------------------ This one is dedicated to all of the memers out thereIight497 4h
4h Looking for PvP Guild I'm currently looking to transfer my rogue to a PvP server and need a friendly/active guild to join. I have a bit of PvP experience but I'm no expert... looking to learn to be honest. Currently I just wait the 10min queue for normal BGs as none of my friends are interested in PvP; I do fine in them... but again not an expert at my class just yet. Also I'm looking mainly for Horde side guild, but I might be swayed to purchase a faction change. If you have a guild and are actively recruiting for more let me know! Cheers! edit: I'm US central time zone but I'm up at all hours.Milnox0 4h
4h 39 xpoff thread#001 Legion revival Its been a long road of ups and down in the twink community since vanilla that is for sure, with some expansions killing brackets while creating new ones. Sure we moved on from twink to xpoff and found a very high level of competition that has been segregated for so long from the general population. Its going to be great to see the return of so many great players that know how to play in a bracket return to smash faces. So get ready, knock the dust off, spread the word that legion brings alot of great hope, balance, imbalance, its a buffet of nostalgia so dig in. = all the info you need to knowSun322 4h
5h Greater fade and Boomies OUT, Damage down Stamina increased by 10% for all specs. Primary stat (Strength/Agility/Intellect) decreased by 5% for all non-healing specs. Damage reduced by 5% for all healing specs (Restoration Druid, Mistweaver Monk, Holy Paladin, Discipline Priest, Holy Priest, and Restoration Shaman). Players can no longer interact with flags in Arathi Basin when Greater Fade is active. Druid Balance Echoing Stars now deals 25% less damage to players. Starfall now deals 25% less damage to players.Reckoner0 5h
5h Arcane Torrent nerf plz Arcane Torrent Blood Elf Racial Instant 1.5 min cooldown Silence all enemies within 8 yards for 2 sec and restore 3% of your Mana. Non-player victim spellcasting is also interrupted for 3 sec. What a fun racial, 8 blood elves in a RBG coordinating and my team literally just got mass silenced 3 times in a row. All because of a racial. Now I wonder why all the alliance rerolled to horde... They should at least make this racial have 100% DR and not possible to Arcane torrent the same target(s) twice in a row within 15s or so, but other silencing effects will have the same effect as usual.Chihao0 5h
5h Can't Res At Graveyard Is anyone else unable to respawn at the graveyard? There's no spirit healer or timer. I can corpse run, but that makes for a sad bg :(Fannyalger21 5h
6h Frustrated: Class Selection Hi all, I have spent the better part of 3 weeks gearing this guy through battlegrounds, attempting to locate which class I want to roll next. I have never maimed a ranged class, so decided I would enjoy that. Meanwhile, I can't decide on any ranged class that I would enjoy pvping on... so I decided to do the class trial! I enjoyed shadow(nerfed yesterday), locks were fun but mobility was low(also nerfed). Boomkins, seem to be a logical choice. I even enjoyed my class trial in PvP. Same with ele shaman. Except I just get wrecked by melee. Now I'm not sure I even want a ranged class anymore. It's been back and forth like this for weeks. Any opinions on ranged PvP? Is it worth it? I don't arena.Dèmonik11 6h
6h HP BUG AT 19 BRACKET? why do we suddenly have people with over 5k hp in 19 bracket as of today? most people are queing in above 4k now when like 3.7k used to be around max... this is so not cool. whats going on?Chichí1 6h
6h Jan 17th hot fixes. Here you go Player versus Player Many of the PvP changes below are still in-testing and will be applied to the live game as soon as they are ready. Death Knight Frost Frost Death Knight PvP template Strength reduced to 75% (was 80%). Frost Death Knight PvP template Mastery reduced to 25% (was 100%), Haste has been increased to 150% (was 100%), and Critical Strike increased to 125% (was 100%) Breath of Sindragosa's damage is reduced by 40% in PvP. Chill Streak's damage and timing has changed to allow more counterplay from the enemy team: Chill Streak now deals 3% of the target's health in damage (was 8%). Chill Streak now bounces 9 times (was 5). Chill Streak will now bounce to a target within 8 yards (was 15 yards). Chill Streak now has a slightly longer delay before bouncing. Frozen Center's root now breaks on damage caused by effects other than Frost Fever and Remorseless Winter. Tundra Stalker's bonus Frost Strike damage on snared targets is now 15% (was 25%). Demon Hunter Havoc Demon Hunters’ PvP template Agility has been reduced to 80% (was 85%). Druid You can no longer stack Ferocious Wound on targets. Balance Druids’ PvP template Mastery has been reduced to 25% (was 100%), Haste increased to 125% (was 100%), Versatility increased to 125% (was 100%), and Critical Strike increased to 125% (was 100%). Feral Druids’ PvP template Agility has been reduced to 95% (was 100%). Guardian Intimidating Roar now has diminishing returns in the Disorient category (was the Incapacitate category). Overrun now has diminishing returns in the Stun category. Overrun's cooldown has been increased to 25 seconds. Sharpened Claws now increases the damage of Swipe and Thrash by 50% (was 100%). Mage Arcane Arcane Mages’ PvP template Master has been reduced to 25% (was 100%), Versatility increased to 100% (was 50%), and Critical Strike increased to 125% (was 100%). Arcane Blast now deals normal damage in PvP situations (was an additional 5%) . Overpowered increases the damage of Arcane Power to 45% in PvP (was 70%). Unstable Magic deals 30% additional Arcane Blast damage in PvP (was 50%). Unchanged for Fire and Frost Mages. Fire World in Flames now reduces the cast time of Flamestrike by 1.25 seconds (was 2 seconds). World in Flames now increases the damage of Flamestrike by 20% (was 30%). Flamestrike now deals 90% damage in PvP situations (was 100%). Meteor now deals 70% damage in PvP (was 100%). Frost Damage caused by Chilled to the Bone no longer breaks crowd control effects. Chilled to the Bone's damage has been increased by 250%. Concentrated Coolness now increases the damage of Frozen Orb by 250%. Burst of Cold now increases the damage of Cone of Cold by 800%. Priest Shadow The damage of Vampiric Touch is reduced by 25% in PvP situations. Warlock Affliction Curse of Shadows increases magical damage over time effects by 20% (was 30%). Death's Embrace increases Corruption, Unstable Affliction, and Agony damage by 50% (was 100%). Endless Affliction increases the duration of Unstable Affliction by 3 seconds (was 4). Rot and Decay now only increases the duration of the Unstable Affliction with the shortest remaining duration. Destruction Chaos Bolt deals normal damage in PvP situations (was an additional 10% damage). Focused Chaos now increases Chaos Bolt damage by 75% (was 100%). Firestone now grants an additional 75% Critical Strike (was 100%). Source: 6h
7h Failed PvP Templates at it again! Mage ... Thanks to FOTM players Overpowered was warranted. -Unstable Magic now crap. -Nerf to PvP AB damage minor -Stat Template Unwarranted and proof that your Stat Templates are not doing there jobs and blizzard isn't doing their jobs either. I am totally shocked at this and in disbelief how dumb the pvp devs are. Wonder how many blasts i can get off now if any to begin with how MeleeCraft this game is now, then go where did my mana go? It wasn't to bad before but now... Oh thats right I don't get mastery anymore because blizzard said so. WHEN MASTERY IS THE CORE MECHANIC OF THE CLASS/FANTASY! /facepalm Please give me the control over my stats i can tune my class better than you blizzard FFS!Joederp32 7h
7h Disc or Holy Paladin Hey y'all. Trying to make an alt to play with my cousins (warrior/dk) and thinking about pvp. Mainly we do bgs, but we may get into 3's, just for fun. Which of these two would be the most fun or work the best with these two other classes? I'm also interested in dpsing occasionally so same question for ret or shadow. Just having fun, nothing serious. :)Kozin2 7h
7h Template stats nerfs and consequences. Please stop nerfing Str/Agi/Int on hybrids when doing damage tone downs in PvP, it unjustly nerfs our self sustain as well, since all our heals and absorbs also rely on our primary stat... If you want to nerf our damage nerf our damage, just stop using primary stats to do it (nerf the offending damage abilities directly), we don't need our survivability to get nerfed at the same time.Divenity1 7h
8h Exquisite nerfs These nerfs to key classes were much needed, the blizzard team do it once againHerroy4 8h
8h How bad does your QA and testing have to be? In order to justify having to nerf something by 75%? "Arcane Arcane Mages’ PvP template Master has been reduced to 25% (was 100%), Versatility increased to 100% (was 50%), and Critical Strike increased to 125% (was 100%). Arcane Blast now deals normal damage in PvP situations (was an additional 5%). Overpowered increases the damage of Arcane Power to 45% in PvP (was 70%). Unstable Magic deals 30% additional Arcane Blast damage in PvP (was 50%)." I mean, I can understand a 5% or 10% nerf as an adjustment. But after months of ongoing gameplay to decide something requires a 75% nerf? What if this happened in other professions? Bridge Engineer: "Hey, I have been monitoring the traffic going over that new bridge and I think we need to strengthen the centerpiece by 75%" Foreman: "WTF?!?! We have had traffic going over that bridge for months now!! You just NOW are coming up with this?" Your Doctor: "Hey, after doing some tests I think we need to drop down that medication I prescribed for you by about 75% as it appears to be killing you a little bit." You: Um, what?!?!? There is an old tale about how the ancient Romans had a tradition: whenever one of their engineers constructed an arch, as the capstone was hoisted into place, the engineer assumed accountability for his work in the most profound way possible: he stood under the arch. While I have never found a Historical element to back up this story, I find it a really good one about accountability. Would Holinka stand under HIS arch? I think that after a performance review that Holinka should receive a 75% nerf to his salary. And what could he say? He has used that very tool in his professional development. Why could it not be used on him? Just a thought... :)Michaeas0 8h
8h Horde-largest population of griefers This pertains to world pvp (if you can call it pvp). We are all aware that on almost every server the horde outnumber the alliance 10-1 which makes everything suck for both factions. I don't want you to have 20-30 minute queues for Bg's either, but I think the merc guy needs to be removed. Bg's aside, as alliance when I travel around the world through a sea of red attempting to go about my business, inevitably I'll run into immature !@#$%^-s camping WQ's and FP's for the lone alliance member to land amidst a dozen horde. Does this behavior make you feel proud of yourself? Waiting for me to tag a quest mob and then attacking me after waiting for the mob with me? Killing me as I land as a flight point? Yes? is that PvP? The funniest part is when I am on my main with 2.6m health I never get attacked.... It only seems to be on my 1.5m hp alts.. like every single time I bring them out of Dalaran. And when I decide I am sick of the rogue camping a stupid WQ, I bring my main and they run to camp a different WQ. (Pussies) My absolute favorite is after getting ganked over and over at a flightpoint amidst a sozen horde, is the chat spam of "strange gestures" and "spit" that must be bound to every key. This seems to be the same in Bg's. On alliance, I haven't seen anyone do this since burning crusade when everyone had to shout "get over here" when Dk's were released. Is the horde made up of children? That absolutely refuse to pvp unless there is absolutely no way they can possibly lose? Did you all grow up in the era of giving both little league teams a trophy regardless if they won or lost, and you just can't handle losing a fight? Does it make you happy that people are quitting by the thousands and getting ganked on alts is a big reason why? Do you enjoy your 20+ minute Bg queues? Now, the only reason I am bothering to post this is because of CRZ. Before CRZ, I could simply write down the name of the ganker *!@#$% and return the favor. CRZ makes this impossible with all the tourists on my server... Again, completely 100% safe ganking with zero possibility it will come back and bite you in the ^-* ever. Yep.. and you children pat yourself on the back and call it "world pvp"....Maxina11 8h
8h winners 7.1.5 well it looks like monks and shaman maybe mages were the winners this patchDieyoung12 8h
9h Best 19 twinks? So ive been gone a couple years and i saw my gear is obsolete...who are some of the best 19s to emulate. Please include Pally Rogue and Priest aswell as hunter. kinda wanna see if i can upgrade what i haveIshöot4 9h
9h Alliance losing 85% of the time Ever since the idiots at Blizzard changed the Horde racials and all Alliance players switched Horde. The issue compunds as it's virtually impossible to get gear and artifact points if you are Allaince So, thanks again to the morons at BlizzardAgincourt102 9h
9h Welcome to Ashran in Legion level 110 Ashran is still available and people can still play in Legion, currently the queues are long because people are still levelling and exploring Legion, you have to be level 110 to queue up in Ashran. Ashran Forum is no longer available, so all the ashranars have moved to the BG forum including my self! What you get out of Ashran? ** One of the fastest way to farm HKS which can give you Blood Thirsty Title! 250,000 kills! Ashran is a 40 v 40! ** Get ur Warlord of Draenor titles - Ashran is the only place to farm this title! ** Get ur Rep up with Wrynn's Vanguard/Vol'jin's Spear ** One of the fastest way to open up you're Honor Talents by farming in Ashran by farming Honourable kills. It is so fast, that it will blow up you're mind! ** World Quests are now available inside Ashran ** Marks of Honor - 100% as a reward, unlike BGS you may get it and sometimes you wont. ** Boxes from each event and boss kills the quest ''Ashran Dominance '' - This will give you gold and gear! ** Bonus Objectives - Gives you extra Gold 40-50g per Bonus objective ** When you finish Ashran Dominance Quest which requires you to win 4 events and 1 boss kill - This will give you 100% marks of Honor, Gear and gold! ** Slay Them All quest - Killing 200 players - Reward gives you boxes and gold, this quest is now repeatable and every 15-20 minutes you will have a new quest which can give you gold and gear which you can vendor or use. ** Best PvP gold farming in the game, I personally used to farm 15-20k a day in Ashran when I needed gold and that was the only way I used to earn gold in WoD. ** Ashran is a great place if you run a large PvP Guild and like to have Premade Vs Premade, and many large guilds had a great time in Ashran! ** Ashran is not a regular BG where you just try to cap a flag or defend a flag almost every BG is the same and they all have flags in it, Ashran is a unique BG which has unique events ** Ashran is a battle zone for premade vs premade action! Fast queues, easy to find another premade if you set one up. Ashran is a unique Hydrid PvP which allows you to use excellent toys for PvP combat including FrostWyrmns, Beasts and Healing Dragons to aid you in battle. ------------------------ Honor Blizzard has nerfed honor two times now for everything, below is the updated honor for Ashran 1000 Fragments, you get 500 honor 150 per event = 600 honor 4 world quests should give you around 400 honor When you finish ur Domination quest = you get 500 honor Slay them all - Get 200 kills - you are awarded 200 honor. This quest is also repeatable, and a new quest starts every 15-20 minutes which gives you 600-800 honor per hour. We are looking at 2800+ honor per hour. that is 3 levels if u are above 25 or 3-5 if you are under 25 honor level. Ashran was one of the best places to farm honor, gear in wod, and is still the fastest way to level up ur honor talents and remains a zone for premades to stomp eachother for Glory. Ashran gives you 100% guaranteed marks of honor Patch 7.1 update Raid frames are fixed, people can now see roles Maps are fixed Engineering toys & Books work in ashran, others things seem disabled for now. Ashran is the best place for premade vs premade and pretty easy to organize between alliance vs horde guilds. Queue times have gone upto 30-45 minutes in a normal ashran it will hopefully come back down Instant queues for premade vs premade Ashran So what's happening now? Everyone is excited about legion, leveling, farming and exploring legion so the queues are really long at this time, this will improve with time once people are settled. [b]This is what you have to do ** When you queue up, we suggest you queue up with friends to reduce queue times and to avoid seeing timers. If you do see a 5 minute timer (game will end message) you wait it out and do not leave ashran, and it generally fills up the timer is reset as people join in. ** If you enjoy ashran and run a guild, get in touch! Horde/Alliance - Both are welcome to contact to help restart Ashran In Legion again and start getting in some Premade Vs Premade again. In the coming time period when people are settled and want to PvP those people who enjoyed Ashran PvP are most likely to go back there again! We will be setting Ashran events between Horde / Alliance guilds to get Ashran going! So if you like Ashran, Queue up to help out with the queuing process and continue ur questing adventures in Legion! Have a great time in Legion folks!Cryptids320 9h
10h Calling all AV Lovers on the Alliance! #10 Stormpike Militia is recruiting! We are an Alliance premade that runs AV every Wednesday night at 9PM EST. Normally we will get three to four games in and we have fun win or lose. This expansion is no face roll like it used to be so we have had some pretty amazing games so far. If you are interested in joining us, hop in the ventrilo server port: 6265 starting at 9:00 PM EST Wednesday. All are welcome! We really do have a nice group of players that are great at pvp and are fun to play with at the same time. I would like to expand the nights at some point but for now we are doing it only once a week due the daily AP grind. Mizriz is still the leader of this group but he is taking a break so I will be handling it until his glorious return. Feel free to add me: Magdalum#1935 Our previous posts: _________________________________Krienn112 10h
10h Can we get the very basic que problems fixed? Just had two games in a row of backfilling and it just reminded me how long this has been in the game. It was something for the days of infinite duration Warsong Gulch and AV. I can't believe that hasn't been revisited in all this time. Second, to go along with that, harsher leaving penalties seem fitting right? We have prestige honor now... take some away. Or increase the duration. Or make them "work it off" and the next so and so honor/loot from PvP they don't get. May as well throw on having 1 out of 5 player's be a healer per queue or something while we're at it.Horthas0 10h
11h Best solo Melee pvp class? Other than Ret and DH? I used to main FDK but that got killed last night. So what is good, Fury Warrior? WW Monk?Tingoodoo1 11h
11h PVP and profession items Okay... I cook a piece of food and eat it while waiting for the battleground to start. The buff is no longer applied. Okay fair enough... So why am I seeing rocket boosts and crap items from other professions being used to speed people along. Oh, and speed potions are good too. Listen, any item used in PVP to give a player an unfair advantage while carrying flags chasing flags, etc. all need to be removed from these instanced PVP zones. Just waaaay too much garbage. It's bad enough that druids get cat form so early in level while rogues get screwed out of 'Sprint', a crucial technique, until level 32. Also I like how, as a rogue, I managed to kill a paladin, with help of course, and they just used lay on hands to make us do that work all over again. What gives!? Why do they get such unfair advantages against other players who don't have such ult spells. What do I get as a rogue? An 8 second 'Dodge' buff. Balance this crap will you Blizzard!?Segasys7 11h
11h 90-99s Thread of the OG Return Short and sweet for new beginning With legion released any character in the 90-99 bracket will be in the same battleground regardless of whether their experience is turned on or off. To turn off experience go see your local rep. Battleground que times usually vary from 6 to 15 minutes  Alliance Horde Artifact Weapon Artifact weapons are available to 99s.  Do your research and choose wisely because this will be the only artifact weapon you can obtain. You can't get the others until level 102. (Guide to Artifact - Gear Scaling/Gear Info In legion all Instanced PVP such as battlegrounds and arena have set templates for every class/spec. Ilvl 600 is baseline in IPVP. Every average ilvl over that is a .1% increase in stats. For example if your average Ilvl is 700 you'll have a 10% increase in overall stats. Legion BOEs are obtainable at 98/99 scaling down to ilvl 740 for 98 and ilvl 746 for 99. Due to an error with the blizzard armory they appear to be level 101. Gems/Enchants - Do not work in Arenas/Battlegrounds Guilds <Below Me> Skywall-US-Alliance / GM - #grayson1858 Armories Death Knight Unholy Frostâut/advanced Frost Demon Hunter Vengeance Vengeance Havoc Druid Feral Balance Resto Balanceôônlite/advanced Feralêetime/advanced Balance Balance Hunter Survival Beast Mastery Survival  Mage Fire Fire Arcane Monk WW Paladin Ret Ret Holy Ret Ret Priest Disc Shadow Rogue Outlaw Assassination Shaman Resto Resto Warrior Fury Fury Prot Warlock Affliction Affliction Affliction ***Only toons with Ilvl 700+ are posted Butchermage56 11h
11h Alliance..Always..Loses.. Seriously I lose all the time as Alliance. Idk if there is no more PvP players on Alliance, there is bots, or if it's just terrible luck getting matched with crappy teams. I lose like 6-8 in a row before I finally win one. What is the deal? Also please don't be a typical PvP forum posters and say "it's you, you suck". Also would be nice to not get a "for the Horde!" I am getting put on terrible teams, it's not my fault that the entire team is losing time and time again. I also usually finish upper middle of the pack in dps and play objectives pretty well when I can get my team to help. But usually they just scramble around and get killed. Just trying to figure out how you guys on both factions are doing. Fellow Alliance, are you also losing all the time? Horde, are you guys winning all the time?Dormis59 11h
11h 60's Thread #218 1 Fix 2 Fix Red Fix Bug Fix Exp On and Exp Off have been Merged as of the 7.0 Legion Pre-Patch To learn more about the current Legion Changes this bracket has seen check out: TURN OFF YOUR EXP - WARLORDS OF DRAENOR IS NOW STARTER EDITION. There are "Exp eliminators" In Stormwind and Orgrimmar. Alliance: Horde: General Best in Slot Guildlines Item Level Scaling has been removed. Your Character now has a Template that scales - in part - by average Item Level. However, there does appear to be a Template iLvl Cap based on Player Level. Maintain at least 70-75 Average iLvl - this appears to be our Template Cap at 60. *Download to see iLvl* Gems, Enchants, Set Bonuses, Procs and Non-consumable On Use items are all disabled in Instanced PvP. Stats on gear do not matter with the exception to Weapon Speed, Top End Damage or Type. For Weapon Based abilities, a slower Weapon Speed will increase your damage. (Props to Vurtne for the list) Dagger: HWL/GM (2.00) - PvP Vendor Fist Weapon: HWL/GM (2.90) - PvP Vendor 1Hander: Demonfork (3.40) - LBRS 2Hander: The Unstoppable Force (166/3.80) - AV Vendor Ranged: Ashjre'thul, Crossbow of Smiting (145/3.40) - BWL For Mages, Priests and Warlocks, Wands are BiS.Redemptîon378 11h
11h ninja buffs and debuffs in BGs? I have been feeling like sometimes i go into a BG and do noticeable high damage, and in other BGs i feel extremely weak, I now in earlier times one could blame gear, but there is not suppose to be much difference in the power of gear. My current ilvl is 150 for level 69, that is above the minimum so i have a small buff in stats. normal buff is 387, i am at 391. i've been keeping track of how i am doing in bgs, and in the last bg only got 3kbs and damage was only 168k, while others where in the 400k, now i could understand if i was inactive, but i was doing the usual and no matter what i did, i couldn't improve the situation, while in other BGs its almost effortless. I am beginning to believe blizzard is monitoring and giving buffs and debuffs to keep ppl happy, lol. I don't know, but does anyone else feel the same?Grimrip18 11h
12h Mindcontrol Bop FC I almost forgot this was a thing untill i saw it happen in a Rated Bg in Wsg. The pally was Prot. Bug? Why else would he not be Ret? I thought they removed that !@#$.Sungrazèr20 12h
12h Pvp vendors Seriously... bring them back..Caajin1 12h
13h Bg Q's Ally 10 min Horde 20 Anyone know whats up? Ally q is around 10 mins and horde is 20 or more.Ènvy13 13h
13h Most important classes to take for RBGs? Hello, Me and my guild just got a core RBG group going and wondering what the current meta MUST have classes are. Any help would be great. thanks!Avancast4 13h
15h Greater Fade Collaboration As most of you know, Fade Capping has been a serious issue in the rbg community lately and I made this thread so we call all band together to stop these filthy cheating fat idiots! I am tired of playing against teams that I would normally destroy and then just get capped on maps like eots/ab/dwg/gilneas so please share with us how to stop this disgusting exploit and put these terrible 2k priests back where they belong!Drmurphz22 15h