Jan 4 no time for these ashran ques! qq! So ive been trying to get into ashran since legion came out, as it is my favorite thing to do in game, but ihavent been able to get in once.. since the start of december ive been trying to get in and trying to be patient qith the game..... the last week alone ive been sitting up from lik 5:30am-6am waiting in the ashran que trying to force myself to stay awake i keep waiting like 16-18 hours in the ashran que waiting for it to pop but i just pass out and logout... even if i was to get in i wouldnt be able to stay awake long for it. I was wondering if there was anything i can do to actually get into ashran now? I'd love to get back into what made this game so much fun for me..Mísdreavus13 Jan 4
Jan 4 Demon hunters have ruined pvp Their mobility, control, and damage has really discouraged me from wanting to Q Arena or RBG. If this tells you nothing about the state of the game I don't know what will:é85 Jan 4
Jan 3 ...... so here i am, pounding 2 people and all it takes to kill them is a judgement and guess what, it doesnt kill em and its hitting for like 300k or better when the target has MUCH less than that, you breathe on them their dead but noooooo..... they both turn and kill me instead while im at about 50% health, explain that one, smarta55 people, hmmm....Ragingsun2 Jan 3
Jan 3 hmmmm dear blizz, seriously, when are you going to address the CHEATING that you let horde get away with, its so obvious that even people i know who dont play this can see. so that means theres something seriously wrong with what you are doing. getting perma cc'd from ONE player with a 1 minute cooldown is not possible.......Ragingsun2 Jan 3
Jan 3 Lights Wrath - scary is lights wrath suppose to hit this hard? Jan 3
Jan 3 Ties Just played WSG and Alliance wins because they cap just after we did and dumped 10 people on defense? In what kind of world does 1:1 = Alliance wins? This makes absolutely no sense at all.Mormodes13 Jan 3
Jan 3 Trinket+Gfade vs Relent+HolyConcen As I've been grinding my rbg rating above 1600 and 1700 I've noticed that running Relent+HolyCon(+perseverance) on node maps prevails over Trinket/Gfade(+speed). I still use Gfade/trinket/feather on WSG, TwinP, Kotmogu and Silvershard though because they aren't static. So far my experience has been that Holy Priests are ignored in bg's and simply CC'ed/intterupted and thus rarely ever attacked. Mind you I have lots of games and wins against 1900-2100 teams with top healing and dispels with these talent choices. In general it's just easier to cast Mass Dispel with Holy Concentration. It's just easier to get a nice flash chain and serenity with Holy Concentration, especially if you force a shadow lockout with a good mind control whenever HolyConcen expires. I just don't find the 4 seconds of general immunity from Gfade to be as valuable against higher rated teams and players as choosing two talents that reduce interrupt and cc time by a cumulative 100+ seconds each game.Emelyia2 Jan 3
Jan 3 Ele sham or frost dk Hey guys. Im lookin to pick up a new alt for rbgs and im stuck between an ele shaman and a frost dk. I just wanted to get some input from you guys since ive been on a 6 month breakTaytayswift56 Jan 3
Jan 3 Choosing a Healer Thinking of starting a dwarf healer, because they have 4/5 healers in game. Sadly i do not know which to choose. For example i like the idea of a bad guy trying to do good. So i guess the question is, which class has a good feel but a tiny bit evil? I know this sounds wierd, but i really would like to heal, without losing all my evil mojo.Alacrom14 Jan 3
Jan 3 Demon hunters need a random bg nerf How is that fair? Demon hunter literally press 3 button and everything in sight dies even when fighting 3 overpowered healing priests the demon hunrter can not be beat. NERF BAT PLZ there were 3 healing priests on the enemy team at the start but since DH is so op one of them rage quit, which i fully understandYurizan7 Jan 3
Jan 3 Hero units in BG I think it would be a lot of fun if, much like Star Wars: Battlefront, you could play as a faction hero unit in the weekly skirmish BG's. After condition X is met, you or some one else would be presented with the option to play as Y hero. You would then respawn as said hero with a select list of abilities they have to offer. What do you think?Shadowfist4 Jan 3
Jan 3 BG Stats Hey I'm just wondering about BG stats. I've read that it is associated with ilvl, so I increased my ilvl avg from 33 to 38 ilvl avg, but I've seen no change in my stats in a battleground? Another thing that confuses me is I see other teammates with what seems to be a lower ilvl average compared to me, but have better stats for example stamina as they have more health than me. Just wondering what i could do to get better stats on BGs if I've upped my ilvl with no change in stats.Vizcoius2 Jan 3
Jan 3 Does oQ still work? Well, does it? Or is there anything like it? This whole in game group finder is awful. Trying to find decent RBG groups.Prokie14 Jan 3
Jan 3 Templates vs Pruning vs Gearing Progession Two scenarios... A. If they gave us a ton of utility spells back which significantly raised the skill cap but left templates alone, would that interest you? B. What if they gave us gear progression back and removed templates but left us ability pruned exactly like we are now? Which would you prefer and why?Xjd45 Jan 3
Jan 3 How does it make you feel You try so hard... You bind every single ability and have tons of special macros But then i come in... roll my face on the keyboard and instantly nuke you without taking any damage I understand happy new year friendsYurizan12 Jan 3
Jan 3 CSTV Arena Tournament Hello Friends, I am here to announce the upcoming CSTV Winter Classic. This tournament is a Pro-Am tournament, with that comes the idea to promote all fans of World of Warcraft arena and all possible participants. With no rating requirements and no cap for the amount of teams allowed to play we hope to see many of you join us and participate in a great tournament. Prior to the tournament there will be a PVP show AKA the " PVP Showdown" where we will actively look at the state of pvp, take questions, perform interviews with highly competitive players, share our interests and directions for CSTV and much more. Make sure to tune in for great giveaways and a great show! Follow us on twitter: Follow us on twitch: Jan 3
Jan 3 How are elemental shamans? Hey all. Still trying to find a new main and am currently looking at this class. Unfortunately my tests in low level BGs haven't been going so well today, mainly because I feel like I have very little of my toolkit and because all these survival hunters keep rolling me down before I have a chance to react. xD However I don't want to have to level all the way to 110, gear up, and *then* find out that I don't like the class so I figured I'd ask here. I'm mainly wondering how effective they are for casual PvP. How well do they contribute to group fights? Are they capable of fighting/dueling in 1v1 when they need to? How tough is it to actually do decently well with one? I don't care too much about high rated arena or RBGs, but mainly casual random BGs, world PvP and dueling. Thoughts on the spec?Tadkins23 Jan 3
Jan 3 Season 6 Prestige Rewards Finally we get to the Prestigious Midnight horse mount. It's been a long road to this point... whew. Oh and probably more insulting 30x Mark of Honor and another AP token, because Blizz doesn't give AF at this point. And I expect S7 (final of Legion) Prestige rewards will be entirely devoid of anything remotely rewards. So like 50x Marks and maybe the title "%, King/Queen of the Neckbeards", LOL (Edit: This is not my Prestige grind char)Prometheium34 Jan 3
Jan 3 Please make random BG great again. Would be nice to acquire 915+ gear from random bg / casual pvp again. Whether that be bringing back the token system or just bumping the ilvl on the current system. Seriously. PVEers can get 930 gear just from pugging a world boss... PVEers can get 915+ gear from doing super easy one shot LFR bosses. Why are casual pvpers still being rewarded with 870 gear? I havent used 870 gear in a long time my friend.Yurizan12 Jan 3
Jan 3 I used to think RET paladin can't... do as much dps as Arms Warrior or FDK. In fact, their DPS is actually very comparable. It is just that RET pally can't connect which !@#$s with their DPS. Just have Calvalier have two charges and reduce its cool down by 3 seconds.Beefsoup35 Jan 3
Jan 3 yup premade vs Random again.... ALL they do is farm for honor THAT'S IT. They don't try to win, they don't "Play the game as intended" so why is this allowed to happen? Yes on a rare occasion a random will win against a premade but that's like saying the AMC Eagle is a GREAT car cause one in a thousand isn't a lemon. I have bought EVERY single expansion since Vanilla and for the first time I am not buying the next one simply cause I like to level to max then participate in pvp. The key word is PARTICIPATE. There is absolutely zero fun when you get GY camped or farmed, unless of course you are doing the farming. They have Rated BG....not entirely sure why Blizz doesnt just get rid of Join as Group for RANDOM. Make Rated a Join As Group. Or an entirely Join As Group against other Join As Group. But see, then Premades will go the way of the DoDo same as Twinks did when EXP On was enabled. It PROVED they werent there for skill, they were there to DOMINATE and stroke their Epeen. Thats all premades vs random does. A Random is simply that...random classes....random specs. A premade brings a HUGE advantage in covering all the bases with tailored specs/classes not to mention thier co-ordination Blizz has proven it simply does not care. So I'll either stick with the common stuff or quit once the expansion hits.Mistymeaner67 Jan 3
Jan 3 cheating its obvious that you (blizz) dont care that people NEED to cheat to win, you dont do ANYTHING about the cheating thats already in this game, id say roughly 20% of the wow population CHEATS to win, i report it and NOTHING happens, so to me, seems like you dont care.... get up and do something about before you lose more subscribers.... well it probably wont matter anyway since pvp is just about non existant anymore........Ragingsun22 Jan 3
Jan 3 I hate humans and myself for playing them Just a little one-off rant about races in WoW. I've been playing alliance lately and I'm frustrated about racials on the alliance side. This guy is a shaman, I couldn't play a human, but on my other alliance toons I'm always mad at myself for not being able to turn away from the human racials for PVP. I want to play gnomes and dwarves and draenei but the siren song of EMFH keeps getting in the way. I know this is a personal issue and I should play whatever I want to look at for ages, etc., but I can't help myself. I'm addicted to OP racials even though they don't make a big difference in the end. Im sure that there are Horde players who can't stand Belfs but play them for arcane torrent and hat themselves, just a little bit, for doing so.Angrus19 Jan 3
Jan 2 Reinforced Armor Not Working Right Hello, I've been playing mainly arms in pvp, but switched to have some fun with Fury. However, I ran into a problem with the Reinforced Armor honor talent. I'm not sure if it's actually class related, but I figured I'd post it here. Now, in Fury spec I have 5.8 million health. With the reinforced armor, I should be at roughly 6.4 million, but I only go up to 5.9 million in pvp. I believe it's a dampening thing that makes it harder to increase health with the talent the higher your base health is, but I'm not sure. Help would be appreciated, thanks.Kezíe0 Jan 2
Jan 2 Starting at Prestige1.Prestige18 possible? Hello, What the title said, I have been away for almost a year , Still trying to catch up and see what the game has to offer. Let me first say that i like the Prestige system. Back in Cata & MoP , I did alot of pvp and random BGs ..And they rewarded nothing but honour points that i would spend on Cata herb bags. Having something to look for while pvping casually is a great change for me. That said , I would like to know if i have missed my chance at getting the Prestige lvl 18 title before the next xpac? I do all WQs & Free for all , i also try to win 1-2 Random BGs per day. In average , That amounts to 2500-3000 Honour per day. Do i have a chance? Should i focus entirely on pvp?Strike12 Jan 2
Jan 2 Some video footage of bgs with friends Some footage of battlegrounds i recorded with friends. hope you guys enjoy. here is the links! Jan 2
Jan 2 I'm so happy I got Combatant gear! ...said no one ever. Seriously, can we just get rid of this trash gear? It's not even useful in any aspect of the game with Argus gear being so readily available. It's also extremely frustrating to run BGs, manage to get a winning team, and then Blizz is like "Here's a piece of gear 20 ilevels below your current gear, good job!!" Why can't gear just cost marks of honor? At least then we'd have some control over gearing. Even if it cost like 120+ marks per piece, I'd be much happier having no RNG in the gearing process.Azradath54 Jan 2
Jan 2 Team comp or player skill at low CR RBGs? At lower CRs (1500-1800) is there too much focus on team composition (class/spec) rather than individual player skill, communication and understanding of RBG objectives. I understand at higher, more competitive CR (1800+) that team comp starts to play a more important factor for various reasons I will not try to explain here. The reason I ask this question because it is frustrating at lower ratings waiting a long time to Q because a team lead NEEDS an spriest or another perceived must have spec regardless of their in game skill. I also understand that there is not much information in LFG in regards to this. At these ratings I have lost matches with the "perfect" comp and won matches with a good but not "perfect" comp. Do you think leads at these lower ratings need to try and judge an individual player skill via chat rather than just look at class/spec? Just wanted to get peoples thoughts/opinions on this subject. Thanks.Jujumonn9 Jan 2
Jan 2 Buff Frost Dk Plz! Great job blizzard! Just keep buffing frost dk! Then we can all just reroll a frost dk! This game doesn't need other shiit melee classes :DRet0 Jan 2
Jan 2 Casual BGs should be removed So yeah playing casual BGs are like 10% of the whole BG experience, if you que casual you are literally missing out on so much !@#$ but I don't feel like explaining it you just have to see it yourself. The cheating is so rare right now and more people playing means mroe eyes to report. So many people will que yolos you will find groups. Also RBG ques are like 1-3 min already. Beats out your 8 min ques. Want to que BGs w/o losing rating. That's what 40 mans and brawls are for hello? Also this !@#$ is so lit it will blow up back into Blizzcon status like arena 3's ... just you seeAstrylan76 Jan 2
Jan 2 Is Enlistment bonus binary? Like the title says, it is binary, does it occur that one faction has it or the other does or if the population was just right say like within 4% of each other neither faction would have it?Motors3 Jan 2
Jan 2 So I want to try tanking in bgs... I know everyone will say no and don't, but I still want to because I love tanking. Only thing I'm worried about is my gear, since I'm just starting out, though I do have some season 2 pvp gear. I was wondering how would the gear work if I started out as ret, but then switch to prot once I get some gear, would the stats on the gear change to prot or stay as ret?Lithios11 Jan 2
Jan 2 Moronic horde Stop trying to get the base thats literally on the other side of the map.... so dumb. Go for the bases that are close to spawngate.... not too hard 2 figure outYurizan14 Jan 2
Jan 2 Help with ability identification Hello! Can someone please tell me how the following classes pulls off the following tactics? I want to learn how to counter them, so if you have any advice I'd appreciate it! Warlock I want to know how a warlock can float above everyone and mass hit people while floating above everyone. Warriors & Afflic Warlocks Is it common for them to be able to demolish anyone right now, before you even notice them? Rogues A lot of my team mate rogues are having their stealth break. What is breaking their stealth so commonly? Druids and teleportation what ability lets druids teleport instantly across 3/4th of the battleground?Ashkir7 Jan 2
Jan 2 Can we get a fix for the Brawl this week? I am trying out the new Warsong scramble brawl...well new to me and i notice it doesn't put the flag carriers up anymore, is this a bug or as intended, they still appear on the minimap after the alotted time but i can't just grab them to see where they are at to attack them. Shouldn't this be working like the pane for Temple where you can see all the orb carriers when they grab it or like normal WSG where you can see them in the pane after they pickup the flag even if they don't show up on the minimap until 45 seconds after they grab it?Motors7 Jan 2
Jan 2 Just Lost a RBG and got a Gold Strongbox? I Just Lost a RBG and got a Gold Strongbox anyone know how that works?Haralus2 Jan 2
Jan 2 How does honor work in Random BGs? The random BG honor system is confusing to me. I've tried to figure out how to gain the most points in a match, yet even though I cap flags, kill players, etc... I'm still only fourth, or fifth on the list for honor gained. Does anyone know how the honor point system works in random BGs now?Wolfnore5 Jan 2
Jan 2 Where do I find a RBG group? I am almost 710 item level. Where is the best place to find a RBG group to run with consistently?Ghaaliba22 Jan 2
Jan 2 Horde or Alliance for leveling through bgs? I seem to lose as much on alliance as i do on horde. I like alliance because i have played horde pretty much since i got the game, but horde is my favorite faction in this game.Mòrticia0 Jan 2
Jan 2 With Vanilla pvp coming Who´s gonna grind Grand Marshal/ High Warlord :D?Samsang14 Jan 2
Jan 2 70s thread of we're not back Welcome to the current 70's thread, revised and re-written for World of Warcraft: Legion. DON'T FORGET TO RE-LOCK YOUR EXPERIENCE GAINS! --OVERVIEW-- (7.0 7/11/16) With the release of Legion, Level 70 twinks are expecting a plethora of major changes. These changes include Principles of War for gear normalization, Crates of Battlefield Goods to help players below level cap receive gear from battlegrounds, Legacy Set Bonus locks which negate the effects of wearing multiple pieces of Tier set gear, and Locked/Unlocked Battleground merging, which finally brings players with their experience locked to battlegrounds of players with unlocked experience. --PVP-- --PRINCIPLES OF WAR: In instanced PvP, you no longer gain different stats from your gear. Instead, all characters now have a pre-determined set of stats depending on your specialization. Every point of item level will increase these stats by 0.1%. For level 70s, the hard item level cap is 176, depending on your class. As a level 70, you should realistically expect to queue against players at level 79, perhaps using some Cataclysm blues to gain item level advantages. WoD has given you plenty of time to equalize yourselves against these players, so be prepared. --LEGACY SET/GEAR BONUS LOCKS: Enchants, trinkets, and passive effects on gear (including haste buff from Warglaives) will become deactivated within Battlegrounds and Arenas. This also includes Tier Set bonuses from wearing at least 2 pieces of gear from the same Tier. All Spirit on gear is being changed to Versatility*, but WoD's popular Versatility stat is no longer granted through enchants or gear anyways. It is up to the knowledge of your specialization to contribute. --LOCKED/UNLOCKED BATTLEGROUND MERGE*: Players who have locked their experience will now be matched with players who have their experience unlocked, meaning twinks will regularly be playing with non-twinks within Battlegrounds and Skirmishes. --SKIRMISHES: Skirmishes place you and your teammate(s) against another team of the size you queued for. You may queue solo to be partnered with a complete stranger, or you may queue as a group according to the size of the skirmish you choose. If solo queueing, healers will always partner a DPS, and comps will always play out with mirror queued roles. For example, queueing Healer+DPS will always queue against Healer+DPS, but it isn't guaranteed that someone queueing as Healer will actually take the role (i.e. DPS queueing as Healer.) --GEAR AND STATS-- If you have questions about which stat would be best to stack on your gear, refer to the passives in your spellbook, as each spec retains a 5% increase to a certain off-stat, which designates what may be best for you in PvE. It is highly recommended to play with either a mixture of Brutal Gladiator's gear and Sunwell T6.5, or just full Sunwell gear, as these pieces retain the highest Item Level benefits for the best possible damage/healing you can put forward. If you're interested in purchasing Brutal Gladiator's gear, it is now purchased with Marks of Honor*, which are obtained from Battlegrounds and Skirmishes. Brutal Gladiator gear vendors can be located in Stormwind, Orgrimmar, Gadgetzan in Tanaris, Area 52 in Netherstorm, and in the Dalaran Sewers. A majority of this gear is not currently available for Monks*. If you're curious why the professions tab is missing, it's because professions no longer retain stat bonuses to having them learned or giving unique bonuses. Your preferred professions will be your best ones. Good luck. --WHAT SHOULD I PLAY?-- (Currently, refer to to check out new talents, spells, and levels needed to learn new spells. Level 70s do not earn PvP Talents) --GUILDS-- Horde: <Inspect Me> - Area 52 <Inspect Me> Azuremyst Alliance: <Legacy WoW> - ScarletCrusadePälädin271 Jan 2
Jan 2 Random BG reward ilvl? Every now and then after a random BG, I'll get a piece of loot. What determines the ilvl of that loot? Where does it cap out? Does it change each season?Toweliye9 Jan 2
Jan 2 RBG Support thread for progressing players! I made this forum for people who are new to RBG's and want to learn more about what their class role is/normal strats so that they can get into games and have more confidence in their decision-making and abilities I'll respond in my most timely manner, and any players who are above 2k that want to give advice are welcomed as well! I'm only 2K xp, but this is to encourage RBG involvement. Feel free to ask below This is so raid leaders can have an easier coordinating folks and to encourage raid leadingLightxcaster118 Jan 2
Jan 1 PVP Community being made Hello everyone my name is Mystic, i'm the leader of the Battle Born guild on Coilfang and am usually running premades in Ashran on the weekends. We all have seen a decrease in pvp and premades in all forms of pvp for awhile now and it seems to be on a decline even further. i've implemented a plan to try and save what little pvp there is. I dislike fighting pug groups and am wanting to form premades on both alliance and horde sides at the same time. this way we can keep those wanting to do just wq's out of our premade ashrans as well as stopping people from being able to force close a ashran they aren't liking. this will be a friendly and fun environment, and it's meant for those who don't pve to be able to do something within wow and not get creamed in open world by those fully geared. i have made a guild on Kel Thuzad called battle born alliance and have leaders eager to lead you guys in many pvp areas besides just ashran. we're going to try and bring back wintergrasp/tol berad/ashran/ and the 40 vs 40 bg's and wargames. i ask that if you'd like to be apart of it join our discords so we can start setting up events. i know pvp has been tough all around and i am trying to change it for the better if you'll all help me with it. it's gonna be rough at first and may take some time, but i feel that if we come together we can make pvp stronger in world of warcraft. if we don't act now, pvp may be lost never to return to its former glory. thank you for your time in reading this, and for all those leaders out there. (myself included) don't let your ego's or "titles" get in the way of helping make a pvp community for all players to be able to be apart of. i'm begging you to help me do this. have a good day and again, thank you for your time. <--- horde premade discord <--- alliance premade discord for those alliance players wanting to be apart of the new alliance guild it is based on Kel Thuzad and named Battle Born Alliance.Mystiç64 Jan 1
Jan 1 RBGs Class help I havent done any RBGs this season. Which class/spec is in demand but has the least amount of responsibility. lol yeah I'm that guy. Want to ease my way in. ThanksDiecruxz5 Jan 1
Jan 1 BG winrates Have been updated finally: Seems to have stayed the same for the most part. BGs observed in the past 4 weeks have doubled, however.Jugajr51 Jan 1
Jan 1 Reported AFK in a BG on Defense Was playing the brawl with my friend. Our strat is simple. Stay in the flag room and fight the would-be efcs to avoid fighting in zergs. Last BG I'm in I'm 7-0, buddy is 3-1, and I have 2 returns. Last minute of the BG I get called out in the chat for being AFK and causing a loss, and I'm then I'm near-instantly removed from the BG with a 15 minute deserter. How is this fair? How is a system this poor ever implemented? How is it that I can outkill, outdamage, and outperform other members of my team and be removed for being AFK anyway? All this does is tell me that I can be removed from a BG for afking, and I can be removed from a BG for people thinking I'm afking. If the latter is possible, then why should I ever play? In 7 prestige levels and thousands of BGs and HKs, this has never happened until now, until Blizzard implemented automated systems that look at number of reports > all. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. I shouldn't expect much from Blizzard anymore, especially with the state of Lesion's PvP.Kori20 Jan 1
Jan 1 A wild affliction lock appears! And he's killing someone, so your first move is to CC 5 UA's off my kill target? Like wtf?! Thanks to you he didn't die, my damage has been totally shut down, and I get killed. Always fun to get killed because your team is challenged #triggered /end rant Also, can we have UA deal damage for each one dispelled? And have it damage friendly targets that dispel them with CC? Would love to punish my own teammates for being dumb -_-Azradath12 Jan 1
Jan 1 A list of Ideas to Improve PvP ...Fox15 Jan 1
Jan 1 Diminishing Returns. We need diminishing returns.There is way too many stuns in the battlegrounds.Ashtrón43 Jan 1