May 1, 2013 So, are warlocks the FotM? I don't see anything wrong with them, there's just a lot of them in my BGs. I didn't know if it was just an inordinate string of luck or if they're FotM because they're so pub-stompy.Vaelidaar25 May 1, 2013
May 1, 2013 Bye prot - HELLO Warlock tanks! So, with tank specs taking that extra 50% damage, how 'bout dem warlock tanks in rbg's? I've ran with a skilled warlock as FC and it seemed just as viable as prot and now with a nerf, they seem like they can be utilized in that manner. Just a random thought but what does the more experienced RBG teams think of this? *I do understand everyone else will be taking 20% extra damage as well.*Trowlawl13 May 1, 2013
May 1, 2013 WSG Flag capping bug? Is it only happening to me where I stand on the flag to cap and it takes at least 5 seconds to cap it?Broimhuge3 May 1, 2013
May 1, 2013 ioc and av flip starting points lets make these bg's more interesting for everyoneHodini6 May 1, 2013
May 1, 2013 7 Prot Warriors in one BG. (low lvl) I'm sure those in charge are aware, but seriously, it's pretty bad. Many steps have been taken to improve low lvl PvP over the years, unfortunately this problem has become a plague recently. A simple solution: Lower Shield Slam damage. Increase Shield Slam threat.Fibes2 May 1, 2013
May 1, 2013 Full Tyrannical.. Now what? I've finally hit full tyrannical, but there's NOTHING to do... With the recent removal of the 27K conquest vanity cosmetic upgrade removal.. I can't think of what to do with this guy.. Do I push rating? Gear an alt? I don't want to go and be a dragon slayer guys... PvE sucks.Lustx38 May 1, 2013
May 1, 2013 Clicking the dropped flag wsg Hi. im always to slow to click the flag when it drops...any macros? or help would be great.Narkotixx3 May 1, 2013
May 1, 2013 Ret in RBGs, what is the solution? I can't tell you how many hundreds of low mmr groups of 1500 noobs won't take me to their RBGS because they don't want a ret. I link my hero and 2700 arena achieve and they say sorry we still don't want a ret. I've started making my own groups now and most people just leave and say, oh wow a ret is in the group? no thanks and they leave. Making a group of my own takes me HOURS, like 2 or 3 HOURs. then we play 2 or 3 games and we stop.... i don't like to feel like my spec is so useless that even a clown that can't break 1750 in arena will bring me. I mean, this is getting to be something else. I've had to play holy for the last expansion because ret couldn't make it in RBGs. Now this one ret still isn't viable, what can I do? Everyone hates my spec and I'm so tired of holy. I already have alts to play with but... I shouldn't have to respec or reroll to play RBGs. Run with friends is a great solution but even they make me play my warrior to FC or play my mage because it's better than ret. Will 5.3 really make people think ret is good? I have my doubts. Ret isn't bad it's just not as good as other classes/specs.Enzue8 May 1, 2013
May 1, 2013 Why isn't they're a requeue option? With bots running rampant and stupidity at an all time high, you don't come across a good group often. Why not add an option that allows you to regroup with whoever else selects the option and queue for the next battleground together?Kovu4 May 1, 2013
May 1, 2013 MW monk LF some RBG action..! Hello, I know the forums are not a LFG but I have no other choice im and MW monk currently 1800 in RBG'S. Im look for a core group to run some rbg's with to push rating, im curretly spamming OQ for groups but most fail i dont have to money to server change but i am looking for a core group from any realm i am on most of the time. please get back to me if you are intersted thankyouUndyingqt0 May 1, 2013
May 1, 2013 Why is next patch Nerfing Hunter CC's.... and not other classes? Hunters are going to have to choose between Silence Shot and Intimidation as a Talent but fears and stuns and other CC's nor heals are getting nerfed...just makes no senseDelitefulsyn63 May 1, 2013
May 1, 2013 Temple of Kotmogu Rogues I just wanted to make a thread about rogues in ToK. Honestly they are ridiculously overpowered, the ability that allows them to stay in stealth for 3 seconds after attacking basically guarantees a kill on an orb. No amount of strategy can stop it. I was in a game where the HK count was 70 to 15 in our favor and we lost because the team had 4 rogues. We clearly won the game, but the ability to kill orbs at will and just vanish and do it again is just overpowered. Even one rogue can completely control the game, and there is no counter for it. You just have to aoe around yourself and hope for the best. Even if people are watching you to save you the rogue gets a full 3 seconds untargettable and then can simply cloak of shadows to get a kill. That is plenty of time to kill an orb carrier. No other class can control a BG singlehandedly because of a talent (other than maybe knockoffs in EoTS). I'm tired of playing better than the other team and losing because we didn't get as many rogues in hand of random players we were dealt.Lightenupp57 May 1, 2013
May 1, 2013 What is the point Why do you put people into battlegrounds that have already started and your side is losing by a lot. What is the point all i get is a free loss and a waste of 10+mins. Little to no xp or honor. Sometimes I can't even run out of my starting zone and we lose.Hilfgunter0 May 1, 2013
May 1, 2013 Decline in PvP Healers You'll find all healers rerolled dps specs for the following reasons 1. Damage isn't outhealable anyway 2. CC is out of control 3. you can't even avoid CC, it's literally all instant 4. You can't even dispell anymore, so if you dispell, all a mage needs to do is root you and you have no way of avoiding the incoming polymorph, ring, deep freeze or any other CC that is being cast on you. Thats why there are no healers. What do you think? (Also this are not mine words I copied it from someone else but I like it and wanted to start separate thread. Sorry about that I know copyright etc . lol)Krajisnik110 May 1, 2013
May 1, 2013 ADHD Although I love the shorter que times, typicaly 2-10mins down from the 20-30mins of the past. I miss the epic battles of old, they were alot more competitive back then, you had time to figure out the oppositions weakenesses n strengths n adjust accordingly. Occasionaly I'd find myself in a hour long facerolling but from my experience 2-3 horde would drop out, being replaced by more competent pvp'ers (or people who actually pvp and don't just sit there whinning at everyone else) and I'd often turn the loss into a win. Nowdays I find the avg bg lasts 10mins, either we faceroll them, they faceroll us, or once in a blue moon its a competitive hard fought out match, you barely have time to figure out the opposition and by the time you do the bgs over + if were not winning in the first 5 seconds then we better jus sit afk at the gy and hope we get to do the facerollin nxt match..Daslovak9 May 1, 2013
May 1, 2013 I wish I wish blizzard would make a competitive bracket for bgs. For people who like to play the objectives in bgs as they level up. That way if people are just going to sit in the middle of the map or doing nothing to contribute to the game they would get like an hour ban or something from bgs. I find myself raging more because people sit in mid and do nothing because "we're not 90 yet". I know it is a game and all but I don't play games to lose. Sorry for the rant just very frustrating.Hilfgunter0 May 1, 2013
May 1, 2013 Tyrannical for Honor Is it 25k or 27k? I remember 25k being thrown around somewhere but the goblin hasn't opened up shop for me.Verose3 May 1, 2013
May 1, 2013 Unbalanced Battlegrounds. Hallo all and developers I am not sure if this thread has been made, and I apologize if it has but I am just frustrated beyond belief with the unbalanced battlegrounds. I wish to hear from the developers whether or not that they are looking into this problem or even acknowledge it. The battleground I come from is Whirlwind, and I am not sure about the other battle groups but this one is severely unbalanced. I just got out from a ten man twin peaks game, and before we even started we know we have lost because the opposing horde team was made up of 3 disc priests, 1 resto druid, and 1 holy paladin. Half the opposing team is made up of healers, which is impossible to take down, anyone who disagrees with this; I invite them to send me a video displaying them killing one healer while three others are healing him. I was wondering if blizzard is aware of the problem and actively seeking a solution, I hope so because it frustrating to all levels to join a battleground where half the opposing team is healers, and our team has maybe 1 if we are lucky. Is there no way that blizzard can rergulate the games so only in any given game there can only be a certain number of healers, for example, ten man could be limited to two healers, 20 man to four, 40 man to 8 etc… Before anyone else states anything, this not a one off, since this morning around 10 am, I have been done nonstop battle grounds, most of the random battlegrounds have been twin peak, and gilneas (which I have never won, even though I have done that bg 14 times). This un balance of healers is present in nearly every game, and this makes the battlegrounds impossible to play, I don’t mind losing, I just hate losing before I have even started. Aireon64 May 1, 2013
May 1, 2013 Natural evolution of PVP; staring matches. Well, I've been looking at WoW PvP for ages. And I've noticed some peculiarities... Blizzard always wants fights to last longer. People always complain about healers being unkillable, or that they undo all their 'hard earned' damage. Healers complain that there is too much CC and that damage is way too out of control. So, in response, Blizzard has decreased damage taken. Blizzard decreased healing taken. But now they're going to decrease damage a little bit more for everyone! However, this could mean proportional healing may be king again. So, Blizzard will have to reduce damage some more. But that means healing would be proportionately higher... so they'll reduce damage some more.. etc, etc... The only natural evolution of this is that we all do no damage and no healing in PvP. We just line up and stare at each other until the other team /afk's out of fear, or something... In an odd twist, this will also indirectly solve any problems with AV balance. The horde now get to stare at Balinda forever... and in the end, isn't that all that matters?Takeru13 May 1, 2013
May 1, 2013 sota, bring demos to beach? So yeah, Strand we cap the 2 GY and the first people in the demos run them back to the beach? I must been missing some super secret strat but random people helping the horde seems like a silly thought. What gives?Tusoa2 May 1, 2013
May 1, 2013 screwed out of 100k honorable kills by blizz blizzard screwed me out of my 100k honorable kills. I had like 92k, then I had a problem in which blizzard directed me to delete my cache ,interface, and wtf files, came back on to find I only have 4kish honorable kills. I submitted a ticket about this and the GM told me most likely they would not be able to help. ive been earning those 100k since vanilla. 8 years of killing down the drain. if you feel the need to look up my armory you will see that I have the 50k achievement, but only 4k killsWafectus29 May 1, 2013
Apr 30, 2013 Stop making stupid threads about warlocks Classes are not balanced around 15 undergeared, uncoordinated and uncooperative strangers derping in mid. Destro locks aren't OP. As a paladin I struggle a lot with locks, but that's not new. Lock damage in arena is easily healable and counterable, and their healing is negligible and functions more as a way to make up for their poor escape capacity (demo doesn't have the healing, but they have larger shields and Demonic Leap). Warlock healing is perfectly fine. A destro lock can probably beat my healing in a random BG on occasion, but the way our classes function is different and their healing output in sheer numbers has little to do with their survivability against damage that actually matters, i.e. burst damage while their healer is cced, out of range, or while they are unable to defend themselves from it with counterpressure, cc, or defensive cooldowns. As was posted earlier, once their healing cooldowns are exhausted they're a pretty easy kill, as ember generation is not suitable for sustained survivability when being trained without assistance. They can still outplay you though, and if you don't know to take advantage of a situation with your trinket and your DPS cooldowns. you deserved to die to the lock who was struggling to survive. If anything is overpowered about destro locks its Mannaroth's Fury's interaction with Rain of Fire and Fire and Brimstone being such accessible on-demand AoE damage, synegizing so well with their equally accessible, powerful single-target burst damage and execute. As far as arenas go, they're actually not that strong. In BGs they are only strong because of the ember generation they get from the above and it's far easier to freecast.Lowrey7 Apr 30, 2013
Apr 30, 2013 1st try at a youtube pvp video. Hey guys just as the title says thought Id give it a shot! I had a lot of fun with it. Heres the link : hope you all enjoy be as honest as you'd like because id love to continue more videos and learn. If you have any suggestions on what you think would make it better for next time please let me know I would Love the feedback! Thanks for your time everyone. Deathkins a.k.a Tomkins - Bleeding HollowDeathkins14 Apr 30, 2013
Apr 30, 2013 Don't Nerf Me Bro Go on forums cry about Slams being OP, IDC I have all heirlooms will comeback as that priest, hunter, rogue, druid, or pally, turn off experience for blues in all my off-slots to own you again and again. YOU want me on your TEAM! YOU need me on your TEAM!Slamsyou13 Apr 30, 2013
Apr 30, 2013 symmetrical AV ok so this is not a QQ but iv spent all mourning reading posts of how AV is unfair for the horde... now iv played in many battle groups and usually horde always lose. the Oqueue score board shows evidence that alliance always are winning AV and IOC resulting in a lot of horde QQ. now when the horde had an unfair advantage with the hanger in IOC they nerfed it pretty quick. the losses may result in something i call the HORDE SMASH syndrome: a common occurrence where the majority of a battle ground is only our for blood due to the nature of their races which results in many losses in AV from not coordinating a back cap group or in AB from not just holding 3 bases the other reason may be that AV is simply not symmetrical and the lay out of AV making it easier for the alliance to face roll southbound to victory ... so if either point is true why not just make AV symmetrical to stop all the QQ? seems simple enough a projectEbonsoul9 Apr 30, 2013
Apr 30, 2013 Some help with picking a class? Hello, thank you for taking the time to read this. I currently PVP with a Frost/UH DK, but it's starting to get a little stale and I want another class to PVP with. Stealth interests me - so I'm looking at Feral or Rogue. I know neither of these are particularly easy to play with, but I would like an opinion as to which is easiest to learn. Not to dominate - I'm not looking for FotM, but the easiest to understand and play well, as well as the least amount of keybinds. I have not played either at 90. I put this in the BG subforums because the only thing I will be doing with the character is random BGs, so I'm hoping for answers in that context. Thank you!Orthes3 Apr 30, 2013
Apr 30, 2013 Children's week..? I never take anything to the forums, but c'mon blizzard.. You're putting tons of people uninterested in PvP into BG's so they can get their achievement. And us PvP'ers know how much normal PvE'ers suck at PvP. Is anyone else getting a load of incompetent players in their groups too?Felony43 Apr 30, 2013
Apr 30, 2013 Boomkin or Resto LF RBG group! Well, as you can see from my account, my current CR is only around 540, however, I am looking for a group to run regularly with. I'm an experienced druid, I can play all specs well, however I both excel and love resto and boomy much more than feral. So... if there are any groups looking to pick up a regular, feel free to add, pm, or message me in game: Tyzall#1328. Have a nice day ;)Wildsoul0 Apr 30, 2013
Apr 30, 2013 Nerf everyone for better gameplay with the amount of cc and burst damage right now this aspect of the game is starting to get mindnumbingly terrible. my solution is simple, nerf everyones damage by 30%. nerf all cc's by 2 secs each. i love having big damage, and roll face on keyboard with my warrior,lock,dk,rogue ect... but for this game to remain strong and fun there needs to be some nerfs. as far as arena goes, there should be no such thing as a 1 shot macro. to lose an arena purely by class and not skill is what is wrong with pvp atm.Xmali3 Apr 30, 2013
Apr 30, 2013 How does one combat a healer in BG? This is not a QQ thread. I am not petitioning to "nerf healers". And I am not here to whine about OP healers. It seems to take a small army just to take down one of them down and while this doesn't seem fair to me, it is what it is so we try to adapt. I am here for advice, and since I'm certain I am not the only one with this problem, I am hoping this thread will be helpful to others as well. So how DOES one combat a healer in BGs? Any advice, tips, tricks, ideas or anything of the sort is welcome, even suggestions as to what class/spec's are best at stopping them. So when YOU see a healer on the battlefield, what do YOU do?Fleshstick26 Apr 30, 2013
Apr 30, 2013 Suggestions for PvP. (Might be wrong place for thread sorry but Im to lazy to find the correct one I looked for a total of 2 minutes) I love all the changes for patch 5.3, and more importantly the priority to get more people playing pvp. I would love cross realm arenas because my pve server is way better for raids but horrid for pvp groups. Everything will be different from the perspective for a certain class in pvp; usually in the form of complaints. The only thing that I have found to be an issue is the DM of fear and the damage output of death knights and warlocks. As well here is a list of things I would like to see changed. Mages should have to cast cause if it goes off you'll get a chain of instant spells that will automatically one shot you. The skill for a mage is to be able to get the main spell off that applies the debuffs for the rotation. Any glass cannon class should work this way. I was a death knight and it was insanely easy to get 120k crits every other hit on a toon while applying the NS rebuff. with the high damage, anti-cc, and high survivability DK with all cooldowns can destroy any class and any spec with ease. Or at least that was my experience, with the exception of a very good rogue and a very good warlock. I think for dk making it more of a challenge to get the other player in melee range is needed cuase I always thought of that class as a slow moving truck. Let it get to you and you'll die. I think increasing the survivability, changing grip mechanics, and giving a slight nerf to damage would even things out. Warlocks. Its a dot class, instead of being able to do an insane amount of damage on a long cast rotation they rely on multiple damage on others to make up for the difference on one. However right now that is not the case. They have absurd single target damage with a very high survivability rate + damage to a full group. And the most popular specs are demo and destro because of being a higher damage output than a mage in pvp. Increasing the cast times and reducing some of the damage slightly will even it out. Idea for fear: reduce fear to 3 seconds unless a debuff is on them which (comes from a cast) 6 seconds. For me to fear something I think they need to wip out a chaos bolt before hand. They are very intimidating. Or a haunt. Or demonform. ShadowPriests. Do the same kinda change to fear having it be the longer duration if a debuff is on them otherwise its shorter. I think it makes sense and would be an awesome mechanic to sort out the fear issues. Kinda like how the monk paralysis works. Since we are on the topic of monks. Monk feel like they are designed, all specs; for pve. Putting in nimble brew wont fix the issues. Brewmaster tanking is negated by stuns. Give them some type of drunken evasion for that or a mechanic with a cool debuff thatll reverse the stun. I hate passives. I like pressing something for a counter rather than having a chance to counter without user input. Im not a windwalker because of it being very lame in pvp. All it is is chaining cooldowns so that the player cant do anything. Its very stupid looking and insanely linear. I think as a leather class they need a mechanic to negate damage like rogues stealth. Without stealth they die rather quickly so lets think of something for windwalkers. I think making sparring more of a user inputted mechanic will be perfect. Make it the opposite of rogues, if the monk is facing you he'll press sparring and reflect your attack, if you hit him from behind you do double damage. something along those lines. Itll be a fun niche/mechanic for wind walker. Change karma to if they heal a friendly target they take the same amount of damage as they have healed. Or just make it less baseline of damage reflects. It to general to be fun and too obvious to negate. Also give ring of peace a better animation, it's very poor. Make it a solid ring with flare on it and something asian in the center. Like the icon. Mistweaver have high mobility and get destroyed by cc. Make mana tea have an added benift of reduced seconds to cc per stack consumed as a buff that lasts double to the amount of stack consumed. that'll fix everything with a skillful press and timing. maybe. just throwing out suggestions. Shamans have to many long cooldowns. I wont play them cause all the fun of totems have been sucked out by making them have long cooldowns. The good ones at least. Hunters seem fine. The other healing classes seem fine other than druids being able to always run away. Warriors seem undepowered and second wind to strong. Conversion for dk's is the only attractive talent in that bracket since changes. Rogues damage needs a slight nerf, and cooldowns reduced slightly in time. Pally's are fine though their spellbook looks like a mess of changes you made to them over time. I feel like I should give my opinion because I pay alot of money to play my favorite game. Keep up the good work blizzard and please read my comment :).Requs2 Apr 30, 2013
Apr 30, 2013 Alliance Best race for alliance warlock?Jugaa44 Apr 30, 2013
Apr 30, 2013 Tired of Losing BG's? This post is designed to create a new BG system. It will settle the issue that "I lose because I'm Horde/Alliance." It's concept is a BG without factions. The solution is simple: The BG random system also extends to random players. You are not Horde or Alliance, but Red or Blue. There is no advantages to being part of any faction, anyway. Blizzard ensures fair competition so grants each faction to be equal. They do not favor a side. We don't get anything special for being a certain faction, other than racial which are not game changers. There are no rewards. The only thing we all get is the same gear as everyone else, which is the sole basis for playing in a BG (other than the joy of killing./healing others). What really is the point in being Horde or Alliance, other than the race of the toon? Blizzard cannot control pre mades, partial pre mades, or just people playing with other that lack PvP skills. Those issues are the root cause that effects the "I lose because I'm Horde/Alliance" and will never end until changes are made. People make pre-mades and partial pre-mades, just as certain battlegroups and certain servers containing better players. These conditions are created by the choice of the player and are fair game. On my battlegroup, Cyclone, the word is that all the good players transferred to the Alliance. In all actuality, why wouldn't you want to be on a winning side? Im to cheap to pay for the transfer, which is why I'm still Horde. If a random player system is developed, then your going to lose from a completely random basis. Your odds will be 50/50 and if your overall win rate becomes more or less than 50%, well then your just unlucky or lucky in random queues. It's the only way to eliminate the "I lose because I'm Horde/Alliance" notion. So, if you like this idea, you have to bump the post until there are so many bumps, Blizzard will address it, like they always do, but if will be months or years until implemented. At least there is a solution that creates a fun environment. Let's face it, it's no fun losing over and over and over again. In the meantime, if you do not bump or comment the post, then stop your complaining about "I lose because I am Horde/Alliance."Blyaze17 Apr 30, 2013
Apr 30, 2013 85s Thread of Home realm for all twinks 1-89? New Thread! 85 XP-Off Community Information If ENOUGH interest, from players willing to move together, we will set up a home realm for every level of twinking in the game (1-89) vote below Players that have not upgraded to Mists of Pandaria will automatically be queued in the experience-off bracket. For those that have Mists, join the community by visiting Behsten in Stormwind or Slahtz in Orgrimmar to turn off your experience. All Season 11 (Cataclysmic) gear is now available at vendors in Dalaran Sewers and Gadgetzan. Monks do not have gear available yet but are able to purchase the off-set pieces. So far no word on monk pvp sets below level 90 from the developers. Here is a helpful guide for gear by Peculia! Advantages of twinking at 85 - Fast queues (generally 5-10 minutes during peak hours) (depending on battlegroup) - Less gear disparity than many other brackets, particularly 80-84 - Healers aren't Godmode like at 70 - Very small bot presence Disadvantages of twinking at 85 - It can be expensive to level professions, gem, and enchant your gear - but once you're done, you're done! No endgame gear treadmill. - Some BiS items require camping either the auction house for rare items or camping rare spawns in Pandaria (but viable alternatives exist) Professions of note - max level 600 - Through Archaeology you can acquire Spear of Xuen, Mantid Sky Reaver, Umbrella of Chi-Ji and Quilen Statuette. To farm these items without a level 90, do not level Archaeology past 525; that way, all your Archaeology sites will be in the Jade Forest. Added in 5.2 were Sonic Pulse Generator (Gun) and Mantid Sky Reaver (One-Hand Sword) although these two require more effort to get. - Alchemy increases the effects of almost all consumables as well as offering Zen Alchemist Stone. - Blacksmithing allows you to add two more MoP gems to your gear. - Engineering has helpful and entertaining tinkers as well as a very powerful Helmet at lv600. - Herbalism allows you to acquire Water Spirit and Life Spirit in addition to Lifeblood (2880 haste for 20 seconds). Other Items of Note - Sun-Lute of the Phoenix King (BiS 2-hander available from BMAH) - Kafa Press - Crystal of Insanity Arenas To queue for Arenas, you no longer need to enable your xp. Raiding Battletags are used to organize raids and pvp groups. Browse the thread for current information. <Guilds> Horde <Bearwolftriceratiger> Undermine Alliance <OS Gaming> Kel`thuzard <Oppressus> Eitrigg <Sawes Six Gaming> Gilneas- Removed most guilds, that was dead, if i accidently removed yours post and i`ll re-addJedieree500 Apr 30, 2013
Apr 30, 2013 New BG idea Skies of the Giants taken place over isle of the giants Air ship battle type of bg. 15v 15 type bg flying dinosuars drop knockback bombs on both ships, guards with packs fly over to your ship. attacking torrets and players. each ship has x amount of health and only 1 left standing. each ship will have 4 guns. rest of the team is there simply to wipe guards which you get half the ammount of honor for. Note: this is great for new players, not gear dependantXmali0 Apr 30, 2013
Apr 30, 2013 suggestion create your own bg contest many games have features such as single plaer,multi-player, campagne ect.... i get this idea from tony hawk pro skater 2. they made a feature to create your own skate park. now here is my suggestion, make a contest for a one of a kind mount. where the contestants can either draw or screen shot there idea depending on programs and send it to the blizzard site through email. after blizzard goes through the top 20 they are interested in trying out, put in all 20 bgs on the PTR. after 2 months of testing and feedback 1 is declared a winner. this would not only increase PR with the community, but get a lot of interest back in the game. Note: could also work for raids or heroicsKushstrike0 Apr 30, 2013
Apr 30, 2013 Frost Mage LF RBG pushing 1700+ 8500+ resil 14k+ pvp power I've been playing frost since LK but nothing serious until this expansion, but I've recently been using oqueue to push my rating on this toon. I'm extremely skilled at cc, multi dotting, and TC if necessary. I would prefer to find a group that runs mostly on the weekends, but I either way, I would like to get involved with something more stable than the normal oqueue craptastic groups. battletag - Jumanji#1258Jumanjï0 Apr 30, 2013
Apr 30, 2013 Resilient Victory - LFG Win AB after being down at some point by at least 500 resources. After years of AB on multiple toons, this achievement has never happened for me in a pug. I don't think it ever happened for me even before the achievement system. In any event, I'm looking to find/make a group in order to get this one wrapped up, and could use some advice on doing either (finding or making a group). If anyone feels like posting one of their strategies, even better. Thanks in advance!Sicariüs2 Apr 30, 2013
Apr 30, 2013 Am I the only 84 alliance twink? Worked and spent gold to twink at 84 only to realize that Horde rolls HEAVY with twinks here and I rarely see any fellow alliance twinks. Debating on rerolling Horde or just paying for a faction change.Magkmissle0 Apr 30, 2013
Apr 30, 2013 79 exp off Does this exist?Chasemee4 Apr 30, 2013
Apr 30, 2013 Can't get a win in random bg. Tis true, not sure what is happening but losing ALL the time sucks :(. very discouraging to lose 9 out of 10 games. I'm talking like ROFLSTOMP not even close. Oficial QQHrock0 Apr 30, 2013
Apr 30, 2013 CHILDRENS WEEK WSG Get rid of this bull!@#$ achev.People dont even try.They sit in flagroom the full 20 min.Really blizz children in a bg.1 week of bull%^-*.Foomonchoo0 Apr 30, 2013
Apr 30, 2013 RBG cap and transferring? Hi, not sure if this was the right section to post this but my question is... So i'm currently playing on the oceanic realm barthilas, and I plan on realm transferring to an american server, namely tichondrious. On my main character i have a cap of around 3k conquest points and was curious if I got capped here on barth would my conquest reset on tich for a whole extra 3k conquest points when i transferred? or are you only limited?keep getting different answers from people and can't get any confirmed answer really. Apologies if this has been answered before, thanks for any help. cheersPriestley3 Apr 30, 2013
Apr 30, 2013 Gameplay diary Chapter 1: Healing in the flag room! Stun, stun, stun, disorient, fear, silence, kick, blind, fear, grip, silence, stun, root, cyclone, fear, stun. Rez. Repeat. Healing is certainly a challenge this season, at least in BGs, fun stuff :)Megas1 Apr 30, 2013
Apr 30, 2013 Bring it back Frost, nature, shadow, and fire resistence. Spell damage is way out of control.Kaysi0 Apr 30, 2013
Apr 30, 2013 Children's week.... Here it is. Enjoy the masses at flag in middle of Eots and the like. Lol.Dere0 Apr 30, 2013
Apr 30, 2013 Alterac Valley Does anyone else besides the entire Horde side think that the lay out is a little favored toward Alliance? A little unfair maybe?Chàrlièmurfy23 Apr 30, 2013
Apr 30, 2013 Engineering? There was a thread on here extolling the virtues of engineering for PVP, but I can't seem to find it. I'm getting into rated BG's more and more (pug groups only, unfortunately), and I'm wondering if I should drop LW and go engineering. Any opinions please? (My second prof is JC.)Radroit4 Apr 30, 2013
Apr 30, 2013 Strand of the Ancients Are the tanks suppose to share your resilience? I thought they were but they clearly arent.Minoda2 Apr 30, 2013
Apr 30, 2013 AV honor points question I just finished an AV where I did 4mil damage, 9 honorable kills, assaulted a graveyard, and eventually got down to drek and alliance got the win (I am alliance). The horde averaged about 200ish honor with their loss. A bunch of alliance got anywhere from 300-400. Even an alliance warrior got 247 pts with 0's in every category, no damage output at all. I got 179 pts... The only thing I can think of is other servers have different Call to Arms but if I'm wrong on that what am I doing wrong. How can someone do no healing/damage or pretty much anything and still end up with about 40% more honor than I did? I'm not whining I just really want to know especially if I'm missing something that can benefit my honor points. Thanks guys =) (I also notice this happening in some other bgs)Yumbo2 Apr 30, 2013