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1m If you are upset. Come back in a week. So many people losing their minds over the changes they are experiencing right now. Of course there are going to be problems. Bring them up, but don't assume the current state of things is what things are supposed to be like. I doubt most of you have any idea how difficult making large changes to existing code bases across multiple teams is. They will fix this stuff. This is a test period. Relax, give feedback, remember you are still playing a video game and having fun. For those complaining about gear, let their team first deal with the new changes over this week. They will be putting in new gear next week that should solve a lot of this weeks (my pvp gear stats arent itemized) issues. But just give them some time to roll out these changes and fix on the fly. By the time the expansion hits, we will not have to deal with these issues at least. :)Smith7 1m
4m Horrible time in battlegrounds So my husband and I love doing battlegrounds together in game, and he usually runs a tank DH or DK, and since the patch both him and I feel like we cant survive anything and feel very squishy. He used to be able to survive a long time with 5+ people on him and now dies to like 2 people. Is there something going on that will be fixed upcoming or is this how battlegrounds are now? If this is how it will be we both might be unsubscribing as this is not fun at all, considering battlegrounds are what we usually do, there wouldn't be a point to stay anymore. Thanks for any info on the situation.Ashllyn12 4m
8m Low-level perspective. I know everyone likes to tout the 'Balanced for cap' mantra when it comes to PvP, but the fact is there's 110 levels right now, soon to be 10 more, so that's over 100 levels of PvP players could be enjoying. Not to mention it's a viable leveling method. It's always been a bit painful to PvP at low levels, but this is the worst it has ever felt. And I DO mean ever. I'm trying to level my mage via PvP since questing as them is mind-numbingly boring, but none of my specs are viable. Frost is just insulting, with Bolt hitting for around 92 and Blizzard hitting for an astounding 1 DAMAGE, meanwhile Executes and Stormstrikes are shaving off a quarter of my health at a time. The best I can do is go Pyro and pray to every God imaginable that I get a crit, or roll Arcane and settle for blowing my load all in one go to hopefully help kill a healer, but that's it. I understand a lot of people now just want to hit cap and start the grind there, but there's still plenty of us that level alts for fun, and with dungeons no longer the best option this is the next best choice. Some love needs to be shown to PvP and balance as a whole right now, but don't forget to address the people still climbing to cap. Do NOT bring back the days of old, when twinks broke the game's balance so bad nobody ever did PvP. I can't fathom why you would return to gear > skill again at all, but at least this time do it RIGHT.Ephemerelda1 8m
10m BG Rankings Brackets Not sure if anyone has posted about this yet, but ranking brackets are gone. People that aren't even rank one are getting put into BG's with highly ranked players. I have seen these people complaining about getting wrecked, because most likely they aren't that well geared and have little pvp experience. This not only impacts the under geared, low rank people getting destroyed in BG's, it also impacts the higher ranked, better geared people, because half their team is getting blown up and can't contribute. I'm not sure why Blizz has done such a dramatic 180 away from templates and balanced pvp, but it is really disconcerting that they didn't even try to find a middle ground. For instance, making template stats customizable or bringing back pvp gear with specific pvp stats. At this point it almost feels like they have a disdain for the pvp community and are trolling us.Bobgnarley0 10m
14m What the hell is this garbage? [Aimed Shot] I only have 31K health, and I'm well-into heroic raid content. I understand we're 110 but hot damn. I remember back when shield slam was a world-ender due to poor scaling. Time for aimed shot to receive the same treatment. <Ensuing "git gud scrub" from MM hunters thoroughly expected. Move along.>Toryk26 14m
18m BFA pvp will die without templates No casual player is going to bother with pvp if they have to spend weeks getting farmed just to be effective. I did battlegrounds on occasion in legion and my skill was the deciding factor in my performance, not my gear. Now we are going back to gear being more important than skill. For some it seems they don't want a level playing field; curbstomping people isn't fun. If you get pleasure from curbstomping freshly maxed characters with no chance of fighting back seek mental help. Citing legion pvp as a failure due to population numbers is misleading. The game is in decline, its actually impressive there were that many pvping. PvE geared players shouldn't be destroying people, neither should dedicated pvp gear. Just normalize it all. I guarantee you if the requirements for bfa pvp are to get hazed for weeks until you are pvp geared bfa is gonna be dead very quickly. I play alts and having to dedicate to a single "main" for pvp is just going to make me not participate at all. Bring back the templates, signed casual pve/pvperValarien82 18m
23m Epic Random Battlegrounds so....what is epic random battleground? Anyone know? i noticed the option in pvp tab for this pre patchBallamour11 23m
24m why blizz remove the template??? I don't understand???Orquina15 24m
31m 50+ honor lvl = no low level ques I dont understand blizzard how why you made the change - if you PVP on a 110 character have high honor rating then that means when you make a new character you no longer get to que for battlegrounds as you level up. This is a terrible backdoor change that was never talked about during beta or ptr.Sun32 31m
44m Holy Priests make BGs unplayable They are entirely broken. It is actually numerically impossible to kill them. There is literally nothing you can do. Half our team was on one chaining everything we had and their health was just flickering back up to full with no other healer nearby. This is actually ridiculous.Imperialx12 44m
44m PVP Post Season Rewards??? In the 8.0 survival guide they made a big deal about this post season going on, and that there would be gear rewards to help catch up alts etc.... I've won about 15 BG's , 20+ skrims, and 12 rated matches and nothing at all except gold and marks... Like they not only didn't add in this "Catch up gear" they completely removed getting gear from pvp period. This was the sole piece of content or incentive to play during the patch for me, other than the scenarios which will take up very minimal time, and they didn't deliver on it. Is this among the plethora of other bugs that the patch added, has it just not been implemented yet, or was it just an out right lie? I tend to put most of my focus into PVP, and with the stat and PVP changes making gear matter again. I can't properly test 90% of my alts in PVP because they're low geared now in PVP and just get face rolled, which this "catch up gear" would ideally fix.Stehp28 44m
46m I told you so Loving that people are losing their mind over the loss of the PvP templates now. Why? Because I tried (and some others) pointing out how this was a really bad change to instanced PvP in the beta forums, but idiots were "GEAR SHUD MATTER!#@" Welcome to your Gear > Skill PvP expansion.Sultriss25 46m
47m BattlegroundTargets addon, any replacements? BG Targets addon hasn't worked since the pre-patch, and overall it hasn't been updated for a while now, so who knows if it'll ever work again in BFA. I'm looking for a replacement, so that I can see the roster of both teams better, any recommendations? Also I've already tried BG Enemies, not a huge fan of it.Enragedwoman1 47m
51m Please go back to drawing board on Tuning... The balance numbers are horrendous, absolutely terrible. Some classes are doing 2 or even 3 times more damage than others. Many melee classes are steamrolling casters in 2 hits and it is destroying pvp. Please, do what you have to do but adjust these numbers NOW.Silvanthra3 51m
57m PvP Gear & Honor Level? 1) Where do I get "Legion Season 7" gear now? I equipped this mage through random BGs, but know my priest just hit level 110 I want to gear her up and random BGs are no longer dropping gear? 2) What is "Honor Level?" [Sorry, if these are basic questions but I couldn't find any direct answers to these questions. - Thank you.]Lloergryn2 57m
1h Thanks for the melee train I realize this is pre-patch, and everything is out of whack, but I'm paying a subscription to be railroaded by totally lopsided melee dominance and it sticks in my craw. Between yesterday's fiasco and how badly imbalanced bgs are right now, I'm seriously reconsidering my dedication to this game. Balancing classes around gear is a farce. Facing a mixed dps of melee and ranged is a good match. But the multiple matches where horde had 7 melee and 1 ranged was just too much for me and my group to stomach. Do what you want with your product, I just want you to know that taking my money and serving me up this warmed-up turd is a real kick in the chops.Sparkhammer40 1h
1h Bring templates back I was super excited to try out all the new specs and class changes in some random bgs, only to find that templates are gone and pve teir and trinkets are activated.. okay, so before I get too upset let’s try a couple more bgs.. 10 bgs later across 3 toons and it still feels extremely broken and unbalanced. Blizzard please fix this and bring templates back, it was a fine way of balancing out instanced pvp, weather you like to stack stats like MoP or you like templates, you can’t argue it wasn’t balanced. I’d rather have templates and have things be balanced than have pve players control random bgs. Queuing up random bgs is one of my favorite things to do in wow, so seeing it this unbalanced really saddens me considering all of the time and effort I’ve put into the game for the past 10 years. To me it feels like playing a pay to win game, those games where if people do one thing (pay money) they have an extreme advantage over people just playing the game. So in this case people who do high end pve or basic pve have that advantage over people that just like to pvp in randoms. I hope this is just a pre-patch issue and pvp won’t be like this in bfa. Although I will be doing some pve, likely some high mythic plus or raiding, I want that stuff completely separated from pvp, other than world pvp of course. I wish I could just play the pre-patch and have fun in bgs until bfa but I guess I’ll have to find something else to do, not like I’m completely out of things to do.. but I can say I’m out of fun things to do for now. Farming gold and mounts isn’t really as fun as bgs. So please, look into this blizzard, of course there’s gonna be people that want gear to matter and that’s why war mode now exists, but to make gear matter in instanced pvp? I just don’t think it’s something you guys should consider right now, with all of these other systems you’re trying to figure out and work on. Leave the templates alone and make the majority happy please.Gatsú42 1h
1h Rogues ? Really? Are you seriously going to leave them as is for the next month Blizzard ?Diodor8 1h
1h Mark of Honor gear vendor lets do it. we deserve something- we stuck through all of legion's pvp gear system / ilvl. this patch was supposed to ignite the fire for horde vs alliance warmode and bgs. would it help if i said pretty please?Wasupdude6 1h
1h Do you think they'll bring back blacklisting? Do you guys think they'll ever bring Blacklisting back? For at least one BG? AV is now just a raid with no PvP. The only BGs I'm getting are BFG and WSG. It would be nice to get something else.Drakkuul3 1h
1h Not Receiving Gear from Battlegrounds I have been going hard in BGs for a couple days now and I haven't received a single piece of gear in 15 + wins and 30+ BGs. What is going on I wanna get gear for the expansion. Especially with the post-season that was mentioned they said it would be easier to get gear.Nkcmoon14 1h
1h Yeah ok Kevin 1h
1h Resurgent 6v6 RBG League Resurgent 6v6 League Over the past year, there have been many movements within the PvP scene trying to better it, and create some excitement and community. We have been heavily involved in trying to figure out a way to involve everyone in a fun, non hostile environment and host events for the public. In the past Resurgent has hosted 3v3 Arena Tournaments and given over $1500 away in prize money. We wanted to introduce something a little more groundbreaking and exciting. Resurgent eSports Broadcasting is proud to announce the first ever 6v6 Rated Battleground League! The League will consist of multiple seasons of 6v6 play with each season wrapping up in a 6v6 tournament for the top placed teams at the end of each season. We are publicly releasing our sign ups for the League now. Once in the League, teams will have a chance to compete regularly in the League and compete for a prize and bragging rights should they receive an invitation to the tournament. Invitations to the tournament will be sent to the teams that finish in the upper portion of the standings. How it will work: Teams will be able to compete 2 nights a week in 6v6 matches with all of the other teams in the league. By winning matches your team will begin to accumulate points that will set you apart from the rest in our Tournament Standings that will be continuously updated. As the season comes to an end (1-1.5 month period) if you finished in the top percentage of teams in the league a tournament invitation will await your team for prize pools, bragging rights, accolades of success and much more. When and where can I sign up and when does the first season start? Sign ups start now! Visit to sign up. Teams must sign up on the Google Form in order to be placed into our League and start playing! Please note sign-ups are done “by-team” meaning each team’s leader should sign their team up. Also your team may be edited by the leader at any point should you add or remove players from your team. The start of the 6v6 League Season 1 will be on the second weekend of September 2018. More information will follow with exact dates and times to more closely suit the teams participating.Darkpenx3 1h
1h 5 dps to kill one healer in a bg? Balance machine brokeUghthebug12 1h
2h Healer Honor Gain Why do healers get hosed for honor gains?Damedius0 2h
2h Gear >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Skill Welcome back to PvP being an ilvl spreadsheetBombadilo52 2h
2h Premade Community 5 man Premade community. Give a try, makes it easier to find groups now. Don't know how well it works or how to join with this type of link. Sure some people already know. Community is called Horde Premade. Come join! Also feel free to post more Communities for PvP.Blakk0 2h
2h Venge DH and the meta Are we going towards Venge double DH deepwind gorge meta again? Is there anything that would change what we've been doing for far too long?Figurines2 2h
2h Will iLvL always be more important in BGs? It would be nice to going back to the good old days when it wasn't a requirement or very necessary to have to raid with your PvP characters to do more damage in BGS because it was all iLvL based. I don't mind having maybe one or two characters for PvE but it would be nice to have to do on every character. Keep the iLvL for PvE or find a way to make the PvP gear more necessary in BGs than PvE gear. Do you think Blizz will make that change or keep raiding something you HAVE to do on every character?Drakkuul0 2h
2h 60s Thread #222 of RIP Str Gems [ WELCOME TO THE 60'S THREAD ] Please read; Exp On and Exp Off have been Merged as of the 7.0 Legion Pre-Patch BATTLE FOR AZEROTH IS IN THE HORIZON To learn more about the 8.0 Battle For Azeroth pre-patch check out: TURN OFF EXP!!!! There are "Exp eliminators" In Stormwind and Orgrimmar. Behsten is the Alliance exp eliminator, and is located in Stormwind Keep. Slahtz is the Horde exp eliminator, and is found in the Valley of Honor. Alliance: Horde: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ General Best in Slot Guildlines: Rammstein's Lightning Bolts is broken and is a pile of poop. As of patch 7.3.5, all pre-Legion zones have scaled up to a certain level. Starting Zones are 0-10 Classic Zones are 10-60 The Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King Zones are 60-80 Cataclysm and Mists of Pandaria Zones are 80-90 As of the BFA pre-patch 8.0, gear procs/effects will return in BGs!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ As always, stay que'd and have a nice day. P.S. Maybe we will see an AV this patch...?Geshik31 2h
2h CTRL + F pvp in new Ion Interview Yeah that's about right. Super detailed patch notes about the changes to pvp and templates removed and how to acquire gear and trinkets working in BGs, so much detail, I can tell Blizzard cares.Emeraude0 2h
2h Low Level BG's Are they working? The day before pre-patch i was queuing for 8-15min, now i havent played a single time since the pre-patch launch, with queues reaching 1H35min sometimes. Im just asking to know if they are broken, because it bothers me having expectations for something that wont happen. Thnx for any answer :)Nerva19 2h
2h Battlegrounds not fun anymore Now that gear scaling is gone, battlegrounds are simply not fun anymore. Battlegrounds are for casual pvp on a level playing field. Arenas are for competitive gear based pvp. Whichever type of player you are, there is something for you, or there used to be. I recently rejoined wow after a several year break because it used to be fun to pop into a casual bg. There were some class imbalances, to be sure (i.e. survival hunters), but overall it felt very balanced. Nobody could two shot anyone else, regardless of their gear or trinkets. Not anymore. Now, you have to farm for the best gear for whichever bracket you're in, and then maybe you won't get two-shotted. Yes, I understand some people like grinding gear and like to have the best equipment so they can wtfpwn. More power to you. A week ago I was looking forward to renewing my subscription. Today I most likely will not.Jels62 2h
2h I'm unsubbing Blizzard you've completely destroyed PvP. Without templates M Raiders are now just going to Global everyone in BGs with no effort required. I'm not paying another cent for this garbage. PvP is the only reason I play this game and you ruined it! Enjoy your no skill easy wins dragon slayers.Unbreakaable17 2h
3h Prestige25 needs to be honor level300. Howdy! I have submitted four petitions and have gotten literally no help from any of the four GM's on this matter.. the last one finally said to fill out a bug report... here we go... I want to start off by saying.. yes.. I understand there was change for pvp achievements/honor levels and it is "based off the account"... With that being said.. I have gotten the level 25 prestige award, with max out honor level.. (Does not allow me to upload a picture, feelsbadman..) I log in to see that I am "honor level 130"... and my honor level 150 achievement award is "Prestigious Royal Courser" mount which i have already gotten from Prestige level 21..Furthermore Honor level 200 awards title "Bound by Honor" which I have gotten already from Prestige level 22... Next would be honor level 250 awards mount "Prestigious Midnight Courser" which I have gotten already from Prestige level 25.... and finally Honor Level 300 which awards title "The Tactician"... which I have already gotten from getting max honor level in Prestige 25.... I have already earned these things from Prestige levels... With all this being said... why would I be set to honor level 130 and be forced to grind out 170 honor level to be at the EXACT same spot that I was before the pre-patch and earn nothing at all....I can not see Blizzard penalizing players who have worked so hard to get max prestige/honor levels before prepatch just to have it all undone. This has got to be a bug/mistake based on this information that I have listed. I really hope that Blizzard takes a look into this and fix it to be a base of 300 honor level, which it should be. Thanks fam !Olliewilliam20 3h
3h Low level bg queue times I went from 3-7 minute queue times from last week to never popping this week. I'm assuming something is bugged? Been in queue for 2 hours now. Can't do dungeons either because the scaling is broken.Therapybeard12 3h
3h Somthing positive. :) So i wanted to give my 2 cents of my amazing opinion. I mainly play twinks... and the bracket i chose for legion was 90-99. I loved having an artifact weapon and pwning the bgs as a holy paladin. When i would go into a bg i could get the flag in wsg and have depending on my enemy line up around 3-6 guys trying to kill me but i would not even come close to 50% health. This was without any pvp talents Fast forward to 8.0 patch. I die with maybe 2-3 guys on me now.... THIS IS A GOOD THING. I love being a twink and having to think of what i will do next. I have about 3k more health than others vs 200k more. I love that at 99 i can choose 3 pvp talents now. I'm trying to be brief.... to sum this up i like i cant last as long to other non twinks, i love the option of 3 pvp talents, and i love options of gameplay. I also looove having " avenging crusader" as an option now. So all in all im sure 110 is different but i like this patch so far for (me) specifically. Any thoughts of the good? Or just the douche baggins stuff?Slothman4 3h
3h Bring back Instanced PvP balancing I just don't and can't understand the continual argument for a LESS balanced PvP experience I'm sorry but this is what it comes down toFigurines35 3h
3h Care for a quick little AV, my darling? Annnnd.. we're off to the races again! Alterac Valley last night was a thrilling 4 to 6 minute boss-rush granting tons of honor. No stopping for towers, bunkers, or GYs. Just run in and blast away! If you're Horde-side, just need a few to speed bump the pukes at the Mini-Choke and it's a sure win. Can I get a premade for this??Fordwagon9 3h
3h Quebec PvP Nouvelle communauté PvP francophone. Equipe RatedBG, Arena, War Mode et plus. Ayez une bonne connaissance de votre classe et un micro. Basé sur le respect. Ecrivez moi en priver pour plus d'informations. Maryjeane#21790 Gabtbk#1689Maryjeane0 3h
4h Prototype Personnel Decimator = GG I can't imagine I'm the first to say it: this trinket is ruining BGs. Its proc is often the top damaging "spell" of any range class that equips it. It often does more damage BY ITSELF than most of the players in the BG. Please nerf this trinket in instanced PVP.Zaclinric8 4h
4h Anyone past honor level 250 yet? 250 is the midnight courser some already have so just wondering what the reward for 300 or whatever the number is will be.Tempestwinds7 4h
4h New Global Cooldown and FF14 I have been playing a lot of FF14 in the interim time of waiting for WoW. One of the main reasons I came back is the PvP aspect of the game and the rapid succession of spells that could be cast. With the new changes it feels clumpy and after long silences almost hopeless. Is it time to just PVE or make the full swap to FF14?Orgânic10 4h
4h The problem with removing templates You gave us crappy PVP gear all expansion, we just threw on whatever ilvl was the highest and moved on in our day. Everyone was ok with this. Now you remove templates and all of us PVPers are sitting here in our crappy PVP gear, which for being PVP gear is actually inferior to PVE gear in every aspect. We are sitting here poorly itemized, no stat priorities, crappy pvp trinkets fighting mythic geared PVE players, with correct stat priorities, geared to do DMG with superior stats and trinkets getting farmed going thx blizz..good 1. BGs/Arena feel unplayable and beyond frustrating when people who could never break 1500 rating are running around murdering everyone effortlessly. Listen this isn't QQ, I'm ok with removing templates but PVP gear needs to be SUPERIOR in every way. There needs to be a PVP defense stat akin to resil that isn't a joke like versa in PVP. but removing it this late and just throwing us to the PVE nerds to get farmed?? not fun or acceptable really...Setbak5 4h
4h Not seeing the Glorious Pennant for H175 Is this a bug, i cannot see the Glorious Pennant for Honor level 175 Achieve. I tried on GD forums but got no response yet, anyone here know?Motors0 4h
5h Honor Level Currently I am honor level 8, I noticed that it takes 8800 honor to get to level 9. That is roughly 18 Bg wins. Is this correct?Chinawhyte1 5h
5h Where is the pvp post season catch up gear? I was excited to finally grind bg's again for pvp gear and said feature isn't even included in the patch? Is this another one of your time-gated features? Can we get a blue to comment on this?Deadrítes1 5h
5h PvP & Itemization Posted the original on the General Boards. If you respond here, please also do so on the original. Thanks! ---------------------------------------------- My quick background for those that demand one. - Playing since Beta - Shadow since the original grind, made Rank 13 - 222/259 PvP Achievements, only missing some Arena and new content - #1 Sticky on the official WoW Priest boards for 7.5 years for Shadow PvP - ----- Yes, it needs updating, my apologies. With the removal of PvP templates, things thus far aren't too bad. But it doesn't really matter since BFA isn't live, nor are we at Level 120 with the proper itemization. However, I believe you need to rethink Trinkets, procs, or anything that may resemble a set bonus (yes, I know they're going away). Please find the screenshot below from a random Arathi Basin match I did. My Mythic Prototype Personnel Decimator did 155k damage of my total 641k damage. The +Haste aside, the grenade procs were 20.3% of my damage. If I had not equipped it, I would have only done 486k damage + whatever my Pantheon Trinket would have done (stronger spells, but certainly not 155k worth). This is unneeded in PvP. I was pro-PvP Template, I just don't think the Classes/Spec were tweeked correctly. But it gave people a fighting chance whether they were a new Lv110 or fully mythic geared player, where the latter has a slight advantage. But now that everything functions in instanced PvP, except Legendary equip bonus', those with better gear will destroy those without. We cannot go through another Warrior/DK with double Frostmourne and a RestoDruid with Val'anyr, decked out in 25 Heroic ICC gear expansion (as an example). Now I know it is very early in the Live Testing phase, I've been through several of these with you folks. I know Classes, Spec, and other items will be changed and adjusted. But please do not let PvE'ers once again control PvP. Thank you for your time and understanding, whether you agree or not. Have a great week! <3Merrick3 5h
5h Thank God That feeling when the toon you spend 2 nights a week raiding like a professional on queues for RBGs and you pull 18 KB and 1.4 M damage at 2k mmr. Jesus I needed that. Hell yeah blizzardBaneandfire1 5h