Mar 27, 2013 How to check # of my current games With this new interface I am confused. Is there a way I can view of many Rated BGs I played this season instead of the total number on armory?Sharptooth0 Mar 27, 2013
Mar 27, 2013 They really need to just make WoW 2. As someone who has been primarily playing PVP and enjoying it since Vanilla, Blizzard really needs to let WoW go and make WoW 2. Hopefully that's what the "Titan" shenanigans turns out to be (even though it's not supposed to be). The extremely outdated engine in WoW has always been an issue, but it has really been brought to the breaking point. Every expansion new band-aid fixes are applied on top of the flawed game engine just to make the game playable. The PVP in WoW is getting dangerously close to boring, largely because of extreme class homogenization, but that's a whole other topic. In vanilla, PVP was great. You could do it with raid gear, PVP gear, or even pretty bad blue/green gear. Many classes were unbalanced, but balance is boring. Balance is everybody playing the same class with the exact same stats. Then the band-aid train began in The Burning Crusade. Resilience was introduced. It wasn't too bad though. You could still get pretty far with a good set of PVE gear, and in some cases it was even preferable. It was mostly just a little stat sprinkled on to make PVP gear a little more appealing for PVP and less appealing in PVE. Ret paladins didn't even get resilience on their PVP gear until season 3, and paladins were still plenty fun. Fast forward a few years for the sake of brevity. Now people simply deal 60-70% less damage against other players. But throw some PVP power on top of it so players deal more damage, so it sort of cancels out some of the resilience. Now throw an invisible debuff called Battle Fatigue onto everybody to further reduce the amount of healing because healing is way too damn high because stats in PVE are scaling out of control to ludicrous levels. It's a complete mess. In PVP when you attack other players they either instantly die, or they sponge damage for 20 minutes straight. Stat values have scaled off to insane levels, and all these stupid extra stats and invisible buffs and mortal strike effects are in place. Every class has snares, CC, gap closers, burst damage cooldowns, defensive cooldowns, heals, support abilities. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if next expansion every single class used some bastardized version of combo points, energy, and a slice and dice buff, since that seems to be the trend lately. This has been largely just me rambling, but WoW could REALLY use a reset button. Everything is turning into a homogenized cesspool that is being barely held together with duct tape. PVP has turned into bland looking pile of people beating on each other so they can get some points to get new gear that has the same stats allocations, but it's a slightly higher item level! Oh ho! And then when a new raid tier is released we know a new season is going to come, with the exact same gear but with a slightly higher item level, and we can do the process all over again! Hopefully there is a coherent message hidden within my late night ramblings.Turaven8 Mar 27, 2013
Mar 27, 2013 Bg win loss % I was ruminating about how miserable a time I was having trying to get a win in Silvershard Mines and I started wondering what percentage of SSM matches I had won or lost. Then I went and looked at every BG and the data comes out like so: Alterac Valley - 66% SSM - 42% Temple - 47% WSG - 57% Twin Peaks - 60% SOTA - 55% EOTS - 24% (something must be glitches here cuz there's no way it's that low) Arathi Basin - 52% Gilneas - 61% Isle of Conquest - 59% Feel free to add whatever you want to this.Jerrel23 Mar 27, 2013
Mar 27, 2013 Possible solution to the World PVP issue 5.3 Quote from Nakatoir: " We are well aware that this is a concern that has arisen from players regarding the recently announced changes. While we understand that this is an unfortunate sacrifice for the overall betterment of PvP, we feel that this change will improve the state of both competitive and entry level PvP. This means that more players will be able to enter into PvP and as such increase to competition and the attractiveness of this fun and exciting area of the game. This doesn't mean that world PvP and duels will be ignored. We definitely understand that players are wanting more huge, epic and glorious PvP such as those that come from world PvP, we just don't feel that it's the right place with the faction imbalance that is present in such battles. We are also looking into trying to find some solutions that will help with PvE gear in duels as we have seen this is a concern as well." Instead of bringing Elite Tyrannical gear down to 496, why not just keep it at a higher ilvl comparable to Normal or Heroic raid ilvl gear? Battlegrounds, Rated Battlegrounds and Arena will still be bringing all ilvls down to 496 anyway. Keeping Elite Tryannical at a higher level, gives PVP'rs an incentive to shoot for instead of just a different color on an armor set that they might not even care for the looks of. This would also help solve the World PVP issue of fighting against 522-535 ilvl PVE players in your 496 ilvl pvp gear. It would also have no negative effect in the Rated BG's and Arena area where you want this change to address.Vesi14 Mar 27, 2013
Mar 27, 2013 5.3 PvP Tank Sets (PvE gearing concerns) So... -Remove resil gems entirely, or.. lock resil gems from being socketed into PvE gear. -Make tank sets for PvP with substantial set bonuses. That would certainly make PvE gearing undesirable for tanking BG's. Thoughts?Athazzar4 Mar 27, 2013
Mar 27, 2013 DeathKnight Thread Why are DK's (DeathKnights) so over powered? they are such a faceroll class it is not even funny anymore >.> With macros-All frost deathknights have to do is press 3 buttons and they can faceroll any class in pvp.. I was just on my paladin level 88-as prot- and this frost DK was hitting me for 75k's non stop and he/she was level 85 ...tell me is that right? My real life friend plays a DK and she only has four macros and she faceroll's other more geared players in duels and areas ...Like is that fair? can we please get some balance on DK's Can we please get them nerfed a little bit?Sahkara10 Mar 27, 2013
Mar 27, 2013 Death Recap Hey everyone, I'm making this small thread to suggest a thing, when I say suggest its pretty much asking for people's opinion on the subject. PvP is fun, and as a PvPer, you want to know what happened that made you die, im speaking for everyone here both experienced and new to PvP players. I was playing League today and there is as usual the death recap when you die, and I was thinking to myself ; hey, it would be pretty nice to have some kind of death recap system letting you know how the opposing team did to take you down, learning other classes spells and utilities, Thats pretty much it just a suggestion, please no veteran pvper qqing about learning on youtube guide videos or whatever, it would just be a nice add to the PvP system in my opinion, and even in Raid to let you know where you f*cked up. Give me your opinions!Aelton3 Mar 27, 2013
Mar 27, 2013 5.3 - PvE flag carriers/tanks now supreme For competitive RBGs most teams have a protection spec for running flags at the very least. With the announced PvP gear changes and base resilience, and the fact that PvP power has nothing whatsoever to do with mitigation, isn't the most viable option now to PvP with PvE gear gemmed and enchanted with resilience? Unless Blizzard makes some PvP protection-specific gear available, I don't see how this is going to work. Granted, this only impacts a small % of players but would impact nearly every RBG team. I, for one, will not run PvE content just to be viable in PvP.Myballsfine10 Mar 27, 2013
Mar 27, 2013 Bliz doesn't care, now neither do I After 8 years there really should be better balance then this at all levels of play. Open world, battleground, low or high this game isn't balanced. They obviously don't have the capability to balance this game, and it shows by developers who left and went on to develop pvp in other games. So thats it, frustration has reached the limit and i'm done. I officially don't care anymore about pvp. Its painfully (literally) obvious that Blizzard doesn't either.Olita18 Mar 27, 2013
Mar 27, 2013 I hate Druids Druids are the poopiest class in pvp, at least on the lower level brackets. "Oh, you wanna root me? nahh i'll just shapeshift and shake it off." "oh, you wanna slow me down? Nahh, I'll just shapshift, teleport 20 yards ahead, rejuv, and turn back into cat form and run away from you" "Oh, you wanna interrupt me? fine, don't use much casting time spells anyways" I hate druids with a passion. Biggest pansies I've ever come across.Xaldin16 Mar 27, 2013
Mar 27, 2013 ? Isle of Conquest ? Revamp ? I think this battleground had a lot of potential, but I feel like all of the utilities within it have pretty much boiled down to a single strategy... "Get the glaives." Seriously, one can almost guarantee a victory in Isle of Conquest simply by dominating the docks and burning down the enemy gates with the glaive throwers. They have ridiculous range, an extremely rapid rate of fire, and do a LOT of damage compared to their siege engine/airship counterparts. The worst part is, they can be parked so far away, that the tower cannons can't even reach them! I know not many people are all that fond of this BG, but I think it could be a lot more fun and fair for both teams if the tools for achieving victory had a bit of a makeover. In the very least, I don't think it would hurt.Yubell25 Mar 27, 2013
Mar 27, 2013 Some thoughts on the 5.3 PvP changes One of Blizzard's stated goals for MoP was to lower the barrier to entry in PvP for PvE-geared players, and in PvE for PvP-geared players, and they have admitted that they were more successful in the latter than the former. By increasing the base PvP surviability floor and decreasing the difference in survivability between a starting player and a fully PvP-geared player, the problem of instantly dying as an ungeared player is greatly reduced. I know personally that there are players who, having been curious about PvP, have tried entering BGs or Arenas and found that, due to a lack of survivability, they not only aren't having fun, but they don't live long enough to improve or learn how to PvP in the first place - I think that lowering that barrier is not only good, but almost necessary for the health of the PvP side of WoW. That being said, I think there are a few issues with the proposed implementation: First, the fact that there will still be resilience gems and enchants will still create a survivability gap between someone wearing a gear set meant for PvP (not necessarily the PvP set, but a set entirely gemmed/enchanted for resilience) and someone who, even if they are wearing PvP gear, fell into the "trap" of socketing for a different stat. This wouldn't be that much of a problem, even with the 10ish sockets available in the PvP gearsets, except for one thing - Blacksmiths will gain a fairly significant advantage (an extra 640 resilience beyond the base of 3300ish), while Jewelcrafters will have to choose between using their profession bonus in place of two resilience gems or losing survivability in PvP. My solution to this would be to remove all resilience gems and enchants from the game. This would remove the gap between different sets of gear, offer a larger range of possible sockets and enchants rather than resilience always being the best PvP option, and even out the profession bonuses. Second,, as I mentioned earlier, MoP was fairly successful about high-geared PvPers having the ability to try out normal-mode raiding without having to run Raid-Finder MSV and attempt to catch up despite being several weeks behind, while not negating the gear that actual raiders had. Blizzard did this by making the highest PvP set (Malevolent 483 - this was before the 5.1 upgrading existed) higher ilvl than the RF gear, but still lower than the gear from normal MSV, Sha/Galleon, or Valor Points. In 5.2, the RF gear from ToT is 502, the Tyrannical Elite gear is 512, and the VP gear/normal ToT gear is 522, which is about the same balance. Blizzard stated the reason for lowering the Elite gear from 512 to 496 was, if they left it at 512, "the conversion across to Season 14 would have been even worse than the transition from S12 to S13". I can only presume they're talking about the current issue where people with upgraded Malevolent gear are strictly better-geared for the first few weeks of the season, but I don't think backpedaling on their (by their own admission) fairly successful PvP-to-PvE model is best way to correct it. Instead, I would keep the Elite gear at 512, which keeps it as more than just a prestige upgrade, and normalize all gear in BGs and Arenas to 458. The important thing would be that the normalization ilvl *stays* at that point even when a new season/tier comes out, like the Challenge Dungeons. The third issue is something brought up by multiple people, where PvP gear will no longer be useful in World PvP. A frequently proposed solution is to enable PvP Power in world zones, but this has the problem of what to do about healers and the associated Battle Fatigue debuff. Either the debuff also exists in world zones, which would severely hamper people in normal gear doing non-PvP related things, or healers in PvP gear would be incredibly overpowered both in World PvP and on World Bosses. My solution would be to (in world zones only) keep Battle Fatigue inactive, make PvP Power only grant damage (and not increase healing), and make the damage half of PvP Power stronger for healers. Lastly, something that isn't necessarily related to the new changes, but has been around for quite a while - PvP trinkets. One of the remaining barriers is the need for a 2-minute CD anti-CC trinket. I would remove the anti-CC trinkets and give every race an equivalent of Every Man for Himself. This also solves the issue where humans are arguably the best race for PvP. My suggestion for a new human active racial, incidentally, would be something that increases offspec capability temporarily, such as: for 8 seconds every 2 minutes, if you are a tank or healer spec, you gain 10% damage, and if you are a damage spec, you gain 10% damage reduction and 10% healing taken.Ebonlocke0 Mar 27, 2013
Mar 27, 2013 is it fair? why is it fair for pve people to do pvp and pvp player not easy to do raids/ dungeons? with a flat resilience across the board people with pve gear can technically do some pvp. but when i do into a LFR and all i got is pvp gear people get mad and say i should not be in there. is that fair?Cecîl10 Mar 27, 2013
Mar 27, 2013 Potential Solution to 5.3 PvP Concerns I see a lot of concerns with 5.3 pvp gear having a max ilevel of 496 and no base resil, meaning much of the new PVE gear could be even better in world PvP, and possibly even instanced PvP in some slots or for certain specs (ie tanks), due to its excessively higher ilevel (especially heroic thunderforged gear for example), and that's definitely a valid concern. But increasing ilevel on conquest gear to be competitive with ToT PvE gear ilevel raises the problem that now PvP gear could be used to replace some PvE gear and boost ilevel for LFR. But, why not try the opposite solution. Instead of scaling down gear when you enter instanced PvP, why not scale down just PvP gear, when you enter a PVE raid. And also prevent conquest gear from contributing to average ilevel. Since avg ilevel is only used for entering PvE instances, this even makes sense on a philosophical level. Now conquest PvP gear can have it's ilevel raised to near the level of ToT PvE gear, making it viable in world PvP and instanced PvP over PVE gear, while alleviating the concern that conquest PvP gear would become replacements for some raider's PVE gear, and the concern that it could be used to boost ilevel for LFR. This actually could have solved previous isssues like the holy paladin 4-piece PVp bonus being so powerful in PvE without having to nerf the bonus itself. It just seems like scaling pvp gear to 496 opens up too many potential problems in world and instanced pvp, while scaling down PvP gear in PvE doesn't seem to incur the potential problems the opposite does. This is kinda the reverse solution, but I think it alleviates pretty much all the concerns. Maybe I'm missing something, but this just seems like it would be a much more effective solution.Bormes1 Mar 27, 2013
Mar 27, 2013 So many bots I recently came back to wow and ive noticed that there are multiple players using bots in every bg I play, and im sure theres even more that im not noticing that are using higher quality bots. Anyway i was wondering why this is, are bots so advanced that blizzard has a hard time banning them? Or they just havent had a ban wave in a while so more players started using them?Stophera0 Mar 27, 2013
Mar 27, 2013 Blue Posts I like #2Bdmxd0 Mar 27, 2013
Mar 27, 2013 Possible fix to Pve gear in pvp concerns Why not just make each piece of pvp gear give a set % of resilience that is constant no matter what Ilvl. For example, a head piece would give 5% resilience whether it's contenders, or tyrannical. This way, you don't have the concerns about new players coming in and being one shot as they can just buy a full set of contenders and have 65%, and you also don't have to worry about PVE gear becoming dominant.Stefin0 Mar 27, 2013
Mar 27, 2013 What I think honor PVP needs. There's been some discussion at WoW Insider about how to get more players into PVP, and what it would take for certain individuals to try it. I myself spend most of my time in WoW pvp'ing at max level (poorly) and leveling alts through the dungeon finder. As it is, honor PVP is an often boring, sometimes frustrating currency grind for gear that gives you a slightly increased chance of succes in a 1v1 fight. It's a pretty hollow goal. Sometimes a player can spend hours trying to get that measly bonus honor from their first win of the day, and sometimes it doesn't happen at all. But the devs have said as much that they can't take the gear out because they don't think PVP would be able to stand on its own legs without it. (Plus the differences in gear makes it all but impossible for the players to ever prove that one class has definitive advantages over another). While WoW has PVP, it's still a role playing game. And as an RPG, the biggest component I think WoW PVP is missing is random loot. I think the addition of random loot would bring a LOT of players in. Half the fun of killing a dungeon boss is seeing what he coughs up. What if a chest spawned in the middle of the BG for the winners to loot? I would happily trade that extra 200-or-whatever honor gain from a first win for a loot bag at the end of a win, or a chest for the winning team to loot. The bag should have some gold, a 10% chance at motes and/or crafting materials (PVP'ers like professions too!), a 2% chance at gear (some of which is BoE!), and a .5% of a new mount that is Bind to account. I think if you incorporate random loot and minimize the bonus honor gained from winning and losing, you'd see more players play and I think you'd see a certain number of "botters" and afk-players (not all, admittedly) actually try harder. Right now the cheaters are measuring the risk of a ban to the reward of honor they get from not participating in the match, and they think it's worth it. Take that reward away and I think the game gets better for everyone. What do you guys think?Zedthezombie0 Mar 27, 2013
Mar 27, 2013 Where are the 60 weapons? I was going to grab myself a HWL set, but I can't find the appropriate vendor in Area 52. I need the Replica, not the regular.Gremel7 Mar 27, 2013
Mar 27, 2013 A new way to world pvp? Apologies if this isn't the proper forum, if I need to move please tell me and I will. I had an idea in regards to world pvp, having just read in a post about balance in world pvp being an "unfortunate sacrifice". I'm fairly new to the pvp side of things, so this might be an idea that people hate, but here it goes anyway. What if the PvP Development team were to implement a queueing system that worked for whatever area you're in? I'm thinking it would fill roles, much like LFR only difference being it had 40 people instead of 25. Once the PvP groups were formed, no one from the opposing faction would be able to damage/engage you and anyone who wasn't in your own group couldn't interact with you either. Both factions groups would be locked to each other (could only fight one another in PvP combat). When everyone was in their formed groups, a giant blue area would highlight on the map they're all on as a starting point for the ensuing chaos, and they could move wherever they will from there on. All this being said, I'm thinking if it were to play out as I think it might, a good deal of server lag might occur, so only as a possibility, maybe phase everyone into their own version of the zone they are pvp'ng in, so as to not interfere with any other players who might be in the area's playing experience. I couldn't really think of how to balance out the PvE vs PvP gear situation, though I don't think it would be unfair to implement a system where a minimum of so much pvp gear be required to enter at least, being that it would be seperate from typical world pvp or BG's. If anyone has thoughts, please feel free to contribute. Just an idea I had.Ozai2 Mar 27, 2013
Mar 27, 2013 Deserter debuff due to Latency issues Dear Blizzard, Personally, I've recently moved to a place where my latency is nothing short of god awful. While there is no other issue around this, and the fact that my connection issues and lag can hurt the overall outcome of the match if I'm a decent contribution to the outcome of the battleground match, there is one thing bugging me about your 15min deserter debuff. The fact that you can get it if you disconnect from the game. In the past, this wouldn't have been a problem for me. But now I'm in an area where I can't change it yet I still really want to play, as much as a liability I might be due to my constant suffering of lag. Not only do I not want to be disconnected from a battleground when I'm in it (I know that can't be helped). But it's sheer torture that if you're kicked out of the game because you've disconnected that when you come back after constantly trying to log back in that you find yourself out of the battleground and slapped with a deserter debuff. Although I don't have any suggestion over how you can optimize this for the sake of player's like me, and differentiate us from people who would abuse a more lenient and forgiving debuff for being disconnected, I just can't help but feel flustered that over half of my battleground zone-ins will end in a disconnect/deserter debuff. I'd rather have 20 deaths and 0 killing blows then be constanly knocked out of the game because my internet service is subpar. Can anything be done?Ulafar3 Mar 27, 2013
Mar 27, 2013 F/UHdk LF 2300+ mmr rbg team Title pretty much says it all. Please post on here or send me an in game mail ThanksHelknight1 Mar 27, 2013
Mar 27, 2013 Balance or Favoritism? World of Warcraft has a wide variety of players to keep happy. They have PVE raiders, dungeon grinders, achievement collectors, role players, transmogrifier's pet battle collectors, Pokemon players, and PVP players in the arena and battlegrounds. Most players don`t enjoy every aspect of the game. Personally, I have only played the game for 5 years and paid for 6 accounts because of my love for PVP. I do not want to participate in a part of the game that I entirely loath just to stand out in PVP. I have spent a lot of time "Farming" honor and conquest to get the gear to enjoy the PVP aspect of the game. "Farming" the honor and conquest takes time and hard work, and I respect the players that have done the work to get the gear. I do not want the gear to be handed to us freely. I sympathize with the PVE geared players trying to make it in the battlegrounds, however, they call me a "baddie" when I try and participate in a raid and I can't keep up with their damage in my PVP gear. I DEFINITELY can't go into a raid with my PVP gear and tank, so I do not understand at all why PVE tanks will be able to come into my battlegrounds, carry my flag and mitigate more damage than I can!!! I love BLIZZ, but it appears that by trying to balance the game they are leaning more in the direction of the PVE community!!!Pacc0 Mar 27, 2013
Mar 27, 2013 Does honor xfer to gold now? read about how once you cap at 4k honor it will xfer to so many silver per point. Is this still in effect or was that just for the season change?Beefbud1 Mar 27, 2013
Mar 27, 2013 Lowbie BGs - Miss Chance/Damage Penalty I see they scaled everyone's Health/Mana up to what they would have at the max lvl in their BG bracket (While lowering your rating %s, like my Resil goes from 64% outside a BG, to 53% in a BG), but there's still the INCREDIBLY annoying penalty of missing another player a crapton or getting a damage penalty against them when you do land a hit, simply because they show Orange to you. This is such an "artificial" penalty/bonus in PvP, that it's !@#$ing ridiculous. It isn't enough that you're going up against someone in better/higher level gear than you, or that they have class abilities that you don't yet, but you also get tacked on some ridiculous hit/damage penalty because they're orange, while they get a hit/damage bonus against you because you're green to them. This penalty/bonus is pretty much there just to make sure that a lower level player won't kill a higher level player through skilled play. It's retarded.Thant1 Mar 27, 2013
Mar 27, 2013 This is not PvP. This isn't PvP. 3.4k non crit? And I've been hit for 7.8k with it as a crit. This isn't fun anymore. Getting two shotted by a warrior isn't my idea of PvP. Even as a bloody tank I'm getting two-three shotted. It's like they're ignoring my damage reduc and hitting me like a truck.Symphøny18 Mar 27, 2013
Mar 27, 2013 Heirlooms in low level pvp Why are heirlooms allowed in low level pvp? They literally allow certain classes to one shot other classes. I've leveled a lot of characters before, and I never remember low level pvp being this bad. Twinks were removed from regular queues, but were replace by alts geared up in heirloom gear, which is possibly worse. Some people claim that trying to balance low level pvp is a waste of time. Considering how much time you spend leveling a character, especially if you're new to the game, I don't think it would be a waste of time at all. Cataclysm was very much targeted towards newer players, and retaining their subscription. I'm sure the absolute lack of attention towards balancing anything below level 85 has influenced people to unsubscribe. Imagine being a new player to WoW, and having a lot of fun playing the game. All of a sudden, you get level ten and try out a new thing called 'battlegrounds'. You're excited to try it out, and see another player on the opposing faction with some heirloom gear. You try to attack him, and he kills you as soon as you get anywhere near him. Afterwards, you decide to try to hang with your team. You're going for the flag in warsong gulch, and you're one shot by a rogue who you couldn't see. You try to figure out why you're dying so quickly, only to find out that it's because you don't have a max level character able to obtain heirlooms. If any player tries to describe his experiences in lower level pvp, he's immediately hit with "pvp isn't balanced until level 85, get over it". Getting to max level is a pretty daunting task for a newer player. Do you remember the first time you hit the level cap? For me and most of my friends, it seemed to take an eternity. Lower level pvp doesn't need to be absolutely perfectly balanced. All I ask it the blizzard at least tries, for their sake and for the players sake.Whitesheep88 Mar 27, 2013
Mar 27, 2013 Holy pally streaming RBGs comment question laugh rofl cry w/eBeefbud0 Mar 27, 2013
Mar 27, 2013 Heirloom's in Bg's Can you make it so 10-70 you cannot use heirloom's in battle ground *just battle grounds* it makes it such an unfair advantage if you are not a heirloom user at least just the weapons please? Make 1-70 pvp much better.Sahkara29 Mar 27, 2013
Mar 27, 2013 Should i use a pve trinket? I have almost 16k pvp power and about 60% more dmg. Since i have so much, should i switch to a pve trinket with intellect? specifically this one [Volatile Talisman of the Shado-Pan Assault] I am essentially trading 1446 pvp power for 1467 intellect and pretty much 1 pvp power for 1 intel. 60% pvp power - 22676 spell power or with the pve trinket 54% pvp power - 24372 spell power Pvp power is a force multiplier and its only increasing my base dmg by a certain percentage. If i increase my base damage by 1700 spell power , wouldn't it be better damage wise to have the pve trinket? also, i do not care about the extra resil. This is all for a RBG spec so i can maximize as much damage as possible. and i feel comfortable at 63% res.Yangman0 Mar 27, 2013
Mar 27, 2013 DAE Miss what trinkets used to be in PvP? I was just watching an old school pvp video(Laintime, if anyone is curious), and started thinking about how differently we use trinkets these days, compared to how they were back in Vanilla. Back then, it seems, trinkets had more unique uses than they do now. Take for instance. It's a level 36 trinket, but it was viable at level 60 for two reasons: 1) It had a ranged incapacitate, which was very powerful in aiding melee to close the gap against casters; and 2) Trinkets weren't relied upon as much for stats as they are now. Anyway, I was watching this video, and I noticed he had a mod to change trinkets. I remember the mod, if you left-clicked a trinket on the bar, it would replace the top trinket, a right-click would replace the bottom. He had something like 9 trinkets on his bar that he would switch between during fights. Why can't we have this assortment of trinkets in the game now? I miss the utility that trinkets used to provide :(Bellicora2 Mar 27, 2013
Mar 27, 2013 Vortex+Solar Beam is an overpowered combo. Solar beam and Vortex combo is overpowered, Boomkins should be forced to choose between using Vortex OR solar beam, and never both. Also a 1 min cooldown for such an Important overpowered ability is too quick. It really should be a 3 min cooldown. Right now alot of RBG teams are running Double boomkin, and they just completely demolish entire teams since they just cycle the vortex/solar one after another on an entire team after being AOE Gripped from a DK. It's broken and unbalanced, anyone defending it just wants to keep themselves or their friends overpowered.Teárs12 Mar 27, 2013
Mar 27, 2013 The Tale of the Floating Cart Just happened to me in Silvershard Mines. It turned around right before it got to the end and floated in the air back towards the middle completely away from the tracks.Camdogdaddy1 Mar 27, 2013
Mar 27, 2013 Hpally or rogue? I have an hpally and a rogue sitting at 86 and 83. All the PvP I really do is battlegrounds and arena rarely, so which of these toons should I level up? I have no idea what they're like with their 87 abilities and their 90 talents, and with stats scaling differently, and I already leveled up a priest from 85 and I ended up not liking it, despite being told by guild members that I probably won't, so I'm not going through with all that work just to end up not liking it again. :p Basically, who performs better in battlegrounds? I know they have different roles, but that's only a part of it. :pTizali0 Mar 27, 2013
Mar 27, 2013 WoW PvP = ? WoW PvP =Xanthock18 Mar 27, 2013
Mar 27, 2013 Why the Alliance seems to lose so much. When I say this I'm generally talking about most of the real Battlegrounds (forget AV, SotA and IoC). I was just in an EotS, my worst BG win% wise (31%, would have been 19% if not for my approach to the last two games, both wins). I've been getting sick of losing it so at the start of every match I outline a strategy; cap our two towers and then push aggressively for a 3rd, usually FRR. This is because in my experience, possessing 3 towers gives us a much better chance of winning than holding 2 and derping it up at mid-field for the flag. How did people respond? I had two people, a lock and a mage, come out and start calling me dumb and saying it wouldn't work. To his credit the lock sucked it up and played the strategy out while the Mage beat his head against a wall near the flag all game. When we lost our 3rd tower halfway through the game these battleground heroes of course took the opportunity to call me out on it. What happened then? Of course immediately after that we re-capped a 3rd tower and held it for the rest of the game. Near the end of it a couple of people came out and talked about what a good strategy it was while the warlock just says bull!@#$ and shuts up. Then the mage comes up to me and in /s he drops a typical little kid insult - I just watched him get jumped by a Rogue and said enjoy dying, although sadly the game ended before he did. The reason we lose so many BGs is because this is the kind of attitude held by way too many people. Unless a strategy is outlined for them at the start of the match and they have a brain to follow it most of the alliance will just leap head first into a meat grinder at mid field as we lose the game. It was a relief to have a few people come out and say "see, he told you it'd work" but at the same time I lose a lot of faith in humanity every time someone insults the person who was right after losing an argument. Grow up alliance. But to those of you who are intelligent enough to play for objectives properly, kudos to you. You're the wheels on the bus that keep going round and round.Tyrannath103 Mar 27, 2013
Mar 27, 2013 Tank spec (main or off) for BG's Hey all, just a quick question: I'm really getting tired of getting either CTF maps, or AV/SotA and not having a decent tank in the group, so I was debating doing one myself. I have a 90: DK, Pal, and War and an 85 druid which could be leveled up in a couple days so the current character level isn't really a deciding factor (well aside from my monk that is still in the 20's lol). My question is this: does it really matter in random BG's what the class is? I would prefer to not have to build up multiple PvP gear sets, but if it comes down to it.... Anyway I tried searching for the answer for a couple days, and the closest things I could find were outdated. Does the class really matter for random battlegrounds, or do certain classes shine? I would like one that can tank bosses well, as well as possibly FC if needed, and have the option to either monkey around as a tank in the other maps (or if we end up with a decently geared and competent tank anyway), or have a viable offspec. Thanks for any insight, and I do like the play style of all the tanks so far, so "play the one you like the most" doesn't really help. Looking more for pros/cons of them in BG settings!Alexarose9 Mar 27, 2013
Mar 27, 2013 Returned to WoW, played a Silvershard Mines.. I have no doubt that this is the 182734th thread on the matter, but having just started playing again after a long break I just have to say it. This BG is the most clear-cut, obvious, blatant piece of faction bias that World of Warcraft has ever seen. I know Blizzard likely didn't do this intentionally, but the BG's been out for how long now? Have they mentioned any intent to fix this?Zant82 Mar 27, 2013
Mar 27, 2013 elemental shaman lf rbg group hello, im a 2.2k xp elemental shaman looking for a consistent rbg group. add me if u need one. battle tag- doitraw#1770Wompaqt0 Mar 27, 2013
Mar 27, 2013 Official 90's RBG Recruitment Thread PLEASE CLICK REQUEST STICKY! -----> PLEASE CLICK REQUEST STICKY! -----> *** Lots of players wanting Rated Battlegrounds ^_^. Yes, lots of reading and scanning through, but worthwhile when you find that missing piece for your group! FYI of the week!- If you are a DPS class, expect to call targets. Never should a healer do the target calling. As a DPS, if you are fighting, you must be able to call a target for focus. Loud and Vocal DPS = A 2.4k+ Player Please use format below *Spaced for less clutter* Access to a mic and vent or skype is 100% a must for Rated Battlegrounds. BEST way to contact you: Character you are going to play on: Race: Class/spec: Resil: Experience (Arena or RBG): Current RBG Rating: Time/Day available: Other info (optional): _______________________________________________________ Addons that help RBG gameplay (All addons from Decursive- Capping- NOT USE WITH DBM) Battleground Targets- BG Spy - SpellAlerter- CCReport- PLEASE CLICK REQUEST STICKY! PLEASE CLICK REQUEST STICKY!Kazahdoom0 Mar 27, 2013
Mar 27, 2013 Patch 5.3 PVP Gear Changes I know that all of this information just came out and questions are still being answered, but there are a few questions I have not even seen asked. There is a great thread on the EU forums concerning these changes, but there does not appear to be one universal thread here discussing the changes yet, so I am starting my own (feel free to post your own questions/comments about the changes as well). Questions: 1. According to the blog concerning these changes, all gear is getting scaled down to ilvl 496 in arenas and battlegrounds. Does this mean gear will not be scaled for Tol Barad and Wintergrasp? I understand that it would be impossible to attempt to scale gear for world PVP, but is there any reason gear couldn't be scaled for Tol Barad and Wintergrasp? During the battles the only people in those zones are people taking part in the PVP battle, so you would not be interfering with anyone else. If it would not be possible right now because they are still considered world zones even during the battles, would you be able to turn them into an instanced type of thing so that you could scale the gear? 2. You state that the Elite gear will be scaled back to ilvl 496. Will this apply to Elite gear obtained before the release of patch 5.3? Along the same line, will Conquest gear (ilvl 493) obtained before 5.3 be scaled up to ilvl 496, or will this just be for the gear obtained after the patch? General comments about the changes: 1. I think decreasing the barrier for players to get involved in PVP is a great idea, which I believe is something this will definitely do. 2. One of my main concerns would be world PVP and duels and how these changes will affect both of those. One of the ideas with some of the changes in MoP seemed to be to get us out into the world more, partly to increase the chance of world PVP (this was only for PVP realms, obviously). Now, though, this change could really change the climate of world PVP. I don't have an answer for how you could go about fixing it, though, so I can't really complain (and yes, I know I am on a PVE realm, but that doesn't mean I don't like world PVP). The only thing I can think of is developing some new game mechanic that would automatically scale gear when you engage in PVP combat. For PVE realms this would be relatively easy because you could just have it scale gear whenever someone is flagged for PVP, but this obviously wouldn't work for PVP realms where you are always flagged. If you were able to develop a game mechanic that would automatically scale gear when in PVP combat, this would take care of the issue with duels as well. 3. Another major issue will be figuring out how to make PVP gear better for flag carriers than PVE gear. Without further changes, I don't think there is any way even scaled down PVE gear will be worse for flag carriers than PVP gear, but that doesn't mean we need to worry endlessly about this either; there is still plenty of time for further changes to be implemented. Since PVP power will now be the only real stat differentiating PVP gear from PVE gear, one way to address this issue might be to make PVP power beneficial in an appropriate way for flag carriers other than increasing their damage. If this were done, though, then PVP power would have to give less of a contribution to damage increase for tank specs, or tank specs would gain too much benefit from PVP power.Zaier1 Mar 27, 2013
Mar 27, 2013 Useful patch note summary "We added resilience as a stat on PVP gear during BC to make sure actual PVP gear is necessary to do well in PVP. Unfortunately, this has had the effect that PVP gear has become necessary to do well in PVP."Prophette7 Mar 27, 2013
Mar 27, 2013 Twinking 80-84 I see some people in a little mop gear here and there but I have alot of 442 mop blues, gem enchanted and reforged. I have 154k hp when I see most with 40-80k in this bracket. Here is the most important part tho, I have 96.91% mastery, over 109% with a mastery buff. Because of this I'm playing as affliction. I can apply all my dots to a target at once (soul burn, soul swap) then in the time it takes to cast a single Mal grip a target with 80k hp is dead.I have never, in all my years had so much fun playing wow :) Anyone else twink like this?Bosslock7 Mar 27, 2013
Mar 27, 2013 RBG Blacklisting I am very sure I am not the only one that would love a blacklist on 2 BGs(temple and shard blow) for RBGs has blizz stated anything like this if now maybe we can dream..Kagrénac4 Mar 27, 2013
Mar 27, 2013 black list class this is needed in the game. all i see is warriors and rogues in bgs. it's quite annoying being stun lock by both of these classes. blizzard wont nerf them cuz there lazy and need to have these 2 classes always be powerful. i just wanna enjoy a bg with people that play classes that take thought. im not a 2400 player but i am competitive. i like good players not good class played by random players. i rather be outskilled than outclassed anyday. at least if a good player beats me i have a goal. if im out classes all i can do is reroll fotm. no thanksAbuunanot11 Mar 27, 2013
Mar 27, 2013 Best World PVP Server? See: Title. Looking for a decent world PVP Server.Xertbrezak10 Mar 27, 2013
Mar 27, 2013 fire mages please put blastwave back in game. whole reason i quit my mage. frost was always great but made me feel cheap. fire is good for randoms but competitive play it isnt viable imo. i miss my stuns and my blast waveAbuunanot22 Mar 27, 2013
Mar 27, 2013 Remove shock cooldown for ele/enhance It feels old. Clunky. No reason for it anymore. I'll even swap a talent for it! Tune lava surge procs down a little and let my elemental shaman spam dots like my boomkin can! Or like my warlock. Or mage. Or spriest. Or hunter with serpent sting. Or DK with disease spreading leading to uptime and in a group it basically says good luck keeping your team clean. I don't feel a spammable frost shock being the death of anyone since kiting is more difficult than it used to be years ago. Many melee classes got gap closers or abilities with use from a distance. For example: rogue talent tree tier, druid shifting, hunter pet thingie, dk talents, dk ams, ret dispel, ret hoF, monk roll, warrior charge, warrior safeguard, warrior heroic leap, and I'm sure a few I'm missing that will get around a constant snare effect and eventual root immunity. On my ele sham I feel like I'm just waiting to die while not being able to cast. Come out, thunderstorm, get wrecked while using mitigation CDs. On my warlock I target ele shams. Melee jump them in RBGs and arena and just sit. There are few other classes that I can look at and say, "Oh, you poor thing. Thanks for the points, though."Evolyn15 Mar 27, 2013
Mar 27, 2013 BG Honor How are Honor Points earned in Battle Grounds? It makes no sense to me. I can be the top dmg and healer at the same time (or close to it) and get some of the lowest HP. I can cap all or most of the flags, take the most towers what ever the BG needs and still get some of the lowest HP. I get some of it is your first random BG for the day and guild perks, those things cool. IF it is based off of honorable kills, then were is the incentive for the alliance to try and win, if you know your most likely going to lose just go for the most kills, fight on the road so you can rack up HP. This is frustrating to no end, try and win get screwed out of HP, what's the point of competing?Tïgger0 Mar 27, 2013
Mar 27, 2013 Sugg to equalize Silvershard Mines Map. Alliance complains a lot that the Silvershard Mines map is extremely unbalanced towards their faction. I agree. Just by looking at the map, even someone that has never played the BG can tell that Horde will reach Middle and Lava cart much faster than Alliance. Blizzard has proven, with the terrain change of the addition of a walking path in the Isle of Giants from the GY to Oondasta, that they have the capability to change the terrain of anything else, any time they want. So please consider equalizing this battleground if you're going to still let it be available for RBGs. (We all thought it was going to be taken out, but I guess not?) Here are some suggestions that may or may not work: Increase the length of the tunnel of the Horde left exit, and the Horde right exit. TEST IT and time it using DK/Paladins and regular mount speed characters to make the length just right that both teams will reach there at the same time, and not be at a disadvantage. Even if it looks like they got into the "circle" at the same time, doesn't mean it's equal because Horde will always be farther into the circle at Lava, and a moonkin can just waltz in and Typhoon alliance out of the circle, because they just got into the circle from the top, since Alliance starts from top spawn. So somehow make it so they can reach the same exact spot of the circle at the same time. Of course that would mean that there's the possibility then, that Alliance would turn the cart in their favor first since it may take them an extra .5 sec to get to the bottom of the circle, but they would be in the circle longer than horde (That may sound confusing.) Another option would be to make Lava cart always actually take the long road to the top node AT THE START OF THE GAME. So it'll never start the game going lava unless someone changes the arrow in time. It'll always start the game going to the north path. But with that, you still have to make the left horde tunnel slightly longer, because otherwise Horde will just start by capping middle, as they have the advantage of hitting it first. Again, TEST IT, and TIME IT before it goes live. A 3rd option, that would maybe solve the Alliance-to-Lava-cart a little, would be to get rid of that weird bump/curve on the alliance's left exit (if you're facing the exit as an alliance, I'm talking about the exit closer to Lava). If the exit was more straight, it may make it so alliance can get to lava 1-3 seconds faster. But this would still have to be in conjunction with making the left horde exit slightly longer so they don't have an advantage of hitting middle first. Lastly, to make it so the LEFT cart is equal for horde, you'd probably have to move the starting points a little , so Alliance is slightly farther away. But then that would mean that you'll have to change everything again regarding middle and lava cart. In the end, having a 100% mirror map may be boring, but it'll at least not be biased. So maybe that's what Blizz should just do. It really doesn't matter too much for regular BGs, but for RBGs it's simply not fair. Anyway, I really feel like before you put in the new BGs for 5.3 RBGs, test it first for at least a month on live servers before implementing it for RBGs. It sucks being alliance and having a 50% chance to be "Horde" in RBGs, and 0% chance when facing Horde (ofc), and then getting Silvershard Mines.Glued0 Mar 27, 2013