2d Are bgs really this bad? So...I haven't really pvped in years. The last time I regularly did bgs was back in Wrath. So tonight I decided to give it a shot for the first time in a long time. And my experience is: stunned, rooted, stunned, feared, stunned, dead. Pretty much that's all it is. Just cc'd from 100-0. When did every spec get a freaking stun? You spend so little time actually in control of your character. Is this fun? It's nice that they've kind of evened out gear in pvp a bit, and you don't die in a second or two (even with my horrible gear), but it's just a longer wait while you have no way to fight back. Not really much of an improvement. I'm just trying to find something to enjoy, and thought maybe casuals bgs was it, but man was I wrong. It's just an endless cc-fest. And the rumors are true...melee are gods. I was playing on hunter, mage, and ele sham. Trying to kite is quite the challenge. Anyway, hopefully next expansion they cut back on this insane cc and let players actually control their characters. I don't really care about losing, but I'd rather play in a bg than just watch it happening to me.Palpatine47 2d
2d Multiple Vicious Mounts before change Anyone else feel cheated with the accountwide ability on the vicious mounts that are earned by multiple chars? I like the idea but anyone else feel blizzard should give some saddles back so that they can be used on the mounts you dont have? I had the steed/cat on multiple chars before the change. I dont really want to have to grind out 100 wins in 3s or 40wins in RBGs more than I have to for the rewards. Its already rediculous enough having to deal with the way pvp is atm with fotm classes vs what people like to play... anyone else agree?Snakk2 2d
2d DPS a little mindless right now? Nearly every dps has the damage to just spam their CC's back to back in order to burst someone down. There is no timing required, just spam all of your cc at the beginning of an encounter and it works a lot of the time. Even if it doesn't work, most cc abilities are low cd (30sec - 1min). There is literally no downside to using all of your cc at the outset of every fight.Undergeared83 2d
2d Alliance consistently gets more honor in bgs I'm starting to see a trend that win or lose, the Alliance has equal or more honor at the end of the game. If they win, they will often have a lot more. If Horde win, whatever, they still are liable to have more honor. What is going on here?Jak25 2d
2d The day that PVP dies 09/12/17 RIP. Lets remember one last time what PVP will be like before tomorrow. I feel a deep sadness in my heart, because as I was discussing with Ms. Mafic as we watched Irma sail away in a drunken stupor that PVP and WoW can not be great again. This is because template systems is like a wet fart to the face and doesn't accomplish any substance that anyone takes seriously. When the entire premise of PVP system in legion was presented with templates it was stated the tuning would be independent of PVE tuning. But that lie was exposed once again because Legion is built upon a house of lies. Lying is the staple by which PVP hangs bug time has run out and so have the lies. Tomorrow the lies meet its maker. 09/12/17Mafic500 2d
2d Season 5, PVP rewards, Really, REALLY suck. You had plenty of time to make something up and after a huge grind to lvl 18 you really let the PVP community down with those new rewards for season 19-22. PATHETIC would be an understandment.Fenril48 2d
2d Balance Druid Regrowth I think this spell needs some serious tuning. It's a sad state of affairs when a Hunter can marginally outheal a Balance Druid. Hunter Exhilaration x 5 Healing Shell x 8 11,200,759 healing Druid Regrowth x 93 Touch of the Moon x 13 Frenzied Regen x 26 7,643,201 healingCalcifix11 2d
2d How many peoples it takes to kill a Blood DK How many people it takes to kill a Blood Death Knight? The one with the right numbers WINS!!!!! nothing.Rkoo33 2d
3d PvP PvE balance So you made pvp in battle grounds and arena normalize gear....seems like a great idea till i go out in the real world. Since the gear isn't matching this lets some non skilled pve hero be able to blast me without even having to try. This balance is terrible and makes the game absolutely horrid. I normally would look down on a carebear server but having just come back to wow... as much as i hate to say it... it makes pve servers look like the only way to go. Some guy who sucks at pvp but raids like a mad man shouldn't be able to hit 2 abilities and just completely destroy me. This needs work or Blizzard should offer free server transfers.Thofír7 3d
3d Make ashran award current level gear Since you pushed Ashran for another xpac is there is a reason it can't reward current level gear?Erosa14 3d
3d Prestige season 5 rewards Do we know what are the prestige rewards this season?Amorent82 3d
3d Looking for an RBG team oceanic times Hi all I'm looking for an rbg team either US or oceanic, I usually start playing at 8pm AEST. 1600-1700cr, if I can't find a team I'd maybe look at starting one, anyone be interested in running rbgs around this time?ßowdown0 3d
3d I have to confess... Dear Forum Diary...I know it's not PvP related.. But.. I admit I do PvE, and do ToS because I want to get whatever improvement for gear I can in ilvl rather it be for a measly 1% in base stat for every 10ilvls in instanced PvP or to make sure I can hold my own as best as I can in the !@#$show WPvP is now. But that's not what I am trying to confess... What I am trying to confess is every time I get to KJ in Tomb of Sargeras ... as soon as I cross over one of the bridges.. I stand in the middle on the edge of the platform and as soon as someone in the raid is crossing the bridge I use the Swapblaster and swap them and since they're already moving in a forward motion they immediately fall off the platform and die... Their reaction is always priceless and every time it's a "WTF... How did I die?!" The other night I did it to the same Warrior twice in a row, and this part I didn't mean to happen but I couldn't help but laugh like a complete %^-*!@ when he got kicked from the group because someone said "Someone boot this Warrior and get someone who knows how to cross the bridge." I admit I am wrong for this, so I am trying to give a heads up to anyone *wink wink* don't do it either! It's rude, immature, and childish.Hellboss3 3d
3d Blizzard killed world PvP and PvP as it is. I enjoyed playing wow becouse of PvP. PvP in outland , Cata and pandaria was so good. Even in WoD duels were kind of balanced. Yet now one shot in PvP by autoattack is a normal thing. No one enjoys pvp anymore. If you want world pvp nobody in the world wants. Everyone doing casual quests and when you fight them they just waiting you to kill them and let em do their quests. Arena is broken as it was in wod , bgs are broken. PvP is dead.Iltharion84 3d
3d What do they do? What do PVEers do with their mythic +15 gear and raid gears other than stare at them? For my argument, I find it pointless that every new patch comes out and their 3 months of hard work goes down the drain and they have to start over again, they can not use their gears to do anything other than to upgrade them, for the sake of upgrading them. Used to be we get geared so we can kill noobs in PVP, do crazy 1 shots in WPVP or instance, and that was so much more fun than what we have now. Now I just see these people AFKing in Dalaran or just wandering aimlessly with their uber gear that will become useless every 3 month or so. Personally, gearing used to be a means to an end, the end being able to kill other players for me. Now that was taken away by the template, the whole purpose to gearing is so you can be do more gearing, then have them become useless by the next patch. I have not done any serious raiding or dungeons or anything, I quit wow for about 5 months and I have 925ilvl from doing just the latest world quests on Argus, and I have higher ilvl than people who raided the whole past expansion, I did LFR and got to experience the lore and dialogues and cinematics then I just go back to playing PVP or AH, and I don't find myself being much behind those serious raiders in terms of gears, what is fun doing the same world quests and dungeons over 1000 times?Globalist23 3d
3d The Imbalance of Demon Hunters I'm going to open the discussion with a brief description of what happened tonight. IT was the battle for gilneas - Horde v Alliance. We plan an attack on the mines to the north in hopes of shattering their reinforcements. We arrive in great force (About 7 people), war drums thumping, blood rushing. We find a lone Havoc demon hunter, known for their ferocity, we knew to lay low in hopes he's AFK otherwise we'd face the fury. A stubborn Feral druid attempts to satisfy his fetish for blood and rips a large gash down the hunter's back. He's Awaken. He bursts into a fit of rage, throwing a glaive which wounded multiple allies. And then... Jumping into our ranks, succumbing to his demon form. There was no hope, as our only paladin who had been blessed with the lights grace was almost instantaneously executed. The war raged on for two centuries (Two minutes) as the hunter chased down the remaining alliance heroes, crushing their skulls upon the mined rocks. Left I, the feral druid. Evacuating to the peak of Gilnean Ruins to complain in instance chat But seriously, this happened. A single Havoc DH took out 7 players, and hit 10% health 9-10 times. I don't understand how this is a possible thing that can be even remotely called "Balance".Unwitty33 3d
3d Leadership in BGs (P.S add me) Show of hands; how many people here take the initiative to lead a BG once they enter one? Raid leader or not? I've noticed as I've continued to unleash fury (haha get it) on the alliance scrum, that not a lot of people communicate in BGs. I don't try to be a jerk, but I try my best to provide structure I suppose. Upon entering I propose a plan, followed by silence from my group except for one panda that knows what they're doing or a sarcastic remark from some BE scrub, and then the rest of the BG is continued silence. A majority of the time I notice I'm one of few PvPers calling incs, checking in on flags, defending, providing support where needed, while the rest of the BoA'd out crowd runs along the roads. I kind of just blabbered on and I apologize. Back to the question! How many people here actually attempt to lead, or communicate during BGs? Do you guys join premades, play with friends, or just try to bless the rest of the group with your skillz. I'm actually generally a solo player. I've got like 3 friends, 2 of which are my cousins that no longer play, and one guy that called me "fam" in a BG. If anyone is interested in adding me for some BG shenanigans my BTAG is Zeza#1835!Torkz12 3d
3d This "increases to XXX" pvp gear I've gotten some of this recently. It might be 640, but it says it "increases to 715 in battlegrounds" or something. Does this mean that all stats increase proportionately? So, let's say I have that piece, and a 710 regular piece. I take it I should generally wear the 715 in BGs? Thanks!Shiatfaced9 3d
3d S.O.T.A. Honestly, I'm just bored at work RN and was thinking: What if they made the strand of the ancients just have 2 tanks. One for each boat. They are not controllable, they have a trajectory to the relic chamber. It works like the "i hope I don't trigger anyone" Ashran circuit race people. So if your team is wiping them on O you move faster. Maybe a few more mechanics need to be added to prevent just the initial push from determining the win, but I think that would be much more fun than wtf is going on now. The focus is put back on killing other people and less on just doing random not pvp !@#$. Also, wtf when you run out of time in SOTA and then have to platy defense just to tie them....... That just does not feel good at all.Tutanshamun11 3d
4d The day that PVP dies 09/19/17 RIP. Lets remember one last time what PVP will be like before tomorrow. I feel a deep sadness in my heart, because tomorrow ... The Qiraji Guardling and Raw Summer Bass despawn for the year. 9/19/17 4d
4d Leveling the pvp field This is a new topic spun off of another topic on locking out macros, non factory set key binding, and add-ons in pvp. After a day of thought, I got to thinking that bringing back pvp currency like in previous expansions, would give pvp a motivational goal. I think back and remember when I got all my pvp gear and how it made pvp enjoyable. It felt rewarding. The new currency, it takes forever to get 100 currency thingies to buy 1 ilvl 905 piece, not to mention to get fully geared. They should have left it purchasable with honor points like it use to be. It was faster and easier.Mocoso21 4d
4d Question, Netherlight Crucible for PVPers Ok, so I try not to pay too much attention to PVE unless I have to but it's hard to tell the legitimate complaints from the whining. As someone who does nothing but log in when I have time and PvP do I need to be concerned about Netherlight Crucible or will the damage increase to templates compensate? I don't mind doing PVE if necessary but i prefer to spend time working on PvP if I can avoid it.Bâneful11 4d
4d Compare: Twinks and premades The thought: Forum was filled with hate for twinks and the arguments between both side were non stop, until blizzard instituted XP gain in bg's and twinks were relegated to XP off BG queu. Now, forums often have complaints about premades. I'm on the fence on this one, but overall I feel it is a problem, but not sure there is a solution. Comparison: Majority of players in twink argument were non-twinks, but twinks were most vocal. proof: non existence of twink brackets immediately when they implemented xp off. They weren't as numerous as they claimed. Premades are about having fun, winning more often, being social, playing with friends. Twinks made similar arguments. Twinks were often accused of the same exact thing premade persons are accused of: that its actually just about stomping people, or at least attempting to. When twinks were relegated to only face other twinks..suddently it wasn't as popular. I wonder what would happen if there was a grouped only bracket. If you are in a group, even with one other are in your own queu. separate from solo queu persons. I wonder what the impact would be. obvious one will be higher queue times for the premade bracket. I think participation may go up in solo queu..lowering times actually (it did when twinks were removed from normal bracket..yep...sure did.) But I don't know. Why punish social and friendly grouping? maybe make the threshold 3 or more. But I see alot of similarity between the twink groups and the premade persons/arguments. And really..the argument was endless until blizzard made a change. but they only made a change because participation in low level bg's was non existent. I doubt that will happen here. premades ruin the gameplay for 50% of the players participating.Orkah32 4d
4d step up matchmaking w/ healers another bg with 3 to 0 healer ratio blizz, come on now.Ethriar25 4d
4d 19 BG Any 19 twanks? I thought 15 stam was a thing whats it called? most stam enchants are 2-3 stam smhSîrthugnasty4 4d
4d Arena bug So is the community just gonna be ok with this arena bug that gives no rewards/honor/AP? You gotta fight For your right To Peeeeeeeeeeeeee vpTutanshamun2 4d
5d Why You No Die, Fury? So I've scoured the Fury Warrior spellbook, talents, honor talents, and artifact traits, and I can't seem to find a reason why I consistently come across Fury Warriors who stonewall at the brink of death. Their health bar drops to nothing and then they just will not die. Does anyone know what causes this?Calcifix28 5d
5d multiboxing what class(es) do you recommend for an effective 2 account box? I'm seriously considering double shadow priests for simplicity and raw throughput, any other suggestions or tips? Double rogue or double DK could be fun too but melee specs make it more difficult when it comes to multiboxing from what I understand, and it being my first time a simple setup will be important; Maybe unholy DK?Taylorgangxo21 5d
5d The day pvp died PvP stats dropped, no new maps in years, gear gone, everyone has rogue talents, must pve grind in order to raise (pvp)stats .....wonder if anyone made a copy of the 2014 blizzcon night before GM rant on Twitter about blizzard is trying to remove PvP because it triggers the pvers. I have issues with this, but I managed to overcome it. Still in the top 5, or top kills in bgs.Reptîle28 5d
5d Need help Relocating Took some time off and rerolled. Some friends and I want to get to an active horde pvp server with low BG q times, good battlegroup, and active world pvp. Any advice would be great other than advising a server that is full. None of us are hardcore raiders even though blizz sort of forced that down our throats in legion ... Hoping they return the pvp gear next expansion.Purgatoriø7 5d
5d Fascinating reading old Blizzard posts... On blacklisting... ... On working on existing battlegrounds... ... On old AV... ...Bynir4 5d
5d Do any casters have... An ability to go completely immune to melee damage and keep casting damage at the same time? I was just randomly thinking about this, and I can only think of Iceblock which grants immunity to melee attacks (all), but the mage cannot deal damage during it. I find it odd, that rogues have cloak, Deathknights have anti-magic shell, and they are on pretty short cooldowns. It's basically just a big middle finger to casters trying desperately to survive the mongo dps from frost DKs or sub rogues and get a little cc on them. Some casters can kite them, but most cannot. So what if say, Elemental shaman or shadow priests or balance druids had a 45 sec to 1 minute cooldown 5 to 7 second duration ability that made them immune to all melee attacks, and they could keep casting spells during it. How crazy would that be?Antarris9 5d
5d Almost 10 minutes For a BG queue. Compared to the 1 minute alliance BG queue. These needs a fixin.Eatmehteets59 5d
5d Dueling Are yall gonna fix this or what?Erosa6 5d
5d Gratz Blizz you did it EVERY single expansion I have played in the BG's as a Healer. But so damn sick and tired of the melee mongloid train. Get a Warrior, Rogue, DH on you and it's pretty much lights out. So for the first time, gonna melee my way to a victory. Thanks for ignoring the issues we have complained about since the beginning of LegionCandieland4 5d
5d frost dks suck for pvp. fun class to play in pvp. but their only complete crap of a stun that can be avoided more easy than Cap totem, i have 1 movement enhancing effect on a 45 sec cd, death grip than can be spell reflected, a dot that ticks for 20k damage, obliterate that hits for 250k, and little to no utility. so how about some changes that make us viable blizz.Skórri15 5d
5d Oh, those crazy Alliance in EOTS... 5d
5d Top 3 Bgs? What are your TOP 4 bgs? No including vanilla AV when you'd rush bunkers with 4500 dwarves as such even though it was amazing. 1. WSG, Twin Peaks, Arathi B, AV Interested to see if people like MOp BGs at all....or Isle and SotA.Valhâlla31 5d
6d Stuns & Disorients need to dismount people I can admit that this is mainly just me being salty, but I'm starting to get tired of running around BGs as a Ret Pally chasing down people on Mounts while I can't mount because I'm in combat and my Divine Steed is on cooldown and my Hammer of Justice and my Hand of Hindrance does jack squat when they pop their Medallions. Eight times out of Ten I can't kill someone because I stun them, but they're never dismounted, so once they're out of the stunlock they just ride off like nothing happened. It just frustrates me to no end and I have no idea how to counter that besides just trying to burn them down.Andrette10 6d
6d How is Rogue in random BG? I heard it is severely nerfed, but can Assassin still perform well when ganking people at low HP?Wangdoodle28 6d
6d Echoes of Battle? How get? Thought I tossed PvP gear into the Obliterum forge for these, but that's not working. What do?Yagarr56 6d
6d Best PVP Site Resource Any Suggestions on a Good Site to help with PVP Knowledge Since Arena Junkies is dead?Substitute2 6d
6d What is the best class for BG Hero Title says it all. No arena. No World PVP. Strictly fun for Battlegrounds and whySplooshies8 6d
6d PvP Confessions I kick aimed shot.Wyler53 6d
6d Looking for a stable class Hey guys, Looking for a historically stable class to play. What i mean is a class that is not God today trash tomorrow and the one that has been (if not good than decent) from expansion to expansion. I have no time to play as much as i used to and so i want 1 toon that i can feel has the biggest chance to evade Blizzard's fun police. Thanks!Seregas10 6d
6d Looking for people to pvp with I main mistweaver and also play DH. Toastmatoast#1309Toastnbutta0 6d
6d Is this still an issue in RBGs? Getting back into WoW and interested in RBGs. I've read that there were a lot of problems with fly hacking and win trading in the past. Is this still an issue? Or was it just being blown out of proportion by angry forum posts?Whinston5 6d
6d Is there Open world pvp. Please can someone tell me where one can pvp, open world. In another mmo i played i just quested or hung out where other high level (endgame ) area players were. That was my favorite compared to instance pvp. Thanks in AdvanceCarpediem26 6d
6d 2 Questions I have... First, is BGT completely dead? I saw Swifty had it on his stream or what looked like BGT. Second, whilst researching which didn't reveal much on BGT in 7.3, I came across a comment that stated tracking cds on enemy trinkets is against ToS, is this true?Dullmoments8 6d
6d Still confused on ilvl vs stats I have several toons that play lower level random bgs. From what I've read and understand, instanced pvp uses a template for your stats, primary and otherwise, based on your average item level. But when I put on higher item level gear, which have worse stats than my lower item level gear, my stats drop: stam, int, haste, everything. My specific example is my lvl 79 toon. Have all the blue rewards from random bg wins - item level 187 (if memory serves me correct). But I went out and farmed a bunch of green gear item level 278 (level req of 78 or 79), but this gear has worse stats. Indeed, some gear don't have any secondary stats at all, just stam and int. When I equip this green ilvl 278 gear in random bgs my stats drop. I'm confused. Can someone help a brother out and give me an explanation?Verdad6 6d