Sep 11 Battleground Gear vs Argus Gear I am gearing up some alts and need some advice. Is gearing up in Argus/Dungeons/PvE faster or using Battlegrounds faster for a fresh 110 if I had to choose between the two? What is the gear iLevel differential for each? Is it comparable? Thanks.Ravagér18 Sep 11
Sep 11 Strand Demo/Cannons Bugged Searched around a bit, but how long has strand been bugged? seems like it's been over a year that people can't use the Demos to attack past the first one, cannons are broken as well not that they were ever useful. Basically past the first demo you use, you're unable to activate it's abilities. Why would it take so long to fix a what appears to be a wide spread issue?Streetguru0 Sep 11
Sep 11 Legion Wpvp As a player who likes Wpvp, Imo getting one shotted by raiders takes the fun out of it. I seriously wish they either brought back the wod ilvl scaling on pvp gear or they use the templates from bgs and arenas in the world to make it a more even playing field for those who solely play pvp.Groine7 Sep 11
Sep 11 new to pvp, how do I get marks of honor? like the title says no clue how to get these.Liongrin1 Sep 11
Sep 11 disc priest so broken, imbalance and immortal they never diesDln21 Sep 11
Sep 10 Queues won't fill up In the last three bgs, the teams did not fill up until the very end. In the last bg, we had a 5-man for ToK until the last minute, when it did fill up, but by that time, the Allis were only 100pts from victory. Anyone else experiencing this? I was doing both merc and regular, so it's not a faction problem.Malemius3 Sep 10
Sep 10 [Movie] Casters vs Warriors/DH So, I decided to play some of my casters to see how they could do against warriors and demon hunters in different situations. My conclusion is that although warriors and demon hunters are generally strong in 1v1s (with the exception of mage vs. arms) they are beatable as long as you don't make mistakes and/or exploit their mistakes. I'm trolling a bit with the movie as I really don't think I could beat myself (equal skill comparison) on arms or fury while on my shadowpriest or warlock, but you should definitely be able to win some fights against your typical BG warrior and demon hunters. If you aren't able to win any fights at all, then you are probably doing something wrong or using a build bad for fighting melee. I would only describe something as "OP" or a hard counter if there is a clear pattern where a bad player making mistakes can consistently beat a good player not making mistakes. IMO, warriors and demon hunters don't fit that definition.Oozo108 Sep 10
Sep 10 Alliance is trash in random BG's these days Every BG I've played since hitting 110 has consisted of well coordinated Horde teams repeatedly demolishing the Alliance side except for AV. Why is Alliance so effing bad these days?Marrypoppins27 Sep 10
Sep 10 Honor Cap Tracker Anyone know of a way to turn off the honor cap tracker that shows up in BGs whenever you gain honor. It looks just like quest objective trackers, yellow text that shows up in middle of your screen whenever you gain honor. It's really annoying to me and would love to turn it off.Vinkah0 Sep 10
Sep 10 LF chill players for casual pvp LF people to spam bgs/arenas with, been out of the loop for a while so I'm trying to find some consistent players to chill with! Add my btag: goose#13873Sockpuppet8 Sep 10
Sep 10 is there a way back for pvp state? pvp in this game was never balanced, but this is the worst state ever. isn't only the balance, is the feel of poor pvp design. in previous exp, you could suggest changes for every spec for a better experience. with the infamous WOD feral for example: - remove rake stun while incarn - give then barkskin - shift damage into bleeds in the current state, you have to practically redo the class/spec. this isn't about viability, neither "the game it's balanceD on 3v3 , with healer in a map with pillars, exclusive mechanics and <50 ping", is about playing a toon and get a linear feel. You know what resembles me? guild wars 2, but in that game: - dodges - reactive gameplay - escape tools with 25-50 sec cd - 2 sec stun well, my point is that to get YOUR pvp back is needed a total revamp,legion isnt the only guilty but blizzard dont show a signal of adjustment. example: exotic ammunition (snare with autoattack for hunter) we laugh back in the time now, melee gap closers laugh louder do you get the idea? things can't get any worse... ja standard pvp in this moment: gonna blow up my cds in this guy, oh he do the same thing, i win/i lose, rinse and repeat a lot of classes are "WOD incarnation feral druid", (DH metamorphosis is a direct counterpart). The sad part is with the current state there's not reason for evade that gameplay. I have stuns and can put some heavy damage, my heals are a joke and defenses/counterplay weak, so better i dish some damage before the other player do the same. defensive gameplay? more like "kill me meanwhile i dont damage you at all". And for the love of zen'kiki, stop pruning utility, the next expansion a fight going to be like age of empires militias hitting each other. imo the damage is done, there's no way back.Furry0 Sep 10
Sep 10 First pvp set Ok so im pretty new. Hopefully i can get an answer without any rude comments. Im a casual player, i dont have time to play much as im in the hospital a lot as i await a heart transplant. I added that as casual players seem to get a lot of hate. So i got legion and Just got to 110. And would like to start pvping. Where can i obtain my first PvP set and which one and how do I purchase said set?Medrasta21 Sep 10
Sep 10 Most fun specs to play in BGs My favorite specs to play BGs as this expac has been balance, shadow, frost (mage), and fire. Which specs do you guys have the most fun playing in BGs?Shoxy26 Sep 10
Sep 9 sharing is caring sharing is caring we all lern ween we young lil nerds so that being said bobos like to shar this the more haters try and hate on bobos in BGs from both sides the more bobos knows u care and u can trust bobos on this many haters do care infect bobos go so far as to say if not for moron haters no 1 would know bobos at allBobos2 Sep 9
Sep 9 Best class to level 10-110 only PvP Hey I was just wondering what the best class would be to level solely through PvP once it hits 10 - no dungeons, no questing, just BG and Skirmish farming. What class is decent in most of the level brackets?Xanu10 Sep 9
Sep 9 Meta comp What meta RBG 7.3 ?Taïlung1 Sep 9
Sep 9 Stealth Buff To BG Chests? Since the xpac was released, I've by and large received Marks of Honor and Order Hall Resources from the battleground chests. Occasionally I'll get a bit of ore, some fish, a little cloth... Definitely nothing to get excited about. I've played 3 battlegrounds today, receiving a chest from each game. All three have been really, really good as far as the gold-value of the rewards are concerned. I thought the first one was a total anomaly, as I received 50 Felslate Ore (worth about 1,000g on my server). The second chest contained four Chaos Crystals (worth about 900g on my server). The third chest awarded me 50 Dreamleaf (worth about 700g on my server). Anyone else noticed a drastic improvement like this?Krazyindy1 Sep 9
Sep 9 How did alliance get this bad? Is it because prestige? So everyone and their mother is playing? How can alliance change this? Or is the only way I can have fun, become worthless and not care, hoping I get carried in that one random. I've never seen it in this state before. Even in MoP when half the team were honor bots, and it was dominated by horde, alliance could still win. Yolo rbg they all yell "it's yolo" and don't care. Even with mic alliance doesn't call out. Seriously what givesFleasprayqt22 Sep 9
Sep 9 Melee buffed again lol ... The netherlight crucible doesnt even work in PVP, so these are flat melee buffs for PVP and pretty much undid the nerfs they got. Im hoping they tone them down before Tuesday.......Kwizzlix6 Sep 9
Sep 9 Unholy is considered better but.... How come frost tend to top damage meters?Feelzbrah18 Sep 9
Sep 9 merc bring back merc mode for both sides like at the end of WoDMaximill28 Sep 9
Sep 9 Tank PvP? I was curious, are tanks really a thing in random BGs? My friend and I want to do some but I mainly tank, a blood DK and a Prot Pally, are either worth anything, maybe a flag carrier or a harasser? Any suggestions on who to pick? Thanks :)Edgelørd55 Sep 9
Sep 8 Tarren Mill Vs Southshore deathmatch Please add this classic into our random battle ground rotation already. Death match 40v40 in the most iconic place of all.. It can't get better than this <3Antheus10 Sep 8
Sep 8 Which tank class do you like? Which tank do you roll with and why?(pvp) I have tried blood DK and he's a beast! I like that style of play, do any others match it and if not what's the type of "Prot" the other classes use? (He's in 109 bracket 689 ilvl) Prot pally, bear Druid, Veng DH or Prot warrior?Zômbie16 Sep 8
Sep 8 Echoes of Battle 1? Is there a reason I'm only getting one Echo when I Obliterate?! is this happening to anyone one elseBlanksoul17 Sep 8
Sep 8 Warrior Vs Mage? So I am coming back to the game after a long haitus, hoped into a few bgs, I don't think I did too bad. I don't think I'm the greatest but in the few times I encounter warriors. I seem to get 3 or 4 shotted. Like I die in under 5 or 6 seconds usually while it takes 5+ 2-second casts spells just to take away 1/4 of their hp. Am I doing something wrong or is it always like this. I can't seem to fight this class. The damage they do to me is far greater than what I can seem to do to them. I know I'm not the greatest player but this is a bit crazy, is it just me? Also my item level is around 810. Does this have something to do in BG's?Zackyius8 Sep 8
Sep 8 Taking WG w/o going through fort walls So I went to WG this morning hoping that horde was in control of it to farm the mount and we had it so I farmed the 4 raid bosses (no mount, go figure) and figured I would try and defend the fortress since the timer was almost expired. As the battle started there was a pretty powerful gnome fire mage there that was taking me out pretty good so I figured I would wait until he got his vehicle (he got a catapult) and work on taking that out. While that started out as a good strategy I died again and then went back to look for him but I couldn't find him. After a mere couple minutes he had taken the fortress without going through the fortress walls at all. No warnings from the zone indicating that the fortress was under attack...nothing. He somehow managed to get through the walls and take the fortress securing the win for the alliance. Anyone know how he managed to get this done? I know this BG has been buggy for a while now so maybe he found a loophole to securing the fortress for his faction. Had he won the BG by going through the fortress walls like he should have I wouldn't have cared and wouldn't be posting this. But since he somehow managed to "cheat" the system and secure the win with no effort I'm a little disturbed by this. Maybe he didn't "cheat" and maybe he secured the win by exploiting something with his catapult. Regardless, if anyone has any feedback for me on this that would be appreciated.Rivil1 Sep 8
Sep 8 How to equip my character for pvp??? Hey guys! I just arrived lv 110 and I'm equipping my character and I think I like pvp more than pve, so my question is. What should I do to equip my character for pvp?Azhureh8 Sep 8
Sep 8 This brawl is dope Like 20-0 with my team and we get insta q's. Win in 2 minutes GG easiest honor everFrostchi15 Sep 8
Sep 8 What I level will non-rated BGs top out at? Thanks.Deesenutz2 Sep 8
Sep 8 I destroyed a Warrior today :) I destroyed a warrior today in World PvP while waiting for Nalak :) It brought me great pleasure. He was flagged, so I flagged up and attacked him and destroyed him :) Then Nalak appreared and we all downed him, then I attacked the warrior and killed him again, then hearthed out of there. Since I see warriors wrecking everything in the battlegrounds, when I killed the Horde warrior I got a perverse sense of glee out of it :) Highlight to an otherwise dull WoW day :)Mckenna10 Sep 8
Sep 8 Too much damage at 110 Pvp is out of control. People are dying too fast in one stun. I thought legion was supposed to fix this but i guess not. It's so much worse than it's ever been. I heal alot and sometimes i can't even target someone and cast a heal before they are dead. How is this melee swarm fun and interesting gameplay? It's not. The game is broken so bad atm. We need damage reduction or something. This is stupid.Blunta24 Sep 8
Sep 7 why are alliance so bad at bgs? literally almost everyone in random BGs are retarded and it's driving me insane. So here is my average BG. 2-3 tanks (useless), players who go for objectives that make no sense (rushing mines in battle for gilneas when its further has no vision from LH), players who fight 30 yards off the flag and make us lose a base despite having 3-4 ppl on the base fighting. So why are alliance like this? This is 95% of my BGs on alliance side. It's too hard to play BGs on alliance because almost all of the players have no sense of strategy or skill, don't even get me started on the ppl who just run up and break CC as you're capping a flag. proof its alliance: Sep 7
Sep 7 Why are they Putting same faction vs each other in the brawl. Is this game pvp anymore or notFleasprayqt4 Sep 7
Sep 7 [A] Casual RBG team LFM Hey everyone, We are trying to start a regular team to run RBGs. We are a group of friends and it is going to be pretty casual so no elitists or anything of the sort. Some people in the group currently are more skilled than others in PvP but it is mainly a group to have fun with friends and for some to learn as we go. We need 1 more person to fill a 10 person team, so if anyone is looking to join a chill environment RBG team or if someone is new to it and wants to get started, feel free to hit me up on BNET. Hawk#1443 We are aiming to run for about an hour and a half starting 7pm PST on Mondays. The goal is to eventually push rating together as a team, but that likely won't be too soon.Noobwolf30 Sep 7
Sep 7 Turn off Moonkin Trait in PvP Please turn off the Balance druid trait, Circadian Invocation in pvp. When the debuff applies to an enemy (even an enemy at great distance), it puts us back in combat and prevents us from restealthing, mounting, or eating. This bug has been present since the trait was available and seriously gimps us in battlegrounds.Crazyhoof7 Sep 7
Sep 7 Add a war patch Place the player in a situation where he/she must choose to fight for "x" or "y" (example: Scryers and Aldor). New war missions based on instanced/world pvp situations that award "war points" to buy pvp gear, mounts, titles and tabards - the whole nine yards! Don't make just a couple pages of gear and add some nodes to defend on a random map, put more into it! Add quest dialog, cutscenes and put it all into different aspects of the game(daily quests, etc). Add a new battleground map or two. A new game mode or two? A new raid that makes the player compete with the opposing faction(example: both factions fight AI enemies to the same boss, both teams on different paths. First team to the boss and kill it is the winner). Battlegrounds has always been the foundation of my WoW gaming experience! Let's make Battlegrounds great again! Thanks blizzard!Ghoul4 Sep 7
Sep 7 Spell Reflect not reflecting So which spells are no longer reflected by spell reflect? As far as I've noticed it's chaos bolt and rain from above and I'm sure a few others I haven't payed attention to.Mirfak9 Sep 7
Sep 7 Shadow-Pan Showdown I'd have an opinion about the new brawl but it takes 30+ minutes to get into.Foxgloves1 Sep 7
Sep 7 Do I need to set foot on Argus? -Title. Bit fuzzy on the pvp impact of Argus and what it brings. I'm bringing my main through all the Argus stuff because I'm interested in the story, but rather not do this on 7 other alts. Do I need to set foot on Argus if I want to do Randoms / RBGs / Arena?Voodookin16 Sep 7
Sep 7 Help Blood FC Blood is a bottom-tier FC. Good FCs in Legion have mobility, because Tanks took a massive survivability hit overall through templates and Blood took a hit through the removal of Blood Presence and making Death Strike cost Runic Power. I was a huge fan of Death Knights lacking mobility pre-Legion, but the key trade off was Death Knights used to have great anti-mobility. Blood used to have a glyph for a DND snare. It used to have Chains of Ice. Most importantly, it used to have Chilblains which allowed you to spam root multiple targets while you ran away. Now it has a short duration sprint and a melee snare. I'd recommend giving Blood either more crowd control, more snare suppression, or another mobility mechanic. Ex. -Baseline Ranged Snare on Death's Caress. -New Talent/Spell to bring back a root on Death's Caress. -New Talent/Mechanic to make Blood Boil suppress Snares for 4 seconds after use. -New Talent/Spell- Reassemble: 30-45 second cd. Blood DK turns into an untargettable mass of bone and gore for 5 seconds, increasing their movement speed by 50% and suppressing snares, before reassembling their body. During this duration the Death Knight takes no damage and receives no healing. No actions other than movement can be made. (So it's a self-cyclone you can move around in.) Diversity is good and it's sad to see certain specs sit out all expansion from any significant rated play.Yagarr45 Sep 7
Sep 7 Resilient Victory achievement Sunday, August 27 at 12:30 AM est, we will be grouping for Resilient Victory ( Only requirements are 1) be level 110 2) have Discord downloaded That's it, no faction requirement. We will be mercing, and on voice, so any Alliance can queue with us. Add juga#1485 if interested Need good dps/heals and a strong TCJugaa40 Sep 7
Sep 7 Blizz not interested I find it funny that you assume that blizz/activision cares so much about a slowly dying money making game that they have cut 2/3 of the design staff. Activision has overwatch and now coming working with destiny 2s design team. The game is pretty much on auto pilot using rehashed mobs, music, and armor, weapons etc. When's the last time you saw a game master in game lol. Its the game designers game not yours they do what they want and have never cared how it affected the game. See number of players lost....Jaeran3 Sep 7
Sep 7 Can we change the FC meta already? I'm tired of DHs being the meta FC. Have like Arms be the meta FC or something now. Sincerely, A DH who doesn't like FCingMavrena11 Sep 7
Sep 7 Shadow Pan PVP Brawl - Really? Cmon, is this the best you guys can come up with? Hmm - the team that can outlast the other team the longest wins?Whats the point of the tank anyway? I'd rather have another dps than a tank. Gimme a warlock or BMhunter over a tank pls. It would have been 1000% better to just have 1 boss in the arena that had adds spawning attacking BOTH teams.Moondrake19 Sep 7
Sep 7 2k+ exp 944 Feral/Boomy LF RBG Team I'm having a rough time finding Alliance groups with the group finder. Anyone looking for some more dps? Kinda preferring Feral right now but, I can play either spec. 944 in both specs, also 944 in Guardian. I raid as Boomy so I know the spec very well. 2200 experience, been over 2k multiple seasons. I previously played on Horde (still have my Horde druid Bawkachu-Area52 w/ all the titles). I'm just unavailable Tues, Thurs & Sat nights b/c of raids. (7-11pm CST)Bawkachu4 Sep 7
Sep 7 This was not fun to heal No DHs though so that was a bonus I guess..Perrshing13 Sep 7
Sep 7 OK Blizz, let your player base help Many of your players enjoy Pvp. Even us casual PVPers. I don't need rated games, and not into arena. Just plain ole random PVP pugs. So, instead of asking your PVE developers for PVP suggestions, ask your player base. There are SIMPLE things that can be done that drastically improve PVP. Take the Arathi Basin "frozen" Brawl. Simple change, huge impact on game-play. Turned a simple PVP game into something fresh and different. Now - just like your weekly Mythic "affixes", add some flavor to the most popular BG maps: 1) Frozen - do the frozen thing for other maps. 2) Demon touched - add fel fire/lava all over the map causing damage and slows and smoke to obscure vision. You get the pointMoondrake2 Sep 7
Sep 7 Good flag room defender class? Hi whats up. I like staying in flag room and defending the flag. What's a good class for doing just that? Thanks.Jwke18 Sep 7
Sep 7 Source of information for RBG So I'm really interested in learning how to play and even lead RBG's. I've watched different things on youtube but I was wondering if there is recommended videos or forums to get more knowledge to better increase my position. Anything would be greatly appreciated.Lyneth11 Sep 7