Apr 22, 2013 The Rise of Holy Priest in RBG. We have reached a point where for the fight time Holy has been given the same survivability as disc which right now is a huge damage reduction. The PVP world has been slow to adopt Holy priest. If you are one of those that have not accepted Holy Priest you are making a grave mistake. The throughput of Holy is unmatched, I have pulled over 30 million healing in a single rated BG. I challenge those playing disc right now to try Holy today. Start Here Thanks to Love who has been a Holy priest in RBGS since before we had any defence and also above 2200. Love can get you started. For RBGs I prefer a second haste breakpoint in serenity chakra. You will boss targeted allies and piss your opponents off. Good luck to you. The only challenges you will face is learning a new spec and that Holy has not been accepted yet. Get passed that and you have imo the most potent RBG healer this season.Nighttstorm10 Apr 22, 2013
Apr 22, 2013 1700+ RBGs LFM Hey so I'm looking for a few people for RBGs tonight at 8:00pm PST to push rating and possibly create a core group. DPS: Balance Druid Frost Death Knight(Target Caller, Must be very vocal) Beast Mastery Hunter(Must be able to defend flags) Heals: Resto Shaman We use Skype as form of communication, Must have at least 1650 CR, Tyr Weapons and 4 pieces of tyr Minimum. Feel free to Pst me in game Lawlz#1329// Thanks.Irøn0 Apr 22, 2013
Apr 22, 2013 If I crafted the 458 gear Would that help me in any way shape or form over my regular pve gear that is rated mostly with 502 lfr?Zulfarrack5 Apr 22, 2013
Apr 22, 2013 Shaman dps specs Hello, I just wanted to say...I have been playing enhance shaman for about 4 weeks without swapping to elemental. I have to say, I am really loving the spec, especially when it comes to pvp. I am not a ranked player but do arena and bg a lot. I created my shaman back in wotlk and wanted to be enhance but never play one. I opted to play elemental but changed to enhance in Cata. Okay, Okay, I need to get right to it. Elemental and Enhance suffer when it comes to pvp a bit. This is not a QQ but suggestions to make it a little better considering whatever you do to totems also affect resto. But here is my first suggestion on totems. The totems are now a spell and is on the GCD. That hurts shamans alot when it comes to trying to put out totems, cc, and dps at the same time. It would be nice if they were taken off the GCD. Also, I understand the capacitor totem and why you gave it to us. I do see in 5.3 patch the totem life will be longer but this could be improved upon. If the capacitor is destroyed, it will stun the person that destroyed it. After all, the radius is small and it is a 50/50 chance it hits. The radius could be increased also, up to 15 yards. When it comes to putting the totem down without totemic projection, it is set up on a square and misses alot do to the square and no totemic projection. So please, increase the radius if we do not have an instant stun. Next is specifically for enhancement and what I would like to see brought back or added. The spirit wolves were unique to enhancement but now it seems not so much. Now they more or less heal instead of doing damage. Could you please bring back the stun on these guys. Secondly, it is very hard to close the gap on a ranged when they can kite you. Yes, I do know we have spirit walk but can be negated very easy when facing hunters or mages not to mention spirit walk is on a long cd even with the glyph. Spirit walk really needs to be on a 15 second cd to be more vialble for classes that can kite you all day and keep slows up. This would greatly increase gap closing. Thirdly, I see in 5.3 you are giving us a 10% damage reduction glyph, but again, this seems like it will be mandatory for pvp. I will be usijng glyph of lightening shield, shamanistic rage, and glyph of healing storm. Atm I am using ghostwolf glyph but feel like I am still to slow to close the gap when a slow is put on me. Please look at some of these glyphs to be baseline, for example, shamanistic rage for ele and enh, or when lightening shield is used as a debuff, have the 10% damage reduction baked in. Also, have it so when ghostwolf is used, it removes slows, but not snares. If it were to do both, it may be a little OP, (but then again, druids can shapeshift and break snares and slows along with pallies hand of freedom). Now on to elemental. This is a pet peeve of mine, and I have submitted a bug for this and blizz responded to me and said they would review it but have not heard anything back. The 4 piece tier pvp set for elemental stated it reduces thunderstorm by 50%. Now here is where this bothers me and needs and should be changed. By thunderstorm being reduced by 50%, you start out with a 45 second cd, with the 4 piece tier set, the cd is now 22.5 seconds. Now if the glyph of thunder is used which reduces thunderstorm by 10 sec, the cd should be 12.5 seconds. But if the glyph is used, it is only 17.5 seconds. The calculation blizzard uses atm is glyph first, 4 peice tier second and the math comes out to 17.5. But this is only a 5 second difference between using the glyph or not. Thy glyph says 10 seconds, please make it so. Use this calculation first, tier set first, then the glyph, makes it a 12.5 cd. Ele needs it because if melee are on them, which they are most of the time, they are dead. Thank you for reading this Blizz, Drizzom Oh and by the way, I just went against a mage in Silvershard mine and I lost. The reason due to not having any gap closers as enhance. The mage negated most of my damage in asendence by a silence followed by an ice block. Blizz, please give us some better mobility. Thank you!!Drizzom0 Apr 22, 2013
Apr 22, 2013 Game Breaking Raid Frames!!! There is an extremely annoying and game breaking bug with the current raid frames, whenever somebody leaves or joins the group you are in it just bugs it out and you can't click on the names from the raid frames. I can't believe this hasn't been fixed and it is very annoying, and no it isn't my addons, I don't use any. I've also re-installed WoW and it did not fix this issue. This issue not only happens to me, but everyone in WoW, freaking fix this!Escalate0 Apr 22, 2013
Apr 22, 2013 17 orc prot warrior LF players for bg's I'm full boa gear, looking for some other decently geared players to do some bg's with. I have skype, not a requirement.Jarvinger1 Apr 22, 2013
Apr 22, 2013 public RBG Idea Forming a random rated battleground group is often quite difficult, and borderline impossible to do on low pop servers. This got me thinking of a new system to address such a problem. A new group forming function for RBG's. Simply put, when you create a group, you can nominate to "open to public" through the pvp menu. This would prompt a role check on all party members and you would appear on a list of groups looking for players. This would not be compulsory by any means, simply a tool to use if you cannot find players to fill your group. The Group leader would appear in the name listing, and available roles remaining would be displayed as well as an average Rating of the group. The groups from ALL servers for your faction would be displayed on this list in order of time in queue. Solo players or other groups would have the option to either contact the group leader to try accommodate their role into the group, or could simply join if their role was available. To stop players from simply joining with poor gearing level (fresh 90's in quest greens etc) there could be an ilvl break rating brackets that you can auto-join, or it could be left entirely up to the raid leader as to if they want to keep the player(s) or not. This lobby type approach would allow solo players to find groups, across servers where they would normally be sitting in trade chat for hours on end and the same with established groups, trying to find that tank or healer that they're missing. It would also be a good mechanism for forming connections across server for organized groups at a later date, and in my opinion would be a great tool for cross realm socialisation.Derpybear2 Apr 22, 2013
Apr 22, 2013 Server BG Queue suggestion In order to boost the communities on servers which have been in rapid decline I suggest that WoW could benefit from an option to queue into bg queues that would pit you against members from your server only. I understand many people dont want to wait for queues to pop but perhaps you could queue for it separately similar to a tol barad queue or a dungeon queue.Bigstiffy0 Apr 22, 2013
Apr 22, 2013 Premades ... That is allSwatkat5 Apr 22, 2013
Apr 22, 2013 Which do you fear more? Dk's or Rogues? When you are pvping, which is a harder fight for you? For me, I have an equally tough time against Rogues and Dk's, but I think that rogues pull slightly ahead in difficulty to defeat.Dookygobbler22 Apr 22, 2013
Apr 22, 2013 Are warlocks tanks + broken dps now!! Tell me what is the reason of them surviving like tanks and hit like trucks (Chaos bolt)? Defend your class. Go a head and flame me I am ready!!Vinshor15 Apr 22, 2013
Apr 22, 2013 Ticking off a battleground after patch? For some reason I can't figure out how to thumbs-down a battleground now. It's probably painfully obvious, but I still need help. I've been searching for 15 mins.Liliüm2 Apr 22, 2013
Apr 22, 2013 The player is ignoring you... I installed OQ and ran a few premades for a few days,took a break for a day,and when i log in.. i get the message "player is ignoring you".. over and over and over... is there a chat window for OQ im not aware of?.. my keyboard had a display that shows im getting whispers from people in my friends list.. but no chat is showing in game.. so i am wondering am i the only one this is happening to? or is it normal?Aflickton6 Apr 22, 2013
Apr 22, 2013 twink ques... extreme times... :( So I spent alot of time and gold on this toon, semi twinking it out for the 59 bracket. I really wanted to see how I do with other players who stopped thier xp. I am extremely dissapointed at the que times. I have yet to play a battleground with xp turned off. I have tried 4 times, after 40 mins, 1 hour, a little over an hour, and then 3 hours.... I turned xp back on to do a battleground. 2 mins is all it took to get into a bg with xp on. With the brackets seperated only 5 levels now, why are players penalized for turning off xp? I can see now why nobody does this anymore, it is impossible to get a game. I really love bg's but I hate regearing every few levels and I am not a fan of max level pvp. The only other option I feel is to buy vanilla and max at level 60 only to get destroyed by level 64's.... my friends are all on this server too, (came back with recruit a friend), so I would hate to transfer to somewhere else where xp off games are more popular. Is there somewhere that the que times are shorter?Bubbers17 Apr 22, 2013
Apr 22, 2013 Necessity to do RBGs for point cap? The time commitment required for competitive PvP in MoP has become increasingly frustrating. Conquest gear is needed to even set foot in the arena; honor gear just doesn't cut it. The new conquest point catchup system will help address this issue, but that system isn't yet implemented. In the meantime, players are essentially required to compete in RBGs to stay current with conquest gear in order to queue for arenas. This is troublesome for a few reasons. First, playing enough matches to cap your RBG points for the week demands an obscene time commitment. While arenas only need a handful of people, you'll have to find nine other players for RBGs. Considering the time necessary to get to a respectable RBG rating, it becomes a full time job to cap your weekly RBG points. Second, the RBG meta-game heavily favors certain classes. If you don't play one of those classes, it can be nearly impossible to find a competent group. This further increases the time requirements for capping your weekly RBG points. I propose re-balancing conquest point allocation to de-emphasize RBG participation for those that have no interest in RBGs. Since participation in arenas essentially demands that you cap your RBG points each week, players are forced to spend an inordinate amount of time doing something they may not like (RBGs) in order to do something they like (arenas). Thanks --MinorMinor107 Apr 22, 2013
Apr 22, 2013 Idea for a new PvP game mode. I don't know if any of you play online poker, but a new game mode came into online texas hold-em that totally changed how a lot of people enjoyed the game. It is called Rush Poker Rush Poker is something you really need to have experienced to know what I'm talking about, but essentially, it's designed to speed up the game. You are dealt your cards and you are allowed to check/bet/fold based on your position, but once you fold you are automatically swapped onto another table and dealt a fresh set of cards. Everyone else at the table keeps going with the hand, but the players that have given up are allowed to move on. It's thrilling because you don't need to spend time bored and frustrated that you haven't been getting cards. It's very high paced. Warcraft has a problem in battlegrounds where, even after the first few minutes, it's becomes obvious to the losing team that they are going to lose. People start complaining, screaming, criticizing, and going AFK. This is really something we do not need more of in Warcraft. I would like to suggest an alternative game mode that I think could improve how people enjoyed PvP in a way similar to how people enjoyed Rush Poker. I'm brainstorming here, I don't want you to get too bogged down in the details, but I want you to think about how this concept could be expanded. I suggest that in "Rush PvP", capture the flag games are ended immediately after one team caps a flag. HOWEVER, the experience doesn't end there. In this game mode, you would be immediately inserted into a new battleground with a new set of teammates, and would proceed to try and capture another flag. while you are waiting for your new game to start, you would be able to view the previous games stats. The start time would also be shortened from 2 minutes, to only 30 seconds (or less). I want a BG in which people are motivated, they don't whine and insult, and constructively try to win. This doesn't seem possible when, by definition, half the BG gets discouraged when the 1st flag is capped. It also would reduce the frustration that happens when you get your 1 day to play wow and every BG you queue for is a complete failure. You could also do this with like a "King of the Hill" concept. In which you and a group of 10 randomly selected players try to take the high ground on a particular map. If you successfully defend it from the 1st wave, you stay on the BG, but your opponents are swapped out for a new group. In this format you get used to failing a couple times because, by definition, the group you're attacking is strong enough to win, but it would be exciting to be a part of a winning team holding the high ground. You could also make sure you could see enough randomness to win at a more predictable rate. (50/50 horde alliance still can be a lot of variance when some BGs take 20 minutes and you only get a few hours a week to play) This would also minimize the frustrating experience of being farmed by to opposing fraction. Sometimes when I've geared my toons, some horde players will intentionally look for me and kill me because they know I'm an easy kill. I'm o.k. with it every once in a while, but it's very annoying when you're gearing and somebody is farming you. This might actually help you balance the game too, because if the matches are shorter, you have a better idea of which cooldowns each player would feel was available to them over the course of a match. BTW: this would also get rid of queues.Starsblazin0 Apr 22, 2013
Apr 22, 2013 ADD MORE BATTLEGROUNDS I had heard that since the majority of people blacklisting certain bg's, is making blizz want to change the bg to make it more 'fun' or just take away the bg alltogether. I dont see how this could help. Honestly I want there to be more bg's put into the game. And here are my ideas 1) more terrirorial based, like AV (except no bosses) 2) More 40 mans and big maps! 3) different map schemes, such as having a maze or walls. (maybe even randomly generated) Even maybe castles or jungles or places with lots of obstacles 4) everyone splits up and is spawned as alliance/horde drop pods with 5 spawning in each pod 5) roman gladiator type arena 6) castle vs castle 7) 40 vs 40 (400 reinforcements with 1 reinforce every 45 seconds) 1 death=1 loss\ 8) terrirories (like like isle of conquest and Arathi Basin, except the map is extra large with 10 caps 9) Castle ambush/defendAlrelror0 Apr 22, 2013
Apr 22, 2013 RBG member We arelooking for new member to run RBG. We are currently at 1600 and we need more active player to join our grp. We need a Good FC, Holy pal or disc priest and Elemental shamy or other strong Dps!Brütalus0 Apr 22, 2013
Apr 22, 2013 Ditch deserter debuff The time has come, the debuff has to die. This is the reason there is so much hate in random bg groups. When you trap people together they behave like rats in a cage. Just get rid of it, it was a poor fix to begin with at best. If you find yourself in a group of absolutely horrible players, or mostly bots (gj dealing with them too Blizz) why should you be forced to take the hit? Players that show up prepared to win get penalized and don't come back. We deserve better Blizz.Ashimi7 Apr 22, 2013
Apr 22, 2013 ww monk 4 set Im not saying that monks arnt crazy OP in some others im just saying that their 4 set at the moment should be looked at. Currently if a target is at 10% or less health we can use Touch of Death on the Target. To be honest really any move we have will basically kill someone when they are at 10% health, netting a roughly 40k blow on someone isnt too hard especially if you line your CC up. Other classes get 4 sets than can be helpful several times during a match where as monks only maybe get to use it once, unless we have any of our other DPS moves up in which case we dont even really use it.Azúla0 Apr 22, 2013
Apr 22, 2013 Is low level shield slam still OPed? Kinda wanna make a new account to PvP on and not sure if it's worth getting one hit by tanks.Nèx2 Apr 22, 2013
Apr 22, 2013 AV enabler (legal cheating) Why do you allow AV Enabler blizzard. it ruins the random BG playstyle that I always loved about this game. You have a Rated BG system and a Random BG system. Why do you allow people to form groups and farm on casual players just simply trying to gear up? (i) Using or exploiting errors in design, features which have not been documented, and/or "program bugs" to gain access that is otherwise not available, or to obtain a competitive advantage over other players; Seems perfectly clear that this would outlaw AV Enabler. Blizzard could easily break AV Enabler if they chose, but they don't. This is more of a matter of exploiting the game than how ridiculously frustrating it is to go against these kids who do nothing but download a stupid addon.Röastbeef16 Apr 22, 2013
Apr 22, 2013 AV and ISLE gear drops?! Idea: Most people dislike AV/Isle due to their pve nature. why not add a drop chance to get a pvp item per boss down (per week maybe?, similar to world boss drop system). It would definitely get some more people into playing the actual game instead of afk'ing or running in circles. And since these battlegrounds mimic pve, why not get a small pve-style reward in the form of a piece of gear. Doesn't seem like a terrible idea to me. I'm sure this has been suggested before though.Vahnhelsing4 Apr 22, 2013
Apr 22, 2013 dear baby jesus when are hunters and dks going to get balanced more? Its ridiculous how easy they can beat every class. I understand classes having counters, but hunters and dks have no counter.... I've been playing since 60 and the pvp has never sucked this bad...Barduck13 Apr 22, 2013
Apr 22, 2013 LOSING RBGS FOR CAP anyone else here think they should remove the honor for losing rbgs? I'm no pro and I probably will never will be but seems like whenever I try to get a to find a low mmr rbg they almost seem like they don't care if they don't win at all. Atleast before people would try. Imo they should remove the honor from losing or remove the rbg requirement cap. Its just flooding the rbgs with horrid groups. what do you guys think?Aphrodite41 Apr 22, 2013
Apr 22, 2013 WOW's PVP is so broken. I just started playing WOW again for the first time since BC. I made a warrior since I've always liked tanking and leveled him mostly tanking, with some PVP thrown in. Through low level PVP, there were times where it was ridiculously unbalanced. Early on, hunters and rogues were out of control, then paladins were 2 shotting, then if a single healer was anywhere on the battleground it was impossible to kill anyone. At one point, even I was crazy overpowered. As a protection warrior in the 45-55 range I was regularly getting over a 10-2 record, one game 18-1 in just dungeon blues. The whole way through this roller coaster of who gets to shove something up someones butt next, I was promised that end game PVP would balance out. I can unhappily say that I am sorely disappointed after having reached 90. Immediately upon entering battlegrounds I found that I was irrelevant. It seemed my damage output was pathetically low even on cloth armor meanwhile I was getting utterly destroyed. I've managed to gear a bit better since then, but it is a horribly slow grind to gain gear in hopes of someday being on a level playing field with other people. I don't mind some gearing aspect to the game, but I believe it is really unfair to new players to make it such a drastic difference. It makes me not want to PVP in this game. I don't understand why a new player should have to grind through a million battlegrounds (50 points a game, for winning, to build up to an item costing 2K??) to have fun and not be at a huge disadvantage. It isn't fun for me to have to fight so hard to achieve a whopping -1/2 K/D ratio and only be able to target clothies. But so what, some random dude just started the game, I must not be the target PVP audience. Well on top of that, I can say that quite obviously PVP is broken above my level too. CC is out of control. Everyone and their mom has multiple multiple forms of CC. Eventually if you keep handing CC out like a !@#$%^-*! at a playground, you need to pass out more ways to break it. This obviously creates a broken pattern where more and more CC just builds and more and more CC breaks come. It just doesn't work. It shouldn't be a matter of who locks someone for long enough to kill them before they move. That isn't even mentioning the horrendously short fights I get in. Either I kill that lock in about 8 seconds or Hes going to have killed me.... 25 seconds of spawn time... 15 seconds of running to a fight... rinse repeat. Every day I decide, "hey maybe I'll try PVP again today and see if its better". Every day I get a little bit more skilled and do a little bit better. But that isn't enough and I can feel it. It doesn't matter how much more skilled I can get when my opponent puts out twice my damage for the same attacks. I'm planning on getting my PVP fix from other games now; I've finally realized that it just plain isn't worth the frustration to build up my character so that I can participate in a broken PVP system. But maybe Blizzard should fix it. Sorry for the book, -IncythIncyth6 Apr 22, 2013
Apr 22, 2013 [A] LFM for RBGs 1700-1900 mmr Original thread: Apr 22, 2013
Apr 22, 2013 Fear Fear Fear You finish the rest.Iroñthor78 Apr 22, 2013
Apr 21, 2013 Maximizing Mistweaver Monk Healing? Ok my mistweaver monk has 6 tyrannical pieces of gear and this other monk I was in group with just got enough gear to do an rbg and he was in full malevolent .5 with one tyrannical (shoulders). My mistweaver did 17M in healing but this other monk did 27M in healing. How did I get beat on meters by this other monk who maximized his healing? There was a big fight at blacksmith where only two people died the whole fight (two dps) but it turned out we won, but still. I have tyrannical weapon and he didn't too by the way, which is why it's so mind boggling! How do I maximize healing as a mistweaver so I can do better heals?Minimeat3 Apr 21, 2013
Apr 21, 2013 How many pieces? of tyrannical gear do you need and what should I spend/save conquest points for.Senjaro0 Apr 21, 2013
Apr 21, 2013 Blizzard: 'We may cut downrated BGs' Question - A new battleground and arena are planned for patch 5.3. This is really cool, do we have any more plans for battlegrounds and arenas and what can you share about these? Answer - There is nothing new in the pipeline at this time. We may spend some time fixing older ones. We have a lot of data now about which Battlegrounds players are voting out of participating in, so that gives us some direction on which Battlegrounds we could potentially fix . . . or even cut. Thoughts? I don't think very many people would be sad to see Strand of the Ancients vanish from the face of the earth - that's definitely one that seems universally disliked. Isle of Conquest and Alterac Valley are two other popular 'downvotes' - but people downvoting AV are probably doing so because they don't like the current iteration of it (well, who would when you consider what it once was?!). With a little work AV could be amazing again. I absolutely agree that we don't need any more battlegrounds and more work should be put into the ones we have now to make them enjoyable. I was very disappointed upon logging in to the PTR to try Deepwind Gorge to find out it was yet another battleground that is over in 10 minutes. What battlegrounds do you hope they work on fixing and what ones do you hope they cut? (Ideas on how Alterac Valley can be fixed: Apr 21, 2013
Apr 21, 2013 1897CR MW Monk LF Core RBG Group. I have 1700+ exp in 2s, at the moment and 1844+ exp in 3s. I like RBGs more than arenas so I probably wont be making a big push in those. My highest rating in RBGs is 1941 as of this season.I started my monk to late, so I didnt play much last season. Currently Have: Helm,Chest,Pants,Boots,Wrist,Waist,Hands,Shoulders + Weapon in Tyrannical. Very Vocal and can take directions very well. I will be posting screenies of healing/dispells in my pug RBGs, Soon. Leave a Message here if interested in me.Shlunks2 Apr 21, 2013
Apr 21, 2013 Best Server For PvP as Alliance? My friends and I are thinking about changing servers because Alliance loses a lot of BGs on Darkspear. We are not looking for a server where the games are close. We want a server where Alliance wins about 80% of the BGs. If anyone has any good Horde servers please list them too if they are better than Darkspear Horde. Thanks!Aquaux2 Apr 21, 2013
Apr 21, 2013 Can you pug rated Battle grounds? Would you get a different rating for every single group or will you get on cumulative rating base on your personal win/loss rate?Crappytank1 Apr 21, 2013
Apr 21, 2013 Enhance Or Hunter What would be a better class to PvP with in rated battlegrounds, it doesn't seem like anyone wants a Enhance shammy at allBallsoffrost2 Apr 21, 2013
Apr 21, 2013 Help with Prot Warrior RBG gear So as no one wants Arms warrior, i went Prot, i have 5 Tyrn gear including my 2h weapon. I have the honor 1h and shield atm. My question is, should i keep going with my gear buying for conquest or should i get my 1h and shield right away?Alltank3 Apr 21, 2013
Apr 21, 2013 Long BG Queue for Horde What's up with the long Horde Queue lately, just a couple of weeks ago it was almost instant and now it's 5-6 minutes?Raidius43 Apr 21, 2013
Apr 21, 2013 cant wait till 5.3 evens out gear resil I hate having to log my "other toon" to actually survive. Thread # 100000 on gearing toons for pvp. My toon with 4 pve blues right now and 1 tyr does not survive well in bg atm. yes I am working on gear but I have 11 to gear and keep up with. just pvp not doing dailys just pvp I have enough gold to keep me going for some time now on repairs. and selling the old gear. Heres the situation, I was getting beat not owned by this rogue who was quite crappy having a hard time killing me even in blues I checked him out full mal 2 tyr that's why I say crappy rogue. got frustrated logged and qued one another toon, to my surprise it was the same bg. the rogue was still there but I was on a geared toon. needless to say killed him once and left him alone to do the objective, sure we won but I hate having to log geared toons to play. I want to play toons I want to not have to to win. One toon can change the outcome of a match. I am trying the ptr and the toons there are given heroic blues and I pvp in them and i can survive longer but don't do as much damage as I do when I equip my full tyr when I do its blow all cds kill one, wait for cds do the same. You can still one shot but need cds to do it. one good thing I can see 5.3 is at least you wont die while stunned, feared but you will die once they wear off your health will be so low. cc are still as stupid but you can survive through most, who hits first will most likely determine who wins. so nothing has really changed only resil for less geared to stay up a little longer.Aniyla5 Apr 21, 2013
Apr 21, 2013 Just curious as to why? ... not saying winning and oque are the dominating factor , just curious as to why the faction change, I been alliance since day one and saw a lot of toons friends go horde side and asked me to go to the darkside alsoAniyla6 Apr 21, 2013
Apr 21, 2013 2560xp t2 full tyr fdk tc 2k cr LF CORE GRP 2560XP T2 FULL TYR FDK TC(2k cr) LF core grp can run mid day during week can run any time on weekend amazing target caller coordinates w/ boomy and mage great guauntee ill be best dk you ever played w/ if you are interested in finding a good/dedicated fdk for your core grp thats me contact me skype: rbg.rankone or <---- real idRuneblade2 Apr 21, 2013
Apr 21, 2013 RBG target calling help! what are some addons that will help me target call on my FDK? are there any that will tell me which to go for?Kresho3 Apr 21, 2013
Apr 21, 2013 Most Active Twink Bracket? What bracket has the shortest queue times and/or the most players? Getting bored of my raid team failing at ToT.Gromok4 Apr 21, 2013
Apr 21, 2013 70s thread of League The 70's bracket has become better due to LoL being funner than 70s. We are currently still trying to draw attention to the issue of the monk class not having a Brutal or other non-90 PvP set, which puts it at a severe disadvantage in the bracket. <- Support the release of the monk Brutal set! +Queues+ BG queues are usually NOT as frequent as they used to be, but are becoming shorter and shorter as we get further into MOP. Queue times can be 5-10 minutes on certain days , and are shorter for Horde than Alliance. At times they can take 25 minutes to 1.5 hours, but this is also why you shouldn’t queue at 4am on weekdays or live in Australia.Joining the 70 twink bracket requires you to manually stop gaining experience (no more xpac capped accounts), which you can do via your faction’s respective “experience eliminator” NPC. +Gear+ This is the first level bracket that has access to PvP gear with resilience. Brutal gear vendors can be located in Stormwind in the Champion's Hall, Orgrimmar in Hall of Legends, Gadgetzan in Tanaris, Area 52 in Netherstorm, and Dalaran Sewers. A full set of PvP gear (set, offset, weapons, etc.) costs ~2.3k honor. It is advised to obtain honor before hitting 70. It is also not advised to stack purely resilience gems, as your base passive resil plus the brutal already scales into quite a bit of resil at 70. If you’re unsure of what to gem, ask the thread and give your class/spec to enable us to help you.Gear from the Sunwell Plateau, Black Temple, and some other level 70 raids are also strong for this bracket, particularly for “glass cannon” type characters which focus on damage rather than resilience. Raids are fairly easy to coordinate via RealID – don’t be a stranger, exchange battletags with the forum and we can help you. +Professions+ You can level professions to 450. While any professions will suffice, a combination of Engineering, Jewelcrafting, and/or Blacksmithing are considered the best. Engineering currently has powerful items/tinkers available to 70s. For those of you who may have questions regarding how tinkers work at 450, they are explained in the link below: +Gems and Enchants+ Arcanist Ivrenne (Alliance) and Magistrix Lambriesse (Horde) will sell uncut epic gems in Dalaran; all gems cost 220 Justice Points. Honor can be converted to JP (1:1.5 ratio) at the PvP Quartermaster in SW or Org. The accessories QM will also sell a PvP shoulder enchant.New JC's may not have the recipes you want (i.e. +20 PvP Power from blue Majestic Zircon gem). They are bought in Dalaran...same goes for a lot of WOTLK (60+) enchants. bel-air get out. Enchanting mats for 70 twinks are found off Northrend items. Almost all of the enchants we use in this bracket have a "Level 60 or higher" requirement, but a very small select few of the "Level 35 or higher" (Burning Crusade) enchantments are viable, i.e. crit+hit to boots. +70 vs. 74+ By leveling to 71+ you gain some base stats, some abilities, an increase in base damage, a higher chance to be missed by players, and access to the level 71 archaeology axe (Nifflevar Bearded Axe.) However, at 74, stat scaling causes severe decay to your secondary stats (Up to a 25% loss in resilience, nearly 40-50% of pvp power, etc.) +Rated PvP+ 2s, 3s, and RBGs pop occasionally. +Additional Information+ +Active Guilds and Servers+ Madoran: <Fence Warmers> [PvE] (Alliance) Aggramar: <First Class Gaming> [PvP] (Alliance) Moon Guard: <Twisted Nethers> [PvP PvE RP] (Alliance) Tichondrius: <Twinklyfe> [PvP] (Horde) Thrall: <Caliber> [PvP PvE] (Horde) Apr 21, 2013
Apr 21, 2013 Working toward PvP gear. Title says it all. What a joke. What kind of game has you grinding hours of BG's just so you can eventually HAVE FUN in the BG's themselves. How does a player with no PvP gear get any. I'm tired of people shift clicking my gear and going "LOL get out" or "just leave" like... What the hell am I supposed to do. I HAVE NO PVP gear. I have to get it somehow. I feel like an idiot saying I'm surprised by how this game literally makes you spend hours of grinding for decent gear. But I can't say I am truthfully. It's Activision Blizzard.Kaedyn42 Apr 21, 2013
Apr 21, 2013 Whats the "fastest" way to grind old bg rep? I'm grinding out Khan right now, and after battle master. I want to know about the rep reqs. AV was painless back when I did it because of quests, but I'm not actually aware of how you get rep for AB and WSG, I only know that I got a little bit of it. So how do you get rep? Is it from winning only? Capping flags, getting kills? Is it something that trickles in during the bg? I have been told it's a really slow grind, but whats the most efficient way to get the rep?Ariens10 Apr 21, 2013
Apr 21, 2013 LF RBG team that runs most nights!!! I already posted in the arena page. so here it is for the peeps looking in the bg forum. I am looking to join a RBG team that run most nights. If you are wanting to start a team and have experience, or have a team in need of a resto please let me know. thanksDrdruidhealz0 Apr 21, 2013
Apr 21, 2013 How do you keep going? Just got done with a crappy night of PvP. Bots, Afk'ers, PUGs vs Premades, and just plain outgeared/outplayed. Thinking about letting the account run out. Just finding it hard to even try. The last bg I just kept running up to the LM, dropping an exploding trap, then jumping off and glider ride to BS.Halfneck22 Apr 21, 2013
Apr 21, 2013 Brace yourselves AV weekend is coming, time for the thread spam of archers causing every horde loss.Face4 Apr 21, 2013
Apr 21, 2013 CC and DR needs to be more simplified DR's suck badly in pvp right now, how about tying all DR together from all CC's that make you lose control of your charecter or making more CC's break on damage type. make trinkets break you out of CC and immune from CC for 3 secs after use. just simplify it someAlexor0 Apr 21, 2013
Apr 21, 2013 (H) Prot FC LF 1900+ RBG Team I'm looking for a consistent RBG group who is needing a Warrior FC. I've been hovering between 1800 and 1900 for a long time due to the inconsistency of pug groups and want something more stable. I am in a heroic PvE raiding guild that raids Mon-Wed from 7-11/12 CST so I cannot make those days, and I am not looking to server transfer, sorry. Friday-Sunday at any time would be the best times for me. Been playing my warrior since late Vanilla almost exclusively, I know how to play my class. If you're interested or have any questions add Kaio#1384 and be sure to mention RBG's so I'll know why someone's adding me. Thanks!Kaíoken6 Apr 21, 2013