Nov 27 What's the point of legion prestige... When they gate it behind PVP seasons? Makes no sense implementing a system like this then limiting how far you can go....Pùrple1 Nov 27
Nov 27 Neck Piece Reward I feel like at least 50%+ of the items I get from a BG win are neck slots.Nelius0 Nov 27
Nov 27 Only way alli can win a random bg Is in a premade.........Anübbis13 Nov 27
Nov 27 Talent Changing for Late BG Joins... Is this a forthcoming feature? Not only are teams with leavers severely handicapped because cohesion is lost, but players who join late pop in without any opportunity to spec properly. Seems like a major oversight, just not sure if I missed info about this somewhere..Krullfist0 Nov 27
Nov 27 interupts in pvp totally out of control title says it all unplayable if heals make all healing spells instant castJaeran47 Nov 27
Nov 27 Marks Of Honor What was Blizzard thinking with this system? RNG Marks of Honor... Not even 100% guaranteed with wins. I won 3 bg's, all roughly 20 minutes long, and got 1 mark. 1 hour for 1 mark. I just want to buy some old PvP gear for transmog, and it's turned into a RNG grind that never stops.... The old system at least allowed for you to always be working to whatever you were going to buy, win or loss. Now this system doesn't even guarantee anything FOR WINS, let alone losses.... What the hell blizzard????! WHYYYY?!?!?! RNG seriously seems to be your new theme...Pänacia9 Nov 27
Nov 27 2 Spec's per rated BG Group It seems like a lot of groups 2k+ are running nothing but Mistweaver/Boomkin/Deathknight. What do you guys think about blizzard setting a cap? Two of the same spec per group? I feel like groups are forced into running 3 mistweavers even if they don't want to. Just my two cents. ZulkZulkinstein4 Nov 27
Nov 27 cheaing/botting dear blizz, when are you seriously going to address this issue? its ALL over the place. there are at least TWO bots and or cheaters in EVERY battleground i go into.Azshauanna4 Nov 27
Nov 27 Been playing for 5 hours and winning I been playing for 5 hours and not 1 single mark of honor I'm just trying to get 5 real quick haven't gotten 1 what I'm I doing wrong?Deathok7 Nov 27
Nov 27 Ashran Broken....Everything??? None of the items work anymore. All the cool little things like the flying machine to send back fragments, the drops for a dragon to bomb the enemy and anything similar are all unusable. Not only that, half the time after you leave an engagement with the enemy you are bugged in combat and can not mount until you It's boiled down to, run and get root tubers, get flower buff and pray your group has more healers. Seriously, someone fix this.Cloud1 Nov 27
Nov 27 Flag Running Balance After watching how ridiculous demon hunters are at carrying carts in deepwind gorge, it occurs to me that flag running is a design space limitation on how mobile you can make a class before it is imbalanced. There's a simple, logical fix to this, and it should be the following: "Carrying flag: Cannot move faster than 100% movement speed. Blinks, leaps, intercepts and other terrain skipping abilities are disabled."Chillbíll9 Nov 27
Nov 27 Principles of war I really hate this BS principles of war crapNonametonv2 Nov 27
Nov 27 Forged RBG TEAM Forged! is now recruiting pvp minded players for rbg team looking for resto druid resto shammy and ranged dps leave reply or pst me in game dragonblight server.Thêgoat3 Nov 27
Nov 27 Chaos Bolts hitting 1mil+ Grab a stun buddy and go to town Destro Locks, have fun while it lasts.Darkanger4 Nov 27
Nov 27 YOUR KILLING PVP FIre your pvp development teamNöödling22 Nov 27
Nov 27 Still twinking? Just wanted to know after the changes in BG's if people are still twinking. If so what is a popular level bracket to play in?Sarmac13 Nov 27
Nov 27 So I hit honor 50 I hit honor level 50 today and it prestiged me but i have not gotten a quest to get my artifact appearance, before 7.1 you press prestige and it would give quest anyone know what i do now? thanksSohood3 Nov 27
Nov 27 3 heal team in WSG you should not allow 3-heal teams in WSG unless the other team also has something similar if that many heals are trying to que for WSG you just just let them rot in the que until there's a matching team they can waitZahruk5 Nov 27
Nov 27 honor gained in bgs how the hell the system for gain honor in bgs works? cuz I cap flags, kill carrier, finish top kill, finish top damage, and at the end the guy that less helped in the bg finish with more honor points that me, and other that really work for win the bg another thing, whats the point of cap a base and stay defending if you are not getting honor for that how much blizzard cares about pvp players?Wuzup0 Nov 27
Nov 27 Order resources I want moar order resources to drop from random battlegroundsMissqqmoar1 Nov 27
Nov 27 Why does Blizz cater, only, to wimps? Whether it's Hearthstone legendaries in casual, or 10 man premades in low level bgs, blizz population has consistently shown that it will always try to wimp out and play only when win is automatic, even if there is no gear reward. Why does Blizz cater to this? It reduces fun for everyone, and is why so few new gamers pick Blizz games. It seems so simple to me that Blizz devs would say: we got a weak population, lets stop catering to this. They put all this work into balancing pvp, and then let 10 man premades rule the field. How many simple tricks are they gonna miss before ppl just stop paying for this?Strep2 Nov 27
Nov 27 I'm sorry... But how the hell does 2 tanks 1 healer vs 3 healers = balanced?Darkanger4 Nov 27
Nov 27 Black Rook Rumble/Murloc/Bareback Please scale it like every other instanced PVP and remove legendary effects. This isn't fun, it hasn't been fun and it never will be fun. World PVP shouldn't be a one shot fest, especially when you play a ramp/DoT spec.Purrfecshunz12 Nov 27
Nov 27 [7.2] PvP Brawls: Heroic Alterac Valley Cross-posted from the General Discussion forum: ... This sounds to me like the perfect opportunity to make Alterac Valley great again, and in some respects I think would work better than making it return full time. We saw with the pre-patch that all it takes for people to start summoning the cavalry, Ivus and Lok, upgrade units etc was for tougher NPCs. I propose that one of the brawls is Heroic Alterac Valley: a week long "brawl" with 1000 reinforcements and NPCs that are actually tough. Make them the next expansion's level cap again and watch the PvP unfold. Some of the things that will differentiate Heroic Alterac Valley from regular: NPCs have significantly increased health and damage, some new abilities Reinforcements increased to 1000 Increased honor for turn-ins and time spent New bonus objective: get 200 honorable kills (repeatable) Thoughts?Bynir32 Nov 27
Nov 27 u better bring about 3 of you Found this gem doing a PvP WQ. Nov 27
Nov 27 Reddit Needs PvP Feedback Because let's face it, Blizzard pays much more attention to third-party social media than its own PvP forums. As we type, Legion's PvP system has many fundamental flaws -- some since alpha -- that remain woefully neglected. The devoted veterans voiced rational concerns since before Legion went live, yet still they were disregarded. The PvP team dug their heels in. And now, what was intended to bring more players into the fray -- RNG-heavy, alt-unfriendly character progression compounded by lack of utility and poor class tuning -- has instead deterred them. These problems won't solve themselves. It falls on all of us -- from the multi-Glad Twitch streamer to the forum-lurking casual (>_>) -- to continuously provide constructive feedback in every facet of the interwebz, not just these forums. Already one thread has garnered enough support to make the front page of r/wow: Every. Post. Matters. Except Rorke's. Now you ride out. Ride as fast as your bandwidth can carry you. Alliance! Horde! Mercenaries! You tell the other boards we're with them. Together we will send shock waves to ripple through the entire Blizzard community, smacking the tablet out of Celestalon's hands. We will send a message that they cannot ignore what's in front of them. And that this...this is OUR WoW!*Olidastrum1 Nov 27
Nov 26 I've stopped Playing because Tanks suck True story. Haven't been on in like two weeks. I originally was gonna reroll to a DPS but then I realized I'd rather have 10 hours of fun in another game versus 10 hours of leveling, which is not fun. So now I'm gonna end my sub. Wish Blizzard would readjust our stat templates and put the Taunt talents back to they way they were. Utility feels much slower when I can only target swap with taunt every 20 seconds versus 8. Just not worth the money any more :cFelcrusher44 Nov 26
Nov 26 "Honor" before 110? In waiting around for my friend so we can level together, I've been queuing up for lots of BGs, and enjoying the gear and such. But I see that each BG win is supposed to reward 150 honor, but I can't see that anywhere except the honor bar that replaces my xp bar, which read "0/350 (+524)" Is that 524 the honor I've earned in these BGs? Will it be awarded toward my honor levels when I reach 110? It seems silly that there would just be an entire reward that poofs into nothing because you're not max level... People pvp at all levels :|Meion1 Nov 26
Nov 26 No "Capturing" castbar in BGs Anyone else not seeing the "Capturing" castbar under people's nameplates in BGs? I have the "ShowVKeyCastBar" option enabled and "ShowVKeyCastBarOnlyOnTarget" disabled, but the bars don't show. Would very much appreciate any help with this.Srslywicked2 Nov 26
Nov 26 Third Wind Potion I just got my first two of these I guess. A 50% heal on a potion cooldown... Getting these out of champion's strongboxes instead of the regular ancient healing potions is amazing, but I can't help but think these are REALLY strong to be something that is extremely limited in availability.Horthas4 Nov 26
Nov 26 Battle for Gilneas layout favor horde? I was doing mercenary mode the other night and got a few games in Battle for Gilneas. I noticed the layout to defend Mines and WW seemed to favor horde compared to Alliance defending LH and WW. On the horde side you can stand between the 2 nodes and easily see which way the Alliance is coming from and quickly move to the node to defend. But the Alliance have a lot of obstacles that make it hard to anticipate which way the horde are coming from. I might not have played enough games to really notice but from my few games it seemed to be the case. I'm also not 100% on Alliance strat for the map so I might need to play it a bit more to really notice. I do enjoy the map though and am glad it is not cookie cutter. Makes it more exciting. Just wonderingManadrain0 Nov 26
Nov 26 strand of the ancients cant shoot with the demo 2 times in the same bg? is this some kind of bug?!?Azshauanna1 Nov 26
Nov 26 horde healers in bgs?! Why the hell does the Horde get 0-1 healers every bg vs 2-4 healers on alliance side almost 95% of my matches have been like that.. It's pathetic! I know there are healers queing so dont even bring that up!Lawlabye31 Nov 26
Nov 26 MMR go home ur drunk Nov 26
Nov 26 Let Tanks Have Their Own BG Let the Tanks have their own BG where the healers heal them and they shield the DPS from damage from an NPC. They could even taunt the NPC and use their entire toolkit if they so choose. They could call it like a "raid" or a "dungeon" or something. I bet this would allow them to enjoy PvP more than they do now.Porzingis6 Nov 26
Nov 26 How much do rogues tickles in BGs? 1 being a bit and 10 using a featherItshighmeme29 Nov 26
Nov 26 The time has come... to remove the idea of "Horde versus Alliance" in pvp. In this new age of cooperation where Horde and Alliance band together to counter larger threats, surely it's time. Already in rated battlegrounds you have ally vs ally, horde vs horde. It's time to accept the inevitable and embrace the multiculturalism. Either combine those queueing for pvp as one group or at least add in an ingame option to do so. It makes no sense to have insta q's on one side and 10+ mins on the other. Give us the option blizzard and allow us the pvper to make the decision.Talíesín17 Nov 26
Nov 26 low level scaling & stat templates? Hi sorry if this isn't the best place to post this. I know low level PvP balance has never been a priority and i dont expect it to but im really confused how the ilvl scaling, stat templates and pvp balances etc. work out. Like in the 49 BGs I've played tonight there've been warriors and hunters that have been hitting 5x harder than me... like Mongoose Strike hitting for 2500, Overpower hitting for 4000... while my builder hits for like 400 and my 5 combo point finisher hit for like 1000-1200. Are heirlooms that powerful (I don't have any) or are the templates and pvp ability re-balances just really outta wack? Because I noticed even though I'm scaled up from 48 to 49 in battlegrounds my damage is lower than outside, and my agility goes down from like 243 to around 160 iirc. Like against monsters or people out in the world my 1 does like 600 damage and a 5 point finisher does 2000+.Esila3 Nov 26
Nov 26 Where can I get the daily quest for PVP? Where can I get the daily PVP quests for Lvl 110?Deathok8 Nov 26
Nov 26 How To Win Alterac Valley (Horde) Video It seems like people need some basic help with understanding this BG, so... I tried to do something about it.Suul5 Nov 26
Nov 26 Fastest way to farm honor marks? Is there a faster way to farm honor marks? Is there a daily quest for them?Deathok2 Nov 26
Nov 26 When will Dems/Cannons in SotA stop bugging? It's 1/3 games that the demolishers and cannons are completely useless. I jump in and can't fire at all. This has been going on for months. When will this get addressed?Giani2 Nov 26
Nov 26 Prestige items Locked @ Faction Change. Items earned through Prestige should stay with the character that earned them, no exceptions. Yet this is not the case. Somehow Blizzard decided they would be account wide and not convert through faction changes. This is absolute bull!@#$ as Prestige is character specific and cannot be repeated for the same rewards unless you level another character of the opposite faction to max level and farm honor for the items all over again. Kinda defeats the purpose of faction changing in the first place no?Ragebomb2 Nov 26
Nov 26 Taunting and Players - Why Not? Hey all. I have been wondering this for a while, but why can't tank players taunt other players in PVP? In PVE, it basically guarantees that one enemy will attack the tank for five seconds. In that kind of scenario, it can save an entire raid group. In PVE, a taunt doesn't really work because it increases the threat the tank deals, and on players, this is non-existent due to free will. However, it doesn't have to be this way. Tanks are excellent at taking damage, are should be a cornerstone role in a coordinated group. But as I have noticed in PVP, because they don't deal as much damage due to heightened defenses, they aren't a high priority target for that reason. Right now, tanks are useless in Arena, and in BGs they get minor use because of the Honor PVP taunt talent, but it's not the same as a legitimate target swap. The Tank role description states "Indicates that you are willing to protect allies from harm by ensuring they they are attacking you instead of them." This isn't ensuring, and that is why the role is weak. Now I'm not saying that it should work the exact same way in PVP, but it's not right now, so the role in PVP needs to be redefined and skills like taunt need to be fixed so tanks aren't forced to take an honor talent to make a skill go from useless to mildly useful. I understand that tanks have been annoying in the past, but here's the thing; it's the tank's job to be annoying. If the tank isn't annoying, he/she can easily be ignored as the final target to kill. My suggestion for the rework is to make taunt work as a debuff that forces one player to target the tank for five seconds, allowing the player to retarget once the debuff wears off. Make the cooldown a little longer in PVP, maybe 10 seconds or so, which in theory, the tank's focused target is targeting him/her roughly half the time. This will make the tank a lot more useful in PVP, and other games with similar setups like Smite have proven that player taunting can work. As for the description, "Protects your team by disrupting the flow of combat with high defensive abilities", or something along the line. Games are about choice. Ever since Cataclysm, Blizzard has changed the Talent system because they were worried about this exact reason in the form of cookie cutter builds. Blizzard doesn't want to implement bad choices in the game. In PVP, tanking is a bad choice for everyone involved. Players in Arenas groan when a Blood Death Knight is on the opposition, and God forbid you take on two. In Battlegrounds, this is less of a problem, but as I have mentioned before, players will always focus on someone else because the tank is hard to kill. Tl;dr: Tanks are annoying. That's how they are designed. It's time to make them annoying in PVP because they lose most of their usefulness if they are not.Throkkar17 Nov 26
Nov 26 BG pop blink Why do battlegrounds not make the icon on the toolbar blink like it does for pve things?Nami0 Nov 26
Nov 26 Unbalanced teams in BGs First of all i'm not talking about any particular class being OP. I'm talking about the q system not giving equally capable teams. I've found myself in more games where you are guaranteed a loss from the gate drop because either A. we only had 7-8 people vs 10 or B. we are fighting against 2 monk healers with no healers at all on my team. no healers vs no healers is acceptable. 3 healer team vs no healer team is not. If there is a base system for making sure there is equal teams at the gate it isn't working. The last few weeks i've noticed that when people rage quit a BG they aren't being replaced. We just have to fight a man down. Add that onto the fact that we are often starting with less than 10 players. This isn't okay and it needs to be fixed.Shiftysauce11 Nov 26
Nov 26 Obtaining PvP Gears As a player who enjoys transmorg and alts, I'm wondering if it's possible to obtain Legion Season 1 gears during Season 2? Blizz hasn't made an announcement about adding a vendor for the most recent "old" PvP gears, therefore my question.Rainfable6 Nov 26
Nov 25 Need 1 more BG Vito I wanna vito AV, IoC and Stand because i actually wanna fight people and not NPCs/tanks that don't fight back.Pasza11 Nov 25
Nov 25 PvPessence of theproblem.True Pvp dedicated Read all the most appropriate topics about problems Pvp (all complain about the lack of armor, balance, equalization and so on.) But no one sees the chief, why actually Pvp Legion dead. And I'll tell you, because there is no motivation. I'll tell you how it was before, which require different modes, and what to do with them adequately, respecting Pvp. As they say, I go to Bg since 2006, so I have an idea of what Pvp. So, let's begin. Before you hit to the maximum level, you beggar scourge in Green. But the fire and the desire to bend in front of your eyes. Not primitive AI with funktsionalkoy Escape \ run-up rotation 4 PUSH button. A real live humans, who as you sweat, prozhimayut dozens of buttons, suffering and desire to be the coolest, live emotions on a scale of 3 pixels. So we spool up max lvl and went to BG. First, you suffer. You bend over. You mother and his team bring cherished pockets, but little by little, over and over again, you buy one rags, second, third, YOU motivated by a desire to benefit. And now, after 1-2 weeks of decent pharma, you're building your first PvP set, and lo and behold now you can vanshotnut accidentally looking here homeless, you get stronger, you feel like increasing your chances, you bursting with the desire to become even stronger, export 1B2, 1v3, to break into the crowd and destroy the homeless, that's it feeling PVPSHNIKA, that for which you play, dominate and humiliate. But when bored to humiliate and dominate, and you think you succeeded, you happen to glance at a sign saying ARENA. And here begins a new world, you're a bum again in his dull better blue, and in the arena waiting for you real guys who vanshotayut you with an advantage in armor, experience and motivation (TAKE RATING, to show who is the daddy). And you suffer again, but you still fire, you know the way to become stronger and you spend all free time and all the forces to achieve that! You crave to be cool pvpsherom you had a rotten day on the stage, yelling at teammates and after a while you start to pull out the coveted rating, you get more and more powerful equipment, and now when you come to BG - you are the king! All nyufagi with trepidation considering your shining armor, your stats Kills-Deaths causes awe and reverence of the enemies of the Allies. YOU CAN WIN YOURSELF battlegrounds, because you are mighty! (I've done it hundreds of times), and the thrill, but someone will call it to amuse his chsvshechku, someone else to say something, but you deserve! YOUR motivation was to become the best, and you've achieved some success. And then you realize that there is a possibility to arrange a real massacre of the best of the best. A few days, maybe even weeks !!! 10 looking desperate warriors, ready to challenge yourself and sovemu skill. And you go on the RWB for rating! YES, 10 perfectly trained, fully equipped and ready to fight the soldiers! Here he won the one who was the better general, whose teams were faster, more accurate, and whose executed faster. The Art of War in its purest form! The winner is the strongest, the fastest, the cunning. tactics and strategies! This is the PvP, it's a passion, the fire in the eyes and hearts of this WORLD OF WARCRAFT !!! And the fact that we see now - is dull casual FARM PVE content for Krivorukov n ** Cove! (Sorry, someone hurt), Pve after Wotlk - it is difficult for housewives and kids under pivasik who can not get out of voydzony. And the main question, what motivation now? Everyone is equal, no one is better, no worse. There are taken separately citizens (mostly of European descent), who for several years fighting for the right to be better, but this one (I'm talking about Top pvpshikov, they played over the years, they have at the cellular level understanding and they are cut with each other on over the years, to once again prove who is better understood addon, class mechanics, ligaments, etc.). What is the motivation for casual players (which are not engaged professionally Wow'om) motivation to go to the arena there's no way to find a mate in the arena ADEQUATE modern realities IMPOSSIBLE! All Farm mythic, and when mythic otfarmleny, new mythic. And there is simply no time to PVP!@#$ NEED! @ # $ FOR IT PVE armor. 1-2% of the articles with equal Scylla -reshayut! RSF - is dead, there is practically no nihodit, WHY? All who wish achivki got new players understand that for them it is almost impossible, once a week for clothes ... and then %^-* soberёsh. Arena? If you're not a fan of PvP, and you do not like e-sports competitions, and member who is better. WHAT FOR? So go the same as clones from the factory of dreams bots in battlegrounds to nafarmit not having absolutely no value .. This is not a prestige Prestige is spittle. Thank you Blizzard, for I drank only one aspect of the game, which somehow diversify the game (Ps world championship in Voves - 3x3 is the arena, not who will kill the boss in the mythic, if that).Infernodant9 Nov 25
Nov 25 Set up for Crusade in PvP How to set up Crusade for pvp to max out damage and get kills on healersTreisakilla0 Nov 25