Nov 4 Does the new expansion gives you hope? More BGs? better WPVP? more focus on PvP in general? balanced servers?Rodruun40 Nov 4
Nov 4 Netherlight crucible needed for pvp? I just came back from a long break and I'm wondering if the netherlight crucible stuff is necessary for instanced PvP. I believe it adds a fourth relic slot which means ilvl would go up, so that would help in instanced PvP, right? I've asked a ton in bgs but no one knows. Help?Soliouss8 Nov 4
Nov 4 druid feral or shaman enhancement for pvp? Good night people, how are you? So I have a question, I came back to play recently and I would like to know which of the two classes is better in pvp druid feral or shaman enhancement? And if not ask a lot I'd like to know about dk and dh on pvp. Thank you!Ketchuum4 Nov 4
Nov 4 New PVP Friends Hi all, I'm looking for some people to do random bgs and argus wpvp with. Most of my friends either raid or play alliance. Add me if you want to get this exp hype going with some good old fashioned pvp - Timewalk#1882 Good luck and have fun!Pushupz0 Nov 4
Nov 4 Will Bobos Be Defending Old AV in Classic? Will you be a the Defender of Old AV?Skinwälker2 Nov 4
Nov 4 Why Role check? Clearly your role checking doesn't help and I've played on both sides.. Horde is getting screwed 8/10 times without heals.. You'd think by role checking you'd get the !@#$ right but seems to me blizzard after all these years you can't do anything right :)Lawlaby5 Nov 4
Nov 4 How they are going to balance the expansion? Holinka is gone with no replacement and PVP is in the worst state since Vanilla. They better figure it out soon or else the new expansion will be DOA.Blighty7 Nov 4
Nov 4 Horde WILL be nerfed next expansion Horde has had better racials in pvp AND pve for the vast majority of the game. Blizz is stuck between a rock and a hard place. Why? The games losing players every year and especially in the pvp community, hardly anyone is playing rbgs or arena anymore compared to what it used to be.Igyfarmyou43 Nov 4
Nov 4 Alliance losing bgs. Not trying to complain exactly just a little confused. I did a total of 20 bgs today. Out of the 20, the Alliance won twice and the Horde won 18. I don't understand how I can end up with a ratio that bad. In the bgs I'm healing 120m+ and following objectives like healing the fc and ccing. So I really don't think I'm the problem. Just curious if anyone else is having this problem...Güthìx478 Nov 4
Nov 4 Why are wait times so long? While leveling, on alliance side even, my BG wait times are 6+ minutes. Typically it is much longer than 6 minutes as well. This is on a disc priest that I queue for both heals/dps with. The system really seems broken to me. It used to be that when one faction lost all the time, queues were near instant. Now, I wait as long as I do on horde just to lose a game and get next to nothing. Something else I find very strange as well. When I queue as heals/dps I have had multiple games now where it will put me as dps even though we have 1 or 2 less healers than horde does. It makes me think something is really not working right with the current BG queue system.Aowar1 Nov 4
Nov 4 LFG for Brawl on Alliance Won almost every BG today but lost every Brawl 4 hours straight. Just need 1 win please.Nfinity0 Nov 4
Nov 4 Will classic WoW bring twinking back? It seems that with a classic server, everything that originally started twinking should be back. Could twinks (19/29/39/49) reform on classic servers with all the old twinking methods in place?Swiftylicous10 Nov 4
Nov 4 Ashran, just terrible....completely terrible! OMG, what trash. Seriosuly I hope you have better plans for the future of these mega battle grounds. FOUR times yesterday we were beating the horde pretty badly and four times they /afk out of the game. Wait 20-30 minutes to get in and boom, game over because of lack of players. Once we actually got a game going and started beating them again and BOOM, they all leave and we sit in queue again. This system is SOOOOOO screwed up, that you can have either side control the game if they are losing to /afk out. Now this morning after the patch I have been waiting for 2 (TWO) HOURS in queue, is the dang thing even working at this point? Talk about a nightmare BG zone and you gave us 4 years of this piece of crap!!!Gunny16 Nov 4
Nov 4 Racials so far.. Look like the Horde so far got the better Racial for PvP from the new race. Highmountain Tauren Racials: Rugged Tenacity - Reduces damage taken by 330 Pride of Ironhorn - Mining skill increased by 15 and allows you to mine faster Mountaineer - Increases your Versatility by 1%. Bull Rush - Charges forward for 1 sec, knocking enemies down for 1.5 sec. 2 minute cooldown. Lightforged Draenei Racials: Light's Judgement - Call down a strike of Holy energy dealing 5,150 Holy damage to enemies within 5 yards after 3 sec. 40 yd range, 2.5 min cooldown. Forge of Light - Summon a forge of light, enabling Blacksmithing. Blacksmithing skill increased by 10. Demonbane - Experience gains from killing beasts increased by 20%. Holy Resistance - Reduce Holy damage taken by 1%. Final Verdict - When you die the Light avenges you, dealing 1,162 Holy damage to enemies within 8 yards and healing allies for 1,383. Bull Rush amazing it can interrupt a healers cast.Blankä14 Nov 4
Nov 4 PvP Guild Looking for a team who do a LOT of PvP on Amanthul, I have an Arms Warrior LFG!Yvonnel0 Nov 4
Nov 4 Why do Objectives in Random Bgs? I have always been a pve player but lately I have been really enjoying the pvp aspect of wow that I have mostly ignored over the years (expect for back in BC where it was useful as a tool to gear yourself for pve). Anyway, this toon, the only one I really pvp on currently has not hit level cap yet so maybe things will change but currently I don't see any reason in battle grounds to do objectives. Yes winning gives more xp and a box with useless stuff but other than that I don't see the point. Personally I just like going in and killing stuff. For the most part I do try to be useful so I tend to prefer bg's where I am attacking a node or defending it because I get to be useful and kill stuff. But strictly doing objectives, like running to a flag or running with a flag I don't find fun and there seems to be little incentive to actually try and win. What am I missing?Velkroe35 Nov 4
Nov 4 NEW BG Looks like a new bg is coming guys its about dam time •New arenas in Tiragarde and Zuldazar •New Battleground: Seething Shore •Horde and Alliance descend upon Silithus •Fight over Azerite bubbling to the surface •Dynamic control point gameplay •Battleground coming in 7.3.5Critikál6 Nov 4
Nov 4 Low level bg wait times Is it just me or are the bg wait times for low levels broken? estimated wait time 6 - 8 minutes is more like 30 - 60 minutes? Even as i write this my estimate is 6 min and im 46 minutes.Ïnertia3 Nov 4
Nov 3 Lost in the PvE/PvP servers topic of WPvP Is there any mention of Blizzard's intention with the current system of balancing pvp around templates and then not having templates in wpvp? If wpvp is still a crappy 1 shot fest for only the enjoyment of tank specs and rogues, everything else they do to wpvp is pretty moot to me.Ofman1 Nov 3
Nov 3 Connecting to ranged. Has anyone else had a problem connecting with ranged lately? Doesn't matter what I play UH, fury, arms, sub, or sin. Animations start but won't go off. Saw some streamers having this problem in arenas. Are others having it in rated or reg bgs? It's not my connection, no problem against other melee. Not just south american players either. Noticed it happening against NA players too.Nerdcleave12 Nov 3
Nov 3 Alterac Valley. Whenever I play Alterac Valley, the team either does the things you did in Vanilla to win (Turn in scraps, blood, etc), or we lose because everyone bum rushes to Dun Baldar. In my experience, the most fun games of AV are when we actively upgrade our troops and try to summon Rok'helar. One of the problems is there really is no motivation to do everything the battleground offers. I feel like Alterac Valley needs some sort of fix. Maybe put in more motivation to get scraps and blood, like achievements to successfully summon the Ice Lord, or upgrade the troops to Seasoned, Veterans, and Champions, or getting a successful ground assault going. I mean come on, yesterday I fed 90 scraps of flesh (one at a time by the way, please let us just dump all our items of at the turn-in NPCs.) to Wing Commander Guse, and I couldn't even use her beacon she gave, as it said "You cannot use that in a PvP instance." despite the fact its ONLY USABLE in Alterac Valley. Maybe make it easier to get scraps (Despite the surprising amount each player drops) Maybe make the guards bigger threats that need cooperation to complete. Alterac Valley is my FAVORITE battleground, but most of the time I have to keep it excluded because we hardly ever win it. The winner typically breaks down to whoever successfully pushes off the first wave of enemies. Please make this Battleground worth keeping off my excluded list again, I love it so much when we actually DO the objectives.Molty34 Nov 3
Nov 3 Lesser Known BG Tactics. Anyone have any lesser known tactics that they use in BGs? For instance, as a druid, in Twin Peaks, I often run the flag up and down the river in aquatic form. It has worked quite well for me, and is fun to do.Xae60 Nov 3
Nov 3 Random battleground healers overturned You should not need 2-3 dps to bring down a healer. If I focuse a healer alone it's like I'm just tickling them once my inturpt / stun is on cool down . Having 2-3 on a team is even worse when they just cross heal each other and it makes the games extremely burning and predictableZohuin80 Nov 3
Nov 3 Anybody else bored? Not trying to say there isn't anything to do pvp wise, but sadly I am extremely bored. Rbgs and arenas would occupy my time until the early morning. But with all the people being extra salty or just being a troll. I don't even feel like pvping anymore. Plus world pvp has been ruined beyond fixing. Between the world defense channel gone and legendries making people short of being a god. its no longer as fun. Maybe I'm wrong, but nothing excites me pvp wise anymore.Zulcro8 Nov 3
Nov 3 How to be an effective teammate? And not a liability? I currently have 3 classes I focus on (somewhat) WW monk, Fury Warrior and this here demonhunter. I guess i'll ask first from any dh how i can be more effective in bgs. it seems like my damage tickles and im always fury starved so it leaves me kind of frustrated. Im not entirely sure about what to do anymore. Any general tips are also helpful from anyone who frequently plays with dhs a lot in bgs.Vylltaea7 Nov 3
Nov 3 Temple has no place in rated The map is just garbage. It's either a huge win or a huge loss, there really is no in between. Once your spawns get split it's over, you just get picked off as you try to regroup. Demon Hunters and Warriors jumping in and out of the center shouldn't be a thing. Another trophy on Holinka's shelf.Nebekinezzar25 Nov 3
Nov 3 Teleported to the underbelly after BG? Reported it as a bug anyways, but wondering if it has happened to anyone else. Was in new dalaran when joining the bg and teleported to the underbelly once it ended.Furrlex8 Nov 3
Nov 3 If a Healer Holds an Orb in ToK... Are their heals buffed? Or is a waste for a healer to hold an orb if there is a DPS that otherwise could hold it.Mistwidget11 Nov 3
Nov 3 @Fluff and Blood Yo you think your boy Playboy could hit me with a link to his bot? Asking for a friend. Thanks.Sqwibbles2 Nov 3
Nov 3 Question - PVP - leaver/fill (Random BG) Hey, so just curious so I played a couple of games in random bgs today as well as the brawl but when someone left on my team (like early in the game) the pvp system did not fill our roster with anyone? It left it 9 or in somecases 8 vs 10... I always thought they tried to get people in there but I havn't seen that in a number of games today. Did they remove auto filling from random bgs?Lakotatb2 Nov 3
Nov 3 Blood Elf Racial Need a NERF asap!!! Blizzard when is the racial blood elf silence will be nerfed??? You nerfed the human racial why not the blood elf one too, the alliance demand pvp balance!!! thats the reason the alliance loses a lot more than the horde in pvp.Ojoverde13 Nov 3
Nov 2 890 no longer dropping in randoms? Was looking forward to a few more upgrades but it's been dozens of matches now with almost all 870 gear. Are they trying to get people to do premade bgs/arenas? Or is it just a bad case of rng.Heavyweight8 Nov 2
Nov 2 The problem with WoW PvP. Its not the game balance. Its not that "blizz cant fix my spec" or that "blizz cant nerf fdks". No, you want to know what the issue with the PvP in this game is? Its the toxic community that this game has. Several times tonight i was in a group that was admirably close to a game win. WG, ToK, AV and more. You want to know what was a huge contributor to the losses that the team ate? People who think that just because its 900 to 850 in ToK, it means you cant win. People who think because you are losing on resources in AV, that you cant just get organized group up and try to beat down the boss for the win. Its sad. This game does have potential but due to several community based factors, PvP will continue to be a joke. Its like people just want to que into groups that are already about to win or que into groups where they can just AFK at graves and hope to win. It takes strategy people. It takes communication, planning and organization to some degree to win a game. Will it always work? Of course not! But it would sure be a lot closer and a lot more fun than having the guy in the group with the lowest healing, damage and kills curse out a group for not auto winning for him so he doesn't have to move from spawn. I know that this isn't everyone but i do believe that people need to start putting in a conscious effort to try and get the upper hand. Next time you go to rage at the group, try instead saying something constructive like what gate you think people should be charging, or what base looks like its getting overwhelmed so you can plan for a new one to take. I'm not a PvP master by any stretch of the imagination but i try and i feel like a lot more people would be having more fun, if not winning more, if they tried as well. thanks for listening. /rant.Excelor34 Nov 2
Nov 2 What would you rather... Pick one: 1. Revert the pruning done but keep the template system and inability to adjust stats through gems, reforging or enchants in PvP instances. 2. Go back to WoD (or other xpac) gearing systems but keep the pruning and inability for gems, reforge, chants to activate in PvP instances. IOW; get rid of templates altogether. 3. Be able to adjust stats on gear through gems, chants and reforging but for stats decided by templates (not gear) while also keeping abilities pruned as they currently are. All of the above may be the answer, but it's not the answer here in this thread :) Please think about your answer before just going with your standard talking points and consider what the effects might have on the game and explain yourself.Squeektoy10 Nov 2
Nov 2 Hotmogu Is queuing for the brawl better for farming honor compared to randoms as alliance? Win or Lose the matches seem to be pretty fast and we get the 50% honor bonus.Taleryn1 Nov 2
Nov 2 Horde pvp battleground queues... 12 - 15 mins . Log on to ally and 'bang' ! < 2mins. What a joke.Valhâlla8 Nov 2
Nov 2 Battleground Targets 7.3 I tried the fix of changing line 553, but when i type /bgt in game it just gives me LUA error. Anyone who is using it able to tell me how i can get it working for 7.3 please?Shirói9 Nov 2
Nov 2 Class privilege and WPVP + QOL issues I enjoy world PVP. Not camping, but if I see red I like to have a friendly duel. It's part of the experience of wow, and I cant imagine playing the game and feeling immersed without being able to attack the horde (from an alliance perspective) However, certain classes (and this has always been a thing, but never so bad before) get to roam Azeroth completely unafraid of other specs. These classes include Rogue, Monk,Death knight, (especially frost)+, Demon Hunters + a couple other specs from certain classes While other classes like Shamans and boomkins just roll over from the sight of an enemy player (unless against the same spec) This is for several reasons Classes with CC (especially rogues) are unkillable in world PVP. This has always been an issue and is not really specific to legion. However Classes with stuns plus + the right legendaries can kill you in a couple globals I have over 6 million HP as an Enhancement shaman in arenas and bgs. I have only 4.5 million HP in Azeroth. (item level 930. Not high. Not low. Above average) This HP difference is insane, and is a huge culprit for why certain classes feel so weak outside of instanced PVP. Honestly, in BGS and Arenas (especially arenas) enhancement feels outright overpowered. However, with dps legendaries in effect + that smaller hp pool I often am killed by Rogues in two globals or at least before I can get out of stuns. It is extremely frustrating to get destroyed in wPVP no matter how hard i try. Please apply the instanced HP and stats template when two opposing factions engage each other (like with honor talents) in wPVP. Also, for the sake even an ounce of balance...please disable legendary effects in wpvp as well. Or at least diminish their power against players . Something needs to change. I dont expect world PVP to be balanced perfectly. Part of what makes it fun is how unbalanced it is compared to structured pvp. But the state it is in right now is just insane. When i play on my monk i feel invincible and can kill anyone roaming Azeroth. It's fun when im drunk or in a bad mood and just want to let off some steam. But it's really just hollow gameplay that is very uninteresting and poorly designed.Winrawr22 Nov 2
Nov 2 Holy: Paladin or Priest? I've recently began leveling a holy paladin for chiefly BG/RBG purposes and so far, I absolutely love it. It isn't as though I take issue with paladin, it's just that I can't help but wonder if I might enjoy priest even more. My question is: which do you all find the most enjoyable in these settings and why? Also let me know how you feel about them in mythic dungeons and the occasional raid as I'll be dipping my feet in these areas as well. I'm more concerned about the "fun" factor and less about current viability because balance has a way of changing routinely. I'm not particularly willing to invest the time necessary to give them both honest tries at end-game so I'm very interested to read your input. Thank you!Kholrend6 Nov 2
Nov 2 Population of Alliance is getting Lower Main reason is that 80% of Twitch Streamers play Horde, so the simple minded community followed the Streamers. At this rate as see Alliance being extinct. Don't sit there and say that I'm wrong log in to Twitch and see for your self. Even the great Bajheera went horde and people followed. Much love to Towelliee for being Alliance!Blankä21 Nov 2
Nov 2 [A] Pwny's Premades: Every Wed @ 830 PST PUG Stomping Win-Loss Update: 18-4 over three weeks! I'm gonna put together some 10 and 15-man premades this Wednesday! If anyone is interested, add me Pwny#1673 and reply in this thread! Requirements: - 900 ilevel - Discord - Microphone Gonna be fast honor and fun!Pwnytailz48 Nov 2
Nov 2 What do you like and why? Skirmishes Battlegrounds? Rated battlegrounds? Ashran Arena Open World PvPMeira4 Nov 2
Nov 1 What to PVP as... What I'm working with are 3 different classes, Mage, Hunter, and Druid. I'm able to play any spec on each, but would prefer not to heal on the Druid. What's the best out of these for RBG, 2's, and random BG's? Feral, Boomkin, Frost, Fire, Arcane, MM, Surv, or BM? I haven't played in a good long while 2-3 years or so and am just coming back to do PVP since that's all the time I have for. Thanks!Orphio5 Nov 1
Nov 1 6/8-Player Rated Battleground @Blizzard Consider making Rated Battlegrounds 6 or 8 (probably 8 be more realistic) players instead of 10. Faster ques and other benefits too. Grand Marshal Rod, Hero of the Allianceød3 Nov 1
Nov 1 So many WSG ties now Ever since the change of 1 debuff stack per min no matter what, I have gotten so many tie WSGs (0-0) even though both teams try very hard to play the objective. When a match ends in a tie, both sides get NOTHING. So 15 min of hard work is down the toilet. Even if you lose, you get something. I've had 3 ties in the past day alone. I RARELY tied a WSG match before this change. pls stop letting WSG end in a tie. make some sort of deathmatch or something when the timer runs out.Onlinecutie6 Nov 1
Nov 1 Devs MUST change their position on WPvP. There is currently no excuse for not having gear stats equalized in Wpvp. The system WOD used was not perfect, but it was light-years beyond what we currently have going on out in the world right now. We've had MONTHS to sort this out. All I can deduce is that the Devs have CHOSEN to let this happen, and they don't care to fix it. The problem with this stance is that it really kills the game for me, and I know I'm not alone. Gear power needs to be normalized in ALL forms of PvP, not just instances. Just go back to a WOD style gear score system, where there's a cap on stats in Pvp regardless of how mythically titan forged the gear is. Raiders can still raid and progress though PvE content, while not being able to one shot dedicated PvPers out in the world. It's bogus the way it is, and you all know it. That is all.Roargathor56 Nov 1
Nov 1 GD vs Blood DK in BGs. I'm trying to decide between guardian druid and blood dk in bgs. Which one can survive more without a healer? And can that spec do 1v2 while protecting a base in bg? Because in mop we used to go up to 1m hp with guardian druid while everyone was below 600k hp and protect gold mines while doing 1v2s easily for the entire bg.Lecka2 Nov 1
Nov 1 Looking for a rbg team. As the title says I’m looking for a rated battle ground team to join! I’m a solid player, fury warrior on alliance and 1520 feral Druid on horde. My goal is to receive my first gladiator set but pvp guilds are nonexistent on moonguard and YOLO’s are... Well, YOLO’s.. So if anyone is on the hunt for either of those classes I’m happy to do trails runs and all that. My btag is Sullin#1472Machias0 Nov 1
Nov 1 Venting Tired of entering a game, looking at the board, and knowing who will win before the game starts based on how much melee is on each teamDorandis3 Nov 1
Nov 1 Tol Barad? Alliance has had Tol Barad for ... I honestly don't know how long on my server, been back only a few months. What are you supposed to do about your quests that 'make' you go here? I've got a skinning quest from Legion to kill in BH, and after weeks of trying, middle of the night or week, Alliance is always there once the battle starts, and I'm the only horde. I also create a group listing, ask in city chats before heading there and so on, but nobody is interested in this old content, except the people holding it 'hostage' because they have (i assume) the same quests to do. So what do I do?Yalyndrae11 Nov 1