Apr 1, 2013 Help with current balance! I'm kind of asking what is FOTM at the moment(and why! please). I took an extended break and I want to play again. I'm looking to level another toon, and I prefer range classes. Not a fan of this Spriest, so any others?!Baww3 Apr 1, 2013
Apr 1, 2013 Proposed Change for World PvP Instead of making a Third clone of Arathi basin and Warsong Gulch, what about just fixing or improving the Current large format World PvP zones. Wintergrasp and Tol Barad Scale the the zone to a max 496 Ilvl (all gear will be scaled to 496 because this is supposed to be a competitive atmosphere) no player stomping. Scale the siege weapons/turrets/guards to accomodate 496 Ilvl geared players (no 250k health guards or 1 mil hp siege weapons) Reduce the overall size of the Zone so its more interactive (remove the places that were using for mining herbing (make it strickly with PvP in mind). Allow a win in Wintersgrasp and Tol Barad to grant 300 Conquest Once a week Allow a loss in Wintersgrasp and Tol Barad to grant 100 Conquest (up to a max of 300 Conq per week) A win in Wintergrasp should reward the player with 150g A loss in Wintersgrasp should reward the player with 50g allow player to que for these in grps of Max 3 (similar to Scenarios) and to avoid Premade complaints down the line. Introduce an OBJECTIVE system that rates your performance during the World PvP zone battleground. (damage done, bases defended, healing done, walls destroyed etc etc) that is solely based on your teams performance, you are compared to your fellow horde/alliance in during the fight. Based on that you can be granted UPTO a maximum of 100 Conq to your weekly Conquest cap (making these extremely competitive). These bonuses only apply if you win. Make them Cross Server (battlegroup) so everyone will experience the 40-80 man fights in here. UNLINK Wintergrasp from the VoA raid to avoid complications with server times. These two World PvP zones could facilitate the Conq caps needs of Ret Paladins, Ele Shamans, WW Monks,Ferals, Fury Warriors etc etc classes/specs that are not getting much RBG love and whatever other classes are left to the wayside in favor of FotM RBG requirements.Doomgard0 Apr 1, 2013
Apr 1, 2013 PvP 4FUN - short music video! Hope you enjoy it, just 4fun of it. Apr 1, 2013
Apr 1, 2013 Monk PvP Macros What ar some good WW macros for pvp?Biggfoot0 Apr 1, 2013
Apr 1, 2013 What class could a clicker own with? any? Is there any in wow if you had to guess? Or would it be too hard?Buzak78 Apr 1, 2013
Apr 1, 2013 players still stuck on Warrior FCs? I dont play resto or boomy, so to play as feral in RBGs i have to go FC as Guardian. I have done well when I am allowed to play. So why are most brainwashed to only use Warriors for FCs?Throttleiam3 Apr 1, 2013
Apr 1, 2013 XP Lock QQ Ok wanted to keep a few toons for low lvl pvp fun and lock their XP till I find out they move into a special group which has 6 hour que times...wtH is this crap. So Bliz you allow bots to ruin countless BG's yet won't let folks lock XP to enjoy these lower lvls. 85% or more folks in BG's have BOA gear so what's the problem. The few who don't are poeple who are too lazy to get blue gear or just don't care in which case they shouldn't be crying that they got steamrolled. Now on one hand folks QQ about the twinks wrecking people but then again if this is your first toon GTFO of BG's and go experience the game. I also see someone !@#$%ing at me when they had gray gear in 50% of their slots and none in the others, so your mad at me for taking the time to gear my toon when you don't even have the decency to do a few quests and get free green/blue gear and run an instance or 5 while lvling from 15-19. --------------------------------- Just to throw mud in these ^-*!@ face I level a toon on a completely different server where I have no cash or BOA and still end up fully geared by 19 and because I took the time to do some gathering for an hour I had plenty of cash for a few enchants to boot. -----------------------------------Jelløshøtz19 Apr 1, 2013
Apr 1, 2013 Looking for RBG team Hi, myself and a couple of friends are looking for a semi developed team of experienced RBGer's to join in the fun with. We consist of myself: a frost DK, a DK tank/FC, and a monk healer. Both of us DK's were 2k rated in Cataclysm and are looking to get back into the fray. The monk healer is very good, incredibly good at staying alive as well. He knows what he is doing, as do we all. I "lead" RBG's for my guild back when it was still alive and we did pretty well for ourselves. Quotes over "lead" because all I really did was get everybody together, lay down a strat, only to be promptly told how stupid that strategy was by one of my guildies who then offered a supposedly far superior strat. I really have no interest in leading RBG's again. If anybody is interested you can add me at Joseph#1621, and we can go from there. Scheduling would have to be worked out because we are primarily a raiding guild and RBG's would have to come second to that. Also, while I am representing my friends, we are not necessarily a packaged deal. I just know they are interested, and I am confident they are competent players. It would be ideal that your team could find a spot for all 3 of us, but this isn't a necessity. The PvP community on my server is nonexistent nowadays so I've had to resort to these kind of tactics to get my fill of rated PvP. I've been using that site openraid so far and haven't had much luck. Thanks for reading, I hope this leads to some fun RBG's.Joeseph0 Apr 1, 2013
Mar 31, 2013 Ring of Peace compared to Solar Beam Solar beam: Instant cast 1 min cd. Lasts 8 sec. 40 yard range 4-8 yard radius. Ring of Peace: Instant cast 45 sec cd. Lasts 8 sec. 40 yard range. 8 yard radius. Benefits of Solar Beam compared to Ring of Peace: Interrupts and silences all spell casting instantly, including healers. Drawbacks of Solar Beam compared to Ring of Peace: Must be cast on unfriendly target. Stationary after cast. Benefits of Ring of Peace compared to Solar Beam: Two crowd control effects in one ability. Shorter cooldown. Can be cast on any friendly target. Can be active while moving. Drawbacks of Ring of Peace compared to Solar Beam: Does not silence healing spells. In my opinion Ring of Peace is now the most desirable ability in battlegrounds(was Solar Beam), but don't feel it should be. Monks already have formidable crowd control, and this short cd aoe cc is a little over powered at the moment. I believe a proper cooldown for this ability would be between 1.5 and 2 minutes. Or reduce it's duration to 6 seconds.Tehrealemcee38 Mar 31, 2013
Mar 31, 2013 Cross Realm Premades. TIme to move on ? pt 2 the old can be found here Op ... Last post ... Always been like that but that comes with random bgs.Alastair48 Mar 31, 2013
Mar 31, 2013 Play the objectives or go away. You morons that don't know the mechanics of the BGs really piss me off. /endrant.Dudist0 Mar 31, 2013
Mar 31, 2013 LF rbg 1730 cr FC Just looking for a full time group.Brownied0 Mar 31, 2013
Mar 31, 2013 Is it just me Or is WW monk self healing redonkVanaria1 Mar 31, 2013
Mar 31, 2013 WW/MW monk, Rogue or Resto/Feral main? From the header, I am clearly trying to choose between a druid or monk as a main. Briefly, for Druids...I enjoy the mobility of the class, the hots. I love the aoe and the shifting out of roots. For feral, I enjoy the dots and mobility of it. It's pretty powerful. As for monk, I enjoy the rolling with the mobility, I love the hot and raid heals it also brings. And rogues just seem like a blast to play Overall, I mostly do pvp. I want to have pretty good survivability or at least have some cool downs when I'm being focused. I want to be wanted in RBG's and arenas. I am very competitive, so having the potential/ability to top damage or healing charts is key. I want the class to take very much skill to master. I don't want a FoTM class, I want to be able to log onto this class everyday and know ill have fun on it. I want it to be my main for as long as I play wow. This sound like either of these?Lifebloõm0 Mar 31, 2013
Mar 31, 2013 250 K Am I the only one getting smashed by chaos bolt constantly and getting hit for no less the 250k I realize i dont have the best gear but i think thats a bit overkill for 8,100 resilience.Mangle4 Mar 31, 2013
Mar 31, 2013 Tichondrius or Bleeding Hollow? For somebody with both Alliance and Horde CharactersLivemonk4 Mar 31, 2013
Mar 31, 2013 World PvP [City Bosses Idea] So, I was talking to guildies and reminiscing about the old vanilla turn in for the war effort and I thought of this idea. Have a war effort for World PvP, turn in cloth, ore, herbs, leather and enchanting materials to various NPC's in your city. Once you have accumulated enough materials, your faction launches an assault on a city. (This varies depending on which NPC you turn it into, as to which city you would attack) Queue for it kind of like wintergrasp or TB. Once there is enough resources gathered, your chat box will notify you that an assault is about to start, at which time you can either queue for it, or just ignore it. The NPC's would be like this. Just like the faction change conversions. Orc (Orgrimmar)<--->Human (Stormwind) Tauren (Thunder Bluff)<--->Gnome (Gnomeregan Exiles) Undead (The Undercity)<--->Night Elf (Darnassus) Troll (Sen'jin)<--->Dwarf (Ironforge) Blood Elf (Silvermoon)<--->Draenei (The Exodar) Goblin (Bilgewater Cartel)<--->Worgen (Gilneas) Huojin Pandaren<--->Tushui Pandaren The faction leaders should be susceptible to PvP power and not follow the normal PvE rules, mainly because this would be a PvP world event and it would enable to you to fight off an assault from other players while you're in your PvP gear as well. If you're able to down an opposing factions boss, then you can receive a loot bag maybe, with a chance to have a current piece of that seasons PvP gear. Any piece, not just hands, legs and so on, but weapons as well and maybe even perhaps the enchant. Faction leaders kills would be limited to maybe a 3 day reset, to prevent a specific faction leader from being killed non-stop? Kind of like the old ZG reset or maybe even weekly. It would endorse world PvP and would be exciting to see a city full of enemies at times and fun to participate in in my opinion. Thoughts?Negishi2 Mar 31, 2013
Mar 31, 2013 S13 win trading still a problem... Prime example it is ongoing and probably won't be rightfully addressed again. Mar 31, 2013
Mar 31, 2013 How to fix stuns in battlegrounds... Give the stun effect a chance to break depending on how many players are attacking the stunned target. Example: - 1 Player: 0% chance. - 2 Players: 20% chance. - 3 Players: 40% chance. And so on.. /discussTembotuja33 Mar 31, 2013
Mar 31, 2013 honor 4 herbs? can i trade honor for herbs? if so, where? i bought all of the honor gear and have capped the amount of honor i can hold. anything else to spend it on?Sayith4 Mar 31, 2013
Mar 31, 2013 PLEASE explain this to me...... Im doing the BG gear grind, which we all know is painful. We get Temple of Koasdfgsdfasdfc. I was top heals, focused on getting orbs the ENTIRE time. I even got the achievement 4 square. I was very very active. We of course got of rear end stomped, which is beside the point. There was a druid on our team that ran on the back side of the wall and was AFK the ENTIRE BG. ENTIRE time. He did 0 damage 0 heals. He received twice the honor I did. I got something like 40 honor, he had almost 100. How is that?Wabash1 Mar 31, 2013
Mar 31, 2013 A "Let Them Win" Story... So we were in this Warsong game, shorthanded and getting smoked. Alliance goes up 2-0. Several Horde players start crying "Let them win". I am on my druid and I decide to go for a quick cap. I grab flag, and with some timely support I make it past a hostile group, sprint up tunnel and get a cap. 8 minutes to go now and it is 2-1. Full team. We are working on enemy flag carrier in the flag room, about to get a return, and our fc drops. We can't get efc off the cap and Alliance wins. Was talking to my holy paladin friend after the game and we discovered that our flag carrier, in true "Let them win" fashion, purposefully handed them the flag at full health in order to end the game. Folks, it's one thing to give up in a no-win situation. It's quite another to give up because you are so used to giving up. At least make an effort. I promise you, the best pvp you will have in this game will be those games where you overcame a desperate situation to win.Longprairie1 Mar 31, 2013
Mar 31, 2013 Is fail-honor a net-negative effect on bgs? I would make the case that the root cause of the rot on the bgs is fail-honor. win or lose, you get the participation trophy which... if you repeat often enough... will net you the honor you need for gear with little to no effort. this also promotes the 'have they won yet' attitude along with the 'let them win' mindset. both are voicing the expectations of the bg ending quickly so they can queue up for another... all in the effort to grind honor. i would even say it's had the largest negative impact on bgs compared to anything else, as it leads to botting and other non-participation play styles. and now we have fail-conquest. so... does this mechanism have a net negative effect on the bgs?Tinymasher10 Mar 31, 2013
Mar 31, 2013 Full Mal gear but have leftover Honor. Someone told me in passing that Honor still has use after getting full Mal Gear. I was directed to Old Town in SW, but can't find anything worthwhile. Is there any use for my 4000 Honor points?Nikaya6 Mar 31, 2013
Mar 31, 2013 1700 CR FC lf horde RBG team Getting tired of OQ and some of the horrible teams that get formed there by people that can't even bother to get full honor gear before wasting everyone's time. Right at 69% pvp resil (will be getting my new weapon/shield next lockout), very vocal when needed, know how to manage my CDs to survive, and very solid situational awareness. I can run rateds most evenings but I cannot run Sat/Sun evenings. Khurgen#1823Khurgen0 Mar 31, 2013
Mar 31, 2013 New Ideas for Isle of Conquest I have been thinking about this for a while now and i would like peoples opinions. My Idea: Both teams should start with 300 reinforcements Reinforcements will be lost when you die: 1 reinforcement for 1 death The objective of the game is to break the wall and kill the boss. When you take over one of the three bases Docks,Hangar,Workshop. Your team will spawn allies to damage the wall from the base that is captured. There will also be air drops in 1 of 4 locations and the teams will have to fight to capture the crates. To capture the crate you must be with in 30 yards and the team that captures the crate will buff the NPC's attacking the wall as well as awarding reinforcements. The game should be designed in a way so that the main objective is to capture the random crates of cargo that fall from planes flying above, the more crates captured the quicker the wall goes down. Also the NPC's that are spawned cant be killed by other players and when a base has been captured the NPC's will die. Hopefully by random things like planes shooting them and so on. Once the wall has been destroyed the boss will run down into the open The boss can be tanked by any class the script of the fight will be more about avoiding spells that he/she uses. The NPC's that had been spawned will also help damage the boss Boss Abilities: Beaming Light - Silences everyone within 30 yards of the boss Wave of terror - deals 50% of your HP as well as fearing you for 3 seconds Freezing Blizzard - One player will get marked and a cloud will spawn following this person causing AoE damage to everyone under the cloud There could be allot more abilities i think there should be about 20 and they are used at random times. This is just a silly idea i have thought of but i would love people to post your opinions and changes that you would make to this game that i have thought of.Valdox18 Mar 31, 2013
Mar 31, 2013 Normalization + special weeks for BG-arena Dear developers, I am really happy that you chose to normalize resilience, as well as gear above 496. Please, do not stop there, follow it through the end. Patch 5.3 is very nice, but there are still long periods of gear imbalance. More precisely, if a player A takes an early start and a player B takes a late start, then A will have more conquest pieces than B during *many* weeks. Moreover, you chose to increase the ilvl of conquest gear from 493 to 496, which exarcerbates the imbalance. Long periods of gear imbalance are bad in instanced pvp, for several reasons. One crucial reason is that these periods have very bad consequences on players’ emotional states. When a gear-advantaged player A and a gear-disadvantaged player B meet in pve, they are necessarily in the same team, this causes nothing or maybe B’s admiration. When A and B meet in pvp, they can be in opposing teams, this causes B’s deep frustration. More reasons can be found here: ONE SOLUTION (the idea is to replace long periods of moderate gear imbalance by very short periods of strong gear imbalance): - take the pvp system of Patch 5.3; - return the ilvl of elite gear to 512 (possibly with a rating requirement); - fully normalize gear (armor + weapon) in instanced pvp (both rated and non-rated); - introduce 2 special weeks at the end of each season (or 1 in the middle and 1 at the end), where all normalization is *lifted* in battlegrounds and arenas and great rewards are given in case of victory (vanity items, quality-of-life items, huge amounts of gold, etc.). ADVANTAGES: - less frustration (for returning players, alts, etc.) due to gear imbalance in instanced pvp (2 weeks of strong gear imbalance is relatively short and much preferable to numerous weeks of moderate gear imbalance); - competition freed (long periods of gear imbalance are a hindrance w.r.t. competition): more team compositions, more specializations, etc. can be tested; - greater rewards for players that keep playing (512 items instead of 496 items, elite gear really meaning something, new vanity-like items, special weeks where they will be particularly overpowered); - no longer any problem of pve gear being overpowered in world pvp (because elite pvp gear returned to 512); - world pvp no longer sacrificed; on the contrary, more incentive to go for it (it will be the main place where hard-earned pvp gear can be used); - the two special weeks represent exciting events for everybody (suppose each won BG means, says, 200 gold, woudn't you go in and try to get something even if your gear is not optimal? In addition, there are hardcore players by your side too); - if the special weeks coincide with the weeks where the rating is locked, then only skill determines rating, no longer both skill and seniority, which makes sense since the purpose of rating is recognition, i.e. show skill to the communy. DRAWBACKS: - limited periods where players that keep playing can take advantage of their hard-earned gear (however, such gear can be used in world pvp at any point of time); - the special weeks can be a hard time for certain casual players (but they will have a good pvp gear and there will be harcore players by their side too during these weeks); - pve and pvp no longer symmetric. But, pvp and pve are very different in nature. In the present case, symmetry is not elegant. On the contrary, it looks forced; - mmorpg spirit less dominant: players can practice pvp at full power as soon as they ding 90 (however, gear progression is still here! In addition, Wow has evolved, it has become more than just an mmorpg, it is also a great e-sport. It is natural that mmorpg spirit dominates pve and e-sport spirit dominates pvp. The desire for symmetry is outdated). SOLUTION 2: if the two special weeks are too problematic, just delete them and consider that being overpowered in world pvp is THE reward for seniority and skill in instanced pvp. In particular, world pvp includes duels and raids on towns, which might be very exciting. In any case, you have already done a great work so far. Patches after patches, you have mitigated gear imbalance (and hence all the problems that stem from it), while keeping a strong incentive to keep playing. Thank you.Sollion38 Mar 31, 2013
Mar 31, 2013 BGs, addons, mind vision, and prep. so its obvious people aren't aware that u can simple scroll over the icon of the oppsing (and friendly) team and it will tell you their spec. the ignorance is apparent by the use of "bg spy" but what i dont understand is why we can /tar(get) the names of players (specifically the first 3 letters of their name from farther away than a regular trash mob. trust me. it helps. u can see their HP and any other buffs they may be rocking but i think that its been long enough with the mind vision. just because people arent aware they can /tar (first 3 letters of any enemy name) and mind vision yourself right into the prep room of the opposite faction. all it does is reinforce the tragic gear race you have created in battlegrounds by prompting priests like myself to call out the actual names of the undergeared players based upon their health pool lets fix it now b4 it gets out of hand ok?Tømasini7 Mar 31, 2013
Mar 31, 2013 Death Knight or Mage Who would generally win in a 1v1? Or atleast who would have the advantage?Lemecaster1 Mar 31, 2013
Mar 31, 2013 Addon advice... Looking for an addon that will show me cc in a clear way. When im cc'd, when I cc, and my teamates as well. Thanks.Ablaze2 Mar 31, 2013
Mar 31, 2013 2299 cr dk LF RBG team Hey guys im a 2300 xp dk in arena and rbgs looking for a new rbg team willing to transfer to horde if necessary i get my Tyrannical weapon next week just need to get my cap!Jnsu1 Mar 31, 2013
Mar 31, 2013 Why do Druids get travel form so early... I have been in low level pvp recently, and I am just ashamed at how op the Druid is! Even if they are not resto, if u hit them, they will cast rejuvenation, and then travel form, and jump off 20 feet, running 30% faster.... Atleast make it a cast time, or maybe a Cooldown on your shape shifting in and out of travel form? Anyone else hate this or notice this?Dawnreaper31 Mar 31, 2013
Mar 31, 2013 Why not randomize starting areas for all BGs? Seems like a good way to balance out how some maps favor one faction over the other. Sometimes you will get the advantage, sometimes you won't.Methalos0 Mar 31, 2013
Mar 31, 2013 Age Old Problem. SOLVED! I have finally come up with a solution to probably the single largest pet peeve in battlegrounds. Fighting in the road. Stay with me guys. Blizzard should make... guys? Are you with me guys? They should make a BG guys... the BG will be... ...a road. Just a road. There's almost no way to mess it up. If you add any new BGs any time soon, Blizzard, there's my suggestion.Thalaros29 Mar 31, 2013
Mar 31, 2013 Blizzard has fixed battlegrounds finally.... with subscriptions falling blizzard has taken the ingenious design and implemented it for all regular battlegrounds. Arena and Rated bg's are not affected. No longer are players able to /follow/interact/target teamates. Players will still have raid wide buffs such as stami, intell, haste if the team has players who posses these traits. Players that do not have self healing will benefit from the new way first aid works. Lingering damage will not cancel bandages they will heal to full capacity if there is no subsequent interuption from enemy players. These changes will ensure premades, imbalances and FotM should not have a direct outcome of match. Players will not stand in the fire... which hopefully means an end to gy camping. Players will think twice before charging up to gy spawn when they only have self healing to keep them up. " This is a thread i would like to see in blue in the near future , i like playing wow mostly pvp , killiing internet dragons has gotten same old. Pvp always different" This hunter is a day old with 1k hk. Second twink since vanilla i lvled my first pvp got bad. last nite as i was lvling it was alot of fun. We won some lost some but the alliance premade was in ( we started a premade because we ran into nothing but horde premade since i got back ) 75% of the games were against other premades. we won some lost some but had a great time teams were balanced . that was last nite... This nights bg was completly different FotM ruled these games, every match was 3 druid heals, 3 priests, 2 pally tanks, dps varied a few games. Our 3 member premade consisted of myself, spriest and druid heals which happened to be the only heals on our team. She was the best healer i ever teamed with you know who you are you sweet druid you. She kept us alive while we dpsed the other team who came right at us and engaged mid wsg. The heals were throught the roof, damage was crazy for our lvl 10k damage first i seen. Yeah we lost the match but it was 0-2 not a 3 cap and it took the entire time, which was perfectly acceptable by these horde dont know what logic they see in this type of match up. I read a post about lvl 19 twink problem something about EU buying subscriptions here, must be cause it alway happens at 10:30ish and goes on for about 2 maybe hours . Needless to say we got annoyed with this tonite and called it after 4 matches of same crap. Bgs are fun but not when crap like that happens Horde have these problems too, i only write from my alliance side cause i do not have a horde character i play .Hoyteaston10 Mar 31, 2013
Mar 31, 2013 How do players feel when they cheat to get I been in a lot of bgs since vanilla, back then achievements were earned by the sword. This oqueue is the worst thing ever for regular bg players but a gold mine for the cheats. Don't you hate trying to win a bg when others are just there to get achieves with thier other factions friends helping them out. I was in a few bgs where alliance and horde were standing at a flag capping it defending it and not even fighting each other they were all taking turns guess its the only way they could get achieves. Same as premades now we have premades each faction helping each other this is getting stupid who want to play games like thisHoyteaston2 Mar 31, 2013
Mar 31, 2013 (H) Frost Mage LF late night or weekend rbgs Currently full malv/tyran frost mage is loking for late night or weekend rbg groups that are working on pushing ratings not just one an done. This is first season im really getting into pvp so i dont have the achs from previous seasons which is makeing finding groups close to impossible and would love a chance to prove myself/ Have vent/mumble/skype. for more info message me on realid at Raider24682010@yahoo.comDeadmågic0 Mar 31, 2013
Mar 31, 2013 Queue Times Seem Slow? It might just be me, but I've noticed an approx. 7-10 minute queue time during 'peak hours' for normal BGs. Any idea what this could be?Vhelrillon4 Mar 31, 2013
Mar 31, 2013 RBG groups 1550 players doing 2k+ RBG requiring 2.2k achieves. Wat r u doing? Stahp!Aorris1 Mar 31, 2013
Mar 31, 2013 Tyrannical Staff vs. MH + OH Hey guys, So I am looking to get either the staff or the MH + OH on my Resto druid. I did the math out and it seems as though the staff has a little more baseline stats and about 400 more spirit over the MH OH... Are there any guys out there that know which would be better? All thought appreciated! Thanks in advance.Takedówn2 Mar 31, 2013
Mar 31, 2013 Realm #1 RBG Guild - looking to expand roster Hey Guys <Is a Subatomic Particle> is a PVP guild residing on Zul'Jin on the Horde side. We are extremely active, with a very strong membership base, with a healthy dose of long-term guildies. Currently in our roster we have a solid amount of great PvPer's who are very knowledgable and have great PvP awareness, we are looking for some more select members to add to our already very well established ranks. At the moment we are recruiting the following ranks as a priority: Protection Warrior (Flag carrier) - Very HIGH demand Blood Death Knight (Flag Carrier) - HIGH demand Frost Mage - MEDIUM demand All other classes/specs - LOW demand Of course all exceptional applications are encouraged to apply as well. Here is some more information about our guild and why you should apply: SAP is a casual PVP guild. While we are home to a variety of players and varying skill levels, we do have a higher standard of play, but not anything too hardcore. As a result, our guild has multiple tiers of RBG teams. FOR EXAMPLE: 2k+ rated guildies play on Team GOONIES 1750+rated guildies play on TEAM GREMLINS 1500+rated guildies play on Team EWOKS While all of our guildies are capable of at least Gremlins or higher quality play, the lower teams are there to help get points and more experience til they are ready to move up. As a casual guild we do NOT HAVE SET SCHEDULES and we do not have set teams. While confusing to many people who may not be a part of SAP, just understand that we are extremely active, so if a tank is on, and a leader is on, a guild RBG usually starts up. Often we will have two RBGs going at the same team, both a Goonies and a Gremlins team. Generally speaking, RBGs happen almost everyday consistently, as we have enough willing and qualified people to lead them. Our teams are not set, and any guildie that meets the requirement for that specific team is welcome to get in on a first come first serve beasis, though composition becomes a bit more important at the higher brackets. Obviously since we are looking for a tank, you would often be the determining factor if an RBG group even is formed. So, before you consider us, consider the casual nature of our guild. We are basically looking for someone who is a relatively active player and is very motivated to be successful in RBGs. At the moment we are looking for tanks to fill in on the Gremlin's and Ewoks team, though if proven all guild members will be favourily considered for all Rated Battleground teams. WHAT WE ARE LOOKING FOR 1) Properly Geared (Minimum 371 Vicious pieces with some Ruthless pieces starting to get mixed in. There CAN be exceptions to powerful PVE pieces, but generally speaking, Resilience tanking is essential for survivability. 2) We ARE an 18+ guild so keep that in mind 3) Solid RBG experience and decent Flag Carrying experience too. 4) Active player. 5) And overall, someone who is willing to sit back, have fun, and crack a joke or two with the guild as we continually improve our PVP game Here is a link to our guild website: Please check out our guild webpage if you would like more info on our guild. If you wish to submit an application the recruitment link is at the top of the page. HAIL SAP Plinko9 Mar 31, 2013
Mar 31, 2013 desto lock lfg rbg group 64% res 48% pvp power full malv/tyr season 13 gear did not play in cata but been playing since mop don't have a strong rating but I have only been doing pvp when trade chats pug for them so now falling in love with mop's pvp im looking for group to get rating up and to cap conquest every week. have vent have mic have all necessary skills and addons to help me play so hit me up in game on either spelllpierce, or tankinghoess.Spellpierce0 Mar 31, 2013
Mar 31, 2013 Isle of Conquest needs another way to win It's far, far too easy to get everyone on top of the boss and make it near impossible to break the turtle. Especially for Horde, who have a narrow one-way ramp up to the boss room. There needs to be an alternate way to win, like destroying all three of the enemy walls = instant win.Cosine4 Mar 31, 2013
Mar 31, 2013 Cat Pictures Love em.Swiftylicous4 Mar 31, 2013
Mar 31, 2013 Lowbie Gear Scaling I don't quite understand how the lower-brackets gear scaling works. Can somebody enlighten me? For example, I recently picked up my 85 priest that I had shelved since MoP came out. He was shadow, but now I'm playing disc. As a result, I have an obscene amount of hit rating (shows as 17.2% on my character screen inside a BG). Even so, my miss rate is probably around 20%, maybe higher. How is this even possible? I'm level 85, but my character screen shows that my chance to miss a level 88 is 0.0%, yet I miss frequently even on 85's and 86's. I just don't understand how this is intended to work.Fishdots3 Mar 31, 2013
Mar 31, 2013 Full Malevolent 1p Tyr Arms Warrior LFG Looking for a consistent group for RBGS, I have little experience but I am capable, focused, determined and ready to go. I also have Prot gear aside from arms. Availability Mondays - 5:00 pm EST and on Tuesdays - 5:00 pm EST and on (changes) Wednesdays - 5:00 pm EST and on Thursdays - 5:00 pm EST and on (changes) Fridays - 5:00 pm EST and on Saturdays - Usually all day Sundays - usually all day I work full time Mo-Friday until 4:30 PM EST, my girlfriend is off everyother weekend and every other tues/thursday during the week so keep these in mind. I am looking to do as much RBG and Arena as possible. Looking to accomplish this ASAP. Please contact me via Scarab#1891 battletag or email at heavenguildpvp@gmail.comNeverbloom0 Mar 31, 2013
Mar 31, 2013 Looking for 1800+ rbgs Hey I'm looking for a rbg team that somehow needs a hunter to sit at stables to Go 1800+ ThanksWheelsen0 Mar 31, 2013
Mar 31, 2013 Bots/AFK in BG's, you get what you deserve! kinda disgusted with a BG i was just in, EotS was a clear loss few mins in, looking at score 4people no heals/dmg at all, several people were complaining about bots, so i suggested reporting the 4 afk, so at least they get a 15min, was then basically ridiculed for next few moments for even suggesting it, lectured on how it solves nothing etc...Zànzibàr11 Mar 31, 2013
Mar 31, 2013 Rogue LF Core RBGs Horde Rogue on Korgath LF a 2k+ core RBG group (Don't care if it is cross server RBGs) 1910CR last season but i did get into the xpac months late Looking to get 2k-2.2k+ Add me --- Collapse#1993Collâpse0 Mar 31, 2013
Mar 31, 2013 Recruiting for core RBG team Need gaurdian druid and boomkin Add to talk more deets or post in thread! Wanting to start this upcoming tuesday.Kindling0 Mar 31, 2013