May 3, 2013 60-64 bracket WSG/AB this morning = AMAZING! (at least in my cross-realm group) I would like to thank those of you Hordies that were there for your excellent communication skills, and teamwork in general. Many lulz were hard. Also thanks to you Ally players for bringing t3h fun.Hypnosiseyes0 May 3, 2013
May 3, 2013 WSG Rep Question I've seen the threads asking for a quicker grind and I know that's not in the cards...or is it? having gone exalted with Arathor last month I have set my sites on grinding Silverwing. So here's my question: I know I get 35 rep/cap (plus rep bonuses) but the other night I was getting 10 rep for something, I'm not sure what...returns? I got it twice last night during one of our wins and I'm not sure what it is; not complaining...just curious.Yrich2 May 3, 2013
May 3, 2013 5.3 Updates=leap in the wrong direction look, Blizzard, I totally understand what you're trying to do here. Creating an easier entry into PVP for players with no gear is a good idea, it makes PVP a larger aspect of the game as more players will be taking part in it, due to it not being so intimidating anymore. The problem I have with these changes, is the 65% base resil, aswell as the scaling back of items over ilvl 496 in random BGs. Lets start with the BGs. I worked my butt off for good gear, I run RBGs with my guild weekly, and cap through arenas every week. I have to say, as someone who actually HAS worked for their gear, it doesnt feel good that alot of it, at some point, will be scaled back so that new players are as effective as I am. I get it, joining a random BG with no gear sucks, badly. You get blown up in a matter of seconds. But that's the way it always has been and to be honest, that's the way I liked it. The feeling of improvement and progression with each new piece of PVP gear is huge, you can really feel the effect of your work paying off when you get new gear. I don't know this for sure, but won't scaling items back diminish this feeling? It seems like I won't be as rewarded for my work as I should be. On a side note, yes, I know that these effects only take place in Random BGs, but as a player on a small PVE server, it's tough to be running RBGs/arenas ALL the time. Sometimes, I just want to PVP without spending an hour trying to get guildmates on to run RBGs. As for the baseline 65% resil, I can honestly say I don't quite get where you're going with this. Hasn't one of the main issues of MOP PVP been the huge amount of burst present in nearly ALL dps specs/classes? If you set the baseline resil to 65 percent, people will probably no longer gem for resillience, as that's a higher amount of resillience than most players possess at the moment. Instead, I foresee most PVPers taking PVP power, IN ADDITION to the fact that all the gear will give much, much more pvp power through the set piece bonuses being replaced. Basically, All I'm seeing here is a reason for players to no longer gem resillience, and instead stack power. Why does anyone want this? There is already SO much damage going around in your average PVP situation, I think the last thing we need is for everyone to be stacking pvp power. All this is made worse by the fact that healers are getting a nerf, a very slight one at that but still a nerf. Through running the calculations, the upping of basttle fatigue from 30% to 45% will result in about a 5-7% loss in healing, even with the new update that healers benefit from 100% of their pvp power. If healers have less heals, why in the world would you want to give DPS more damage? As far as I can see, it's just the last thing anyone needs. TL;DR: Giving baseline resillience and downscaling players who have great gear is simply a step in THE WRONG direction. Discuss.Lilliannah6 May 3, 2013
May 3, 2013 62kb/2d WSG Video, post your scrn shots! I decided to unleash my Twink Ret Paladin in normal battlegrounds since healer's are immortal at 70. All clips are from the same game. All clips are in order. Post some of your highest kb screen shots! May 3, 2013
May 3, 2013 Nothing for PVP.. No Honor. No Conquest. So, Im honor capped most of the time. I spend some honor on legacy bows and have a small collection of them, but I already have all my MAL gear and the "upgrade" to Tyran is a joke, so not bothering with that nonsense. Still, I try to catch the PVP Conquest bonus every day, along with gagging down a few dailys. "routine". So anyway, Im rolling along thinking that Im getting something for my efforts. LOL Jokes on me. Nope, Im getting nothing. Even though my "currency" tab has no indicator that Im capped.. I am capped. You see... Above a certain amount of Conquest you stop earning, unless you have some rating.. which a large portion of PVPers dont even bother with. Not sure what exactly they are trying to do...evidently they feel that too many conquest points may actually get us into that laughable Tyran gear, and then the world would cease to exist... as we know it anyway. ..and lets not even consider how we get no loot or gold. Haha thats the stuff for the PVE recount crowd. I may actually play a 2v2 or 3v3 or a rated BG, but finding partners isnt all that easy unless you feel like begging on the trade channel.. which I dont. So whats the goal here Blizz? Where is the all powerful Blizzdom in this PVP mess that you have so thoughtfully created and handed to your player base? Yeah, pretty obvious Im irritated... and next week when my subscription is up we'll just see if Im still irritated. Maybe a few beers or an extra large pizza will hold more appeal than having my time be methodically nuked by some incompetent game company. Have the best day :>Sayasun1 May 3, 2013
May 3, 2013 1999 cr Destro Lock LF Core RBG Team - 2k exp Hi, I'm looking for a core RBG team for my 1999 cr destro lock. Full malev + 5 (soon to be 6) pieces of tyrannical gear, including weapons. Armory "Mussah" on Cenarius server. Looking for a 2000+ core team. I have 2k+ rbg exp on multiple toons, including 2k this season on boomy. I can play on most nights pacific time. Can also play late if we are on a good win streak. Add me on btag if you need me: Lee#11539Bellë27 May 3, 2013
May 3, 2013 Horde W/L Ratios I just hit 90 a few days ago and haven't been on since cata, but just wondering if this is normal. I've queued for 15 bgs now, and have seen some serious *ss @*%#%%## brought by the alliance. 5 Isle of Conquests where they get docks and siege shop, end the game in 7 minutes, have 80+ HK's, and horde has 9 at best. I'm also topping Healing charts (top 4) slaving myself trying to help in my sad gear. None of these are also premades. I've seen the same happen in WSG and EOTS. But Alliance only killed 5x more (60 to 12), 4 capped (or capped flag 3x to 0), and by a ridiculous margin. I've won only 1 game in temple, 2 games in Gilneas, out of 15, with the others not being just 'losing' but *ss @*%#%%## losing where it's not even a game. Not so caring about losing as it's part of the game and happens, but this badly? tl;dr Is this normal?Shouru3 May 3, 2013
May 3, 2013 Worst classes/spec list 5.2? What do you guys think, I don't play enough to have any real input.Cmerechild13 May 3, 2013
May 3, 2013 I Thought I Saw A note saying they were nerfing shield slam? Or is that going to be later. I know plenty of people have been complaining, but I was under the impression they already had, until I decided to start a priest last night. lol Been taking advantage of the WSG weekend, and yeeeesh. In full heirlooms + supplemental greens, I was one shotted at full health for 100 more health than I had at the level. lol The first thing I could think of was back as a noob on my very first toon, an elemental shaman, I was so excited when I hit my first 1k dmg lightning bolt, and I was something like level 50. lol Now you have level 20 warriors running around hitting 2k shield slams. :( But, I'm sure this will be fixed soon, as Blizzard is always on top of keeping PvP as balanced as possible, and immediately fixing completely imbalanced classes and abilities. >.> Right? Actually, given their track record of "fixing" abilities, I expect either a damage reduction of 5%, or for them to completely remove the damage from the ability and make it silence the target and lower their armor for 8 seconds.Rolas6 May 3, 2013
May 3, 2013 Confused about BG matchmaking I play several characters on Blackrock, Horde. In random BGs I have a fairly even W/L, above 50% if I blacklist AV and Isle. But, if I switch to my character on Tichondrius, Alliance, I'll lose nearly every random. I believe I've gone 2 days without a single win excluding av and isle. It's the same battlegroup, opposite faction. On my alliance character I should see the mirror of my w/l ration when on horde, but I don't. What's the deal?Zwikk4 May 3, 2013
May 3, 2013 Why are people from Illidan so annoying? No offense to some of you good ones, but every battleground, it seems people from Illidan are always the trolls or the ones putting everyone down. Just had three Bgs in a row with people from Illidan spamming "SWAG" over and over again. Always seems to happen.Kwizzlix8 May 3, 2013
May 2, 2013 Blizzard please Dear Blizzard, I am a low level rogue who likes to do pvp instead of quests or instances. I find it frustrating going into battle grounds and hearing people say "I'm here for honor, idc if I win or lose" and I am tired of bots and people who just sit in the middle and fight. I find that if you would simply make it so the losing team gets NO HONOR people would actually try and their would be var less bots in battlegrounds. I don't mind losing games when people are actually trying and playing and we get beat, but when I am losing games because people just don't care or all my team is bots it is very frustrating. I will probably get trolled for this and my grammar is not the best. I hope you read this and maybe take this into consideration and even if you don't do this please do something to make it less frustrating for people who like to play to win and not just queue to afk. Sincerely, A low level rogueOjplatinum2 May 2, 2013
May 2, 2013 Battleground deserter debuff. Can the random bg debuff stop preventing people from entering rbgs? Would love to be able to bg when waiting to fill the group or on breaks, or heck, not have to worry about being in a bg when people need a dps slot filled.Nerï1 May 2, 2013
May 2, 2013 1984cr FDK TC LF CORE RBG 2k+ group Im looking for a core group for rbgs also considering transfereing xfering soon to a better pvp server.Sedsdrone0 May 2, 2013
May 2, 2013 Grinding Honor gear Hey, I was wondering with all the new updates in 5.3, is it even worth it to grind honor pvp gear?Valkhan2 May 2, 2013
May 2, 2013 What happened to the DOTA BG? Neither one of these two new bgs look like the dota one that was promised, at least not from the synopsis, but I haven't patched yet to try them. Did they skip it?Babypuke0 May 2, 2013
May 2, 2013 @ [H] Low MMR RBG tanks I has a spot. Please fill. =/Eisenhorne0 May 2, 2013
May 2, 2013 39s Thread of God's and peasants ----GAMES ARE WED/FRI 8PM EST (try for 7PM EST this Friday, 3/14/13!)---- PROT DPS WARRIORS ARE BANNED. If you play one, you will be eliminated. No tolerance. use this link whenever you que for a wsg. it shows on a website that you are que'd. The 39 bracket has had its highs and lows. Activity seems to dwindle when new expansions or some major end game content is released. There are times where just the community that is active has thwarted the fun that we all were seeking when entering the battlegrounds. Those are days of the past because the future has brought us new toys and ways to play as never before. Below are more than enough reasons for you to fire up that 39, retool your gear, and enjoy some great times that are in store. “Well, my character doesn’t have updated gear, so what should I do?” Head right over to Scholomance, Uldaman, or Dire Maul, and those places will have all you need. If you have other 39′s on your real id list, you can invite them and go destroy any dungeon on the list. There are heirlooms that are great, and if you have the option of getting those, there are nothing but positives from it. But if it is out of reach, there are items in the 39 bracket that are just as good and even better as dungeon drops and quest rewards (caster heirloom weapons are the best, and head slot is best with green lens now old suffixes are craftable). If you want to find some ideas and armories of things people are currently equipping, you can find some of those here “Is everyone enjoying playing their 39s?” So far for weeks now, we have had games pop on Wednesdays. The sides are balanced and have great participants. Old school 39s who have recently qued say it’s the best that they have seen in a long time as far as balance between classes. I feel that after playing over 15 matches since Mist of Pandaria was released, that it is the most balanced I have ever seen the bracket. All classes are hitting this equilibrium with each other which allows for engaging combat. Maneuvers and timing have become key to winning. Sure the damage is great, but so is the base 40% resilience that everyone has. It gives the bracket a nice flow, and in most situations, you don’t have that explosion of damage where your health is gone instantly. Of course, you get exploded if 5 to 7 players burn you and time it appropriately. This is what makes returning flags somewhat tough because a FC plus 2 healers can make things tough for 5 (easily delaying a group of 7). Sure, if the group of 7 crowd control well and use great judgement when they combine the hard hits, they can very well defeat the guard. With that being said, there is still the chase to be had. The flag in the hands of a great “running flag carrier” can extend this dilemma for the opponents. “I havn’t played in months/years and I don’t know if I want to pay to get it going yet” No worries; just let us know here in the comment section, and it’s possible to send you a scroll of resurrection to try out. I do believe if you check your email, Blizzard has sent 10 days free to everyone in the past weeks. This could give you the ability to get on the WoW battleground forums to say, “Hey” in the 39 thread, get real ids from players or post your own and get some new friends who find the 39 bracket to be exhilarating. You can add me at Kripplin#1712; just make sure to send the name of your 39 twink, so I can note it, or let me know you’re interested in making a 39 in the bracket. It doesn’t matter what realm you are on now. Battlegrounds are cross realm and all you have to do is queue at the designated time with your xp gains turned off. You’ll be back in action just like the good ole days. The 39 community is thriving in a way a lot of the other brackets are not. The bickering and quarreling is over. Everyone just wants engaging games with a back and forth struggle. Lessons from the past have taught us the right way to move forward. If your returning, come for the fun, the great battles, and enjoyable camaraderie. “Remember Takea is better than you regardless of your conduct.” – Alexander the GreatSoheated500 May 2, 2013
May 2, 2013 One Shot Wonders Blizz, please fix the one shot wonder classes. I'm not going into each class, you know who they are. Tired of going from 400,000HP to nothing in less than 2 seconds...Azziiee16 May 2, 2013
May 2, 2013 Lf ppl to pvp with and large pvp guild. Title says it all really. Bored playing this game on my own and just looking for ppl to do rated and random bgs and world pvp. I don't care if you suck or if your gear sucks...just don't be a rager. I am not looking for ppl to do arena with. Jacqueline#6484Xarithia3 May 2, 2013
May 2, 2013 Looking for steady RBG group Literally cannot stand oqueue pugs anymore. My rating has been floating between 1500-1700 and keep losing because people cannot pull their weight. I am a skilled lock looking for a steady, consistent group. Would prefer early times such as Noon-3pm on weekdays. Clayreed#1697Dorver0 May 2, 2013
May 2, 2013 Surrender to Win /AFK out is much better than being farmed. It's easy to tell when you're against a premade and they have 20 kills to your 0 in the first 2 min.Wosret60 May 2, 2013
May 2, 2013 make gear simple Bliz the basic problem you have with gear is that the high end raiders do not want to see gear obtained through a PVP grind be as good as the high end raiding gear. PVPers do not want to see high end raiding gear enter arenas or battlegrounds and be BETTER than high end PVP gear. You have tried to solve this with resilience, ratings on PVP gear, PVP power and are now going through a whole process of changing existing gear stats with seasons. This is becoming too complicated and silly. Just address the problem directly. 1) High end PVP gear and High end PVE gear should be equivalent in PVP situations. If you got your level 500 gear by raiding or by PVP it should be equal when you come up against another player at that level. Do not make PVE trinkets that are better, but do not make them worse. 2) Everywhere but in raids the gear should perform the same. Dungeons, questing, scenarios, etc. 3) In raids reduce the stats of PVP gear by X%. Most of us PVPers will never or rarely raid, so it doesn't really matter. Those that do raid will appreciate getting PVE gear and growing an alternate set. Under the current situation they have to get it anyway. The upshot of this will be that the guy who both raids and does RBGS/arenas will gear up faster. This is ok, because the guy who does the full game should gear faster than those who only do 1/2 or the other. Rather than screwing up gear all over the place, just address the few spots that it matters in which is in raids. It has to be easier to program a nerf on PVP gear in raids than to do all the stuff you are doing now.Ozd3 May 2, 2013
May 2, 2013 Halaa Battle Tokens Since mounts are now account-wide, and the only still meaningful item to be purchased with these tokens are the Dark War Talbuk and Dark Riding Talbuk, can we have these tokens become account wide?Salinor3 May 2, 2013
May 2, 2013 Stacking resil for RBGs viable? Has anyone heard of Azeroths deserving Bailamos? He is self proclaimed as the greatest RBG leader. In Cataclysm he played a rogue as his main and currently playing a guardian druid. On every toon I've seen him play he's stacked full resil, even in S11 playing rogue. Is this really viable at high rated play? Rogues: 1380/128 win/loss, 2333 this season in cata gear+blues Druids: 292/18 win/loss, 2516 this season May 2, 2013
May 2, 2013 Who's OP which is the OP class in BG's and world PVP these days , not rated BG's or arena. I just wanna have fun and i dont feel like getting rlled by every class out there ,. I'm looking for a fun dps class that tends to whoop others, any thoughts?Moocaholic7 May 2, 2013
May 2, 2013 Destro Lock LF RBG Group - 12 tyrannical 1650 MMR atm because I cannot find a steady group and so only play in OQ groups...which might as well be randoms. Don't think I've ever played with the same group for more than 3 or 4 games. I am a good player and am tired of doing 20m+ dmg in RBGs and losing because no one else can pull their weight. I'm an adult, looking for a 7/8-11ish EST group that plays a couple hours each week to push rating. srd24#1750 if you're interested.Terrorize4 May 2, 2013
May 2, 2013 A suggestion to make bg's better This is just an idea I had, that I believe would make the random bg experience better as a whole. Some of you may disagree, and I am okay with that, but I think the worst part about random bg's is the mid-camping population of "killing blow seekers". I'm sure you all know what kind of people I'm talking about, but, if you're unsure, then they are the people that ignore every objective in a bg and just go for as many killing blows as possible. (basically causing the loss that they are actually responsible for) My solution for this is to take killing blows off of the scoreboard. Overall damage done could probably go too. Instead, each person's killing blows could be reported to each them when they are out of the bg. This would stop all of the "OMG WHY ARE ALL OF YOU SOOO BAD!?" nonsense for the most part since they would have no stat to ignorantly flaunt to everyone that doesn't care. Anyways..that's just a suggestion to help with something that bothers a good number of the wow population.Peekabooh3 May 2, 2013
May 2, 2013 1693 spriest lf rbg team Would love to find a consistent group to play with every week. Available times are Sunday afternoons/evenings, Monday anytime, and Wednesday anytime. Paranoia#1877 Hit me up in game!Altrax0 May 2, 2013
May 2, 2013 Level 24 hunter twink help... I know I'll probably get a lot of rage and hate lol...But can someone link or tell me the best dungeon gear I can find at level 24? I have all boa's just need really nice blues on my off gear...Thanks for any and all help. =)ßoom21 May 2, 2013
May 2, 2013 Shield Slam low level bracket nerf. Why wait for cheesy 5.3 to fix this..wouldnt it be better if they fixed it now? Im sure it turns off possible new subscribers when theyre getting 1 shotted at pretty much every level bracket to PvP at endgameSpecific1 May 2, 2013
May 2, 2013 lvl 70 rogue talk so, im in the process of twinking this character out, plan on doing both pve and pvp with it, any of you out there with more experience in this bracket feel free to impart your wisdom here for proffessions im gonna drop skinning for engineering once i max out lw, keeping lw even if it isnt optimal... first question, is dual daggers better damage than say dual fist/ hammers? i was looking at the percents, and it seems like all i lose by not using daggers is backstab(sub) ... the numbers look better with other weapons... (using pvp weapons as an example)Vésha16 May 2, 2013
May 2, 2013 WTS 2 Expert Goldminer's Helmets + More! I have 2 Expert Goldminer's Helmet (extremely rare 39 twink helmet), Hammer of the Northern Wind (49 twink mace), Mindthrust bracers (19 twins bracers)... All of these are on Dragonmaw. I also have 1 Adventurer's Pith Helm (39 twink helmet), 4 tree bark jackets (19 twink chest), 3 staff of the friars, 3 staff of the blessed sear, 4 witching staves, a bunch of 5/5 pants (19s) and 4 stam cloth bracers (19s), 2 thorbias gauntlets, 1 meadow ring of eluding... I have more stuff but all of these are on Zul'Jin! Reply if you're interest in anything. thanksSmoak1 May 2, 2013
May 2, 2013 PvP Weapons Is there a base pvp 2 hander I can get without the bs of having to get 7250 honour first?Cletas4 May 2, 2013
May 2, 2013 PvP Music Haven't seen one of these in a while so yeah >_^ May 2, 2013
May 2, 2013 Add ons I like to play WoW a lot, some say too much, but the first MMORPG I played was final fantasy xi. That game didn't have much in the realm of pvp, and so that made WoW much more interesting for me. It did, however, have a strict "no third party program" rule implemented. I was just curious as to how you guys would feel if they took away add ons from WoW. I never got into using any add ons but i know most players do. I would say blizzard should either implement the add ons they want to have in the game code itself or have a list of "legal" programs you could use. I always feel like I am doing worse than I should be, but recently started thinking that the reason people are better is because of the add ons. Anyway, just wanted to see what everyone's feedback on this issue was.Dendrophile4 May 2, 2013
May 2, 2013 5.3: Best era yet for leveling pvp balance? As of 5.2, most of my gripes in low end PvP was the super-powered heals that were around. With 5.3, battle fatigue IS affecting all levels of PvP, unlike the 65% resil change. With PvP Heirlooms, one can sit at about 50% resil at any given level, which is reasonable for slowing down in coming damage. With MS at 25%, I noticed my priest's (Shadow) heals on the PTR FINALLY have dropped to a reasonable level: Renew ticks for about 650, flash heal for 3.5k, prayer of mending 1.5k. The change is even more apparent at lower levels. An heirloomed alt I had its flash of light go from about 1.8 at 49 to about 1k, which seems so much more reasonable (considering how spirit is screwed up at lower levels and ooming is impossible). If we could see a slight reduction in mana efficiency, I think we'd be in a good place. What do you guys think?Renegadex22 May 2, 2013
May 2, 2013 Come on, blizz... 4 top damage all tanks, and they out damage people by a landslide. Prot warriors do too much damage, prot pallies do too much damage, brewmasters absorb too much, healers heal too much.. (this is from level 1 until level 85ish) They have way more survivability, AND do 2-3x the damage as dps do... this is going to be an even bigger problem with 65% resilience baseline in 5.3 (can this resil buff please just apply to level 90s?) Can we please have even just a blanket nerf for low levels? Like flat 50% damage reduction to Shield Slam, Revenge, and Devastate until level 85, 30% damage reduction to Avenger's Shield until level 85, 30% reduced direct healing until level 85 (HOTs, direct casted heals, and absorbs.. not counting passive or self healing spells such as Second Wind or Renewal) Not asking for micromanaging or advanced tweaking of all levels because I know that's really time consuming and there are higher priorities... but this is just ridiculous, and it's been like this pretty much since the launch of Cataclysm. I shouldn't have to be level 90 to enjoy PvP, this really makes me get burnt out on the game a lot faster. This suggested blanket nerf would make PvP vastly more playable and enjoyable while not perfect, and probably make dungeons more interesting instead of tanks one shotting the mobs and healers pressing renew and then afking.Emerron9 May 2, 2013
May 2, 2013 Patch 5.3 PvP power changes thoughts. So i recently watched a video on the new changes for PvP power and battle fatigue in 5.3, the commentator was really negative about the changes, which i can understand and they may have their own opinion. He was upset about a fight as a warlock VS a priest he had, he and the priest seemed as if they were on equal footing until a paladin came in, he then died, the battle took roughly 3 and a half minutes. I look at it as a positive instead of this game being more like a coin flip were chance decides the outcome, it's more like chess were one mistake on your part, is the enemy gain. what are your Thoughts?Mcwhisky0 May 2, 2013
May 2, 2013 Tired of bad DPS trying to push RBG rating Every week it's getting worse and worse. Groups on oQueue trying to "push rating" when they clearly shouldn't be. I'm tired of healing these bads over and over. Damage sucks, CC sucks, target switches suck, burst's just frustrating to have my rating keep tanking because scrubs can't keep up. Today, I joined a 1800 push 2k group. After my rating has been going up-and-down for the last month, I finally go it to around mid-1900 last week. Hurrah. But that didn't last long. After we get the group together, we get WSG. I notice in the first encounter people are getting absolutely destroyed, and we are putting out no pressure. As the monk healer, I keep my mouth shut, let the TC do his thing. Except no one is dying...even when they push into our GY in WSG. Straight up ridiculous get slammed into your own GY in the first two minutes. One of their healers is sitting back with their FC, and still...none of our DPS can down a single person. Pathetic. Our FC makes it back. We keep him up. For a long time. But eventually stacks set in. He dies. They cap. Rinse and repeat. 2-0. Still no one dies. We get mocked in our GY. They won't even try for a third flag since our DPS is such crap they are enjoying this. --- after the game TL;DR if you are a bad dps, stop trying to push your rating if you are clearly incapable of doing so. You piss people off, you tank people ratings, you waste everyone's time, and in the end you just wind up back where you belong - at low MMR. Push groups aren't carry groups. Learn your place. /rantSwiftylicous9 May 2, 2013
May 2, 2013 When Ranged Die, Melee get Nerf'd Seriously people turn off the tears about Prot Warriors. Years and years melee have suffered in PvP when we are able to kill ranged dps and healers. OMG they are OP, it has to stop, open the flood gates of tears on forums. Even the freaking heals gets to blow up melee with disregard for months, but let a melee start blowing up ranged and its non-stop tears on forums. When is the last time you saw an Enhance Shaman in BG? They nerf'd him so bad that he isn't allowed to queue anymore? Might as well roll a Shadow Priest after the nerf. Pew pew.Slamsyou1 May 2, 2013
May 2, 2013 Finding A RBG Finding a RBG should be a lot easier than what it is. If you're from a small-medium pop server like myself you understand that spamming trade chat with the four other people in it is useless. Now I know you can go to other realms and spam trade chat, that you're looking to join a XXXX group with XXXX EXP. But how great of a system is this really? Chances are they can't see whats going on in trade chat because of the countless lines of other spam. Half of the RBG team is most likely not even in trade channel zones. And what exactly can spamming your current rating really do for the person looking for you? It doesn't show your skill, your record, or gear. Now they're are plenty of addons out there to help you find groups, but only to about the 1700 rating. If you're lucky someone who is looking to fill their one pug spot in the group will maybe throw an advertisement up on of those addons. Blizzard needs to create a system that can show peoples, iLvl, Resilience, Win to Lost ratio, and a bunch of other fun facts that could help with adding pugs to your group. They way to go about trying to find an RBG group is pathetic and hopeless. This needs to be fixed, and should be immediately if not sooner.Niccom0 May 2, 2013
May 1, 2013 PVP gear worthless in world PVP 5.3 So if everyone gets a 65% resil and they are nerfing PVP power, and not scaling down PVE gear out in the world come 5.3. that means that when I come accross 3 Horde on my Pally i cant rely on all the gear i have grinded to help me defend myself on my low pop alliance realm. Usually my sweet purple PVP gear would help me out, but now ill just get owned. "Blizz would say I could kill them in strategic PVP" but guess what, they probably arnt running a lot of PVP with all their sweet PVE gear. you want to help? make it so that PVP power also does 40% extra dmg to bosses so that elite PVP players can join Heroic Raid groupsEkkho19 May 1, 2013
May 1, 2013 Shield slam thought Ok, so blahblahblah shield slam is OP. We know this. Devs have decided to address it by nerfing the AP bonus for toons under 85. It won't actually fix the problem but you know, nice thought. But I got to thinking... what if they tied the damage of shield slam to armor instead of attack power? Warriors wear mail (and hell leather sometimes) in low level xp on BGs and a lot of BiS gear in low level twinking brackets isnt even mail or plate. Once warriors get into all plate, health pools tend to have caught up and shield slam isnt so much of a threat anymore. And then, once you hit end game, tanking gear has so much armor that shield slam damage would ramp up substantially. Anyway, just quick thought.Chøps1 May 1, 2013
May 1, 2013 (A) Premade for Resilient Victory right now Add me TurranMC#1623 Getting two groups together gonna simultaneously queue. Please be good. Resilient Victory is the Arathi Basin achievement for Battlemaster title: Edit: Completed but can't delete threads. Was easy. Recommend using OQueue as it got me many people while this thread got me none.Turranmc0 May 1, 2013
May 1, 2013 5.3 PvP changes You know what, I like it for the most part. There are things I don't like but there will always be changes people are impartial too. I want to try and list some changes I'd like to see while address people's worries at the same time. PvP should be fun. Plain and simple. You know whats not fun? Going into a BG just to get global-ed. Sitting at farm and stables afking hoping no one comes to your base because you would be no help else where. You don't get global-ed going into heroics or LFR so why BGs? "You have to earn your hits. Getting stomped is part of the game you gotta work through it" Saying you have to get you're but kicked just to be viable isn't really a valid argument. If you are geared and they are not and they still beat you, Well that means you just suck buddy. You need to depend on your skill in the game not out gearing your opponent. If that's how you feel, you need to fix your priority of out gearing and start learning how to out skill. If players have a chance to stay alive longer than the enemy's 3 global CDs. You will start seeing more actual participation and trying in BGs. "I don't want to have to do PvE for BiS or get stomped by some PvE player" Now this I am worried about. Specially be a FC for RBGs. I don't want this either. PvE gear shouldn't be BiS for PvP and vice verse. I believe PvP trinkets will still be better with the IL caps in place. My main worry for myself is FCs need PvE gear with more sockets. Also our trinkets for health pool increases need to keep resil and have it increased. Most of all however, PvE set bonuses should not work in instanced PvP. I can not stress this enough. Please make that happen. I don't want 4.3 where everyone had to have heroic PvE set bonuses to RBG. I don't raid. I don't like LFR. I like PvP. PvE set bonuses do not belong in instanced PvP. "It's not about me out gearing them, I like the challenge of beating someone better geared!" No one is stopping you from putting on last season's PvP gear to fight someone better geared. If this is really what you want (which I don't really believe hardly anyone really does) you can still do this. Put on your lower lvl PvP gear and go test your mettle. This argument is completely invalid since you can still do this. "This will ruin World PvP!" Actually don't have much to this. I know the changes will affect WPvP battles. The only people though who really have room to talk is Emerald Dream and servers like theirs. But most of WPvP is about who out numbers who. It's never a fair battle anyways. But I do understand the frustration of wanting to be BiS and having to do PvE for WPvP. My earlier suggestion could help. Do not let PvE set bonuses work against players. Though This might be quite a bit of coding to take place in a open world setting and I doubt that would happen. "With out better gear there is no reward" So you want to be rewarded for beating people and get better gear to beat them even faster. I understand you should feel rewarded for accomplishing high rating and skill performance. But you don't need a higher IL or harder hitting gear just so you can beat those same people faster. You have achievements, titles, and there should be more vanity items for this. By rewarding players who hit high rating early you are creating a larger hump for players coming in late, or still working on their skill level. If they work on their performance and can match yours, then they should be able to have a chance succeeding you. But if you are much more geared than them it isn't going to happen. For this part I would suggest new achievement system for PvP. Making rating achievements by seasons instead of just one. Someone who went 2400 once in season 8 doesn't mean they are a 2400 player in s13. They also could of bought an account, win traded, or bought rating. Having achievements by seasons would show how skilled a player truly is. And also weed out the impostors. To finish I'll just say the changes I'd like to see. PvE set bonus not work in instanced PvP and/or against other players. Add new Achievements tied in with each season for PvP and also the class. "Druid 2200 S13" Add new PvP gear for Tank classes. AND FOR GOD'S SAKES TAKE OUT TEMPLE AND MINES IN RATED BGS LIKE YOU SAID YOU WOULD.Captfalcon52 May 1, 2013
May 1, 2013 1917 Fc lf RBG team Hi I'm looking for an RBG team that meets multiple times a week and wants to push rating to at least 2.2k... I'm just tired of having to pug from trade and it ending up being a 1700 team. If we win i get no rating if we lose then i lose like 20 points... Just looking for any solid reliable guild group/team. I am available all week days 3pm est - 7pm est and weekends from 12 am - 9 pm Please add my Btag if you are interested in having me on the team. Csongor#1340Sprank0 May 1, 2013
May 1, 2013 Give ranks back to random's. PvP has been in decline for some time now. I believe if ranks were introduced back into randoms it would increase participation. I know the elite will come here and flame me but, I'm past the point of caring.Deathhead45 May 1, 2013
May 1, 2013 I Would Like to Tell You a Story... I am sure you guys have heard this one before. We have all been on one side or the other in this situation. My only hope is that my new found Mage friend reads this and takes heart to my sentiment. I will start a little off topic. I hate arenas. At the moment, 2s is the primary means of "pugging" for conquest, and I think it sucks. I will not make a boisterous claim that they are unbalanced or the rating system sucks. I will be honest and tell you that my number one complaint against them is that I am not very good at them. The idea of RBG's intrigued me when it was released in Cataclysm, but I didn't play enough to get into them. Like many others, I cap arena every week and then pug a win to get to 2200 conquest. There is usually a group that logs in on Tuesdays and we all run together for an easy win. Last night, none of those people were online, so I took it upon myself to put together the group. I would like to explain that throughout the entire group up process, I made it very clear to everyone that I had very little experience. After we had about half of a group, I received a tell from a Ret Pally asking for an invite. Unfortunately, we already had a ret paladin who was a guildy and two dks. I told him that we were full on melee. He told me to kick the other ret and invite him instead. This seemed a little bold to me, but nothing to raise an alarm. He was just selling himself. I can understand that. Then, another person in the group who had assist invited him. I explained to the group that we had to much melee, and he immediately responds with, "Chill the !@#$ out bro...I am just seeing what you guys need." Again, I thought that this was bold, but I let it slide again. He says he has a Mage on "KT," and he is willing to group with us even though we are going to bring his rating down. We exchange real ID's, and seconds later we have 8 out of 10. All we need is a healer and another ranged and we are good to go. Over the next few minutes, the "eliteness" of this Mage becomes very apparent. He tells us that Windrunner is no place for PvP. He tells us just to listen to what he says, and we will win. He insists that he hosts the skype call. I should have seen all of the warning signs. I should have kicked him and found another caster. The group is together. We ready check and queue. Warsong Gulch pops. The clash happens. A couple die on either side. Both FC's retreat to bases. The Mage tells us to have two healers with our FC, and the rest go offense. Our offense wipes, and 20 seconds later, they are all in our base. The druid healer gets thunderstormed off the roof. CC's are on me. FC drops in five seconds. Before they could even cap the flag, the Mage had logged off WoW and Skype. Because he hosted the call, we were instantly without communication. The rest is textbook. Suddenly, everyone has something important they have to do. I was so disappointed in that Mage that I couldn't even bring myself to try to put a group back together. If you are still reading, you probably have made up your mind who's side you are on, so let me offer a counter to all of you who feel for the Mage. How am I supposed to learn if no one will teach me? In a conversation with a guildy about RBG's, he asked me, "What is your experience level?" I responded with a simple, "None, but I would love to learn." Some people are naturally good at WoW the same way that some people are naturally good at Basketball or Math. For the rest of us, it is a learning experience. We have a series of failures that prepare us for harder and harder challenges. Isn't this the essence of WoW? We all start off as a level 1 with 1 spell and a racial ability. We level and learn each new spell as it is given to us. When we hit 90, we start a new journey of taking all our knowledge and building upon it. If we started at 90 in elite gear, no one would play for very long. I would like to close with this. If you are the Mage in this story please do one of two things for me in the future. 1. Be patient. You might be grooming someone that ends up being really good. If they suck, at least you have made a friend. 2. If you can't be patient, please don't group with people that aren't as good as you. We will just waste your time, and ultimately you will waste ours.Mnight8 May 1, 2013
May 1, 2013 Quitting until druids are snareable/rootable. Giving druids back the ability to shape shift out of any form of snare or root is the worst idea of all time. It is too insanely broken and requires no skill from the player. Druids already have enough escape/broken mobility as it is. I will not be returning to this game until druids are brought down to everyone else's level. Go ahead and post whatever you like folks because I will also not be returning to see you're responses.Harù34 May 1, 2013