Mar 18 Easiest Healer for PVP - need help Trying to get my wife to play WOW (she used to play a while ago). I'm a pvper and looking to have her be my healbot. I don't know anything about healers, and she needs a class with a low skillcap. What healer should I steer her towards? Thanks,Wrayith21 Mar 18
Mar 18 PvP Guilds? Nonexistent? Can't find one that's legit.Oblivioñ2 Mar 18
Mar 18 Everyone should have mics for rbgs. its essential for rbgs and its 2017. who doesn't have a mic in 2017? use your phone or go to walmart and buy one for $10.Secsie15 Mar 18
Mar 18 World of horde MW heals There are 3 things guaranteed in life: 1. death 2. taxes 3. horde will have at least one mw monk in every random bg.Letho38 Mar 18
Mar 18 How many kills do you have? And Bloodthirsty How many kills do you have? I just hit the 100,000 kill achievement this week and a new achievement opened up with a title you can earn called "The Bloodthirsty" for 250,000 kills. Anyone have that title yet?Gezel87 Mar 18
Mar 18 Gearing through PvP I'm tired of getting gear through battlegrounds and arenas that aren't even relevant Item level. I am tired of moments that when I actually get a high item level piece of gear, it's for a slot I have a legendary equipped...every.single.time. Are regular bg's and arena only supposed to reward players with AP and the possibility of a Legendary? That's what it feels like. Gearing through PvE is So much more rewarding than gearing through PvP.Släytaniçk18 Mar 18
Mar 18 Looking for new realm. Where should I come? I'd prefer mainly RBG's, but mainly I want an active pvp guild. I'm on Zul'jin right now. Haven't had much luck finding a guild/activity. Looking for suggestions/recruitment messages from you.Kogarashi4 Mar 18
Mar 18 Cant change to heal spec in casual BG? Title. There's been at least a couple dozen of times since I started playing where I'll enter a battleground to see that there's 1 or zero healers on our 15 man team. Why can I not change my spec in a casual BG? I understand not having people queue as healers for shorter times than switching, but I can see no reason why i cant switch to heals if I'm willing. I prefer lolret and I'm better at it but I'd rather help the team if I canPepesilva3 Mar 18
Mar 17 Could we possibly get.. incentives for lowbies to participate in battleground events? The only current bonus is extra earned Honor which isn't even an available feature until level 110. Maybe add an experience increase for those under 110? Idk what do you guys think?John8 Mar 17
Mar 17 Got a legendary from a random BG The dream is alive.Demimas6 Mar 17
Mar 17 Eye of the Storm Strategy im confused how people still think 2 capping and flagging is more effective than just getting a 3 cap and ignoring flag if you are unaware why here are a few reasons: 1. having 3 bases mean they can only bring the flag to one spot making it easy to know which way they will take to cap 2. the amount of resources you get even with them capping every flag is far more than they can get Towers: 1 tower controlled = 1 point/second 2 towers controlled = 2 points/second 3 towers controlled = 5 points/second 4 towers controlled = 10 points/second Flags: 1 towers controlled = 75 points 2 towers controlled = 85 points 3 towers controlled = 100 points 4 towers controlled = 500 points 3. getting the flag is a gamble unless you are far better than the team, getting it is slow and its a slog to end the game win or lose 4. you don't even have to be a great fighter for 3 capping to work all you have to do is BE there and have more players alive than the enemy to cap the tower so why is it an argument every time I tell people to 3 cap and ignore flag? its simple math, why is it still uncommon knowledge?Rightright65 Mar 17
Mar 17 Cata raid gold farming... Did they massively nerf the gold you get from doing the firelands recently? I know they did a nerf when Legion came out. It went from like 5k to 4k worth of gold when you finished. I just did 25h firelands and I barely got 1k after I sold everything. I'm just wondering if Blizz put the nail in the coffin of gold farming with old raids.Alisi8 Mar 17
Mar 17 Alliance always first to Docks on IoC? Is this a normal thing that docks are never won as horde? Every time a group heads to docks at the start, there are already a full group of alliance on the docks. Not a couple ones with speed increase, but a legit whole raid group. Are they legitimately closer or is my server cluster of Horde just horrible?Auntyentity25 Mar 17
Mar 17 Where there is smoke there is fire.... 9 battlegrounds in two days ZERO wins.... is this statistically possible that we get beat this often? Blizzard really needs to own this and balance these battlegrounds..... i cant believe ally is so bad that we lose 90 percent of our games........ we've complained for years i know, but its so obvious now...they need someone neutral to adjust pvp they clearly have a horde favoring team controlling the pvpEmeryss52 Mar 17
Mar 17 PVP Toys Idea very rare drop rates like 1% from bg wins all effects last 60 seconds and have 20 minute cd. usable on players in random bgs and wpvp. Shrink ray: Shrink the target player by 90%. Monster potion: Turn target player into abomination. Bloody mess maker: Turn target player into a fountain of blood spewing blood all over everything in a 20 yard radius. The lich king: Turn target player into Arthas as the Lich King increase size by 300%. Babies!: Turn entire friendly team into infants in diapers and their mounts turn into dogs. Murlocs!: Same thing as babies but murlocs and mounts turn into nagas.Puremint1 Mar 17
Mar 17 39s twink guild alliance <Underrated Bracket> On Warsong/Alterac Mountains/Balnazaar/The Forgotten Coast/Gorgonnash, is looking for more ppl to run premades with in the 30-39 bracket. Currently have 3 ppl in our guild that run bgs. I know some of you know I've posted this in other forums, but I just want to consistently let everyone know that we have a premade team put together and are LF more to join us. We have resources, buffs, gear and knowledge of all the stat wise concepts that exist in blizzard's new pvp system that we welcomely share with everyone. We also always run with at least 1 healer when we que as a premade. If interested, add stapp345#1696 to btag and/or make an alt on one of the above merged realms and ask to join. I understand that some have told me that horde need to que premades more, but the alliance does as well. If interested in 39s, this may be a home for your character.Conwaytwitty10 Mar 17
Mar 17 pvp mechancics How cool would it be for aassassinn rogue to have 3 uses of shadowstep like mages have 2 uses of shimmer?Myzrael9 Mar 17
Mar 17 sometimes i dont understand push groups theres a 1900+ Push group thats been in que for 1 hour. who does that? i played 3 games with a different group, and this 1900 group is still at 8 people. i bet they break up after they loose to a 1600 group.Secsie0 Mar 17
Mar 17 Warrior or Paladin? Who's better overall right now? And in 7.2? I have a pally and really feeling the lack of mobility and was wondering if the warrior is the answer to a happier life. Any feedback is appreciated.Unolol1 Mar 17
Mar 17 Queue Times Bgs take too long if you are horde, can we just do horde vs horde on non rp servers? has this been discussed? id rather play more games than care about class fantasy.Comeshonor16 Mar 17
Mar 16 Temple of Kotmogu strat Get 3 orbs. Rotate around the map. Split res the enemy. Kill anyone you see while rotating. If you have high stacks tell what orb is going down, so your team mate is ready to pickup, and jump in the center.Secsie4 Mar 16
Mar 16 Honor points.. DR? I got more KBs, more HKs, more damage, more objective points gained. Why did the bear get more honor points than me? Not by a little, by over 200. Is there DR with honor gained in BGs?John4 Mar 16
Mar 16 When is the next Battleground? 10.2? I wanted to ask Blizz when they are planning to make new battleground? It's been while since we had new battleground to replace Ashran. I have noticed that the Pve community has gotten some new dungeons and some old ones to play again. What about the PvP community?Angeleah5 Mar 16
Mar 16 Anyone RBGs last night? New alt carry group? We did some 2100 rating RBGs last night and keep running in this guild Everything Purple from Tichondrius. Most of them are 0 -192 rating only 1 or 2 people with high rating, but their MMR is super high for some reason (2000) They certainly don't play like a 0 ratings guild with the target focus and rotation. Is this a new PvP carry/boosting guild? Isn't this illegal?Totemistic31 Mar 16
Mar 16 WHY do I get kicked from Ashran When I DC and get back in less than 15 seconds later? THIS IS CRAP. Fix your dang game!Fenril0 Mar 16
Mar 16 No food buff in random bg? Did I miss something? Why was this taken away?Hâx7 Mar 16
Mar 16 Hail Hydra! Good job in that last AV Z. It must have really pissed you off that the pugs capped SH and SF after you ordered them not to. But that amazing strat to kill Vann with two towers up? Brilliant!Cleaveage9 Mar 16
Mar 16 Ashran and raid leaders Since Legion (and even during WoD), Ashran is one of the most hated and trashed instance of WoW. If you are searching the forum with 'Ashran' almost nothing come up. This post is to share my Ashran love and to thanks the small community of the Ogre Empire ! For many hours of funs. First I want to thanks all the raid leaders I crossed on both side (MERCing Horde on regular base). I know I'm going to forget many and buchered there names . All those raids leaders are making the Ashran fight all over map intenses, cruel, strategic, devastating, sneaky, stalemate... So in no particulare order : Cryptids (Shaman), Gingerbeast (Monk and DK), Mimi (Priest), Killershaman (!), CM (Hunter), Nokky (Pally), Thibhu (Druid), Benfranklin (Pally), Dry (Mage)... and many more Ashran warriors who are not leadings but make that place entertaining. I invite you to join an Ashran queue and get some fun with us. Most days and night there's PUG v PUG with good raids leader doing there jobs. You really need to join for the fun of Mass PVP, be patient and learn all the strategy, movement, positioning, ambush, timing to use all the Ashran only toys. Forget about Loots and listen to raids warning. If anyone want to add, please share goods fights for events/pushing flags ? What's your best toys ?Rewkii0 Mar 16
Mar 16 Weirdest thing happened in AV So I joined an AV, everything seemed normal. Until these role players that must of seen too much Captain America joined. Yelling Hail hydra, wanting people to jump in voice coms. Some kind of premade I guess. At first I thought nice a grp that will actually be good at Av, boy was I wrong. Not only did they try to rush Van, I mean this strat has never worked. They pushed us to go to snow fall, where the team got farmed in the gy. Anyway I blacklisted av then and there, couldn't be bothered to deal with players that struggled so hard with pvp and then make a million excuses on why we are losing. Didn't blizzard make it so you couldn't que with more than 5 players? How come I got put in a bg with 20+ players?Agari99 Mar 16
Mar 16 Easiest Class in Legion Any other classes feel like they don't have to do much? Reason I'm asking is that I'm interested in getting rid of this lvl 100 boost. Although, I have priest, hunter, warlock, mage, shaman, druid, and warrior at 100. Just came back to WoW with the new expansion and I really like the skills that each class has and that they're restricted to their spec. Got on my BM Hunter and man it's so mind numbing and easy. Especially with macros for burst damage. I'll be using this new character for PVP mostly.Sapatap32 Mar 16
Mar 16 roots, snares, slows..... this is well out of control being rooted/slowed/snared for 100% uptime in ALL pvp, theres NOTHING that can be done about it and blizz, you NEED to do something about that, not later, NOW!Azshauanna40 Mar 16
Mar 16 GG secsie JK Even tho you guys got roasted was a fun game for us nice when i get to que into some of the people who post here for once. Mar 16
Mar 16 dots on respawn on my dk as unholy I always enter combat on res because of dots but not as frost or on my warlockBeondx1 Mar 16
Mar 16 What music do you pvp too? I like these albums Mar 16
Mar 16 Brewmaster Mighty Ox Kick talent May someone elaborate as to what effect this ability has in terms of knockback distance, utility, and damage? There's hardly resources available nor any videos that demonstrate this ability.Museme5 Mar 16
Mar 16 dps self healing too high fury warriors are like the warrior prot never was in pvp. even dks can put up top deeps and heals, I even noticed aff lock doing numbers and out healing themselves. fury warriors even quing as tanks in pve lol. tanks don't even bother and why when you get more survivability from fury aff and unholy. I even think a team of 8 furys 1 afflic and a druid resto could push high mmr in rbgs atm. nothing dies unless you have a raid team focusing them. I suppose rogues don't have problems with locks but everyone else does... warlock is hard countering a lot these days and they can keep themselves up without a single kite. dumbing this game down like this is horrible for a skill based game. I play wow cus it was skill based. that's the main attraction. Skill. that's been pruned and now its a pick the right class and win mostly by default. stupid design for what used to be a skill based game. anyway, can I get a stronger ms since these classes are immortal. I don't want to say nerf, but damn. predicting wins and loses based on class comps is lame an uncompetitive... get some get right.Infinifist10 Mar 16
Mar 16 This specialization doesn't match I queue as heals/dps. Accept queue as heals. Get placed as dps. Try to switch: "This specialization doesn't match your assigned role" My team: 0 healers Their team: 4 healers Flag spin map. /afkBrewkahkee4 Mar 16
Mar 16 browny's rbgs fun night. link 1600xp or gtfoSecsie1 Mar 16
Mar 16 Isle of Conquest every random BG There is no possible way this is random. Morning or night I have done Isle of Conquest for 95% of my battlegrounds for 4 day straight.Zoophile6 Mar 16
Mar 16 DONWANNABE KICKBOTS LOL It sucks when you stuck at 2k cr on MINI- whatever- XO or whatever your hunter you catch a dark shaded fella in an alley promising all the CR in the world.. .....yet you too stupid to realize the worlds watching... GG brother. ps IF you do not want to click screenshots for obvious reasons-- I can send you the pic whenever.Johnpadden2 Mar 16
Mar 16 WTB Rating Boost Secsie14 Mar 16
Mar 16 I have played forever,THIS is the worst time. I made my first character before there was an honor system, I watched the first players rise to the ranks of high warlord grinding out massive 14+ hour periods every single day. I watched Arena get birthed into life and Ret paladins two shotting everyone, I have been here for all the ups and downs throughout all the expansions, I waited outside of the local game store at 12:00 at night to get my copies of the new expansions. I cant say this game in total is the worst it has ever been but PvP and battlegrounds certainly are, I have never been less motivated for PvP in my 10+ years of playing then i am now. Whatever you are doing.. You are doing it wrong.. Whatever direction you believe is working, Go the other way. I could write a 50 page topic about what needs to change what was once great and how i could personally make it balanced and great again, but were like lost souls screaming for someone to pull us out of purgatory and no-one gives the slightest of !@#$s. I play this game because my friends play this game and we do PvE together, I do not enjoy so many aspects of this game that i eagerly await for the people i game with to give up on this so that i can play something enjoyable. Blizzard you killed PvP, Your pruning, Stupidity and utter disrespect for the PvP community and what we wanted has removed anyone with a semblance of talent and ability from this world to greener pastures, I raged at every single change you made and would argue until i was out of breath with people i knew about how it was dumb and how it would kill the game and now more then ever i feel like a prophet who was unable to change what i saw coming. World PvP is horrible, Templates are horrible, The PvP devs are horrible, Stop smoking crack. Edit: Oh and i hate this community, id gank every single one of you on my faction or not and spit on your lifeless corpses.Huntingplebs88 Mar 16
Mar 16 Browny's rbgs fun night. link 1600 for invite. must have mic.Secsie0 Mar 16
Mar 16 Top RBGers are scripters how do they do so much dmg? simple answer... scripts.Dean21 Mar 16
Mar 15 this bg weekly event Mighty Horde Overlords of pvp, PLEASE! when should I que as to not offend your mightiness and humbly win 4 bg's. I'm trying to get these pvp talents and with the buff I don't feel like I leave empty handed but the quest does demand that I WIN 4 bg's. Normally as alliance and the way things are this task would seem impossible, but since we have the forums to communicate I come asking humbly, when is a good time to que as to not incure your mighty holinkian wrath? I have a couple of alts and they too would like to make some progress in the honor talents but the endless onslaught of belf silences and the relentless orcish blood fury's will not negotiate. only slaughter...Infinifist18 Mar 15
Mar 15 It sucks to be Donwannabe [KICKBOTTER] Mar 15
Mar 15 tanks got screwed why have you !@#$ed tanks so hard? you take away 2 million of my hp when I enter and you also lowered my dps. so now. I have the same hp as the dps, with laughable damage. come the %^-* onBeastiboy26 Mar 15
Mar 15 Gear = Ilvl = +stats sick of people saying gear doesnt matter is random BG's. It does, gear = ilvl which gives you bonus stats, Legendary items = ilvl940 are BIS ilvl gear which blizzard choose to make a low drop chance in rbg for some reason. Plus we still get 840 gear most of the time from a win.. when that happens... LFR gets a guaranteed ilvl of upto 865ilvl now when it wants to drop plus WF and TF plus a good chance at legendarys from raid & mythics, when some class's have a 5% 6% upto 10% stats over you its a big boost to them. a fresh toon in pvp trying to get honor tallents and only 1% stats boost vs a 10% stats plus full tallents is at a real disadvantage and its only going to get worse. makes you not want to play a alt in pvp anymore. a quote from Dagrigaaz - a good point which i left out. [quote\][The single biggest difference is the level of your weapon. Someone with a lvl34 weapon has a huge boost over someone with a 24 weapon (7.5% more stam in addition to all of those weapon talents). Once S3 launches this will further increase as right now weapon levels are capped at 34 but in S3 you will gain the bonus up to 54 and it isn't until patch 7.2 that they're making all players default to 36 (though I'm not sure if that will only apply for the damage/stam boosts or if you get all of the effects as well). This is then magnified by the ilvl difference. Why? Because someone with a high ilvl is also almost guaranteed to have a 34+ weapon since they had to put in a bunch of time to get that high ilvl (or it's an alt at which point they put in a bunch of time on their main). Even the really good PvPers need to put in a decent amount of time on an alt to get a high ilvl (or stupid lucky) simply because of how getting PvP gear currently works.][/quote]Holyhero123 Mar 15
Mar 15 isle of conquest Isnt it about time to swap horde and alliance sides? see if things.......pan out differently. Its been this way for how many years? and most of the time the same results for random bgs atleast. Just a short thought. ty.Krullgar11 Mar 15
Mar 15 Season 2 Ending Soon ? Date ? Anyone know when the end date of the season is? I need to farm wins before then. Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums) Attention Arena and Battleground competitors! Legion PvP Season 2 is coming to a close soon. Once ended, the battle will begin again a few hours after, when Legion PvP Season 3 begins! Season 2 – End of Season Rewards If you participated in Season 2, in order to ensure you receive the rewards that you’re due, please keep the following in mind: Refrain from transferring your character(s) to another realm or faction until after Legion Season 1 has ended. Legion Season 2 titles and mounts will be awarded approximately two weeks after the season ends. Season 3 Updates With Legion Season 3, the maximum number of times you can Prestige will increase from 9 to 13. Faction-based Rewards Don’t forget—end-of-season rewards are based on your faction. The top 0.5% of Alliance PvPers will be awarded the Gladiator: Legion Season 2 achievement and mount, and the same will go to the top 0.5% of Horde PvPers. If you transfer your character to the other faction, you must have 50 wins after your transfer to receive the reward. Where will you rank at the end of this season?Alzay8 Mar 15