Mar 30 FYI, Enlistment Bonus (+50% Honor) ... +50% Honor from HKs, objectives, and victoryForums18 Mar 30
Mar 30 Bgs Broken? I just play a random Bg, and a pala Tank need no healer, he was alone and his health never drop, Nada!!Retornos1 Mar 30
Mar 30 Change to random queue? I'd heard about the 'prestige buckets' but hitting prestige 1 pre 7.2 nothing had changed was still getting 7-8 minute queues on horde 2-3 minute for alliance nothing crazy fine to just run around and do a world quest or two... After 7.2 queues have been 25-40 minutes and I have noticed only being grouped with people prestige 1 or higher and anecdotally have been the worst bgs in terms of people complaining and shouting at others about not being ranked, not being high enough prestige etc. I scoured the patch notes but haven't seen anything about a change. Non prestige horde can queue and get a normal 7 minute estimate but as soon as I join their party or have them queue us it's back to 17 minute estimate and beyond which turns into a 25 minute actual queue or worse. Is this an official change? A bug? Or am I just crazy and never noticed being grouped with only prestige players before? As it stands now It's pretty unenjoyable to wait so long and the alternate faction change queue is only marginally better. Pretty disappointed in 7.2Ginestra22 Mar 30
Mar 30 Ret pallies enter rbg season 3 Any stable changes that can help us compete in terms of AOE single target cleave?Lightxcaster4 Mar 30
Mar 30 Unpopular opinions - PVP version 1 - I enjoy SotA. A lot. I also happen to win that BG most of the time. Just learn how to zerg certain doors and always cap the graveyard above yellow door. GG. 2 - People complaining about which BG they get are hilarious. It's like these people don't remember that before LFG was added, you could queue for individual BGs (and you had to get to the damn thing). They never took individual queues away. Why bother grinding randoms if you hate it? 3 - This is a PVE game with pvp content within it. Yes you will have to level up and do some questing and maybe a few dungeons if you wanna be competitive. It's 10 times easier than it ever was for newcomers or alts. Not understanding that is being obtuse and blind. 4 - Gear does not matter. I see people in 880 gear complaining that someone in 900 gear has an advantage (2% to be exact) but I see people in 800 gear whooping !@# from the get go. Furthermore, if you do want better gear than what you have, get better, or do harder content (Rated PVP) to earn it. You can do brainless LFR for god's sake. Expecting $%^- to be handed to you will simply make you look like a fool. 5 - Blizzard doesn't owe you *!@#. 6 - Blizzard is doing an excellent job overall with Legion. PVP definitely needs some work, but that comes with the territory. Almost every single DPS spec has been seen in high rated content, in multiple brackets. Sure, you won't be seeing many ENH shamans or WW monks at the very top end, but they do good in arena and can also do substantial amounts of havoc in unrated. 7 - A lot of comps are very viable. A comp is only as good as what you're facing. If you don't adapt and play in the lower brackets and don't understand that bringing 3 booms, 3 monks and 2 DHs at all cost is not at all the optimal way to play this game, you'll never get better. Stop declining the Ele shammies and the hunters and the warriors: A better player will always make up for his class not being at the very top-end. Period. 8 - Blizzard doesn't owe you $%^-. 9 - The amount of healers is just an excuse you tell yourself to sleep at night. 10 - The forums have been thriving for about a week. Wonder what changed?Howbøwdat57 Mar 30
Mar 30 I'd Love to Just PvP on my alt Today But then I'd have to do the Broken Shore questing again for my game-changing, new artifact traits, grind out some WQs for the AP yield, and I'd knowingly be injuring my main's own Artifact progression while I enjoyed my 3 other characters. Unlock the Artifact in PvP please. This grind is unnecessary for me to enjoy PvP.Yagarr9 Mar 30
Mar 30 some of you guys need to stop hating its just a game. stop hating on each other. haters gona hate.Secsie2 Mar 30
Mar 30 1-1 and 2-2 are ties now If you end the game 1-1 or 2-2 on wsg/tp game ends in a tie might be rbgs onlyCoopérx9 Mar 30
Mar 30 RBGs - Stream thread - Link yours. Hey guys, with the Season 3 hype I've been watching quite a few PVP streams in the past couple weeks. It'd be nice to have a central reference point on the official forums to check out what everyone is up to in their games. I will check back on this thread and keep it updated as much as possible. Feel free to drop your Twitch link and I'll make sure to follow you and drop in to check it out! Note: I highly suggest all and any streamers to post their link here but make sure to include a 2-5 minutes delay on their feed so this doesn't become a hinderance / easy way to snipe ya'll fools. Rød Content: Rogue RBGs (2200-2400mmr range) Music: The Word of god Quality: mainly used by top teams to dodge him. Howbøwdat Content: Warlock RBGs (2200-2300mmr range) Music: None or metal/ambient/instrumental. Quality: Good A/V, !@#$ty gameplay. Secsie Content: Priest Yolo BGs, starcraft, hearthstone, cs, single player games Music: Chillout, Progressive, Ambient. Quality: Watchable. Mønday Content: Warrior RBGs (2100-2300mmr range) Music: Popular/Radio crap Quality: Good A/V, OK gameplay. Talentdplayr Content: DH/Spriest RBGs (2200-2400mmr range) Music: Quality: Good A/V. Sharlet Content: Hydra Hunting, BGs, Yolo RBGs Music: Progressive to Industrial to whatever I'm in the mood for Quality: Depends what shot # I'm on.. Just kidding. Trainwrecks Content: RBGs, League, Multi-games Music: Random Quality: Very good A/V Howbøwdat11 Mar 30
Mar 30 Bugged Flag battlegrounds How'd you manage to go bug the debuff that FC's get when they have the flag for too long. Games just don't end. Stop ruining the actually fun aspects of this game for !@#$ty grinds like the broken shore (aka tanaan 2.0)Hateforge2 Mar 30
Mar 30 Legion Season 3 gear When will the Legion Season 3 gear set start to show up as World Quests? And will the be able to be destroyed to get Echoes of Battle?Manxie1 Mar 30
Mar 30 Prestige 10 - Carnage Issue Hello everyone reading the forums! When I logged in yesterday I got the achievement for hitting prestige ten. I was sitting at the P9-H50/50 for over a month while waiting for the new season to start. I logged in, got bumped, and got my achievement. When I hit three or six last time I think I remember that for me to get the crest I had to go to Stormwind to get a quest before getting the achievement. Yesterday I went to Stormwind and there were no quests. Is this a bug? How do I get the carnage medallion and the achievement that follows with it? If I am missing anything please let me know. Thank you in advance!Cykane14 Mar 30
Mar 30 Long Que = Solution block rated eye of the storm in your blacklist options and you will have shorter que.Didyoukickme3 Mar 30
Mar 30 FYI, 1.6 Million AP for Daily RBG Win ...Forums9 Mar 30
Mar 30 How much dmg? Are players with the new traits doing? Just asking because it seems like I'll spend a while beefing up one weapon on a main, but I'd either have to not do BG's on the alts or wait until those weapons are levelled up. A quick test in a bg seemed like dmg was really high!Beerhaus3 Mar 30
Mar 30 Grrrrrrrrrr The q for random bgs is insane, after a 20 minute wait got into AV and then we were all kicked out of it....Trece6 Mar 30
Mar 30 Where's the old pvp gear vendor? I noticed in the patch notes today it said some of the older burning crusade pvp gear was availiable now. Do you guys know where I can get it?Surprising1 Mar 30
Mar 29 Stupid rule in WSG and TP If a flag carrying map ends with a tie, then the last team to score wins. I find this utterly frustrating since half of the flag carrying maps me and my guild do on our RBG nights end up in a lose because of this stupid rule. Shouldn't it be whoever scores first? I find this rule ridicules and cannot find anything on the reasoning behind it. So anybody know?Ðzy48 Mar 29
Mar 29 EXP increase in BG's? I could've swore that Holinka said the EXP was going to be increased for BG's. Can anyone confirm if this actually happened? I want to level up my warrior without having to repeat the questing process for the 5th time.Anirin2 Mar 29
Mar 29 Team Rod Streaming Hero/2450XP RBGs Hello everyone! For those who don't know me, I'm Rød@Khaz-Modan and I've Hero (of the Alliance) and 2450++ XP in RBGs. I stream high rated RBGs around 4 times a week and I wanted to welcome anyone interested to come and check out our channel! I'm always looking to play super fun and entertaining RBGs and help players with any PvP oriented questions or anything in general. Last season I got as high as 2464 in Alliance, putting me ~6/7 rogue in U.S. for Alliance and ~29/30 in U.S. overall for RBGs. Typically I stream 4 days a week from 10:00pm CST US Central Time to 2-3:00am, sometimes a bit earlier or later. Here's some videos if you'd like to see what our content looks like! Team Rod vs. Abn Legion Season 2: Team Rod gets 2400 Legion Season 2: See you in guys in Twitch!Rød9 Mar 29
Mar 29 Arena Twinking Ever going to fix low level XP lock pvp? (Or twinking) it's horrible how much it's been messed up over the legion expansion. You don't need to change the whole game when a new expansion comes out. I see a ton of twinks all the time. And I know most of them are unhappy of the gear change (Since most of the BiS gear hasn't changed since Vanilla) and especially with patch 7.2 destroying all scaling again. In either 1. Low level pvp or 2. Locked XP pvp the stat weights and tuning really should go back to where it was before blizzard just messed up another part of the game for no reason.Mickdaggér2 Mar 29
Mar 29 Giant Battleground Icons!?!?!? Ok this is getting ridiculous. The icons were changed in size not too long ago and I wasn't a fan of this either. Now when I open my map in a battleground to see what's going on, the player icons are gigantic to the point that I can't see who controls what base or who's holding the flag because the giant icons are blocking everything out. And don't get me started on trying to see how many of your team mates are fighting at a base in a quick glance when all the giant icons are overlapping with each other. I know most people use the mini map and I keep it open too, but actually hitting M and opening the map gives a way more detailed depiction of what's going on, or at least it did when the icons were a normal size. I know this might seem like something minor to complain about, but as a long time bg'er who has never complained about anything and for the reasons I'm giving, it's making it really inconvenient to see what's going on in my bg's. Like seriously do they think we're a bunch of 90 year old ladies that can't see properly? The icons were fine the way they were. Why you gotta go changing them? Did anyone ask for this change? Personally, I would want the icons to be small sized the way that they were at the start of this expansion I think, the same size as they are on the mini map, the way it's been since Wrath, as even the last time the icons were changed in size not too long ago, it made it almost impossible to see who was holding the flag. I don't know if this post will be seen by many, or if anyone shares this opinion, but I would at least like the option to change the size of the icons.Grøtzul10 Mar 29
Mar 29 So they broke Honorable Medallion Up until this patch you got it when you first entered a battleground. If you got honor without having entered a battleground, you never got the spell in your spell book. So if you put it on your action bar, it would disappear again when you logged off. But if you had the spell, it stayed. Now you learn it every time you enter a pvp event and forget it as soon as it's over, so it is never on your action bar. What's with that?Soulofursoc8 Mar 29
Mar 29 iLVL from Randoms? What's the base iLVL from randoms that we should be getting? I got an 855 piece so far... this clearly can't be the base iLVL we are supposed to be getting is it? If so that's pretty insulting! Are we supposed to go back to PVE to get our gear. Thanks for any input...Ashief11 Mar 29
Mar 29 BG que times WTF?Charlotmkiny5 Mar 29
Mar 29 GG Secsie Was a fun match. Just remember that Warrior name.. he was not a good asset to your team. He sat farm and let me kill him without even fighting back. Then he jumped down to Mine into 2 of my teammates... that jump takes 3/4 of your health. Should have SS the end of the game.Jugaa18 Mar 29
Mar 29 Coopr time to change ur guild name After earlier. Vod incKathorist7 Mar 29
Mar 29 Stop posting on my account. .Aiihop6 Mar 29
Mar 29 Flag debuff stacks Yo this isn't working in reg bgs either as well as rbgs.Toskosa0 Mar 29
Mar 29 BG queues broken? Been trying to get into a BG for over 45 minutes...even trying to q as alliance which is usually a 2-4 minute wait, tops...been in q as ally for upwards of 15 minutes now.....haven't been able to play in one BG yet since servers came up...Stonëheart10 Mar 29
Mar 29 Where's my crest of carnage? I sat capped at 9-50 pre 7.2, now I log in to Prestige 10 but have not been awarded my crest.John2 Mar 29
Mar 29 GGs RBGs S2 Shout out to all the teams (and their rivalries) that made Legion S2 that much more exciting. We've seen the return of Bailamos, Datacus, and Topshelf(?), and all the drama that comes with it. We've seen the fisticuffs of Team Deshx vs. BCostco and poured over the screenshots of games won and lost between the two. Last but not least, we've seen a slight increase in participation from people like Lightcaster, Cathorist, and even Rod introducing people to teams and MMRs they otherwise might not have played at or been a part of, hopefully seeing to it that a lot more of these players stay active in the season(s) to come. People battled viciously in the World...of Warcraft for Hero, and others, like me, went after titles they wanted years back with friends but weren't able to achieve. While some celebrate their new titles, and others shoot for better ones this upcoming season, let's all promise to ramp the competition, trash talk, and general tomfoolery that makes RBGs such a toxic and intoxicating PvP experience.Reâh2 Mar 29
Mar 29 New prestige mount tomorrow Hey guys any one have a good guess at the new prestige mount for tomorrow i really hope its the all black midnight!!!Serval13 Mar 29
Mar 29 Not getting enough honor in my battlegrounds? Basically, every time I finish a battleground I seem to get less honor than everyone else. It doesn't matter if I top the damage charts/killing blows (on my hunter) lead the healing (on my druid) or just smash the objectives and get like 4 flag returns. It seems like no matter the amount of honorable kills or anything I do directly correlates to the amount of honor I earn besides winning or losing the game. joining late is maybe the only thing I've seen change this gradual honor rate I'm getting after every game. For example, I just played a game of silvershard mines (I think that's the name of it) finished with 8 killing blows ( double anyone else in the game) most damage ofcourse. The only time I wasn't fighting on the cart was when I was running to them! I constantly checked the score board and stayed relatively in in 1st or 2nd place with honorable kills and honor gained throughout the entire BG. With 5 seconds left I continued to check the score and saw that I was indeed still in the the top for most dmg, killing blows, carts taken, honorable kills, and only 1 death. Surely I'm gonna get a nice little payout right? Nope. Battle ground finishes and even though I led in nearly everything I received around 300 honor, while people who bottomed the list gained upwards of 500 each ( there was like 8 ppl above me in honor gained after the win multiplier was added at the end) I'm not exactly sure if there is some bonus or hidden system I'm not aware of but its driving me crazy when I demolish these battlegrounds and the people I carry just get an absurd amount of honor over me. Keep in mind this happens when i'm healing as well. Is there something i'm missing?Kodakboppin4 Mar 29
Mar 28 Alterac Valley /follow Never released this vid. Sat on it for years. Let it be known I'd be happy with a 5man /follow limit compromise. Solves all major problems, but arguments just get in the way of the flow of things so enough about that. I just want my Alterac Valley back. Enjoy!Chosen4 Mar 28
Mar 28 Mobile Melee Hello, I was looking to play a highly mobile melee in 7.2, and was wondering which would be a good choice? I like having a high skill ceiling to keep things interesting while having the ability to be self sufficient, but most importantly: highly mobile. Which melee seems best for that?Xyranthion20 Mar 28
Mar 28 PvP Brawls Why are the Brawls greyed out? I can't queue up for one. Are they not out yet?Kazgrinok3 Mar 28
Mar 28 Why the giant map dots....really .. why? Why would you decide to make giant dots that you cant even see the roads or flags......super annoying, is there a way to change this? thanksLandsverk3 Mar 28
Mar 28 RBGs bugged - Read -No points from a win. -No Stacks on Flag carriers. What's going on O.oHowbøwdat1 Mar 28
Mar 28 MM Hunter Spec Choice MM Hunter here, and was having a problem today. I don't know what spec would be better in Battlegrounds: Barrage or Volley. I don't MOC because I don't like the long cool down and I also don't like that it's only single target. But yeah, which would give me more overall damage (single target and AOE) on average.Michaelpence15 Mar 28
Mar 28 Random BG enemy premades vs randoms Im tired of solo queing into an enemy team that is made up of nearly 90% premade groups, then getting face rolled because they are premades and have more coordination or more understanding and can more easily communicate and will respond better than a normal match, allow us solo que'ers to only be matched together this is outrageous, ive lost almost every game in the last 5 hours to a premade group and its getting so boring just getting rolled over and knowing that it is likely due to the fact that they are a premade and therefore are at a HUGE advantage to us.Wowimguldan53 Mar 28
Mar 28 KillScreenshots Killscreenshots is a lightweight addon that takes pictures of people as you kill them. Anytime an honorable kill happens a picture is snapped. With 1 kb size, the addon has very litte effect on latency and can give you a ton of amazing screenshots. or Mar 28
Mar 28 Are The Hero Cutoffs Terribly Wrong? If the projected cutoff holds true then only eighteen people on Alliance stand to earn Hero. I cannot fathom how the revised and finalized cutoff from season 1 to season 2 jumped from 2297 to 2530 respectively; moreover, on the minority faction. I understand that faction changes, player pool, etc affect rating; however, speaking from my six years of experience in rated battlegrounds, this is truly unprecedented, and, hopefully for the sake of my Alliance brethren, an error in calculation. I flunked pre-calculus three times in college, so I humbly beseech the math wizards at Blizzard to rexamine the math behind the projections for all brackets.Bailamos21 Mar 28
Mar 28 AV Archers Gone Wild I've played rogue and feral for years. What exactly is going on with the tower archers in AV in Legion? They can knock you out of stealth from 50+ yards when you're not even in a tower and in either keep if one ever looks at you, you can't restealth until every archer in both towers is dead. It's not a major issue but it's definitely not how it used to work. Just curious if anyone else has noticed.Felmaven3 Mar 28
Mar 28 Higher Prestige should Reward Higher ILvL Kinda ridiculous that LFR is dropping 865s atm and random BGs are dropping 840s. The two forms of content are similar in terms of difficulty with a 25 ilvl reward difference. (BGs being a bit harder with a ~50% chance of winning and no Determination.) You have to approach Challenger ratings (top third of the rated ladder) to get gear comparable to LFR (the most basic form of raiding.) I understand Blizzard doesn't want new characters to skip standard PvE progression through PvP, which is why lower Prestige ranks should not give high ILvL. However, if someone's invested enough time into PvP to Prestige, then they're a veteran character. LFR is a story-mode gear hand-out. I'm not being aggressive when I say that, the literal point of LFR is to give entry-level gear and illustrate the lore. The challenge is so low, I've regularly gone in on my Tanks without any knowledge of the fights and had no issues due to how undertuned the mechanics are. You could actually lose a random BG. Try winning 13 games in a row (much more difficult and time consuming than a full clear of LFR). Wouldn't it be fair if higher Prestige ranks started increasing the ilvl you could earn from random BGs to be more inline with entry and mid level PvE?Yagarr19 Mar 28
Mar 28 DH vs Mage Please tell me this matchup balances out at 110, magi seem to flop the second I look at them in this bracket.Mariahcurry15 Mar 28
Mar 28 I know this isn't evactly a "PvP" question... And I don't particularly like any other forum pages (like those pricks in GD forums) except maybe the Class ones which I visit rarely... and PvPers opinions matter to me more than any Dragonslayers.. This has to do with our artifact weapon skins if you're a 1-h spec... I personally like most of the WW Monks skins. Not being biased but I really feel the PvP one's look the best, and I still want that hidden skin since it's two big clobbering fist that would go great with a handful of my mogs. Anyway, I'm sure this has been suggested, but would you all agree to being able to have one artifact skin on one hand and be able to skin the other? I feel I tend to blend my mogs well where I can use one color on one side and another with the other and make it look good so I'd like to be able to do both.Hellboss4 Mar 28
Mar 28 Rogue stealth cap so im sure this has been posted before but i just want to make sure that blizzard is aware that rogues are capping flags while stealthed in pvp! they come out of stealth for 1 sec and then re enter stealth and ive used aoe knockbacks and plain aoe dmg to stop them and sometimes it doesnt work.... it just really takes away from pvpGuldaned21 Mar 28
Mar 28 Looking for a RBG group! Title says most of it :) I am not new to this game by any means but I am new to RBGs. Long ago in the Vanilla days i played a lot of pvp and earned my Legionnaire title. I would like to learn some titles on this toon as well as get into the pvp scene. If there are any groups out there looking for a body please add me to Bnet Yaz87#1800 Also i should add this is a new toon, my main is 900+ druid tank. :PYåz1 Mar 28