Jan 30, 2013 Arms warrior lf 1850ish RBGS My ilvl is around 483. I'm looking for some RBGs for either this evening Wednesday or tomorrow evening. My current CR is 1864 I think. Was at 1891 then ran with a bit of a rough pug so now I'm trying to look here. Been having trouble finding a regular group so if anyone's interested let me know and I'll get a hold of you.Lurz0 Jan 30, 2013
Jan 30, 2013 Remove resil at lower lvl Dear blizz, Pvping !@#$ing blows at low lvls when healers are so op due to 40% resil at start. Please remove or add it later on at lvl 70 or 60 when pvp gear are available. It sucks to be killed by a healer when u are a dps class. Fix it.Dv17 Jan 30, 2013
Jan 30, 2013 LFG Horde Stormstrike RBGs team aiming high Hi everyone, i am a relatively well geared warrior on Haomarush LFG for rbgs. I have a BM hunter friend who i do 2s n 3s with who is even better geared. (name is Relachi) We are looking to make a group for rbgs. We have experience in raiding and 10man for over 4 years now. Hit us up and we can start making a group. Possibly gonna pvp thursday nights or week-ends.Keekog0 Jan 30, 2013
Jan 30, 2013 AV???? why is it taking so long in que for AV and still not getting into it?Rogueturkey4 Jan 30, 2013
Jan 30, 2013 "Why do the horde always win?" This isn't a question, rather its a plea for healing. When I played in vanilla, I had a Warrior that was my main. My view of the world (of warcraft) was seen through "damage meter" eyes. I stacked crit and got a slow 2hander. life was good. Until i started to do PvP. Certain specific BG strategies aside, the reason for the horde dominance seemed unfathomable. Was it the better horde racials (sorry undead)? Was it more premades? More mature players? When I started playing again, I rolled a Paladin, with the intent (like most pallies i assume) to roll face as Ret and be a "healing warrior." Well, I fell in love with Holy and play it predominantly. Now I view PvP through a healers eyes. I still like crit, but I traded in the 2h for mace n board. Healing, imo, is the number one reason why any faction wins any BG. I think the Horde have a larger percentage of its players rolling healers, and it shows in BGs. I've been playing AVs all weekend, and the ones that we lose, there are at least 4-5 horde healers topping the healing charts each time. The reverse has also been true.Ehrion42 Jan 30, 2013
Jan 30, 2013 Blizzard, Please Buff Ret Paladins. I'm a good player but I find it incredibly hard to find any kind of group for rated battlegrounds simply b/c of my spec; No one wants to take a ret when they can take a holy paladin and a warrior. I'm also stuck in this stupid cycle where I need to gear up, but the only realistic option I have for doing so (I do not like arena) is to grind random battlegrounds. 5.2 won't change this. How long do you think I'm going to keep my subscription going if that's how I'm forced to gear up? (Not a threat, it's just an awful experience). I've posted a few topics on the bg forums as well as on mmo about it, and as far as I can tell, no one EVER purposefully looks for a ret to fill a spot in a competitive pvp group. Why is this not a serious problem for you? Give us some increased consistent dmg, increased survivability (through dmg mitigation!) and some unique utility that makes us interesting strategically.Malachi96 Jan 30, 2013
Jan 30, 2013 Reg. BG's Spriest or DK I have played DK to lvl 70, and 1st timer Priest. Just looking for pros and cons of both at 90, i mainly do Reg. PvP and Raid Finder, pretty casual player. Which can solo old raids easier for t-mog? DK or Spriest Which is better for Solo Reg BG? DK or Spriest Atm i like priest for self healing and Absorbe, but DKs are pretty ranged for being a melee also the cool Tier Sets. -Thx all LoathLoathar1 Jan 30, 2013
Jan 30, 2013 49 Exp. Off - Mon, Thurs, Sat 10E, 9C, 7P 1. Go to Enter Name Enter Server Enter Level Enter WSG This can help people with multiple characters each side to better balance teams. 2. Queue up for WSG (Make sure Experience is turned off) 3. Enter TS, free to download and more info at Thank you to the people that have sponsored this. 4. Have fun. 5. Request sticky. Post here to get help with gearing, dungeon runs, and gathering profession. Typically we play for 3 hours a night. !!! Don't attack the person sitting on the stump !!! If a team is down a person due to disconnect or whatever, it is common practice of the 49s to have the other team sit a player to make teams even.Paeonia500 Jan 30, 2013
Jan 30, 2013 next patch Does anybody know if they are resetting honor and conquest next patch? I would suspect that they are due to the changes in acquiring pvp gear but I just wanted to make sure.Twentyßelow1 Jan 30, 2013
Jan 30, 2013 Great way to stop your entire team I have just recently gotten to lvl 90 and started playing PVP (peer pressure) I have started getting a few pieces of gear and I am kinda enjoying this. Last night while playing I believe Eye Of The Storm, I was standing by the Fel Reaver and an opposing team member was coming in, now I am not geared for pvp yet and I will be the first to admit I am a casual gamer and don't really know how to max my dps very well on my prot specced warrior (yes i know its not a dps class). So I called for backup in chat. The direct quote was as follows "1 INC at big robot thingy". What followed was a veritable wall of orangish brown text of LOL LAWL LULZ ROFL etc etc. With a few "That's the Fel Reaver" variations thrown in. Watching almost my entire team stop mid combat/movement and type that was hilarious. Also I would like to say thanks for not being the stereotypical L337 pvp jerks everyone warned me about. Made for an enjoyable game and funny story. Not one comment was nasty rude or anything gave me a little hope for humanity.Nibulous7 Jan 30, 2013
Jan 30, 2013 HELP! New to game/Pvp Just turned 90 a week ago. I've read patch 5.2 is coming out soon. I've been spending my honor on PvP gear, because of the 4k max. My question is should I save all my Conquest points for season 13? Only at 1800 Conquest points. Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks!Gingerhammer13 Jan 30, 2013
Jan 30, 2013 [H] LFM Low Rated Battlegrounds. Hello fellow PvP mongers, I started an RBG team a few weeks ago and am looking for team players to fill up my friends list. No real RBG experience is necessary but the minimum requirements are: Full PvP gear with 2 pieces of Malev + 463 or higher weapon (Malev weapon ideal) Willingness to follow instructions Devotion to the team's success over personal killsWe run every Friday evening. Invites go out at 6:50 pm pacific, first queue at 7:00 pm. We use our guild's vent but may move to skype as we progress. I have 3 rules that my team is required to follow: 1) Have fun! Win or lose, enjoy the game for what it is and learn from our mistakes. 2) No arguing with my instructions. If you have qualms with a strategy or something that happened, no problem! Chat with me about it after the match. 3) No drama or smack talk amongst the team whether about a team-mate or opponent. We always respect each other & our foes. When adding me please put Hbomb RBG's, your class & spec in the message. My battle tag is Spitwyld#1769. I hope to see some interest and get some new players or experienced players into/back into RBG's! ~HbombHbomb2 Jan 30, 2013
Jan 30, 2013 Game in Progress When I queue for dungeons and LFR i can see if it is in progress or not. Can we get the same for BG's. i'm going for battlemaster and only need veteran of strand of the ancients to achieve it. However, I have yet to join a new game. The past 5 games i have queued have been in the middle of a huge loss.Leveche3 Jan 30, 2013
Jan 30, 2013 Essential BG Addons What are some BG addons you consider essential? I picked up BGTargets; haven't got a chance to really use it. Only played one random PuG game against a double premade and got rolled anyway. But it was sort of annoying trying to look to the side of my screen to see where the DK was beneath his army of the dead. I'm also having trouble finding a simple BGTimer addon, that tells you when things cap.Sophios25 Jan 30, 2013
Jan 30, 2013 Can't find RBG Group b/c of My Class - Fun It's fun getting turned down, even on oqueue, simply b/c I'm a ret. No chance to prove I'm a good player. Fix this.Malachi30 Jan 30, 2013
Jan 30, 2013 Got deserter from BG before it started! Niet2 Jan 30, 2013
Jan 30, 2013 "failed to blacklist pvp map" "failed to blacklist pvp map" getting this when trying to blacklist my 2 most hated BGs (no I'm not trying to blacklist this weeks CTA)Jabberwøck22 Jan 30, 2013
Jan 30, 2013 How-to properly MMR reset People with less than 40 games, 3k+ in full green ? LEGIT Almost 2k games played, but 2900 and that's too high because i'm the best ? WIN TRADER Brought to you by me. Watch out for wintraders guys!Bitoquinha5 Jan 30, 2013
Jan 30, 2013 Battlemaster and Resilient Victory For quite some time now Resilient Victory has been my last achievement needed in order to obtain the Battlemaster achievement and title. The Resilient Victory achievement requires for a team to overcome a 500 resource disadvantage and win in Arathi Basin. I'm convinced this is neigh impossible due to the amount of points needed to win Arathi Basin being changed from 2000 to 1600 since Wrath and the inability to queue with more than five people without additional addons. I have played numerous Arathi Basins in Catacylsm and haven't come remotely close to obtaining this achievement. Even when obtaining five geared and skilled pvpers, it's not likely that the rest of the team will comply. I would ask that the achievement is changed in order to accommodate for the alteration of Arathi Basin. Since overcoming a 500 point disadvantage was overcoming a game that the opposition was already 1/4 of the total points ahead by perhaps it could be changed to a 400 (or perhaps less due to the inability to queue with more than five people) point disadvantage now that the amount to win is 1600. I have every BG "Master" achievement including Twin Peaks and Gilneas but excluding Arathi Basin. A change to Resilient Victory would be greatly appreciated.Zurtrimi42 Jan 30, 2013
Jan 30, 2013 LFM for serious [H] RBGs, to regain HotH Im a 2500 RBG xp and 2300 arena XP this season spriest who because of unknown reasons got screwed out of all his rating. I easily had 500+ games this season so i'm guessing blizz just randomly reset the rating of people who played a few wintrade teams. (which we obviously did) So i'm looking for either a team to run with, or people interested in running serious RBGs to regain high warlord starting this Friday at 7 pm est. If you are bad you will be kicked, its obvious who rightfully got their rating reset. is my armoryBellícoso4 Jan 30, 2013
Jan 30, 2013 @Daxxarri With could you please outline the punishments for wintraders? Do people need to log on to reset their cr? if so, why wont people just never log on and they will still get HotA. Can you force a reset. Are people gonna get their achis/gear stripped? That would make it easier for us so we don't get swamped with people who had fake achis this season trying to get into our groups. Any further actions (such as gear reset, mmr reset) on these characters? Thanks for any answers, SnowlSniwl4 Jan 30, 2013
Jan 30, 2013 Blizzard Clearly Has PVP @ a Zero Importance ... While I'm willing to commend them for finally getting around to this. But really? You're just now discovering this problem? How long has Win Trading / Paid Carries been an issue? How about since you introduced Rated Battlegrounds in Cataclysm. These flaws are nothing new. But apparently according to Blizzard this is something that has just been discovered and White Knight Blizzard is rushing to resolve this issue to ensure that their valued customers have a chance to experience 'fair' rated player versus player. It's painfully obvious corporate spin. Now that Blizzard is finally willing to commit resources to fixing the problems of RBGS (that have persisted through an entire Expansion and the first 1/3 of a second) the issue has all the sudden 'been discovered'. Why can't Blizzard just be honest with us and say, 'Yes we know it's been going on for a long time, but we just didn't have the time/energy/money/give-a-crap until now. But now that we are willing to acknowledge it, we are going to come up with a solution." tl ; dr Blizzard don't piss on my leg and tell me that it is raining.Muffindiver13 Jan 30, 2013
Jan 30, 2013 Is this a bug with the conquest cap? Prior to this week, I hadn't ever tried a rated BG so I was always happy with the slightly more limited conquest cap I had available from arenas. Yesterday, I joined and won my first rated BG and earned 400 conquest points. However, when I look at my conquest totals for the week, I noticed that those 400 points counted against both the rated BG cap as well as the arena cap. Unless this is just a display bug, that means I will still only earn 1800/2200 points if I only play arenas the rest of the week, even though I won a rated BG. Is this working as intended? Should I only join rated BGs *after* I'm at the cap for arenas?Secsierbank3 Jan 30, 2013
Jan 30, 2013 Cat Druids and AB Flags Some Druid was taking flags during combat at the flag. Turns out he was entirely parallel with the pole and NOT AFFECTED BY AOE so you couldnt interupt him. And he was EXTREMELY hard to see. Can ya'll change the posts to big !@# Pillars to stop this crap?Locst1 Jan 30, 2013
Jan 30, 2013 Diminishing Returns Since a new PvP season will soon be upon us, and one of the major problems in PvP right now is the sheer amount and effectiveness of crowd control (CC) effects in the game currently. The only thing that helps keeps the CC from going completely out of control is Diminishing Returns (DR). So being that it's a new PvP season but NOT a new expansion it might be best to adjust the diminishing returns system to help ease out this problem rather then changing the abilities themselves. Doing this would only really affect PvP. Being that Diminishing Returns has a few different parts to it, it can be easily adjusted for the current PvP environment. First part I would like to address would be the DR categories. The sheer amount of them is almost overwhelming and I would like to list them off here: -Controlled Root (ex: Entangling Roots) -Controlled Stun (ex: Shockwave) -Disarm (ex: Disarm) -Disorient (ex: Gouge) -Fear (ex: Fear) -Horror (ex: death coil) -Opener Stun (ex: Cheap Shot) -Random Root (ex: Freeze) -Random Stun (ex: Paralytic Poison) -Silence (ex: Silence) -Scatter (ex: Scatter Shot) Now that's 11 separate CC categories, that is quite a bit and I think that list can be shortened just a little to help smooth things out. Now I'm sure there is a good reason for some of these categories to exist when they were implemented, but the game has evolved quite a bit since then and DR should follow suit. Opener Stun: this is the stun that can only be used while in stealth - stuns that are exclusive to rogues and druids. I can understand why this category was first brought in, however I think it should be changed. Perhaps not to the "Controlled Stun" category but to the very least it should be brought to the "Random Stun" one, being that it at least at times seem random to the person stunned. Scatter, this one again only has two abilities in this category, Scatter Shot and Dragon's Breath. This one can easily be thrown into "Disorient". However that might hurt hunters a little too much being in order for them to really land the Freezing Trap mid fight is with Scatter Shot and Freezing trap is also on the "Disorient" DR. A small but possible change is to split them up, for example: Dragon's breath gets sent to the "Disorient" Category and Scatter shot could get a small tool tip change and get sent to the "Horror" Category, since there isn't a whole lot in that one to begin with. The next part I would like to discuss is the 'duration reduction' portion of Diminishing Returns. The current setup is that the first effect has full duration (8 second maximum). The effect then diminishes by 50%, then 75%, then the target becomes immune. Being how many different categories crowd control has I think it could easily go to full duration (8 second maximum), then 50% and finally the target becomes immune after that. So instead of the target becoming immune after the third CC, it would be the second. I honestly don't think much harm could come with this change, there is still a large selection of different categories to choose from. The final part I would like to talk about is the 'Diminishing Return's reset timer'. How this works is the server checks every 5 seconds if there are any diminishing returns that should be reset because the last crowd control affect in their category ended on the target more than 15 seconds ago. This makes the 'reset timer' happen at a slight variation in time from anywhere between 15 to 20 seconds. What can be done here is extend the timer a small amount. Nothing too major, adding another 3 to 5 seconds to the timer should be enough to tone down the effectiveness of the shorter cool down crowd controls. FINAL CONCLUSION: These changes will not completely fix the crowd control problem, diminishing returns doesn't have to power to solve that. The abilities themselves (not just crowd control abilities either) need to be addressed in order to get closer to a much more balanced game, however that is just too big of a gamble to do in the middle of a expansion. It has been stated that people tend to leave the game more because of the constant flux of changes to classes and their abilities then most other reasons. So tweaking diminishing returns seems to be the most logical option to help lower the impact of the crowd control affects, being that would be a considerably less risky gamble changing diminishing return being that would only really be noticed by the PvP'ing community.Ramaloce0 Jan 30, 2013
Jan 30, 2013 Cap Tol Barad & Wintergrasp teams back to 1:1 The current 4:1 (or more) matching system does not work at level 90. Vehicles in either PvP zone don't benefit from the driver's resilience. Flags in both zones are 'domination based' meaning with current mechanics the whatever team's faction has the most people, (presuming they queue) is guaranteed to win the match, especially at unfair matching odds. Capturable flags (perhaps with longer capture times) might be in order instead. Perhaps keep the current maximum disadvantage team ratio cap, but add back in the tenacity debuff & give it stacks along with the HP & Damage boost, which even offer CC immunity (at 3:1 odds, & stun immunity at 4:1 odds, perhaps also have each stack of tenacity reduce all incoming damage by 10% per 'odds stack'.) Fortress Walls in Wintergrasp have too much health, & Towers don't have enough health. (Ex: Defending Team is able to down two towers including driving distance with 1 Siege up at the same time as the Attacking team's 1 siege, is able to barely punch through the first wall, even if both the friendly & foe sieges were built at the same time. Winning only really seems plausible if nobody of the opposing faction even bothers to queue when they are on defense. Both world pvp zones favor the defender (when you're in a match that has 1:4 odds) significantly enough that it's next to impossible for the attacker to win. The current mechanics do not promote skilled gameplay at all, unless showboating, gloating & acting like 4v1'ing somebody constitutes having skill or being a skilled player these days. Mind you the underdog or team who is outnumbered at 4 to 1 odds against their favor, has their work in store for them & in the very rare events that they do manage to win it is indeed well earned & often by a sheer fluke of luck.... Please fix these world pvp zones. Also Wintergrasp is dismounting people whenever they fly over the zone now, even when a match is not in progress... Then again there is a dismounting bug (at least with 2 seater mounts) that dismounts the passenger every time you change zones Sorry that this post is so convoluted, it's 3:30 a.m. & I should have crashed hours ago, as I've got work in less then six, and am exhausted.Ärdeth0 Jan 30, 2013
Jan 30, 2013 On a more upbeat note... I just got three incredible pug's in a row. Iccabob, where ever you are, you can sure run some flags.Agnus23 Jan 30, 2013
Jan 30, 2013 What to do with honour points? I an reposting this topic from someone else to get attention from any blues if possible rest of you please ignore. working differnt shifts often makes it difficult to get into raids and have arena partners to make things a little more flexible perhaps honour could be traded for conquest points like 1000 honour for 250 conquest as you can always find randon battlegrounds whenever you log on. These could be traded with the conquest merchant. ThanksUnistavac6 Jan 30, 2013
Jan 30, 2013 Item Level Brackets? Okay, let's face don't have much fun when half of your team is undergeared and the opposite team is all Malevolent geared. You can barely play without being one-shot. But, we all need to start out somewhere, even if it means we have on greens and blues. So, does anyone else think Blizzard should do something about this? I feel that they should add some sort of brackets for your item level. Thoughts?Rävyn1 Jan 30, 2013
Jan 30, 2013 PvP gear vs PvE gear and the 40% base resil. It seems to be that having raid level gear with the 40% base resilience makes having raid level gear, almost better (or at least on par) with equivalent PvP gear, making stat itemization imbalanced. Or so it seems from my experience. Would it be possible to drop the 40% base resilience to 35% or even 30%? Would it also be possible to drop the +hit requirement for PvP combat all together, or even by just a margin? I think by dropping the +hit requirement in PvP, this would allow stat itemization to prioritize PvP Power and Resilience, making PvP gear not nearly as good for the PvE environment; and, this would also make itemization for PvE gear more suited for PvE, making it harder for raid level geared players to have gear better than or on par with PvP gear. Also, by dropping the 40% base resilience to 30% or 35%, a slight boost to PvP resilience would keep the levels of resilience about the same, or the same as the levels they currently are. Just a few things to get the ball rolling, for your consideration. This is by no means a comprehensive post of the subject. Thank you.Caeralton6 Jan 30, 2013
Jan 30, 2013 innocent players that got banned @ blizz I applaud that you folks at blizzard took a step in the right direction in banning players/resetting mmr that engaged in wintrading but many guildies of mine/friends were wrongfully banned, You guys went about it in a very lazy, automated fashion. Friends of mine have been working all season to maintain high mmr in RBGs and deserve the ratings that they obtained. Just because people Queue into wintraders by accident, and it happens often, doesnt mean that they engaged in wintrading themselves I know you guys are aware of this by now, as many people are calling and opening tickets over the PLEASE blizzard, do right by your paying customers and correct the errors that you have madeCoolshaman5 Jan 30, 2013
Jan 30, 2013 LF RBG To push 2200 Systmerror on Jubei'Thos Resto Shaman Battletag is systmerror#1486 CR 2040 Looking for X-Realm RBG to push up to 2200. I'm very skilled and well geared. Always I top of my healing and dispels. Have Skype and mic and not afraid to speak. Add me if you're an organiser or even just a good player. SystmSystmerror0 Jan 30, 2013
Jan 30, 2013 please remove the wintraders gear they don't deserve it.Ryck10 Jan 30, 2013
Jan 30, 2013 Predictions on hero after rbg reset? Any one have an idea wat hero may be with the rbg reset.Chrisinator4 Jan 30, 2013
Jan 30, 2013 BG Cannons So, if the vehicles scale up, why haven't the cannons to deal with them? If they aren't going to be scaled up, may as well remove them...Fayna0 Jan 30, 2013
Jan 30, 2013 Strategic Base PvP Advancement on capturable bases. Orgrimmar and Stormwind being the two cities that cannot be attacked until all other minor cities are captured then a final assault can be on the major city capturing all the leaders and earning a massive achievement and massive realm rewards. Possible?Blasphmy0 Jan 30, 2013
Jan 30, 2013 Ret CC in devs eyes Why did you take repentance, an iconic ret tool, and made it bad for rets and placed it in a awkward talent tier? We wanted less instant CC (still do) and knew cast time would be hard sell for Ret, so we'd let them opt out of it. Talk about over taxing the poor man I have a minute stun and a two minute blind ...LOL thats it because you feel i should be the only melee spec that needs to talent a trash single target snare Ret in no way should be the spec to suffer the loss of instant cc with the only two weak cc's listed above [dispellable and breaks on damage] It would help if you devs stayed consistent in your statements Originally you claimed the instant repent was to powerful for holy and stated ret didnt spec into the talent to begin with and its was a holy nerf not ret.Hlypowahalp0 Jan 30, 2013
Jan 30, 2013 Group of Tich PVPers to level new toons in bg I was wondering if anyone on this server either alliance or horde (preferably horde) would want to make new toons and group up to run and level doing battlegrounds. I've leveled a lot of toons and am looking for a new experience through leveling pvp. I believe the most efficient way would be to form a group of 3-5 solid players so that we have a better chance of winning and gaining more xp. We could find a time that works for everyone and level through pvp if there doesnt seem to be enough of us on atm. Just an idea. Any takers?Rikkoo0 Jan 30, 2013
Jan 30, 2013 LFG system for Random BGs (like LFG Dungeons) Topic ^ This should be implemented!! Some friends and I were talking and he mentioned that he went into a random BG and they outright lost because his team had 0 healers, and their team had 5. None of their team died and consequently they won. New LFG system for Random BGs: Primary Idea: Queue a role as healer/FC/damage for a RANDOM BG Optional Idea: Item level determines what group a player is queued with. <450=grp 1, >450=grp 2. The system does not lock down this requirement, it just tries to match as close as it can. If queue times are longer the requirements for X healers, X FC, and X damage players are lowered. Make it so? Discuss please. P.S. I credit Draje the Mage for this wonderful and quite possible idea :)Fluffÿ0 Jan 30, 2013
Jan 30, 2013 Merge battlegroups / RBG Q with 5? There was talk some time ago of allowing people to Queue for RBG's with 5 against other teams of 5, is this still being considered (I think it would be cool). Secondly, any thoughts of merging battlegroups together sort of like dungeon/raid finder do for PVE. It would make it radically harder to wintrade if there was 1 large NA battlegroup, or battlegroups split into bands, copper/silver/gold/diamond etc.Beastlyloko0 Jan 30, 2013
Jan 30, 2013 Xrealm RBG's? Can I xrealm RBG with any realm or do battlegroups apply?Ruthlèss2 Jan 30, 2013
Jan 30, 2013 Rated Battleground Exploitation & Win Trading Providing an environment where players can compete in the spirit of fair play is extremely important to us, particularly in rated Player versus Player combat. As part of that commitment we regularly monitor gameplay, and have discovered an issue where some Rated Battleground teams have exploited the queuing system to obtain high team ratings and engage in win trading. These, and all, exploitative activities are absolutely prohibited. We will investigate the situation carefully, and players that have been found to have participated in exploitation will be subject to the appropriate actions against their World of Warcraft accounts. In the meantime, we are currently working to resolve any remaining issues with the queue system to prevent this behavior in the future.Daxxarri0 Jan 30, 2013
Jan 30, 2013 Get rid of all brackets and have 10-89 and 90 If they are planning to scale everyone to the max level in BGs with 5.2 why not do what SWToR did and just have 2 brackets: Max level and then everyone else? A level 20 would still have roughly the same stats including HP/Mana as a level 80 you just would only have abilities and talents of your own level. If you are worried that you would get crushed by high levels this isnt the case. Lowbies could still compete as i killed plenty of level 40s in SWToR on my level 20s. You cant rely on just your level or gear so skill comes into play as everyone would have the same stats. I think this would also greatly help out the EXP off crowd as well. Instead of having queues that are forever long because you are only queuing with EXP off people of your level range you would now be queuing with everyone who has EXP off regardless of their level. I know it would probably never happen but I think it would be lots of fun and also make queue times very fast for everyone: EXP off twinks and also normal BGers. I know when I wanna PvP at like 4-5 AM sometimes the queues can take forever. I just think level brackets are a relic of the past. If they are already planning to scale up the level of say a 20 to be that of a 24 then that means they have the means available to just make everyone like an 89 and throw us all together. Sure would be nice to say "Damn I just owned that 87" as a level 27 lol. Only problem I see would be resilience making it harder for people with it to be killed even with normalized stats so make that baseline as well. Like regardless of your gear everyone in the BG has 1000 resilience. Or hell just make everyone have no resilience. I just think the whole bracket thing doesnt really serve a purpose anymore if they are planning on scaling everyone up anyways.Liliana9 Jan 30, 2013
Jan 30, 2013 worst class for pvp Like the title says. Worst and why. Shaman- any spec. Just seems weaker than other class.Gutbomb29 Jan 30, 2013
Jan 30, 2013 Thumbs Down Not Working ... So I thumbs down AV and IOC. What pops? AV and IOC. Fix please.Vêx8 Jan 30, 2013
Jan 30, 2013 Why can't we have a queue? So I finally did my first rbg ever. Haha. Ok so I did two and lost both. What struck me was that it didn't feel much better then randoms. So you say it's low rated. Sure then why can't we queue for low rated then? The only thing was that people had gear, healers were balanced and there were no bots. Other then that vent didn't seem to make much of a difference because the group didn't seem too good in general. So you say you're going to get owned. Well I saw a 2300 stream where the other team got gy camped. 2300 and that still happens. Premade vs premade. I'm saying none of the arguments have any merit in my eyes. You can still form your group of course and that's fine, but the alternative in randoms is not great either. Queue for at least low ratings shouldn't be an issue. There is a place for both.Positron6 Jan 30, 2013
Jan 29, 2013 SMF Warrior or WW Monk? Trying to figure out which spec has more staying power in BG's. I'd like start one of the two classes in the next month or so. I'm not so concerned about DPS, CC, or anything else as much as I am Endurance. If you have any suggestions about other classes with staying power I'd like to hear about them, but no tanks please. If I REALLY wanted staying power I'd just play my Blood Knight. XD Thanks in advance.Psychosis0 Jan 29, 2013
Jan 29, 2013 warriors gone in 5.2 /waveAmpage37 Jan 29, 2013
Jan 29, 2013 RBG Rating resets umad?Somenerd3 Jan 29, 2013
Jan 29, 2013 Planing on twinking 80 on shammy Hey guys Just hit 80 on m shammy soo far dps for him is about 506k with lust and 38k normal im trying to make him the perfect class cannon for pushing maxx numbers and making lv 84s cry here is what i got so far. Please hit me up on some more items i can get for my shammy that would make him super glass cannion k thanks ;)Micheljföx23 Jan 29, 2013