Jun 12 Final Legion PvP Season 2 Cutoffs Since the conclusion of Legion PvP Season 2, we've been working to remove players from the ladder who were ineligible for rewards due to disqualification. That work has now been completed, which means we're ready to begin distributing end-of-season rewards. The final rating requirements for Legion Season 2 are as follows: 3v3 Arena Fearless Gladiator (Horde): 2911 Fearless Gladiator (Alliance): 2837 Gladiator (Horde): 2631 Gladiator (Alliance): 2653 Duelist (Horde): 2184 Duelist (Alliance): 2181 Rival (Horde): 1920 Rival (Alliance): 1903 Challenger (Horde): 1627 Challenger (Alliance): 1615 Rated Battlegrounds: Hero of the Horde: 2514 Hero of the Alliance: 2432 Guardian of the Horde: 2177 Guardian of the Alliance: 2123 Defender of the Horde: 1896 Defender of the Alliance: 1861 Soldier of the Horde: 1650 Soldier of the Alliance: 1640 Congratulations to everyone receiving a reward, and good luck in Season 3!Ornyx7 Jun 12
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56s PvP: what gives? I remember reading a while back that the goal of the PvP changes Blizzard was making was to "make PvP to feel more rewarding, fair and ballanced". They went on to say they didn't want someone to be global'd or killed in a matter of seconds that a player would have a chance to actually retaliate against their attacker. I'm pretty sure I didn't imagine or dream this and yet.. here I am, getting killed in one major stun ~4 seconds. 1.4+ million eviscerates, templar's verdicts, 900k+ dmg judgements 800+k shadowblades just to name a few. And DHs, don't get me started on them.. is it just because I'm a shaman? or is PvP just about in the worst state I've ever seen it?Toron27 56s
1m The current state of PvP and templates PvP is bad right now, there is no denying it. Templates were supposed to lead to a level playing field, and if things were balanced properly, this would be great. However, things in my opinion are not balanced properly, with melee definitely having the upper hand. My opinion is that PvP in WoW should be both about gear and skill. People like getting their gear up, and working towards improving their gear, and this gives them a sense of accomplishment. I think that this is a good thing, but I think that skill plays a part too. The pruning that was done to classes was poor as well. I think that PvP should be a balance of gear and skill. They should bring back vendors, let us choose our own gear, and bring PvP back to a state like in Wrath of the Lich King. I think the template system is a failure. What do you think? Discuss..Mckenna218 1m
3m What do we want? We want old AV back!!!! Hello, I know this is a redundant request.. one that have been asked for many years now and never taken into account. It would be great to have the old Alterac Valley back... Hours of fights and have people do the summons quests. It was great and when one was tired, he would just pop out so another can join. Alterac has never been for quick pvp win, in my opinion it was for epic long battles. As of now, it's a complete stupid rush to base for win... Terrain in favors of the alliance. Cheers,Caexis21 3m
20m Casual pvpers get shafted...... In times past you could hit max level and basically stick to random bgs to gear up. You are almost forced to do some aspects of PVE to be able to compete in pvp now. The most annoying thing is the Follower missions and class campaign tied to unlocking a third relic slot for your artifact. You can't even fully upgrade your weapon now without having to do a quest line in the broken shores. I miss just being able to hit max level on an alt and use it for casual pvp. Don't even get me started on the new pvp "gearing system"....we should have some currency we can farm and then turn in for gear. The RNG loot is a nice suprise when it actually happens but not when its the ONLY way to gear up in pvp.Astaroth40 20m
21m How much does ilvl matter in random bgs? would an 800 ilvl player with all honor talents vs a 900 ilvl player with all honor talents be a fair fight? Or is an ilvl gap that large to much to counteract?Astaroth33 21m
21m Ashran is still relevant If you enjoy PvP and Prestige.Mordecaí13 21m
22m Monks and WSG Why are monks allowed to teleport up to a second level with the flag? There are certain things that shouldn't be allowed when handling the flag. A monk planted his teleport thing above their gy and would constantly fly across the map to his teleport and get above the rest of the us and couldn't even give us a chance to get the flag. Please nerf monks teleport spell when carrying flags.Zyex7 22m
57m Who's tryna start a RBG team wit me Lf people who don't have a rbg team and are tired of using lfg. I will play with any spec as long as you are decently geared (880+) and have your artifact weapon close to, or at concordance. Faction:alliance If you are interested leave your btag below, and if we can't get a full group of 10 we can lfg the last few.Pangsoo8 57m
1h The Best PvP Bot EVAR! I was in a battleground earlier today and saw someone w/ seriously the best Bot I've ever seen. It literally seemed to do everything. I took the time to record it in game so I could share it w/ the readers of the forums. Please feel free to share your thoughts. Would you purchase this bot? Yes? No? Why?! Looking forward to our discussion.Mfpt30 1h
1h 90-99s Thread of Boomkin meta 90-99s Twink Thread Q&A WARGAMES on SAT 9PM EST COMPLETE GUIDE: READ THE GUIDE. THANKS DR. Is the community active? Yes, a tally of active twinks that played in the last two weeks exceed 75+ members. Regular BG pops are all day. Everybody knows everybody here. Is it hard to gear? No, it takes about a weekend at level 99 to do all the legion zones. Throw a couple of timewalking/neths runs and you'll be up to speed in terms of artifact level. What class is needed? Healers. I don't like to heal! Play what you want. I see some guys in full BOE epics. Those are expensive, do I need them? Nope. Not at all. Where can I meet more 99 Twinks? Join the discord: 1h
1h What class/spec has the best aoe burst? I've only stuck to healing on my priest this expansion. I haven't played any other class. In MoP I had a Fire Mage alt I truly had a blast on. "When I got tired of healing" I still have hilarious memories with the old talent "Prismatic Crystal." I loved that spell.... could change the outcome of a battle ground so quick. Is there anything that's similar? :( I miss the lol's of running into a crowd with my cd's up.Amberalert0 1h
1h Top specs for solo que random bg's? What are the current top specs for solo que random bg's? If someone could list their top 3 or top 5 specs for randoms I'd appreciate it! (Not including healers or tanks). (Also if, for example, two rogue specs are numbers one and two you could you put them on the same line. I'm thinking, that way the list wouldn't be made up of just two classes.) I don't have any characters at max level so I'm unable to find this out through experience. Also, I'm playing a mage, I'm not trying to decide what class to play. Just got curious as to what the top specs are right now. Thanks!Addronus8 1h
2h So who is running this ship? Just get out of a WSG, first of all the queue time was over 8 minutes as alliance. The match begins and the horde have a 10 man team with two healers. We have 8 with no healers. It never filled and we spent 9 minutes getting GY camped. Guess they finally realized nobody was going to respawn and decided to cap the last flag. If you are too ignorant to know what the most basic version of balance between teams is I will be happy to answer any questions you have. Pro tip, starting and leaving a match 8 to 10 with the 10 having heals is not balance.Crockett4 2h
2h Self Heals? Are you guys missing your self heals/self sustainability... overall suvivability? i.e. - ember tap, instant flash of lights, word of glory, runic conversion, death siphon, recuperate, etc. or are you glad that Blizz pruned those abilities?Josuf5 2h
3h 865 gear sucks Come on really 865 for a hard !@# battle wtfHellblaze12 3h
4h You sure racials arent issue? I'm 907 item lvl now and consistently topping damage/kbs in bgs, yes while playing the objective as well(returning flags, capping bases). Still my fault ally has a 37% winrate across the board when its me at the top of damage followed by 7 horde? Bottom line is blizz gave horde better racials yet again, top pvpers went horde and the rest followed. I could swap to horde and instantly have a 65-70% winrate in bgs, nothing changed but the racials and faction. BG winrates confirmed showing horde winning more. Also it would be even higher if you take out AV/IoC that are somewhat "non pvp" bgs that most horde blacklist anyways either because they dislike it or they feel ally win it more. It also shows IoC is the least played map, so once again, remove IoC/AV that are hardly played anyways compared to WSG and watch the winrates become even more extreme. To dumb it down for you guys, a 70% winrate in IoC doesn't mean much if its only played 1 out of 25 times you queue for a random bgIgyfarmyou39 4h
5h Elemental Shaman Bg PvP time! I often hear that Elemental Shamans are weak and it's hard to BG with them. It's true lol... but ppl forget how PvP works sometimes. Every class has a counter and they will be weaker to some.The key it's support, the Elemental Shaman specifically does very well when the right support it's given by his/her team mates. This is another video of me bringing whatever class to Battlegrounds with the right support, team work and communication among friends which always leads me to a healthy experience in PvP and fun moments i want to repeat with this class and any other out there. For the "PREMADES ARE BAD" haters out there... all i do its broadcast a msg to everyone in my friends list, ppl join my queue through the quick join or i join theirs. Call it a premade or not it doesnt matter, it's intended by Blizzard and we arent doing anything wrong other than playing with friends like we used to a long time ago. We dont use voice channels and have a strategy other than what i always say in every BG which i even have macroed down and that is "We are here to have fun, not to do any objective, kill everything and anything that moves" works every time. Hope you guys have fun out there, play whatever you want, when playing with friends every class it's fun. PLAY WHAT YOU LIKE AND NOT WHAT YOU'RE TOLD! Enjoy the PVP video! Add me up, jugernaut#1609 lets hit some BGs together and own it up in the battle field!Jugernutz38 5h
5h Battle for Gilneas needs trigger warnings I think I might kill myself if I play that map ever againHìtt6 5h
7h Wont let up til 6v6 is a playlist After playing this for a few days, I can't even queue for battlegrounds. This is blizz' best brawl/idea for pvp by far! We need to make this a rated and unrated option to queue for in 7.3+. How do you think they could flesh it out for rated? What objectives/maps would you like to see in this playlist? Personally id like to see a king of the hill/domination type of playlist similar to silvershard without the moving carts. Thoughts?Twochains23 7h
7h Recruiting RBG Team Pushing for 2200+ Looking for these classes specific: Rogue DH Hunter Warrior Mage Healers; MW Holy Priest Add me @ Verbies#1697Verbieswins1 7h
8h Coming back test I don't have as near much time I use to. Havn't played in maybe 6 months. Will mostly be doing BGs and questing trying to catch up. Little bit of raiding and keystones. Can't focus on all my toons. What would people recommend. Enh Shaman or Feral druid.Aevirent3 8h
9h PVP Community being made Hello everyone my name is Mystic, i'm the leader of the Battle Born guild on Coilfang and am usually running premades in Ashran on the weekends. We all have seen a decrease in pvp and premades in all forms of pvp for awhile now and it seems to be on a decline even further. i've implemented a plan to try and save what little pvp there is. I dislike fighting pug groups and am wanting to form premades on both alliance and horde sides at the same time. this way we can keep those wanting to do just wq's out of our premade ashrans as well as stopping people from being able to force close a ashran they aren't liking. this will be a friendly and fun environment, and it's meant for those who don't pve to be able to do something within wow and not get creamed in open world by those fully geared. i have made a guild on Kel Thuzad called battle born alliance and have leaders eager to lead you guys in many pvp areas besides just ashran. we're going to try and bring back wintergrasp/tol berad/ashran/ and the 40 vs 40 bg's and wargames. i ask that if you'd like to be apart of it join our discords so we can start setting up events. i know pvp has been tough all around and i am trying to change it for the better if you'll all help me with it. it's gonna be rough at first and may take some time, but i feel that if we come together we can make pvp stronger in world of warcraft. if we don't act now, pvp may be lost never to return to its former glory. thank you for your time in reading this, and for all those leaders out there. (myself included) don't let your ego's or "titles" get in the way of helping make a pvp community for all players to be able to be apart of. i'm begging you to help me do this. have a good day and again, thank you for your time. <--- horde premade discord <--- alliance premade discord for those alliance players wanting to be apart of the new alliance guild it is based on Kel Thuzad and named Battle Born Alliance.Mystiç51 9h
9h Why is healer Imbalance still a thing? Anyone else notice how imbalanced heals can be for either side? One side has 4 or 5 heals and your side has 1-2 or vice versa and so on and so forth. Also when it comes to certain maps and you have 0-1 heals and the other team as 3-4 heals, your pretty much screwed. Just get out of a WSG and other team had 3 heals and we had none. Got destroyed, even trying to kill heals, it was just too much with 3 heals working together. Also did a EOS, and we had 4 heals, other team had 1. Was an easy win, but brutal for them. Just irks me when you get into a game and the outcome isn't decided by teamwork, it's just the other team has either way more healers or they have heals and you don't. Really wish blizz would fix this.Caplin7 9h
9h Horde significantly higher BG win ratio in US What gives? Time for the Alliance to step up again.Malaka92 9h
13h Mean PvP things you have done? I remember back in Wrath of the Lich King, when fishing for Glacial Salmon was popular in Wintergrasp, I spotted a Horde Tauren Shaman fishing. I flew down, landed behind him, two-shotted him and then took his fishing spot. He never came back...Mckenna76 13h
13h Tired of crap gear in bg's Greetings.. I'll get down to this..... Im absolutely tired of getting "860 level" gear drops in bg's......thats most all I ever get as well as my guildies.... yes...I and we do "occasionally" get an 880 piece....very rare for it to warforge but still.....I'll estimate 95% of any game won rewards us with crap 860.. now...I remember the blues building this fantastic system up claiming how fair its going to be for everyone (ie: all casters excluded) and I also remember blizz saying that gear drops will be "around" the same ilvl as the toon that won the drop....I remember reading this.....however I cannot find it,but I did find another interesting read..... Our initial approach for Legion has been to have the item level of gear rewards from PvP increase with your Honor Level. However, the way this works hasn’t been obvious to players, and it resulted in the unfortunate circumstance where some players tried out PvP only after gearing up elsewhere—and were disappointed by the PvP rewards. In Patch 7.1, we've transitioned PvP gear rewards to more closely mirror the type of item level progression you see from World Quests. This means PvP should feel as rewarding as other parts of the game that offer high replay value. now....I dont know about yall.....but I been seeing higher than 860 drop off world quests.....geez the weekly drops am I,you,us supposed to "feel rewarded".....on either side mind you.......with 860 gear? oh...but we can obliterate the 860 and buy new pieces......yes thats correct.....but as you know...860 gives (1) echo (blizz's great new fun currency)... had a decent game before,both pvp and pve.....why did you allow this to happen? why have you screwed up pvp? why have you dumbed down pve? why have you messed up professions especially with the rng on top of rng? why have you allowed some to have built in advantages and others none? anyway...i'll continue to look for the things I read really are not fooling anyone btw.....bait and switch isnt a very good business practice and eventually....even if you bankroll 5 warcraft movie sequels...the people are going to get tired of it...time to make it right.. hers that link btw.. 13h
13h What class to main in RBGs? Choices available: Mage, Monk, Warrior, or Demon Hunter. I was thinking warrior personally because I really like melee and doing great damage while doing so. Not saying Monk isn't good for damage, but they're just not on the same level as warriors imo, but their mobility is really appealing. Not particularly fond of casting, but mages are really fun, like really really fun to play as. I've heard that RBGs tend to favor caster comps as well. Demon Hunters, well, to be honest, they just seem really cool, and they have a combination of good damage and mobility. My only concern with them is their survivability seems to be lacking in comparison to the other 2 melee choices.Babydevourer5 13h
13h Rated 6v6 Greetings Blizzard and Fellow WoW Players, I am writing this post after enjoying the 6v6 Brawl this week. I would like to pitch the Idea of making it into a rated game mode. Xaryu, a popular Mage youtuber and PvP Wizard posted a video about this exact topic and another video talking about RBG’s that really got me thinking and inspired me to make this post. I’ll link the Video below, check it out. I’ll be using some of Xaryu’s points as well as my own and I hope this can make for good discussion and a possible competitive game mode down the road. 6v6 Benefits - Smaller Size makes it approachable to a wider audience 10v10 RBG’s are too large for a “casual” player. It offers less balancing headaches for developers. It brings compelling and fast paced game play to a smaller atmosphere, while concentrating on the objective rather than KDR. (See Below for “Objectives”) Esport Viability- Most other major Esports that have team based gameplay have Objectives involved in some form or fashion. (forgive me, I’m not a huge esport keeper upper) Shooters - CTA/Conquest(cap the flags and hold)/Search and Destroy/Counter strike (plant the Bomb and defend it) Mobas - Tower Defense - (Destroy the enemy Base as a Team) RTS - Build Base - Destroy Enemy Base (Im sure there are others, forgive me) What we would need from Blizzard - Voice Chat System from Overwatch, Implemented into World of Warcraft Hard Coding of Queue Systems - IE; Only queue into Teams of the same size (I queue with my friend so our team would be a DUO and 4 Randoms Vs Their DUO and 4 Randoms) Additionally, The queueing system would need to encompass Tanks/Healers For Example - BOTH - Teams would always have 2 healers and Lose 1 DPS if someone queued as a Tank Visible MMR on the Armory/ingame character via inspection and visible on the LFG system panel when apping or making LFG groups. Solo Queue with the above mentioned points is a Viable option too as long as the hard code queue rules remain intact. I think this would be a good option for players to solo queue at casual MMR levels and then possibly meet some players to push over their MMR wall together in more of a team effort. TLDR: I love Arena, I think it’s exciting and fun. I also believe that it’s a very original game mode in the setting of the game. I don’t think making 6v6 RBG’s will destroy Arena - Players will always do Arena. I think that 6v6 offers a more “balanced” gameplay experience and is approachable by a mass audience due to Team Based Objectives. Xaryu’s Video - Thanks for your time and happy gaming.Larryfine12 13h
13h Why is EOTS still an RBG Eye of the Storm is the worst RBG. idk why it still even is one. its way too easy to defend a base, and it just turns into a stupidly long fight at mid if people spin flag like they should. the bg wasnt designed to cap the nodes, and its way dumb with that feature added to it. it needs to go. its the only rbg i loath getting and dread it poppin up on the load screen. anyone else experienced this? Rbgs would be much better off without this crap.Illadrix61 13h
15h Healing BGS is Awful I really think its time to remove addons that target healers and their cds.....Not asking for any give healers a decent damage spell to combat in one vs one.....monks have nothingDiamonk44 15h
15h 30 min random bg que Gave up at 31 mins. Requed, waited for the "6 minute Average Wait Time." Gave up at the 7 min marker. Wtf gives?Shuzulai5 15h
17h Templates and honor talents Are garbage like if you agree or disagree its not like you have a choice.Ithedefilerl74 17h
17h Rogue, WW or Ret for Random Bgs? Anyone play a little bit of everything? Which seems the strongest in 1v1 situations? Which do you prefer playing in random bgs?Astaroth10 17h
18h Demon Hunter PVP tips in BGs Hey im rolling DH to just do some BGs, and i found a guide in youtube, do you think it covers all the basics for Being a good DH? 18h
18h Sign the petition for a legit RBG tournament 18h
18h Grinding WSG Rep Hey folks, I am looking for a solid group of people interested in grinding some Warsong Outriders rep. I have been solo queueing WSG for the last two weeks and I think I have reached my wits end. I usually find groups that can't kill/CC healers, love fighting mid, love not picking up the flag, love not peeling for healers etc. I don't think I need to elaborate as I am sure we are all aware of the general terribleness of random bgs. I am currently about 5k/21k into revered and would love to have some help making this final push. Any role works, please know how to bg/pvp. I am looking to win games, not farm HKs. Thanks for your time. -Jolts Monsters#1384 (Feel free to hit me up if you are interested).Jolts7 18h
19h Stop whining Go play another game or just stop Doing pvp. Maybe you will be happierMordecaí56 19h
20h 60s Thread #219 Wheres Gesh? Exp On and Exp Off have been Merged as of the 7.0 Legion Pre-Patch To learn more about the current Legion Changes this bracket has seen check out: TURN OFF YOUR EXP - WARLORDS OF DRAENOR IS NOW STARTER EDITION. There are "Exp eliminators" In Stormwind and Orgrimmar. Alliance: Horde: General Best in Slot Guildlines Item Level Scaling has been removed. Your Character now has a Template that scales - in part - by average Item Level. However, there does appear to be a Template iLvl Cap based on Player Level. Maintain at least 70-75 Average iLvl - this appears to be our Template Cap at 60. *Download to see iLvl* Gems, Enchants, Set Bonuses, Procs and Non-consumable On Use items are all disabled in Instanced PvP. Stats on gear do not matter with the exception to Weapon Speed, Top End Damage or Type. For Weapon Based abilities, a slower Weapon Speed will increase your damage. (Props to Vurtne for the list) Dagger: HWL/GM (2.00) - PvP Vendor Fist Weapon: HWL/GM (2.90) - PvP Vendor 1Hander: Demonfork (3.40) - LBRS 2Hander: The Unstoppable Force (166/3.80) - AV Vendor Ranged: Ashjre'thul, Crossbow of Smiting (145/3.40) - BWL For Mages, Priests and Warlocks, Wands are BiS.Solanar472 20h
20h [Movie] Casters vs Warriors/DH So, I decided to play some of my casters to see how they could do against warriors and demon hunters in different situations. My conclusion is that although warriors and demon hunters are generally strong in 1v1s (with the exception of mage vs. arms) they are beatable as long as you don't make mistakes and/or exploit their mistakes. I'm trolling a bit with the movie as I really don't think I could beat myself (equal skill comparison) on arms or fury while on my shadowpriest or warlock, but you should definitely be able to win some fights against your typical BG warrior and demon hunters. If you aren't able to win any fights at all, then you are probably doing something wrong or using a build bad for fighting melee. I would only describe something as "OP" or a hard counter if there is a clear pattern where a bad player making mistakes can consistently beat a good player not making mistakes. IMO, warriors and demon hunters don't fit that definition.Oozo103 20h
21h The Victor's Spoils Prestige quest So I just prestige'd and was wondering where I start this quest in order to get the transmog for my artifact weaponCratiun40 21h
22h @prisonbuddy I know who you are, but to clear up any confusion. Can I interview you on my stream? I'll make time after 6pm cstKathorist16 22h
23h Template & ilvl Cap Is there an ilvl cap for pvp templates? I've heard a cap of 900 for non rated. Is this true? What's the ilvl cap for rated? Or is there no ilvl cap at all?Lichgnome4 23h
1d Artifact weaps not scaling? Test it out in a BG, swap your main weapon with another a few times and you notice a difference of Stats for a few seconds and goes back to normal. Is that intended?Makeme0 1d
1d When to enter RBGs? Hello, I pretty much exclusively PvP, and I want to start trying RBGs. I play resto and have been watching videos and practicing what I learn. The issue is that I just came back from a break, and I don't have a lot of friends to play with, so I'll make or enter some YOLOs. At what ilevel should I begin entering them? I'm at 862 right now. I have also unlocked Concordance and am casually working on my weapon, but I don't know how much that will affect my performance. Thank you for all the help.Sahvan2 1d
1d Insulting healers in BGs Happened to me 3 times in the last few weeks. At the end of the BG, if there's a loss, some douche bag(usually a DH) would say "healer you suck" or even go further by whispering you to "just give up and quit the game". And then immediately put you on ignore so that you can't reply telling him to go F himself. This "insult the healer and put on ignore" behavior makes you look like some immature kid and also a coward. Also, it's always some douche that never tries to peel the melee off you and just expect to be showered with heals all the time like healers owe him something.Empathetic50 1d
1d Battlegrounds need Scaling So many times I join battlegrounds and the team is not full when it starts, and remains that way well into the battle. Other times I join and get dropped into a map with a team missing 3-4 players sometimes 5, which is sometimes half the team. I think Blizz should create an algorithm that scales damage and heals based on the number of players on the team. Or they could possibly power up the incoming players for a specified time, or based on the amount of players. There needs to be a process where a decision made by a deserter to leave doesn't indirectly affect the team staying who is now missing a player(s).Whaletail7 1d
1d PvP Honor Trees & Twinks Hello everyone. I've made a 29 twink and I do not own the Legion expansion. I am currently only upgraded to the WoD expansion. I've seen the change for the Honor Talents but I can't seem to access them on my twink? Is this because I don't have the Legion expansion? They don't show up as a tab in my Talents UI, nor do they show up while I am in a RBG or arena. Or does this have to do with being level 29? I do have the first talent, the medallion. But I don't really have anything to work towards without it. I also am not collecting the reward of 150 honor points from winning a RBG. It is not in my currency tab at all. Can anyone explain this?Invsiblehulk2 1d
1d What Twink Brackets are Active these days Tyvm in advanceWhatsgravity12 1d