Jun 12 Final Legion PvP Season 2 Cutoffs Since the conclusion of Legion PvP Season 2, we've been working to remove players from the ladder who were ineligible for rewards due to disqualification. That work has now been completed, which means we're ready to begin distributing end-of-season rewards. The final rating requirements for Legion Season 2 are as follows: 3v3 Arena Fearless Gladiator (Horde): 2911 Fearless Gladiator (Alliance): 2837 Gladiator (Horde): 2631 Gladiator (Alliance): 2653 Duelist (Horde): 2184 Duelist (Alliance): 2181 Rival (Horde): 1920 Rival (Alliance): 1903 Challenger (Horde): 1627 Challenger (Alliance): 1615 Rated Battlegrounds: Hero of the Horde: 2514 Hero of the Alliance: 2432 Guardian of the Horde: 2177 Guardian of the Alliance: 2123 Defender of the Horde: 1896 Defender of the Alliance: 1861 Soldier of the Horde: 1650 Soldier of the Alliance: 1640 Congratulations to everyone receiving a reward, and good luck in Season 3!Ornyx7 Jun 12
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10m No healers in BGs ? Time after time I am in a BG and there are no healers on the horde side. Needless to say on certain BGs this will cause the game to be very lopsided. How come the system gets 12+ people together without a healer ?Braimon20 10m
20m Thoughts on PvP -Class design and class balance. It's just bizarre. They've pruned and redesigned and reshuffled and ended up with this mixed bag. Some classes are so fluid and thought out you can play them on a tablet (cough), others are so convoluted and clunky even when you play them correctly and do good damage it just doesn't feel good. You are then forced to choose between a handful of viable classes. -Melee are the undisputed kings. Warriors are unkitable. They have nearly infinite mobility (they take a Windwalker's class identity, identity supposedly being the focus of the game, and do it better), spammable hard hitting AOE, executes, the works. In and of itself it's not a problem, but when you add this on top of the melee-Godmode state of things, it's just that much worse. -They have spent a good deal of their time systematically and meticulously going through and neutering every ranged class to be less able to even put up a fight against the roaming melee ball-of-death that crashes through every battleground. The most ridiculous one was by and far the nerf to mage food. While all of this Godawful mess was still unfolding, what did they come up with? A nerf to mage food. Thanks, I guess? -Horde racials are clearly better than Alliance racials. Moreover on that, on both sides, you are forced to choose from a handful of viable racials. Add this over class design, and your choices are suddenly narrowing at a rapid pace. -Mercenaries throwing games because someone on Youtube told them it was faster. -Kickbotters are alive and real and still a dime a dozen. -Battlegrounds can be placed into a handful of categories: 1)the system places you into a blowout and you just idly sit there ganging up on the handful of people who haven't left the game, 2)the system places you into a blatantly stacked match where the other team has more healers and more people, 3) you have ridiculous lag from playing with people in a different hemisphere and just have to stumble your way through with a huge 1-2 second disadvantage. These scenarios happen far more often than getting an actual good game. -Community has become intolerable echo chamber of yes men. -Awful customer service. Mostly, there's no talking. The PvP team rarely says anything, they don't tell you what they are thinking, what direction they're going in (although that has become obvious over time). When asked valid questions, they outright ignore them (community manager chats and ask me anything on Reddit come to mind.) And, overall, they are generally condescending and rude. Especially on the forums. There's a certain level of disdain in their tone, which has grown more pronounced over the years, that I don't particularly appreciate, especially given the fact that a lot of people are paying for this. When they do talk, it's with this disciplinary "I'm seconds from banning you," attitude. Seriously. Yuck. -Everything the PvP team does-- and I mean everything-- is taken directly from a handful of loud, obnoxious Youtube streamers who exclusively play arenas. If you aren't in this category, you clearly don't matter. Most of their PvP changes are lifted from commentary given by streamers. This whole system is based on trying to force PvP to be an e-sport. I'm almost certain this is a corporate directive. To that I would say: maybe, if just being fun and playable was the focus instead of this cold and calculated pillar humping 3's obsession they have, the e-sport thing would simply happen naturally. And we'd all have a better game for it. Now, you take this roiling mess, and you add on top of it: RNG. You can full clear a raid and get absolutely nothing for it. On the flipside, you can go through LFR and get a 940 piece of gear. Rather than being an incentive to play and grind, it's a huge turn off. Why does this matter in PvP? Well, this is how you get gear. The gear system they have now is painfully slow (especially when losing), RNG based, and not particularly exciting. It's a slot machine full of boring stat stick gear that barely matters. You can't just complete a character and retire to PvP. There's no end point. I've held out hope patch after patch, and I suppose there's still hope for Argus. But as for now? I can hardly bring myself to log in anymore.Acarace66 20m
21m BGs are not fun anymore! Is Blizzard trying to push us to play Overwatch now, because PVP in wow is just unforgivably bad. Bring back Ghostcrawler!Unhølydøøm20 21m
22m Toxicity in alliance side bgs So, I decided to que alliance bgs this afternoon for the first time in ages. First bg I had an extremely unpleasant experience in which a hunter decided to spend the entire battleground verbally abusing the entire team based on the assumptions that everybody in there were mercs who were throwing her games. 22m
24m Almost 14 YEARS And people are doing the same stuff they were doing in Arathi Basin as on day one. Don't fight on the roads Attack/CC the Healer please. Don't try to take all bases at once. Don't leave Farm undefended. I have no hope for the human race. Or PVP in this game, ever.Kubone3 24m
25m Suggestion: BG Queue Hello all, To keep this post short and sweet I will get straight to the point. The problem: No option to queue as a leader for regular battlegrounds. This option is available for player v enviroment queues. I would like this to be an option for player v player queues too. FOR THE HORDETicklishmeat3 25m
34m 60s Thread #219 Wheres Gesh? Exp On and Exp Off have been Merged as of the 7.0 Legion Pre-Patch To learn more about the current Legion Changes this bracket has seen check out: TURN OFF YOUR EXP - WARLORDS OF DRAENOR IS NOW STARTER EDITION. There are "Exp eliminators" In Stormwind and Orgrimmar. Alliance: Horde: General Best in Slot Guildlines Item Level Scaling has been removed. Your Character now has a Template that scales - in part - by average Item Level. However, there does appear to be a Template iLvl Cap based on Player Level. Maintain at least 70-75 Average iLvl - this appears to be our Template Cap at 60. *Download to see iLvl* Gems, Enchants, Set Bonuses, Procs and Non-consumable On Use items are all disabled in Instanced PvP. Stats on gear do not matter with the exception to Weapon Speed, Top End Damage or Type. For Weapon Based abilities, a slower Weapon Speed will increase your damage. (Props to Vurtne for the list) Dagger: HWL/GM (2.00) - PvP Vendor Fist Weapon: HWL/GM (2.90) - PvP Vendor 1Hander: Demonfork (3.40) - LBRS 2Hander: The Unstoppable Force (166/3.80) - AV Vendor Ranged: Ashjre'thul, Crossbow of Smiting (145/3.40) - BWL For Mages, Priests and Warlocks, Wands are BiS.Solanar481 34m
45m Blizzard trolling is best trolling Decided to get my Conqueror title. "Oh wow, if I win a 3-cap game I'm....1 rep short". (I was wrong, you get...400 for a 3-cap win, but not the extra 35.) Miraculously, that's exactly what happened! "That's okay, only go. Surely I can lose 2 in a row without capping flags. Not like that's rare". Next game: 0/0 tie. Apparently, a 0/0 tie gets you nothing. No rep. So getting crushed gets you 35 rep. But getting into a tight fought battle gets you nothing. Should I take bets that when this 15+ minute queue pops I'll get into a 3-0 loss? /rant over I cannot believe how frustrating this has been to get under 2k rep. They are practically handing it out now, and yet, there's BLizzard trolling the !@#$ out of me.Scylvendi3 45m
1h Defensive Destruction Hi, I have posted this in the Warlock forum, too. I am having a hard time getting away from melee in PvP and am looking for advice with this, from setting up gateways and other tactics. Of course, I realize that locks aren't mages and are meant to be more tanky, but I feel as though I melt when melee is on me. If I get interrupted while trying to delete them with chaos bolt, I get locked out of all my magic schools and can't cast. I mostly do random battlegrounds at this point, but I sometimes casually arena, too. I’ve watched videos on Youtube as well as Skill-capped for help, but want to share ideas because I'm trying to be better at my spec/class. Currently, I run the following honor talents: - Gladiator’s Medallion (so I can control when I break cc) - Mind quickness - Curse of tongues (I use this for games with lots of casters. It’s helpful for healers, too, and slows things down, but curse of weakness is useful for landing kills.) - Casting circle - Focused chaos - I often run Fel Fissure for maps where I won’t get trained so much, like AV. I pick Entrenched in flames for maps where I know I’ll probably get trained, and it also helps me peel for healers and get melee away from me. The problem is that warriors and dhs always get right back on me or stun me from range. Some tactics I use are as follows: - Casting havoc on one melee and then using mortal coil on the other, thus hitting two melee with coil.. I didn't pick the port talent because it takes so long to cast. - I also try to set up my gateway beforehand, but it is also slow for casting, and I don't always have a path (I find that out at the end of a cast lol). - I’ll use my infernal stun or succubus knock back to clear me for a second so I can use the gateway. Again, though, the issue is that melee such as warriors and dhs get right back on me. - I usually save fear for interrupting healers as opposed to peeling, as I feel fear doesn’t last long with my immolate on everything. - If desperate, I'll use grimoire of service > summon succubus to charm a melee. This gives me time if they don't have trinket up. I can use my other succubus that is always out to help me. Tl;dr: I am having trouble with melee and would like to share tips for keeping them away or getting casts off. Thank you!Jaxsenn8 1h
2h Ashran's Draenor gear When Ashran ends or you loot how come 110s get Draenor gear. Can blizzard fix this since its for high lvls??Kiobabi1 2h
2h You should be ashamed of your bg system I try my absolute best to be sympathetic of the complexity a queue system must represent. I can't claim to have any insight into the number of players queuing, nor the number queuing into specific roles. Despite these concessions, I cannot feel anything but disgusted by the poor quality of team matching in random bgs. The number of games I where I am placed on a team with no healers, or less than my opponents is farcical. I've recently had to wait out games where we had less than ten players for major portions of the match. In one notable Twin Peaks we didn't get a 10th player until 8 seconds before the match ended. Was there really not a single Alliance player in queue for the entirety of this match? I cannot shake the feeling that the design emphasis seems to be on filling teams quickly over attempting to field even teams. I understand that would inflate queue times, but I also think it would be a huge improvement. At least if I was on a team with an equal number of healers I could a loss on blame poor player peformance rather than simply being pitted against horde teams with 3 warlocks, 3 shadow priests and 2 dks that no reasonable self healing can overcome. I don't expect any sympathy or result from my complaint. I have learned to be grossly disappointed by the quality of the random PvP experience in this game. I just couldn't go another game without getting it off my chest. My only hope is that Blizzard employees aren't delusional enough to take pride in this facet of the game. It's disgraceful.Sparkhammer10 2h
4h What is the meta? Curious as to what the meta will now be besides rmxHolinkka25 4h
4h Brawls, Success or Failure? Now that we are back to Arathi Blizzard and we have played every available Brawl, what do people think of them now? Which one did you love and which one did you hate? I will list them all for reference: ...Creeks8 4h
7h Tired of crap gear in bg's Greetings.. I'll get down to this..... Im absolutely tired of getting "860 level" gear drops in bg's......thats most all I ever get as well as my guildies.... yes...I and we do "occasionally" get an 880 piece....very rare for it to warforge but still.....I'll estimate 95% of any game won rewards us with crap 860.. now...I remember the blues building this fantastic system up claiming how fair its going to be for everyone (ie: all casters excluded) and I also remember blizz saying that gear drops will be "around" the same ilvl as the toon that won the drop....I remember reading this.....however I cannot find it,but I did find another interesting read..... Our initial approach for Legion has been to have the item level of gear rewards from PvP increase with your Honor Level. However, the way this works hasn’t been obvious to players, and it resulted in the unfortunate circumstance where some players tried out PvP only after gearing up elsewhere—and were disappointed by the PvP rewards. In Patch 7.1, we've transitioned PvP gear rewards to more closely mirror the type of item level progression you see from World Quests. This means PvP should feel as rewarding as other parts of the game that offer high replay value. now....I dont know about yall.....but I been seeing higher than 860 drop off world quests.....geez the weekly drops am I,you,us supposed to "feel rewarded".....on either side mind you.......with 860 gear? oh...but we can obliterate the 860 and buy new pieces......yes thats correct.....but as you know...860 gives (1) echo (blizz's great new fun currency)... had a decent game before,both pvp and pve.....why did you allow this to happen? why have you screwed up pvp? why have you dumbed down pve? why have you messed up professions especially with the rng on top of rng? why have you allowed some to have built in advantages and others none? anyway...i'll continue to look for the things I read really are not fooling anyone btw.....bait and switch isnt a very good business practice and eventually....even if you bankroll 5 warcraft movie sequels...the people are going to get tired of it...time to make it right.. hers that link btw.. 7h
7h Arathi Blizzard is fantastic Did it for the first time just now. So much fun. Tried to use mind vision, denied. I really enjoy this brawl.Byniri23 7h
8h Monks and WSG Why are monks allowed to teleport up to a second level with the flag? There are certain things that shouldn't be allowed when handling the flag. A monk planted his teleport thing above their gy and would constantly fly across the map to his teleport and get above the rest of the us and couldn't even give us a chance to get the flag. Please nerf monks teleport spell when carrying flags.Zyex25 8h
8h What class to main in RBGs? Choices available: Mage, Monk, Warrior, or Demon Hunter. I was thinking warrior personally because I really like melee and doing great damage while doing so. Not saying Monk isn't good for damage, but they're just not on the same level as warriors imo, but their mobility is really appealing. Not particularly fond of casting, but mages are really fun, like really really fun to play as. I've heard that RBGs tend to favor caster comps as well. Demon Hunters, well, to be honest, they just seem really cool, and they have a combination of good damage and mobility. My only concern with them is their survivability seems to be lacking in comparison to the other 2 melee choices.Babydevourer17 8h
8h 90-99s Thread of Boomkin meta 90-99s Twink Thread Q&A WARGAMES on SAT 9PM EST COMPLETE GUIDE: READ THE GUIDE. THANKS DR. Is the community active? Yes, a tally of active twinks that played in the last two weeks exceed 75+ members. Regular BG pops are all day. Everybody knows everybody here. Is it hard to gear? No, it takes about a weekend at level 99 to do all the legion zones. Throw a couple of timewalking/neths runs and you'll be up to speed in terms of artifact level. What class is needed? Healers. I don't like to heal! Play what you want. I see some guys in full BOE epics. Those are expensive, do I need them? Nope. Not at all. Where can I meet more 99 Twinks? Join the discord: 8h
9h The current state of PvP and templates PvP is bad right now, there is no denying it. Templates were supposed to lead to a level playing field, and if things were balanced properly, this would be great. However, things in my opinion are not balanced properly, with melee definitely having the upper hand. My opinion is that PvP in WoW should be both about gear and skill. People like getting their gear up, and working towards improving their gear, and this gives them a sense of accomplishment. I think that this is a good thing, but I think that skill plays a part too. The pruning that was done to classes was poor as well. I think that PvP should be a balance of gear and skill. They should bring back vendors, let us choose our own gear, and bring PvP back to a state like in Wrath of the Lich King. I think the template system is a failure. What do you think? Discuss..Mckenna311 9h
9h Insulting healers in BGs Happened to me 3 times in the last few weeks. At the end of the BG, if there's a loss, some douche bag(usually a DH) would say "healer you suck" or even go further by whispering you to "just give up and quit the game". And then immediately put you on ignore so that you can't reply telling him to go F himself. This "insult the healer and put on ignore" behavior makes you look like some immature kid and also a coward. Also, it's always some douche that never tries to peel the melee off you and just expect to be showered with heals all the time like healers owe him something.Empathetic73 9h
11h Idea for battlegrounds I don't know if this has been suggested in the past but I figure I would give it a shot and might help with the imbalance a wee bit. What if you had implemented a system that is like dungeon ques? What I mean is when you que up for a dungeon you have to wait for a tank, healer, and 3 dps. What if they implemented something like that for random battlegrounds? Like for example, WSG you could do a wait time for 1 tank, 2 heals, and 7 dps. I don't know how viable that would be but just a thought I hadSlaughterz5 11h
12h RBG comp - would this work? 6 healers 1 tank 3 sub rogues. Turtle to 10 stacks on CTF maps and have all 3 rogues open at once. Carts would be a numbers game staying in the circle and never dying. AB and BFG would be your hardest to win but you at least have 3 rogues to terrorize.Nunnlover2 12h
12h Wtf demon hunter tanks They run faster than I do on my mount. How do I catch them?Carnnezz17 12h
12h RBG Comps 7.2.5 - >1500 rating What are some good RBG comps class & spec 1-10 with replacements and why is the comp good. I'm toying with the idea of running pug RBGs this season and would like some advice. This is a bogus comp I'm using as an example format for responses, so I'd appreciate it if you not comment on how bad the comp is below. For instance: 1. DK (Frost) - target caller 2. hunter - base sitter 3. boomy - spec'd to Flag Carrier 4. affliction lock - dots 5. shadow priest/affliction lock - dots 6. War (arms) - fury got nerfed 7. War (arms) - fury got nerfed 8. MW - sick heals 9. MW - sick heals 10. Disc or Holy priest This comp is good, because...{list reasons why} And no worries about giving away your secrets, because I'm probably not going to be playing in your bracket.Artomiss74 12h
14h EMFH "nerf" ... So, it's useless now? Or am I missing something.Àya6 14h
14h For Fun RBGs on Alliance Hello everyone! I’m going to begin this by saying I am by no means particularly experienced with RBGs (I’ve ran two ever before this), but I still think this is a chance to have a lot of fun. If you’ve wanted to try RBGs but: Don't have a lot of time Have an inconsistent schedule/one that doesn't fit with most other’s (like me) Can’t find a group to get started withThen this could be for you! Starting on alternating evenings (from as soon as tomorrow if enough people want to by then) I aim to host “for fun” RBGs (ally side). No pressure, no rage, just fun! We won't be using voice chat to start, but if people like it and this becomes a regular thing, I’ll set up a discord for it. There won't be high expectations of anyone, the goal is to enjoy ourselves and learn (for anyone inexperienced such as myself). If you're already experienced with RBGs and happen to want to join, that is of course perfectly fine. I only ask you don't bash anyone (not saying you would) for not knowing “something everyone should know”. Again, there are no expectations to do absolutely amazing here, only to have some fun. Ideally I’d like to begin somewhere around 6 PM central time, wrapping up around 10 PM or so at the latest (ONLY if enough people stick around to where we're playing that long), though this is always subject to change, and we can probably move the time frame around a bit, if necessary. If you're interested, you can either add me on bnet (HyperSonic#1145) or leave your battletags below so I can send you a friend request. Happy PvPing, all!Veránn0 14h
14h Who am I? Charge, MS, b-b-brostooooooooorm, leap away, charge, execute. Rinse repeat x the 9 other brostorm-buddies in every BG.Verdad16 14h
14h Only shorter BG's now? Been running a bunch of bg's on the Monk recently, easily done hundeds of bg's and yet i've not had an AV or a IoC in weeks, what gives?Jordon15 14h
15h Make RBG Solo queue Make RBGs great again Make RBG solo queue only please, highest barrier to entry ever, and awful participation, it has gotten worst every xpac since it was introduced in Cata. Takes at least 0.5-1.0 hours to form a group, and group disbands immediately once losing to a better team. I've gotten Hero twice, and everyone who says otherwise just wants the extreme barrier to entry to remain so that they can get continuing getting titles with little to no effort every season. A solo q rbg would also provide an incentive for casual, PVE players that have no PVP participation at all to have a go at it without being rejected on LFG coz they've got no experience. PVP is continuously dying, there isn't enough participation while there are still many other players that do not even play PVP at all. This would be a first step in promoting PVP.Ilostmypinky85 15h
15h Ported out?!?! Was just in a Battle for Gilneas. We were getting rolled. Had mine but could not get anything else. Game was set to end in about 1 1/2 minutes and I got ported out to town. Now i have the deserter debuff. I was moving when it happened so there is NO possible way I went AFK, and why would I when the game was set to be over? Anyone have any idea? I don't care, it is minor honor and was going to be my last game before I took son to Karate anyway, but does anyone know what might have happened?Mastadon4 15h
15h So who is running this ship? Just get out of a WSG, first of all the queue time was over 8 minutes as alliance. The match begins and the horde have a 10 man team with two healers. We have 8 with no healers. It never filled and we spent 9 minutes getting GY camped. Guess they finally realized nobody was going to respawn and decided to cap the last flag. If you are too ignorant to know what the most basic version of balance between teams is I will be happy to answer any questions you have. Pro tip, starting and leaving a match 8 to 10 with the 10 having heals is not balance.Crockett40 15h
16h How can boomy counter rogues? Anytime a sub rogue opens on me, i pop barkskin and still get dropped to like 10% health. How do i survive this? Can a boomy even kill a rogue if they get the opener? Any tips? Should i not be using displacer beast?Mootorious29 16h
17h Twink ? Best bracket in legion to twink?Mwmwmwmwmw18 17h
19h Battle for Gilneas needs trigger warnings I think I might kill myself if I play that map ever againHìtt22 19h
19h queues as horde fix horde queue times far to longCrtitman28 19h
20h Do priests have high healing? in a bg i was constantly focusing this one priest and could never kill him, any time he got low he would burst heal for like half his hp (without those wings on his back) is there something im missing here?Feoridor15 20h
21h Bug or did I just never notice? Within three to five seconds of placing DoTs on another character, I got sapped... I am under the impression that you can't sap targets in combat. The DoTs were already ticking, is this just a bug or am I going to have to make a Rogue for the lols?Ballzx10 21h
21h Putting together random alliance BG friends. Looking for alliance players who like to random that want to group up and try to avoid the pain train of pugging. Millertime#1620 usually on late evening to early night most nights sometimes late nights depending on work. Whisper me if you'd like. Taking anyone who wants to queue up and kill some horde.Starshards37 21h
23h Deep six brawl Is a crap brawl. Probably the biggest proof that these devs have no idea what to do with WoW PvP. They just throw poop on a dart board and see what sticks. Why would you allow premades to queue against randoms in here? Do they ever think things through when they have an idea for the game? Premades are for Rated Random groups are for casual. There's a reason there's two categories of pvp.Mordecaí33 23h
23h Avengers of Ashran Hello! My name is Grapenut and I am part of a multi-realm community called The Avengers. We have a guild on Dalaran server but also have lots of members on other servers. We used to do ashran ALOT in WoD and since the new changes to ashran we have not been doing ashran that much lately. We are forming a premade ashran group on Thursday@7:30PM EST in our community discord that will be linked below. . Hopefully we get lots of people to make this ashran super fun!Grandpagrape4 23h
23h Rank the Difficulty of Classes/specs (pvp) Hey just curious how would you rank each class/spec by difficulty level. I am ultimately looking for something thats not insanely difficult but not easy either .Crimsonita7 23h
1d PvP templates and other modifiers source? I cant for the love of god, find updated PvP templates online.Rodruun3 1d
1d Ashran Everytime i'm in Ashran it puts me on Horde even though im Alliance. Any help?Kiobabi1 1d
1d Playing both factions bg videos I record bg vids using my shaman, warrior, mage and pally. Playing both factions with a simple msg in this videos and that is to always remember to play with friends. This negative view of Playing with friends as "premades" are killing the pvp experience of many There's nothing wrong with asking a few ppl from your friends list or guild to party up and go do random bgs. Don't ignore an entire community of ppl at your disposal and go have fun. That's the most important thing. Here's another video, this time on my ret play on the alliance side owning it up and sticking it to the Horde brothers. Enjoy and remember, play with friends and enjoy yourself. 1d
1d Worst Alliance PVP Since I started I dont know if its this bad for everyone else, but i'm on Stormrage, and the random BG's are... its hard to fathom. Me and friends play or solo que, I have won ONE battleground in 3 days. Its not even close matches. We get absolutely trashed every single game. Even when I try to direct our teams, like I told the team to go WW (waterworks) i showed up at WW as our only healer to get promptly smashed when me and ONE other person showed up at WW. How has pvp become this bad? Its to the point now that pvp is not fun, at all. You have no hope of winning BG's as alliance (at least not on my server) I used to think GW2 pvp was bad till I came back to wow. At least there you have an even chance of winning every game and not one faction is good at pvp while the other just gets promptly raped game after game after game.Wildtales132 1d
1d Prestige titles So after getting all 17 lvls on my druid and getting the title I wanted I was thinkn the title would be account wide but turns out its not. IMO I feel like the titles should be account wide like toys/mounts are. How many people agree with me on this? if you do feel free too post in here maybe they will change it 1d
1d I'm Crying Right Now Destruction Warlock got a buff. I'm not sure how long till they nerf me again, but for now the sun is shining brightly. These are tears of joy. Senpai has noticed me.Heckindoggo38 1d
1d You sure racials arent issue? I'm 907 item lvl now and consistently topping damage/kbs in bgs, yes while playing the objective as well(returning flags, capping bases). Still my fault ally has a 37% winrate across the board when its me at the top of damage followed by 7 horde? Bottom line is blizz gave horde better racials yet again, top pvpers went horde and the rest followed. I could swap to horde and instantly have a 65-70% winrate in bgs, nothing changed but the racials and faction. BG winrates confirmed showing horde winning more. Also it would be even higher if you take out AV/IoC that are somewhat "non pvp" bgs that most horde blacklist anyways either because they dislike it or they feel ally win it more. It also shows IoC is the least played map, so once again, remove IoC/AV that are hardly played anyways compared to WSG and watch the winrates become even more extreme. To dumb it down for you guys, a 70% winrate in IoC doesn't mean much if its only played 1 out of 25 times you queue for a random bgIgyfarmyou55 1d