Oct 15 Uninteruptable Priest? So I was in AB and we were having a big team fight at the blacksmith which we controlled and this holy priest starts capping the flag. I flame shocked him, wind sheared him, hexed him(nothing happened), and continued to cast on him and nothing interrupted him. Anyone know how he was able to be immune to everything?Killamor4 Oct 15
Oct 15 legions PvP is terrible. This is not the post you think it is, I am not here to discuss class balance or who needs nerfs or buffs, but to simply point out what went wrong. Its all way too easy to do anything, most abilities essentialy have no resource cost, the setup is nonexistent to minimal and the rewards are insane. This encompasses Crowd Control mechanics, damage and healing. Some things are so easy that the game does it for you. Now for the beaten horse; PVP Templates. Again odds are this is not what you expect. The idea of leveling the battlefield is noble, but the efforts are in vain if the players are helpless to customize their characters. Item levels are not equal, my toon has a 931 item level, so when I play I have a 3 tier advantage over a 900 level player assuming same class / spec / skill. It is my opinion that we should be given an item level statically, and the gear we dredge up in its configuration be normalized to that fixed level. There is the other option, but it takes a but of the character progression out of the picture; we be allowed to fill out the template ourselves some how, with every class / spec given the same budget. Natually blizzard PvP team would need to make minor tweeks and adjustments to stats that over preform when stacked over a certain threshold. It is my opinion that even Legions PvP can be made into something enjoyable for everyone but that can not happen so long as the skill floor nearly plays itself.Harland28 Oct 15
Oct 15 PvP Rewards from casual battlegrounds Unsure if this should go here, but oh well. I just wanted to enquire as to whether one can get the Gladiator gear models from casual battlegrounds or is it solely from rated battlegrounds and arenas? I primarily want it for transmogrification purposes but have yet to obtain any, just the Combatant models thus far. Haven't been back all that long so I'm unsure of how it all works now, heh. Also, does one still have a chance at gear even after losses? Light knows I get enough of those. Thank ye all in advance!Séng4 Oct 15
Oct 15 Which class? Which class is most at home in PVP? So I have tried several, not all, different classes in pvp. I always seem to come back to this snotty nosed warlock in the end. I do not know why, but it seams to be the most natural for me to play. It has a very easy rotation for me to do, its affliction. I'm sure the fact that it's my very first main from back in 2005 has a little to do with it too. I tried the frost DK, but it doesn't feel relaxed when I pvp. Too like what do I do now feeling. I have a frost mage that is a total boat anchor in pvp...always dead! I have tried my hunter by seems like I have to baby sit my pets and watch my back too much. What are some classes that are not necessarily elite on the bg floor, but have super easy rotations that could allow that class, put in the right hands, be capable of being elite. I'm not interested in priorities, I'm really looking for a rotation type class.Mocoso23 Oct 15
Oct 15 Tired of losing 90% of my BGs So I'm ready to re-roll whatever race/class/spec combination that will let me win the most with the least amount of skill. Any suggestions?Elyiandara122 Oct 15
Oct 15 Blue post: Prestige skins after Legion ... Altoholics rejoice! Also, are they considering another system overhaul next expansion? Account-wide prestige mebbe?Olidastrum2 Oct 15
Oct 14 legion vs MoP am i the only one who is enjoying playing MoP pvp even though the gear gap in mop is a thing but i feel u can do your full dmg instead of being held back by a stat template susyemBòb2 Oct 14
Oct 14 Random Battleground without healers? How is this a thing Blizzard? Sure, sometimes some bgs can be won without a healer, but let's look at the stats: You don't win bgs without healers the majority of the time. Elo and MMR and matchmaking is a thing that we as a species have !@#$ing licked. Like wireless internet and bluetooth, this %^-* is easy. Why chase PvP subs away from your game through neglect? Why does Blizzard neglect their own PvP so entirely when it's obvious they know how PvP works (Overwatch and HoTS come to mind).Omerye26 Oct 14
Oct 14 Best class low level pvp Hello, I have one part left in my 'What a long strange trip it's been' : school of hard knocks and I'm really hoping to get it this children's week coming up. I'm not so hot at pvp and am looking for a class that is good at low level battlegrounds (level 20-30) to do this achievement with. So in short, was wondering which classes are op in this bracket in low level battlegrounds at the moment?Jettiko21 Oct 14
Oct 14 Why does blind work on DH? I'm wearing a blindfold cause I'm already blind! Please fix this obvious oversight blizz thank youNekomamushi15 Oct 14
Oct 14 What exactly is "wrong" with Legion PVP? 1) World PVP: World PVP is by far, and exponentially, the worst, and most embarrasingly poorly designed it has ever been. Please, go do world quests in low gear, or hell, any class that isnt a tank or a rogue. Its actually disgusting the state it has been allowed to proceed to live furthers. Its a !@#$ing joke. And i say this as a 935 prot/arms warrior. 2) Brawls: Brawls tend to be okay, but frankly they arent what PVPers are wanting. There is this feeling that disgruntled gamers have that "Anything I get that isnt fixing my problems is resources that could have been fixing my problems!!!" Also, the brawls tend to be incredibly buggy on release, and make people never try them after the first game. Plus, some brawls, like southshore, are cancer for melee or certain classes. With Legion, there has been no bgs added. Obviously, nothing new in the rotation will make things feel a bit more stale. Now, lets talk about the actual Legion systems. First off, the gear is completely RNG. PVPers used to be able to grind out honor and pick out the gear they chose. It was deterministic and made players feel like their grinding regardless of rating was working towards a goal. Now PVP gear is just decent ilvl gear, but it isnt even good in PVE because basically every piece has Versatility, for seemingly no other purpose than to make PVErs not feel like they have to PVP To do PVE. Alot of PVPers are divided on the topic, but most high-end players I have seen missed using PVE trinkets in PVP, and other items. Obviously, templates were a lazy solution to the issue of Legiondaries, which have no place in legion PVP, proven by world pvp. The feeling you got when you got a piece of gear (PVP or PVE) and going into a bg after raid to %^-* on noobs is gone. That sense of satisfaction you got after working towards a reward for player power is just not there anymore. Its sad. Templates: Templates have made the game exponentially and almost solely focused on cooldowns. The only exception is classes that basically dont have cooldowns, which is usually dot classes like Spriests and Aff Locks, and geuss what? People hate them because of how braindead simple it is to get their damage out, regardless of how they fall over to certain comps. There is nothing satisfying about being on someone in instanced PVP, youre just wet noodling them for like 5% of their HP with !@#$ing Mortal Strike or something. Its just miserable doing no damage to anything because nothing dies. With it being so hard to just burst people down due to things being more balanced, it creates these super long drawn out games where people are just %^-*ing bored. Team compositions: Legion is incredibly comp based. If youre playing with something like a Shadow Priest, and the enemy team is some kind of melee cleave, youre A) probably going to lose, and B) Going to be !@#$ing miserable getting trained to death by them. On the flip side, you can be facing Shadow Priest/Aff Lock and hating everything in your life as poking your head around a pillar to play the game means you run into the retard in the middle of the map pressing instant dots and tab targeting. In RBGs, team comps is less of a problem now than it was previously in Legion; stupid %^-* like triple mistweaver RBG pure dot cleave comps were a thing for MONTHS before Blizzard did anything. Pruning: This is quite possibly the biggest problem. MoP was the absolute peak of keybinds, buttons, and tools for classes. High-end PVPers, or even people who just PVPed alot, had an absolutely insane skill cieling. With such a high potential for most specs, the outplay potential was absolutely massive, and made 2400+ PVPers able to do crazy things like 1v2ing in rated 2v2s and such. This also ties in with comps. With less spells and abilities, classes are limited to what they can and cannot do. It simply feels bad to have things taken away from you. Legion PVP streamers constantly complain about not being able to tell the difference between a "rank 1 of X class, or a 1800 player of X class." The skill ceiling is simply too low in Legion, while the skill floor is high. With how much time it requires to be competitve in PVP, it feels really bad knowing that the ceiling to your abilities is so low.Iwasbored56 Oct 14
Oct 14 Rated PVP for Artifact Skins Hi all, I'm looking for advice for how to go about obtaining the rated PVP skins. I enjoy pvp, and I have done a pretty good amount of it during my WoW years, non lately though. I don't really want to have to commit long-term to a team, and I certainly don't want to bail on said team after I get my wins / unlock my skins. Are rated BGs included in the Finder system, where I could just pug for awhile and hopefully farm out wins eventually or do I need to have a dedicated server group to queue up? I'm also going as Prot. Do I stand a chance of getting in as a Prot Paladin? Any advice would be super. A roasting would also be acceptable.Ralanthel2 Oct 14
Oct 14 no variety in random bgs i have played 70 bgs so far all on random and i have only seen 6 out of the 11 bgs,why is the matchmaking system ignoring half of the bgs when it is random ?? 3 out of the 11 different bgs account for 55 out the 70 matches played?this is why "call to the arms" should be brought back or fix this mm system.Obveous19 Oct 14
Oct 14 Omae wa mou shindeiru NANI?Rhomhehexd1 Oct 14
Oct 14 Blue Response on PvP Your templates are not working. Many classes/specs are clearly stronger. Frost Dk's are just nuts right now and there is no escape. Melee have way too much damage, uptime, unbreakable CC, interrupts. Stack 4+ on a healer and there is nothing you can do. WPvP which entire servers (PvP) are dedicated to is completely unbalanced allowing rogues, dks, and warriors to one shot people. The Lead Developer of PvP (who has never done much) is gone with no clear replacement - where does that leave balancing? Are you supporting PvP anymore? Or are you just leaving it to wither like WoD? Did you take diminishing returns out of the game? Why am i sitting stunned and silenced for 10-15 seconds? You can only cancel casts at 70% to bait interrupts for so long before you might as well have been stunned or silenced to begin with. Why don't melee have to worry about this? Are you looking at the amount of prestige required to unlock the skins? The argument that only PvPers who played the whole expansion should have them falls very flat when i see PvPers unlocking PvE skins with less than a week of effort. More importantly, you claimed that PvP talents would allow you to balance separately from PvE much easier. What happened to that?Nebekinezzar92 Oct 14
Oct 13 Yolo RBGs V.S. Covfefe RNGS Hosting some covfefe games to nuke some yolks. PSTMordecaí0 Oct 13
Oct 13 Ashran!! Today is the day if you want me get in on the fun in Ashran!! Need to finish Nemesis quests? Want to have fun in no nonsense pvp?Mordecaí2 Oct 13
Oct 13 Ashran let us Oceanic players in! Since the launch of legion i have not been able to get into Ashran. I have spent over 9 hours in a single a queue twice on a weekend to get in but the queue never pops. I was hoping with 7.3 something may have been done to address this issue but 2 nights ago I spent 3 hours in queue and nothing, please do something to allow players inside, some of us still want to collect the achievements and rep.Evani35 Oct 13
Oct 13 Rbg help You see posts and YouTubes still all the time for pvp arena. Wonder if there is any good help for rbg and getting better?Turkeyjerkey3 Oct 13
Oct 13 3 healers=win? So basically every time the alliance have 3 healers in a CTF BG its basically an auto win. Can we have a set number of healers per side so this stupid !@#$ doesnt happen in "randoms"?Dontfocusme5 Oct 13
Oct 13 Locks-Did I miss the memo? I can't keep anyone alive if they have a lock on them, or myself. Did they get a massive buff recently or am I just lagging really bad.Mîla10 Oct 13
Oct 13 Random Bgs Yah right. If battlegrounds are random why do I keep getting the same 3 bgs over and over and over and over?Aburana16 Oct 13
Oct 13 Random vs Specific BG Rewards I always run random BGs for the extra rewards. But it's been a constant barrage of Temple of Kotmogu for me. Sure, it is a mix, but rarely (really, almost never) do I get Arathi Basin or Alterac Valley, my two favorites. So, feeling in the mood for an Alterac Valley, I queued specific. It was a great battle, but we had a great backcap group that won it for us. I expected some kind of reward for the win. I didn't expect the same as random, but something. But nothing, nada. Not even a teeny bit of AP. No gear. Nothing. It makes me not want to PvP. Knowing that most likely I'll get one of my least favorite BGs if I queue random, that if I want to play a specific BG I'll get nothing but a bit of honor. Is it just me or shouldn't there be some reward for winning a specific BG?Dimble20 Oct 13
Oct 13 How about a new BG mode? Stick melee with all melee, and casters with all casters, as an option. That way all the drooling dk's, mongoloid warriors, male beta cuck rets, rp'ing windwalkers, emo rogues, autistic enh shamans and furry cosplaying ferals can pound on each other while the edgy casters can pew pew in peace at each other.Kuklinski9 Oct 13
Oct 13 Dont lose hope (RBGs) The struggle is real. Be horde, be a class that is objectively useful(rogue,druid, dh, base sitter, healer) study the best players. Understand why they do certain things. Communication wins. Anticipation is key. These same 150-200 people that rule the 2.1k+ have been rbging for years and almost play 12-16 or more hours a day, everyday, only rbging, some do it for money. They know what your next move will be before you even do, because they've seen it so many times. They just know way more about the subject than your team does and capitalize on the same easy mistakes everyone makes. Good recognize good, know which maps to switch talents for, inspect teammates and have them use the right talents( in a polite way), play correctly(research), ask for advice, experiment, dont keep playing with people who are bad, watch streams of the best players, and communicate/call out important CDs, dont ever get toxic in voice chat, noone likes that. ...and you'll move up in the community. 0-1700: if noone is leading(Yolo). Make an effort to direct people or plan something. Never join a Yolo past 1700. Try for voice groups always. If the comp looks stupid like having no stealth class and a non-DH FC, leave before they queue.Earthisflat2 Oct 13
Oct 13 PvP Templates In Open World PvP In 7.2 Blizzard was going to nerf PvP damage in the open world, but it got delayed. 7.2.5 came and still no nerf. 7.3 is here and Blizzard gives everyone some of the most ludicrously overpowered items in WoW history, including a 10sec immunity followed by 5sec of 100% increased dmg. Why? People are 2 shoting each other in duels / WPvP as it is. Who thought it was a good idea to double our dmg? I know, I know, WPvP and duels aren't balanced and never have been. Even so, a 930ilvl player should not die in 1 button like they're some unfortunate lowbie. Don't believe it's gotten that bad? One Punch Man has literally been running around ED 1 shoting geared tanks! <.< >.> <.< *Hides bright yellow jumpsuit* Okay, all fun aside, adding these items was a dumb idea considering damage is already WAY out of line. Blizzard, please make them not work on players, or better yet, fix open world damage like you should have done months ago.Sickz51 Oct 13
Oct 13 Friday Nights Are prime nights to enjoy a good Ashran 40v40 battles! Lot of regulars queue up in the evening and keep fighting until midnight!Mordecaí1 Oct 13
Oct 13 Ultimate Guide to Healing BGs Over my years of healing, I've compiled what I feel is the most comprehensive guide to healing in battlegrounds. Ready? See below! Step 1) The ones on your team casting heals. Those are healers. You want to peel for those. See the DH with 120% uptime on them? Toss a stun at him or something - maybe trip him? Step 2) The ones on the opposite team casting heals. Those are also healers. You want to target those. Let's quit attacking that Brewmaster, mates. Now you're reading for random BGs! Have a good day!Gsr0 Oct 13
Oct 13 I love how players are silent an entire match ...and then in the last 30 seconds of a loss remember how to type and start hurling random insults at one another. How hard is it to call 'inc X'? How challenging is it to say 'focus Y'? Why are people so determined to speak as little as possible until the game is over, and THEN decide it's appropriate to communicate (in as negative a manner as possible)?Axebreaker26 Oct 13
Oct 13 *Blizzard* -Need more new 40v40 BGS! Looking at the state of world PvP and wanting more large scale PvP you are not serving your players good enough! The fun BG we have is AV,Isles & Ashran that a lot of premades enjoyed doing, ashran needs more updates to get more players in including Oceanic players! Tarren Mill Vs Southshore is great and gives a feeling of world PvP, unfortunately you have to wait a million years just to play this which is terrible. Need more new 40v40 and TM VS SS should be made permanent. It has been months already you have enough data and research on what people like and what they dont like. So what is this DELAY FOR? Make these BRAWLS PERMANENT ALREADY JEEZ! I got to play only 2 days of TM VS SS because of work things, and most people play on weekends so out of 7 days people get to play not much at all and have to wait a million years just to play a god damn BG again.Crypytipsy21 Oct 13
Oct 13 Ashran toys When did rogues class toy change from Preparation to Vanish?? I swore rogues class book was preparation and pickpocket in WoD. I Joined on my rogue today for Ashran and looted it and voila! It's vanishMordecaí5 Oct 13
Oct 12 Challenge Artifact Rated BG Skin Do you need to have the Challenge skin visible on your weapon to get the credit for "win 10 rated battlegrounds"? Or can you just have whatever skin you want on your weapon and just get the 10 wins?Zsigmond2 Oct 12
Oct 12 Separate PvP Template for Battlegrounds PvP is balanced for arenas, but its not balanced for RBGs as well as it could be. Certain classes and specs that are balanced for 3v3 arenas scale too well when using the same specs for 10v10. The RBG "Meta" calls for just stacking as many of these specs on a team. This is nothing new. It has been this way for a long time. Why haven't these specs that are overpowered for RBGs been balanced so that they aren't so OP in RBGs? I don't know for sure. It doesn't make any sense to me why the same specs remain OP and mandatory for RBGs. If this was Mythic raiding, and Ret paladins were stacked & required for raiding; they would be "fixed" in a hotfix. But we have certain specs for RBGs that have been stacked for multiple season, multiple years, and multiple expansions, with no tuning changes on the horizon. The only reason that makes sense to me is that making the changes necessary would leave these specs under tuned for 3v3s, and since they balance for 3v3s they are left broken for RBGs. Separate PvP templates for RBGs and 3v3s would be required to fix this. Make it happen.Tenacius34 Oct 12
Oct 12 Demon hunters..honestly this class is... ...Shameful. I would be ashamed to play one. some of my favorite twitch streamers won't even comment on it. they just stare at the screen when asked about them. groups they go down. yes we all know..spread out, cc them when big. Dude..they are ridiculous still. no more new classes please. with each class introduced it gets worse. Think back to Death Knights..... then there were monks..who EMBODY ALL THAT PPL GET FRUSTRATED WITH IN PVP. and then Demon hunters. Even yet worse. If you want to prune the game. go ahead and start with DH.Moralethia29 Oct 12
Oct 12 Oct 12 hotfix? Anyone else notice anything different today? A few people on shaman forums talking about ele damage being lower. Few days ago my lava burst was 500k and now it's been 300-400k Frost shock was 800k-1mil Now it's 700k-800k Not sure if ts a bug or maybe I need to test more tomorrow. No notes have been left by blizz, I won't argue Ele shaman damage could do with some tuning. They hit hard, would be nice to know about changes though and also if they did nerf it. Changes to our other talents would be nice. Ascendance 3min cd being changed to 2min is a start. Anyway back on topic, anyone else felt like they do less or more damage today?Rombel4 Oct 12
Oct 12 90-99 Bracket Please fix the iLevel discrepancy. Put a cap on it, put the twinks in their own bracket or come up with a better alternative. But come up with an alternative. Know that the current state is very much no fun. When someone who somehow stays 99 for weeks (I've seen the same guy at 99 with over 750 ilevel) triples the damage of everyone else, this breaks the game. I hit you with a fly swatter, you hit me with a bat? Uh, no thanks. I'll try another game. Stop allowing it, Blizzard. You can not be blind to this.Casanova9 Oct 12
Oct 12 Do you twink in Legion? ^Peltz19 Oct 12
Oct 12 Random BG leader Something I've been curious about for a while is how how the leader is determined in random bgs. I used to think it was whomever clicked/joined first; but there's been a couple times recently where I was the first one there and was in fact the leader (icon and ability to mark targets etc) but one of the later joiners (not necessarily the ones immediately after me) were assigned leader. Its not just role or prestige level because I've seen the game reassign prestige 1 dps as leader. It could be people who join with a group...the game just makes the leader of the biggest group the bg leader? Not sure and don't have a way to quickly/easily test this.Hâx7 Oct 12
Oct 12 Healers are the worst part of PvP The dependency on healers is ridiculous. Nearly impossible to just 1v1 a healer. Just waste your time. The strongest point against healers is that, in Arenas, there is a whole mechanic revolving around nerfing healers as the fight goes on (Dampening). Every player should incur dampening in BGs as soon as they enter combat. It resets after you leave combat. Or can we just kick healers from queuing forever? P.S. What's the deal with tank damage? Specifically DH and DK tank damage? Get that crap outta here.Edsynder68 Oct 12
Oct 12 reward fake casting - raise the skill floor as we all know the game is in a very mongo state especially in regards to melee. with the pruning thats happened, the difference between good and bad players has narrowed significantly, due to an objective loss of damage mitigation and kiting abilities. with many melee specs being able to do the same damage as a caster's cast in 1 global, I have a very simple suggestion - reward fake casting/ juking kicks by giving the faked kicker a xx% damage deal reduction for 4-6 seconds. I'm thinking about 40 or 50% reduced damaged. This can apply to Counterspell/shear/pet silence/mindfreeze and all kicks. This will make fake casting rewarding and raise the level of skill you would need to succeed as a player to a certain degree. I cannot think of a negative consequnce from implementing this. The game needs more depth, and we need more options to outplay each other to distinguish bads from skilled players, and this would give skilled players one more dynamic to punish the mongo train that has become todays meta. please give me ur thoughts and discuss other additions you would like to see to the game to make pvp gameplay fun and skillful again. =)Dingo18 Oct 12
Oct 12 Outhealing every other healer as hpal literally every game. outhealing healers by massive amounts. i mean doing like 1.5 and even sometimes 2x their healing. A hpally should never outheal a holy priest should never ouheal a MW and prolly never outheal a rdruid Everyone who does rbgs are so bad.Sfscxpaladin16 Oct 12
Oct 12 PvP is the new PvE stop ignoring it Wondering a few things When will blizzard change the only 1-2 classes are dumb op and the rest useless cannon fodder, business model that they've had for the last 15 years. If you're going to make a few op make them all op. Let it be one big fk'n burst-fest-pooloza. Least that's better than being a beta class that deals no damage and is just part of the backdrop. Let's make this a FPS game .. I DON'T KNOW DO SOMETHING!!!!!! When will blizzard pull their thumbs out of their defiled rectums and make PvP gear that is stronger than PvE gear in a PvP environment. Why do I, quite literally, have to pay people money to carry me through PvE content (that i can't stand) just to be competitive in WPvP. DO NOT FORCE ME TO PVE ALL THE WHILE ACTING AS IF I'M SUPPOSED TO ENJOY IT WITH A SMILE EMOTE BLUE POST. When will blizzard stop chasing away subs by wasting opportunities like using the HUGE competitive ESports PvP scene to their advantage and make some subs back by fixing PvP. I mean is it really that fk'n hard? Is it really worth losing money over just to keep your precious PvE supremacist game alive? I've been coding since I was a kid messing around with java. IT'S NOT THAT HARD YOU JUST DON'T WANT TO DO IT!!!!!!!!!!! THERE I SAID IT. WE HAVE OTHER CHOICES LIKE BLACK DESERT, GW2, LoL, BUT WE CHOOSE YOU INSTEAD. DOSEN'T THAT MEAN ANYTHING TO YOU?! WE CHOOSE TO PLAY YOUR P2P MODEL INSTEAD OF GAMES THAT ARE FREE AND OFFER BETTER ACTION COMBAT BECAUSE WE'VE BEEN THROUGH !@#$ WITH YOU. HELP! US! HELP! YOU!Metamademe3 Oct 12
Oct 12 How to be effective as Paladin in bgs? I currently play both Ret and Holy. For Ret I am thinking that I should be peeling more while doing high damage. For Holy I am not sure. Our healing isn't as good as other healers so I don't know what Hpal's niche is in BGs.Feelzbrah2 Oct 12
Oct 12 Why does lag benefit the lagger more? I'm talking from a melee standpoint primarily although I know it happens with ranged as far as max range/pillars/etc. This isn't about buffing or nerfing melee. I just want to be able to hit the guy I'm literally standing on top of running with. If my home and world ping are less than 12ms, I should be able to hit him.. but the person with the high ping gets the advantage here because when I'm spamming my ability my character goes full spaz half performing the animation 1,000s of times. It's funny because I've noticed it more this expansion for some reason. Were tolerances or thresholds changed in the netcode or something? Happens on ranged as well with someone running the corner and you catch up on your mount within range to hit the cast and it dismounts you and doesn't perform the abiltity. Why should the person lagging get rewarded with that? If my character is literally inches behind or even on top of another character in my screen, my abilities should be able to be used.Fiveshot8 Oct 12
Oct 12 Example A why templates are a failure for PVP Stealth nerf to chains of ice. Was this communicated? No. Is this documented in the patch notes? No. Was this tested on the PTR? No. In the middle of the season nerf when it should have been tested and done before the season? Yeah. Templates in Legion are a failure. Spread the word.Mafic72 Oct 12
Oct 12 pvp Templates Does anyone else feel this should be removed next expansion? I feel like PvP was a lot better/more fun without thisDevil500 Oct 12
Oct 12 Melee in BGs Is there any reason why every time I join a bg its always 6-8 melee and a few healers? It makes it almost impossible for casters to do anything. This isn't a QQ fest but isnt there any way to equalize the amount of casters/melee/tanks/healers in a bg to where someone doesn't just get stun and interrupt locked until you die? Edit: And by 6-8 melee I mean in a 10man bg, theres more in a 15 so the ratio is pretty much the sameLexisolyn36 Oct 12
Oct 12 Can we get better matchmaking? Trying to play one RBG where the other team isn't 300+ rating over us. Would be cool. Thanks.Sqwibbles5 Oct 12
Oct 12 Question: Legion PVP brackets. Can anyone tell me definitively what player level ranges currently compete in legion? example: 10-19 20-29 30-39 etc. All I can find are brackets with a max level being 100. Thanks!Swankydeeps11 Oct 12