Oct 10 How does stat scaling work now? Heya. A friend and I are on 19s and 20s for funsies and stat scaling apparently does not work at all like it did when Legion launched, and I can't find new info on how it does. A summary: - You gain normal stats solely for having something in a slot. Armor class doesn't have to match either. Put on your RP Cloths on your Paladins and have fun. - Item levels don't seem to matter? Whether it's blue, green, or white. Stats do not change for item rarity or level. iLvl 1 and 80 do the same thing. - Weapons DO change something? But I don't understand how... -- Putting on an iLvL 25 Heirloom weapon grants extra stats over any other weapon I can put in the slot. -- Including an iLvl 28 Rare with higher Agility/Stam/Haste, higher DPS, and the same weapon speed. - Tabard/shirt do nothing (this is expected). What did they change and when did they change it? `~` Is there a documented change in an older Legion patch? The templates weren't supposed to be this strict and non-malleable.Xihana15 Oct 10
Oct 10 No faction or racials imbalance? Top 20 - 17 horde, 3 alliance Top 50 - 41 horde, 9 alliance Top 100 - 75 horde, 25 alliance Top 20 horde races - 10 belfs, 5 orcs, 1 troll, 1 undead Top 20 alliance races - 3 humans Pretty much domination by the horde at the top. And do people really pick belfs so they can look like orlando bloom and paris hilton? Or could it be that having an extra aoe silence is very handy in PvP? This seems to pretty much mirror players' experiences on these forums even in casual BGs. Oh well, it's interesting to look at.Steerforth168 Oct 10
Oct 9 Alliance devastation in SSvTM Is it just me or does Alliance seem to lose 85% of these? I've played about 15, and maybe have won 2 or 3. Now I know Horde probably says why do we suck, and Alliance says why do we suck, but for real, I actually believe Alliance gets spanked in here. Why?Sixfootgiant9 Oct 9
Oct 9 Thank you Alliance! Thank you so much for being garbage at battlegrounds because of you I was able to gear up my main Horde character in hours going 56 win with 2 loses. Also I don't want to forget to also thank Blizzard for this amazing!, Faction called the Horde, without them we wont be as powerful as we are now. Horde can dominate battlegrounds, arenas , and even raids WOW! P.S I'm leveling this character as a healer, and um Alliance thank you for letting me free cast LOL, you guys are so nice to healers letting us free cast while we focus on your healers!Chuchú24 Oct 9
Oct 9 Advice killing mistweavers Like what is this. Most healers rarely hardcast unless they are seriously desperate, but 5 people with a mw carrying a flag cannot kill one. she will get to 30% hp and heal obscene amounts? What can I do as a warrior besides dump damage into her?Zeienko17 Oct 9
Oct 9 Prot Warrior RBGs Hey all, I am getting more into pvp and was looking to start trying to do some RBGs or at least try to play in a more organized group. As far as capture the flag type matches go, I want to be effective at running the flag and was wondering if prot warrior is a good candidate for that? Or is there a class/spec that would be better suited for it?Tripleop9 Oct 9
Oct 9 Flag carrier What classes and specs are the best for Fcing and Why? Thanks!Momau4 Oct 9
Oct 9 Prestige account wide I like casual PvP. I don't enjoy rated BGs or Arenas. Doing random BGs is one of my favorite things to do. Having switched mains 2 times during Legion after having gained several prestige levels on each toon makes grinding prestige feel bad. "But high prestige should be reserved for only skilled pvpers who dedicate their time to one toon. It means they're good at playing that toon" Prestige has nothing to do with skill. If you have a high arena rating, that shows skill. Having an icon next to your name can mean you're a BG hero like me, or do the Greymane's forces hold this Warden tower. daily. I've seen high prestige players who absolutely don't know how to PvP. I've seen low prestige players who have a high arena/rbg rating. You can literally not do any pvp yet gain high prestige just by doing pve world quests. As a casual PvPer, I have nothing to look forward to while doing BGs. Randoms drop 870 gear with the occasional 895 titanforged. I'm regaining the same levels I've already gained on other toons (yay I can delete the pennant toys and mounts once I get them). Doing casual pvp with the current system gives no sense of character progression. Blizzard plsKektus13 Oct 9
Oct 9 Best partner for rsham in 2s? Been playing with a buddy and we're running resto sham/fdk and we're just kinda floating around 1500. Seems like he struggles to kill stuff and is very susceptible to kiting. Are we doing something horribly wrong or is this just not a solid 2s comp? Thanks in advance for any adviceMortyb10 Oct 9
Oct 9 saltwater/old war,deadly grace stacking I just popped an old war w a saltwater and deleted a hunter in 2 globals and took mid gg well balancedDwárf2 Oct 9
Oct 9 SS vs TM best damage class This is my personal best and i have not seen anyone beat it yet. i keep hearing hunters are the best.Unicornflesh11 Oct 9
Oct 9 Any updated response in regards to... Level 60 PvP Transmog having the rbg rating requirement removed?Renodin8 Oct 9
Oct 9 these forums.... just aren't the same without downvotes =/Lafs44 Oct 9
Oct 9 PVP in legion and why I'm leaving Hey guys Superfamous here. My sub expires in 12 hours and I wanted to give my thoughts on legion pvp so far, and why Im not resubing. Legion brought alot of changes to pvp and I wanted to reflect on what I think was good and what should be changed. Honor Talents Legion has pruned alot of our beloved abilities and they are dearly missed (RIP Hammer of Wrath 2004-2016). Thankfully there is a way to keep the depth of pvp because of honor talents. Unfortunately I think this has been a hugely missed opportunity. With the first 2 tiers of honor talents being virtually identicle for all classes it feels like very little effort was put into making these. Furthermore alot of the abilities in the honor talent tree are passives. In the case of holy paladins 16/18 talents are passives, with one of those being a pvp trinket every class has access to. Additionally they dont seem very well balanced with some talents being picked 100% of the time and others being completely useless (see spreading the word.) In the future more effort needs to be put into makng sure each option feels unique and powerful. Prestige Initially I was very excited when prestige was announced. As somebody who pvp's almost exclusively it seemed like a cool way to earn rewards. I dont think the idea of prestige is bad, but the rewards certainly are. Four identicle flag toys, Four recolored mounts, Four recolored artifact appearences. At prestige 20 you get an RBG AP token and at 21 you get 20 marks of honor.... wtf? Clearly very little effort was put into these rewards and currently there is no incentive to grind honor for them. There's even less incentive to grind honor with alts because you've already got the toy/title/mount. There needs to be more enticing UNIQUE rewards if you want people to grind honor, like weapon enchants and tabards for example. Four identicle flag toys is unacceptable from a AAA company. Gear PVP had always been a safe haven from RNG gearing, there was always a clear reward, with a set amount of resources to obtain it. Now gearing is a clownfiesta. For example this is just from 2 weeks of play, and I probably disenchanted a couple trinkets as well. Im still using my cloak from season 2. The RNG gearing system does not create excitement about the possibility of getting an upgrade, it leaves you burnt out as you continually get garbage gear every week that you are powerless to control. Furthermore with pvp templates your gear matters even less, with secondary stats doing absolutely nothing. Having gear with stats that actually mattered and set bonuses was a huge part of character customization that let you feel unique and build a character to fit your playstyle. If I prefered playing with lots of haste or crit or mastery, I should be able to do that. Templates should be reserved for primary stat changes and % damage modifiers. Having set secondary stats prevents character customization and just breaks the fundamentals of a game based around gear. Also bring back battlemaster,proc, and on use trinkets. Its laughable that pvp trinkets cant be used in pvp. Arenas I feel like overall the game is pretty balanced right now, its definitely been worse. So why is the arena and rbg scene so dead? Well its not because demon hunters have 3% too much agility. Its because there's not enough rewards at lower ratings. Currently there's no rewards in arena unless you are 2k or higher. I'm an 8x gladiator, so why does that bother me? I get all the rewards from arena anyways. Because I used to be 1500 like every gladiator. It was the rewards at every 100 rating that kept me playing, and kept me wanting to improve. I knew back in wrath when I hit 1850 I would get my weapon, and that felt good. Now when you hit 1850 you get nothing except an RNG piece of gear if you cap, which could be lower ilv than the 1600 guy gets this week. This is very disheartening especially for newer players and the rewards system needs to be relooked at in the future. On a positive note the Vicious Saddle mounts look fantastic and props to the guy making those, because theres actual effort involved. World PVP lol. Thanks for reading guys. Hoping the next expansion can improve on some of these problems.Superfabulus30 Oct 9
Oct 9 Battleground Imbalance, Horde vs Alliance I want to see blizz mix horde and alliance players in battlegrounds. I think it would relieve queue time issues and improve balance and matchmaking. It might also connect friends if they play on diff factions. If not this Blizzard needs to improve matchmaking somehow. It's terrible atm. When a separate faction has the slightest advantage in PvP all the serious PvP'ers move to the winning side. This is a major issue when it comes to balance and the overall pvp experience. An example; Alliance dominated in WoD mainly because of human racials, and now horde are dominant in BGs (Orc, Belf racials). I've had about a 20% win rate in the last week as ally in BGs. I'm not the greatest player (also solo q a lot), but most losses are huge blow outs where Alliance might have one healer; meanwhile horde always seem to have a solid supply of good heals/dps. So maybe I'm unlucky, or maybe I'm just really bad.. Or maybe matchmaking needs to be improved! I'm only here because I very much enjoy the game, but this problem is ruining it for me. TLDR: Racials causing massive imbalance. Mix horde and alliance in BG's to improve queue times and fix the terrible matchmakingLycaboss20 Oct 9
Oct 9 ....... so blizz wants people to report other who they think CHEAT, yet if they spend to much time typing then they will get a deserter debuff, please explain how that is helpful........Ragingsun1 Oct 9
Oct 9 Veng DH floor-leaping fixed? Confirmation?Olidastrum14 Oct 9
Oct 9 Veteran Rogue seeks RBG crew I am looking for a crew of regular RBG players who seek to break 2k CR this season. I play sub rogue. I've played the game off and on since Vanilla and reached 1900 MMR when I last played in Mists of Pandaria. *Highly communicative *Team-Player *Target-Calls *Excellent Ninja Capper If you are part of a quality RBG crew with regular run dates and good meta, but find yourself needing a strong rogue, let's get in touch. kisses dearTekmology0 Oct 9
Oct 8 Resto Shammy, Sub Rogue lf pvp players!! Me and a buddy are looking for more people who pvp and want to maybe do some 3s with us. Anyone looking for a good time and good people hit me up and lets shred some people WsgShredda#1639Shreddacrits1 Oct 8
Oct 8 Ele vs Affliction I've been playing Elemental since MoP and have enjoyed it immensely since, but I feel like elemental has been completely neutered in Legion. Consequently, there are some specs I feel like I have no chance against in a 1v1. A prime example of this is when I fight an affliction warlock. They put Curse of Agony on me, I dispel it, then they use Corruption and a few Unstable Afflictions (one of which I interrupt), then use drain soul. At this point, even with astral shift I am taking 500k+ damage per second while the warlock heals at least 200k per second. Then I die. I also use Counterstrike Totem but that seems to do 0 damage to them (yes they are in range). Any tips or am I just completely out of luck with my spec?Chyu32 Oct 8
Oct 8 People say surv 29 is bad Arms 29 way worse xDMakeme0 Oct 8
Oct 8 Grand Marshal Speech A year and a half ago one of our great community members, Rodoz, wrote his speech upon reaching Hero of the Alliance status (if interested in learning more about Rod see or or ask your sister). In that post, he inspired all of us to continue to work towards becoming not only better players, but better people. This season, I set a goal. For the first time, I would push rating to try and reach 2400, to achieve Grand Marshal Status, and last night I achieved it. This speech will serve as a reminder to everyone that if you work for your goals, you can achieve them. With commitment, with determination, and with steel will, anything is possible. When reading this, remember, you're going to have to decide, right now, are you going to create a legacy? What legacy will you create? Will you q back up, will you dodge, or will you disband? I reached my goal because my team always choose to q back up, we did not dodge, and we did not disband. We went to war and became battle harden veterans who no longer fear seeing that 2800 mmr pop up, who see nothing but free points on the other side every single game. We powered through orbs, we choose to team fight and beat the botting idiots, we created our own strategies. We made memories that are only made in a team, a family. I saw we because if you wish to complete what I have done you cannot reach your goal alone, it is a team effort. No matter how you feel about the other nine people in the party, as soon as that que pops you must put your differences aside and fight. As Rod himself once said, "Greatness is just a series of small things done well", and we did a lot of things well. This speech will serve as a memorandum of our achievements. This speech right here is immortalization of our deeds. Memories of everything my teammates and I accomplished. Of how we made our team from nothing Of how we changed ourselves into steel willed soldiers Of the countless carts we gripped into that god damn valley. Of the knocks we coordinated. Of the many times we wild charged the team onto that house. Of all the games we ran in one by one to spin the node for minutes until we won. Of all the times we q'd back up without even a readycheck Of the countless nodes we fade capped Of all the random players we carried to 2k rating before realizing how terrible they were Of how we choose to stay true instead of transferring Of the flyhackers and the bots on the ladder Of how we sniped and smashed trainwrecks into the dirt countless times like the god damn terrible ape that he is. Of my teammates that helped me reach this goal. Some special thanks, and overall, thank you to everyone: Loki Menj Cloud/Goggles Bobx Dopefiendx/Makazar Angelica Jcxcv Shifts Pingazlol-sexual support Catbug Rod Jester Aem Pzxo Lebronjames Super Dampz Mavrena Light Somepunk Maida Caylreithera Cathorist Youlosenoob Killawave Basedproc Manuel Dklol/Astoral Kaq/Kaqthedk Harmen Sinnerz Quickshifts Ligament Jadeshaw Lunartic Bghero Jaron Osec Procnation Nillabear Wakkachakka Shankiesha Shuteye Dean Foxylove Mccloud Iceking Tonkongaya Chernova Lipkai Cooper Peppers Durtydave Ballinqt/Kyndel Pterbed Rdq Fisco Juga Tiladar And lastly, a big thank you to everyone who donated points to me this season.Deshxx65 Oct 8
Oct 8 Season 5, PVP rewards, Really, REALLY suck. You had plenty of time to make something up and after a huge grind to lvl 18 you really let the PVP community down with those new rewards for season 19-22. PATHETIC would be an understandment.Fenril51 Oct 8
Oct 8 Best 19 twinks? So ive been gone a couple years and i saw my gear is obsolete...who are some of the best 19s to emulate. Please include Pally Rogue and Priest aswell as hunter. kinda wanna see if i can upgrade what i haveIshöot7 Oct 8
Oct 8 Getting back into wow! Hey all, I am getting back into world of Warcraft and it is currently downloading as I write this. I stopped playing at the end of wod and now that I'm getting back in I would like to know what the best PvP class options are between shaman, druid, warrior, Paladin, monk and rogue. I like melee PvP specs primarily and like the prospect of healing for fun sometimes. What are the pros and cons of each class with their respective melee spec(s)? I enjoy battlegrounds as well as arena but would like something that fairs well in 2s 3s and bags. It doesn't necessarily have to be the fotm best option as long as it's a decent class that's fun to play. Thanks in advance!Momau4 Oct 8
Oct 8 are frost mages any good in bgs? not rated but just bgs. my mage is 106 but so far i get the feeling that any malee class will distroy a frost mage for the simple fact that you have to stand still and spam frost bolt untill you get a proc. ebonbolt and glacial spike have way too long of a cast time, and cant really see getting that off in pvp.Skórri35 Oct 8
Oct 8 Why DoTs Does not prevent flag captured?? Wondering why blizzard decided that DoTs dont prevent players from capture a flag in BGs, as affliction how i am suppose to stop them from getting the flag, this is ridiculous. Please fix ASAP.Ojoverde21 Oct 8
Oct 8 Alliance RBGs So I've been playing on and off since season 1 but lately haven't been logging on. What did I miss? No one is forming for alliance anymore.Deathikus0 Oct 8
Oct 8 ROAD TRAIN! I believe I am a ROAD TRAIN!!! WOO WOOO Oct 8
Oct 7 fun? Is the game more fun over the last few months overall? In every aspect of the game.Aevirent1 Oct 7
Oct 7 Mercenary availability based on realm? Is mercenary mode availability based on realm imbalance , or imbalance across the entire game? Only seen it available for horde going to alliance, on a horde majority realm. Don't have any 110's on an alliance dominant realm, so not sure how it works.Disqo0 Oct 7
Oct 7 19 twink xpoff thread! a thread for 19 twinks out there looking for like minded 19 twinks to play and discuss the current 19 twink meta my btag is saxx#6426 looking forward to great discussion as well as content from fellow 19 twinkersSaxx326 Oct 7
Oct 7 @Fire/Earth/Airbender - Illidan You are the worst multiboxer I've ever seen. That's all.Quonjia3 Oct 7
Oct 7 The stupidest BG strat I've ever seen I come with a tale of heartbreak...and perhaps the single stupidest strategy ever played in a battleground. So yesterday, Alliance and we were in Sothshore vs Tauren mill... the usual start to the game. Little kids saying things like "GO TO THE INN" and "LET THE GUARDS KILL THEM". So we "discussed" a better strategy, which was to fight with a little honor and play the game as fighters, a "team" if you will. Everyone agreed *cough* and off we rode to meet our destiny. We had a shaky start, but soon enough, things started to go our way... we had the Horde on the back foot, we were forcing them back and heading to a nice victory (90/30)... then the cry came from one of our little cowards... "RETREAT...FALL BACK OR THEIR GUARDS WILL KILL US". Now, as we all know, the guards are little more than an annoyance... so we kept pounding on those Horde faces... "GET BACK.... EVERYONE BACK!!!"... Apparantly 3 exclamation points was the exact number required for HALF of our team to retreat from the main group..(95/45) As myself and half the team started getting a little overwhelmed and very confused by our backwards step on the front... I mentioned (ever so politely) that perhaps retreating whilst on the offensive may not be such a good idea, to keep the pressure on was surely a better strategy (97/60)..then I felt the sting of a harpoon through my chest...and was pulled to insta death. Half the team was dead... and half were about to be. Again I protested "could we maybe take a look at that strategy and regroup..and push like before?" the reply came..." GO TO THE INN OR WE LOSE"(98/94). So, about 6 of our brave little souls decided to run straight into the INN. I rallied the troops "We can do this, remember the beginning? when we were winning? remember how we stayed together and fought as a team?..." (100/105) but alas... the cancer of Alliance chat had taken over, 12 new strategies (one that apparantly involved a dog and my mothers nether regions!) popped up..and the battle was lost, the horde taunted us with strange gestures, spat at us and teabagged our rotting corpses till their victory. I shall never forget the day that the Alliance clutched defeat from the arms of victory, by retreating whilst on the offensive. For the ALLIANCE!Zincberg3 Oct 7
Oct 7 Prot Pally PVP Is this even viable? I'm so bored with Ret, hate healing so wondered if it was worth going Prot to PVP. Thoughts?Sìlvermoon13 Oct 7
Oct 7 MMR difference is getting ridiculous The last five rated BGs have been against 2k+ teams and we have been 1500 or below. What is the point of having an MMR if you aren't going to even attempt to have some sort of balance when you match groups together. Seriously, fix this already.Aoihikari32 Oct 7
Oct 7 Why are Melee So damn op. I can have a Frost DK's abilities hit as much as my hardest hitting ability "Pyroblast". Unless I spend 3.5 seconds trying to cast Greater Pyroblast and being interrupted and stunned a million times before I get it off. How come Melee has Slows, gap closures and Stuns into one. Why are the slows better than the slows of range? Isn't the point of range to try and increase the game between them and their target? But no matter how you do it, they easily defeat you in gap closures and damage done? Why, Unless I roll a class that can self heal good or just tank things like a Lock, do we just die constantly. On even skill, Melee have way too many advantages. Why does MELEE have the disarm? Why don't I get that, being the one thing I can stop a burst. This is beyond retarded, you need to balance your damn game.Melenthy138 Oct 7
Oct 7 LF late night/weekend rbg groups Title says it all. I am looking for rbg groups that runs past 9:30pm and/or rbg groups that runs on sat/sun day/late night. I can target call, and i am looking for fun groups that can also win.Needajob1 Oct 7
Oct 7 Dueling Are yall gonna fix this or what?Erosa71 Oct 7
Oct 7 Southshore VS Tarren Mill honor unbalanced So I have been doing quite a few SS vs TM and I have noticed quite a few times that honor gained seems unbalanced. Alliance always seems to have a few hundred more honor gained no matter the case. I understand that it's supposed to work that killing a higher ranked player grants more honor but I have been in "shut outs" on both sides and most I have left with was 500 after a win yet I have seen Alliance leave with 800+ on a win where we never got 10 kills. Below is a screenshot from a very even battle. Kills on both sides were consistent and either side was never more than 5 kills off. Yet as you can see Alliance has 200 more honor gained. Oct 7
Oct 6 Calling all 109's!! been playing the 109 bracket on and off for a while now. i enjoy it more then 110. just think its designed a little better thats all. anyways. Opinions don't matter here. im just lookin to make some new friends to q up with on Horde or Alliance. i have toons on both. above average skill player. can play anything. prefer heals/arms warrior. respond and hit me up if u wanna game! One last thing, im not on here to win every be honest i could give a crap less to win...i mean of course i'll try..but its mainly to kill everyone i can and laugh in their faces, or to heal my team to victory while laughing in their faces. winning is just a plus...i just wanna have fun and harass players :SWaynebraydi0 Oct 6
Oct 6 All this complaining about bgs Do you guys not realize that @blizzard doesn't give two craps about bgs? They focus their tuning around arena and competitive play, they don't care about bgs, and definitely not casual bgs. One of the main reasons is all the whining and complaining that goes on and they STILL GET YOUR MONEY. You can't post in here without a sub and they know it. You can keep complaining, keep making posts about how this or that is unfair in bgs but @blizzard DOES NOT CARE. They just want your money and they have it. If you really want to make them pay attention don't write threads, cancel your sub and list your reasons.Clonâzepam7 Oct 6
Oct 6 cant bubble w flag, but transcendance? Why is it in any way fair that a monk can use transcendance while carrying a flag, completely bypassing dmg and getting a huge boost to running away with flag, when a pally cant bubble for a few seconds in a pvp ctf match without the flag dropping. not fair blizz.Bløøð72 Oct 6
Oct 6 Win/loss Being shown for rated pvp in armory now. Just saw this thread in arena forums: Pretty cool feature.Jugaa1 Oct 6
Oct 6 @ Bobos Lmao your quiet funny xd;)Treefiddy10 Oct 6
Oct 6 too many stuns so monks have leg sweep, fist of fury, rogues have cheap shot, kidney shot, ok my point is every class has atleast 1 stun and 1 other form of cc and frost dks get a stun worse than cap totem. WTF.Skórri11 Oct 6
Oct 6 DPS a little mindless right now? Nearly every dps has the damage to just spam their CC's back to back in order to burst someone down. There is no timing required, just spam all of your cc at the beginning of an encounter and it works a lot of the time. Even if it doesn't work, most cc abilities are low cd (30sec - 1min). There is literally no downside to using all of your cc at the outset of every fight.Undergeared116 Oct 6
Oct 6 Legion pvp Pvp in wow has changed so much in the past 4-5 years and for the most part in a terrible direction. Pvp used to be something that was done to be a good character within the game. Throughtout Wrath of the Lich King there were players that were well known that would not absolutely never lose in the underbelly and i looked up to them as well as many other people. This prestige of being a good pvp player is not seen with the same degree in present day. Although there are some famous pvp players like cdew,jahmilli pvp does not have the same prestige as it once did. Feeling powerful and strong in pvp is not as good as it was in WOTLK and MOP. Ask anyone who was playing during wrath and they could tell you what class was strong and what patch. DKs, retri paladins, ele shamans (there are more) were strong classes that could absolutely blow up a target with a few spell casts. This is something that as of late is sorely lacking, even by the most geared players. Also ,the disparancy between full legendary classes today and back during wotlk shows that dedicading time and effort to playing the game, rewards less than previous expansions and disincentivizes people. wotlk shadowmourne gameplay- current-full geared w/ legendaries current gameplay- In the first video, only a few hits( white autoattack damage and spellcasts) is all it takes to attack and kill players whereas in the second video there is less damage and it takes considerable more effort with autoattack damage being negligible.Zable23 Oct 6
Oct 6 Whats the point in new brawl The lag is so bad it is unplayable. Finally we get a straight up fight bg which is a great concept and fun, but its absolutely annoying casting a spell and 3 seconds later you get to see if it went off or cancelled because the guy ran away. Fix your game blizz. This lag is real and its very very fail.Blunta21 Oct 6
Oct 6 A strange occurrence in WSG Anyone else experiencing strange non-mind control loss of character control in battlegrounds?Malazoth7 Oct 6