5d Alliance in random BG's Holy crap what is up with Alliance in random BG's? I leveled this character mainly for Arenas, but I still run daily BG's for AP reward. Now I think I am going to not do this anymore, as I can obtain more AP running extremely boring dungeons and killing scripted dragons. Alliance freaking loses every single BG I enter. As I type this I just lost AV for the 3rd freaking time in a row! I seriously have to lose like 5-8 matches before winning 1........and the sad part is usually the only win we get is against a team that is so bad that they put up no fight almost. I always come in top 3 overall healing. I seriously am all over the map, healing flag/cart carriers. I even help out my DPS guys by keeping the enemy healers CC'ed as best as I can. I seriously cannot do anymore to my team to contribute to wins than I already am. It's like the people I am playing with folks who just got introduced to video games recently or something. Even when I play with a team full of prestiged players, the end result is the same: LOSS, LOSS LOSS, LOSS, LOSS, OH LOOK A WIN BECAUSE THE ENEMY ALL QUIT, LOSS LOSS LOSS RINSE AND REPEAT. WTF happened to Alliance? In WoD it was not this bad. We went back and forth all the time between the factions in wins and losses. Now it's just all Horde dominant.Yarenn161 5d
5d Cashin' Drek outside Strangest thing happened in AV tonight. We were about to pull Drek and a hunter engaged him. Then his pet taunted while the hunter ran outside. Drek followed but didn't reset. He just went on an outdoors killing rampage on noobhill. Never seen that before. Anyone else?Felmaven7 5d
5d Problems with PVP 1. RNG gearing 2. Least efficient way to gear 3. No incentive to push rating 4. No incentive to RBG 5. RBG's reward class stacking and gimmicky mechanics (Greater Fade, Ring of Peace, etc.) 6. Prestige passive grind with lackluster rewards (why not have a piece of 890 gear rewarded for each 25 levels? or something that will get some PVE people grinding World Quest Objectives or even BG's) 7. AP rewards too low to be competitive with PVE 8. Bugs are not addressed in a timely manner (Greater Fade and LoS issues in arena should have been fixed immediately) 9. Class abilities that feel too strong when receiving them (all in an attempt to make these classes "fun") 10. Honor talent tree not appetizing for alts and too impactful for gameplay (somewhat being addressed with 50% less grind to initial prestige in 7.2) 11. AP traits too impactful for alts/new players 12. transparency from Blizz (in regards to stat templates - at the mercy of trusting their numbers and math when the community has been a large asset to the dev team) 13. Dying competitive scene 14. No way to customize template to suit the way you like to play your class 15. 7.2 AP grind What else can you add to the list? I actually think balancing has been decent, overall. A bit too much pendulum back and forth, especially with DestoLock and Chaos Bolt and DH tuning. But, it hasn't been the worst balancing WoW PVP has had.Wetrobrute4 5d
5d no honor points???? Is there a reason no one is getting honor points at all? Win or lose.....everyone down the list 0 honor points?Cowboyzz1 5d
5d Choosing between classes Good evening, I'm sure these types of threads come across a lot but I had a question. I'm a casual PVPer and I main a mage. I want to level a new class for 110 pvp. I was thinking between 3 classes. Hunter, Ret pally and fury warrior. can I get some feedback on which would be a better choice?Rothemia14 5d
5d how do i release spirit my UI was bugged, i couldnt heal myself so i died, then it asked me to release spirit while i was typing /reload ui, but then after the game reloaded, it didn ask me to release spirt. i was lying on the ground for the whole BG. i typed reload UI again and again, it didnt ask me to release. any command that can release spirt?Talless7 5d
6d PvP Revision List Hello Guys, a list of suggestions to improve PvP. Specialization Limitation Limit Rated Battle Grounds to a max of one Specialization Prevent Specialization changes when one of that type is present when in the battleground... Environmental Effects Add Walls, Blizzards, Dust Storms, Tree's (Like tree canopies blocking blacksmith from lumber mills perspective. ... Positive and Negative Reinforcement Add a Bonus (10 Points) for every win after 3 wins. Grant players 25 bonus points when winning after losing 3 games in a row (developer address) set up a Unique ID for each raid, that tracks its creation, and expiration times, as well as how many wins a player has in said raid. Set it to grant bonus's after wining with that raid for 3 wins in a row. Remove the bonus if leadership is transferred or if a player leaves the group ... Improve PvP Guild Reward and encouragement systems. Add More PvP Rewards For Guilds Add a Guild PvP option in the drop downlist for guild (like guild status, roster, etc) To display 2v2, 3v3, and Rbg Rating.... New PvP Options Add A PvP 1v1 Option for Arena for class-specific (example: mage vs mage) Battles Add a PvP 1v1 Option for Arena for mixed classes... Punish Abusers Add a -5, -10, -25 Rating for Que Dodging. (the effect will increase in penalty the more they do it) Once a Group gets in que, they get hit for leaving que etc....Aminari9 6d
6d WoD Did Casual PvP Perfectly. I am a casual PvPer meaning I don't do rated play. I play mostly Battlegrounds but I dislike arenas. I feel like I'm being punished here for my play style or that Blizzard is really pushing players to form groups (like what they have been doing for literally everything else this expansion) for rated Battlegrounds. NO thank you, I play this game to unwind and forming a rated BG group is too much effort even to be sustainable. WoD was much better for casual PvPers because random BGs awarded gear that was competent, worked well in WPvP, and you had the ability to choose. The gear I have been getting out of random BG's in Legion have been straight up appalling. Why does current LFR (860) yield better gear than the best casual BG (855) gear? During WoD, PvP gear for season 3 (710/740 in PvP combat) was on par with base Normal Raid gear (710 with Valor upgrade) Now? PvP gear is 5 item levels BELOW LFR gear. Why???? The RNG is absolutely horrid to the point it's insulting. I have won at least 10 BGs on this toon in the past few days and all it has given me was 840 "Combatant" pieces and I have yet to receive an 855 "Gladiator" piece. It's almost insulting to me how unrewarding it is and there's evidence other players feel the same. Here is why WoD PvP was better in addition to my suggestions: - Bring back base item levels like how it was in WoD. When someone joins a BG, make it so that their item level is at least 860 (for 7.1.2 LFR gear) - Allow PvP gear to jump up item level in PvP combat exactly like how it did in WoD. For example, in WoD season 3, PvP gear was 710 (on par with normal HFC gear) and jumped up to 740 in PvP combat. With having the 860 base and a jump of 30 item levels from PvP gear, we can have the PvP gear go up to 890 in PvP combat. This will make us much more competent in WPvP against Heroic/Mythic raiders that absolutely destroy us currently. - Hear me out on this one: Remove templates and make PvP gear reduce damage from players by 20%-40%?? Is this possible? (It sure was in the past) Also allow us to use our on use effects for PvP only trinkets. - Re-introduce trinket bonuses that reduce damage done from other players. This will be a good way to counter those OP trinkets from raids that are used against players in WPvP. - I see that 7.2 will bring us the ability to choose our gear. I just hope the grind is as reasonable as it was in WoD and that the gear is COMPETENT. Not laughably below LFR gear. That's pretty much it. I'm really not good at this sorta thing but hopefully I have been comprehensible. Thanks and have a nice day.Syraela121 6d
6d why are disc priest always first target? i hate being trained my demon hunters and dksSecsie26 6d
6d ret pvp this is insane, getting STUCK in combat for up to ive seen 3 minutes after killing something in pvp, wtf. fix.... nowAzshauanna3 6d
6d Innovative changes for PvP 1. Limit RBGs to a cap of 1 of each specialization time (to prevent things like multiple boomkins etc). Code this to check on que, and lock out spec changes in rbgs. 2. Give feral (instead of clone) an aoe poison that reduces healing by 10% (called rabies?) that spreads to targets that get with in 10 yards of infected targets. 3. Remove Capture location concepts from maps. For example (in ab) instead of flags you have a cart that grants points over a duration of time (equal to present rates). These carts will fade in and out every so often, so you can sit a node if desired, but base sitting itself would not be required as your only required to defend if you want to (because nothing will be there for periods of time). more to come soonAminari15 6d
6d Level 60 Legendary Wielding Fury Warrior PvP Here's my first PvP video for patch 7.1.5, hopefully you guys enjoy it. 6d
6d 90-99s Thread - WARGAMES on SAT 9PM EST 90-99s Twink Thread Q&A WARGAMES on SAT 9PM EST COMPLETE GUIDE: READ THE GUIDE. THANKS DR. Is the community active? Yes, a tally of active twinks that played in the last two weeks exceed 75+ members. Regular BG pops are all day. Everybody knows everybody here. Is it hard to gear? No, it takes about a weekend at level 99 to do all the legion zones. Throw a couple of timewalking/neths runs and you'll be up to speed in terms of artifact level. What class is needed? Healers. I don't like to heal! Play what you want. I see some guys in full BOE epics. Those are expensive, do I need them? Nope. Not at all. Where can I meet more 99 Twinks? Join the discord: 6d
6d Ivus Bug For what it's worth, I reported the Ivus bug in the bug forums so anyone who wants to support the thread please do. Hopefully we can get Blizz's attention. How hard can it be to fix? Link: 6d
6d i like turtles and apples.Secsie3 6d
6d WTB carry self play from 1800 to 2k. will pay for 1 wow token. k tnx.Psylor3 6d
6d I'm drenched in salt... PvP Happened...and it's too good not to share. And I had the most entertaining saltiest of salt players I have ever came across...this makes Pathogens salt taste like sugar even. Spriest and Ret trying to 2v1.. I kill Spriest, Ret kills me..and he is even carrying a bodyguard. I respawn, another Monk who they tried to gank earlier is fighting them and I help finish them off. Ret talks trash saying I got "wrecked", even though I had no CD's after killing Spriest.. which I admit I shouldn't have blown CD's on because he was worst than the Ret (which is pretty damn bad) Have CD's, Ret gets the beat down numerous of times again, but still won't stop talking trash... The best part is he talks about how I had to run (because I didn't just stand there and let him beat on me when he had Wings up along with SoV), and then when I blow CD's, he Bubbles... and then without even using Karma, he BoP's himself shortly after. He even used LoH and STILL loses. And I'm playing at a friends where I don't even have my own UI set up and my keybinds are awful. I offered to even let him "Wargame" me in arena in a 1v1 so there is no Legendaries, no body-guards or outside interference. He wouldn't take the offer. But the best part about when he says this.. Has anyone ever made someone so angry that they wanted to fight you IRL? This guy even goes on to say how the Horde are cowards... yet him and a Spriest were going around ganking people 2v1. I know the Horde do this too, but good god this guy was so hypocritical I have NEVER met someone this salty. I'm still laughing. I'd post the other things he said but they were a bit too vulgar, and we all know there are a bunch of wimps who have their finger on the report button waiting.Hellboss19 6d
6d replacement for BGT? Mine will not workZeo3 6d
6d AV Bunkers and Towers The bunkers and towers in the bases should be both downed before being able to kill the bosses. Fed up of OP groups managing to kill before tne bases are burning. This goes for alliance and horde I play both.Mcammo14 6d
6d Battlegrounds Unbalanced? How? So this week I thought eh, i'll hop on this Mage and do some Bgs. Well I play with 2 other people a Hunter and Ele Shaman. We focus the objectives no matter the bg. We've carried some games when Alliance fights mid, I'm sure Horde does the same thing in games, but I've noticed Horde have MORE better players. Now I'm not saying Alliance players suck, it's just the fact that a lot of top rated players are currently playing Horde. I'm not very good with explaining things, So lets just say 1 out of 5 Alliance players are good and 3/5 of Horde are good, Horde have an advantage. Now clearly the statistics are not right because I'm not sure what they are, but it's clear there are MORE better players on Horde. Not that Alliance doesn't have good players just not as many. I'm curious if or how this can be fixed. I play both Alliance and Horde. I've noticed in some of the more PvE battleground AV etc. Alliance wins most of the time. But on most of the others Alliance normally loses. I win most of the time on my 110Horde toons but lose a lot on my Alliance so when the weekly Bonus on is on for Battlegrounds im not to pumped to play my Alliance characters. I'm curious if I should just swap my Alli toons to Horde. Can't think of any fixes that I myself can do to help my experience playing WoW. Off topic but damn. I hate doing world Quest as a Alli on a PvP server haha. It's depressing. =p Anyone have advice or opinions feel free to comment. Just everyone be friendly and respect everyone's opinions <3Channing17 6d
Mar 19 Best voip for WoW Discord. Curse is a close second.Secsie16 Mar 19
Mar 19 New RBG team help hello, Am trying to start a new RBG team and i had some questions i would like the masters to help me with. How do you and your team practice? I got some ppl who are 2000MMR and some who are 1500. I get you dont want to lose MMR i understand that. what am not getting is how to skim other teams with out affecting MMR for our team. random bgs you can only Q as five. any tips, website, or just calling me a fifthly casual would help hehe thank you for your time!!!Flamesickle3 Mar 19
Mar 19 How to Merc Mode? Thank you :)Exist9 Mar 19
Mar 19 Recruiting ret pallies for 2650 MMR RBGS I need to find a good RBG ret pally. I have tons of DHs, locks, hunters, rogues and moonkins but I have very very few rets. If you are a good ret pally with awareness let me know and ill give you a shot. Rets are the most overpowered RBG dps if played correctly and there is a severe lack of ret talent around. I know a lot of pug RBG leaders underestimate ret pallies so it is hard to get into groups so if you are a good player this is your chance to get 2400 hero before the season is over. Also If anyone reading knows any pro rets give me their names.Bcostco24 Mar 19
Mar 19 Silvershard Mines strategy Everyone get in the cart. Change the carts using the arrows when needed.Secsie5 Mar 19
Mar 19 melee vs ranged if i spend most of the BG with melee in my face cause i cant kite them and being interupted why dont i hafve a disarm?Aesclepius8 Mar 19
Mar 19 PvP is bad. Fight me.Braniel5 Mar 19
Mar 19 Specific Battleground Queues give nothing Absolutely nothing. Queued a couple of Temple of Kotmogu and all I got was a grand total of 240 honor on wins (with the 50% increased objective reward event). How does this even work? Don't get me wrong. It's nice that you get some extra reward for queueing Random BGs but having 0 rewards for actually winning the BG makes no sense. Some AP, some honor, maybe a little less than a Random BG, something. I wonder if poeple even use the Specific Battleground Queue anymore. But with these rewards (or lack thereof) I guess not.Jharax7 Mar 19
Mar 18 People for bg's Looking for more friends to bg with add my BTAG Dilloniscool#1138Hemage0 Mar 18
Mar 18 BLIZZARD PLEASE FIX PVP IMBALANCE This has gone on for too long. If you play horde you lose all the time, if you play ally you have stupidly long queues. How are we supposed to enjoy PVP like this? We know that horde have jumped ship for better racials and a larger dedicated pvp player base. Well now the game is utterly knackered. Not since I played warhammer have I felt so utterly deflated about the pvp experience. Everyone in the BG's just talks about how pvp is broken. How is this fun. And before any other posters jump on and talk about how the horde need to learn to play, that will not fix the imbalance and 20 minute + queues. BLIZZARD, you can fix this.... if you don't the rest of this expansion will only be remembered for pvp being a joke. Firstly fix the racials, remove the human one, or give horde the same racials, secondly offer free (to horde) transfers for a period of time. Hopefully the 20 minute queues will encourage some to move back. You could easily offer an incentive to change. You can't leave casual pvp like this. It is dire to play. WoW PVP is awesome, but playing it at the moment sucks. Ally players are frustrated with the queues as well.It will also only get worse, horde casuals are sick of playing so more will jump factions. You will have to remove the 15 min penalty for jumping a BG as I will be the only one left and ally will have no one left to play against. Have to go - my ally toon BG has just popped after 24 minutes... yippee.... hope I win after that wait... oh no it's fine WSG.... definite win...Littlestik78 Mar 18
Mar 18 Dueling strategy Get the other player's health to 0% before they get yours to 0%.Dangerjosh4 Mar 18
Mar 18 30-39 PVP Thread of Stop By and Say Hello! Hello friends of lowbie PVP. I've decided to create a new thread for 30-somethings. Our bracket certainly isn't the most popular for low-level PVP, but I've played in the 30s bracket for many years on various characters and always enjoyed it. I've found good players on both sides, and fun competition in BGs. I invite anyone who participates in or is interested in the 30s bracket PVP to say hello, give a shout out to other PVPers you've seen in BGs, and in general enjoy good conversation. You don't have to be a twink or XPoff to post here. Even if you're just passing through the bracket, feel free to post and say hello!Sapphos267 Mar 18
Mar 18 All the current threads suck Please entertain me forums. just shoot me your wildest opinions. GoHowbøwdat12 Mar 18
Mar 18 Something is wrong with Stealth. Ever since the change to melee classes (Legion pre-patch 7.0.2) stealth has been really wonky. It has been so bad that I rarely play this toon anymore in PvP and it seems evident when you look at how many Rogues and Feral druids there are in BGs these days. Stealth seems to break VERY easily in PvP compared to how it was in WoD. During WoD there was a bug that Hunter's Barrage would break stealth and it was promptly fixed. Although Barrage doesn't break stealth even during Legion, it seems other "invisible" AoE spells like Howling Blast etc. break stealth. If this is fixed, stealth will be 100% better. Another issue I have with stealth is when I use Vanish. During WoD, when I used Vanish all class pets would immediately stop following me. Now, they continue to follow me until my stealth kicks in. This gives away my position and is just plain irritating. Lastly, there seems to be a very small delay of when players can attack me when I activate stealth. There is a split second delay when activating stealth when players can attack you. For example, if I Stealth a DK is still able to grip me if he casts it a half a second later. To summarize: - Stealth is easily broken by "invisible" AoE - Class pets follow me during Vanish - Small delay when activating stealth to becoming unattackable Please fix. Thanks and have a nice day.Kinziee24 Mar 18
Mar 18 What actually happens when reported afk? Whats the actual punishment besides just removing them from the game? you cant silence them cause that doesnt actually matter in wow. What does blizz actually do when reports of afk in bg are done.Darkmourne2 Mar 18
Mar 18 Top 5 strongest specs in pvp I know that this is a little bit redundant and subjective but i would like know which are your top 5 strongest specs in pvp at 7.2 What is your opinion? Here are mine 1. Frost mage 2. Windwalker monk 3. Retribution paladin 4. Havoc demon hunter 5. Fire mageMandriani38 Mar 18
6d [Pancakes][Waffles][French Toast] French Toast is the best.Secsie61 6d
Mar 18 Why do leaders care about comp in sub 2k RBGs I noticed a consistent thing in the sub 2k push RBGs is how picky the leaders are about comp. Leaders will not que disc rdruid monk or holy monk disc or any combination that isnt what they think is "the best". Same thing for dps comp, I have been in a 1900 push group looking for a 3rd moonkin for an hour instead of taking a hunter or ret. A 1900 wouldnt take me and another disc friend who play together at 2600 mmr all the time because "2 priest doesnt work" Why are LFG leaders so dumb?Bcostco20 Mar 18
Mar 18 Strands.. A push back spell was used over and over at Yellow Gate, it shut down people trying to run bombs to the relic chamber, how the h do you get past this? - I just returned, I'm not familiar with that spell.Iroñthor9 Mar 18
Mar 18 how late do you stay up to do rbgs? i usually stop playing at 3amSecsie6 Mar 18
Mar 18 Easiest Healer for PVP - need help Trying to get my wife to play WOW (she used to play a while ago). I'm a pvper and looking to have her be my healbot. I don't know anything about healers, and she needs a class with a low skillcap. What healer should I steer her towards? Thanks,Wrayith21 Mar 18
Mar 18 PvP Guilds? Nonexistent? Can't find one that's legit.Oblivioñ2 Mar 18
Mar 18 Everyone should have mics for rbgs. its essential for rbgs and its 2017. who doesn't have a mic in 2017? use your phone or go to walmart and buy one for $10.Secsie15 Mar 18
Mar 18 World of horde MW heals There are 3 things guaranteed in life: 1. death 2. taxes 3. horde will have at least one mw monk in every random bg.Letho38 Mar 18
Mar 18 How many kills do you have? And Bloodthirsty How many kills do you have? I just hit the 100,000 kill achievement this week and a new achievement opened up with a title you can earn called "The Bloodthirsty" for 250,000 kills. Anyone have that title yet?Gezel87 Mar 18
Mar 18 Gearing through PvP I'm tired of getting gear through battlegrounds and arenas that aren't even relevant Item level. I am tired of moments that when I actually get a high item level piece of gear, it's for a slot I have a legendary equipped...every.single.time. Are regular bg's and arena only supposed to reward players with AP and the possibility of a Legendary? That's what it feels like. Gearing through PvE is So much more rewarding than gearing through PvP.Släytaniçk18 Mar 18
Mar 18 Looking for new realm. Where should I come? I'd prefer mainly RBG's, but mainly I want an active pvp guild. I'm on Zul'jin right now. Haven't had much luck finding a guild/activity. Looking for suggestions/recruitment messages from you.Kogarashi4 Mar 18
Mar 18 Cant change to heal spec in casual BG? Title. There's been at least a couple dozen of times since I started playing where I'll enter a battleground to see that there's 1 or zero healers on our 15 man team. Why can I not change my spec in a casual BG? I understand not having people queue as healers for shorter times than switching, but I can see no reason why i cant switch to heals if I'm willing. I prefer lolret and I'm better at it but I'd rather help the team if I canPepesilva3 Mar 18
Mar 17 Could we possibly get.. incentives for lowbies to participate in battleground events? The only current bonus is extra earned Honor which isn't even an available feature until level 110. Maybe add an experience increase for those under 110? Idk what do you guys think?John8 Mar 17
Mar 17 Got a legendary from a random BG The dream is alive.Demimas6 Mar 17