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5m Clickers and Keyturners [Bg Lounge #10] This thread encourages Battleground/PVP discussion and networking with hopes of finding new people with which to play WoW. As such, feel free to post you btag information and what form of pvp you wish to play. If you have hostility towards a certain poster(s) we ask you to leave the thread and not intentionally stir the pot. For any troll comments, please click the 'ignore' button and do not engage as it risks getting the thread removed. This thread was created by Light, however, the rules are as follows: When a thread caps at post #500, a new one can be created by anyone. The title should read [BG LOUNGE], include a unique title, and a sequential number. The title should not contain inappropriate language, subject matter, or be used to call anyone out.Forum Moderator: Goroxxiggam Last Thread: Name Suggested by: memes Copy/Paste info for thread creation: ------------------------------------------------------------------ memesJimmie409 5m
9m What in the world beats a Fury in WPVP, A Fury Warrior with Draught of Souls....GG? 1 button press erases 3-4 enemies.Peopleater15 9m
10m 90-99s Thread of the OG Return Short and sweet for new beginning With legion released any character in the 90-99 bracket will be in the same battleground regardless of whether their experience is turned on or off. To turn off experience go see your local rep. Battleground que times usually vary from 6 to 15 minutes  Alliance Horde Artifact Weapon Artifact weapons are available to 99s.  Do your research and choose wisely because this will be the only artifact weapon you can obtain. You can't get the others until level 102. (Guide to Artifact - Gear Scaling/Gear Info In legion all Instanced PVP such as battlegrounds and arena have set templates for every class/spec. Ilvl 600 is baseline in IPVP. Every average ilvl over that is a .1% increase in stats. For example if your average Ilvl is 700 you'll have a 10% increase in overall stats. Legion BOEs are obtainable at 98/99 scaling down to ilvl 740 for 98 and ilvl 746 for 99. Due to an error with the blizzard armory they appear to be level 101. Gems/Enchants - Do not work in Arenas/Battlegrounds Guilds <Below Me> Skywall-US-Alliance / GM - #grayson1858 Armories Death Knight Unholy Frostâut/advanced Frost Demon Hunter Vengeance Vengeance Havoc Druid Feral Balance Resto Balanceôônlite/advanced Feralêetime/advanced Balance Balance Hunter Survival Beast Mastery Survival  Mage Fire Fire Arcane Monk WW Paladin Ret Ret Holy Ret Ret Priest Disc Shadow Rogue Outlaw Assassination Shaman Resto Resto Warrior Fury Fury Prot Warlock Affliction Affliction Affliction ***Only toons with Ilvl 700+ are posted Butchermage259 10m
15m RBG Rogue this week What do you all think about the coming Nerf? Staying Mut or playing more Sub ... or even Outlaw?Astrylan15 15m
23m So when is Fel Lance getting nerfed? Not only does the DH become basically immune to all attacks for like 8 secs but they get to toss SEVEN 250,000 damage Fel Lances WITH PVP TEMPLATES ACTIVE. That's some broke shizz-nizzle.Zsigmond76 23m
33m Take my legitimate Strawpoll please. LEAST favourite, not MOST. :) Thanks, goodbye.Toughguybob71 33m
38m Making healers rage quit! I'm still preaching the same msg from day 1, your pvp experience could be much more if you took the time to meet new people, if you queue together and worked on a common goal. That goal should be fun and not winning btw, winning comes as a side effect. Don't be afraid to meet new folks and play together from time to time. Leave behind the solo queues and the yolo rbgs. This is my latest video in twin peaks making healers rage quit. Great crew of ppl I have met playing and asking for group, ppl with same goal and strat as me and that is... let's have fun out there. No need to use a program to communicate except good old fashioned typing. Hope you enjoy it and like/comment if you like what you see. 38m
44m Can we have a solo queue option for all pvp I know alot of players are gonna flame on this but seriously... There is no way random casual pvpers stand a chance against organised pvp players.. these whimpy frackers are just ruining everyone elses day.Calanthalas15 44m
50m HEALING in PvP Healing in PvP is a huge boost and wins the battle mostly. When there are 3 healers on the other team playing WSG when we have 1 is a difficult battle to win. I am wondering what the "balance" system is that Blizzard constantly tries to fine tune?Thegaff25 50m
1h How to start with rated BGs? Hi, I'm an old hat PVPer. Was pretty into it during vanilla, have the original Commander title, Master of Warsong Gulch, etc. These days I've been more casually doing random BGs because I strongly prefer objective based PVP to arenas, and I wanted to get into the rated battleground scene, which I haven't done in Legion yet. Unfortunately, every group I can see that recruits requires some kind of current rating level ranging from 1500-2400, and I don't even have a rating because I haven't started yet! What is a good way to get a foot in the door on rated BGs?Arthedain9 1h
1h We demand more exclusions With so many bg maps, some of which are crap and have never been fixed or are buggy (eg, SoTA), ffs let us exclude more than 2 maps for randoms. I'm just about done with this. Random bgs are my main pleasure in this game and I'm sick of getting stuck in a crappy game. HOW HARD IS THIS???Rawrk30 1h
1h warriors new FOTM everyone dust off their old warriors because the up coming pvp changes are going to make them gods. (let me look around oh theres my warrior under that pile of papers over there)Dieyoung14 1h
1h Temple of Kotmogu Needs to Go What a terribly designed BG. GTFO Blizz.Fardale39 1h
1h Random vs pre-made All day today.. hope on wow...que up a bg..and bam...horde premade...I sure wish blizz would make a true random experience for people who have no friends..(like me)Musclehead16 1h
1h transcendence Another formal request for the Dev team to remove this ability for flag carriers in BGs - at the least. A monk that can transcendence from a corner spot outside the building (in WSG) to the roof is a bug that needs to be fixed in my opinion.... much less be the flag carrier. Just remove the ability from flag carriers - ala deterrence, divine shield, etc.... PleaseMerlinator40 1h
1h Let's talk about the demon huntards DISCLAIMER: RANT POST. Congratulations Blizzard, you finally made me turn to the forums because of your freaking broken design for the flavour of the month. Would you kindly explain to us mortals, which one of you !@#$ing idiots came up with the idea to give the DH's unrivaled mobility and then BUFF the flying %^-* of their single target? In which !@#$ing sense of the word is that balanced?? Oh I know, lets give DH make people practically one shot people in a battleground/arena! I seen dks during their peak, I seen monks, but NOTHING comes close to this class which breaks every single mechanic in the %^-*ing game. Trying to run away from them.. yeah just glide and charge. Trying to catch them same deal. Oh your low on health?? Here have metamorphis which heals them for 75% of the !@#$ing damage they do! Oh look a lowly caster class that has no survivability, lets three shot them during in %^-*ing demon form. ARE YOU !@#$ING INSANE BLIZZARD! You cant catch them, cant kill them, cant even cc them in any way possible. Is it in the %^-*ing class fantasy to make this class the flavour of the month and overpowered? How the !@#$ did that even make into your %^-*ing development team and then APPROVED??!? And THEN BUFF THEM EVEN MORE???! THAT CLASS SHOULD BE DELETED !@#$ING OUTRIGHT AND REDISIGNED WITH AT LEAST 75% NERFS ACROSS THE FREAKING BOARD! Well %^-*ing done blizzard, that is me !@#$ing pissed off because another poor choice you did in battlegrounds.Stórmfury4 1h
1h 30-39 PVP Thread of Stop By and Say Hello! Hello friends of lowbie PVP. I've decided to create a new thread for 30-somethings. Our bracket certainly isn't the most popular for low-level PVP, but I've played in the 30s bracket for many years on various characters and always enjoyed it. I've found good players on both sides, and fun competition in BGs. I invite anyone who participates in or is interested in the 30s bracket PVP to say hello, give a shout out to other PVPers you've seen in BGs, and in general enjoy good conversation. You don't have to be a twink or XPoff to post here. Even if you're just passing through the bracket, feel free to post and say hello!Sapphos191 1h
2h BGs ranked Here's how I rank them: 1. Arathi Basin 2. Alterac Valley 3. Eye of the Storm 4. Warsong Gulch 5. Twin Peaks 6. Battle for Gilneas 7. Silvershard Mines 8. Deepwind Gorge 9. Temple of Kotmogu 10. Isle of Conquest 11. Strand of the Ancients How would you rank them?Mythelm1 2h
3h BG deserters and no replacements! Blizzard, seriously. If you are going to let people quit a BG Pug, either replace them with someone else immediately or give them a 24 hour BG ban. Since this last patch, we have people pout-quitting BGs and we end up in say, 10v10 with 6v10 or so. Come on, really?! You must really hate BGs so much you won't replace BG quitters.Lothlòria11 3h
3h At Prestige cap/still get artifact power? I am desperately trying to get to the 54 points cap before 7.2 releases. I am at Prestige rank 9+ and still have a ways to go. The only way I get artifact power is world quests and random BG/PVP. Suddenly I was horrified to think that maybe once we hit prestige cap our artifact power power will stop as well. Does anyone know?Orango1 3h
4h New Alliance AV Strat: 100% Workable! First, it's important to realize that AV is NO LONGER a gimme for the Alliance. The Horde have developed a new strategy where they turtle key points while slowly wearing down Ally resources. If the Alliance wants to dominate AV we need a VIABLE strategy that everyone will follow without question. Here's my suggestion: 1. Pretend like the Horde will lose anyway and do what we've been doing for the past 12 years. 2. Remember that the loss is everyone else's fault. I mean--you downed Hogger at level 20, remember? So l33t! 3. Bark a lot of orders in chat. Make sure everyone knows that you are in charge all the time. 4. Blame the healers. 5. Whine about how much better AV was back before all these new players showed up. Link old achievements to prove you wasted years of your life grinding BG rep and ranks in Vanilla and BC. 6. Demand random numbers of people go to whatever tower or graveyard you want. Don't single people out for this--just make random demands like "I need 7 of you guys to come to IBGY now or you're stupid." 7. Rage quit. So we might not win, but that's a strat that'll always be followed every time. P.S. Lighten's a joke. Just a little joke. It's funny because it's true.Malazoth22 4h
6h Why are healers unkillable? Are healers overtuned just to encourage people to heal? Why shouldn't a single DPS be able to kill a healer? Instead, even a semi-competent healer can just shrug off the attacks of a single DPS. Why does it take TWO sometimes even THREE DPS players just to kill ONE healer? How is it fair that it requires three players just to kill one player in a timely manner? PvP in this game with all these ridiculous healers is probably the worst PvP experience you can have in any game. Heroes of the Storm got it right with their support heroes. A good support hero can change the tide of battle, but if a damage oriented character closes in on them-- they have to run away or get help from their team, they can't just effortlessly outheal the damage being done to them.Denlastus172 6h
6h LFM Prestige Grind Looking for more people to queue for Random BG's, my server is all but dead for PVP, so finding a solid group of players is nearly possible. If you're looking for a 5th or a healer in general, Im down :DAcolyte2 6h
7h Alliance actually wins an SoTA I'm bored, and don't feel like sitting que times so I switched to Merc mode. I switch to Night Elf, and I have a Night Elf hunter so I know how to use Shadowmeld. I managed to screw up when I que'd. I forgot to switch my BG preferences and didn't B/L SoTA. Oh joy. We're attacking first, and I spawn Blue side. As we get closer I notice heavy D at Blue so I hang back, grab a bomb, and make a break for Green. As I get to Green the initial surge pushes through the gate and I start helping the push to Purple. We bog down and they start pushing back as I clear the gate so I retreat back to the beach and join the next wave. I know you have to avoid the defense and try to go to the unoccupied side but this looks like a good push. Second push breaks purple down and as I'm holding respawns back with CC's we cap the GY. We push through Purple and then we stall out at South spawn point. I notice someone had knocked down Blue gate so I break off and glidered down to Blue's GY and capped that. I ran my bomb to Red and then as I headed back to grab another bomb from Blue spawn I type in chat like a Caps Lock bandit, "IF WE DON"T CAP SOUTH GY WE HAVE A SHOT." Not 15 seconds later someone caps South GY LoL. We knock down Red. I grab the bomb and start CCing Horde off the demo's as we push on Yellow. The demo's break so I disengage back to grab another Demo. Yellow goes down and the group is pushing Relic gate as I chug up with the demo. The Horde collapse around then and they stall out and start to get pushed back as I reach in range of the door and start lobbing catapult rounds. Some horde realize their mistake and break off to kill my demo. As they kill my demo my final shot loops in and takes out the gate. I don't know who got in, but we stop the clock with a minute and a half left. I glider down Green side and head for the Dock when I notice someone crying about how little damage I put out. I'm thinking, "I capped a GY, helped knock down 2 gates, including the final one and you're crying about my damage!?!?!" So I type into chat, "I was in the demo that knocked down the final gate." "You're welcome." I help kill the demo and CC at the dock and fall back to Green. I throw a flare in the middle and put an explosive trap on one side and a freezing trap on the other side of the gate and get ready to keep people from dropping bombs. As a group comes I stand to the side and use Multishot and mouseover Arcane shots to keep people from dropping bombs and refresh my flare and traps as needed. However they push us off Green and Blue at same time. I fall back to Purple and use the same tactic to keep people off the gate, but Red falls. I fall back to Yellow and keep people off with bombs but people are ignoring Demos so Yellow falls. I drop a Binding shot and try to stem the flow as long as I can. They finally push through and I fall back to the last spot. There's a minute and half left. I flare the middle of the final gate, set a freezing trap on one side and an explosive trap at the other and I wait for the onrushing Horde. The Horde caps South GY! Now we're gonna rez in the keep and they're gonna have to go farther to get demos, we're gonna win! I keep preventing the bombs and the horde can't run demos as the time runs. I can't help another dig at the QQer. "AS TO THE ****** CRYING ABOUT MY DAMAGE, WAS THAT GOOD ENOUGH?" TL;DR Sorry fellow Hordies, I helped the Alliance win SoTABurte4 7h
7h Nerf Mages OP seriously 7h
10h Battlegrounds and SS Linking a SS in a battleground forum is okay to do. I encourage it here, even if it is of my corpse. I mainly made this thread because someone is disrupting another thread where they clearly shouldn't be. So have at it, link your SS and have your discussions/arguments over what it means to you.Jugaa42 10h
11h 60's Thread #218 1 Fix 2 Fix Red Fix Bug Fix Exp On and Exp Off have been Merged as of the 7.0 Legion Pre-Patch To learn more about the current Legion Changes this bracket has seen check out: TURN OFF YOUR EXP - WARLORDS OF DRAENOR IS NOW STARTER EDITION. There are "Exp eliminators" In Stormwind and Orgrimmar. Alliance: Horde: General Best in Slot Guildlines Item Level Scaling has been removed. Your Character now has a Template that scales - in part - by average Item Level. However, there does appear to be a Template iLvl Cap based on Player Level. Maintain at least 70-75 Average iLvl - this appears to be our Template Cap at 60. *Download to see iLvl* Gems, Enchants, Set Bonuses, Procs and Non-consumable On Use items are all disabled in Instanced PvP. Stats on gear do not matter with the exception to Weapon Speed, Top End Damage or Type. For Weapon Based abilities, a slower Weapon Speed will increase your damage. (Props to Vurtne for the list) Dagger: HWL/GM (2.00) - PvP Vendor Fist Weapon: HWL/GM (2.90) - PvP Vendor 1Hander: Demonfork (3.40) - LBRS 2Hander: The Unstoppable Force (166/3.80) - AV Vendor Ranged: Ashjre'thul, Crossbow of Smiting (145/3.40) - BWL For Mages, Priests and Warlocks, Wands are BiS.Redemptîon417 11h
12h BG personalities guide This has probably been done before, but it is amazing how these guys exist in every bg! I admit I have been "that" guy myself at times haha. Here is my list. 1. "gg" guy: If this guy does not say gg at the first sign of no heals (before the match even starts) he will say it about 2 minutes in....but never close to actually losing. 2. "You all suck" guy, aka "you're all bads" guy (likely spelled "your"): This player acts as though they are an outside observer and not at fault for any part of the loss. Taunts the team throughout the entire match instead of participating......still not to blame. 3. "Don't fight on the roads!" guy, aka "fight on the flag!" guy, and "stop fighting in the middle!" guy. Because you know it will have to be said at some point during the match. 4. "Focus heals!" guy: Exists because the majority of you won't focus heals. Typically can be seen chasing around a full-health restoration druid solo, then rage-quitting shortly thereafter. 5. Instructor guy. This dude feels the need to hand out instructions prior to each match. Typically turns into one or more of the above guys at some point due to no one following his instructions. 6. "Our heals suck" guy. Same dude that runs by his healer being pummeled by a rogue so he can chase a low health enemy to score a killing blow. Ends up getting killed 3-1, blames healer. 7. "nerf (insert class that killed you here)" guy. Well, if he is complaining about demon hunters, fair game. Anything else...."git gud" guy will have something to say about that. I know there are more. Add your own!Dredikai20 12h
12h I have no words for monks non stop cc and infinate mobility, healing while moving. they have a ranged sap and i dont even have gouge.Gótrek39 12h
13h hpala vs mw healing Had no problem reaching 100m+ healing in bgs on my mw but on my recently dinged hpal, even 50k mil is a struggle and it seems like my casted heals healed for basically nothing unless i had haha wings up. So i just wanna ask pro rbg hpals here how do u fkin turret insane healin?Fabulousjon0 13h
13h Healing Touch Bug .5 sec cast This needs fixed please! Just did a random battleground against a premade team that had 2 druids exploiting this bug. From what I have found this bug has been around since launch of legion. Can this be fixed?Pioni17 13h
15h Huge Damage Bug with Fury Warriors, Pls fix! Okay. So, if a Fury Warrior wields a 2-hander weapon in their mainhand and one-hand weapon in their offhand slot, they can only use a few abiltities such as Bloodthirst, Rampage, and Whirlwind (and Bladestorm if at the appropriate level) - and, when doing so, the damage of all of these abilities seem to increase astronomically. I have had friends notice this in battlegrounds and have a massive advantage over others (and when paired with the Wrecking Ball talent) kill players nearly instantly. If multiple Fury warriors do this, they can stand on an opponent's graveyard in a battleground, spam WW and kill everyone almost instantly as they res. This is a HUGE problem for balance, and definitely does NOT seem intended. As well, if you wield ONLY 1h weapons as fury, you can ONLY use Whirlwind, but, you do even more damage than before with just a single 2h and 1h combination. Please fix this huge damage problem, it is ruining battlegrounds. It's both low and high level. The problem seems even worse in pvp than in pve for some reason, though both suffer. Additionally, it seems to affect lower levels more than anything, I am assuming artifacts' high item levels may do a small amount to negate this. Please fix. EDIT: Next timewalking that comes around, I suggest all you Fury Warriors see it for yourselves. It's crazy there as wellAltruis17 15h
16h [Ally] 2400/hero Rdruid/Boomy LF RBGs Title. Finding groups in LFG is hard AF, so gonna try my luck in forums ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Looking for games to do on my alt druid. 2K+ MMR preferred. Can Resto (Til the nerf I guess) or Boomy. I know numbers mean nothing, but these were a couple of RBGs I've done each spec: boom resto Down for q 1-8pm EST Lav#1321Lavette2 16h
17h MW cheat spec? Why use speed hacks when you can play a monk lol the whole spec is an exploit. Being able to warp from one floor to another, or around the whole map while everyone tries to keep up but they can't. In all seriousness the joke was funny at first blizz but it's time to tone them down. Thier mobility is too much.Dontfocusme12 17h
17h rogues pointless in pvp so 1st of all there is no way to purchase pvp gear? who thought that was a good idea. the DH sight that sees all through walls and everything is the stupidest ability ever conceived. rogue damage is a joke, sin is all dots that do piss poor damage while DH can take 1/2 of your hp in a matter of seconds. so combine that with alliance losing 75% of bgs im done for good i thought things would get better in the 6 months i was gone but damn was i wrong.Gótrek48 17h
19h With love, your BG healer I'd like to start a smallish, fun thread allowing BG healers to offer some kindly advice to their BG teams. One piece of advice per post. Seeing as it is my thread, I'll start it off: Dear BG team, I play a holy priest. I heal people. Please, please, please stop leaving me behind in AB to D a base, like farm, by myself. It really is a terrible waste of my capabilities as a healer to have me standing about, alone, looking pretty at farm while you're all getting mercilessly slaughtered at LM. Someone, please, defend farm so I don't have to! People are dying on that hill! Who's going to keep them alive - you (DPS)?! With love, Your BG HealerFraterasa83 19h
20h Why does Alliance suck so bad at pvp Before you guys give me that crap of "IDK about you but today I won almost all my BG's".........BS I only pvp in this game This xpac I started doing a lot more BG's(usually I only arena), because getting AP and honor points is faster in BGs. Everyday It's the same crap, if it's not Isle of Conquest or Alterac Valley, I usually have to lose about 6-10 games before winning 1. AV and IOC are about 50/50 Almost every BG I enter, within 3-4 min of the BG it's "LOL GG" because Horde stomps Alliance so hard. And also look at the leader-boards for rated: The top players is 11 horde in a row before 1 alliance, and overall the top 100 rated players, only 36 are guys can give me as much crap as you want for "having bad luck" but those numbers don't lie And hover over to Arenas of 2's or 3's, it's no different there. All dominated by Horde. I thought Alliance was good pvp? When I first started playing WoW, I only joined Alliance because they were so good at pvp. I am not about to faction swap to the winning side but all I have to say is......why is Alliance so trash in pvp? BG's aren't fun at all when you lose almost all the matches and only beat the really really noob teams. I mean I get the phrase "you lose some, you win some" and can't expect to win all of the them but jeez, for alliance the phrase is "you lose some" and just stops there.Beedie87 20h
21h Mistweaver Mobility Do the devs even play this game? Why is monks being able to move across a flag carry map in 2 globals still a thing?Slato18 21h
21h Please make PvP tweaks 5x more often I don't know why we have to be stuck with completely OP or completely UP classes for months when there are small solutions that can be hotfixed. Forget about testing and PTR, just do SOMETHING. Don't be afraid to break something, it's already broken. Any small change is better than nothing. I see things so blatantly over-the-top that it makes me think there's some kind of outside motive for letting people just run around in borderline god-mode. Which wouldn't be so bad if you didn't have some classes/specs so much weaker by comparison. The message I'm getting right now is "roll fotm or don't PvP". If tweaks were made much more often that would give room to fine-tune instead of having 3 chances a year to get it right.Phumbles12 21h
22h Q times Can someone explain how this happens? Often, horde Q is around 10 minutes, almost always at least 8 minutes. However, when I go Q merc, it is still often a 4 minute wait. I know that a long Q time for horde means there are a lot more horde Qing than alliance. But why would alliance Q time sometimes be longer than a minute or so as well?Charlotmkiny2 22h
23h 39's Thread of Why Turn your experience off with Behstan Slahtz; it does not affect queue times whatsoever. If you have any pvp questions search up arenajunkies Professions: Alchemy<--- I don't really need this. First Aid<--- I need it because I queue without healers! Tailoring<--- You need it to get rid of melee! Engineering<-- Toys! Addon-ons are a MUST have to be decisive: Omni BAR - For Dualing BG Targets/Predator CC Breaker - Skada Healers Have To Die Capping Goblin gliders and swiftness potionsAdimae66 23h
1d Hi I'm in a BG queue and HATE IT 11 years of WoW and I have never experienced the extremely long Random Battlegrounds queue until Legion. Why has this not been fixed yet? Who tf knows! Hey Blizz dudes... Don't you think something is wrong when it takes nearly 45 min to complete a single BG including the queue time? 15-20 min queue + 20 BG match. And, half the time you lose the BG, getting nothing accomplished for almost an hour. I would ask to please fix, but this has been going on since Legion launched and I haven't seen anything fixed since. It's like everything that makes this game enjoyable gets ignored. You do things like take out our ability to use ANYTHING in a BG. I can even use any toys? I can eat a handful of food. I can't use speed pots or any pot for that matter. I have engineering but can't use the helm bullet thing on my engineer goggles. What's the point of even adding that when we can't use it for pvp? Anyway, back to the BG queues. They suck!Ulquiorra31 1d
1d PTR 7.2 - No mention of 36+ artifact ... Does this mean artifact lv36+ won't be active in instanced PvP?Garmagus12 1d
1d Strand of the ancients Why is it that alliance can NEVER win this bg?Wingman15 1d
1d Mages any good at duelling or BGs in 7.1.5? We are literally the ONLY caster class that does not have a way to consistently heals ourselves, and we're the frailest of the bunch. It seems like if we don't have top gear, we can't burst damage people to death and if we can't do that we're helpless. Our evasion is designed to avoid melee damage, so it worthless against casters. How are mages doing in 7.1.5 900+ BGs and duels ?Classicarl3 1d
1d Really Good DH, or Really Bad Opponents? Pugging non-rated, I get dropped into a 0/3 - 1/3 Wsg. I come running out of the fr, and come to a dead stop above our gy... There, in the middle of five players, is a lone horde DH just slaughtering the other five players. She kills all of them, AND THEN, she glides down the the hut with recovery chest in it, and comes running back in time for all five players to have rezed... At which point, she fel rushes up, and proceeds to kill them ALL AGAIN. I don't know which horrified me more, the DH actually killing all of them, or all of them being so bad as to let it happen TWICE. It just baffled the !@#$ out of me... Never seen anything like that. I don't even know what to say because I'm not sure what I just saw... They weren't bots. Those players did respond when I confronted them about their-- "performance." I just don't get it.Tenchu10 1d
1d I will not rest until.. Focused chaos heals the enemy target instead of that insane damage!!! How come my demon hunter does 200k chaos strike and warlocks shoot super fast ones for same dmg? Its basicallt a 1 shotReduce cast tome or damage now or else idc I'll just quit it's so unbalanced and dunb!!Brutaljugz12 1d
1d WOW PVP ISNT FUN THIS XPACK hear me out. ive been playing this game since TBC and always focused on PVP because i found it to be the most fun. WoD pvp was tragic and Legion was a beacon of hope so i bought the xpack. -The new honor talents are cool, but amount of time to farm them on alts isnt. - RNG gear from arena is cancer. many 2400+ players dont even have eliet set due to RNG - No pvp templates in wpvp on a pvp realm is lame. watching people 1 shot each other regardless of their honor talent level is sad. - no new bgs in 3 years? Dafuk? (trashan doesn't count sorry raids aint fun) - game is only based on 3s yet still broken, 2s is unplayable and the removal of 2s/3s shirmishes que was stupid. i stopped queing on my Spriest because all i get is 2s vs mele. - PVP QW doesnt feel like pvp at all. (towers are a joke lol) and arena has no templates + 100% damage buffs. (apparently the devs find that fun and fair) -dalarn serwers could of been fun but it got turned into a stupid pve farming spaming for eyes, rat mount and hidden skins (also no templates) LASTLY AND MOST IMPORTANT - i feel like the pvp community is dying. before legion i could chill outside of org and duel people, chat with people and share tips and make friends, now that zone is dead due to NO pvp stats being activated in duels. i feel like im a solo player atm in a MMO which sucks!! i havent made any new friends here in weeklys. while when i play overwatch, not only its freaking fun, balanced & has new events happening each single match i play win or lose i made friends and have lots of laughs. that used to be my experiences playing wow but it hasent been like that for the past 2 years. maybe its just time for me to move on, WOW is just now what it used to be.Lmfaø41 1d
1d Kil'Jaeden Queue Times So, the last few times I've tried to queue for random BG, it says Avg wait time is 5 mins. But after 20 mins in queue, I get frustrated and quit. I have not been able to do a single random BG. It doesnt matter what time of day it is, the queue times are always 20+ mins. Is this normal? I'm queuing as healer, and I am opted out of IoC and Deepwind Gorge. I tried clearing my blacklist, and still waited in queue for 10 mins before giving up.Netherlight13 1d