Mar 1, 2013 Oqueue roles Hey folks, Just started using Oqueue, had a question that I've been trying to figure out. When requesting/waitlisting my warrior to RBG groups, I want to convey to the preform leader that I am both arms and prot. I usually only respond to "low MMR rbg - Need FC", because arms warriors are not all that in demand in RBGs. How do the preform leaders know what spec I am? Does it go off what you "queue" as? Is it dynamic so they see whichever spec you're currently in? TL;DR - I want to RBG as a FC, I want to hang out in the waitlist as arms so I can do dailies and stuff. How do I let RBG leaders know I want to FC?Orangecola4 Mar 1, 2013
Mar 1, 2013 Blizzard's PvP Design Philosophy ... revolves around player A having much fun at the expense of player B. This is so because the PvP design philopsophy is fundamentally built up around anti-player mechanics. Player A makes Player B helpless, and derives much enjoyment from it while, at the same time, making Player B frustrated and -- in the more unbalanced case -- angry. Therefore Player A gets two sources of satisfaction: from controlling player B and then again also by causing him to become frustrated. One can have the discussion of how much of this "zero sum fun" is reasonable, eg. whether it is prudent to design a system of entertainment around principles that enable some to have pleasure at the expense others. One can similarly discuss whether this is prudent if all players pay the same subscription and are therefore, at least on common-sense business principles, entitled to the same enjoyment from the system. Here is an excellent example of how the current PvP design one-sidedly enables a player to have fun at someone else's expense: 1. Battleground begins 2. Player A sprints while stealthed and saps Player B in mid field for 8 sec 3. Player B knows he has only one trinket cooldown and so waits the 8 sec 4. Player A re-saps player B 5. Player A re-saps player B 6. Player A disorients Player B for 8 seconds 7. Player B notes that his teammates will benefit from his participation and uses his trinket 8. Player B is incapacitated by Player A and then, shortly afterward, silenced by Player C 9. Player B is bursted down after having no ability to react to his situation. During the entire sequence, he was unable to control his character or contribute anything. This has been extraordinarily fun for Player A, but all of that fun was paid for by Player B who was controlled the whole time. Player B did not have any fun in this exchange and was made angry that the game mechanics in this circumstance seemed to place him at an unreasonable and unfair disadvantage.Sanctimonius10 Mar 1, 2013
Feb 28, 2013 Dude, I've been holding the flag this whole.. time. You've been derping around, while i have to run figure 8's to lose the 6 enemy that can afford to chase me non-stop ....if that rogue catches me, I'm a goner. Sorry I wasn't standing on the Flag when you FINALLY got your act together and killed EFC but they were expecting that and were waiting there if I did stand on the cap point I would have died a long time ago. I don't remember those 2 healers on me a matter of fact I vaguely remember a few teammates that became speed bumps for the crowd chasing me down. Honestly, my Vortex in the tunnel did a lot more than that derp did as far as peeling for me. Yes, i understand that you don't have Humanoid tracking and don;t know how many people are barreling down the tunnel ...I do. I looked at your gear and figured it would be better if I just ran, you probably should have followed me. /end rantHulagirl17 Feb 28, 2013
Feb 28, 2013 Just a thought... Really missing the old AV... Anyone else think they should just make a new bg 40v40 with the same content as the old AV, and restricting it from CTA or something? Making it so its a choice to play it rather than being forced to play it.Koliu0 Feb 28, 2013
Feb 28, 2013 What class for PvP should I make for 5.2? Im looking to make a new toon to level and do pvp on in Patch 5.2 but having a hard time deciding because i dont know the pros and cons of each class. I basically want to make a casting type class that i can kite people and such but still be able to pull good damage. Tried doing pvp on my elemental shaman and yes i could do serious damage on people but I was very squishy and had a hard time surviving.Dashvar9 Feb 28, 2013
Feb 28, 2013 World PvP is dead People only PvP for gear in BGs and arena, talk smack about facerolling pugs, and poopoo lowbies trying to learn but became frustrated instead. smack talking i feel is reserved for someone who got owned somewhere anywhere, OTHER than where you know you have such a distinct advantage no skill is generally required. However, ifn i was to raid a city, i better be at least geared as i am when i go pugstomping because now im taking on a real and tangible challenge. Pugstomping is fine you are into to cyberbullying, but my challenge follows my observation: Observation: i havent seen a raid on org or stormwind in A LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time. I do remember on my old account as recently as cata, wholesale monkeystomps rolling thunder thru SW and beyond. Now, pugstomping. Challenge: Faceroll your oppsoing faction out in the realworld where you cant hide behind you rediculous gear buffs and vent and OQ and whatever pugstomp tool you justify against polayers you wholesale acknowledge undergeared or skilled for your level of gameplay. Stomps some pugs in org or stormwind. Then talk crap. I know some of you have already did this, blah blah blah. Take your badazz arena teams and go get some where you are wanted, in a major city with players who will NOT make it easy for you. I WOULD LOVE to see an ally raid come strong arming that random BG crap on my server IN ORG. cow....ard.....hahahaha Until then, emote rude gestureHrut7 Feb 28, 2013
Feb 28, 2013 SotA and healers Why can't we heal demolishers? I understand that it doesn't make sense, logically, but not having much to do besides CCing when we're attacking isn't very fun.Doochi1 Feb 28, 2013
Feb 28, 2013 Best lock-killing class!!! I am noticing alot of warlocks flagged for PvP as I am running around and have decided to make a lock-killer. Can anyone tell me what is the best class for this in their opinion? I was thinking rogue, but maybe the DK I have is best. Please help me out guys, cause there is one specific lock that I really want to beat down on that kept ganking me in Hellfire Peninsula when trying to capture the three points :DKazankis9 Feb 28, 2013
Feb 28, 2013 hammer of justice, blinding light...repentanc e. Really blizzard? you listen to a whole expansion (CATA) of complaints of cc, stuns... you just essentially add more. no wonder its all over the forum that this 'is the worst pvp season' ever.Aielendis20 Feb 28, 2013
Feb 28, 2013 Why don't people make good pvp videos now? Just hit me today while I was listening to a old song from the Beldric S6 ele vid today. What happen to all the good wow pvp movie makers? The ones with good transitions, timed music with scenes, and good RP factors to it. Most of the videos stopped in wrath and there were good vids in cata but now there are not much of any. I am not talking about the MLG players/top tier cause a lot of their vids are non edited which is a good style for them but miss the entertaining ones. Here are some good examples of vids that are just entertaining (no skill factor even though some are good) (I know some of these are top tier players.) Dremlock 4- Beldric S6 Teed- Get On My Horns (The sherlock holmes part at the end is the best) Adouken 3- Haero editing Kenwood 3- Haero editing Bebep- Fire'nDestruction 2 (Watch before The Ultimate) Bebep- The Ultimate (Hands down the best vid ever) I know some of them are not top skill but entertainment value is there. Just miss long story filled/action filled/fun pvp videos. Only one that I have seen recently that is close is Cobrak 16 which has some cool scenes. Don't get me wrong I love watching the no edit raw videos. But I use to watch pvp videos when the servers were down and during long bg que's. Just miss the pvp vids that stuck out.Knoxx19 Feb 28, 2013
Feb 28, 2013 give everybody 40% resil but keep healers op For years players have complained that healers are Over powering in the early stages of the bg system. example being level 10-30 priests who are next to impossible to kill. So what did you game developers do? You gave everybody 40% resil but kept priests and other healers the same. We couldnt kill ( healers ) them before but now they heal just as well but receive 40% less damage. Does that seem fair to you folks who design this game>? Get a grip blizz !Msal8 Feb 28, 2013
Feb 28, 2013 LFM Low Rated RBGS Have at least full dreadful, be horde. Probably only doing one game, post up! (have skype)Bowyo0 Feb 28, 2013
Feb 28, 2013 Choosing a healer for pvp I did post this in the healing forum, just want a bunch of opinions. Healing is very stressful in pvp, but fun from what i hear. However, I don't know which to pick! I'm not looking for a FoTM healer. From what I see...I want a healer that is mobile. That is a must cause I don't like just standing in one place. I also don't want to be just spamming one or two heals, so I want the class to take very much skill to master, but be worth it. I do pvp, so having defense cool downs or being able to survive a bit while being focused is also a must. I mainly focus on rbg's and 3's, but ill do 2's and randoms for fun. I enjoy having some HoT's and having a large toolbox of healing spells. I think i would enjoy having AoE/Raid heals. I want to have a descent damage OS also. I love seeing lots of numbers flying around my screen. I want to be wanted in pvp groups. I'm very competitive, so being near the top/topping healing is also a must..or at least having the potential to. I want to log onto this healer as my main for as long as I play. Please and thank you for the help :)Athëist8 Feb 28, 2013
Feb 28, 2013 Looking to start RBGs I've never done arenas or RBGs before but I've got pretty decent PVP gear from doing randoms. How should I go about getting started? Any help would be appreciated.Gloryah4 Feb 28, 2013
Feb 28, 2013 Quick question about the conversion :) Hi guys :). Right now I'm capped on points but I'm only 400 points away from getting my weapon :(. My main questions are, 1.) Do the points convert on the 5th or march or when the patch hits. 2.) Can I still earn conquest points from random bgs next week so i can buy my weapon before the patch?Boneybologna7 Feb 28, 2013
Feb 28, 2013 Bell of Power - wPvP Idea Granted that the general forums move way to fast, and they are only used to complain, I am going to propose this idea in a more restricted forum. Tiny from his vault thread made me think about this again, and write up the proposal. Wotlk brought Wintergrasp Cataclysm brought Tol Barad I present to you, an idea for a wPvP event fitting MoP and the changes this expansion has brought. This idea was originally going to based in the old world, until I realized CRZ meant it would not fit or be possible. Goal: To get people moving in Pandaria, and begin to restructure a server based community. The goal is to make an event that pits Horde vs Alliance in a regular struggle, were friends (and enemies) can be made and remembered. Story point: The Lorewalkers have uncovered a hidden artifact, another ancient bell that contains the very notes of power within it. The bell is not without cost, as it requires constant attention, and a power source from which to feed. Alliance and Horde forces (NPC) have begun collecting ancient Mogu, Pandaren, and Mantid objects of power to feed the bell. Gameplan: Horde and Alliance heroes (that's us) are to intercept the opposing faction's shipments at all cost! Your enemies need not taste the power of the bell, and only through intercepting shipments and stealing their objects of power can your side taste true power. - Horde or Alliance NPCs will guard points across Pandaria. A band of heroes (balanced for around 20?) will attempt to kill the NPCs, loot the object of power, and take it to the lorewalkers in place of the original shipment. This will be a fetch and return style mechanic, expect that you must deal with NPC guardians, and other players! - Both Horde and Alliance will be able to see both side's shipments. Do you challenge the enemy face on and assault their object of power, or do you defend your own and make their life hell!? - Ownership of the Bell is opened up every 2 or 3 hours. Mechanics here could vary depending on whether Blizzard wanted 1 turn in to capture the Bell, or require multiples. - Multiple teams can assemble from a raid, agreeing to have one defend and 1 assault, ect. Example Images: (Overmap with icons for objects of power and a neutral bell) (Golden Vale map featuring a controlled bell, and a nearby object of power) Handicaps: It is well known that most servers are NOT balanced. As such, Handicaps could include *Weakened escorts with the objects, being easier and requiring fewer members to kill the escort* *Closer objects of power* *Huge PvP Resilience buffs for a weak team when near objects of power* Handicap 2: In the event one side controls the bell for extended periods of time, the constantly losing team could be given large boosts such as *require less objects turned in to cap the bell* *Have their object turn ins count for more resources if resources were used, ect* Rewards: Some sort of Pandaria buff, including the ability to find hidden treasures, badges to turn in for loot / vanity items. Possible a rep associated with participation like TB. TLDR: Read it and add to it, we need a WPvP event for MOP!Skul1 Feb 28, 2013
Feb 28, 2013 2 Rax Opening Blizz please nerf, this is pure cheese.Rageville9 Feb 28, 2013
Feb 28, 2013 Hangliding in bgs Why is this allowed? I saw a lock do this and fly across the entire field in eots. He was about dead, then just leaps and hanglides to safety. Seems pretty absurd to me. What if an entire team had them?Deadblessing20 Feb 28, 2013
Feb 28, 2013 Frost mage LF to be on a RBG team. Hi my name is budyzer on my mage. I am looking for a RBG team at least over 1400. I'm 1450 rating ATM. For next season of course. I know what I'm doing in rbgs I'm very comfortable. I gear up quick too. Add my real ID yzer92@hotmail.comYzer0 Feb 28, 2013
Feb 28, 2013 Anti Bots: verification question before BG I think this is a good idea to prevent bots from joining the BG: When the BG window pops up, it should also have a sub window asking you a simple question, just like most websites ask you to do when you register an account. The question can be: 1+2=?; or, if that is too easy to get scripted answer, it can come with an icon of a skill, and ask you which class has this skill. For example, if you see an icon of deep freeze, you need to type "mage" in the answer of the question "which class possesses the skill showed in the icon?" If your answer is right, you get in BG; if your answer is wrong, you do not get in BG and get a deserter debuff.Stabyoulol13 Feb 28, 2013
Feb 28, 2013 Low level healers make BGs unplayable 'til 90 ...for certain classes/specs. Sorry if that was misleading, but I couldn't think of a shorter title that says the same thing. Anyway, let me begin by saying that I am a player who frequently keeps up with competitive aspect of WoW. I watch pro streams daily, know almost every ability of every class, do arenas almost every day on my main Rogue and Priest, etc. I had been playing BGs frequently on this character until 85 (this was about 2 weeks ago), and my damage was never even close to being able to solo a healer, and my gear was always pretty good. In many cases not even two people could down a Priest only using PW:S, Renew and Flash Heal. Sure, he'd run out of mana doing that, but 2v1ing for 30 seconds kind of puts your team at a disadvantage. Druids can basically do the same thing with Rejuv/Regrowth. I tried all 3 specs, and and I only felt a little less useless as Frost. Well if you can't kill him, just CC him! Easier said than done. It's almost impossible to get a Polymorph in a BG becuase there is no coordination and your Polymorph will surely be broken by any of the mongoloids who are only trying to kill the healers. Also, you need to be in range of the healer, while the healer only has to be in range of whoever is in the front line. Oh yeah, and if there's more than one healer, well... I guess you'll just have to hope your random teammates will do the rest, but what are the chances of that? If you don't like BGs, don't play them. I did stop playing them. I would only do them a few times in each bracket just on the chance that I wasn't useless (which was never, of course). I'm only making this thread because I think it's a shame to not have fun in BGs. I thought it was great that Blizzard made BGs a somewhat viable way to level up because when I play WoW, I only look forward to PvP. I could write more, but now I am tired and not as butthurt as when I first started writing. TL;DR some noobs healed for a lot and then i wuz sad blizz pls fix ;[ ;[ ;[Versâ5 Feb 28, 2013
Feb 28, 2013 What is the point in bg's before cap? Yes, this is another qq thread. You literally only have to play one of 5 classes to auto-win pre level 90. -Holy/protection paladin -Any kind of Hunter (You can literally have half a brain with no BoA to play a hunter) -Arms Warrior -Shadow/disc priest -Restoration druids. I have tested each and every one of these classes till about lvl40'ish and every single one was faceroll and a bit too game changing. The bg's are filled with these classes. I know blizz "has" to have the data on this. Now, yes I know bg's aren't supposed to be balanced before cap, but if all you have to do is play these classes and win before cap, what is the point in battlegrounds when all you see are these classes facerolling everyone? I know they could at least reduce the ratio's on some the abilities so they wont be so ridiculous. Do something, nothing drastic to affect cap pvp, but make it fun for new players. The pvp community cries about how much it is ignored when the simple fact of the matter is that new players are instantly turned off from pvp the moment they hit lvl10. Thus, the pvp community continues to shrink as older players get frustrated with capped imbalances (that's a whole other ball of yarn). If you really cared about the overall pvp experience of new players, I'd really suggest fixing something. Anything. /endqqZiix19 Feb 28, 2013
Feb 28, 2013 Cloud Nine too hard This achieve is ridiculous! This is like the only achieve that seems nearly impossible in randoms. Even 3-4 returns can be a lot considering you are competing with other players. Any chance of changing this with the new Khan title coming?Positron43 Feb 28, 2013
Feb 28, 2013 HEY PLS HELP IM SO CLUELESS IT SUCKS! Ok, so i was looking up how to lvl quickley on the internet and they just said to battlegrounds because they give crazy XP. I did what they said and tried a PVP game. ALthought, im not sure if its because im a Windwalker Monk, but I got CRUSHED. other people were dealing like 30000 damage which is high for my level and had around 2000 health!!! WTF YOU SHOULD ONLY HAVE LIKE 1000!! PLS TELL ME WHY THEY WERE SOO JACKED UP AND HOW THEY ARE SO GOOD!!!! I GOT PWNED AND IT SUCKSSSSPungai9 Feb 28, 2013
Feb 28, 2013 Can you still summon Lokholar the Ice Lord? So first a disclaimer, I haven't done any BGs in Mists yet but I miss the days of summoning the Ice Lord in Alterac Valley. I haven't seen it done for years and I thought it was the most fun part about that PVP battleground. Is this still possible and does anyone even try it anymore? If not, would you like to see it made into a viable option again? Maybe I'm the only one that even remembers it?Middling3 Feb 28, 2013
Feb 28, 2013 Conquest points Should i be saving up my conquest points for the convergence?Ðeimøs5 Feb 28, 2013
Feb 28, 2013 LF RBGS 2140 CR mage, trying to push for 2.2k before tuesday. Hit me up in game Breezy#1902ßreezy0 Feb 28, 2013
Feb 28, 2013 Questions for 15-19, 20-24 and AV Haven't played for a while and I just have some questions about the state of BG's these days: - Lock XP at 19 or 24 (to "meet" the trial accounts on the battlefield) - AV still a good source of Honor? - What is the queue like for locked-xp 60 AV (my old favorite)? - Are the other BGs "faster" honor than AV, or is it still the place to go? Thanks in advance for any ideas on these, it's great to be back!Bariandaris3 Feb 28, 2013
Feb 28, 2013 Hi, I have a job a full time job, and I exercise, and I have kids. I also like this game, I have ZERO ZERO ZERO ZERO ZERO ever possibility of EVER EVER EVER having a remote chance at being able to compete in pvp. Key word: compete, meaning I don't have the 'time' devote to 'gearing'. But I bought your game, I like fun. Good job. still most fun game out there at the moment. But wrecked beyond all recognition in some areas, pvp being one of them. I seriously think you might have more subscribers if you 'deleted' all the expansions to get back to the TBC. And then just 'remodel' everything so it's the evil draenie..forget their name.Heavypetter47 Feb 28, 2013
Feb 28, 2013 Fix BG maps Its way past time to fix your horde loving BG map designs. I will NEVER play Silvershard mines NOR any other map you deliberately set up in favor of the horde. Every game in SSM starts with the carts going to dump on the horde side of the map, and FAR too often all horde players need to do to secure 1st capture is run the shorter distance. You CHEAT in favor of one faction and it stinks.Hawkyye3 Feb 28, 2013
Feb 28, 2013 WILL SEASON 12 GEAR DE TO CRYSTALS? I dont know if they will or not, i want to know so i can sell mine before patchHugehealz0 Feb 28, 2013
Feb 28, 2013 Would I be able to be main Guardian spec? I want to carry flags and stuff more than anything. If I got full PvP gear would I be wanted for rated battlegrounds? How tanky are Guardians in PvP, if viable at all?Unbeatabull3 Feb 28, 2013
Feb 28, 2013 RBG team 5.2 lf dedicated players no rating is required as long as your are dedicated and willing to learn as a team if ur not good ill make u good. add me on real id if interestedDakaran0 Feb 28, 2013
Feb 28, 2013 Ally Vs. Horde, take turns at AV? I was wondering; Would it be possible to get a group of 30-40 Alliance, and another group of 30-40 horde, all around the same level, and que up for av? Then, take turns winning and losing, yielding epic amounts of xp. Thoughts? Is this against the rules?Imobuyitnow8 Feb 28, 2013
Feb 28, 2013 Rated battleground queuing ... Just read this in general forums. With 5.2 Will we be able to solo queue for rated battlegrounds or is the person trolling?Infectious3 Feb 28, 2013
Feb 28, 2013 LOL @ 80-84 bracket Feb 28, 2013
Feb 28, 2013 Flaws in pvp This is not the same as another thread but I will admit pvp in this game has some flaws such as in warsong gulch a group of alliance player spawn camped. This made it impossible to do anything. Before anyone says starts trolling first let me explain that as soon as you spawn your health is half and your stun locked by 4 people, if you can fight out of that then your a better player than me. Some ideas that could be done would be to make the spawn are invulnerable for 20 seconds or so, that allows people to get ready and repel any attacks. Or put a debuff on the opfor so that they only have half power. Other games do a wonderful job of keeping spawn camping to a minimum, Blizzard could learn from them.Nellitta15 Feb 28, 2013
Feb 27, 2013 pvp gearing right now Is there any point with the season ending? Or should I just wait a couple weeks and start pvping then?Tavo5 Feb 27, 2013
Feb 27, 2013 Bots rampant in certain warzones? Hi all, This isn't the typical observation about the occasional bots we tend to encounter in warzones occasionally. I am posting out of shock at what I've seen the past few hours, and I'm wondering if it's a) just because it's a weird time of night and not many people on and/or 2) just my battlegroup or 3) something that isn't new at all. In EOTS, and to a lesser extent AB and WSG, there seems to be rampant botting... and I'm talking an average of 8-12 people per team (both factions) full of bots. I've noticed this last night and the night before around the same time (late hours in the US). In one particular BG, To support me and a few others' comrades worry that they were bots, we sat and watched them. The group of 8-12 just runs back and forth between Fel Reaver and Blood Elf (Horde) towers, or their respective towers if they are alliance. The few of us observing it even sat for a moment, not doing anything, and watched as neither team capped a tower (until several minutes into the game since teh players were barely on the nodes long enough to cap) nor picked up a flag from middle. Is this an isolated experience, in your opinion? Is this normal? Have you ever seen this? Think it's made up? This is the most rampant boting I've ever seen, I have no idea how but if it is in fact botting I really hope Blizzard is aware and taking measures.Sliice5 Feb 27, 2013
Feb 27, 2013 REQ WPVP: assassins and bounty hunters i would like to request the ability to have assassins and bounty hunters. contract killers whose long term contract (up to 7 days) is target specific and completes upon the death of the target at the assassin's hand. finding a contract killer: similar to a merc, assassins and bounty hunters are specialized killers. contracted for the sole purpose of killing one target. the merc-menu would have a section of assassins and bounty hunters see: half now, half upon completion: assassins and bounty hunters are especially untrusting souls. they expect half the payment upfront assignments and fine print: the assignment can be to kill any toon on any faction on any realm. the assignment is for a single kill, so spawn camping is not possible. contracts can only be taken out on top level toons. double-cross: as a special skill for under-contract killers, the target can be paralyzed... allowing the contractor to present an ultimatum... pay double... or die. if the target takes the offer, the contractor turns into a pure assassin and now has a contract to kill the original contractor. :) completing the assignment: the assassin or bounty hunter would move in and out of the target realm's main city while hunting for the target. upon killing the target, the target's body would be lootable allowing the target's head to be recovered. upon completion of the contract, the associated funds would be released and the contract killer would have received a positive mark on the merc-menu cancellation the contract killer may cancel their contract at any time... forfeiting the money and receiving a negative rating on the merc-menu.Tinymasher0 Feb 27, 2013
Feb 27, 2013 getting booted from battlegrounds...why? Hey, so I just decided to do one battleground tonight, after 12 hours at work...I did a dungeon or two..then on a whim decided to do a bg. I just hit 90, and I expect to have a rough time but I figure I will have fun. i was until....'you have been removed from the battleground' or some similar message I was literally attacking a rogue, when it happened. I wasn't afk...I was guarding the stables most of the game. This happened last week when I was on my mage as well. Wasn't afk...was playing, was poorly geared. Oh..and there was no mention in chat about me. Are people playing in vent together and grouping up to vote out the lowest dpsers? How am i supposed to gear..nevermind that fair???Dere13 Feb 27, 2013
Feb 27, 2013 Would 3 Active Specs Make Sense? With the changes in 5.2 you can purchase Tyrannical gear with honor after getting 27,000 conquest, which facilitates gemming/enchanting/reforging a 2nd set for an off spec. Would it make sense for Blizzard to allow players to have 3 active specs, so they can switch from say DPS to Heals to FC depending on what is needed (i.e. have 3 sets of gear)? Just a thought.Kiaransali17 Feb 27, 2013
Feb 27, 2013 Set-Up. I wish Blizzard set up a system for Random Battlegrounds to have a limit to how many healers could go in. I love getting stuck in Pre-Mades to where the Horde side has 6 healers in a single WSG group.Verayne15 Feb 27, 2013
Feb 27, 2013 Before March 5th....what should I do? So I learn that Season 12 will be ended and season 13 will have a new gear class. I have saved my 4k honor and 7.2k conquest at this moment. Should I just go buy malv gear before it gets converted to hp and gold or should I leave it as it is after March 5th?Unholylock5 Feb 27, 2013
Feb 27, 2013 Is this viable? I was just thinking, lets say you just hit lvl 90 in whatever quest/instance items you have. Now, lets say you were able to buy a crafted set and are able to do random heroics also, your main goal is to get the full honor bg set. Instead of going straight into random bg's and getting destroyed and probably frustrated, why not just run random heros with your friends/guildies/random people and convert jp's into honor? This would probably take the same amount of time to acquire said full honor set as if you were just grinding bg's in bad gear yeah? Also you'd be making a decent pve set as well at the same time right? One more thing I've found very very odd, the fact that I cannot buy (at my level of 48 atm) any honor gear that is over my current level (lvl 70 sets, 80 sets, 90 gear) I am not really sure why this is. Is the honor that I am earning right now inferior to the honor that I would be receiving at level 90? I have capped my honor about 3 times now (12,000 honor) and I would greatly like to start buying gear instead of wasting my honor on heirlooms that I will never use. I have been thinking that perhaps this was Blizz's way of keeping bots at bay, but lets be honest bots are abundant and they are not going away. and even in low level bg's considering how long it takes to cap honor (a long... long... time) I don't really think it would have that big of an impact if Blizz were to let low levels buy endgame honor gear. So anyway, those are two things that I have been thinking about for a while, what do you guys think? I'd really like to hear if anyone has actually gotten a full current honor bg set from converting jps, if so how long do you think it took you? Thanks for reading guys!Risenshadow4 Feb 27, 2013
Feb 27, 2013 Fix Blacklisting! I'm sick of downvoting a BG only to get put right into the ones I have asked NOT to get put into. I'm sorry but Alterac Valley just isn't fun anymore (esp now that I'm horde and horde can't ever seem to pull a win out of it) not to mention the cluster-F of people involved kinda hurts my aging computer. Also - Eye of the Storm sucks (again, this is just my opinion) and I'd rather not get stuck there. Every time, since they've implemented this "downvote" feature or whatever - I click on something and get a little red error message near the top of my screen that says "failed to blacklist map" or some garbage like that. EVERY TIME WITHOUT FAIL I get placed in one of the BGs I've chosen to opt out of. Some BG maps have grown on me over time, having disliked them so heavily in the past, but not all of them and I really wish we had the option of thumbing down more than two...BUT FURTHERMORE it'd be awesome if they'd fix it to begin with. Does it what? Just give you a .01% chance to not be queued into a map you dislike? It's bad enough I'm stuck only working with Call to Arms and Randoms to earn conquest points (don't tell me there are other ways - I'm well aware of them but I cannot ever find people to work with)...It'd be really awesome if the feature to make it a tad more enjoyable actually WORKED.Purrpledrank2 Feb 27, 2013
Feb 27, 2013 Meanwhile, in the Bottle Grounds today... Six of the ten horde in Twin Peaks seemed to be automated characters. I figure this would be a difficult thing for Blizzard to police. Just wondered if Blizzard are taking this problem seriously. Are they "working on something"? Otherwise, I'm sad to say, random battle grounds are doomed... to a slow... automated.. death as more and more people seem to be taking up botting without fear of being caught. :(Gildas3 Feb 27, 2013
Feb 27, 2013 5.2 Honor set = Malev? Is there an all new set from honor or is Malevolent going to be the new honor set?Bustt15 Feb 27, 2013
Feb 27, 2013 cross realms question So the forming of a team, cross realm, via RealID. Is that just for your battlegroup? or can you form with anyone? Do you just invite them to group, and queue a RBG?Nimeria3 Feb 27, 2013
Feb 27, 2013 5.2 honor gear > non upgraded season 12? So I hear alot of people saying the 5.2 honor gear will be better then non upgraded s12 conquest. Most of my conquest pieces have no upgrades on em, should I buy the new honor pieces to replace them? Or is there not a big of a difference in stats to worry.Azrìel2 Feb 27, 2013