Dec 29 How to Gear up for bgs TLDR: what's the best/easiest way to get the highest ilevel gear? Please help me understand guys. I'm a returning player from the days when you got gear from honor and conquest points. Now everything seems so confusing... So many different ways to get gear and the RNG complicates it even more... I got this character in full PVP gear via awards from bgs. I went right into bgs after dinging 110 and got addicted to the rewards from them. But I know that I don't have the best possible gear I could have. I understand that effectiveness in bgs is determined by your ilevel. So what's the best/easiest way to get the highest ilevel gear? I don't really like doing PVE... so I want the quickest way possible.Lokal6 Dec 29
Dec 29 Remove twinks from xp on for 90-99 its terrible to get farmed by 99 xp off twinks with artifact weapons and maxed out stat template. Game after game you deal with guys like this And a dozen other twinks running around godmode GY farming your team. Can't even scratch them lol. Boot twinks back to their own XP off bracket and let them have their fun there, not farming folks leveling. same goes for 101 twinks in next bracket. Its not even remotely fun or entertaining PVPHardswap83 Dec 29
Dec 29 Top 5 pvp class 7.3 Give me your top 5 best pvp classes atm. I would give u mine: 1. Demon hunter 2. Frost DK 3. Sub rogue 4. WW monk 5. Ret paladinDotlady84 Dec 29
Dec 29 BG Que Issue So I just sat in que for a random bg for 12 minutes. When it popped, and I entered, it was BfG. It was in progress and we were losing something like 1440-350. So after literally 45 seconds, it ended-we lost. Now I am sitting back in que for another 12 minutes.....fml.. The que following this disaster should be an insta-que... make it happen Blizz...Dustyhoe11 Dec 29
Dec 29 altered states For some reason I love to drink when I PVP ........ lol anyone else?Sonbtrpn6 Dec 29
Dec 29 low level assassination rogue so weak is this class okay at high levels? at the level i'm at, the templates remove half my agility from gear and i don't do much damage compared to most classes. I kind of get mad about it and think that I shouldn't be nerfed in BGs.Tawixx2 Dec 29
Dec 29 Backpedaling Not understanding why blizzard would put in a system were gear has quite literally no meaning, I'm a simple man I do my heroic raiding and I one shot lfr players.Plumpe10 Dec 29
Dec 29 my last scramble gates open, my team waste no time splitting up and running off in different directions. I'm already struggling to stay but I muster up the courage anyhow and make my way to the enemy base. I cant help but notice a large portion of my team chasing a spriest with their only healer in his back pocket but as you can imagine my team is stuck wondering how spriest are so broken they cant be killed. again I find myself struggling to stay. but then hope shows up in the form of a feral druid and we immediately start ganking efc's in their own tunnel as they where given free passage through mid field courtesy of an unkillable spriest with a crouching mistweaver hidden healer in his pocket. so naturally efc's had no pocket heals and were easy marks, but then something bad happened. my feral in crime abandoned me to run flags. at this point we had a very slim lead due to me and his work stopping scores. but with him gone and me alone, I tried and died. 3 efc coming straight at me, 1 was wounded and ready to die but, they peeled and killed me in my desperation. taking the lead now I felt forced to qq in /I. at that same time my team began to complain about broken spriest and losing at the last minute. I just quietly afked.... #allianceBootiebae24 Dec 29
Dec 29 Brawl Groups Are there any Horde Brawl Groups going? Twice in a row I got in a group with no healers! I'm a Hunter so I wish I could help more! <3 Would love to team up with some experienced folks and learn more! Ashkir#1440Ashkir0 Dec 29
Dec 29 really dissapointed i dont like the new system at all. you used to be able to just pvp for your pvp gear. this affects you mostly in world pvp, where people with higher ilvls from raiding can kill actual pvpers with no effort due to gear difference. you get strong in pvp from pve ?? why thoughFelgirl11 Dec 29
Dec 29 Rated BGs for Artifact Appearance Hi folks, As will be immediately evident from a quick look at my profile, I am a PvP noob. I really never do much of it, and what I have done in the past hasn't been rated, just random BGs or something like Ashran. I've never set foot in an Arena in all my years in WoW. I would however like to try and get the blue appearance for my Mage Tower challenge weapon appearance. I'm sporting the red one right now just because I put on a holiday transmog, but my normal transmog is a black/dark grey/spectral blue look. So, with that... for anyone that's got a veteran PvPer's perspective, whats the best way for me to go find rated BGs so I can try to rack up enough wins to get the appearance finished? I appreciate any direction anyone can provide. Thanks in advance.Lorsaire9 Dec 29
Dec 29 How to trinket in low level bgs? Returning player. I know that heirloom trinkets don't work anymore in bgs. At least, the ones I have don't work. But I've seen players trinketing somehow, freeing themselves from CC. And for the life of me I can't figure out how they are doing it. Google has utterly failed me. Apparently I'm just missing something incredibly obvious, aren't I?Hellolad3 Dec 29
Dec 28 Insta death upon hitting wall, wsg Twice in 2 nights now I have instantly died upon hitting the wall in the flag room of WSG. First night I had flag got knocked off third floor and instantly died when I connected with the wall. Second night I fel rushed off 3rd floor and into the wall to see if it would do the same thing and yes, instantly died upon hitting the wall. Please fix, not sweet losing games to bad designDwárf17 Dec 28
Dec 28 SERIOUS QUESTION - Merc mode Title. Why is this hidden in the underbelly? Literally didn't know this existed until yesterday and I've played since Vanilla. Only found out about it by reading this forum O.o I think you would find a lot more 'balanced' teams if more people knew they could queue as a Merc easily from the existing UI. Honestly, the system should even say "Horde queue times are currently ~10 mins, would you like to enable Mercenary mode?" Why is this not a thing?!Shadowspwn23 Dec 28
Dec 28 Why is a twink called a twink? Years back I got into the wow twinking thing. So what's the first thing to do? I looked it up at the public school library to learn more about it. I googled up the words, wow twink. Low and behold I learned what the other meaning of what a twink is. So I quickly closed the page and looked around to see if other people saw what I brought up. It was quite embarrassing. So how did wow's perpetual low level badd@$$ess get coined this title? Maybe some old-school vanilla player can shed some light on the subject.Ponchuki9 Dec 28
Dec 28 The Victor's Spoils Prestige quest So I just prestige'd and was wondering where I start this quest in order to get the transmog for my artifact weaponCratiun46 Dec 28
Dec 28 Quickest way to get 15 Echoes? If I wanted 15 echoes from oblit pvp gear today, like right meow, how would I go about doing that? Thanks.Nafear7 Dec 28
Dec 28 Friends! Lf people to do random bgs with on Alliance, tired of the solo queue life. Feral Druid, not an idiot, and I find joy in playing the objective :) Donahvan#1702Thunk1 Dec 28
Dec 28 [help]Principles of war broken?? Hi it seems my principles of war is broken or something? I talked to a GM about it and he said it’s working fine on there end and to ask you guys so here goes: For this buff I understand it’s 1% per 10 ILvl (makes sense for all my friends and works for them) but for me it isn’t, it used to work but it’s not anymore once I leveled me Druid I noticed going from 800 to 877 ilvl and only getting a 1% principles of war buff. And then logged on my monk (912ilvl) and he’s only getting 5% now too. Any idea how to fix this ?? TLDR: principles of war not giving me 1% per 10ILvlsImazøø3 Dec 28
Dec 28 Why prot in bgs? I see this more often now. But my experience with them has been disappointing...less mobility, take just about as much damage. What's the appeal?Heavyweight29 Dec 28
Dec 28 seething shore previews are beginning to make me cringe the map is actually tiny the floorspace of the two airships is almost the same as the entire ground map why do we seriously need to reuse the airships as graveyards parachuting into the game... vehicle controls... are they trying to get back players who went to PUBGS? the parachuting is just going to get old really fast, not to mention clumsy and random the map is just another "uncharted island" with some "sought-after resource" much like isle of conquest & strand of the ancients there are so many great themes and conflicts boiling over in the lore, I just feel let down, I realise a lot of PvPers don't really care, but it does give the map flavour if its based on something I was actually keen to play a BG in the silithus desert, Alliance vs Horde bases fighting over silithyst, oh, I mean azerite. I hope the gameplay turns out to be good, so far I'm not keen on the previews. Thoughts?Creeks4 Dec 28
Dec 28 Battleground balance Hey if i could get a blue post on this id love that. Im just curious how is it still after over 10 years.. that i queue for battlegrounds and you guys STILL make us play matches.. where the opposite faction has an uneven amount of healers. You guys ppl are just afking when they go into a match and see the other team has healers and they dont. its <removed expletive> unfun for everybody play. How do you not think that is a <removed expletive> problem. its totally not fair. [Moderator note: edited for language]Autreestic18 Dec 28
Dec 28 WHATS UP WITH THE BG QUE TIME? I've been in que for over 20 mins now..... Normally less then a min waitMàsterchief18 Dec 28
Dec 28 Hey alliance 20-29 When you suffer a bad loss, please stop raging in /bg like a fool. If you find yourself so upset over a bg that you can't keep yourself from cussing at everyone, it's time to stop queuing. Sometimes it's apparent the horde team is simply overpowering or outplaying, whether due to 1) melee trains with pocket heals, 2) having a much better understanding of strategy and how to work as a team, 3) higher levels/ilvls, or any other logical reason. Use the opportunity to learn how you can play better. Take time to learn the bg's underlying strategy rather than having the mentality that you can repeat the same "connect-the-dot moves" to win. Learn to think for yourself what objectives matter most given certain situations. Alliance wins a decent amount of the time, pretty near 50% in my experience. So when you happen to get in a match versus well-organized horde where you feel you're being run over, take a breather, remember it's just a game, and learn how to improve for the next one. Because you will win again, just a matter of time.Isurvcheese3 Dec 28
Dec 28 PvP Improvements Non troll responses that are specific are appreciated. Saying things like "Get rid of fdks" isn't helpful 1: Hunter pets should be treated like dots. For example if a hunter has not actively made his pet attack you (e.g. kill command etc) then after 10 seconds or w.e. you can leave combat and remount with the pet on you (or flag cap etc) 2: speaking of flag caps. The initial application of a dot should stop flag caps. (Not saying subsequent ticks of the dot just the initial application). Feel free to add more.Swanki31 Dec 28
Dec 28 Premade Battlegrounds LFM players interested in stomping pubs in premades. We run both alliance/horde farm groups. Get your prestige up and your HK's too! Add "LordTwiista#1315" to join!Melanieqt0 Dec 28
Dec 27 PVP BG still alive? Looking to do some casual/ranked bgs when i hit 110. Do ppl still queue for bgs nowadays? Is it balanced? (last time i played horde loses 9/11 bgs lul)Llyynn4 Dec 27
Dec 27 Can we get a pvp brawl week that's just AB and WSG so I can stop doing silvershard and temple. thanks. -my sanityWhammybar9 Dec 27
Dec 27 1v1 Advantage Hi All, Im curious to know what spec's people think are the kings of 1v1? Give me your top 5 ThanksObfuscator33 Dec 27
Dec 27 An Equitable Path Foward This idea is to blend the ideal purpose of equalization into the current prestige system with an outcome of being progression for players for PvP being the main-game for them. Creating and equity system that still allows for true progression. What the system I have created on paper will do is start players off with Principles of War and as they accrue PvP iLvl the player will unlock Veteran of War. What Veteran of War does is unlocks a passive with a resilience like effect: reducing incoming player damage by a percentage. Veteran of War starts with a baseline, into a soft-cap, and ends in a hard-cap; however, the stat is going to be dynamic, with a decay feature due to inactivity and a player driven soft-cap. Meaning, the accumulative score of PvP players will drive the soft-cap closer and farther from the hard-cap. The hard-cap will be achievable, but it will never be static it requires the PvP player-base and activity to maintain the hard-cap. Making sure player maintain iLvl and gear, this is important as PvP gear would be the only way to accrue Veteran of War. With templates in-place, PVP gear becomes source of stat distribution and customization that the current system is not offering. Critical Strike, Haste, Mastery, Versatility, and Avoidance would be the stats players would be able to manipulate with gems, reforging, and enchantments. The benefits to this system, it maintains the equity and integrity that equalization was designed for while allowing true PvP progression. It would set apart PvP and PvE again and give PvP a dynamic rewarding feeling both in controlled and natural environments while closely mirroring the natural state of PVP without too much developer intervention. The last part of the new system, would be revamping the group finder feature to place players with equitable and balanced teams. Meaning that the system would match both teams in BGs and Arenas, based off of PvP iLvl and player roles; once the roll is selected and the iLvl has been paired within the system players cannot change that. Players can still queue as a group; the finder would pair their opposing team based off that group but not necessarily another premade. The system already created the need for healers, tanks, and the main DPS bulk that would even more so reflect rated Battlegrounds. The way I have this proposal is a skeleton of a could be system I do not want a nonmalleable system because I would like those of you reading to consider equity, balance, based off of roles iLvL and achievement. Things I have not addressed are classes and their role in PvP, to give an example. I am Outlaw; I am a utility DPS role, we cannot select that in the match making sytem, I have tons of control and mobility with good burst windows, but I do not think theres even coding system to match that type of precision. Where as something like a Sub/!@# rogue is burst then control, or a Havoc DH which is mobility and burst. Those are conversations I would like to expand upon in this discussion. I realize that this is not a perfect system, but after reading and having a conversation with you I wanted to make an equity based system that addressed the basic problems that you as a player and the PvP community as a whole is feeling. Special Thanks to the players whom I’ve been conversation both for and against equalization, your contributions and ideas inspired me to create an equity based system that does not push anyone off the wayside but keeps PvP an important mainstay for those of us who PvP first.Sorohn32 Dec 27
Dec 27 Question About Prestiging So I've done the math and I believe that I will be able to hit rank 18+ before the end of the expansion if I put the work in but what I was really wondering was two things. 1: Has there been any sort of evidence that Prestige levels will carry over/be reset/even exist at all when BfA launches and if the current rewards for leveling up will change or stay the same? 2: Is there any sort of Feat of Strength/Legacy achievement that will be rewarded for hitting a certain Prestige level during Legion? Basically I've been throwing around the idea of PvPing on a few different alts but I don't want to miss out on any rewards/achievements because with life and raiding and all the other stuff I doubt I will be able to get a high Prestige level while also PvPing on alts.Bobisyourmom12 Dec 27
Dec 27 Legion pvp a trial for new diablo mmo? Legion could be played on a tablet let alone a console, all the pruning a test for te new diablo mmo?Rombull4 Dec 27
Dec 27 Why does it feel like I do no DMG I have only ever played hunter since I've even played Wow (3 years filthy casual alert) because I enjoy archer based classes. I have been getting into PVP more starting out in RBG but it feels like I don't do any damage to most other players. And god forbid that a healer show up (Druids especially) then I will get face rolled. Does anyone have any tips for getting better at PVP as an MM? You can check my gear, talents, ask questions or what ever but some info would be helpful. I don't have many macros. Just a few for the focused target and concussion with disengage and counter shot. Macro suggestions welcome too. Thanks! (Forgive me if this is not the correct place to post. I looked in "hunter" forum but I wanted more input from pvpers. )Zinnavyre14 Dec 27
Dec 27 FFS blizzard Remove or nerf DH eye ability it is broken af. Put a 10 min CD on that !@#$.Irhcsajr21 Dec 27
Dec 27 Give the same bonuses for specific queues Ally lose every BG. At least let us specific queue. This !@#$ is unbearable.Nairav24 Dec 27
Dec 27 870+ iLvL Drops Anyone else think it's ridiculous to get this low of ilvl drop... All my pieces on my main are 920 - 950 ilvl And I've gotten nothing but RNG 870-890 Pieces... I think it's well enough into the xpac that nothing less than 910 should drop in BGs...Anyone else having these low ilvl drops consistently?Genukia17 Dec 27
Dec 27 4 DPS Classes There are 4 true DPS classes in wow. WARLOCK ROGUE MAGE HUNTER The aforementioned classes can only DPS...that's it...that's all... As a result, these 4 classes should be ahead of other classes in raw damage. I'm not seeing that... Blizz needs to realize that these 4 classes can't do anything but DPS...therefore, they should do it best... Hybrid classes should do less damage yet have utility...that's their niche.. If I'm way off the mark, then we need a tank or heal spec to be offered for these 4 classes...what's fair is fair..Dustyhoe19 Dec 27
Dec 27 So is pvp rigged or.... Are Horde players just generally older and more aware of how it all works and Alliance is 11 years olds telling everyone to suck their Ds? Of course this is aside from Horde always having more healers and a better well balanced team. With that said i'm not the best pvper and never was. But i've played long enough to see that something is up and always has been... "crinkles up tinfoil into a ball and eats it"Koehali73 Dec 27
Dec 27 Why I changed to low level pvp Cept for obvious class balance, everyone is pretty equal. No advantage with having Artifact stuff over a new person No Advantage on gear Not much of loss of control I CAN ACTUALLY HEAL WITHOUT BEING REZ HAPPY ALL GAME NOONE has Honor talents which is a HUGE difference between new and been playing awhile. Max level pvp is gone in my life...staying 19Mistymeaner7 Dec 27
Dec 26 [H] Ret Paladin LF RBG Team Looking for a team to que with on my ret paladin on Horde side. I would really like to get 1800 (lol yolo right? ye I wish it was that easy) on him for the transmog since it doesn't accept my warriors achievements :( I am currently 10-3 sitting at 1620 CR. PKX#11920 or leave yours below.Avrek1 Dec 26
Dec 26 Reverting/Toning Down BG Scaling Would be really awesome if I could actually use my own gear in BGs again. As it stands, I don't mind stomping through dungeons, as most people are pretty thrilled to clear the content so quickly. I don't mind 5 manning raids, as they provide their own challenges in their own unique ways. But trying to finish my Silverwing Sentinels rep grind has been painful, and having lower stats (bar ridiculous stamina, which ultimately makes it worse) than I do running around in the open world is killing the fun. I can't feel any of the uniquity or effort I have put into my character. Being able to help carry the lesser dedicated players and inspire teamwork was something I used to enjoy. Fighting other geared players was also really good fun, as I never stood aside of a worthy challenge. It gave PvP meaning to take down a deadset predator. Do you think this is something that will ever change? Am I the only one who thinks it's time to revise BG scaling?Laernyth31 Dec 26
Dec 26 Bg/2v2 help (ele shaman) As an ele shammy, what are some tips for 2v2 and BGs? I feel so squishy and don’t feel like I get out enough dmg on my shaman as I am the primary focus in 2s and if I get focused in BGs, well gg. Feels like I’m spending all my time just placing grab, bind, gust, and thunder to keep things off of me. Should I run me/healer or is me/dmg best? I was thinking an offensive healer like hpally or MW or running a warr or dk for double dps. Thoughts? As far as BGs go,I am just focusing on spreading flame for insta lava burst and chain lightning unless fc, or orb holder is mission then I am just trying best ST dmg I can. does that sound right?Zoolandar4 Dec 26
Dec 26 Why do you get called out when its obvious It's a premade. Show me a random group that will stun then fear with .1 sec left in the stun....then Freezing Trap at .1 sec and everyone attacking immediately stops and attacks a different player.. A random can never be that precise and controlledBoomfire94 Dec 26
Dec 26 Warsong scramble Last time i remember this event giving 100 honor per flag cap..just played one and got 50 honor per flag cap. Can anyone confirm?Biofreaks0 Dec 26
Dec 26 gameplay static vs dynamic a.k.a. - pve vs pvp *cry, whine, piss and moan - but if you step betwix the two, you will get spanked that said : no regretsSonbtrpn2 Dec 26
Dec 26 Battleground balance Hey if i could get a blue post on this id love that. Im just curious how is it still after over 10 years.. that i queue for battlegrounds and you guys STILL make us play matches.. where the opposite faction has an uneven amount of healers. You guys ppl are just afking when they go into a match and see the other team has healers and they dont. its !@#$ing unfun for everybody play. How do you not think that is a %^-*ing problem. its totally not fair.Autreestic18 Dec 26
Dec 26 Is it only ilvl that matters at all? Stats don't matter right, they're completely determined by a template? And trinket procs or uses (even though the bg trinkets have procs...) don't have any impact either? Neither do gems or enchants or epics or artifact weapon traits?Heavyweight5 Dec 26
Dec 26 cheating dear blizz, when are you seriously going to care about the CHEATING you let happen. there is at least ONE cheater in EVERY bg i play, thats WAAAAAAYYYYY to many, do something about it!Ragingsun11 Dec 26
Dec 25 Whats up with Horde this am? 8 straight lossesMistymeaner4 Dec 25
Dec 25 Merry Christmas~ Even though we demolish and/or carry most of you, we all want to wish you all a Merry Christmas! So come queue into us and say hello! We're waiting~ Dec 25